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					Publishers Forum 2009
Prepared by Marty Clarke

September 12, 2011 - Canada
General/International news from CCH Canadian
and Wolters Kluwer

 WK has already launched a new online platform in the
 USA into which all of our many international platforms
 will be merged over time. This will include products
 from the USA, the EU including Britain, Australia, our
 various Asian divisions, and Canada. Currently, we
 expect Canadian content to move over late in 2010,
 allowing Canadian clients to benefit from several
 planned tweaks, improvements, and enhancements
 over that period.
Developed with Customer Feedback
 IntelliConnect is the first research platform developed for you, by you.
  More than 500 customer interviews and user sessions
  Multi-disciplinary efforts throughout CCH
  Built for the way you actually think and work

                                                       September 12, 2011 - Canada   3
When it comes to online research…

Your needs have grown.
The rules have been rewritten.
The possibilities have become limitless.

                                      September 12, 2011 - Canada   4
What is IntelliConnect?

 IntelliConnect is the functional and technological evolution of our
 renowned U.S. research platform, known as Internet Research Network™.

 Engineered with customer input from the ground up, IntelliConnect is
 designed to live at the center of your work life.

 It delivers truly intuitive functionality and total workflow integration,
 giving you unprecedented access to world-class content and tools and
 unlocking personal and organizational efficiencies.
 In just a few months of having officially launched, we have over 100,000

                                                         September 12, 2011 - Canada   5
Features of IntelliConnect

Never again will you have to wonder if you’re looking in the right
place; IntelliConnect searches it all and delivers results in filtered,
organized lists.
Specifically designed for the way you work, IntelliConnect features
an intuitive interface that takes less than a minute to learn. Simply
open it up and start searching.
 Intuitive and innovative research capabilities simplify your research
 Easy searching and browsing provide fast answers
 Multiple searches saved in tab format help you multi-task
 Split-screen display ensures easier navigation
 Filtering fine-tunes your results to locate exactly what you need
 Search within a search helps you easily refine your results

                                                           September 12, 2011 - Canada   6
International News:
New Aspen Publishers looseleafs

 Derivatives: Legal Practice and Strategies
 This new title brings you up-to-date with current regulations and helps
 you stay in compliance with all the legal requirements related to

 Global Privacy and Security Law
 Updated three times a year, this two-volume subscription resource
 combines legal analysis with historical, socio-economic, and geopolitical
 information, so that privacy and data protection requirements are
 assessed in context.

The Business Judgment Rule: Fiduciary Duties of
 Corporate Directors, Sixth Edition
 The new recently expanded Edition explores the latest developments in
 the law in Delaware and all other jurisdictions that have addressed
 business judgment rule and related corporate governance issues.

                                                       September 12, 2011 - Canada   7
New Kluwer Law International books
 Structured Finance, On from the Credit Crunch: The Road to
  Complements and updates the popular and highly acclaimed first edition
  of this series.

 Private Dispute Resolution in International Business: Negotiation,
  Meditation, Arbitration 2nd Revised Edition
  An innovative teaching and training tool for international dispute

 Deference to the Legislature in WTO Challenges to Legislation
  An examination of how international tribunals have treated challenges
  to legislation.

 Renewable Energy Sources: a Chance to Combat Climate Change
  A reference for information on sources of equity/venture capital,
  subsidies, business expansion strategies, investments, and advantageous

                                                      September 12, 2011 - Canada   8
Kluwer Law International loose-leafs now online
International Encyclopedia of Law Series:

• Civil Procedure
• Constitutional Law
• Contracts NEW
• Energy Law
• Environmental Law
• Family and Succession Law NEW
• Intellectual Property
• Intergovernmental Organizations NEW
• Labour Law
• Medical Law NEW
• Social Security Law


• Comparative Law of Monopolies NEW
• European Environmental Law NEW
• Handbook of EU VAT Legislation NEW

