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languagE cEntrE
PrE-DEParturE guiDE 2010

cOntEnts                                                                                                       Read through this guide carefully. It contains important
                                                                                                               information that will assist you to prepare for your
                                                                                                               arrival in Perth and at Curtin.

2                         4                          6                          10                      12                       13                      16                            19
Important information     How to accept your offer   CELC Services &            Planning your budget    Students under 18        Before you leave home   What you need to know         Sponsored students
                                                     Accommodation options                                                                                                             (non AusAID)
Orientation Program 2     Accept your offer     4                               Student finances   10   Studying under 18   12   Overseas Student        Student employment      16
                                                     Student advisory                                                            Health cover       13                                 Who is a Sponsored
Important information     COE Certificate       5                               Living expenses    10   Local carers        12                           Tax File Number (TFN) 16
                                                     services            6                                                                                                             Student               19
checklist             2                                                                                                          Excess baggage     14
                          Conditions of offer   5                               Banking            10                                                    Study load              16
                                                     Housing services    6                                                                                                             How to Apply          19
Important contacts   2                                                                                                           Medications        14
                          How to make payment 5                                 Transport &                                                              Student responsibilities 17
                                                     Homestay            6 –7                                                                                                          Tuition Fees          19
Course dates         3                                                          Driving in Perth   10                            Your dependants    14
                                                                                                                                                         Curtin policies &
                                                     Rental                                                                                                                            Overseas Student Health
                                                                                Suggested                                        What to bring      14   procedures              18
                                                     accommodation       8                                                                                                             Cover                 19
                                                                                weekly budget      11
                                                                                                                                 Quarantine         15   CELC refund policies    20
                                                     On-campus                                                                                                                         On Arrival            19
                                                     accommodation       8
                                                                                                                                                         Curtin Bentley
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sponsorship Variations 19
                                                                                                                                                         campus map              22
                                                     Short term
                                                     accommodation       8

                                                     Airport reception
                                                     booking form        21

     OriEntatiOn PrOgraM                                                                                                   cOursE DatEs
An Orientation Program is conducted for international students prior to the commencement of each semester and all
students must attend. The CELC Orientation Program is scheduled the week prior to the course commencing (see your
letter of offer).                                                                                                            Program                            2010                                         2011
Read through this guide carefully. It contains important information that will assist you to prepare for your arrival in
Perth and at Curtin.                                                                                                                             Dates                 Orientation            Dates                 Orientation

                                                                                                                             Module 1         4 Jan – 5 Feb             4 January         10 Jan – 11 Feb            7 January

     iMPOrtant                                                                                                               Module 2        8 Feb – 12 Mar             5 February        14 Feb – 18 Mar           11 February

     inFOrMatiOn chEcklist
                                                                                                                             Module 3       15 Mar – 16 Apr             12 March          21 Mar – 22 Apr            18 March

                                                                                                                             Module 4       27 Apr – 28 May              23 April          2 May – 3 Jun              29 April
You must bring the following documents with you to Curtin when you arrive:
                                                                                                                             Module 5        31 May – 2 Jul              28 May            6 Jun – 8 Jul               3 June
•	   This Booklet
•	   Letter of Offer                                                                                                         Module 6        19 Jul – 20 Aug             16 July          18 Jul – 19 Aug             15 July
•	   Current Passport (original)
•	   Original certified copies of your qualifications (if any)
                                                                                                                             Module 7       23 Aug – 24 Sep             20 August        22 Aug – 23 Sep             19 August

                                                                                                                             Module 8         4 Oct – 5 Nov             1 October          3 Oct – 4 Nov            30 September

     iMPOrtant cOntacts
                                                                                                                             Module 9        8 Nov – 10 Dec            5 November          7 Nov – 9 Dec            4 November

                                                                                                                           Students may enter the ELICOS program at the commencement of any module.
                                                                                                                           All students are required to complete two modules (10 weeks) before progressing to the next level.
 Area                                  Telephone                               Email
 General Enquiries                     +61 8 9266 7617               
 Admissions                            +61 8 9266 7488               
                                                                                                                           English languagE BriDging cOursE
 Accommodation                         +61 8 9266 7696                                  Semester                           2010                                          2011
 Centre Manager                        +61 8 9266 3853               
                                                                                                                                               Dates                   Orientation             Dates                 Orientation
 Student Advisor                       +61 8 9266 3252               
                                                                                                                                1          1 Mar - 30 June             26 February        28 Feb - 30 June           25 February

                                                                                                                                2          2 Aug - 30 Nov                30 July          18 July - 30 Nov             15 July

                                                                                                                             Summer      8 Nov - 11 Feb 2011           29 October          31 Oct - 10 Feb           28 October

2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3
    hOW tO
    accEPt YOur OFFEr                                                                                     OFFEr anD PaYMEnt

        Accept your offer                                                                            Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment                          How to Make Payments
                                                                                                     (eCoE) Certificate                                            Payment	can	be	made	by,	Telegraphic	Transfer,	Credit	
        •	Ensure	you	understand	all	conditions	on	your	offer                                         Upon	meeting	conditions	on	your	Letter	of	Offer,	full	        Card	and	Bank	Draft.	See	below	for	details:
        •	Pay	your	tuition	fee                                                                       payment	of	fees	and	OSHC	fee,	you	will	be	issued	with	an	
        •	Pay	OSHC	(Overseas	Student	Health	Cover)	for	full	duration	of	student	visa                                                                               Telegraphic Transfer
                                                                                                     eCoE document for the purpose of student visa issue.          If	paying	by	Telegraphic	Transfer,	please	make	the	
        •	Return	your	signed	Acceptance	of	Offer	for	all	courses                                     The Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) will
        •	Offers	for	students	under	18	yrs	must	be	signed	by	a	parent                                                                                              payment to CELC’s bank account below:
                                                                                                     not be issued unless the signed Acceptance of Offer is
        •	Underage	students	must	complete	Guardian/Local	carer	documentation-	see	page	12	of		       received by Curtin. You should present this form to the       SWIFT:	BKWAAU6P
          this booklet or visit                                                   nominated	Australian	High	Commission/Embassy	in               Bank	Name:	BankWest
                                                                                                     your country to initiate visa processing.                     Branch	Name:	Bentley	West	Curtin
                                                                                                                                                                   BSB:	306	065

