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									                                         theatrical & TV short cartoons on DVD
                                        Titles                                 Length   Color/B&W   Year   Format

BUGS BUNNY: THE CENSORED TWELVE                                               97 min.     Color            DVD+R
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt                                                                              1941
All This and Rabbit Stew [digitally remastered]                                                     1941
Any Bonds Today (Bugs Bunny Bond Rally)                                                             1942
What's Cookin' Doc?                                                                                 1944
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips                                                                            1944
Herr Meets Hare                                                                                     1945
A Feather In His Hare                                                                               1948
Mississippi Hare                                                                                    1949
Frigid Hare                                                                                         1949
Which Is Witch?                                                                                     1949
Bushy Hare                                                                                          1950
Horse Hare                                                                                          1960
Hare Ribbin' [director's cut; alternate version]                              BONUS                 1944
Southern Fried Rabbit [uncut]                                                 BONUS                 1953

THE CENSORED ELEVEN                                                           83 min.     both             DVD+R
Uncle Tom's Bungalow                                                                                1937
The Isle of Pingo Pongo                                                                             1938
Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land                                                               1931
Sunday Go To Meetin' Time                                                                           1936
All This and Rabbit Stew                                                                            1941
Clean Pastures                                                                                      1937
Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears                                                                     1944
Angel Puss                                                                                          1944
Tin Pan Alley Cats                                                                                  1943
Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs                                                                     1943
Jungle Jitters                                                                                      1938

CARTOON SCANDALS Banned From TV (Goodtimes Video)                             92 min.     both             DVD+R
Any Bonds Today? [INCOMPLETE]                                                                       1942
Daffy the Commando                                                                                  1943
Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat (Walter Lantz, Universal)                                          1941
Tokio Jokio                                                                      X        B&W       1943
Sheep Shape [Blackie] (Famous)                                                                      1946
All This and Rabbit Stew                                                         X                  1941
The Three Little Kittens [Van Buren]                                             X        B&W       1934
Eleventh Hour (Superman)                                                                            1942
Be Human (Betty Boop & Grampy)                                                            B&W       1936
Little Black Sambo (Ub Iwerks)                                                   X                  1935
The Mad Doctor (Mickey Mouse)                                                             B&W       1933
Jungle Jitters                                                                                      1938
Uncle Tom & Little Eva [Van Buren]                                               X        B&W       1932
Thank You Mask Man (Lenny Bruce)                                                 X                  1968

POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS (Dumont Network)                              110 min.     Color            DVD+R
Swing Wedding (Harman-Ising, MGM)                                                                   1937
The Old Mill Pond (Harman-Ising, MGM)                                                               1936
Tin Pan Alley Cats (Clampett, WB MM)                                                                1943
Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat (Walter Lantz, Universal)                                          1941
Boogie Woogie Man(Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out) [Lantz]                                      1943
Jasper's In A Jam (George Pal Puppetoon)                                                            1946
Jasper and the Beanstalk (George Pal Puppetoon)                                                     1945

                                         ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 1 of 112 PAGES
Jasper and the Haunted House (George Pal Puppetoon)                                1942
Hot Lips Jasper (George Pal Puppetoon)                                             1944
Sliphorn King of Polaroo (Walter Lantz, Universal)                                 1945
The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured (Walter Lantz, Universal)                          1942
Saturday Evening Puss [Tom and Jerry]                                              1950
Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears (WB MM)                                            1944
Clean Pastures (Freleng, WB MM)                                                    1937
Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs (Clampett, WB MM)                                 1943

POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS (Yo Ho Video)                     90 min.   both           DVD+R
Circus Capers                                                              B&W     1930
Hittin' the Trail For Hallelujah Land                              X       B&W     1931
Sunday Go To Meetin' Time                                          X               1936
All This and Rabbit Stew                                                           1941
Clean Pastures                                                                     1937
Goldilocks and the Three Jivin' Bears                                              1944
Angel Puss                                                         X               1944
Little Ol' Bosko and the Cannibals                                 X               1937
Pop-Pie A La Mode                                                  X               1945
Voodoo In Harlem (Walter Lantz, Universal)                         X       B&W     1938
Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat (Walter Lantz, Universal)                         1941
Tin Pan Alley Cats                                                                 1943
Porky Pig Outtake from Gag Reel                                    X       B&W     1938

TOM AND JERRY: THE CINEMASCOPE CARTOONS                         128 min.   Color          DVD+R
Tom & Cherie                                                                       1955
That's My Mommy                                                                    1955
The Flying Sorceress                                                               1956
The Egg and Jerry                                                                  1956
Busy Buddies                                                                       1956
Muscle Beach Tom                                                                   1956
Downbeat Bear                                                                      1956
Blue Cat Blues                                                                     1956
Barbecue Brawl                                                                     1956
Tops With Pops                                                                     1957
Timid Tabby                                                                        1957
Feedin' the Kiddie                                                                 1957
Mucho Mouse                                                                        1957
Tom's Photo Finish                                                                 1957
Happy Go Ducky                                                                     1958
Royal Cat Nap                                                                      1958
The Vanishing Duck                                                                 1958
Robin Hoodwinked                                                                   1958
Tot Watchers                                                                       1958

TOM AND JERRY VOL. 1: CAT CONCERTO                               60 min.   Color          DVD+R
The Flying Cat                                                                     1951
The Body Guard                                                                     1944
The Little Orphan [uncut]                                        UNCUT             1949
Jerry's Cousin                                                                     1951
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Mouse                                                             1947
Mice Follies                                                                       1954
The Cat and the Mermouse                                                           1949
The Cat Concerto                                                                   1947

THE 50 GREATEST CARTOONS (Jerry Beck book list)                  4 discs   both           DVD-R

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 2 of 112 PAGES
Felix in Hollywood (Felix the Cat)                                         50       B&W        1923
The Dover Boys (WB)                                                        49                  1942
Unicorn in the Garden (UPA)                                                48                  1953
A Corny Concerto (Clampett, WB)                                            47                  1943
Quasi at the Quackadero (Cruikshank)                                       46                  1975
Book Revue (WB)                                                            45                  1946
The Man Who Planted Trees (Canada)                                         44                  1987
The Barber of Seville (Woody Woodpecker)                                   43                  1944
The Cat Concerto (MGM, Tom and Jerry)                                      42                  1947
Rooty Toot Toot (UPA)                                                      41                  1952
Peace On Earth (MGM, Harmon-Ising)                                         40                  1939
Little Red Riding Rabbit (WB)                                              39                  1941
Bambi Meets Godzilla                                                       38       B&W        1969
Bimbo's Initiation (Fleischer, Betty Boop)                                 37       B&W        1931
Feed the Kitty (WB)                                                        36                  1952
Ali Baba Bunny (WB)                                                        35                  1957
You Ought To Be In Pictures (WB)                                           34       B&W        1940
Superman (Fleischer)                                                       33                  1941
The Cat Came Back (National Film Board of Canada)                          32                  1988
The Scarlet Pumpernickel (WB)                                              31                  1950
Rabbit Seasoning (WB)                                                      30                  1952
Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom (Disney)                                    29    letterboxed   1953
Northwest Hounded Police (MGM, Droopy)                                     28                  1946
Clock Cleaners (Disney)                                                    27                  1937
The Brave Little Tailor (Disney, Mickey Mouse)                             26                  1938
The Big Snit (National Film Board of Canada)                               25                  1985
The Tell-Tale Heart (UPA)                                                  24                  1953
Little Rural Riding Hood (MGM)                                             23                  1949
Der Fuehrer's Face (Disney, Donald Duck)                                   22                  1943
Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (Clampett, WB)                             21                  1943
Minnie the Moocher (Betty Boop, Fleischer)                                 20       B&W        1932
Snow White (Betty Boop, Fleischer)                                         19       B&W        1933
The Skeleton Dance (Disney)                                                18       B&W        1929
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (Fleischer) complete titles     17                  1936
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (Clampett, WB)                                16                  1946
Bad Luck Blackie (MGM)                                                     15                  1949
The Old Mill (Disney)                                                      14                  1937
Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse)                                            13       B&W        1928
Rabbit of Seville (Bugs Bunny, WB)                                         12                  1950
Three Little Pigs (Disney)                                                 11                  1933
King-Size Canary (Tex Avery, MGM)                                          10                  1947
Gerald McBoing Boing (UPA)                                                  9                  1951
Porky in Wackyland (Clampett WB)                                            8       B&W        1938
Red Hot Riding Hood (MGM)                                                   7                  1943
Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay)                                          6       B&W        1914
One Froggy Evening                                                          5                  1956
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century                                        4                  1953
The Bank Concert (Mickey Mouse)                                             3                  1935
Duck Amuck                                                                  2                  1953
What's Opera, Doc?                                                          1                  1957

CARTOON NETWORK'S 50 GREATEST CARTOONS OF ALL TIME                       1999 vs.    both             DVD+R
Billy Boy [Tex Avery]                                                      50                  1954
The Chicken From Outer Space (Courage the Cowardly Dog)                    49                  1995
Dragalong Droopy                                                           48                  1954
Goonland (Popeye)                                                          47     COLORIZED    1938

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 3 of 112 PAGES
The Ghost With the Most (Pixie and Dixie)                         46              1958
The Pink Phink (Pink Panther)                                     45              1964
The Two Mouseketeers (Tom and Jerry)                              44              1952
Tweety Pie                                                        43              1947
Walky Talky Hawky                                                 42              1946
Spud Dud (Huckleberry Hound)                                      41              1960
Mad Scientist (Superman)                                          40              1941
Betty In Blunderland (Betty Boop)                                 39      B&W     1934
Little Johnny Jet [Tex Avery]                                     38              1953
Screwball Squirrel [Tex Avery]                                    37              1944
Swooner Crooner                                                   36              1944
Puss Gets the Boot (Tom and Jerry)                                35              1940
Deputy Droopy                                                     34              1955
The Dot and the Line [MGM]                                        33              1965
A Corny Concerto                                                  32              1943
Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor                                    31              1943
Duck Dodgers and the 24 1/2 Century                               30              1953
The Cat That Hated People [Tex Avery]                             29              1948
Gee Whiz-z-z (Road Runner)                                        28              1956
Northwest Hounded Police (Droopy)                                 27              1946
Wossamattu U [excerpt] (Rocky and Bullwinkle)                     26              1964
Quackor the Fowl (Dexter's Laboratory)                            25              1995
The Wild Hare                                                     24              1940
The Cat Concerto (Tom and Jerry)                                  23              1947
Little Rural Riding Hood [Tex Avery]                              22              1949
Little Red Riding Rabbit (Bugs Bunny)                             21              1941
Rabbit of Seville (Bugs Bunny)                                    20              1950
Ventriloquist Cat [Tex Avery]                                     19              1950
A Dream Walking (Popeye)                                          18      B&W     1934
The Big Snooze [editted] (Clampett)                               17              1946
Porky In Wackyland                                                16      B&W     1938
Bad Luck Blackie [Tex Avery]                                      15              1949
Red Hot Riding Hood [Tex Avery]                                   14              1943
King-Size Canary [Tex Avery]                                      13              1947
Draftee Daffy                                                     12              1945
Hair-Raising Hare (Bugs Bunny)                                    11              1946
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (Clampett)                           10              1946
A Pest In the House (Daffy Duck)                                   9              1947
I Love To Singa [Tex Avery]                                        8              1936
Rabbit Seasoning                                                   7              1952
Gerald McBoing Boing [UPA]                                         6              1951
The Cat Came Back (National Film Board of Canada)                  5              1988
Feed the Kitty [Chuck Jones]                                       4              1952
What's Opera, Doc?                                                 3              1957
One Froggy Evening [Chuck Jones]                                   2              1956
Duck Amuck [Chuck Jones]                                           1              1953

CARTOON NETWORK'S GREATEST MUSICAL MOMENTS                      48 min.   Color   2003   DVD+R

THE ADVENTURES OF DROOPY                                        53 min.   Color          DVD+R
Dumb-Hounded                                                                      1943
Wags To Riches                                                                    1949
The Shooting of Dan McGoo                                                         1945
Droopy's Good Deed                                                                1951
Drag-A-Long Droopy                                                                1954
The Chump Champ                                                                   1950

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 4 of 112 PAGES
Deputy Droopy                                                                        1955

WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS                                       80 min.   Color          DVD+R
Knock Knock [Andy Panda, Woody Woodpecker]                                           1940
The Bandmaster [Andy Panda]                                                          1947
Ski For Two [Woody Woodpecker]                                                       1944
Hot Noon (or 12 o'clock For Sure)                                                    1953
The Legend of Rockabye Point [Chilly Willy, dir. By Tex Avery]                       1955
Wet Blanket Policy [Woody Woodpecker]                                                1947
To Catch A Woodpecker [Woody Woodpecker]                                             1957
Musical Miniatures [Andy Panda, Woody Woodpecker]                                    1946
Bats in the Belfry [Woody Woodpecker]                                                1960
Crazy Mixed Up Pup (written & dir. By Tex Avery)                                     1955
Woody, Walter, and the World of Animation                          15 min.           1982

WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS VOLUME III                            53 min.   Color          DVD+R
Woody Woodpecker                                                                     1941
Swing Your Partner [Homer Pigeon]                                                    1943
Smoked Hams                                                                          1946
Dog Tax Dodgers [Andy Panda]                                                         1947
Sleep Happy                                                                          1951
Plywood Panic [Maw and Paw]                                                          1943
I'm Cold [Chilly Willy]                                                              1944
The Barber of Seville                                                                1944

SPEEDY GONZALES - FAST FUNNIES (WB Golden Jubilee)                 54 min.   Color          DVD+R
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe                                                          1961
Tortilla Flaps                                                                       1958
Cat-Tails for Two                                                                    1953
Cannery Woe                                                                          1961
Lumber Jerks [Goofy Gophers]                                                         1955
Gonzales' Tamales                                                                    1957
Here Today, Gone Tamale                                                              1959
Tabasco Road                                                                         1957

THE BEST OF HECKLE AND JECKLE AND FRIENDS                          54 min.   Color          DVD+R
Out Again In Again [Heckle and Jeckle]                                               1948
Sidney's Family Tree [Silly Sidney]                                                  1958
The Lion Hunt [Heckle and Jeckle]                                                    1949
Twinkle Twinkle Little Telestar [Astronut]                                           1964
Dress Reversal [Sad Cat]                                                             1965
Hula Hula Land [Heckle and Jeckle]                                                   1949
Darn Barn [Possible Possum]                                                          1954
Traffic Trouble [James Hound]                                                        1963
Dog-Gone Catfish [Deputy Dawg]                                                       1960
GANDY GOOSE: ONE MAN NAVY (Video Treasures)                        37 min.   Color
The One Man Navy                                                                     1941
Slap Happy Hunters                                                                   1941
Sham Battle Shenanigans                                                              1942
Lights Out                                                                           1942
Night Life In the Army                                                               1942
Somewhere in Egypt                                                                   1943

PINK PANTHER CARTOON FESTIVAL FEATURING PINK-A-BOO                 57 min.   Color          DVD+R
Slink Pink                                                                           1968
Come On In! The Water's Pink                                                         1968

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 5 of 112 PAGES
Pink Aye                                                                         1974
Pink-A-Boo                                                                       1966
Bobolink Pink                                                                    1975
Bully For Pink                                                                   1965
In the Pink of the Night                                                         1969
Extinct Pink                                                                     1969
Smile Pretty, Say Pink                                                           1966

HANNA-BARBERA SUPERSTARS: COURTIN' CUT-UPS                     79 min.   Color          DVD+R
The Hot Piano (The Flintstones)                                                  1961
Just A Wolf at Heart (Loopy d'Loop)                                              1963
Love At First Sight (Magilla Gorilla)                                            1965
Woo For Two (Pixie and Dixie)                                                    1960
Rabbit Romeo (Lippy the Lion)                                                    1963
Marriage Peter Potamus Style (Peter Potamus)                                     1965
Bachelor Buttons (Wally Gator)                                                   1962
Rapid Romance (Ricochet Rabbit)                                                  1965
Squid on the Skids (Squiddly Diddly)                                             1965

BOZO THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CLOWN - VOLUME 2                  80 min.   Color   1961   DVD+R
A Glutton For Mutton
Papoose On the Loose
Bozo's Icy Escapade
Hop-Chest Quest
Dance of the Ants
Ball Park Lark
Pie in the Eye Guy
Real Gone Leprechaun
Food Pest Jest
Razzle Dazzle Castle Hassle
Gate Crasher Smasher
Whipper Snapper Snipper
Okey Dokey Hokey Pokey
Flim Flam for Ali Kablam
Kooky's Snack Attack
Mill Pond Thrill Chill

BABY HUEY THE BABY GIANT                                       57 min.   Color          DVD+R
Starting From Hatch                                                              1953
Huey's Ducky Daddy                                                               1953
Jumping With Toy                                                                 1957
Scout Fellow                                                                     1951
Git Along, Lil' Duckie                                                           1955
Clown on the Farm                                                                1952
Party Smarty                                                                     1951
One Quack Mind                                                                   1951
Huey's Father's Day                                                              1959

ANIMALAND                                                      70 min.   Color          DVD+R
The Platypus                                                                     1948
Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus                                                   1949
Ginger Nutt's Forest Dragon                                                      1950
The Cuckoo                                                                       1948
Ginger Nutt's Bee Bother                                                         1949
The Lion                                                                         1948
The Ostrich                                                                      1949

                                 ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 6 of 112 PAGES
The House-Cat                                                               1949
It's A Lovely Day                                                           1949

COLUMBIA FABLES AND PHANTASIES                            98 min.   B&W            DVD+R
It Happened To Crusoe                                                       1941
The Tangled Angler                                                          1941
Under the Shedding Chestnut Tree                                            1942
Dog Meets Dog                                                               1942
Wolf Chases Pigs                                                            1942
The Wild and Woozy West                                                     1942
A Battle for a Bottle                                                       1942
The Bulldog and the Baby                                                    1942
Old Blackout Joe                                                            1942
The Dumbconscious Mind                                                      1942
Malice in Slumberland                                                       1942
The Vitamin G Man                                                           1943
Mass Mouse Meeting                                                          1943
The Fly in the Ointment                                                     1943

CARTOON COMPILATION #1                                   120 min.   Color          DVD+R
Tom and Jerry
Saturday Evening Puss                                                       1950
His Mouse Friday                                          UNCUT             1951
The Framed Cat                                                              1950
The Fox and Crow
Tree For Two                                                                1943
Room and Bored                                                              1943
Kuku Nuts                                                                   1945
Foxy Flatfoots                                                              1946
Tooth or Consequences                                                       1947
Big House Blues                                                             1947
Color Rhapsody
Boston Beanie                                                               1947
Woody Woodpecker
Ration Bored                                                                1943
Chew-Chew Baby                                                              1945
Pantry Panic                                                                1941
Fair Weather Friends                                                        1946
The Dippy Diplomat                                                          1945
Andy Panda
Mouse Trappers [edited]                                                     1941
Dizzy Kitty                                                                 1941
Chilly Willy
Room and Wrath                                                              1956

CARTOON COMPILATION #2                                    97 min.   Color          DVD+R
Buzzy the Crow
The Stupidstitious Cat                                                      1947
Cat-Choo                                                                    1951
As the Crow Lies                                                            1951
Sock-A-Bye Kitty                                                            1950
No Ifs, Ands or Butts                                                       1954
Herman and Katnip
Naughty But Mice                                                            1947
Mice Meeting You                                                            1950

                            ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 7 of 112 PAGES
Scrappily Married                                                                           1945
Mice-Capades                                                                                1952
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Boo Moon                                                                                    1954
Crazy Town                                                                                  1954
The Friendly Ghost                                                                          1945
Baby Huey
Quack-A-Doodle-Doo                                                                          1950
Woody Woodpecker
Convict Concerto                                                                            1954

CARTOON COMPILATION #3                                                85 min.    Color             DVD+R
What Makes Daffy Duck                                                                       1948
The Up-Standing Sitter                                                                      1948
Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas                                                               1938
Conrad the Sailor (Daffy Duck)                                                              1942
Sufferin' Cats! (Tom and Jerry)                                                             1943
Slicked-Up Pup (Tom and Jerry)                                                              1951
Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life (Tom and Jerry)                                               1965
Rock-A-Bye Bear (Tex Avery)                                                                 1952
Trap Happy Porky                                                                            1945
A Mouse In the House (Tom and Jerry) [apparently original version ]   UNCUT                 1947
The Foxy Duckling                                                                           1947
Hillbilly Hare (Bugs Bunny)                                           UNCUT                 1950

CARTOON COMPILATION #4                                                87 min.     both             DVD+R
Fool Coverage (Daffy Duck and Porky Pig)
Uncle Tom's Bungalow
The Isle of Pingo Pongo                                                                     1938
Hare Ribbin' [director's cut]
Convict Concerto (Woody Woodpecker)
Porky Pig's Feat (Porky and Daffy)                                                B&W
The Pincushion Man (Ub Iwerks)
Coco the Trapper [GB Animation Limited]
Super-Rabbit                                                                                1943
Don't Axe Me (Daffy Duck)                                                                   1958
Buccaneer Bunny                                                                             1948
The Windblown Hare                                                                          1949

CARTOON COMPILATION #5 (All Warners)                                  86 min.    Color             DVD+R
The Bee-Deviled Bruin                                                                       1949
Half-Fare Hare                                                                              1956
I Taw A Putty Tat                                                                           1948
Nasty Quacks
Knighty Knight Bugs
Leghorn Swoggled
Porky & Daffy                                                                   Colorized
Hare-Way To the Stars
Lighter Than Hare
The Hasty Hare
Jumpin' Jupiter (Porky and Sylvester)
Rocket Squad (Porky and Daffy)

CARTOON COMPILATION #6 (All Warners)                                  87 min.    Color             DVD+R
Mad As A Mars Hare
Dog Tired

