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					                                       European Triathlon Union (ETU)
                                        Minutes of the Congress 2008
                                        9 May 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

 Call to order: Gergely Markus, ETU Secretary General called the meeting to
 order at 11:00 am with the following National Federations.

         28 full members present:

   1.  Austria
   2.  Belgium
   3.  Bulgaria
   4.  Croatia
   5.  Czech Republic
   6.  Estonia
   7.  Finland
   8.  France
   9.  Germany
   10. Great Britain
   12. Hungary
   13. Israel
   14. Italy
   15. Liechtenstein
   16. Luxembourg
   17. The Netherlands
   19. Portugal
   20. Russia
   21. Serbia
   22. Slovakia
   23. Slovenia
   24. Spain
   25. Sweden
   26. Switzerland
   27. Turkey
   28. Ukraine

1. Opening address and welcome:
   Jose Luis Ferrara welcomed the delegates on behalf of the Portuguese National
   Federation wishing the delegates to enjoy their stay in Portugal and Lisbon. He
   mentioned that this congress gave the opportunity in the development of the
   sport in Europe. The ETU President thanked the Jose Luis Ferrara for the welcome
   words and expressed that ETU feel at home in Lisbon. Marisol Casado also
   thanked the big effort of the Portuguese Triathlon Federation for hosting the
   European Championships. It was a new form of Congress with giving the
   opportunity to the delegates for free debates.

2. Admission and/or resignation of National Federations:
   Jasmine Flatters as one of the credentials, confirmed that the above national
   federations were present and the Congress was within the requirements of a
   Gergely Markus reported that there is one new federation since Copenhagen,
   since the last Congress, which is Montenegro.

3. Appointment of credentials and scrutinizers:
   Eugene Kraus from Luxembourg and Ria Damgren from Sweden were appointed as
   scrutinizers for the term of the ETU Congress without opposition.

4. Confirmation of the minutes of the preceding Congress:
   There were no request to make any further changes in the minutes of the 2007
   ETU Congress other than the spelling mistakes raised by the British Triathlon
   Federation and it was accepted without opposition.

   MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                        1
   5. President’s report:
      Marisol Casado reported her role in the ETU Executive Board as a team. There are
      three important things which ETU is in a good way. The ETU Executive Board was
      really working as a team; the only job of the president was to coordinate the
      work and the debates. The number of the affiliated countries was growing to 40
      countries, which is the highest in the history of ETU. The interest of the European
      Cups and the Championships from the point of view of the Local Organising
      Committees, athletes and the National Federations are growing. It is very
      important to develop the young athletes. The 60% of the athletes in Beijing will
      be from Europe. It was important that the technical level of the European
      Technical Delegates is very high. The performance of the European athletes is
      outstanding on World Championships level. What ETU needs is more money. The
      base of this is the TV, where ETU made a good investment in the past, but not
      successful to transmit this to the marketing area. There is a good product, which
      is ready therefore ETU need a push to get a real benefit of this.
      The President report was accepted without opposition.

   6. Secretary General’s report:
      The Secretary General report was presented in package of the delegates and can
      be found as „Appendix A”. Furthermore Gergely Markus thanked the work of the
      Executive Board.
      The Secretary General’s report was accepted without opposition.

