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									    Keepin' Up With Kiwanis
                                                                                   Kiwanis Club of West Hartford
                                                                                              November 5, 2010

Club Officers                        Speaker Offers Important Planning Advice
President - Bill Austin              Join us on November 9 at 6:30pm, room 217 in            Town Hall as we welcome Tony Recck, MetLife
                                     Specialist, who will offer an informative presentation
Vice-President Elect – Alicia Sharon
                                     on “Planning for the Future of your Dependent with
                                     Special Needs.” All are welcome to attend this free
Treasurer - Eugene Market            lecture.

Secretary - Elisabeth Umpleby                 SAVE THE DATE!
                                                        Our 4th Annual Stars for Kids Awards will be held Friday,
Immed Past Pres – Claudia Bowles                        January 28, 2011 at the American School for the Deaf.                                   Fliers are read for distribution and tickets will soon be
                                                        available for sale. Silent auction and journal space ad
Club Board of Directors
Sandra Austin
                                                        letters are going out. If you or anyone you know is
Motkue Bowles                                           interested in donating an item or taking out an ad, please
Betsy Denorfia                                          contact Lisa at or
                                                        Motkue at It promises
                                                        to be a star-studded evening! For general inquiries
Foundation Officers                                     contact Betsy at
President – Claudia Bowles
Vice President – Tom Proietti
Secretary – Betsy Denorfia
Treasurer – Lisa Terryberry
                                     Safety Packets for New Parents
Immed Past Pres – Motkue Bowles    Our club recently donated Newborn Safety Packets
                                   to the birth-to-three program at the American School
Foundation Board of Directors for the Deaf and through the Town Clerk’s Office to
Karen Brylle                       parent’s of newborn children living in West Hartford.
Alicia Sharon                      The packets include a bath safety duck (PVC free),
                                                                  electric outlet covers,
                                                                  a car seat sticker, and
                                                                  safety information to
                                                                  help prevent fire and
Calendar                                                          burn injuries, the 2nd
                                                                  leading cause of
October 1, 2010 – The Kiwanis year                                accidental death in small children.
begins. New officers and board for
our club and our foundation begin
their one-year term.
                                     Ride On!
November 5-6, 2010 – Kiwanis of   Club President Bill Austin presented a child’s
Meriden's Kiwanis Kapers, 7:30pm, bicycle and helmet to Suzanne Oslander,
Maloney High School, Meriden.     Community Partnerships Manager for the
                                  Town of West Hartford. The bike will be
November 9, 2010 – Kiwanis of WH
Meeting, W Htfd Town Hall, Rm 217
                                  donated to a child at the Hillcrest Area
followed by Board Meeting, 6:30pm Neighborhood Center (HANOC).
November 19-21, 2010 – NEDK Fall
Training Conference, North Conway,      Running for Mittens in Blue Back
NH                                                                   Join us at Blue Back Square in West Hartford for
                                                                     this special holiday 5K to benefit our neighbors
November 23, 2010 – Kiwanis of WH                                    in need by donating a pair (or two or three) of
Meeting - Dinner optional, Chatfield,
                                                                     mittens, gloves, hats or scarves when you come
                                                                     to the event. All items will be donated to “The
December 4, 2010 – Kiwanis                                           Town That Cares Fund,” a program of the West
Pediatric Trauma Institute Open                                      Hartford Human Services Department. Our club
House at Tufts Medical Center,                                       will be at the water station.

December 5, 2010 – Blue Back
Mitten Run, Blue Back Square. See
Erin Conneely for details.
                                        Be Proud and Support the Food Pantry for $1
                                        Kudos to our unique town of West Hartford. We were
December 6, 2010 – WH            voted in the “top 10 best cities for the next decade” by
CERT/CAID Meeting 6pm, West Htfd Kiplinger Magazine! Be proud of your town and
Town Hall, Rm 217                support the West Hartford Food Pantry and our
                                        neighbors in need for only $1 by purchasing a “Top
December 7, 2010 – Kiwanis of WH 10” magnet. For more information contact Claudia at
Foundation Meeting, home of Motkue
                          To quote Kiplinger’s
& Claudia Bowles, 7pm
                                        “Community is key, and this is place where you know
December 14, 2010 – Kiwanis of WH your neighbors.”
Meeting, W Htfd Town Hall, Rm 217
followed by Board Meeting, 6:30pm
                                        Breakfast of Champions
December 28, 2010 – Kiwanis of WH                                           The duties of Immediate Past Lt.
Meeting - Dinner optional, Chatfield,                                       Governor Motkue were certainly not all
6:30pm                                                                      work. LTG Motkue enjoyed spending
                                                                            some time with Tri-Town Golden K’s
                                                                            energetic members Joanne Leahy (left)
                                                                            and Dot Carter (right) along with an
2011                                                                        outstanding breakfast featuring their
January 28, 2011 – Stars for Kids                                           award-winning Kiwanis pancakes at the
Awards Banquet, American School                                             club’s breakfast fundraiser in
for the Deaf. See Betsy Denorfia for
more details                                                                September.

