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									                                            Moore County Schools Strategic Plan

Moore County Schools’ Strategic Plan is designed to provide direction, focus and balance as professional staff continuously work to
improve the quality of education provided for the students of the district and to accomplish the district mission:

Moore County Schools will provide a safe learning environment where academics and integrity are expected
from all. We challenge all students to reach their full learning potential and inspire them to become productive
members of our society.
The manner in which the Moore County Schools Mission is implemented is further defined by a set of Core Beliefs, adopted by the
Moore County Board of Education on October 24, 2005.

       •    All decisions will be based on what is best for the students’ learning and developmental needs.
       •    All students are unique and learn differently and will be challenged to their full potential.
       •    Community and parental involvement will be encouraged and supported.
       •    Adults will be prepared for their roles and will function as positive, caring role models for students and other adults.
       •    Adults will be accountable for achieving goals and objectives of their role assignments as measured through fair and
            consistent performance evaluations.
       •    The system will foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning for all students and all adults.
       •    People will be treated fairly and with dignity taking into account their individual differences.
       •    People, time and facilities are important resources; allocation of resources will be differentiated based on the needs of each

For the most part, the objectives of the plan speak to areas in which tangible improvement is sought; the plan does not exhaustively
list the numerous critical on-going processes and activities that underlie the district’s basic mission. For the purpose of framing an
action-oriented Strategic Plan, it is already presumed that Moore County Schools will

   •       Offer all components of the NC Standard Course of Study to all students at a level appropriate to their learning needs;
   •       Adhere to all applicable health, safety and emergency preparedness requirements;
   •   Meet all required building codes and standards for facilities;
   •   Participate in all mandated state and federal testing programs and comply with all required accountability reporting;
   •   Comply with state and federal standards concerning teacher licensure and staff qualifications;
   •   Abide by all applicable professional ethics and standards for staff; and
   •   Follow all applicable rules, laws and best practices in the area of fiscal controls and reporting.

The Moore County Schools Strategic Plan outlines five Strategic Priorities that generally parallel the five Strategic Priorities in the
North Carolina state Strategic Plan. Under each priority are specific objectives and measurable Targeted Outcomes. These objectives
and outcomes are provided in a general way at the district level, and are further refined and detailed by each school in their individual
“School Improvement Plan.” The district Strategic Plan is thus the foundation for the planning and improvement efforts that become
more fully developed at each specific school.

Strategic Priority 1: Climate
Moore County Schools will provide a nurturing, safe, healthy, orderly, clean and educationally conducive environment where
students, parents, and staff are respectful of individual differences and learn together in a positive manner.

Objectives                                                        Targeted Outcomes (measurable)
1.1    Parents, community, students and staff will be safe        1.1.1 On the Annual Survey, 95% of parents and students will
       and feel welcome at Moore County School sites; a                  indicate that they believe Moore County Schools are safe and
       feeling of mutual respect and courtesy will be fostered           they experience courtesy and positive relationships at each
       through positive interactions and relationships.                  school.

                                                                  1.1.2   On the state Teacher Working Conditions survey, 95% of
                                                                          teachers will indicate that schools are clean, safe, and
                                                                          provide an atmosphere of mutual respect.

                                                                  1.1.3   The rate of disciplinary incidents reportable under the state
                                                                          Safe Schools reporting system will decrease by 5% each

1.2    Students will be supported and prepared to be            1.2.1   The number of students who are involved in one or more co-
       successful and involved in school:                               curricular/extra-curricular activities will increase in both
       • rules and expectations will be clear, with emphasis            middle schools and high schools. (Baseline data will be
          on the transition grades; and                                 collected in the 2005-06 school year.)
       • students will be intellectually and emotionally        1.2.2   On the Annual Survey, students and parents will indicate that
          prepared to deal with social issues and peer                  school rules and expectations are clear (baseline to be
          pressure.                                                     collected during the first year, and improvement goals set.)

1.3 Moore County Schools teachers, administrators and staff     1.3.1   On the state Teacher Working Conditions survey, Moore
    will experience conditions that promote employee                    County Schools will exceed state average ratings on Time,
    satisfaction.                                                       Leadership, and Facilities and Resources sections of the

                                                                1.3.2   Ninety percent of employees leaving Moore County Schools
                                                                        will complete an Exit Survey.

Strategic Priority 2: Student Achievement

Moore County Schools will provide all students with a rigorous and relevant course of instruction, based on the Standard Course of
Study, yet differentiated to ensure all students reach their fullest potential. All students will leave Moore County Schools, as
graduates, fully prepared to be successful and contributing citizens.

Objectives                                                      Targeted Outcomes (measurable)
2.1    Students will be prepared to meet state and federal      2.1.1 Each Moore County School will achieve “Expected Growth”
       standards in mandatory assessments.                             or better on the North Carolina accountability model.
       • End of Grade tests in grades 3-8
      •   End of Course tests in grades 9-12                   2.1.2   Each Moore County School will achieve “School Of
      •   Computer Skills test                                         Distinction” status or better on the North Carolina
      •   Writing test                                                 accountability model.

