A Royal Journey by Palace on wheels

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					                           A Royal Journey by Palace on wheels

Welcome on board the majestic retreat, India’s pride, the stupefying, affluent and enduring
ride to some of the most popular destinations of Rajasthan. Without a doubt, it is the one
and only "The Palace on Wheels", which enjoys the 10th place among the most lavish
trains in the world. What an experience it offers! It is not very historic, but reflects history
thoroughly. It has been inspired from the past and every nook and corner of the train echoes
this fact. Travel to Palace on Wheels to savor the comfort of a palace with marvelous
interiors, opulent lights and impressive table settings. Turbaned staff in red overcoats will
take care of it all ranging from dining to lodging and sightseeing to shopping. Live like a
king and take pleasure in every moment you spend in a grand maharaja style during the
Place on Wheels tour. Relax, sit back and soak in the jazzy colours of Rajasthan, India.

The interiors of the Palace on Wheels are entirely Maharaja style. It is certainly a holiday
place in itself. It has 14 grand carriages, end-to-end red carpets, gauzy curtains, royal
divans and sofas to sink in - all combine to form immense luxury within the train. A huge
library, a bedecked lounge area and a lovely dining hall add to the beauty of the heritage on
wheels. You will love your journey in one of the world’s most plush trains.

The Palace on Wheels tour covers various interesting destinations in Rajasthan within 7
nights and 8 days. Plan a vacation for experiencing the Palace on Wheels luxury train that
unifies colours from several well-known districts of Rajasthan; Jaipur, Chittaurgarh,
Udaipur, Ranthambhore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bharatpur, in order.

The Palace on Wheels trip ends its voyage in Agra, where it allows the passengers to see
the dream built in white marble, the Taj Mahal. Here you get a chance to explore the tomb
in and out and appreciate its immense beauty. Stuff your cameras with images of this
marvel and take back home some terrific memories that will remain etched in your heart

The Palace on Wheels India does not merely offers a grand stay, but also an opportunity to
interact with the co-passengers as well as the locals during entire travel itinerary. During a
chit-chat over tea do not miss the chance to listen to the tales of love and heroism of Rajput
Maharajahs by the guides.

The royal euphoria of roving through Rajasthan during the luxury Palace on Wheels tour is
unsurpassed. It is comfortable, so much so, that you will certainly feel at home. Experience
lavishness and extravagance that the Indian Maharajas of yesteryear actually had. The
Palace on Wheels India is undeniably the finest channel to take pleasure during a much-
anticipated vacation in Rajasthan.

Description: The splendid Palace on Wheels is a mandatory experience during the Rajasthan tour. Ranked as one of the most exotic trains of the world, the Palace on Wheels is known for both, the regal atmosphere and luxuries available on board as well as the major holiday destinations of Rajasthan that it covers.