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					May 25, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing as the head of the St. Francis of Assisi Christian Service Ministry to commend
Friends in Deed and show how important their Car Repair and Transportation work has been to
us. As part of our ministry we have helped about eight people every year with needed car
repairs. Often we can fund this ourselves but we can always count on Friends in Deed to help
out with money or donated car repair when needed.

More important is their help with our car donation program. We rely on Friends in Deed to
provide us with the names of clients. They verify for us that the client is truly in need but can
still afford the car we provide. We do not have the ability to do this verification so our car
donation program could not continue without it.

Because of our partnership with Friends in Deed we are able to transfer about four cars every
year to persons in need. Some recent examples include:

    A woman unable to complete her degree due to lack of a car. With the car we provided,
      she was able to finish her BA degree at EMU.
    A single mother forced to quit her job and get one within walking distance at half her
      previous salary. With the car we provided she is able to find better paying work and
      continue her education at Washtenaw Community College.

In closing, we have always found the staff at Friends in Deed both dedicated and hard working.
Without their help, our car repair and transfer programs would be impossible.

Best regards,

Erin Key Magee (305-651-4404)
Parish Social Ministry Director

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