   7. Treasurer’s report:
      Philip Schaedler thanked the National Federations for all the commitment. 2007
      was not an easy year. It is a relation of trust that ETU spend the money the best
      way possible.
      The report, the balance sheet and the budget was distributed before the Congress
      and can be found in the „Appendix B” of the minutes. The treasurer gave a
      summary of his report and explained the budget.
      Emil Stoynev from the Bulgarian Triathlon Federation mentioned that the ETU
      Executive Board was so engaged with the development of the sport. He suggested
      the ETU Executive Board concentrate on marketing and sponsorship this year and
      next year. He offered his assistance on this work.
      Zara Hyde Peters from the British Triathlon Federation congratulated the ETU
      Executive Board for the control of the finances in the last two years. She
      questioned the budgeted 50.000 Euros for the TV production in 2009 without any
      prediction of sponsorship. The question was if there is any plan in place to find
      sponsorship. Philip Schaedler answered that he agrees this point and the ETU
      Executive Board aware of this problem keeping the control over the expenses.
      Emilio Di Toro added that the ETU Executive Board is not the right body find the
      sponsors, but to find an external company for this job. He added that packages
      were prepared based on the percentages ETU has the right on the events, which
      has to be improved.
      Sarah Springman from the British Triathlon Federation mentioned that if ETU will
      contract a marketing company that is not reflected in the budget, therefore the
      Congress is not in position to approve that. Needs more explanation on how the
      cost of the marketing company will be paid from the budget. She also mentioned
      that the prize money is not included in the budget and she was proposing to bring
      it back in the future as bank charges are cost related to the prize money. In case
      of sponsorship the cost of activation is significant, which has to be considered.
      Emilio Di Toro answered that the marketing company will get the percentage and
      not a fixed fee.
      Philip Schaedler answered that the prize money is in the balance sheet as this is
      money coming in and out. It is a service from ETU to the athletes to guarantee
      the prize money via ETU.
      Sarah Springman outlined that if the prize money is not in the profit and loss
      account it does not reflect the job ETU is doing in this area. It is a good work
      which should be communicated also this way.
      Philip Schaedler answered that the ETU Executive Board will think about this
      proposal to satisfy the request.
      The Treasurer’s report and the budget were accepted without opposition.

   8. Audit report:

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                        2
      Denis Jaeger reported on behalf of the Audit Committee elected in Copenhagen in
      2007. The Audit Committee reviewed the profit and loss account as well as the
      balance sheet prepared by the ETU Treasurer, Philip Schaedler for 2007. The
      committee checked on test basis the above mentioned two documents. The ETU
      Treasurer provided all the necessary documents for this work and can be
      confirmed that it gives a true view of the financial situation of the European
      Triathlon Union. Philip Schaedler did a good job.
      The Audit Committee gave a recommendation by Herwig Grabner to the ETU
      Executive Board concerning the prize money payment to the athletes. The prize
      money is paid by cash or bank transfer or cheques. In case of cheque payment
      the bank charges are very high. The Audit Committee recommends sending the
      money from ETU to the National Federations and making agreements one by one
      if it is possible for all the National Federations.
      Philip Schaedler answered that it is possible by informing ETU in some way. It is
      a problem for the eastern it is not easy to receive the money neither by cheque
      or bank transfers. ETU would like to solve this problem together with the National
      The Audit report was accepted without opposition.

   9. Report from the Executive Board:
      Jasmine Flatters made a positive report on behalf of the ETU Executive Board
      members. There were three ETU Executive Board meeting since the last ETU
      Congress including the day before in Lisbon. It is a united board as a team, but
      that does not meant that there is no debate on the meetings, searching for the
      best possible solutions. The ETU EB was concentration on the events. The TV had
      a good quality program. There is a delay in the work of marketing, which will be
      kept in the focus. There was a new initiative of the National Federation’s Forum.
      Susanne Mortier from the German Triathlon Federation asked about the vacant
      position of the ETU Vice-President.
      Marisol Casado asked the internal situation to be explained within the German
      Triathlon Federation.
      Susanne Mortier reported that Klaus Muller-Ott is not present due to an internal
      situation within DTU. It was a decision by the DTU Congress that there has to be
      a new election within DTU. Klaus Muller-Ott was not re-elected. A new president
      has been elected legally. Klaus Muller-Ott was the member of the ITU Executive
      Board and the Vice-President of ETU. The ETU Constitution is not specifying the
      situation if an elected member is not supported any more within ETU.
      Marisol Casado answered that this is the first time that she hears officially that
      Klaus Muller-Ott is not supported any more by DTU. Klaus Muller-Ott was
      contacted by the ETU President by phone and he confirmed that he resigns from
      all his international position but there was no written confirmation received so
      far. As soon as it is received the ETU Executive Board will make a decision
      according to the constitution.
      The Executive Board members’ report was accepted without opposition.

