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A meeting of the Vidyalaya Management Committee was held on 04.08.2009 at 11.30 A.M. in
the principal’s office.
Following members were present in the meeting-
1. Brig. D.S Sarao,Chairman
2. Col. Nitin Chopra,Chairman, Nominee
3. Sh. M.P Sharma ,Eminent Educationist
4. Mrs.Shehla Athar,Parent member
5. Mr. Bhupinder Singh Dalal, Parent member
6. Sh. Chaman Singh, Representative of SC/ST
7. Smt. V.R Goel, PRT- Teacher representative.
8. Smt Reeta Gupta,Principal Army public School,Meerut- Co-opted member.
9. Principal, KV,PL Meerut-Member Secretary

First of all the principal welcomed the Vidyalaya Management Committee.
             Following discussions/decisions were made in the meeting:

   The Principal informed that the Assistant Commissioner ,Kendriya Vidyalaya
    Sangthan,Dehradun region has approved the reconstitution of the Vidyalaya Management
    Committee for the period of three years w.e.f. 01.04.2009 to 31.03.2012 vide letter no.100-
    1(VMC)/2009-KVS(DDR)/27823 dated 24.06.09

                                      Agenda Points:
1. Reconstitution of Vidyalaya Management Committee & formation of:
           a) Vidyalaya Executive Committee:
           b) Vidyalaya Appointment Committee :
           c) Vidyalaya Condemnation Board :
           d) Staff Quarter Allotment Committee :
   The sub committees were constituted/approved as under:
          a. Vidyalaya Executive Committee :
             1. Brig. D.S Sarao,Chairman/Chairman Nominee in Absence of Chairman
             2. Dr.Shiv Charan Sharma Madhur,Eminenient Educationist
             3. Smt Shehla Ather,Parent Member
             4. Smt V.R.Goel, Teacher representative
             5. Principal, KV,PL Meerut-Member Secretary

          b. Vidyalaya Appointment Committee :
             1. Brig.D.S.Sarao,Chairman/Chairman Nominee in Absence of Chairman
             2. Sh.Chaman Singh, Representative of SC/ST
             3. Principal, KV,PL Meerut-Member Secretary
             4. Subject experts as per requirement
          c. Vidyalaya Condemnation Board :
            1. Smt Shehla Ather,Parent Member
            2. Sh.M.P.Sharma,Member
            3. Vice Principal/Officiating Vice Principal
         d. Staff Quarter Allotment Committee :
            1. Vice Principal/Officiating Vice Principal
            2. Smt.Sneh Lata Gupta,TGT Science
            3. Sh.J.R.S.Dhaka,HM
            4. Mr. Bhupinder Singh Dalal, Parent member

2. Formation of purchase/local purchase committees:
  The purchase/local purchase committees were constituted/approved as under:
       (a)      From 01.08.2009 to 30.11.2009
            1. Sh.P.K.Sharma,PGT Physics
            2. Smt Usha Mallhi,PRT
            3. Smt V.R.Goel,PRT
            4. Sh.Z.Ahmed,Librarian
        (b)     From 01.12.2009 to 31.03.2010
             1. Sh.Sanjay Kumar,TGT Maths
             2. Sh.B.P.S.Nagar,TGT Maths
             3. Smt. V.R.Goel,PRT
             4. Sh.K.K.Motla,PGT Computer

   3. Privatization of certain services in the Vidyalaya:
   (a) Watch and ward duties of school: Cleaning of school building, toilet, class rooms
   including desk etc and proper maintaince of garden, lawn and compound-
        The period of all three contracts/agreements was extended up to 31.08.2009.
    (b) Existing contractor in connection with the watch and ward duties of school is black
listed w.e.f 01.09.2009.
      (c ) At the time of making the payment to the contractor, watch and ward duties of the
school, he will be asked to make the payment of Rs. 171409/- (One Lakh Seventy One
Thousand Four Hundred Nine Rupees only) related to theft.
     (d) Watch and ward duties of school: Cleaning of school building,toilet,class rooms
including desk etc and proper maintenance of garden ,lawn and compound ,all the three
contracts will be given to separate contractors.

