6th grade arts and crafts syllabus by keralaguest


									                        6th Grade Arts and Crafts Syllabus

Ms. Haley Hitter
6th Grade Crafts/ 7th Grade Social Studies
Email: haley.hitter@lockhart.txed.net
Classroom Phone: 398-0877
Office Phone: 398-0770
Conference Period: 6th Period-1:36-2:33

Welcome to Arts and Crafts! I hope that every student finds an art area that they are good
at and enjoys for a lifetime. This class is about being creative and giving your best effort.

We will cover many introductory aspects of art. Some of the topics include the following:
1. Patterns of Design
2. Color
3. Painting Skills
4. Elements of Design
5. Etc.

We will be working on several projects while in this class. Small 1-2 day projects are
considered daily grades which are worth 20%. Larger, longer projects are worth 80% of
the grade. There are no tests, the large projects incorporate the skills that would be tested.

Class Procedures:
1. When the bell rings be in your seat. Do not get up with out permission.
2. Sharpen pencils before class, not when I am talking.
3. It is best to use the bathroom before class is started so you don’t miss working time.
4. When I am talking you need to turn, face me, and listen carefully about instructions.
5. The class will not be dismissed until the room is cleaned up.
6. Before class is dismissed push in your chairs or stack them if your are the last class

Rules to Remember:
1. Bring a pencil to class everyday
2. Be in your seat and work when you are supposed to.
3. Put in your best effort on everything you do.
4. No gum or eating in class
5. Clean up after yourself
Students are expected to be respectful, responsible, cooperative, supportive and hard
working. Art is not playtime. Horsing around will not be tolerated. You are expected to
follow the rules and procedures. Failure to do so will result in one or more of the
following options: A call to parents, referral, and meeting with the principal.

* I expect respectful and well behaved classes when I have a substitute. The consequences for having
your name written down by a substitute will be to spend at least the next class period working on a
written assignment. This can be individual or the whole class depending on the notes from the sub.

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