   10.       Report of the Sanding Committees:
          a. Technical Committee: Eugene Kraus reported as in „Appendix C”.
             The Technical Committee report was accepted without opposition.

          b. Development Committee: Rob Barel presented the report of Thanos
             Nikopoulos as in „Appendix D”. He also thanked the work of Clive Faine
             who resigned from the position of the ETU Development Committee. It was
             discussed earlier how the sub-regional events can be supported in a better
             way in the future.
             The Development Committee report was accepted without opposition.

          c.   Medical & Research Committee: Veronicka Vleck submitted the report as
               in „Appendix E”.
               The Medical and Research Committee report was accepted without

   11.         Resolutions to Congress:

      British Triathlon Federation respectfully submits:

          a. Resolution 1

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                       3
      Whereas the International Triathlon Union has supported the development of
      triathlon for Athletes With A Disability (AWAD) and has declared their
      commitment to develop Triathlon to be included as a Paralympic event, while
      necessarily increasing participation of the athletes with a disability in Triathlon,

      whereas the International Paralympic Committee requires evidence of numbers of
      countries and regions holding elite AWAD Championship events consistently on an
      annual basis, in addition to annual ITU World AWAD Championships,

      whereas European Paralympians have been hugely successful in the constituent
      disciplines of triathlon in past Paralympic Games and that the Medal Tally in
      Athens in 2004 showed 10 European countries in the top 20 places,

      whereas some European National Federations are now holding National AWAD
      Triathlon Championships over the Standard Distance,

      and whereas the European Triathlon Union has called for bids for future AWAD
      events across all the multisport disciplines over all distances in their 2011 Bid
      Criteria and some distances in their 2009 Bid Criteria,

      be it resolved that the European Triathlon Union create a representative AWAD
      Commission and appoint members to work closely with the ITU AWAD Committee,
      to aid the ETU in the delivery of AWAD events and lead the sharing of knowledge
      and experience on all aspects from recruitment to racing,

      and that ETU commits to open a bidding process for an ETU European AWAD
      Standard Distance Championships for the following season 2009,

      and that European National Federations share experience in AWAD and commit to
      aiding their fellow National Federations.

      The Resolution 1 was supported without opposition.

          b. Resolution 2

      Whereas the ETU Constitution (no Article) differs from the ITU Constitution
      (Article 5.3i) on the matter of notification of Congress including the agenda ‘by
      electronic and ordinary mail at least 100 days before Congress’,

      Whereas the intention of this Article is to provide sufficient warning for National
      Federations to enact the correct principles of governance by offering them
      sufficient time for consultation and decision making, according to their own
      constitutions, prior to contributing resolutions and nominations to Congress,

      Be it resolved that the ETU Constitution is amended by 2/3 majority to read ‘ETU
      will notify all member NFs, the Board of Directors, Honorary Members and
      Standing Committees, of the ETU Congress Agenda by electronic and ordinary
      mail, at least 100 days before Congress’ forthwith.

      The Resolution 2 was supported with 1 abstention.

      Representatives of the Athlone 2010 Triathlon European Championships made a
      presentation on the bid and the Executive Board awarded the Championships
      based on a positive technical report later in the year.

      Holten 2009 Triathlon European Championships was awarded by the Executive
      Board and representatives made a presentation to the Congress.

      Ameland 2008 Cross Triathlon European Championships was awarded             by   the
      Executive Board and representative made a presentation to the Congress.

      Pulpi 2008 U23 and Youth Triathlon European Championships was awarded by the
      Executive Board and representative made a presentation to the Congress.

   12.       Elections: The following elections were conducted.

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                         4
          a. Audit    Committee for one year period:
                 i.   Denis Jaeger (France) – elected
                ii.   Herwig Grabner (Austria) – elected
               iii.   Aldo Lucarini (Italy) – elected

   13.       Dates and venues of the 2009 European Championships:

      George Yerolimpos from the Hellenic Triathlon Federation made a report on the
      upcoming 2008 Serres ETU Duathlon European Championships.

      Henk van Lint from the Dutch Triathlon Federation made a report on the
      upcoming 2008 Ameland ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships and the
      2008 Almere ITU Long Distance Triathlon European Championships. Martin Pieters
      made a presentation and report on the upcoming 2009 Holten ETU Triathlon
      European Championships.

