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					     Thursday,                                                                       Tioga Washed Out; Cane Pace to
 September 9, 2011
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       Update, call (732) 530-6678                                                No Answers to Peelers Dilemma...p3

New Meadowlands GM: Reviving On-Track                            meet), every Friday night we'd have a crowd of 6,000,
Business A Must                                                  7000 or more," Newlin said. "W e'd cater to young adults,
                                                                 bringing in radio personalities, doing live broadcasts and,
By Bill Finley
                                                                 of course, doing what other tracks have done in terms of
  Jeff Gural has pegged Mike Newlin to be his new gen-
                                                                 the cheap hot dogs and beer. But one of the things I
eral manager at the Meadowlands, handing him one of the
                                                                 noticed with the cheap hot dogs and cheap beer was, yes,
best and most challenging jobs in harness racing.
                                                                 you were increasing your attendance, but you really were-
Newlin's duties will be many, but his primary goal will be to
                                                                 n't doing anything to inspire new players. So one of the
turn the on-track experience at the Meadowlands into
                                                                 first things I changed the first year I was there was admis-
something different and better than it has been, something
                                                                 sion, which was $1.50 to get in the grandstand and I in-
that will draw people back to the track.
                                                                 creased that to $2. I gave every paid admission a true live
                              Based on his background,
                                                                 racing program with pps in it. So now, instead of having all
                            Newlin, 45, seems like an unlikely
                                                                 of these 20 to 30-something year olds standing around
                            pick to head the Big M manage-
                                                                 just drinking beer, just observing races, they actually had
                            ment team. He comes to the
                                                                 programs in their hands and figured out how to read the
                            Meadowlands from Lancer Hospi-
                                                                 program and make bets. Not only did we increase atten-
                            tality, where his duties included
                                                                 dance by 24%, but our live on track handle increased
                            assisting in the operation of the
                                                                 17%. Putting a free program in their hands was, to me, a
                            Como Park Zoo in Minnesota. His
                                                                 no-brainer, but no one was doing it. "
                            most recent job in racing was run-
                                                                    Newlin is intent on making the Meadowlands a fun,
                            ning the thoroughbred meet at the
                                                                 family-friendly place that will attract more than just grizzled
                            Nebraska State Fair. He has also
                                                                 horseplayers. Perhaps he will bring in some of the gim-
                            worked at Canterbury Downs. But
                                                                 micks he used in Nebraska, like ostrich and camel races.
                            what Gural apparently liked about
                            Newlin was his ability to increase
M ike New lin               on-track attendance and handle at
                            the tracks he has run.
  "Mike's enthusiasm for promoting a great live racing
experience and commitment to excellent customer service
made him a perfect fit for this position," Gural said in a
press release. "I was impressed by his passion for the
sport, which is what we need in a general manager.
Mike's operational background and strong relationship
building skills will help make the Meadowlands a long term
  Newlin said that during the 2008 and 2009 meets at the
Lincoln, Nebraska track attendance climbed 24 percent.
  "W hat we accomplished in Lincoln was in a small mar-
ket," Newlin said. "The market I had to draw from was
250,000. In looking at Meadowlands and researching
things a little bit I saw that they only averaged 2,900
people, and that' s in a market of 10 million people. Look-
ing at what they've been drawing for live racing, that's one
of the things that attracted Jeff to me. He is very focused
on live racing and he knows that that is my specialty and
my passion- live racing."
  Like many track managers, Newlin tried to draw young
people to his track. By offering cheap drinks and food, he
was able to succeed in that area, but he's more proud of
the fact that he got many of the newcomers to bet on the
  "During the 6, 7 years I was there (at the Nebraska fair       • 9/9/11 PAGE 2 of 15

Cont. P. 2

  "Bringing families to the track is important to get new
fans," he said. "Everybody remembers the first time they
went to the track. Either your dad or your grandpa took
you to the track, and you always remember that. W e need
to build that back up again where people can feel they are
in a friendly environment and where a day at the track is
  Newlin will also oversee the development of an OTB in
Bayonne, New Jersey and the simulcasting operation at
the Meadowlands. He understands that both have an
important place in the future of the Meadowlands, but he
sometimes wonders if simulcasting has been a dou-
ble-edged sword.
  "Jeff and I are on exactly the same page," Newlin said.
"W e both agree that racing has not changed in the past 30
years, with the exception of simulcasting, and he and I
both look back and say, hmm, simulcasting may have
been kind of the washout of live racing. It took the impor-
tance and the glory out of live racing meets."
  Newiin begins his new job Sept. 19. He will come in
with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and a mandate-to help make
the Meadowlands great again.
  It was also announced by Gural that the New Meadow-
lands Racetrack has appointed Gerald W iemann as Direc-
tor of Finance and Mona Vaccarella, Director of Human
Resources. W iemann brings extensive financial and
operational leadership experience to the New Meadow-
lands Racetrack. His past positions include Chief Finan-      Tioga Washed Out; Cane To Pocono
cial Officer for the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation where    By Lucas Marquardt
his responsibilities included financial oversight for three     W ith a steady diet of heavy rain playing havoc on the
racetracks.                                                   Binghamton, New York area, Tioga Downs officials can-
   Vaccarella returns to her New Jersey roots from Indiana    celed their last three cards of the scheduled meet, the
where she was Vice President of Human Resources at the        Thursday, Friday and Saturday programs. With the Satur-
Majestic Star Casinos & Hotel. Her experience includes        day card washed out at Tioga, the Cane Pace, the first leg
staff development, training and budgeting for global For-     in the Pacing Triple Crown, has been moved to Pocono
tune 500 organizations, as well as consulting for the gam-                                                     Downs.
ing and hospitality industries. She will oversee HR ser-                                                          The wet
vices for the Meadowlands, Monmouth Park, Favorites at                                                         weather
W oodbridge and the developing Bayonne OTW .                                                                   also
                                                                                                               caused the
M issed an Edition of the HRU?                                                                                 cancella-
Check out our archive at w w w                                                        tion of yes-
                                                                                                               card at
                                                                                                               The Mead-
                                                              The flooded parking lot at Tioga Downs           were con-
                                                                                                               tinuing to
                                                              work on a racing surface that had been damaged by per-
Follow Harness Racing Update on Facebook at                   sistent rain. Racing was expected to resume at The Mead-                        ows Friday. (Cont. P. 3)        • 9/9/11 PAGE 3 of 15

   The area surrounding Tioga Downs has been hit hard by
several days of wet weather, which began with Hurricane
   "It's bad here, very bad," Tioga VP of Racing and Simul-
cast Jason Settlemoir said. "At the front entrance, there is
water clear up to the Tioga Downs sign, ready to go over
the top of it. There's probably 10 feet of water at our front
entrance and four or five feet of water at our back en-
   "They are saying it is going to get worse before it gets
better. It’s a disaster. They've evacuated 25,000, 30,000
people in the area. Fortunately, it has not gone onto the
racetrack, the barn area or the casinos area."
   Settlemoir said no decision has been made yet as to
whether Tioga will make up the lost dates.
   "Jeff (Gural) and I have discussed that, possibly adding
a day back, but we are not certain what we are doing at
this point," he said.
   Two $60,000 divisions of the Shady Daisy Stakes, for
3-year-old pacing fillies, also were moved from Tioga to
Pocono Downs. The Shady Daisy divisions will be raced
at 5 p.m., prior to the regular 6:30 card. The Cane Pace
will be race No. 13, scheduled for 9:54 p.m., approxi-
   The New York Sires Stakes for two-year-old filly trotters
(3 divisions) have also been moved from Tioga and will be
raced at Vernon Downs on Saturday, September 10th.
Those races will be raced 5:30 - 5:40 - 5:50 PM.
    "The management at Tioga Downs wishes to convey
our heartfelt thanks to Pocono Downs and the Pennsylva-
nia Harness Horsemen's Association for coming to the aid
of these classic events and allowing us to avoid the can-
cellation of the races," the Tioga team said in a press
release/ "Thank you to all horsemen who have been in-
convenienced by these changes, they are unavoidable.
Residents of the Southern Tier area are experiencing a
tremendous hardship with the flooding and subsequent
evacuations. Racing under these conditions has become
literally impossible with resources directed to people in

What’s Wrong With Peelers? Still No Answers
By Mike Farrell
  The See You At Peelers (Bettor's Delight) mystery
  "W e haven't got all the re-
sults back," trainer Jimmy
Takter said on Thursday.
"She's got to go back for more
tests Tuesday."
  See You At Peelers will re-
turn to the Cornell Veterinary
Center from Takter's New Jer-
sey barn for a series of treadmill tests.
  "The treadmill goes 51 speeds," Takter said. "They didn't
want to do it two days after she raced." (Cont.)         • 9/9/11 PAGE 4 of 15