                                    ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 8 of 112 PAGES
Rabbitson Crusoe
Easter Yeggs
Daffy Doodles
Fowl Weather
Bugsy and Mugsy
Don't Give Up the Sheep
Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24th & 1/2 Century                                  1980
False Hare
Mighty Hunters (Canyon Kiddies)
No Barking

CARTOON COMPILATION #7 (All Warners)                             83 min.    Color             DVD+R
A Witch's Tangled Hare
Feline Frame-Up
A Ham In A Role
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk
Chow Hound
Acrobatty Bunny
Back Alley Oproar
Cracked Quack
D'Fightin' Ones
Elmer's Pet Rabbit
The Henpecked Duck                                                         Colorized
Cat Feud

CARTOON COMPILATION #8 (All Warners, again)                                 Color             DVD+R
Touche' and Go
Tweety's Circus
Homeless Hare
Little Red Rodent Hood
Boyhood Daze
Barbary-Coast Bunny
Hollywood Daffy
Home, Tweet Home
Kiddin' the Kitten
Daffy Duck Slept Here
The Brave Little Bat
Claws For Alarm
Hyde and Go Tweet
A-Haunting We Will Go
Birth of a Notion
Hare Conditioned

CARTOON COMPILATION #9 (includes 2 Cartoon Alley episodes)       81 min.    Color      both   DVD+R
Magical Maestro [Tex Avery]
Little Black Sambo [Ub Iwerks]
Ha! Ha! Ha! (Betty Boop and Koko)                                            B&W
Creature Comforts [Nick Park]                                                          1989
Honeymoon Hotel
Beauty and the Beast
I Haven't Got A Hat
Cleaning House (Captain and the Kids)                                        B&W       1938
Petunia Natural Park (Captain and the Kids)                                            1939
Mama's New Hat (Captain and the Kids)                                        B&W       1939

CARTOON COMPILATION #10                                                     Color             DVD+R

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 9 of 112 PAGES
Mutiny on the Bunny
Naughty But Mice
Riff Raffy Daffy
Of Rice and Hen
Pre-Hysterical Hare                                                                 1958
Ready, Woolen, and Able
The Stupor Salesman
Spaced Out Bunny
Beanstalk Bunny
Oily Hare
Wackiki Rabbit
Hare-Breadth Hurry (Bugs Bunny)
Hook, Line, and Stinker (Road Runner)
Bewitched Bunny
Chariots of Fur (Road Runner)

CARTOON COMPILATION #11                                         85 min.     both             DVD+R
Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue (Popeye)                                         B&W
The Abominable Snow Rabbit
Operation: Rabbit
Hot Cross Bunny
Confederate Honey                                                                   1940
Henpecked Hoboes [Tex Avery]                                                        1946
Uncle Tom's Cabana [Tex Avery]                                                      1947
Aviation Vacation                                                                   1941
Lucky Ducky [Tex Avery]                                                             1948
Stupor Duck                                                                         1956
The Ducktators                                                              B&W     1942
Flintstones Winston Cigarette Commercial                                    B&W     1961
Symbolics - Breaking the Ice (CG)                                                   1987

HOW THE BEST WAS WON: 1933-1960 (Disney)                        85 min.     both             DVD+R
Building A Building (Mickey Mouse)                                          B&W     1933
Funny Little Bunnies                                                                1939
Three Orphan Kittens                                                                1935
Ferdinand the Bull                                                                  1938
Goliath II                                                                          1959
bonus material, from "MICKEY MOUSE" Kid Pics home video
Minnie's Yoo Hoo (Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song)                             B&W     1930
Alice Solves the Puzzle                                                     B&W     1925
Alice's Tin Pony [silent with apparently random music]                      B&W     1925
bonus downloaded cartoon
Alice and the Dog Catcher [silent with foreign titles]           (silent)   B&W     1924

ANIMATION LEGEND WINSOR McCAY                                   100 min.    both
Little Nemo                                                                         1911
How A Mosquito Operates                                                             1912
Gertie the Dinosaur                                                                 1914
The Sinking of the Lusitania                                                        1918
The Centaurs                                                                       1918-21
Gertie On Tour                                                                     1918-21
Flip's Circus                                                                      1918-21
Bug Vaudeville                                                                      1921
The Pet                                                                             1921
The Flying House                                                                    1921
The Flying House (excerpt)                                                          1921

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 10 of 112 PAGES
Tantalizing Fly (Koko the Clown and Max)                                  B&W     1919
Bubbles (Koko and Max)                                                    B&W     1922
Betty Boop's Ker-Choo                                                     B&W     1932
More Pep (Betty Boop)                                                     B&W     1936
Song of the Birds                                                         Color   1949
Little Swee' Pea (Popeye)                                                 B&W     1935
Grampy's Indoor Outing (Betty Boop)                                       B&W     1936
Small Fry                                                                 Color   1939
Ants In the Plants                                                        Color   1940
It's A Hap Hap Happy Day (Gabby)                                          Color   1941
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (Popeye)                                   Color   1939

THE GREAT ANIMATION STUDIOS: FAMOUS STUDIOS (Winstar)          100 min.   Color
Bargain Counter Attack (Little Lulu)                                              1946
Quack A Doodle Doo (Baby Huey)                                                    1950
A Self-Made Mongrel (Dog Face)                                                    1945
Base Brawl (Bouncing Ball Movie sing-along)                                       1948
Out To Punch (Popeye)                                                             1956
Seapreme Court (Little Audrey)                                                    1954
Golden State (Bouncing Ball Movie sing-along)                                     1948
A Haunting We Will Go (Casper the Friendly Ghost)                                 1949
Suddenly It's Spring (Raggedy Ann)                                                1944
Scout With the Gout (Little Lulu)                                                 1947
The Mild West (Bouncing Ball Movie sing-along)                                    1947
Scrappily Married (Herman)                                                        1945

CARTOON CRAZYS: KIDS ALLTIME FAVORITES (Winstar)               110 min.   both
Wackiki Rabbit (Bugs Bunny)                                                       1943
Bars and Stripes Forever                                                          1939
Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur                                                       1939
Two For the Zoo (Gabby)                                                           1941
The Dover Boys                                                                    1942
Bold King Cole (Felix the Cat)                                                    1936
Case of the Missing Hare (Bugs Bunny)                                             1942
Pigs In A Polka                                                                   1943
Boo Moon (Casper)                                                                 1954
Barnyard Showdown (Foghorn Leghorn, etc) aka "Crowing Pains"                      1947
Sport Chumpions (WB, Friz Freleng)                                                1941
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves                            1937

Fiddlesticks                                                                      1930
The Soup Song                                                                     1931
The Little Red Hen                                                                1934
The Village Smitty                                                                1931
Mary's Little Lamb                                                                1935
The Village Barber                                                                1930
Old Mother Hubbard                                                                1935
Humpty Dumpty                                                                     1935
The Brementown Musicians                                                          1935
Summertime                                                                        1935
The Music Lesson                                                                  1932
Puddle Pranks                                                                     1930
The Good Scout                                                                    1934

                                 ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 11 of 112 PAGES
Happy Days                                                                       1936
The Air Race                                                                     1933
Tom Thumb                                                                        1936
Insultin' the Sultan                                                             1934
Sinbad the Sailor                                                                1935
Rasslin' Round                                                                   1934
Ali Baba                                                                         1936
Viva Willie                                                                      1934
Don Quixote                                                                      1934
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp                                                   1934
Jack and the Beanstalk                                                           1933
The Brave Tin Soldier                                                            1934
Puss In Boots                                                                    1934
Little Boy Blue                                                                  1936
The Queen of Hearts                                                              1934
Simple Simon                                                                     1935
The Valiant Tailor                                                               1934
The Three Bears                                                                  1935
Dick Whittington's Cat                                                           1936

Nurse Maid                                                                       1932
Room Runners                                                                     1932
The Office Boy                                                                   1932
The Milkman                                                                      1932
The New Car                                                                      1931
Ragtime Romeo                                                                    1931
What A Life                                                                      1932
The Bully                                                                        1932
Funny Face                                                                       1932
Movie Mad                                                                        1931
The Cuckoo Murder Case                                                           1930
Stratos Fear                                                                     1933
Jack Frost                                                                       1934
Chinaman's Chance                                                                1933
Masquerade Holiday (aka Hell's Fire)                                             1934
Techno-Cracked                                                                   1933
Soda Squirt                                                                      1933
The Headless Horseman                                                            1934
Spooks                                                                           1931
Balloon Land                                                                     1935
Laughing Gas                                                                     1931
Circus                                                                           1932
Stormy Seas                                                                      1932
Coo Coo the Magician                                                             1933
School Days                                                                      1932
The Goal Rush                                                                    1932

Molly Moo-Cow and the Butterflies                                                1935
Bold King Cole (Felix the Cat)                                                   1936
It's A Greek Life                                                                1936
Molly Moo-Cow and the Indians                                                    1935
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (Felix the Cat)                               1936
Toonervile Trolley                                                               1936
Cupid Gets His Man                                                               1936

                                 ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 12 of 112 PAGES
Molly Moo-Cow and Robinson Crusoe                                                   1936
A Waif's Welcome                                                                    1936
Trolley Ahoy                                                                        1936
Opening Night (Cubby the Bear)                                                      1933
In A Cartoon Studio [aka 'Makin' 'Em Move"]                                         1931
The Tuba Tooter                                                                     1932
Candy Town                                                                          1932
The Sunshine Makers                                                                 1935
Piano Tooners                                                                       1932
Molly Moo-Cow and Rip Van Winkle                                                    1935
Wot A Night                                                                         1931
Neptune Nonsense (Felix the Cat)                                                    1936
Christmas Night [aka "Pals"]                                                        1933
Toonerville Picnic                                                                  1936

THE COMPLETE UNCENSORED PRIVATE SNAFU                            130 min.   B&W
Coming! SNAFU!                                                                     Jun-43
Gripes                                                                             Jul-43
Spies                                                                              Aug-43
The Goldbrick                                                                      Sep-43
The Infantry Blues                                                                 Sep-43
Fighting Tools                                                                     Oct-43
The Home Front                                                                     Nov-43
Rumors                                                                             Sep-43
Booby Traps                                                                        Jan-44
SNAFUperman                                                                        Mar-44
SNAFU vs. Malaria Mike                                                             Mar-44
A Lecture On Camoflage                                                             Apr-44
Gas                                                                                May-44
Going Home                                                                         May-44
The Chow Hound                                                                     Jun-44
Censored                                                                           Jul-44
Outpost                                                                            Aug-44
Payday                                                                             Sep-44
Target SNAFU                                                                       Oct-44
Three Brothers                                                                     Dec-44
In the Aleutions                                                                   Feb-45
A Few Quick Facts: Fear                                                            Apr-45
It's Murder She Says…                                                              May-45
Hot Spot                                                                           Jul-45
Operation SNAFU                                                                    Jul-45
No Buddy Atoll                                                                     Oct-45
Private SNAFU Presents Seaman TARFU                                                Jan-46

BEANY AND CECIL THE SPECIAL EDITION                              220 min.   both   1936-75
Beany and Cecil                                                                     1962
Beany Meets the Monstrous Monster
D.J. and Beany bumper
So What and the Seven Whatnots
Beany and the Boo Birds
Cecil-Stein bumper
Wildman of Wildsville
The Spots Off a Leopard
Go Man and Cecil bumper

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 13 of 112 PAGES
Cecil Meets the Singing Dinasor
D.J. and Go Man bumper
The Mad Isle of Manhattan
Cecil and Go Man bumper
Dirty Pool
Coming Attractions
D.J. the D.J.
There's No Such Thing as a Sea Serpent
Cartoon Closing Credits
Matty's Funnies Opening
Matty's Funnies bumper                                                     B&W
Main Title Reference Footage                                               B&W
Bob Clampett: The Lost Work
"John Carter of Mars" test footage                                                   1936
Early Stop Motion                                                                    1938
St. George and the Dragon                                                            1948
Time For Beany (3-D Feature tests)                                                   1952
Rocket To Riches                                                                     1955
Twig - Dino, Dino                                                                    1957
Twig - Twig                                                                          1957
Twig - We're Never Afraid                                                            1957
Twig - We've Had a Good Day                                                          1957
Twig - Outtake                                                                       1957
Beeper and his Guided Muscle                                                         1959
The Edgar Bergen Show                                                                1961
Tex and Judy                                                                         1962
Three Dimensional Man                                                                1975

TOM AND JERRY'S GREATEST CHASES                                 101 min.   Color
Yankee Doodle Mouse                                                                  1943
Solid Serenade                                                                       1946
Tea For Two                                                                          1945
Mouse In Manhattan                                                                   1945
Zoot Cat                                                                             1944
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse                                                             1947
The Cat Concerto                                                                     1946
The Little Orphan                                               EDITTED              1948
Salt Water Tabby                                                                     1947
Kitty Foiled                                                                         1948
Johann Mouse                                                                         1952
Jerry's Diary                                                                        1949
Jerry and the Lion                                                                   1950
Mice Follies                                                                         1954
"The Worry Song" (from ANCHORS AWEIGH)                                               1945

CARTOON CRACK-UPS (Hanna-Barbera)                               124 min.   Color   1950s-60s
The Swimming Pool (The Flintstones pilot)
A Date With Jet Screamer (The Jetsons)
Jeepers It's the Creeper (Scooby-Doo Where Are You?)
Spud Dud (Huckleberry Hound)
Bear-Faced Disguise (Yogi Bear)
Heavens To Jinksy (Pixie and Dixie)
Maharajah of Pookajee (Top Cat)

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (60th Anniversary) bonus cartoons:                      Color
King For A Day (Gabby)                                                               1940

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 14 of 112 PAGES
Swing Cleaning (Gabby)                                                          1941

Superman (pilot film)                                                         9/26/1941
The Mechanical Monsters                                                       ########
Billion Dollar Limited                                                         1/9/1942
The Arctic Giant                                                              2/27/1942
the Bulleteers                                                                3/27/1942
The Magnetic Telescope                                                        4/24/1942
Electric Earthquake                                                           5/15/1942
Volcano                                                                       7/10/1942
Terror on the Midway                                                          8/28/1942
Japoteurs                                                                     9/18/1942
Showdown                                                                      ########
Eleventh Hour                                                                 ########
Destruction Inc.                                                              ########
The Mummy Strikes                                                             2/19/1943
Jungle Drums                                                                  3/26/1943
The Underground World                                                         6/18/1943
Secret Agent                                                                  7/30/1943

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK (30th Anniversary Edition)                283 min.   Color    1970's

DISNEY TREASURES: SILLY SYMPHONIES                         305 min.   both    1928-39
Mother Goose Melodies                                                 B&W
Babes in the Woods
Lullaby Land
The Tortoise and the Hare
The Flying Mouse
The Robber Kitten
The Golden Touch
The Country Cousin
Elmer Elephant
The Grasshopper and the Ants
Who Killed Cock Robin?                                     (hidden)
Water Babies                                               (hidden)
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Three Little Pigs
The Big Bad Wolf
Three Little Wolves
The Wise Little Hen
Toby Tortoise Returns
Practical Pig                                              (hidden)
The Skeleton Dance                                                    B&W
The China Plate                                                       B&W
Egyptian Melodies                                                     B&W
Flowers and Trees
The Cookie Carnival
Music Land
Woodland Café
Farmyard Symphony                                          (hidden)
Birds of a Feather                                                    B&W
The Busy Beavers                                                      B&W
Just Dogs                                                             B&W
Father Noah's Ark
Funny Little Bunnies

                             ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 15 of 112 PAGES
Peculiar Penguins
Mother Pluto
The Old Mill
The Ugly Duckling                                                   B&W     1931
The Ugly Duckling                                                           1939

Steamboat Willie
The Gallopin' Gaucho
Plane Crazy
The Karnival Kid
Mickey's Follies
The Fire Fighters
The Chain Gang
The Gorilla Mystery
Pioneer Days
The Birthday Party
Mickey Steps Out
Blue Rhythm
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey's Orphans
The Duck Hunt
Mickey's Revue
Mickey's Nightmare
The Whoopee Party
Touchdown Mickey
The Klondike Kid
Buiding A Building
The Mad Doctor
Ye Olden Days
The Mail Pilot
The Mail Pilot [pencil test]
Mickey's Gala Premiere
Puppy Love
The Pet Store
Camping Out
Gulliver Mickey
Orphan's Benefit
The Dognapper
Two-Gun Mickey
Mickey's Service Station

The Barn Dance                                                              1928
The Opry House                                                              1929
When the Cat's Away
The Barnyard Battle
The Plow Boy
Mickey's Choo Choo
The Jazz Fool
Jungle Rhythm
Wild Waves
The Haunted House
Just Mickey                                                                 1930
The Barnyard Concert

                           ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 16 of 112 PAGES
The Cactus Kid
The Shindig
The Picnic
Traffic Troubles                                                             1931
The Castaway
Fishin' Around
The Barnyard Broadcast
The Beach Party
The Moose Hunt
The Delivery Boy
The Mad Dog                                                                  1932
Barnyard Olympics
Musical Farmer
Trader Mickey
The Wayward Canary
The Grocery Boy
Mickey In Arabia
Mickey's Good Deed
Mickey's Pal Pluto                                                           1933
Mickey's Mechanical Man
Mickey's Mellerdrammer
The Steeplechase
Playful Pluto                                                                1934
Mickey's Steam-Roller
Mickey Plays Papa
Mickey's Man Friday                                                          1935
Mickey's Kangaroo

DISNEY TREASURES: MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR           217 min.   Color   1935-38
The Band Concert                                                             1935
Mickey's Garden                                                              1935
On Ice                                                                       1935
On Ice [pencil test]                                                         1935
Pluto's Judgement Day                                                        1935
Pluto's Judgement Day [pencil test]                                          1935
Mickey's Fire Brigade                                                        1935
Mickey's Fire Brigade [pencil test]                                          1935
Thru the Mirror                                                              1936
Mickey's Circus                                                              1936
Mickey's Elephant                                                            1936
Mickey's Grand Opera                                                         1936
Mickey's Polo Team                                                           1936
Alpine Climbers                                                              1936
Moving Day                                                                   1936
Mickey's Rival                                                               1936
Orphan's Picnic                                                              1936
Hawaiian Holiday                                                             1937
Moose Hunters                                                                1937
The Worm Turns                                                               1937
Magician Mickey                                                              1937
Mickey's Amateurs                                                            1937
Clock Cleaners                                                               1937
Lonesome Ghosts                                                              1937
Mickey's Parrot                                                              1938
Boat Builders                                                                1938

                           ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 17 of 112 PAGES
The Whalers                                                                      1938
Mickey's Trailer                                                                 1938
Brave Little Tailor                                                              1938

DISNEY TREASURES: MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR VOL. 2        345 min.   Color   1939-95
Society Dog Show                                                                 1939
The Pointer
Tugboat Mickey                                                                   1940
Pluto's Dream House
Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
The Little Whirlwind                                                             1941
The Nifty Nineties
Orphans Benefit
Mickey's Birthday Party                                                          1942
Symphony Hour
Mickey's Delayed Date                                                            1947
Mickey Down Under                                                                1948
Mickey and the Seal
Plutopia                                                                         1951
R'Coon Dawg
Pluto's Party                                                                    1952
Pluto's Christmas Tree
The Simple Things                                                                1953
The Sorcerer's Apprentice [from FANTASIA]                                        1940
Deleted Animation from The Sorcerer's Apprentice                                 1940
Mickey and the Beanstalk                                                         1947
Mickey's Christmas Carol                                                         1983
The Prince and the Pauper                                                        1990
Runaway Brain                                                                    1995

THE BLACK CAULDRON (bonus cartoon)                                      Color
Trick or Treat (Donald Duck)

MELODY TIME (bonus cartoons)                                            Color
Casey Bats Again
Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Donald Applecore

MAKE MINE MUSIC (bonus cartoons)                                        Color
The Band Concert
Farmyard Symphony
Music Land

THE SWORD IN THE STONE (bonus cartoons)                                 Color
Knight For A Day (Goofy)
Brave Little Tailor (Mickey Mouse)

POPEYE & FRIENDS VOLUME 1 (Diamond Entertainment)            120 min.   Color
Fright to the Finish                                                             1954
Out to Punch                                                                     1956
Taxi Turvy                                                                       1954
A Haul in One                                                                    1956
Greek Mirthology                                                                 1954
Cookin' With Gags                                                                1955
I Don't Scare                                                                    1956
Spooky Swabs                                                                     1957

                               ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 18 of 112 PAGES
Ancient Fistory                                                                       1953
Floor Flusher                                                                         1954
Farm Foolery (Famous Screen Song Sing-A-Long)                                         1949
Abusement Park                                                                        1947
Nearlyweds                                                                            1957
The Crystal Brawl                                                                     1957
The Talking Magpies
Greedy Humpty Dumpty
Simple Simon
Small Fry

POPEYE & FRIENDS VOLUME 2 (Diamond Entertainment)                120 min.   Color
Patriotic Popeye                                                                      1957
Private Eye Popeye                                                                    1954
Parlez Vous Woo                                                                       1956
Spree Lunch                                                                           1957
Sinbad the Sailor (Ub Iwerks)
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor                                  Color     1936
Little Swee' Pea                                                            B&W       1935
Toys Will Be Toys (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)                              1949
The Big Flame Up (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)                               1949
The Mild West (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)                                  1947
Farm Frolics (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)
Lastest Gun in the West (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)
Mummies Boys (Three Stooges)                                                          1965
No! No! A Thousand Times No!! (Three Stooges)                                         1965

