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									Ambitions into



June 2008                              July 2008                              August 2008                          September 2008
La Trobe launches the Olga             La Trobe opens the Bouverie            La Trobe staff win five Australian   The Good Universities Guide 2009
Tennison Autism Research Centre -      Centre - a $5 million facility to      Learning and Teaching Council        awards La Trobe MBA lecturers the
Australia’s first dedicated research   help Victorian families tackle the     Citations for their Outstanding      maximum five-star rating for the
centre for autism.                     challenging issues of mental health.   Contributions to Student Learning.   excellence of their qualifications.
Director of La Trobe’s Institute       The Sweeney Research Uni Student       The School of Dentistry and Oral
for Human Security, and political      Report 2009, ranks La Trobe as         Health celebrates the graduation
commentator, Professer Dennis          Victoria’s leading university for      of its first cohort of students.
Altman receives the Order of           student experience.
                                       La Trobe launches the $30 million
                                       Cooperative Research Centre for
                                       Biomarker Translation.

October 2008                           November 2008                          December 2008                        January 2009
La Trobe researchers win               La Trobe launches the Bachelor of      The Australian Government            La Trobe’s Mildura campus
$6.4 million in grants from the        Business (Sustainable Resource         awards La Trobe $3.1 million         launches ‘A Taste of Tertiary’ – an
Australian Research Council and        Management).                           to help establish a new school       exciting new program that takes
the National Health and Medical                                               for regional and rural nursing       higher education opportunities to
                                       La Trobe joins Microsoft as a
Research Council.                                                             in Bendigo.                          those who otherwise may not have
                                       ‘Network Partner’ in its global
                                                                                                                   the chance to study.
La Trobe is ranked in the top 100      ‘BizSpark’ program, aimed at           Pioneer of cochlear implants,
universities in the world for Arts     helping young entrepreneurs            Professor Graeme Clark joins
and Humanities (Times Higher           succeed in setting up information      La Trobe and establishes the
Education QS World University          technology start-up firms.             Graeme Clark Hearing and
Rankings 2008).                                                               Neuroscience Unit.


February 2009                          March 2009                            April 2009                            May 2009
Professor David Vaux is awarded        The Victorian Minister for Health,    Launch of the $490,000 walking        The Australian Government awards
the prestigious Macfarlane Burnet      the Hon Daniel Andrews (above,        and cycling path connecting the       La Trobe University $64.1 million to
Medal and Lecture for his research     right) opens two new dental           University’s Melbourne (Bundoora)     establish the $97.9 million La Trobe
on the molecular mechanisms by         laboratories at La Trobe’s Bendigo    campus to Macleod Railway Station.    Institute for Molecular Science and
which cells kill themselves.           campus. The $1.9 million facilities                                         a further $59.6 million to establish
                                                                             La Trobe is chosen as the Victorian
                                       will give students access to                                                the $88.9 million La Trobe Rural
The Graduate School of                                                       service provider of the national
                                       the latest technology in dental                                             Health School.
Management launches the                                                      Autism Specific Early Learning
Graduate Certificate of Corporate                                            and Care Centres program. The         Construction of La Trobe’s new
Responsibility.                                                              University will receive $4 million    $9 million, five green-star rated,
                                                                             over four years to develop an         Shepparton campus begins.
                                                                             Autism Specific Early Learning
                                                                             and Care Centre.

June 2009                              July 2009                             August 2009                           September 2009
Construction of the Centre for         Professor Marilyn Lake wins the       La Trobe launches La Trobe on         Distinguished Professor Graeme
AgriBioscience begins. The Centre      Ernest Scott Prize for the most       iTunes U – a library of content       Clark wins the Otto Schmitt Award
will be a world-class facility for     distinguished contribution to the     including public lectures,            for his pioneering research on
agricultural biosciences research      history of Australia, New Zealand     interviews, seminars and video        cochlear implants.
and development.                       or colonisation.                      documentaries; freely available
                                                                                                                   La Trobe wins seven Australian
                                                                             on iTunes.
Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul         La Trobe launches Australia’s                                               Research Council Future
Johnson launches La Trobe’s            first-ever Master in Islamic                                                Fellowships.
Regional Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012.   Banking and Finance.
                                       Dr Robert Kenny wins the
                                       Prime Minister’s Prize for
                                       Australian History.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to Ambitions into Achievements – a publication that outlines
many of the University’s achievements to-date within the 2008 – 2012
strategic planning period.

Late in 2007, La Trobe University committed itself to its Strategic Plan
2008 – 2012, a five-year plan identifying key targets for the development
of teaching and learning, research, internationalisation, community
engagement and its support activities.

The achievement of these targets will ensure La Trobe’s continuing success
as one of Australia’s leading teaching and research universities, in this
changing and challenging higher education landscape.

La Trobe has already succeeded in turning many of its ambitions into
achievements. The University’s research profile has been significantly
improved by the establishment of the $97.9 million La Trobe Institute for
Molecular Science and the launch of the Olga Tennison Autism Re-
search Centre - Australia’s first dedicated research centre for Autism
Spectrum Disorders.

In June 2009, the University launched its Regional Strategic Plan,
articulating its intention to further develop its regional campuses and
significantly improve access to higher education in regional Victoria.

This followed the Federal Government’s decision to award La Trobe
$59.6 million to build the La Trobe Rural Health School in Bendigo.
The School is set to address major health workforce shortages across
northern Victoria.

The University continues to build on its reputation as a leader in
environmental sustainability, incorporating sustainability into its curriculum,
research, day-to-day operations and infrastructure development.

The Victorian Government and La Trobe University are investing
$288 million in a world-class centre for agricultural bioscience research
and development; research conducted at the centre will focus on meeting
the challenges posed by climate change and drought.

La Trobe University aims to create infinite possibilities for students,
staff and the community through education and research. Through
this publication, I would like to share our intentions, progress and
achievements with you.

Professor Paul Johnson
Vice-Chancellor and President

Teaching and Learning

La Trobe University is committed to the provision of high quality, accessible
and relevant teaching programs aimed at producing graduates with the
employment and life skills needed to make a positive contribution to society.