   So the search goes on for answers after the superstar         Hanover Sets Guidelines For Yearling Exams
3-year-old filly pacer suddenly lost her spectacular form          Customers will be permitted to make radiographic
after 22 consecutive wins.                                       (X-ray) and endoscopic (scoping) examinations of
   The first career defeat came in the Nadia Lobell at the       Hanover Shoe Farms yearlings at the Hanover Fair-
Meadows where she faded badly in the lane.                       grounds prior to their being shipped to their respective
   Last Sunday, See You At Peelers headed up to Tioga            sale. Such examinations will not be permitted after the
Downs for a New York Sires Stakes on a sloppy track.             horses arrive at the sales facility. For further information
She struggled to finish first in a three-horse stretch battle,   contact Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky at 717-578-7395 or at
and was later disqualified.                            
   The consecutive loses sounded an alarm, loud and
clear, that something was wrong.
                                                                 Bourbon Slush Has Its First Winners
   Takter has received some preliminary reports from the
filly's first visit to Cornell but wants a more complete pic-       Bourbon Slush Stable, a partnership out together by
ture before commenting.                                          Frank M. Antonacci to bring new people into the business,
   "There's nothing that I can reveal yet," Takter said. "It's   had its first winner Monday night at Mohawk, where Lil
still a little bit cloudy as to exactly what's bothering her.    Miss Bourbon (American Ideal) won an $18,000 race.
Something is not right with the girl. W e've got to get to the     “Her final win time was 1:53.4 with a final quarter in 27.2
bottom of it. She's good and sound, so everything is good        and a last half in 55.2,” Antonacci said of Lil Miss Bour-
that way. There is something internal. Something is not          bon. “Those are very respectable splits and I really liked
right."                                                          how she gobbled up horses in the last 1/8th of a mile. “
                                                                   She will go next in a Sept. 16 NY Sire Stakes race at
Owner: Charlie De Vie Doing Fine                                 Vernon Downs.
By Lucas Marquardt                                                 The Bourbon Slush team was back in the winner’s circle
  Though her 3-year-old trotting colt Charlie De Vie (Yan-       Thursday when Bettorwithbourbon (Bettor’s Delight)
kee Glide) had to be scratched from last week’s Simcoe at        won an $1,800 race at Plainridge.
Mohawk due to lameness, owner Antoinette Nigito said
her horse should be ready for a big effort in Saturday’s         Jug To Get Widespread Radio Coverage
elimination race for the Canadian Trotting Classic at Mo-          This year’s Little Brown Jug will be broadcast over Sirius
hawk.                                                            XM satellite radio and over terrestrial radio in Ohio over
                                  “He walked out of the stall    radio stations W INF (101.9 FM) and W QTT (1270 AM).
                                lame and we have no idea           The W INF and W QTT team will broadcast all of the
                                what was wrong with him,”        harness racing programs at the Delaware, Ohio meet from
                                Nigito said. “But he’s fine      September 18 through 22. The shows will be hosted by
                                now. He must have stepped        Don Berman and Dean Hoffman, who is widely recognized
                                on a stone or something.”        as a great man.
                                  The Simcoe setback was
                                                                   The Sirius XM team of Dave Johnson, Peter Kleinhans
                                the latest development in
Charlie De Vie (Lisa Photo) what has been an up-and-             and HRU’s Bill Finley will broadcast on Jug Day, with
                                                                 coverage kicking off at 5 pm. The satellite broadcasts can
                                down year for the son of Yan-
                                                                 be heard on Sirius 93 and XM 209.
kee Glide. He broke stride several times earlier in the
                                                                   The Sirius broadcasts will be sponsored by the Pennsyl-
year, including a break in the Hambletonian elims that cost
                                                                 vania Harness Horsemen’s Association.
him a spot in the Hambletonian. But since trainer Chris
Ryder has added trotting hobbles, the talented colt has
been on his best behavior.
  Prior to the Simcoe, he won the Zweig at Tioga and a
Colonial consolation race.
  “I really don’t know if (the hobbles) have made the differ-
ence or not,” Nigito said. “But something is working so
we’re going to stick with it.”                                   Saturday at Mohawk
  W ith Charlie De Vie having emerged as one of the best         Race 2. $115,643 Pace. Simcoe Stakes
3-year-old trotters in North America, Nigito has been field-     Post Horse           Sire              Trainer/Driver
ing offers from prospective buyers, one of whom, she said,       1 Line Officer       Rocknroll Hanover O’Sullivan/S. Zeron
offered her $1.2 million for the colt.                           2 Odysseus Blue Chip Cam’s Card Shark Baillargeon/Baillargeon
  “I know people probably think I am crazy for turning           3 American Arena     American Ideal    Daley/Pierce
down all that money, but I just can’t sell him,” she said.       4 Machal Jackson     Mach Three        Plante/Plante
“People tell me to cash in when you can, but I’m not going       5 Westwardho Hanover Dragon Again      Pinske/D. Miller
to do it.”                                                       6 Weigh The Odds     Bettor’s Delight  MacGrath/MacDonell          • 9/9/11 PAGE 5 of 15

Race 3. $40,000, Trot. Canadian Trotting Classic–Elim         Race 9. $40,000, Trot. Canadian Trotting Classic-
Post Horse           Sire          Trainer/Driver             Elimination
1 Broad Bahn         Broadway Hall Daley/Brennan              Post Horse          Sire              Trainer/Driver
2 Blue Porsche       Glidemaster   Burgess/Jamieson           1 Charlie De Vie    Yankee Glide      Ryder/Jamieson
3 Daylon Magician    Kadabra       Lemon/Moiseyev             2 Imperial Count    Angus Hall        Norman/S. Zeron
4 Whatever It Takes  Credit Winner J. Miller/A. Miller        3 Dejarmbro         Credit Winner     Smedshammer/Sears
5 Sim Brown          Angus Hall    Gillis/Waples              4 Pastor Stephen    Cantab Hall       Takter/Pierce
6 Luckycharm Hanover Andover Hall  O’Sullivan/D. Miller       5 Manofmanymissions Yankee Glide      E. Miller/D. Miller
7 VC Chocoholic      Chocolatier   Smedshammer/Sears          6 Chapter Seven     Windsong’s Legacy Toscano/Lachance
                                                              7 Whiskey Tax       Revenue S         Durand/Waples
Race 5. $150,506, Pace. Champlain Stakes                      8 Highland Thunder  Conway Hall       Kerwood/Christoforou
Post Horse         Sire               Trainer/Driver
1 Great Waters     The Panderosa      McIntosh/Sears          Race 10. $117,644, Pace. Simcoe Stakes
2 Rockin Finish    Rocknroll Hanover McIntosh/Christoforou    Post Horse         Sire              Trainer/Driver
3 Adkins Hanover   Western Ideal      Jones/Filion            1 Mystician        Camluck           Gillis/R. Zeron
4 State Treasurer  Real Desire        Moore/D. Miller         2 Rockabillie      Rocknroll Hanover Moore/D. Miller
5 Rockndream       Rocknroll Hanover Takter/Pierce            3 Roll On          Rocknroll Hanover McIntosh/Waples
6 In Commando      Camluck            McIntosh/Waples         4 Prana            Dragon Again      Takter/Pierce
7 The Kop          Bettor’s Delight   Vrablic/Brennan         5 Up The Credit    Western Terror    Jamieson/Jamieson
8 Allstar Legend   Four Starzzz Shark B. Teague/A. Miller     6 Sonic Dancer     Mach Three        Keeling/S. Zeron
9 Spinarama        Cam’s Card Shark Moore/S. Zeron            7 Bullet Speed     Camluck           Pinske/Sears
10 Hope Blue Chip  Art Major          Steacy/R. Zeron         To view TrackMaster pp’s, click here
11 Machapelo       Mach Three         Keeling/Jamieson
                                                              Saturday at Freehold
Race 6. $148,506, Pace. Champlain Stakes                      Race 5. $104,500, Pace. Lou Babic Final
Post Horse            Sire              Trainer/Driver        Post Horse         Sire              Trainer/Driver
1 Aslan               Mach Three        Macri/Christoforou    1 Handsome Henry K Western Ideal     Milby/Callahan
2 Special Blend       The Panderosa     Wallace/OIiver        2 Narragansett     Rocknroll Hanover Burke/Manzi
3 Bettors Edge        Bettor’s Delight  Toscano/A. Miller     3 All Steinam      Tell All          Butenschoen/Bartlett
4 I Found My Beach    Mach Three        McIntosh/Waples       4 Little Michael B Cam’s Card Shark Green/Dube
5 D Terminata         Rocknroll Hanover McIntosh/Sears        5 Bullet Bob       Tell All          Foley/Pantaleano
6 Gable Blue Chip     American Ideal    Umphrey/Pierce        6 Verdad           Western Ideal     Burke/Gingras
7 Sing For Me George Bettor’s Delight   O’Sullivan/S. Zeron   7 Divulge          Tell All          Takter/Berry
8 Speed Again         Dragon Again      Gillis/Jamieson       8 Mortal Zin       Rocknroll Hanover Burke/Kakaley
9 Ontheclock Hanover American Ideal     Moore/Miller          For TrackMaster pp’s of the Lou Babic click here
10 Hurrikane Kingcole Cam’s Card Shark Tackoor/Ouellette
                                                              Saturday at Pocono Downs
Race 8. $239,801, Pace. Champlain Stakes                      Race 4. $200,000, Trot. PASS Championship
Post Horse          Sire              Trainer/Driver
1 Big McDeal        Mcardle           Darling/MacDonell       Post Horse           Sire              Trainer/Driver
2 Yummy Sushi       Rocknroll Hanover Takter/Brennan          1 Oasis Dream        Cantab Hall       Stewart/Palone
3 Red Shadow        The Panderosa     O’Sullivan/S. Zeron     2 Blue Yonder        Tagliabue         Czernyson/Dube
4 Angel Scent       Western Ideal     Wallace/Jamieson        3 Sand Violent Blu   Tom Ridge         Loy/B. Miller
5 Pirouette Hanover Western Ideal     Hart/Pierce             4 Cupcake Hanover    Cantab Hall       Dufford/Wilder
6 Jet Speed         Jereme’s Jet      Brethour/R. Zeron       5 Calcutta           Tom Ridge         Brown/Ledford
7 Rockaround Sue    Rocknroll Hanover Alagna/Ouellette        6 Real Babe          Donato Hanover    Schnittker/Schnittker
8 Cooking The Books Mach Three        Kopas/Moiseyev          7 Sculpted Vanity    Donato Hanover    Toscano/Kakaley
9 Bound To Rock     Rocknroll Hanover O’Sullivan/D. Miller    8 Komma Ka Z         SJ’s Caviar       Collins/Collins
10 Shelliscape      Artiscape         McIntosh/Waples         AE Uncommon Night    Donato Hanover    Minor/Minor
                                                              AE Valentine Queen   Andover Hall      Schnittker/Schnittker