                                                                                                     Alternatively,	you	can	pay	directly	to	a	Curtin	overseas	
                                                                                                     representative in your home country who will assist with      Account:	4643333
        Apply for your visa                                                                          your student visa application.                                Important - Please include: CELC, Student’s name &
                                                                                                                                                                   number (if applicable).
        Upon	receipt	of	your	Electronic	Confirmation	of	Enrolment	(eCoE)	Certificate,	you	or	your	   Conditions of the Offer
        agent	should	contact	your	nearest	Australian	High	Commission/Embassy	or	Curtin	overseas	     Some	students	may	have	conditions	listed	on	their	Letter	     You can contact	BankWest	on	+61	8	9	356	5344	should	
        representative to lodge an application for your student visa.                                of Offer. Payment should NOT be made until all conditions     you need their assistance.
                                                                                                     of	the	offer	have	been	met.	For	example,	if	you	have	a	       Credit card
                                                                                                     condition on your offer that states “evidence of completion   Making payment by credit card can be done by including
                                                                                                     of	a	course	currently	being	undertaken	must	be	provided”,	

                                                                                                                                                                   credit card details on the application form.
                                                                                                     you should not pay until you have provided evidence of
                                                                                                                                                                   Bank draft
        Book an airline ticket                                                                       completion. If you have not met the conditions of your
                                                                                                                                                                   Payment can also be made by sending an overseas bank
                                                                                                     offer	and	need	to	request	an	extension	of	payment,	you	
        Book an airline ticket once you have accepted your offer of a student place. Remember that   should contact Curtin or your overseas representative for     draft,	made	payable	to:
        you	must	arrive	in	Perth	in	time	for	orientation/enrolment.                                  advice.                                                       Curtin	University	of	Technology
                                                                                                     Fixed term deposits                                           CELC
                                                                                                     Inability to pay fees on time due to money being held in      GPO	Box	U1987

                                                                                                     a	fixed	term	deposit	account	will	not	be	accepted	as	a        Perth,	Western	Australia	6845
        Complete the Airport Reception Booking Form                                                  reason for late payment.                                      Please allow enough time for the clearance of bank drafts
                                                                                                     Sending living expenses with tuition fees                     from overseas.
        Complete	the	Airport	Reception	form	on	page	21	of	this	book	in	order	to	be	collected	from	
        the	airport,	cost	is	A$88.00	(2010)	or	A$99.00	(2011).	Fax	to	+618	9266	3186                 International students should inform their parents that
                                                                                                     living	expenses	should	not	be	sent	with	tuition	fee
                                                                                                     payments,	as	the	University	does	not	refund	student	living

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5
     cElc sErvicEs anD
     accOMODatiOn OPtiOns
Student Advisory Service                                        Homestay: Full board                                            Points to consider before deciding on the                       Can you use water sparingly?
The	International	Student	Advisor	is	located	in                                                                                 homestay option:
                                                                •	 You	pay	your	board	two	weeks	in	advance	on	the	day	                                                                          Australia is a very dry arid country and the rains of
Building	208,	Room	129C	and	is	available                           you move in and then every second week on the same                                                                           the winter are the main source of water in Perth.
to assist students with personal or academic                                                                                    Can you adapt to a very different way of life?
                                                                   day.                                                                                                                         Water	is	very	expensive,	therefore	all	members	of	the	
issues. The service is completely confidential.                                                                                 If you have lived independently prior to coming to              household	are	expected	to	use	water	responsibly	and	
                                                                •	 You	pay	your	board	directly	to	your	homestay	parent.
                                                                                                                                Australia,	there	are	many	issues	to	consider	prior	to	          carefully.		For	example,	only	have	short	showers,	do	
The	Student	Advisor	liaises	closely	with	other                  •	 If	you	wish	to	move	from	your	homestay,	you	may	do	          taking the homestay option. If you are living with              not leave taps running or wash dishes under running
University	staff	and	external	agencies	regarding	visa	and	         so	after	you	have	been	there	for	four	weeks,	unless	         Australian	people	they	will	expect	you	to	adapt	to	their	       water.
academic	issues	and	has	strong	links	with	CISWA                    exceptional	circumstances	exist.		If	you	have	any	           way	of	doing	things.		In	contrast,	in	many	countries	a	
(Council	for	International	Students	of	WA),                        questions	or	problems,	see	the	Housing	Coordinator	as	       guest is the most important person in the household             If you feel you can adapt to these conditions you will
ISANA	(International	Education	Association)	and                    soon as possible.                                            and everyone will try to please the guest. Although             find that living with homestay can be an enriching
the	University	Counselling	Service.                             •	 You	must	give	two	weeks	notice	before	you	leave	the	         you	will	find	your	host	family	friendly,	interested	in	your	    experience.		Frequently	students	and	their	homestays	
                                                                   homestay.                                                    welfare	and	respectful	of	your	cultural	background,	            become	very	good	friends,	with	this	friendship	lasting	
Please contact the Student Advisor on +618 9266 3252                                                                            you will also find that you are the person who has to           many years after students have returned to their home
                                                                •	 You	are	responsible	for	paying	for	all	your	international	                                                                   country.
or email                                     telephone calls.                                             make the adjustments and endeavour to fit in with the
                                                                •	 You	are	responsible	for	keeping	your	bedroom	and	            family	way	of	life.		Homestays	will	advise	you	of	their	
                                                                                                                                expectations;	if	you	feel	these	are	not	suitable	to	you	        Room and Facilities homestay
                                                                   bathroom clean and tidy and for changing your bed
Housing Services                                                   sheets.                                                      speak	to	the	Housing	Coordinator.                               This type of accommodation is basically the same as
The	Housing	Services	Office	is	located	in	Building	208,	                                                                                                                                        full	board	homestay,	but	you	are	more	independent	
                                                                •	 It	is	appreciated	if	you	offer	to	help	with	perhaps	         Will Australian food suit you?
Room	129C.	It	provides	students	with	information	about	                                                                                                                                         and buy and cook your own food. You also provide all
                                                                   setting the table before a meal or helping wash the
on and off campus housing options.                                                                                                                                                              your own personal items including bed linen and often
                                                                   dishes after a meal.
                                                                                                                                Many	people	in	Australia	eat	a	light	breakfast	of	cereal,	      crockery and cutlery. Each house is different. You may
If you need assistance with finding somewhere to live,          •	 Always	advise	your	homestay	if	you	are	going	to	be	          toast,	fruit	or	fruit	juice,	milk,	tea	or	coffee.		For	lunch	   be asked to provide ‘bond money’ – this is refunded
please contact the Housing Coordinator on                          late for a meal or if you intend to spend the night or       people	often	eat	sandwiches,	soup,	salad	and	fruit.		           when you leave the accommodation provided no
+61 8 9266 7696 or email                weekend away from your house.                                Dinner (often known as ‘tea’) is the largest meal of the        damage	has	been	done	to	any	property.		When	you	are	
The	Housing	office	is	available	in	helping	you	locate	          Many students choose homestay because it provides the           day and eaten in the evening. Dinners vary greatly but          sharing	accommodation	everyone	is	expected	to	take	
suitable accommodation. Options include homestay                opportunity to interact with Australian people. Perth is a      can	consist	of	meat,	fish,	chicken	with	vegetables	and	         responsibility for house cleaning of common areas and
–	either	full	board	or	room	and	facilities	on-campus	           multi-cultural	city	with	people	from	many	countries	and	        potatoes. Italian food with a pasta base is popular in          leaving	areas	clean	and	tidy.		When	you	have	finished	
housing	(subject	to	availability),	renting	a	flat,	apartment	   cultural backgrounds. People who offer accommodation            Australia	as	are	Asian	rice-based	dishes.		Students	            cooking	you	are	expected	to	wash	and	dry	your	dishes	
or house or sharing with other people in many types of          come from all walks of life and a variety of countries and      usually prepare their own breakfast and lunch with              and	leave	the	kitchen	area	clean,	this	also	applies	to	
housing. Prices vary depending on the type and quality          cultures.		We	have	families,	groups,	couples	and	single	        food provided by the homestay.                                  the bathroom.
of accommodation you prefer. Please seek advice before          people of all ages offering accommodation to students.                                                                          If you have any questions or problems regarding your
you sign any lease or documentation if you intend                                                                               Are you prepared to travel to university by bus or              homestay	accommodation,	talk	about	it	either	with	
renting accommodation or if you are asked to sign a                                                                             train or perhaps both?                                          your	homestay	family	or	with	the	Housing	Coordinator.	
document of any type.                                                                                                                                                                           In	many	cases,	a	solution	can	easily	be	found	by	
                                                                                                                                While	every	attempt	is	made	to	locate	homestay	close	
Accommodation	placement	fee:	A$210.00	(2010),	                                                                                  to the university it is not always possible to be within        discussing your problem.
A$220.00	(2011).                                                                                                                walking distance. In many cases you may have to
                                                                                                                                travel by one or perhaps two buses – travelling time
                                                                                                                                varies	from	30	minutes	to	perhaps	one	hour	each	way.

