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									 The Catalyst                                                              June 2006
                            Channing Memorial Church
           135 Pelham Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840 (401) 846-0643
E-mail: Website:
                     SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES – 10 A.M.

Sunday, June 4, The Da Vinci Code- Revealing Secrets, Rev. Amy B. Freedman
Special event for all children 10-11am Parish Hall. Childcare available.
“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown is a tale of intrigue and suspense. What truths about the early church
are uncovered in this work of fiction?
Sunday, June 11, The Da Vinci Code- Who Was Mary? Rev. Amy B. Freedman
Special event for all children 10-11am Parish Hall. Childcare available.
The publication of “The Da Vinci Code” and the recent release of the movie have caused a real stir. What if
Mary Magdelene was married to Jesus and bore him a child as the book claims? What was her role in the
early church and why was it hidden?
During the service there will be a Child Blessing Ceremony for Katherine Ellen Yalanis.
*On the second Sunday, a Food Collection will be held to nourish the hungry. Your generous gifts are
Sunday, June 18, Overcoming Worry, Rev. Amy B. Freedman
Special event for all children 10-11am Parish Hall. Childcare available.
There are many reasons to worry: a possible Flu Pandemic, natural disasters, accidents, and human error
just to name a few. Worry can lead to emotional, physical, and even spiritual problems. How can we
face the possibilities of real danger without becoming overwhelmed?
Sunday, June 25, The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person, Linda and Tom Beall, presenters
Summer RE for children ages 6-11, 10-11:00 Parish Hall. Childcare for children 5 and younger.
This is the first in our summer 2006 series of lay-led services exploring aspects of the seven UU principles.
This service will focus on the first principle, "We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and
dignity of every person.”

                                                       WORSHIP RETREAT
                                                        Led by Rev. Amy Freedman
                                                         Saturday, June 10th, 2006
                                                      8:30 am-Noon in the Parish Hall
Breakfast will be served at 8:30am
In the upcoming church year, we will be building a Worship Associates Program. Come be a part of
this meaningful new program! Instead of having a Worship Committee, a team of lay leaders will work
together each quarter of the church year. This will be a short-term commitment and an opportunity to
reflect, develop, and create services with the support of the minister and experienced church members.
   How are services developed?
   Are there topics or themes you have interest in for future services?
   What skills, talents or special knowledge do you have to offer?
 Come deepen your appreciation for this important aspect of our congregational life.
*Register today with the Church Office: 846-0643 or
                                     Ministry Together

      Join Us For Summer Worship!
      Have you attended summer services at
Channing in the past? If you have, you know that
while the Rev. Amy Freedman is away for part of the
season, Sunday services go on as always through the                     FATHER’S DAY PICNIC
tireless efforts of our talented lay leaders. We would                 Sunday, June 18th, 11:30 am
love to see YOU there this year!
                                                                       Join us at BRENTON PARK
      This summer, each worship service will focus                         following the service!
on one of the seven principles of our UU covenant,                         Pack a Picnic Lunch
and will begin June 25 as Tom and Linda Beall                              with an item to share.
                                                                         Bring a chair or blanket.
examine the theme of the first principle, “We
covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth                            Kites and Games
and dignity of every person.” Other services will be                         are encouraged!
planned and led by Andrew Going, David Pedrick,
Bill Hawkins, and Terry Horsley, along with a special
guest speaker on July 23, Matt Largess, a local tree
expert who will link his expertise to the seventh UU             Taking Steps Against Hunger!
principle on our relationships to the interdependent
web of life. Jake Smith and Barbara Nowicki will                 This was the twenty-eighth year that members
also share their spiritual journeys with the               of local congregations joined together in an effort to
congregation in another of the always-meaningful           end hunger locally and globally. The Aquidneck
“Tell Who You Are, Say What You Believe”                   Island CROP Walk Against Hunger has raised
services. On Labor Day weekend, our Sunday                 $10,574 to date. Of the 116 participants on April
service will serve as a wrap-up to the summer.             29th, 31 were in the Channing Church Team making
                                                           Channing Church the winner of the Golden Sneaker
      We send a BIG thanks to Craig and Terry              Award for the third year for the greatest
Gaspard, who will offer a children‟s program of fun        participation and funds raised. The Channing Team
activities again this summer for kids ages 5-11 during     raised $3,869.00 to benefit the poor.
the worship services beginning June 25. Child care               Rev. Amy Freedman was the 2006 CROP
will also be available for the little ones on most         Walk Chairperson. Barbara Richter coordinated
Sundays.                                                   volunteers and helped to plan the event. Pat
                                                           Fairchild, Mary Neudorfer, and Beth Jepson assisted
      If you have fresh insights or ideas to share, the    with registration and stations along the route. Kudos
Worship Committee would welcome your                       to Bill and Nancy Peresta for setting the record for
participation in planning future services! Please see      the most funds raised: $582! Once again, the
the announcement elsewhere in this Catalyst about          Channing Team was well represented on the ten-
our worship workshop to be held on Saturday, June          mile route including Susan Adie, Linda &Tom
10, and join us if you can.                                Beall, Kristin Green, Don Mallinson, May Morris,
                                                           David & Laura Pedrick, Barbara Richter, Dorothy &
      If you aren‟t able to attend, but have an interest   Mark Vissman, and June Wing. No less dedicated
in assisting with any aspect of worship (as a lay          were the four-mile walkers, Joy Benson, Jane &
leader, presenter, musician, etc.), talk to Rev. Amy       Jesse Bitto, Jenn Ciung, Betsy Dees, Maryellen
Freedman or one of the Worship Committee                   Doherty, Rev. Amy Freedman, Miki Green, Patricia
members – Pat Fairchild, Linda Beall, or Norm              Green, Bill & Nancy Peresta, Denise Twining,
Moore.                                                     Halcyon, Helen, and Rowan Westall. Thanks also to
                                                           all those who gave generously to the walk. Together
                                                           we can make a difference one step at a time!
                         From The Governing Board
                           Report from the Channing Canvass Committee
                              To All Channing Members and Friends,
   You can make the difference….
   You can close the gap between our pledged support and our budget for 2006/2007!