                                                              HAVE SOMETHING TO GET OFF YOUR
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Race 5. $200,000, Pace. PASS Championship
Post Horse            Sire               Trainer/Driver
1 Frontierpan         No Pan Intended Burke/Kakaley
2 Destiny’s Chance    Four Starzzz Shark Burke/Dube
3 Mcsauna             Mcardle            DiDomenico/McCarthy
4 Economy Terror      Western Terror     Oakes/Napolitano       Monday’s Results
5 Marty Party         Yankee Cruiser     Holloway/Palone        3, Btva, $36,405, Trot, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR
6 Robin Cruiser       Yankee Cruiser     Pinske/Buter           OLD COLTS & GELDINGS, 29.1, 59.1, 1:29.1, 1:59.0, FT
7 Moonlit Dragon      Dragon Again       Webb/B. Miller         1-Bristles Winner (g, 3, Credit Winner--Bristle Hanover, by
8 Sectionline Yankee Yankee Cruiser      Conklin/Page           Sierra Kosmos). O-John A Carver. B-Phillip R Hunt. T-Tony
AE Darena Hanover     Yankee Cruiser     Burke/Kakaley          Alagna. D-Trond Smedshammer, $18,202, Lifetime Record:
AE Cruzin Tothe Dance Yankee Cruiser     Morgan/Tetrick         12-3-3-4, $89,461
                                                                2-Evil Urges (g, 3, Cash Hall--Siren Hall, by Striking Sahbra),
Race 10. $200,000, Pace. PASS Championship                      $27,000 2009 SHS-HBG.O-Homer J Hochstetler & Robert J
Post Horse           Sire               Trainer/Driver          Buddig. B-Thomas H Hicks. T-Homer Hochstetler. D-Jimmy
1 Sweet Lou          Yankee Cruiser     Burke/Palone            Whittemore, $9,101
2 Star Recruit       Dragon Again       Riegle/Napolitano       3-Mr Party Man (g, 3, Malabar Man--Mrs Rincon D, by Party
3 All Week           I Am A Fool        Hundertpfund/Callahan   Party), $12,000 2009 MORRIS. O-Laurie Lee Poulin & Michael
4 Station Threeohsix Western Terror     Schnittker/Schnittker   D Deters. B-Felix Racing Stable & Samuel J Zook. T-Michael
                                                                Deters. D-Corey Braden, $4,368
5 Easy Again         Dragon Again       G. Teague/M. Teague
                                                                Calls: 3H, 4, 2, 1H, 1Q
6 Mudslide           Dragon Again       Cancelliere/Dube
                                                                Finish Order: Serious George, All In Tad, Petruchio, Im The
7 Mattacardle        Mcardle            Gillock/B. Miller
                                                                Cash Man, Tropic Storm.
8 Cold Hearted Shark Four Starzzz Shark Teague/Pavia
AE Maytime Terror    Western Terror     Alagna/Gingras
                                                                4, Btva, $36,405, Trot, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR
AE The Zachhammer Dragon Again          Pena/Napolitano
                                                                OLD COLTS & GELDINGS ( ENTRY FEE $710 ), 29.0, 57.2,
                                                                1:27.4, 1:57.2, FT
Race 12. $200,000, Trot. PASS Championship                      1-Dejarmbro (c, 3, Credit Winner--Armbro Deja Vu, by
Post Horse           Sire            Trainer/Driver             Donerail), $65,000 2009 SHS-HBG.O-Purple Haze Stables
1 Pekoe Fashion      Broadway Hall   Campbell/Kakaley           LLC. B-Fair Winds Farm Inc. T-Trond Smedshammer. D-Trond
2 Charles Ray        Broadway Hall   Wollam/Wilder              Smedshammer, $18,202, Lifetime Record: 22-16-2-1, $798,685
3 Keystone Silencer  Andover Hall    Schadel/Schadel            2-Pay The Winner (g, 3, Credit Winner--Prize Chip, by Pine
4 Super Macdeen      BJ’s Super Star Gillock/B. Miller          Chip), $37,000 2009 SHS-HBG. O-Howard E Berke & Matthew
5 Overandovervictory Andover Hall    Hamilton/Buter             K Bencic & Samuel J Schillaci. B-Little E LLC. T-Sam Schillaci.
6 Catalyst           Broadway Hall   Czernyson/Dube             D-Sam Schillaci, $9,101
7 Tabulator          Cantab Hall     Arledge/Napolitano         3-Super Manning (c, 3, Diamond Goal--Judy's Gold Digger, by
8 Stormin Normand    Broadway Hall   Campbell/Palone            Muscles Yankee). O/B-Joseph Pennacchio. T-Linda Toscano.
AE Frost Bites K     Broadway Hall   Gillock/B. Miller          D-Jeff Gregory, $4,368
AE Beer Summit       Cantab Hall     Daley/Rattray              Calls: Q, 2, 1H, 2, 3Q
                                                                Finish Order: Cashahallic, Typical Newyorker, Whitewater
Race 13. $342,875, Pace. Cane Pace                              Rapids, Order By Texas, Dream Lake.
Post Horse           Sire              Trainer/Driver
1 Powerful Mist      Powerful Toy      Givens/Campbell          5, Btva, $30,000, Pace, NEW YORK BRED LATE CLOSER
2 Townslight Hanover Bettor’s Delight  Lambert/Bouchard         FINAL 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES, 28.1, 57.4, 1:27.3, 1:56.4, FT
3 Avenue Hanover     Cam’s Card Shark Silva/Hensley             1-Tiamo (f, 3, Artiscape--Incredible Sharon, by Towner's Big
4 Eighteen           Cam’s Card Shark Moore/Callahan            Guy), $7,000 2009 MORRIS. O-George E Zitone. B-A.C.
5 Shadyshark Hanover Cam’s Card Shark E. Miller/Morrill         Crawford Futures LTD.. T-Eldo Leonelli. D-Stephane Bouchard,
6 Rollwithitharry    Rocknroll Hanover Takter/Johansson         $15,000, Lifetime Record: 16-8-2-2, $90,984
7 Betterthancheddar  Bettor’s Delight  Coleman/Gingras          2-Sakra's Mo (f, 3, Pro Bono Best--Sakra Beauty, by
8 Roll With Joe      Cam’s Card Shark Hart/Tetrick              Artsplace), $3,000 2009 MORRIS.O-Fletcher A Davis. B-M5
9 High Noon          Western Ideal     Takter/MacDonald         Racing Stable. T-Fletcher Davis. D-Phil Fluet, $7,500
                                                                3-White Jade (f, 3, American Ideal--Aries Conquest, by Art's
To View The TrackMaster pp’s for the Pocono races listed        Conquest) O/B-Tanah Merah Farms LLC. T-Erv Miller.
above click here                                                D-Marcus Miller, $3,600
                                                                Calls: 6, 3, 2, Q, 4H
                                                                Finish Order: Western Kerry, Kiddie Cocktail, Ride A Cowboy,
                                                                Toy Delight, America Ferrera, Arlington Ave      • 9/9/11 PAGE 7 of 15

6, Btva, $36,405, Trot, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3              10, Btva, $30,000, Trot, NEW YORK BRED LATE
YEAR OLD COLTS & GELDINGS ( ENTRY FEE $710 ),               CLOSER FINAL 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES, 29.4, 1:00.1,
27.4, 58.3, 1:27.2, 1:56.4, FT                              1:29.4, 2:00.2, FT
1-Keenan (g, 3, Credit Winner--Lookout Victory, by          1-Hit Girl (f, 3, Credit Winner--Val Lee Woman, by Val-
Valley Victory), $22,000 2009 LEX-SEL. O-Ray I              ley Victory), $28,000 2009 SHS-HBG. O-Crossing Paths
Remmen. B-Al J Libfeld, CA & Marvin Katz, CA & Sam A        Farm. B-Quantum Farms Corp. T-Matthew Butcher Jr.
Goldband, CA. T-Larry Remmen. D-Jeff Gregory, $18,202,      D-Jeff Gregory, $15,000, Lifetime Record: 14-2-1-1,
Lifetime Record: 25-14-5-1, $288,304                        $27,175
2-Tober (g, 3, Credit W inner--La Tapatia, by Cumin)        2-Lotto Winner (f, 3, Credit W inner--Duolotta, by Muscles
O/B-Bernard J W hite & Kristie Leigh Farm Inc. T-Edward     Yankee), $15,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Samuel Schillaci Jr.
Hart. D-Stephane Bouchard, $9,101                           B-Frederick W Hertrich III. T-John Stark Jr. D-Sam
3-Sing Out (g, 3, Malabar Man--Some W here My Love, by      Schillaci, $7,500
Lindy Lane), $24,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Theodore Gewertz        3-Stell R Time (f, 3, Dream Vacation--Rl One Time, by A
& George Teague Jr Inc.. B-Dunroven Stud. T-George          Go Go Lauxmont) O/B-Labelle Livery LLC. T-Stephen La
Teague Jr. D-Jack Flanigen, $4,368                          Belle. D-Scott Mongeon, $3,600
Calls: 2, 2, 3, 6, 5T                                       Calls: 1H, 1, 3, 2, 2Q
Finish Order: Market Rebound, Hellogottagobuhbye, Big Z     Finish Order: State Fair, Vacation Angel, Linda Goldstein,
Million, Four Starz F, New Identity                         It's A Diamond, All That Dazzle

7, Btva, $35,705, Trot, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3              11, Btva, $30,000, Pace, NEW YORK BRED LATE
28.4, 57.4, 1:27.2, 1:56.3, FT                              27.2, 56.4, 1:25.2, 1:54.4, FT
1-I'm The Answer (g, 3, Credit Winner--Southwind            1-Bettor's Reward (g, 3, Bettor's Delight--Romancing
Flanders, by Lindy Lane), $77,000 2009 SHS-HBG              The Sea, by Beach Towel), $15,000 2009 SHS-HBG
O-Purple Haze Stables LLC. B-Valley High Stable.            O-Fortunate One LLC. B-W inbak Farm. T-Peter
T-Trond Smedshammer. D-Trond Smedshammer,                   Arrigenna. D-Chris Page, $15,000, Lifetime Record:
$17,852, Lifetime Record: 21-9-6-3, $249,286                26-8-7-5, $55,426
2-Johnny B Kemp (c, 3, Credit W inner--Sarafina Hall, by    2-Colossal (g, 3, Art Major--Hampton Bays, by Cole Muf-
Garland Lobell), $57,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Christina           fler) O/B-Homebred LTD. T-Edward Hart. D-Jeff Gregory,
Takter & John D Fielding, CA & David H Mc Duffee.           $7,500
B-Steve H Stewart & Martti S Ala-Seppala, FI. T-Jimmy       3-Bubbie Boy (g, 3, Artiscape--Bubbie Rose, by Falcon
Takter. D-Jimmy Takter, $8,926                              Seelster). O/B-Ronald Mersky. T-Cheryl Mc Givern.
3-Vacation Credit (c, 3, Credit W inner--Sunworthy, by Mr   D-Stephane Bouchard, $3,600
Vic), $8,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Tyler J Butenschoen &           Calls: 2, 2, 2, 5, 5Q
Jean A Goehlen & Sidney Korn & Vip Internet Stable LLC.     Finish Order: Lucky Cadet, Imadeadhead, Break Even,
B-Brittany Farms. T-John Butenschoen. D-Jeff Gregory,       Southwind Inferno, Nukes Art
Calls: 2, 2, 1, 2, 3T
Finish Order: Surface Tension, Latorraca, W heels,
Kemper Hall

