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                  Washington County
                  Department of Land Use and Transportation
                  155 North First Avenue - Suite 350
                  Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-3072

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Updates                          of Washington County’s Department of Land Use and Transportation
                                                                                                             A Community Newsletter
                                                                                                             Autumn 2007

You have been asking… … Are we all ready for winter driving?                                          Si a usted le interesa recibir este boletín
Winter storm response                                                                                 de noticias en Español, comuníquese
Which roads get plowed first when the                                                                 con Angie Aguilar al 503-846-7819,
snow falls? Where can you get up-to-date                                                              o via correo electrónico: angie_
road information when weather creates                                                        Gracias.
dangerous driving conditions? The Winter
Road Operations guide informs roadway                                                                Take 5 to Survive
users about Washington County’s winter
storm response plans and includes maps of                                                            For busy people it’s difficult
the priority routes that are the focus of our                                                        to set time aside to prepare
response to a storm.                                                                                 for a disaster, but there are
                                                                                                     several things you can do
More road information:                                                                               in just 5 minutes – here’s a click on Winter                                                              good list! Visit
Road Operations or/and Road Closures                                                                 for more ideas…
                                                                                                     • Discuss how your family will re-unite if an for state highways                                                            emergency separates you.
                                                                                                     • Choose an “out-of-state” contact person.
Winter Driving Tips                                                                                    Instruct family members to call this person
                                                                                                       to relay information on their welfare if
Winter driving can be tricky and downright dangerous. Better roads are important but do                they’re separated from their family and
not take the place of careful driving. To keep your experience with winter driving from                local phone lines don’t work.
becoming a crash course, here are a few tips:
• Slow down                                                                                          • Discuss how your family will cook, light
• Increase following distance                                                                          and heat your home if you lose power.
• Turn off cruise control                                                                            • Purchase and store bottled water – one
• Signal early and brake gently                                                                        gallon per person/per day for at least three
• Be seen – turn on your headlights                                                                    days. Don’t forget your pets.
                                                                                                     • Buy extra canned goods and a manual
Winter storms can cause power failures that affect signals. Here’s what to do when traffic             can opener.
signals are not working:                                                                             • Create a plan for your pets in case you
1. Treat the intersection as an all-way stop: come to a full stop. Look both ways for traffic          need to evacuate your home (pets are not
    and pedestrians; when it is safe, drive cautiously through the intersection.                       allowed in emergency shelters).
2. If there is other traffic, common courtesy requires that the driver who stops first goes first.
                                                                                                     • Test your smoke alarms and practice your
3. If in doubt, yield to the driver on your right.
                                                                                                       fire escape plan.
Be courteous and careful. Never insist on being first at the risk of a crash.
                                                                                                     • Ensure your important financial, personal
When high water floods roads, making them too dangerous to travel, we close them. We also              and property documents are available after
close roads when winds topple trees or bring down power lines. Please respect road closures.           an emergency. Make copies of these docu-
Heavy equipment may be operating, bridges and culverts may be out of service or other                  ments (or scan to a CD-ROM) and send to
hazardous conditions may exist. Road closures are for everyone’s safety and apply to all road          a trusted counsel, friend or family member.
users – motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It is unlawful to move or drive around a road
closure barricade.

