GREG RICKFORD, M.P.
                                                             “A Strong Voice”

Dear Constituents,
I am truly honoured to have been elected as your Member of Parliament and I am very
                                                                                              Riding Offices
excited to be hard at work for you!                                                                     Kenora
In early December I opened two constituency office locations to serve you, one in                    Market Square
Kenora and the other in Dryden (see coordinates in the side bar). I also have a staff         Entrance on Matheson Street
member who travels throughout the northern communities holding regularly scheduled               308 2nd Street St #19
constituency clinics, as are possible, while the house is sitting.                               Kenora, ON P9N 1G4

Soon we will be hosting Passport Clinics throughout the riding. These clinics will                Tel: (807) 468-2170
provide you with an opportunity to complete your passport application and have it                 Fax: (807) 468-4896
submitted by my staff. Assistance will be available for form completion, photography,    
fees payment and review by trained staff. As of June 1, 2009, Passports will be                           Dryden
required when travelling to the US whether by plane, train or automobile. Watch for                   81 Duke Street
details for your community’s clinic in a future mailing.                                          Dryden, ON P8N 1G2
As you know we have seen unprecedented days in the House of Commons since I was                    Tel: (807) 223-8000
sworn in. It has indeed been an interesting time.                                                 Fax: (807) 223-8655
During December and January I had the opportunity to spend time in this great riding
of ours and I was able to visit with many Mayors, Councils, First Nations Leaders,              Toll-Free (866) 710-0008
business people and constituents from all over. This allowed me to get to know first
hand the concerns and suggestions, primarily in consultations surrounding the econ-           Sioux Lookout/North Inquiries:
omy and the 2009 Economic Action Plan, and I wish to thank those of you who took         
the time to meet with me and write to me.
I also had the privilege of travelling with MP, David Anderson, the Parliamentary              Ottawa Office
Secretary for the Minister of Natural Resources, to gain specific input for the budget
from the resource-based industries in British Columbia and Northern Ontario.                       601 Justice Building
                                                                                                   House of Commons
Over the last few months, I have had the great honour of making several announce-                    Ottawa, Ontario
ments on behalf of our Government that will be of great benefit to the constituents of                  K1A 0A6
this riding. Eighteen announcements in all totaled just under $20 million dollars of
Federal Government funding. Several of these projects are a joint effort with both the            Tel: (613) 996-1161
Province and Municipalities (see details inside for many of these).                               Fax: (613) 996-1759
I have also worked with Service Canada to improve access to Federal Government
Services for isolated First Nation communities.                                                 * Mail can be sent to any
                                                                                                   office postage free.
Exciting things are happening; our government will soon pass the Economic Action
Plan. From there we get to work on specific details and action steps necessary to
implement the programs introduced in this budget as quickly as possible.
Working on issues of concern to the residents of the Kenora riding and taking action is
an important responsibility of being in government. I am honoured to represent you,
and I ask that you please continue to share your views with me so I can represent them
in Ottawa. Please feel free to contact my offices using the information in the side bar.

                                                          Greg being sworn in as a Member
                                                          of the 40th Parliament of Canada.

                                             Winter 2009 Newsletter
   Greg Getting Things Done in NW Ontario
                                                        Government of Canada Improves Winter Roads between
                                                        Remote Ontario First Nations
                                                        Thirty remote First Nation communities in northern Ontario will benefit from improved winter
                                                        road networks, thanks to the Government of Canada.

                                                        Greg Rickford, MP for Kenora, on behalf of the Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian
                                                        Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians,
                                                        announced $3.7 million to improve the road network. The winter road network, which spans
                                                        3,000 kilometers, is a vital transportation link to isolated communities.

Harvey Yesno and Greg - Winter Roads Announcement
            in Sioux Lookout - January

                                                        Government of Canada helps
                                                        homeless people in Sioux Lookout
                                                        Mr. Greg Rickford, MP for Kenora, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of
                                                        Human Resources and Skills Development, announced that the Homelessness Partnering
                                                        Strategy is helping to renovate and purchase equipment for the Out of the Cold shelter in
                                                        Sioux Lookout.

