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					                                                                                                                 Core 1000 for 2008

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LC Description              Title              Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 FROM RAINFOREST TO CANE    FUNES        UNIVERSITY OF                                                     1. SUGARCANE--CUBA-            AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA.
                 FIELD IN CUBA: AN          MONZOTE,     NORTH                                                     SB229.C -HIST. 2. SUGARCANE            TRANS. FROM SPANISH OF AWARD-
                 ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY      REINALDO,    CAROLINA      ENVISIONING             333.7513            9F8613  INDUSTRY--CUBA--               WINNING ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY                                           97808078
Agriculture      SINCE 1492; TRANS. BY      1969-        PRESS         CUBA.              2008 7097          SB    2008    HIST.                   ADV-AC OF CUBA.                      9780807831281 CLOTH              $65.00     58585     $24.95
                 STARVED FOR SCIENCE: HOW                                                                          S494.5.BAGRICULTURAL
                 BIOTECHNOLOGY IS BEING     PAARLBERG, HARVARD UNIV                                                563P33  BIOTECHNOLOGY--
Agriculture      KEPT OUT OF AFRICA.        ROBERT.    PRESS                              2008 630.96        S     2008    AFRICA.                 GEN-AC AUTH: WELLESLEY COLLEGE.            9780674029736 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                           1. CRO-MAGNONS--               AUTH: ETH ZURICH. TRACES
                 BONES AND OCHRE: THE       SOMMER,      HARVARD                                                   GN286.3 WALES. 2.                      SUCCESSIVE INTERPR. OF
                 CURIOUS AFTERLIFE OF THE   MARIANNE,    UNIVERSITY                                                .S66    PALEOANTHROPOLO                ANCIENT SKELETAL REMAINS
Anthropology     RED LADY OF PAVILAND.      1971-        PRESS                            2007 936.29       GN     2007    GY --WALES.             ADV-AC FOUND IN WALES IN 1823.             9780674024991 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                        TEXAS A & M                                        1. HUMAN
                 HUMAN ORIGINS: WHAT BONES                              UNIVERSITY                                         EVOLUTION. 2.
                 AND GENOMES TELL US ABOUT DESALLE,      TEXAS A & M    ANTHROPOLOGY                                       HUMAN BEINGS--
Anthropology     OURSELVES.                ROB.          UNIV PRESS     SERIES; NO. 13.   2008 569.9        GN     GN281 ORIGIN.                   GEN-AC A PETER N. NEVRAUMONT BOOK.         9781585445677 CLOTH        $29.95

                 POWER OF PLACE:                                                                                                                          AUTH: MICHIGAN STATE.
                 GEOGRAPHY, DESTINY, AND                 OXFORD                                                            1. HUMAN                       CHALLENGES FLATTENING EARTH
                 GLOBALIZATION'S ROUGH      DE BLIJ,     UNIVERSITY                                                GF41.D4 GEOGRAPHY. 2.                  CONCEPT; MAINTAINS PLACE STILL
Anthropology     LANDSCAPE.                 HARM J.      PRESS                            2009 3042          GF    2 2008  GLOBALIZATION.          GEN-AC OF KEY IMPORTANCE.                  9780195367706 CLOTH        $27.95
                 RETHINKING THE HUMAN
                 REVOLUTION: NEW
                 BEHAVIOURAL AND
                 ON THE ORIGIN AND
                 DISPERSAL OF MODERN                     MCDONALD      MCDONALD                                               1. HUMAN BEINGS--           ED: U. OF CAMBRIDGE. 2005
                 HUMANS; ED. BY PAUL                     INST FOR ARCH INSTITUTE                                              ORIGIN. 2. HUMAN            CONFERENCE PAPERS. DIST. BY
Anthropology     MELLARS.                                RE            MONOGRAPHS.        2007 599.938      GN     GN281      EVOLUTION.           ADV-AC DAVID BROWN.                    9781902937465 CLOTH            $70.00
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF
              AMERICA'S FOOD: WHAT YOU                                                                             HD9005. FOOD INDUSTRY &                JERUSALEM. EXAMINES FOOD
Business/Econ DON'T KNOW ABOUT WHAT         BLATT,                                                                 B628    TRADE--HEALTH                  PRODUCTION, HUMAN HEALTH, AND
omics         YOU EAT.                      HARVEY       MIT PRESS                        2008   363.1921    HD    2008    ASPECTS--U.S.           GEN-AC FUTURE OF FOOD.                 9780262026529 CLOTH            $29.95
              BAD SAMARITANS: THE MYTH                                                                                                                    AUTH: U. OF CAMBRIDGE. NEGATIVE
              OF FREE TRADE AND THE                                                                                HF1713.                                IMPACT OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM ON
Business/Econ SECRET HISTORY OF             CHANG, HA-   BLOOMSBURY                                                C5185   1. FREE TRADE. 2.              DEVELOPING NATIONS. PUB. ALSO
omics         CAPITALISM.                   JOON.        USA                              2008 382.71        HF    2008    CAPITALISM.             GEN-AC IN UK.                          9781596913998 CLOTH            $26.95
              BRIDGE AT THE EDGE OF THE                                                                                    1. ENVIRONMENTAL
              WORLD: CAPITALISM, THE                                                                                       ECONOMICS. 2.                    AUTH: YALE U. ON THE NEG.
              ENVIRONMENT, AND CROSSING     SPETH,       YALE                                                      HC79.E5 CAPITALISM--                     ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF
Business/Econ FROM CRISIS TO                JAMES        UNIVERSITY                                                S6652   ENVIRONMENTAL                    CONSUMPTION & CAPITALISM. A
omics         SUSTAINABILITY.               GUSTAVE.     PRESS                            2008 333.7         HC    2008    ASPECTS.                GEN-AC   CARAVAN BOOK.                     9780300136111 CLOTH        $28.00
                                                                                                                           1. POVERTY--U.S.--               EXAMINES ISSUES SURROUNDING
              CLOSING THE FOOD GAP:                                                                                HC110.P PREVENTION. 2.                   LOCAL FOOD SOURCES SINCE THE
Business/Econ RESETTING THE TABLE IN THE    WINNE,                                             363.8097            6W53    HUNGER-- U.S.--                  1960S, POVERTY, FUTURE NEEDS,
omics         LAND OF PLENTY.               MARK.        BEACON                           2008 3             HC    2008    PREVENTION.             GEN-AC   ETC.                              9780807047309 CLOTH        $23.95
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: COLUMBIA U. PROPOSES
              COMMON WEALTH:                                                                                               1. ECONOMIC POLICY.              PLAN FOR GLOBAL ECON. &
Business/Econ ECONOMICS FOR A CROWDED       SACHS,       PENGUIN                                                   HD87.S2 2. SUSTAINABLE                   ENVIRON. COOPERATION. PUB.
omics         PLANET.                       JEFFREY.     BOOKS                            2008 338.9         HD    3 2008  DEVELOPMENT.          GEN-AC     ALSO UK. NYTBR.                   9781594201271 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                           1. INDENTURED                    AUTH: BINGHAMTON U. ANALYSIS OF
              COOLIE SPEAKS: CHINESE                     TEMPLE         ASIAN AMERICAN                             HD4875. SERVANTS--CUBA--                 CUBA COMMISSION REPORT OF 1874
Business/Econ INDENTURED LABORERS AND       YUN, LISA,   UNIVERSITY     HISTORY AND            331.6251            C9Y86   HIST. 2. SLAVE LABOR-            & TESTIMONIES OF CHINESE
omics         AFRICAN SLAVES OF CUBA.       1963-        PRESS          CULTURE SERIES.   2008 0729          HD    2008    -CUBA--HIST.          ADV-AC     LABORERS.                         9781592135813 CLOTH        $37.50
                                                                                                                           1. SOCIAL
              CREATING A WORLD WITHOUT                                                                                     RESPONSIBILITY OF            CREATION OF PURPOSELY
              POVERTY: SOCIAL BUSINESS      YUNUS,                                                                         BUSINESS.     2.             DESIGNED BUSINESSES FOR
Business/Econ AND THE FUTURE OF             MUHAMMAD, PUBLIC                                                       HD60.Y8 POVERTY--                    SOCIAL NEEDS, BY 2006 NOBEL
omics         CAPITALISM.                   1940-     AFFAIRS                             2007 338.7         HD    6       PREVENTION.           ADV-AC PEACE PRIZE WINNER.                   9781586484934 CLOTH        $26.00

              FREE LUNCH: HOW THE
              WEALTHIEST AMERICANS                                                                                                                        PULITZER-WINNING NYT REPORTER
              ENRICH THEMSELVES AT                                                                                 HC110.S                                EXPOSES GOVERNMENT
Business/Econ GOVERNMENT EXPENSE (AND       JOHNSTON,    PORTFOLIO/PE                          338.9730            9J64                                   MANIPULATION FOR RICH &
omics         STICK YOU WITH THE BILL).     DAVID C.     NGUIN                            2007 2             HC    2008    SUBSIDIES--U.S.         GEN-AC EXPENSE OF REST. NYTBR.       9781591841913 CLOTH              $24.95

              GOOD MONEY: BIRMINGHAM                                    INDEPENDENT                                        1. COINAGE--GREAT              AUTH: UNIV. OF GEORGIA. COINAGE
              BUTTON MAKERS, THE ROYAL SELGIN,           UNIV OF        STUDIES IN                                         BRITAIN--HIST. 2.              MINTED BY PRIVATE COS. COLOR
Business/Econ MINT, AND THE BEGINNINGS OF GEORGE A.,     MICHIGAN       POLITICAL              33240430            HG938.S MONEY--GT. BRIT.--             PLATES. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
omics         MODERN COINAGE, 1775-1821. 1957-           PRESS          ECONOMY.          2008 941          HG     45 2008 HIST.                   ADV-AC INDEPENDENT INST.                   9780472116317 CLOTH        $40.00

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                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

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                                                                                                   Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description            Title                Author         Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                                                                               1. MYRDAL, GUNNAR,              INTELLECTUAL BIOGRAPHY ON LIFE,
                                                                                                                               1898-1987. 2.                   WORK, & LEGACY OF NOBEL
Business/Econ GUNNAR MYRDAL: AN             BARBER,        PALGRAVE       GREAT THINKERS                              HB116.5. ECONOMISTS --                   MEMORIAL PRIZE LAUREATE IN
omics         INTELLECTUAL BIOGRAPHY.       WILLIAM J.     MACMILLAN      IN ECONOMICS.     2008 330.092       HB     M9       SWEDEN--BIOGRAPHY ADV-AC        ECONOMICS.                      9781403999443 CLOTH        $95.00

              HISTORY'S GREATEST HEIST:                    YALE                                                       HJ1208.                                AUTH: BILKENT UNIVERSITY. 1917-
Business/Econ THE LOOTING OF RUSSIA BY      MCMEEKIN,      UNIVERSITY                                                 M36     FINANCE, PUBLIC--              1922 HISTORY OF HOW BOLSHEVIKS
omics         THE BOLSHEVIKS.               SEAN, 1974-    PRESS                            2009   336.4709    HJ     2008    SOVIET UNION--HIST.     ADV-AC FINANCED THEIR AGGRESSION.      9780300135589 CLOTH          $38.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIV.
                                                       OXFORD                                                         HC435.3 1. INDIA--ECON. POL.           COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF
Business/Econ                               PANAGARIYA UNIVERSITY                                330.9540             P36     2. INDIA--ECON.                INDIA'S ECON. CONDITIONS &
omics         INDIA: THE EMERGING GIANT.    , ARVIND.  PRESS                                2008 5             HC     2007    CONDIT.                 ADV-AC POLICIES, 1951-2006.            9780195315035 CLOTH          $39.95
                                                                                                                              1. INDIA--ECON.                AUTH: UNIV. OF HEIDELBERG.
                                            ROTHERMUN YALE                                                            HC435.3 CONDIT.--21ST CENT.            EXPLORES THE DIVERSE ROOTS OF
Business/Econ INDIA: THE RISE OF AN ASIAN   D, DIETMAR, UNIVERSITY                                                    .R68    2. INDIA--POL. &               INDIA'S GROWING
omics         GIANT.                        1933-       PRESS                               2008 330.954       HC     2008    GOVT.                   GEN-AC ECONOMIC/POLITICAL MIGHT.       9780300113099 CLOTH          $35.00