8, Btva, $30,000, Trot, NEW YORK BRED LATE
                                                            Monday’s Results
29.0, 58.0, 1:27.4, 1:59.4, FT                              2, Chst, $50,000, Pace, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3 Year
                                                            Old Fillies Consolation, 27.1, 56.1, 1:23.2, 1:52.0, FT
1-Cash Poor (g, 3, Cash Hall--Meadow Gal, by Meadow
                                                            1-Musette Mindale (f, 3, The Panderosa--Happy To Be
Road) O-Kellogg Racing Stables LLC. B-Betty S Holt.
                                                            Best, by Cambest), $11,000 2009 LEX-SEL.O-Rex Lee
T-John Stark Jr. D-John Stark Jr, $15,000, Lifetime Re-
                                                            Parker. B-Mindale Farms Co. T-Norm Parker. D-Greg
cord: 26-9-3-2, $52,626
                                                            Grismore, $25,000, Lifetime Record: 21-7-0-1, $95,480
2-Small Bills (g, 3, Cash Hall--Mini Shuttle, by Sir
                                                            2-Virgin Mary (f, 3, Village Jolt--Sistermarymargaret, by
Taurus), $8,000 2009 MORRIS O-Albert C & Michelle C
                                                            Dragon's Lair), $4,000 2009 LEX-SEL O/B-Howard A
Crawford. B-Robert J Hiemstra & Morrisville Col Fdn Inc.
                                                            Taylor. T-Tom Shay. D-Dave Palone, $12,500
T-David Jannone. D-Stephane Bouchard, $7,500
                                                            3-Cold Mist (f, 3, Mcardle--Cold And Clear, by No Nukes),
3-Fred's Dream (g, 3, Giant Hit--Minute Rice, by Malabar
                                                            $7,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Old Block Stables Inc & Ken-
Man), $12,000 2009 MORRIS O-Mary K Apker. B-W inbak
                                                            neth H Klein & Steve M Elliott. B-Perretti Farms. T-Steve
Farm. T-Ann Yurenka. D-W illiam Bailey, $3,600
                                                            Elliott. D-Geo. Napolitano Jr, $6,000
Calls: 1, HD, T, 1, 2
                                                            Calls: 1H, 3H, 2T, 2H, 1H
Finish Order: Hallin Cash, Mystical Mikel, House On Fire,
                                                            Finish Order: Latin Lyric, Bombilla Hanover, Real Amor,
Glorious W inner, Alighieri Lindy
                                                            Kayla's Dream        • 9/9/11 PAGE 8 of 15

3, Chst, $50,000, Trot, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3 Year Old     8, Chst, $200,000, Pace, Pa Sire S. 3 Year Old Fillies
Fillies Consolation, 27.4, 57.4, 1:25.4, 1:55.0, FT             Championship, M, 26.4, 55.3, 1:23.0, 1:51.0, FT
1-Beatgoeson Hanover (f, 3, Andover Hall--Beat The Wheel,       1-Foxy Lady (f, 3, Real Desire--Judy Is A Fox, by The
by Defiant Yankee), $40,000 2009 SHS-HBG                        Panderosa), $18,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Burke Racing
O-Neven N Botica, AS. B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-R. Nifty      Stable LLC & W eaver Bruscemi LLC & Jjk Stables LLC &
Norman. D-David Miller, $25,000, Lifetime Record: 18-11-3-1,    Phillip Collura. B-Frederick W Hertrich III. T-Ron Burke.
$461,752                                                        D-Yannick Gingras, $100,000, Lifetime Record: 23-7-5-1,
2-Don't Blink (f, 3, Broadway Hall--S B Ina, by Balanced Im-    $459,483
age), $5,000 2009 MORRIS O-Dale B Wareham. B-Steve              2-Mikayla Rose (f, 3, Ponder--Northern Rose, by
                                                                Camluck), $20,000 2009 SHS-HBG O/B-John W
Jones. T-Kris Rickert. D-Brett Miller, $12,500
                                                                Glassford, CA & Gary G Smith, CA. T-Justin Lebo. D-Tim
3-Mm's Lioness (f, 3, Malabar Millennium--Maddie Hanover, by
                                                                Tetrick, $50,000
Valley Victory)                                                 3-Strike An Attitude (f, 3, W estern Hanover--Strike A
O-Tom Svrcek. B-Lindwood Farm. T-Robbie Roberts. D-Tim          Balance, by Artsplace) O-Robert McIntosh Stables Inc, CA
Tetrick, $5,0003                                                & C S X Stables & Jerry Silva. B-Robert McIntosh Stables
Calls: 5Q, 3T, 2Q, 1T, 1H                                       Inc, CA & Paul R Ysebaert, CA & C S X Stables. T-Robert
Finish Order: My Minnie Chip, Pacific Splash, Cutie Pie,        Mcintosh. D-Dave Palone, $24,000
Cantabulous                                                     Calls: 1Q, 1T, 1Q, HD, 2Q
                                                                Finish Order: Fresh Idea, In Deep Thought, Jolting Kate,
4, Chst, $50,000, Trot, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3 Year Old     Hasty Pulse, Mortgage Paid
Colts & Geldings Consolation, 27.2, 57.0, 1:25.1, 1:55.1, FT
1-I Love New York (c, 3, Broadway Hall--Mac's Love, by Bj's     9, Chst, $200,000, Trot, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3 Year
Mac) O-John J Coffey & Bruce D Clarke & Patricia L Waldeck.     Old Fillies Championship, M, 28.1, 58.0, 1:26.0, 1:54.3, FT
B-Bruce D Clarke & John J Coffey. T-Bruce Clarke. D-Ron         1-Caitrin Hall (f, 3, Tom Ridge--Cr Oh Suzanna, by
Pierce, $25,000, Lifetime Record: 20-5-2-5, $149,813            Royal Troubador), $30,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Patrick
2-Sevruga (g, 3, Sj's Caviar--Stunning Lindsey, by Malabar      Graham. B-Walnut Hall Limited. T-Tony Alagna. D-David
Man), $18,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-James M Meittinis & Tyler J        Miller, $100,000, Lifetime Record: 20-5-6-2, $306,209
Raymer. B-White Birch Farm. T-Tyler Raymer. D-Dave Palone,      2-Cedar Dove (f, 3, Andover Hall--Pine For Her, by Pine
$12,500                                                         Chip), $55,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Adam Victor & Son Stble
                                                                LLC & John D Fielding, CA. B-Robert M Anderson, CA &
3-Del Cielo (c, 3, Broadway Hall--Not Just Blonde, by Malabar
                                                                Rod Ferguson, CA. T-Noel Daley. D-Ron Pierce, $50,000
Man)O-George F Sholty Stb Inc & Barbara Bongiorno &
                                                                3-Action On George (f, 3, Great George Two--Photo W ith
Brendan Johnson. B-George F Sholty Stb Inc & Sholty Stable      Molly, by S J's Photo) O/B-Kenneth A Sommer. T-Virgil
Inc. T-G. Buzzy Sholty. D-George Brennan, $6,000                Morgan Jr. D-Tim Tetrick, $24,000
Calls: 5Q, 2T, 1Q, Q, NK                                        Calls: 1T, 1T, 1H, 1T, NK
Finish Order: Haulin Laser, Fawkes, Ride In Style               Finish Order: Cashmere N Caviar, Backstreet Hanover,
                                                                Decolletage, Love U Overandover, Bold And Fresh
5, Chst, $50,000, Pace, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3 Year Old
Colts & Geldings Consolation, 27.0, 56.3, 1:24.0, 1:51.2, FT    10, Chst, $200,000, Pace, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3
1-Wink N Atcha (c, 3, Dragon Again--Kiss My Lips, by            Year Old Colts & Geldings Championship, M, 25.3, 54.2,
Artsplace), $40,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Theodore Gewertz &           1:22.1, 1:49.4, FT
Robert M Feldman & Paisano Stable & Gustis W Teague.            1-Big Bad John (c, 3, Western Hanover--Trulyawork Of
B-Roll The Dice Stable. T-George Teague Jr. D-Yannick           Art, by Artsplace), $130,000 2009 LEX-SEL
Gingras, $25,000, Lifetime Record: 21-9-0-5, $524,692           O-W inchester Baye Acres Inc. B-Kentuckiana Farms Gen
2-Reckless Ric (c, 3, Quik Pulse Mindale--Sand Speed, by        Par. T-Ron Potter. D-David Miller, $100,000, Lifetime
Matt's Scooter), $6,500 2009 BRDS-SEL O-Bay Pond Racing         Record: 19-14-2-1, $668,732
Stable. B-Winbak Farm. T-George Teague Jr. D-Tim Tetrick,       2-Hugadragon (g, 3, Dragon Again--Hip Huggers, by
$12,500                                                         Nobleland Sam) O-Burke Racing Stable LLC. B-Sylvia A
                                                                Burke & Frederick F Koechlin & Ronald J Burke. T-Ron
3-The Pepperoni Kid (c, 3, Four Starzzz Shark--Four Starz
                                                                Burke. D-Yannick Gingras, $50,000
Sands, by The Panderosa) O-Karen S Ritter & Alice E Shuba.
                                                                3-Mystic Desire (c, 3, Real Desire--Cannes Festival, by
B-Four Starzzzz Stable LLC. T-Jan Fread. D-Ron Pierce,
                                                                Artiscape), $15,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Let It Ride Stables
$6,000                                                          Inc & Robert Cooper Stables LLC & Jerry Silva & Mr Dana
Calls: 1T, 1H, 1T, 1T, HD                                       L Parham. B-Pedigree Farm, CA & Karin B Olsson Bur-
Finish Order: Vegas Rusty, Sapphire City, Hone The Razor,       gess, CA. T-Ross Croghan. D-Tim Tetrick, $24,000
Lucky Sniper                                                    Calls: 5, 1H, 1, H, 1T
                                                                Finish Order: Jolts Virtue, Sky Mesa, Real Special, Dana's
                                                                Sharp Smart, Custard The Dragon        • 9/9/11 PAGE 9 of 15

