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We are glad to announce you that International Figure Skating Summer Camp will be held
from June 07 till July 05 in Tartu, Estonia. The workouts are organized in the most modern
ice arena of Estonia. Catering, skating rink, workout and choreography gym, and different
shops are located in the same building which makes the training for skaters very convenient.

The skaters have a possibility to use or take private lessons on The Gross Training
Equipment-System all through the Camp.

A Gala will be held on the ice during the Camp. Skaters of the Camp can show their programs
in front of the audience.

                  Tartu – city of good thoughts

Welcome to Tartu!


Igor Pashkevich is a retired competitive Russian figure skater. He won the World Junior Figure Skating
Championships in 1990 for the Soviet Union and was a 1996 European Silver Medalist. Igor
Pashkevitch has re-located to the United States. He represented Russia at the European
Championships, where he placed second in 1996. After that, he also represented Azerbaijan and won
the bronze medal at the 1997 Grand Prix of France and the silver at that year's Sparkassen Cup.
Pashkevich coached Angela Nikodinov to a gold in Skate America in 2004. Among the others, Fumie
Suguri has benefited from his expertise. He advises many skaters all over the world. He currently works
as an ISU Technical Specialist.


Amateur Skating Profile:
1983-87. Russian Junior National Team.
1983-92. Skating in Viktor Kudriavzev’s group for 9 years.
1994-96. Skating in Igor Rusakov’s group.
1994-Participations in European-Worlds Competitions (Denmark-Japan)
1998-Participation in Professional World Competitions (Spain)

Mr Igor Lytikov has been coaching all over the world, together with Mr Pakevitch, Mr
Morozov, Mr Koudriavtsev , Mrs Koudriavtseva etc. He is choreographer for Polina
Shepelen, Russia.
2003-08. Summer Camps.
 Teaching Dance Classes on the Ice and off the Ice in USA-Canada-Russia-Sweden-Holland-Germany-

2004-05 Summer Camps (USA) with Nikolai Morozov’s group.
2005-08. Simsbury -(USA).Summer Camps.
  As Teacher for: a) Dance Classes, b) Edge Classes, c) Spin Classes, d)Jump Classes on and off Ice, e) Power
Stroking. F) Fun Classes…
2004. Obersdorf (Germany). Pasquale Camerlengo, Hendryk Schoneberg.
    Winter Camp with Ice Dance groups. Teaching Dance classes and Edge on ice…

2005. Zutemir (Holland). Zolt Kzerekesh
   Choreography. Dance Classes. Edge Classes

2005. Luxemburg (Luxemburg). Andrey Berezentzev.
   Edge Classes…

2006-7. Moscow-“ZSKA”. Sokolovskaya Svetlana
   Choreography. Dance classes, Edge Classes.

2007-08.Moscow-“Moskvich”. Kudriavzev Viktor-Marina. Viktoria Volchkova.
   Choreography. Dance Classes. Edge Classes. Fun Classes

2008. Moscow-“Moskvich”. Dubinskaya Natalia.
   Choreography. Dance Classes, Fun Classes.

Show Professional Experience:

10 years as Sloist in Holiday on Ice from 1998 till 2008 ("Romanza"-"Celebration"-
a) Fire Act Number...Exhibitions with Champions on Ice 2004-05 (China-Lithuania-France-

     b) Kyran Bracken Exhibitions-2008 (Jersey Island-England) as Solo Hip-hop skater.
         Also as Co-Organizer of the Event...

A Founder of "Dynamic Shows

Mrs Nataliya Popova-Ozsenogullari

She is former Russian skater, Master of Sports of the USSR. She has 22 years of coaching
experience. Mrs Nataliya Popova-Ozsenougullari is figure skating choreographer, jumps and
spins coach, off-ice coach.
 She has been working with Mr Victor Koudriavtsev and Mrs Koudriavtseva in Summer
Camps in Flims, Switzerland. During the last 5 years she has been visited Moscow to work
with them at their ice rink as well.
Her student , Sila Saygi, started to skate at Junior Level this year. At Hungary JGP she
finished 6.
She is currently living and working in Turkey as Coach of Turkish Figure Skating National

Mrs Tiiu Valgemäe
Manifold Champion of Estonia;

Graduated from Minsk Institute of Exercise and Sports Sciences; she has been working as an
instructor in a number of international figure skating camps. She is well know for her spin
techniques.. She took part in Albertville Olympic Games as the coach of Olga Vassiljeva.

Mrs Tiiu Valgemäe has been working for long time with Mr Victor Koudriavtsev and Mrs
Marina Koudriavtseva. She has been coaching for several years in International summer
Camps. At the present she works in Estonia.

The fee of the International Figure Skating Summer Camp is:

€ 1200 for one week
€ 2200 for two weeks
€ 3000 for three weeks
€ 3700 for four weeks

The camp fee includes:

       2 workouts a day on ice supervised by best coaches
       2 choreography or bodybuilding exercises
       Accommodation (with swimming pool)
       3 meals a day
       Bus rides from the hotel to the ice arena and back

Skaters have a physiotherapist available for their assistance

Skaters will also be able to take private lessons with coaches participating in the camp.
Private lessons are subject for extra fee.

On July 13 , 20, 27 the skaters will have the day off from training .

The fee of the coach’s pass is €100 per week and it provides full participation in
workouts on ice as well as in choreography gym. The pass is required in case of
observing the workouts as well.

Unfortunately, the number of participants is limited; if you want to participate in the
International Figure Skating Summer Camp, the registration is required before the
2nd of April, 2010 on the e-mail


e mail:
cell:    0037253490747

e mail:
cell:     0037253542183

Best Regards,

Tiiu Valgemäe
Heidy Andersson

Tartu – city of good thoughts

The time-honoured university, museum-rich and Hanseatic city of Tartu lies on the banks of
the River Emajõgi. The capital of southern Estonia is the second largest city (approx. 100,000
inhabitants) in the country and the oldest in the Baltic States. Tartu is a kind and friendly
place. Come and sense it!

Welcome to Tartu!

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