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Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy by liaoqinmei


									Cornerstone Classical Christian
Student/Parent Handbook
Table of Contents
Vision ............................................................................................................................................2
Educational Philosophy ...............................................................................................................2
Organizational Philosophy ...........................................................................................................2
Statement of Faith .......................................................................................................................3
Parent Involvement......................................................................................................................3
Code of Student Citizenship........................................................................................................4
Communications and Grievances Guidelines ............................................................................5
Discipline Guidelines ...................................................................................................................5
Student and Staff Relations Guidelines .....................................................................................6
Holiday Observance Policy ..........................................................................................................6
Controversial Subjects Policy ......................................................................................................7
Trivium Application Chart ............................................................................................................8
Curriculum ....................................................................................................................................9
Latin Instruction ...........................................................................................................................11
Grading Scale Guidelines ............................................................................................................12
Grade Reporting Guidelines ........................................................................................................12
Promotion Policy ..........................................................................................................................12
Standardized Test Administration...............................................................................................12
Honors and Awards Program ......................................................................................................13
Learning Disability Policy.............................................................................................................13
Uniform and Dress Code Policy...................................................................................................14
Attendance Requirements...........................................................................................................15
Tardy Policy...................................................................................................................................15
Inclement Weather Policy............................................................................................................15
Student Health and Medication Policy .......................................................................................16
Prepaid Tuition Policy ..................................................................................................................16
Tuition and Fee Collection Policy ................................................................................................17
Tuition Assistance Policy .............................................................................................................17
Admissions Procedures and Guidelines.....................................................................................17
Organizational Chart for Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy.........................................18
Non-Discrimination Policy............................................................................................................19
Association of Classical and Christian Schools .........................................................................19
Suggested Readings in Classical and Christian Education.......................................................19

           Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                                                       1
VISION                                                   EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY
We aim to graduate young men and women who               Excellent education is founded upon disciplined,
think clearly and listen carefully with discernment      eager attention to learning. This discipline rests
and understanding; who reason persuasively and           upon a student’s moral character, and that this
articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating      moral character is developed through a personal
their entire range of experience in the light of the     relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In
Scriptures; and who do so with eagerness in joyful       support of parents’ God-given responsibility for
submission to God. We desire them to recognize           educating their children, the Corporation will:
cultural influences as distinct from biblical, and to
                                                         1. Provide a clear model of Christian life through
be unswayed towards evil by the former. We aim to
                                                            its staff and Board members.          (Matthew
find them well-prepared in all situations, possessing
both information and the knowledge of how to use it.
We desire they be socially graceful and spiritually      2. Encourage every student to begin and to
gracious; equipped with and understanding the tools         continue to develop a relationship with God the
of learning; desiring to grow in understanding, yet         Father through Jesus Christ.          (Matthew
fully realizing the limitations and foolishness of the      28:18-20.)
wisdom of this world. We desire they have a heart for
the lost and the courage to seek to dissuade those       3. Teach all subjects from a biblical worldview as
who are stumbling towards destruction; that they            parts of an integrated whole with the Scripture
distinguish real religion from religion in form only;       at the center. (2 Timothy 3:16-17.)
and that they possess the former, knowing and            4. Provide students with a classical education,
loving the Lord Jesus Christ. And all these we desire       in which grammar (the fundamental facts and
them to possess with humility and gratitude to God.         rules of each subject), logic (the ordered
We likewise aim to cultivate these same qualities in        relationship of particulars in each subject), and
our staff and to see them well paid so that they may        rhetoric (the expression in speech and writing
make a career at Cornerstone. We desire them to be          of the ideas of a subject) are emphasized in all
professional and diligent in their work, gifted in          subject areas.
teaching, loving their students and their subjects.      5. Encourage all students to develop wisdom,
We desire they clearly understand classical                 discernment, and a love for learning. Children
education, how it works in their classroom and how          will be taught how to learn for themselves and
their work fits into the whole; that they possess a         how to express what they have learned; how to
lifelong hunger to learn and grow; and that they have       think rather than simply what to think.
opportunity to be refreshed and renewed. We desire
to see them coach and nurture new staff and to
serve as academic mentors to students. We look to        ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHY
see them mature in Christ, growing in the knowledge
of God, their own children walking with the Lord.        To carry out its mission of academic excellence
                                                         within a biblical worldview, Cornerstone Classical
We aim to cultivate in our parents a sense of            Christian Academy shall:
responsibility for the school; to see them well
informed about the goals of our classical and            1. Operate with efficiency and excellence.
Christ-centered approach. We desire them to grow
                                                         2. Maintain respect for the individual and insists
with the school, involved in and excited about the
                                                            upon gracious interactions at every level of the
journey. We aim to help them to follow biblical             organization.
principles in addressing concerns, to be inclined to
hearing both sides of a story before rendering a         3. Encourage       a    decentralized     form     of
verdict, and to embrace the Scripture's injunctions         administration where decisions are made and
to encourage and stir up one another to love and            responsibility is taken for those decisions at the
good works.                                                 lowest possible level of the organization. This
                                                            organizational principle of delegation is
Finally, in our relationship with our community, we
                                                            intended to reduce administrative overhead and
aim to be above reproach in our business dealings
                                                            empower the individuals involved in a particular
and supportive of the local business community. We          process to have the primary input to improve it.
further seek to exemplify the unity of the body of          (Exodus 18:13-27.)
Christ, to develop greater fellowship and
understanding with the churches, and to bring honor      4. Regard parents as customers of Cornerstone
to our Lord in all our endeavors.                           Classical Christian Academy and teachers as
                                                            having Board delegated authority in the
                                                         5. Encourage parents to be active supporters of

2       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
    the educational process.                              PARENT INVOLVEMENT
6. Commit to resolve disputes that arise out of or        As a support and extension of the family unit,
   relate to its organizational documents by              Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy considers
   biblically based mediation. (Matthew18:15-20;          the family to be of first importance to a child. God,
   1 Corinthians 6:1-8.)                                  through His Word, the Bible, indicates that the family
                                                          is the most important human institution He designed,
                                                          since He compares it to the relationship believers
STATEMENT OF FAITH                                        have with Christ and the Father. We strive to
                                                          support the family and respect parental authority
Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy, its staff,       and responsibility in all we do. Cornerstone believes
and its board members embrace the historic tenets         in the concept of “in loco parentis” - in the place of
of Christianity as presented in this Statement of         the parent. At the core of our philosophy of
Faith. Beyond the primary doctrines articulated in        education is the conviction that parents are
the Statement of Faith below, we respect and              ultimately responsible for the education of their
acknowledge the primacy of the family and local           children. We see ourselves as “subcontractors” of
churches and refer any secondary doctrinal                the parents. The parents are the “contractors” –the
questions to parents and local churches for               ones who are responsible for getting the job done.
clarification and authority.                              Our authority and our task are delegated to us from
1. The 66 books of the Old and New Testaments             the parents. Therefore, we strongly encourage
   are the perfect, inspired, infallible, inerrant, and   parental involvement in the education of their
   authoritative Word of God, and as such, rightly        children and are continually seeking ways to actively
   interpreted, are the final authority in faith and      involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of
   practice. (2 Timothy 3:16.)                            our students in the programs of the school.
2. There is one true God, creator of all things, who      Below are just a few of the more common ways we
   is eternally existent in three persons: the Father,    do this. Please feel free to ask if you would like to try
   the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (Deuteronomy 6:4;        additional ideas.
   Genesis 1:1; 1 John 5:7.)                              1. Visit the school/class at any time. (Simply call
3. Jesus of Nazareth is Lord, is Christ, and is God;         ahead to schedule the visit out of courtesy to
   He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life,            the staff.)
   performed miracles, shed his blood and died a          2. Assist in the classroom, regularly or infrequently.
   vicarious and atoning death, rose bodily from             Arrangements should be made with the teacher
   the dead, ascended to the right hand of God the           concerned.
   Father, and will personally return in power and
   in glory. (John 10:30; Matthew 1:18; Hebrews           3. Act as chaperone on field trips or as a host for
   4:15; John 10:32; Romans 3:25; Matthew 28:6;              class parties.
   Romans 8:34; Luke 21:27.)
                                                          4. Share your expertise, experience, and travels as
4. For the salvation of lost and sinful men,                 they may relate to an area of study in a class.
   regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely
                                                          5. Attend   all    Parent-Teacher   Conferences.
   necessary. (John 3:3-8.)
                                                             Informal conferences may be scheduled
5. Salvation is by grace through faith alone, in             anytime at the parent’s request.
   Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone.
                                                          6. Closely monitor and praise your child’s progress
   (Ephesians 2:8-9.)
                                                             by reading all teacher notes and papers sent
6. True saving faith in a person will result in the          home.
   performance of good works by that person, for
                                                          7. Communicate       your  ideas     for  school
   faith without works is dead. (Ephesians 2:10;
                                                             improvement and comments regarding the
   James 2:17.)
                                                             school program to the administration. We want
7. The present ministry of the Holy Spirit enables           to hear from you.
   the Christian to live a godly life. (Galatians
                                                          8. Serve on one of the school committees
                                                             (Facilities, Curriculum, Development, etc.)
8. God will raise all people from the dead, the
   saved to the resurrection of eternal life, and the
   lost to the resurrection of eternal condemnation.
   (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 2 Thessalonians
9. There is a spiritual unity of all believers in our
   Lord Jesus Christ. (John 17:20-23.)

