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                           K-12 CURRICULUM COMPETENCIES
                               Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Program Area: School Counseling

Document Developers:
Bob Danielian,             Counselor, Whiteaker Middle School
Marla Dow                  Counselor, Mary Eyre Elementary School
Marnie Grimmell,           Counselor, South High School
Ellie Hammond,             Counselor, Whiteaker Middle School
Carolyn Hensley-Johnson,   Assistant Principal, Sprague High School
Darcie Jones,              Child Development Specialist, Clear Lake Elementary School
Ruth Larson,               Child Development Specialist
Boo Rayburn,               Behavior Specialist, Hallman Elementary School
Marilyn Rengert,           Program Associate, Counseling Department
Kelly Tiscornia,           Counselor, Crossler Middle School

Kelly Evans,               Coordinator, Student Services
In partnership with the community, the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program promotes
student academic achievement, career development, personal-social growth and community
involvement, so each student may become a contributing citizen, productive worker and life-long
learner in a changing and increasingly diverse world.

The Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is an essential and integral part of our district’s
education program. Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling is coordinated with all educators within
schools and articulated between schools at all levels. Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling is vital
for all students to achieve personalized, relevant learning and to develop meaningful educational plans
while in school and beyond. Growth and learning are developmental and, therefore the Comprehensive
Guidance and Counseling Program is developmental and sequential. Program content is integrated into
the common curriculum areas, and involves all educational staff.
Oregon CGC   ASCA              Benchmark 1            Benchmark 2               Benchmark 3           Benchmark 4
Framework    Standard          (Grade 3)              (Grade 5)                 (Grade 8)             CIM
                               ASCA                   ASCA                      ASCA                  ASCA
                               Competencies           Competencies              Competencies          Competencies
Academic     Standard A:
                                Display a positive  Accept mistakes as         Articulate           Apply
Domain       Students will       interest in           essential to the           feelings of           knowledge and
             acquire the         learning.             learning process.          competence            learning styles
                                Take pride in work  Use communication           and confidence        to positively
                                 and                   skills to know when        as learners.          influence
                                 achievement.          and how to ask fro         (EL.05.SL.02)         school
             and skills that    Identify attitudes    help when needed.         Apply time-           performance.
             contribute to       and behaviors         (HE.03.HS.02)              management           Develop a
             effective           leading to           Demonstrate the            and task-             broad range of
             learning in         successful            ability to work            management            interest and
             school and          learning.             independently, as          skills.               abilities.
             across the life    Take responsibility   well as the ability to    Demonstrate          Demonstrate
             span.               for actions.          work cooperatively         how effort and        dependability,
                                Share knowledge.      with other students.       persistence           productivity
                                 (EL.03.SL.01)                                    positively affect     and initiative.
                                 (EL.03.SL.02)                                    learning.
Oregon CGCP ASCA Standard        Benchmark 1              Benchmark 2              Benchmark 3           Benchmark 4
Framework                        (Grade 3)                (Grade 5)                (Grade 8)             CIM
                                 (ASCA                    (ASCA                    (ASCA                 (ASCA
                                 Competencies)            Competencies)            Competencies)         Competencies)

Academic     Standard B:
                                  Apply the study skills  Apply the study         Demonstrate the      Apply the study
Domain       Students will
                                   necessary for
                                   academic success
                                                            skills necessary for
                                                                                     motivation to
                                                                                                            skills necessary for
             complete              at each level.           success at each          individual             success at each
             school with the      Understand the           level.                   potential.             level.
             academic              relationship            Seek information        Learn and apply      Use knowledge
             preparation           between classroom        and support from         critical thinking      of learning styles
                                   performance and          faculty, staff,          skills.                to positively
             essential to          success in school.       family and peers.       Apply the study        influence school
             choose from a         (SS.05.HS.02)            (HE.05.HS.04)            skills necessary       performance.
             wide range of                                 Organize and             for academic          Establish
             substantial post-                              apply academic           success at each        challenging
             secondary                                      information from a       level.                 academic goals
                                                            variety of sources.     Establish              in elementary,
             options,                                       (SS.05.CG.05.0)          challenging            middle/junior
             including                                      (EL.03.SL.01)            academic goals         high and high
             college.                                      Become a self-           in elementary,         school.
                                                            directed and             middle/ and high       (HE.08.HS.05)
                                                            independent              school.                (HE.CM.HS.05)
                                                            learner.                 (HE.08.HS.05)        Use assessment
                                                                                     (HE.CM.HS.05)          results in
                                                                                    Develop and            educational
                                                                                     implement              planning.
                                                                                     annual plan of         (SS.CM.GE.02)
                                                                                     study to             Identify post-
                                                                                     maximize               secondary
                                                                                     academic ability       options
                                                                                     and                    consistent with
                                                                                     achievement.           interests,
                                                                                                            aptitude and