              INSIDE STORY OF CHINA'S                                                                                 HC430.H   HIGH TECHNOLOGY
Business/Econ HIGH-TECH INDUSTRY: MAKING                   ROWMAN &       ASIA/PACIFIC/PERS      338.4760             53Z49     INDUSTRIES--CHINA--                                                                                97807425
omics         SILICON VALLEY IN BEIJING. ZHOU, YU.         LITTLEFIELD    PECTIVES.         2008 9511          HC     2008      BEIJING.              ADV-AC AUTH: VASSAR COLLEGE.            9780742555792 CLOTH         $75.00     55808     $29.95
              INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL                                                                                 HF1359.   INTERNATIONAL                AUTH: UCAL, SANTA BARBARA.
Business/Econ ECONOMY: AN INTELLECTUAL   COHEN,         PRINCETON                                                     C643      ECONOMIC                     ORIGINS & DEVELOPMENT OF THE                                          97806911
omics         HISTORY.                   BENJAMIN J.    UNIV PRESS                          2008 337           HF     2008      RELATIONS.            ADV-AC ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE.             9780691124124 CLOTH         $55.00     35694     $26.95
                                                        UNIV OF
                                            ALEXANDER, BRITISH                                                        HD9710.   MOTORCYCLE                   AUTH: UNIV. OF WISCONSIN-
Business/Econ JAPAN'S MOTORCYCLE WARS:      JEFFREY W., COLUMBIA                                 33847629             5.J32A4   INDUSTRY--JAPAN--            PARKSIDE. PUB. ALSO IN U.S. BY
omics         AN INDUSTRY HISTORY.          1972-       PRESS                               2008 227           HD     4 2008    HIST.                 GEN-AC UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII PRESS.      9780774814539 CLOTH         $98.00
                                            ANDREWS,                                                                  M631913                                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO.
Business/Econ KILLING FOR COAL: AMERICA'S   THOMAS G.,     HARVARD UNIV                                               C736      COAL STRIKE, COLO.,          CONFLICT BETWEEN MINERS & MINE
omics         DEADLIEST LABOR WAR.          1972-          PRESS                            2008   331.8928    HD     2008      1913-1914.            GEN-AC OWNERS, & LUDLOW MASSACRE.     9780674031012 CLOTH           $29.95
              MOBILITY WITHOUT MAYHEM:      PACKER,        DUKE                                                       HE5623.   AUTOMOBILES--
Business/Econ SAFETY, CARS, AND             JEREMY,        UNIVERSITY                            303.4832             P295      SOCIAL ASPECTS--             AUTH: NORTH CAROLINA STATE                                            97808223
omics         CITIZENSHIP.                  1970-          PRESS                            2008 0973          HE     2008      U.S.--HIST.           GEN-AC UNIVERSITY.                      9780822339526 CLOTH         $84.95     39632     $23.95
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: MINNESOTA STATE
              NAVIGATING THE MISSOURI:                                                                                HE630.M STEAM-NAVIGATION--             UNIVERSITY, MANKATO. EXAMINES
Business/Econ STEAMBOATING ON NATURE'S      LASS,          ARTHUR H.                             38630978             63L37   MISSOURI RIVER--               ROLE OF RIVERBOATS IN OPENING
omics         HIGHWAY, 1819-1935.           WILLIAM E.     CLARK                            2008 090           HE     2008    HIST.                   GEN-AC CONTINENT.                       9780870623554 CLOTH         $45.00
                                                                                                                              1. CELLULAR
                                                                                                                              TELEPHONES--SOCIAL               AUTH: UNIV. OF MICHIGAN.
              NEW TECH, NEW TIES: HOW       LING,                                                                     HE9713. ASPECTS. 2.                      EXAMINES ROLE OF MOBILE
Business/Econ MOBILE COMMUNICATION IS       RICHARD                                                                   M43     COMMUNICATION &                  PHONES IN SOCIAL BONDING &
omics         RESHAPING SOCIAL COHESION.    SEYLER.        MIT PRESS                        2008 303.4833      HE     2008    CULTURE.           ADV-AC        FACE-TO-FACE RELATIONS.        9780262122979 CLOTH         $24.95
              ONE NATION UNDER DEBT:        WRIGHT,
              HAMILTON, JEFFERSON, AND      ROBERT E.                                                                                                      AUTH: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.
Business/Econ THE HISTORY OF WHAT WE        (ROBERT                                              336.3409                     DEBTS, PUBLIC--U.S.--        HISTORY OF AMERICA'S FIRST
omics         OWE.                          ERIC), 1969-   MCGRAW-HILL                      2008 7309          HJ     HJ8106 HIST.--18TH CENT.      GEN-AC NATIONAL DEBT.                     9780071543934 CLOTH         $27.95
              POLITICS OF INEQUALITY: A                                                                                       1. UNITED STATES--           AUTH: WILLIAM PATERSON UNIV. A
              POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE      THOMPSON,      COLUMBIA                                                           ECON. POL. 2.                CARAVAN BOOK.    TRACES
Business/Econ IDEA OF ECONOMIC              MICHAEL J.,    UNIVERSITY                            339.2209             HC103.T DISTRIBUTIVE                 ACCEPTANCE OF ECONOMIC
omics         INEQUALITY IN AMERICA.        1973-          PRESS                            2007 73            HC     56 2007 JUSTICE--U.S.--HIST.  ADV-AC DIVISIONS.                         9780231140744 CLOTH         $32.50
              POWER AND PLENTY: TRADE,                                    ECONOMIC                                                                        AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIV. TRACES
              WAR, AND THE WORLD                           PRINCETON      HISTORY OF THE                              HF1359. INTERNATIONAL               EVOLUTION OF WORLD TRADE
Business/Econ ECONOMY IN THE SECOND         FINDLAY,       UNIVERSITY     WESTERN                                     F56     ECONOMIC                    STRUCTURE OVER THE PAST
omics         MILLENNIUM.                   RONALD.        PRESS          WORLD.            2007 337.          HF     2007    RELATIONS--HIST.     ADV-AC MILLENNIUM.                         9780691118543 CLOTH         $39.50
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: MIT. EXAMINES
                                                     FINANCIAL                                                        HD9666. 1. DRUGS--PRICES--          PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY &
Business/Econ REASONABLE RX: SOLVING THE FINKELSTEIN TIMES PREN                                  338.4361             4.F55   U.S. 2. PRESCRIPTION        OFFERS POLICY SOLUTIONS FOR
omics         DRUG PRICE CRISIS.         , STAN N.   HALL                                   2008 5109          HD     2008    PRICING--U.S.        ADV-AC AFFORDABLE DRUGS.                   9780132344494 CLOTH         $27.99

                                                                                                                              1. FINANCE--ISLAMIC              COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT OF
                                            AYUB,                                                                     HG3368. COUNTRIES. 2.                    THE CONTRACTS,      PRODUCTS &
Business/Econ UNDERSTANDING ISLAMIC         MUHAMMAD,                     WILEY FINANCE          332.0917             A6A98   FINANCE-- RELIGIOUS              SYSTEMS USED IN ISLAMIC
omics         FINANCE.                      1951-     JOHN WILEY          SERIES.           2007 67           HG      2007    ASPECTS--ISLAM.     ADV-AC       FINANCE.                       9780470030691 CLOTH         $60.00
              WHEN MARKETS COLLIDE:                                                                                                                            GUIDEBOOK DISCUSSES DYNAMICS
              INVESTMENT STRATEGIES FOR EL-ERIAN,                                                                             1. MARKETS. 2.                   & DISRUPTIONS THAT ARE
Business/Econ THE AGE OF GLOBAL         MOHAMED A.,                                                                   HF5470. BUSINESS CYCLES. 3.              CHANGING THE CURRENT GLOBAL
omics         ECONOMIC CHANGE.          1958-       MCGRAW-HILL                             2008    381.101    HF     E4 2008 RISK MANAGEMENT.         PROF    ECONOMY.                       9780071592819 CLOTH         $27.95

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                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title                 Author        Publisher        Series       Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                            STUDIES IN
                                                                            INTERNATIONAL,                              HD6510. LABOR UNIONS--U.S.--        AUTH: LSE. COMPARATIVE STUDY
Business/Econ WHY IS THERE NO LABOR       ARCHER,            PRINCETON      AND COMPARATIVE      322.2097               A73     POLITICAL ACTIVITY--        OF LABOR UNION HISTORY &
omics         PARTY IN THE UNITED STATES? ROBIN.             UNIV PRESS     PERSPECTIVES    2007 3               HD     2007    HIST.                ADV-AC POLITICS IN U.S. & AUSTRALIA.         9780691127019 CLOTH        $35.00

                                                                                                                                1. COMMUNITY &                 AUTH: U. OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.
                                                          UNIV OF                                                               COLLEGE--U.S. 2.               LOOK AT BOTH HISTORICAL AND
                                               GUMPRECHT, MASSACHUSET                                                   LC238.G UNIVERSITY TOWNS--             CONTEMPORARY CHARACTERISTICS
Education        AMERICAN COLLEGE TOWN.        BLAKE      TS PRESS                            2008   378.1031    LC     85 2008 U.S.               GEN-AC      OF COLLEGE TOWNS.                  9781558496712 CLOTH        $34.95
                 BECAUSE OF RACE: HOW                                                                                                                          AUTH: HARVARD GRADUATE
                 AMERICANS DEBATE HARM                                                                                  LC212.2.                               SCHOOL OF EDUCATION.
                 AND OPPORTUNITY IN OUR        POLLOCK,      PRINCETON                             37182900             P65        DISCRIMINATION IN           EXAMINES HOW 'EVERYDAY
Education        SCHOOLS.                      MICA, 1971-   UNIV PRESS                       2008 973           LC     2008       EDUCATION--U.S.      ADV-AC JUSTICE' IS DENIED.                9780691125350 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: GEORGE MASON UNIV. STUDY
                 CLOSED MINDS?: POLITICS AND                 BROOKINGS                                                             EDUCATION, HIGHER--         OF POLITICAL BIAS IN U.S. HIGHER
                 IDEOLOGY IN AMERICAN          SMITH,        INSTITUTION                                                LC173.S    POLITICAL ASPECTS--         EDUCATION & EFFECT ON CIVIC
Education        UNIVERSITIES.                 BRUCE L.R     PRESS                            2008     378.73    LC     59 2008    U.S.                 ADV-AC EDUCATION.                         9780815780281 CLOTH        $32.95
                 CYBER-BULLYING: ISSUES AND                                                                                        1. CYBERBULLYING. 2.        AUTH: MCGILL UNIVERSITY.
                 SOLUTIONS FOR THE SCHOOL,                                                                              LB3013.    BULLYING IN                 INTERNATIONAL STUDY OF
                 THE CLASSROOM AND THE         SHARIFF,                                                                 3.S467     SCHOOLS. 3.                 CYBERBULLYING & IMPLICATIONS                                           97804154
Education        HOME.                         SHAHEEN.      ROUTLEDGE                        2008 371.58        LB     2008       COMPUTER CRIMES.     ADV-AC FOR EDUCATION POLICY.              9780415424905 CLOTH       $150.00     24912     $35.95
                 DISRUPTING CLASS: HOW                                                                                             1. EDUCATIONAL
                 DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION WILL    CHRISTENSE                                                               LB1027.    INNOVATIONS. 2.             AUTH: HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL.
                 CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD      N, CLAYTON                                                               C4662      MULTIPLE                    ON MOTIVATION, SOCIAL FACTORS,
Education        LEARNS.                       M.         MCGRAW-HILL                         2008 3713          LB     2008       INTELLIGENCES.       GEN-AC ETC. IN EDUCATIONAL CHANGE.        9780071592062 CLOTH        $32.95
                                                                                                                                   DU BOIS, W.E.B.             AUTH: UNIV. OF GEORGIA.
                 EDUCATIONAL THOUGHT OF                      TEACHERS                                                   LB875.D    (WILLIAM EDWARD             EXAMINES DU BOIS' EDUCATIONAL
                 W.E.B. DUBOIS: AN             ALDRIDGE,     COLLEGE                                                    83A43      BURGHARDT), 1868-           PHILOSOPHY IN HISTORICAL                                               97808077
Education        INTELLECTUAL HISTORY.         DERRICK P.    PRESS                            2008 370.1         LB     2008       1963.                GEN-AC CONTEXT.                           9780807748374 CLOTH        $58.00     48367     $24.95
                                                                            CONTINUUM                                                                          DISCUSSES ROUSSEAU'S
                                               OELKERS,                     LIBRARY OF                                             1. ROUSSEAU, JEAN-          EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY, ITS
                                               JURGEN,                      EDUCATIONAL                                 LB517.O    JACQUES, 1712-1778.         RECEPTION, INFLUENCE, AND
Education        JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU.        1947-         CONTINUUM      THOUGHT; V. 13.   2008 3701          LB     38 2008    2. EDUCATION.        ADV-AC CONTINUING RELEVANCE.              9780826484123 CLOTH       $120.00

                 KNOWLEDGE AND CRITICAL                                     EXPLORATIONS OF                                        1. CRITICAL                AUTH: MCGILL UNIVERSITY.
                 PEDAGOGY: AN                  KINCHELOE,                   EDUCATIONAL                                            PEDAGOGY. 2. SOCIAL        SOCIOPOLITICAL EDUCATIONAL
Education        INTRODUCTION.                 J.L           SPRINGER       PURPOSE.        2008      370.115    LC     LC196      EPISTEMOLOGY.       ADV-AC PHILOSOPHY.                         9781402082238 CLOTH       $159.00

                                               SUAREZ-                                                                                                         AUTH: NEW YORK UNIV.
                 LEARNING A NEW LAND:          OROZCO,                                                                  LC3746. CHILDREN OF                    INTERDISCIPLINARY. 5 YR STUDY OF
                 IMMIGRANT STUDENTS IN         CAROLA,       BELKNAP/HARV                          371.8269             S83     IMMIGRANTS--                   OVER 400 IMMIGRANT CHILDREN
Education        AMERICAN SOCIETY.             1957-         ARD                              2008 1209          LC     2008    EDUCATION--U.S.         ADV-AC FROM CARIBBEAN, ETC.             9780674026759 CLOTH          $29.95