4. Provision of new hand pumps as well as repair of the old ones:

   (a) Existing hand pumps will be ensured to be repaired immediately.
   (b) 01 new hand pump will be provided to both the buildings. The bore of the new hand
pumps will be 180 feet.

5. Repair and purchase of the furniture items:

The in charge furniture will submit the list of the existing furniture along with the repairable
furniture as well as the requirements of new furniture for whole Vidyalaya immediately but not
later than 10.08.2009.The repair and the purchase has to be completed by 04.10.2009.

6. Result analysis of the session 2008-09:
 The academic result of the session 2008-09 was discussed in detail. It was suggested that there
should be an improvement in the same.
7. Maintenance of cleanliness & sanitation in the Vidyalaya:
 The point was discussed and decided that there is a scope to improvement in the cleanliness
and sanitation. Necessary steps should be taken by the Vidyalaya.

8. General discipline of the Vidyalaya:
 The chairman was of the opinion that teachers can control and maintain the general discipline
of the students of the Vidyalaya. Hence they may be advised accordingly.

09. Purchase of :
           a) Generators for Primary and Secondary section:
           b) Four (04) water coolers with Acqua Guards
           c) Ten (10) air coolers :
           d) Two (02) hot cases :
           e) Fire extinguishers:
  (a) The capacity of the required generators for providing basic electrification to the
Vidyalaya including classes/labs etc in the primary and secondary buildings to cater for
frequent power cuts will be determined and a proposal along with the approximate cost be put
up by 04.09.2009.

 (b) 1. Repair of existing water cooler will be made on priority.
     2. 02 water coolers with aqua guard will be purchased for the primary and 02 for
       secondary buildings each.AMC will also be given.

  (c )10 Air coolers will be purchased out of which six and four will be provided to the
secondary and primary buildings respectively.

  (d) 02 food warmers will be purchased for staff rooms in the primary and secondary
buildings (One in each) respectively.

  (e) The requirements and placing of the Fire extinguishers will be proposed by the nominee
chairman and the principal jointly.

10. White wash of Building (Primary and Secondary):
 White wash/paint etc of both the Vidyalaya buildings will be completed preferably by the end
of the autumn break on 04.10.2009.

11. Any other points with the permission of the chair:

 The chairman informed that the staff of the Vidyalaya can not be allowed to procure/purchase
the goods from CSD canteen.

12. The chairman clarified that all the work discussed in the meeting should be completed by
the stipulated date. He added that he would like to have an inspection of the Vidyalaya on

   The meeting ended with light refreshment and a vote of thanks.

   Chairman                                                                  Principal

           MINUTES OF THE VMC MEETING HELD ON 06.03.2007.

1. All members of VMC reached the Vidyalaya on 06.03.2007 in time.

2. Principal of the Vidyalaya welcomed the honourable Chairmant Brig K.P.Chand and
   Presented a bouquet to him.

3. The Vice-Principal Dr. J.P.Malik welcomed the Nominee Chairman Col. S.D.Singh and
   other worthy members of the VMC.

4. A panel is to be constituted to fill up the vacancies against leave. Teachers for teaching
   XI & XII are to be appointed to teach English Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and
   other subjects. In the same way TGTs of all subjects will be on the panel. In this regard
   advertisement is to be given in a newspaper and Interview is to be conducted on March
   8 and 9, 2007. A computer teacher is also to be on the panel.

5. One Safai Karamchari will also be taken for the cleanliness of the Vidyalaya during
   summer vacation.

6. Purchase of “Furniture” is must as one more section is to be increased in many classes.
   Provision of bag hooks in Desk be are to be fixed in Dual Desk in many classes.
   Advertisement for new canteen contractor is to be given.