                                        2004 Results   September 12, 2011 - Canada   9
CCH Canadian news:
 E-books: We are launching some CCH Legal and Business new editions
  this fall released this fall/winter which will include a free digital
  version. The digital version is simply a value-add, so that with a free
  download of Adobe Digital Edition a person can read the book on their
 Adobe Digital Edition allows you to search for key words, browse table of
  contents, etc. The license is for one person per book purchased. The
  hard-copy book will contain the website link in it to download the digital
  version to your computer.
 We are currently in the launch phase for e-books as add-ons to the hard
  copies. We are also looking into licensing e-books as stand-alone titles.
  Your suggestions or approvals/disapprovals of this concept are
  appreciated. My email:
(More CCH Canadian news)
Stand-Alone E-Book Package in the works…

One new CCH Canadian e-book library to be launched
 soon as a stand-alone HR library of 5 titles in a
To get a feel for the package, a preview of sample
 modules will be available, but when you purchase all
 sales are final (since you will have the download).
 New Canadian Editions for Fall/Winter 2010

 Sale Prices until October 31, 2009
1. Canadian Master Labour Guide – (Dec 2009) with eBook included
Regular Price: $129
Offers: Buy now and get 15% off
  A CCH Canadian best seller, this book is now bi-annual due to customer demand.
  The most comprehensive source of employment & labour law information in one
  convenient, simple guide. The new Fall 2009 edition contains many new updates
  to the expert explanation & commentary, charts & tables and case law overviews.
  Since the last publication in April 2009, we’ve updated the 24th Edition with the
  very latest news and commentaries on diverse topics.
(New in 24th Edition of Canadian Master Labour Guide)

 Changes in Employment Insurance regarding ROE reporting, work sharing
  programs, and new training incentives.
 Expansion of rights for federal employees on reservist leave.
 Reservist leave added in Alberta and the Yukon.
 Human rights changes in Alberta regarding sexual orientation, children’s
  education, and the complaint process, effective on Proclamation.
 New Pay Equity Act in New Brunswick, effective April 1, 2010.
 Wage deduction limits increase in New Brunswick.
 Special labour project order in Newfoundland and Labrador.
 Organ donor leave added in Ontario.
 New protections for employees working through temporary work agencies in
  Ontario, in force November 2009.
 New ruling in Ontario on random drug testing.
 Changes to pay equity scope and reporting in Quebec.
 Hours of work + overtime rules change for Sask highway construction workers.
 Various employment standards changes in Northwest Territories
2. Bennett on Bankruptcy – 12th Edition (December
2009) with eBook included

Regular Price: $159
Offers: Go on standing order, get 20% off or buy now and get 15% off
  regular orders.
• Whether you are a lawyer, trustee, accountant, creditor or debtor,
  lender or director, you can benefit from this convenient and
  consolidated resource!
• In an easy to read portable format, you will quickly find the answers you
• Frank Bennett, a well-known insolvency practitioner, provides you with
  explanatory notes to point out many of the leading cases.
eBook is included.
3. Electronic Discovery in Canada – 2nd Edition (NEW
December 2009) with eBook included

Regular Price: $259
Offer: 15% off.

With a noticeable shift to a paperless society, the proper management and
effective implementation of a discovery response plan are essential for
your organization. Electronic Discovery in Canada: Best Practices and
Guidelines provides you with an in-depth look at the provincial statutes
and relevant guidelines that have been established since the occurrence of
Zubulake vs. UBS Warburg and other pivotal cases. Several enhancements
in the second edition as suggested by customers.

eBook is included
4. Directors’ Duties in Canada – 4th Edition (June ‘09)
Regular Price: $149
Offer: 15% off.
  Directors' Duties in Canada provides guidance to directors, and those who advise
  them, about the expectations and the requirements and best practices that will
  help directors meet them. The book provides information and techniques that
  these people can use to protect themselves from potential liability and
  reputation damage.