                                                        “Our government is supporting many Canadians with housing needs and is fulfilling its com-
                                                        mitment to help those seeking to break free of the cycle of homelessness and poverty,” said
                                                        Mr. Rickford. “We are proud to support community efforts that help find local solutions to
                                                        local issues. By investing in this project, we are supporting community efforts to help those in
Terry Jewel, Joyce Timpson, Greg, Trish Hancharuk and
       Marjorie Legros - Sioux Lookout - January

                                                        Minister of Industry Visits Kenora
                                                        In January The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and the Minister responsible
                                                        for FedNor was in Kenora to make FedNor announcements.

                                                        These included funding for Sioux Lookout’s visitor enhancement initiative and the develop-
                                                        ment of an industrial and commercial business park at the airport.

                                                        Funding to support two Community Futures Development Corporations in our area including
                                                        Patricia Area Community Endeavours (PACE) based in Dryden and Chukuni Communities
                                                        Development Corporation based in Red Lake.

                                                        Also, funding for the expansion of broadband services to 8 communities in the Kenora area
                                                        and wages for a youth intern to work with the Kenora District Soil and Crop Improvement
 Minister of Industry Tony Clement in Kenora making     Association based in of Dryden.
   FedNor announcements for the riding - January

         Dryden Mayor Anne Krassilowsky and Greg at FedNor                            Kenora Mayor Len Compton and Minister of Industry,
                 announcements in Kenora - January                                            Tony Clement in Kenora - January

                                                        Rickford joins Provincial Colleagues to announce
                                                        5 Year Tourism Marketing Strategy for Northern Ontario
                                                        The Federal Government, through FedNor, has been working with the Province of Ontario to
                                                        support Northern Ontario's tourism industry. These efforts are in line with other initiatives we
                                                        have taken to diversify the economy here to help Northern Ontario emerge from this downturn
                                                        stronger than before.
                                                        The successful partnership with the province - which is now in its fifth year - focuses on pro-
                                                        viding training opportunities to Northern Ontarians in the tourism industry and developing
                                                        marketing initiatives that promote tourism in our region. In addition to these training opportu-
                                                        nities, we have initiated some unique marketing campaigns promoting Northern Ontario.
                                                        These collaborative efforts are paying off. This strategy is designed to reach consumers
        Thunder Bay-Atikokan MPP, Bill Mauro,           through a coordinated voice. The main goal is to maximize the impact of our marketing by
     Ontario Minister of Tourism, Monique Smith and     aligning our efforts with our stakeholders. This strategy will help regions across the North use
                  Greg in Thunder Bay                   the right message to reach targeted markets.

        Rickford & Baird Working Together
        to Get Things Done in NW Ontario
                                                                CREATING JOBS, BUILDING ONTARIO COMMUNITIES
                                                   In these challenging economic times, the governments of Canada and Ontario are teaming up to
                                                   help the province’s economy, create jobs and build a stronger, brighter future for Ontario
                                                   By making targeted investments in roads, bridges, waterways and community centres, the
                                                   governments of Canada and Ontario are paving the way to help Ontario communities prosper.
                                                   On February 13, 2009, the governments of Canada and Ontario announced over $1 Billion in
                                                   joint funding exclusively for Ontario communities with populations of fewer than 100,000 resi-
                                                   dents. Communities will be able to start spending this money right away. Quality infrastructure
                                                   improves quality of life for Ontario families and fosters community pride.
                                                   These investments will: improve our roads, help to ensure continued access to clean water and
                                                   protect our environment by upgrading our sewage and wastewater systems, improve our commu-
                                                   nity facilities, enhance our cultural institutions; and, enrich the lives of Ontario residents and
Above: Minister of Transportation, John Baird      visitors alike.
and Greg finalizing details for Build Canada
Projects. Below: Greg with the Prime Minister
receiving confirmation of projects to be funded.

                                                                                                                   An elated Rickford begins the day
                                                                                                                   in Kenora with the first of several
                                                                                                                   Build Canada Fund Infrastructure
                                                                                                                   Announcements - a “lucky Friday
                                                                                                                   the 13th” for our riding.

