Math Work Plan (Sample) by hands2urself


									Math Work Plan (Sample)
Implementation Steps:
                                         Step                                                        Resources

Base instruction on situational stories                                                  C & I Math Department
    Use District Open-Ended Problems                                                    NCTM Navigations Series
    Look at student work in grade level groups                                                  Problem Solving, etc.
    Determine instructional next steps                                                  Roads to Reasoning by Creative Pub
                                                                                         Problem Solvers by Creative Pub
Require students to describe and justify their mathematical thinking                     C & I Math Department
    Use productive talk moves to make conversation more engaging                        Classroom Discussions, Using Math
    Ensure students are accountable for their learning                                  Talk to Help Students Learn
*Use ongoing assessment to guide instruction                                             C & I Math Department
    Use Math Recovery diagnostic assessments to measure student skills and strategies   Math Recovery Specialists
    Recognize gaps in learning and design appropriate and challenging instruction       Classroom teachers with AVMR
                                                                                         training and kits
Professional Development necessary to implement this strategy: (include PLC’s, mentoring, workshops, etc.)
Thinking Math I, II, III                                                                 C & I Math Department
    I Patterns, Additive Structures
    II Multiplicative Structures, Proportional Reasoning
    III Rational Numbers
How to Promote Math Talk in the Classroom                                                C & I Math Department
Constructed Response                                                                     NCTM Navigations Series
Various Strand Focused Workshops                                                         Roads To Reasoning
Questioning                                                                              Good Questions for Math Teaching
Family Involvement activities to support this strategy:
Implementation Steps                              Epstein Type
Family Math Nights                                                                       C & I Math Department
                                                                                         Family Math Book

* * Math Recovery and Add+Vantage Math Recovery are being implemented with some K-5 and K-8 Area A schools as part of the
North Side Initiative.
Applications to Constructed Response and Specific Strands, i.e., Number Sense
   Engages students in the mathematics
   Increases their understanding of the mathematics through real life applications
   Connects to prior knowledge
   Promotes accountable talk
   Sets clear and high expectations
   Provides an avenue for students to apply their understanding of the mathematics
   Promotes the use of strategies to solve problems

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