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									                   LA PRYOR ISD
                  Technology Plan
                                          2007 - 2010

                          EDDIE RAMIREZ

                      DISTRICT PROFILE
                               ESC Region                    20
                               City, State Zip               LA PRYOR, TX 788720519
                               Phone                         (830) 365-4000
                               Fax                           (830) 365-4006
                               County District Number 254902

                                     Number of Campuses                 2
                                     Total Student Enrollment           487
                                     District Size                      Under 500
                                     Percent Econ. Disadvantaged 82.00%

Technology Expenditures                                                                          $1,349,950.00
Technology budgets                               Teaching and Learning Budget                     $259,200.00
reported in plan by category
                                                 Educator Preparation and Development Budget      $350,000.00
                                                 Leadership, Administration and Support Budget     $69,950.00
                                                 Infrastructure for Technology Budget             $670,800.00
                                                 Total:                                          $1,349,950.00

Technology Expenditure                           $2,771.97
Per Pupil
Number of Campuses                               2
with Direct Connection to Internet
Percentage of Campuses                           100.00%
with Direct Connection to Internet
Number of Classrooms                             47
with Direct Connection to Internet
Percentage of Classrooms                         100.00%
with Direct Connection to Internet
Computer/Student Ratio                           2 student(s) for every computer
Computer/Teacher Ratio                           1 teacher(s) for every computer
Number of campuses that need to                  2
complete the Texas Campus STaR Chart
Percentage of campuses that have      100.00 %
completed the Texas Campus STaR Chart
                                                      Plan Introduction
                                                                         Plan Last Edited 12/11/2006

                          Plan status:                                                                            submitted
                          Years Included in the Plan:                                                             2007 - 2010
                          Number of years covered by the plan:                                                    3

Technology Planning Committee

     Eddie Ramirez - Superintendent
     Linda Steinbruck- C & I Director
     B.J. Cooper – Technology Director/District Librarian
     Victor Baron – Principal, High School
     Lisa Taylor – Teacher Facilitator, Elementary School
     Yolanda Garcia - Teacher Facilitator, Elementary School
     Susan Stone – Ad-Hoc Committee Member, Retired Teacher
     Danielle Harrison – Teacher, Elementary School
     Linda Valdez - Teacher, Elementary School
     Mary Ann Perez – Teacher, High School
     Jessica Ruiz – Facilitator, Teacher, High School
     Jesse Otregon – Secondary School Student
     Julia Paige Ritchie – Secondary School Student
     Alexandrea Salazar - Elementry School Student
     Zulema Perez - Elementry School Student
     Malia Perez – Parent
     Maria Gaitan – Parent
     Lillian Corrigan – Community Member
     John Ellisor - Community Member
     Tammy Ritchie - Business Member

                                                  Executive Summary
In light of the new Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 which directly supports the Mission of Texas Public Education by ensuring an engaging, relevant,
and future-focused system of education for young Texas learners preparing each student for success and productivity as a lifetime learner, a world-class
communicator, a competitive and creative knowledge worker, and an engaged and contributing member of the emerging global digital society.

The traditional model of schooling, with the teacher choosing what is to be learned and then serving as the source of knowledge and with the student acting as the
receiver of that knowledge, is not adequate for 21st Century, world-class education. This is especially true in light of Thomas L. Friedman's book,The World Is Flat.
Roles of teacher and learner must change and with this "flattening" of the globe it requires us to run faster in order to stay in place. In the Digital Age the sheer
volume of information means that our students must become active participants in the learning process.

The focus of La Pryor ISD is to prepare our students to be productive members of society and to be successful in life as is stated in the new LRTP. As one of The
Standard-Bearer Network of Schools we share the belief that the focus of any school reform effort must be on continuous improvement of the design of work
provided to students. The Standard-Bearer framework provides a means to unify on-going initiatives and to bring coherence to district efforts-where the core
business is providing students content-rich, engaging work every day.

The Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform is an organization that provides high-quality and responsive support to those who are leading school reform
efforts across the nation. The Center’s staff primarily works with public school leaders to transform schools from organizations that produce compliance and
attendance to organizations that nurture attention and commitment at all levels in the system.

In the high-tech climate we live in today, preparing our students to utilize technological resources is a major factor in their future success. With that in mind, we
have worked hard to focus our efforts with respect to technology in the schools by developing classrooms with out walls and teachers that meet the rigorous
content standards outlined in the State Board for Education Certification standards for what all teachers should know and be able to do using technology. The
purpose La Pryor ISD educational community, as it pertains to technology, is to develop a climate that seeks out the rewards and benefits that technology can
offer. La Pryor High School has initiated a 1 to 1 laptop initiative as part of this comprehensive school reform. When appropriate, we will adapt our processes to
available technology and require students, faculty, and staff to learn new ways to meet requirements. Adopting available technology and incorporating the tools of
technology into our processes will demonstrate the rewards and benefits technology can offer. As we improve our proficiency and build confidence in our ability to
use technology in our educational climate it will evolve into one that not only embraces, but seeks out new technology.

This plan is a reflection of our commitment to meeting the challenges of the Digital Age. The successful implementation of this plan will require the participation
and support of all administration and staff. We must remain focused on our purpose while incrementally implementing the various strategies. We must continually
monitor our progress and make changes to the plan as we go. As objectives are met, we will revisit our goals and establish new objectives as needed to ensure

Our goals are focused on developing more capable educators, providing the highest quality of education possible for the students, and improving the efficiency
and effectiveness of our work processes. Integration of technology into the curriculum is fundamental to reaching our goals for our faculty and students. Adopting
new technology and adapting our work processes around available technology will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively. With the support of our faculty,
staff, and students we will make our vision a reality.

                                                   Needs Assessment
Assessment Process:
"The mission of the public education system of this state is to ensure that all Texas children have access to a quality education that enables them to achieve their
potential and fully participate now and in the future in the social, economic, and educational opportunities of our state and nation. That mission is grounded on the
conviction that a general diffusion of knowledge is essential for the welfare of this state and for the preservation of the liberties and rights of citizens. It is further
grounded on the conviction that a successful public education system is directly related to a strong, dedicated, and supportive family and that parental involvement
in the school is essential for the maximum educational achievement of a child.

The Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 directly supports the Mission of Texas Public Education by ensuring an engaging, relevant, and future-focused
system of education for young Texas learners preparing each student for success and productivity as a lifetime learner, a world-class communicator, a competitive
and creative knowledge worker, and an engaged and contributing member of the emerging global digital society."