11, Chst, $200,000, Trot, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes 3           W ood & W illiam J Dittmar Jr & Stephen J Iaquinta.
Year Old Colts & Geldings Championship, M, 27.2, 56.2,         B-W alnut Hall Limited. T-Eric Ell. D-Geo. Napolitano Jr,
1:25.0, 1:54.4, FT                                             $10,500, Lifetime Record: 113-24-16-12, $259,857
1-Opening Night (c, 3, Broadway Hall--Rare Elegance,           To view the replay click here
by Self Possessed), $45,000 2009 SHS-HBG
O-Runthetable Stables. B-Robert A & Lauren B Tucker.           9, Chst, $25,000, Pace, Fillies & Mares NW $18,000 in
T-Jim Campbell. D-John Campbell, $100,000, Lifetime            Last 5 Starts 4 Yr. Olds & Older Last Starts for a purse of
Record: 19-6-3-3, $462,208                                     greater than $30,000 ineligible AE:NW 9 Ext. PM Races
2-Big Rigs (c, 3, Andover Hall--Filly At Bigs, by Donerail),   or $80,000 Lifetime, 27.2, 56.1, 1:24.0, 1:52.3, SY
$70,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Miller's Stable Inc & Dm Sta-           Red Star Hottie (m, 6, As Promised--Whitehorse Fever,
bles LLC & C Ed Mullinax. B-Diamond Creek Farm LLC.            by Rumpus Hanover), $9,500 2006 BC O-Burke Racing
T-Kelly O'Donnell. D-Tim Tetrick, $50,000                      Stable LLC & W eaver Bruscemi LLC. B-Merianne L &
3-Magnum Kosmos (c, 3, Sj's Caviar--Mega Magic Vita,           Martin A Fess, CA & Dave A McDonald, CA. T-Ron Burke.
by Donerail), $6,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-The W iz Kids              D-Yannick Gingras, $12,500, Lifetime Record: 80-31-16-7,
Stable LLC. B-Kosmos Horse Breeders Inc. T-Tony                $477,905. To view the replay click here
Dinges. D-Dave Palone, $24,000
Calls: 2Q, 1H, 1H, 1H, 1Q                                      12, Chst, $25,000, Trot, NW $18,000 in Last 5 Starts 4
Finish Order: Buffalino Hanover, Orlando, Unabating,           Yr. Olds & Older Last Starts for a purse of greater than
Bambino Hall, W ashingtonian                                   $30,000 ineligible AE:NW 9 Ext. PM Races or $80,000
                                                               Lifetime, 28.4, 57.2, 1:26.4, 1:56.1, SY
Wednesday’s Results                                            Captain Primeau (g, 7, Enjoy Lavec--Lizzie Lee Brook,
10, Chst, $30,000, Pace, Fillies & Mares NW $25,000 in         by Joie De Vie) O/B-Conny & Anneli M Svensson.
Last 5 Starts, 27.1, 56.2, 1:23.1, 1:51.4, FT                  T-Conny Svensson. D-Ron Pierce, $12,500, Lifetime
1-Lightning Treasure (m, 6, Western Ideal--Treasure            Record: 87-18-13-8, $199,152. To view replay click here
The Best, by Cambest), $41,000 2006 LEX-SEL
O-Lightning Stable. B-Brittany Farms. T-Monte Gelrod.
D-David Miller, $15,000, Lifetime Record: 96-27-12-17,
2-Save My Shark (m, 5, Four Starzzz Shark--Save My
Life, by Life Sign), $25,000 2007 SHS-HBG O-Joe
Sbrocco & Frank Dettore Horse Racing LLC & James               Monday’s Results
Russell Arledge. B-Spring Haven Farm. T-Tony Alagna.
D-Jim Pantaleano, $7,500                                       9, Moh, $204,626, Pace, SIMCOE STAKES - 3 YEAR
3-Mystra (m, 6, Art Major--Pastrami Hanover, by                OLD FILLIES, 26, 53.2, 1:21.3, 1:50.3 FT
Camluck)                                                       1-Tea Party Princess (b,f,3 - Art Major-Hannah
O-Foulk Stables Inc. B-Suzanne H Gates. T-Trish Foulk.         Banana-No Nukes), $40,000 LEX-SEL 2009. O-Brad D
D-Ron Pierce, $3,600                                           Gray B-Kentuckiana Farms. T-David Menary D-James
Calls: 5H, T, 1Q, 1H, 1H                                       Morrill Jr, $102,313. Lifetime Record: 21-9-6-1, $278,703.
Finish Order: Alice's Restaurant, Astreas Notice,              2-Monkey On My Wheel ((b,f,3 - Art Major-Hannah Ba-
Southwind Swallow, Ideal Nectarine, Boca Hanover               nana-No Nukes) O/B-Mac Nichol-Travis Umphrey
                                                               T-,Travis Umphrey D-Jody Jamieson, $51,156
Thursday’s Results                                             3- Idyllic ((br,f,3 - American Ideal-Magical
5, Chst, $21,000, Trot, NW $13,000 in Last 5 Starts 4 Yr.      Dreamer-Magical Mike) $13,000 LEX-SEL 2009 O-W est
Olds & Older Last Starts for a purse of greater than           W ins Stable, Michael A La Cova, Joseph Lacova,John A
$25,000 ineligible, 28.3, 57.3, 1:27.2, 1:57.3, SY             Campagnuolo B-Steve Stewart, Diane Giuliano, T-Casie
Boinga (m, 4, Windsong's Legacy--Melody Of Love, by            Coleman D-Dave Miller, $24,565.
Supergill), $15,000 2008 SHS-HBG O-Anthony J Risi &
Bernard M O'Brien. B-Jesmeral Stable. T-Brian Roland.
D-Daryl Bier, $10,500, Lifetime Record: 43-8-8-3,
$178,650. To view the replay click here
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8, Chst, $21,000, Trot, NW $13,000 in Last 5 Starts 4 Yr.    
Olds & Older Last Starts for a purse of greater than
$25,000 ineligible, 28.1, 58.4, 1:27.1, 1:56.3, SY
Matrix Hall (g, 7, Conway Hall--Melissa Hall, by Super
Bowl), $150,000 2005 W ALNUTHALLO-W m Kenneth       • 9/9/11 PAGE 10 of 15

Tuesday’s Results                                             guided her to the front past the half in :59.1.
                                                                Check Me Out took her six rivals past three-quarters in
2, Moh, $204,626, Trot. SIMCOE STAKES - 3 YEAR                1:28.3. W in Missy B was stalking in the pocket with Miss
OLD FILLIES.                                                  Majestic and Sylvain Filion tracking her.
1-Southwind Amiga (br,f,3 - Chocolatier-Southwind               Turning for home, Check Me Out tried to trot away from
Agnes-Malabar Man) $180,000 LEX-SEL 2009 O-David              her rivals, but W in Missy B was able to stay with the unde-
Anderson B-Southwind Farm, T-Trond Smedshammer                feated filly and reached the wire first in the final strides to
D-Jody Jamieson, $102,313 Lifetime Record: 11-2-2-2,          score the 7-2 upset. Check Me Out stayed for second,
$131,503                                                      with Miss Majestic third.
2-Lady Rainbow (b,f,3 - Muscles
Yankee-Sunshinenlollipops-Garland Lobell) O/B-Rick               “I was very impressed with her tonight,” Ritchie said
Zeron Stables,The Camel Club Stable, Rojan Stables,           following the race. “She’s a great filly to drive and was on
Herbert W Chambers T/D-Rick Zeron, $51,156                    both lines. She was nice and relaxed and when Tim come
3-Eagle Canada (b,f,3 - Kadabra-Sturdy Lori-Sturdy            at me, she let him go and stayed at her task.”
Sahbra) O/B-Dettore Farms. T-Gregg McNair. D-Doug                Turning for home, Ritchie wasn’t sure if his filly would be
McNair, $24,565                                               able to hand Check Me Out her first career defeat.
                                                                 “She was telling me that she still had some trot left turn-
Thursday’s Results                                            ing for home,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be
1, Moh. $30,000, Trot. Peaceful W ay-Elimination 28.3,        able to catch Tim’s filly or not, but when I moved her over
59.3, 1:29.2, 1:43.1, 1:57.2 FT                               she started to go forward and then I realized that we do
Superstar Hanover (f,2 - Cantab Hall-Star                     have a shot here.”
Hanover-Yankee Glide). O-Christina Takter,East                  W in Missy B, a daughter of Conway Hall, captured her
W indsor,NJ-John D Fielding,Toronto-Louie J Camara. B-        fourth victory in seven starts for trainer Charlie Norris for
Hanover Shoe Farms. T-Jimmy Takter. D-Jimmy Takter,           owner Robert Key. The winner of $86,780 has selected
$15,000. Lifetime Record: 5-2-2-0, $63,955. W inning          post four for the final.
margin: 5T                                                       Jimmy Takter, who was recently inducted into the US
To view the replay click here                                 Living Hall of Fame, guided Superstar Hanover to victory
                                                              in 1:57.
2, Moh, $30,000, Trot. Peaceful W ay-Elimination. 29.1,          The daughter of Cantab Hall immediately took command
59.1, 1:28.3, 1:42.3, 1:56.3 FT                               from post four ahead of her six rivals to lead past the first
Win Missy B (f,2 - Conway Hall-Winning Missbrenda-            station in :28.3. The pace slowed heading towards the half
American Winner). O & B-Robert J. Key. T-Charlie              which allowed Randy W aples to angle out from third with
Norris. D-Trevor Ritchie, $15,000. Lifetime Record: 7-4-1-    W itch W ay and strike the front to lead past the mid-way
0, $86,780. W inning Margin: H                                point in :59.3.
To view the replay click here                                    Heading around the final turn, Takter once again called
                                                              upon Superstar Hanover as she brushed past W itch Way
                                                              and was one top by two and three-quarter lengths past
4, Moh, $30,000, Trot. Peaceful W ay-Elimination 29,
                                                              three-quarters in 1:29.2.
1:00.2, 1:30.1, 1:44.1, 1:58 FT
                                                                 Down the stretch, Superstar Hanover drew away from
Aunt Mel (f, 2, Yankee Glide-Kimmie Hall-Striking
                                                              her rivals to score a convincing victory by five and
Sahbra). O-Mary Jane Anderson. B-Hanover Shoe Farms.
                                                              three-quarter lengths. W itch W ay stayed for second with
T-Erv Miller. D-Tim Tetrick, $15,000. Lifetime Record: 7-2-
                                                              Princess Fortune and Anthony MacDonald getting up for
2-0, $73,050. W inning Margin: T
                                                              the show spot.
To view the replay click here
                                                                 Superstar Hanover scored her second career victory in
                                                              five lifetime starts for Takter, who trains the filly for his
Check Me Out Tastes First Career Defeat In                    wife, Christina Taker, and partners John Fielding and
Peaceful Way Elims                                            Louie Camara.
By Greg Gangle                                                   The winner of $63,955 paid $3.00 for the win as the post
   A trio of $30,000 Peaceful W ay eliminations               time favourite.
took place Thursday evening at Mohawk Racetrack featur-          Aunt Mel and driver Tim Tetrick posted the 9-1 upset in
ing the continent’s top freshmen trotting fillies.            the final elimination, stopping the clock in 1:58.
   W in Missy B and driver Trevor Ritchie gave the 1-9           W ith two horses making a break behind the gate and
favourite, Check Me Out, her first career defeat in nine      one scratch, Xquisite Chocolate and Trevor Ritchie led the
tries to advance to next week’s $447,000 final.               field past the first panel in :29. The pace slowed heading
   Ritchie wasted little time in the early going as he sent   towards the half as Xquisite Chocolate reached it in
W in Missy B to the front past the opening panel in :29.1.    1:00.2. Aunt Mel was in the pocket with Love W alked In
Tim Tetrick angled Check Me Out to the outside and            (continued page 11)         • 9/9/11 PAGE 11 of 15