SLEEPING BEAUTY & FRIENDS (Diamond Entertainment)                120 min.   Color
Sleeping Beauty (Mel-o-Toon)
Hansel and Gretel (Mel-o-Toon)
The Red Shoes (Mel-o-Toon)
The Enchanted Horse (Mel-o-Toon)
El Torito (Mel-o-Toon)
The Wizard of Oz
Spinning Mice                                                                         1935
The Hunting Season [Molly Moo-Cow]                                                    1935
Parrotville Old Folks                                                                 1935
The Lost Dream (Little Audrey)                                                        1949
The Seapreme Court (Little Audrey)                                                    1954
Tarts and Flowers (Little Audrey)                                                     1950
Goofy Goofy Gander (Little Audrey)
Butterscotch and Soda (Little Audrey)                                                 1948
Song of the Birds (Little Audrey)                                                     1949
Santa's Surprise (Famous Studios)
Mr. Piper and the Story of Ali Baba
Mr. Piper and the Story of the Magic Horn

POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN (Delta)                                    95 min.    both
All titles apparently AAP TV prints?
Little Swee' Pea                                                            B&W     9/25/1936
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor                                  B&W     ########
I'm In the Army Now                                                         B&W     ########
The Paneless Window Washer                                                  B&W     1/22/1937
I Never Changes My Altitude                                                 B&W     8/20/1937

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 19 of 112 PAGES
Popeye Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves                                         Color   ########
A Date to Skate                                                               B&W     ########
Customers Wanted                                                              B&W     1/27/1939
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp                                                Color    4/7/1939

POPEYE AND OTHER CARTOON TREASURES (Treasure Box)                   90 min.   Color
Gopher Spinach                                                                          1954
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Mad Scientist (Superman)
Mechanical Monsters (Superman)
Billion Dollar Limited (Superman)
Arctic Giant (Superman)
The Bulleteers (Superman)
Magnetic Telescope (Superman)
Pantry Panic (Woody Woodpecker)

WOODY WOODPECKER (Treasure Box Collection)                          90 min.   Color
Pantry Panic (Woody Woodpecker)
Teacher's Pest (Noveltoon featuring Junior)                                             1950
The Land of the Lost (Famous)                                                           1948
Swing Cleaning (Gabby)                                                                  1940
A Haul In One (Popeye)                                                                  1956
Insect to Injury (Popeye)                                                               1956
Nearlyweds (Popeye)                                                                     1957
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor                                    Color     1936
Bold King Cole (Felix the Cat)                                                          1936
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (Felix the Cat)                                      1936

TOM AND JERRY (Genius Entertainment) [Van Buren Studios]            xx min.   B&W
Piano Tooners
Fireman's Life
In the Bag
Pencil Mania
Swiss Trick
Plane Dumb
Pots and Pans
Spanish Twist

FELIX THE CAT (Genius Entertainment) [silent except where noted ]   xx min.   B&W
Two-Lip Time                                                                            1926
All Puzzled                                                                             1924
April Maze                                                          (sound)             1930
Felix Doubles For Darwin                                                                1924
Felix Finds Out                                                                         1924
Felix Gets the Can                                                                      1924
Felix Goes West                                                                         1924
Felix In Hollywood                                                                      1923

FELIX THE CAT and other cartoon treasures [Treasure Box]            83 min.   both
Arabiantics                                                         (sound)   B&W       1928
April Maze                                                          (sound)   B&W       1930
False Vases                                                         (sound)   B&W       1929
Forty Winks                                                         (sound)   B&W       1930
Oceantics                                                           (sound)   B&W       1930
Neptune Nonsense                                                                        1936

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 20 of 112 PAGES
Bold King Cole                                                                     1936
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg [no titles]                                     1936
Tom Thumb (Ub Iwerks)
Ali Baba (Ub Iwerks)

GUMBY [Genius Entertainment]                                     xx min.   Color
Gumby Concerto
Gold Rush Gumby
Mysterious Fires
Gumby Opening Theme
Robot Rumpus
Stuck On Books
Too Loo
Tricky Train

GUMBY'S GREATEST ADVENTURES [Good Times]                         55 min.   Color
Toying Around
Sad King Ott's Daughter
The Blockheads
Gumby Crosses the Delaware
Gumby Concerto
The Glob
Gold Rush Gumby
Baker's Tour
The Black Knight
Gumby Racer

CHRISTMAS WITH GUMBY [GoodTimes]                                 31 min.   Color
(Four episodes from original show)

BETTY BOOP [Genius Entertainment]                                xx min.   Color
Note: Betty Boop cartoons are color and apparently redrawn
Betty Boop with Henry the Funniest Living American                       REDRAWN   1935
Betty Boop and the Little King                                           REDRAWN   1936
No! No! A Thousand Times No                                              REDRAWN   1935
Making Stars                                                             REDRAWN   1935
Is My Palm Read                                                  EDITTED REDRAWN   1933
Parrotville Old Folks                                                              1935
To Spring (Happy Harmonies)
A Day At the Zoo (Merrie Melodies)

BETTY BOOP VOL. 3 [Cartoon Classics (Genius Entertainment)]      xx min.   B&W
Ding Dong Doggie
Grampy's Indoor Outing
A Language All My Own
Little Nobody
A Little Soap and Water
Judge For A Day
Is My Palm Read (color turned off )                              EDITED
Happy You and Merry Me
House Cleaning Blues
The Impractical Joker

VAN BEUREN CLASSIC CARTOONS [Cartoon Classics (Genius Ent.)]     xx min.   both
Magic Mummy (Tom and Jerry)                                                B&W

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 21 of 112 PAGES
Making 'em Move (Aesop's Fables)                                               B&W
A Little Bird Told Me (A Tiny Tot Cartoon)                                     B&W
Molly Moo-Cow and Robinson Crusoe                                                      1936
Nursery Scandal                                                                B&W
The Merry Kittens                                                                      1935
Molly Moo-Cow and the Butterflies                                                      1935
Molly Moo-Cow and the Indians                                                          1935
Opening Night (Cubby the Bear)                                                 B&W

CLASSIC CARTOONS [Television Classics (Genius Entertainment)]        xx min.   both
Cheese Burglar (Herman the Mouse)                                                      1946
Hector's Hectic Life                                                                   1948
The Henpecked Rooster (Herman and Henry)                                               1944
Land of the Lost Jewels [Noveltoon]                                                    1950
The Lost Dream (Little Audrey)                                                         1949
Little Red School Mouse                                                                1949
Much Ado About Mutton (Blackie)                                                        1947
A Mutt in a Rut (Dog Face)                                                             1949
Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Noveltoon sing-a-long]                                       1945
Pleased To Eat You (The Hungry Lion) should be in color? TV print?             B&W     1950

CLASSIC CARTOONS VOL. 2 [Cartoon Classics (Genius)]                  xx min.   Color
Scrappily Married (Herman and Henry)                                                   1945
The Big Flame-Up (Screen Songs sing-a-long)                                            1949
Comin' Round the Mountain (Screen Songs sing-a-long)                                   1948
Swing Cleaning (Gabby) should be in color--TV print?                           B&W     1940
Ups an' Downs Derby (Lightening)                                                       1950
Yankee Doodle Donkey                                                                   1944
The Big Drip                                                                           1949
The Camptown Races                                                                     1948
Base Brawl (Screen Songs sing-a-long)                                                  1948

MEL-O-TOONS VOL. 1 [Television Classics (Genius Entertainment)]      xx min.   Color
Little Hawk
Ali Baba
Christopher Columbus
David & Goliath
Diana and the Golden Apples
The Enchanted Horse
Noah's Ark
Paul Bunyan
Robin Hood
Tom Sawyer

VOL. 4 - Popeye Meets Ali Baba's 40 Thieves                          xx min.   Color
I Don't Scare                                                                          1956
Nearlyweds                                                                             1957
Parlez Vous Woo                                                                        1956
Patriotic Popeye                                                                       1957
Popeye Meets Ali Baba's 40 Thieves
Popeye's 20th Anniversary                                                              1954
Spooky Swabs                                                                           1957
Spree Lunch                                                                            1957
VOL. 6 - Casper & Friends: Spooking About Africa                     62 min.   Color

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 22 of 112 PAGES
Casper the Friendly Ghost
A-Haunting We Will Go [Casper]                                                      1949
Spooking About Africa [Casper]
There's Good Boos Tonite [Casper]                                                   1948
Yankee Doodle Donkey                                                                1944
Ants in the Plants (Fleischer Color Classic)
Bunny Mooning (Fleischer Color Classic)
The Little Stranger (Flesicher Color Classic)
VOL. 7 - Felix the Cat & Friends: Neptune Nonsense              65 min.     both
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg [Felix the Cat]                                  1936
April Maze [Felix the Cat]
Neptune Nonense [Felix the Cat]                                                     1936
Chicken A La King (Fleischer Color Classic)
The Cobweb Hotel (Fleischer Color Classic)
The Fresh Vegetable Mystery (Fleischer Color Classic)
Greedy Humpty Dumpty (Fleischer Color Classic)
Farm Foolery (Famous "Screen Song" with song cut out)
The Sunshine Makers ("Borden presents")                                             1935
Picnic Panic                                                                        1935
VOL. 8 - Hunky & Spunky and Molly Moo Cow: Picnic Panic         66 min.    Color
Always Kickin' [Hunky & Spunky]
The Barnyard Brat [Hunky & Spunky]
Hunky and Spunky
A Kick In Time [Hunky & Spunky]
Snubbed by a Snob [Hunky & Spunky]
Molly Moo Cow & Robinson Crusoe                                                     1936
Molly Moo Cow & the Butterflies                                                     1935
Molly Moo Cow & the Indians                                                         1935
Picnic Panic                                                                        1935
VOL. 10 - Gabby and Friends: It's A Hap Hap Happy Day           xx min.    Color
All's Well [Gabby]                                                                  1941
Fire Cheese [Gabby]                                                                 1941
Gabby Goes Fishing                                                                  1941
It's A Hap Hap Happy Day [Gabby]                                                    1941
King For A Day [Gabby]                                                              1940
Parrotville Post Office                                                             1935
Parrotville Old Folks                                                               1935
Scotty Finds A Home                                                                 1935
Spinning Mice                                                                       1935
VOL. 11 - Betty Boop & Friends: Be Human                        67 min.     both
Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions
Be Human                                                                   B&W      1936
Betty Boop's Ker-Choo
More Pep
No! No! A Thousand Times No!
Betty Boop with Henry the Funniest Living American
Is My Palm Read (redrawn with color turned off!)                          REDRAWN
Somewhere In Dreamland (Fleischer Color Classic)
The Kids in the Shoe (Fleischer Color Classic)
VOL. 12 - The 3 Stooges and Friends: Safari So Good             71 min.    Color
Note: All 3 Stooges cartoons have the titles music replaced!
That Little Old Bomb Maker [The 3 Stooges]                                          1965
Woodsman Bear That Tree [The 3 Stooges]                                             1965
Dentist the Menace [The 3 Stooges]                                                  1965
Safari So Good [The 3 Stooges]                                                      1965

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 23 of 112 PAGES
Thimk or Thwim [The 3 Stooges]                                                       1965
There Auto Be A Law [The 3 Stooges]                                                  1965
A Car-Tune Portrait (Fleischer Color Classic)
Peeping Penguins (Fleischer Color Classic)
Play Safe (Felsicher Color Classic)
Hawaiian Birds (Fleischer Color Classic)
VOL. 14 - Bugs Bunny: Falling Hare                                 xx min.   Color
Falling Hare
Fresh Hare (uncut with original ending)                            UNCUT             1942
All This and Rabbit Stew                                                             1941
The Case of the Missing Hare                                                         1942
A Day at the Zoo
Robin Hood Makes Good
Pest Pupil [Baby Huey]                                                               1957
Ding Dog Daddy
VOL. 15 - Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur                              xx min.   Color
Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
Yankee Doodle Daffy
Daffy the Commando                                                                   1943
To Duck or Not to Duck
The Mite Makes Right (Noveltoon)                                                     1948
Foney Fables
Suddenly It's Spring [Raggedy Ann]                                                   1944
Have You Got Any Castles
VOL 16 - Donald Duck/Woody Woodpecker: Pantry Panic                xx min.   Color
Pantry Panic [Woody Woodpecker]
The Spirit of '43 [Donald Duck]
Bars and Stripes Forever
Inki and the Minah Bird
Suddenly It's Spring [Raggedy Ann]                                                   1944
Quack a Doodle Doo [Baby Huey]                                                       1950
Fox Pop
The Little Stranger (Flesicher Color Classic)
VOL. 17 - Little Lulu/Little Audrey: The Lost Dream                62 min.   both
The Lost Dream [Little Audrey]                                                       1949
Cad and Caddy [Little Lulu]
A Bout With A Trout [Little Lulu]
Chick and Double Chick [Little Lulu]
The Dog Show Off [Little Lulu] (Complete start and end titles)                       1947
The Seapreme Court [Little Audrey]                                                   1954
Prest-O Change-O (Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies)
Opening Night [Cubby the Bear] (Titles complete)                             B&W
Croon Crazy [Cubby the Bear]                                                 B&W
VOL. 18 - Mighty Mouse/Heckle and Jeckle: Wolf Wolf                xx min.   Color
Wolf Wolf [Mighty Mouse]
The Talking Magpies [Heckle and Jeckle]
Treasure Island (Mel-o-Toon)
The Trojan Horse (Mel-o-Toon)
Jungle Jitters                                                                       1938
A Mutt In A Rut [Dog Face]                                                           1949
A Waif's Welcome                                                                     1936
Billy Mouse Awkakade (Terrytoon)
Much Ado About Mutton [Blackie Sheep]                                                1947
Cheese Burglar [Herman the Mouse]                                                    1946
VOL. 19 - Porky Pig: Porky's Café                                  64 min.   both
Porky's Café                                                                 B&W

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 24 of 112 PAGES
Porky's Prize Pony                                                           B&W
Ali-Baba Bound                                                               B&W
Confusions of a Nutzy Spy                                                    B&W
Pigs In A Polka                                                              Color
Joe Glow the Firefly                                                         B&W
Notes To You                                                                 B&W
Gay Gaucho [Brownie Bear]                                                    B&W
The Booze Hangs High [Bosko]                                                 B&W
VOL. 20 - Gumby: Gumbasia                                        xx min.     Color
Concerto aka Gumby Concert
Mysterious Fires
Robot Rumbus
Too Loo
Ding Dog Daddy
Doggone Tired (Tex Avery)
Dancing On the Moon (Fleischer Color Classic)                                          1935
It's A Greek Life (Van Buren)                                                          1936
Jerky Turkey (Tex Avery)
VOL. 21 - Tweety / Elmer Fudd: A Corny Concerto                  60 min.     Color
A Corny Concerto
A Tale of Two Kitties
The Mite Makes Right (Noveltoon)                                                       1948
Little Lambkin (Fleischer Color Classic)
Old Mother Hubbard (Ub Iwerks)
Mary's Little Lamb (Ub Iwerks)
Gold Rush Daze (Warner Bros.)
The Sunshine Makers ("Presented by Borden's")                                          1935
VOL. 22 - Mutt and Jeff: Slick Sleuths                           xx min.      both
Slick Sleuths [Mutt and Jeff]                                              COLORIZED
Westward Whoa [Mutta and Jeff]                                               B&W
Robin Hood (Mel-o-Toon)
Christopher Columbus (Mel-o-Toon)
Cheese Burglar [Herman the Mouse]                                                      1946
Cupid Gets His Man (Van Buren)                                                         1936
The Big Bad Wolf (Ub Iwerks)
The Henpecked Rooster (Noveltoon)                                                      1944
The Three Bears (Ub Iwerks)
Tulips Shall Grow (Puppetoon)
VOL. 23 - Toonerville                                            63 min.     Color
Trolley Ahoy                                                                           1936
Toonerville Picnic                                                                     1936
Toonerville Trolley                                                                    1936
Merry Kittens                                                                          1935
Big Bad Wolf (Ub Iwerks)
Little Red School Mouse (Noveltoon)                                                    1949
Simple Simon (Ub Iwerks)
Sinbad the Sailor (Ub Iwerks)
Summertime (Ub Iwerks)
VOL. 24 - Sing-A-Longs                                           64 min.     Color
(Note: All cartoons are Famous Studios "Screen Songs")
Heap Hep Injuns                                                                        1950
The Funshine State                                                                     1949
Helter Swelter                                                                         1950
Jingle Jangle Jungle                                                                   1950
Little Brown Jug                                                                       1948

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 25 of 112 PAGES
The Big Drip                                                                    1949
The Emerald Isle                                                                1949
The Golden State                                                                1948
The Lone Star State                                                             1948
VOL. 25 - Betty Boop and Grampy                               65 min.   both
Betty Boop and Grampy                                                   B&W
Poor Cinderella                                                         Color
Baby Be Good                                                            B&W
Betty Boop and Little Jimmy                                             B&W
Betty Boop and the Little King                                          B&W
Candid Candidate                                                        B&W
Grampy's Indoor Outing                                                  B&W
House Cleaning Blues                                                    B&W
The Impractical Joker                                                   B&W
The Scared Crows                                                        B&W
#CC-127 - The Three Stooges: Goofy Gondoliers                 62 min.   Color
Goofy Gondoliers                                                                1965
The Bigger They Are The Harder They Hit                                         1965
A Flycycle Built For Two                                                        1965
Baby Sitters                                                                    1965
Droll Weevil                                                                    1965
Flat Heads                                                                      1965
Get That Snack Shack Off Track                                                  1965
The Story of Time (presented by Rolex)
#CC-128 - Felix the Cat: Woos Whoopee                         61 min.   B&W
Woos Whoopee
Forty Winks                                                   (sound)           1930
Arabiantics                                                   (sound)           1928
False Vases                                                   (sound)           1929
Futuritzy                                                     (sound)
Skulls and Sculls                                             (sound)           1930
Outdoor Indore                                                (sound)
#CC-129 - Raggedy Ann: Suddenly It's Spring                   61 min.   both
Suddenly It's Spring [Raggedy Ann]                                              1944
The Enchanted Square [Raggedy Ann]                                              1947
Freedom River (featuring Orson Welles)                                          1971
Old MacDonald Had a Farm [Noveltoon sing-a-long]                                1945
Naughty Buy Mice [Herman the Mouse]
Sport Chumpions (WB, Friz Freleng)
Big Man From the North [Bosko] (LT, Friz Freleng)                       B&W     1930
Ups an' Downs Derby [Lightening] (Famous)                                       1950
#CC-130 - Let's Sing With Popeye                              63 min.   both
Let's Sing With Popeye (Fleischer Popeye singalong)                     B&W
I Never Changes My Altitude [Fleischer Popeye]                          B&W     1937
Frozen Frolics (Van Buren Aesop's Fables)                               B&W     1930
Nursery Scandal (Van Buren)                                             B&W
The Four Musicians of Bremen (Walt Disney) silent w/ music              B&W     1922
When G.I. Johnny Comes Home (Famous Noveltoon sing-a-long)                      1945
Moonbird                                                                        1959
Campus Capers [Herman] (Famous) ending missing                                  1949
Naughty Buy Mice [Herman the Mouse]                                             1947
The King of Bugs [Van Buren Aesop's Fable]                              B&W     1930
#CC-131 - Molly Moo-Cow and Friends                           62 min.
The Hunting Season [Molly Moo-Cow]                                              1935
Molly Moo-Cow and Rip Van Winkle                                                1935
Sheep Shape [Blackie] (Famous)                                                  1946

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 26 of 112 PAGES
A Self-Made Mongrel [Dog-Face] (Famous)                                                  1945
No Mutton Fer Nuttin' [Blackie] (Famous)                                                 1944
Scrappily Married [Herman and Henry] (Famous)                                            1945
The Old Shell Game (Famous)                                                              1948
The Dover Boys (WB)
The Mild West (Screen Song bouncing ball sing-along)                                     1947
#CC-132 - Hunky and Spunky & Friends: You Can't Shoe A Shoefly        61 min.
You Can't Shoe A Horsefly [Hunky and Spunky]
Land of the Lost Jewels (Famous Noveltoon)                                               1950
Boy Meets Dog! (Walter Lantz)
The Goal Rush (Famous bouncing ball sing-a-long)                                         1946
Once Upon a Time There Was a Point (foreign cartoon)
The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy (UPA, featuring Hans Conreid)
The Tender Game
Freedom River (featuring Orson Welles)
#CC-133 - The Wizard of OZ and Friends (titles don't match cover )    61 min.    both
The Wizard of Oz (Japanese)                                                      Color
Ants in the Plants (Fleischer Color Classic)                                     Color
Bunny Mooning (Fleischer Color Classic)                                          Color
The Cobweb Hotel (Fleischer Color Classic)                                       Color
Fire Cheese [Gabby]                                                              Color   1941
Play Safe (Felsicher Color Classic)                                              Color
Pleased To Eat You (The Hungry Lion) should be in color? TV print?               B&W     1950
Boy Meets Dog! (Walter Lantz)                                                    Color
#CC-134 - Aesop's Fables                                              61 min.    both
A Close Call                                                                     B&W
A Dizzy Day [Sentinel Louey]                                                     B&W
A Toytown Tale                                                                   B&W     1930
The Animal Fair                                                                  B&W     1931
Circus Capers                                                                    B&W     1930
Cinderella Blues                                                                 B&W     1931
Yodeling Yokels [Bosko & Honey]                                                  B&W     1932
Leprechauns Gold (Famous Noveltoon)                                              Color   1949
#CC-135 - Bosko & Friends: Bosko Shipwrecked                          61 min.
Bosko Shipwrecked!                                                               B&W
Ain't Nature Grand!                                                              B&W     1931
Big Man From the North [Bosko] (LT, Friz Freleng)                                B&W     1930
Battling Bosko                                                                   B&W     1932
Bosko and Honey                                                                  B&W
Mr. Rossi at the Beach (European cartoon)                                        Color
Sudden Fried Chicken [Herman and Henry]                                          Color   1946
The Stupidstitious Cat [Buzzy the Crow]                                          Color   1946
Hep Cat Symphony (Famous Noveltoon)                                              Color   1949

LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION - VOLUME ONE                           411 min.   both
Baseball Bugs
Rabbit Seasoning
Long-Haired hare
High Diving Hare
Bully For Bugs
What's Up Doc?
Rabbit's Kin
Water, Water Every Hare
Big House Bunny
Big Top Bunny
My Bunny Lies Over the Sea

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 27 of 112 PAGES
Wabbit Twouble
Ballot Box Bunny
Rabbit of Seville
Duck Amuck
Dough For the Do-Do
Drip-Along Daffy
Scaredy Cat
The Ducksters
The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Yankee Doodle Daffy
Porky Chops
Wearing of the Grin
Deduce, You Say
Boobs In the Woods
Golden Yeggs
Rabbit Fire
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century
Elmer's Candid Camera
Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
Fast and Furry-ous
Hair-Raising Hare
The Awful Orphan
Haredevil Hare
For Scent-imental Reasons
Frigid Hare
The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
Baton Bunny
Feed the Kitty
Don't Give Up the Sheep
Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
Tortoise Wins By A Hare
Canary Row
Bunker Hill Bunny
Kit for Kat
Putty Tat Trouble
Bugs and Thugs
Canned Feud
Lumber Jerks
Speedy Gonzales
Tweety's S.O.S.
The Foghorn Leghorn
Daffy Duck Hunt
Early to Bet
Broken Leghorn
Devil May Hare
bonus animation material includes:
Blooper Bunny: Bugs Buny 51st Anniversary
Two Guys From Texas (movie excerpt featuring Bugs Bunny)                         1948
My Dream Is Yours (movie excerpt featuring Bugs Bunny)                           1949
The Bugs Bunny Show (reconstructed episode "A Star Is Bored")             both
Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Festival (theatrical trailer)
Bugs Bunny's Cartoon Jamboree (theatrical trailer)
Hair-Raising Hare [storyboard schematics]
The Hypo-Chondri-Cat [storyboard schematics]
Virgil Ross pencil test clips
Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid                                                    B&W    192?

