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									                               NEMA Board Me eting Agenda
                          Sept. 20- Lexington Middle School- 11:00

I.     Call to Order: Robin Schrack – 11:09
Bev Gustafson, Pam Bohmfalk, Lynne Wragge, Judy , Robin Schrack, Sara Churchill,
Jean Hellman, Kathy Terrell, Joie Taylor, Anne Kalkowski, Kelly Melson

II.     Additions to Agenda: Robin Schrack
Judy moved to approved agenda, s. Kathy Terrell

III.    Minutes from July 10, 2008: Sara Churchill
Corrected CD amount on minutes from over $11,000 to $4,462.94
Lynne moved to approve minutes as corrected, s. Sara Churchill

IV.     Treasurer’s Report: Lynne Wragge
            a. CD cashed Aug. 4th and entered into savings
            b. More checks to be entered into the account this week.
            c. Voted via email to donate $75 to NLC’s Learning 2.0
            d. Discussion of getting a business credit card for NEMA business or debit attached to
                checking account. The card would have to be in Lynne or Jean’s name. We have to turn
                in a tax return. But we can request a temporary one for a member with enough notice.
                Anne and Lynne will explore finding a card with some benefits.

V.      Executive Secretary’s Report: Jean Hellman
        A.    Membership: The current membership is 399-400, 0 in the two-month grace period, and
                  294 lapsed members for a total of 683. Lapsed Members Letter was sent to 271 lapsed
                  members in early August. 33 lapsed members had incomplete or missing addresses so
                  letters were not sent to them. Fifteen letters were returned as undeliverable. Twenty-
                  seven members renewed before the August 22 drawing that was won by Don Meink
                  from Crofton. This went really well.
        B.    Fall Newsletter: The Fall Newsletter has been posted on the NEMA website. (Thanks to
                  Anne for proofing). Print copies were sent to current members, all media specialists in
                  the state and to the UNO, UNK and Chadron university contacts. There was an
                  increase in postage and 65.28 sales tax so the actual invoice was $1,314.41 instead of
                  the $1138.00 estimate.
        C.    Winter Newsletter deadline for articles is November 15.
        D.    NLA/NEMA Conference: Please sign up for a time at the NEMA booth so I can attend
                  some of the conference sessions.

VI.     Communications: Robin Schrack
        A.     Susan Hubbard’s husband has been waiting for a kidney, liver transplant and received it a
               week and a half ago. Doing well, kidney is working, but had a lung collapse this week.
               Will send a card.
        B.     Jeanne Bergsten’s husband is doing better. He was in a bicycle accident. Was evaluated at
               Madonna recently and is thins are looking up. We sent a card.
        C.     Judy is on the AASL advocacy committee and will start in January. She will attend
               midwinter in Denver. Sherry Crowe is also on the committee.