                                                                                                                                1. EDUCATIONAL                   AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
                 MEASURING UP: WHAT                                                                                     LB3051. TESTS &                          DISCUSSES FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES
                 EDUCATIONAL TESTING           KORETZ,       HARVARD UNIV                                               K667    MEASUREMENTS--U.S.               THAT ARISE IN EDUCATIONAL
Education        REALLY TELLS US.              DANIEL M.     PRESS                            2008 371.26        LB     2008    2. TEST BIAS--U.S. GEN-AC        TESTING.                         9780674028050 CLOTH        $29.95
                 MINORITY STATUS,                                           POLITICAL, AND                                      1. MINORITIES--
                 OPPOSITIONAL CULTURE, AND                                  HISTORICAL                                  LC3731. EDUCATION--U.S. 2.
                 SCHOOLING; ED. BY JOHN U.                                  STUDIES IN             371.8290             O355    ACADEMIC                                                                                              97808058
Education        OGBU.                                       ROUTLEDGE      EDUCATION.        2008 73            LC     2008    ACHIEVEMENT--U.S.    ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.             9780805851038 CLOTH       $150.00     51045     $49.95
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: BENNINGTON COLL. SOCIAL
                                                                                                                        LC3993. 1. GIFTED CHILDREN--        PSYCH. & RISKS OF TRADITION OF
                 NERDS: WHO THEY ARE AND   ANDEREGG,         JEREMY P.                                                  9.A84   SOCIAL CONDIT.--U.S.        DEVALUING INTELLIGENCE, ESP. IN
Education        WHY WE NEED MORE OF THEM. DAVID.            TARCHER                          2007 371.95        LC     2007    2. PREJUDICES--U.S.  GEN-AC KIDS.                                 9781585425907 CLOTH        $24.95

                                               GOLDIN,                                                                          EDUCATION--                 AUTH: HARVARD. ANALYSIS OF 20TH
                 RACE BETWEEN EDUCATION        CLAUDIA       BELKNAP/HARV                                               LC66.G6 ECONOMC ASPECTS--           C. CO-EVOLUTION OF EDUCATIONAL
Education        AND TECHNOLOGY.               DALE.         ARD                              2008 3384737       LC     5 2008  U.S.                 ADV-AC ATTAINMENT & WAGE STRUCTURE. 9780674028678 CLOTH                 $39.95
                                               ACKOFF,                                                                          1. EDUCATION--AIMS &
                 TURNING LEARNING RIGHT        RUSSELL                                                                          OBJECTIVES.       2.
                 SIDE UP: PUTTING EDUCATION    LINCOLN,      WHARTON                                                    LB41.A1 EDUCATION--                 AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF
Education        BACK ON TRACK.                1919-         SCHOOL                           2008 3701          LB     84 2008 PHILOSOPHY.          ADV-AC PENNSYLVANIA.                   9780132346498 CLOTH              $29.99

                                                                                                                           Page 3
                                                                                                                 Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                            LC   Full LC                                                                                                            Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                               Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title            Author     Publisher            Series    Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings     Level                 Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 UNMAKING THE PUBLIC                                                                                       1. PUBLIC
                 UNIVERSITY: THE FORTY-YEAR NEWFIELD,                                                              LB2328. UNIVERSITIES &                 AUTH: UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA
                 ASSAULT ON THE MIDDLE      CHRISTOPHE HARVARD UNIV                           378.0509             62.U6N4 COLLEGE--U.S. 2.               BARBARA. ARGUES CONSERVATIVE
Education        CLASS.                     R.         PRESS                             2008 73            LB     9 2008  MIDDLE CLASS--U.S.      ADV-AC CAMPAIGN AGAINST MIDDLE CLASS. 9780674028173 CLOTH               $29.95
                                                                                                                           1. AFRICAN
                 WALKING IN CIRCLES: THE                                                                           LC2717. EDUCATION--U.S. 2.             HISTORICAL LOOK AT RACIAL
                 BLACK STRUGGLE FOR             SIZEMORE,    THIRD WORLD                      371.8299             S59     EDUCATIONAL                    ISSUES IN 20TH CENT. U.S. SCHOOL                                          97808837
Education        SCHOOL REFORM.                 BARBARA A.   PRESS                       2008 6073          LC     2007    CHANGE--U.S.            ADV-AC REFORM EFFORTS.                       9780883782989 CLOTH        $34.95     82521     $19.95

                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: YORK UNIVERSITY, TORONTO.
                 $12 MILLION STUFFED SHARK:                                                                        N6490.T ART, MODERN--20TH              EXAMINES ECONOMICS AND
                 THE CURIOUS ECONOMICS OF       THOMPSON,    PALGRAVE                                              525     CENT.--ECONOMIC                MARKETING STRATEGIES OF
Fine Arts        CONTEMPORARY ART.              DONALD N     MACMILLAN                   2008    709.049    N      2008    ASPECTS.                GEN-AC MODERN ART MARKET.              9780230610224 CLOTH              $24.95

                                                                                                                           POLLOCK, JACKSON,              DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB. CAT. TRANSL.
                 ACTION PAINTING: JACKSON                                                                          ND196.A 1912-1956--                    FROM GERMAN. INCL. 170 COLOR/48
Fine Arts        POLLOCK; ED. BY DELIA CIUHA.                HATJE CANTZ                 2008 759.06        ND     25      EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC B&W ILLUS. WORKS BY 27 ARTISTS. 9783775721035 CLOTH              $75.00

                 ACTION/ABSTRACTION:                                                                                                                  EXHIB: ST. LOUIS ART MUS, 10/19/08-
                 POLLOCK, DE KOONING, AND                    YALE                                                  N6512.5. ABSTRACT                  1/11/09. INCL. 166 COLOR/89 B&W
                 AMERICAN ART, 1940-1976; ED.                UNIVERSITY                       709.7307             A25A33 EXPRESSIONISM--U.S.-        ILLUS. CO-PUBLISHED JEWISH
Fine Arts        BY NORMAN L.                                PRESS                       2008 4747          N      2008     -EXHIBITIONS.      GEN-AC MUSEUM. TLS.                        9780300122152 CLOTH              $65.00
                                                                                                                                                      AUTH: UNIV. OF NOTTINGHAM.
                 AFRICAN AMERICAN VISUAL        BERNIER,     UNIV OF NORTH                                         N6538.N                            OVERVIEW OF KEY CULTURAL
                 ARTS: FROM SLAVERY TO THE      CELESTE-     CAROLINA                                              5B47     AFRICAN AMERICAN          MOTIFS, ETC. ALSO IN UK BY                                                    97808078
Fine Arts        PRESENT.                       MARIE        PRESS                       2009   700.8996    N      2009     ART.               GEN-AC EDINBURGH UNIV. PR.                 9780807832561 CLOTH              $65.00     59339     $24.95

                                                                                                                                                            CAT. OF COLL. PUB. TO COINCIDE
                 AGE OF IMPRESSIONISM AT                     YALE                                                                                           WITH REFURBISHING OF HISTORIC
                 THE ART INSTITUTE OF           GROOM,       UNIVERSITY                                            ND547.5 IMPRESSIONISM (ART)-             GALLERIES. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
Fine Arts        CHICAGO.                       GLORIA.      PRESS                       2008 7594          ND     .I4     -FRANCE--CATALOGS. GEN-AC        ART INST. CHICAGO.                  9780300136784 PAPER        $40.00
                                                                                                                                                            EXHIBITION: WHITNEY MUS AM ART,
                                                             YALE                                                  NB237.C CALDER, ALEXANDER,               10/16/08-2/15/09. CO-PUBLISHED
                 ALEXANDER CALDER: THE                       UNIVERSITY                                            28S56   1898-1976--                      WITH CTR. POMPIDOU. VARIOUS
Fine Arts        PARIS YEARS, 1926-1933                      PRESS                       2008 7092          NB     2008    EXHIBITIONS.       GEN-AC        MEDIA. TLS.                         9780300126228 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                            DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB. CAT. COLOR
                                                GURSKY,                                                            TR647.G PHOTOGRAPHY,                     PHOTOGRAPHS. CO-PUBLISHED
                                                ANDREAS,                                                           86597   ARTISTIC--                       WITH KUNSTMUS BASEL. GERMAN
Fine Arts        ANDREAS GURSKY.                1955-        HATJE CANTZ                 2007 779.092       TR     2007    EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   WITH ENGLISH TRANSL                 9783775720199 CLOTH        $55.00
                                                                                                                                                            DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUB WITH
                                                                                                                                                            MATHILDENHOHE DARMSTADT.
                 ANDREAS GURSKY:                                                                                            GURSKY, ANDREAS,                EXHIBITION CATALOG. TRANSL.
Fine Arts        ARCHITECTURE                                HATJE CANTZ                 2008 7794092       TR     TR659    1955- --EXHIBITIONS.   GEN-AC   FROM GERMAN.                        9783775721776 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                            NEW ESSAYS COMMEMORATING
                 ARCHITECTURE: CELEBRATING                   VISUAL                                                         1. ARCHITECTURE--               150TH ANNIVERSARY. OF AIA. CO-
                 THE PAST, DESIGNING THE                     REFERENCE                                                      U.S.--HIST. 2.                  PUBLISHED WITH AIA. COLOR
Fine Arts        FUTURE                                      PUBNS                       2008    720.973    NA     NA705    ARCHITECTS --U.S.      GEN-AC   PHOTOGRAPHS THROUGHOUT.             9781584711629 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: TUFTS UNIVERSITY.
                                                           UNIVERSITY OF AHMANSON                                          1. ART MUSEUMS. 2.               EXAMINES HISTORY, AND
                 ART MUSEUM FROM BOULLEE        MCCLELLAN, CALIFORNIA    MURPHY FINE                               N410.M3 ART MUSEUMS--                    CONTEMPORARY ISSUES OF                                                  97805202
Fine Arts        TO BILBAO.                     ANDREW.    PRESS         ARTS IMPRINT.   2008 708.          N      5 2008  PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC   MUSEUM PURPOSE & DIRECTION.         9780520247673 CLOTH        $65.00     51267     $29.95
                                                                                                                                                            EXHIBITION: SAN FRAN MOMA,
                                                FRIELING,                                                                                                   11/8/08-2/9/09. COLOR ILLUS.
                 ART OF PARTICIPATION: 1950     RUDOLF, ET   THAMES &                                                      GROUP WORK IN ART--              EXAMINES MAJOR ARTISTS,
Fine Arts        TO NOW.                        AL.          HUDSON                      2008     709.04    N      N6490.6 EXHIBITIONS.        GEN-AC       MOVEMENTS, ETC.                     9780500238585 CLOTH        $39.95

                 ARTS AND THE DEFINITION OF                                                                                1. PAINTING--                AUTH: TEMPLE UNIVERSITY.
                 THE HUMAN: TOWARD A            MARGOLIS,    STANFORD                                              ND1140. PHILOSOPHY. 2. ART--         EXAMINES ROLE OF PLACE IN
                 PHILOSOPHICAL                  JOSEPH,      UNIVERSITY                                            M338    PHILOSOPHY. 3.               HISTORY IN DETERMINING OUR                                                  97808047
Fine Arts        ANTHROPOLOGY.                  1924-        PRESS                       2009        750    ND     2009    VISUAL PERCEPTION. ADV-AC    CREATIVE SELVES.                9780804759533 CLOTH                $60.00     59540     $24.95
                                                                                                                                                        AUTH: VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY.
                 ARTS, INC.: HOW GREED AND                     UNIV OF                                                      1. ART & STATE--U.S.        EXAMINES CRITICAL ISSUES IN
                 NEGLECT HAVE DESTROYED         IVEY, BILL J., CALIFORNIA                     700.1030             NX730.I9 2. ART & SOCIETY--          COPYRIGHT, POLICY, ETC. HURTING
Fine Arts        OUR CULTURAL RIGHTS.           1944-          PRESS                     2008 9073          NX     3 2008   U.S.                 GEN-AC THE ARTS                        9780520241121 CLOTH                $24.95
                                                                                                                                                        AUTH: STANFORD UNIV. COLOR
                                                                                                                                                        ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL
                                                             STANFORD                                              N6538.S                              OVERVIEW. 10 ESSAYS, COVERING
                 ASIAN AMERICAN ART: A                       UNIVERSITY                                            83S835 ASIAN AMERICAN ART-           150 ARTISTS, WITH 400                                                       97808047
Fine Arts        HISTORY, 1850-1970                          PRESS                       2008   704.0395    N      2008     -19TH CENT.          GEN-AC ILLUSTRATIONS.                  9780804757515 CLOTH                $80.00     57522     $39.95