April 2, 2011 – Kiwanis One Day of
Service – The Kiwanis family of
organizations around the world
                                        Passing the Torch
participate in One Day of Service.       Immediate Past Lt. Governor
                                         Motkue presents the Lt. Governor
April 2011 - TBD – New England           Home Club banner to our new Lt.
District Governor's official visit, 6pm, Governor Elaine Murphy at the
Il Monticello, Meriden. Details coming
                                         Meriden club’s installation of
                                         officers. We look forward to
May 2011 - TBD – Jeans & Martinis working with you, Elaine!
Stay tuned for more information

June 3-10, 2011 – Annual
Governor’s Visit to Bermuda Cruise.
More details coming soon.
                                                               Lose The Training Wheels Featured
                                                               Don’t forget to download the latest copy of the New
July 7-10, 2011 – 96th Annual                                  England District of Kiwanis Publication, the
Kiwanis International Convention –                             Yankiwanian, in its new format! It features a cover
Geneva, Switzerland                                            story about the Lose the Training Wheels program in
                                                               West Hartford.
August 18-21, 2011 – 93rd Annual
New England District Convention,
Warwick, RI                          West Hartford Officers Installed on 9/28 at O’Porto
                                     From left to right: Lt Governor Division
Some helpful notes:                  22 Elaine Murphy, Immediate Past
NEDK = New England District of       NEDK Governor Dave Koohy, NEDK
Kiwanis                              Governor-Elect Vesta Browne, Club
KFNE = Kiwanis Foundation of New     President Bill Austin, Board Member,
England                              Sandra Austin, Club Treasurer Eugene
LTG = Lieutenant Governor
Kiwanis of West Hartford             Market, Club Secretary Elisabeth
Community Service Foundation         Umpleby, Foundation President Claudia
(KWHCSF) = a 501(c)(3)               Bowles, Immediate Past Lt. Governor
organization and a portion of your   Division 22 Motkue Bowles, Board
donations may be tax deductible      Member Karen Brylle, Club Vice
                                     President Alicia Sharon, NEDK
                                     Treasurer George Delisle.

                                     The Red Coats Are Coming!
                                                                            At our recent interclub visit to the
                                                                            Westfield, MA club’s installation, we were
                                                                            happy to see our good friends honored
                                                                            with the Kiwanis Foundation of New
                                                                            England Red Jacket which supports
                                                                            projects such as the Kiwanis Pediatric
                                                                            Trauma Institute.

                                     Fashion Bead
                                     Order your Kiwanis “We Serve”
                                     bead now for only $25. These
                                     beautiful glass beads fit all
                                     bracelets including Pandora,
                                     Chamilia, Biagi, etc. $10 from each
                                     bead sale goes directly to our
                                     Foundation Scholarship Fund.
                                     These beads make a great gift and
                                     are perfect for holiday giving!! Who
                                     knew you could be fashionable and
                                     help the community? Order your
                                     bead today! For more information
                                     or to order, email

                                     A Bloody Good Halloween
                                     Thanks to all of you who participated by presenting as donors, working the
                                     canteen, and spreading the word for our Blood Drive on Saturday, October 30!
Congratulations Judy!
While we loved the contest idea in
last month’s Keepin’ Up with Kiwanis
newsletter, we had to rethink it for
this month after Motkue and Claudia
Bowles drove all the way to
Whitefield, NH to present Immediate
Past Division 8 LTG Judy Houghton
with her prize for being the first to
answer correctly. She’s all smiles
after Motkue presented her with her
award: A bag of last year’s peanuts.

Birthday Celebrations
Lisa – 11/19
Pamela – 12/1
Eugene – 12/7

If you have something you feel should be included in our newsletter,
please email us at

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