6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         7
      accOMMODatiOn OPtiOns
Rental Accommodation                                              Important information if you are renting                        Recycling                                                  Looking after yourself
Talk	to	the	Housing	Coordinators	for	information	on	renting	      Always ask for a receipt when you pay any monies for rent       Most Perth residents are very environmentally conscious    For	many	students	this	may	be	your	first	time	away	from	
properties. There is a lot of important information you           as this avoids any confusion over payments.                     and	make	efforts	to	recycle	materials.		For	example,	      home	and	there	are	many	adjustments	to	be	made.		For	
need	to	know	BEFORE	you	sign	any	documentation.	                                                                                  homes	in	Perth	have	two	bins	–	one	for	general	rubbish,	   students,	who	are	living	in	self	catering	accommodation	
                                                                  If	you	are	experiencing	any	problems	with	your	                 food	etc.	and	another	for	recycling,	newspapers,	tins,	    where	you	need	to	buy,	prepare	and	cook	your	own	food	
Leases                                                            accommodation,	please	seek	assistance	from	the	Housing	         plastic bottles etc. Please be environmentally aware and   this	may	be	a	new	experience!		Many	have	had	the	luxury	
                                                                  Office as soon as possible in order to resolve any issues       use the correct bin for your rubbish.                      of mum doing all the cooking so it can be rather daunting
You sign a lease when you rent a property. This is a legally      as quickly as possible.
binding	document.	Often	lease	agreements	are	for	6	or	12	                                                                                                                                    trying to learn this new skill. It is very important to ensure
months. Do not sign a long lease if you have any doubts                                                                           Use water wisely                                           you	eat	well,	that	is	buying	good	quality	nutritious	food;	
about how long you will require the accommodation. If             Curtin On-campus accommodation –                                                                                           for	example,	it	is	easy	to	buy	lots	of	vegetables	and	steam	
you	have	to	leave	before	the	lease	expires,	you	are	liable	       Student Housing                                                 Remember:		Water	is	very	precious	in	WA,	please	do	        these,	you	can	add	some	fish,	meat	or	chicken	and	your	
for	advertising	expenses	in	getting	a	new	tenant	and	for	                                                                         not	leave	taps	running	unnecessarily,	do	not	have	long	    favourite spices and herbs. Also try and eat fresh fruit
                                                                  Student	Housing	is	managed	by	the	Curtin	Housing	Office	        showers. You usually pay for water used when you rent a
paying the rent until a new tenant is found.                      which	is	located	in	Building	103.		You	can	apply	directly	to	                                                              regularly;	avoid	the	temptation	to	live	on	fast	food	and	
                                                                                                                                  property.                                                  take aways – your health may suffer. If you want any tips
Before you get the keys for your property you will need to        Curtin	Housing	if	you	wish	to	live	in	on-campus	housing.
                                                                                                                                                                                             or	easy	to	cook	recipes,	see	the	CELC	Student	Advisor.
pay –                                                             Go	to	the	Curtin	webpage and follow
                                                                  the	links	to	Housing	for	detailed	information	on	the	type	                                                                 There are many supermarkets that have stocks of Asian
Bond money:                                                                                                                                                                                  and other cultural foods – if you can’t find what you are
                                                                  and	costs	of	Curtin	Student	housing.
You will have to pay the equivalent of four weeks rent as                                                                                                                                    looking for, ask the CELC Student Advisor 208.129C or
a bond before you move into the accommodation. This is            Please book early as demand is high.                                                                                       email
refunded when you leave provided all monies are paid and          On campus accommodation is subject to availability and
no damage has been done to the property.                          rooms	are	offered	on	a	‘first	come,	first	served’	basis.	
Two weeks rent in advance:                                        You must apply and pay your application fee early as this
                                                                  accommodation is very popular.
You must pay your rent in advance throughout your lease
period.                                                           You will be required to sign a lease for the entire academic
                                                                  year or for one semester if your studies commence or
Expenses:                                                         finish mid year.
You	are	responsible	for	paying	rent,	electricity,	gas,	water,		   You are also required to pay for one semester’s rent in
telephone and food costs when renting a property.                 advance before you move in.
If	you	have	any	questions	please	talk	to	the	CELC	Housing	        Short Term Accomodation
Coordinator	in	208.129C.
                                                                  Students	can	also	chose	to	be	accommodated	short	term	
                                                                  in	hostel	accommodation	(from	$55	per	night)	or	hotel	
                                                                  accommodation	(from	$90	per	night).