      Tarzo Revine 2009 U23 and Youth Triathlon European Championships was awarded
      by the Executive Board. The date will be decided in a later stage.

      Prague 2009 Long Distance Triathlon European Championships was awarded by
      the Executive Board. The date will be decided in a later stage.

      Budapest 2009 Duathlon European Championships was awarded by the Executive
      Board and representatives made a presentation to the Congress. The date will be
      the last weekend of May.

      Sardinia 2009 Cross Triathlon European Championships was awarded          by   the
      Executive Board and representative made a presentation to the Congress.

      The 2009 Winter Triathlon European Championships was awarded earlier to Latky
      Mlaky, Slovakia.

      The 2010 ETU Triathlon European Championships was awarded in 2007 to Athlone,

      The 2011 ETU Triathlon European Championships was not awarded to Karlovy
      Vary, but it will be decided in a later stage.

   14.       Date and Venue of the next Congress:
      The 2009 ETU Congress will be in Holten, Netherlands. The date will be confirmed

   15.       Adjournment:
      President Marisol Casado announced that she will run for the position of the ITU
      President. She expressed her good will to everyone and the importance of having
      unity in the region.

   Minutes recorded by Gergely Markus, ETU Secretary General.

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                       5
Appendix A: Secretary General’s report

                           ETU SECRETARY GENERAL REPORT

   Herewith please read my report which reflects on my activities since the last ETU
   Congress held in Copenhagen, Denmark. All of these works was done with the
   assistance of Zita Csovelyak.

   1. Administration:
        a. Managed the ETU Headquarters from Budapest, Hungary with the financial
           help of ITU.
        b. Prepared the minutes of the 2007 ETU Congress and sent to the National
           Federations and published on the ETU website
        c. Close contact with ETU National Federations, Board and Committee
           members and Local Organising Committees
        d. Prepared the following ETU Executive Board meetings including travel,
           accommodation, agenda, minutes
               i. Madrid, Spain – November 2007
              ii. Rome, Italy – March 2008
        e. Regularly updating the database of ETU NFs, LOCs, athletes
        f. Handling all correspondence on behalf of ETU on numerous topics
        g. Update and maintaining the ETU website in co-operation with ITU Online
           Media Manager
        h. Organising the 2008 Federation Forum and the Annual Congress

   2. Events
         a. Co-ordination of all the administrative work for ETU Events such as
                 i. Bid packages
                ii. Contracts
              iii. Invoices
               iv. Event details for the ETU website
                v. Media releases for the ETU website
               vi. Picture galleries for the ETU website as well as high-resolution
              vii. Logistic work of the branding materials and medals
             viii. Link the work of the Technical Delegates and Local Organising

   3. Media and Television
        a. ETU Television show produced in house
              i. 2006: 6 shows – 26 minutes each
                    1. Triathlon European Championships
                    2. Premium European Cups

                ii.   2008: 5 shows – 26 minutes each
                         1. Premium European Cups

          b. Live Coverage from the Triathlon European Championships in cooperation
             with ITU Team
          c. Updates on within 24 hours (most cases within a few
             hours) after the events finish with story, photos and results

Gergely Markus
ETU Secretary General

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                     6
Appendix B: Treasurer’s report


Financial year 2007

Affiliation of National Federations (NFs): 40 (2006: 32) NFs were affiliated to ETU in
2007 which is a all time record. It is also showing the increasing commitment of the NFs
towards ETU. Nevertheless there are still some countries left in Europe which the
Executive Board would like to see being affiliated to ETU in the future.

Events: Event fees paid were EUR 51'990 excluding the pool prize money (EUR 20'000).

TV/Media: The Executive Board is of the opinion that TV coverage of the Premium
European Cup races is not only adding substantial value to our top-events but also is
important for the growth and popularity of the sport throughout Europe. The costs of TV
coverage and its distribution in 2007 amounted to EUR 48'409.34 (2006: EUR
56'958.73) which exceeds our TV/media-fee-income (EUR 20'000).

ITU: There are no ITU sanction fees for European events in the ITU calendar. The ETU
office is shared with the ITU European office in Budapest which helps us keeping our
office costs at a fixed level. The work of the General Secretary is reimbursed through a
service contract with a lump sum of EUR 13'200 per year.