7. A committee of teachers and one from the office is to be constituted to have an eye on
   canteen/edible things.

8. There should be medical checkup twice a year of all students.

9. Construction of a small pullia in Primary school.

10. Uplifting boundary wall adjoining the staff quarters. Repairing front wall of the
    Vidyalaya & other repairing work.

11. There should be efforts to have better achievements at sports and Games.

12. The VMC Chairman promised help/training for shooting to the students.

13. The coaches for games will be available in the evening and there will be development
    of a GYM in the Vidyalaya. A coach for Primary Section is also must.
14. Labs of computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are to be updated.

15. All worthy members of the VMC emphasized on cleanliness and maintenance of the
    Vidyalaya. There should be neat and clean surroundings conducive to healthy and
    academic performance in the Vidyalaya. Classes in no case should remain unnoticed
    and uncared for.
   16. There should be a provision for incentive to very good teachers.

   17. There should be association of old boys of the Vidyalaya along with the parents
       Teachers Association.

   18. Provision of Excursion is must for children and it will be to different historical places
       as it has also great educational values.

   19. Additional subjects like Information Practice and environmental studies are to be given
       due attention and importance.

   20. Physically handicapped         & mentally challenged        children should be given
       motherly/fatherly attention which is a great service to the cause of mankind. In case of
       emotional disturbance, adolescence problems, psychological depression experts from
       other organizations/Institutions will be invited for the benefits of our such students in
       particular and the rest in general.

   21. Our concerted efforts shall make our Vidyalaya an ideal place for ideal education
       making our students keep pace with the fast growing development and our guidance
       will make our children get better place in their coming future.

    Signature of members of VMC attended the Meeting.

(Chairman)            _____________________________

Col. S.D.Singh
Nominee Chairman ______________________________

Mr. A.N.Pandit
Member             ______________________________

Dr.Arvind Bhargav
Parent Member     _______________________________

 Member           ________________________________

Smt. Kavita Sanklan
Parent member             __________________________

Sh. M.Ansari
Teacher Representative____________________________

Principal, Member Secretary________________________

1.  Welcome of the Chairman.
2.  Welcome by the Principal.
3.  Welcome to Mr. Ravi Rajan GE (South)
4.  It was proposed to arrange students visit / tour to Sardhana/ Haistinapur, Dham/ Haridwar
    etc. / Babugarh.
5. White washing / door fixing (remained unnoticed for the whole year/ the chairman wants to
    get it completed soon.)
6. Quality whitewash, new electric fitting etc with proper furniture black board/ soft board.
    Chairmen V.M.C directed that at least one room should be properly maintained.
7. It was proposed to conduct seminar at inter school levels.
8. Forwarding the names of teachers for incentive award at least five names PRT’s, TGT’s,
    PGT’s should be sent.
9. Counsellors to be invited: especially - low achiever with specific problems.
10. Fixing/ repairing of fans for entire building and each department- if required new fans may
    be purchased.
11. On staff room’s a wall fan is to be provided, it is to be properly furnished.
12. Industrial Development Corporation U.P. (for furniture) working condition may should be
13. New Furniture should be procured.

Signature of members of VMC attended the Meeting.
Brig. K.P. Chand
(Chairman)                   ___________________________

Col. S.D. Singh
Nominee Chairman             ___________________________

Mr. A.N. Pandit
Member                       ___________________________

Sh. M.P. Sharma
Member                       ___________________________

Smt. Kavita Sanklan
Parent member                ___________________________

Sh. M.Ansari
Teacher Representative       ___________________________

Sh. A.K. Tyagi
Principal, Member Secretary ___________________________
                     Kendriya Vidyalaya Punjab lines, Meerut Cantt

                Minutes of VMC Meting held on 27.02.2009 at 10.00 a.m.

       First of all the principal K.V.P.L.Meerut heartly welcomed the New Chairman of the
vidyalaya and subsequently he introduced the distinguished guest to the other members of the
VMC. Ex-Principal Mr. Chaman Singh, Mr. M.P.Sharma, Mr. A.N.Pandit,Principal,Godwin
Public School, Meerut , Mrs. Kavita Sanklan, parent member and teacher representative Mr.
M.Ansari, PGT(Eng) also attended the meeting. The following points wee comprehensively
discussed for the specific upliftment of the Vidyalaya.