                                                                                                                      Page 4
                                                                                                            Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                        LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                           Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author      Publisher   Series   Year   Class        ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                       EXHIBITION CATALOG. COLOR
                                                BACON,                                                                BACON, FRANCIS,                  ILLUSTRATED. INCLUDES
                                                FRANCIS,                                                      ND497.B 1909-1992--                      TRANSLATED ESSAYS. INCLUDES
Fine Arts        BACON                          1909-1992   SKIRA                   2008     759.2      ND    16A4    EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   MULTIPLE GATEFOLDS.              9788861302938 CLOTH         $90.00
                                                                                                                                                       EXHIBITION CATALOG. COLOR
                                                           ROYAL                                                                                       ILLUSTRATED. INCLUDES ALL KEY
                                                ROSENTHAL, ACADEMY OF                                         N6888.B BASELITZ, GEORG,                 WORKS BY GERMAN
Fine Arts        BASELITZ.                      NORMAN.    ARTS                     2007 709.2          N     36      1938- --EXHIBITIONS.    GEN-AC   EXPRESSIONIST. TLS.              9781905711055 CLOTH         $80.00
                                                                                                                                                       DIST. BY HARRY N. ABRAMS. CO-
                                                                                                                                                       PUBLISHED WITH WHITE CUBE.
                                                HIRST,      OTHER                                             N6797.H HIRST, DAMIEN--                  EXHIBITION CATALOG. 5
Fine Arts        BEYOND BELIEF.                 DAMIEN      CRITERIA                2008 7092           N     565     EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   GATEFOLDS. COLOR ILLUS.          9781904212218 CLOTH        $140.00
                                                                                                                      1. MAULDIN, BILL, 1921-          AUTH: WAYNESBURG COLLEGE.
                                                                                                              NC1429. 2003. 2.                         BIOGRAPHY OF PULITZER WINNING
                 BILL MAULDIN: A LIFE UP   DEPASTINO,                                                         M428D4 CARTOONISTS--U.S.--               EDITORIAL CARTOONIST. NYTBR
Fine Arts        FRONT.                    TODD.            W.W. NORTON             2008 741.5092       NC    7 2008  BIOGRAPHY               GEN-AC   3/2/08.                          9780393061833 CLOTH         $27.95
                 BRONZES OF RODIN:
                 CATALOGUE OF WORKS IN THE                                                                            RODIN, AUGUSTE,                 DIST. BY LUND HUMPHRIES.
                 MUSEE RODIN; ED. BY                        REUNION DES                                               1840-1917--                     CATALOGUE RAISONNE. 2-VOL. SET.
                 ANTOINETTE LE NORMAND-                     MUSEE                                             NB553.R CATALOGUES                      PRIMARILY B&W, SOME COLOR.
Fine Arts        ROMAIN.                                    NATIONAUX               2007 730.92         NB    7       RAISONNES.               GEN-AC TRANSLATED.                         9782711849390 CLOTH      $300.00
                                                                                                                                                      CO-PUBLISHED WITH MUSEUMS.
                                                            YALE                                              NK7398.   CALDER, ALEXANDER,            EXHIB: PHILA MUS, 7/12-10/19/ 2008,
                 CALDER JEWELRY; ED. BY                     UNIVERSITY                   739.2709             C35A4     1898-1976--                   MET NY, 12/8-3/1/2009. COLOR
Fine Arts        ALEXANDER S.C. ROWER.                      PRESS                   2007 2              NK    2007      EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC PHOTOS.                             9780300134285 CLOTH       $65.00
                                                                                                                                                      DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                 CEZANNE & GIACOMETTI:                                                                        N6853.C                                 LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN
                 PATHS OF DOUBT; ED. BY FELIX                                                                 45A4      CEZANNE, PAUL, 1839-          ART. EXHIB. CAT. TRANSL. FROM
Fine Arts        A. BAUMANN.                                HATJE CANTZ             2008 759.4          N     2008      1906--EXHIBITIONS.     GEN-AC GERMAN. COLOR                       9783775720892 CLOTH       $60.00
                                                                                                                        1. CHAGALL, MARC,
                                                                                                                        1887-1985. 2. ARTISTS-        A BORZOI BOOK. EXTENSIVE
                                                                                                              N6999.C   - RUSSIA                      BIOGRAPHY. INCLUDES FOUR
                                                WULLSCHLA ALFRED A.                                           46W85     (FEDERATION)--                SECTIONS OF COLOR PLATES & 127
Fine Arts        CHAGALL: A BIOGRAPHY.          GER, JACKIE KNOPF                   2008     709.2      N     2008      BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC B&W IMAGES. NYTBR.                  9780375414558 CLOTH       $40.00
                 CHARLES SHEELER:                                                                                                                     AUTH: UNIV. OF NOTTINGHAM.
                 MODERNISM, PRECISIONISM                                                                                SHEELER, CHARLES,             EXAMINES U.S. PAINTER/
                 AND THE BORDERS OF             RAWLINSON,                                                    N6537.S   1883-1965--CRIT. &            PHOTOGRAPHER THROUGH LENS
Fine Arts        ABSTRACTION.                   MARK.      I.B. TAURIS              2007 7092           N     523       INTERPR.               ADV-AC OF ADORNO'S AESTHETICS.             9781850439028 PAPER       $27.50
                                                                                                                        1. PHOTOGRAPHY--
                 CIVIL CONTRACT OF                                                                                      SOCIAL ASPECTS. 2.            AUTH: BAR ILAN UNIV. TRANSLATED.
                 PHOTOGRAPHY; TRANS. BY         AZOULAY,                                                      TR147.A   PHOTOGRAPHY--                 EXAMINES THE POLITICAL/ETHICAL
Fine Arts        RELA MAZALI.                   ARIELLA     ZONE BOOKS              2008         770    TR    96 2008   PHILOSOPHY.            ADV-AC STATUS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. ILLUS. 9781890951887 CLOTH             $36.95
                                                                                                                                                      DIST. BY HARRY N. ABRAMS. CO-
                                                                                                                                                      PUBLISHED WITH OTHER CRITERIA.
                 CORPUS: DAMIEN HIRST:          HIRST,      GAGOSIAN                                          NC242.H   HIRST, DAMIEN--               EXHIB CAT. INCL. COLOR ILLUS. 30
Fine Arts        DRAWINGS, 1981-2006.           DAMIEN.     GALLERY                 2006 741.941        NC    55        EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC GATEFOLDS.                          9781932598421 CLOTH      $140.00
                                                                                                                                                      AUTH: UNIV. OF PARIS X.
                                                                                                              ND553.C   COURBET, GUSTAVE,             SLIPCASED. TRANSLATED FROM
                                                LE MEN,                                                       9L3313    1819-1877--CRIT. &            FRENCH. INCL. OVER 300 COLOR
Fine Arts        COURBET.                       SEGOLENE.   ABBEVILLE               2007 759.4          ND    2008      INTERPR.               GEN-AC ILLUSTRATIONS.                      9780789209771 CLOTH      $135.00
                                                                                                                                                      CO-PUBLISHED WITH RMN.
                                                                                                                        PICASSO, PABLO,               EXHIBITION CATALOG. TRANS. FROM
                                                BALDASSARI,                                                   N6853.P   1881-1973--                   FRENCH. INCL. CRITICAL ESSAYS &
Fine Arts        CUBIST PICASSO.                ANNE.       FLAMMARION              2007 709.2          N     5         EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC COLOR ILLUS.                        9782080300485 CLOTH       $95.00

                                                                                                                                                   CO-PUBLISHED WITH TATE MUSEUM.
                                                                                                                                                   EXHIBITION CATALOG. COVERS 50
                 CY TWOMBLY: CYCLES AND         TWOMBLY,                                                      N6537.T TWOMBLY, CY, 1928- --        YEARS OF WORKS WITH CAREER                                                97818543
Fine Arts        SEASONS                        CY, 1928-   D.A.P.                  2008 7092           N     96      EXHIBITIONS.          GEN-AC RETROSPECTIVE. COLOR.          9781933045887 CLOTH               $55.00     77692     $55.00
                                                                                                                                                   DISTRIBUTED BY PRESTEL
                                                                                                                                                   PUBLISHING. COLOR
                 CY TWOMBLY: PHOTOGRAPHS,                   SCHIRMER                                          TR654.T PHOTOGRAPHY,                 PHOTOGRAPHY. TRANSLATED FROM
Fine Arts        1951-2007.                                 MOSEL                   2008   779.092      TR    96      ARTISTIC.             GEN-AC GERMAN.                        9783829603683 CLOTH              $120.00
                 CONTEMPORARY JEWISH
                 MUSEUM: NEW JEWISH                                                                                     LIBESKIND, DANIEL,           CO-PUBLISHED WITH SKIRA &
                 ARCHITECTURE FROM BERLIN                                                                               1946- --CRIT. &              CONTEMPORARY JEWISH MUSEUM.
Fine Arts        TO SAN FRANCISCO.                          RIZZOLI                 2008 72092          NA    NA6700    INTERPR.              GEN-AC COLOR ILLUSTRATED.                 9780847831654 CLOTH         $45.00

                                                                                                                 Page 5
                                                                                                                  Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                              LC   Full LC                                                                                                             Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                  Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                                Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title              Author       Publisher         Series     Year   Class       ass Number        Subject Headings       Level                 Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                            1. PAINTING,
                 DECLARING SPACE: MARK                                                                                      ABSTRACT--                       CO-PUBLISHED WITH MODERN ART
                 ROTHKO, BARNETT NEWMAN,                                                                            ND196.A EXHIBITIONS. 2.                  MUSEUM OF FORT WORTH.
                 LUCIO FONTANA, YVES KLEIN;                                                     759.0652            2D425   SPACE (ART)--                    EXHIBITION CATALOG. COLOR AND
Fine Arts        ED. BY MICHAEL AUPING.                    PRESTEL ART                     2007 0747          ND    2007    EXHIBITIONS.              GEN-AC B&W ILLUS. + TEXT.                    9783791338866 CLOTH        $39.95

                                                                                                                            1. ART, FRENCH--19TH               TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN. INCL.
                                                                                                                            CENT. 2. WOMEN IN                  184 COLOR AND 60 B&W ILLUS.
                 DEGAS: A DIALOGUE OF         HOFMANN,     THAMES &                                                 N6853.D ART. 3. DEGAS,                     HISTORY AND ANALYSIS. TLS
Fine Arts        DIFFERENCE.                  WERNER.      HUDSON                          2007 759.4         N     33      EDGAR, 1834-1917     GEN-AC        11/23/07.                           9780500093412 CLOTH        $75.00
                                                                                                                                                               DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                                                           DIEGO RIVERA:                                                                       RM VERLAG & INBA.     EXHIB CAT.
                 DIEGO RIVERA: ILLUSTRIOUS                                 ILLUSTRIOUS                              ND259.R RIVERA, DIEGO, 1886-               ON REVERA'S REFLECTION ON ART.
Fine Arts        WORDS, 1886-1921.                         EDITORIAL RM    WORDS.          2007 759972        ND    5       1957--EXHIBITIONS.        GEN-AC   NEW SER.                            9788493612337 CLOTH        $55.00
                                                                                                                                                               EXHIBITION CATALOG. EXAMINES
                                                                                                                            DUCHAMP, MARCEL,                   FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE 3
                 DUCHAMP, MAN RAY, PICABIA;                TATE                                                     N6494.M 1887-1968--                        ARTISTS. B&W AND COLOR
Fine Arts        ED. BY JENNIFER MUNDY.                    PUBLISHING                      2008 70922         N     64      EXHIBITIONS.              GEN-AC   ILLUSTRATED.                        9781854377319 PAPER        $55.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: DUKE UNIV. DIST. BY D.A.P.
                 EL GRECO TO VELAZQUEZ: ART                MUSEUM OF                                                         PAINTING, SPANISH--               CO-PUBLISHED WITH NASHER MUS.
                 DURING THE REIGN OF PHILIP SCHROTH,       FINE ARTS,                                                        16TH CENT.--                      EXHIBITION: MFA BOSTON, 4/20-
Fine Arts        III.                       SARAH.         BOSTON                          2008 759609        ND    ND805    EXHIBITIONS.             GEN-AC   7/27/08.                            9780878467266 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                               DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                                                                                                             FISCHL, ERIC, 1948- --            EXHIBITION CATALOG. TRANSL.
Fine Arts        ERIC FISCHL: TEN BREATHS                  KERBER                          2007     730.92    NB    NB237    EXHIBITIONS.             GEN-AC   FROM GERMAN.                        9783866781160 CLOTH        $55.00
                 ESSENTIAL FRANK LLOYD
                 WRIGHT: CRITICAL WRITINGS    WRIGHT,                                                               NA2560.                                    PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED PAPERS.
                 ON ARCHITECTURE; ED. BY      FRANK        PRINCETON                                                W68                                        B&W ILLUSTRATED WITH ORIGINAL
Fine Arts        BRUCE BROOKS PFEIFFER.       LLOYD.       UNIV PRESS                      2008 720           NA    2008    ARCHITECTURE.             ADV-AC   DRAWINGS AND PHOTOGRAPHS            9780691133188 CLOTH        $49.95
                                                                                                                                                               DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                                                                                                            LEGER, FERNAND,                    BEYELER MUS. EXHIB CAT. TRANSL.
                                                                                                                    N6853.L 1881-1955--                        FROM GERMAN. 190 COLOR
Fine Arts        FERNAND LEGER                             HATJE CANTZ                     2008 7594          N     35      EXHIBITIONS.              GEN-AC   ILLUSTRATIONS.                      9783775721615 CLOTH        $75.00
                                                                                                                                                               2-ATTACHED VOLUMES WITH
                                              FOSTER,                                                               NA997.F                                    STAINLESS COVER APPLIQUES IN
                                              NORMAN,                                                               65A4    ARCHITECTURE,                      SLIPCASE: 'THEMES', & 'PROJECTS'.
Fine Arts        FOSTER 40.                   1935-        PRESTEL ART                     2007 720.92        NA    2007    MODERN--20TH CENT. ADV-AC          COLOR & B&W.                        9783791337951 CLOTH       $200.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: UNIV. OF READING. B&W AND
                 FRAGILE MODERNISM:           ROBINS,    YALE                                                       N6537.   WHISTLER, JAMES                   COLOR ILLUS. PUB. FOR PAUL
                 WHISTLER AND HIS             ANNA       UNIVERSITY                                                 W4R63    MCNEILL, 1834-1903--              MELLON CTR. FOR STUDIES IN BRIT.
Fine Arts        IMPRESSIONIST FOLLOWERS.     GRUETZNER. PRESS                             2007 759.13        N     2007     CRIT. & INTERPR.         ADV-AC   ART. TLS.                           9780300135459 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                               CO-PUB WITH NATIONAL GALL OF
                 FRAMING THE NINETEENTH                    IMAGES                                                            PICTURE FRAMES &                  VICT. A PELEUS PR BK. COLOR
                 CENTURY: PICTURE FRAMES      PAYNE,       PUBLISHING                           749.7099                     FRAMING--AUSTRALIA-               HANDBOOK ON 19TH CENT.
Fine Arts        1837-1935.                   JOHN.        GROUP                           2007 4             N     N8551    -HIST.--19TH CENT.  GEN-AC        MAKERS, TECHNIQUES, ETC.            9781864701999 CLOTH        $35.00
                 FRIDA KAHLO: BENEATH THE                                                                                                                      2 VOL. SLIP CASED SET. INCL.
                 MIRROR; DIEGO RIVERA: HIS    SOUTER,                                                                       KAHLO, FRIDA--CRIT.                DISCUSSION OF THEIR ART & LIFE
Fine Arts        ART AND HIS PASSIONS.        GERRY.       PARKSTONE                       2007 759.972       ND    ND259   & INTERPR.                GEN-AC   WITH COLOR ILLUS.                   9781859956953 CLOTH        $82.50
                                                                                                                            1. KAHLO, FRIDA--                  1950 INTERVIEW WITH MEXICAN
                                                                                                                            INTERVIEWS. 2.                     ARTIST BY PSYCHOLOGIST FRIEND
                 FRIDA KAHLO: SONG OF         GRIMBERG,                                                             ND259.K PAINTING, MEXICAN--                OLGA CAMPOS. TRANS. FROM
Fine Arts        HERSELF.                     SALOMON.     MERRELL                         2008 759.972       ND    33      20TH CENT.                GEN-AC   SPANISH. 30 ILLUS.                  9781858944388 CLOTH        $22.95

