HAYS SOCCER CLUB AGENDA by elusivelyeasy


									                        HAYS SOCCER CLUB
                          BOARD MEETING
                      WEDNESDAY - APRIL 1, 2009
1. Call Meeting to Order
      Kevin Schumacher, Randy Clinkscales, Anjanette Hamel, Michelle DeWitt, Dennis King,
       Mark McCullick, Zach Michaelis, and Darryl Wellbrock

2. Approval of Minutes
      Mark moved to approve the minutes and Zach Michaelis seconded (7-0) passed.

3. Treasurer’s Report
      Randy still needs to bring receipts from Perdew clinic. Mark moved Kevin seconded
       passed (7-0).

4. Update from District V Commissioner (Cory Riggs)
      AGM on Feb. 27 in Olathe, KS
      New clubs Garden City, Dodge should be established by Fall 2009
      April 6, 2009
          o New player contract
          o Proposed rule change for recruiting
                   Making free agent period longer.
                   Changes to player’s contract.
          o ID cards for managers, coaches (wear on a necklace so they know who has
               permission to be on the bench)
          o Salina is trying to get a state cup at their facility.
          o Approving alternate commissioners.
          o Changes to take place 2009-2010

5. Opportunity for Audience Participation
      Randy gave background on the make up of the board and how it has evolved into the
       positions we have now.
      There was discussion about 3 board members who have children on the same team.
       Based on the bylaws
      The discussion has been tabled until next month.
6. Report of Committees & Appointment
     a. Nominating
      Chaired by Darryl Wellbrock
          o Mark
       b. Bylaws
      Chaired by Anjanette Hamel
          o Randy Clinkscales
       c. Field
      Chaired by Mark McCullick
          o Kevin Schumacher
          o Darrin Rueschhoff
          o Darryl Wellbrock
       d. Fundraisers
      Chaired by Kevin Schumacher
          o Janel Molleker
          o Amy Schoenberger
          o Lori Schmidt
          o Jim Maska
       e. Recruitment
      Chaired by Dennis King
          o Jim Maska
       f. Scholarship
      Chaired by Michelle DeWitt
          o Amy Schoenberger
       g. Rostering
      Chaired by Zach Michaelis
          o Kevin Schumacher
          o Jim Maska
          o Stephanie Staab
          o Sonya Fort
       h. Managers
      Chaired by Kevin Schumacher
          o Christy Kleweno
        i.        Equipment
      Chaired by Kevin Schumacher
          o Patty McCullick
          o Janel Molleker

7. Old Business
       a. Website
      Please send input to Dennis.
      Still a work in progress.
           b. 3v3 Tournament
      Dennis made a motion to hold the tournament during WWF. Randy seconded the motion
       the motion passed (7-0)

      Dennis had to leave the meeting.

           c. coaches
      U-9 Boys Nikki Delzeit will help coach this team. Aaron Thomas works with the team
       along with Jordon Maska

           d. fundraisers
      Almost all the money and forms have been totaled.
      Still waiting on a few more forms and money to be turned in.
      Plan on awarding prizes ASAP.
      Kevin estimates that approximately $6,000 was sold.

           e. camp
      Coaches were able to meet with Mark Perdew while he was here.
      76 players participated in the camp.
      Thanks to Gene Johnson for coordinating a Pot Luck for everyone.
      Thanks to Randy Clinkscales for opening his home for Mark and his coaches.

8. New Business
     a. post season social
            May 20th

            Can the U-14 boys’ team have permission to play in the Raytown, MO tournament?
             Randy seconded the motion. Motion passes (6-0)

            Darryl Wellbrock and Mark Griffith will coach the U-16 and U-19 boys’ teams for
             the summer. Jim Maska and Shawn Lawson have helped in the past. Darryl
             requested that Zack Michaelis help out if available.

9. Executive Session
    15 minutes

10. Agenda Requests

   11. Adjournment
Mark McCullick made a motion to adjourn, Randy seconded and the motion passed 6-0.

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