Prize Money: ETU paid out the European Cup 2007 overall prize money of EUR 20'000
and prize money of the following competitions: EC Cross-Triathlon Ibiza, ETU Premium
Cup San Remo, EC Duathlon Edinburgh, EC Tri LD Brasschaat, EC Tri Copehagen, ETU
Cup Schliersee, ETU Premium Cup Kedzierzyn Kozle, ETU Cup Split. The total prize
money paid out in 2007 was EUR 268'370 (2600: EUR 133’300) which is the double of
last year. This resulted in higher bank charges. This year all 2007 prize money
payments were booked through the creditor account in order to avoid blowing up the
profit and loss account. We reached our goal of a faster prize money pay-out in
delivering the prize money at all European Championships on spot and the overall ETU
Cup prize money being paid out right after the last Cup race.

Signage and medals: The production of new banners, ribbons, stickers and medals with
our new logo amounted to EUR 14'709.73.

Sponsorship: No sponsorship was acquired in 2007.

Balance sheet statement as at December 31, 2007:
ETU’s net assets as at 31.12.2007 amounted to EUR 59'035.46 which is a decrease of
EUR 21'315.58 reflecting the deficit in the financial year 2007. Debtor positions
decreased due to write-offs and debt-payments to EUR 22'200 and creditor positions
(prize money) being reduced to EUR 18'795.32.

Profit and Loss statement 1.1.2007 – 31.12.2007:
The deficit of EUR 21'315.58 mainly arose from higher costs like for example bad debt
losses (EUR 8'500.08) and reduced TV fees (EUR 2'000) and less income (no ITU grant),
as well.

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                       7
Balance sheet as at December 31, 2007 in €

Current Assets
office equipment                                                   1.00
trade debtors a)                                              21'700.00
debtors- affiliation fee b)                                      500.00
bank Barclays – Euro                                          21'694.05
bank Barclays – GBP                                              836.24
bank UBS – Euro                                               31'985.48
bank UBS - CHF                                                 1'114.01

sundry creditors c)                                            -1'665.32
creditors – prize money disbursed d)                          -17'130.00

Total Net Assets                                              59'035.46

funds brought forward 1.1.2007                                 80'351.04
surplus/deficit in period 1.1.07-31.12.07                     -21'315.58


a) trade debtors                                  21'700.00
event fee Pula 05                      1'000.00
event fee Erdek 05                     1'500.00
TV fee Holten 05                       1'000.00
event fee Witri Triesenberg 07           200.00
event fee ETU Cup Geneva 07            4'500.00
event fee ETU Cup Schliersee 07        4'500.00
event fee ETU Cup Split 07             4'500.00
TV Fee Holten ETU Cup 07               4'500.00

b) debtors - affiliation fees                       500.00
AF 07 Gibraltar                         500.00

c) sundry creditors                                1'665.32
prize money other                      1'665.32

d) creditors - prize money                        17'130.00
EC Autun 06 (Müller, Dittmer)          4'800.00
San Remo 07 (Jan van Berkel)             500.00
Schliersee 07                            550.00
Copenhagen 07 (M. Dillon)              1'505.00
Kuopio U23 EC                          1'500.00
Split 07                               2'950.00
Kedzierzyn Kozle 07                    1'125.00
ETU Cup 07 Overall Ranking             4‘200.00

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                           8
Income and Expenditures Account 1.1.2007 to 31.12.2007

affiliation fees                                            20'252.61
event fees (excl. ETU Cup pool prize money)                 51'990.00
tv & media fees                                             20’000.00
Other income                                                    94.00

Subtotal Income                                             92'336.61
congress                                                     -1'478.34
executive board - meetings                                   -6'891.74
executive board – other expenses                             -1’035.84
salaries & office costs                                     -13'200.00
postage & stationary                                         -1'225.28
office equipment                                             -1'276.64
office - travel costs                                          -917.87
technical committee                                          -2'278.35
development committee                                          -979.36
medical committee                                              -881.16
prize money disbursed                                        -8'325.00
tv & media costs                                            -48'409.34
marketing/branding/signage                                   -9'583.00
medals and awards                                            -5'126.73
sundry expenses                                              -1'390.24
bank charges                                                 -2'153.22
bad debt loss e)                                             -8'500.08
subtotal Expenditures                                      -113'652.19
surplus /deficit in period                                  -21'315.58

e) bad debt loss                                8'500.08
Säter event fee 05 - default         3'000.00
AF 06 - default                      2'500.00
correction booking                       0.08
Event Fee Rijeka 06 -                1'000.00
TV Fee Holten 05 - default           2'000.00