                                                                                                                            1. KAHLO, FRIDA--                EXPLORES IN DETAIL ALL OF THE
                                               GRIMBERG,                                                            ND259.K CRIT. & INTERPR. 2.              ARTIST'S DOCUMENTED STILL LIFES.
Fine Arts        FRIDA KAHLO: THE STILL LIFES. SALOMON.    MERRELL                         2008 759.972       ND    33      STILL-LIFE IN ART.        GEN-AC COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS. TLS 5/9/08. 9781858944371 CLOTH             $45.00
                                              SEGAL,       MUSEUM OF                                                NB237.S SEGAL, GEORGE,
                 GEORGE SEGAL: STREET         GEORGE,      CONTEMPORAR                                              44A4    1924-2000--                      DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
Fine Arts        SCENES.                      1924-2000    Y ART                           2008     730.92    NB    2008    EXHIBITIONS.              GEN-AC CATALOG. COLOR ILLUS.                 9780913883341 CLOTH        $34.95
                                                                                                                            1. NATURE
                 GEORGIA O'KEEFFE AND                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPHY. 2.                  EXHIB: SMITHSONIAN AMER ART,
                 ANSEL ADAMS: NATURAL                                                                               TR721.G ADAMS, ANSEL,                    9/26/08-1/4/09, SAN FRAN MOMA, 6/9-
Fine Arts        AFFINITIES.                               LITTLE, BROWN                   2008   779.3092    TR    46 2008 1902-1984.                GEN-AC 12/20/09. COLOR & B&W ILLUS.        9780316118323 CLOTH          $40.00
                                                                                                                            O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA,               CO-PUBLISHED WITH PORTLAND
                 GEORGIA O'KEEFFE AND THE                  YALE                                                     ND237.O 1887-1986--                      MUSEUM OF ART (MAINE). TLS.
                 CAMERA: THE ART OF           DANLY,       UNIVERSITY                                               5A4     PORTRAITS--                      INC.68 COLOR & 76 DUOTONE ILLUS.
Fine Arts        IDENTITY.                    SUSAN.       PRESS                           2008 75913         ND    2008B   EXHIBITIONS.              GEN-AC EXHIBITION CATALOG.                 9780300126822 CLOTH          $45.00

                                                                                                                       Page 6
                                                                                                                 Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                             LC   Full LC                                                                                                             Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                  Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                                Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title              Author        Publisher         Series     Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                     ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                          EXHIBITION CATALOG (IRISH MOMA,
                 GEORGIA O'KEEFFE: NATURE    O'KEEFFE,                                                                     O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA,             VANCOUVER ART GALLERY).
                 AND ABSTRACTION; ED. BY     GEORGIA,                                                              ND237.O 1887-1986--                    COLOR ILLUSTRATED. INCLUDES 3
Fine Arts        RICHARD D. MARSHALL.        1887-1986     SKIRA                           2007 759.13       ND    5       EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC ESSAYS.                                 9788861301276 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                                          DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
                                            RICHTER,                                                                                                      CATALOG. 105 COLOR AND 14
                 GERHARD RICHTER: PAINTINGS GERHARD,                                                               ND588.R RICHTER, GERHARD,              B&W ILLUSTRATIONS. TRANSLATED
Fine Arts        FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS 1932-            HATJE CANTZ                     2008 7593         ND    48      1932- --EXHIBITIONS.    GEN-AC FROM GERMAN.                            9783775721370 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                           1. RICHTER,
                                                                                                                           GERHARD, 1932- 2.
                 GERHARD RICHTER: RED-                                                                                     PAINTING,                      CO-PUBLISHED WITH LENBACHHAUS
                 YELLOW-BLUE: THE BMW        FRIEDEL,                                                              ND588.R GERMANY--20TH                  MUNCHEN. 100 COLOR ILLUS. 3
Fine Arts        PAINTINGS.                  HELMUT.       PRESTEL ART                     2007 759.3        ND    48      CENT.                   GEN-AC GATEFOLDS.                    9783791338606 CLOTH                  $49.95
                                                                                                                           1. KLIMT, GUSTAV,
                                                                                                                           1862-1918--                      EXHIBITION CATALOG. EXAMINES
                                                                                                                   ND6811. EXHIBITIONS. 2.                  WORKS & KLIMT'S ROLE IN
                 GUSTAV KLIMT: PAINTING,                   TATE                                                    5.K55A4 WOMEN IN ART--                   VIENNESE SECESSION MOVEMENT.
Fine Arts        DESIGN AND MODERN LIFE                    PUBLISHING                      2008    759.36    ND    2008    EXHIBITIONS             GEN-AC   212 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS.              9781854377357 PAPER        $50.00
                                                                                                                                                            SLIPCASED. CATALOGUE RAISONNE
                                             KLIMT,                                                                                                         FEATURING ALL EXTANT WORKS.
                 GUSTAV KLIMT; ED. BY ALFRED GUSTAV,                                                               ND511.5 KLIMT, GUSTAV, 1862-             TRANSL. FROM GERMAN. COLOR.
Fine Arts        WEIDINGER.                  1862-1918     PRESTEL ART                     2007 759.36       ND    .K55    1918--CATALOGS.      GEN-AC      12" X 17".                            9783791337647 CLOTH       $165.00
                                             DE FONT-                                                                                                       DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB.: MET MUS
                                             REAULX,                                                                       COURBET, GUSTAVE,                ART, NY, 2/27-5/1808. COPUB. TRANS
                                             DOMINIQUE,                                                            ND553.C 1819-1877--                      FROM FRENCH. 470 COLOR/36 B&W
Fine Arts        GUSTAVE COURBET.            ET AL.        HATJE CANTZ                     2008 759.4        ND    9       EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   IL.                                   9783775721097 CLOTH        $85.00
                 HIDDEN IN THE SHADOW OF                                                                                                                    AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF
                 THE MASTER: THE MODEL-                    YALE                                                                                             MASSACHUSETTS, BOSTON.
                 WIVES OF CEZANNE, MONET,    BUTLER,       UNIVERSITY                                              N6847.B ARTISTS' SPOUSES--               EXAMINES ROLE AND IMPACT OF
Fine Arts        AND RODIN.                  RUTH, 1931-   PRESS                           2008 7594         N     87 2008 FRANCE--BIOGRAPHY GEN-AC         WIVES ON CAREERS.                     9780300126242 CLOTH        $35.00

                                                                                                                                                          DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
                 IN PAUL KLEE'S ENCHANTED                                                                          ND588.K KLEE, PAUL, 1879-              CATALOG. TRANSL. FROM GERMAN.
Fine Arts        GARDEN                                    HATJE CANTZ                     2008 7593         ND    5       1940--EXHIBITIONS.      GEN-AC 146 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS.      9783775721011 CLOTH                  $50.00
                                                                                                                           INGRES, JEAN-
                                             SHELTON,                                                                      AUGUSTE-                       AUTH: OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.
                                             ANDREW                                                                        DOMINIQUE, 1780-               COLOR ILLUSTRATED PROFILE AND
                                             CARRINGTO                                                             ND1329. 1867-- CRIT. &                 ANALYSIS OF WORKS AND
Fine Arts        INGRES.                     N.            PHAIDON                         2008 7594         ND    I53     INTERPR.                GEN-AC PORTRAITURE.                            9780714848686 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: UNIV. OF PLYMOUTH.
                 INVENTING VAN EYCK: THE                                                                           ND673.E EYCK, JAN VAN, 1390-           EXAMINES RECEPTION OF VAN
                 REMAKING OF AN ARTIST FOR   GRAHAM,                                                               9G73    1440--CRIT. &                  EYCK THROUGH HISTORY. WITH 16                                               97818452
Fine Arts        THE MODERN AGE.             JENNY.        BERG                            2007 759.9493     ND    2007    INTERPR.                ADV-AC COLOR/70 B&W ILLUS                      9781845207762 CLOTH        $94.95     07779     $24.95
                                                                                                                           1. POLLOCK,
                                                                                                                           JACKSON, 1912-1956.              DISCUSSES HISTORY OF WORKS &
                 JACKSON POLLOCK AND LEE     ENGLEMANN,                                                            N6537.P 2. KRASNER, LEE,                 RELATIONSHIP. TRANS. FROM
Fine Arts        KRASNER.                    INES JANET. PRESTEL ART      PEGASUS LIBRARY. 2007 759.13       N     57      1908-1984.              GEN-AC   GERMAN. INCL. COLOR ILLUS.            9783791338828 PAPER        $14.95
                                                                                                                                                            DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
                                                           MATTHEW                                                                                          CATALOG. COLOR
                 JASPER JOHNS: DRAWINGS,     JOHNS,        MARKS                                                   NC139.J JOHNS, JASPER, 1930-             ILLUSTRATED. INCLUDES ESSAY BY
Fine Arts        1997-2007.                  JASPER, 1930- GALLERY                         2008 741973       NC    58      --EXHIBITIONS.       GEN-AC      THOMAS CROW.                          9781880146484 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                            EXHIBITION: ART INST CHIC,
                                                           YALE                                                                                             11/3/2007-1/6/2007, MET, NY, 2/5-
                                             JOHNS,        UNIVERSITY                                              N6537.J JOHNS, JASPER, 1930-             5/4/2008. CO-PUBLISHED WITH ART
Fine Arts        JASPER JOHNS: GRAY.         JASPER.       PRESS                           2007 709.24       N     6       --EXHIBITIONS.       GEN-AC      INST CHIC.                            9780300119497 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: SCHOOL OF ART INST. OF
                                                                                                                            WALL, JEFF, 1946- --            CHICAGO. ANALYSIS BY NEWMAN
                 JEFF WALL WORKS AND         NEWMAN,       EDICIONES      20_21                                             CATALOGS                        WITH WORKS AND WRITINGS BY
Fine Arts        COLLECTED WRITINGS.         MICHAEL.      POLIGRAFA      COLLECTION.      2007 779.092      TR    TR654    RAISONNES.             ADV-AC   WALL. DIST. BY DAP                    9788434311312 CLOTH        $75.00
                                                           MUSEUM OF                                                                                        DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION: MOMA,
                 JOAN MIRO: PAINTING AND                   MODERN ART,                                             N7113.M MIRO, JOAN, 1893-                NY, 11/2/0/-1/12/08. INCLUDES COLOR
Fine Arts        ANTI-PAINTING, 1927-1937                  NY                              2008     709.2    N     54      1983--EXHIBITIONS.      GEN-AC   ILLUSTRATIONS.                        9780870707346 CLOTH        $50.00
                                                                         KANDINSKY                                         KANDINSKY,                       VOL. 2 OF 2-VOL. SET. CATALOGUE
                 KANDINSKY DRAWINGS:         BARNETT,                    DRAWINGS:                                         WASSILY, 1866-1944--             RAISONNE. 75 COL./1000 B&W ILL.
                 CATALOGUE RAISONNE; V. 2:   VIVIAN        PHILIP WILSON CATALOGUE                                         CATALOGUES                       CO-PUBLISHED STADTISCHE
Fine Arts        SKETCHBOOKS.                ENDICOTT.     PUBLISHERS    RAISONNE; V. 2.   2007 741.943      NC    NC251   RAISONNE.               GEN-AC   GALERIE MUNICH.                       9780856676369 CLOTH       $235.00
                                                                                                                                                            DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
                                                                                                                            WALKER, KARA                    CATALOG. 6 GATEFOLDS. AFRICAN-
                 KARA WALKER: BUREAU OF      WALKER,                                                               N6537.   ELIZABETH--                     AMERICAN THEMES. COLOR
Fine Arts        REFUGEES.                   KARA          CHARTA                          2008     709.2    N     W239     EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC   ILLUSTRATED.                          9788881586868 PAPER        $39.95

