Phrasal Verbs (PDF)

                                                                           Unit Practice
English Grammar                                                              Practice 9
[ Circle the best possible answer for each question ]                       Phrasal Verbs

          1.Larry __________ Jane ___________ to lunch yesterday.
              A      asked...out            B     asked..go            C    asked...for
          2.I can’t find my wallet. I ____________ but nobody has seen it.
              A      asked for              B     asked around         C    asked about
          3.Ian ________ the picture __________ of the newspaper.
              A      cut...on               B     cut...from           C    cut...out
          4.Students must ___________ the law set by the school administration.
              A      abide in               B     abide by             C    abide on
          5.The policeman ___________ his gun _________ the robber.
              A             B     aimed... of          C
          6.Jim ___________ the managerial post advertised in the newspaper.
              A      applied on             B     applied with         C    applied for
          7.The bullies _________ when they saw the school principal.
              A      backed away            B     backed out           C    backed to
          8.The developer finally __________ on the decision to demolish the squatter houses.
              A      backed up              B     backed down          C    backed on
          9.The terrorists threatened to __________ the school if their friends are not released.
              A      blow up                B     blow on              C    blow down
          10.The police __________ the main entrances to town during the demonstration.
              A      blocked of             B     blocked off          C    block off
          11.Malcom’s family refused to __________ him __________ of jail.
              A              B            C    bail…out
          12.The hall lamp does not work because its fuse has ___________ .
              A      burnt out              B     burn out             C    burnt off
          13. The school counselor is good at _________ with problematic students.
              A      dealing at             B     dealing with         C    dealing on
          14.The board meeting was __________ at the last minute.
              A      called out             B     call off             C    called off
          15. “I forgot to ___________ James __________ yesterday,” said Jane.
              A      call...back            B             C    call about
          16.Ariel ___________ with his father’s olive oil business after he finished his studies.
              A      carried away           B     carried out          C    carried on
          17.Over one thousand people lost their jobs when the factory ___________.
              A      closed on              B     close down           C    closed down

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18. Surinam _________ when she saw the blood.
    A     blacked out        B      black out           C      blacked off
19. Sarah, a single mother worked hard to __________ her children all by herself.
    A     bring out          B      bring up            C      brought up
20. I __________ Mr. Sanders at the shopping mall yesterday.
    A     bump into          B      bumped into C       bumped in
21.Children love to ____________ for a birthday party.
    A     dress out          B      dress up            C      dressed up
22. My friend __________ me ________ at the railway station.
    A      B          C
23. Ah Tien __________ of school due to poverty.
    A     dropped out        B      dropped to          C      drop out
24. Most marriages nowadays ___________ in divorce.
    A     end on             B      end up              C      end out
25. The bumpy road was __________ to make it safer for motorists.
    A     evened out         B      even out            C      even at
26. You must __________ a hire purchase form if you want to buy a car.
    A     fill out           B      fill on             C      filled in
27.David’s parents _________ about his drug addiction from his friend.
    A     find out           B      found on            C      found out
28.The students couldn’t __________ the solution to the maths problem.
    A     figure at          B      figured out         C      figure out
29.Hannah can’t __________ with her mother-in-law.
    A     get for            B      get along           C      get up
30.The burglar __________ the house through the kitchen window.
    A     get into           B      got into            C      get in
31.My husband __________ smoking after his throat operation.
    A     gave up            B      give up             C      gave out
32. ___________ ! We’ll miss the show.
    A     Hurry on           B      Hurry up            C      Hurry out
33. “___________ please. I’ll put you through to Mr. Jameson.”
    A     Hold on            B      Hold in             C      Hold at
34. All students must ___________ their course work before noon tomorrow.
    A     hand in            B      hand out            C      hand at
35. Miranda feels shy to __________ the music chair game.
    A     joined in          B      join in             C      join on
36.Henry always likes to __________ when he does something.
    A     looks ahead        B      look after          C      look ahead

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37.The bank robbers managed to ___________ in a blue Nissan Skyline.
    A      get on                   B     get up               C     get away
38.Many families can barely __________ in this difficult times.
    A      get by                   B     get even             C     get on
39. You don’t have to buy a ticket now. You can pay when you __________ the bus.
    A      get on                   B     get of               C     get in
40.Desmond finds it hard to ___________ of his old habit of smoking.
    A      get off                  B     get away             C     get rid
41.Garry usually _________ at 6.00 in the morning every day.
    A      gets on                  B     gets in              C     gets up
42. Rich people have a tendency to ___________ on the poor.
    A      look up                  B     look about           C     look down
43. Velvet ____________ to her mother as a source of inspiration.
    A      looks up                 B     look up              C     looked down
44.The school bullies always __________ of Jim.
    A      make up                  B     make fun             C     make funny
45.My housemate is not living with me anymore. He __________ last week.
    A      move out                 B     moved out            C     moving out
46. My brother recently bought a new house. He will be __________ next month.
    A      moving in                B     move in              C     moved in
47. My father often ___________ in front of the computer.
    A      nodding off              B     nods off             C     nod off
48.I forgot to ____________ the points the speaker gave at the conference.
    A      notes down               B     note in              C     note down
49. We must learn to __________ to our wrongs.
    A      own up                   B     owe up               C     owned up
50.My neighbor was 90 years old. She ____________ peacefully in her sleep yesterday.
    A      pass away                B     passing away         C     passed away

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         Answers For Unit Practice 9 - Phrasal Verbs

1    A    11      C      21     B      31      A   41   C
2    B    12      A      22     A      32      B   42   C
3    C    13      B      23     A      33      A   43   A
4    B    14      C      24     B      34      A   44   B
5    A    15      A      25     A      35      B   45   B
6    C    16      C      26     A      36      C   46   A
7    A    17      C      27     C      37      C   47   B
8    B    18      A      28     C      38      A   48   C
9    A    19      B      29     B      39      A   49   A
10   B    20      B      30     B      40      C   50   C

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