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 28 of 112 PAGES
Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid [excerpt]                                                 B&W
Crying For the Carolines [excerpt?]                                              B&W
Lady, Play Your Mandolin                                             edited      B&W
WB Animators Gag Reel [excerpts]                                                 B&W
Any Bonds Today?                                                     edited             1942
Spies [Private Snafu]                                                            B&W
The Return of Mr. Hook [Seaman Hook]                                edited?      B&W
"Two Guys From Texas" Bugs Bunny segment
"My Dream Is Yours" Bugs Bunny segment
So Much For So Little
Orange Blossoms For Violet [excerpts]                              live-action   B&W
Drafty, Isn't It? [Ralph Phillips cartoon for military]
Bugs Bunny Tang Commercial (w/ Marvin the Maritan)                               B&W
"Philbert" Pilot [excerpts]                                                      B&W
Adventures of the Road Runner [rare scenes]

LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION - VOLUME TWO                        320 min.      both
The Big Snooze
Broomstick Bunny
Bugs Bunny Rides Again
Bunny Hugged
French Rarebit
Gorilla My Dreams
The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
Hare Conditioned
The Heckling Hare
Little Red Riding Rabbit
Tortoise Beats Hare
Rabbit Transit
Slick Hare
Baby Buggy Bunny
Hyde and Hare
Beep Beep
Going! Going! Gosh!
Zipping Along
Stop! Look! And Hasten!
Ready, Set, Zoom
Guided Muscle
Gee Whiz-z-z
There They Go-Go-Go
Scrambled Aches
Zoom and Bored
Whoa, Be Gone!
Cheese Chasers
The Dover Boys
Mouse Wreckers
A Bear For Punishment
Bad Ol' Putty Tat
All Abir-r-r-d
Room and Bird
Tweet Tweet Tweety
Gift Wrapped
Ain't She Tweet
A Bird in a Guilty Cage
Snow Business

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 29 of 112 PAGES
Tweetie Pie
Kitty Kornered
Baby Bottleneck
Old Glory
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Duck Soup to Nuts
Porky in Wackyland                                                                      B&W
Back Alley Oproar
Book Revue
A Corny Concerto
Have You Got Any Castles?
Hollywood Steps Out
I Love To Singa
Katnip College
The Hep Cat
The Three Little Bops
One Froggy Evening
Rhapsody Rabbit
Show Biz Bugs
Stage Door Cartoon
What's Opera, Doc
You Ought To Be In Pictures                                                             B&W
bonus animation material includes:
The Bugs Bunny Show (reconstructed episode "Do or Diet")                                 both
The Adventures of the Road Runner (complete TV Pilot)                        30 min.
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show (opening sequence)
The Porky Pig Show (opening sequence)
The Bugs and Tweety Show (opening sequence)
Daffy Duck For President                                                                            2004
Orange Blossoms For Violet [live action with animals]
So Much For So Little

ORIGINS OF AMERICAN ANIMATION (U.S. Library of Congress)                     ?? Min.    B&W, silent 1900-1921 DVD+R
AWOL: All Wrong Old Laddiebuck                                                                        1919
Bobby Bumps Starts A Lodge [based on Buster Brown]                                                    1916
The Centaurs (excerpts) [Winsor McCay]                                                                1921
The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy [Willis O'Brien]   stop-motion               1917
Dud Leaves Home [Us Fellers]                                                                          1919
The Enchanted Drawing [Edison live-action film]                                                       1900
The First Circus                                                                                      1921
Fun In A Bakery Shop [Edison lkive-action film]                                                       1902
Gertie On Tour (excerpts) [Winsor McCay]                                                              1921
He Resolves Not To Smoke [Dreamy Dud]                                                                 1915
Humorous Phases of Funny Faces [chalkboard animation]                                                 1906
Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse at the Circus                                                              1916
Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing                                                                               1916
Krazy Kat, Bugologist                                                                                 1916
Mary and Gretel                                                             stop-motion               1916
[Men's Styles] [Keeping Up With the Joneses]                                                          1915
Mr. Nobody Holme--He Buys A Jitney                                                                    1916
Never Again! The Story of a Speeder Cop                                                               1916
The Phable of a Busted Romance                                                                        1916
The Phable of the Phat Woman                                                                          1916
Policy and Pie [Katzenjammer Kids]                                                                    1918
W.S.S. Thriftettes [War Savings Stamps promotion]                                                     1918
[Women's Styles] [Keeping Up With the Joneses]                                                        1915

                                    ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 30 of 112 PAGES
50 CARTOON CLASSICS [Emson]                                      360 min.    both           DVD
material unique to this disc:
The Tuba Tooter [Tom & Jerry]                                                B&W
Redskin Blues [Tom & Jerry]                                                  B&W
Jolly Fish [Tom & Jerry]                                                     B&W
Barnyard Bunk [Tom & Jerry]                                                  B&W
Uncle Tom and Little Eva [Jungle Jinks]                                      B&W
The Hoffnung Vacuum Cleaner [Halas & Batchelor]                   1965       Color
Sultan Pepper [The Little King]                                              B&W
Red Riding Hood [Van Buren?]                                                 B&W

BEANY AND CECIL                                                 40 min ea.   Color   1962   DVD+R
Beany and Cecil--Volume 1
Spots Off A Leopard
Invasion of the Earth By Robots
Cecil Meets the Singing Dinasaur
Little Ace From Outer Space
The Wildman From Wildsville
Beany and Cecil--Volume 2
Davy Crickett
Strange Objects
The Capture of Tear-a-Long the Dotted Lion
A Trip to the Schmoon
Grime Doesn't Pay
Beany's Buffalo Hunt
Beany and Cecil--Volume 3
The 7th Voyage of Singood
Yo Ho Ho and a Bubble of Gum
Cecil Meets Cecilia
The Monstrous Monster
Tommy Hawk
The Capture of Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
Beany and Cecil--Volume 4
The Rat Race For Space
Beany and the Boo Birds
Beany and Cecil Meet Ping Pong
The Greatest Schmoe on Earth
Beany and Cecil Meet Billy the Squid
The Capture of the Three-Headed Threep
Beany and Cecil--Volume 5
Beany and the Jackstalk
The Humbug
Custard's Last Stand
Hero By Trade
The Illegal Eagle Egg
Cecil Gets Careless
Beany and Cecil--Volume 6
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
Never Eat Quackers In Bed
Dishonest John Meets Cowboy Starr
Beany's Cap Copter
The Indiscreet Squeet
The Phantom of the Horse Opera
Beany and Cecil--Volume 7

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 31 of 112 PAGES
20,000 Little Leaguers Under the Sea
Malice In Blunderland
Buffalo Billy
The Dirty Birdy
The Attack of the Man-Eater Skeeters
Davy Crickett's Leading Lady Bug
Beany and Cecil--Volume 8
Rin Tin Can
Vild Vild Vasteland
The Invisible Man Has Butterfingers
Here Comes the Schmoe Boat
Tain't Cricket, Cricket
Cecil Always Saves the Day
Beany and Cecil--Volume 9
Ain't I A Little Stinger
The Warring 20's
Beany and Cecil Meet the Invisible Man
Ain't That A Cork in the Snorkel
Makes A Sea Serpent Sore
So What and the Seven Whatnots
Beany and Cecil--Volume 10
Cecil's Comical Strip
Beany's Resid-jewels
Wot the Heck!
Dragon Train
Ten Feet Tall and Wet
Dirty Pool
Beany and Cecil--Volume 11
Thumb Fun
Living Doll
Beany Blows His Top
Beany Flips His Lid
The Fleastone Kop Kaper
Beany and Cecil--Volume 12
The Mad Isle of Madhattan
Harecules and the Golden Fleecing
The Hammy Awards
Cheery Cheery Beany (Beany's Bean and Peas Corps)
Nya Ha Ha
The Singin' Swingin' Sea Serpent
Beany and Cecil--Volume 13
There Goes A Good Squid
Ben Hare
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
Oil's Well That Ends Well
There's No Such Thing As a Sea Serpent
D.J. the D.J.

THE POPEYE SHOW                                              23 min ea.   both           DVD+R
episode #01
Can You Take It                                                           B&W     1934
Me Musical Nephews                                                        B&W     1942
Olive Oyl For President                                                   Color   1948
episode #02
Sock-A-Bye, Baby                                                          B&W     1934

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 32 of 112 PAGES
The Jeep                                                                    B&W     1938
Fightin Pals                                                                B&W     1940
episode #03
The Spinach Overture                                                        B&W     1935
It's the Natural Thing To Do                                                B&W     1939
Hill-Billing and Cooing                                                     Color   1956
episode #04
Goonland                                                                    B&W     1938
Wotta Nitemare                                                              B&W     1939
Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye an' Peep-eye                                     B&W     1942
episode #05
Cops Is Always Right                                                        B&W     1938
Hello How Am I                                                              B&W     1939
Robin Hood-winked                                                           Color   1948
episode #06
Shiver Me Timbers!                                                          B&W     1934
Alona On the Sarong Seas                                                    B&W     1942
Insect To Injury                                                            Color   1956
episode #07
The Man on the Flying Trapeze                                               B&W     1934
I Yam Love Sick                                                             B&W     1938
She-Sick Sailors                                                            Color   1945
episode #08
A Dream Walking                                                             B&W     1934
Organ Grinder's Swing                                                       B&W     1937
Cops Is Tops                                                                Color   1955
episode #09
The Hyp-Nut-Tist                                                            B&W     1935
Child Psykolojiky                                                           B&W     1941
Cartoons Ain't Human                                                        B&W     1943
episode #10
I Eats My Spinach                                                           B&W     1933
Little Swee'Pea                                                             B&W     1936
With Poopdeck Pappy                                                         B&W     1940
episode #11
Vim, Vigor, and Vitaliky                                                    B&W     1935
Happy Birthdaze                                                             B&W     1943
Abusement Park                                                              Color   1946
episode #12
Choose Your "Weppins"                                                       B&W     1935
Mutiny Ain't Nice                                                           B&W     1938
Kickin' the Conga Round                                                     B&W     1942
episode #13
Never Kick A Woman                                                          B&W     1936
Shakespearian Spinach                                                       B&W     1940
Popeye, the Ace of Space (originally 3-D )                                  Color   1953
episode #14
What--No Spinach?                                                           B&W     1936
Lost and Foundry                                                            B&W     1937
Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep                                            B&W     1940
episode #15
Strong to the Finich                                                        B&W     1934
Nurse-Mates                                                                 B&W     1940
Quiet! Pleeze                                                               B&W     1941
episode #16
Beware of Barnacle Bill                                                     B&W     1934

                                    ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 33 of 112 PAGES
Wimmin Is A Myskery                                                     B&W     1940
Olive's Boithday Presink                                                B&W     1941
episode #17
I Yam What I Yam                                                        B&W     1933
The Football Toucher Downer                                             B&W     1937
I'll Never Crow Again                                                   B&W     1941
episode #18
Hospitaliky                                                             B&W     1937
Me Feelins Is Hurt                                                      B&W     1940
The Mighty Navy                                                         B&W     1941
episode #19
"Blow Me Down!"                                                         B&W     1933
The Twisker Pitcher                                                     B&W     1937
Nix On Hypnotricks                                                      B&W     1941
episode #20
Hold the Wire                                                           B&W     1936
Ghosks Is the Bunk                                                      B&W     1939
Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix                                           B&W     1942
episode #21
Adventures of Popeye                                                    B&W     1935
Stealin' Ain't Nice                                                     B&W     1940
Many Tanks                                                              B&W     1942
episode #22
Let's You and Him Fight                                                 B&W     1934
Onion Pacific                                                           B&W     1940
Baby Wants A Bottleship                                                 B&W     1942
episode #23
Pleased To Meet Cha!                                                    B&W     1935
Let's Celebrake                                                         B&W     1937
A Hull of A Mess                                                        B&W     1942
episode #24
A Clean Shaven Man                                                      B&W     1936
Protek the Weakerist                                                    B&W     1937
Spinach Fer Britain                                                     B&W     1943
episode #25
Brotherly Love                                                          B&W     1936
Popeye Meets William Tell                                               B&W     1940
Too Weak To Work                                                        B&W     1943
episode #26
I Wanna Be A Life Guard                                                 B&W     1936
Puttin On the Act                                                       B&W     1940
Wood-Peckin'                                                            B&W     1943
episode #27
We Aim To Please                                                        B&W     1934
Learn Polikeness                                                        B&W     1938
Shape Ahoy                                                              Color   1943
episode #28
King of the Mardi Gras                                                  B&W     1935
Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle                                             B&W     1941
A Haul in One                                                           Color   1956
episode #29
Axe Me Another                                                          B&W     1934
Never Sock A Baby                                                       B&W     1939
Peep In the Deep                                                        Color   1946
episode #30                                                                            DVD-R
Morning, Noon, and Night Club                                           B&W     1937

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 34 of 112 PAGES
Flies Ain't Human                                                           B&W     1941
Parlez Vous Woo                                                             Color   1956
episode #31
Season's Greetinks                                                          B&W     1933   DVD-R
Doing Impossibikle Stunts                                                   B&W     1940
Wigwam Whoopee                                                              Color   1948
episode #32                                                                                DVD-R
Dizzy Divers                                                                B&W     1935
A Date to Skate                                                             B&W     1938
Assault and Flattery                                                        Color   1956
episode #33                                                                                DVD-R
The Two Alarm Fire                                                          B&W     1934
Females Is Fickle                                                           B&W     1940
A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing                                                  Color   1948
episode #34                                                                                DVD-R
The Dance Contest                                                           B&W     1934
Customers Wanted                                                            B&W     1939
Out To Punch                                                                Color   1956
episode #35                                                                                DVD-R
For Better or Worser                                                        B&W     1935
The House Builder-Upper                                                     B&W     1938
Symphony in Spinach                                                         Color   1948
episode #36                                                                                DVD-R
Ration fer the Duration                                                     B&W
A Job For A Gob                                                             Color
episode #37                                                                                DVD-R
episode #38                                                                                DVD-R
episode #39                                                                                DVD-R
episode #40                                                                                DVD-R
episode #41                                                                                DVD-R
episode #42                                                                                DVD-R
episode #43                                                                                DVD-R
episode #44                                                                                DVD-R
episode #45                                                                                DVD-R

FLEISCHER POPEYE CARTOONS (on disc with Popeye episode #30 )                B&W            DVD-R
Popeye the Sailor [with Betty Boop]                                                 1933
Be Kind to "Aminals"                                                                1935
I'm In the Army Now                                                                 1936
Let's Get Movin'                                                                    1936
My Artistical Temperature                                                           1937
My Pop, My Pop                                                                      1940
Problem Pappy                                                                       1941
Blunder Below                                                                       1942

THE BOB CLAMPETT SHOW                                          23 min ea.                  DVD+R
episode #01
Draftee Daffy
Falling Hare
The Timid Toreador [COLORIZED]                                                      1940
episode #02
A Corny Concerto
The Hep Cat                                                                         1942
Porky's Hero Agency [COLORIZED]                                                     1938
episode #03

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 35 of 112 PAGES
Baby Bottleneck
Buckaroo Bugs
A Tale of Two Kitties
episode #04
What's Cookin' Doc?                                         UNCUT
Porky's Picnic [COLORIZED]
The Wise Quacking Duck                                                        1943
episode #05
The Big Snooze
The Cagey Canary
Porky's Last Stand [COLORIZED]
episode #06
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Porky In Egypt [COLORIZED]
Porky In Wackyland
episode #07
Kitty Kornered
Rover's Rival [COLORIZED]
Wabbit Twouble
episode #08
Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
A Gruesome Twosome
Book Review
episode #09
Tick Tock Tuckered                                                    Color
Wacky Blackout                                                        B&W
episode #10
Hare Ribbin' [original version]                                       Color   1944
Porky and Daffy [COLORIZED]
Porky's Movie Mystery [COLORIZED]
episode #11
Birdy and the Beast                                                   Color   1944
Porky's Tire Trouble [COLORIZED]
The Lone Stranger and Porky                                           B&W
episode #12
Old Grey Hare
Wise Quacks [COLORIZED]
Porky's Naughty Nephew [COLORIZED]
episode #13
The Wacky Wabbit
What Price Porky [COLORIZED]
The Bashful Buzzard
episode #14
Tortoise Wins By a Hare
Porky's Poor Fish [COLORIZED]
The Film Fan                                                          B&W
episode #16
Horton Hatches the Egg                                                Color   1942
Naughty Neighbors [COLORIZED]                                                 1939
Patient Porky [COLORIZED]
episode #18
Russian Rhapsody                                                      Color
The Henpecked Duck [COLORIZED]
Porky's Poppa [COLORIZED]
episode #19

                              ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 36 of 112 PAGES
Wagon Heels                                                                  Color    1945
Farm Frolics                                                                 Color    1941
Porky's Pooch                                                                B&W      1941
episode #21
An Itch In Time                                                              Color
Porky's Hotel [COLORIZED]
Eatin' On the Cuff                                                           B&W      1942
episode #22
Prehistoric Porky [COLORIZED]                                                         1940
Meet John Doughboy [COLORIZED]
Chicken Jitters                                                              B&W      1939
episode #24
Bacall To Arms                                                               Color
Porky's Party [COLORIZED]
Get Rich Quick Porky [COLORIZED]                                                      1937
episode #25
Goofy Groceries                                                              Color    1941
Polar Pals [COLORIZED]                                                                1939
The Chewin' Bruin                                                            B&W      1940

CREATURE SILENT FEATURE (Silent with score )                     53 min.     B&W     1915-34   DVD+R
Prehistoric Poultry [Willis O'Brien]                                                  1916
R.F.D. 10,000 B.C. [Willis O'Brien]                                                   1916
The Dinosaur & The Missing Link [Willis O'Brien]                                      1915
Monsters of the Past (news reel)                                                        ?
The Lost World Trailer [Willis O'Brien]                                               1925
Lost World Merchandising Promo                                                        1925
Creation [Willis O'Brien]                                                             1931
The Mascot [Ladislas Starevitch]                                                      1934

SINBAD AND FRIENDS [Diamond Entertainment]                       127 min.    Color
cartoons unique to this disc:
An Elephant Never Forgets [Fleischer color classic]                                   1934
Time For Love [Fleischer color classic]                                               1935
The Tears of an Onion [Fleischer color classic]                                       1938

BABY HUEY AND FRIENDS [Diamond Entertainment]                    124 min.    both
cartoons unique to the disc:
Little Lamby [Fleischer color classic]                                                1937
Hysterical History [Harvey bouncing ball sing-along]                                  1952
Astronomeous (Felix the Cat)                                      (silent)   B&W      1928
Bargain Counter Attack (Little Lulu)                                                  1946

CLASSICS OF THE OLD WEST [DVD Treasures] bonus cartoon
The Last Round Up (Gandy Goose and Sourpuss)                                 Color    1943

HUNTED & HAUNTED [DVD Treasures] bonus cartoon
The Cat's Canary [Van Buren Aesop's Sound Fables]                            B&W      1932

STANDING OVATION [DVD Treasures] bonus cartoon
A Song A Day (Betty Boop and Grampy)                                         B&W      1936

ARCHIVE.ORG - CARTOONS & STOP MOTION                             90 min.     both              DVD+R
The Early Worm Gets the Bird (LT MM)                                                  1939
Big Bad Sindbad (Popeye)                                                              1952
Shuteye Popeye                                                                        1952

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 37 of 112 PAGES
Aloha Ha Ha (New 3 Stooges)                                                          1965
Dinopoodi (New 3 Stooges)                                                            1965
The Noisy Silent Movie (New 3 Stooges)                                               1965
Green Pastures ["Mud Stuff" by Joseph Sunn]                                          1926
Just Imagine [Jam Handy Organization]                                                1926
Long Live the Bull! ["Mud Stuff" by Joseph Sunn]                                     1926
Lucky Strike: Square Dance [Jam Handy Organization]                                  1948
Lucky Strike: Marching Cigarettes [Jam Handy Organization]                           1948
Mother Goose Stories [Ray Harryhausen]                                               1946
The Penwiper ["Scrambeld Nature Studies" by Jospeh Sunn]                             1926
Round and Round [Jam Handy Organization]                                             1939

ARCHIVE.ORG - PROMOTIONAL ANIMATION                              85 min.     both           DVD+R
Breakfast Pals [Cartoon Films, Ltd.]                                                 1939
In My Merry Oldsmobile [Fleischer Studios]                                           1932
Down the Gasoline Trail [Jam Handy Organization]                                     1935
A Coach for Cinderella [Jam Handy Organization]                                      1936
A Ride for Cinderella [Jam Handy Organization]                                       1937
The Princess and the Pauper [Jam Handy Organization]                                 1939
Drawing Account [Jam Handy Organization]                                             1941
Peg-Leg Pedro [Jam Handy Organization]                                               1938
Good Wrinkles [Harman-Ising]                                                         1951

ARCHIVE.ORG - ANIMATED EDUCATIONAL FILMS                         91 min.     both           DVD+R
We Drivers [Jam Handy Organization]                                                  1936
Destination Earth [John Sutherland Productions]                                      1956
Going Places [John Sutherland Productions]                                           1948
A is for Atom [John Sutherland Productions]                                          1952
Meet King Joe [John Sutherland Productions]                                          1949
What Makes Us Tick [John Sutherland Productions]                                     1952
Why Play Leap Frog? [John Sutherland Productions]                                    1949
Your Safety First [John Sutherland Productions]                                      1956

ARCHIVE.ORG - BETTY BOOP                                         78 min.    B&W             DVD+R
Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle                                                             1932
Betty Boop's Big Boss                                                                1933
Minnie the Moocher                                                                   1932
Chess-Nuts                                                                           1932
She Wronged Him Right                                                                1934
Morning, Noon and Night                                                              1933
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers                                                        1933
The Old Man of the Mountain                                                          1933
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You                                         1932
Snow-White                                                                           1933
Musical Mountaineers                                                                 1939

CARTOON EXPLOSION (Front Row Entertainment)                                                 DVD+R
Jerky Turkey                                                     49 min.
Porky's Garden                                                             REDRAWN
Daffy's Southern Exposure                                                  REDRAWN
Daffy Duckeroo                                                             REDRAWN
Porky's Bear Facts                                                         REDRAWN
Dog Gone Tired
Jerky Turkey
Porky's Midnight Matinee                                                   REDRAWN
Funny Fiesta                                                     51 min.