La Trobe University has served its              •	 to provide La Trobe staff with the
various communities – in Victoria and              support and professional development
increasingly across the world – by                 opportunities needed to achieve these
providing high quality, relevant and               ambitious goals.
effective courses and teaching for              For more information on Design for
nearly half a century.                          Learning, please visit:
The University presently offers more than
400 undergraduate, postgraduate and
research programs to more than 27,000            IMPROVING ACCESS
students – including over 5,000 international    TO HIGHER EDUCATION
students from over 100 countries.
                                                In 2008 and 2009, La Trobe University
La Trobe’s Strategic Plan commits the
                                                implemented a range of initiatives in
University to a five-year process of                                                                Re-designing curriculum
                                                support of the Federal Government’s aim
renewal aimed at ensuring the continued
                                                to significantly improve higher education           Appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor
provision of excellence in teaching and
                                                attainment levels in Australia. These               in January 2008, Professor Belinda
learning in a changed and changing higher                                                           Probert (above) has overall responsibility
                                                initiatives included:
education landscape.                                                                                for the planning, quality and delivery of
                                                •	 launching the Heidelberg Schools                 the University’s four-year campaign of
 RENEWING CURRICULUM                               Regeneration Project; a partnership              curriculum review and renewal – Design
                                                   project between La Trobe University,             for Learning.
In 2009, La Trobe staff committed                  the Victorian Government and the local          “The University is taking an ambitious,
themselves to a radical, four-year                 community, aimed at improving access             whole-of-institution approach to re-
campaign of curriculum review and                  to the University for students and staff of      designing its curriculum, with the overall
renewal.                                           local primary and secondary schools              aim of increasing its effectiveness and
                                                                                                    success in educating students to high
Known as Design for Learning, the               •	 initiating a ‘Taste of Tertiary’ in Mildura –
                                                                                                    standards - while helping staff contribute in
campaign has four objectives:                      a program that takes higher education
                                                                                                    ways that are fulfilling in professional and
                                                   opportunities to those in regional Victoria
•	 to increase the number of entry points                                                           personal terms,” said Professor Probert.
                                                   who may never otherwise have had the
   and the flexibility of pathways through                                                          The campaign will see the adoption of
                                                   chance to study
   and between programs                                                                             shared and clearly defined La Trobe
                                                •	 offering more than 600 scholarships              University graduate capabilities by all
•	 to provide all La Trobe students the
                                                                                                    undergraduate programs; improved,
   learning opportunities and support           •	 signing articulation agreements with the
                                                                                                    learning-centred student engagement
   needed to learn deeply and graduate             Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE and
                                                                                                    activities; and the implementation of
   well-prepared to achieve their career           the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE, and a
                                                                                                    a University-wide approach to staff
   and personal goals                              Memorandum of Understanding with the
                                                                                                    development and support.
                                                   Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE, to
•	 to develop a series of student                                                                   Professor Probert is a Fellow of the
                                                   expand pathways and improve student
   engagement initiatives and programs                                                              Academy of Social Sciences and a
                                                   mobility between the University and
   that reach beyond the classroom to                                                               founding director of the Australian Learning
                                                   these institutions.
   further enrich the La Trobe University                                                           and Teaching Council.
   student experience


 Leading                    Five-star                 Four-star ratings                          Top 100                     Top 200
 Victorian                  rating                    for seven key performance                  in the world for Arts       in the world for
 university                 for the academic          indicators, including ‘posi-               and Humanities              Social Sciences
 for student                qualifications of         tive graduate outcomes’                    Times Higher                Times Higher
 experience                 MBA lecturers             and ‘overall satisfaction’                 Education QS                Education QS
 The Sweeney                Good Universities         Good Universities                          World University            World University
 Research                   Guide 2009                Guide 2009                                 Rankings 2008               Rankings 2008
 Uni Student
 Report, 2009

                                                   A LEADER IN STUDENT                                EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING
                                                                                                     La Trobe University proudly recognises its
                                                  La Trobe University was recently ranked            2009 Australian Learning and Teaching
                                                  as Victoria’s leading university for student       Council (ALTC) Citation winners for their
                                                  experience (The Sweeney Research Uni               outstanding contributions to the quality of
                                                  Student Report, 2009).                             Australian higher education. They are:

                                                  The University recognises that a great             •	 Dr Alberto Gomes, Associate Professor,
                                                  deal of student learning takes place                  School of Social Sciences, for over
                                                  outside the classroom; through interaction            twenty years of sustained excellence
                                                  with other students, the University and the           in teaching anthropology to large
                                                  wider community.                                      undergraduate classes and inspiring
                                                                                                        and motivating students to engage in
                                                  In 2008 and 2009, La Trobe’s Student                  social activism
 Building information literacy
                                                  Engagement Division centrally coordinated
 Information literacy is being built into
                                                  the implementation of numerous initiatives         •	 Mr John McDonald, Faculty of Science,
 La Trobe University curriculum as part of                                                              Technology and Engineering, for
                                                  designed to foster greater interaction and
 the University’s curriculum review and                                                                 enhancing graduate outcomes and
                                                  improve the employability of La Trobe
 renewal campaign.                                                                                      self worth through the provision of the
                                                  students. These initiatives include:
“To be information literate means to be able                                                            In2science Peer Mentoring Program,
 to recognise the information we require,         •	 the La Trobe Award, which recognises               adding value to science students’
 identify where to find it and decide which          voluntary student contributions to                 tertiary experience
 information is the most relevant and                campus and community life by offering
                                                                                                     •	 Dr Svetlana Petelina, Department
 reliable,” said La Trobe University Librarian,      free high quality training in leadership,
 Professor Ainslie Dewe (above).                                                                        of Physics, for innovative cognitive-
                                                     business writing, team building, people
                                                                                                        based curriculum design and teaching
“In an increasingly complex information              management, and more
                                                                                                        approaches in Physics for Life Sciences.
 society, it is essential for students to know
                                                  •	 the Infinity Leadership Program, which
 not only what information resources are
                                                     provides students and recent graduates
 available and how to access them, but
                                                     with opportunities to utilise and develop
 also how best to use those resources for
                                                     their knowledge of leadership
 their learning and research,” said Professor
 Dewe.                                            •	 the First Year Summit - an opportunity
 In partnership with academic staff, the             for students to provide feedback on
 Library successfully introduced new                 the first year experience and present
 information literacy components into the            recommendations for improvement
 2009 Health Sciences common first year
                                                  •	 a new website dedicated to providing
 curriculum, resulting in demonstrable
 improvements in information literacy skills
                                                     essential information and resources to
 for 1,500 students.                                 commencing students.