VII.    Committee Reports
        A.     Finance Report: Lynne Wragge
B.   AFCON Liaison: Karen Buckley
            i. All NEMA members are invited to attend the annual meeting of the Academic
               Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON) at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 15 at
               Beacon Hills Restaurant. The meeting will feature a panel discussion,
               "Hazelwood at 20: Strategies to Conquer it." The annual Academic Freedom
               Award will be presented. The menu for the buffet lunch is: broccoli/beef/rice
               casserole, vegetarian lasagna, green salad, fresh fruit salad, dinner rolls, double
               chocolate cake and beverages. Anyone interested in attending may contact
               Karen Buckley, 402-423-5853, 5111 South 30th Street, Lincoln NE 68516,
      I would be happy to have one NEMA member attend
               as my guest.
           ii. AFCON newsletters and more information may be found online at:
      NEMA is an organizational member of the coalition.
C.   NDE Liaison: Gail Formanack
            i. The new technology integration specialist, Brent Gaswick, began in his new
               position on July 7th. I met with him at the Nebraska Department of Education
               on September 2nd. Specific details on meeting given.
           ii. We would like to invite and pay for Brent’s lunch at the annual board meeting
               Moved by Judy, s. Lynne Wragge
D.   NLA Liaison: Pamela Bohmfalk—2008 Conference Co-Chair
            i. The NLA Board will meet September 19, 2008. Agenda items of note:
                   1. NLA will be interviewing 2 candidates for the Internet Site Coordinator
                        position as soon as possible. We were disappointed that we did not get
                        more interest.
                   2. An ad hoc committee is currently looking at the Executive Director’s
                        job description, including Conference responsibilities, and bringing the
                        Conference Manual up to date.
                   3. NLA’s magazine, NLAQ, is currently polling members to decide if an
                        electronic only format is feasible and/or desired. The Editorial
                        Committee is also looking at re-focusing the journal to be more
                        article/research oriented with NLA business being moved to the
                        organizations web site. (this is still on-going)
                   4. NLA will be working on developing a form for internal and external
                        funding requests.
                   5. As of Sept. 15, 462 registrations for conference, exhibitors at 45, 20
                        non-profit. Exhibits are all in the ballroom, membership booths and
                        registration in the atrium.
                   6. NLA gave $250 to Library 2.0 endeavor.
           ii. NLA Election Results shared with NEMA board
E.   NEMA Liaison to NLA: Robin Schrack—2008 Conference Co-Chair
            i. Conference room hosting
           ii. Conference booth
          iii. Paraprofessionals section scavenger (Should we have our own para section?)
               Judy moved to donate $50 to scavenger hunt, s. Kathy
          iv. Glenda had to cancel her session. Let’s make sure we get it in for next year.
F.   NLC Liaison: Rod Wagner
G.   Nebraska Advisory Council on Libraries: Becky Pasco
            i. Wiki for Nebraska Library Commission Reports
                   1. Maria Medrano-Nehls has completed a Wiki for SACL by working
                        with Marty Magee and information has been placed on the wiki site. It
                        is possible for State Advisory Council on Libraries members to place
                        suggestions or information on the site.
           ii. Library 2.0 Project
                   1. The Library 2.0 project that was offered to NLC staff, systems staff,
                        commissioners and SACL members statewide. The Commission is
                         currently working on setting this up with a few changes to offer the
                         training/session to our colleagues across the state.
           iii. LSTA
                   1.     Rod Wagner reported that LSTA appropriations will most likely be
                          held off until after the presidential election or in January when the new
                          Congress convenes. LSTA might continue funding "as is" for this year
                          which would be unfortunate because Nebraska had a $60,000 cut in
                          funding this year. LSTA reauthorization does come up in 2009 and
                          there are some national groups that are looking at possible changes to
                          the LSTA such as tightening of the policies on use of LSTA funds.
          iv. Library Science Education Scholarships
                     1. Rod Wagner reported that the Commission has awarded 150
                          scholarships totaling over $300,000 over the past three years. The
                          Commission will be looking for letters of support because they will be
                          submitting a new grant application in December.
           v. Next Meeting -- November 14th, Benson Branch Library, Omaha
H.   Nebraska Youth Advisory Board: Kelly Melson
            i. The Youth Advisory Board has generated a list of suggestions for the 2009 One
               Book for Nebraska Kids. This title will be for upper elementary school age
               readers. Committee members are reading the titles and will discuss and vote for
               our favorite the last week of September. The 2009 One Book for Nebraska Kids
               title will be announced at the NLA/NEMA Conference in Lincoln in October.
I.   Awards and Scholarship: Anne Kalkowski
            i. The scholarship committee recommends that the following people receive
                     1. Audrey Loosvelt to receive the Duane Munson Scholarship
                     2. Sandra Meyer to receive the Workshop/Conference Scholarship
                     3. Stacy Ray to receive the Continuing Education Scholarship
                     4. Sara moved to approve the recipients, s. Judy
           ii. Anne will contact recipients with Treasurer contact information so that they can
               send the appropriate documentation to the Treasurer and the Treasurer can issue
               a check to the institution or recipient.
          iii. The scholarship committee recommends that the following people receive
                     1. Mary Reimann to receive the Distinguished Media Service Award
                     2. Sound Off nomination - principal didn’t get the information all there,
                          was offered the opportunity to submit and didn’t.
                     3. Judy moved that Mary receive the award, s. Lynne
          iv. Winners of scholarships to be announced via the listserv, after they have been
               personally contacted. Award recipients to be announced at the business lunch.
               Pam offered to recognize Mary at the banquet as well.
           v. Anne will make certificates for President’s Award.
J.   AASL Liaison: Lori Umstead
            i. There will be an AASL membership promotion display @ the Exploratorium
               during fall conference. AASL has sent me the promo materials.
           ii. Fall Forum will be held in Chicago October 17-19. The workshops will focus on
               the topic – ―Assessment, Part II: Constructing and Interpreting Viable Tools for
               Effective Student Learning in the Library Media Center‖.
          iii. The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is currently accepting
               proposals for the concurrent and Exploratorium sessions at its 14th National
               Conference in Charlotte, N.C. The conference, "Rev Up Learning @ your
               library," will be held Nov. 5-8, 2009. Those seeking to submit a proposal are
               encouraged to visit the National Conference pages at
      Proposals for should try to inform conference
               attendees of the new "Standards for the 21st-Century Learner." The deadline to
               submit a proposal for a concurrent session is Dec. 1.
           iv. Costs for sending Lori to Mid Winter, Jan 23-26:
                     1. Registration for both MidWinter and ALA/AASL,
                     2. July 2009 = $305
                     3. Hotel 3 nights share with Judy= $250
                     4. Airfare to Midwinter (United Airlines) approx=$150
                     5. Total = $705
                     6. Judy moved to send Lori to Mid Winter, s. Kathy Discussion regarding
                          expenses, really ends up being only $400 and it’s budgeted really,
                          motion passed.
K.   Information Power: Deb Levitov—Update on Nebraska Guide revision
             i. There is nothing new to report for the IP/NE Guide committee. We are still
                planning to meet with chapter liaisons on Wednesday before the conference to
                go over the LU author guidelines.
L.   Read Aloud Nebraska: Joie Taylor
             i. The Read Aloud Nebraska Board met August 12 and September 15, 2008, since
                the last report. Currently there are 37 schools registered as RAN members;
                compared to total of 83 last year. There are six communities now compared to
                13 last year. Schools and communities have until November 1 to register.
            ii. The Board has taken the following actions:
                     1. Voted to donate a basket to the Plum Creek Literary Festival as a fund
                     2. Discussed how to distribute the 20,000 books John Lithgow books
                          coming from First Books/Cheerios. These books have to go to low
                          income, non-school related organizations. One thought is to give them
                          to shelters to distribute.
                     3. Identified individuals as VIP Read-Aloud participants for 2008-2009.
                          Member schools and communities will be selected to have these people
                          visit the local library or media center and read aloud. Selection will be
                          by a drawing after November 1.
                     4. Discussed having Stephen Kreshen come to Nebraska in October of
           iii. The official count is not in, but Nebraska most likely did not have the most votes
                in the ―What Book Got You Hooked Contest‖. The last I knew we were a close
                third in a very tight race. Thanks to those who voted.
M.   Talking Books and Braille Liaison: Nancy Larimer
             i. There has been no meeting of the Talking Books and Braille Board since the last
                NEMA meeting. The date of the fall board meeting has not been announced.
           ii. An article discussing the Talking Books and Braille Service appeared in the July
                NEMA News. As further outreach to both public and school libraries, there will
                be a display of the offerings and new equipment available through the Talking
                Books and Braille Service at the Exploratorium at the NLA/NEMA Conference.
                Dave Oertli and his staff are updating the Nebraska Library Commission
                materials that will be distributed and displayed.
N.   Student Liaison: Susan Hubbard
             i. I have been working on the student interviews and have contacted Sherry Crow
                at UNK about students I might interview there. I received a reply from her this
                morning and will get an interview underway. It should be ready to submit in
                early November. I look forward to meeting students from around the state.
O.   NEMA Webmaster-Sara Churchill
             i. Revised website is up and redirects are all correct
            ii. Big Tent – Demo and Discussion later
                     1. Do we want to use it? If so....
                     2. Who should be "leaders" and "admins"
                     3. Members signing up via here using Paypal
                     4. RSVP using calendar
                            5. Forum and Folder for reports (Google Doc-like feature not yet, but
VIII. Old Business
      A. NEMA Elections Process
             a. Electronic voting discussion
             b. Put on bright colored ballott
      B. 2008-09 Budget Discussion
             a. Concerns about budget
                       i. Conference is down for multiple reasons (Iowa’s conference, financial
                      ii. Keep in mind to be frugal, we’re doing o.k. But be thinking ahead about
                          some things that we can do to raise more money.
                     iii. Committee to explore some options for a social fundraiser – Anne, Sara,
                          Judy. Report back to committee next board meeting Jan.
             b. Corrections to budget
      C. NDE Media Position-Gail Formanack
      D. SLJ Leadership Summit-Judy Henning
             a. Beth Foulks has been selected (back ups have been selected)
             b. Judy will contact her regarding the reservations
      E. Annual Board Meeting tasks & assignments
             a. Budget, dues being raised, mileage clarification
             b. Sara will make copies of the packet to have at the luncheon, please put the Roman
                 numeral and letter in the top right corner of the report
             c. Board members will be assigned a table, look for your tent

