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Foreigner’s Registration
All non-Japanese nationals over the age of 16 residing in Japan must carry proper identification
documents at all times. A valid passport is sufficient identification for stays less than 90 days, but where
the intended stay is more than 90 days, Foreign Registration formalities must be commenced within 90
days of arrival in Japan.
Foreigner's Registration includes the registration of your address, which is necessary to enable you to
have full access to all civic and administrative services provided by the Inagawa Town Office. All public
notices, etc. will be sent to the address you register. Registration is conducted at the following address.

Foreign Registration Counter, Public Health Division, Inagawa Town Office or Jumin Hoken-ka,
Gaikokujin Toroku Counter.

When you completed the application, Foreigner's Registration Certificate will be issued. This certificate is
valid for 1 - 7 years so long as you stay in Japan. For Children a paper certificate will be issued on the
spot, which is valid until 16 years of age. For those over 16 years of age, a small card style certificate will
be issued. This card is about the size of credit card and it will have your picture on it. This card will be
issued after approximately one month at the same counter.

                                            Foreigner’s Registration
   Type of Application                      Time to Apply                              Necessities
On your arrival in Japan      Within 90 days from your entry to          *valid passport
                              Japan.                                     *2 copies of identical photos
                              (Unnecessary to those who are leaving (Photo should be 4.5cm x 3.5cm in
                              within 90 days)                             size) (See Note 1)
When a child is Born          Within 60 days of birth (See Note 2)       Birth Registration
When changing Address in Within 14 days after your Movement              Foreigner’s Registration
Japan                                                                    Certificate
Extra Changes                 Change of Name, Nationality, Visa          *Foreigner’s Registration
                              condition, Period of Residence, occupa-      Certificate
                              tion, Working place or Name                *Notice of Change
                                    *Within 14 days after                (Passport, Visa, Proof of
                                     the change                                                Employment)
                              (Foreigner permanent resident,             In case of changing Name or
                               Special permanent resident are no         nationality, Replacement is
                                necessary)                               required
                              Other changes                              *Foreigner’s Registration
                                                                         *Notice of Change
Renewal or Confirmation       When a child becomes 16 year’s of          *Foreigner’s Registration
           of                 age                                          Certificate
 Foreigner’s Registration     Time of renewal shown in your              * Valid Passport
                              certificate                                *2 copies of identical photos
                                                                           4.5cm x 3.5cm in size
Replacement                   *In case of defamation or taint           *Foreigner’s Registration
                                damage of certification                   Certificate
                              *No blanks to be written on the           *Valid Passport
                                certification card                      *2 copies of identical photos
                              *Correction of Name, date of birth,       (Photo should be 4.5cm x 3.5cm in
                                gender, nationality                     size)
When you lost “Foreigner’s Within 14 days of realization of the         *Valid Passport
Registration Certificate”       loss                                    *Foreigner’s Registration
(Re-issue)                    (See Note 3)                                Certificate
                                                                        *2 copies of identical photos
                                                                        (Photo should be 4.5cm x 3.5cm in
Returning of “Foreigner’s     Death of Registered Person,               *Foreigner’s Registration
Registration Certificate”     obtaining Japanese citizenship,           Certificate
                              within 14 days.
                              In case of departure, surrender your
                               “Certificate of Alien Registration”
                               at the port of exit along with
                               “Departure Card” which was
                              stapled to your passport at the time
                              of last entry to Japan.
                              (Except those who has “Re-entry
                              Permit to Japan”)
                              (See Note 4 & 5)
1.   Photo
       Photo should be 4.5cm x 3.5cm in size and bareheaded, full face, showing heads
and shoulders against a plain, unshadowed background. Taken within past 6 months.
However, a photo is unnecessary for those children under 16 years old.
2.   Procedures about birth
       When a baby is born, obtain "Application Form for Birth Registration" from the maternity hospital
or clinic. Doctor's or midwife's stamp must be accompanied to this application. Within 14 days of birth,
submit this application form to Foreign Registration Counter, Citizens’ Life Division, Inagawa Town
Office. Also Foreigners Registration must be completed within 60 days of birth.
In parallel, apply baby's passport to your county's embassy, consulate or diplomatic mission. Within 30
days of birth, apply visa (Status of Residence or Zairyushikaku) for this baby at Immigration Bureau.
(Any information, call Foreigner’s General Information Center Phone 078-326-5141)
When you obtain baby's visa, report to Foreign Registration Counter of Inagawa Town Office within 14
days after your receipt of said visa. If you have already registered your baby, this visa status will be
added to the Foreigner's Registration Certificate.
Further information is available at
             Kobe branch of Osaka Immigration Bureau
             Foreigner's General Information Center Phone 078-326-5141
3.   When you lost “Foreigner’s Registration Certificate”
     The loss should be reported to the nearest police station and then report to Inagawa Town
Office within 14 days of realization of the loss.

4.   Death of Registered Person
     A “Notice of Death” (Shibo Todoke) needs to be recorded within 7 days and the Foreigner's
Registration Certificate belonging to the deceased must be returned to Inagawa Town Office. Also,
contact Consulate or Embassy of the deceased's home country for detailed procedures about the death.

5.   When leaving Japan
      If you wish to return to Japan again under current visa condition, you must obtain "Re-entry
         Permit to Japan (Sai-nyugoku Kyoka)". Apply this permission before your intended departure to
         the following Immigration Bureau:
                Kobe branch of Osaka Immigration Bureau
                Foreigner's General Information Center Phone 078-326-5141

         This permit authorizes a period of absence and you must return within this stated period,
         otherwise you will loose your current visa or status of residence. Single or multiple re-entry
         permit is available. When you leave Japan, do not forget to carry your "Foreigner's Registration
         Certificate" with you as it must be shown to the Immigration office at the port of entry.
      If you leave Japan and will not return again, surrender your "Certificate of Alien Registration" at
         the port of exit along with "Departure Card" which was stapled to your passport at the time of
         last entry to Japan.

6.   Proof of your "Foreigner's Registration
     In case you need a proof that you have completed foreigner's registration, such proof is obtainable at
Public Health Division of Inagawa Town Office. This proof will be needed such as at the time of
enrollment at childcare, purchase of vehicle etc. If you or your family members are not able to apply by
them, third person may apply. However in this case your proxy letter must be attached to the application

7.   Formalities for visa or Status of Residence
     These formalities are handled at the following office
                    Kobe branch of Osaka Immigration Bureau
                    Foreigner's General Information Center Phone 078-326-5141

                    Application for Certificate of Eligibility (PDF File 832KB)

8. For application please make it personally. However, family members are able to apply for those
children under 16 years old.

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