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award                                      concept

page 2 | iF concept award 2011
iF concept award 2011

The iF concept award is an international design competition for students and recent
graduates (who are eligible to participate up to two years after graduation).
Registration is free and you can register as many products as you like.

An international jury of renowned designers will select the 100 winners of the
iF concept award. The very best entries will share total prize money of EUR 30,000.

This competition is ideal for gaining international attention.
Last year, more than 4,200 entries from 43 countries were registered. All former
winners of the iF concept award and of other student competitions organized by
iF can be accessed in the iF online exhibition.

iF concept award 2011
gold sponsors


CeBIT 2011               iF                              Hansgrohe                    Samsung Electronics   Volkswagen AG,
                         International Forum             Deutschland                  Co., LTD              Projekt Design
                         Design GmbH                     Vertriebs GmbH
page 3 | iF concept award 2011
What‘s new?                                               Participation

There are some changes to the registration procedure      Participation in the iF concept award is free.
for the iF concept award 2011. All documentation          Students and recent graduates of all courses related to the following areas are wel-
must be submitted online; you will no longer be able      come to register their entries:
to send your documentation via the postal service.
You can find all necessary details in the sections ‘Reg-
                                                          ■   Design
istration’ and ‘Handling and Logistics’.
                                                          ■   Architecture
                                                          ■   Marketing
                                                          ■   Engineering

                                                          Graduates are viewed as ‘young professionals’ and are eligible to participate if they
                                                          graduated no more than two years ago at the time of registration. We will accept
                                                          projects by individual designers and by teams of designers with no more than
                                                          4 team members.
page 4 | iF concept award 2011

To reflect the range of contributions, entries will be      01. product design / industrial design
evaluated in four categories. There is no limit to the     Product design
number of contributions each participant can submit.       Industrial design
However, each contribution can only be submitted           Transportation design
once and only in one category.                             Design of technological or health care devices
                                                           Furniture and interior design objects
If the jury thinks that an entry would be better           Sports products
assigned to a different category, the jury can assign      Lifestyle products
the entry to a new category. This usually means that       Ceramic products
the entry will have a better chance of being successful.   Survival and Emergency Kits
                                                           Production methods, materials and their application
On the right side are the four categories of the iF
concept award, including a few examples of which           02. communication design /multimedia design
types of entries should be submitted to each category.     Packaging design
                                                           Graphic design
                                                           Game design
                                                           Design for digital media
                                                           Cross media design
                                                           GUI – graphical user interface design
                                                           Film and video

                                                           03. fashion design
                                                           Fashion design
                                                           Textile design
                                                           Costume design
                                                           Jewelry design
                                                           Fashion accessories
                                                           Fashion illustration

                                                           04. architecture / interior design
                                                           Public spaces and buildings
                                                           Private buildings and spaces
                                                           Office blocks
                                                           Interior spaces
                                                           Temporary architecture
                                                           Exhibition design (trade fair booths, museum displays etc.)
                                                           Communication media for public spaces
                                                           Visual orientation systems
                                                           Interactive installations
page 5 | iF concept award 2011
Evaluation criteria

The ten evaluation criteria listed on the right are valid   The ten evaluation criteria
for all four categories of the iF concept award.
                                                            Degree of innovation / creativity
The most important aspect in the iF concept award is        Does the contribution represent a new idea? Does it improve on an existing idea
the creative concept behind a submitted product. This       and to which degree?
means, we are first and foremost looking for great
ideas. These ideas should be elaborated and presented       Quality of Design
in the best way possible. Another important point is        Do the design, aesthetics and presentation of the entry stand out from the crowd?
whether the concept represents a solution to an exist-
ing problem and whether it is realistic and can be im-      Practical aspects / degree of elaboration
plemented.                                                  Is the contribution well thought through and is it useful? Did the designer(s) analyze
                                                            the needs of the target audience? Were these needs taken into account and does
In order to receive an iF concept award, a contribution     the product meet the audience’s needs?
must get above-average marks regarding several eval-
uation criteria and must clearly stand out in regard to     Functionality
at least one evaluation criterion. The better you score     When implemented, does the contribution work as intended in the concept?
in as many criteria as possible, the greater your chance
of receiving an award – and the higher the prize mon-       Application
ey might be.                                                Is the product self-explanatory and easy to use? If applicable: is it compatible with
                                                            other components or products?

