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					             STEERING COMMITTEE
             Agenda – Wednesday, July 23rd 2008
             1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT/Toronto
             Telephone No.: 1-866-212-7554             Participant Code: 6756911#

Present:     John Gilbert (Chair), Betty Brown, Andrea Burton, Keith De’Bell, Joanne
             Goldman, Liz Harrison, Grace Mickelson, Jason Nickerson, Scott Reeves,
             Joan Sargeant, Brenda Sawatzky-Girling, Theresa Schopf, Dennis Sharpe,
             Hassan Soubhi, Esther Suter
Regrets:     Ruby Grymonpre, Alex Harris, Ivy Oandasan, Carole Orchard

Item   Topic & Decisions                                                  Actions &

1.0    Introduction

2.0    Secretariat Update (Brenda)
           The Evidence for IPE* – Final version now posted at            All Steering
           files/The_Evidence_For_IPE_July2008.pdf (under Selected        members
           Publications by CIHC members). One idea for knowledge          interested in
           exchange and consultation with this work is to invite          hosting a focus
           steering committee members to hold focus groups in their       group to discuss
           province/region. CIHC would provide small amounts of           “The Evidence
           funding, provide focus group materials to collect usable       for IPE” to
           data and feedback (e.g. Is the evidence strong enough for      advise Brenda
           you to make decisions? What further info would you need?       by Aug 31
           Have we identified things that are important to you?).
           Agreement that this is a good approach, and may fit into
                                                                          Secretariat to
           other activities at the local level. Secretariat to develop
                                                                          provide focus
           focus group package. Steven Hoffman, working with the
                                                                          group package
           WHO Study Group, noted that the Evidence Review and
                                                                          by Sept 30
           Frequently Asked Questions are targeted to a Canadian
           audience will follow up with Andrea about ‘translating’
           materials for an international audience.
           CHSRF workshop “Improving Healthcare Through
           Effective Teamwork” will take place Dec 2-4/08 in
           Toronto as part of CHSRF’s learning organization initiative.
           CIHC secretariat and steering cmte members will be
           involved in planning this workshop.
           CIHC 3-5 year business plan, Health Canada proposal –
           materials to be circulated prior to Aug meeting
           Q1 report will be filed July 30 with Evaluation report
           Library – ongoing development, please reply to

CIHC Steering Committee                  M I NU TES , July 23, 2008                    1
Item   Topic & Decisions                                                   Actions &
           correspondence sent to your project end of July
           Upcoming Meeting: Valuing health-care team members:
           Working with unregulated health workers, which will be
           held in Regina on September 15, 2008 (change: Pat
           Bawtinheimer from Vancouver Community College will
           attend: CNA would like a representative from western
           WHO Study Group – Andrea has been invited to Geneva
           to advise on policy matters. CIHC to pay for Andrea’s flight
           to Geneva.
                                                                           Scott to make
           Reeves’ evaluation of CIHC – Comments:                          minor revisions
                                                                           to Evaluation
       −   Thank you for fantastic evaluation report
                                                                           Report and send
       −   Will be helpful to PKEC in developing KE framework              to Brenda by
                                                                           Aug 15
       −   Need to add the logic model to the appendix
       −   Modify “receptor communities” (a terms used in the original
           CIHC proposal) to partner or collaborative.
       −   Implications on page 6 – any sense of priority? (Response:
           Secretariat structure is vital, CIHC must engage other
       −   This report will help guide CIHC allocate our scarce
       −   Several steering committee members are now thinking of IP
           networks province-wide instead of at a project level, and
           would like advice on how to use this report in planning.

3.0    Sub-committee/other updates

       3.1 Curricula
       (Brenda provided the Curricula update on behalf of Carole)
           Curricula report (from Nov 2007 survey) - Carole finalizing
           this report, will be distributed to the Steering Committee in
           late August. Info was taken from projects mid-way through,
           so it is a bit restricted.
           Competencies – Working group – has met a few times.
           Questions for Carole:
            − What is the process to come up with a consolidated
            − How will we make sure that these competencies reflect
              what is going on all across Canada? Willingness at federal
              level to do this.
            − Timing perspective important in order to capitalize on
              momentum. Many people are interested in integrating