2.2   Students at all grade levels will be prepared for        2.2.1   The percentage of students scoring at a Reading Level 5 or
      success at the next level as a condition of promotion.           higher on the state Kindergarten assessment will increase by at
                                                                       least __ % each year until the target goal of __ % is reached.
                                                                       (Baseline and targeted % of increase to be established from
                                                                       2005-06 school year data.)

                                                               2.2.2   In grades 3-8, the percentage of students who achieve expected
                                                                       growth or better on state EOG tests in Reading and Math will
                                                                       increase by at least __% each year until the target goal of __%
                                                                       is reached. (Baseline and targeted % of increase to be
                                                                       established from 2005-06 data, due to new state-level
                                                                       “growth” formulas.)

                                                               2.2.3   Beginning in the spring of 2008, in grades 5 and 8, the
                                                                       percentage of students who score “proficient” on the new state
                                                                       science tests will increase by at least __% each year until the
                                                                       target goal of __% is reached. (Baseline and targeted % of
                                                                       increase to be established from 2007-08 school year data.)

                                                               2.2.4   In grades 4, 7 and 10, there will be at least a 5% gain each year
                                                                       in the percentage of students (total) who score proficient on the
                                                                       state Writing tests until the target goal of 80% is reached; there
                                                                       will be a 10% gain in the proficiency rate for males each year,
                                                                       until male and female scores are comparable.

                                                               2.2.5   The percentage of students in the freshman class who graduate
                                                                       within four years will increase by __% annually until the target
                                                                    goal of __% is reached. (Baseline and targeted % of increase
                                                                    will be determined from class of 2006 data.)

                                                            2.2.6   The percentage of students who successfully complete 9th
                                                                    grade in one year will increase by at least __% annually until
                                                                    the target goal of __% is reached. (Baseline and targeted % of
                                                                    increase will be determined from freshman class of 2006 data.)

                                                            2.2.7   Analysis of disaggregated data will show that all AYP
                                                                    subgroups are meeting “expected growth” standards.

2.3   Students will be offered a variety of opportunities   2.3.1   The percentage of seniors who complete the “First Step
      throughout high school to ensure they become life             Program” as evidenced by 12-hours of college credit through
      long learners and contributing members of society.            any combination of Huskins, Sandhills Community College
                                                                    courses, Advanced Placement and IB courses will increase by
                                                                    __% annually until the target goal of __% is reached. (Baseline
                                                                    and targeted % of increase will be established from 2005-06

                                                            2.3.2   Ninety-five percent of graduating students will complete either
                                                                    a College/University Prep or College Tech Prep diploma.

                                                            2.3.3   The percentage of students accepted into a four year college
                                                                    will increase by __% annually until the target goal of __% is
                                                                    reached. (Baseline to be established using data from the 2005-
                                                                    06 school year).

                                                            2.3.4   The percentage of students enrolled in AP or IB courses will
                                                                    increase by at least __% annually until the target goal of __%
                                                                    is reached; the percentage of minority students enrolled in
                                                                    Honors, AP or IB courses will increase by __% annually, until
                                                                       the enrollment rates of minorities and non-minorities are
                                                                       comparable. (Baseline to be determined from 2005-06 data.)

                                                               2.3.5   The rigor of MCS high school courses, as evaluated by the
                                                                       state Rigor Rubric, will increase (baseline to be established in

                                                               2.3.6   Each student will meet with his or her counselor at least
                                                                       annually to review his or her four-year plan, course selections
                                                                       and progress, as documented on work logs.

Strategic Priority 3: Quality Staff

Moore County Schools will employ quality teachers, administrators and other staff who have in-depth knowledge of their disciplines
in order to provide productive learning environments while remaining lifelong learners.

Objective                                                      Targeted Outcomes (measurable)
3.1. Moore County Schools will aggressively recruit the best   3.1.1 At least 75% of teachers newly hired into the system each year
   qualified staff.                                                   will be fully licensed for the position into which they are hired.

                                                               3.1.2   The percentage of teachers that are still with the system four
                                                                       years later will increase by 5% annually. (We will need to
                                                                       collect baseline data in 2005-06.)

                                                               3.1.3   A roster of teachers qualified to teach AP and IB courses will
                                                                       be maintained, and analysis of course requests will show that
                                                                       there are sufficient staff for all students who want to take these
3.2. Moore County Schools employees will be encouraged to      3.2.1   The percentage of teachers with advanced degrees will
  seek and given systematic support for professional                  continue to exceed the state average.
                                                              3.2.2   Each year, 2% of licensed MCS teachers will earn initial
                                                                      National Board Certification.