   1.    Fresh admission to class-I in 2009 was discussed .Crystal clear policy of admission
         of KVS is to be implemented without any favour or prejudice. The Principal
         repeatedly averred to give priority to the children of the defence employees.
   2.    Genuine problems related to admission will be solved and local adjustment of some
         students will take place in order to minimize parent’s difficulties in case their
         children are admitted in other two KVs at Meerut station. Admission process in any
         case should not give rise to any doubt and the integrity of the Vidyalaya should not
         be staked and compromised. The worthy Chairman greatly emphasised this point. It
         is our bounden duty to sustain the trust of the society and the interest of the students
         is our paramount concern.
   3.    Regarding admission to classes other than class one, a separate date for registration
         will be announced later on. The admission forms of class one are being sold.
   4.    The applications of some parents who requested the Chairman and the Nominee
         Chairman for admission to KVPL from other schools to KVPL were discussed.
         There is no problem for the students coming from other K.Vs.It is incumbent on us to
         give them admission in our Vidyalaya .In case of the class being over crowded, those
         children will be accommodated in other KV’s at the station. Admission from non KV
         to KV depends on the availability of the seats.

   5.    Child of war widow is being given top priority.

   6.    A panel for Part-time/contractual teacher for 2009-2010 academic year will be made.
         An advertisement is to be given in 2 daily news papers one in Hindi & one in English
         and interviews will be taken to select the most suitable teachers. No partiality or
         prejudice will be resorted to.
   7.    The hon’ble Chairman, Nominee Chairman and other members of the VMC admired
         the front look of the vidyalaya. The vidyalaya is to be beautified further. The repair
         work/whitewash is in process. Good maintenance of the Vidyalaya is conducive to
   8.     Fresh Contract of the Canteen-The contractor should provide a hygienic atmosphere
         in the vidyalaya .He should have good services and the most appropriate eatable
   9.    The vidyalaya boundary is to be raised high or to be barbwired to heighten the
         security keeping in view the present prevailing situation and scenario. The Primary
         Vidyalaya also needs a boundary for the safety of the small kids.
   10.   Purchase of a generator is must for the vidyalaya.
11.   Setting up of one more computer lab is to keep the students abreast of the latest
      information. The worthy Chairman said that our students should be better technocrats
      than those of the Chinese, the Japanese and the Koreans or else where in the world.

12.   Mr. A.N. Pandit, Principal Godwin Public School Meerut, Ex-Principals Mr.
      M.P.Sharma, Mr. Chaman Singh and Mrs. Kavita Sanklan, parent’s representative
      put forward their experience and seasoned views for the upliftment of the Vidyalaya.
      Mrs. Kavita Sanklan appreciated the discipline of the Vidyalaya.
13.   Overall impression of all the members was encouraging and their constructive
      suggestions and concerted efforts will help the vidyalaya take a stride. It is also
      hoped the Vidyalaya in 2009 will have a qualitatively and quantitavely good result to
      the corresponding year.

14.   The principal thanked all the members of the VMC. The worthy Chairman, the
      Nominee Chairman and other members had a round of the Vidyalaya and expressed
      their pleasure on the smooth running of the Vidyalaya. The principally also accepted
      the suggestions put forwarded by the distinguished guests.

      Committee Members: ----

       1. Brig. D.S.Sarao-_____________________

       2. Col.Nitin Chopra,
          (Nominee Chairman)_________________

       3. Mr. A.N.Pandit
           (Member)           ___________________

        4. Mr. M.P.Sharma     __________________

        5. Mr. Chaman Singh___________________

        6. Mrs. Kavita Sanklan_________________

         7. Mr. Ravi Ranjan
             (Member)       __________________

         8. Mr. M.Ansari       _________________

         9. Mr. A.K.Tyagi      __________________

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