 and Andy Miller sitting third. Scott Zeron positioned Miss      Steven M Held. B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-Joe Pavia
Paris off the pace in fourth.                                    Jr. D-Joe Pavia Jr, $24,604, Lifetime Record: 7-3-2-1,
  Before the three-quarter pole, Tetrick pulled the right line   $79,259
and quickly sent Aunt Mel around Xquisite Chocolate to           2-Lawgiver Hanover (c, 2, Art Major--Lauren Order, by
lead past three-quarters in 1:30.1. Down the stretch, Aunt       Dragon Again), $75,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Rick D Phillips
Mel was in command and fended off a late challenge from          & W Springtime Racing Stb & Deena Rachel Frost.
Miss Paris with Love W alked In settling for third.              B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-Mark Harder. D-George
  Aunt Mel, a two-time winner, is a daughter of Yankee           Brennan, $12,302
Glide who boasts earnings of $73,050 for trainer Erv Miller      3-Glass Prince (c, 2, Artiscape--China Princess, by No
and owner Mary Jane Anderson.                                    Nukes), $20,000 2010 LEX-SEL O-Stake Your Claim
  Next week’s rich final will begin with the following post      Stable. B-W inbak Farm. T-Linda Toscano. D-Tim Tetrick,
positions:                                                       $5,905
                                                                 Calls: 6, 10, 5H, 2T, HD
1) Miss Majestic                                                 Finish Order: Piece Of Art Work, Art's Delight, Sir Howie's
2) Superstar Hanover                                             Z Tam, Street King
3) Aunt Mel
4) W in Missy B                                                  8, MR, $49,209, Pace, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES TW O
5) Princess Fortune                                              YEAR OLD COLTS, 29.4, 59.4, 1:29.1, 1:57.2, SY
6) Miss Paris                                                    1-Heston Blue Chip (c, 2, American Ideal--Shot Togo
7) W itch Way                                                    Bluechip, by Cam's Card Shark), $30,000 2010
8) Xquisite Chocolate                                            SHS-HBG O-Kenneth E Jacobs. B-Blue Chip Bloodstock
9) Love W alked In                                               Inc. T-Linda Toscano. D-Tim Tetrick, $24,604, Lifetime
10) Check Me Out                                                 Record: 7-6-1-0, $116,836
                                                                 2-Dynamic Youth (c, 2, Bettor's Delight--Always True, by
                                                                 W estern Hanover), $85,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Jerry &
                                                                 Theresa Gentry Silva & Kenneth R Tucci & C&G Racing
                                                                 Stable. B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-Aaron Lambert.
                                                                 D-George Brennan, $12,302
                                                                 3-Union Man Hanover (c, 2, Artiscape--Up Front Rose,
Wednesday’s Results                                              by W estern Hanover), $25,000 2010 NJ-CL
1, MR, $49,209, Pace, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES TW O                  O-Stake Your Claim Stable & The Bay's Stable LLC &
YEAR OLD COLTS, 29.0, 58.4, 1:28.2, 1:58.0, SY                   Daniel J Baer. B-Hanover Shoe Farms Inc. T-Linda
1-Forever Just (c, 2, Bettor's Delight--Forever Cam, by          Toscano. D-Jason Bartlett, $5,905
Western Hanover), $35,000 2010 LEX-SEL O-Stake                   Calls: 1T, 1T, 1H, 2, 1Q
Your Claim Stable & Fred W allace. B-W alnut Hall Stock          Finish Order: Majority Share, W inbak Shake, Sir Globalop
Farm. T-Linda Toscano. D-Tim Tetrick, $24,604, Lifetime          Z Tam, Jk Panache
Record: 8-6-2-0, $117,218
2-Twin B Hollister (c, 2, Bettor's Delight--Beach Bound,
by Beach Towel), $57,000 2010 SHS-HBG O-Theodore
Gewertz & Fannin Racing LLC & George Teague Jr Inc..
B-Twinbrook Limited, CA. T-George Teague Jr. D-Jim
Morrill Jr, $12,302
3-Art Of Temptation (g, 2, Artiscape--Temptation Island,
by Island Fantasy), $16,000 2010 MORRIS O-Michael A
Belotti & David M & Edward W Reich & Ian B Kaufman.
B-W inbak Farm. T-Ian Kaufman. D-Gregory Merton,
Calls: T, 1H, Q, 1H, H                                           Monday at Plainridge Raceway
Finish Order: Good Bet, Reflection On Me, Sir Melo's Z           8, PRc, $20,000, Pace, THE STAN BERGSTEIN PACE 3
Tam, Raymond J                                                   YEAR OLDS BY INVITATION ONLY, 26.2, 55.4, 1:23.1,
                                                                 1:52.2, FT
5, MR, $49,209, Pace, NEW YORK SIRE STAKES TW O                  1-Trigger Finger (g, 3, Gunthatwonthewest--Gails A
YEAR OLD COLTS, 29.2, 58.1, 1:26.2, 1:56.4, SY                   Crombie, by Abercrombie) O-Noella M Leblanc & Don-
1-Steelhead Hanover (c, 2, Bettor's Delight--Special             ald J Emond. B-Joe Seekman Racing Stable & Mar-Jo
Beauty, by Rustler Hanover), $75,000 2010 SHS-HBG                Horse Farm. T-Leonard Le Blanc. D-Steven Nason,
O-Agc Stables Inc & Dijo Racing Inc & Joseph Barbera &           $10,000, Lifetime Record: 27-11-3-2, $45,339      • 9/9/11 PAGE 12 of 15

10, PRc, $20,000, Pace, THE BERT BECKW ITH MEMO-
RIAL, 27.3, 57.0, 1:25.2, 1:55.1, FT
1-Gray Bomber (g, 6, Cambest--Gray Lady Gray, by
Laag), $20,000 2006 SHS-HBG O-Janet L Bennett &
Katharine H Nason. B-Albert C Adams. T-John Nason.
D-John Nason, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 48-13-6-11,

                                                            Monday at Running Aces
                                                            1, Aces, $20,000, Trot, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MINNE-
                                                            SOTA-SIRED 2 YEAR OLDS, 30.4, 1:03.3, 1:33.3, 2:03.3,
                                                            1-Ras Shakinthtbacon (f, 2, Abra--Mack Magic Vita, by
Tuesday’s Results                                           Mack Lobell) O-Rockaway Racing Stable. B-Alvin M
                                                            Martin. T-Trent Drollinger. D-W ill Roland, $10,000, Life-
10, PcD, $24,000, Pace, 3 & 4 Year Olds Claiming Handi-     time Record: 9-6-1-1, $23,550
cap $25,000 - $30,000 Post Position By Price, 26.3, 55.2,
1:23.4, 1:52.4, SY                                          2, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-
1-Triple Major (g, 4, Art Major--Triple Gem, by Goalie      NESOTA-SIRED 2 YEAR OLD FILLIES, 26.4, 56.2,
Jeff), $22,000 2008 SHS-HBG O-Keith J Pippi. B-Sheila       1:26.0, 1:56.4, FT
M Baird. T-Kent Sherman. D-Jim Morrill Jr, $12,000, Life-   1-Iheartquestionmark (f, 2, General Aidid--Fernsplace,
time Record: 53-7-6-2, $180,251                             by Artsplace) O-Merlin G Van Otterloo. B-Timothy P
                                                            Lems & Larry L Juhnke. T-Kyle Van Otterloo. D-Joey
Wednesday’s Results                                         Mapes, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 8-2-3-1, $17,490