 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9
     Planning YOur BuDgEt
Student Finances                                             Text books                                                    Suggested Weekly Budget (A$)
                                                             Students	also	need	to	budget	around	A$150–		A$400	
Establishment Costs                                          for	text	and	reference	books	per	semester.	Some	books	         Service/               Homestay         Share       Rental property (single)   Rental property (Family
We	recommend	that	you	arrive	in	Australia	with	at	least	     are	available	at	the	Curtin	Student	Guild’s	Second-hand	       Commodity                               House                                  of 4)
A$400	and	have	easy	access	to	a	further	A$2,000	for	         Bookshop and also from students who advertise on notice
your first week in Australia. It is not advisable to carry   boards around campus. Check that your books are current        Accommodation          $230             from $140   $250 (unfurnished)         from $350 (unfurnished)
substantial	amounts	of	cash	on	you.	Use	traveller’s	         for your course.                                                                                                   $300 (fully furnished)
cheques,	bankdrafts	or	money	orders.                                                                                        Utlities               nil              $20         $25                        $25
                                                             Transport                                                      Water, gas,
You	may	require	the	A$2,000	to	pay	for	costs	associated	                                                                    electricity
with	obtaining	permanent	housing,	for	example,	bond	         Motor Vehicle Expenses
money,	rent	in	advance	(usually	two	weeks)	and	utility	      Students	intending	to	purchase	a	motor	vehicle	will	incur	
connections	such	as	electricity,	gas	and	telephone	          additional	expenses	such	as	petrol,	insurance	and	license	     Food                   nil              $80         $80                        $180
connection.                                                  costs. It is also advisable to purchase motor vehicle          Groceries & meals
                                                             insurance	in	the	event	of	an	accident	or	theft.	Goods	and	
                                                             Services	Tax	(GST)	may	apply	to	some	of	the	items	listed	      Public Transport       $15              $15         $15                        $35
Living Expenses
Living	expenses	vary	depending	upon	financial	resources,	    above.                                                         Total                  $245             $255        $370 -$420                 from $590
tastes,	interests	and	type	of	accommodation.
Students	and	parents	are	advised	to	set	out	a	budget	        Parking Fees
according	to	individual	student	needs	to	begin	with,	this	   Students	who	plan	to	drive	to	Curtin	will	need	to	purchase	   This table is intended as a guide only
should	be	flexible	enough	to	allow	for	changes.              a student parking permit upon arrival.
                                                             The annual fee for a student parking permit is currently
Opening a bank account                                       A$155.
Students	arriving	in	Australia	who	need	to	open
a	bank	account	will	need	to	visit	a	bank	branch,             Public Transport
taking with them their passport for identification.          Buses,	trains	and	ferries	in	Perth	are	operated	by	
Students	are	not	able	to	open	an	Australian	bank             Transperth,	the	Western	Australian	Government’s
account while overseas.                                      transport	system.	Full-time	students	are	eligible
                                                             for significant concessions on bus and train fares. Tickets
Clearing of Bankdrafts                                       are	interchangeable	on	buses,	trains	and	ferries	and	are	
Please	note	that	it	will	take	approximately	6-8	weeks	for	   valid	for	one-and-a-half	hours	from	time	of	purchase.
bankdrafts to be cleared by Australian banks.
                                                             Students	are	advised	to	carry	the	correct	amount	in	
Students	wishing	to	transfer	money	from	overseas	will	       change	or	purchase	a	Smartrider	ticket,	see	CELC	staff	
need	to	know	and	include	the	SWIFT	code,	account	            for	information.	Costs	vary,	depending	on	the	number	of	
number	and	BSB	number	of	the	account	to	be	deposited	        travel zones covered.
into or send via Telegraphic Transfer or in a bankdraft.
                                                             For	more	information	visit	the	Transperth	website