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                          3
CODE OF STUDENT CITIZENSHIP                                 educational pursuits, such as personal
                                                            electronic musical devices, games, toys, roller
Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy has                 skates, skateboards, and the like are not
developed a Code of Student Citizenship based on a          permitted on school grounds.
practical mixture of 1) the ethical and moral
principles of Scripture, 2) institutional preferences   6. Since      working     with     others     involves
which foster an environment conducive to achieving         self-discipline and gratitude, students will be
the school’s goals, and 3) expectations for a climate      prompt in their arrival to class and school
of mutual respect, love and encouragement among            activities. Students will refrain from actions that
students, faculty, and staff.        All students are      distract others from their academic pursuits and
expected to abide by the Code of Student Citizenship.      refrain from harmful and rough physical contact
Upper school students will be required to sign the         with other students such as hitting, punching,
code at the beginning of each school year. Each            tripping, wrestling, and the like.
teacher will use a system of classroom management       7. Since Cornerstone cares about the health and
to encourage compliance with the school code.              well-being of its students and staff, the
Students who do not follow the code will be subject        possession and use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco
to disciplinary action.                                    or weapons of any sort is strictly forbidden on
1. Since God is holy and since His name is to be           school grounds.
   revered, students are expected to treat worship,     8. Since words have a power and integrity of their
   prayer and class discussion with proper                 own and since God expects man to be stewards
   reverence.      Jokes, songs, conversation or           of thoughts and expressions, students will
   behavior that treat the Lord’s name, character,         refrain from language and actions which are
   or institutions with triviality are not permitted.      vulgar, inappropriate and demeaning to either
2. Since appropriate response to authority is              God or mankind. Teasing, criticizing, put-downs,
   biblically mandated and critical to the shaping         insults and name-calling are not permitted.
   of a child’s life, students must obey their          9. Since our physical facilities and school
   parents, school policy and all instructions from        materials exist as God’s provision and since
   the Cornerstone staff and its supporting adults,        some activities are inconsistent with
   promptly, willingly, completely and cheerfully.         responsible stewardship, students are expected
   Talking back, arguing and undue familiarity with        to treat all school materials (e.g. textbooks) and
   Cornerstone staff will not be tolerated. An             facilities with respect and care. Students are
   atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy will          expected to be aware of and avoid the off-limits
   be maintained between students and staff.               areas of the building and grounds. Students are
3. Since fidelity to the truth is commanded by God         expected to keep the school’s campus neat and
   and is the core of all meaningful relationships,        clean. Chewing gum is prohibited on school
   students will demonstrate honesty in all their          grounds.
   dealings with one another and the staff.             10. Since students are to conduct themselves in a
   Students will respect the property and                   manner consistent with biblical principles of
   belongings of others.                                    purity and holiness, students shall refrain from
4. Since God created male and female in His                 all forms of inappropriate sexual behavior. All
   image, equal in personhood, yet distinct in their        immoral sexual activity, including fornication,
   manhood and womanhood and complementary                  viewing of pornography, immodest dress, and
   in their roles, male students will show honor for        homosexuality, is forbidden among Cornerstone
   female staff and students by demonstrating               students. Public displays of affection in the
   gentlemanly etiquette at all times (e.g. Boys            context of boy-girl relationships (e.g. holding
   shall hold doors open for female staff and               hands, kissing, etc.) are not permitted on school
   students.) and female students will show                 grounds.
   respect for male staff and students by exhibiting    11. Since spiritual disciplines (e.g. prayer, worship,
   ladylike etiquette at all times.        Romantic         Bible study, and fellowship) are essential to
   attachments between male and female                      Christian growth and discipleship, all students
   students will not be encouraged at Cornerstone.          will strive to maintain a faithful daily walk with
   Co-educational competitive sports involving              Christ and be active in a local evangelical
   significant physical contact between players will        church.
   be prohibited at the school.
                                                        12. Since our students serve as ambassadors for
5. Since whatever we do, we are to do it heartily, as       Christ and representatives of the school, it is
   to the Lord, and not unto men, students will             expected that students will conduct themselves
   work diligently on all of their school work,             accordingly at all times, whether they are at
   striving to do their best at all times. Items and        school or away from school.
   devices that distract students from their

4       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
COMMUNICATION AND GRIEVANCES                               individual Board member may speak on behalf of
GUIDELINES                                                 the Board unless specifically authorized by the
                                                           Board to do so on a specific issue.
We consider it a great privilege to serve families in
educating their children from a classical and
Christian perspective.       We are committed to           DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES
upholding and supporting each family’s authority in
the lives of their children. This kind of relationship     General
requires clear communication. We recognize that in         All discipline will be based on biblical principles (e.g.
this relationship there lies a great temptation to talk    confession, repentance, reconciliation, restitution,
to others (gossip) about a specific issue or person        forgiveness, etc.). Misbehavior shall be viewed from
rather than take direct action to resolve conflicts in a   a spiritual and Scriptural perspective with the goal of
manner consistent with Scripture. We have outlined         shepherding the child’s heart toward a God-pleasing
the proper lines of communication and dealing with         life. It is also understood that parents are ultimately
grievances according to the biblical principles found      responsible for their child’s behavior even while the
in Matthew 18 and James 3. We believe Scripture            child is at school. These discipline procedures shall
teaches that conflicts should be handled discreetly        have the function of placing the responsibility of
and carefully, while believing and speaking the best       discipline on the parent. The parents shall be
about each individual involved. Cornerstone staff          responsible for administering all forms of corrective
and administration will abide by these same                punishment.
principles in communicating with parents and
students.                                                  Practically, the vast majority of real and potential
                                                           discipline problems will be dealt with at the
Parents to Teacher: If an issue should arise               classroom level. The kind and amount of discipline
regarding an individual teacher’s behavior, rules or       (within these stated guidelines) will be determined
procedures, the parents should speak directly to the       by the teachers and headmaster. The specifics and
teacher. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved,      nature of each discipline incident and the individual
the parent may bring the concern to the                    personality of the student involved will be
Headmaster.                                                considered in the administration of discipline.
Parents to Headmaster: If an issue should arise            It is vital for parents and students to realize that
regarding school rules, procedures or curriculum or        maintaining an orderly atmosphere in the school
the Headmaster’s behavior, the parents should              and the classroom is critical to the learning process;
speak directly to the Headmaster. Parents may also         therefore, these policies must be adhered to.
present concerns about individual teacher’s                Students will not be subject to corporal punishment
behavior, rules or procedures directly to the              at Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy. As in
Headmaster, if the matter was not resolved with the        all other areas of the education at Cornerstone, love,
specific teacher. If the issue is not satisfactorily       grace and forgiveness will be an integral part of the
resolved, the matter may be taken before the school        discipline of a child. It is because we love that we
board.                                                     discipline.
Parents to Board: If an issue regarding any policy,        Misconduct and Discipline:
curriculum, program, or staff member has not been
satisfactorily resolved with the administration, the       There are five basic behaviors that will automatically
parents may present their concerns to the Board at         necessitate discipline from the school Headmaster.
the regularly scheduled board meetings. Parents            Those behaviors are:
should communicate with a Board member to
                                                           1. Disrespect shown to any staff member. The
schedule such a hearing.
                                                              staff member will be the judge of whether or not
While clear communications between the school                 disrespect has been shown.
and families can break down with negative issues,
                                                           2. Dishonesty in any situation while at school;
they can break down with positive issues as well.
                                                              including lying, cheating, stealing.
Often parents will have an idea on how to improve
the school, but are not sure how to share it. In this      3. Rebellion e.g., outright          disobedience     in
case the same principles should be applied. If a              response to instructions.
parent has an idea about how to improve a
                                                           4. Fighting e.g., striking in anger with the
classroom, he or she should talk to the teacher. If a
                                                              intention to harm another student.
parent has an idea about how to improve the school
in general, he or she should talk to the                   5. Unkind, obscene or profane language,
administration. It is always best to communicate              including taking the Lord’s name in vain.
directly with the person primarily in authority over
the issue at hand. The Board will not serve as the         If for any of the above behaviors, or other reasons, a
                                                           teacher deems it necessary for a student to receive
initial contact on school related issues.         No
                                                           discipline from the Headmaster, the following