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                         9
Outlook 2008

ETU will continue supporting tv production at major premium events in 2008 in order
to adding value to those events and reaching more people with images of our sports’
highlights. Nevertheless we must have feedback in terms of figures in order to be able
to judge our investment return. In view of the gap between media costs and fees
generated, we have to think about reducing this gap.

Our efforts to find sponsorship must continue in order to be successful. Only through
sponsorship we are able to be more professional in all our efforts and being able to add
more value to our affiliated NFs.

Solidarity and reliability of our affiliated NFs and event organisers towards ETU’s
constitution and terms of business are very important to fulfill our duties and work on
our visions for the future of our sport.

Our   main focus in 2008 is to
•     strengthen our financial base
•     find sponsorship
•     support tv production at premium events
•     keep prize money purse at highest level possible
•     pay out the prize money due as fast as possible to our athletes

Finally I want to thank all people within the NFs who committed to the success and good
image of our sport in Europe by living up to the values which help us also to fulfil our
financial obligations which is vital when we are setting the ground for our future

Vaduz, 27. April 2008

Philip E. C. Schädler
ETU Treasurer

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                      10
Appendix C: Technical Committee report

                   ETU TECHNICAL COMMITTEE REPORT 2007-2008

The composition of the ETU Technical Committee:
Eugène KRAUS, LUX chair, Isabelle GAUTHERON,FRA, Paul GROVES, GBR, Helmut
MENGER, GER, Enrique QUESADA, ESP, Béla VARGA, HUN, members, Isabelle
GAUTHERON, FRA, women’s representative. Jasmine FLATTERS, GBR, ETU Executive
Board liaison.

The European Championships took place:
ETU Winter Triathlon Championships TRIESENBERG-STEG, Liechtenstein
ETU Cross Triathlon Championships IBIZA, Spain
ETU Duathlon Championships EDINBURGH, Great Britain
ETU Triathlon Championships COPENHAGEN, Denmark
ETU Triathlon Long Distance BRASSCHAAT, Belgium
ETU Triathlon U23 and Youth KUOPIO, Finland
In general, all Events were well organized and were a great success from the sport
point of view. Only the European Triathlon Championships in Copenhagen did not fulfil
all expected criteria’s.

The World Championships 2007 took place in:
ITU Duathlon World Championships GYÖR, Hungary
ITU Triathlon Long Distance World Championships LORIENT, France
ITU Triathlon World Championships HAMBURG, Germany
The National Triathlon Federations in union with the Local Race Organizers showed their
organizing capacities, all World Championships Events were on an excellent level.

8 Winter Triathlon Events in Europe
11 European Cup and Premium Cup Races were organised in 2007 in 8 different
European Countries.

The European Cup rankings are regularly updated by Enrique QUESADA, ITU entries and
ranking Director, for the following categories:
Elite Men, Elite Women, Junior men and Junior women in Triathlon, Duathlon and Winter
According the results of the last European Championships the Quotas for the coming
European Championships in the Junior and the U23 categories for Triathlon and
Duathlon were established.

ETU Technical Officials Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark.
During the Triathlon European Championships in Copenhagen the International Triathlon
Union in collaboration with the European Triathlon Union organized a level 2 Technical
Officials workshop.
Thanks to ITU, 10 invited officials from Europe could participate free of charge for
accommodation. ITU was also paying for the meeting facilities.
The workshop was conducted by Thanos NIKOPOULOS, ITU Events Manager and Enrique
QUESADA, ITU Rankings Director.

Technical Delegates on every European Cups and ITU International Events.
All International Events like EC’s, European Cups and ITU International Events were
supervised by assigned Technical Delegates ass well for the Winter and the Summer

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                     11
Reports were regularly sent to the TC members and the ETU office.

