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   Night-Driving Tips For Older Drivers
   (NAPSA)—Night           driving,
which can be problematic for
everyone, can present particular
challenges for older drivers.
   Even on familiar roads, mo -
torists should use caution and
watch for drivers, pedestrians and
cyclists who will be less visible,
especially during the first week of
the return to standard time.
   AARP urges all drivers to con-
sider the link between night visi-
bility and safe driving. If you
have trouble seeing well at night,
it urges you to get your vision
checked and consider taking a
d ri ver s afety cou rs e to l ea rn    If you have trouble seeing well at
more about how to compensate in         night, it’s a good idea to get your
dark conditions and make sure           vision checked and consider
you ’re d ri vi n g wh en you feel      taking a driver-safety course.
most comfortable.
   To focus attention on roadway        The no-test course updates driv-
safety, AARP is proclaiming this        ers’ defensive driving techniques
November Driver Safety Month.           and knowledge about relevant
Since folks will be driving more at     laws and offers strategies to com-
night, they offer the following tips:   pensate for age-related changes
   • See and be seen. Get your          that may affect driving ability.
headlights checked and turn them           The course also includes a sec-
on one hour before sunset and           tion on assessing driving abilities,
keep them on one hour after sun-        and since November is also
rise to ensure maximum visibility.      National Caregiver Month, now
   • Stay alert on the road.            may be a good time to have a
With reduced visibility, it’s impor-    “family conversation” about driv-
tant to reduce your speed, be           ing to help ensure your loved one
extra alert and maintain a three-       stays safe on the road.
second following distance.                 Depending on insurance pro -
   • Recognize and prevent              viders and state regulations, par-
drowsiness. The change in time          ticipants of the AARP Driver
can throw off your internal clock       Safety Program courses may be
and may cause drowsiness, so run        eligible to receive a discount on
errands in the morning when you         their auto insurance premiums.
are fresher and more alert.             Check with your insurance pro -
        Refresh Your Skills             vider for further details.
   Now celebrating its 30th                For information on course
anniversary, the AARP Driver            locations, call (888) 227-7669 or
Safety Program has provided             visit us at
instruction to more than 12 mil-        For more information about
lion participants nationwide seek-      AARP’s online course, visit
ing to refresh their driving skills.

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