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Guidance for Danes Abroad

    Companies and individuals can find advice and
                                                          During the past 10 years, Danish companies have become increasing-
    guidance related to security during travels and       ly international. A growing number of companies are engaged in new
                                                          markets where they face new risks – for instance, kidnapping inspi-
    visits abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of   red by economical or ideological motives. The same is true for Danish
    Denmark’s travel guidance at               authorities and non-governmental organizations present in high risk
    Information regarding the political situation in
    specific countries can also be found on               This reality provides new challenges, especially in countries where lo-
                                                          cal authorities are not capable of maintaining law and order. (Danish only).
                                                          Threats against Danes
                                                          The reprinting of the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed and to some
                                                          extent Denmark’s ongoing military involvement in Afghanistan has led
                                                          terror groups to increase their focus on Denmark, Danes, and Danish
                                                          interests abroad. This applies in particular to countries were al-Qae-
                                                          da-related groups are active (e.g. North and East Africa, the Middle
                                                          East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan).

                                                          The risk of kidnapping is not always motivated by ideologies. In high
                                                          risk countries, such as Mexico or Colombia, kidnapping represents a
                                                          relatively easy and quick way to obtain large amounts of money.

                                                          One somewhat new type of kidnapping is the Express- or ATM-kid-
                                                          nappings, where over a period of days, the victim is forced to withdraw
                                                          cash from ATMs, until the daily limit is reached or the victim is forced
                                                          to hand over credit card and PIN-code.

                                                          Potential victims of kidnapping include expat employees, local emplo-
                                                          yees, journalists or tourists.

                                                          In response to the threat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
                                                          has advised some of the Danish embassies to increase their security

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Safe posting abroad                                                          Have you considered not to use the company
As an employee abroad, you would be prepared for language-barriers,
new cultures and customs, and different ways of doing business.              logo, nor the employee or company name
However, you are not necessarily prepared for handling your own se-          when collecting a person in the airport in risk
                                                                             countries? As an alternative you can arrange
Companies, organizations or authorities are not always able to predict
the consequences of political change or uprising in countries where          a neutral characteristic, which does not reveal
their employees are located.                                                 nationality or identity.
Concrete security guidelines and travel security plans – including ad-
vice on how to avoid kidnapping – are therefore valuable to all Danish
companies and organizations that work in high risk areas.

Travel safely
A travel security plan covers the practical preparations that any
company and organization needs to have in place. All companies
should review their travel security procedures with their employees.

With a travel security plan, companies and organizations can ensure
that crisis situations are prevented or handled in the most competent
and effective way, in order to avoid panic and delayed response time.
This strengthens both the kidnapped and the company’s or organiza-
tion’s position.

>>A travel security plan should contain procedures on avoiding un-
  necessary risks when travelling, and guidance on dealing with
  security threats before, during and after an incident.

>>You may want to limit the use of Danish symbols, including the
  Danish flag, at places in high risk areas and during tense political

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 What does the situation look like? Where are      Good preparation = Responsible management
                                                   It takes thorough preparation to minimize the risk of kidnapping, as
 the employees? What time are they supposed        well as to limit the consequences. The management will have to in-
                                                   vest time and money in preparing the company or the organization
 to arrive at the next destination? How and when
 do you know that something might be wrong?        The benefit of such preparations is more security conscious emplo-
                                                   yees, who are confident that their security is being taken seriously. A
                                                   responsible management should also be well prepared because of the
                                                   immense human costs involved in kidnappings. Finally, such prepa-
                                                   rations are a good investment, as they protect against loss of income,
                                                   loss of know-how, and damage to the company’s reputation.

                                                   >>Good preparations start with obtaining knowledge about the
                                                     country and culture in question.

                                                   >>The company can decide to obtain advice from security compa-
                                                     nies with experience on security in the specific country or area.
                                                     Based on this knowledge, the company can prepare a risk as-

                                                   >>Advice regarding risk assessments and the planning of the
                                                     company’s travel security plan can be found on the Danish Emer-
                                                     gency Management Agency’s homepage: (some in-
                                                     formation in English).

