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					                                     HOLGER NOREKE
                                        16 Pokanoket Lane
                                       Marshfield, MA 02050
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                       Accounts Payable Functional Experience

   AP Business Unit configurations, including:
     Interfacing with the GL modules
     Default Payment Options
     Matching options
   Customized the PO Matching program to work with custom rules.
     Created custom rules
     Implemented custom rules as part of the PO Matching program
   Vendor setup, including withholding vendors.
     Default Match levels
     Vendor Pay groups
     Withholding vendors
     Etc.
   Operator Preferences
     Limit voucher entry amount
     Allow posting of vouchers
     Limit voucher entries to grouped vouchers
     Allow manually scheduled payments
     Authority to override PO Match in order to pay non-matched vouchers
   Voucher Entry
     PO Vouchers
     On-Line Vouchers
     EDI Vouchers
     Payment scheduling, including breaking up payments for a single voucher.
     Separate payment for the individual voucher. This prevents other vouchers from being included
        on the payment.
     Template Vouchers.
   Voucher Deletion.
   Voucher Post
   Voucher Unpost
   Voucher Close - Closes liability.
   Payment Entry
     Manual
     Pay Cycle Manager
         Using Pay Groups
         Replacing Bank Accounts
     Express Checks
     Payment Deletion
   Payment Post
   Payment unpost
   Payment Deletion/Cancellation.
   Replaced Open Liability Report (Doesn't work!) with SQL against VCHR_ACCTG_LINE.
   Configured External Bank Accounts
   Check Reconciliation using Auto Recon Manager.
   Worked with Vendor Pay Groups to customize Pay Cycles for certain groups of vendors. This allows
    payments to be made to different groups of vendors on different payment cycles to separate from the
    rest of the vendors.
   Payment Terms, timing.
   Added Pay Cycle Step Definitions.
   Altered Pay Cycle Step Table to include the above definitions.
   Debugged Pay Cycle Manager for error processes.
   Created custom Run Control definitions to be used by the Step Table.
   Journal Generator Definitions.

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