10, PcD, $50,000, Pace, Fillies & Mares Open, 27.0, 55.1,   3, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-
1:23.4, 1:52.3, SY                                          NESOTA-SIRED 2 YEAR OLD COLTS, M, 28.0, 58.0,
1-Ticket To Rock (m, 4, Rocknroll Hanover--Odds On J        1:26.1, 1:56.0, FT
P, by Artsplace), $47,000 2008 LEX-SEL. O-Let It Ride       1-I'm Blue Too (g, 2, General Aidid--Broadway Melody,
Stables Inc & Mentally Stable Inc & Robert Cooper Sta-      by Broadway Express) O-Robert J Lems. B-Timothy P
bles LLC & Jerry Silva. B-Perretti Farms. T-Ross Croghan.   Lems & Larry L Juhnke. T-Robert Lems. D-Dean Magee,
D-Andrew McCarthy, $25,000, Lifetime Record:                $10,000, Lifetime Record: 8-3-0-2, $16,080
48-18-10-7, $943,005
2-Billmar Scooter (m, 6, Keystone Raider--Its Scooter       4, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-
Time, by Tooter Scooter)O-Oldford Farms LLC & Allen         NESOTA-SIRED 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES, 28.2, 57.4,
Sisco Stable LLC & Tyler L Buter. B-W illiam F Roberts.     1:25.3, 1:54.3, FT
T-Amber Buter. D-Tyler Buter, $12,500                       1-I Do It Myself (f, 3, Relentless Yankee--Ac Amy, by
3-Higher And Higher (m, 4, W estern Terror--Pro Bowl        Accacallis) O-Nick Royce Roland. B-Brian Eugene & Kim
Best, by Cambest) O-Daryl Scott Bier & Glenn F Del          K Larson. T-Tessa Roland. D-Nick Roland, $10,000,
Russo & Charles A Dombeck. B-Perfect World Enter-           Lifetime Record: 31-9-5-5, $41,040
prises. T-Daryl Bier. D-Daryl Bier, $6,000
Calls: 1Q, 1Q, 1Q, 1Q, NK                                   5, Aces, $20,000, Trot, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MINNE-
Finish Order: Docdor Libby, Chancey Lady, Symphony In       SOTA-SIRED 3 YEAR OLDS, 30.2, 1:02.0, 1:32.0, 2:01.2,
Motion, Full Picture                                        FT
                                                            1-Greenback (g, 3, Rich Boy--Fight Back, by Garland
12, PcD, $29,000, Pace, Fillies & Mares Winners Over        Lobell) O-Harvard I Sandbulte. B-Jenson Stables. T-Joel
$25,000 Lifetime, 27.3, 56.4, 1:25.1, 1:53.2, SY            Mc Danel. D-Lemoyne Svendsen, $10,000, Lifetime Re-
Flirtiscape (m, 7, Artiscape--Ladys A Flirt, by Cam's       cord: 23-8-4-2, $27,274
Card Shark) O-John J Darrah & Nick P Ruscigno & Law-
rence K Keethe. B-Alan M Kirschenbaum. T-Lou Pena.          6, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-
D-Geo. Napolitano Jr, $14,500, Lifetime Record:             NESOTA-SIRED 3 YEAR OLD COLTS, 30.1, 1:01.0,
134-34-19-20, $549,234                                      1:28.3, 1:56.3, FT
                                                            1-Ya U Bet Cha (g, 3, Heavenly Favored--Fox Valley
                                                            Forever, by Incredible Finale) O-W endy Sue Haberberg.
                                                            B-Ronald W Hanusa. T-Wendy Haberberg. D-Gerald
                                                            Longo, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 27-7-7-2, $37,250     • 9/9/11 PAGE 13 of 15

7, Aces, $20,000, Trot, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MINNE-       Star, by Radiant Ruler) O-Racing Team Of America.
SOTA-SIRED 4 YEAR OLDS & UP, 29.0, 59.3, 1:29.4,        B-Robert A Tourangeau. T-Nat Varty. D-George Brennan,
2:00.3, FT                                              $13,000, Lifetime Record: 108-35-15-4, $342,831
1-Dj French Baby (m, 4, Dem Speedy
Bones--Frenchrose, by Primrose Lane) O-Trot-Away        13, YR, $22,000, Pace, NON-W INNERS OF $8,000 IN
                                                        LAST 6 STARTS W INNERS OVER $50,000 IN 2011 NOT
Stables. B-Kenneth Z Stauffer. T-Mark A King. D-Rick
                                                        ELIGIBLE. AE. 3&4 YEAR OLD NON-W INNERS OF 8
Magee, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 32-13-7-2, $61,547
                                                        P-M RACES W INNERS OVER $150,000 LIFETIME NOT
                                                        ELIGIBLE., 7, 27.0, 57.3, 1:25.0, 2:00.1, FT
                                                        1-Little Prince (g, 4, Aces N' Sevens--Western Prin-
8, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-         cess, by Western Hanover) O-Garry A Hart. B-Garry A &
NESOTA-SIRED 4 YEAR OLDS & UP MARES, M, 26.4,           Susan A Hart. T-Bruce Lauer. D-George Brennan,
56.4, 1:26.0, 1:55.2, FT                                $11,000, Lifetime Record: 61-8-6-14, $107,666
1-Dandy Di (m, 6, R C's Sammy--We Be Sweet, by
Falcon Seelster) O-Robert J Lems. B-Christopher E       Tuesday’s Results
Lems. T-Robert Lems. D-Nick Roland, $10,000, Lifetime   4, YR, $57,627, Trot, THE $230,508 BEDFORD TROT
Record: 123-25-28-20, $161,292                          NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES
                                                        STARTING FEE $1,000 **1ST DIVISION**, 30.1, 1:01.0,
9, Aces, $20,000, Pace, STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MIN-         1:31.2, 2:01.0, SY
NESOTA-SIRED 4 YEAR OLDS & UP HORSES & GELD-            1-Some Girls (f, 3, Conway Hall--Emotional Rescue, by
                                                        American Winner), $33,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Theodore
INGS, 27.0, 57.2, 1:26.1, 1:55.0, FT
                                                        Gewertz & Michael H Rosenthal & Y Jean Brunet, CA &
1-Restless Yankee (g, 4, Relentless Yankee--Towners
                                                        Gaetan Joseph Brunet. B-London Farms & W ayne
Love Dove, by Big Towner) O-Ronald C Emerson &          Jacobus. T-Gates Brunet. D-Brian Sears, $28,813, Life-
Mark W Holtan. B-Ronald C Emerson. T-Robert Lems.       time Record: 24-14-4-1, $395,829
D-Craig Banks, $10,000, Lifetime Record: 57-21-8-9,     2-Temper Of Will (f, 3, Conway Hall--Dixie Crystal, by Mr
$116,131                                                Lavec), $51,000 2009 MORRIS O-Roger T Slobody &
                                                        Alfred Ross & Raymond W J Campbell Jr. B-Ann-Mari
                                                        Daley & Mary Jane W hite & Raymond W J Campbell Jr.
                                                        T-Trond Smedshammer. D-George Brennan, $14,406
                                                        3-Imageofasweetday (f, 3, Conway Hall--Sweet Janet, by
                                                         Balanced Image), $45,000 2009 SHS-HBG O-Edmund C
                                                        Smith & Nicholas A Andreoli & James J Giannuzzi &
Monday’s Results                                        David B Smith. B-Jonas L Schlabach. T-John Stark Jr.
10, YR, $26,000, Pace, 3&4 YEAR OLD CLAIMING AL-        D-John Stark Jr, $6,915
LOWANCE $30,000 W INNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST           Calls: 2, 1T, 1T, 1Q, 1H
                                                        Finish Order: Dream Ticket, Brooklyn, Cash On The Rail,
6 STARTS NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M
                                                        Forza Azzuri, Ima Que T
20%, 7, 27.1, 57.1, 1:24.4, 2:00.2, FT
1-Pan From Nantucket (g, 3, No Pan                      5, YR, $57,627, Trot, THE $230,508 BEDFORD TROT
Intended--Pantathlon, by The Panderosa) O-Arlene F      NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES
Shaw & Alice V Bonenfant & P Richard Shaw. B-Peter      STARTING FEE $1,000 **2ND DIVISION**, 29.4, 1:00.3,
Pan Stables Inc. T-Casie Coleman. D-George Brennan,     1:30.1, 2:01.0, SY
$13,000, Lifetime Record: 21-5-4-0, $107,752            1-Massive Drama (f, 3, Credit Winner--Shannon Hall,
                                                        by Garland Lobell), $85,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Stable 45
11, YR, $26,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE              & Deena Rachel Frost & Peter Paul Venturini. B-Diamond
$30,000 WINNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS           Creek Farm LLC. T-Mark Harder. D-Jeff Gregory,
NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 27.1,     $28,813, Lifetime Record: 18-4-2-2, $136,168
57.1, 1:25.3, 2:01.0, FT                                2-Go Go Dancer (f, 3, Credit Winner--Princess Gladia-
1-Wynsum Magic (g, 7, Camotion--Last But Not Least,     tor, by Valley Victory) O-Jim W inske & Stephen G Mi-
by Cam Fella) O-Norman Smiley. B-Emil W ydareny, CA.    chaels & Rossie L Smith & Kelley Racing Stable LLC.
T-Casie Coleman. D-George Brennan, $13,000, Lifetime    B-Robert Rosenheim Stbs LTD. T-Paul Kelley. D-Cat
Record: 123-14-20-16, $175,952                          Manzi, $14,406
                                                        3-Enchanted (f, 3, Conway Hall--Stockholm Image, by
                                                        Balanced Image), $36,000 2009 MORRIS O-Robert
12, YR, $26,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE
                                                        Guerrini & Mill Valley Vet Clinic & Raymond W J Campbell
$30,000 WINNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS           Jr. B-Raymond W J Campbell. T-Perry Simser. D-Brian
NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 27.1,     Sears, $6,915
56.0, 1:24.2, 2:00.1, FT                                Calls: 8H, 5, 1T, 1H, NK Finish Order: Sweet Possession,
1-Terrys Star Dragon (g, 6, Sweet Dragon--My Radiant    Ya Ya Lindy, Pass The Popcorn, In Your Room, W iggs       • 9/9/11 PAGE 14 of 15