         Our report to date is that we have not reached our Canvass 2006/2007 goal. The annual meeting, held last
 week, challenged us to ”fill the gap” or reduce funding to Channing programs in order to meet our financial
 obligations. These obligations include:

              - Property taxes that have doubled (the appraisal was 6 times the 2001 amount)
              - Utility costs have increased by 50%
              - Payment to the loan for painting Channing house (2004)
         Possible programs for reduced funding:
              - The Publicity
              - Music programs
              - Religious Education Program
              - Reduce church office/meeting space and return to rental apartment

         The good news is that an additional $110.00 from each pledge unit will close the gap and give the
 church the extra $11,565.00 to make the budget for next year.
                                     106 pledges / $11,650.00 = $109.67 per pledge unit

               If these additional monies are not received before June 30th, 2006, then
       the Governing Board will have no choice but to propose some program
       reductions to the congregation for approval on August 15th.

         Please help close the gap by filling in the pledge form below. Your participation is crucial to
 our success.

Pledge for 2006 / 2007 funds for Channing Memorial Church
Name_______________________________                 Address
Please check one
_____ Will increase my pledge for 2006-2007 by the following amount ________dollars and
_____ Will pledge for 2006-2007 by the following amount _________dollars and ______cents

              Signed____________________________________        Date ______________________________
                                  Religious Education
     Children’s Religious Education
       How can I ever thank you all enough for your        are truly blessed that they choose to share so much
wonderful wishes and all of your love? During our          of their time and talents with the youth and families
Religious Education Celebration Sunday on May 21st,        of our congregation.
the RE Committee presented me with a Treasure Box
containing well wishes and compliments from all of         JUNE 2006 Religious Education Schedule
you!! Each of you is a treasure and I am so grateful
                                                           Sunday, June 4 – Special event for children of all
for this charming reminder of the time I was blessed
                                                           ages with Betsy Dees from 10:00 am -11:00 am in
to spend with you. I am so excited to resume my role
                                                           the Parish Hall. Child Care is also available for
as a simple member of Channing. In particular, I am
                                                           children ages 4 and younger.
really looking forward to enjoying Amy‟s reflections,
serving as Sophie Burnham‟s mentor and just sitting
                                                           Sunday, June 11 – Special event for children of all
still in church! Thank you all.
                                                           ages with Alison Kates from 10:00 am -11:00 am in
                                                           the Parish Hall. Child Care is also available for
      Have you met Halcyon Westall yet? She is our
                                                           children ages 4 and younger.
new Director of Religious Education. Although she
officially starts in August, she is already hard at work
                                                           Sunday, June 18 - Special event for children of all
getting ready to lead our RE program. I am SO
                                                           ages with Halcyon Westall. 10:00 am -11:00 am in
excited to hand our program over to such a warm,
                                                           the Parish Hall. Child Care is also available for
creative and capable leader.
                                                           children ages 4 and younger.
      This Summer, we are thrilled to offer a summer
                                                            Sunday, June 25 – RE Summer Program with
program! Terry and Craig Gaspard will offer a
                                                           Terry and Craig Gaspard for children ages 6 to 11
Sunday morning program for children ages 6 through
                                                           from 10:00 am -11:00 am in the Parish Hall. Child
11. Meet in the Parish Hall before our service starts
                                                           Care is available for children ages 5 and younger.
at 10 am. Child care will be available for children
ages 5 and younger. Join us!
                                                           Thursday, June 29 – 7-9 pm, RE Committee
                                                           meeting at Rachel Balaban‟s House.
      Congratulations again to Christine Bandoni
and Jim Freess, recipients of the Channing 2005-
                                                           Our RE Committee meetings are always open to
2006 Unsung UU award. As facilitators of Our
                                                           new members, anyone who is interested in our
Whole Lives (OWL), our comprehensive, values
                                                           ministry to children is invited to attend. People who
based sexuality education program, Jim and Christine
                                                           come to our meetings are often surprised at how
led thirteen Channing 7th, 8th and 9th graders through
                                                           much fun we have! We‟ll be meeting on Thursday,
an essential program that will serve them their entire
                                                           June 29 at the home of RE Committee Chair Rachel
lives to help them make healthy decisions about
                                                           Balaban from 7:00-9:00pm. Please join us!
themselves and their bodies.
      Christine and Jim led our youth twelve Sunday
                                                           Alison Kates
evenings and four Friday evening to Saturday noon
                                                           Director of Religious Education
overnights. In addition, they devoted countless hours
to planning and organizing. The schedule and the
private nature of the OWL program makes their work
invisible to most of our congregation.