                                                                                                                      Page 7
                                                                                                                   Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author       Publisher         Series       Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                   Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                             EXHIBITION: WHITNEY MUS AM ART,
                                                           YALE                                                      N6537.                                  11/15/07-2/10/08. COLOR AND B&W
                 LAWRENCE WEINER: AS FAR      WEINER,      UNIVERSITY                                                W35A4     WEINER, LAWRENCE--            ILLUSTRATED. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
Fine Arts        AS THE EYE CAN SEE.          LAWRENCE.    PRESS                             2007 709.2        N     2007      EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC MOCA.                                9780300126952 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                             DIST. RAM. EXHIB. CAT. CO-
                                                                                                                                                             PUBLISHED WITH NETHERLANDS
                 LE CORBUSIER: THE ART OF                  VITRA DESIGN                                              NA1053.   LE CORBUSIER, 1887-           ARCH INST. & RIBA TRUST.
Fine Arts        ARCHITECTURE.                             MUSEUM                            2007 720.92       NA    J4        1965--EXHIBITIONS.     GEN-AC TRANSLATED. COLOR/B&W ILLUS.         9783931936723 CLOTH       $160.00
                                                                                                                                                             EXHIB. CAT. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                              LICHTENSTEI YALE                                                                 LICHTENSTEIN, ROY,            GAGOSIAN GALLERY. COLOR
                                              N, ROY, 1923- UNIVERSITY                                               N6537.L   1923-1997--                   ILLUS. INCL. ARTISTS' BOOK BY
Fine Arts        LICHTENSTEIN GIRLS.          1997          PRESS                            2008 75913        N     5         EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC RICHARD PRINCE.                      9780300149272 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                               TURNER, J.M.W.
                 LIFE AND MASTERWORKS OF      SHANES,                                                                ND497.T   (JOSEPH MALLORD
Fine Arts        J.M.W. TURNER.               ERIC.        PARKSTONE                         2008 7592         ND    8S53      WILLIAM), 1775-1851. GEN-AC COLOR ILLUSTRATED.                     9781859956816 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                               1. PICASSO, PABLO,
                 LIFE OF PICASSO: THE                                                                                N6853.P   1881-1973. 2. ARTISTS-        A BORZOI BOOK. BIOGRAPHY. PUB.
                 TRIUMPHANT YEARS, 1917-      RICHARSDON ALFRED A.        LIFE OF PICASSO;                           5R56      - FRANCE--                    ALSO IN UK BY      JONATHAN CAPE.
Fine Arts        1932.                        , JOHN.    KNOPF            V. 3.              2007 709.2        N     2007      BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC 48 COLOR ILLUS. 274 B&W ILLUS.       9780307266651 CLOTH        $40.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: WILLIAMS COLLEGE. EXHIB
                 LIKE BREATH ON GLASS:                     YALE                                                                PAINTING, AMERICAN--          CAT. CO-PUBLISHED WITH CLARK
                 WHISTLER, INNESS, AND THE    SIMPSON,     UNIVERSITY                             75913074           ND210.S   19TH CENT.--                  ART INST. INCL. ESSAYS & COLOR
Fine Arts        ART OF PAINTING SOFTLY.      MARC.        PRESS                             2008 744          ND    57 2008   EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC ILLUS.                               9780300134063 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                             EXHIBITION: GUGGENHEIM, 6/27-
                                                                                                                                                             9/28/08. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY TATE
                 LOUISE BOURGEOIS; ED. BY                                                                            NB237.B   BOURGEOIS, LOUISE,            PUB. COLOR/B&W. SUBSTANTIAL
Fine Arts        FRANCES MORRIS.                           RIZZOLI                           2008 709.2        NB    65        1911- --EXHIBITIONS. GEN-AC TEXT.                                  9780847831319 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                               1. FREUD, LUCIAN--
                                                                                                                               EXHIBITIONS. 2.               EXHIBITION: MOMA, NY, 12/16/07-
                 LUCIAN FREUD: THE PAINTER'S FREUD,                                                                  NE642.F   HUMAN FIGURE IN               3/10/08. DIST. BY D.A.P. INCL. 126
Fine Arts        ETCHINGS.                   LUCIAN.       D.A.P.                            2007 769.92       NE    74        ART--EXHIBITIONS       GEN-AC COLOR AND 2 B&W ILLUSTRATIONS.       9780870707063 CLOTH        $40.00
                                                                                                                                                             CO-PUBLISHED WITH MUSEUM OF
                                                                                                                     N6888.K                                 CONTEMPORARY ART, LOS
                 MARTIN KIPPENBERGER: THE     KIPPENBERG                                                             436A4     KIPPENBERGER--                ANGELES. EXHIBITION CATALOG.
Fine Arts        PROBLEM PERSPECTIVE          ER         MIT PRESS                           2008     759.3    N     2009      EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC WORKS IN VARIOUS MEDIA.              9781933751092 CLOTH        $44.95
                                                                                                                                                             DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB. CAT. WORKS
                                                                                                                                                             IN VARIOUS MEDIA, FILM STILLS,
                                              BARNEY,      SAMMLUNG                                                  N6537.B   BARNEY, MATTHEW--             ETC. GERMAN WITH ENGLISH
Fine Arts        MATTHEW BARNEY.              MATTHEW.     GOETZ                             2008 7094         N     223       EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC TRANSL.                              9783939894094 CLOTH        $50.00
                                              MICHELANGE                                                                       BUONARROTI, 1475-             NON-RET. CATALOG RAISONNE. 12"
                 MICHELANGELO, 1475-1564:     LO                                                                               1564--                        X 17.5" BOOK IN CORRUGATED
                 COMPLETE WORKS; ED. BY       BUONARROTI                                                             N6923.B   CATALOGUES                    BOX. INCL. NUMEROUS GATEFOLDS.
Fine Arts        FRANK ZOLLNER.               , 1475-1564. TASCHEN                           2008 700.92       N     9         RAISONNES.             GEN-AC COLOR.                               9783822830550 CLOTH       $200.00
                                                                                                                               MICHELANGELO                  AUTH: U. OF VIRGINIA. ARGUES HIS
                 MICHELANGELO, DRAWING,                    YALE                                                      NA2707.   BUONARROTI, 1475-             ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS BEST
                 AND THE INVENTION OF         BROTHERS, UNIVERSITY                                                   B78 B76   1564--CRIT. &                 UNDERSTOOD VIA HIS PAINTINGS &
Fine Arts        ARCHITECTURE.                CAMMY, 1969- PRESS                             2008 72092        NA    2008      INTERPR.               ADV-AC SCULPTURE                            9780300124897 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                             DIST. BY ANTIQUE COLLECTORS
                 MICHELANGELO, VASARI, AND    PETRIOLI                                                               NC255.P   DRAWING, ITALIAN--            CLUB. EXHIBITION: MORGAN
                 THEIR CONTEMPORARIES:        TOFANI,    MORGAN                                   741.9450           465       16TH CENT.--                  LIBRARY, 1/25-4/17/08. INCL. COLOR
Fine Arts        DRAWINGS FROM THE UFFIZI.    ANNAMARIA. LIBRARY                             2008 7445         NC    2008      EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC ILLUS.                               9780875981482 PAPER        $35.00

                                                                                                                                                            DIST. BY UNIV. OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                                           SYRACUSE                                                          MICHELANGELO                   PR. TRANSL. FROM ITALIAN.
                 MICHELANGELO: THE MAN AND                 UNIV ART                                                  N6923.B BUONARROTI, 1475-              EXHIBITION CATALOG. SUBSTANTIAL                                           97808122
Fine Arts        THE MYTH                                  GALLERY                           2008     709.2    N     9       1564.                   GEN-AC TEXT. DUOTONE IMAGES            9780812241488 CLOTH              $49.95     20544     $29.95
                                                                                                                             MILLAIS, JOHN                  AUTH: MARYMOUNT MANHATTAN
                                              ROSENFELD, TATE                                                        ND497. EVERETT, SIR, 1829-             COLLEGE. EXHIBITION CATALOG.
Fine Arts        MILLAIS.                     JASON.     PUBLISHING                          2007 759.2        ND    M6      1896-- EXHIBITIONS.     GEN-AC COLOR ILLUSTRATED. TLS 10/07.   9781854377463 CLOTH              $65.00

                 MYTHOS: JOSEPH BEUYS,                                                                                                                      DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
                 MATTHEW BARNEY, DOUGLAS                                                                                                                    CATALOG. TEXT IN GERMAN WITH
                 GORDON, CY TWOMBLY; ED. BY                KUNSTHAUS                                                           ART, MODERN--20TH            ENGLISH TRANSL. COLOR ILLUS.
Fine Arts        ECKHARD SCHNEIDER.                        BREGENZ        RE-OBJECT; V. 2.   2007 709.04       N     N6488     CENT.--EXHIBITIONS.   GEN-AC INCL. 4 GATEFOLDS                     9783865601827 CLOTH        $62.00

                                                                                                                        Page 8
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                            Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                               Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title                 Author        Publisher        Series     Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                  Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                 PODMANICZK                                                                                                    2-VOLUME SLIPCASED SET.
                                                 Y, CHRISTINE                                                                 WYETH, N.C. (NEWELL              CATALOGUE RAISONNE. CO-
                                                 B.                                                                   ND237.  CONVERS), 1882-1945--            PUBLISHED WITH BRANDYWINE
                 N.C. WYETH: CATALOGUE           (CHRISTINE                                                           W94A4   CATALOGUES                       RIVER MUSEUM & WYETH
Fine Arts        RAISONNE OF PAINTINGS.          BAUER)       SCALA                           2008 759.13       ND    2008    RAISONNES.            GEN-AC     FOUNDATION FOR AMERICAN ART.         9781857594782 CLOTH       $400.00
                                                                                                                              1. HIRST, DAMIEN--               DIST. BY HARRY N. ABRAMS. CO-
                                                                                                                              EXHIBITIONS. 2.                  PUBLISHED WITH OTHER CRITERIA.
                                                 HIRST,        PAUL                                                   N6797.H HIRST, DAMIEN--                  EXHIBITION CATALOG. 3
Fine Arts        NEW RELIGION.                   DAMIEN.       STOLPHER                       2006 7092         N     47      INTERVIEWS.           GEN-AC     GATEFOLDS.                           9780955215438 CLOTH        $45.00

                                                                                                                                                         PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS BY
                 ON ARCHITECTURE:                                                                                                                        ARCHITECTURAL CRITIC. EXAMINES
                 COLLECTED REFLECTIONS ON        HUXTABLE,     WALKER &                                                        ARCHITECTURE,             MODERNIST BEGINNINGS THRU
Fine Arts        A CENTURY OF CHANGE.            ADA LOUISE    COMPANY                        2008     724.6    NA    NA680    MODERN--20TH CENT. GEN-AC 21ST CENTURY. NYTBR.           9780802717078 CLOTH                    $35.00

                 ORNAMENT AS ART: AVANT-
                 GARDE JEWELRY FROM THE                        ARNOLDSCHE                                             NK7310. JEWELRY--HIST.--                 DIST. BY ANTIQUE COLL. CLUB.
                 HELEN WILLIAMS DRUTT      STRAUSS,            ART                                 739.2709           S76     20TH CENT.--                     EXHIB: MFA HOUSTON, 9/30/07-
Fine Arts        COLLECTION, THE MUSEUM OF CINDI.              PUBLISHERS                     2008 0407         NK    2007    EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   1/21/08; SMITHSONIAN, 3/14-7/6/08.   9783897902732 CLOTH       $125.00
                                                                                                                                                               DIST. BY ART STOCK BOOKS.
                                                                                                                              PICASSO, PABLO,                  EXHIBITION CATALOG. TRANS.
                 PABLO PICASSO: JOY OF LIFE;                   DEUTSCHER                                              N6853.P 1881-1973--                      FROM GERMAN. COLOR & B&W
Fine Arts        ED. BY MARKUS MULLER.                         KUNSTVERLAG                    2007 709.2        N     5       EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC   ILLUSTRATIONS.                       9783422067493 PAPER        $39.95
                                                                                                                                                               PUB. ALSO IN UK BY RIDINGHOUSE.
                 PATIO AND PAVILION: THE                                                                                                                       CO-PUBLISHED DISCUSSES MAJOR
                 PLACE OF SCULPTURE IN           CURTIS,       J. PAUL GETTY                                                   SCULPTURE &                     20TH C. EXAMPLES WITH B&W
Fine Arts        MODERN ARCHITECTURE.            PENELOPE.     MUSEUM                         2008 730.1        NB    NB1137   ACHITECTURE.           ADV-AC   PHOTOS.                              9780892369157 PAPER        $39.95
                                                                                                                               1. ART PATRONAGE--              AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. DISCUSSES
                                                                                                                      NX705.5. U.S. 2. ARTS--                  THE ROLE OF ARTS IN AMERICAN
                                                 GARBER,       PRINCETON                                              U6G37 ECONOMIC                           CULTURE & THE PARADOX OF
Fine Arts        PATRONIZING THE ARTS.           MARJORIE B    UNIV PRESS                     2008 707973       NX    2008     ASPECTS--U.S.          ADV-AC   PATRONAGE.                           9780691124803 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                                                          EXHIBITION CATALOG. SUBSTANTIAL
                 PAUL GAUGUIN: ARTIST OF                                                                              N6853.G GAUGUIN, PAUL, 1848-        TEXT. INCLUDES ILLUSTRATIONS OF
Fine Arts        MYTH AND DREAM                                SKIRA                          2007     759.4    N     34      1903--EXHIBITIONS.   GEN-AC 120+ WORKS IN VARIOUS MEDIA.          9788861304581 CLOTH            $80.00
                                                                                                                                                          DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB. CAT. INCL. 206
                                                                                                                                                          COLOR & 177 B&W ILLUS. CO-
                 PAUL KLEE: THEATER              KLEE, PAUL,                                                          N6888.K KLEE, PAUL, 1879-           PUBLISHED WITH ZENTRUM PAUL
Fine Arts        EVERYWHERE.                     1879-1940     HATJE CANTZ                    2008 760092       N     55      1940--EXHIBITIONS.   GEN-AC KLEE. TRANSL.                         9783775721851 CLOTH            $60.00
                 PAUL MCCARTHY: CENTRAL
                 SYMMETRICAL ROTATION                          YALE                                                   N6537.M                                EXHIBITION: WHITNEY MUS AM ART,
                 MOVEMENT: THREE                 ILES,         UNIVERSITY                                             39626A4 MCCARTHY, PAUL,                6/26-10/12/08. FILM STILLS & OTHER
Fine Arts        INSTALLATIONS, TWO FILMS.       CHRISSIE.     PRESS                          2008 77859        N     2008    1945- --EXHIBITIONS.    GEN-AC WORKS. SUBSTANTIAL TEXT. COLOR 9780300141382 CLOTH                $18.95
                 PICASSO'S PAINTINGS,
                 WATERCOLORS, DRAWINGS
                 AND SCULPTURE: PICASSO IN                                     PICASSO'S
                 THE NINETEENTH CENTURY:                                       PAINTINGS,
                 YOUTH IN SPAIN I, 1889-1897:                                  WATERCOLORS,                                   PICASSO, PABLO,
                 MALAGA, CORUNNA AND                           ALAN WOFSY      DRAWINGS AND                           N6853.P 1881-1973--                    NON-RET. B&W CATALOGUE
Fine Arts        BARCELONA.                                    FINE ARTS       SCULPTURE.     2008 7092         N     5       CATALOGS.               GEN-AC RAISSONNE.                             9781556603211 CLOTH       $150.00