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11
      stuDEnts unDEr 18                                                                                                         hEalth insurancE
Students studying under 18 years                                                                                          Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)                                   When Does the Membership Begin?
Ensuring the welfare arrangements of underage students       Once	documentation	and	formalities	are	completed,	Mr	        The	Australian	Government	requires	international	students	             OSHC	will	be	activated	from	when	you	land
are met is a priority for staff at the Curtin English        Tan	advises	CELC,	and	we	will	complete	necessary	visa	       to be covered by health insurance for the length of their              in Australia.
Language Centre. CELC liaises with local carers to ensure    application documentation.                                   student visa.
the	welfare,	pastoral	care	and	academic	issues	for	each	                                                                  Students	must	purchase	Overseas	Student	Health	Cover	                  What Does My OSHC Cover?
student are monitored throughout their period of study.      If parents wish to nominate a parent-approved local          (OSHC)	from	a	registered	health	provider,	approved	by	the	             OSHC	providers	allow	students	to	claim	100	per	cent	of	
                                                             carer	they	should	contact	the	Student	Advisor	on	+618	       Australian	Government	Department	of	Health	and	Aged	                   the fee for a standard medical consultation.
The Curtin English Language Centre and Curtin University     9266	3252	or	email:                    Care.	You	will	need	to	purchase	OSHC	to	be	granted	a	                  OSHC	does	not	cover	dental	treatment,	optical
are bound by certain legal requirements and are not                                                                       student	visa.	OSHC	must	be	paid	before	you	come	to	                    treatment or physiotherapy. It is strongly recommended
able to arrange guardianship/local carer or homestay         CELC requires the following documentation with the local     Australia in order to cover you when you arrive.                       that students take out additional
accommodation for underage students; this is the sole        carer application form for parent approved local carers.                                                                            health cover directly with their provider to cover
responsibility of parents.                                                                                                Who are the Approved Providers?                                        these services. A qualifying period applies for
                                                             •	Two	character	references                                   There are four providers:                                              some services.
Students	between	16	and	18	years	of	age	will	be	             •	Medical	certificate	advising	nominated	local	carer	        •	OSHC	Worldcare
permitted to study at Curtin if:                               is medically fit to assume the role of carer               •	Medibank	Private                                 Students	should	be	aware	that	if	they	renew
                                                                                                                          •	BUPA	Overseas	Student	Health	Cover                                   their	visa	offshore,	or	take	a	leave	of	absence
•	They	have	a	DIAC	category	approved	blood		            	    •	Working	with	Children	Check	–	forms	available	from		 	
                                                                                                                                                          from their studies and a new visa is issued from
relative	who	may	act	as	carer,	or                              Post Offices.
                                                                                                                          •	Australian	Health	Management	Group                                   abroad,	they	will	again	be	subject	to	a	qualifying
•	Parents	are	able	to	access	the	use	of	the	Curtin		    	                                                                                                               period for some services.
                                                             Once	all	documentation	is	available,	this	should	be	
approved	external	provider	of	Local	carer	services,		   	    forwarded	to	the	Student	Advisor.		This	information	is	
Tann	Advisory	Services	(see	below	for	contact		         	                                                                 Curtin	will	only	process	payments	for	OSHC	Worldcare.	                 How Long Can I Purchase OSHC For?
                                                             processed and the proposed Local Carer is required to
details),	or                                                                                                              If	students	wish	to	use	another	provider,	they	will	need	              It is a Curtin requirement that international
                                                             attend an interview at CELC where further documentation
                                                                                                                          to make their own payment arrangements and show                        students	pay	program-length	OSHC.
•	A	local	carer	approved	by	the	parents	of	the		        	    is completed and forwarded to relevant Curtin authorities.
                                                                                                                          evidence of payment for visa application.
underage student (please see requirements                    Please note parents should allow a period of at least 4
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Program-length	OSHC	ensures	that	students	will	not	
below).                                                      weeks if they wish to use this option.
                                                                                                                          For	further	information	regarding	all	OSHC	                            have to pay any premium increase for the length of their
                                                                                                                          Government-approved	providers,	visit                course,	subject	to	Goods	&	Services	Tax	(GST).	Students	
If a blood relative is nominated by the parents the          Parents/Local Carers
                                                                                                                	                                                  will be entitled to a refund of any outstanding balance if
Local Carer form can be downloaded (from celc.curtin.        Please ensure all conditions and requirements are read
                                                                                                                                                                                                 they	leave	Australia	prematurely,	provided	there	is	at	least,	all	relevant	information	completed	and	forwarded	   and understood prior to signing document. Please note
                                                                                                                          How Much Is It?                                                        one	month	before	their	health	cover	expires.
to	Pam	Coles,	CELC	Student	Advisor,	fax	number	+61	          signatures are required on two pages.
                                                                                                                          OSHC Worldcare Fees for 2010 (A$)
8	9266	3186	or	emailed	to	or	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Premiums	for	program-length	cover	should	be
telephone	+618	9266	3252.                                    Please note: Curtin College is a privately owned education    Period	of	Authorised	Stay	        Single      Student	&	              paid when accepting an offer of a place.
                                                             provider who operates on Curtin campus. Curtin College        in Australia                                  Family
If parents wish to use the Curtin approved external          and CELC have different requirements regarding underage
                                                                                                                           6	Months                          $190        $380                    Visa Requirements