La Pryor ISD identified lessons learned since LRPT 1999-2006 that pertain to the successful integration of technology into the schools. One of the primary lessons
learned was the lack of collaborative and thoughtful planning. We have taken action to prevent the same problems from happening again. We have put a great
deal of thought and effort into building a comprehensive plan. The planning process involved teachers, students, administrators, and other representatives from
throughout the district including our technology coordinator. Community members, parents and other technological specialists are also involved in developing the
La Pryor ISD Technology Plan. The strategic planning sessions were/will be conducted on the following dates:
September 27,2006
November 15, 2006
January 10, 2007 Meet for the purpose of evaluating vendors proposals for the upcoming E-Rate.
March 5-9, 2007 Teachers and Campus Administrators evaluate with their campus using the TEXAS STAR CHART.
May 16, 2007 Technology Committee will analyze the effectiveness of disbursement decisions in light of implementation priorities.
Sept. 27, 2007 Begin the new year planning process and review current District and Campus plans for new school year.
Sept. 28 through Nov. 14, 2007 Complete and submit Texas Star Chart.
November 15, 2007 Approve and file new E-Plan for 2008 - 2009 so we can file the E-rate form 470 and post RFP for E-Rate 11.

We have also taken action to ensure that our plan is deployable and our goals are attainable. These are the requirements we adhered to when developing our
it is focused on our mission
it is strategically sound
it is deployable
the timeline and milestones are achievable
it is a useable tool, not just required documentation
it is aligned with the LRPT 2006-2020
it is aligned with the "No Child Left Behind" requirement
it is aligned with the E-Rate requirements
it is evaluated by outside source needs assessment

Before we could identify what actions must be taken to move forward, we had to conduct an assessment of technology at LPISD. The key steps were:
- expressed and documented our vision of the impact technology will have on LPISD based on Teacher, Administrator, Student and Community Technology
- defined our mission as it pertains to the use of technology
- assessed the current state of technology based on The TEXAS STAR CHART ( Campus and Teacher StaR Chart)
- conducted a needs assessment by an outside source
- identified known hardware and software requirements for the existing infrastructure
- outlined our budget strategies
- mapped out our current infrastructure
- conducted a hardware inventory
- established goals and objectives

Goals and objectives had to meet the following standards:
- goals and objectives are congruent with TEA/legal requirements
- goals and objectives are focused on helping us do our primary mission better
- goals are finite, obtainable on a 12 - 36 month timeline
- objectives are concrete and specific, obtainable on a 12 - 36 month timeline

We have also formed a Technology Committee to manage and direct the implementation of this plan. The committee will develop the specific methodology that will
be used to oversee the implementation of the plan. The foundation of their policy will be fact-based decision-making and adherence to effective school correlates.

Effective School Correlates that guide district and campus leadership.
- Instructional leadership
- High expectations
- School climate
- Instructional focus
- Measurement
- Positive home-school relationships
- Decisions will be made closest to the participants in the context of the problem.
- Decisions will be made based on an analysis of appropriate data.

The district will pursue continuous improvement in technology by using an improvement cycle that is focused on the mission of the district. This is a cycle of
planning, implementing, checking progress, and acting based on evidence of progress.

Develop a plan:
- Pick an area for improvement and determine what is desired
- Analyze where we are now and determine a probable cause
- Develop a strategy for improvement with a timeline based upon the most relevant research
- Determine the resources necessary to accomplish the strategy
- Assign responsibilities; determine what data will be used to evaluate the plan, and how it will be captured

Implement the plan:
- Try out the improvement strategy by implementing the necessary steps
- Capture the data for analysis
- Study (check) the results
- Evaluate the plan and see if the strategy works
- Check for unintended consequences
- Act on the results
- Decide to codify, modify, or abandon the strategy/plan.
- Begin the process again

As outlined in the correlates of effective schools, continued support from the faculty, administrators, and the entire learning community is a key to the success of
our students.
Existing Conditions:
Situated at the intersection of U.S. Highways 57 and 83, La Pryor ISD serves the community of La Pryor, Texas, with an approximate population of 2,500.
Covering 268 square miles, La Pryor ISD is identified as District 29A. Total student enrollment for the 2005-2006 School Year is 487 with an 82% socio-
economically disadvantaged population. La Pryor ISD currently has one elementary school which has grades PreK – 6th grade and one secondary school which is
a combined grades 7-12, all residing on the same physical campus. At La Pryor ISD, our goal is to put current and future technologies in the hands of our students
and faculty today, so that they will be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. Our information technology mission statement is clear: ―We will develop in our
students and faculty an appreciation for the value of technology and the impact it has on their quality of life‖.
The district currently supports 173 Apple laptops with Machine Model:iBook G4,CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.1), CPU Speed: 1.2 GHz, L2 Cache (per CPU): 512
KB, Memory:768 MB, Bus Speed: 133 MHz, Boot ROM Version: 4.8.7 and 217 PC workstations specifically deployed for instructional use, with the minimum
hardware requirements being an i586 CPU of no less than 450MHz with 128MB RAM. Current workstation requirements for newly purchased or built computers is
a minimum of an i686 CPU of no less than 800MHz and 512MB RAM, which will help to insure that the district maintains full compatibility with current and near-
future software requirements. Currently supported workstation operating systems are Windows 2000 Professional or XP Professional and Mac OSX. (Elementary
and Secondary Campus). All district administrative and support workstations run Windows 2000 or XP Professional as well. A 23-unit wireless lab, 30-unit Alpha
Smart Lab, and 95 Danas have been added to the campuses. In addition, the district also utilizes a distance learning and video conferencing facility in the
elementary (H323) and secondary campus (H323), and two portable Polycom video units at the high school accessible to both students for instructional purposes
and faculty for administrative training and continuing education.
The entire district backbone is networked via multi-mode gigabit fiber optic and 802.11b/g wireless technologies. The district intranet is serviced by a mix of
Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers, supporting a Windows 2000/XP Active Directory domain model. Publicly accessible Internet content is serviced by Symantec. All
district workstations have access to the Internet via Category 5E Ethernet or 802.11b/g wireless media and CIPA-required internet filtering is done with Symantec
Websense. District WAN connections are provided by ESC20 (San Antonio) and ATT Texas via two T-1 lines (ESC20 and 3.0 IMA with ATT). We also project the
need for 6.0 IMA for Internet traffic due to our 1-1 laptop initiative at LPISD. This prediction is based on bandwidth reports for ATT that shows 85 to 100%
bandwidth useage at all times.

La Pryor ISD employs a Technology Coordinator who is proficient in system, network, and information security administration to implement and oversee the
deployment and integration of technology in the district. La Pryor ISD also employees an Instructional Technology Facilitator that serves both high school and
elementary. Contracted services and network engineers are provided for the proper maintenance of some of the core network components and for the
maintenance of workstations and servers that were purchased with a support contract.

