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					                                                        May 2010 / QUO VADIS EDITION

    OF PISK!

              PISK - WHAT WE DID SO FAR

         On Friday, January 22nd, 2010 PISK hosted an official reception at the Consulate of the Republic of
Poland in Toronto. This official inauguration was organized in order to formally introduce our executive
members and present our ambitious plan of action to some of the most prominent representatives of
Canadian Polonia.
         The idea of PISK was born in October 2008, when a group of students organized a conference
(„KOSA”) that gathered students from various places in Canada. In September 2009, PISK organized its
first official election, and thirteen students of polish descent were elected as members of the executive
The main reason why PISK was created is the need to unite students of Polish descent in Canada. Despite
the fact that some of the universities already have Polish clubs, many of those organizations are too small
or poorly organized to have any significant influence. One of the main goals of PISK is to improve
communication between students of Polish descent, and to represent them when cooperating with other
Polonia and Canadian organizations.
         PISK is a very young, but energetic organization, but we were already able to organize two big
camping trips in order to motivate young people to become active participants of the life of Polonia. We
have also supported “Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy” and       visited some of the oldest members of
Polonia in Canada at the Copernicus Lodge.           [1]

   During its official inauguration, PISK received support from many
significant Polonia organizations as well as from the Polish diplomats in
Canada. Some of the speakers during our official inauguration included:
Mr. Marek Ciesielczuk (Consul General of Poland in Canada), Mr.
Jesse Flis (former MP, member of the Board of Directors of the
Copernicus Lodge), Mr. Jerzy Barycki (President of the Canadian
Polish Congress), Mr. Borys Wrzesniewskyj (MP, member of the
Liberal Party of Canada), and Mr. Władysław Lizoń (MP candidate
from the Conservative Party of Canada).

   We are extremely thankful to our sponsors, who support our goals
and willingly help us with their donations. Prizes for our raffle were
donated by: Mrs. Anna Bocheńska (Massage Salon), Fifth Avenue
Collection, Adrianna Fashion, Starsky's, Peter Mielżynski Agencies
Canada, Cascada Restaurant, Eden Garden, Orbit Restaurant and
Reverse Aging Clinic. Food and drinks for the event was delivered by:
Victoria's Roncesvalles Bakery & Deli, Omega Food Importers.

   We would also like to thank all businesses that supported our earlier
inniciatives: Supreme Pierogies, Fregata Restaurant & Nightclub, Super
Kiełbasa & Deli, Future Bakery and Kingsway Meat Products &

                                                                           DURING THE
                                                                            WHITE AND

                       PISK proudly supported a great cause

On January 9 in the Latvian Hall in Mississauga, The Polish Initiative of Students in Canada (PISK)
presented a ,,Red & White” Fundraiser Dance Party for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity,
which fundraises money for sick children in Poland. Every year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
comes to Canada to help raise money. This year, PISK decided to help out a great cause. The event was
organized for students from high school to university and beyond.

The event was a great success and all proceeds went to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This
was the XVIII Final, where they hoped to collect enough money to help sick children in the oncology
department. PISK has donated $2345.00 which we hope will bring a smile and save lives of many

                                                                                            PISK SAID
                                                                                          “GOODBYE” TO

         During this past Valentine’s Weekend, from February 12th to 15th, PISK organized a camping trip, called
„Winter Wonderland”. Those adventurous members who decided to participate in our trip, had a chance to ski, hike,
visit interesting local towns and of course to integrate and party with their fellow students. Winter Wonderland started
on Friday, February 12th, when all the participants gather together over delicious meals prepared by Polish scouts, who
prepared the food during this whole fun weekend. After dinner, some volunteers decided to make a bonfire, and spend
some time socializing like true winter campers do; covered in blankets from head to toes and sitting in front of the fire.
         On Saturday, after delicious dinner, all the participants went skiing and snowboarding to Madawaska Valley,
and after that everyone came back to their camp for dinner and some interesting competition… Those contestants who
got lucky, ended up with heart-shaped chocolates as prizes while others got nothing else but cracked eggs in their
hands. Nevertheless, trip organizers from PISK: Natalia Kusendova, Roman Jaszczynski and Kasia Kaminska, made
sure that everyone had fun.
         After a short break, the disco party started, and everybody had fun dancing to the rhythm of techno, polish
disco-polo or even polish folk music. On Sunday morning, the Valentine’s Day, both singles and lovers were able to
enjoy the sweetness of chocolate that the organizers had provided. In the afternoon, the long awaited “Amazing Race”
started. During this competition, various teams had to find clues which would eventually let them solve the last riddle
that would give them the key to open the “heart full of chocolates”. This competition was extremely exciting and many
needed over 2 hours to solve the final riddle. Eventually, only one team was able to crack the last code and won the
         The weather was amazing during whole weekend, it was sunny and we had much snow to enjoy the fun of
winter sports. We visited some of the most significant local landmarks, like Algonquin Park, frozen waterfall, the town
of Barry’s Bay with its Saint Hedwig church and Tim Hortons situated in front of a massive cliff.
         All the participants had a lot of fun during PISK’s winter camping trip. Even an exchange student from Spain
joined us at this trip, and he had a chance to get to know Polish culture a little bit better. At the same time, Polish
students had an unique opportunity to practice their Spanish conversational skills. Winter Wonderland was an
unforgettable experience for everyone involved and we would like to invite you now for our next camping trip that will
take place in the summer. We are sure, that our next trip will be even better than the previous ones! More details are
coming soon at

Katarzyna Olszewska, UofT.