 Apply
  knowledge of
  aptitudes and
  interest to goal
 Use problem-
  solving and
  skills to assess
  progress toward
Oregon CGCP ASCA Standard            Benchmark 1       Benchmark 2     Benchmark 3             Benchmark 4
Framework                            (Grade 3)         (Grade 5)       (Grade 8)               CIM
                                     (ASCA             (ASCA           (ASCA                   (ASCA
                                     Competencies)     Competencies)   Competencies)           Competencies)

Academic          Standard C:
                                      Demonstrate                      Demonstrate the        Seek co-
Domain            Students will
                                                                         ability to
                                                                         balance school,
                                                                                                 curricular and
                  understand the       skills                            studies,                experiences to
                  relationship of      (HE.03.HS.04)                     extracurricular         enhance school
                  academics to                                           activities, leisure     experience.
                  the world of                                           time and family        Demonstrate
                                                                         life.                   understanding of
                  work and to life                                      Understand the          the value of
                  at home and in                                         relationship            lifelong learning
                  the community.                                         between                 as essential to
                                                                         learning and            seeking,
                                                                         work.                   obtaining and
                                                                        Understand how          maintaining life
                                                                         school success          goals.
                                                                         and academic           Understand that
                                                                         achievement             school success is
                                                                         enhance future          the preparation
                                                                         career and              to make the
                                                                         vocational              transition from
                                                                         opportunities.          student to
EL – English Language
HE – Health
SS – Social Studies
Oregon            ASCA              Benchmark 1            Benchmark 2             Benchmark 3           CAM & Diploma
CGCP              Standard          (Grade 3)              (Grade 5)               (Grade 8)             requirements:
                                    (ASCA                  (ASCA                   (ASCA                 Career Related
Framework                           competencies)          competencies)           competencies)         Learning
Career            Standard A
                                     Develop a             Balance work and       Learn how to use    Exhibit appropriate
Domain            Students will       positive attitude       leisure time.          conflict            work ethic and
                                      toward working        Utilize time / task     management          behaviors in school,
                  acquire the
Curricula                             and learning.           management             skills with peers   community, and
                  skills to                                   skills.                and adults.         workplace
Career Trek,      investigate the                           Describe the          (HE.08.VS.01)         CRLS Criteria
Grades K-5        world of work                               effect of work on     Explain how          Plan, organize, and
                  in relation to                              lifestyles.             violence,            complete projects
Career                                                      Learn how to set         aggression,          and assigned tasks
                  knowledge of                                goals.                  bullying and         on time, meeting
                  self and to                               Learn to make            harassment           agreed upon
System: CIS
Junior Grades     make                                        decisions.              affect health        standards of
6-8               informed                                  Learn how to use         and safety           quality.
                  career                                      conflict                                    Maintain regular
Career                                                        management skills                            attendance, and
                  decisions.                                  with peers and                               be on time.
                                                              adults.                                     Identify tasks that
System & My                                                (HE.05.VS.02)                                   need to be done,
Plan, Grades 9-                                            Demonstrate                                    and initiate action
12                                                           steps of problem-                             to complete the
                                                             solving, anger                                tasks.
                                                             management,                                  Take responsibility
                                                             and impulse                                   for decisions and
                                                             control                                       actions, and
                                                            (MA.01.SP.02)                                  anticipate
                                                            (MA.02.PS.04)                                  consequences of
                                                                                                           decisions and
                        Maintain
                         interactions with
Common                   colleagues.
                        Apply decision
                         making and
Goals                    problem-solving
                         techniques in
Management               school,
                         community, and
Develop                  workplace.
competence in           Identify problems,
personal                 and locate
management that          information that
contributes to           may lead to
fulfilling and
responsibilities of
                        Identify alternatives
multiple life roles      to solve problems.
(i.e., individual,      Assess the
learner, producer,       consequences of
consumer, family         the alternatives.
member, citizen).       Select and explain
                         a proposed solution
Problem Solving          and course of
Develop and use          action.
productive and
                        Develop a plan to
socially responsible
approaches for
                         implement the
resolving problems       selected course of
in family, school,       action.
community, and          Assess results, and
workplace settings.      take corrective
Communication           Demonstrate
Select and use           effective
appropriate              communication skills
communication            to give and receive
                         information in school,
in family, school,
                         community, and
community, and          workplace.
workplace settings.   Criteria
                       Locate, process,
                        and convey
                        information using
                        traditional and
                        technological tools.
                       Listen attentively,
                        and summarize key
                        elements of verbal
                        and non-verbal
                       Give and receive
                        feedback in a
                        positive manner.
                       Read
                        nal materials for
                        information, and
                        apply to specific
Oregon                                  Benchmark 1     Benchmark 2         Benchmark 3             Benchmark 4
CGCP                   ASCA             (Grade 3)       (Grade 5)           (Grade 8)               CIM
                                        (ASCA           (ASCA               (ASCA                   ASCA Competencies
Framework              Standard
                                        competencies)   competencies)       competencies)