                                                  For more information on La Trobe’s student
                                                  engagement initiatives, please visit:



La Trobe University is committed to serving its communities of interest and
place by conducting research of the highest quality.

Research is, and always has been,              KEY DEVELOPMENTS
fundamental to La Trobe University’s
purpose as a higher education                 In its 2009 budget, the Australian Govern-
institution.                                  ment awarded 13% of its education infra-
                                              structure allocation to La Trobe University –
The University’s overarching research         more than any other university in Australia.
intentions are two-fold:
                                              The University was awarded $64.1 million
1. to conduct research of the highest
                                              by the Federal Government to establish
   quality judged in comparison to the
                                              the $97.9 million, La Trobe Institute for
   best in the world; and
                                              Molecular Science (LIMS); and a further
2. to make a difference to society
                                              $59.6 million to establish the $88.9 million
   through its research.
                                              La Trobe Rural Health School (LRHS)
In its recently launched Research Plan        in Bendigo.
2009 – 2012, the University committed                                                          Unlocking the puzzle of autism
                                              LIMS will establish La Trobe as a world-
itself to achieving these goals by aligning                                                    On 27 June 2008, La Trobe University
                                              class research leader in the areas of
and focusing its resources on its seven                                                        launched the Olga Tennison Autism
                                              molecular science, biotechnology and
areas of research strength - agribioscience                                                    Research Centre (OTARC); Australia’s first
                                              nanotechnology; creating 220 extra               dedicated research centre for autism.
and the environment, health and society,
                                              research positions to address a critical
human behaviour and thought, human                                                             The Centre focuses on basic and applied
                                              shortage of bioscientists in Australia and
communication, human society and                                                               research into the causes, nature, diagnosis
                                              generating additional research income
organisation, molecular science, and                                                           and treatment of Autism Spectrum
                                              of $10 million annually.                         Disorders (ASD).
studies of the past.
                                              The LRHS will substantially enhance             “ASDs are a group of debilitating
                                              applied research in health and aged              developmental disorders, including Autistic,
                                              care and play a critical part in improving       Asperger’s and Pervasive Developmental
                                              health services practice and delivery in         disorders, which affect about one in 119
                                                                                               children,” said Centre Director, Associate
                                              northern Victoria.
                                                                                               Professor Cheryl Dissanayake (above).
                                              In June 2009, construction commenced
                                                                                               A current research focus is the early
                                              of the Centre for Agri-Bioscience (AgriBio),     detection of ASDs in infants and the
                                              in a joint venture with the Victorian            dissemination of findings to healthcare
                                              Government’s Department of Primary               practitioners through training and education
                                              Industries (DPI).                                programs. La Trobe is also developing a $4
                                                                                               million autism-specific childcare centre.
                                              To be fully operational by April 2012,
                                                                                              “Early identification and intervention will
                                              this world-leading facility for agricultural
                                                                                               maximise the development opportunities for
                                              biosciences research will see extensive
                                                                                               affected children and save many families
                                              collaboration between the University and         the emotional and financial costs involved
                                              the DPI, aimed at protecting Victoria’s          in identifying their child’s disorder,” said Dr
                                              $11.8 billion agricultural sector.               Dissanayake.

                                                                                               For more information about OTARC,
                                                                                               please visit:



$64.1 million                 $59.6 million              Commenced                 $30 million                  Australia’s first
awarded by the                awarded by                 construction              Cooperative Research         dedicated research
Federal Government            the Australian             of the world-             Centre for Biomarker         centre for Autism
to establish the $97.9        Government to              leading Centre for        Translation launched         Spectrum Disorders -
million La Trobe              establish the $88.9        Agribioscience                                         the Olga Tennison
Institute for Molecular       million La Trobe                                                                  Autism Research
Science                       Rural Health School                                                               Centre established

In July 2008, La Trobe University officially    WORLD-FIRSTS AND DISCOVERIES
launched the $30 million, Federal Govern-
ment funded, Cooperative Research Centre       •	 La Trobe University molecular biologist
for Biomarker Translation (CRC-BT).               and international leader in malarial
                                                  research, Associate Professor Mick
The CRC-BT focuses on the development             Foley, in collaboration with the CSIRO,
of diagnostic and therapeutic agents for          pioneered the use of modified shark
the treatment of cancer and autoimmune            antibodies in the quest for new and better
diseases and is headquartered at the              therapies against diseases such as
La Trobe University Research and Develop-         malaria, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
ment Park in Bundoora – Australia’s largest
                                               •	 In a world-first, scientists led by
wholly university owned and managed               La Trobe’s Professor Paul Fisher,
technology park.                                  discovered that the stress signalling
La Trobe also launched a $2 million               protein AMPK is responsible for               Making the world sound better
suite of five mass spectrometers; giving          stimulating infection, such as Legionella,
                                                  in mitochondrially diseased cells.            Founder of the Bionic Ear, Professor
its researchers access to world-leading                                                         Graeme Clark (above), joined La Trobe
                                                  Mitochondrial defects also play a central
facilities in the global search for new                                                         University in late 2008 to establish the
                                                  role in major neurodegenerative diseases
drugs to target and treat cancer and auto-                                                      Graeme Clark Centre for Bionic Ear and
                                                  such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
immune diseases.                                                                                NeuroSensory Research, at the University’s
                                               •	 La Trobe University plant scientists          Melbourne (Bundoora) campus.
In 2008, the University established the
                                                  led by Professor Roger Parish and             From here Professor Clark and his team are
Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre -
                                                  Dr Song Li identified a missing link –        spearheading the development of the next
Australia’s first dedicated research centre
                                                  protein MYB5 - in the regulation of seed      generation of high-fidelity bionic ear.
for Autism Spectrum Disorders.                    development. Their work will provide
                                                                                               “The aim is to substantially enhance the
The Centre was established to advance             opportunities to improve the nutritional      audio quality of cochlear implants to a point
knowledge of the nature and causes of             value of oilseed crops and add value to       where it may even be possible to achieve
Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as to          grain crops by improving seed quality         excellent musical appreciation,” he said.
develop and study evidence-based strate-          and germination.
                                                                                                A Companion of the Order of Australia and
gies for supporting children and families      •	 Graduate researcher, Dr Jamin Pelkey          Fellow of the Royal Society of London,
affected by these disorders.                      and La Trobe linguist Professor David         Professor Clark was recently awarded the
                                                  Bradley ‘discovered’ 30 previously            prestigious Otto Schmitt Award for his
In September 2009, La Trobe University                                                          exceptional contributions to advancements
                                                  unlisted languages, in use in China.
won seven of the Federal Government’s                                                           in medical and biological engineering.
inaugural Australian Research Council          •	 La Trobe palaeontologist, Dr Ben Kear
                                                                                                His was the first cochlear implant to reliably
Future Fellowships.                               and the South Australian Museum’s
                                                                                                give speech understanding to severely-to-
                                                  Neville Pledge, discovered the fossil
The Fellowships promote research in areas                                                       profoundly deaf people.
                                                  of one of the oldest ancestors of the
of critical national importance by giving         modern kangaroo.
outstanding researchers incentives to
conduct their research in Australia.