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                           5
accounting will be observed.          Within the entire       or when school is not in session.
school year:
1. The first two times a student is sent to the
                                                              Should the expelled student desire to be readmitted
   Headmaster for discipline the student’s parents
                                                              to Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy at a
   will be contacted and given the details of the
                                                              later date, the school board will make a decision
   visit. The parents’ assistance and support in
                                                              based on the student’s attitude and circumstances
   averting further problems will be expected.
                                                              at the time of reapplication.
2. The third incident will be followed by a meeting
   with   the     student,     student’s    parents,
   Headmaster, and teacher if necessary.                      STUDENT AND               STAFF      RELATIONS
3. Should a fourth incident arise, a two-day                  GUIDELINES
   suspension may be imposed on the student.
                                                              To facilitate professional, friendly, and biblical
   The student will be required to make-up all
                                                              relationships between staff members and students,
   classroom assignments and tests missed during
                                                              the following guidelines shall be observed.
   the suspension period.
                                                              A.   Staff members are to remember that they serve
4. Should a fifth incident arise, the student may
                                                                   as professional, adult role-models before the
   be subject to expulsion from the school.
                                                                   students (Titus 2:7, 8). Relationships between
5. The headmaster may, at his discretion, bypass                   staff members and staff members and students
   the above office-visit process and impose an                    are to be friendly and courteous, not familial or
   immediate suspension or expulsion on a                          intimate.
   student who is not making progress in
                                                              B. Staff members are to be careful that any
   correcting serious misbehavior.
                                                                 physical contacts and verbal interchanges with
Expulsion:                                                       each other and with students avoid even the
                                                                 appearance of impropriety (I Peter 2:12).
The Cornerstone school board realizes that expelling
a student from school is a very serious matter and            C. Flirtation, sexual innuendoes, casual disrespect
should always be carefully dealt with on a                       toward authority, excessive familiarity, etc. are
case-by-case basis. Forgiveness and restitution are              examples of the kind of unprofessional and
fundamental to our total discipline policy. However,             inappropriate behavior that will not be tolerated.
should a student and his parents not be able to                  Necessary and cautionary measures required to
eliminate the behavioral problems the student is                 limit these kinds of behaviors should be
having, the Headmaster is empowered to expel the                 corporately and individually taken.
student. The procedure will be as follows:
                                                              D. If it is necessary for a male staff member to
1. Parents will be notified immediately after the                spend time alone with a female student or staff
   decision for expulsion.                                       member, it should be arranged that they are
                                                                 easily visible to the public (e.g. an open door,
2. The student will turn in all school                           windowed room, etc.)
   texts/materials, clear out his/her desk and
   locker, and be picked up by his/her parents the            E.   Staff members shall not travel alone in a car
   same day.                                                       with one student.
3. Transfer of school records will be arranged
   within a week following expulsion.
                                                              HOLIDAY OBSERVANCE POLICY
4. Appeals may be made first to the Headmaster
   and then to the Cornerstone Board.                         Observances of holidays at Cornerstone Classical
                                                              Christian Academy shall be conducted according to
Serious Misconduct:                                           the following guidelines:
If a student should commit an act with such serious           A.   Cornerstone recognizes the necessity of joy and
consequences that the school deems it necessary,                   thankfulness in the Christian life. The school
the office-visit process may be bypassed and                       will seek to provide students with opportunities
suspension or expulsion imposed immediately.                       for joyous celebration and thankful recognition
Examples of such serious misconduct could include:                 of God’s providence and blessing in their
acts endangering the lives of other students or staff              individual lives (e.g. birthdays and personal
members, gross violence/vandalism to the school                    accomplishments) and in history (Columbus Day
facilities, violations of civil law, or any flagrant act in        and Memorial Day).
clear contradiction of scriptural commands.
Students may be subject to school discipline for              B. The school will emphasize the scriptural and
serious misconduct which occurs after school hours               spiritual elements of holidays such as Easter
                                                                 (the cross and resurrection) and Christmas (the

6        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
     incarnation of Christ), rather than the secular      B. If a subject arises which the teacher has reason
     elements (Santa and the Easter Bunny).                  to believe is controversial and/or of a sensitive
                                                             nature, and the discussion of that topic will help
C. The school is not “against” secular images and
                                                             achieve the goals set out in the curriculum
   symbols.    These are matters of personal
                                                             guide for that subject, then the teacher will do
   conscience and Christian freedom for each
                                                             the following:
   family.   The school simply chooses, as a
   Christian school, to de-emphasize secular                  1. As necessary, instruct the class on the
   elements in its recognition of holidays.                      responsibility of Christians to be charitable
                                                                 in debate.
D. Many believers view “Easter Week” as an
   especially holy season –a season for sober                 2. Instruct the class on their responsibility to
   contemplation on the significance of Christ’s                 honor the teaching they have received from
   death and resurrection. The school will observe               their parents on this subject.
   the deep significance of the season in
                                                              3. As appropriate (i.e. pertinent to the stated
   classroom devotions, assembly services, and
                                                                 objectives of the class), direct the students'
   classroom discussions, but will not conduct
                                                                 attention to original writings, historical
   parties and celebrations.
                                                                 source documents, and other informed
E.   Halloween will be ignored at Cornerstone. Other             sources on each side of the subject
     holidays (President’s Day, Valentines Day, etc.)            concerned. This may done in a variety of
     shall be observed when their recognition is                 forms, such as, a research paper, guest
     deemed spiritually and/or academically                      speakers, reading differing authors, etc.
     beneficial to the students and consistent with              Strongly encourage the students to become
     the Cornerstone philosophy of education.                    knowledgeable of the most widely held
                                                                 views on the topic.
F.   Interpretation and application these holiday
     observance       guidelines  shall be    the             4. Refrain from pursuing tangents or other
     responsibility of the Headmaster.                           unplanned subject matter that will lead to a
                                                                 possible mishandling/poor teaching of
                                                                 controversial subjects.
CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS POLICY                             C. Due to the sensitive and intimate nature of
The purpose of this guideline is to help Cornerstone         human sexual relations, discussion and
to respect the convictions of parents and teachers in        instruction on this topic generally will be limited
various academic and/or sensitive subject areas,             to human reproduction in biology, and biblical
while at the same time maintaining our goal of               principles and references, as they arise in
teaching all subjects in the light of a comprehensive        appropriate class contexts.         Teachers will
Christian worldview. A controversial subject is a            always defer to parental authority and
subject which Christian families and churches                responsibility when such matters arise.
commonly consider divisive or very sensitive,             D. The teacher is to remember that according to
whether or not the introduction of the topic was             Scripture and the goals of Cornerstone, he is
planned by the teacher or brought up by a student.           serving as a role model of a mature Christian
A.   If in the course of teaching a class, a teacher         adult to the students. As such, teachers are
     sees that a subject has arisen which he has             never to enter into an adversarial debate with
     good reason to believe is controversial or              students on controversial subjects within a
     obviously of a sensitive nature, and discussion         classroom setting. Even though the teacher may
     of that subject will not help him achieve the           hold strong personal convictions regarding the
     goals set for that class in the curriculum guide,       subject, in light of this policy, and sound
     then the teacher will not allow class time for the      teaching practices, he is to encourage a
     discussion of the topic at all. When appropriate,       gracious and scholarly attitude in the students.
     as it benefits the students, the teacher may
     explain to the students the reasons for not
     discussing the topic.

         Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                      7
The following material is drawn from the essay The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers. It illustrates the
application of the classical Trivium at Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy.