CIHC Steering Committee                 M I NU TES , July 23, 2008                     2
Item   Topic & Decisions                                                   Actions &
             core competencies.
           − Planning for 2 national meetings: e.g. first meeting of
             experts representing IPE competency in Canada; second
             meeting with stakeholders (not experts in competency)
             to see what they think.
           − In absence of data, it is difficult to write competencies,
             so we need to look at what data we need to write
           − What is the research agenda to collect info to make the
             decisions about competencies?
           − AIPHE project has asked for consensus opinions about
             competencies – it has been very difficult to agree on
             these competencies.
           − Important to develop relationship between our members,
             other organizations, the AIPHE project, and collaborate.
             CIHC should be the lead on establishing IP competencies.
          Curricula leadership - Vernon taking sabbatical in August
          2008 and will be resigning as co-chair of the Curricula
          Committee. Carole is hoping somebody on steering                 Steering
          committee will join as co-chair.                                 Committee
                                                                           members to
          Next steps – No decision re curricula leadership, workload
                                                                           indicate interest
          etc. Carole and Secretariat to develop workplan and an RFP
                                                                           in co-chairing
          itemizing the work CIHC is able to contract out this year. A
                                                                           Curricula Cmte
          lot of work that needs to go into the planning and rolling
                                                                           to Brenda
          out of this activity.
       3.2 Research & Evaluation (Hassan)
          New committee has defined terms of reference – its
          purpose is to strengthen and mobilize capacity in R&E in
          IPE and CP; making sure that we are clear about what we
          mean by research capacity; we have been successful in
          finding one useful framework – defines research capacity
          building, and provides indicators to measure success
          Re-shaping a new agenda – will take a couple of months to
          identify focus. Next steps are to take two months to build
          community, clarify tasks, activities, and sub-groups, and
          submit grant proposal to fund a meeting or conference.
          JRIPE – has established an international editorial board US,
          UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada; Have funding for
          first issue, next step is to teleconference with the editorial
          board and plan the launch of first issue; Hassan to draft
          formal correspondence to co-editors of Journal of
          Interprofessional Care.
          Evaluation Update (Brenda)
          “Evaluation Think Tank” – Ivy initiated a brainstorming
          session to generate a model for evaluation for U of T’s

CIHC Steering Committee                 M I NU TES , July 23, 2008                       3
Item   Topic & Decisions                                                  Actions &
           Office of IPE. Ivy working on a summary report of next
           Interactive Evaluation Framework – will be available online
           at the beginning of August. Resource is 500 webpages,          Steering
           requiring technical updates to remain useful and accurate.     Committee
           Next steps:                                                    members to
       −   How will we use this resource in terms of knowledge
           translation, exchange? How should it be ‘launched’?
                                                                          framework and
       −   What technical resources will be required to keep this up to   consider next
           date?                                                          steps and
       −   How many of CIHC’s resource should be allocated to this        provide
           resource?                                                      feedback to
           Please review framework again                                  Brenda and
                       Ruby by Aug 22
           Evaluation Report to be included in August 2008 Steering
           Committee meeting package
       3.3 Partnerships & Knowledge Exchange (Grace)
           Recently updated membership, have two categories: active
           and corresponding members
           Identified five working groups that correspond to
           deliverables on workplan: Rapid response; KE framework;
           Partnerships; Library; Authorship
           Activities: partnerships with CAME exploring possible
           collaborations with them (e.g. conferences, submissions to
           newsletters, Health Education Commons resource health
           education commons
           cesc/resources-e.php); Extend outreach to Northern
           provinces/territories; Significant development of KE
           framework, have released an RFP* for help with editing and
           a draft document before August steering committee
       3.4 NaHSSA (Jason)
           Beginning to develop workplan plan for 08-09
           Re-established links with Canadian Society for Life Sciences
           Research in order to develop further network for grad
           researchers in IP. NaHSSA is putting together a panel of
           students focused on IPE for their Nov 7/8, 2008 conference
           in Toronto.
           In contact with students creating a small international
           network of students interesting in IPE
           Pushing ahead with NaHSSA communications, focused on
           website and providing resources for students, connecting
           with chapters

CIHC Steering Committee                 M I NU TES , July 23, 2008                    4
Item    Topic & Decisions                                               Actions &

        3.5 Health Canada (Theresa)
           Bev Ann Murray developing RFP for coming years. IECPCP is
           now integrated into the HHR Strategy into 4 key areas:
           1. Needs-based planning to support the development and
                dissemination of planning tools to promote health
                system sustainability
           2. Sustainable strategies to effectively maximize the
                integration of Internationally Educated Health
           3. Health workforce optimization to provide timely and
                efficient responses to the health care needs of
           4. Practice environment revitalization to influence
                change in health care delivery models and improve
                retention of providers (focus for CIHC and QWQHC)
           Health Canada has plans to begin updating the website this

5.0     August 25 & 26, 2008 Meeting                                    Steering
           Agenda: Focus will be on CIHC strategic planning
                                                                        members to
                                                                        send agenda
                                                                        materials to
                                                                        Brenda by Aug

6.0     Other Business
           CABII Halifax Update – next planning meeting for this
           group July 24, 2008


2.0    Knowledge Transfer & Exchange in Interprofessional Education:
       Synthesizing the Evidence to Foster Evidence-based Decision-making -
3.3    PKEC RFP

CIHC Steering Committee                M I NU TES , July 23, 2008                   5