International Engagement

La Trobe University will continue its commitment to internationalisation;
establishing and developing worldwide affiliations which provide its students
and staff with access to a global education network.

La Trobe University is internationally            GROWING DIVERSITY                                  La Trobe’s Study Abroad program
recognised through its teaching,                                                                     enables students from all across the world
research and exchange links with                 Since January 2008, international student           to undertake either a semester or a year
over 250 institutions across more                enrolment at La Trobe University has                of study at La Trobe University that will
than 40 countries.                               increased by more than 15%, including               be credited towards their home degree.
                                                 new enrolments from Turkey, Mauritius,              In 2008 and 2009, the program attracted
In 2008, La Trobe launched its International     Libya, South Korea, Laos, Botswana,                 more than 310 students from a range of
Engagement Plan 2008 – 2012 articulating         Albania, Ecuador and Chile.                         countries including the USA, Germany,
its intention to improve its participation in
                                                 The University presently hosts more than            Mexico, Sweden, Japan and Korea.
the global exchange of knowledge and
expertise, and to raise its international        5000 onshore international students from            The University offers a range of scholar-
profile. The University will:                    more than 100 countries, and reaches a              ships to international undergraduate,
                                                 further 900 international students through          postgraduate and Study Abroad students.
•	 increase the size and diversity of its        its offshore and pathways programs.
   international student body
                                                 La Trobe has implemented a range of                   FACILITATING INTERNATIONAL
•	 increase the cost effectiveness and
                                                 measures aimed at increasing the size and
   ensure the strategic alignment of
                                                 diversity of its international student body.        La Trobe is a founding member of the
   teaching and research partnerships
                                                 Recent course offerings at La Trobe                 International Network of Universities
•	 foster an enriching student experience
                                                 reflect global trends, and aim to attract           (INU); a consortium of 11 universities
   for onshore international students
                                                 a more diverse student population.                  in nine countries, which encourages
•	 stimulate international awareness             New courses include: the Master of                  internationalisation through student and
   in students and staff.                        International Relations, the Master of              staff mobility, research collaboration, and
                                                 Global Communications, the Master                   cooperation in university management.
                                                 of Nanotechnology, the Master of
                                                 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics,
                                                 and the Master of Islamic Banking and
                                                 Finance – the first of its kind in Australia.

                                                 Robots for health and wellbeing?
                                                 A new research collaboration between La Trobe University, Kyoto University and electronics giant –
                                                 NEC, is leading to the development of emotionally intelligent health care robots.
                                                 NEC’s PaPeRo – Partner Personal Robots - are evolving their ‘emotional’ faculties at the Research
                                                 Centre for Computers, Communication and Social Innovation (RECCSI), located at La Trobe’s
                                                 Research and Development Park in Bundoora.
                                                “We are designing emotionally intelligent pre and post operative health care robot systems which will
                                                 provide a means of assessing the emotional state of patients when they come in for surgery,” said
                                                 RECCSI Executive Director, La Trobe’s Associate Professor Rajiv Khosla (left with NEC Japan’s PaPeRo).
                                                “We strongly expect that this collaborative research will open up a new vista in the research and
                                                 design of information and communication technologies and robots,” said NEC’s Dr Keiji Yamada.
                                                 For more information about RECCSI, please visit:


15% increase                  Over 5000                      Over 100                        Over 900                      Founding
in international              international                  student exchange                offshore and                  member
enrolments                    students from more             partner institutions            pathways students             of the International
since January 2008            than 100 countries             in over 30 countries                                          Network of
                              enrolled onshore                                                                             Universities

The University’s student exchange               2009 saw the enhancement of the                        Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, the
program presently provides student              University’s offshore teaching programs at             CRC-BT focuses on the development
mobility and exchange opportunities             the East China Normal University and Tongji            of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
between La Trobe and more than 100              University in Shanghai. La Trobe also offers           for the treatment of cancer and
partner institutions in over 30 countries.      Diplomas, Bachelor, Masters and PhD                    autoimmune diseases.
                                                courses at associate institutions in China,         •	 joining Microsoft as a ‘Network Partner’
To-date, La Trobe University has facilitated
                                                Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Bhutan.               in its global ‘BizSpark’ program, aimed
the exchange of over 1200 La Trobe
students to more than 100 partner                                                                      at helping young entrepreneurs succeed
                                                  GROWING KNOWLEDGE
universities overseas. In 2008 and 2009,                                                               in setting up information technology
                                                  THROUGH COLLABORATION
                                                                                                       start-up firms
400 La Trobe students spent six months or
more in universities including the University   La Trobe University has developed a range           •	 a collaboration with agribusiness
of California, McGill University in Canada      of international partnerships including:               company Hexima, and agribioscience
and Lund University in Sweden, studying         •	 the Research Centre for Computers,                  multinational DuPont, to commercialise
a wide range of courses such as Nursing,           Communication and Social Innovation                 anti-fungal technology developed with
Law, International Relations and languages.        (RECCSI) – a collaboration with Kyoto               La Trobe University’s Professor Marilyn
                                                   University and the NEC Corporation                  Anderson.
La Trobe recently formalised an
agreement with International Student               aimed at developing emotionally
                                                   intelligent systems for computers
Exchange Programs (ISEP); providing
the University with access to a student         •	 partnerships with leading US-based
exchange network of 300 colleges and               biotechnology corporations, Amgen,
universities in 42 countries.                      and Becton, Dickinson and Company,
                                                   through the Co-operative Research
The University also developed and now
                                                   Centre for Biomarker Translation
offers a range of short-term credit bearing
                                                   (CRC-BT). Headquartered at La Trobe’s
programs and funded practicum or clinical
placements, at partner universities.