Beginning Grammar             GRAMMAR                       LOGIC                         RHETORIC
(Pre-Polly)                   (Poll-Parrot)                 (Pert)                        (Poetic)
Grades K-2                    Grades 3-6                    Grades 7-9                    Grades 10-12
Approx. ages 4-8              Approx. ages 9-11             Approx. ages 12-14            Approx. ages 15-18
Student Characteristics       Student Characteristics       Student Characteristics       Student Characteristics
1. Obviously excited about    1. Excited about new,         1. Still excitable, but needs 1. Concerned with present
   learning                      interesting facts             challenges                    events, especially in own
2. Enjoys games, stories,     2. Likes to explain, figure   2. Judges, critiques,
   songs, projects               out, talk                     debates, critical          2. Interested in justice,
3. Short attention span       3. Wants to relate own        3. Likes to organize items,
                                 experiences to topic, or      others                     3. Moving toward special
4. Wants to touch, taste,
                                 just to tell a story                                        interests, topics
   feel, smell, see                                         4. Shows off knowledge
                              4. Likes collections,                                       4. Can take on
5. Imaginative, creative                                    5. Wants to know "behind
                                 organizing items                                            responsibility,
                                                               the scenes" facts
                                                                                             independent work
                              5. Likes chants, clever,
                                                            6. Curious about Why? for
                                 repetitious word sounds                                  5. Can do synthesis
                                                               most things
                              6. Easily memorizes                                         6. Desires to express
                                                            7. Thinks, acts as though
                                                                                             feelings, own ideas
                              7. Can assimilate another        more knowledgeable
                                 language well                 than adults                7. Generally idealistic

Teaching Methods              Teaching Methods              Teaching Methods              Teaching Methods
1. Guide discovering          1. Lots of hands-on work,     1. Time lines, charts, maps 1.   Drama, oral presentations
                                 projects                      (visual materials)
2. Explore, find things                                                                 2.   Guide research in major
                              2. Field trips, drama         2. Debates, persuasive           areas with goal of
3. Use lots of tactile items to
                                                               reports                       synthesis of ideas
   illustrate point             3. Make collections,
                                   displays, models         3. Drama, reenactments,       3. Many papers, speeches,
4. Sing, play games, chant,
                                                               role-playing                  debates
   recite, color, draw, paint, 4. Integrate subjects
   build                           through above means      4. Evaluate, critique (with   4. Give responsibilities, e.g.
                                                               guidelines)                   working with younger
5. Use body movements         5. Teach and assign
                                                                                             students, organize
                                 research project           5. Formal logic
6. Short, creative projects                                                                  activities
                              6. Recitations,               6. Research projects
7. Show and Tell, drama,                                                                  5. In-depth field trips, even
   hear/read/tell stories                                   7. Oral/written                  overnight
                              7. Drills, games                 presentations
8. Field trips                                                                            6. World view
                              8. Oral/written               8. Guest speakers, trips         discussion/written
                                 presentations                                               papers

8       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
CURRICULUM                                              passively. Students are encouraged to develop a
                                                        passion for reading and life-long learning.
Based on the Trivium
                                                        Centrality of History
Classical Education is an approach to education that
is rooted in the ancient medieval concept of the        History is the organizing framework for the classical
Trivium, articulated by Dorothy Sayers in her essay,    curriculum. It ties together the subjects of literature,
The Lost Tools of Learning. Sayers, a contemporary      art, music, and science in a chronological manner.
of C. S. Lewis, noted that children grow naturally      At Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy,
through three stages, each one corresponding to the     students are taught traditional history, the formal
three elements of the Trivium: Grammar, Logic           study events, nations, and individuals in the flow of
and Rhetoric. Each element of the Trivium is            God’s providence (as opposed to “social studies”).
viewed as a tool of learning, and children equipped     History is taught chronologically and integrated with
with each tool will know how to think and learn for     other disciplines whenever possible (e.g. medieval
themselves and thus be able to master any subject       literature, art and music are taught while students
they approach.                                          study medieval history.).
The elementary years correspond to the Grammar          Although students study the history, literature, and
stage of the Trivium. In the Grammar stage,             cultures of many civilizations, particular attention is
students take in the core knowledge of each subject     given to the culture and heritage of the West. As C. S.
by memorizing the basic facts and fundamental           Lewis has written, “The educated man habitually,
rules related to that subject. In the middle school     almost without noticing it, sees the present as
years, children grow into the Logic stage. At this      something that grows out of a long perspective of
age they are beginning to think abstractly and are      centuries.” By teaching students the history and
able to relate and understand all the facts they have   literature of the Western civilization that has shaped
previously accumulated. They are therefore taught       them, they will be able to see and understand
sound reasoning and critical thinking skills. The       themselves and their own culture more clearly.
third stage of the Trivium is the Rhetoric stage,       Curriculum Goals
which corresponds to high school. This is the age
when young people become more concerned about           This section summarizes the Cornerstone Classical
their appearance and how they express themselves.       Christian Academy curriculum goals for various
So, correspondingly, students in this stage are         subject areas. Please note that not all of these
taught how to express themselves and                    goals are specifically related to the grammar stage,
communicate their ideas in an effective and             and that this section is intended to characterize the
eloquent manner, learning to be articulate,             K-12 goals that will be pursued as the school grows.
persuasive and creative in their written and oral       I. Bible: We seek to:
                                                           A. Teach the students to understand the Bible
Language-focused                                               as God’s Word.
A classical education focuses on the mastery of            B. Have the students read the complete actual
language skills: reading, writing, and speaking well.          text of Scripture for themselves versus only
We promote the historically-proven method of                   prescribed verses.
reading instruction, namely phonics.          Heavy
emphasis is placed on formal spelling and grammar          C. Teach the events of Scripture in the context
instruction, good penmanship, proper writing form,             of overall Redemption History.
and intensive reading with the goal of making
                                                           D. Encourage the students to understand
students masters of language. The study of Latin is
                                                               Scripture verses in their context, using good
an integral part of the student’s development of
                                                               interpretation principles.
language skills.
                                                           E. Let the Scriptures speak for themselves,
Students read extensive amounts of quality
                                                               utilizing the “analogy of faith”, having
literature. As soon as children can read they are
                                                               scripture      interpret   scripture, with
immersed in the “Great Books.” At the Logic and
                                                               clarification only as needed.
Rhetoric stages they read and analyze these books
from a Christian perspective and learn to engage the       F. Encourage each student to come to the
marketplace of ideas with a critically-thinking                Father, through the Son, by the power of the
Christian mind.                                                Holy Spirit, and grow by faith in his
                                                               knowledge and love of God.
The written and spoken word is emphasized as
opposed to images (pictures, television, and video).       G. Teach the concepts of Creation, Fall, and
While image-based methods may be employed as                   Redemption,     which     are     essential
they are necessary, language-learning is our focus,            components of a Christian worldview.
requiring the mind to work actively instead of

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                       9
II. English: We seek to:                                     C. Enable the students to see God’s hand in the
                                                                 history specifically by illustrating the effect
     A. Equip every student with the skills necessary
                                                                 that God’s people have had on history.
         for good writing and speaking, including
         spelling,    grammar,      style,     clarity,      D. Broaden the students’ understanding of
         proofreading, presentation, articulation,               history and geography by gradually
         etc.                                                    deepening their level of exposure and
                                                                 research as the students mature from
     B. Put a major emphasis on good writing and
                                                                 kindergarten through elementary school into
         speaking by requiring the students to write
                                                                 high school.
         and give oral presentations often and
         correctly in each subject area.                     E. Encourage the study of history through
                                                                 exposure to original texts and source
     C. Encourage clear thinking by the students by
                                                                 material rather than foster dependency on
         requiring clear, focused writing.
                                                                 third party commentary in textbooks.
     D. Introduce the students to many styles of                 Promote honest debate of historical issues.
          writing using the Bible and other classics.
                                                             F. Make history and geography “come alive” for
III. Reading: We seek to:                                       the students through the use of many forms
                                                                of    information    and     research,     e.g.
     A. Teach students to read correctly beginning in           biographies, illustrations, field trips, guest
         Kindergarten using phonics as the primary              speakers, music, art, food, architecture, etc.
         building -blocks for instruction.
                                                          VI. Mathematics: We seek to:
     B. Introduce the students to high quality
         children’s literature and Great Books               A. Ensure that the students have a thorough
         beginning in first grade. Have students read            mastery of basic mathematical functions
         a wide variety of secular and Christian                 and tables.
         literary classics.
                                                             B. Emphasize a conceptual as well as practical
     C. Carefully monitor the students' reading                  understanding of math through the frequent
         abilities to ensure a reasonable level of               use of word problems.
         proficiency, adequate comprehension, and
                                                             C. Illustrate God’s unchanging character
         fluency in oral and silent reading. This
                                                                 through the timeless, logical mathematical
         includes the proper use of word-attack skills
                                                                 systems He gave to man through His gift of
         (the skills to pronounce and read a new word
         encountered while reading).
                                                          VII.   Science: We seek to:
IV. Latin: We seek to:
                                                             A. Teach that God created the Heavens and the
     A. Instruct students in the vocabulary, grammar
                                                                 Earth ex nihilo (out of nothing) in six 24-hour
         and syntax of the Latin language, equipping
                                                                 days, allowing that Christians may
         them to read Latin texts extemporaneously
                                                                 reasonably differ on their understanding of
         by the twelfth grade.
                                                                 Genesis chapter one.
     B. Reinforce the student’s understanding and
                                                             B. Teach that God created man specially in His
         application of the principles of proper
                                                                 image and that Darwinian evolutionary
         grammar being taught in our traditional
                                                                 theory is false.
         English grammar classes.
                                                             C. Teach the students that because God made
     C. Cultivate learning skills and logical thinking
                                                                 the universe, it has inherent order, which in
         skills inherent in the study of Latin.
                                                                 turn makes it possible to hypothesize and
     D. Enhance the student’s understanding of the               experiment (scientific method).         Guided
         history and writings of the early church and            inquiry will reveal to the student the intrinsic
         Western Civilization through the reading of             laws, systems, and truths God put into
         Latin texts.                                            Creation.
V. History/Geography: We seek to:                            D. Teach that the worldviews of scientism and
                                                                 naturalism are inconsistent with a Biblical
     A. Teach the students that God is in control of             worldview.
         history and its ultimate outcome.
                                                             E. Treat the study of science as a "means to an
     B. Ensure that the students have a mastery of               end", not an end in itself. That is, curiosity,
         the grammar of world, United States, and                experimentation,      demonstration,      and
         Kentucky history.                                       research, etc. should be emphasized as the
                                                                 process and way of using science, as