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 38 of 112 PAGES
I Wanna Be A Sailor
Fifth Column Mouse
To Duck Or Not To Duck
Get Rich Quick Porky
The Timid Toreador
A Tale of Two Kitties
Porky's Café
Hamateur Night                                                   53 min.
Hamateur Night
Bars & Stripes Forever
Fox Pop
Fin 'N' Catty
Gold Rush Daze
Rookie Revue
Robin Hood Makes Good
Corny Concerto                                                   52 min.
Fresh Hare                                                                 EDITTED
The Wabbit Who Came To Supper
The Wacky Wabbit
Yankee Doodle Daffy
Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
The Unruly Hare
A Corny Concerto
The Henpecked Duck                                               52 min.
The Henpecked Duck                                                         redrawn
A Coy Decoy                                                                redrawn
Porky's Pooch                                                              redrawn
Porky's Prize Pony                                                         redrawn
Robinson Caruso, Jr.                                                       redrawn
We, the Animals Squeak                                                     redrawn
Porky's Ant                                                                redrawn
PORKY PIG CARTOONS (Tinkerbell Video)                            61 min.     both           DVD+R
Notes To You
Yankee Doodle Daffy (no title card )
Porky's Bear Facts
Porky's Preview                                                             B&W
Pigs In A Polka
Ali-Baba Bound
The Timid Toreador
Porky's Railroad
A Day at the Zoo

MR. MAGOO's CARTOON COLLECTION VOL. 1 - Mother's Little Helper   26 min.    Color    1960   DVD+R
Military Magoo
Base on Bawls
Thin Skinned Diver
Mother's Little Helper
A Day at the Beach

BETTY BOOP COMPILATION                                           85 min.    B&W             DVD+R
from Betty Boop (Good Times Video)
Betty In Blunderland                                                                 1934
Stop That Noise                                                                      1935
Swat the Fly                                                                         1935
Betty Boop and the Little King                                                       1936
Happy You and Merry Me                                                               1936

                               ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 39 of 112 PAGES
House Cleaning Blues                                                                      1936
The Impractical Joker                                                                     1937
Betty Boop and Little Jimmy                                                               1936
from Betty Boop Volume 2 (UAV Home Video)
Betty Boop and Grampy                                                                     1935
Betty Boop and Henry                                                                      1935
Not Now (featuring Pudgy)                                                                 1936
Judge For A Day                                                                           1935
You're Not Built That Way (featuring Pudgy)                                               1936

RARE LOST CARTOONS & KIDS' SHOWS VOL. 1                                           both             DVD+R
The Black Duck [Van Buren Fabletoon]                                              B&W     1929
Alice the Whaler [Disney Alice short]                                             B&W     1927
Injun Trouble (Cool Cat) timecoded                                                Color   1969
Mice Meeting You (Herman and Katnip)                                              Color   1950
Goons From the Moon (Mighty Mouse)                                                Color   1951
The Snow Man [Van Buren]                                                          B&W     1932

RARE LOST CARTOONS & KIDS' SHOWS VOL. 2                                           both             DVD+R
Penguin Panic (Deputy Dawg)                                                       Color   1962
Comicalamities (Felix the Cat) silent with score & effects                        B&W     1928
Flintstones Winston Cigarette Commercial                                          B&W     1961
Head Over Heels (Sugar Bear)                                                      Color   1965
Indian Whoopee (Cubby the Bear) [Van Buren]                                       B&W     1933

RARE LOST CARTOONS & KIDS' SHOWS VOL. 3                                           both             DVD+R
Alice in the Wooly West [Disney Alice short]                             silent   B&W      1926
Alice's Spooky Adventure [Disney Alice short]                            silent   B&W      1924
The Mechanical Cow (Oswald the Rabbit) [Disney]                          silent   B&W      1927
Small Town Sheriff (Van Buren Aesop's Fables) silent with score          silent   B&W      1927
The Astronaut (Commander McBragg)                                                          1965
Egypt (Commander McBragg)                                                                  1965
Stokey the Bear (Dudley Do-Right)                                                          1969
Disco Droopy [Filmation Associates]                                                        1980
La Linea 126 [Osvaldo Cavandoli]                                                          1970's
Driven to Extraction (Sidney the Elephant) [Terrytoons]                                    1963
The Rainmakers (Tennessee Tuxedo)                                                          1963
Never on Thirsty (Tijuana Toads)                                                           1970
The Campout Cutup (Tom and Jerry)                                                          1975
Candy Town (Van Buren Aesop's Fables) originally titled "Silvery Moon"            B&W      1933

THE COMPLEAT TEX AVERY                                                            Color            DVD-R
Blitz Wolf                                                                                1942
The Early Bird Dood It                                                                    1942
Dumb-Hounded                                                                              1943
Red Hot Riding Hood                                                                       1943
Who Killed Who?                                                                           1943
One Ham's Family                                                                          1943
What's Buzzin' Buzzard?                                                                   1943
Screwball Squirrel                                                                        1944
Batty Baseball                                                                            1944
Happy-Go-Nutty                                                                            1944
Big Heel-Watha                                                                            1944
The Screwy Truant                                                                         1945
The Shooting of Dan McGoo                                                                 1945
Jerky Turkey                                                                              1945

                                     ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 40 of 112 PAGES
Swing Shift Cinderella                                                           1945
Wild and Woolfy                                                                  1945
Lonesome Lenny                                                                   1946
The Hick Chick                                                                   1946
Northwest Hounded Police                                                         1946
Henpecked Hoboes                                                                 1946
Hound Hunters                                                                    1947
Red Hot Rangers                                                                  1947
Uncle Tom's Cabana                                                               1947
Slap Happy Lion                                                                  1947
King-Sized Canary                                                                1947
What Price Fleadom                                                               1948
Little 'Tinker                                                                   1948
Lucky Ducky                                                                      1948
Half-Pint Pygmy                                                                  1948
The Cat That Hated People                                                        1948
Bad Luck Blackie                                                                 1949
Senor Droopy                                                                     1949
The House of Tomorrow                                                            1949
Doggone Tired                                                                    1949
Wags to Riches                                                                   1949
Little Rural Riding Hood                                                         1949
Out-Foxed                                                                        1949
The Counterfeit Cat                                                              1949
The Ventriloquist Cat                                                            1950
The Cuckoo Clock                                                                 1950
Garden Gopher                                                                    1950
The Chump Champ                                                                  1950
The Peachy Cobbler                                                               1950
Cock-A-Doodle Dog                                                                1951
Daredevil Droopy                                                                 1951
Droopy's Good Deed                                                               1951
Symphony in Slang                                                                1951
The Car of Tomorrow                                                              1951
Droopy's Double Trouble                                                          1951
Magical Maestro                                                                  1952
One Cab's Family                                                                 1952
Rock-A-Bye Bear                                                                  1952
Little Johnny Jet                                                                1953
T.V. of Tomorrow                                                                 1953
Three Little Pups                                                                1953
Drag-A-Long Droopy                                                               1953
Billy Boy                                                                        1954
Homesteader Droopy                                                               1954
The Farm of Tomorrow                                                             1954
The Flea Circus                                                                  1954
Dixieland Droopy                                                                 1954
Field and Scream                                                                 1955
The First Bad Man                                                                1955
Deputy Droopy                                                                    1955
Cellbound                                                                        1955
Millionaire Droopy [letterboxed in Cinemascope]                                  1956
The Cat's Meow [letterboxed in Cinemascope]                                      1957

BOSKO UNCENSORED VOLUME 1 (Bosko Video)                                    B&W          DVD-R
Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 41 of 112 PAGES
Congo Jazz
Big Man From the North
Ups 'N Downs
Yodeling Yokels
The Tree's Knees
Bosko the Doughboy
Bosko's Fox Hunt
Battling Bosko
Sinkin' in the Bathtub
Hold Anything
Box Car Blues
Ain't Nature Grand!
Dumb Patrol

BOSKO UNCENSORED VOLUME 2 (Bosko Video)                               B&W               DVD-R
Bosko's Holiday
Bosko Shipwrecked!
Bosko's Soda Fountain
Bosko at the Zoo
The Booze Hangs High
Big-Hearted Bosko
Bosko and Bruno
Bosko's Party
Bosko's Dog Race
Bosko at the Beach
Bosko's Store
Bosko the Lumberjack
Bosko and Honey

HUCKLEBERRY HOUND - HUCK OF THE IRISH                      30 min.    Color             DVD+R
Two Corny Crows                                                                 1958
Barbecue Hound                                                                  1959
Huck of the Irish                                                               1961
Calaboose Caboose (Peter Potamus)                                               1965

THE BEATLES CARTOONS (3 volumes)                           156 min.   Color   1965-67   DVD+R
THE BEATLES CARTOON EPISODES (2 volumes)                   143 min.   Color   1965-67   DVD+R
THE BEATLES: 1966 TELECASTS                                           Color    1966     DVD+R
And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cartoons)
THE BEATLES: 1967 TELECASTS                                           Color     1967    DVD+R
Beanstalk bumper (Beatles cartoons)
Penny Lane [singalong] (Beatles cartoons)

WHAT DISNEY DID BEFORE MICKEY MOUSE (all are silent)                  B&W     1922-1928 DVD+R
Little Red Riding Hood (Laugh-O-Gram)                                         6/29/1922
The Four Musicians of Bremen (Laugh-O-Gram)                                    8/1/1922
Puss In Boots (Laugh-O-Gram)                                                  11/3/1922
Cinderella (Laugh-O-Gram)                                                     12/6/1922
Various Newman Laugh-O-Grams                                                     1922
Alice's Wonderland                                                               1923
Alice's Day At Sea                                                             3/1/1924
Alice's Fishy Story                                                            6/1/1924
Alice Gets in Dutch                                                           11/1/1924
Alice and the Three Bears                                                     12/1/1924
Alice Cans the Cannibals                                                       1/1/1925
Alice the Toreador                                                            1/15/1925

                             ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 42 of 112 PAGES
Alice Gets Stung                                                                    2/1/1925
Alice's Egg Plant                                                                  5/17/1925
Alice is Stage Struck                                                              6/23/1925
Alice the Jail Bird                                                                9/15/1925
Alice Chops the Suey                                                               9/28/1925
Alice Rattled by Rats                                                              ########
Alice in the Jungle                                                                ########
Alice Loses Out                                                                       1925
Alice's Orphan                                                                        1926
Alice on the Farm                                                                   1/1/1926
Alice's Balloon Race                                                               1/15/1926
Alice's Little Parade                                                               2/1/1926
Alice's Mysterious Mystery                                                         2/15/1926
Alice Picks the Champ [ONLY 2.5 MINUTES]                                           7/20/1926
Alice the Fire Fighter                                                             ########
Alice's Circus Daze                                                                4/18/1927
Alice the Whaler                                                                   7/25/1927
Trolley Troubles (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                          9/5/1927
Oh Teacher (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                               9/19/1927
Great Guns (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                               ########
The Ocean Hop (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                            ########
Rival Romeos (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                              3/5/1928
Bright Lights (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                            3/19/1928
Oh, What A Knight (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                        5/28/1928
The Fox Chase (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)                                            6/25/1928
Yanky Clippers (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) [Walter Lantz]                            ########
Tommy Tucker's Tooth (Educational cartoon)                                         12/6/1922
Clara Cleans Her Teeth (Educational cartoon)                                          1927

POPEYE 75th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR'S EDITION (KFS cartoons)        disc 1   Color   1960-61     DVD+R
Hits and Missiles
Plumbers Pipe Dream
Jeep Tale
Popeye's Pep-Up Emporium
Love Birds
Golden-type Fleece
Coffee House
Mueller's Mad Monster
Popeye and the Spinach Stalk
After the Ball Went Over
Popeye's Car Wash
Muskels Shmuskels
Ski-Jump Chump
Popeye and the Dragon
Hamburger Fishing
Childhood Daze
Jingle Jangle Jungle
Incident at Missile City
Fashion Fotography
"Sea No Evil"
Popeye's Junior Headache
What's News
Voo-Doo To You Too
Matinee Idol Popeye
Popeye and the Giant
Mississippi Sissy

                                   ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 43 of 112 PAGES
Sea Serpent
Little Olive Riding Hood
Invisible Popeye

TOON HEADS                                                            (x62)      both             DVD-R
The Lost Cartoons [see Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 1 DVD ]   49 min.     both             LTGC1
The Wartime Cartoons                                                 49 min.     both             disc 1
Blitz Wolf
Any Bonds Today? [excerpt]
Scrap Happy Daffy                                                               B&W
Herr Meets Hare
Russian Rhapsody
Movie Star Bugs                                                      22 min.                      disc 2
A Hare Grows In Manhattan
What's Up Doc?
The Nice Mice of Warner Bros.                                        22 min.
Ain't We Got Fun
A Sunbonnet Blue
The Mice Will Play
Toro! Toro!                                                          22 min.
Bulldozing the Bull
Bully For Bugs
Senor Droopy
Shut Eye                                                             22 min.
Good Night Elmer
Back Alley Oproar
Daffy Duck Slept Here
Our Man Sam                                                          22 min.                      disc 3
Hare Trigger
Along Came Daffy
Bugs Bunny Rides Again
Crooner Toons                                                        22 min.
Bingo Crosbyana                                                                            1936
I Only Have Ice For You
Swooner Crooner
Beaky Buzzard                                                        22 min.
Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
The Bashful Buzzard
Strife With Father
The Musical Cartoons of Friz Freleng                                 22 min.
Rhapsody In Rivets
Lights Fantastic                                                     EDITED
Rhapsody Rabbit
Cartoon News Reels                                                   22 min.
She Was An Acrobat's Daughter
Going Home [Private Snafu]                                                      B&W
The Hole Idea
Baby Boom Toons                                                      22 min.
The Stork's Holiday
Baby Bottleneck
Stork Naked
The Great Race                                                       45 min.
Tortoise Beats Hare
Porky's Road Race                                                              colorized
Tortoise Wins By A Hare
Porky's Naughty Nephew                                                         colorized

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 44 of 112 PAGES
Rabbit Transit
Cartoons In the Real World                                     22 min.               disc 4
Adventures of Popeye
You Ought to Be in Pictures                                              colorized
Turkey Toons                                                   22 min.
Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers
Jerky Turkey
Tom Turk and Daffy
Rabbit Season Duck Season                                      22 min.
Rabbit Fire
Rabbit Seasoning
Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
Hubie and Bertie                                               22 min.
The Aristo-cat
Mouse Wreckers
Cheese Chasers
Moon Toons                                                     22 min.
Little Buck Cheeser
The Cat That Hated People
Haredevil Hare
The Great Cartoon Contraversy                                  22 min.
Rhapsody Rabbit
The Cat Concerto
Tweetie Pie
Director Norman McCabe                                         45 min.
Who's Who At the Zoo                                                     colorized
Daffy's Southern Exposure                                                colorized
The Ducktators
Gopher Goofy
Hop and Go
Tasmanian Devil                                                22 min.               disc 5
Devil May Hare
Ducking the Devil
Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
Before Bedrock                                                 22 min.
Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
The First Bad Man
Wild Wild World
The Early Works of Friz Freleng                                45 min.
It's Got Me Again!
Beauty and the Beast
Mr. And Mrs. Is the Name
I Haven't Got A Hat
A Star Is Hatched
The Many Faces of Robin Hood                                   22 min.
Robin Hood Makes Good
Robin Hood Daffy
Robin Hoodwinked
Hollywood Nights                                               22 min.
The Coo Coo Nut Grove
Hollywood Steps Out
Slick Hare
Speedy Gonzales                                                22 min.
Cat-Tails For Two
Speedy Gonzales
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 45 of 112 PAGES
The Three Faces of Tom & Jerry                                   22 min.
Mouse Trouble
High Steaks
Purr-chance To Dream
Director Arthur Davis                                            22 min.               disc 6
Mouse Menace
Bowery Bugs
Quackodile Tears
Before They Were Stars                                           22 min.
A Tale of Two Kitties
Fast and Furry-ous
Stage Door Cartoon
Egghead                                                          22 min.
Daffy Duck and Egghead
Count Me Out
A Day At the Zoo
Gangster Toons                                                   22 min.
I'm A Big Shot Now
Thugs With Dirty Mugs
Bunny and Claude
The Movie Parodies of Porky & Daffy                              22 min.
Drip-Along Daffy
Duck Dodgers In the 24th & 1/2 Century
Deduce, You Say
The Dreams of Bob Clampett
The Old Grey Hare
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
The Big Snooze                                                  unedited
The Goofy Gophers
The Goofy Gophers
I Gopher You
Tease For Two
Motorheads                                                       25 min.               disc 7
Streamlined Greta Green
One Cab's Family
Little Johnny Jet
Fight Night                                                      25 min.
Let's You and Him Fight                                                    COLORIZED
To Duck…or Not To Duck
Rabbit Punch
The Evolution of Tweety                                          25 min.
A Tale of Two Kitties
Tweetie Pie
Canary Row
The Year Elmer Fudd Got Fat                                      25 min.
Wabbit Twouble
The Wacky Wabbit
Fresh Hare                                                      EDITED
Rocky and Mugsy
Bugs and Thugs
Bugsy and Mugsy
The Unmentionables
Salesman Daffy
Yankee Doodle Daffy
The Stupor Salesman
Fool Coverage

                                  ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 46 of 112 PAGES
Baseball Cartoons                                               25 min.
Gone Batty
Batty Baseball
Baseball Bugs
Director Robert McKimson                                        25 min.
Daffy Doodles
Easter Yeggs
Walky Talky Hawky
Future Shock                                                    25 min.   disc 8
Dog Gone Modern
House Hunting Mice
The House of Tomorrow
Night of 1000 Elves                                             25 min.
Busy Bakers
Holiday for Shoestrings
The Peachy Cobbler
The Many Moods of Daffy Duck                                    25 min.
The Wise Quacking Duck
Duck Amuck
Ali Baba Bunny
Pepe Le Pew                                                     25 min.
Odor-able Kitty
For Scent-imental Reasons
Louvre Come Back To Me
Battle of the Bookworms                                         25 min.
The Bookworm
Sniffles and the Bookworm
The Wacky Worm
An Ant's Life                                                   25 min.   disc 9
The Fighting 69 1/2th
The Gay Anties
Ant Pasted
The Evolution of Elmer Fudd                                     45 min.
A-Lad In Bagdad
Dangerous Dan McFoo
Elmer's Candid Camera
The Hardship of Miles Standish
A Wild Hare
Southern Fried Cartoons                                        25 min.
Southern Fried Rabbit                                          EDITED
Backwoods Bunny
The Dixie Fryer
Midnight In the Bookstore                                       25 min.
I Like Mountain Music
Speaking of the Weather
Book Review
Private Snafu                                                   25 min.
Coming!! Snafu
Booby Traps
Red                                                             25 min.
Red Hot Riding Hood
Wild and Woolfy
Little Rural Riding Hood