                                                              3.2.3   The percentage of classes taught by “highly qualified” teachers
                                                                      (as defined by federal law) will exceed the state average at all
                                                                      grade spans -- elementary, middle and high school.

3.3. An annual staff development plan will be developed,      3.3.1   All teachers will receive 10 or more hours of staff
   based on student achievement results and other needs               development that meet federal requirements each year.
   assessment information.
                                                              3.3.2   On the state Teacher Working Conditions Survey, Moore
                                                                      County Schools will exceed the state average rating on its
                                                                      professional development program.

                                                              3.3.3   Ratings on staff training sessions will indicate that 85% of
                                                                      respondents believe the training provided was effective in
                                                                      providing the knowledge and resources needed.

Strategic Priority 4: Parent and Community Involvement

Moore County Schools will create, respond to, and sustain meaningful partnerships with parents/guardians, and community groups to
include businesses, faith-based, civic, and service organizations, and volunteers.

Objectives                                                    Targeted Outcomes (measurable)
4.1 Schools will provide an atmosphere that encourages        4.1.1 The parent(s) of at least 75% of students will attend two or
    involvement by all families and takes into account the           more face-to-face meetings with school personnel during the
    needs of non-traditional families.                                  school year for the specific purpose of education or discussion
                                                                        of their child’s progress. (Initial data will be collected in 2006-

                                                                4.1.2   The parent(s) of identified at-risk students will engage in four
                                                                        or more face-to-face meetings with school personnel during
                                                                        the school year to communicate about the students’ needs or

                                                                4.1.3   On the Annual Survey, 95% of parents responding will
                                                                        indicate there is good communication with their child’s

                                                                4.1.4   All schools will have parents actively serving on School
                                                                        Improvement Teams, with an average 80% parent attendance

                                                                4.1.5   All schools will sponsor at least one active parent organization
                                                                        such as, PTA, PTSA,PTO, Band Boosters or Athletic Boosters,
                                                                        which actively supports parent and family involvement with
                                                                        the school.

4.2 Moore County Schools will work with businesses, faith-      4.2 Documentation maintained by the MCS volunteer coordinator
    based, civic and service organizations, and volunteers to       and the counseling and social work staff will indicate that:
    see that all Moore County School students have the basic       • Students in need of school supplies were provided with needed
    resources they need to be successful in school.                   supplies; and
                                                                   • Students in need of food received food through the “Back Pack
                                                                      Buddies” or other program.

4.3 Schools will engage in service projects which benefit a     4.3 Schools will document community service projects and provide
    wide cross-section of the community.                            opportunities for all students to participate.
4.4 Schools will provide release time for faculty and staff        4.4 Documentation will show that 100% of staff members requesting
    members who are parents to attend school conferences on            release time for parent conferences were granted such time, up to
    behalf of their children up to four times a year.                  four times per year.

Strategic Priority 5: Efficient and Effective Operations

Moore County Schools will function in a cost effective manner and will efficiently utilize human and capital resources.

Objectives                                                         Targeted Outcomes (measurable)
5.1 All schools and offices will be able to access the status of   5.1.1 The process for work orders will show the status of 100% of the
    their requested maintenance and technology work needs.               work orders within the system.
                                                                   5.1.2 At each site, an annual review will be conducted jointly between
                                                                         district-level and site-based administration to document the
                                                                         work requests completed and outstanding.

5.2 Financial and human resources will be assigned based on        5.2 Allocation formulas will be provided yearly within the budget
     the identified needs for each school.                             document.

5.3 All staff members will have an understanding of the            5.3 On the state Teacher Working Conditions survey, Moore County
    process of gaining information from within the school              Schools will rate above the state average on the items dealing
    system.                                                            with communication and involvement in decision-making.

5.4 MCS will evaluate the feasibility of cost-saving and           5.4 A proposal document for the possible acceptance or rejection of
efficiency measures                                                    each of the cost-saving measures will be developed.
    such as:
    • custodial services;
    • landscaping service;
   •   bulk ordering of school and office supplies; and
   •   student transportation.

5.5 Staff will consistently utilize the features of NC WISE        5.5 An NC WISE monitoring rubric will be developed, and
adopted by the system in all schools.                                  assessment will indicate all features adopted by the system in use
                                                                       at all schools.

5.6 On-line needs will be met through increased bandwidth.         5.6 MCS will maintain at least 100 Megabytes of bandwidth to all
5.7 Staff of Moore County Schools will have the supplies and       5.7.1 On the state Teacher Working Conditions survey, Moore
    materials needed to do their job, available when needed;              County School teacher ratings concerning supplies and
    all schools will be fully ready to begin instruction for all          materials will exceed the state average.
    students on the first school day of each year.                 5.7.2 Schools will have accomplished all tasks on the Moore County
                                                                          Schools “School Opening Checklist” before the start of school
                                                                          each year.

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