Technology Needs:
Network Assessment for LaPryor ISD
June 29, 2006

Executive Summary
GDS was commissioned by Lapryor ISD to review existing network configurations as well as troubleshoot issues with its installed base of wireless gear. LPISD’s
network consists of primarily (with minimal exception) industry-current Cisco equipment. The network is configured in a ―collapsed core‖ design with a Cisco
Catalyst 6509 switch at the core providing fiber connectivity back to remote buildings and closets, as well as layer three routing services for the environment.
Approximately 15 Cisco 1200 series wireless access points, as well as 2 Cisco 350 series wireless bridges comprise the wireless environment. Power for the
access points is provided by Cisco inline Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch ports in the local closets. Nearly all fiber runs back to the core switch are via multimode
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Overall Findings
Review of existing configurations on the core switch as well as the edge switches proved consistent with both industry best practices as well as Cisco’s
recommended design criteria. Virtual LANs are configured on the core switch to route between functional units as well as a separate VLAN for the entire wireless
environment. Performance tests using extended pings resulted in very consistent results. As expected in this type of design, performance was consistent from
most any edge switch attachment point to the core of the network. GDS therefore does not recommend any changes in the overall design of the network at this
time. However, should the network grow proportionally larger in the future, we recommend investigating the insertion of a third layer (distribution) in between the
core switch and the edge switches. Additionally, to mitigate the risk of total network failure in the event of a core switch meltdown, we recommend LPISD
investigate the feasibility of purchasing a redundant core switch. Secondary fiber runs from each closet edge switch can then be utilized to further provide
resiliency in this type of design. GDS can assist with this design change as well as provide a bill of materials list along with estimated costs for professional
services should LIPSD so desire.

Wireless Bridges
LPISD utilizes an outdoor wireless bridge link between its administration building and its High School building to support the transport of data communications.
Additionally, the Superintendent’s home located directly behind the Administration facility utilizes an access point configured to communicate back to the High
School and attach to the network. When GDS arrived on site, all three of these facilities were experiencing very bizarre and erratic behavior relative to the wireless
bridge link, often requiring LIPSD personnel to intervene with manual up/down configuration changes to restore the links during and immediately after a power
outage or other disruption in service.

Upon further investigation and testing, GDS determined that a likely cause for these problems with the wireless bridge environment stemmed from having very old
and outdated software levels on the devices in question. GDS downloaded the latest revisions of software for each of the Cisco 350 bridges and reloaded the
devices. Upon reload, the wireless link between the two buildings as well as the Access Point at the Superintendent’s home returned to available status
immediately and the erratic behavior was no longer present.

GDS recommends the replacement of these two bridges as they have been End of Life’d by Cisco and will ultimately be dropped from technical support at some
time in the future. We recommend LIPSD replace these two bridges with the more current platform using Cisco 1300 series outdoor bridges.

Although the existing 15 or so 1200 series access points servicing the wireless environment inside each building are not experiencing issues at this time, GDS
recommends that LIPSD download the latest version of software (General Development – GD) available from Cisco, and apply to all access points. Doing so will
ensure that all bug fixes as well as overall support levels are being met and will ultimately protect LIPSD’s investment.

1. Core Switch – GDS recommends the purchase of a secondary core switch to protect LIPSD from a total network outage in the event of a primary switch failure.
We also recommend utilizing (and installing wherever needed) secondary pairs of fiber from each closet edge switch in this design, further providing network level
redundancy and resiliency.
2. Wireless Management – GDS recommends that LIPSD purchase a Cisco Wireless LAN Solutions Engine (WLSE) to help manage the current, as well as any
future, installed base of wireless access points. More specifically, the WLSE Express can be configured to provide high levels of security (utilizing Cisco’s ACS
Security Authentication Server built-in) for the entire wireless environment. Additionally, overall manageability and configuration of the devices is significantly more
robust using this solution. GDS can provide professional services to install and configure this unit, as well as provide knowledge transfer to LIPSD personnel to
assist in the transition upon initial installation and configuration.
3. Outdated wireless bridges – GDS recommends the replacement of the existing Cisco 350 series bridges with more current Cisco 1300 series bridges.
4. Security – Although LPISD utilizes some industry recommended components such as a Cisco PIX 506 firewall as well as URL filtering; overall security of the
entire environment is at risk due to the absence of intrusion detection and prevention technologies. GDS recommends a tiered approach such as that
recommended by Cisco in its ―Self Defending Networks‖ model. As such, GDS recommends replacing the existing PIX firewall in favor of the new Adaptive
Security Appliance (ASA) platform. The ASA supports firewall functionality as does the PIX, however, it also supports an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) module
to help LIPSD guard against malicious or accidental threats from both outward facing connections like the Internet and the ESC connection points, but more
importantly, from internal risks posed by infected hosts within the network. Additionally, the ASA supports VPN connections, both from roaming users as well as
any point to point connections from outside entities requiring secure access. Cisco’s CSA (Cisco Security Agent) solution is also recommended to protect hosts
(both servers and individual host machines) from Day Zero virus and worm attacks. GDS can again provide consulting and professional services assistance to
LIPSD for the design and implementation of this system.
5. Network Management – GDS recommends the purchase of an SNMP based network management tool to assist personnel in the management and
troubleshooting aspects of the network. Several very cost effective tools are available from both Cisco as well as other vendors. GDS can assist with the
identification and configuration aspects should LPISD desire to pursue this.

The district currently operates a Gigabit multimode fiber optic network backbone with 100-Mbit Category 5e cabling drops in each classroom and office that can
already support multicast and H.323 protocols. Currently, the WAN connection to the Internet and distance learning services is a dedicated T-1 to ESC Region 20.
The district operates two separate networks: a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for public Internet services and a private intranet for students and faculty. The entire
Layer-2 topology is powered by Cisco Systems Catalyst Switches that provide each workstation with dedicated full-duplex access to a high-speed Gigabit fiber
optic network backbone and Gigabit Category 5e intranet server farm.
Currently, the district network server infrastructure operates on a mixed platform of Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server. The district intranet operates
a Windows 2000 Active Directory-based domain on two Dell PowerEdge servers that enforce user level authentication at each Windows 2000 Professional or
Windows XP workstations. Active Directory also allows for the control of individual workstations via Group and System Policies and enforces a highly customizable
security model throughout the intranet. Windows 2000 also natively supports ILS services that allow for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint audio and video
conferencing capabilities to every workstation on the local network. Two additional custom-built Windows 2000 member servers provide file sharing, backup, and
database services. Core intranet and public Internet services (i.e. DNS, DHCP, intranet and Internet E-mail, and Web services) are powered by one Dell
PowerEdge server and eight custom-built servers and administrative workstations.
Now our main goal is to provide a wireless environment and wireless laptops to all faculty and students. We are beginning with the High School faculty, then
students in grades 9-12, then grades 7-8. Elementary will be phasing in laptops for all teachers beginning with the 6th grade and working down. Student laptops
will be phased in beginning with the 6th grade and working down through 4th grade. Danas and Alpha Smarts will be used for the lower grades. Another goal is to
maintain a minimum of five workstations per classroom throughout the district until a one to one ratio is met. This will help to insure that all students have an equal
opportunity to become familiar with and learn to use technology to assist them in the classroom. Teachers will find it easier to convey their vision of learning to their
students through the use of instructional software programs and Internet-based research. Students will develop a better understanding of how technology can
assist them with learning at their own pace and on their own level. This will also bring programs like Lexia, SuccessMaker, LightSpan and Plato directly to the
student at point of need. This will also provide a more flexible schedule without having to take students to a dedicated lab where scheduling can become an issue.
The secondary school is redesigning how we do school, so that there is a clear focus on students and on the quality of the work provided to students—work that
students find interesting, engaging, challenging and satisfying which results in their learning what is expected.
A third goal is to strengthen the core server infrastructure of the district be adding four additional Dell PowerEdge servers to meet the needs of the growing
network. These servers can provide additional network-wide backup and recovery of data, intranet virus scanning, and secondary database services, increasing
the fault tolerance of the network as a whole.
The final goal is to continue to expand the physical topology of the network itself by adding additional 802.11b/g wireless access points where needed. The
802.11b/g wireless services will also be expanded, moving from a point-to-point mode to district-wide broadcasting capability. This would allow for the immediate
setup of a mobile lab anywhere in the district, at any time, without the worry of quantity of drops in a given area. Students could also participate in outdoor lab
environments, such as science or agricultural-based instruction. The Layer-2 switching fabric will also be strengthened with the deployment of additional Cisco
Catalyst switches where needed to provide for future growth. It is also necessary to increase the available WAN throughout by bringing in at least one additional T-
1 line to accommodate web hosting. This additional line would be used for dedicated access to the Internet, freeing up our current T-1 to be used strictly for video
streaming and distance learning. LPISD will also needs to have an IP/TV Broadcast Server to expedite the use of streaming video (POWERMEDIA Plus and video
on demand) in to the curriculum.