                                                Preparing students for global markets
                                                La Trobe University recently launched Australia’s first Master in Islamic Banking and Finance – a
                                                course designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required by global Islamic capital
                                                markets and institutions.
                                                The new course was launched at the Islamic Banking and Finance Symposium, co-hosted by
                                                La Trobe University and opened by Assistant Federal Treasurer, Senator Nick Sherry (left).
                                                “With around 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide – a quarter of the world’s population from some of the
                                                 most growth-hungry countries – the opportunities are worldwide. Islamic finance cannot be ignored in
                                                 our efforts to promote Australia as a regional financial services hub,” said Senator Sherry.
                                                More than 260 Islamic financial institutions operate worldwide today, managing assets estimated at
                                                no less than A$500 billion. KPMG estimates that 50% of the Muslim world will be involved with Islamic
                                                Banking and Finance within the next ten years.


Community Engagement

La Trobe University recognises that its strength as an institution is directly linked
to the sustainability and success of its communities. It is, as a result, strongly
committed to engaging its communities in mutually supportive endeavour.

For La Trobe, engaging its communities         The University aims to increase student
in mutually supportive endeavour is            placements at its regional campuses by
inseparable from its core activities of        20%, increase the international student
teaching, learning and research.               population by 50%, attract more students
                                               from low socio-economic backgrounds
With seven campuses, the communities to
                                               and significantly increase its regional
which the University most strongly relates
                                               research capacity.
are based in the northern Melbourne
metropolitan region and northern Victoria.     La Trobe University has made significant
                                               progress towards the achievement of
La Trobe interacts with and contributes to
                                               these aims.
these communities through teaching and
research designed to enrich and develop        In May 2009, the Federal Government
their economic, professional, social and       awarded the University $59.6 million
cultural fabric.                               towards establishing the $88.9 million           A bold plan for regional Victoria
                                               La Trobe Rural Health School (LRHS)
The University’s Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012                                                     Appointed as Pro Vice-Chancellor
                                               in Bendigo.
sets forth the following objectives; during                                                     (Regional) in 2008, Professor Hal Swerissen
the five year planning period, the             The new School is set to address                 (above), is leading the implementation
                                               major health workforce shortages                 of the University’s 2009 – 2012 Regional
University will:
                                                                                                Strategic Plan.
                                               across northern Victoria and contribute
•	 increase consultation with its                                                               Professor Swerissen says that he is thrilled
                                               significantly to the local economy –
   communities to identify regional needs                                                       to be guiding the University’s regional
                                               increasing enrolments in health
   and aspirations                                                                              campuses in the development of plans
                                               sciences by 70%, adding 781 student
                                                                                                that will give more regional Victorians the
•	 identify, develop and offer sustainable     places and generating an additional
                                                                                                chance to participate in higher education.
   and relevant courses which meet             211 graduates annually.
   community, workforce, social and                                                            “We know that 18 – 20 year olds who live
   cultural needs                              In March 2009, La Trobe opened a                 in regional locations are less likely to
                                               $1.9 million, world-class, dental training       attend University than their metropolitan
•	 identify and conduct research which         facility in Bendigo, significantly increasing    counterparts (18% compared to 25%).
   most benefits its communities               regional student access to the latest            Our aim is to significantly increase the
•	 create educational pathways for life-long   technology in dental health training.            numbers of international and domestic
   learning in its communities.                                                                 students right across northern Victoria
                                               La Trobe commenced construction of its           so that we are better able to meet
                                               new $9 million Shepparton campus in              regional workforce needs,” said
 MEETING REGIONAL NEEDS                        May 2009. Scheduled for completion in            Professor Swerissen.
 AND ASPIRATIONS                               2011, the facility will be La Trobe’s most       The four-year plan will be augmented by
In 2009, the University launched its 2009 -    innovative learning space and is set to          broad community consultations aimed at
2012 Regional Strategic Plan, articulating     significantly upgrade learning and research      identifying regional needs and aspirations.
its intention to significantly advance         in the region.
higher education across its campuses in
Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Shepparton
and Mildura.


The La Trobe University Foundation seeks        •	 the Olga Tennison Autism                      •	 sporting clubs and student facilities
and manages philanthropic support for              Research Centre
                                                                                                 •	 student scholarships.
the University’s research, scholarship
                                                •	 neurosensory research into the
and teaching.                                                                                    For more information about the
                                                   Bionic Ear
Contributions received are put towards                                                           Foundation and its programs,
a variety of projects and programs of           •	 support for students from a                   or to make a donation please visit:
benefit to Victorian communities and the           refugee background                  
University. These include:

                                                 DEVELOPING PARTNERSHIPS                         ENGAGING ALUMNI

                                                La Trobe University is committed                The University’s alumni program links
                                                to enhancing its relationships with             La Trobe’s global community of
                                                government, businesses and community            135,000 graduates to each other and
                                                groups and to strengthening ties with           to the University.
                                                schools and other educational institutions.
                                                                                                The program offers current students
                                                In 2008, the university signed                  access to mentors and industry leaders;
                                                Memorandums of Understanding with               provides the University with feedback from
                                                local councils across a number of               graduates, and provides graduates with
                                                regional municipalities, demonstrating its      valuable industry and community networks.
                                                commitment to collaboration for the benefit
                                                                                                Alumni program highlights in 2008 and
                                                of Victorian communities.
                                                                                                2009 include:
Promoting social cohesion
                                                Areas of collaboration include sustainable
Established in 2006, La Trobe University’s                                                      •	 launching the Alumnights seminar series
                                                development, addressing climate change
Centre for Dialogue specialises in the                                                             – bringing La Trobe alumni together in a
                                                issues through research, and identifying
theory and practice of dialogue across                                                             series of seminars by industry leaders
                                                and addressing skills shortages.
communities, cultures, religions and nations.
                                                                                                •	 hosting Alumni Regional Dinners in
Chaired by former Premier of Victoria,          In June 2009, the University partnered             Malaysia and Singapore. Minister of
the Hon. Steve Bracks (above), the              with the Victorian Government and                  Science, Technology and Innovation,
Centre fosters research, education, and         the Heidelberg community in northern               Malaysia, and La Trobe alumnus, Datuk
community engagement, in the belief             Melbourne, to launch the ‘Heidelberg               Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili, addressed
that by broadening and deepening the            Schools Regeneration Project’. The project         alumni at a recent dinner held in Sabah,
understanding of dialogue, we can in turn       will give students and staff of local primary      Malaysia, which raised RM 6000
address the many problems of coexistence
                                                and secondary schools, improved access             (approximately A$ 2600) for donation
that remain essentially unresolved.
                                                to the University.                                 to the Australian Red Cross Victorian
Recent initiatives include the Leadership                                                          Bushfire Appeal 2009.
Training Program for Young Muslims and the      The University also has agreements in
Dialogue Diaspora Program which brings          place with a number of TAFEs across             •	 launching the Young Alumni Group;
together diasporic communities whose            metropolitan and regional Victoria to              linking current students, young
original homelands are in conflict.             facilitate clearer education pathways              graduates and the La Trobe University
The Centre has also hosted addresses by         between institutions.                              community through career and social
numerous personalities of note including                                                           networking opportunities
Patrick Dodson, Chairman of the Council
                                                                                                •	 presenting the La Trobe University
for Aboriginal Reconciliation (1991-1997),
                                                                                                   Distinguished Alumni Awards,
and former Iranian President, Sayed
                                                                                                   recognising eminent alumni who have
Mohammed Khatami.
                                                                                                   demonstrated outstanding professional
For more information about the Centre,                                                             or community service achievements
its staff, projects, publications and events
please visit:                                                                                   •	 launching the Alumni Lecture series –
                                                                                                   the most recent lecture featured CEO
                                                                                                   of the AFL and La Trobe alumnus,
                                                                                                   Andrew Demetriou.


La Trobe University aims to provide its students and staff with high quality
teaching, learning and research facilities, and to minimise its impact on
the environment.

La Trobe University is dedicated to de-          •	 completing a $1.3 million, Federal
veloping and maintaining a sustainable              Government funded, revamp of the
environment that effectively facilitates            University’s main sports oval in Bundoora
the achievement of its strategic goals in        •	 enhancing security on the Melbourne
teaching, research and engagement.                  (Bundoora) campus by upgrading
The University’s Building and Grounds               lighting and video surveillance systems.
Division centrally coordinates the
                                                  SUSTAINABILITY AT LA TROBE
planning, development and maintenance
of La Trobe’s property portfolio – the           Between 2004 and 2008, the University
University occupies in excess of 550             reduced its water consumption by 20%
hectares of land, with over 230 buildings        and its total energy consumption by 3%,
on six campuses.                                 despite a 13.6% increase in the number
                                                 of students during this time.
 DEVELOPING BUILDINGS                                                                            The new Shepparton Campus
 AND GROUNDS                                     Minimising Carbon Emissions                     La Trobe University commenced construc-
                                                                                                 tion of its new $9 million Shepparton
In 2009, construction commenced of two           Over 80% of the energy used at                  campus building in May 2009.
major capital development programs; the          La Trobe’s Melbourne (Bundoora) campus
                                                                                                 The building is designed to achieve a five
Centre for AgriBioscience (AgriBio) and          is provided by the University’s own             Green Star rating, incorporating high
the $9 million Shepparton campus. Both           cogeneration plant.                             efficiency light and water fittings, an active
projects will significantly enhance learning                                                     mass cooling system, on-site recycling of
                                                 The plant generates electricity and hot
and research at La Trobe.                                                                        rainwater, and the use of renewable
                                                 water and operates at approximately
                                                                                                 materials throughout.
The University also improved the health and      40% below the Victorian Environment
                                                                                                “The building’s stunning external appear-
recreational facilities available to its staff   Protection Authority’s requirements for
                                                                                                 ance will make it one of Shepparton’s
and students, and enhanced on-campus             gaseous emissions.
                                                                                                 signature buildings, while its internal design
security. These improvements include:
                                                 The University is updating its heating          will make it the University’s most innovative
•	 opening a bookshop-café on its Albury-        and cooling systems as part of a ten year       learning space” said Elizabeth Lavender,
   Wodonga campus; the $700,000 facility         plan. Energy efficient central regulation       Executive Director of the Shepparton
   has since become a focal point for                                                            campus. The new facility will feature flexible
                                                 systems have already been installed
   social interaction                                                                            teaching and collaborative learning spaces,
                                                 in 50% of buildings on the Melbourne
                                                                                                 a café/bookshop and a nursing laboratory.
•	 opening a fitness-centre on its Albury-       (Bundoora) campus.
                                                                                                 Jointly funded by the University and the
   Wodonga campus. The centre features           More than 2000 fluorescent tubes have           State and Federal governments, the building
   a gymnasium, fitness rooms and hard           recently been replaced with more efficient      is scheduled for completion in 2011.
   court playing areas.                          T5 fittings and excess lighting has
•	 commencing construction of the                been removed from many areas of the
   new Student Hub at the Melbourne              University, accounting for a reduction in
   (Bundoora) campus. The Hub will give          the University’s carbon emissions of 105
   students access to a range of services        tonnes annually.
   - including enrolment, legal, financial,
                                                 In 2008, La Trobe launched a 5kW solar
   counseling and accommodation
                                                 panel array to provide a hands-on learning
   services - in one central location.
                                                 experience to students enrolled in the


Commenced                   Commenced                 25% reduction                  20% reduction                 Improved
construction                construction              in recyclables to              in water consumption          bus services
of the Centre for           of the five Green Star    landfill since 2006            between 2004 and              to and from the
AgriBioscience              rated Shepparton                                         2008                          Melbourne (Bundoora)
                            Campus                                                                                 campus resulting in
                                                                                                                   an estimated saving
                                                                                                                   of 50,000 car trips or
                                                                                                                   200 tonnes of CO2
                                                                                                                   emissions annually

