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									                            Brown Rice:
                                                              A Smart Choice!
                There are lots of reasons why brown rice is finding its way onto more and more school lunch
               menus. Brown rice has a sweet, nutty flavor that makes it a perfect addition to your recipes,
    and it rates an “A” in nutritional value. When you serve your students brown rice, you’re setting them on
    the path to a healthier diet.

    Is brown rice a whole grain?
    Yes, it is a 100% whole-grain food.

    Just what is brown rice?
                                                 i                                            Did you know?
                                                                                          Brown rice can be substituted
                                                                                        into most white rice recipes – try
    Brown rice is the least processed form of rice.                                       it in pilaf, wraps, and stir-fry!
    It contains the nutrient-dense bran and inner
    germ layers as well as the starchy endosperm.
    Its bran coating gives brown rice its light tan
    color, nut-like flavor and hearty texture.

    What are the nutrition benefits of
    brown rice?
    Brown rice is not only delicious; it’s very nutritious as well. It has only
    108 calories per 1/2 cup of cooked rice. It’s low in fat, has no sodium,
                                                                                             Tip: If students aren’t used to
    only trace amounts of fat and no trans fat. Brown rice is a complex                      eating brown rice, a nice way
    carbohydrate that provides 15 essential nutrients, including B-vitamins,                 to introduce it is a 50:50 mix
                                                                                               of white and brown rice.
    niacin and potassium. It’s a good source of dietary fiber, antioxidants
    and phytonutrients that provide protective health benefits.

a   Where does brown rice fit in the 2005 Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid?
    The Dietary Guidelines recommend 3 servings of whole grains daily. Each 1/2 cup of brown
    rice equals one of those three servings, so it’s a great addition to your daily meals.

    What’s the best way to store brown rice?

    Because brown rice contains the healthy natural oils of the germ, it does
    have a shorter shelf life than enriched white rice. You can store uncooked
    brown rice at room temperature up to six months. For longer shelf life,
    you should refrigerate or freeze it.
                        Brown Rice:
                                          A Smart Choice!


                                                                                                Black Bean Brown Rice Burrito

Can it be prepared ahead of time?                                      Are there different varieties of brown rice?
Cooking brown rice ahead of time will give you a “jump                 You’ll find brown rice varieties that will fit all your recipe
start” to your meals. Cover cooked brown rice tightly                  needs. It’s available in long, medium and short grain

and refrigerate it for up to 1 week or freeze it for up to             varieties as well as parboiled.
6 months. To reheat, add a small amount of water to
cooked rice. You can easily bring rice up to temperature               Is brown rice available through the
in the microwave, stovetop, steamtable or oven.                        commodity ordering system?

Brown rice takes a long time to cook.
Is quick-cooking brown rice available?
Yes; handy quick-cooking brown rice takes about
                                                    B                  It is, but if you don’t find it on your commodity ordering
                                                                       sheet, you may have to make a special request for it
                                                                       through your state agency. In the USDA system, use
                                                                       code B545 Rice B 25 to order a 25-pound bag of
15 minutes to prepare, and has all the whole-grain                     brown rice. When commodity rice is not available, ask
goodness of regular brown rice. You may also soak                      your foodservice distributor for the types and forms that
regular brown rice overnight; that will cut the cooking                work best in your recipes.
time nearly in half. However, be sure to cook the rice
in its soaking liquid to retain its nutrients.

    Where can I find recipes for brown rice?
    At the USA Rice Federation website,, you'll find hundreds of recipes, including
    recipes using healthful, nutritious brown rice – all in foodservice quantity and many in quantities for school usage.
    While you're there, check out our unique "Kid-Tested Recipes." These are recipes that have been tested by
    students just like yours and they scored an A+ in popularity!

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