                            Goals, Objectives, and Strategies
GOAL 1: Utilize technology as a tool to foster improvement in academic achievement, curriculum integration, and increased accessibility and

OBJECTIVE 1.1: 100% of the schools will integrate technology skills into all subject areas/curricula.

                  Budget Amount $135,000.00
                  LRPT category: Teaching and Learning

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 02, 04a, 07, 11, 12

Strategies                                                                                         State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)            Evidence:

 1.1.1: Provide technology integration lessons in a variety of ways that teachers can use          State:          2007-       C & I Director       Online Curriculum
        and host training sessions that focus on technology integration into the curriculum.       Revised         2010        Technology Dept.     Lesson Plan
        Adopt a curriculum which is interesting, challenging and satisfying to the student (                                   Campus               Database
        W.O.W). Continue to use a modified schedule that allows for training during the                                        Principals           Continuation of
        school day for both students and teachers. Continue the employment of an                   Status: In                  Instructional        collaborative with
        Instructional Technology Integration Facilitator.                                          Progress                    Technology           ESC20 and
                                                                                                                               Teachers             Schlechty Center
                                                                                                                               Campus               Technology
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP02, EP07, I01, LAS03, LAS10, TL06                                                              Teachers             Integration
                                                                                                                               Curriculum           Facilitator

 1.1.2: Technology Integration will be part of the Campus & District Plans.                        State:          2007-       Campus SBDMs         Campus Plans
                                                                                                   Revised         2010        Principals           District Plan
                                                                                                                               C & I Director       Technology Plan
         LEA LRPT Correlates: LAS01, LAS02, TL11                                                                               Technology
                                                                                                   Status: In                  Committee

OBJECTIVE 1.2: The district will strive to have 100% of students achieve technology proficiency and academic success.

                  Budget Amount $49,500.00
                  LRPT category: Teaching and Learning

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 02, 03, 04a, 06, 07, 11
Strategies                                                                                         State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)           Evidence:

 1.2.1: Provide engaging technology integrated subject lessons that include the Internet for       State:          2007-       C & I Director      Student products &
        resources and collaborative learning.                                                      Revised         2010        Campus              performances
                                                                                                                               Principals          Teacher and
                                                                                                                               Instructional       student electronic
         Comments: LPISD is participating in a Comprehensive School Reform – Texas High            Status: In                  Technologist        portfolios
         School Initiative from TEA. LPISD is also participating with ESC20 on on several          Progress                    Technology
         grant opportunities as well as ESC16 on the RUS grant.                                                                Director/District

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP04, EP08, EP09, I05, LAS03, TL05, TL06, TL09,
         TL10, TL11, TL14, TL15, TL16

 1.2.2: Use online software such as Pearson's Progress Assessment Series, Plato's                  State:          2007-       Campus              Test Results
        EduTest and AEIS-IT to analyze and forcast strengths and weaknesses of student             Revised         2010        Teachers            Statistics of
        success.                                                                                                               Campus Principal    software use
                                                                                                                               C & I Director
                                                                                                   Status:                     Instructional
         Comments: PASeries provided by the state for TAKs assessed grade levels and               Planned                     Technologists
         District provided for other grade levels. EduTest form Plato is provided through...

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP04, EP09, I02, I05, I06, I08, LAS03, LAS05,
         LAS15, TL01, TL04, TL05, TL07, TL12

 1.2.3: Continue with benchmark assessments for all grade levels.                                  State:          2007-       Campus              Random sample of
                                                                                                   Revised         2010        Teachers            results
                                                                                                                               Campus Principal    Scope and
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP03, I05, LAS03, LAS05, LAS08, TL05, TL10, TL11,                                          C & I Director      Sequence for each
         TL13                                                                                      Status: In                  Instructional       grade level
                                                                                                   Progress                    Facilitator         showing TA/TEKS
                                                                                                                                                   Lesson Plans that
                                                                                                                                                   show vertical
                                                                                                                                                   alignment of the

 1.2.4: Increase usage of electronic field trips, distance learning and offer digital curriculum   State:          2007-       Campus              Statistics of Use
        through the use of PowerMedia Plus, United Streaming, Digital Knowledge Central            Revised         2010        Teachers
        and other online videos by using a streaming video server.                                                             Instructional
                                                                                                   Status: In                  Librarian or
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP03, EP08, I01, I05, I06, I09, LAS03, LAS05,                  Progress                    Library aide
         LAS10, LAS13, TL05, TL08, TL09, TL11, TL12, TL15

 1.2.5: Use SRA TechKnowledge online for grades K -5 and Glencoe's TechConnect for                 State:          2007-       C & I Director      Statistics of Use
        Gradess 6-8 technology applications proficiency.Increase usage of Plato Learning           Revised         2010        Campus              Increase test
        Lab at the secondary level for credit recovery to promote academic success. Use                                        Principals          results for students
        Lexia Learning Systems at the elementary level to promote academic success in                                          Classroom           Student
        strugglers.Other early reading technology such as Starfall.com are also used to            Status: In                  Teachers            performance on
        promote academic success among the very young students.                                    Progress                    Campus              Software
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP09, I01, I05, I06, LAS01, LAS03, LAS10, LAS12, TL02,                                           Coordinator
         TL03, TL04, TL05, TL08, TL09, TL12                                                                                    Learning Lab

 1.2.6: Provide extended Learning Resources services that provide on-demand access by              State:          2007-       C & I Director      Statistics of use for
        staff and students at point of need for the online resources of the Library and the        Original        2010        Technology          online resources
        best available technologies, including digital content.                                                                Director/District   Sign in sheets for
                                                                                                                               Librarian           extended hours
                                                                                                   Status: In                  Campus              Increased
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP03, EP05, EP06, EP08, EP09, I01, I03, I05, I08,              Progress                    Principals          performance of
         LAS01, LAS03, LAS07, LAS09, LAS11, LAS13, TL07, TL08, TL09                                                            ESC20 Digital       student body in
                                                                                                                               Knowledge           academics

OBJECTIVE 1.3: 100% of facilities will increase accessibility via wireless access and/or innovation whenever appropriate.