10       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
        opposed to the study of facts. Scientific data     LATIN INSTRUCTION
        and concepts should be attained primarily
        as the result of research and discovery,           Our goal is to provide Latin instruction in the third
        versus lecture. By the time the students           through twelfth grade at Cornerstone Classical
        enter secondary-level science, they should         Christian Academy. We believe there are at least
        be extremely familiar with the scientific          five reasons for classical language study in our
        method, through repeated practice.                 school.

   F. Ensure that the students have a mastery of           A.   Latin trains the student in the essentials of
       the grammar and concepts of both Natural                 analytical and critical thinking. Students of
       and Physical Science.                                    Latin are equipped in the mental disciplines of
                                                                memorization, logical analysis, and synthesis.
   G. Use many forms of instruction to teach                    Latin trains minds to encounter unfamiliar
       scientific concepts and methods, e.g. a large            material in other disciplines.
       variety of experiments, demonstrations,
       research projects, field trips, guest speakers,     B. Latin reveals a great deal about English and
       etc.                                                   greatly enhances the student’s powers of
                                                              expression in his native language. About 80% of
VIII.   Art: We seek to:                                      English vocabulary comes from Latin and Greek.
   A. Teach all students the basic fundamentals of            English vocabulary tests reveal that students of
       drawing to enable them to create adequate              Latin score higher.
       renderings.                                         C. Latin develops and deepens the student’s
   B. Encourage the students to appreciate and                understanding of and appreciation for literature.
       imitate the objective beauty of the Creation           A doorway is opened to great classical literature
       in their own creative works.                           – Virgil, for example. The student’s appreciation
                                                              for English literature grows because great
   C. Introduce the students to the works of the              English literature is filled with classical
       creative masters in Western culture.                   allusions.
   D. Equip the students to knowledgeably use a            D. Latin provides an understanding of the classical
       variety of art media.                                  impact on our modern culture. This is evident in
IX. Music: We seek to:                                        wedding rings, dollar signs, political structure,
                                                              architecture, the names of constellations and
   A. Train the students to sing knowledgeably,               planets, and of course, et cetera.
       joyfully, and skillfully to the Lord on a regular
       basis.                                              E.   Latin provides a wonderful foundation for the
                                                                study of other languages. Latin is not a “dead
   B. Systematically instruct students in the                   language”, but rather a language that lives on in
       fundamentals of vocal and instrumental                   almost all major Western languages, including
       music.                                                   French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and
                                                                Romanian. Students gain an understanding of
   C. Nurture      an    understanding    of and
                                                                how inflected languages work. This will prepare
       appreciation for vocal and instrumental
                                                                them to study other languages such as German,
       music of the highest spiritual and musical
                                                                Russian, and Greek.
       integrity from throughout history.
                                                           Latin Program Objectives
   D. Encourage the students to select some area
       of music, vocal or instrumental, to pursue on       Third – Fourth Grade: Vocabulary acquisition,
       their own.                                              declensions, memorize beginning paradigms in
                                                               chants, introductory grammar, memory work on
X. Physical Education: We seek to:
                                                               the Lord’s Prayer, quotes, phrases, study of
   A. Teach     fundamental      locomotor     and             Roman/Classical history.
       manipulative skills through exercise, games
                                                           Fifth – Eighth Grade: More vocabulary and
       and activities.
                                                               derivatives, memory work on paradigms, quotes,
   B. In cooperation with the families, encourage              and phrases, translation work on more
       the students to knowledgeably establish and             complete sentences, work on more difficult
       maintain good health and nutritional habits.            sentences, translate passages from the Vulgate
                                                               and other sources, continued study of
   C. To enhance biblical patterns of behavior
                                                               Roman/Classical History.
       through activities requiring cooperation,
       team    work,     and     general   good            Ninth – Twelfth Grade:           Strengthening of
       sportsmanship.                                         vocabulary and grammar skills, translation and
                                                              reading of original Latin works, further study of
                                                              Roman/Classical history and culture.

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                      11
GRADING SCALE GUIDELINES                                       receiving a failing or unsatisfactory grade for the
                                                               grading term. Failure of the teacher to notify parents
Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy shall                  of a failing or unsatisfactory grade will not, however,
measure the academic and objective progress of its             result in the alteration of the grade.
students using the following criteria:
                                                               Parents      are    responsible to attend   the
A. Percentages and Grade Equivalents:                          Parent/Teacher conferences to become informed of
     A=94-100       (A = 96-100 A- = 94-95)                    their child’s progress.
     B=86-93        (B+ = 92-93,      B = 88-91, B- = 86-87)
     C=76-85        (C+ = 83-85,      C = 79-82, C- = 76-78)
                                                               PROMOTION POLICY
     F = Below 76       P = Passing
     Only the base letter grade shall be reported on
     Grammar school report cards (i.e. minuses (-)             Kindergarten students enrolled in Cornerstone
     and pluses (+) shall not be recorded).                    Classical Christian Academy must meet the following
                                                               basic criteria for promotion to the first grade:
B. Other evaluation designations: To be used
   primarily for most subjects in K –2nd Grade and             A.   Behavioral maturity for the first grade as
   for grade-level character and academic                           defined by consistent ability to follow classroom
   objective evaluations.                                           routines, obey teacher instructions, handle
                                                                    conflict appropriately, and stay on task during
     O = Outstanding – exceeding expectations                       academic work.
     S = Satisfactory – meeting expectations                   B. The child must demonstrate reading readiness
     I = Improvement has been shown. Continued                    for the first grade by achieving 75% of the
         time and effort needed.                                  kindergarten reading objectives

     U = Unsatisfactory – needs to improve                     C. The child must demonstrate math readiness for
                                                                  the first grade by achieving 75% of the
C. A minimum of 10 grades per each grading term                   kindergarten math objectives.
   (including homework, quizzes, tests, projects,
   etc.) shall be used to determine each subject's             Grammar School (1st – 6th Grade)
   grade.                                                      Grammar school students currently enrolled in
D. All academic/objective grading at Cornerstone               Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy must meet
   Classical Christian Academy will use a                      the following basic criteria for promotion to the next
   criterion-referenced base for evaluations. That             successive grade:
   is, objective standards will be used to judge               A.   Earn a passing grade (at least 70% avg. for the
   student performance. Grading on a "curve" will                   year) in Reading, Math and English Grammar.*
   not be permitted.
                                                               B. Earn a passing grade (at least 70% avg. for the
E.   Virtually all assigned work done for/in class                year) in at least three of the other six academic
     should receive a recorded credit toward a grade.             subjects (Latin, Bible, Science, Writing/Spelling,
F.   Whenever appropriate teachers must include                   Penmanship and History).*
     spelling, neatness and    grammar mechanics                   * Exceptions may be made depending on the
     in the grading of assignments. These elements             circumstances.
     shall make up a maximum of 10% of the total
     grade on any given assignment.
                                                               STANDARDIZED TEST
GRADE REPORTING GUIDELINES                                     Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy shall
Mid-Term Progress Reports shall be sent home at                administer a nationally standardized academic
the middle of the first and second trimesters.                 achievement test to all students in at least the
Report Cards shall be sent home with the students              second, fourth, sixth and eighth grades. The test
at the end of each trimester.                                  shall be administered to students in other grades
                                                               when deemed necessary by the headmaster.
Teachers shall communicate frequently and
regularly with parents about each student’s
academic performance and work habits in the
classroom.                                                     HONORS AND AWARDS PROGRAM
Teachers are required to notify parents before the             A. Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy will
end of the grading period if a student is in danger of         maintain a system of formal honors and awards for
                                                               the following reasons:

12       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
    1. We believe that God is glorified when His                  All year placement on    Certificate/Award received
                                                                  A-B Honor Roll           at year-end Awards Assembly
       people use to the utmost the gifts He has
       given them. We believe a student will excel
       at Cornerstone only by faithfully using the           LEARNING DISABILITY POLICY
       academic/intellectual gifts bestowed upon
       him or her by God, the giver of all good gifts.       This policy applies to all students in all the
                                                             classrooms of Cornerstone Classical Christian
    2. The recognition of people who are faithful in         Academy.
       using the particular gifts given them by God
       is endorsed in the Scriptures, from the               Definitions:
       writings of Solomon (Proverbs), to those of           Severe Learning Disability: Any condition in a
       Paul (Romans, Ephesians, I Timothy, etc.).            potential student which would require a separate
       We believe that God has established                   classroom, special program, or specialized staff in
       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy as            order to provide the educational services desired by
       an academic institution, and therefore it is          the parents, e.g. Down’s syndrome, deaf/mute, blind,
       proper for Cornerstone Classical Christian            etc.
       Academy to recognize those who use the
       academic gifts God has given them for                 Learning Disability: Any condition in a potential
       superior academic achievement. Therefore,             student which does NOT require a separate
       we seek to publicly recognize those                   classroom, special program, or specialized staff in
       students who accomplish the necessary                 order to provide the education services desired by
       prerequisites to receive the applicable               the parents and meet the regular academic
       award/honor set forth below.                          requirements of Cornerstone, e.g. hyperactivity,
                                                             attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, etc.
    3. We recognize that the glory for all human
       achievement goes to God. We therefore                 Policy:
       seek to teach our students and their
                                                             A.    Children with a severe learning disability will not
       families the appropriate way to give glory to
                                                                   be admitted to Cornerstone Classical Christian
       God for the accomplishments that He
                                                                   Academy due to the lack of adequate staff,
       allows them and others in the school to
                                                                   resources, and facilities.
                                                             B. Children with learning disabilities may be
B. Because we recognize the propensity of human
                                                                admitted to Cornerstone provided they meet all
   nature to sin, we will seek through the way we
                                                                regular admissions requirements and are
   approach our honors and awards program both
                                                                capable of functioning successfully in a
   (a) to teach the students who receive honors or
                                                                “traditional classroom” setting.
   awards to give the glory to God and not become
   prideful and (b) to teach those who do not                C. Children with learning disabilities (diagnosed or
   receive honors or awards not to covet the gifts              undiagnosed) will be required to meet the same
   God has given to others, but rather to be                    academic and behavioral standards as all other
   thankful to God for the particular gifts He has              children in their grade level.
   given to them.       We recognize that many
                                                             D. Children with learning disabilities (diagnosed or
   students who do not meet the necessary
                                                                undiagnosed) will be given as much individual
   prerequisites below are equally faithful in using
                                                                instruction and encouragement as their
   the academic abilities God has given them.
                                                                classmates – no more and no less.
C. Accomplishments and correlating honors and
                                                             E.    Cornerstone may make minor classroom
   awards to be given to students in the third grade
                                                                   accommodations (seating location, allowing use
   and above. All subjects that are objectively
                                                                   of tape recorders or laptop computers, etc.) to
   graded (A-B-C-D-F) will be used in honors
                                                                   assist students with learning disabilities.
   determinations. The honors and awards are as
                                                                   Accommodations will be made only for students
   follows: (Other awards/honors may be
                                                                   with learning disabilities that have been clearly
   recognized as appropriate)
                                                                   diagnosed by a licensed and certified
                                                                   educational diagnostician. Securing a diagnosis
   ACCOMPLISHMENT                  HONOR/AWARD                     of a learning disability will be the responsibility
   All A's in a grading term   Placement on A Honor Roll,          of the parent(s) of the student. The parent(s) of
                               acknowledgment at assembly
                                                                   the student will also be responsible, financially
   All A's with no more than   Placement on A-B Honor              and otherwise, for providing any and all special
   2 B's in a grading term     Roll, acknowledgment at             equipment, supplies and tutors needed to
                               assembly                            accommodate the student.
   All year placement on       Certificate/Award received    F.    Cornerstone reserves the right to decline any
   A Honor Roll                at year-end Awards Assembly         accommodation to a student with a learning

         Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                           13
     disability, if it deems the accommodation to be a   General Dress Code for All Students and
     hindrance to the learning experience of other       Staff
     students in the school or if it deems that the
     accommodation may compromise the school’s           •   Sweatshirts and sweaters must be worn with a
     academic standards.                                     collared shirt underneath.
                                                         •   Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.
                                                             “Blousing” of shirts is not permitted.
                                                         •   Shoes designed for laces are to be worn with
General Rationale for a Dress Code                           appropriate, tied laces.
1. Being overly concerned with clothing and              •   Excessive jewelry and excessive make-up are
   outward appearances is contrary to God’s will             not permitted.
   for us as revealed in Scripture (1 Sam. 16:7;
   Matt. 6:19-21; James 4:4; 1 John 2:15-17).            •   Earrings and necklaces are not permitted on
2. Pressures felt by children to compete in areas of
   dress are destructive to the unity of the school      •   Jewelry in pierced body parts, with the exception
   and the body of Christ.                                   of earrings for girls, is not permitted.

3. Everything in our lives, including our clothing,      •   All students must keep their hair neatly
   should reflect the order of the Godhead and the           groomed and conservatively styled.
   order He has created in the world (1 Corinthians      •   Unnaturally colored/dyed hair and visible
   14:40).                                                   tattoos are not permitted.
4. Clothing should be modest and not draw
                                                         •   Outerwear coats and jackets are not to be worn
   attention to the individual (1 Timothy 2:9) and
                                                             in the building during the school day.
   should reflect differences is the sexes
   (Deuteronomy 22:5).                                   •   Student apparel (e.g. any non-uniform clothing
                                                             worn at school or at official school events) and
5. Students serve as witnesses and ambassadors
                                                             school gear (e.g. backpacks, lunch containers,
   for the Lord Jesus Christ and the school.
                                                             notebooks, and the like) shall not display any
   Student appearance is a reflection of both.
                                                             commercial slogans, product promotions,
Specific Rationale for Uniforms                              celebrity representations, or pictures/cartoons
                                                             of commercial characters.
1. Uniforms are a positive discipline in the school,
   and Cornerstone emphasizes the value of a             •   Any outlandish or distracting clothing, jewelry,
   disciplined learning environment.         Just as         makeup, hairstyle, or appearance will not be
   dressing up, even wearing uniforms, is a part of          permitted.
   the workday for parents, wearing a school
   uniform is a signal to the child that it is a time    Uniform and Dress Code Policy Enforcement
   for hard work and studious activity.                  The school faculty and headmaster will enforce the
2. Uniforms prevent problems associated with the         Uniform and Dress Code Policy. Interpretation and
   subjective interpretation of a dress code policy.     application of the Uniform and Dress Code
   Uniforms will eliminate any confusion about           standards will be the responsibility of the
   what is acceptable, modest and appropriate by         headmaster. Students not complying with the
   the school’s standards.                               Uniform and Dress Code Policy will be required to
                                                         rectify their appearance immediately. Cheerful,
3. Uniforms tend to decrease the cost of student         consistent compliance is expected. Students who
   clothing.     Our uniform vendors provide             violate the Uniform and Dress Code Policy, either by
   economical and durable items. Often parents           action or by challenging and rebellious attitudes, will
   need only purchase two or three sets of               be subject to disciplinary actions.
   uniforms to last throughout the school year and
   often these items can be handed down to other
   children.                                             ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS
Uniform Policy                                           A student enrolled at Cornerstone Classical Christian
A detailed list of specific clothing items and           Academy is expected to be present and on time
suppliers/vendors for the student uniforms may be        every day school is in session.
obtained from the school office. Certain uniform         The school calendar for Cornerstone Classical
items must be purchased from the designated              Christian Academy is announced in the preceding
suppliers and other items may be purchased from          Spring.
wherever desired.
                                                         The actual number of days school is in session will