                                                   The Governments of Canada and Ontario will each invest up to nearly $15 million for projects in
                                                   the riding of Kenora alone. The municipalities will contribute the remaining third of the total
                                                   eligible project costs. These projects include:
                                                                                                                               Federal Share

                                                       Waste Water Sewage Treatment Plant Renewal in Dryden                    $ 9,966,666
                                                       Airport Terminal Building Replacement in Balmertown                       1,437,233
                                                       Waste Water – Seventh Avenue Critical Link Project in Sioux Lookout       1,235,322
                                                       Water Quality Enhancement Project in Kenora                               1,000,000
                                                       Local road infrastructure projects in Kenora:
                                                           McKenzie Portage, Ena Lake, Keewatin Surface Refurbishment               43,217
                                                       Nestor Falls Airstrip Resurfacing in Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls             830,640
                                                       Cascade Road Bridge Renovation in Vermillion Bay                            151,416
                                                       Redditt Waterline                                                           127,710
                                                       Total Federal Share for the Riding of Kenora:                           $14,792,204
                                                   “I look forward to watching the progress of these projects, which will provide real results and
                                                   lasting benefits for our community,” said an elated Rickford. “Together, we can ensure that
                                                   Canada and Ontario emerge from this time of economic uncertainty sooner than others and
                                                   stronger than ever.”

Bill Preisentanz, Kenora CAO, Kenora Mayor         Mike Louttit Dryden Director of Engineer-            Mayor Kathy Poling and Greg at the Meno-Ya
Len Compton, Greg, Chris Van Walleghem,            ing and Public Works, Dryden Mayor Anne              -Win Health Centre Site in Sioux Lookout an-
Kenora Councillor, Dave McCann, Kenora             Krassilowsky, Greg and Barry Hardy,                  nouncing funding for the Seventh Ave Critical
Councillor                                         Dryden Water Works Manager                           Link Waste Water Project

Greg with Machin Councillor Linda Anderson            Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Mayor Bill             Greg, Phil Vinet, Mayor Red Lake, and several
and Deputy Mayor Laurie Huffman.                    Thompson and Greg at Nestor Falls Airstrip          Red Lake Councillors and airport staff.

Our constituency offices in Kenora and Dryden
                                                       Greg in the Community
   Provide information on government
    departments, agencies, initiatives and
   Act as your liaison when dealing with the
    Federal Government.
   Assist with Employment Insurance,
    Passports, SIN Cards, Pensions, OAS, GIS,
    CCRA and the new Universal Child Care
   Assist with your citizenship or immigration
    application and help determine its status.
   Provide small Canadian Flags and Pins for
    trips abroad.
                                                      Len Marks presents Greg with a gift        Dr. Roger Strasser of the Northern
                                                           following his address at a         Ontario School of Medicine with Greg at
    CELEBRATION GREETINGS                             Kenora Rotary Meeting in December       the school’s Comprehensive Community
Our office would be happy to arrange for
greetings from:

Birthday           100 years or more
Anniversary        60 years or more
*Copies of the birth or marriage certificate

Birthday    90 years or more
            (every 5 years)
Anniversary 50 years or more
            (every 5 years)

Birthday     65th, 70th, 75 + years                   Rick Moore of the Lake of the Woods       Mayor Anne Krassilowsky, Darleen
Anniversary  25th, 30th, 35th, 40th,                  Campus of Confederation College and      Nordlund and Greg at CP Rail Holiday
             45th, 50 + years                             Greg at a December Meeting                  Train event in Dryden
Greg would be happy to send along greetings
for any occasion and celebration you are

If you are visiting Ottawa, our office would be
happy to arrange for you to see Question Period
and take a tour of Parliament.

If you are planning a school trip to Ottawa this
coming year, our office can assist you in
booking tours, Question Period passes and
lunch at the West Block cafeteria.

Greg would be happy to meet with all
individuals and groups coming from the
Kenora riding to Ottawa.                             Greg with Kenora AAA Midget Thistles’    Greg and MP David Anderson, Parlia-
                                                     Captain Mitch Chagnon - January Game     mentary Secretary for the Minister of
Please contact      our    Ottawa     office   at
                                                                                              Natural Resources, conduct pre-budget
(613) 996-1161.                                                                                   Forestry Roundtable Session

   CPC Team for the United Way Hockey                 Linda Anderson, Machin, Greg, Lionel    Harry Kelly, Greg, George Kakeway and
          Challenge January 23, 2009                  Cloutier, Ignace, Sue Williams, Sioux              James Danielson
 (Greg is in the back row fourth from the left)        Lookout and Bryan Brown, Machin          Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag
                                                            Kenora District Municipal               Resource Council Meeting
                                                         Association Meeting in February


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