provider please contact Mr Paul Tan directly –               student	enrolments,	so	please	contact	both	providers	for	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Students	MUST	ensure	their	health	cover	is	paid	up	at	
                                                             clarification.                                                12	Months                         $380        $760
                                                                                                                           24 Months                         $722        $1,444                  all times. If not valid the student visa can be cancelled
Telephone:		+618	9310	3218
                                                                                                                           36	Months                         $1,077      $2,154                  and if students require medical treatment they will be
Mobile:							0419	911	932                                   Please	contact	Pam	Coles,	CELC	Student	Advisor,	on	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 responsible for all costs.
Email:                        +618	9266	3252	or	email:		if	you	      OSHC	fees	quoted	in	this	guide	are	correct	at	the	time	of	printing,	
Website:                                 have any questions or require clarification on any issues.   but may be subject to change.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           13
     BEFOrE YOu lEavE
     YOur hOME cOuntrY                                                                                                          QuarantinE
Excess Baggage                                                School age dependants                                        It Is not an offence to brIng large amounts of money
Most economy class passengers have a baggage limit            Dependants of international students may be enrolled in
of	20	kilograms.	Further	information	regarding	excess	        either	government	or	non-government	schools	in	Western	      Into australIa. the offence Is not declarIng It.
baggage requirements is available from travel agents.         Australia. A list of government schools is available at
Medicines                                                     A	list	of	non-government	schools	is	available                Australia has a unique environment that is free from many     – containing substances which are prohibited
It should be noted that pharmaceutical products               at                                         of the pests and diseases found elsewhere in the world. If    without	a	permit	(these	include	narcotics,		 	             	
in	Australia	can	be	quite	expensive	compared	to                                                                            you	are	visiting	Australia,	you	must	be	aware	of	Australian   amphetamines,	hallucinogens,	barbiturates,		 	             	
other countries.                                              In	government	schools,	the	fee	per	year	(or	part             Quarantine laws.                                              vaccines,	anabolic	and	androgenic	steroids,		 	            	
                                                              thereof) is as follows:                                                                                                    growth	hormones,	and	erythropoietin	[EPO]).
Medications such as antibiotics and antihistamines will                                                                    It	is	extremely	important	that	all	items	of	an	animal	or	     – regarded as performance enhancers in sport.
require	a	doctor’s	prescription	and	may	cost	approximately	    Kindergarten	&	part-time	Pre-Primary	          A$3000       plant nature are declared upon arrival in Australia. No
A$20	for	a	course	(a	course	of	antibiotics	usually	runs	       (aged	4	by	30	June)                                         matter	how	small	or	trivial	your	items	may	seem,	they	may	    •	Medicines	that	should	be	declared	include	prescribed	
for	five	days).	Some	milder	antihistamines	may	be	                                                                         be potentially harmful to Australian flora and fauna.         medications;	non-prescription,	complementary,	alternative,	
bought	over-the-counter	and	may	cost	around	A$12.	A	           Full-time	Pre-Primary	(aged	5	by	30	June)      A$5600                                                                     herbal	and	traditional	medicines;	vitamins	and	mineral
pain-relieving	tablet	such	as	paracetamol	or	aspirin	may	                                                                  •	Upon	entry	to	Australia	by	plane	or	ship,	students	are	     preparations;	and	nutritional	and	dietary	supplements.
be purchased at supermarkets without a prescription.           Primary	School	(Years	1	–	7)	                  A$5600       required to complete an Incoming Passenger Card. This
                                                               (aged	6	by	30	June)                                         card must be read carefully and completed truthfully.         •	Do	not	carry	illicit	substances	into	or	out	of	Australia.	
Clothing                                                                                                                                                                                 Penalties for drug offences in Australia are severe and
For	everyday	wear,	students	favour	comfortable,	casual	        Secondary	School	(Years	8	–	12)(aged	13	       	A$5800      •	It	is	important	to	remember	that	the	Incoming	              could	result	in	a	jail	term.	Health-related	examinations	are
clothes.	Men	tend	to	wear	jeans	and	T-shirts,	while	           by	31	December)                                             Passenger Card is a legal document and any false              required	in	order	to	enter	Australia.	Students	are	advised	
women	generally	choose	jeans,	T-shirts	and	skirts.             Upper	Secondary	(Years	11-12)	(aged	16)        A$7500       declaration can lead to prosecution resulting in a heavy      to visit the following websites prior to departure to obtain
                                                                                                                           fine	or	imprisonment,	or	both.                                information on health regulations that may affect
September	to	February	are	the	warmer	months,	with	            Fees	can	vary	between	private	schools,	but	are	generally	                                                                  international students entering Australia:
average	temperatures	ranging	from	18	to	30	degrees	           between	A$5,000	and	A$11,000	each	year.                      •	If	you	are	carrying	A$10,000	or	more	cash,	or	the	          Department	of	Health	(;
Celsius.	In	summer	months,	lightweight	T-shirts	and	                                                                       equivalent	in	foreign	currency	with	you	to	Australia,	you	    Australian	Quarantine	and	Inspection	Service
shorts are favoured by most.                                  Masters,	PhD	and	AusAID	students	who	prefer	their	           MUST	declare	the	money	on	your	Incoming	Passenger             (AQIS)	(
                                                              dependants to attend a public school should contact the      Card. You are also required to declare the money to any
March to August are generally colder months with average      International	Office	for	more	information,	as	they	may	be	   Australian Customs Officials if questioned upon arrival.      Students	should	also	check	with	the	Australian
temperatures	ranging	from	7	to	19	degrees	Celsius.	           entitled to free or subsidised schooling.                    Failure	to	declare	this	money	may	result	in	the	money	        Diplomatic Mission in their home country prior to
A warm waterproof jacket is necessary for the winter                                                                       being taken from you and you may also be arrested             departure for any further updates.
months.                                                       Please note, children of students completing the English     and prosecuted.
                                                              Language Bridging Programs are NOT eligible for free                                                                       For	more	information	about	Australian	quarantine	laws,	
                                                              schooling.                                                   For	more	information,	please	visit	the                        please	contact	the	Australian	High	Commission/Embassy	
                                                                                                                           Customs website at                         in	your	country,	or	visit	the	AQIS	website.

