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					      Citizen’s Association MOST
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04.04.2008, Skopje
Press release

             Monitoring of the work of the Parliament of R Macedonia,
                              01 September 2007 – 31 January 2008

The monitoring of the performance of the MPs and Parliament of R Macedonia which was conducted
by the Citizen’s association MOST within the period 01 September 2007 – 31 January 2008 displays
the following:

-   16 MPs were present during the 90 days when the Parliamnt was in session (Vele Gjorgjievski,
    Violeta Taseva, Stojce Krstevski, Marija Andonovska, Vanco Kocev, Goran Petrov, Jagotka
    Ivanovska, Marjanco Nikolov, Mile Pacemski, Vasko Sutarov, Jovan Ginev, Pavle Trajanov, Kire
    Gestakovski, Ristana Lalcevska, Ruza Gjorgjeska and Selvije Saliu);
-   the total number of the Representatives who had never debated is 11 (Hazbije Ibishi, Vanco
    Kocev, Nada Stancevska, Sonja Gelova - Stojanova, Goce Markoski, Risto Stojanov, Tome
    Danevski, Ljubco Georgievski, Fazli Veliu, Ali Ahmeti and Arben Xhaferi);
-   the highest number of dabates was done by the MP Tale Geramitcioski (91);
-   the biggest number of retorts had the MP Jani Makraduli (57) and he had the highest number of
    procedural interventions (48)
-   the largest number of unexcused absences from the sessions of the Parliament belongs to the MP
    Danail Doncev (18), and the biggest number of excused absences have Ljubco Georgievski and
    Arben Xhaferi (78);
-   the MPs Slavica Grkovska, Aco Kirov, Boris Kondarko, Marjanco Nikolov, Vlatko Serafimov and
    Oliver Spasovski had submitted the biggest number of law proposals (4), and the MP Selvije Saliu
    had submitted the biggest number of amendments (1359);
-   the MP Verica Filipova has raised the biggest number of questions to the Government 9;
-   the smallest number of voting belongs to the MP Ljubco georgievski – only once, for amednman.
-   In the frames of the Mobile Parliamnt project, MOST has organized (within the period September
    2007 – February 2008) in total 11 public meetings between the MPs and citizens in all Election
    Unit, which were attended by 20 MPs.
During the monitoring period the Parliamnt has conducted 116 sessions (90 days) and enacted 90
laws. Out of these laws only 3 laws were proposed by MPs, and the total number of laws submitted
by the MPs within this period is 10.

Within the period 15 -18 February 2008, at the request of the Citizen’s Association MOST and for the
benefit of the project “Mp’s Performance”, the Institut for democracy “Societas Civilis” conducted
public opinion poll on a statistical sample of 1110 respondants.

      Citizen’s Association MOST
      Strezovo 7, 1000 Skopje

      Tel.02/30 99 384, 30 99 385
      fax.02/ 30 86 430
      www.most.org.mk             most@most.org.mk

On the question “How often do you watch the Parliamentary sessions i.e watch Parliamentary
sessions? 14,4% of the respondents answered that they watch the Parliamentary channel every day, and
17,6% answered that they watch it at least twice or three times a week. The highest percent of the
respondents 33,9% answered they rarely watch the sessions. 21,6% of the respondents have never
watched Parliamentary sessions.

The Parliamnt got excelenet grade for its work from 2.2% of the respondants. Most of the citizens
(31.5%) estimated the work with grade three, and even 29.8% estimated with the smallest grade.

19.7% of the respondants reckon that the MPs are doing their job well. The highest number of
positive answers to this question was given by the citizens from the Election Unit 6, where 33.3% of
the citizens are satisfied by the work of the MPs. Unlike them, even 73.8% of the respondants from
the Election Unit 2 think that the MPs’ performance is not done well.

The most active MPs on the public meeting were the ones from Election Unit 3, and according to the
citizens the least active MPs were the ones from the Election Unit 1. Most of the conducted meetings
were private ones (55.8%), than the meetings in the Constituency offices (20%) and the Mobile
Parliamnt meetings (6.3%).

16.8% of the respondents are acquainted with the initiative undertaken by the MP regarding some
problem in their Election Unit, and 61.1% of the respondents do not know that such initiatives are

The monitoring of the work of the Parliamnt and MPs is a part of the MP’s Performance project and in
direction to conduct this project the Citizen’s association MOST and Parliament of R Macedonia have
signed memorandum of cooperation. This is the third report based on the official data obtained from
the Parliamnt of R Macedonia and it covers the period 01 September 2007 – 31 January 2008. The
very same one will be distributed to the citizens through the daily newspapers and 19 regional offices
of MOST.

The report MP’s Performance is a tool which present to the citizens the information on the work of the
MPs, attendances and absences from the sessions, number of raised Representatives’ questions and
etc. In addition the Citizen’s association MOST presents the official data received from the Parliament
of R Macedonia, without analyzing and commenting it.

The monitoring of the performance of this composition of the Parliament continues and the next
report will be published in Septemebr 2008.

MP’s Performance is supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy), Royal embassy of the
Kingdom of Netherlands and Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).


Additional information Citizen’s Association MOST, phone 02/ 30 99 384


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