                  Budget Amount $63,000.00
                  LRPT category: Teaching and Learning

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 03, 04a, 08

Strategies                                                                                         State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)           Evidence:

 1.3.1: Provide adaptive hardware and software including Alphasmarts, touch screens,               State:          2007-       Special             IEP Reports
        adaptive keyboards, Lexia software, SuccessMaker software. Desktop/Laptops for             Revised         2010        Education           Equipment in place
        all students and teachers. Provide an ADA compliant website. Provide e-case                                            Department
        software to enhance IEP Reports for parents, teachers and students.                                                    Technology Dept.
                                                                                                   Status: In                  Classroom
                                                                                                   Progress                    Teachers
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP06, EP07, I05, I06, I08, LAS08, LAS09, TL09,                                             Technology
         TL13, TL16                                                                                                            Integration

 1.3.2: Expand technology hardware access by adding wireless access points and wireless            State:          2007-       C&I Director        Inventory
         laptop computers, wireless NIC’s for all computers, TV/ video connections with IP       Revised           2010            Campus               Record of use
         video server, library research centers with increased accessibility at point of need.                                     Principals
                                                                                                 Status: In                        Director/District
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP05, LAS05                                                        Progress                          Librarian

 1.3.3: All classrooms contain desktops for use as centers in the classrooms.                    State:            2007-           Technology Dept.     Number of units in
                                                                                                 Revised           2010            Classroom            use in classrooms
                                                                                                                                   Teachers             and labs.
         Comments: Every classroom from Pre K to 6th grade have 4 online multimedia                                                Campus
         computers to use for centers. We also currently have one 30 unit AlphaSmart lab on      Status: In                        Principals
         wheels at the Elementary School which circulate to classrooms as needed by              Progress
         teachers. We also have handheld devices Palm 150 - Zire 71's for Pre K - 2nd
         grade teachers used for TPRI testing purposes as well as other diagnostic

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP06, EP09, I04, I05, I06, LAS01, LAS05, LAS08,
         LAS10, TL04, TL05, TL07, TL08

 1.3.4: Provide Wireless Laptop computers for all elementary and secondary teachers, all         State:            2007-           C & I Director       Sign-in Sheets
        students including special needs students at the secondary level(grades 9-12).           Revised           2010            Special Ed. Dir.     with record of
        Provide staff development training for teachers utilizing the instructional technology                                     Technology Dept.     exact date and
        facilitator that promotes student/teacher active learning with technology.Provide                                          Principals           module mastered.
        online tech support using Atomic Learning professional developement for teachers         Status: In                                             Inventory with
        and students at point of need. Provide weekly opportunities for teachers to learn        Progress                                               record of use.
        technology in "Tech Wednesday:You are not alone". These session cover software,
        hardware and techniques using technology.

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP05, EP08, I01, I05, LAS03, LAS10, TL04, TL08, TL09,

OBJECTIVE 1.4: 100% of the campuses will have the ability to positively impact the parental and other adult community through technology.

                  Budget Amount $11,700.00
                  LRPT category: Teaching and Learning

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 09, 10

Strategies                                                                                       State/Status:     Timeline:       Person(s)            Evidence:

 1.4.1: Provide parents and community members access to the infrastructure for                   State:            2007-           Superintendent       Statistical Data
        educational resources.                                                                   Revised           2010            C & I Director       from use
                                                                                                                                   Campus               Community Lab
                                                                                                                                   Principals           Sign-In Sheets
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP06, I06, I08, LAS13, TL15                                        Status: In                        Technology
                                                                                                 Progress                          Dir./District

 1.4.2: Use distance learning and digital content services to provide educational services       State:            2007-           C & I Director       Statistical Data
        and information about education to parents, non-certified teachers and other             Revised           2010            Campus               Compiled from
        community members.                                                                                                         Principals           usage
                                                                                                                                   Technology Dir.
                                                                                                 Status: In                        District Librarian
         Comments: We are currrently part of the Teacher Alternative Prep. Program as part       Progress
         with ESC20 through the Transition into Teaching grant form the US Dept. of

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP06, EP07, I01, I06, I09, LAS15, TL16

GOAL 2: Promote growth in educator’s effectiveness in integrating technology into the curriculum, achieving proficiency in SBEC Technology
Standards, and transforming teaching practices by promoting engaging student-centered learning.

OBJECTIVE 2.1: 100% of the campuses will deliver and 100% of the educators in the district will receive aligned, effective, research based professional
               development using technology.

                  Budget Amount $304,000.00
                  LRPT category: Educator Preparation and Development

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER02
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 03, 04b, 07, 08, 11

Strategies                                                                       State/Status:   Timeline:    Person(s)                Evidence:

 2.1.1: Continue offering staff development for teachers and librarians in a     State:          2007-        Superintendent           Develop and maintain a staff
        variety of methodologies (ie. Web based, video on demand,                Revised         2010         C & I Director           development plan based on needs
        distance learning,etc,) that focus on preparing teachers to redesign                                  Campus                   assessments.
        the pattern of activity in their classroom so that all students are                                   Principals               Statistical data comprised of sign-in
        authentically engaged through the integration of technology.             Status: In                   Technology Dir.          sheets and certificates.
                                                                                 Progress                     District Librarian       District developed survey results.
         Comments: LaPryor ISD currently uses an online program for Tech                                      Integration
         Apps.;SRA Techknowledge for K- grade 5 and Glencoe                                                   Facilitator
         TechConnect for grades 6-8 and BCIS 1 & 2 at the HS level.

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP04, EP07, EP08, I01, I09, LAS03,
         LAS06, LAS12, TL02, TL04, TL07

OBJECTIVE 2.2: 100% of Instructional staff will be required to meet SBEC standards for technology literacy.