     I believe that OWL is one of the most important
ministries of our church and Christine and Jim have
delivered it with excellence for the second time! We
                             Our Caring Community
          Inside Our Congregation                         More good news - Halcyon Westall will be the new
                                                          Director of Religious Education! She is sure to
     Thank you Pam Goff and Marcia Mallory! Our
                                                          develop and broaden RE at Channing with her own
Channing Caregiving Congregation coordinators for
                                                          unique gifts. We promise to support you Halcyon,
May did a fine job. Marcia was out of town a bit, and
                                                          and wish you well in this new endeavor.
first-timer Pam did covered caregiving tasks
                                                              Want to know what some Channing senior high
beautifully. We all appreciate your time and service
                                                          school students will be doing next year? Leona
Pam and Marcia.
                                                          Antonio will attend RI College with a music
      Though most of our news is good news we must
                                                          scholarship. Isabel Burnham is off to University of
sadly report that former longtime members of
                                                          Vermont to study film and history with a
Channing, Ann and Dick Proctor, lost their son
                                                          Presidential merit scholarship. Ben Kiracofe is
Stephen to ALS recently. Our deepest sympathies to
                                                          headed to Skidmore College for a liberal arts degree
Ann and Dick and all family and friends of Stephen.
                                                          and to study music when he is not skiing and
On a more positive note, Bill Marshall's recent health
                                                          snowboarding. Kristen Malise will travel across the
problems, will hopefully improve with upcoming
                                                          country to Evergreen College in the state of
heart valve surgery.
                                                          Washington. Her academic scholarship will support
     Speaking of the Marshall's, they have two new
                                                          her study of forensic psychology and interest in
grandchildren! The twins are Mercedes and Jeremiah
                                                          dance. Pat Padilla also has scholarship support to
and came into the world at 7 lbs 2 oz and 5 lbs 8oz
                                                          attend URI and is excited to be living on campus.
respectively. They join mother Jessica, and
                                                          Congratulations Channing youth!
partner Jeremy who are living in Westerly. No
                                                              Just about the time you are reading this, Lisa
surprise, the twins‟ almost two-year-old brother
                                                          Sullivan, her fiance, her family, and friends will be
Jackson will be spending lots of time with Bill and
                                                          in the midst of immediate pre-wedding preparations!
                                                          Lisa and Jim McLoughlin will be married June 3.
     There were a couple of child blessings in May
                                                          Joy and best wishes to the new couple who are being
to share. Baby Olivia Anne Krech was blessed on
                                                          married here in RI, but are settled in Montana.
May 7. Parents Mary Angel Blount and David Krech
                                                              Nickie Kates and Betty McWalters are our new
are happy and proud. Feeling the same are Jocelyn
                                                          go-to Channing Caregiving Coordinators for June.
and Peter Sherman whose little Ellen was blessed at
                                                          Please call with your concerns, needs, and joys, and
Channing on May 14. Sponsors include Peter's sister
                                                          those of your family and Channing members. Nickie
and brother-in-law and Channing members Holly and
                                                          and Betty are ready to serve! Even though everyone
Tim Cousens. Best wishes to all.
                                                          at Channing is unique and special (isn't that what
     Evelyn's is open! Jane and Domenic have
                                                          makes us UUs?), you'll understand the underlying
reopened their Tiverton eatery. A fire last July closed
                                                          message in this quote...
it down for the season. Channing is especially proud
                                                          Quote of the month: The Purpose of an
to have provided lots of moral and modest financial
                                                          organization is to enable common people to do
support for the Bitto family. Jane and Domenic were
                                                          uncommon things.
recently named as Vision Award winners by the East
Bay Community Action Program. The Bittos are the
founders and leaders of Singing Out Against Hunger
which works to stock food pantries. They are truly a
very special family.                                                  JUNE CAREGIVING
     On May 21, Channing celebrated a wonderful                      COORDINATORS ARE:
and unique Religious Education service. Young and
old and in-between enjoyed participating. Outgoing             Nickie Kates and Betty McWalters
