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Bleak House


									                               BLEAK HOUSE
                           R       E A D I N G   S   C H E D U L E

               Monday, July 30th                  Parts I—V: Chapters 1-16

               Tuesday, July 31st                 Parts VI—X: Chapters 17-32

               Wednesday, August 1st              Parts XI—XV: Chapters 33-49

               Thursday, August 2nd               Parts XVI—XX: Chapters 50-67

               Friday, August 3rd                 Overview and wrap-up.

       P   O S S I B L E       P   A P E R   /   D   I S C U S S I O N    T   O P I C S

   Writing as a                           the Law                       Cross
Parental Deportment                    Dirt and Disorder             Signs and Tokens
      TOURS                          True Womanly Sympathy           Wills and Willing
    My guardian                     “Fog everywhere”                     “Connexions”
“Is there three of ’em, then?”        Double Narration               Beginning the World
  Beauty Daughter, Sentiment             Letters                          Circles
  Daughter, Comedy Daughter
  “And dying thus around us          No place like Home               Nurse and
         every day.”                                                    Patient
   Moving On                            “Don’t go home!”             Combustion Begins at Home

   National and                           Uncanny                         The Fallen
    Domestic                              Returns                          Woman
  The Ghost’s Walk                        The East Wind          The Keeper’s Lodge

 Charity Begins at Home                 Not a Pretty Lady now       “Discipline must be
 “Bleak House has an exposed         “Responsibility, my dear               Dame
           sound.”                     Miss Summerson?”                   Durden
 Chance & Chancery                    Not to put too fine a      “Innumerable children have been born
                                          point upon it                    into the cause”
 The System                            even supposing—           ANOTHER BLEAK HOUSE

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