                  Budget Amount $21,500.00
                  LRPT category: Educator Preparation and Development

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER02
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 03, 04b, 06, 11

Strategies                                                                        State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)            Evidence:

 2.2.1: Administrators will evaluate staff in terms of SBEC standards using       State:          2007-       C & I Director       STAR Chart
        the WOW (Working on the Work) design qualities and provide                Revised         2010        Campus               Survey results
        training to assist teachers, librarians and administrators to be able                                 Administration       PDAS
        to pass SBEC standards. STAR chart input by Teacher and                                               Technology Dir.      WOW protocols
        Campus as well as local technology surveys will be used to                Status: In                  Instructional        Texas School Library Standards
        determine competency.                                                     Progress                    Facilitator
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP04, EP05, EP08, I01, I02, LAS12,                                        District Librarian
         TL05, TL10, TL11

OBJECTIVE 2.3: 100% of staff will be encouraged to transform educational practices to include engaging and collaborative environments as well as other
               specialized curricula.

                  Budget Amount $24,500.00
                  LRPT category: Educator Preparation and Development

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER02
                  NCLB Correlates: 04b, 08, 11

Strategies                                                                        State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)            Evidence:

 2.3.1: Teacher technology academies will provide teachers with                   State:          2007-       C & I Director       Lesson Designs will be posted on
        opportunities for the necessary instruction to learn the skills           Revised         2010        Campus Staff         school webpage for hard to teach,
        required by SBEC guidelines. The academy instructors will model                                       Technology Dir.      difficult to learn lessons including
        best instructional practices. There will also be online instruction via                               Technology           student samples from
        Atomic Learning.                                                          Status: In                  Integration          implementation.
                                                                                  Progress                    Facilitator
                                                                                                              District Librarian
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP04, EP05, EP08, I01, I08, LAS05,
         LAS08, LAS10, TL04, TL07

 2.3.2: Teachers are encouraged to use emerging technologies including            State:          2007-       C & I Director       Teacher PDAS / Walk throughs
        Smart technologies, PDA’s and playstations .                              Revised         2010        Campus               Follow up Professional
                                                                                                              Principals           Development
                                                                                                              Classroom            Statistics of technology use
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP03, EP05, I09, LAS08, LAS10,                Status: In                  Teachers
         TL07, TL08, TL12                                                         Progress                    Technology Dir.

 2.3.3: Distance Learning opportunities are encouraged whenever                   State:          2007-       C & I Director       Certificates of participation
        possible, including connections between campuses and/or ESC20.            Revised         2010        Campus               System usage reports
        Video conferencing in lieu of traveling for professional                                              Principals           Sign In Sheets from trainings.
        development                                                                                           Technology Staff
                                                                                  Status: In
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP05, I01, I05, I06, LAS03, LAS08,
         LAS10, TL04, TL09, TL10, TL12

GOAL 3: Improve quality of communication to facilitate data-driven decision making processes in the areas of student records (academic achievement,
attendance, special ed. and discipline), community partnerships/parent awareness and involvement, and other support services.

OBJECTIVE 3.1: 100% of schools will utilize technology as a tool to access and maintain student records.

                  Budget Amount $43,550.00
                  LRPT category: Leadership, Administration and Support

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER02
                  NCLB Correlates: 04b, 08, 11, 12

Strategies                                                                            State/Status:   Timeline:    Person(s)             Evidence:

 3.1.1: 100% of campuses will analyze data to set campus goals and make             State:            2007-       C&I Director         Data collection &
        decisions regarding the improvement of student achievement.                 Revised           2010        Campus               disaggregation
                                                                                                                  Administrators       Campus Plans
                                                                                                                  Classroom            AYP Reports
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP06, EP08, EP09, I01, I09, LAS01, LAS03,             Status: In                    Teachers             Sign In Sheets from sessions
         LAS08, LAS10, TL05, TL07, TL08, TL12                                       Progress                      SBDM committees

 3.1.2: 100% of support personnel will receive training in all administrative and   State:            2007-       RSCCC user           Electronic reports from
        support systems.                                                            Revised           2010        groups               RSCCC
                                                                                                                  Superintendent       Records for PDAS, PEIMS,
                                                                                                                  Business Manager     AESIT and RSCCC training.
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP06, I01, I06, LAS02, LAS08, TL04,             Status: In                    Registrar            Combined use of Business
         TL06, TL07, TL08, TL12                                                     Progress                      Technology Dir.      and Student side of RSCCC.

 3.1.3: 100% of campuses will utilize an online grade book to maintain student      State: Original   2007-       C&I Director         Online GradeBook for
        grades and generate reports for student, parent, and teacher use.                             2010        Campus Principals    teachers and parents.
                                                                                                                  Classroom            Online Progress reports for
                                                                                    Status: In                    Teachers             parents form district website
         Comments: There is an Online GradeBook for all parents. Parents may        Progress                      Technology Dir.      Electronic Report Card
         register at any time from our website.                                                                                        Printing.

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP09, I01, I08, I09, LAS08, LAS11,
         TL12, TL15, TL16

 3.1.4: Centralized document websites will be maintained with current forms         State:            2007-       Superintendent       District website with access
        and documents available in PDF, giving 100% of pertinent staff access       Revised           2010        Business Mgr.        to PDF forms:
        to digital files.                                                                                         Campus Admin.        Special Ed. Reports & Forms
                                                                                                                  Special Ed. Staff    available on the e-Case
                                                                                    Status: In                    Campus               ESL Forms
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP08, I01, I05, LAS08, LAS10, TL12,             Progress                      Facilitators         Transportaion Request
         TL15                                                                                                     Technical Serivces   Forms
                                                                                                                  Webmaster            Acceptable Use Policy and
                                                                                                                  WebClass             Forms
                                                                                                                                       Janitoral Request Forms
                                                                                                                                       Employment Applications
                                                                                                                                       and openings

OBJECTIVE 3.2: 100% of Instructional Staff will be encouraged and/or required to utilize electronically delivered information to communicate with parents and
               concerned community members, as appropriate.

                 Budget Amount $11,500.00
                 LRPT category: Leadership, Administration and Support

                 E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                 NCLB Correlates: 06, 09, 10, 12

Strategies                                                                          State/Status:     Timeline:   Person(s)            Evidence:

 3.2.1: All staff will be encouraged to utilize electronic means to communicate     State:            2007-       Superintendent       Online GradeSpeed usage
        student progress, including email communication, parental access to         Revised           2010        Campus Admin.        reports
        teacher grade book online, electronic bulletins, newsletters and                                          Classroom            Website counter
        magazines.                                                                                                Teachers             Email usage
                                                                                    Status: In                    Technology Dept.     Parent Contacts
                                                                                    Progress                      Webmaster
         Comments: Our Webpage will be hosted by a comercial group to
         provide the best possible service with usage documentation

         LEA LRPT Correlates: LAS04, TL16

 3.2.2: The LPISD Website will be maintained and updated with information for       State:            2007-       District Admin.      Administrative software to
        community members, including campus websites, library links, current        Revised           2010        Campus Admin.        monitor use
        employment opportunities and resources for adult literacy and                                             Webmaster            Posting of current news and
        continuing educational opportunities.                                                                     Technology Dir.      information
                                                                                    Status: In
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP08, I03, I08, LAS03, LAS04, TL11,
         TL15, TL16