New since the last edition:
• Crown Corporations: Boards of Crown Corporations face a unique set of
  stakeholder expectations and operating challenges
• Special Purpose Committees: The role of specialized Board committees is
  increasingly important in the current environment
• Risk Management: Enterprise risk management has become a priority Board
  agenda item
• Corporate Responsibility: The expanding importance of non-traditional, non-
  economic business objectives complicates the Board's processes
• New Corporate Governance Rules/Guidelines: From executive compensation
  disclosure to a principles-based approach to governance, the rules have changes
5. Nathan’s Company Meetings, 8th Edition
(December 2009) with NEW eBook and Webinar included
Regular Price: $149
Offer: 15% off.

  An indispensable guide for the calling and conduct of meetings. Includes
  relevant provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act and the
  Ontario Business Corporations Act.

  Also note the Bonus inclusions:

  1. Webinar: Author Hartley Nathan will conducted a webinar on
  December 9, 2009 to explain and take questions related to the topic
  area. Those who buy book but miss the webinar get free access to the
  recorded version.

  2. eBook included
6. Annotated British Columbia Securities
Legislation – 4th Edition (Oct 2009) with eBook
  Regular Price: $155
  Offers: Go on standing order, get 20% off or 15% off regular orders.

  The most accurate and current information on British Columbia securities
  legislation. Prepared in consultation with the British Columbia Securities
  Commission and the Vancouver office of McCarthy Tétrault LLP. The book
  contains everything in the five-digit numbering system, tables of concordance
  topical index and more!
New in the 4th Edition:
• Revised annotations to the British Columbia Securities Act, updated to July 20,
• NEW BC Instrument 51-509, Issuers Quoted in the U.S. Over-the-Counter Markets
• NEW National Policy 12-203, Cease Trade Orders for Continuous Disclosure
• Drafts of proposed documents under the anticipated new registration
  requirements (I believe they are now passed), including Proposed National
  Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements and Exemptions and all pending
  consequential amendments
• eBook included
 7.Annotated Ontario Securities Legislation – 31st
 Edition (August 2009)

 Regular Price: $115
  Offers: Go on standing order, get 20% off or buy now and get 15% off
  regular orders.
  Provides a complete picture of the Ontario Securities Act. Annotations are
  provided by the securities expert at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Published bi-annually
  this book contains well-organized Tables of Concordance for all provincial
  securities Acts and regulations to the sub-section level.
• New in the 31st Edition:
  OSC Rules of Practice replaced by OSC Rules of Procedure, effective
  April 1, 2009.
• OSC Rules 13-502, Fees, and 13-503, (Commodity Futures Act) Fees,
  Companion Policies 13-502CP and 13-503CP, and related forms replaced.
• CSA Staff Notice 11-312, National Numbering System, issued February 6,
• CSA Staff Notice 51-328, Continuous Disclosure Considerations Related to
  Current Economic Conditions, issued January 9, 2009.
 8. Several Canadian Tax/Tax Law, Financial,
 and Estates books are on sale including
 important Canadian books on converting to
 International Financial Reporting Standards!

Expiry dates of sale prices vary, but most go until October 31, 2009
For more information on these titles, copy this weblink into your browser:

Note: One more slide after this one.
9. Professional’s Diary – 2010 Edition (November

Regular Price: $159.
Offers: Go on standing order, get 20% off or 15% off regular orders.

  This diary helps busy professionals stay on track. It lays out each work
  day in efficient half hour segments with plenty of space for recording
  appointments and important notes. Features recent tax changes,
  numerous tax rates charts, RRSP worksheets, CPP, QPP, EI charts. The
  diary also provides charts and tables relating to employment standards
  information like termination and minimum wage.

  New in the 2010 edition:
  Capital Cost Allowance
  Rates of Withholding Tax under Income Tax Agreements Signed by
  Filing and Remittance Deadlines
  Hours of Work
  Maternity/Parental Leave                  Note: This is last slide

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