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  A comprehensive, powerful HR Software for streamlining and
   coordinating an organization's human resources department
  Automates the various HR functions within a business organization
   that monitors the availability of qualified workers; recruits and
   screens applicants for jobs; helps select qualified employees; plans
   and presents appropriate orientation, training, and development for
   each employee; and administers employees.
  Is web-based, scalable, user-friendly, and is intended to be easy for
   current HR staff members to master
  Combines leading human resource practices with flexible scalable
   technology to manage people from recruit to retire and everything in
Core Features

  Unified service for HR, Time Attendance, Payroll, Leave etc.

  Management Dashboard

  Streamlined Employee Interface with a single login

  Synchronize data with a single database

  Empowered reporting
Organizational Challeges
  Lots of paper work which not only consume time but also
   prone to manual mistakes.
  Multiple salary structure
  Payroll processing at the right time with accuracy
  Maintain Payroll register and salary
  Staff arrangement
  Daily attendance maintenance
  Government reservations
  Management & Government reports
  Business Benefits
     Ensures alignment with your business direction
     Translates business goals into technical strategies
     Allows faster response to changes in business rules
  Management Benefits
     Promotes better staffing decisions
     Increases productivity
     Reduces training on systems
  Technical Benefits
       Ensures shared, consistent data
       Simplifies product sustainability and maintainability
       Infinite user license for single site installation
       One year support
       Complete Customization based on Gap Analysis
       Comprehensive implementation strategy based on customer priority
  Applicant Tracking & Recruitment
     Complete tracking of an applicant from initial application through hiring
      or rejection
     Track an extensive range of information including education, skills, salary
      history, demographics, activities, and references
     Interfaced with the recruitment web-site for your organization where
      candidates can view current openings, post a resume file, complete an
      application form, and monitor their own progress through the hiring
     Track the correspondence has been sent
     Know what interviews have been done and the comments/evaluations
     Check that references have been contacted and the information gathered.
Functionalities – contd..
  Personal Management
     Takes employee information out of the filing cabinets or your obsolete HRIS and
      puts it at your fingertips.
     Can respond immediately to management, employee, and government requests
      making you a real information provider
     Manages information pertaining to the employees who in turn will be benefited
      from a complete system that automated HR activities
     Provide initial login id and password along with generation of Employee Id
     Creation of new email ID and Internet access
     View the employee’s full name, contact information, union membership, salary and
     View the employee’s historic activity: promotions, transfers, salary changes and
     View a summary of the employee’s entitled, carried over, taken and remaining leave
Functionalities – contd..
  Training Management
     Manages training programs, enrollment, costs, follow-ups, assessments and
     Works in conjunction with Personnel Management to track detailed information
      about internal and external training programs
     Establish schedules for facilities, instructors, and equipment and Training
      Management will prevent you from double-booking resources
     Provides for the proper management of the training program of an organization
     Uploading of training calendar to nomination of training, which can be, self
      initiated or from the department head
     View the course details
     Training that is scheduled for, in progress, or completed by the employee
     The skill acquired through that training assignment/course
     Level of achievement attained
     Duration of the training and where it was done
Functionalities – contd..
  Payroll Accounting
     Manage the payroll accounting functions of your organization to ensure
      compliance with statutory requirements such as income tax, provident fund, etc.
     Designed to take care of promotions, transfers, deputation, leave, etc, and it
      provides reports on the details of employees
     Monthly payroll
     Advance/Loan Information maintenance
     Creating of payroll JV
     Medical expenses reimbursement
     Maintaining Bonus/Ex-gratia/special compensation
     Maintaining Saving and income-tax details
     LTA data maintenance
     Maintaining Travel expenses
     Liability management
     Statutory requirement management
Functionalities – contd..
  Leaves & Tours Management
      Caters to complete leave management of the organization.
      Takes care of the various leave types, the leave applications, their approvals from
       the respective persons
      Rules can be set for the various leave types
      Tours provides for the employees’ relocation for on-site projects, the information
       pertaining to the same like visa, passport, project site, departure date and return
      Automatic recalculation when employees check the screen themselves (with security
       clearance) to find out how much leave they have remaining, the Leave Summary can
       always be relied on
  Alerts & Tickers
      From confirmation to release dues and birthdays to anniversaries, various alerts
       and tickers to keep the HR well informed about some very basic in formations
Functionalities – contd..
  Self Services
      A simple and secure system for employees to manage their own information thru
      Empowers employees to handle administrative tasks to maximize work efficiency
      Makes the wealth of employee and management information within HRIS available
       to those who need it
      Automates the manual processes that is already being perform
      Allows you to administer a different set of benefits for each employee
      Tracks beneficiaries and related information unique to each benefit
      Automatically calculates benefit coverage that is based on variables e.g. annual
       salary (and updates automatically when a salary increase takes effect)
  Reports & Queries
      Provides dozens of built-in reports and queries to automate common task for quick
       access with full printing capability
      Limits reports to employees, department, location and more
      Restrict access to sensitive Reports & Queries
Audit, Compliance & Security
 Support for regulatory requirements
    Localization infrastructure for regulatory reporting
 Security, Control & Audit Features
    Multiple levels of security
       Database level security
       Application level security
    User Access
       User Rights
       Password policy
    Enables preventive (exception handling) and detective (inquiry, reports,
     audit trails etc.) controls
 Three-tier web based application built on Microsoft .NET 3.5
 Database on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Security, Control & Audit
 Middle tier (the business tier) is developed in C#
 Application layer is on ASP .NET
 AJAX is used for enhanced user experience
 Crystal Report is used for reporting which has enabled better export &
  charting functionalities to the application
 Application can be integrated seamlessly with other Microsoft products
  like ADS, MS Exchange, and MS SharePoint etc
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