                 PICASSO'S PAINTINGS,
                 WATERCOLORS, DRAWINGS
                 AND SCULPTURE: PICASSO IN                                     PICASSO'S
                 THE NINETEENTH CENTURY:                                       PAINTINGS,
                 YOUTH IN SPAIN II, 1897-1900:                                 WATERCOLORS,                                   PICASSO, PABLO,
                 BARCELONA, MADRID, HORTA                      ALAN WOFSY      DRAWINGS AND                           N6853.P 1881-1973--
Fine Arts                                                      FINE ARTS       SCULPTURE.     2008 7092         N     5       CATALOGS.             GEN-AC NON-RET. CAT. RAISSONNE.           9781556603228 CLOTH             $150.00
                                                                                                                                                           EXHIBITION: MET MUS ART, NY, 2/12-
                 POUSSIN AND NATURE:                           YALE                                                   ND553.P POUSSIN, NICOLAS,            5/11/08. CO-PUB WITH MET MUS ART,
                 ARCADIAN VISIONS; ED. BY                      UNIVERSITY                                             8A4     1594?-1665--                 NY. INCL. 232 COLOR & 10 B&W
Fine Arts        PIERRE ROSENBERG.                             PRESS                          2008 759.4        ND    2008    EXHIBITIONS.          GEN-AC ILLUS                              9780300136685 CLOTH              $65.00
                                                                                                                              1. PAINTING,                 AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                                                                              RENAISSANCE--ITALY.          CONNECTICUT. COLOR
                                                 TALVACCHIA,                                                          ND623.R 2.     RAPHAEL, 1483-        ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY AND
Fine Arts        RAPHAEL.                        BETTE.      PHAIDON                          2007 759.5        ND    2       1520.                 GEN-AC ANALYSIS.                          9780714847863 CLOTH              $39.95

                                                                                                                         Page 9
                                                                                                             Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                         LC   Full LC                                                                                                            Alternate Alternate
                                                                                            Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                               Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author       Publisher    Series   Year   Class        ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                               HORN,                                                                                                  DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                 REBECCA HORN: COSMIC          REBECCA,                                                                HORN, REBECCA,                 SEAN KELLY GALLERY. EXHIBITION
Fine Arts        MAPS.                         1944-        CHARTA                   2008       759.3    ND    ND588   1944- --EXHIBITIONS.    GEN-AC CATALOG. COLOR ILLUSTRATED.       9788881586851 CLOTH             $69.95
                                                                                                                       1. CELEBRITIES--
                                                                                                               TR681.F PORTRAITS. 2.
                 RICHARD AVEDON:               AVEDON,      HARRY N                                            3A8275 PORTRAIT                        B&W PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY OF
Fine Arts        PERFORMANCE.                  RICHARD      ABRAMS                   2008   779.2092     TR    2008    PHOTOGRAPHY.            GEN-AC PERFORMERS. 2 GATEFOLDS.               9780810972889 CLOTH        $75.00

                                                                                                                                                      EXHIBITION: SAN FRAN MOMA, FROM
                 RICHARD AVEDON:               AVEDONE,     LOUISIANA MUS                                              AVEDON, RICHARD--              10/09. DIST. BY D.A.P. TRANSLATED
Fine Arts        PHOTOGRAPHS 1946-2004.        RICHARD.     MODERN ART               2007 779.2092       TR    TR680   EXHIBITIONS.            GEN-AC FROM DANISH. B&W AND COLOR.       9788791607493 CLOTH             $70.00
                                                                                                                       1. MEIER, RICHARD,
                                                                                                                       1934- . 2.                       COLOR PHOTOS & FLOOR PLANS OF
                 RICHARD MEIER HOUSES AND      MEIER,                                                          NA737.M ARCHITECTURE --                  VARIOUS          RESIDENTIAL
Fine Arts        APARTMENTS.                   RICHARD      RIZZOLI                  2007 728.092        NA    44      DOMESTIC.               ADV-AC   ARCHITECTURE.                        9780847829941 CLOTH        $85.00
                                                                                                                                                        EXHIBITION CATALOG. TRANSL.
                                                                                                               ND237.R ROTHKO, MARK, 1903-              FROM ITALIAN. INCL. COLOR ILLUS.
Fine Arts        ROTHKO; ED. BY OLIVER WICK.                SKIRA/RIZZOLI            2008 759            ND    725     1970--EXHIBITIONS.  GEN-AC       & ESSAYS. 1 GATEFOLD.                9788861302921 CLOTH        $75.00
                                                                                                                                                        EXAMINES EVOLVING GENRE SINCE
                                               COLLINS,                                                                  SCULPTURE, MODERN-             THE 1960S, WITH OVER 500
Fine Arts        SCULPTURE TODAY.              JUDITH.      PHAIDON                  2007 735.23         NB    NB198     -20TH CENT.        GEN-AC      COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS.                 9780714843148 CLOTH        $69.95
                                                                                                                                                        DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIB CAT. TRANSL.
                 SHADOWS AND OTHER SIGNS WARHOL,                                                                                                        FROM FRENCH. CO-PUBLISHED
                 OF LIFE: ANNIVERSARY NOTES ANDY, 1928-     WALTHER                                            N6537.  WARHOL, ANDY, 1928-              WITH GAL CHANTAL GROUSEL.
Fine Arts        FOR ANDY WARHOL.           1987            KONIG                    2008 7092           N     W28     1987--EXHIBITIONS.  GEN-AC       COLOR ILLUSTRATED.                   9783865603845 CLOTH        $69.95
                                                            JONATHAN                                                   CALDER, ALEXANDER,
                 SIMPLICITY OF MEANS: CALDER CALDER,        O'HARA                                             NB237.C 1898-1976--                DIST. BY D.A.P. EXHIBITION
Fine Arts        AND THE DEVISED OBJECT.     ALEXANDER      GALLERY                  2007 73092          NB    28      EXHIBITIONS.        GEN-AC CATALOG. COLOR ILLUS.                      9780974075167 CLOTH        $30.00

                 SISTINE SECRETS:                                                                                      MICHELANGELO                    ARGUES THE PRESENCE OF
                 MICHELANGELO'S FORBIDDEN                                                                      ND623.B BUONARROTI, 1475-               EMBEDDED MESSAGES MEANT TO
                 MESSAGES IN THE HEART OF      BLECH,                                                          9B48    1564--CRIT. &                   CHALLENGE CATHOLIC CHURCH.
Fine Arts        THE VATICAN.                  BENJAMIN.    HARPER ONE               2008 759.5          ND    2008    INTERPR.            GEN-AC      DUST JACKET IS POSTER.                9780061469046 CLOTH        $26.95
                 THEATRE OF THE FACE:                                                                                  PORTRAIT                        COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY WITH
                 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY          KAZLOFF,                                                                PHOTOGRAPHY--HIST.-             280 B&W & 70 COLOUR
Fine Arts        SINCE 1900.                   MAX.         PHAIDON                  2007 779.2          TR    TR680   -20TH CENT.         GEN-AC      ILLUSTRATIONS.                        9780714843728 CLOTH        $69.95
                                                                                                                                                       DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                                                                                                                                       IRISH MOMA. 9.5" X 7". EXHIBITION
                 THOMAS DEMAND: L'ESPRIT       EGGERS,      WALTHER                                            TR647.D   DEMAND, THOMAS,               CAT. SUBSTANTIAL TEXT. DIE-CUT
Fine Arts        D'ESCALIER.                   DAVE, ET AL. KONIG                    2007 779.092        TR    46 2007   1964- --EXHIBITIONS. GEN-AC PAGES.                                  9783865602107 CLOTH        $85.00
                                                                                                                                                       AUTH: UNIV. OF ST. ANDREWS.
                                                                                                               ND623.T                                 INTRODUCTION TO         PAINTER'S
                                               HUMFREY,                                                        7A4                                     MAJOR WORKS. 150 COLOR & 25
Fine Arts        TITIAN.                       PETER, 1947- PHAIDON                  2007 759.5          ND    2007      TITIAN, CA. 1488-1576. GEN-AC B&W ILLUS.                            9780714842585 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                         TURNER, J.M.W.
                                               BROWN,                                                                    (JOSEPH MALLORD               EXHIBITION CATALOG. PRIMARILY
                                               DAVID        TATE                                               ND1942.   WILLIAM), 1775-1851-          LANDSCAPES,          CITYSCAPES,
Fine Arts        TURNER WATERCOLOURS           BLAYNEY.     PUBLISHING               2007 759.2          ND    T8        -EXHIBITIONS.          GEN-AC SEASCAPES. COLOR ILLUSTRATED.         9781854377715 PAPER        $29.95
                                                                                                                                                       EXHIBITION: MOMA, NY, 9/21/08-
                                                                                                                         GOGH, VINCENT VAN,            1/5/09. INCLUDES OVER 100 COLOR
                 VAN GOGH AND THE COLORS       HEUGTEN,     VAN GOGH                                           ND653.G   1853-1890--                   ILLUSTRATIONS. TRANSLATED. CO-
Fine Arts        OF THE NIGHT.                 SJAAR VAN    MUSEUM                   2008   759.9492     ND    7         EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC PUBLISHED WITH MOMA.                  9780870707360 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                                       NEW ED. ENLARGED WITH NEW
                                                                                                                         LE CORBUSIER, 1887-           ILLUSTRATIONS, PREFACE,
                 VILLAS OF LE CORBUSIER AND BENTON,         BIRKHAUSER                    728.8409             NA1053.   1965--CRIT. &                 INTERPRETATIONS, & EVIDENCE.
Fine Arts        PIERRE JEANNERET, 1920-1930. TIM.          VA                       2007 24             NA    J4B38     INTERPR.               ADV-AC TRANSL. FROM FRENCH.                  9783764384067 CLOTH        $69.95
                                                                                                                                                       EXHIBITION: ART INST CHICAGO,
                                                            YALE                                                         HOMER, WINSLOW,               2/16-5/11/08. INCL. 257 COLOR
                 WATERCOLORS BY WINSLOW     TEDESCHI,       UNIVERSITY                                         ND1839.   1836-1910--                   ILLUSTRATIONS. INCL. SUBSTANTIAL
Fine Arts        HOMER: THE COLOR OF LIGHT. MARTHA.         PRESS                    2008 759.13         ND    H6        EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC TEXT.                                 9780300119459 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                         1. PHOTOGRAPHY,               AUTH: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY.
                                                            YALE                                                         ARTISTIC. 2.                  EXAMINES ROLE OF PHOTOGRAPH
                 WHY PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS FRIED,             UNIVERSITY                                         TR642.F   PHOTOGRAPHY--                 AS FINE ART SINCE 1970S. COLOR
Fine Arts        AS ART AS NEVER BEFORE. MICHAEL            PRESS                    2008       770.1    TR    75 2008   PHILOSOPHY.            GEN-AC ILLUSTRATIONS.                        9780300136845 CLOTH        $55.00

                 WILLIAM KENTRIDGE:            KENTRIDGE,   YALE                                               NK3089.                             EXHIBITION: PHILADELPHIA MUS OF
                 TAPESTRIES; ED. BY CARLOS     WILLIAM,     UNIVERSITY                                         8.S62K4 KENTRIDGE, WILLIAM,         ART, 12/12/07- 4/6/08. TAPESTRIES,
Fine Arts        BASUALDO.                     1955-        PRESS                    2008 741.968        NK    62 2008 1955- --EXHIBITIONS. GEN-AC RELATED COLLAGES, ETC. COLOR.      9780300126860 CLOTH               $35.00

