THE RUSSIAN by yaoyufang


                        THE RUSSIAN NATIONAL CENTRE
                                APPLICATION FORM
                  of the participant of the 14th international seminar
                     “THE STANISLAVSKY SYSTEM TODAY”
                     (Practical Training for Actors and Directors)
                   April , 27 – May, 4, 2011, Moscow Region, Russia

Please write in BLOCK CAPITALS!
Surname _________________________ First name(s) _______________________________
Sex __________ Date of birth _________________ Country and place of birth____________
__________________________ Citizenship ________________________
Home address ________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________ Post Code_______________________
Country ____________________________ Phone __________________________________
Mobile phone _______________________________________________________________
Fax ____________________________________E-mail ______________________________
Passport No __________________________ Issued on _______________________________
                                               Valid until ______________________________
Place of work (the full name of the institution) ______________________________________
Address of the place of work / study _____________________________________________
Job title __________________________________Phone _____________________________
Language preference at Seminar:     Russian English
The nearest Consulate of the Russian Federation is located in __________________________
(Very important for visa making formalities!)
I am a vegetarian                                    yes         no
Have you participated in the seminar before?         yes         no
What transport will you use to travel to Moscow __________________________________
Arrival date _____________________ Flight/Train No __________________________
Departure date ____________________ Flight/Train No _________________________

Please send the form to the following address (by fax or e-mail if possible) before 15th of
January 2011:
Mrs. Alla Zorina, Russian AITA/IATA Centre,
Strastnoy Boulevard, 10, RUS-107031 Moscow, Russia. Phone/Fax (+7 495) 694 07 02
Very important for visa making formalities! Please send a scanned copy of the first two
pages of your passport by e-mail (see above) to assist you with your visa. Please make sure
you send your application in good time, as the visa making procedures may take quite long.

                              WELCOME TO RUSSIA!

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