                                                   All-round preparedness
                                                   A comprehensive travel security plan should also include procedures
                                                   for dealing with unplanned events such as theft of luggage, illegal
                                                   check-points, fire, theft, or anything that could be part of a kidnap-
                                                   ping plot.

                                                   Companies can prepare the company and its employees by having
                                                   written procedures on how to handle the situation, who to inform, and
                                                   how to communicate.

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If the situation occurs                                                     When working abroad common sense
If an employee is kidnapped abroad, it is in principle the local law en-
forcement which is supposed to assist.                                      and attention is the best protection
It is therefore important for companies and employees to know
                                                                            against trouble.
whether an effective local law-enforcement can be expected. If there
is any doubt about this, the company should be prepared to handle the
situation with limited or no assistance from local law-enforcement.

If a Danish citizen is kidnapped abroad, the Danish authorities are not
able to act as law enforcement in that country.

The assistance from Denmark will be handled in co-operation bet-
ween the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, inclu-
ding Danish embassies/representations abroad. They will assist the
company and relatives with counselling and contact to local authori-
ties etc.

>>If a Danish citizen is kidnapped, you should contact: The Ministry
  of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Asiatisk Plads 2, DK 1448 Copen-
  hagen K, 24 hours telephone service: +45 33 92 11 12

It can prove vital that the Danish police is informed as soon as possi-
ble, so that they can assist the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
in dealing with the local law enforcing authorities.

>>Information about kidnappings abroad should be passed to:
  The Danish National Police Communication centre. 24 hours te-
  lephone service: +45 45 15 42 00

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Prevent kidnapping                                                               DuRING ExPATRIATIoN
If threats in high risk areas are to be prevented, the right knowledge
                                                                                 > Common sense is the best advice.
and behaviour is essential. Companies, organizations and authorities
can prepare better against the risk of kidnapping by following the ad-           > Bring relevant means of communication and a phonebook containing
vice below:                                                                        numbers of relevant local authorities, guards, and the head of security of
                                                                                   the company, allowing the employee fast assistance if needed.

BEfoRE ExPATRIATIoN                                                              > Co-operate closely with local partners in relation to security. Often the best
                                                                                   advice is given by people with good local knowledge. Remember to listen
> Appoint a person who is responsible for security in connection with expa-        to warnings.
  triation if the company, the authority or the organization does not have a     > Adjust plans when there are changes to security, and know which areas
  Head of Security.                                                                to avoid.
> Develop a travel policy and travel procedures. For instance neutral look-      > Ask expatriated employees to leave a sealed “proof of life” envelope be-
  ing luggage, registration with local Danish representation during the stay,      fore departure, containing questions / answers that only the expatriated
  information to family and employer about whether there are changes to            employee knows of. During a kidnap the envelope can be used to verify
  travelling plans, procedures when ordering hotel/flights, requirements to        that the employee is alive and with the kidnappers.
  safe pick-up, and rules concerning hours for travelling.
                                                                                 Danish companies, authorities and organizations should still be able
> Develop guidelines for expatriated personnel on behavior and cultural
  standards at the destination. Expatriated personnel can also be trained        to be present in markets and countries where there is a risk of kidnap-
  in thinking safe behaviour related to, for instance dressing, use of certain   ping. It is therefore important that both employees and employers are
  symbols, handling of cash, and transportation between home and work.           well prepared to deal with the risks.

> Ensure that all relevant insurances are in place. Insurance should cover       Remembering the overall picture when it comes to security and by
  costs for assistance from security companies with the expertise to handle      following these recommendations, companies, authorities and orga-
  a kidnapping situation.                                                        nizations can ensure that crisis situations are prevented or handled in
> Establish a crisis management team that has the authority to make quick        the most competent and effective way.
  and perhaps costly decisions.

> Develop an emergency plan for crises and train the employees accordingly.

> Get information about the country in which employees are expatriated, by
  contacting others who have been at the location recently, via local part-
  ners, and the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

> Make a risk assessment (see and decide what it takes to
  make the expatriation as safe as possible. This could comprise decisions
  on which type of transportation to use locally, assignment of guards and
  frequency for reporting to the company.

> Select employees who are conscious about security issues.

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