6, YR, $57,627, Trot, THE $230,508 BEDFORD TROT               Wynsum Magic (g, 7, Camotion--Last But Not Least,
NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES                       by Cam Fella) O-Norman Smiley. B-Emil W ydareny, CA.
STARTING FEE $1,000 **3RD DIVISION**, 29.0, 1:00.0,           T-Casie Coleman. D-George Brennan, $13,000, Lifetime
1:29.4, 2:00.1, SY                                            Record: 123-14-20-16, $175,952
1-Miss Sue V (f, 3, Credit Winner--Sunday Yankee, by
Muscles Yankee) O-Kelley Racing Stable LLC & W illiam         12, YR, $23,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE
B W eaver III. B-Valley High Stable. T-Paul Kelley. D-Brian   $25,000 WINNERS OVER $35,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS
Sears, $28,813, Lifetime Record: 18-9-1-3, $220,033           NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 27.2,
2-All Munky Business (f, 3, Dream Vacation--Eagle             56.3, 1:25.0, 2:02.1, SY
Lane, by Lindy Lane), $6,000 2009 LEX-SEL O-Funky             Did It Again (g, 6, Western Hanover--Oath, by
Munky Stable LLC. B-Dettore Farms Inc. T-Marthe Drolet.       Artsplace)
D-Daniel Dube, $14,406                                        O-Rene M Allard, CA. B-Steve Jones. T-Rene Allard.
3-Epona Blue Chip (f, 3, Conway Hall--Hustle N Muscle,        D-Daniel Dube, $11,500, Lifetime Record: 82-19-14-9,
by Muscles Yankee), $70,000 2009 SHS-HBG                      $181,509
O-Raymond W Schnittker & Epona Stb. B-Blue Chip
Bloodstock Inc. T-Ray Schnittker. D-Ray Schnittker,           Thursday’s Results
$6,915                                                        6, YR, $20,000, Trot, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE $20,000
Calls: 2H, 1T, 2H, 2, 9                                       W INNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS NOT
Finish Order: Julianna Marvel, Eight Bells, Kendall Blue,     ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 27.2, 56.4,
Conwayslassie, Dreamgirl Lindy                                1:27.0, 2:04.4, FT
                                                              Swing And A Hit (g, 7, Pegasus Spur--Swing Anna
7, YR, $57,627, Trot, THE $230,508 BEDFORD TROT               Miss, by Striking Sahbra), $34,000 2005 OH-SEL
NEW YORK SIRE STAKES 3 YEAR OLD FILLIES                       O-Robert M W einstein. B-Jonas L Schlabach. T-Chris
STARTING FEE $1,000 **4TH DIVISION**, 28.3, 58.0,             Marino. D-George Brennan, $10,000, Lifetime Record:
1:28.1, 2:00.0, SY                                            143-24-21-22, $202,372. To view replay click here
1-Nowerland Firebird (f, 3, Cash Hall--Nowerland
G-girl, by Garland Lobell) O-Michi Yvette Abday &             8, YR, $20,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE $20,000
Gilberto Garcia-Herrera. B-Paul S & Pauline E Nower &         W INNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS NOT
Calvin D Lasher. T-Gilbert Garcia-Herrera. D-George           ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 26.4, 57.1,
Brennan, $28,813, Lifetime Record: 20-4-2-7, $109,861         1:25.4, 2:01.2, FT
2-Cameo Credit (f, 3, Credit W inner--Celebrity Sweedie,      Tilt Ya Kilt N (g, 10, Camtastic--Scottish Flyer, by In
by Yankee Glide), $35,000 2009 SHS-HBG. O-Harbor              The Pocket) O-Carl G Cito Jr. B-Stonewall Stud LTD, NZ.
Racing Stable LLC. B-W hite Birch Farm. T-Jim Raymer.         T-Carl Cito Jr. D-Cat Manzi, $10,000, Lifetime Record:
D-Jim Raymer, $14,406                                         174-20-29-28, $306,669. To view replay click here
3-Em El Cash (f, 3, Cash Hall--Agra, by Sir Taurus),
$18,000 2009 MORRIS O-American Viking Rc Stb &                9, YR, $22,000, Trot, NON-W INNERS OF $8,000 IN
Diane L Giuliano. B-Douglas & Tyra Joanne Ackley.             LAST 6 STARTS W INNERS OVER $50,000 IN 2011 NOT
T-Trond Smedshammer. D-Brian Sears, $6,915                    ELIGIBLE. AE. 3&4 YEAR OLD NON-W INNERS OF 8
Calls: 2, 3, 2T, 1T, 2Q                                       P-M RACES W INNERS OVER $150,000 LIFETIME NOT
Finish Order: Tap Tap Dance, Birthday Bonus, Jezzy, Ms        ELIGIBLE., 7, 27.3, 58.3, 1:27.4, 2:05.0, FT
Tiffany Trooper, La Braba                                     Pio Power (g, 4, Andover Image--E L Lexi, by Emile
                                                              Angus) O-Patricia Ceraso & Trish M Foulk. B-Erkki
10, YR, $20,000, Pace, 3&4 YEAR OLD CLAIMING AL-              Laakkonen, FI. T-Jack Franklin. D-Brent Holland, $11,000,
LOWANCE $20,000 W INNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST                 Lifetime Record: 34-7-6-3, $101,938. To view replay click
6 STARTS NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M                here
20%, 7, 27.2, 56.4, 1:25.3, 2:02.2, SY
Sam's Slot Machine (g, 4, Nobleland Sam--Sincere              10, YR, $23,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE
Dart, by Billy Dart), $10,000 2008 OH-SEL O-Rene M            $25,000 WINNERS OVER $35,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS
Allard, CA. B-Midland Acres Inc. T-Rene Allard.               NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 26.4,
D-Stephane Bouchard, $10,000, Lifetime Record:                56.0, 1:24.3, 2:01.1, FT
51-19-6-4, $81,769                                            Hushhush Mushmush (h, 6, Life Sign--Barrington
                                                              Belle A, by Ticket To Heaven) O-Marissa L Russo.
11, YR, $26,000, Pace, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE                    B-Anatolia Racing Stb Inc. T-W illiam Kapinos. D-George
$30,000 WINNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS                 Brennan, $11,500, Lifetime Record: 92-9-8-16, $137,215
NOT ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 27.1,           To view the replay click here
57.1, 1:25.3, 2:01.0, FT       • 9/9/11 PAGE 15 of 15

11, YR, $22,000, Pace, F&M NON-W INNERS OF $8,000             to be clean.
IN LAST 6 STARTS W INNERS OVER $50,000 IN 2011                   “Despite the fact that racing regulators test for more
NOT ELIGIBLE. AE. 3&4 YEAR OLD NON-W INNERS OF                substances with greater sensitivity than any other sport,
8 P-M RACES W INNERS OVER $150,000 LIFETIME                   less than one half of one percent of all tests detected a
NOT ELIGIBLE., 7, 27.3, 57.2, 1:26.0, 2:02.3, FT              substance not allowed to be in the horse on raceday,” he
Late Flyin N (m, 6, Sands A Flyin--Dunnigan's Girl, by        said.
Macatross) O-Carl G Cito Jr. B-Mrs S & T H Ruddenklau,           The RCI report also shows that instances of “horse dop-
NZ. T-Carl Cito Jr. D-Cat Manzi, $11,000, Lifetime Re-        ing” are rare, representing 0.015% of all samples tested.
cord: 71-7-7-11, $82,518. To view replay click here           The ten-year trend for findings that might be characterized
                                                              as “doping” has remained flat, while there has been a
12, YR, $26,000, Trot, CLAIMING ALLOW ANCE $30,000            decline during the past decade in the number of therapeu-
W INNERS OVER $30,000 IN LAST 6 STARTS NOT                    tic overages that have resulted in regulatory action. Total
ELIGIBLE. 3 YO 50%, 4 YO 25%, F&M 20%, 7, 28.4, 59.1,         medication actions in 2010 were 20% less than 2001,
1:28.0, 2:04.4, FT                                            although RCI noted it was not prepared to describe it as a
Buckeye Man (g, 4, Jailhouse Jesse--China Score, by           trend.
Final Score) O-D'Elegance Stable Ix & Carmen                     “Racing, like other sports, has a drug challenge,” Martin
Iannacone & Frank P Valvano. B-R R Fuller. T-Richard          said, “W e cannot lessen our efforts because there are a
Johnson. D-George Brennan, $13,000, Lifetime Record:          relative few who will attempt to circumvent the rules for
53-19-8-2, $128,002. To view the replay click here            their own purposes. Our commissions, labs, and research
                                                              centers need adequate resources if we are to remain
                                                              current and prepared as new substances emerge and find
                                                              their way to the backstretch.”
                                                                 Martin contends that the reality of the drug testing pro-
9/4 – Ipp. Stupinigi – Turin 5/8 mile                         gram is often misunderstood and mischaracterized.
Gran Premio Avv. Carlo Marangoni Filly - 3 year – 1 mile -       The RCI report notes that equine care has evolved to be
$125,000                                                      more medication-reliant in the same way human care has.
Orleans OM (IT) (f, 3 SJ’s Caviar (us) – Deux de Mai          Racing commission data shows that in those rare in-
(us) by Super Pleasure (us)) private sale, O- Scuderia        stances when a violation of a medication rule does occur,
Bellosguardo, B-Scuderia OM, D-G. Lombardo Jr, T-Team         most were associated with a legal substance administered
Lombardo. 1.55.4f – $52,000. Lifetime record: 23: 9-5-2,      in the normal course of equine care by a licensed veteri-
$322, 680 – 1.56.2f.                                          narian and cannot be characterized as “horse doping” or
                                                              as indicative of a “drugging”.
                                                                 To read the full RCI report click here

                                                              HARNESS RACING UPDATE IS:
9/06 – Solvalla – 5/8 mile track                              Mike Farrell, co-publisher
Locomites race – 3 year old colts – 1 5/16 mile - $32,000     Bill Finley, co-publisher
Stormysky (c, 3Andover Hall (us) – Not a Spacecase            Andrew Cohen, colum nist
(fi) by Barbeque (us) Private sale, O- Onkel Invest Oy,       Dean Hoffm an, Most Interesting Man in the W orld
Finland, B-Sky Investment AB, Sweden, D-Erik                  Robert W illiam s, IT
Adielsson, T-Stig H. Johansson. 2.00.3f (mile rate) -         Lia Kusch, Graphic Design
$15,550 Lifetime record: 7: 4-1-2, $39,980 – 2.00.3f          Lucas Marquardt, night editor
                                                              Brian DiDonato, night editor
                                                              Penny The Rat Terrior, m ascot
RCI: Racing’s Drug “Problem” Overstated
                                                              Gracie, Mascot
  Lexington, KY - “W ith very few exceptions, almost all      Sergio Fernandez, intern
race horses tested for drugs are found to be clean, a fact    Henry Litch, intern
that undermines the credibility of those who peddle the       Bryan Hess, advertising
perception that racing has an out of control drug problem,”   Michael Friedm an, advertising
RCI President Ed Martin said today in releasing an RCI        Cupcake, secret weapon
report entitled Drugs in Racing 2010 - The Facts.
  In 2010 US racing regulators sent 324,215 biological        Visit us on the web at .
samples to a network of professional testing labs that
utilized standards more stringent than those used for the
Olympics. More than 99.5% of those samples were found