9th grade syllabus by keralaguest


									                                              English I and English I-Honors
                                                  Mrs. Johnson Spencer
                                                        Room: 418

Course Objectives:
This class is structured around the curriculum of Somerset Academy Charter Schools, the Florida Sunshine State Standards,
Broward County and Springboard. By the end of the year you will be able to:
     Effectively recognize and communicate standard edited American English
     Distinguish between formal and informal writing and speaking
     Read and write within the guidelines of the Florida Sunshine State Standards, as well as the Springboard standards
     Boost FCAT scores
     Expand vocabulary
     Illustrate the ability to deconstruct sentences grammatically

You will successfully complete this course if you complete the following in a responsible manner:
    Properly maintain your notebook containing warm-up activities, notes, assignments, and handouts.
    Check my http://new.schoolnotes.com/Sjohnson/ on a regular basis.
    Participate in class discussions and presentations.
    Frequently review important concepts that are presented in class.
    Complete all assignments and projects putting forth maximum effort. Some activities will require working with
       other students. It is your responsibility to work respectfully within groups.
    Request make-up assignments for all absences and tardies upon return to class.
    Make sure you have your Student Planner and School ID at all times.

Course of Study:
We will be exploring literature of the theme “Coming of Age” in 9th grade Language Arts. Students will be assigned a
Springboard textbook that will be kept in the room, but students will have access to this text online. Students may be
required to set up an account, and many of their homework assignments and assessments can be viewed and submitted
online. Students will be reading and reflecting on literature selections from our Springbook textbook as well as additional
novels. This will compliment the themes studied in the 9th grade Language Arts course. We will make connections between
transformations and literature, develop our writing, research, reading, and speaking skills, and strengthen our vocabulary.
All literary works must be purchased by the student (see primary text list).

        PRIMARY TEXTS (Students must purchase both novels at the beginning of the school year)
            Springboard Level 4 Textbook
            Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (required purchase)
            The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (required purchase for English I-Honors students only)
            To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (required purchase)

Also, students will complete a variety of narrative, informational, persuasive, and creative writing pieces, which will
undergo various levels of revision.

Class Supply List:
A box of blue/black pens
A box of #2 pencils
1 Jump Drive
1 Pocket Dictionary (and or Spanish/English Translation)
1 pack of lined paper per quarter
1 pack of highlighters
1 3-Ring Binder
1 Composition Notebook
You will be responsible for keeping track of your grade. Grades will stem from home learning assignments, class
assignments, tests, projects, quizzes, notebook checks, participation, and group work. Home learning assignments will be
due the following class period unless otherwise specified. A “Z” on Pinnacle indicates that the assignment is missing and
that you have two class periods (no exceptions) to make up the assignment. A “Z” is weighted the same as a zero. Parents
and students are encouraged to keep track of their progress in this class via Pinnacle.

Grading Scale:
Honors                                          Regular
Home Work = 10%                                 Home Work = 10%
In-class assignments = 20%                      In-class assignments = 30%
Quizzes = 20%                                   Quizzes = 15%
Exams= 40% (4 per quarter)                      Exams= 35% (4 per quarter)
Accelerated Reader= 10%                         Accelerated Reader= 10%

Academic Honesty:
You are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic conduct. When you cheat, you are robbing yourself of
knowledge, the learning experience and my company. I will be holding you to high ethical standards to which you will be
expected to maintain at all times. You are guilty of cheating whenever you present work as your own and you did not do.
You are also guilty of cheating if you help someone else to cheat. Any student(s) who is discovered cheating will receive a
“0” for that assignment and have the work documented in their portfolio. A referral to Guidance may be issued based on the

Late assignments will be accepted under the following conditions:
No more than 1 late assignment will be accepted during a quarter (and you will receive half credit for the late
assignment). Meeting deadlines is a necessary skill to acquire in order to be successful in the workplace and
collegiate level. If you have an excused absence then you will have two class periods to turn in the work. If you
know you will be out in advance, your work will be due prior to your absence, or you may email it to me.