Technical Committee Meeting
A Technical Committee meeting took place in Copenhagen adjacent to the European
Triathlon Championships; the members have had regularly E-mail contact over the year.
Regularly reports were sending to the Executive Board.

Other business
On the request of ITU a guide for Technical Officials for the athlete’s registration and
for the transition area, was worked out by Jorge GARCIA, Eugène KRAUS and Paul

During the ATU African Championships 2008 in Hammamet, a Technical officials seminar
was held by Gergely MARKUS (assisted by Eugène KRAUS) to instruct the Tunisian race
officials. The Tunisian Triathlon Federation was just founded shortly before this event.

Winter Triathlon
The Winter triathlon in Europe has actually a downward tendency, if we will keep the
Winter Triathlon on a high level all Federations and especially the Federations related to
Ski resort regions should do a seriously effort to have more races with a certain snow
All other Federation should support the Winter triathlon by sending their athletes to the
Continental and the World Championships.
Age Group Races on European Championships.
After the World Championships in Hamburg and after the European Championships in
Copenhagen we have had some complains coming from some Age Groups athletes about
a lot of drafting on these non drafting competitions.
The ITU, the ETU together with the Technical Delegate and Officials should do a serious
effort to avoid drafting and to give fair and equal chances to all participants.

                            European Championships 2008

ETU Winter Triathlon Championships, GAISHORN am SEE, Austria, 1-3.02.2008
Technical Delegate Michael MACHACKA, Gergely MARKUS

ETU Triathlon Championships, LISBON, Portugal, 10-11.05.2008
Technical Delegate Enrique QUESADA, Jorge GARCIA

ETU Duathlon Championships, SERRES, Greece, 24.-25.05.2008
Technical Delegate Gergely MARKUS

ETU U23 and Youth Triathlon Championships, PULPI, Spain, 06-07.09.2008
Technical Delegate Claude MEYER, Enrique QUESADA

ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championships, GERARDMER, France, 06.09.2008
Technical Delegate Stéphanie KRAUS, Pascal GODEL

ETU Cross Triathlon Championships, AMELAND, Netherland, 13.09.2008
Technical Delegate

Eugène KRAUS
Technical Committee
Luxembourg, April 2008

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                        12
Appendix D: Development Committee report


                                                                      Vancouver, Canada
                                                                          April 29, 2008
Dear ETU members,

The composition of the ETU Development Committee after the ETU Congress in Lausanne

Athanasios Nikopoulos GRE
Andreu Alfonso ESP
Fernando Carmo POR
Irena Chuckanova BUL
Clive Faine GBR
Helmut Kaufmann AUT
Bernard Saint-Jean FRA

On March 27th, 2008 we were regretted to be informed that Mr. Clive Faine (GBR) has
confirmed his resignation for Chair of the ITU Duathlon Committee and from the
Development Committee of the ETU

After the Copenhagen’s Congress, we had a meeting with Ms. Libby Burrell, ITU Sport
Development Director.
During that meeting, we took the decision to work very close with ITU on the Sport
Development in Europe since:
   -   ITU had already established a number of programs for Europe
   -   ETU Development Committee doesn’t have the budget to support any kind of

Cab Inn City Hotel
Copenhagen, Denmark
13:00   - 1st July 2007

      Thanos Nikopoulos
      Andreau Alfonso Moragues
      Fernando Carmo
      Helmut Kaufmann
      Bernard Saint- Jean
      Gergely Markus
      Rob Barel
      Libby Burrell
   1. Thanos introduced Libby Burrell (ITU, Sport Development) and asked her to
      outline the role of the ETU Sport Development liaison person’s role. Libby
      suggested that the appointed person would form the link between ETU and ITU to
      ensure the needs of the ETU are met and also that the ITU programmes and
      projects are made known to the ETU community and more especially in the
      countries that need help with development. Action: Zeljko Bijuk (CRO); Rob
      Barel (NED) and Andreau Alfonso (ESP) will act as the liaison group to ITU and
      keep the rest of the committee informed on all progress.
   2. Libby   asked   the  committee    to  outline   the  priority  sport  development
      areas/countries of Europe. Gergely noted the 3 target groups namely, Balkans,
      North Baltic and Small States. Action: Thanos will prepare a list of all the target
      countries and Libby will do a Sport Development’ needs assessment to determine
      the level/phase of development of each country. This process would then help to
      determine the strategic plan for the next 2 – 4 years for ETU.