                                                                                                                           •	All	animal	and	plant	products,	including	food	items,	       If you have any doubts about quarantine laws when you
                                                                                                                           must be declared for inspection and will be returned in       arrive	in	Australia,	ask	to	speak	to	a	Quarantine	Officer	
                                                                                                                           most cases.                                                   after you have collected your baggage. You will find them
                                                                                                                           •	All	drugs	and	medicines	should	be	declared	for	             helpful and understanding.
                                                                                                                           inspection,	especially	products:
                                                                                                                                                                                         Please note that this information is intended as a guide only.

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 15
     What YOu
     nEED tO knOW                                                                                                                    stuDEnt rEsPOnsiBilitiEs
Student Employment                                             Study Load                                                       Student Responsibilities
International	students	can	work	up	to	20	hours	per	week	       In	order	to	meet	student	visa	requirements,	international	
during semester and unlimited hours during course              students	must	undertake	and	maintain	a	full-time	study	          •	Inform	themselves	of,	and	comply	with,	all	relevant	laws,	     It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that:
breaks.                                                        load in each study period.                                       University	Statutes,	rules,	by-laws,	the	University’s	Guiding	
                                                                                                                                Ethical	Principles,	policies	and	procedures	relating	to	their	   •	They	arrive	in	Perth	in	time	to	settle	into	permanent	
Students	are	advised	that	part-time	employment	may	            Students	should	be	aware	that	if	they	fail	a	unit,	they	may	     rights and responsibilities as a student.                        accommodation and attend Orientation week.
distract them from their studies and they should not rely      not	be	able	to	satisfy	the	full-time	study	load,	as	not	all	
on	part-time	work	to	pay	for	their	tuition	fees	or	other	      units are available each semester.                               •	Participate	constructively	in	the	learning	experience.         •	All	enrolment	details	are	correct.
living	expenses.	
                                                               This may result in students having to return home to             •	Be	aware	of	information	on	course	requirements,	unit	          •	The	University	is	informed	of	a	local	address	within	
Tax File Number                                                re-apply	for	admission,	which	may	also	incur	additional	         requirements and academic progress.                              seven days of arrival in Australia.
The	Australian	Federal	Government	requires	anyone	             costs	for	tuition,	visa	application	and	living	expenses.
working in Australia or with an Australian bank account to                                                                      •	Behave	in	an	appropriate	manner	within	the	learning	           •	The	University	is	informed	of	any	change	in	address.	The	
have	a	Tax	File	Number.	Banks	must	be	provided	with	a	         Driving in Perth                                                 environment,	showing	respect	for	both	staff	and	fellow	          University	must	be	able	to	contact	students	to	inform	them	
Tax	File	Number	to	ensure	that	the	correct	tax	is	charged	                                                                      students.                                                        of any events in which the students must participate.
on	any	interest	earned	on	an	account.	Tax	File	Number	         As	an	international	student,	you	can	drive	on	your	
application	forms	are	available	from	CELC.	Forms	must	be	      overseas licence for entire periods of your student visa         •	Act	at	all	times	honestly	and	responsibly	in	relation	to	      •	The	student	visa	remains	current.	The	visa	should	reflect	
lodged	at	the	Australian	Taxation	Office	(ATO)	and	students	   or	until	the	licence	expires	(whichever	comes	first).		You	      academic	matters	and	the	use	of	University	facilities.           the specified length of the course in which the student is
must	take	their	passport	and	Student	ID	Card	with	them.        must carry an International Driving Permit or an approved                                                                         enrolled in.
You may also apply online via the ATO website at               English translation of your licence (if you have either of       •	Recognise	that	cheating,	plagiarism	and	fabrication	or Please	see	the	Student	Advisor	if	you	          these) with you when you drive. If you are driving with          falsification of data are not acceptable.                        •	Course	requirements	are	satisfied	and	a	valid	enrolment	
require further information.                                   an	international	licence,	you	should	ensure	that	your	                                                                            is maintained. These are conditions of the student visa.
                                                               insurance policy covers you in the event of an accident.         •	Adhere	to	the	proper	use	of	copyright	material.
Contact Details                                                Some	students	have	had	insurance	claims	rejected	by	                                                                              •	Health	cover	is	maintained	and	paid	by	the	due	date.	If	
It	is	an	Australian	Government	requirement	that	               their insurance company because they have not had a              •	Act	at	all	times	with	respect	for	the	rights	of	others,	and	   health	cover	expires,	benefits	payable	will	be	suspended.	
international students maintain up to date contact address     Western	Australian	Driver’s	Licence.		                           to be sensitive to and embrace diversity.                        It	is	also	a	violation	of	the	student	visa	if	OSHC	lapses.
details,	including	an	Australian	residential	address	and	
phone	number	with	the	University.	Change	of	address	           You	can	apply	to	have	the	licence	transferred	to	Western	                                                                         •	They	are	available	during	the	examination	period.	Any	
details	must	be	lodged	with	the	University	within	seven	       Australia through the Department of Planning and                                                                                  travel arrangements should be scheduled for after the
days.	Students	can	change	personal	details	on	OASIS	           Infrastructure.		In	order	to	legally	drive	on	West	Australian	                                                                    examination	period.
(Curtin	student	computer	portal),	it	is	also	required	that	    roads,	you	will	need	to	visit	a	licensing	centre	or	agent,	
students provide family contact details.                       provide	proof	of	identity	in	a	variety	of	ways,	pass	eyesight	                                                                    •	Mobile	phones	are	switched	off	during	lectures,	tutorials	
                                                               tests and pay the appropriate fees.                                                                                               and when in the library.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 •	They	access	OASIS	(the	online	student	portal)	regularly	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and check the Official Communications Channel (OCC).

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          17
      curtin                                                                                                                       sPOnsOrED stuDEnts
      POliciEs anD PrOcEDurEs                                                                                                      (nOn-ausaiD)
Diversity Policy                                                Prospective students with disabilities or medical            Who is a Sponsored Student?                                      Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
Curtin	recognises,	respects	and	values	the	diversity	of	        conditions are advised to discuss their individual needs     A sponsored student is an individual that receives money         The	university	does	not	issue	invoices	for	OSHC.
its students and staff and the Curtin community. The            with	University	Counselling	staff	before	accepting	their	    towards their studies from a private organisation or             Only invoices for tuition fees are provided to sponsoring
University’s	Diversity	Policy	and	supporting	procedures	        offer.                                                       foreign government. Individuals who receive money from a         organisations.
outline its commitment to valuing diversity and cultural                                                                     relative are not sponsored students.
sensitivity in teaching and all other areas of the              Students	with	disabilities	or	medical	conditions	will	                                                                        Payment	for	OSHC	should	be	made	separately	by	bank	
University’s	operation.	It	recognises	and	builds	on	the	        be	examined	by	the	Department	of	Immigration	and	            How to Apply as a Sponsored Student                              draft,	Telegraphic	Transfer	or	credit	card	and	forwarded	
many different cultures and backgrounds that make               Citizenship (DIAC) when student visa applications are        If	you	are	being	sponsored	for	your	studies	at	Curtin,	you	      directly to Curtin with the completed Acceptance of Offer.
up the Curtin community. If at any time students feel           processed.                                                   must indicate this on your International Application for         Students	may	need	to	arrange	payment	themselves	and	
disadvantaged	on	the	basis	of	difference	due	to	diversity,	                                                                  Admission form.                                                  then contact their sponsor for reimbursement (refer to
they can discuss their concerns confidentially with staff in    International students with disabilities or medical                                                                           page	13	for	further
Ethics,	Equity	&	Social	Justice.                                conditions	who	have	been	issued	with	a	student	visa,	or	     Your	indicated	sponsor	will	then	receive	a	Sponsorship	          information	on	OSHC).
                                                                those	who	become	disabled	whilst	studying	in	Western	        Agreement with a schedule attached. Your sponsor must
Equal Opportunity Policy                                        Australia,	are	provided	with	support	from	the	University.	   sign the Agreement and complete all sponsorship details          Some	sponsor	organisations	have	made	separate	
The	University	complies	with	equal	opportunity	legislation	     The	University	has	committed	confidential	support	           on the attached schedule. Both documents must be sent            arrangements with Curtin. Please ensure you know what
set	in	place	by	the	Government	of	Western	Australia,	and	       services for students with disabilities and medical          to the International Office for processing.                      the arrangements are between Curtin and your sponsor.
is committed to ensuring that all students are treated fairly   conditions.
while studying at Curtin.                                                                                                    All sponsored students are required to complete the              On Arrival
                                                                Please	contact	University	Counselling	Services,              Disclosure	of	Information	Form.	This	form	can	be	                Please	visit	the	CELC	Student	Advisor.	It	is	essential	to	do	
Appeals and Complaints                                          Telephone	+61	8	9266	7850,	or	visit	the	website              downloaded from the International Office website at              this.
Curtin	University	has	official	procedures	to	assist	students                      	students.	By	
in resolving concerns about academic and other matters.                                                                      completing the Disclosure of Information form you are            Sponsorship Variations
                                                                Please note that student visa applications require           allowing	the	University	to	release	information	to	your	          If a student wishes to change any aspect of their sponsors
For	example,	the	University	has	formal	appeal	procedures	       disclosure of pre-existing disabilities/medical              sponsor in relation to your academic studies at Curtin.          agreed	funding	details	(e.g.	course	change	or	extension	of	
for students who wish to have an assessment grade               conditions. Nondisclosure may result in subsequent                                                                            sponsorship),	the	student	must	seek	the	approval	from	the	
reviewed.	See                          cancellation of visa.                                        Payment of Tuition Fees                                          sponsor before this can be done. The student must ensure
                                                                                                                             It is the responsibility of the student to provide the sponsor   that the sponsor sends an approval letter detailing course
Curtin	has	a	Grievance	Resolution	Officer	located	in	                                                                        with a copy of their Letter of Offer and Acceptance of           changes,	funding	commitments,	course	commencement	
Building	100	on	Curtin’s	Bentley	campus.	The	Grievance	                                                                      Offer,	so	the	sponsor	can	make	the	first	payment	of	the	         and	end	dates	to	the	International	Office.	Upon	receipt	of	
Resolution Officer is available to assist all Curtin students                                                                semester’s	tuition	fees.	Thereafter,	the	University	will	        the	approval	letter,	the	International	Office	will	issue	a	new
and	staff	with	any	grievance.	Step	by	step	details	of	the	                                                                   send all invoices for the tuition fees only to the sponsor.      Letter of Offer for the approved course.
grievance	procedure	are	available	from	the	University	                                                                       Students	who	are	sponsored	by	a	private	organisation	or	
Counselling website                                                                            foreign government must ensure that the sponsoring body          *AusAID	students	please	refer	to	the	Pre-Departure	Guide	for	
                                                                                                                             completes	the	Sponsorship	Agreement	to	confirm	tuition	          ADS,	APS	&	ALA	students.	
Students with Disabilities                                                                                                   fee and sponsorship arrangements. If the sponsoring
                                                                                                                             body	does	not	return	the	Sponsorship	Agreement	to	
                                                                                                                             the	International	Office,	the	student	will	be	liable	for	the	
                                                                                                                             payment of their own tuition fees.