14       Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
be determined by the yearly school calendar.             parent-approved) absences for a grading term
Attendance records for the students are reported on      exceeds ten percent of the total number of days of
the students’ report card each grading term.             school in a grading term, the student may not
                                                         receive credit for that term.
Guidelines for Releasing Students from a
Classroom                                                In the event the total number of absences, whether
                                                         planned or unplanned (for any reason), is more than
Teachers are not permitted to release a student to
                                                         fifteen percent of the total number of days of school
anyone before first checking with the office. The
                                                         in a grading term, the student’s parents will meet
teachers and headmaster have the responsibility
                                                         with the headmaster (and teacher(s), if necessary)
and custody of all the children while they are in
                                                         to determine whether the student will receive a
school. The office should be made aware of any
                                                         letter grade or a grade of P (pass) or F (fail) on his
instance of the legal parent or guardian removing a
                                                         report card.
child during regular school hours. A child is never to
be released to a stranger until the office and           In the event the total number of absences, whether
parent(s) have been contacted and explicit               planned or unplanned, is equal to or exceeds twenty
permission has been received.                            percent of the total number of days of school in a
                                                         grading term, the student will not receive credit for
Types of Absences
                                                         that term.
1) SHORT-TERM ABSENCES: If a student needs to
   be absent from school for one to two days, for
   any reason, the parents should contact the            TARDY POLICY
   school office by note or phone as soon as
   possible.                                             A tardy is defined as any occasion when the student
                                                         is late for school at the beginning of the day or late
2) LONG-TERM ABSENCES: If a student needs to             for a class during the day. To be counted “on time”
   be absent for three or more consecutive days,         the student must be in the room, in his or her seat
   the parents should notify the school in writing       and prepared for class to begin. Each student is
   explaining the circumstances. This will permit        allowed five (5) tardies per grading term. No
   the office to inform the appropriate teacher(s)       distinctions will be made between “excused” or
   and to compile the necessary schoolwork, which        “unexcused” tardies.
   the student would otherwise miss. Notification
   should be made as soon as possible to limit the       If a student is tardy for a sixth time or more in a
   amount of missed schoolwork.                          grading term then his parents will be assessed a
                                                         twenty dollar fine for each tardy over five (5). The
3) EXTENDED ABSENCES: We will gladly cooperate           fine(s) must be paid in full by the first day of the
   with families taking their children from school       month following the date(s) in which the fines were
   for vacations, trips, etc.      However, when         assessed.
   extended absences are voluntary (versus
   emergency or illness) we expect all school-work
   to be completed upon the student’s return to          INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY
   school or within the time specified by the
   teacher.     We recommend that students               A.   Because Cornerstone Classical Christian
   complete their assignments prior to planned,               Academy does not provide transportation
   extended absences. This eliminates the need to             service, the responsibility for getting children
   work on vacation and complete make-up work.                safely to and from school rests on parents and
                                                              their designated representatives. Parents are
4) MAKE-UP WORK: Students may take make-up
                                                              therefore responsible for discerning if road
   tests and submit any other make-up work to
                                                              conditions during inclement weather or other
   their teacher. It is expected that the child or the
                                                              emergencies allow for safe travel.
   parents will discuss these arrangements with
   the teacher and take the initiative in completing     B. In the event of inclement weather, even if
   the missed work. Students must complete                  Cornerstone is officially open for classes,
   missed work within a period of days equivalent           parents who do not believe road conditions in
   to the number of days absent plus one (1) day            their area permit safe travel should not attempt
   (e.g. A student absent two days has three days           to get their children to school. They should keep
   after he returns to school to complete missed            their children at home and notify the school that
   work). Parents are not to give tests to their            they are doing so.
   children at home without prior explicit approval
                                                         C. During times of inclement weather (or other
   from the teacher.
                                                            school closing emergencies), Cornerstone will
Maximum Allowed Absences                                    generally follow area public school systems
                                                            regarding starting delays, early dismissals and
In the event the total number of planned (that is,
                                                            cancellations. Parents should monitor local

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                    15
     radio     and     television    stations     for       needed basis through the use of an inhaler or
     announcements about Cornerstone starting               Epi-Pen will be permitted to self-medicate if the
     delays, early dismissals, and cancellations. All       following conditions have been met.
     such announcements will also be posted on the
                                                            a.   A physician has determined that the
     school voice mail by 6:30 AM of the effected
                                                                 student should carry the medical inhaler or
                                                                 Epi-Pen on his or her person and
                                                                 self-administer the medication. Physician’s
                                                                 orders need to be on file with the school
STUDENT HEALTH AND MEDICATION                                    office.
                                                            b.   Parents must complete the prescription
1. All students attending Cornerstone Classical                  medication administration form and
   Christian Academy must have on file with the                  indicate that: “the student is able to
   school office all medical reporting forms                     self-administer and carry the inhaler/
   required by Kentucky state law. Families                      Epi-Pen and has been trained in its use.”
   seeking exemption from state immunization
   requirements must complete and submit a              3. Prescription and over-the-counter medication
   notarized copy of the exemption documents for           will be administered to students only at the
   the commonwealth of Kentucky. Both of these             written request of the parent. Parents must
   forms may be obtained from your family doctor.          complete a Medication Administration Form
                                                           before any medication can be distributed to a
2. It is expected that students are sent to school         student. Any request for administration of
   healthy, well-rested, and ready for class.              medicine must include the student’s name,
   Students with fevers, diarrhea, contagious              description/type of medication, dosage of
   viruses, severe colds, and the like will be sent        medication and the time(s) it is to be given. All
   home to avoid infecting others.                         medications, prescription and over-the-counter,
                                                           must be in the original pharmaceutical
3. Students who are lethargic, tired, and unable to
                                                           container labeled with the student’s name and
   do their schoolwork will be sent home for
                                                           dosage directions.
   needed rest and recuperation. Cornerstone
   does not operate a health suite, and students        4. Over-the-counter cough drops and throat
   who are not able to do their schoolwork will be         lozenges may be carried and taken by students
   sent home.                                              with a hand-written note from their parents or
                                                           with verbal permission from the parents to the
4. Parents must provide the school with
                                                           student’s teacher.    Over-the-counter cough
   emergency numbers of friends and/or family
                                                           drops and throat lozenges do not require
   who can pick up their sick child from school, if
                                                           completion of a Medication Administration
   the child becomes ill.
5. Other forms necessary for student health
   records can be obtained from the school office.
   They are:                                            PREPAID TUITION POLICY
     a.   Emergency Form: Lists the emergency           This policy applies to any situation in which a family
          contact names and phone numbers of            desires to prepay their tuition fees.
          people who may need notification in a
          medical emergency.                            Acceptance of a student for enrollment constitutes a
                                                        significant financial commitment on the part of the
     b.   Medication Administration Form: see below.    school (textbooks, personnel, supplies). Therefore,
Medication Distribution                                 all prepaid tuition fees are non-refundable and
                                                        non-transferable regardless of the circumstances.
1. All     medication       (prescription  and          Any “unused funds” (monies remaining as a result of
   over-the-counter) taken by students must be          a student discontinuing enrollment for any reason)
   administered by one of the following:                will be calculated and acknowledged as a gift with a
     a.   A Cornerstone staff person designated by      receipt to the donor.
          the Headmaster.
     b.   Parent(s) of the student.
     No student will be permitted to administer any     TUITION        AND        FEE      COLLECTION
     form (prescription or over-the-counter) of
     medication to himself/herself or any other
     student except as indicated below.                 The objective of this policy is to ensure that tuition
2. Students who require medication on an as             and fees are collected in a timely manner and to

16        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
establish a process whereby unpaid tuition and fees        minimum of ten percent (10%) of the total tuition,
can be collected as early as possible. This process        regardless of the amount of assistance for which
must be followed unless specific other                     they qualify.
arrangements have been made between the Board
                                                           If a family qualifies for assistance from other
or its delegate and the family involved. Good faith
                                                           scholarship sources or financial aid funds (other
will be presumed on the part of the families unless
                                                           than Cornerstone), these funds will be used to
subsequent circumstances indicate no positive
                                                           reduce the amount of assistance taken directly from
action can be expected. Late tuition and fees are
                                                           Cornerstone and will not necessarily reduce the
defined as tuition and/or fees not paid by the tenth
                                                           family’s tuition obligation to the school. Generally,
of each month.
                                                           every family must pay the minimum amount
The following process is to be followed in the             determined by the FFNA assessment.
collection of late tuition & fees:
                                                           To apply for financial assistance, simply complete
1. In the event that tuition and/or fees are not paid      the financial aid application (available from the
   within the first 10 days of the month, a payment        school office) and submit it according to the
   reminder will be sent to all applicable families.       enclosed instruction sheet. Returning families who
   This will be done no later than the tenth of each       submit applications for tuition assistance by the
   month. A $50 late fee will be assessed to all           established deadline will be given first priority in the
   accounts past due on the tenth of each month.           distribution of financial aid. New families who
                                                           submit applications for tuition assistance early in
2. If tuition and/or fees are still not paid, or
                                                           the Cornerstone admissions process will be given
   arrangements made within the following 15
                                                           next priority in the distribution of available funds.
   days, the Board or its delegate will personally
                                                           The board will have final authority to allocate
   contact the family. The essential elements or
                                                           financial aid. The purpose of tuition assistance is to
   agreements made at that time will be recorded
                                                           provide financial aid for tuition expenses to families
   and filed.
                                                           with demonstrated legitimate financial need. Those
3. If an agreement is not made or adhered to, and          families receiving tuition assistance will be
   payment is not received after 60 days, students         encouraged to gradually reduce their dependence
   will be expelled and grades withheld until              on financial aid from the school.
   payment is received.

