Visual and Performing Arts Sub-Committee DRAFT Strategic Plan

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                         Visual and Performing Arts Sub-Committee
                                   DRAFT Strategic Plan

                                       February 27, 2009


UMKC is committed to artistic excellence and artistic access. Through innovative connections
between the arts and other disciplines, between its arts organizations and the region, and
between artists and their communities, UMKC strengthens its missions in urban education,
diversity, economic development, technological innovation, community engagement, and a
vibrant undergraduate experience.

GOAL 1: Artistic Excellence

Action: Establish a coherent identity for UMKC as the “flagship” for the arts. Create seamless communication of
UMKC’s artistic excellence on campus, regionally, and nationally

Outcome: Measured by the quality and number of arts events recognized regionally and nationally

Outcome: Measured by the depth and number of connections between UMKC faculty/students and local, regional,
national and international organizations

Outcome: Measured by number of hits on an effective web presence to communicate the depth and breadth of
UMKC’s arts environment

Action: Become a national leader in the recruitment and retention of a diverse arts faculty and diverse arts students
recognized for their exceptional skill, creativity, discipline, and potential

Outcome: Measured by selectivity of professional arts degree programs

Outcome: Measured by retention and graduation rates of arts units

Outcome: Measured by scholarly, professional, and artistic achievements of faculty, students, and alumni

Outcome: Measured by capacity to attract leading visiting artists to work with faculty and students

Action: Strengthen professional curricula in the arts

Outcome: Measured by depth of connections (internships, apprenticeships, masterclasses) among professional
programs and leading arts organizations such as the American Jazz Museum, KC Rep, Nelson-Atkins, KC Arts
Institute, KC Symphony, KC Lyric Opera, and others

Outcome: Measured by sufficient support for MFA in Creative Writing

Outcome: Measured by creation of BFA and MFA in Studio Art

Outcome: Measured by accreditation of UMKC arts programs by National Association of Schools of Dance,
National Association of Schools of Music, and National Association of Schools of Theatre

Action: Create physical, financial, and human resources for UMKC arts units, at levels appropriate to their mission
and goals, as benchmarked to data from Higher Education Arts Services (HEADS) surveys.

Outcome: Complete UMKC Conservatory expansion project

Outcome: Augment UMKC Visual Arts presence in Crossroads district

Outcome: Create theatre facilities capable of supporting the needs of the Department of Theatre and the KC Rep

Outcome: Establish a student arts fee (analogous to athletic fee)

Outcome: Explore/Establish decoupled tuition for professional arts programs appropriate for enrollment goals of
each arts unit

Outcome: Identify, for the purpose of annual benchmarking, peer and aspirational arts programs, beyond the
“Urban 21”, that more appropriately align with UMKC’s “flagship” mission in the arts

GOAL 2: Access to the Arts

Action: Intentionally support recruitment and retention of UMKC undergraduates (in all areas) through the arts.

Outcome: Measured by number of prospective students/parents attending UMKC arts events and activities who are
provided with UMKC admissions information

Action: Provide every undergraduate student with skills/knowledge appropriate to program of study and individual

Outcome: Measured by creation of an undergraduate interdisciplinary arts requirement in the general education

Outcome: Measured by undergraduate participation in UMKC arts events as part of freshman experience.

Outcome: Measured by undergraduate retention rates.

Action: Communicate UMKC community engagement in the arts through inventory of current and future

Outcome: Measured by number of arts participants/populations served annually

Action: Intentionally support UMKC’s Urban Education mission through relevant arts programming

Outcome: Measured by number of UMKC arts programs offered in/for urban populations

Outcome: Measured by depth and number of connections between IUE efforts and UMKC arts efforts (Greater KC
Writing Project, Academy of Music and Dance, Co-produced theatre productions, HS/College dual credit program

Outcome: Measured by depth and number of arts faculty/student service activities (internships, board
memberships, etc.) in urban communities

GOAL 3: The Art of Innovation

Action: Demonstrate the relationships between artistic creativity, entrepreneurial innovation, and economic

Outcome: Measured by depth and number of programs in arts/innovation (examples, IEI, Arts Enterprise, digital
literacy, new media, cultural entrepreneurship)

Outcome: Measured by depth and number of UMKC arts relationships at Crossroads, Power and Light District, 18th
& Vine, and other centers of economic and artistic development and/or revitalization

Outcome: Measured by the quality and number of new works created by UMKC arts units that are produced,
published, performed in other cities

Action: Strengthen existing technological environment for the arts on campus

Outcome: Measured by quality, quantity, and integration of arts computing labs

Outcome: Measured by integration of leading arts technology into arts classes/events/performances at UMKC

Action: Increase distance-learning options for arts courses

Outcome: Measured by the number of students electing on-line arts courses

Action: “Brand” UMKC arts programs as leaders in creating art of tomorrow

Outcome: Inventory work in new media, and in existing/established forms, and demonstrate its innovative impact
regionally, nationally, and internationally