 3.2.3: Continuation of Technology Planning Committee to regularly evaluate         State:            2007-       Technology Staff     Attendance at meetings
        the district E-Plan and use online collaboration with parents and           Revised           2010        Representative       Correspondence
        community members to evaluate technology.                                                                 from Campuses        E-Plan
                                                                                    Status: In                    Community
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP09, I01, I02, I03, I09, LAS01, LAS02, LAS05,        Progress                      membership
         LAS07, LAS09, LAS14, TL12, TL14, TL15                                                                    Student

 3.2.4: Teachers will be encouraged and assisted in grant writing to qualify for    State:            2007-       C&I Director         Grant Awards
        other funding and in attending regional collaborative opportunities.        Revised           2010        Technology           Certificates for Training
                                                                                                                  Campus Principals
         LEA LRPT Correlates: I01, I09, LAS04, LAS13, LAS15                        Status: In

 3.2.5: Information about School Board Meetings shared with community by           State:           2007-       Superintendent         Website Hits
        posting on district website and in the TASB policy online.                 Revised          2010        Webmaster              Online Board Agendas and
                                                                                                                                       community postings

         Comments: LaPryor ISD is currently changing to SOCS for districct         Status: In
         website hosting.                                                          Progress

         LEA LRPT Correlates: I01, I06, I08, I09, LAS08, TL16

OBJECTIVE 3.3: 100% of Support Staff will streamline information-reporting and decision-making process by utilizing electronic productivity tools.

                  Budget Amount $14,900.00
                  LRPT category: Leadership, Administration and Support

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER02
                  NCLB Correlates: 03, 04b, 09, 12

Strategies                                                                         State/Status:    Timeline:   Person(s)              Evidence:

 3.3.1: Library automation system software will be used and maintained on all      State:           2007-       District Librarian     Athena statistic reports
        campuses.                                                                  Revised          2010        Technology

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP08, I01, I02, I05, I06, I08, LAS01,          Status: In
         LAS05, LAS07, TL05, TL09, TL11, TL13                                      Progress

 3.3.2: Electronic means will be used to maintain and track technology             State:           2007-       Superintendent         RSCCC Asset Management
        inventory and work orders.                                                 Revised          2010        Asset Manager          Database interfaced with RCI
                                                                                                                Business Manager       database
                                                                                                                Technology Dir.        RSCCC Requsitions
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, I01, I06, I07, LAS08, LAS13, LAS14,            Status: In                                          Technology work order
         TL11, TL15                                                                Progress                                            requests

 3.3.3: Teacher and Librarian evaluations will be maintained electronically with   State:           2007-       Superintendent         PDAS Forms online
        the support from TEA, ESC 13 and ESC 14 forms websites.                    Revised          2010        C&I Director           FileMaker Pro Database
                                                                                                                Campus Principals      templates
                                                                                                                Technology Dir.
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP04, EP05, I01, I03, I09, LAS01,              Status: In
         LAS08, LAS12, TL04, TL08                                                  Progress

GOAL 4: Increase capability and stability of the LAN/WAN, Internet connectivity, user/computer ratio, and emerging technologies as appropriate.

OBJECTIVE 4.1: 100% of the LAN/WAN infrastructure will be optimized to meet the needs of all facets of the school district enterprise.

                  Budget Amount $175,000.00
                  LRPT category: Infrastructure for Technology

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 03, 05, 08, 09, 12

Strategies                                                                    State/Status:     Timeline:   Person(s)          Evidence:

 4.1.1: The district will maintain the gigabite Ethernet WAN as well as a     State:            2007-       Superintendent     Contracts with SBC or other
        wireless WAN between each site and the Ethernet/Wireless LAN          Revised           2010        Technology         approved provider
        on each site..                                                                                      Coordinator        Contracts with ESC20 or other
                                                                                                            Network            approved provider
                                                                              Status: In                    Engineer           Network monitoring/assessment
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP06, I01, I02, I03, I05, I06, I07, I08,        Progress                                         programs in place and active.
         LAS01, LAS04, LAS07, LAS08, LAS10, TL09

 4.1.2: The District will maintain wireless access points throughout the      State:            2007-       Superintendent     Up to date network diagrams
        campus at each location within the infrastructure; as well as out     Revised           2010        Technology         Network monitoring programs
        buildings.                                                                                          Director           Cisco Wireless LAN Solutions
                                                                                                            Network            Engine (WLSE) to help manage the
                                                                              Status: In                    Engineer           current, as well as any future,
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP06, I01, I02, I07, LAS02, LAS04,        Progress                                         installed base of wireless access
         LAS08, TL08, TL09                                                                                                     points

 4.1.3: Use E-Rate funds to optomize the infrastructure also search for       State:            2007-       Superintendent     Maintain active access to information
        additional grants and funding resources including business and        Revised           2010        C&I Director       services and agencies focused on
        community to secure resources that enhance infrastructure.                                          Technology         these resources.
                                                                                                            Director           Participation in grant collaboratives.
                                                                              Status: In                                       Grant applications submitted.
         LEA LRPT Correlates: I03                                             Progress

OBJECTIVE 4.2: 100% Internet Connectivity will be maintained from every location in the district.
                  Budget Amount $309,250.00
                  LRPT category: Infrastructure for Technology

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 05, 06, 08, 12

Strategies                                                                       State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)        Evidence:

 4.2.1: The district will ensure all district users internet access within the   State:          2007-       Technology       There are four computers in every
        district.                                                                Revised         2010        Director         classroom or office in the district that
                                                                                                             Technical        is connected through the LAN/WAN
                                                                                                             Specialists      to the district Internet.
         Comments: Every teacher has a laptop with internet access. Every        Status: In                  Superintendent
         student grades 9-12 has a laptop (1 to 1 iniative) also, there are      Progress                    C & I Director
         two 20 unit labs (one in HS Library and the other lab is a Plato lab)
         There is a 25 unit computer lab in the Elem. Library online room.
         Every elementary classroom has a minimum of 4 computers.
         Middle School classrooms have a minimum of 5 computers.

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP02, EP03, EP05, EP06, EP08, EP09,
         I01, I02, I03, I08, LAS01, LAS03, LAS05, LAS08, LAS10, LAS11,
         TL01, TL04, TL05, TL07, TL10, TL11, TL12, TL14

 4.2.2: The district will maintain interactive web-based services with both      State:          2007-       Technology       District Website
        internet and intranet components which will easily updated by            Revised         2010        Director
        teachers, students and administrators.                                                               Technical
                                                                                 Status: In                  Webmaster
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP04, I01, I02, I08, I09, LAS01,             Progress
         LAS02, LAS10, LAS11, LAS13, LAS14, TL05, TL06, TL09, TL12,
         TL14, TL16

OBJECTIVE 4.3: 100% of campuses will continue to work toward optimal user/computer ratio in the district.