Teamwork               Standard B                         Learn to make       Learn how to           Demonstrate
Develop and use                                            decisions            use conflict            academic,
interpersonal skills                                    (HE.03.HS.06)           management              technical, and
that contribute to     Students will
                                                          Use a decision       skills with peers       organizational
cooperation and        employ                             making model          and adults              knowledge and
teamwork in            strategies to                      to make           (SS.05.CG.04.01)            skills required for
working toward
common goals in        achieve future                     decisions that                                successful
family, school,        career goals                       enhance health                                employment.
community and                                             and safety.                               CRLS Criteria
                       with success
workplace settings.                                     (MA.03.PS.02)                                 Apply academic
                       and                                                                             knowledge and
Understand the         satisfaction                                                                    technical skills in a
issues related to                                                                                      career context.
diversity in school,                                                                                  Explain and follow
community, and
workplace settings.
                                                                                                       procedures, and
                                                                                                       ethical practices.
                                                                                                      Select, apply, and
                                                                                                       maintain tools and
                                                                                                       appropriate for
   the workplace.
  Explain and follow
   workplace health
   and safety
   practices in the
   work environment.
  Identify parts of
   organizations and
   systems and how
   they fit together.
  Describe how work
   moves through a
  Demonstrate
   development skills
   in planning for
   post high school

  Assess personal
   related to
   educational and
   career goals.

  Research and
    analyze career
    and educational
                       ASCA            Benchmark 1       Benchmark 2             Benchmark 3           Benchmark 4
Oregon                                                   (Grade 5)               (Grade 8)             CIM
                       Standard        (Grade 3)
CGCP                                   ASCA              ASCA                    ASCA                  ASCA
Framework                              Competencies      Competencies            Competencies          Competencies

Foundations            Standard C       Learn to         Learn how to           Understand           Develop and
Integrates                               respect           interact/work           importance of         discuss a current
academic               Students will     individual        cooperatively in        equity and            plan designed to
technical and                            uniqueness in     teams.                  access in career      achieve personal,
organizations          understand
                                         the              Learn about             choice.               educational, and
knowledge and          the               workplace.        rights and            (SS.08.CG.04)           career goals.
skills to work         relationship
successfully in                        (SS.05.CG.04)       responsibilities of    Demonstrate          Monitor and
family, school,        between          Understand        employers &             knowledge             evaluate
community and          personal          the               employees.              about the             educational and
workplace settings.
                       qualities,        importance       Acquire                 changing              career goals.
                                         of planning.      employability           workplace.           Demonstrate
                       education,                          skills (e.g.           Understand that       job-seeking skills
Development            training and                        teamwork.               the changing          (e.g., writing
Develop skills to      the world of                        problem-solving         workplace             resumes,
assess personal        work.                               and                     requires lifelong     completing
characteristics,                                           organizational          learning and          applications,
interests, abilities                                       skills.)                acquiring new         participating in
and strengths.
                                                          Understand the          skills.               interviews.)
                                                           importance of         (SS.08.EC.08.02)
Develop skills in                                          responsibility,        Demonstrate
identifying,                                               dependability,          knowledge of
evaluating, and                                            punctuality,            the career
using a variety of                                         integrity and           planning
resources for                                              effort in the           process.
exploring personal,
                                                           workplace.             Know the
educational and
career choices.
                                                          Identify personal       various ways
                                                           preferences and         which
                                                           interests which         occupations
                                                           influence career        can be
                                                           choices and             classified.