                                                           ADMISSIONS              PROCEDURES               AND
TUITION ASSISTANCE POLICY                                  GUIDELINES
At Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy, we             Admission Procedure:
believe that families from all income levels should
                                                           1. Read the “Cornerstone Classical Christian
have the opportunity to enroll at the school. Thus,
                                                              Academy Student/Parent Handbook.” Speak to
Cornerstone actively seeks donations to fund our
                                                              the school headmaster if you have any
financial assistance efforts. We provide tuition
                                                              questions about classical Christian education in
assistance to families on a first-come, first-served
                                                              general or about Cornerstone in particular.
basis. Levels of financial assistance offered will
depend on a number of factors including total (gross)      2. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in this decision for
family income, number of family members, number               your family.
of children enrolled at Cornerstone, and any
                                                           3. Complete the Application for Admission and
additional extraordinary financial circumstances. An
                                                              other applicable documents and return them to
outside consulting service (e.g. FFNA) may be used
                                                              the school office with a $100.00 per child
to assist Cornerstone in accurately determining a
                                                              non-refundable registration fee ($100.00
family’s level of financial need for tuition assistance.
                                                              maximum per family). Application fees will not
When an outside service is used to assess financial
                                                              be applied towards tuition. If applicable, also
needs, the Tuition Assistance Committee will then
                                                              complete and submit an Application for
review the recommendations made by the
                                                              Financial Assistance.
consulting service and submit them to the board.
                                                           4. A Pastor Recommendation form must be
It is expected that families will pursue every other
                                                              completed by your pastor. This form must be
available means of financial assistance (family, local
                                                              submitted to Cornerstone prior to the family
scholarship funds, etc.) prior to applying for aid
directly from Cornerstone. If other assistance is
available to a family, the school expects the family to    5. Upon receipt of your completed Admission
utilize it to make more of the school’s funds                 Applications, Pastor Recommendation form,
available to other families in need.                          other required documents, and fee (and
                                                              financial assistance application, if applicable), a
Generally, every family will be expected to pay a

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                        17
     family interview with the headmaster will be        1. During the family interview with the headmaster
     scheduled.                                             at least one parent must be willing and able to
                                                            clearly articulate a saving relationship with
6. At the interview, the family’s questions about
                                                            Jesus Christ. Both parents should have a clear
   Cornerstone will be answered, and the school’s
                                                            understanding of the biblical philosophy and
   expectations will be clarified. Each parent and
                                                            functioning of Cornerstone Classical Christian
   student(s) must participate in the interview.
                                                            Academy.       Both parents must read the
7. Math,    reading,   and    writing   entrance            “Statement of Faith” and accept that it
   assessments will be administered as part of the          constitutes the doctrinal beliefs of the school
   admissions process to determine that the                 and that its truths will be purposefully and
   student is at least on grade level in basic              clearly taught to their children who are enrolled
   academic skills.                                         at Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy.
                                                            These matters will be reviewed in the family
8. The school will contact the parents with the             interview.
   decision regarding acceptance. If accepted, the
   family will receive a letter of acceptance and an     2. The parents must be committed to cooperating
   Enrollment Contract. The school will also notify         with the policies of the school board. This is
   parents with respect to decisions regarding any          most important in the areas of discipline and
   requests for financial assistance.                       schoolwork.
9. The Enrollment Contract must be signed and            3. Parents must understand the school’s
   returned to the school with the Enrollment               commitment to parental responsibility for their
   Deposit (one-tenth of the total tuition obligation       child’s education. Cornerstone Classical
   for the family). All financial arrangements              Christian Academy exists to assist parents in the
   between the family and the school must be                task of educating their children, not to take over
   clearly understood before the admissions                 responsibility for the education of their children.
   process is considered final. Families are
                                                         4. Prior to final admission of the student(s), both
   strongly urged to attend the annual parent
                                                            parties should clearly understand the financial
   orientation meeting held at the beginning of the
                                                            arrangements between the school and the
   new school year.
Admission Requirements for Students:
                                                         ORGANIZATIONAL CHART FOR
1. Generally, a child should reach the age of five (5)
   years by June 1st of the year in which he enters      CORNERSTONE CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN
   kindergarten at Cornerstone.        All children
   applying for admission to Kindergarten must
   perform satisfactorily on the Cornerstone
   Kindergarten Entrance Assessment.                          Cornerstone Academy School Board
2. Generally, a child who has not completed
   kindergarten at Cornerstone should reach the
   age of six (6) years by June 1st of the year in
   which he enters first grade at Cornerstone.
                                                                 Board                 Headmaster
3. If a child has successfully completed the                   Committees
   previous school year, he will generally proceed
   to the next grade level. New students will be
   assessed individually so that they can be                             Headmaster        Teacher
   challenged with curricula appropriate to their                        Committees           s
   needs and abilities.                                                  and Parent          and
                                                                         Association        Staff
4. The child should understand that his parents
   have delegated their authority to Cornerstone
   Classical Christian Academy while the child is in     Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy
   school. He is therefore subject to instruction        School Board
   and discipline of the teachers and staff while at
                                                         The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing
                                                         the affairs and operation of the school in
5. All students entering the seventh through             accordance with Scripture, the school’s Bylaws,
   twelfth grades will be required to sign the           foundational documents, and Statement of Faith.
   “Student Code of Citizenship” prior to final          The Board is comprised of at least three members.
   enrollment at Cornerstone.                            The Board regularly examines the school’s policies,
                                                         programs, and curricula to insure their consistency
Admission Requirements for Parents:
                                                         with the school’s mission and philosophy, and the

18      Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook
Board relies on the administration of the school for      e.   A commitment to a minimum of one year of
implementation of these policies. Because of the               formal logic required in the secondary program
corporate nature of the Board, any single member,              (grades 7 – 12).
as an individual, has no authority over the school in
                                                          f.   A commitment to a minimum of one year of
any capacity.
                                                               rhetoric required in the secondary program
Headmaster                                                     (grades 7 – 12).
The Headmaster reports to the Board and is directly       g.   Approval for membership must be by a
responsible for the day-to-day operations of the               four-fifths vote of the ACCS Board of Directors.
school, policy development and implementation,
management of curriculum development and
implementation, school programs, admissions, and          SUGGESTED READINGS IN CLASSICAL
so on.                                                    AND CHRISTIAN EDUCATION
NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY                                 The Case for Classical Christian Education, by
Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy admits            Douglas Wilson
students of any race, color, national and ethnic          Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, by Douglas
origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and           Wilson
activities generally accorded or made available to
students at the school. It does not discriminate on       The Lost Tools of Learning (essay), by Dorothy
the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in   Sayers
administration of its educational policies, admissions    Wisdom and Eloquence, by Robert Littlejohn and
policies, scholarship programs, financial assistance      Charles Evans
and loan programs, athletic programs, and other
school administered programs and activities.              On Secular Education, by R. L. Dabney
                                                          The Well-Trained Mind, by Jessie Wise and Susan
                                                          Wise Bauer
                                                          Repairing the Ruins, edited by Douglas Wilson
CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS                                         The Seven Laws of Teaching, by John Gregory

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy is a              Why Johnny Can’t Read (or Why Johnny Still Can’t
member of the Association of Classical and Christian      Read), by Rudolf Flesch
Schools. The ACCS is an association of Christian          Ideas Have Consequences, by Richard Weaver
schools whose primary mission is to promote,
establish, and equip schools committed to a               Of Education, by John Milton
classical approach to education in the light of a         Classical Education, by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and
Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New           Andrew Kern
Testament Scriptures.         The mission of the
association is both to promote the classical              Education, Christianity and the State, by J. Gresham
approach, and to provide accountability for member        Machen
schools to ensure that our cultural heritage is not       Foundation of Christian Education, by Louis Berkhof
lost again. The ACCS seeks to set an educational          and Cornelius Van Til
standard for a unified and directed approach to
classical and Christian learning.                         The Paideia of God, by Douglas Wilson
Requirements for membership in the ACCS are as            On Christian Doctrine, by Augustine
                                                          Association of Classical and Christian Schools
a.   Demonstrated conformity to the curriculum of         (
     the Trivium as set forth in the ACCS Mission
                                                          Veritas Press (
b.   Demonstrated commitment to furthering the
     work of the ACCS, its goals, purposes, mission
     and objectives.
c.   A commitment to a full K – 12 program.
d.   A commitment to a minimum of two years of
     Latin or ancient Greek required for each

        Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy Student/Parent Handbook                                    19

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