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					Bob Frank Plumbing, Inc.
Plumbing Protection Plan
        Benefits                                 Let Bob Frank Plumbing
 We Give You:                                   protect what is important to                         Bob Frank Plumbing,
 Peace of Mind
     Regularly scheduled visual inspections                you!!!                                            Inc.
 of your water heater and fixtures to keep
 them operating at peak , trouble-free effi-
 ciency. Potential problems are identified
 before they cause trouble, saving you the
 expense of major emergency repair bills.
                                                                                                        Your home is your most
  Competent Experts                                                                                     Important investment.
      A highly trained, dependable staff of
 experts takes professional pride in the care                                                           Let us help you protect it!
 and performance of your plumbing system.
 Preferred Treatment
       The Bob Frank Plumbing, Inc. Plumb-
 ing Protection Plan entitles you to prompt
 emergency service, preferential scheduling
 of preventative maintenance, and routine                                                                 Plumbing
 services. Only Plumbing Protection
 Plan members are eligible for emer-
 gency service. Limitations may ap-
 ply*.                                                                                                Protection Plan
 Tailored to Your Needs and
       Your Plumbing Protection Plan can be      Bob Frank Plumbing will protect all your personal
 tailored to your personal needs. Do you
                                                      information as well as your plumbing.
 have more than one property in the area or
 want more than one inspection a year? Call
 us today and we will customize a plan just
 for you!
  Price Protection                              Bob Frank Plumbing, Inc.
      You approve any work we recom-
 mend BEFORE we start. And because we           PO Box 600
 charge by the job—not the hour—you save
 money too!                                     Sadsburyville, PA 19369
 We’re Here for You:                            610-384-6389
   Plan Member Service Hours:
    Monday thru Friday 7:30am—4:30pm            610-384-3490 (fax)
   Emergency Service Hours:
    Monday - Friday 4:30am—11:30pm    
    Saturday—Sunday 7:00am—7:00pm
  * Emergency service rates will apply                                                                   610-384-6389
          What We Will Do
             For You
                                                               Join our Plumbing Protection                       PLUMBING PROTECTION PLAN:
                                                                                                                       RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING*
Water Heater                                                            Plan Today!!
•   Inspect the burner assembly on your gas water
         heater                                               Get the peace of mind that comes                  Customer Name
•    Test elements, etc. on electric water heater
•   Check your thermostat settings                                with knowing that your
•   Visually check the temperature and pressure relief                                                          Street Address
        valves for safe operation                               plumbing system is sound.
This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your
water heater operates at peak efficiency, ensuring your
safety and saving you money on your utility bills.                         Call Us Today!                       City, State, Zip
•   Check for leaks and corrosion
•   Inspect aerator for proper flow                                                                             Phone #
•   Inspect handles for proper operation
                                                                                          1 Year
This extends the life of the most widely used fixture in
the house and because a leaky faucet can waste over 200
gallons of water a day, it will also save you money.                     1 Visit                                Cell Phone #
                                                                        Per Year
•   Dye test and inspect the toilets and tanks for leaks
•   Check for proper flushing action                                                                            Email
•   Adjust water level and flapper                           Custom Plans Are Available!!
A leaking toilet can cost hundreds of dollars per year.
Our service helps reduce water consumption, and re-            Call us today and we can set up a plan
duces the chances of drain stoppages due to poor waste                                                          Date                    Visits Per Year
flow through the lines.                                              tailored especially for you!
Emergency Shut Off Valves
                                                                         610-384-6389                           Number of Bathrooms      Age of House
•   Inspect all emergency shut off valves for proper
        operations—this includes valves located at the
        main water line, underneath sinks, toilets, the
        washing machine and the cold water inlet to
        the water heater.                                  This is a visual inspection only. The techni-        Amount      $
Additional Safety Checks                                   cian will provide you a copy of the inspection and
•   Water pressure on incoming lines                          give you any recommendations for repairs.         Credit Card #                  Exp Date
•   Washing machine hoses
•   Gas Connectors
                                                           All repair work will be quoted up front and
•   Inspect Traps                                           no work will be performed without your
•   Water Supply Point of Entry                                           permission.
•   And Much More… *
                                                             * Residential plumbing includes sump pumps, well
                                                             tanks, and water treatment systems.
                                                                                                                    This is a VISUAL INSPECTION only

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