                                     Understand that       Learn to use the
                                       work is an            internet to
                                       important and         access career
                                       satisfying means      planning
                                       of personal           information.
                                       expression.          Use research
                                     Explain how work       and information
                                       can help to           resources to
                                       achieve personal      obtain career
                                       success and           information.
                                       satisfaction.        Develop skills to
                                    (SS.05.EC.06)            locate,
                                     Develop hobbies        evaluate, and
                                       and vocational        interpret career
                                       interests.            information.
                                     Understand the
                                       and career
                                     Select
                                       coursework that
                                       is related to
                                       career interests.
                                     Develop an
                                      awareness of
                                      abilities, skills,
                                      interests, and

Legend:       MA - Math
HE – Health   SS – Social Studies
Oregon CGCP ASCA Standard                 Benchmark 1              Benchmark 2            Benchmark 3             Benchmark 4
Framework                                 (Grade 3)                (Grade 5)              (Grade 8)               CIM
                                          (ASCA                    (ASCA                  (ASCA                   (ASCA
                                          competencies)            competencies)          competencies)           competencies)
                       Standard A:
Personal/                                  Identify and express    Develop positive      Identify values,       Identify and
Social                 Students will        feelings.
                                           Distinguish between
                                                                     attitudes toward
                                                                     self as a unique
                                                                                            attitudes and
                                                                                            beliefs of self and
                                                                                                                     discuss changing
                                                                                                                     personal and
                       acquire the
Domain                 knowledge,
                                            appropriate and          and worthy             others.                  social roles.
                                            inappropriate            person.               Identify personal       Recognize,
Curricula:             attitudes and        behavior.               Learn the goal         strengths and            accept, respect
                       interpersonal       Demonstrate              setting process.       assets.                  and promote
Seconds Steps K-8      skills to help       cooperative              (HE.05.HS.05)         Identify and             individual
                                            behavior in groups.     Understand             recognize                differences.
Steps To Respect
                       them                Use effective            change is a part       changing family          (HE.CM.VS.02)
3-5                    understand and       communication            of growth.             roles.                  Recognize,
                       respect self and     skills.                  (HE.05.SH.01)                                   accept and
The Great Body         others.              (HE.03.HS.04,           Recognize                                       appreciate
Shop K-5                                    EL.00.SL.09,             personal                                        ethnic and
                                            El.00.SL.10,             boundaries, rights                              cultural diversity.
Aggressors, Victims,                        El.02.SL.06,             and privacy                                     (HE.CM.VS.01)
& Bystanders 6,7,8                          EL.02.SL.07)             needs.
(one year)                                 Learn how to make        (HE.05.HS.02)
Too Good For Drugs                          and keep friends.       Understand the
6th                                                                  need for self-
                                                                     control and how
Project Alert, 8th                                                   to practice it.
Choosing Not To                                                     Recognize that
Use, 8th                                                             everyone has
                                                                     rights and
Managing Conflict                                                    responsibilities.
& Preventing                                                         (SS.05.CG.04)
Violence 9-12                                                       Respect
                                                                     alternative points
Protecting Oneself                                                   of view.
& Others                                                             (SS.05.SA.01)
                       Recognize and
SOS (Signs of           respect difference
Suicide) Prevention     in various family
Program, 9-12           configurations.
                       Know that
                        involves speaking,
                        listening and
Oregon CGCP   ASCA Standard     Benchmark 1              Benchmark 2           Benchmark 3            Benchmark 4
Framework                       (Grade 3)                (Grade 5)             (Grade 8)              CIM
                                (ASCA                    (ASCA                 (ASCA                  (ASCA
                                competencies)            competencies)         competencies)          competencies)

Personal/     Standard B:
                                 Identify alternative    Use a decision-      Develop               Identify long- and
Social        Students will
                                  solutions to a
                                                           making and
                                                                                 effective coping
                                                                                 skills for dealing
                                                                                                        short-term goals.
Domain        make decisions,
              set goals and
                                  (MA.03.PS.02)            model.                with problems.        Identify
                                                             (HE.03.HS.07,      (HE..05.HS.06           alternative ways
              take necessary                                                    Know how to            of achieving
              action to                                      MA.05.PS.02)        apply conflict-        goals.
                                                                                 resolution skills.    Use persistence
              achieve goals.                                                     (MA.08.HS .04)         and
                                                          Understand
                                                                                Know when peer         perseverance in
                                                           consequences of
                                                                                 pressure is            acquiring
                                                           decisions and
                                                                                 influencing a          knowledge &
                                                                                 decision.              skills.
                                                                                 (HE.08.HS.04)         Develop an
                                                                                                        action plan to set
                                                          Demonstrate                                  and achieve
                                                           when, where and                              realistic goals.
                                                           how to seek help
                                                           for solving
                                                           problems and
                                                           making decisions.
                                                          Demonstrate a
                                                           respect and
                                                           appreciation for
                                                           individual and
Oregon CGCP       ASCA Standard      Benchmark 1              Benchmark 2              Benchmark 3           Benchmark 4
Framework                            (Grade 3)                (Grade 5)                (Grade 8)             CIM
                                     (ASCA                    (ASCA                    (ASCA                 (ASCA
                                     competencies)            competencies)            competencies)         competencies)