University’s new ‘Green Stream’ electronic     Bus services to and from the University
engineering units.                             have been significantly increased; a total
                                               of 26 new daily services have started
In addition to serving as an educational
                                               running since February 2008, contributing
and research tool and raising awareness
                                               to an estimated saving of 50,000 car
of sustainable energy generation within
                                               trips and 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide
the La Trobe community, the $49,000 array
                                               emissions annually.
will also reduce the University’s carbon
emissions by about eight tonnes per year.      The University operates one of Australia’s
                                               largest carpooling programs with over
Conserving Water                               3000 registered members. La Trobe is also
La Trobe University has halved its             a member of the Greenfleet initiative and
consumption of potable water at its            has planted 13000 trees to offset its car
Melbourne (Bundoora) campus since              fleet emissions since 2000.
                                                                                                 Building a world-class research facility
2004. This has been achieved through
                                               Recycling Waste                                   The Victorian Government and La Trobe
a range of measures including:
                                                                                                 University are investing $288 million in a
                                               Since its implementation in 2007, the
•	 the use of a lake and moat system to                                                          new world-class centre for agricultural
                                               University’s Office Recycling Program
   collect storm-water run off. Water from                                                       bioscience research and development,
   the system is used to irrigate playing      has successfully reduced the amount               to be operational in 2012.
   fields, gardens and lawns.                  of recyclables to landfill from office areas
                                                                                                 Construction of the Centre for
                                               by 25%.                                           AgriBioscience (AgriBio) commenced
•	 using rainwater tanks to collect and
                                               In 2008, La Trobe began a recycling               in June 2009.
   supply water for irrigation, flushing
   toilets, washing cars and for use in        program for electronic waste; more than           Research conducted at the Centre will
                                               1100 units of e-waste - mainly retired            significantly contribute to the protection
   cooling towers
                                               computer equipment - have since                   of Victoria’s $11.8 billion agricultural
•	 installing waterless urinals in several                                                       sector from disease threats; improve
                                               been recycled.
   of the University’s toilets and water                                                         primary industries’ competitiveness and
   flow restrictors on taps.                   La Trobe University recently achieved Silver      sustainability, and focus efforts on
                                               Certification in Sustainability Victoria’s        addressing current challenges including
Sustainable Transport                          Waste Wise Program.                               climate change and drought.

La Trobe University has taken significant                                                        From 2012, La Trobe Honours and post-
                                               For more information on La Trobe’s
steps in its bid to encourage the use                                                            graduate students will have the opportunity
                                               sustainability initiatives and achievements,
                                                                                                 to train in a first-rate facility; one of the best
of sustainable transport. In April 2009,       please visit:                                     biosciences facilities in the world.
the University opened the $300,000
CycleSmart Centre, providing more                     The construction of AgriBio will create 390
                                                                                                 jobs and inject close to $620 million into
showers, lockers and change rooms
                                                                                                 the Victorian economy.
and secure storage for 50 bicycles.
                                                                                                 For more information please visit:
La Trobe also launched a walking and
cycling path connecting the University to
Macleod Railway Station. The $490,000
project was jointly funded by the Victorian
Government, La Trobe University and the
cities of Banyule and Darebin.


The structures, systems and culture of the University are vital enablers to
support the achievement of its core priorities. The organisational structures
of the University will be efficient, flexible and responsive.

La Trobe University recognises that              REVIEWING LA TROBE
the achievement of its goals in teaching,
research and engagement requires                Ten key administrative functions were
strategic change to the University’s            defined for review and re-design, including:
organisational infrastructure and its           Information and Communications
administrative processes.                       Technology (ICT); Library; Human
                                                Resources; Estate Management; Finance
In June 2008, La Trobe initiated its            and Resource Planning; Marketing,
Administrative Change Program (ACP)             Student Recruitment and International;
aimed at improving the quality of its           Faculty Services; Corporate Services;
administrative services while reducing          Research Services; and Student Services
the cost to the University of providing         and Student Administration.
those services.
                                                Of these functions, nine have undergone
The Program is being implemented in             comprehensive reviews, involving extensive       Managing change
three stages; first, a series of reviews of     consultation with those who most intimately      Pranay Lodhiya joined La Trobe University in
functional operations across the University;    know each function – the members of staff        September 2008 as Chief Financial Officer
second, a re-design of organisational           who provide these services and those who         and Executive Director, Finance and
structures and administrative processes;        rely on them for the successful fulfilment of    Resource Planning. In December 2008, Mr
and third, the implementation of change.                                                         Lodhiya was appointed Program Sponsor of
                                                their duties.
                                                                                                 the Administrative Change Program (ACP).
Together these actions will provide the
                                                 AN IMPROVED UNIVERSITY                         “Our core purposes as a university are to
University with the financial foundation
                                                                                                 create effective learning opportunities for
and administrative and support structures       To-date significant improvements have            students, and to produce research of real
and services it requires to achieve its short   been achieved; La Trobe University               value to our communities,” said Mr Lodhiya.
and long term teaching, learning and            reported an operating surplus of $19.24         “Neither of these would be possible without
research goals.                                 million for the year ended 31 December           the support services carried out by so many
                                                2008; up from a surplus of $1.46 million         of La Trobe’s staff. The aim of the ACP is to
                                                for 2007 and an operating deficit of $7.4        improve the quality and efficiency of these
                                                million in 2006.                                 services by providing staff members with
                                                                                                 support and appropriate development
                                                Significant improvements to service              opportunities,” he said.
                                                delivery have been achieved within a
                                                                                                 Mr Lodhiya has devoted much of his career
                                                number of functional areas including             to managing and implementing
                                                the La Trobe University Library, ICT and         organisational change. His most recent
                                                Human Resources.                                 appointments have been as the Deputy
                                                                                                 Director of Financial Operations at the
                                                                                                 University of Melbourne and then as
                                                                                                 Director of Finance at Victoria University.


 The structures, systems and culture of the University are vital enablers to
 support the achievement of its core priorities. The organisational structures
 of the University will be efficient, flexible and responsive.