                                 ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 47 of 112 PAGES
Hobo Flea                                                      25 min.                      disc 10
The Homeless Flea
An Itch In Time                                               EDITED
What Price Fleadom
Night At the Opera                                             25 min.
Long-Haired Hare
Rabbit of Seville
What's Opera Doc?
Sufferin' Succotash                                           25 min.
Life With Feathers                                            EDITED
Crowing Pains
Scaredy Cat                                                   EDITED
Captain and the Kids                                          45 min.
Cleaning House                                                            B&W
Poultry Pirates                                                           B&W
Old Smokey                                                                B&W
Petunia National Park
Mama's New Hat                                                            B&W
The Early Career of Porky Pig                                  45 min.
Gold Diggers of '49                                                      colorized
The Blow Out                                                             colorized
Westard Whoa                                                             colorized
Porky's Romance                                                          colorized
Porky's Duck Hunt                                                        colorized
The Boys From Kansas City                                      48 min.                      disc 11
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!                                                   colorized   1931
Porky and Gabby                                                          colorized   1937
Porky's Hare Hunt                                                        colorized   1938
The Milky Way                                                                        1940
Toon Heads Christmas Special - Cartoon Christmas               49 min.
Alias St. Nick
The Captain's Christmas
Peace On Earth
The Night Before Christmas (Tom & Jerry)
Bedtime For Sniffles
One Toon Wonders                                               25 min.
Ghost Wanted
The Crackpot Quail
One Froggy Evening

MIGHTY MOUSE (Three Volumes)                                              Color             DVD-R
Triple Trouble                                                                       1948
The Magic Slipper                                                                    1948
Mother Goose's Birthday Party                                                        1950
The Cat's Tale                                                                       1951
The Mouse of Tomorrow                                                                1942
Frankenstein's Cat                                                                   1942
Goons From the Moon
Outer Space Visitor
Stop, Look and Listen
The Wreck of the Hesperus
Bad Bill Bunion
At the Circus
The Mysterious Package
Aladdin's Lamp

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 48 of 112 PAGES
Crying Wolf
Pandora's Box
The Mysterious Stranger
The Hep Cat
Happy Holland
A Date For Dinner
Swiss Cheese Family Robinson
The Green Line
The First Snow
Winning the West
The Reformed Wolf
The Helpless Hippo
Comic Book Land
Cat Alarm
A Swiss Miss
Dead End Cats
The Sky Is Falling
Mighty Mouse and the Magician
Mighty Mouse and the Wolf
Deadeye Dick
The Champion of Justice
When Mousehood Was In Flower
He Dood It Again
Raiding the Raiders
Jekyll and Hyde Cat
Hansel and Gretel
The Feudin' Hillbillies
The Two Barbers
The Crackpot King
The Jail Break
The Pirates
The Port of Missing Mice
The Kilkenny Cats
The Silver Streak
Hot Rods
The Wicked Wolf
The Electronic Mouse Trap
Loves Labor Won
The Johnstown Flood
Svengali's Cat
My Old Kentrucky Home
Mighty Mouse Rides Again
Perils of Pearl Pureheart
Beauty on the Beach
Prehistoric Perils
Throwing the Bull
A Cold Romance
The Racket Buster
Down With Cats

THE VERY BEST NEW ADVENTURES OF GUMBY VOLUME 1                84 min.   Color   1988   DVD+R
(Episodes from "Gumby Adventures," 1988)
Skateboard Rally
Time Out

                                ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 49 of 112 PAGES
Naughty Boy
Kid Brother Kids
Joker's Wild
Clayfully Yours
2 Bee or Not 2 Bee
Gumby Music Video
Rip Van Prickel
The Abominable Dough Man
Goo's Pies

THE VERY BEST NEW ADVENTURES OF GUMBY VOLUME 2               86 min.   Color    1988     DVD+R
(Episodes from "Gumby Adventures," 1988)
Gumby's Close Encounter
The Knight Mare
Prickle's Baby Brudder
The Wild Horse
Blocks In the Head
Lost In Chinatown
Goo's Music Video
Best In the Block
Melon Felons
Fun Day
Gumbitty Doo Dah

POPEYE (Hanna-Barbera) ["All-New Popeye Hour" segments ]               Color   1978-80   DVD+R
The Spinach Bowl                                                                1979
Pedal-Powered Popeye                                                            1980
Olive's Shining Hour                                                            1978
The Lonliness of the Long Distance Popeye                                       1980
Popeye's Self Defense                                                           1980
The Umpire Strikes Back                                                         1980
The Decathlon Dilemna                                                           1979
Take Me Out to the Brawl Game                                                   1979
Olive Goes Dallas                                                               1979
The Great Speckled Whale                                                        1980
Shark Treatment                                                                 1979
Popeye the Sleepwalker                                                          1978
A Goon Gone Gooney                                                              1980
Popeye Goes Sailing                                                             1978
Pappy Fails in Love                                                             1980
Ships That Pass in the Fright                                                   1980
Popeye Snags the Seahag                                                         1979
The Game                                                                        1980

                               ANIMATION ON DVD PAGE 50 of 112 PAGES
  Episode                              Titles                            Length       Year   Media

THE NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES (with Batman & Robin)                        42 min ea.     1972   DVD+R
           The Scooby Dynamic Duo Affair
           The Caped Crusader Caper

SUPER FRIENDS                                                           45 min.       1973   DVD+R
   SF-1     The Power Pirate
   SF-2     Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.
   SF-3     The Baffles Puzzle
   SF-4     The Weather Maker
   SF-5     The Shamon U
   SF-6     Dr. Pelagian's War
   SF-7     The Balloon People
   SF-8     Too Hot To Handle
   SF-9     The Androids
   SF-10    Ultra-Beam
   SF-11    The Fantastic Frerps
   SF-12    The Mysterious Moles                                      16mm source
   SF-13    The Menace of the White Dwarf
   SF-14    Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
   SF-15    The Planet Splitter
   SF-16    The Watermen

ALL-NEW SUPER FRIENDS HOUR                                            41-47 min ea.   1977   DVD+R
     1     Invasion of the Earthors / The Brain                       16mm source
           Machine / Joy Ride / The Whirlpool
              SAFETY (Aquaman: swimming alone)
              DECODER (Superman: part 1 BED, part 2 ROCK)+solution
              MAGIC (Wonder Woman: disappearing coin, 2 parts.)
              HEALTH (Batman & Robin: fruit & vegetable snack)
      2       City In A Bottle / Invasion of the                      16mm source
              Hydronoids / Hitchhike /
              Space Emergency
              SAFETY (Wonder Woman: how to pet a dog)
              DECODER (Superman: part 1 FREE, part 2 SING, solution
              MAGIC (Aquaman: newspaper breaks board, 2 parts.)
              HEALTH (Batman & Robin: Heimlich manueuver)
      3       Will The World Collide? / The Marsh                     16mm source
              Monster / The Runaways /
              Time Rescue
              SAFETY (Aquaman: using safety equipment)
              DECODER (Wonder Woman: part 1 SON, part 2 SHINE + solution
              MAGIC (Batman & Robin: Unbreakable napkin, 2 parts)
              HEALTH (Aquaman: ways to exercise)
      4       Day of the Plant Creatures / Doctor                      TV source
              Fright / Drag Race / Fire
              SAFETY (Batman & Robin: skateboard safety)
              DECODER (Aquaman: part 1 MEET, part 2 E+OAR, solution
      5       Super Friends vs. Super Friends /                       16 mm source
              The Monster of Dr. Droid / Vandals /
              Energy Mass
              SAFETY (Batman & Robin: electrical wire safety)
              DECODER (Aquaman: part 1 MAN, part 2 STIR, solution

                            SUPERFRIENDS VCD PROJECT PAGE 57 of 112 PAGES
     CRAFT (Superman: pirate spyglass, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Wonder Woman: emergency phone number list)
6    Voyage of the Mysterious Time                            16 mm source
     Creatures / The Secret Four / Tiger
     On the Loose / The Antidote
     SAFETY (Wonder Woman: chewing on things)
     DECODER (Batman & Robin: part 1 MED, part 2 AL + YAWN, solution
     CRAFT (Aquaman: Sun Rattler, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Superman: don't smoke)
7    Planet of the Neanderthals / The                             TV source
     Enforcer / Shark / Flood of Diamonds
     SAFETY (Superman: bicycle safety)
     DECODER (Batman & Robin: part 1 CAVE, part 2 MAN, solution
     SAFETY (Superman: burn first aid
8    The Mind Maidens / The Collector /                       16 mm source
     Handicap / Alaska Peril
     SAFETY (Aquaman: hitch-hiking)
     DECODER (Superman: part 1 FEE, part 2 MAIL, solution
     CRAFT (Wonder Woman: spinning pencil top, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Batman & Robin: alcohol and driving)
9    The Water Beast / Attack of the Giant                    16mm source
     Squid / Game of Chicken / Volcano
     SAFETY (Batman & Robin: bicycle safety)
     DECODER (Aquaman: part 1 CAR+GO, part 2 SHIP, solution
     MAGIC (Superman: Scissor Sorcery, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Wonder Woman: vision check-ups)
10   The Coming of the Arthropods /                           16 mm source
     The Invisible Menace / Initiation /
     River of Doom
     SAFETY (Wonder Woman: using crosswalks)
     DECODER (Batman & Robin: part 1 INN, part 2 SECT, solution
     MAGIC (Aquaman: Disappearing Coin Illusion, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Superman: don't use drugs)
11   Exploration Earth / The Fifty-Foot                           TV source
     Woman / Cheating / Attack of
     the Killer Bees
     SAFETY (Aquaman: breathing some water)
     CRAFT (Batman & Robin: Paper Cup Telephone, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Aquaman: first aid for scrapes)
12   The Lion Men / Forbidden Power /                             TV source
     Pressure Point / Day of the Rats
13   The Tiny World of Terror / The Man-                      16mm source
     Beasts of Xra / Prejudice /
     Tibetan Raiders
     SAFETY (Wonder Woman: eating backyard plants)
     DECODER (Batman & Robin: part 1 SH, part 2 RINK, solution)
     MAGIC (Aquaman: Disappearing Glass, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Superman: dress for the weather)
14   The Mummy of Nazca / Frozen Peril                        16mm source
     Dangerous Prank / Cable Car Rescue
     SAFETY (Aquaman: construction sites)
     DECODER (Wonder Woman: part 1 MUM, part 2 ME, solution)
     CRAFT (Aquaman: Milk Jug Piggy Bank, 2 parts)
     HEALTH (Aquaman: something in eye)
15   The Ghost / The Protector /                              16mm source

                   SUPERFRIENDS VCD PROJECT PAGE 58 of 112 PAGES
               Stowaways / Rampage
               SAFETY (Superman: wearing seatbelt)
               DECODER (Batman & Robin: part 1 EVIL, part 2 SPIRIT, solution)
               CRAFT (Wonder Woman: Indoor Rocket, 2 parts)
               HEALTH (Superman: taking medicine)

CHALLENGE OF THE SUPER FRIENDS                                              22 min.      1978     DVD
           Wanted: The Superfriends
           The World's Deadliest Game
           The Time Trap
           Trial of the Superfriends
           The Monolith of Evil
           Secret Origins of the Superfriends
           Revenge On Gorilla City
           Swamp of the Living Dead
           Conquerors of the Future
           The Final Challenge
           Fairy Tale of Doom
           Superfriends: Rest In Peace
           History of Doom
           Invasion of the Fearians
           The Giants of Doom

THE "LOST" SUPER FRIENDS of 1978                                            22 min.      1978     DVD
(these 16 filled out the hour-long "Challenge" original broadcasts)
                The Demons of Exxor
                Rokan: Enemy From Space
                Battle at the Earth's Core
                Sinbad and the Space Pirates
                The Pied Piper From Space
                Attack of the Vampire
                The Beasts Are Coming
                Terror From the Phantom Zone
                The Anti-Matter Monster
                World Beneath the Ice
                Invasion of the Brain Creatures
                The Incredible Space Circus
                Batman: Dead or Alive
                Battle of the Gods
                Journey Through Inner Space
                The Rise and Fall of the Superfriends

THE WORLD'S GREATEST SUPERFRIENDS                                           22 min.      1979     DVD-R
           Rub Three Times For Disaster
           Lex Luthor Strikes Back
           Space Knights of Camelon
           The Lord of Middle Earth
           Universe of Evil
           Terror At 20,000 Fathoms
           The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
           The Planet of Oz

SUPERFRIENDS: THE SHORTS                                                   7 min. ea.   1980-83   DVD+R
(1980-1984 rerun as "Superfriends" with some new episodes:)

                             SUPERFRIENDS VCD PROJECT PAGE 59 of 112 PAGES
Circus of Horrors                                       1980
Elevator to Nowhere
The Revenge of Bizarro
Termites From Venus
Haunted House
The Make-Up Monster
Garden of Doom
Yuna the Terrible
Around the World in 80 Riddles
Dive to Disaster
The Man in the Moon
The Killer Machines
Cycle Gang
Return of Atlantis
The Incredible Crude Oil Monster
Big Foot
The Ice Demon
Journey Into Blackness
Rock and Roll Space Bandits
One Small Step For Mars
Voodoo Vampire
Invasion of the Gleeks
Mxyzptlk Strikes Again

Mxyzptlk's Filck                                        1981
Outlaws of Orion
Alien Mummy
Sink Hole [aka "Diamond Jack"]
The Witch's Arcade
The Scaraghosta Sea
The Creature From the Dump
The Iron Cyclops
The Lava Men
Stowaways From Space
The Aircraft Terror
Three Wishes
The Warlord's Amulet
Palette's Perils
The Evil From Krypton

Space Racers                                            1983
One Small Step For Superman
Revenge of Doom
Two Gleeks Are Deadlier Than One
An Unexpected Treasure
Invasion of the Space Dolls
Video Victims
Return of the Phantoms
Mxyzptlk's Revenge
Day of the Dinosaurs
Prisoners of Sleep

              A Pint of Life
              Attack of the Cats
              The Recruiter
              The Malusian Blob
              Terror on the Titanic
              Bully For You
              The Krypton Syndrome
              Playground of Doom
              Once Upon A Poltergeist
              Roller Coaster
              Bulgor the Behemoth

THE LEGENDARY SUPER POWERS SHOW                          22 min.     1984   DVD-R
           The Bride of Darkseid part 1
           The Bride of Darkseid part 2
           The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends
           Mask of Mystery
           Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp
           No Honor Among Thieves
           Uncle Mxyzptlk
           The Village of Lost Souls
           The Royal Ruse
           The Wrath of Brainiac
           The Case of the Dreadful Dolls
           Darkseid's Golden Trap part 1
           Darkseid's Golden Trap part 2
           Reflections In Crime
           The Island of the Dinosoids
           The Curator

SUPER POWERS TEAM: GALACTIC GUARDIANS                   22 min ea.   1985   DVD-R
          The Seeds of Doom
          The Ghost Ship
          The Bizarro Super Powers Team
          The Darkseid Deception
          The Fear
          The Wild Cards
          The Case of the Stolen Superpowers
          Escape From Space City
          The Death of Superman

SFVCD PROJECT BONUS DISC                                                    DVD+R
           CN "That Time Is Now" video
           CN Wonder Woman Ad
           CN Wonder Twins PSA Ad
           Adult Swim Aquaman Café Dance
           CN "Whiners Can Be Losers" Ad
           CN Toonami Superfriends Ad
           CN Ad - Sheep in the Big Cafeteria
           Adult Swim Aquaman Recycle Dance
           CN Ad - Sidekicks
           CN Ad - Aquaman Telephathy/Fred Flintstone

                          SUPERFRIENDS VCD PROJECT PAGE 61 of 112 PAGES
CN Ad - Superheroes In Movie Theater
Adult Swim Aquaman Cow Dance
CN Ad - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth
CN "Powerpuff Girls Meet Legion of Doom" Ad
Harvey Birdman "Very Personal Injury" episode
Adult Swim Aquaman Drive-Thru Dance
CN Ad - Superheroes On Airplane
"Greatest American Hero" clip
CN Superfriends Ad #1
CN Superfriends Ad #2

                                              animated series on DVD

                                              animated series on DVD
episode                              Titles                             Length Color/B&W    Year      Media

          PLASTIC MAN                                                   57 min.     Color   1979     DVD+R
          The Weed
          Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor
          Wham, Bam, Beware the Clam

          BATTLE OF THE PLANETS                                        25 min ea.   Color   1978
   1      Attack of the Space Terrapin                                                              DVD VOL 1
   2      Rescue of the Astronauts                                                                  DVD VOL 1
   3      The Space Mummy                                                                           DVD VOL 2
   4      The Space Serpent                                                                         DVD VOL 2
   5      Ghost Ship From Planet Mir                                                                DVD VOL 3
   6      Big Robot Gold Grab                                                                       DVD VOL 3
   7      Ace From Outer Space                                                                      DVD VOL 4
   8      Fearful Sea Anemone                                                                       DVD VOL 4
   9      Jupiter Moon Menace                                                                       DVD VOL 5
  10      A Swarm of Robot Ants                                                                     DVD VOL 5
  11      Space Rocket Escort                                                                       DVD VOL 6
  12      Beast With A Sweet Tooth                                                                  DVD VOL 6
  13      Perilous Pleasure Cruise                                                                 ULT DVD BOX
  14      The Thing With 1,000 Eyes                                                                ULT DVD BOX
  15      Microfilm Mystery                                                                        ULT DVD BOX
  16      The Alien Beetles                                                                        ULT DVD BOX
  17      A Whale Joins G-Force                                                                    ULT DVD BOX
  18      Mad New Ruler of Spectra                                                                 ULT DVD BOX
  19      The Sea Dragon                                                                           ULT DVD BOX
  20      Magnetic Attraction                                                                      ULT DVD BOX
  21      The Musical Mummy                                                                        ULT DVD BOX
  22      The Fiery Lava Giant                                                                     ULT DVD BOX
  23      The Bat Ray Bombers                                                                      ULT DVD BOX
  24      Race Against Disaster                                                                    ULT DVD BOX
  25      The Ghostly Grasshopper                                                                  25th ANN SET
  26      The Galaxy Girls                                                                         25th ANN SET
  27      Curse of the Cuttlefish, pt. 1                                                           25th ANN SET
  28      Curse of the Cuttlefish, pt. 2                                                           25th ANN SET
  29      Demons of the Desert                                                                     25th ANN SET
  30      Siege of the Squids                                                                      25th ANN SET
  31      Orion, Wonderdog of Space                                                                25th ANN SET
  32      The Fierce Flowers, pt. 1                                                                25th ANN SET
  33      The Fierce Flowers, pt. 2                                                                25th ANN SET
  34      The Space Rock Concert                                                                   25th ANN SET
  35      Prisoners In Space                                                                       25th ANN SET
  36      Victims of the Hawk                                                                      25th ANN SET
  37      Raid on Riga                                                                             25th ANN SET
  38      Seals of Sytron                                                                          25th ANN SET
  40      The Capture of the Galaxy Code [TV source]                                                  DVD+R
  41      Raid On A Nearby Planet [TV source]                                                         DVD+R
  50      Secret Island [16mm source]                                                                 DVD+R
  51      Giant Space Bat [16 mm source]                                                              DVD+R
  60      The Alien Bigfoot [16mm source]                                                             DVD+R
  61      Invasion of the Locusts [16mm source]                                                       DVD+R

                                                page 63 of 112 pages
                                               animated series on DVD

   66      The Duplicate King [TV source]                                                           DVD+R
   67      Defector to Spectra [TV source]                                                          DVD+R

           BATTLE OF THE PLANETS: PILOT & ALTERNATE VERSIONS                      Color    1978     DVD+R
  Pilot    Attack of the Space Terrapin
   18      Mad New Ruler of Spectra
   30      Siege of the Squids

complete GODZILLA (Hanna-Barbera)                                   22 min ea.    Color   1978-79   DVD+R
           The Time Dragons
           The Firebird
           The Eartheater
           The Breeder Beast
           The Energy Beast
           The Seaweed Monster
           The Megavolt Monster
           Attack of the Stone Creatures
           Valley of the Giants
           The Colossus of Atlantis
           Calico Clones
           The Cyborg Whale
           The Beast of Storm Island
           Ghost Ship
           The Horror of Forgotten Island
           The Golden Guardians
           Island of Lost Ships
           The City In the Clouds
           The Sub-Zero Terror
           The Macro Beasts
           Pacific Peril
           Island of Doom
           The Deadly Asteroid
           The Magnetic Horror

           UNDERDOG                                                               Color    1964     DVD+R
           Underdog Vs. Simon Barsinister                               39 min.
           Shrinking Water / Vacuum Gun / Simon Says
           Underdog Vs. Riff Raff                                       39 min.
           RiffRaffville / From Hopeless to Helpless /
           Tricky Trap By Tap Tap
           Underdog Vs. Overcat                                         39 min.
           Underdog Vs. Overcat / The Flying Sorcerers /
           March of the Monsters

complete   STAR WARS DROIDS                                                       Color    1985     DVD+R
  pilot    The Great Heep (pilot episode)                               41 min.
    1      The White Witch                                              21 min.
    2      Escape Into Terror                                           21 min.
    3      The Trigon…Unleashed                                         21 min.
    4      A Race To the Finish                                         21 min.
    5      The Lost Prince                                              21 min.