Personal/         Standard C:
                                      Demonstrate             Demonstrate the         Learn about the      Learn about the
Social            Students will
                                       knowledge of
                                                                ability to set
                                                                boundaries, rights
                                                                                         between rules,
                                                                                                               emotional and
                                                                                                               physical dangers
Domain            understand
                  safety and
                                       information.             and personal             laws, safety and      of substance use
                                      Learn about the          privacy.                 the protection of     and abuse.
                  survival skills.     differences              (HE.05.HS.02)            the rights of the    (HE.CM.MH.0)
                                       between                 Apply effective          individual.
                                       appropriate and          problem-solving          (SS.08.CG.04)
                                       inappropriate            and decision-           Identify resource
                                       physical contact.        making skills to         people in the
                                       (HE.03.HS.07)            make safe and            school and
                                      Differentiate            healthy choices.         community, and
                                       between situations       (HE.05.HS.06)            know how to
                                       requiring peer          Learn techniques         seek help.
                                       support and              for managing             (HE.08.MH.02)
                                       situations requiring     stress and conflict.    Learn how to
                                       adult professional       (HE.05.VS.02)            cope with peer
                                       help.                   Learn coping skills      pressure.
                                       (HE.05.HS.01)            for managing life        (HE.08.HS.04)

EL – English Language
HE – Health
SS – Social Studies
MA - Math
Oregon CGCP         CGCP Standard        Benchmark 1            Benchmark 2         Benchmark 3           Benchmark 4
Framework                                (Grade 3)              (Grade 5)           (Grade 8)             (Grade 11)
                                          ASCA Competencies     ASCA Competencies   ASCA Competencies

Community           Standard A:
                                          Identify to which   Identify rights      Demonstrate          Advocate for
Involvement         Students will          communities they     that people           respectful,           the promotion of
                                           belong.              have in their         ethical and           respect and
Domain              develop personal
                    and social
                                          Be able to define    communities.          responsible           empathy for
                                           what constitutes a   (SS.03.CG.02)         behavior.             individual
                    awareness of self
                                           community.          Understand           Identify multiple     differences.
                    in relation to their  Understand           relationship          opportunities for     (HE.CM.VS.02)
                    communities.           responsibility to    between self          personal             Will apply
                                           self and others.     and                   involvement in        decision-making
                                           (SS.03.03.CG.03)     communities.          larger                and problem
                                                                (SS.05.CG.05)         communities.          solving
Activities:                                                                           (SS.08.CG.05)         techniques
                                                                                                            within their
Service Learning:
                                                                                                           Demonstrate
                                                                                                            and discuss
                                                                                                            contributions to
Oregon CGCP          CGCP Standard       Benchmark 1            Benchmark 2          Benchmark 3            Benchmark 4
                                         (Grade 3)              (Grade 5)            (Grade 8)              (Grade 11)
Framework                                ASCA Competencies      ASCA Competencies     ASCA Competencies

                                          Recognize that
Community            Standard B:
                                           everyone has          Demonstrate a        Describe the
                                                                                                             Exhibit
Involvement          Students will
                                           rights and             respect and           significance of       work ethic and
                                           responsibilities.      appreciation for      community             behaviors in their
Domain               acquire the           (SS.03.CG.02)          individual and        contribution to a     communities.
                     knowledge,           Demonstrate            cultural              balanced and         Demonstrate
                     attitudes and         ability to work as a   differences.          productive life.      effective
                     skills to become      team member           Demonstrate an  Participate in             communication
                     contributing          toward achieving       ability to interact   co-curricular         and teamwork
                     members of their      a common goal.         and work              and community         in their
                     community.           Learn how to           cooperatively in      experiences.          communities.
                                           interact and work      teams.                                      (EP.AD.24)
                                           cooperatively in                                                  Explore citizen
                                           teams.                                                             participation
                                          Identify one                                                       and
                                           contribution they                                                  responsibilities
                                           have made to                                                       within local and
                                           their home or                                                      global
                                           school                                                             communities.
                                           community.                                                         (Standard E.3)
                                           (SS.03.CG.03)                                                      (HE.CM,HS.07)

   SS – Social Studies             PE – Physical Education
   MA – Math
   EP – English Proficiency