                                                     A CHANGING LIBRARY                             The Library is also undertaking a major
                                                                                                    redevelopment of its learning spaces to
                                                    The La Trobe University Library is committed    better provide for increasing demand and
                                                    to achieving the highest standards in the       changing learning practices. Scheduled to
                                                    provision of information resources and          commence in 2010, the Bundoora Library
                                                    services in order to advance the teaching,      redevelopment project will add more than
                                                    learning and research of the University.        800 additional seats, more and better
                                                    Following a comprehensive review of             equipped social and collaborative learning
                                                    operations the Library established a Digital    spaces and a dedicated study lounge for
                                                    Infrastructure section covering e-content,      postgraduate students.
                                                    digital repositories, digital data curation,
                                                                                                     IMPROVING INFORMATION AND
                                                    preservation and retrieval, and e-publishing.
                                                                                                     COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES
                                                    A new section to coordinate quality and
 Supporting academic staff in                                                                       The ICT Group aims to deliver high quality,
                                                    planning processes was established,
 changing La Trobe                                                                                  cost-effective ICT services to effectively
                                                    acquisition and cataloguing processes
 In July 2008, Professor Tom Angelo was                                                             support La Trobe University’s learning,
                                                    were streamlined, and faculty team
 appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor (Curriculum                                                          teaching and research activities.
                                                    leaders were appointed with a strategic
 and Academic Planning) and as Founding
 Director of the Curriculum, Teaching and           learning and research focus. The Library        The Group manages staff and student
 Learning Centre (CTLC).                            also developed a formal, University-wide        computer accounts, provides e-mail
                                                    Information Literacy Policy and Framework.      access and support, maintains the
“The University is in the process of reviewing
 and renewing its curriculum with a view to         Key achievements for the Library in             information technology network across
 providing a learning experience of the             2009 include:                                   all campuses, maintains the University’s
 highest quality. The CTLC aims to provide                                                          telephone network and its web pages and
 our staff with the support and development         •	 continuing the rapid development of          provides teaching technology services
 opportunities they require to achieve this            e-resources, enabling access for staff       including Lectopia – a system that provides
 ambition,” said Professor Angelo.                     and students to an additional 5,000          automated digital recording of lectures
 The CTLC has recently seen a five-fold                e-book titles and more than 2,500 new        that can be accessed via streaming media
 increase in staff participation in its three-day      e-journal titles
                                                                                                    over the web.
 workshop on effective teaching for higher
                                                    •	 working in partnership with the Faculty
 learning, and a four-fold increase in staff
                                                       of Health Sciences on curriculum
 enrolments into the Graduate Certificate
                                                       re-design resulting in demonstrable
 in Higher Education.
                                                       improvement in information literacy skills
 Having begun his teaching career in 1979,             for 1500 students
 Professor Angelo completed his doctorate at
 Harvard in 1987 and has since spoken and           •	 establishing an online chat service
 consulted on teaching, assessment, and                enabling students to seek help with
 learning improvement in 20 countries and in           information search questions from
 more than 250 post-secondary institutions.            wherever they are located.
 For more information about the CTLC,
 please visit


The structures, systems and culture of the University are vital enablers to
support the achievement of its core priorities. The organisational structures
of the University will be efficient, flexible and responsive.

During 2008 and 2009 the ICT Group               TRANSFORMING THE WORKPLACE                           Developments in 2008 and 2009 include:
undertook a major review of its services and
                                                La Trobe University is restructuring its              •	 conducting the University-wide
achieved significant developments aimed at
                                                Human Resources Division to better                       Staff Climate Survey to gain a clear
improving service delivery, including:                                                                   understanding of staff perceptions
                                                facilitate the achievement of its strategic
•	 consolidating existing faculty and                                                                    of organisational functioning and the
                                                goals by placing greater emphasis on
   divisional IT functions into a single,                                                                overall performance of the University
                                                workplace culture, leadership, strategy,
   centrally coordinated ICT service                                                                  •	 implementing an improved face-to-face
                                                staff development and innovation.
•	 creating and staffing new client-                                                                     staff induction program to complement
                                                The renamed People and Culture
   focussed teams                                                                                        the existing online program – the
                                                Division is working in partnership with
                                                                                                         program has been running successfully
•	 assuming responsibility for audio-visual     the University’s faculties and divisions                 since mid-2009
   (AV) support of all teaching spaces;         to implement a more streamlined and
   the Group has since conducted an             strategic recruitment process, more                   •	 initiating the Heads of School
   extensive maintenance and upgrade            efficient performance management                         Leadership Program – a tailored
   program including AV installation in 15      practices, more effective training and                   development program for Heads of
   venues and four lecture theatres, and                                                                 School enabling them to build on
                                                professional development programs
   building 60 Lectopia recording venues                                                                 existing leadership capabilities and skills
                                                including career and succession planning,
•	 rolling out a fibre optic network            and a more client oriented service –                  •	 establishing an Organisational
   linking the University’s campuses in         providing timely and effective support to                Development Unit to coordinate
   Bundoora, Bendigo, Shepparton and            La Trobe staff.                                          a whole-of-University approach to
   Albury-Wodonga.                                                                                       talent management, professional
                                                                                                         development, leadership development,
                                                                                                         performance management and
                                                                                                         succession planning

                                                                                                      •	 developing a business partnership
                                                                                                         model for the delivery of services to the
                                                                                                         faculties and divisions.

                                                Changing with La Trobe
                                                Brigitte Carrucan (left) joined La Trobe University in July 2000. As part of the Administrative Change
                                                Program, Ms Carrucan was recently appointed as the School Executive Officer for the School of
                                                Economics and Finance, within the Faculty of Law and Management.
                                               “The School’s administrative and operational functions were recast in June 2009 with the aim of
                                                centralising support services - including finance, marketing and academic and student services -
                                                at faculty-level,” said Ms Carrucan.
                                                To date the restructure has involved a review of operations, the development of new centrally
                                                coordinated administrative teams and the retraining of staff.
                                               “The restructure has enabled me to further develop my career, and to expand my knowledge and
                                                experience base. My new role is completely different to my previous one and I am continuing to
                                                develop a new set of skills,” said Ms Carrucan.

La Trobe University is a registered provider under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). CRICOS provider: 00115M

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