                                                 page 64 of 112 pages
                                       animated series on DVD

    6    The New King                                          21 min.
    7    The Pirates of Tarnooga                               21 min.
    8    The Revenge of Kybo Ren                               21 min.
    9    Coby and the Starhunters                              21 min.
   10    Tail of the Roon Comet                                21 min.
   11    The Roon Games                                        21 min.
   12    Across the Roon Sea                                   21 min.
   13    The Frozen Citadel                                    21 min.

complete THE JUSTICE LEAGE OF AMERICA (Filmation)               2 hrs.     Color   1967   DVD+R
         The Flash                                         from 16mm
         Take A Giant Step
         To Catch a Blue Bolt
         The Chemo-Creature
         Hawkman                                           from 16mm
         Peril From Pluto
         A Visit To Venus
         The Twenty Third Dimension
         Green Lantern                                     from 16mm
         Evil Is As Evil Does
         The Vanishing World
         Sirena, Empress of Evil
         The Atom                                          from 16mm
         Invasion of the Beetle-Men
         The Plant Master
         The House of Doom
         Teen Titans                                       from 16mm
         The Monster Machine
         The Space Beast Round-Up
         Operation Rescue
         Justice League of America                             TV Source
         Between Two Armies
         Save the Earth Orbit
         Bad Day on Black Mountain

         GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE                                              Color   1967   DVD+R
         Animal Power                                          26 min.
         The Pearl
         The Agent
         Animal Power
         Little Scissor
         Jungle Fever                                          26 min.
         Gold Mine
         Dr. Scrupitizer
         Mr. Noodnick
         Ring-A-Ding Circus
         Monkey Business                                       26 min.
         Witch Doctor
         Chi-Chi Dog
         Oo-oo Bird
         Monkey Business

         ROCKY & BULLWINKLE & FRIENDS (season one)                         Color   1959   DVD

                                        page 65 of 112 pages
                                             animated series on DVD

        Jet Fuel Formula
        Box Top Robbery
        ROCKY & BULLWINKLE & FRIENDS (season two)                                Color    1960     DVD
        Metal-Munching Mice
        Greenpernt Oogle
        Rue Brittania
        Buried Treasure
        The Last Angry Moose
        Wailing Whale

        Mighty Mouse in The Great Space Chase                       88 min.      Color    1979     DVD+R
        1982 Compilation of episodes from
        The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle (1979)

        8TH MAN                                                     24 min ea.   B&W      1964     DVD+R
        Dr. Spectra
        Evil Jaw and the Devil Germs
        Baron Stormy
        Attack of the Horrible Honey Bees
        Pounce the Robot Tiger
        Battle of the Brothers
        The Monstrous Eeler
        The Atomic Ghost
        The Gold Beetle of the Orientia
        The Return of Napoleon Bonaparte

        FELIX THE CAT                                                            Color   1959-60   DVD+R
        Rock Bottom Fails Again                                       30 min.
        An Hour of Fun                                                60 min.
        Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks
        Poindexter and the Flying Saucer
        FELIX THE CAT COLLECTOR'S EDITION 1958-59                     105 min.   Color   1958-59   DVD+R
   1    The Magic Bag
   2    Into Outer Space
   3    Abominable Snowman
   7    Do-It-Yourself Monster Book
   8    Blubberino the Whale
   9    Ghostly Concert [accessible only by winning trivia game ]
  10    Captain No-Kiddin'
  21    Sheriff Felix vs. The Gas Cloud
  27    Felix Baby-Sits
  29    Master Cylinder King of the Moon
  30    The Invisible Professor
bonus   Feline Follies [the first Felix the Cat cartoon ]                        B&W      1919
        Original TV promo #1
        Original TV promo #2
        Felix El Gato [Spanish opening titles ]                                  B&W
        Opening titles and short scene [Japanese version ]

        DANGER MOUSE                                                             Color    1980     DVD+R
        Volume One                                                    71 min.

                                               page 66 of 112 pages
                                              animated series on DVD

         Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind
         The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow god
         Trouble With Ghosts
         Volume Two                                                   61 min.
         The Odd Ball Run Around
         The Return of Count Duckula
         Who Stole the Bagpipes?
         Public Enemy No. 1
         Volume Three                                                 58 min.
         Chicken Run
         The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse
         Planet of the Cats
         The Dream Machine

         SATURDAY SUPERCADE [2 episodes with vintage ads]             109 min.   Color   1984   DVD+R
         Spaced Out Frogs (Frogger)
         Gorilla My Dreams (Donkey Kong)
         Crazy Camp Creature (Q-Bert)
         The Teddy Bear Scare (Donkey Kong Junior)
         Hydrofoil and Go Seek (Frogger)
         Mississippi Madness (Donkey Kong)
         Masked Menace Mess (Pitfall)
         Sheep Rustle Hustle (Donkey Kong Junior)

         IRON MAN                                                     37 min.    Color   1966   DVD+R
         The Death of Tony Stark!
         The Crimson Dynamo!

complete THE MIGHTY HEROES                                            93 min.    Color   1966   DVD+R
         The Shrinker
         The Monsterizer
         The Plastic Blaster
         The Frog
         The Junker
         The Ghost Monster
         The Stretcher
         The Drifter
         The Shocker
         The Enlarger
         The Dusters

complete FANTASTIC FOUR (Hanna-Barbera)                           25 min ea.     Color   1967   DVD+R
         Menace of the Mole Men
         The Red Ghost
         Invasion of the Super Skrulls
         Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
         The Way It All Began
         Behold A Distant Star
         Prisoners of Planet X
         The Mysterious Molecule Man
         Danger In the Depths

                                               page 67 of 112 pages
                                           animated series on DVD

         Demon in the Deep
         Return of the Moleman
         It Started On Yancy Street
         The Micro World of Dr. Doom
         Blastarr, the Living Bomb Burst
         Terrible Tribunal
         Deadly Director

         FANTASTIC FOUR (DePatie-Freleng)                      24 min ea.   Color    1978     DVD+R
         The Menace of Magneto
         Meet Dr. Doom
         The Mole Man
         The Olympics of Space
         The Impossible Man

complete SPIDER-MAN                                            21 min ea.   Color    1981     DVD+R
    1    Doctor Doom, Master of the World
    2    Lizards, Lizards Everywhere
    3    Curiosity Killed the Spider-Man
    4    The Sandman Is Coming
    5    When Magneto Speaks…People Listen
    6    The Sidewinder Strikes
    7    The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
    8    The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
    9    Cannon of Doom
   10    The Capture of Captain America
   11    Revenge of the Green Goblin
   12    The Hunter and the Hunted
   13    The Web of Nephilia
   14    Arsenic and Aunt May
   15    Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble
   16    The Vulture Has Landed
   17    Wrath of the Sub-Mariner
   18    The Pied Piper of New York Town
   19    Carnival of Crime
   20    The Doctor Prescribes Doom
   21    Triangle of Evil
   22    The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M
   23    The Doom Report
   24    Countdown to Doom
   25    The Return of Kingpin
   26    Under the Wizard's Spell

complete SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS                    23 min ea    Color   1981-83   DVD+R
         The Triumph of the Green Goblin
         The Crime of All Centuries
         The Fantastic Mr. Frump
         Seven Little Superheroes
         Video Man

                                            page 68 of 112 pages
                                            animated series on DVD

        The Prison Plot
        Spidey Goes Hollywood
        Vengeance of Loki
        Knights & Demons
        Pawns of the Kingpin
        The Quest of the Red Skull
        The Origin of the Iceman
        A Firestar Is Born
        Along Came Spidey
        Spiderman Unmasked!
        The Bride of Dracula [aka The Transylvanian Connection]
        The Education of a Superhero
        Attack of the Arachnoid
        The Origin of the Spider-Friends
        Spidey Meets the Girl of Tomorrow
        Mission: Save the Guardstar
        The X-Men Adventure

complete THE INCREDIBLE HULK                                                          Color     1966   DVD+R
        The Origin of the Hulk / Enter the Gorgon / To Be A Man
        The Power of Doctor Banner!/Where Strides the Behemoth / Back From the Dead
        Micro Monsters / The Lair of the Leader / To Live Again
        The Space Phantom / Sting of the Wasp / Exit the Hulk
        The Terror of the Toadmen / Bruce Banner Wanted For Treason! / Hulk Runs Amok
        Enter Tyranus / Beauty and the Beast / They Dwell In the Depths
        The Terror of the T Gun / I Against A World / Bruce Banner Is the Hulk!
        The Incredible Hulk vs. the Metal Master / The Master Tests His Metal / Mind Over Metal
        The Ring Master / Captive of the Circus / The Grand Finale
        The Man Called Boomerang! / The Hulk Intervenes / Less Than Monster, More Than Man!
        Within the Monster Dwells A Man! / Another World, Another Foe! / The Wisdom of the Watcher
        A Titan Rides the Train / A Horde of Humanoids! / On the Rampage!
        Brawn Against Brain / Captured At Last / Enter…the Chameleon!

        THE INCREDIBLE HULK                                           25 min.     Color        1982    DVD+R
        When Monsters Meet

complete CAPTAIN AMERICA                                                          Color        1966    DVD+R
        The Origin of Captain America!
        The Fantastic Origin of Red Skull
        Midnight In Greymoor Castle!
        The Return of Captain America
        Zemo and the Masters of Evil
        The Revenge of Captain America
        Doorway To Doom
        The Coming of…the Swordsman!
        The Bitter Taste of Defeat!
        The Sleeper Shall Awake!
        The Girl From Cap's Past!
        Let The Past Be Gone
        The Red Skull Lives!

complete THE MIGHTY THOR                                                          Color        1966    DVD+R
        Thunder In the Netherworld

                                             page 69 of 112 pages
                                            animated series on DVD

         Molto, the Lava Man
         The Grey Gargoyle
         The Mysterious Mister Hyde
         The Revenge of Mister Hyde
         Every Hand Against Him
         Trapped by Loki / The Vengeance of Loki / The Defeat of Loki
         Chained Evil
         Battle of the Gods
         The Tomorrow Man
         Enter Hercules
         Terror of the Tomb
         At the Mercy of Loki / Trial of the Gods / Return to Earth
         The Absorbing Man / In My Hands This Hammer / Vengeance of the Thunder God

         SPACE ANGEL                                                  22 min.   Color   1962   DVD+R
   31    The Gladiators

         AQUAMAN (Filmation)                                          47 min.   Color   1967   DVD+R
         The Onslaught of the Octomen
         Treacherous is the Torpedoman
         To Catch a Fisherman
         The Microscopic Monsters
         Mephisto's Marine Marauders
         Where Lurks the Fisherman!
         The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars

         SPEED RACER                                              23 min ea.    Color   1966   DVD+R
    1    The Great Plan (part 1)
    2    The Great Plan (part 2)
    3    Challenge of the Masked Racer (part 1)
    4    Challenge of the Masked Racer (part 2)
    5    The Secret Engine (part 1)
    6    The Secret Engine (part 2)
    7    Race Against the Mammoth Car (part 1)
    8    Race Against the Mammoth Car (part 2)
    9    The Most Dangerous Race (part 1)
   10    The Most Dangerous Race (part 2)
   11    The Most Dangerous Race (part 3)

complete BATMAN (Filmation)                                        7-14 min.    Color   1968   DVD+R
         Opening sequence
    1    My Crime Is Your Crime                                       14 min.
    2    The Cool Cruel Mr. Freeze                                    13 min.
    3    How Many Herring In A Wheelbarrow?                           13 min.
    4    The Nine Lives of Batman                                     13 min.
    5    Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby?                              12 min.
    6    The Big Birthday Caper                                       12 min.
    7    Partners In Peril                                            13 min.
    8    Hizzoner the Joker                                           13 min.
    9    The Crime Computer                                           13 min.
   10    A Game of Cat and Mouse                                      13 min.
   11    Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up                          12 min.
   12    Simon the Pieman                                             11 min.

                                               page 70 of 112 pages
                                                animated series on DVD

   13      From Catwoman With Love                                          13 min.
   14      A Perfidious Pieman is Simon                                     13 min.
   15      The Fiendishly Frigid Fraud                                      13 min.
   16      The Jigsaw Jeopardy                                              13 min.
   17      It Takes Two to Make a Team                                      13 min.
   18      A Bird Out of Hand                                                7 min.
   19      The Joke's On Robin                                               8 min.
   20      In Again Out Again Penguin                                        7 min.
   21      Long John Joker                                                   7 min.
   22      1001 Faces of the Riddler                                         7 min.
   23      Two Penguins Too Many                                             7 min.
   24      The Underworld, Underground Caper                                 7 min.
   25      Freeze's Frozen Vikings                                           7 min.
   26      The Great Scarecrow Scare                                         7 min.
   27      Beware of Living Dolls                                            7 min.
   28      He Who Swipes the Ice, Goes to the Cooler                         7 min.
   29      A Mad Mad Tea Party                                               7 min.
   30      Perilous Playthings                                               7 min.
   31      Cool Cruel Christmas Caper                                        7 min.
   32      Enter the Judge                                                   7 min.
   33      Wrath of the Riddler                                              7 min.
   34      Opera Buffa                                                       7 min.
           Closing credits

complete   THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN                                 22 min ea.    Color    1977     DVD+R
    1      Curses! Oiled Again
    2      Bite Sized
    3      Reading, Writing, and Wronging
    4      The Chameleon
    5      He Who Laughs Last
    6      The Deep Freeze
    7      Dead Ringers
    8      Birds of A Feather Fool Around Together
    9      Have an Evil Day (part 1)
   10      Have an Evil Day (part 2)
   11      This Looks Like A Job For Batmite
   12      The Pest
   13      The Moon Man
   14      Trouble Identity
   15      The Bermuda Rectangle
   16      A Sweet Joke On Gotham City

           BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES                                  25 min ea     Color   1992-95   DVD+R
           Pilot Promo Reel (in Special Features )                        2 min.               1991
   1       On Leather Wings                                                                    1992
   2       Christmas With the Joker
   3       Nothing To Fear
   4       The Last Laugh
   5       Pretty Poison
   6       The Under-Dwellers
   7       P.O.V.
   8       Forgotten
   9       Be A Clown

                                                     page 71 of 112 pages
                                      animated series on DVD

   10    Two-Face (part 1)
   11    Two-Face (part 2)
   12    It's Never Too Late
   13    I've Got Batman In My Basement
   14    Heart of Ice
   15    Cat and Claw (part 1)
   16    Cat and Claw (part 2)
   17    See No Evil
   18    Beware of Gray Ghost
   19    Prophecy of Doom
   20    Feat of Clay (part 1)
   21    Feat of Clay (part 2)
   22    The Joker's Favor
   23    Vendetta
   24    Fear of Victory
   25    The Clock King
   26    Appointment in Crime Alley
   27    Mad As A Hatter
   28    Dreams In Darkness
   ?     Girls' Nite Out
         BATMAN & MR. FREEZE: SUB-ZERO                           67 min.   Color   1998   DVD+R

complete SUPERMAN (Filmation)                                c. 6 min ea   Color   1966   DVD+R
         The Force Phantom
         The Mermen of Emor
         Prehistoric Pterodactyls
         Merlin's Magic Marbles
         The Threat of the Thrutans
         The Wicked Warlock
         The Chimp Who Made It Big
         The Deadly Icebergs
         The Robot of Riga
         The Invisible Raiders
         Neolithic Nightmare
         The Return of Brainiac
         The Magnetic Monster
         The Toys of Doom
         The Iron Eater
         The Ape Army of the Amazon
         The Fire Phantom
         The Deadly Dish
         Insect Raiders
         Return of Warlock
         The Abominable Iceman
         The Men from APE
         The Treemen of Arbora
         The Image Maker
         Superman's Double Trouble
         The Deadly Super-Doll
         The Lava Men
         Luthor Strikes Again
         Mission to Planet Peril

                                          page 72 of 112 pages
                                           animated series on DVD

           The Pernicious Parasite
           The Two Faces of Superman
           The Imp-Practical Joker
           Superman Meets Brainiac
           Seeds of Disaster
           The Malevolent Mummy
           The Birdmen of Lost Valley
           APE Strikes Again
           The Lethal Lightning Bug
           The Prankster
           The Saboteurs
           The Wisp of Wickedness
           Superman Meets His Match
           Night of the Living Octopod
           Brainiac's Bubbles
           War of the Bee Battalion
           The Toyman's Super Toy
           The Cage of Glass
           The Atomic Superman
           Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
           The Warlock's Revenge
           The Halyah of the Himalayas
           Luthor's Fatal Fireworks
           Luthor's Lethal Laser
           Can A Luthor Change His Spots
           The Team of Terror
           Rain of Iron
           The Mysterious Mr. Mist
           Luminians on the Loose
           The Ghost of Kilbane Castle
           The Japanese Sandman

complete   SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES                       25 min ea   Color   1996-98   DVD+R
    1      Last Son of Krypton (part 1)
    2      Last Son of Krypton (part 2)
    3      Last Son of Krypton (part 3)
    4      Fun and Games
    5      A Little Piece of Home
    6      Feeding Time
    7      The Way of All Flesh
    8      Stolen Memories
    9      The Main Man (part 1)
   10      The Main Man (part 2)
   11      My Girl
   12      Tools of the Trade
   13      Two's A Crowd
   14      Blasts From the Past (part 1)
   15      Blasts From the Past (part 2)
   16      The Prometheon
   17      Speed Demons
   18      Live Wire
   19      Identity Crisis
   20      Target

                                            page 73 of 112 pages
                                               animated series on DVD

   21      Mxyzpixilated
   22      Action Figures
   23      Double Dose
   24      Solar Power
   25      Brave New Metropolis
   26      Monkey Fun
   27      Ghost In the Machine
   28      Father's Day
   29      World's Finest (part 1)
   30      World's Finest (part 2)
   31      World's Finest (part 3)
   32      The Hand of Fate
   33      Bizarro's World
   34      Prototype
   35      The Late Mr. Kent
   36      Warrior Queen
   37      Heavy Metal
   38      Apokolips Now (part 1)
   39      Apokolips Now (part 2)
   40      Little Girl Lost (part 1)
   41      Little Girl Lost (part 2)
   42      Where There's Smoke
   43      Knight Time
   44      New Kids In Town
   45      Obsession
   46      Little Big Head Man
   47      Absolute Power
   48      In Brightest Day
   49      Superman's Pal
   50      A Fish Story
   51      Unity
   52      The Demon Reborn
   53      Legacy (part 1)
   54      Legacy (part 2)

complete   SPIDER-MAN ("The '67 Collection")                            10-22 min.   Color   1967-69   DVD+R
    1      The Power of Dr. Octopus / Sub-Zero for Spidey
    2      Where Crawls the Lizard / Electro the Human Lightning Bolt
    3      The Menace of Mysterio
    4      The Sky Is Falling / Captured by J. Jonah Jameson
    5      Never Step on a Scorpion / Sands of Crime
    6      Diet of Destruction / The Witching Hour
    7      The Kilowatt Kaper / The Peril of Parafino
    8      The Horn of the Rhino
    9      The One-Eyed Idol / Fifth Avenue Phantom
   10      The Revenge of Dr. Magneto / The Sinister Prime Minister
   11      The Night of the Villains / Here Comes Trubble
   12      Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy / The Fantastic Fakir
   13      Return of the Flying Dutchman / Farewell Performance
   14      The Golden Rhino / Blueprint for Crime
   15      The Spider and the Fly / The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick
   16      The Vulture's Prey / The Dark Terrors
   17      The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus / Magic Malice

                                                 page 74 of 112 pages
                                             animated series on DVD

   18   Fountain of Terror / Fiddler on the Loose
   19   To Catch a Spider / Double Identity
   20   Sting of the Scorpion / Trick or Treachery
   21   The Origin of Spiderman
   22   King Pinned
   23   Swing City
   24   Criminals in the Clouds
   25   Menace From the Bottom of the World
   26   Diamond Dust
   27   Spiderman Battles the Molemen
   28   Phantom From the Depths of Time
   29   The Evil Sorcerer
   30   Vine
   31   Pardo Presents
   32   Cloud City of Gold
   33   Neptune's Nose Cone
   34   Home
   35   Blotto
   36   Thunder Rumble
   37   Spiderman Meets Skyboy
   38   Cold Storage
   39   To Cage a Spider
   40   The Winged Thing / Conner's Reptiles
   41   Trouble With Snow / Spiderman vs. Desperado
   42   Sky Harbor / The Big Brainwasher
   43   The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian / Scourge of the Scarf
   44   Super Swami / The Birth of Microman
   45   Knights Must Fall / The Devious Dr. Dumpty
   46   Up From Nowhere
   47   Rollarama
   48   Rhino / The Madness of Mysterio
   49   Revolt in the Fifth Dimension
   50   Specialists and Slaves
   51   Down to Earth
   52   Trip to Tomorrow

complete SPACE GHOST                                             6 min ea.   Color   1966   DVD+R
        The Heat Thing
        Creature King
        The Lizard Slavers
        The Web
        Homing Device
        The Robot Master
        The Energy Monster
        The Lure
        The Schemer
        The Evil Collector
        The Drone
        The Sandman
        Lokar - King of the Kliler Locusts

                                              page 75 of 112 pages
                                    animated series on DVD

    The Cyclopeds
    Space Sargasso
    The Iceman
    The Time Machine
    Space Birds
    Attack of the Saucer Crab
    Nightmare Planet
    Space Armada
    Ruler of the Rock Robots
    The Challenge
    Jungle Planet
    Revenge of the Spider Woman
    The Space Ark
    The Sorcerer
    The Space Piranhas
    Transor - the Matter Mover
    The Ovens of Moltor
    The Gargoyloids
    The Looters
    The Meeting
    Clutches of Creature King
    The Deadly Trap
    The Molten Monsters of Moltar
    Two Faces of Doom
    The Final Encounter

    THE HERCULOIDS                                      8-10 min ea   Color   1967   DVD+R
    The Mutoids
    Prisoners of the Bubblemen
    Return of Sta-Lak
    The Pirates
    The Gladiators of Kyanite

    THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN                              24 min ea.    Color   1980   DVD+R
    City of Evil
    Secret of the Black Pearl
    Mindok the Mind Menace
    Raiders of the Abyss
    Challenge of the Wizards
    Trial by Terror
    Attack of the Amazon Women
    Island of the Body Snatchers
    Stalker From the Stars
    Wizard War
    Prophecy of Peril

