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									     Knowledge of the Dentists who Practice in Tabriz Regarding the
       Latest Prophylactic Regimens for Prevention of Infective
             CHITSAZI MT, D.D.S, M.S.D.1 , POURABBAS R, D.D.S, M.S.D.2

               Department of Periodontology, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences


    Background and Objectives: Infective endocarditis is the most common cardiac disease which
may arise by metastasis and colonization of bacteria on the endocardium. This study was aimed to
evaluate the knowledge of dentists about the latest prophylactic regimens for infective endocarditis.
    Materials and Methods: A total of 200 dentists who practice in Tabriz participated in this
descriptive-analytical study. All participants filled out a questionnaire contained questions about
their knowledge of the latest prophylactic regimens and their indications. The results were analyzed
statistically to detect the correlations between age, sex, practice duration and the knowledge.
    Results: Regarding the knowledge about the indications of infective endocarditis prophylaxis,
there was no significant correlation between age, practice duration and the knowledge (p=0.009 and
p=0.308). However, correlation between age and practice duration by knowledge of the latest
prophylactic regimens was significant (p<0.001). The relation between sex and knowledge was not
significant (p=0.12).
    Conclusion: The results of this study indicate the necessities of reevaluation of current education
programs for dentists in order to provide more information to dentists regarding the prophylaxis of
infective endocarditis.

MJTUMS, NO. 64, 40-44, 2005

Key words: Infective endocarditis, Prophylaxis, Dentist, Knowledge

1.   Assistant Professor of Periodontology (corresponding author)
2. Assistant Professor of Periodontology

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