                                           PISK organized:
                       “Quo Vadis II” PreConference!!!

   To all those who registered for QUO VADIS II, PISK brought you a FREE pre-conference ice-breaker,
a day of fun filled activities when they had a chance to get to know other delegates before the conference
                      It was absolutely FREE for all interested delegates!

  PISK has also organized a “Student Expo”. During this event various Student University clubs
    from all over Canada had a chance to present themselves and their accomplishments to all
                      participants of the conference in a very interactive way.

                              WHAT’S THE BUZZ?!
                                   News from PISK and our friends

                            PISK in Media

On Saturday, February 13th, some of the members of our
Executive Board were interviewed by the reporters from the
“Polish Studio”. The interview is shown under section 4. Just
change the date on the show menu to February 13th.

4 Credit Union CYS Accounts Draw
"Polish Studio" coverage.

Here is the link where you can find the interview:

Also, if you are interested, you can watch a short clip about PISK’s
Official Inauguration at the Consulate prepared by TV Polonia. You can
find this material on YouTube:

                PISK ON THE RADIO!!!!

   We would like to inform you that from now on you can
   listen to us on AIR, every Sunday sometime between
              5PM- 8PM at 100.7 FM or online

Every week members of PISK will use the hospitality of
Radio Polonia Toronto, in order to visit you in your homes.

We will try to bring you fresh portion of news, discussions
and events that can interest students across Canada.

        REMEMBER every SUNDAY after 6PM, turn on

               You will hear from us soon! :-)

                      WHAT’S THE BUZZ?!
                               News from PISK and our friends

            PISK will participate in Carassauga

   On Friday, May 28th, “Carassauga” – Mississauga’s Festival of
Cultures will begin. Poland will have its Pavilion at Tomken Twin
Rinks – East Rink on 4495 Tomken Road. Executive Members of
PISK will of course participate in this event. We will set up our own
information table, where all those who are interested will have a
chance to find out more about our organization, as well as about
various student clubs from Canada. Come and visit as at the Polish
Pavilion during Carassauga.

    PISK SUMMER CAMP vol.2 approaching!

PISK in planning to organize its annual camping trip. We will
                                      th   nd
meet in “Kaszuby” between August 20 -22 , 2010 .

Price of the camping trip will be $80 for students, and $100 for

Price will cover: lodging, food, canoe equipment, sports

Tentative schedule of activities for the trip: bonfire, disco/
“dyskoteka”, outdoor activities, Polonia leadership workshops,
canoeing, PISK medal winner announcement.

More details coming up soon at

Also, we would like to announce that during our Camping Trip,
PISK will award young Polonia volunteers with Medals.

Are you a hard working volunteer passionately involved in
community work?
Apply for our PISK medal (application available on
Application due : August 1st, 2010.

Medals may be accompanied by a monetary scholarship on which
we are working right now to establish.

                     WHAT’S THE BUZZ?!
                              News from PISK and our friends

       PISK Elections 2010!

In September 2010, PISK will hold its elections!!!
Every student or alumni (graduate up to 3 years) can start
sending in their candidatures from May- August 22nd.
Every Application must include: short bio and description of
work in Polonia or other organizations, 2-3 references from
Polonia leaders or organizations, Canadian organizations,
teachers or employer.

Election campaign and voting will take place August 23rd to
September 8th, 2010.
On Thursday, September 9th, we will announce the results.

More details will be available very soon on our website:
              Become a MEMBER of PISK!!!

Not interested in running for an Executive Position??

                           That is okay!!!

Become a member of PISK and receive your membership
card that will entitle you to various discounts on our events
and will keep you updated with everything that is happening
in Canadian Polonia and Canadian student world.

Just go on, click the register button and
fill out the membership form!

                   Go ahead and you join us!!!

Visit our website:                      If you have any interesting        PISK Mailing Address:
                                        news that should be published
                                                                           Polska Inicjatywa Studentow w                      in our newsletter, please send                Kanadzie
And find out more about                 as an e-mail at:                   288 Roncesvalles Avenue
upcoming events!               or               Toronto, Ontario M6R-2M4

                PISK would like to give a special thank you to all of our generous sponsors!

If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring our organization then please do so by contacting
                         our Sponsorship Director via

           Mrs. Anna Bochenska SHIATSU DYPLOMA THERAPIST



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