                                                            Are the selected materials fit for purpose? Can they be used in the real product?

                                                            Is the contribution environmentally friendly? Does the product have a long life
                                                            span? Are the materials environmentally friendly? Are recycled materials used or
                                                            can the selected materials be recycled?

                                                            Social responsibility
                                                            Have humanist values or ethical standards been considered?
                                                            Does this product promote social justice? Does it help those in need?

                                                            Universal design
                                                            Does the contribution meet a universal design standard? Is the product useful and
                                                            attractive beyond its immediate target audience?

                                                            Are the designers aware of any potential safety risks in the use of the product?
                                                            How are these safety risks tackled or avoided?
page 6 | iF concept award 2011

Please make sure that your registration form is complete and con-           3) Student ID
tains all the necessary information.                                        If you are still a student, please upload a photo or scan of your
                                                                            student ID. If you are a recent graduate, please upload a photo or
Fill in one registration form for each entry you want to submit. After      scan of your graduation certificate.
we have received your online registration, we will send you a confir-
mation email. This email will contain an entry identification code
(xxx-xxxxx) for each submitted entry. The entry ID helps us to clearly      4) Presentation Poster
identify and assign each entry. Therefore please list the relevant entry    Please create a presentation poster for each submitted entry. Upload
ID in all communications with us.                                           this poster with your registration form. You can find more detailed
                                                                            information in the Handling and Logistics area.

Admission Requirements
In addition to the completed registration form, we need the docu-           5) Film / Video
mentation listed below. You have to supply this documentation to            If a film or video is absolutely necessary to explain your product , you
ensure that your entry will be admitted to compete in the iF concept        may enter a link to the film or video in the online registration form.
award. You can supply this additional documentation together with           The film/video must be accessible with standard PC software and
your registration form, or you can supply the documentation at a            must be no longer than 3 minutes.
later point in time (but no later than the registration deadline).

                                                                            Additional information on how to complete the registration
1) Description                                                              form
We need a description of your entry. Please use the text field under         Please use the field ‘university / academic institution’ of the registra-
the header ‘detail data‘ in the online registration form to enter a         tion form to enter the full name and address of your current (or for-
description of your entry and its functionality in English. This descrip-   mer) university.
tion should be no longer than 650 characters (incl. spaces). You may        For team projects please note: you can only enter one university per
additionally enter a description in German.                                 entry. If your team members are from different universities, you will
                                                                            have to decide on one university.
                                                                            Please also enter the full department name and the title, first and
2) Images                                                                   second name of the supervising faculty. If your project was not super-
Please upload one or two images of your product. Make sure you              vised, then please enter the title and name of the department head
have these images available before you open the registration form. If       instead.
you receive an award, we will use these images for the iF online exhi-
bition and for our PR work.
Please make sure to use the following formats for your images:              Additional information for team projects
                                                                            Teams with up to four members can submit one or more entries. You
■   file format: JPG                                                         can only create one user account for the whole team. This account
■   file size: max. 5 MB                                                     must be in the name of one of your team members. The other team
■   color space: CMYK or RGB                                                members have to be listed with their full names in the field ‘All par-
                                                                            ticipating designers’. It is not possible to register an additional team
                                                                            member at a later date.
                                                                            All correspondence will be sent to the team member who created the
                                                                            user account for the team. If your product is successful, all team
                                                                            members will, of course ,receive an award.
page 7 | iF concept award 2011

In a first step, an initial jury will select the best 300 entries out of all
submissions. Participants will be informed via email, as will those
who have not been selected for this shortlist.

Another jury consisting of international designers, professors or
teaching staff will then select the 100 iF concept award winners from
this shortlist. The jury will also decide on the most outstanding en-
tries, which will additionally receive prize money. The total prize
money is EUR 30,000. The jury will decide on how much money goes
to each entry. We will let you know about the jury decisions as soon
as possible.