When speaking with motorists who were involved in crashes with pedestrians or bicyclists,                 For the latest on county roadwork:
one statement is commonly heard: “I never saw them until it was too late to do anything.”                
Pedestrians and bicyclists can make themselves more visible to motorists by wearing light or
brightly colored clothing and use reflectors or carry a light at night.                                  County newsletter subscriptions:
More winter driving tips:
                                                                                                                Measure 37 Claims: click on Driving Tips                                                 click on Winter Driving Tips
On the Road Again – Coming to a                   Bike and Ped Power… Hillsboro Five Sidewalk Project
roadway near you
                                                  Just in time for Trick or treating! Under an agreement with the city of Hillsboro, the county
Call 503-846-7800 for more information            is managing the construction of concrete walks, driveways, and ADA ramps for neighbor-
on any of these projects.                         hoods near downtown Hillsboro. Sidewalks and driveways are completed on Baseline, Oak,
                                                  Maple, 7th, and 12th Avenues; sections on 13th and Walnut should all be ready by Hallow-
Bull Mountain Road at Hwy 99W is com-             een. New curb and sidewalk is being built around the redwood tree near the intersection of
plete. This was a short-duration city of Tigard   13th and Maple; a storm sewer line is being installed under the new curb. New topsoil, grass
project that widened the right-turn lane and      and street trees are included throughout. For more information, contact Dan Erpenbach at
improved sidewalks. The county managed it         503 846-7877 or
through an intergovernmental agreement.
                                                  “NO PARKING” Signs are Vital to                    Citizen Involvement Calendar
David Hill at Gales Creek Road is complete.       Public Safety
The intersection was moved approximately                                                             Planning Commission
650’ north to improve sight distance and          A NO PARKING sign may                              meets 1st Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.
intersection geometry. The project received       appear unimportant when                            3rd Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
many kudos from citizens for a job well done      compared to more excit-                            Auditorium, Public Services Building
                                                                                                     155 N 1st Ave, Hillsboro
– way to go Abe Turki! (Project Manager).         ing signs such as STOP or                          Contact: Traci Shirley, 846-3519
                                                  SPEED 55. However, on local
Sunset Drive from Beal to University              and neighborhood streets                           Rural Roads Operations and
(Forest Grove) is complete. This MSTIP 3          where narrow street widths                         Maintenance Advisory
                                                                                                     Committee (RROMAC)
project included new travel lanes, curbs and      restrict parking, a NO PARK-                       meets 3rd Thursday @ 7:30 a.m.
sidewalks, bike lanes, planter strips, street-    ING sign is vital to public safety. If vehicles    Training Room 1, Walnut Street Center
lights and utility improvements.                  park in a no-parking zone due to missing           1400 SW Walnut Ave., Hillsboro
                                                  signs, a fire truck or ambulance may not be        Contact: Stacia Sheelar, 846-7623
Brookwood from Witch Hazel to TV                  able to pass through to respond to an emer-
Highway is progressing nicely. The new            gency. Sight distances at intersections may be     Board of County Commissioners
signal is functional and the new four way         blocked by vehicles parking in restricted areas.   meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                                     4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
intersection is open. The old Witch Hazel                                                            Auditorium, Public Services Building
intersection has been permanently closed.         Lately, a noticeable number of NO PARK-            155 N 1st Ave, Hillsboro
The contractor is working on plantings and        ING signs are disappearing due to theft            Contact: Noreen Lee, 846-8685
punch list items. Project completion date is      – especially in new subdivisions and devel-
May 23, 2008.                                     opments. Replacing these signs is costly!
                                                  Developers are required to replace all missing                 Washington County
Cornell from Evergreen to Bethany has             signs if the theft occurs during construction;               Board of Commissioners
begun construction. Storm drainage is             the costs are likely to be passed on to the                       Tom Brian, Chair
being installed and roadwork has begun.           future homeowners. Once the construction                       Dick Schouten, District 1
                                                                                                                 Desari Strader, District 2
Cornell will be widened from three to five        is completed, the county is responsible for                     Roy Rogers, District 3
lanes from Evergreen to Highway 26. The           replacement (between $100 and $500 each)                        Andy Duyck, District 4
improvements will include turn lanes, signal      – that’s your tax money.
                                                                                                                 County Administrator
modernization, bike lanes, sidewalks, illumi-                                                                            Bob Davis
nation, and landscaping. Project completion       The penalty for traffic sign theft is treated
                                                                                                               Department of Land Use
date is September 30, 2008.                       like any other theft. If, however, the theft               and Transportation Director
                                                  leads to an injury, then the person may be                           Kathy Lehtola
Oleson from Hall to Garden Home is now            found criminally liable. Those who would
open to through traffic.                          remove a NO PARKING sign may consider
• South segment: The contractor has               their actions inconsequential, but they are        Directory of LUT’s Divisions and Services
completed the installation of base paving         putting themselves and all of us at risk.                  (all area codes are 503)
and sidewalks and is completing illumina-                                                             Office of the Director 846-3823
                                                                                                        • Public Affairs 846-4963
tion and signal installation. Final paving and    Transportation Funding is on                        Administrative Services 846-4530
striping will be completed next summer.           Everyone’s Minds                                    Capital Project Management 846-7800
• Middle and North segment: The contrac-                                                                • Right-of-Way 846-7870
tor continues retaining wall construction and     City and county officials from 13 Wash-             Engineering/Surveying
storm installation work. Project completion       ington County local governments recently              • Engineering 846-7900
date is November 1, 2008.                         spent more than seven hours during two                • Surveying 846-8723
                                                                                                        • Traffic Engineering 846-7950
                                                  workshops discussing ways to refine, update
                                                                                                      Land Development
Scholls Ferry Bridge (Groner’s Bridge in          and expand two local transportation funding           • Development Review 846-8761
Scholls): The bridge deck was completed           programs that have served county residents            • Building Services 846-3470
on October 22. North bound traffic will be        well for 20 years. The two local programs           Operations and Maintenance 846-7623
routed onto the new bridge by December            – the Major Streets Transportation Improve-           • Road Maintenance 846-ROAD
1, 2007. South bound traffic will be routed       ment Program (MSTIP) and Traffic Impact               • Adopt-A-Road 846-7619
                                                                                                        • Service District for Lighting 846-7626
onto the bridge in January 2008. Project          Fee (TIF) program – have made improve-
                                                                                                      Planning 846-3519
completion date is July 31, 2008.                 ments totaling over $600 million since 1986,
                                                  when voters first approved the programs.
Lombard from Broadway to Farmington               MSTIP funding comes from property taxes;
(Beaverton; tied to commuter rail project) is
almost complete. The contractor is complet-
                                                  TIF revenues come from fees charged against
                                                  new development. The challenge now is
ing illumination, irrigation and landscap-        how to use these tools and others to address                    Anne Madden, editor
                                                                                                         Abe Turki, Angie Aguilar, Blair Crumpacker,
ing work. This project is being constructed       the $3.7 billion of needs identified in the
                                                                                                               Dan Erpenbach, Mary Davis,
by Stacey and Whitbeck and managed by             transportation plans of Washington County            Carmel Motschenbacher, Victoria Saager - writers
TriMet. Road and rail improvement comple-         local governments.                                         Bonita Oswald, Graphic Design
tion date, within this two block segment                                                                         Bill McCabe, Webmaster
(Farmington to Canyon) is tentatively sched-      Officials are proceeding on a schedule that
                                                                                                            To receive a mailed copy of Updates,
uled for November 2007. Completion for the        would put a new MSTIP on the ballot in                call 503.846.4963 TTY# 503.846.4958
commuter rail project and the widened road        November 2008. A modified or new TIF                 fax 503-846-3588
is May 2008.                                      proposal may be on the May 2008 ballot.
                                                                                                              To subscribe to this newsletter
                                                  Questions? Call Senior Planner Blair Crum-
                                                                                                                  electronically, click on
                                                  packer at 503-846-3878. And stay tuned!     

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