    JONNY QUEST                                         25 min ea     Color   1964   DVD+R
1   Mystery of the Lizard Men
2   Arctic Splashdown
3   The Curse of Anubis
4   Pursuit of the Po-Ho

                                     page 76 of 112 pages
                                               animated series on DVD

    5      Riddle of the Gold
    6      Treasure of the Temple
    7      Calcutta Adventure

complete SAMURAI JACK                                               24 min ea.   Color   2001-03   DVD+R
         Original Animation Test [in bonus features on Disc 2 ]
 Disc 1 Episodes I - VII
 Disc 2 Episodes VIII - XIII
 Disc 3 Episodes XIV - XIX
 Disc 4 Episodes XX - XXIV
 Disc 5 Episodes XXV - XXIX
 Disc 6 Episodes XXX - XXXIV
 Disc 7 Episodes XXXV - XL
 Disc 8 Episodes XLI - XLVI
 Disc 9 Episodes XLVII - LII

complete MIGHTY MOUSE: THE NEW ADVENTURES                                        Color    1987     DVD+R
         Witch Tricks
         Night on Bald pate
         Mouse From Another House
         Night of the Bat-Bat
         The Ice Goose Cometh
         Pirates With Dirty Faces
         Heroes and Zeroes
         Stress For Success
         Catastrophe Cat
         Scrappy's Field Day
         The Bag Mouse
         The First Deadly Cheese
         The Island Mouseville
         Mighty's Musical Classics
         The Littlest Tramp
         Puffy Goes Berserk
         The League of Super Rodents
         Scrappy's Playhouse
         All You Need Is Glove
         It's Scrappy's Birthday
         Aqua Guppy
         Animation Concerto
         Mighty's Benefit Plan
         See You in the Funny Papers
         Day of the Mice
         Still Oily After All These Years
         Bat With a Golden Tongue
         Mundane Voyage
         Mouse and Supermouse
         The Bride of Mighty Mouse
         Mighty's Wedlock Whimsy
         Anatomy of a Milquetoast
         Snow White and the Motor City Dwarves
         Don't Touch That Dial

                                                 page 77 of 112 pages
                                        animated series on DVD

     A Star Is Milked
     Mighty's Tone Poem

     ASTRO BOY                                                  26 min ea.    B&W     1963   DVD+R
1    Episode 1
2    Episode 2

     ASTRO BOY                                                  24 min ea.    Color   1982   DVD+R
1    The Birth of Astro Boy
2    Robot Circus
3    Save the Classmate

     PRINCE PLANET                                              24 min ea.    B&W     1965   DVD+R
     (Two episodes)

     MEGAMAN                                                                  Color   1995   DVD+R
1    The Beginning
2    Electric Nightmare
3    The Big Shake
4    Mega Pinocchio
5    20,000 Leaks Under the Sea

     CLUTCH CARGO                                                   25 min.   Color   1959   DVD+R
 2   The Arctic Bird Giant
 3   The Desert Queen
11   The Ghost Ship

     COLONEL BLEEP                                                  4 min.    Color   1957   DVD+R
1    Colonel Bleep's Arrival on Earth

     DODO THE KID FROM OUTER SPACE                                            Color   1959   DVD+R
     Dodo in Japan

     MILTON THE MONSTER                                             12 min.   Color   1965   DVD+R
     Zelda the Zombie

     RUFF AND READY                                                 4 min.    Color   1957   DVD+R
     The Whama Bama Gamma Gun

     TOM TERRIFIC                                               12 min ea.    B&W     1957   DVD+R
     Isotope Feeney's Foolish Fog
     Go West Young Manfred
     Robinsnest Crusoe

     HOPPITY HOOPER                                                           Color   1964   DVD+R
     Frog Prince of Monomania [incomplete]

     ROGER RAMJET                                                             Color   1965   DVD+R
     Dr. Ivan Evilkisser

     SUPER CHICKEN                                                  6 min.    Color   1967   DVD+R
     Wild Ralph Hiccup

                                             page 78 of 112 pages
                                        animated series on DVD

    DICK TRACY (UPA)                                            5 min.    Color   1960   DVD+R
    Snow Job

    THE BEATLES                                                 17 min.   Color   1965   DVD+R
1   A Hard Day's Night
    singalong: Not A Second Time/Devil in Her Heart
    I Want To Hold Your Hand

    TOM SLICK                                                   6 min.    Color   1967   DVD+R
    Bad Year Blimp Race

    THE THING [from "Fred & Barney Meet the Thing "]            11 min.   Color   1979   DVD+R

                                         page 79 of 112 pages
                         animated films
                               Titles                           Length     Color/B&W    Year       Format
THE PUPPETOON MOVIE [1987 release]                               79 min.     Color   1930's-40's    DVD
GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (60th Anniversary, Winstar)                  110 min.     Color      1939        DVD
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS                                  84 min.     Color      1939        DVD
PINOCCHIO                                                        88 min.     Color      1940        DVD
FANTASIA                                                        125 min.     Color      1941        DVD
MAKE MINE MUSIC                                                  67 min.     Color      1946        DVD
FUN AND FANCY FREE                                               73 min.     Color      1947        DVD
SONG OF THE SOUTH                                                91 min.     Color      1948       DVD+R
MELODY TIME                                                      75 min.     Color      1948        DVD
CINDERELLA                                                       76 min.     Color      1950       DVD+R
ALICE IN WONDERLAND                                              75 min.     Color      1951        DVD
PETER PAN                                                        77 min.     Color      1953        DVD
THE CURIOUS ADVENTURES OF MR. WONDERBIRD                         62 min.     Color      1953        DVD
LADY AND THE TRAMP                                               76 min.     Color      1955       DVD+R
PANDA AND THE MAGIC SERPENT                                      73 min.     Color      1958        DVD
SLEEPING BEAUTY (letterboxed)                                    75 min.     Color      1959       DVD+R
THE SWORD IN THE STONE                                           79 min.     Color      1963        DVD
MAD MONSTER PARTY?                                               95 min.     Color      1966       DVD+R
YELLOW SUBMARINE                                                 90 min.     Color      1968        DVD
THE WORLD OF HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN                             71 min.     Color      1971        DVD
ROBIN HOOD                                                       83 min.     Color      1973       DVD+R
THE HOBBIT                                                       78 min.     Color      1977        DVD
THE BLACK CAULDRON                                               80 min.     Color      1985        DVD
TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE                                           86 min.     Color      1986        DVD
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (dubbed in English)                           87 min.     Color      1988       DVD+R
TOY STORY                                                        81 min.     Color      1995        DVD
GUMBY THE MOVIE                                                  90 min.     Color      1995       DVD+R
A BUG'S LIFE                                                     95 min.     Color      1998        DVD
BATMAN & MR. FREEZE: SUB-ZERO                                    67 min.     Color      1998       DVD+R
TOY STORY 2                                                      92 min.     Color      1999        DVD
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: THE MOVIE                                    60 min.     Color      1999       DVD+R
FANTASIA 2000                                                    74 min.     Color      2000        DVD
SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON (lbx)                           83 min.     Color      2001        DVD
BIONICLE: MASK OF LIGHT                                          74 min.     Color      2003       DVD+R
THE INCREDIBLES (2 discs with deleted scenes, etc. )            115 min.     Color      2004        DVD
BIONICLE 2: LEGENDS OF METRU NUI                                 75 min.     Color      2004       DVD+R

TOY STORY DVD SUPPLIMENTS                                       49 min.      Color    1992-1998    DVD+R
Toy Story - Deleted Scenes / Render Bugs
Toy Story 2 - Deleted Scenes
Toy Story - History / Early Test 1992 / Abandoned Concepts
Toy Story 2 - Toy Box (Hidden Jokes, etc.)

FANTASIA LEGACY                                                 161 min.     Color                  DVD

                                     ANIMATED FILMS PAGE 80 of 112 PAGES
                       Titles                    Length Color/B&W   Year   LBX   Media

                   Horror Movies
13 Ghosts-The Original                           85 min.    B&W     1960   LBX   DVD
7 Brothers Meet Dracula                          83 min.    Color   1974   LBX   DVD
Abbott&Costello Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde          76 min.   B&W     1953    FS   DVD
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein              83 min.    B&W     1948    FS   DVD
Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy                 79 min.    B&W     1955    FS   DVD
Brides of Dracula                                85 min.    Color   1960   LBX   DVD
Corridors of Blood                               86 min.    B&W     1962   LBX   DVD
Count Dracula & His Vampire Brides               87 min.    Color   1974   LBX   DVD
Curse of Frankenstein                            82 min.    Color   1957   LBX   DVD
Dracula 1979                                                Color   1979   LBX   DVD
Dracula 3000                                      84 min.   Color   2004   LBX   DVD
Dracula 1972 A.D.                                 96 min.   Color   1972   LBX   DVD
Dracula's Curse                                  102 min.   Color   2002   LBX   DVD
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave                  92 min.   Color   1968   LBX   DVD
Dracula: Prince of Darkness                       90 min.   Color   1966   LBX   DVD
Dracula's Great Love                              85 min.   Color   1972    FS   DVD
End of the World                                  88 min.   Color   1977   LBX   DVD
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell            93 min.   Color   1974   LBX   DVD
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed                   101 min.   Color   1969   LBX   DVD
Halloween Collection                                        Color          LBX   DVD
Horror Express                                    90 min.   Color   1973   LBX   DVD
Horror Hotel                                      76 min.   Color   1960   LBX   DVD
Horror of Dracula                                 82 min.   Color   1958   LBX   DVD
House that Dripped Blood                         102 min.   Color   1970   LBX   DVD
Humanoids from the Deep                           80 min.   Color   1980   LBX   DVD
I Monster                                         75 min.   Color   1971   LBX   DVD
In Search of Dracula                              81 min.   Color   1975    FS   DVD
It Came from Beneath the Sea                      79 min.   B&W     1955   LBX   DVD
Kiss of the Mummy                                 98 min.   Color   1995    FS   DVD
Kiss of the Vampire                               88 min.   Color   1963   LBX   DVD
Lifeforce                                        116 min.   Color   1985   LBX   DVD
Lust for a Vampire                                95 min.   Color   1971   LBX   DVD
Night of the Demons 2                             96 min.   Color   1994   LBX   DVD
Phantasm                                          88 min.   Color   1979   LBX   DVD
Return of the Vampire                             69 min.   B&W     1944   LBX   DVD
Revenge of Frankenstein                           94 min.   Color   1958   LBX   DVD
Salem's Lot                                                 Color          LBX   DVD
Scanners                                                    Color          LBX   DVD

                                JAPANESE TV PAGE 81 of 112 PAGES
Scars of Dracula                                 96 min.    Color   1970   LBX    DVD
Taste the Blood of Dracula                       91 min.    Color   1970   LBX    DVD
The Abomidable Snowman                                      B&W            LBX    DVD
The Creeping Flesh                               94 min.    Color   1973   LBX    DVD
The Evil Dead                                               Color          LBX    DVD
The Gorgon                                       83 min.    Color   1964   LBX    DVD
The Mummy                                        88 min.    Color   1959   LBX    DVD
The Mummy's Shroud                                          Color          LBX    DVD
The Satanic Rites of Dracula                     87 min.    Color   1974   LBX    DVD
The Skull                                        90 min.    Color   1965   LBX    DVD
The Vampire Lovers                                          Color          LBX    DVD
The Wicker Man                                   88 min.    Color   1973   LBX    DVD
Tintorena                                                   Color          LBX    DVD
Twins of Evil                                               Color          LBX    DVD
Universal Horror                                            Color           FS    DVD
Vampire Circus                                              Color          LBX    DVD
Vampyres                                                    Color          LBX    DVD
Virgin of Nuremburgh                                        Color          LBX    DVD
Howling II                                       91 min.    Color   1986   both   DVD
Night of the Demons                              90 min.    Color   1988   LBX    DVD
Blood of Dracula                                            Color
Monster Squad                                               Color          LBX    DVD
Return of Count Yorga                                       Color          LBX    DVD
Insemenoid                                                  Color          LBX    DVD
Prince of Darkness                                          Color   1987   LBX    DVD
And Now the Screaming Starts                                Color          LBX    DVD
Tomb of the Blind Dead                                      Color          LBX    DVD
Queen of Blood                                              Color          LBX    DVD
King Kong 1976                                   134 min.   Color   1976   LBX    DVD
Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead                     106 min.   Color   1974   LBX    DVD
Elivra: Monsterama                               240 min.   Both    2005   LBX    DVD
Bram Stoker's Dracula                                       Color
Dawn of the Dead - Unrated Director's Cut        110 min.   Color
Dracula (1931)                                              B&W
Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection                        B&W
Hammer Horror Series, The Franchise Collection              Both
Hound of the Baskervilles, The                              Color   1959   LBX    DVD
Mummy, The - The Legacy Collection                          B&W
Night of the Demons 2                                       Color
Blind Dead Collection                                       Color          LBX    DVD
Underworld                                                  Color          LBX    DVD
The Reptile                                                 Color          LBX    DVD
The Plague of Zombies                                       Color          LBX    DVD
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Demons of the Night                              Color   LBX   DVD

                      JAPANESE TV PAGE 83 of 112 PAGES
Media   Quality   Qty.

DVD       A       3
DVD       A       18
DVD       A       1
DVD       A       8
DVD       A       4
DVD       A       15
DVD       A       3
DVD       A       10
DVD       A       2
DVD       B+      1
DVD       A+      6
DVD       B       4
DVD       B       3
DVD       A+      18
DVD       A+      1
DVD       A       1
DVD       A       9
DVD       A       9
DVD       A       1
DVD       B       2

DVD       B       2
DVD       B+      2
DVD       B       4
DVD       B       12
DVD       A+      12
DVD       B-      1

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                          Titles                     Qty.      Media
Hunter Season 1-2                                              DVD
Married... with Children Season 1-4                            DVD
Night Court - The Complete 1st Season                          DVD
Smallville Season 1-4                                          DVD

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page 95 of 112 pages
                          Titles                    Media
Deleted Magic: Star Wars                            DVD
Star Wars Trilogy                                   DVD
Star Wars Trilogy SE                                DVD
Star Wars Trilogy Original                          DVD
Episode IV: Wookie Groomer Splitscreen Comparison   DVD
Episode V: Wookie Groomer Splitscreen Comparison    DVD
Episode VI: Wookie Groomer Splitscreen Comparison   DVD
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume 1-2                  DVD
Star Wars: Episode 1-3                              DVD
The Story of Star Wars                              DVD
Star Wars: Defenitive Collection                    DVD

Playboy Playmates Slideshow                         DVD

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                          Titles            Media
Clash of the Titans                         DVD
Death Race 2000                             DVD
Ray Harryhausen: Legendary Monster Series   DVD
Swamp Thing                                 DVD
Xanadu                                      DVD
Private Eyes                                DVD
Mating Habitats of the Earthbound Human     DVD
Young Ones                                  DVD
Girl Next Door Unrated                      DVD
Badder Santa                                DVD
American Pie                                DVD
American Pie 2                              DVD
American Wedding                            DVD
Bullitt                                     DVD
Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood            DVD
Galaxina                                    DVD
King Kong (1933)                            DVD
King Kong (1976)                            DVD
King Kong Escapes                           DVD
Mad Monster Party                           DVD
Matrix Trilogy                              DVD
Mummy's Kiss                                DVD
Prehistoric Women                           DVD
Runaway                                     DVD
Wild Things Unrated                         DVD
1 Million Years B.C. Uncut                  DVD
The Black Scorpion                          DVD
A History of Violence                       DVD
Superfuzz                                   DVD

Playboy Playmates Slideshow 1970's          DVD
Playboy Spooktacular                        DVD

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                    Titles                   Media    Quality   Qty.

Hong Kong Phooey                              DVD       A       4
Star Trek Animated Series                     DVD       B+      3
Thundarr                                      DVD       B+      3
Submariner 1960 Series                        DVD       B+      1
Galaxy Trio                                   DVD       B+      1
Space Ghost 1960 Series                       DVD       B+      2
Herculoids 1960 Series                        DVD       B+      3
Birdman 1960 Series                           DVD       B+      1
Jonny Quest 1960 Series                       DVD       B+      5
New Jonny Quest                               DVD       B       2
Tom & Jerry                                   DVD       A       10
Tom & Jerry                                   DVD       A       6
Tomb of Dracula                               DVD       B       1
Tex Avery                                     DVD       C       3
Droopy                                        DVD       C       1
Quickdraw McGraw                              DVD       B-      2
Herculoids 1980 Series                        DVD       B-      1
Snagglepuss                                   DVD       B-      1
Huckleberry Hound                             DVD       B-      3
Dynomutt                                      DVD       B       4
Flash Gordon                                  DVD       B-      4
Jonny Quest - The Complete 1st Season
Mightor                                       DVD       A        1
Shazzan                                       DVD       A        3
Spicy City                                    DVD       B-       1
Frankenstein                                  DVD       B-       1
Smurfs Movie                                  DVD       A        1
Pixie & Dixie                                 DVD       B-       2
Hellsing 1-4                                  DVD       A+       4
Jonny Quest - The Complete 1st Season         DVD       A+       4
Faeries 1982                                  DVD       B        1

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                                   Titles                                  Length Color/B&W    Year     Format

Gojira                                                                      92 min.   B&W      1954     Subtitled
Godzilla, King of the Monsters                                              79 min.   B&W     1956 US   Dubbed
Godzilla Raids Again                                                        82 min.   B&W      1955     Subtitled
Gigantis, the Fire Monster                                                  78 min.   B&W     1955 US   Dubbed
King Kong vs. Godzilla                                                      97 min.   Color    1962     Subtitled
King Kong vs. Godzilla                                                      92 min.   Color   1963 US   Dubbed
King Kong vs. Godzilla [from UK TV]                                         87 min.   Color   1963 US   Dubbed
Mothra vs. Godzilla                                                         88 min.   Color    1964     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Mothra                                                         87 min.   Color    1964     Dubbed
Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster                                           93 min.   Color    1964     Subtitled
Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster                                           86 min.   Color    1964     Dubbed
Invasion of the Astro-Monster                                               94 min.   Color    1965     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero                                                   95 min.   Color    1965     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster [International Version dub]                    87 min.   Color    1966       both
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster [US Titra TV dub]                              83 min.   Color    1966     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (MST3K#213)                                    93 min.   Color    1966     Dubbed
Son of Godzilla [International Version Dub]                                 86 min.   Color    1967       both
Son of Godzilla [U.S. Titra dub]                                            83 min.   Color    1967     Dubbed
Destroy All Monsters                                                        89 min.   Color    1968     Subtitled
Destroy All Monsters [AIP U.S. dub]                                         89 min.   Color    1968     Dubbed
Destroy All Monsters [International Version Dub]                            89 min.   Color    1968     Dubbed
Godzilla's Revenge                                                          69 min.   Color    1969     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Hedorah [International Version Dub]                            86 min.   Color    1971       both
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster [AIP English Dub]                             80 min.   Color    1971     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Gigan                                                          89 min.   Color    1972       both
Godzilla vs. Gigan [Japanese print includes word balloons, etc ]            89 min.   Color    1972     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Megalon                                                        81 min.   Color    1973     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Megalon                                                        80 min.   Color    1973     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Megalon [Sci-Fi Channel]                                       82 min.   Color    1973     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Megalon (MST3K#212)                                            95 min.   Color    1973     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla                                                  85 min.   Color    1974       both
Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster [UK version]                                79 min.   Color   1974 UK   Dubbed
Revenge of Mechagodzilla                                                    83 min.   Color    1975     Subtitled
Terror of Mechagodzilla                                                     79 min.   Color    1975     Dubbed
The Return of Godzilla      [Holland]                                      101 min.   Color    1984     Dubbed
Godzilla 1985 [US Version]                                                  91 min.   Color   1985 US   Dubbed
Godzilla vs Biollante                                                      105 min.   Color    1989     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah                                                 105 min.   Color    1991     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah                                                 103 min.   Color    1991     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Mothra                                                        102 min.   Color    1992     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Mothra                                                        102 min.   Color    1992     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II                                              107 min.   Color    1993       both
Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla [Japanese print with full end credits, etc. ]   108 min.   Color    1993     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla                                                 108 min.   Color    1994     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla                                                 108 min.   Color    1994     Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Destroyer                                                     103 min.   Color    1995     Subtitled
Godzilla vs. Destroyer                                                     102 min.   Color    1995     Dubbed
Godzilla 2000 Millennium                                                   108 min.   Color    1999     Subtitled

                                                   page 103 of 112 pages
Godzilla 2000                                                            99 min.   Color   2000 US    Dubbed
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (GXM)                                           106 min.   Color    2000       both
Godzilla-Mothra-King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (GMK)      105 min.   Color    2001       both
Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla                                           88 min.   Color    2002       both
Tokyo S.O.S.                                                             91 min.   Color    2003       both
Godzilla: Final Wars                                                    120 min.   Color    2004     Japanese
Godzilla Trailers

Billy Godzilla DVDs Labeled Blue
Godzilla DVDs Labeled Green
Other Godzilla DVDs Labeled Orange

Godzilla (Godzilla, King of The Monsters) [1954]
Mothra vs. Godzilla (Godzilla vs. The Thing) [1964]
Mothra vs. Godzilla (Godzilla vs. The Thing) [1964]
All Monsters Attack (Godzilla's Revenge) [1969]
Godzilla vs. Hedorah (Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster) [1971]
Godzilla vs. Gigan (Godzilla on Monster Island) [1972]
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster) [1974]
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla [1994]
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (Godzilla vs. Destroyer) [1995]
Godzilla 2000: Millennium (Godzilla 2000) [1999]
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus [2000]
Godzilla, Mothra & King Ghidorah:Giant Monsters All Out Attack [2001]
Godzilla Fantasia
Godzilla Final Wars + Extras

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