Director of Religious Education at Channing, Alison          Please call with any personal needs and/or
Kates, was honored with a beautiful box of written           needs among our fellow congregants. Any
sentiments expressed by the congregation and feted           questions, call Nickie Kates.
with a surprise party in the parish hall following the
service. Channing was truly blessed with Alison
during the five years she devoted to the RE program.
Best wishes to Alison as she embraces her new
family life with fiance Sean and their children.
                                           Social Justice
          Social Justice Committee
                                                         Homeless 5-Day (57-mile) March, Westerly to
         Without further adieu, we would like to         Providence, with Channing participation spearheaded
express our deep appreciation to Bill Peresta            principally by Rev. Amy Freedman, Betsy Dees, Sally
who has capably championed the Social Justice            Hanchett, Don Mallinson, Leona Antonia, and
Committee for the past two-three years as Chair          Eamon Fecteau.
and Co-chair. We have been fortunate, indeed, to                  May 25th, Jim Asbel, Andrew Going, and Nancy
have had him at the helm, loyal and committed,           Caswell plan to attend the Rhode Island
as our dauntless, dedicated, and able leader.            Progressive League (RIPL) by-laws meeting at the
 As he steps aside, we are pleased to announce that      Newport Public Library.
longtime SJC member Don Mallinson                                 As for June, Channing will be hosting Family
will be coming on board as Nancy Caswell‟s Co-chair.     Promise at the Community Baptist Church
We welcome his integrity, forthrightness, common         June 11th to 17th. If you would like to bring a dinner or
sense approach, and enthusiasm for peace and justice.    be an evening host from 5:30-8:30 p.m., please sign up in
         After a very full year, and our regular         the Parish Hall or call Betsy Dees or Sally Hanchett.
upcoming June 6th meeting, the Social Justice                     A Social Justice Movie Night at the Peresta‟s,
Committee is planning a month off in July, followed      “Brokeback Mountain,” 2006 Academy
by a 5:30 p.m. regular meeting, August 1st,              Award Nominee, is scheduled for June 16th at 7:00 p.m.
to which all who are interested are welcome in the       Delicious popcorn is served.
Channing House Parlor.                                            The very next afternoon, the Perestas invite us
         As we look forward to the 2006-2007 year, we    back again for a Cookout at 4:00 p.m. in their lovely
are entertaining the thought of having a                 backyard, preceding (for those who would like to
year long social justice theme. We are looking for       piggyback it on), carpooling to the evening Pride
ideas from the congregation as to what the theme         Parade in Providence. Please let the Perestas know if
might be. Please let any one of the Social Justice       you‟d like to attend.
Committee members know of your suggestions.                       As we close out the social justice year, we thank
         Meanwhile, we have had a busy May with          each and every person who has been a part of our
Beth Milham and Don Mallinson attending the State        programs and activities to promote peace, justice, and
House Rally for Marriage Equality on May 9th, and        responsibility in our local community and in the world.
Tom Beall and Jim Asbel, May 17th, leading nineteen      --Bill Peresta & Nancy Caswell, „05-‟06 Co-chairs
of us in a provocative Pot Luck/Hot Topics               --Nancy Caswell & Don Mallinson, „06-‟07 Co-chairs
Discussion, “Should President Bush Be
Impeached?” We thank them both for the excellent              Council for International Visitors
preparation reading selections we were given, and for      to Hold Annual Membership Reception
a job well done leading a potentially rowdy group!
         May 18th, at the Middletown Public Library,           The Newport Council for International Visitors, a
Barbara Richter, Betsy Dees, and Nancy Caswell           non-profit, community-based organization promoting
witnessed some impassioned testimony by those            global understanding through the exchange of ideas and
vulnerable Rhode Islanders who will be most affected     shared experiences via educational and people to people
by impending budget policies proposed by Governor        programs for international visitors and local residents,
Carcieri and state lawmakers. The budget cuts, if        will hold its Annual Membership Reception, celebrating
enacted, will “harm all working and low-income           summer‟s arrival in Newport, Tuesday evening, June 6,
Rhode Islanders,” according to the group,                2006, at the Elks Lodge, 141 Pelham St. (corner of
“Emergency Campaign for Rhode Island’s                   Bellevue), from 6:30-8:30 pm.
Priorities.” State Sen. M. Theresa Paiva-Weed of               The public is invited to the free event, which
Newport and State Rep. Charles Levesque of               includes assorted hors d‟oeuvres and desserts, a cash bar,
Portsmouth were in attendance at the local hearing.      meeting Newport County international students, and
Those who would like to express their opinions on this   learning more about membership and the programs of the
issue are encouraged to call their state senators and    Council for International Visitors.
representatives. For more info on the Campaign,                For more information or to RSVP by June 2, please
please contact Betsy Dees.                               contact Vince Arnold or Anne Huot.
         Several members of our church participated in
segments of the May 21-25 RI Coalition for the
                                        Upcoming Events
   Small Group Ministry Celebration                                 Church Planning Meeting
                                                                          Let’s Plan It Forward!
                          Thursday, June 1, 2006,
                                 6:30 pm
                           Potluck Dinner in the
                                Parish Hall

