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Competition – Incubation – Financing – Growth

             Tomasz Wiśniewski
       Edinburgh, 05 – 07 October 2005
Regional stakeholders involved in the definition of the Action Plan,
according to PROMOTOR + approach.

     At the beginning of preparations for the competition for NTBF there are
     selected following personalities representing scientific and
     entrepreneurial environment of Lower Silesia Region.

The main stakeholders in Lower Silesia are:

    Wroclaw University of Technology
    University of Wroclaw The Agricultural University of Wroclaw
    Wroclaw University of Economy
    Wroclaw Municipal Office
    Marshall Office of Lower Silesia Voivodship
    Bank Zachodni WBK S. A.
    Wroclaw Technology Park
    CMM - Consulting Marketing Management sp. z o.o.
    "Wyborcza" newspaper
    Radio ESKA
    Polish Television (an outlet in Wroclaw)

  The competition is open for all citizens of Lower Silesia Region
  without limitations.
  Organisers are especially interested in participation people involved
  in science:
       Universities employees,
       National Science Academy Institutes,
       Research - Development Units
       Students and graduates.

  The competition is also addressed to entrepreneurs and employees
  of companies who have an idea for establishing the new business.
  Project consists of two modules: the competition of business plans
  and the investment forum.

The Business Plan Competition:
  Arrangement of the two - stage competition of ideas and the
  business plans for innovative firm.

Stage I - "Ideas”
In frames of competition there are following actions foreseen:
 Publishing and the distribution of brochure "An Idea for Innovative
 Promotion campaign in local medias action,
 Organization of seminar " An Idea for Innovative Company”,
 Collecting the proposals,
 Calling the Expert’s Panel and the Committee,
 Opinion of ideas by the Expert’s Panel,
 Choice of 30 the best ideas by Committee,
 Announcement of results of Stage I.
Stage II - "Business plans”

In frames of this stage there are following actions foreseen:
 Providing for the winners of Stage I, the professional training in range of
    starting the company and law and economic aspects of running it.
 Providing the advisory help: the study of business plans, legal and
    financial aspects of running the business, gaining the capital for
 Preparation of presentation of business plans to “Investment Forum”,
 Collecting the business plans,
 Opinion the business plans by the Expert’s Panel,
 The choice the best the business plans by Committee,
 Announcement of results of Stage II,
 Rewarding the laureates of competition:
    - office facilities in Wroclaw Technological Park.
    - providing trainings and the advisory help in range of running the
      business and gaining the funds for development).
    - financial rewards gained from the sponsors (Municipal Office and the
      local bank)
Business Plans are awarded in two categories:

     open (no limits participation)
     student (student business plans)

      The proposal can be awarded only in one
      category .
Investment Forum

  The laureates of competition are to be invited to close meeting with
  organisations and companies investing in businesses in different
  phase of development. The most desirable are representatives of
  - Venture and Seed Capital
  - Business Angels

  The aim of forum is presenting by laureates of competition their
  business plans to potential investors.
  After every presentation there will be time for questions and
  For laureates of competition it will be the great opportunity of
  verification their ideas, and on the other hand for investors it will be
  an opportunity to meet in short time the best projects chosen in the
Expected results

      The organisers expect, that in result of project there will be
       created several new technology based firms in a type of start-up,

      The result of the project will be rising the consciousness in area
       of entrepreneurship as well as the dissemination the idea of
       creating of innovative companies.

      It is estimated, that in result of Investment Forum several firms
       will gain funding. The handbook and report describing
       methodology of support of innovative firms will be also the result
       of project.
Support provided to different entrepreneurs. (Brief description of
support provided)
Support provided to different entrepreneurs. (Brief description of
support provided)
    Identification of issues of PROMOTOR + to modify and arrange so
    that it fits better with posterior editions.

   Clearly and better constructed rules of participation in competition.

   Identification of teams not exceeding more than 3 people.

   Wider regional promotion campaign in order to collect more sponsors and
    encourage more key players.

   Organization of practical workshops and trainings in different existing
    companies in order to present and learn how does company works.
Thank you for your attention

                   Tomasz Wiśniewski

Wroclaw University of Technology
Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer

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