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					                                   Natural Fiber Area Rugs
Natural fiber area rugs are different from man made area rugs in that they are made from materials obtained
from animals and plants. Wool is the most commonly used material from animals used in rugs. Plant fibers that
are typically used in rugs are bamboo, sisal, jute, sea grass, and mountain grass. Natural fiber area rugs have
been made for centuries and are still highly desirable around the world.

Advantages of Natural Fiber Area Rugs

   * Naturally stain resistant. These rugs don't need chemicals to be applied to resist staining. This is
especially beneficial for homes having children or pets in them.
   * Tough and long lasting. Wool and the plant fibers are very strong and lasting, making them a perfect
choice for areas with a lot of foot traffic in your home or office.
   * Environmentally friendly. Natural fibers originate from plants and animals, not from oil and man made
   * Hypoallergenic. Wool and the majority of plant fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that adults
and children are less likely to experience an allergic reaction to natural vs. synthetic rugs.
  * Resistant to fire. Plant fibers such as sisal and bamboo are naturally resistant to fire, and are therefore less
hazardous for your home.

Beautiful and Classy

Just like rugs of man-made materials, natural fiber rugs come in numerous shapes, styles, and colors. The rugs
are often dyed in a wide array of colors, especially rugs made from wool. That being said, many people prefer
the natural, earthy shades of undyed area rugs. Natural fiber rugs are usually made with a border that aids in
adding not only to the appearance of the rug but also to the strength and longevity as well, by helping to prevent
fraying at the edges.

One of the most lovely aspects of these natural rugs is the variety of textures to be had today. From evenly
textured weaves to rough, gnarled weaves, you can find a texture that meets your decorating needs. These rugs
are not only luxurious, they are also stylish and tasteful.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are someone who finds value in using "green" items that are friendly to the environment, then natural
fiber area rugs are a wonderful option. The fibers utilized in creating the rugs are sustainable because they are
naturally grown, not manufactured, from easily replaced resources.

Wool is sheared from sheep, and it is generally accepted that the best wool comes from New Zealand and
Australia. Adult sheep are sheared one time each year and can produce anywhere in the range of 2 - 30 pounds
of wool depending on factors such as the breed and location.

Jute, sisal, bamboo, mountain grass, and sea grass are all plants that grow in diverse locations around the planet.
These plants are harvested and the material used to make the earth tone rugs that have graced homes for many
years. These materials are ecological and do not require chemicals or pesticides when they are produced.

Fiber Mixtures

Rugs that use a blend of materials take on the qualities of both materials for even greater results. The blend
most in demand is the sisal wool mixture. This union ends up making a soft and durable rug that will be
beautiful for years.

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