Permit Tracking System Plan Review by hands2urself


									Plan Review
                           1. Permit # and Plans submit-                                     2. Print and revise plans - enter customer
                           ted to permit track.                                              information from PDF’s into system
                                                         1                                   * Digital Review Later
                                                                      Permit Track                                          2
Parish Permit System                                                                                                                      Plan Review
                                                                        SCPDC                  3
                                     4. Email noti cation: revised                                   3. Scan & upload revised plan
                                                                                         6           and set status
                                     plans are ready for download.
                                     *Archived where they can be
                                     retrieved online at any time
                                                                       6. Web Service automatically updates
                                                                       Permit Tracker that the permit has been
                                                                       issued.                                               Permit Status Web Service
                                                                       PermitissuedbyParish = True

* Current systems do not store                5. Upon Parish issuing Permit,
digial images of plans so they                the parishes current permit-                                            Plan Review Phase Goals:
                                              ting system will notify a web                                           - for parish to submit plans to
must be scanned & submitted
                                              service that the permit has                                             SCPDC for revision and review
                                              been issued to the customer
                                                                                                                      - SCPDC needs to digitally send
HTTP Post to web service:                                                                                             revised plans back to parish
passcode: xxxxxxxxxxx
Permitissued = True                                                                                                   - Parish must alert SCPDC when
Permitnumber = xxxx                                                                                                   permit is actually issued
Parish = xxxx                                                                  Estimated Completion
-Build module in Access and
                                                                               Steps 1 & 2 - October 14, 2007
                                                                               Steps 3 & 4 - October 31, 2007
-Classes ready for import.
                                                                               Steps 5 & 6 - November 30, 2007

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