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   3. Plans for the 2008 Europe Junior Continental Camp were discussed and the
      possibility of hosting the camp in Lisbon, POR prior to the 2008 European Junior
      Championships was presented. Libby explained that this would be discussed with
      BG to see if the venue could be considered. Action: Libby to discuss this with ITU
      and BG and get back to the committee.
   4. Gergely Markus raised the issue of under-aged athletes being entered out of their
      age groups in violation of the ITU rules. The matter was discussed at length and
      it was unanimously agreed upon that the age rules as outlined in the ITU rules
      will be strictly adhered to in future. Action: Gergely to send out a note to all
      NF’s reminding them that the age rules must be strictly adhered to for all events.
The meeting adjourned at 14:30.

The projects that ITU has outlined for Europe in 2008:
  1. ITU and ETU Continental Camp 2008 will be held in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary in
     mid September 2008. The focus of this camp will be to provide opportunities to
     junior and U23 athletes from targeted sport development nations within ETU.
     There will be a parallel coach mentoring programme offered to provide
     opportunities for coaches from these nations to advance their skills on all levels
     of triathlon coaching. The head coaches for the camp will be the local TVK Coach
     Tibor Lehmann and ITU Certified Coach and Regional Development Coordinator for
     ITU, Zeljko Bijuk. Further Coaching support will be appointed through the ranks
     of the ETU. Tiszaujvaros was selected for this event as it has already been
     established as an excellent development camp venue through the experiences of
     the past two ITU World Junior Camps (2006 and 2007) and this area is also being
     targeted as the venue for the pilot study programme in the establishment of an
     ITU Regional Training Centre.

   2. ITU and ETU Coach Education Course 2008 (Competitive Coaching Course –
      Level 2) will be held in Pula or Zagreb, Croatia in September or October. The
      final venue and dates will be determined by Zeljko Bijuk and Alan Ley (Coach
      Education Manager for the ITU). The course will be open to all NF’s within ETU
      that wish to have their national federation coaches take an ITU Certified Coaching
      Course. Details of the course will be available soon.

   3. ITU Regional Training Centre for Europe will be established in 2008 using
      Tiszaujvaros, Hungary as the venue for this. Over the past few years ITU has
      worked hard with the local club in Tiszaujvaros in the hosting of the World Junior
      Camps. This town provides a perfect background for young developing athletes to
      hone their skills through to the Elite ranks. During the ITU and ETU Continental
      Camp 2008 I will work further with the local group to fine tune the details for
      t h e f o r m a t i o n o f t h e f i r s t e v e r I T U R e g i o n a l T r a i n i n g C en t r e .

After the success of the 2007 Kuopio Youth Activities, we will continue our education
series on Youth Issues at Pulpi during the Youth and U23 ETU Triathlon European
Championships (6-7 September, 2008). All the National Federation is welcome to attend
this conference. Further details will be released shortly. With the hope that the efforts
of the Committee will continue and further grow in significance for the development of
Triathlon in Europe,

With sport regards.

Thanos Nikopoulos (GRE)
ETU Development Committee

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Appendix E: Medical and Research Committee report


Work related to the following:

   1. The provision of medical guidelines for the different levels of events of ETU.

   2. Provision of an updated list of event medical personnel who are able to work on
      ETU Events.

   3. Consultation with Event Technical Directors with regard to Medical areas.

Increased within the period 2007-2008, and is currently ongoing.

We would ask the Congress representatives for each country to provide the ETU Office
with the contact details for their nominated medical personnel, to be forwarded to the
Committee. We thank both the Congress Representatives and the National Governing
Bodies in advance for their support.

Report provided, on behalf of the Committee

by Veronica Vleck, Ph.D.

MINUTES OF THE ETU CONGRESS 2008                                                        15

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