                                                                                                                             Sponsored	students	should	inform	their	sponsors	that	
                                                                                                                             living	expenses	should	not	be	sent	with	tuition	fee	
                                                                                                                             payments,	as	the	University	does	not	disburse	student	
                                                                                                                             living	expenses.
18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            19
     Curtin English Language Centre Refund Policy                                                                                                                              $88.00	(2010)	$99.00	(2011)

     For	the	purpose	of	the	Refund	Policy	a	‘course’	is	defined	as	the	total	period	of	pre-paid	tuition	at	Curtin	English	Language	

     sPOnsOrED stuDEnts
     Centre (CELC) as described in Acceptance of Offer.

     • The enrolment fee is payable once only and is non              The Department of Education Services of Western Australia
     refundable. The accommodation application fee and                has appointed a Conciliator for international students
     airport reception fee are also non refundable                    studying in Western Australia. The Conciliator has an
                                                                      independent grievance handling/dispute resolution role
                                                                      and can be contacted on (Tel) +61 8 9441 1953, (Fax)
     • If a student cancels their course in writing 28 days or        +61 8 9441 1950 or (Email)
     more before the course commences, a full refund of tuition       au.
     fees will be paid (less an administration charge of $230)

                                                                      This agreement does not remove the student’s right to
     • If a student cancels their course in writing less than 28      take further action under Australia’s consumer protection
     days before the course commences, a refund of 70% of             laws.
     tuition fees will be paid (less an administration charge of
                                                                      Application for refund
     • If a student withdraws and leaves the course (greater          The Application for Refund Form can be obtained from the
     than 10 weeks in duration) 0 to 28 days after the course         CELC website on Please submit                                                                                       .
     commences, a refund of 30% of tuition fees will be paid          the form either in person to CELC Reception in Building
     (less an administration charge of $230)                          208 Room 129C or email No
                                                                      refund will be processed if the Application for Refund form
                                                                      is received after 6 months of the last module attended.
     • If a course is of 10 weeks duration or less, no refund is
     payable after a student commences studying at CELC                                                                                                                               ;
                                                                      How long does the process take?
                                                                      Refunds will be paid within 28 days of CELC receiving the
     • If a visa application is denied, CELC will give a full         completed Application for Refund Form with supporting                                                                                           ;
     refund of tuition fees provided CELC receives a copy of the      documents.                                                                                                          .
     Australian Embassy Visa rejection letter

                                                                      How will I receive my refund?
     • A full refund of all fees will be paid if CELC withdraws
     the offer or fails to provide the course offered and the         Refunds will be paid to the person who entered into the
     provider default provisions of the Commonwealth ESOS Act         contract or, if you enrol through a representative and give
     2000 ( section 27.1) apply                                       us written permission, the refund can be paid through your

     • No refund is payable if CELC withdraws the student
     from a course because the student has seriously breached
     international student visa conditions or CELC’s rules
     Appeal Against Refund
     If a student is dissatisfied with the outcome of an
     application for a refund, a written appeal may be submitted
     to the Centre Manager by emailing celc-refunds@curtin. .


                                                                                                                                      NB: Curtin staff are unable to carry student’s luggage.
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                        21
curtin caMPus BEntlEY

                                   Curtin English Language Centre (CELC)

                                   Curtin University of Technology
                                   PO Box U1987
                                   Perth 6845
                                   Western Australia
                                   Tel: + 61 8 9266 7617
                                   Fax: +61 8 9266 3186


                              Disclaimer and Copyright information

                              Information in this publication is correct at the time of printing and valid for 2010, but may
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