The decision of the jury is legally binding and final. The intellectual
property rights of all submitted designs remain with the participants.
The organizers will not implement any concepts submitted to the
iF concept award.
page 8 | iF concept award 2011
Handling and Logistics

Youhave to create a presentation poster for each entry you submit to     1. Description and images for the presentation poster
the iF concept award. This poster must be submitted within the reg-      The presentation poster must contain a description and images of
istration deadline. You can submit your poster in the my iF area.        your product. You might have uploaded a description and one or two
                                                                         images with your registration form. You can also use these for the
                                                                         presentation poster. If you prefer, you can create an alternative de-
Presentation Poster                                                      scription and images for the poster.
The presentation poster is meant to help the jury with their decision.
The poster should clearly represent your product in words and im-        Please note: the description and all other text on the presentation
ages, and should contain information about yourself. The essence of      poster must be in English. You may additionally include the text in
your design should be immediately obvious.                               another language of your choice.

To help you with the creation of the presentation poster, example
posters are on pages 9 to 12.                                            2. Film/Video in addition to the presentation poster
                                                                         If a film / video is necessary to explain your product, you will need to
Summary of poster specifications                                          provide a link to this file in your registration form.
format                                                                   Please ensure that this link is also included in the presentation poster,
A1 portrait (594 x 840mm)                                                otherwise the jury will not consider the film/video.

font size for description and index data

Frutiger or other sans serif fonts such as Arial, Franklin Gothic,
Futura, Helvetica, Univers

300 dpi at 100% positioning

data must be sent as platform independent PDF-X3 file
maximum file size: 5MB

The following information about yourself, your team and your entry
must be included:
■  entry-ID code, category
■  project title
■  name of designer(s)
■  name of university, city, country and university department
■  if applicable, a link to a film or video that describes your entry
   (see point 2)
■  Additional voluntary information:
· email address
Presentation poster for the participation of the iF concept award 2011

Format: A1 portrait/upright format (594 mm x 840 mm) divided as follows:

Area 1 (594 x 675 mm):
To be arranged freely: has to include the short, pithy presentation of your draft design
in words and pictures

Area 2 (594 x 65 mm):
As shown below, font size ca. 20pt

Area 3 (top and bottom 594 x 50mm)
Please leave blank for print and assembly

                                                                                                                     Area 3:
                                                                                                                     594 x 50 mm

                                                                                                                     Area 1:
                                                                                                                     594 x 675 mm

       ID Number            Project           Designer               University                     Email

       201-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Name of project   Given name / Surname   Name of university             Personal email
                                                                                                                     Area 2:
                                              Given name / Surname
                                              Given name / Surname
                                                                     City / Country of university
                                                                                                                     594 x 65 mm

                                                                                                                     Area 3:
                                                                                                                     594 x 50 mm
Presentation poster for the participation of the iF concept award 2011

Example 1

   Cutting, is an animation about Chinese paper cutting. Paper cutting is an ancient
   traditional art in Chinese culture. It has never lost its popularity ever since. In
   this short film, the cutting-magician uses her paper cutting to embellish the
   whole city. The streets are connected with red paper and the buildings are
   covered by paper. The growing red pattern represents a new vitality of paper-
   cutting art. The techniques that have been used are 3D and 2D collage, HD
   Video, Chinese paper cutting. The jury: great idea that has been well performed.

          ID Number                 Project                     Designer             University                   Email
          201-55555                 Cutiing                     Yan-Ting Chen        Yan-Ting Chen      
                                                                                     National Taiwan University
          Graphic Design                                                             of Science & Technology
                                                                                     Taipei City, Taiwan
Presentation poster for the participation of the iF concept award 2011

Example 2

                                                            LYNX is a mobile crane concept of 80 tons lifting
                                                            capacity. Driver's cabin and operator's cabin are
                                                            combined into one at the end of an auxiliary two-
                                                            piece hydraulic folding arm. Steering and crane
                                                            functions are controlled via joystick and pedals utilizing
                                                            drive-by-wire technology. The front part brings a new
                                                            system of hook transportation allowing better driver's
                                                            visibility when driving on public roads. The cabin can
                                                            be lifted up to 8,5 metres high to improve survey over
                                                            construction site. It can be moved either to transport
                                                            position or to crane operating position as on
                                                            conventional cranes. Outrigger legs are integrated
                                                            into striped warning panels. The jury: intelligent
                                                            solution, impressive crane!