                  Budget Amount $131,550.00
                  LRPT category: Infrastructure for Technology

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 03, 04a, 04b, 05, 07, 08, 12

Strategies                                                                       State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)        Evidence:

 4.3.1: The district will maintain a ratio of 1 student to 1computer at the      State:          2007-       Superintendent   Installation and use of computers by
        secondary campus this year and a 4 students to 1 computer in the         Revised         2008        C & I Director   students and staff
        elementary classrooms with a one to one ratio in the computer labs                                   Business
        when appropriate. This district will provide each professional with a                                Manager
        dedicated workstation.                                                   Status: In                  Technology
                                                                                 Progress                    Director

         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP05, EP06, EP08, EP09, I01, I02,
         I03, I04, I05, I06, I07, I08, LAS01, LAS03, LAS05, LAS08, LAS10,
         TL01, TL02, TL04, TL05, TL07, TL08, TL09, TL10, TL11, TL12,

OBJECTIVE 4.4: 100% of district personnel will be encouraged to explore and include new and emerging technologies to maximize user potential, where

                  Budget Amount $55,000.00
                  LRPT category: Infrastructure for Technology

                  E-Rate Correlates: ER01
                  NCLB Correlates: 01, 02, 03, 04a, 05, 07, 08, 12

Strategies                                                                       State/Status:   Timeline:   Person(s)        Evidence:

 4.4.1: A standardized/wireless IP video (multimedia) system for each            State:          2007-       Technology       Installation complete and being
        campus.                                                                  Revised         2010        Director         implemented
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP03, EP05, EP08, EP09, I01, I02, I08,             Status: In                  Campus
         LAS03, LAS05, TL04, TL05, TL07, TL13, TL16                              Progress                    Principals

 4.4.2: Shared use of specialized technologies such as video conferencing        State:          2007-       C&I Director     Technical devices are in place and in
        systems, digital cameras, scanners, projection devices,                  Revised         2010        Technology       use on each campus.
        Smartboards and digital video cameras in place on each campus in                                     Director
        the district.                                                                                        Technical
                                                                                 Status: In                  Speicalists
                                                                                  Progress                     District Librarian
                                                                                                               KID'S Institute
         LEA LRPT Correlates: EP01, EP03, EP08, I01, I08, LAS05,                                               Teachers
         LAS07, LAS08, TL05, TL09, TL13

Total amount of Title II, Part D formula funds received for the current year of this plan: $2,312.00

Method of application for formula funds: REAPed

Budget year 2007
Budget item                                                             Cost     Funding Sources with amount per source

Staff Development                                               $100,000.00      100% Title II Part D, Local and HS Reform Initiative

Telecommunications & Internet Access                              $73,000.00     90% Erate & 10% Local
                                                                                 Local 100% for non e-rate eligible

Materials & Supplies                                              $23,000.00     100% Local

Equipment                                                         $35,000.00     100% Local and
                                                                                 Continuation of RUS grant with ESC16

Maintenance                                                       $57,500.00     90% E-Rate & 10% Local on E-rate eligible
                                                                                 100% Local on non eligible e-rate mtc.

Miscellaneous Expenses                                            $98,900.00     100% Local, HS Reform Initiative and RUS Grant with ESC16

Total                                                           $387,400.00

Budget year 2008
Budget item                                                                         Cost     Funding Sources with amount per source

Staff Development                                                           $125,000.00      Title II Part D, Local and HS Reform Iniative

Telecommunications & Internet Access                                         $80,300.00      E-Rate 90% Local 10% on Eiligible
                                                                                             100 % Local on non-eligible

Materials & Supplies                                                         $28,000.00      100% Local and grant funds

Equipment                                                                   $171,000.00      E-Rate 90% Local 10% on Eiligible
                                                                                             100 % Local on non-eligible (ESc20)

Maintenance                                                                  $60,000.00      E-Rate 90% Local 10% on Eiligible ($30000.0)
                                                                                             100 % Local on non-eligible

Miscellaneous Expenses                                                       $50,000.00      100% Local and grant funds

Total                                                                       $514,300.00

Budget year 2009
Budget item                                                                          Cost     Funding Sources with amount per source

Staff Development                                                              $125,000.00    Local & grant funds

Telecommunications & Internet Access                                            $91,250.00    E-Rate 90% Local 10% on Eiligible
                                                                                              100 % Local on non-eligible (ESC 20)

Materials & Supplies                                                            $32,000.00    100% Local and grant

Equipment                                                                       $35,000.00    100% Local and grant

Maintenance                                                                     $65,000.00    E-Rate 90% Local 10% on Eiligible
                                                                                              100 % Local on non-eligible

Miscellaneous Expenses                                                         $100,000.00    100% Local and grant funds

Total                                                                          $448,250.00
Evaluation Process:
The evaluation of the elements of the plan will be ongoing as teaching and learning strategies utilize the technology to reach the educational goals of the district.

The plan itself will be evaluated and updated as needed by the Technology Planning Committee, Superintendent's Administrative Cabinet, District Improvement
Planning Committee and Campus Planning Committees. The technology committee will meet at least 4 times per year - September, December, January and May
of each year to monitor the progress of the program.

Evaluation Method:
Evaluation of the Technology Plan will be a systematic ongoing process. All aspects of the Plan will be evaluated formally four times each year: September,
December, January and May.
The Technology Committee and Administrative Cabinet will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of this plan. The intention of the evaluation will be to make
decisions on the impact that technology has on the learning process for all students. A report will be given to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees after
each formal evaluation occurs.
Texas STaR Chart results for each campus will be used to help assess progress made toward meeting the goals of the Long Range Plan for Technology. District
developed instruments will be used to assess their level of technology implementation and progress made.
Other methods used for evaluation will include but are not limited to:
· Surveys of the staff conducted yearly in regards to their use of technology in the classroom
. Data from the teacher appraisal system and the Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) will be reviewed to monitor the percentage of teachers
demonstrating "proficient" or "exceeding expectations" on technology related indicators.
· Informal interviews conducted once a semester by the campus representative
· Records of staff member participation in technology training monitored by sign-in sheets and teacher professional development records.
· Integration of training into the classroom as measured by lesson designs and number and type of technology and distance learning projects.
. Student passing rate on TAKS increases for all sub-populations. SAT/ACT scores over the next five years should rise and the number of students taking these
test will increase with the changing of curriculum strategies which are engaging and embracing technology. Seniors and Juniors will be given the opportunity to
take practice tests before they actually take the SAT/ACT.
· Monitoring and documentation of community access to technology resources and information on the campuses and on the web site.
· Monitoring and documentation of community involvement
· Yearly inventory of hardware and software
· Support and maintenance of technology as documented by technical support logs.

Attachment item A:
Technology E-Plan

             Web site: http://www.lapryor.net/default.asp?page=29

LA PRYOR ISD does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, age, or national origin in its educational programs, activities, or employment as
required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.

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