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February 2010
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How to end
a tenancy
To end your tenancy you need to contact your local office and complete
a termination of tenancy form. You must also provide us with a
forwarding address.

You are required to give 4 full week’s notice to end a tenancy, as stated
in your Tenancy Agreement. The notice period starts following receipt of
the signed notice form.

Even if keys are handed in early, you are liable for the rent during the full
4 week period unless we have managed to let the property within this
time, then the rent payable may reduce.

We will visit you at your home during the 4 weeks to discuss various
matters concerning ending the tenancy.

If you are terminating a tenancy for someone who has died, you are still
required to give 4 weeks notice. However if the keys are returned within
the 4 weeks, the tenancy will end the following Sunday from the date
they were handed in. (Hand in by 12 noon on a Monday, the tenancy will
end on the Sunday before).

Before ending the tenancy we recommend that you:-

     Clear out all the furniture and rubbish from inside and outside.

     Get gas and electricity meter readings and
     provide them to the utility suppliers.

           Turn off the water at the stopcock

           Close and lock the windows and the outside doors

           You may also want to have mail redirected – you can arrange this
           through the Post office, please note there is a charge for this

    Settling the rent account
    If you receive housing benefit, it will only be payable up to the day you
    move out of the property. You are liable for any rent due during the
    termination notice period. Under certain circumstances you may be
    entitled to an overlap of benefit for the remaining period, please ask us for
    more details if you feel this may apply to you.

    •	   If the late tenant was in receipt of housing benefit at this property
         then the benefit will end the Sunday following their death.

    •	   If they were in receipt of Supporting People Payments then this will
         end on the date of the death.

    •	   Please note that rent and supporting people charges will continue to
         be charged until the keys are returned.

    •	   Overpayments of any benefits made during this time will be
         reclaimed from the tenant’s account. This may be done several
         weeks after the tenancy has ended. If this happens we will write to
         you or the Next of Kin to advise them of the new balance.

What happens after I give notice
We will arrange to visit you at home within the notice period to discuss
ending your tenancy.

As soon as you give us notice that you intend to move out of a property
we will start the advertising process through Keychoice. It is therefore
important that if for any reason you change your mind, about moving
out, that you contact us as quickly as possible.

Keys should be handed in at a local Pennine Housing office and you will
be given a key receipt form, please keep this for your records.

How to end a tenancy that has rent owing
If you leave a Pennine Housing 2000 tenancy and you have some out-
standing arrears, then you will need to repay these as quickly as possible.

If you are struggling to pay the arrears all at once then you should
contact the Housing Income Team to make an arrangement - You can
make payments using any of the following methods:-

      Using your Allpay swipe card              By setting up a
      at any Paypoint, Post Office or           standing order
      Calderdale MBC cash office.
                                                Over the phone – you
      By presenting your account                will need your Allpay
      number at a Calderdale MBC                swipe card and a debit
      cash office to make a cash or             card to do this.
      cheque payment                            Tel. 0844 557 8321

      By setting up a direct debit

          Over the internet - you will          By sending a cheque to
          need your Allpay swipe card           us quoting your rent
          and a debit card to do this.          account reference
          www.allpayments.net                   number on the reverse.

    If the debt is because of an outstanding benefit issue then we may
    be able to help you resolve this. Until any final payment is received
    from housing benefit you will remain responsible for the debt.

    If you do not pay your arrears we will write to you in the first
    instance to remind you of the debt.

    If however you continue not to pay the arrears then we can take
    the following options to help us to recover the debt.

    •	     Refer	to	an	outside	recovery	agency
    •	     Legal	action
    •	     Tracing	agencies	–	to	find	your	address	if	you	fail	to	provide			
           us with one

    If you need to apply to Pennine Housing 2000 in the future for
    rehousing and you still owe rent this will affect your application.

    Should we be asked to provide you with a reference for another
    landlord then your payment record will be disclosed.

Office information
Pennine Housing Income Team      North Halifax Housing Office
Bull Green House, Bull Green     87 Turner Avenue South, Illingworth,
House, Bull Green                Halifax. HX2 8EF.
Tel: 0300 555 0266               Tel: (01422) 255400

Central Housing Office           Upper Valley Housing Office
Bull Green House, Bull Green,    Bull Green House, Bull Green, Halifax.
Halifax HX1 2EB                  HX1 2EB.
Tel: (01422) 284500              Tel: (01422) 284500

Lower Valley Housing Office      Doorways / Keychoice
First Floor, Park View House,    18-20 The Square
Woodvale Office Park, Woodvale   Woolshops
Road,	Brighouse	HD6	4AB.         Halifax		HX1	1RJ
Tel: (01484) 824300              Tel: 01422 255155

Pennine Housing at Manor Park       Pennine Housing 2000 -Wisewood
Manor Park Community Space          2 Cox Place, Wisewood
52-54 Manor Park Centre             Sheffield S6 4SZ
Wisewood, Sheffield
SHEFFIELD,	S2	1WJ	                  Sheffield Head Office
                                    Tel: (0114) 292 2313

                           Pennine Housing 2000 is a part of the
                                 Trans-Pennine Housing group.
                    To order your repair
             Calderdale: 01422 220 220
              Sheffield: 0114 273 4845
                Emergency Out-of-Hours
             Calderdale: 01422 284 646
              Sheffield: 0114 273 0101

                   Registered Head Office
             Pennine Housing 2000 Ltd
            Bull Green House, Bull Green,
                           Halifax HX1 2EB.
                          tel: 01422 284500
                         fax: 01422 284598
                   email: info@ph2k.org.uk

A part of the Trans-Pennine Housing group

                              PHCIB028 - 0210

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