IX.   New Business
      A. Raffle basket
           Creating a raffle basket for conference, if you have anything to donate contact Joie, Sara,
              or Robin
           We have a ―library/book‖ theme basket and a ―basketball/Creighton‖ basket
      B. Big Tent demonstration-Sara Churchill
           We are piloting as a board, for January post board reports to the Forum (except minutes,
              agenda, and treasurer’s report)
           Sara and Jean will work on membership details
           We will present to membership next Oct.
      C. ALA Midwinter-NEMA representation
      D. NEMA News Assignments-Deadline Nov. 15
              Winner of SLJ - Judy
              Conference recap - Robin
              Introduce Brent - Gail
              One Book - Kelly
              Save the Date – Carrie
              Benefit of Being NEMA member – Kathy and Sara
              Fall Forum – Glenda or Gail?
              Conference Awards – Anne
              RAN? – Joie
              Exploratorium – Pam
      E. Additions:
      Discussion of Grand Island membership, let’s recruit
      NEMA slate of officers, pres-elect and two board members, recruit
      Have other board members proof newsletter
X. Announcements—Future Board Meetings
      Thurs., Oct. 16- Annual Board Meeting/Luncheon-Lincoln
      Sat., Jan. 31-Teleconference @ 10:00 A.M
                Various members checking on ESUs for teleconference location
        Sat., April 18- Cheri O’s-Ashland @ 10:00 A.M.

Judy moved to adjorn 2:07 p.m., Bev. s.

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