    What do you get when you bring together all the                Sunday, June 11th, 2005, 12-2 pm
small groups at Channing? A BIG group! That's                            in the Parish Hall
reason to celebrate!
                                                                     Soup and salad will be provided!
    Everyone who has participated in Small Group
Ministry this year and significant others are invited.   All Committee Chairs and Church Leaders are invited to
Come socialize with all the wonderful people who         this special meeting. We will record upcoming events
have made our program possible. Please bring a           and pencil in ideas for possible activities in order to
dish to share.                                           coordinate our efforts and ease church planning!
                                                         Please bring with you a calendar of events for 2006-7
    You are also welcome to bring your IDEAS for         related to your committee or area of congregational life.
topics or readings for upcoming sessions!                If you are unable to attend, please send another committee
*RSVP to the Church Office: 846-0643                     member in your place, or submit calendar of events in
                                                         advance to Rev. Amy Freedman.
      Standing Up Against Genocide                       *RSVP: 846-0643
          Tuesday, June 6, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
           Channing Church Parish Hall                         End of Pledge Year Approaching!
    Sandra Hammel invites you to hear about her          This is a reminder to pledging members and friends of
experience volunteering at the Rally      Channing Church: If you have current-year pledges that
in Washington, D.C. April 30, 2006. Also, she will       have not been paid in full, please keep in mind that the
tell about being the sole Rhode Island lobbyist          church‟s 2005-2006 fiscal year ends on June 30. Since
meeting with Senators Reed and Chafee's aids on          current year pledges are applied to the current year‟s
May 1, Lobby Day, for stopping genocide in Darfur        obligations, we would certainly appreciate the fulfillment
and Chad.                                                of your financial commitment by that date. If you have
                                                         any questions about the outstanding balance remaining
   Portions of a DVD provided by          on your pledge, please feel free to call Linda Beall.
will be shown. What you can do to help will be
presented. For information call Sandra Hammel.
                                                                   2006 GENERAL ASSEMBLY
               Steeple Fund Gift
                                                                      June 21-25, St. Louis, Missouri
A generous gift was recently made to Channing‟s                    General Assembly 2006 Housing
Arthur Barrows Steeple Fund by the family of Elinor           Reservation and Registration information is now
Grace Bronstein, Rev. Amy Freedman‟s aunt, who                available at: In a continual
passed away earlier this year. We are deeply grateful         effort toward increased environmental and fiscal
for this donation to help restore our treasured church        responsibility, the information will not be mailed
building.                                                     to individual past registrants, as has been the
- Linda Beall, Financial Secretary                            practice in previous years.
                                                                   Please make your reservations on line at the
                                                              address above, or by using materials provided for
                                                              the congregation in the Parish Hall.

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