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					International Toll Free (ITF) Numbers
     > Simply have your participant dial the appropriate ITF phone number from one of the countries listed below.
       They will then be greeted by an operator and placed into the conference call.
     > These numbers have been enabled for all of your accounts. Feel free to use them anytime you wish!
     > If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your account manager.

                  ITF Country                                   ITF Number                                   Other regions included
                  Argentina                                     0800-555-0424
                   Australia                                    1-800-612-105                       Christmas Island, Tasmania
                    Austria                                     0800-292-872
                   Belgium                                 0800-10012 (WSC 6022)
                    Bolivia                                     0800-10-2222
                     Brazil                                     0800-891-2461
                     Chile                                      12300-202-784
                                                        (China Tel) 108-12 (WSC 6023)
                     China                         (China Tel - Mandarin) 108-17 (WSC 6023)
                                                  (China Network Group) 108-712 (WSC 6023)
                   Columbia                                    01800-5-180820
                Czech Republic                             800-001-112 (WSC 6025)
                   Denmark                                       080-883-691
                   Equador                                      1-800-999-170
                    Finland                                     0-800-9-19387
                    France                                      0800-90-3685                        Monaco, Corsica
                   Germany                                     0-800-673-8381
                    Greece                                     00800-12-76540
                  Hong Kong                                     0800-96-4505
                   Hungary                                      06-800-13575
                    Iceland                                       0800-8839
                India - Chennai                              000-127 (WSC 6024)
                   Indonesia                                  001-803-011-4162
                    Ireland                                     1-800-65-7160
                    Israel                                      180-921-6227
                     Italy                                      0800-87-2513                        San Marino, Vatican City
                    Jamaica                                    1-800-803-1409
                    Japan                                0044-22-132-536 (using JT)
                     Latvia                                       0800-2785
                   Malaysia                                     1-800-81-3275
                    Mexico                                    001-866-361-6807

                 Netherlands                                    0800-023-2005
     New Zealand                              0800-45-0775                      Chatham Island
        Norway                                 0800-19833
         Peru                                  0800-53117
        Poland                               00-800-121-27-31
        Portugal                              0800-814-446
      Puerto Rico                             1-866-912-7623
        Russia                             810-0800-222-144-011
       San Marino                             0800-870-524
       Singapore                              8001-204-820
    Slovak Republic                           0800-001-339
      South Africa                            0800-98-0604
      South Korea                           00798-14-800-7307
                                                                                Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta &
         Spain                                 900-951-929                      Melilla

        Sweden                                 020-797-451
      Switzerland                             0800-83-7367                      Liechtenstein
        Taiwan                                0080-113-7822

       Thailand                            001-800-12-066-6147
          UK                                  0808-234-1382
  United Arab Emirates                     0-800-111(WSC 6026)
       Venezuela                              0-800-100-2745

ITF Access Restrictions:
      Country                                                     Restriction
       Australia         Some payphones require a coin deposit which is refunded at the end of the call

       Belgium           Mobile access for International Toll Free calls is blocked by the PTT
                         There are 2 carriers: China Tel (CT) in the South, and China Network Group (CNG) in the
                         - The SOUTH consists of provinces: Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangdong,
         China           NingXia, Gansu, XinJiang, Qinghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou,
                         Yunnan, Tibet, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.
                         - The NORTH consists of provinces: Liaojing, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang,
                         Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin and Beijing.
                         Mobile access for International Toll Free calls is blocked by default; PTT will negotiate a
                         special price on ICB only.
         Israel          A coin deposit is required for payphones, which is refunded at the end of the call
                         Mobile access for International Toll Free calls is blocked by default; PTT negotiate a
                         special price on ICB only
              Access only for touch-tone phones, but may be restricted in hotels. Some payphones may
              require a coin deposit. Cell Phone users should request NTT or IDC as their provider. If
              requesting KDDI, please be aware that forms for cell phone access for ITFS service are

Switzerland   Mobile access for International Toll Free calls is blocked by the PTT

 Thailand     Access only available via DTMF system. Access restricted from public phones

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