Classroom Expectations:
   1) Respect
       Students will demonstrate respect for other students and the teacher by using appropriate language, being prepared
       for class, following directions, adhering to all school policies, and by keeping an open mind when learning cultures,
       traditions, beliefs, and life styles.
   2) Be Prepared
       Always come to class prepared. This means coming into class and being seated when the bell rings, bringing your
       class binder each day, completing homework in time and reviewing your notes between 15-20 minutes each night.
       In addition, your presence in the classroom is essential to your success. Tardiness and unexcused absences will have
       an adverse effect on your grade.
   3) Expect great things from yourself and your peers
       Our attitude plays an important role in your education. If you believe you can succeed-you can! Encourage your
       classmate to succeed as well.
   4) Take ownership of your education
       Take personal responsibility for your learning: set goals, evaluate progress towards those goals, adhere to high
       standards, and revise your performance when needed. You can also take responsibility for your learning by asking
       questions when something is unclear. Remember raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Absolutely no talking
       when the teacher is speaking. PLEASE Participate in classroom discussion and ask questions for extra help if you
       need it. Take ownership of your classroom. This is your space and you are HERE to learn; help keep it clean and
       organized. This is your education-get everything you can out of it! And have fun.
   5) Plagiarism
       Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated or accepted in any way shape or form. There will be severe
       consequences for those who chose to steal someone else’s work, writing, or answers. Colleges expel students for
       plagiarism. This is a serious offense!
    6) Technology
       No cell phones, laptops, i pod, mp3s, gaming devices etc. If you have it I do not want to see it on the desk or on
       your lap. All book bags must be under your desk where I can see them and devices must be turned off!
       Students are required to follow Somerset Academy’s Dress Code Policy. Failure to comply with set policies and
       guidelines will result in administrative action taken against all uniform violations. All students are required to wear
       their uniforms properly. Pants must be worn at waist level. All shirts must be correctly tucked inside the pants at all
       times and secured in place with the belt. Students are expected to be properly dressed at all times.
       Dressing Down
       Students are expected to follow the same guidelines as the Somerset Academy Dress Code Policy.
       Pants must be worn at waist level. Revealing clothing or clothing that exposes the torso is not allowed. This
       includes, but not limited to tank tops or spaghetti straps without overblouses (long shirts) or jackets; see-through
       garments; mini-skirts or mini-dresses; halters; backless dresses; jackets, shirts, or blouses tied at the midriff; and
       bare midriff outfits. Students are expected to be properly dressed at all times.
    8) REFRAIN FROM: Eating, drinking, and grooming inside the classroom. Personal grooming includes, but not
       limited to, combing, brushing, spraying hair, and applying cosmetics and body sprays. Water will be accepted in a
       plastic bottle with a cap. Cell/Camera phones, media players, and other electronic/wireless communication devices
       must be turned off and completely out of sight. You will receive one warning before these items are taken. Failure
       to comply with instructions will result in a referral. Per Broward County, I will not be liable for damages to any
       confiscated items. The confiscated item will be sent to the office for your parent to collect.
    9) REMAIN SEATED. Always stay in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. The bell at the
       end of the period only signals the time but does not dismiss you. You may leave class when I dismiss you!

Infractions and Procedures:
If you choose to break a classroom or school rule, the following disciplinary action will be taken:

1st Offense: Verbal warning will be given
2nd Offense: Second verbal warning followed by written documentation and parent phone call
3rd Offense: After school detention and parent phone call or meeting
4th Offense: Referral to Administration

Restroom Breaks:
Each student has the opportunity to use up to 4 bathroom breaks each quarter. Save the breaks for emergencies. Health
troubles will be an exception with a doctor’s note. Students may only have restroom passes issued in their student planner.
If the student does not have their planner, they will be allowed to use the restroom based on the teachers’ discretion. The 10-
10 rule will be enforced along with teacher discretion. No student is allowed to use the restroom during the first 10 minutes
of class and during the last 10 minutes of class. Students should try not to use the restroom during class discussion.

Absences and Make-Up Work:
An absence is unexcused until the school has been notified. All notifications need to be sent to the main office within two
days of your return. You are responsible for obtaining class notes from peers and checking schoolnotes.com. If assignments
are not completed within the given time, it is marked as missing and cannot be made up. It is recommended that you use
buddy system to get your notes as well as have access to schoolnotes.com for any changes in the direction of the course.
Excused Absences:
You are responsible for requesting information from the teacher and completing the make-up assignments in the allotted
time frame. Two days (not including the day of return) are allowed for each day of excused absence. Any discussion and
projects that were done in class will be excused. Previously assigned work is due the day of return.
Unexcused Absences:
You are responsible for requesting information from the teacher and completing the make-up assignments in the allotted
time frame. Two days (not including the day of return) are allowed for each day of unexcused absence. Any discussion and
projects that were done in class will be marked as missing. These assignments will not be made up. Previously assigned
work is due the day of return.
Paper Heading: upper left-hand corner of paper
Name: Your Full Name
English I or English I Honors

---Papers with no name will be discarded into the recycling bin on a daily basis. Students will have an “Z” on Pinnacle for
the assignment.

Parent-Teacher Contact:
The most effective form of communication with me is via email, sjohnson@somersetacademy.com. Please let
me know of any circumstances that may benefit or hinder your child in class. If you wish to schedule a
conference, please send an email or note and together we will schedule a convenient time and date.

Parents remember this is not mandatory is at your own will. These items will be used throughout the school year to keep a
productive healthy classroom environment. Please bring items with receipt if you wish to receive volunteer hours.

        Printer paper (white as well as all other colors accepted)
        Dry Erase markers and cleaner (for white board)
        Pens and Pencils
        Hand sanitizer
        Tissues/Paper Towels
        Room Deodorizers (Glade Plug-Ins)
        Room Spray
        College Rule Paper
        Chart Paper
        Index Cards
        Construction Paper
                                    Student/Parent Acknowledgment Form

This form must be returned as you will receive a grade for returning this form signed. This form must be complete
and signed by both the student and the parent/guardian no later than August 27th, 2010.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the requirements of the course, and Somerset Academy
guiding curriculum, disciplinary and classroom expectations.

__________________________________                              ____________________________________
Student Name Print                                              Student Name Signature

___________________________________                             _____________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name Print                                      Parent/Guardian Name Signature

Period ________

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