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									Chapter 17 Answer Key


___1.       A slide background fill variation that combines theme colors in different intensities.

___2.       A theme that determines the font applied to two types of slide text—headings and

___3.       The font applied to slide titles.

___4.       The font applied to all slide text except titles.

___5.       Effects used to introduce individual slide elements so that the slide can progress one
            element at a time.

___6.       Animations that bring a slide element onto the screen.

___7.       A list that indicates the animation effects applied to slide items.

___8.       Animation options that include changing the direction of an effect and playing a
            sound when an animation takes place.

___9.       A format for information that organizes and presents text and data in columns and

___10.      The intersection of a column and row.

___11.      Formatting applied to an entire table so that it is consistent with the presentation

___12.      A graphic representation of numeric data.

___13.      A type of chart used to compare data.

___14.      A combination of the column letter and row number identifying a cell.

___15.      A chart element that identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to the
            categories in the chart.

A   Animation effects

B   Background style

C   Body font

D   Cell

E   Cell reference

F     Chart

G     Column chart

H     Custom animation list

I     Effect options

J     Entrance effects

K     Font theme

L     Headings font

M Legend

N     Table

O     Table style

Fill in the Blank

1.    To help an audience understand numeric data and trends, insert a(n) _______ or a(n)
      _______ on a slide.
2.    The charts most commonly used in PowerPoint presentations are _________, _____,
      ______, and _____.
3.    When the background graphics interfere with slide content, you can ______ the
      background graphics.
4.    When you insert a picture on a slide background, it is a good idea to choose a picture that
      has a(n) _______ area in which you can overlay a text box or title.
5.    When you apply a new font theme to the presentation, the text on every slide is updated
      with the new __________ and ______ fonts.
6.    Animation effects focus the audience’s attention, providing the speaker with an opportunity
      to emphasize an important point using the slide element as an effective ________ _____.
7.    The most efficient method of animating a SmartArt graphic is to use one of the choices in
      the ___________ ______.
8.    When you are delivering a presentation, you display the shortcut menu, and then point to
      ______________ to view a list of the slides in the presentation.
9.    You can modify the layout of a table by inserting or deleting _________ and ______.
10.   The document matching styles provide the best choices for coordinating the table with the
      presentation _________.
11.   When you create a chart in PowerPoint, the chart data is stored in a(n) _______ worksheet.

12.   In a chart, categories of data are identified by __________ ________.
13.   A chart value that originates in a worksheet cell is a(n) ______ _______.
14.   A group of related data points is a(n) ______ ________.
15.   A column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data
      point is a(n) ______ _________.


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