       ID Number           Project             Designer                     University
       201-55555           LYNX                Jiri Kubec                   Brno University of Technology
                           Mobile crane                                     Industrial Design
       Industrial Design                                                    Brno, Czech Republic
Presentation poster for the participation of the iF concept award 2011

Example 3

 This design is for a scooter with an attached water             Translation of the original text:
 tank, designed especially for children living in countries      xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 where houses often have no running water. When the              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 children are sent to fetch water, they set off with the         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 ÔBethÕ scooter, fill the water tank and so are able to          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 transport the water playfully. This is a simple method          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 of transport which can be economically produced, and            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 at the same time provides the children with a toy with          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 which they can simply have fun.                                 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        ID Number               Project                       Designer                  University
        201-55555               BETH                          Jungae Seo                Hongik University
                                Water container playboard                               Product Design
        Industrial Design                                                               South Korea
page 13 | iF concept award 2011
Service for award winners

The iF concept award 2010 and the 100 best contributions                    Commercial material
All successful contributions to iF competitions will receive the iF logo,   The public should know when a contribution has successfully distin-
and are entitled to use this logo for commercial purposes. An               guished itself from the rest and received the popular iF label in this
F award not only signifies outstanding achievements in design, but           international competition. In order to make the most of this image-
also ensures that the universities of the award winners will receive        promoting factor, we offer all award winners a number of efficient
points in the iF ranking university.                                        advertising tools:

                                                                            ■   certificate for all award winners
iF concept award yearbook                                                   ■    iF concept award logo for download
The iF concept award yearbook, a comprehensive and attractive doc-
umentation, is a constant and important part of the competition. All
award-winning contributions to the iF concept award 2011 will be            Press
published free of charge including images and a description in Eng-         Before, during and after the competition iF‘s comprehensive PR work
lish. This excellent publication serves as a reference book the world       ensures that the iF concept award will receive a great deal of atten-
over and thus constitutes a first-class advertising tool for each par-       tion in the national and international press. In economics and lifestyle
ticipant. Each participant will receive two free copies of the yearbook     magazines, in the specialized design press, in daily and weekly news-
– one for themselves and one for their university. It is also possible to   papers, as well as in radio and TV, there will be reports about the
buy more copies. iF will also send out free yearbook copies to a large      outstanding quality of the award-winning submissions. This thor-
distributor for international media representatives.                        ough press coverage is based on longstanding contacts with more
                                                                            than 100 media representatives worldwide. With this comprehensive
                                                                            communication package, iF achieves optimal publicity for the award
iF online exhibition                                                        winners and their great professional success.
With some 3.5 million page views per month, the iF website is one of
the most popular design platforms on the Internet. Visitors from over
100 countries come to find information about the iF competitions. All
award-winning contributions will be represented with up to two im-
ages and a description in the iF online exhibition on the iF website.
This exhibition is not limited in duration.

iF ranking
The universities of the award winners of the iF concept award will
receive points in the iF ranking university. The basis for the iF ranking
is formed by all iF competitions run throughout the last three years.
The iF ranking is updated after each new awards ceremony. The uni-
versities of the award winners can request the logo for the iF ranking
university. Universities and award winners can use this logo in their
commercial communication.
page 14 | iF concept award 2011

Registration deadline:
15 November 2010

Notification of shortlist
from 17 January 2011 onwards

Jury session
28 January 20111

Notification of jury decision
from 1 February 2011 onwards

iF concept award yearbook 2011
available from May 2011

Please note:
In all other cases, our General Terms and Conditions apply.
page 15 | iF concept award 2011

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phone +49.511.8932423
fax      +49.511.8932401

                International Forum Design GmbH
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                                                  iF International Forum Design
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