                                                                                                                  Page 10
                                                                                                                        Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                    LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                        Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author        Publisher          Series       Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                                 DIST. BY D.A.P. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
                                                TILLMANS,                                                                          TILLMANS,                     NAT STAATLICHE MUS ZU BERLIN.
                 WOLFGANG TILLMANS:             WOLFGANG,                                                                          WOLFGANG, 1968- --            EXHIB CAT. TEXT IN GERMAN &
Fine Arts        LIGHTER.                       1968-     HATJE CANTZ                            2007 779092        TR    TR647    EXHIBITIONS.           GEN-AC ENGLISH.                          9783775721875 CLOTH         $85.00

                 WORK OF ART IN THE AGE OF                                                                                        1. ART & SOCIETY. 2.           ED: PRINCETON UNIV. PREVIOUSLY-
                 ITS TECHNOLOGICAL          BENJAMIN,                                                                     N72.S6B PHOTOGRAPHY OF                 PUBLISHED ESSAYS. TRANSL. FROM
                 REPRODUCIBILITY, AND OTHER WALTER,           BELKNAP/HARV                                                413     ART. 3. MASS MEDIA--           GERMAN. ON ART & MEDIA IN EARLY
Fine Arts        WRITINGS ON MEDIA; ED.     1892-1940.        ARD                                2008 302.23        N     2008    PHILOSOPHY.             GEN-AC 20TH CENT.                      9780674024458 PAPER           $18.95

                                                                                                                                                                   PERIODICAL ANTHOLOGY, PLUS
              P.S.: FURTHER THOUGHTS                                                                                              1. TERKEL, STUDS,                TWO OTHER PREVIOUSLY-
              FROM A LIFETIME OF                TERKEL,                                                                   AC8.T38 1912---MISCELLANEA.              PUBLISHED ESSAYS BY PULITZER-
General Works LISTENING.                        STUDS, 1912- NEW PRESS                           2008    791.441    AC    2008    2. INTERVIEWS--U.S.     GEN-AC   PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR.             9781595584236 PAPER       $16.95
              POPULAR PRINT AND POPULAR                                                                                                                            AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
              MEDICINE: ALMANACS AND                          UNIV OF                                                     AY31.A1 ALMANACS,                        HISTORY OF EARLY     AMERICAN
              HEALTH ADVICE IN EARLY            HORROCKS,     MASSACHUSET                             03102090            H67     AMERICAN--HIST.--                HEALTH ALMANACS FROM 1646 TO                                         97815584
General Works AMERICA.                          THOMAS A      TS PRESS                           2008 33            AY    2008    18TH CENT.          ADV-AC       1861.                             9781558496569 CLOTH       $80.00     96576     $29.95
                                                                                                                                  1. MUSEUMS &                     AUTH: BARUCH COLLEGE/CUNY.
              SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE:                        COLUMBIA                                                            MOTION PICTURES. 2.              HIST OF IMMERSION &
              CINEMA, MUSEUMS, AND THE          GRIFFITHS,    UNIVERSITY       FILM AND                                   AM7.G5 MUSEUMS-- SOCIAL                  INTERACTIVE SPECTATORSHIP. B&W
General Works IMMERSIVE VIEW.                   ALISON, 1963- PRESS            CULTURE.          2008 069          AM     9 2008  ASPECTS.            ADV-AC       ILLUS.                            9780231129886 CLOTH       $45.00
              COUNTERCULTURE GREEN:                                                                                                                                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS
              THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG           KIRK,         UNIVERSITY                                                          ENVIRONMENTALISM--               VEGAS. EXAMINES ENDURING
              AND AMERICAN                      ANDREW G.,    PRESS OF         CULTURE                333.7209            GE197.K U.S.--HIST.--20TH                IMPACT OF PUBLICATION. NYTBR
Geography     ENVIRONMENTALISM.                 1964-         KANSAS           AMERICA.          2007 7309          GE    58 2007 CENT.              ADV-AC        12/9/07.                          9780700615452 CLOTH       $34.95
              GULF STREAM: TINY
              PLANKTON, GIANT BLUEFIN,                                                                                                                           AUTH: JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY.
              AND THE AMAZING STORY OF                         UNIV OF NORTH                                                                                     HISTORICAL &  ENVIRONMENTAL
              THE POWERFUL RIVER IN THE         ULANSKI,       CAROLINA                               55146213            GC269.U                                STUDY OF GULF STREAM. A
Geography     ATLANTIC.                         STAN L., 1946- PRESS                             2008 1            GC     43 2008 GULF STREAM.            GEN-AC CARAVAN BK.                     9780807832172 CLOTH           $28.00
                                                                                                                                   1. LINCOLN,
                                                SZASZ,                                                                             ABRAHAM, 1809-1865--
                 ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND            FERENC        SOUTHERN                                                    E4557.2. ETHICS. 2.                  AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO.
                 ROBERT BURNS: CONNECTED        MORTON,       ILLINOIS UNIV                                               S96      PRESIDENTS--U.S.--          LIFE & THOUGHT OF BURNS, & HIS
History          LIVES AND LEGENDS.             1940-         PRESS                              2008   973.7092    E     2008     BIOGRAPHY            ADV-AC INFLUENCE ON LINCOLN.           9780809328550 CLOTH             $27.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                          E839.5.                              EXPLORES RISE OF CONSERVATIVE
                 AGE OF REAGAN: A HISTORY,      WILENTZ,      HARPERCOLLIN                                                W535     UNITED STATES--POL.         MOVEMENT & ITS CONSEQUENCES.
History          1974-2008.                     SEAN.         S                                  2008 973.927       E     2008     & GOVT.--1945-1989.  GEN-AC NYTBR.                          9780060744809 CLOTH             $27.95
                                                EARL S.
                                                (EARL         YALE             LAMAR SERIES IN                                    PACIFIC & MOUNTAIN           ED: UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO.
                 AMERICAN FAR WEST IN THE       SPENCER),     UNIVERSITY       WESTERN                                    F718.P6 STATES--HIST.--20TH          ARGUES HISTORY OF AMERICAN
History          TWENTIETH CENTURY              1915-2005     PRESS            HISTORY.          2008    978.033    F     6 2008  CENT.                 ADV-AC WEST DID NOT END IN 1900.             9780300120738 CLOTH       $35.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: GEORGETOWN UNIV.
                 APRIL 4, 1968: MARTIN LUTHER   DYSON,                                                                            AFRICAN AMERICANS--          EXAMINES HOW KING EMBRACED
                 KING JR.'S DEATH AND HOW IT    MICHAEL                                                                   E185.61 CIVIL RIGHTS--HIST.--        DEATH'S INEVITABILITY & THE
History          CHANGED AMERICA.               ERIC.         BASIC CIVITAS                      2008 323.173       E     5       20TH CENT.            GEN-AC IMPACT ON HIS LEGACY.                 9780465002122 CLOTH       $24.95

                                                                                                                                  1. ARCHAEOLOGY--              AUTH: UNIV. OF WINCHESTER. FROM
                                                FINNERAN,                                                                 DT379.F ETHIOPIA. 2. ETHIOPIA-        THE STONE AGE TO THE POST-
History          ARCHAEOLOGY OF ETHIOPIA.       NIALL.        ROUTLEDGE                          2007 963.01        DT    56 2007 - ANTIQ.               ADV-AC MEDIEVAL PERIOD. 150+ B&W ILLUS. 9780415386463 CLOTH          $110.00
                 ARCHAEOLOGY OF MEDIEVAL                                                                                                                        ED: UNIV. COLLEGE LONDON. COLL.
                 EUROPE; V. 1: THE EIGHTH TO                  AARHUS           ARCHAEOLOGY OF                                                                   OF NEW ESSAYS. V. 1 OF 2-V. SET.
                 TWELFTH CENTURIES AD; ED.                    UNIVERSITY       MEDIEVAL                                           ARCHAEOLOGY,                  NEW SERIES. CLOTH NOT
History          BY JAMES                                     PRESS            EUROPE; V. 1.  2007 940.1            D     D125    MEDIEVAL--EUROPE. GEN-AC AVAILABLE.                            9788779342903 PAPER           $52.95

                 BIN LADENS: AN ARABIAN                                                                                   CS1129. 1. BIN LADEN FAMILY.           HISTORY OF THE BIN LADEN FAMILY
                 FAMILY IN THE AMERICAN         COLL,         PENGUIN                                                     B552     2. SAUDI ARABIA--             BY PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING
History          CENTURY.                       STEVE.        BOOKS                              2008 953.8052      CS    2008     HIST. --20TH CENT.     GEN-AC JOURNALIST & AUTHOR. NYTBR.     9781594201646 CLOTH           $35.00
                                                                                                                                   1. CHURCHILL,
                                                                                                                                   WINSTON, SIR, 1874-
                                                                                                                                   1965. 2. PRIME              AUTH: CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE.
                 BLOOD, TOIL, TEARS AND         LUKACS,                                                                   DA566.9. MINISTERS--GREAT            HISTORICAL STUDY OF CHURCHILL'S
History          SWEAT: THE DIRE WARNING.       JOHN, 1924-   BASIC BOOKS                        2008 941.084       DA    C5       BRITAIN              GEN-AC FAMOUS 1940 SPEECH.             9780465002870 CLOTH             $24.00
                                                                                                                                                               EXAMINES RACIAL ISSUES
                 BOUND MAN: WHY WE ARE                                                                                    E901.1.0 1. OBAMA, BARACK. 2.        CONSTRAINING OBAMA'S
                 EXCITED ABOUT OBAMA AND        STEELE,                                               328.7309            23S74    OBAMA, BARACK--             AUTHENTIC POLITICAL VOICE.
History          WHY HE CAN'T WIN.              SHELBY.       FREE PRESS                         2008 2             E     2008     PUBLIC OPINION.      GEN-AC NYTBR 2/10/08.                  9781416559177 CLOTH             $22.00

                                                                                                                             Page 11
                                                                                                                       Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                   LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey        Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author       Publisher         Series       Year   Class         ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                                                                                  1. BYZANTINE EMPIRE-        AUTH: KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON.
                 BYZANTIUM: THE SURPRISING                  PRINCETON                                                             -HIST. 2. BYZANTINE         PUB. ALSO IN UK BY ALLEN LANE.
                 LIFE OF A MEDIEVAL            HERRIN,      UNIVERSITY                                                            EMPIRE--POL. &              HISTORICAL OVERVIEW WITH B&W
History          EMPIRE.                       JUDITH.      PRESS                             2007 949.5           DF    DF553    GOVT.                GEN-AC PLATES.                              9780691131511 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                  DU BOIS, W.E.B.
                                                                            CAMBRIDGE                                             (WILLIAM EDWARD             ED: KING'S COLLEGE LONDON. NEW
                                                                            COMPANIONS TO                                E185.97. BURGHARDT), 1868-           COLLECTION. ESSAYS ON 20TH
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                     CAMBRIDGE       AMERICAN                                     D73C36 1963--CRIT. &                 CENTURY BLACK INTELLECTUAL.                                              97805216
History          W.E.B. DU BOIS.                            UNIV PRESS      STUDIES.          2008   818.5209      E     2008     INTERPR.             ADV-AC NEW SERIES.                          9780521871518 CLOTH        $80.00     92052     $24.99

                 CAPITOL MEN: THE EPIC STORY                                                                                                                    HISTORY OF BLACK SOUTHERN
                 OF RECONSTRUCTION                                                                                               RECONSTRUCTION                 CONGRESSMEN & THEIR REFORMS,
                 THROUGH THE LIVES OF THE              HOUGHTON                                                          E668.D7 (U.S. HISTORY, 1865-           DURING THE AMERICAN
History          FIRST BLACK CONGRESSMEN. DRAY, PHILIP MIFFLIN                                2008     973.81      E     6 2008  1877)                   GEN-AC RECONSTRUCTION. NYTBR.             9780618563708 CLOTH        $30.00

                 CAVE, CITY, AND EAGLE'S
                 NEST: AN INTERPRETIVE                                                                                                                    TITLE CONT; NO 2. ED: HARVARD
                 JOURNEY THROUGH THE MAPA                   UNIVERSITY OF                                                F1219.5 MAPA DE                  UNIV. STUDY OF 16TH C. PICTORIAL
                 DE CUAUHTINCHAN; NO. 2; ED.                NEW MEXICO                                                   6.M32C3 CUAUHTINCHAN NUM.        MS. WITH POSTER, 17 GATEFOLDS,
History          BY DAVID CARRASCO.                         PRESS                             2007 972.48          F     8 2007   2.               ADV-AC 204 FIG.                                 9780826342836 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                  1. CHAMPLAIN,
                                                                                                                                  SAMUEL DE, 1567-
                                                                                                                                  1635. 2.                AUTH: BRANDEIS UNIV. PUBLISHED
                                               FISCHER,                                                                  F1030.1. EXPLORERS--             ALSO IN CANADA. BIOGRAPHY BY
                                               DAVID        SIMON &                                                      F54      AMERICA--               PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING
History          CHAMPLAIN'S DREAM.            HACKETT      SCHUSTER                          2008   971.0113      F     2008     BIOGRAPHY        GEN-AC HISTORIAN. NYTBR 11/2/08                 9781416593324 CLOTH        $40.00

                                                                                                                                  1. FRANCE--HIST.--            AUTH: UNIV. OF OXFORD. HISTORY
                 CHILDREN OF THE                                                                                                  1789-1900. 2. FRANCE--        OF POST-REVOLUTION 19TH
                 REVOLUTION: THE FRENCH,       GILDEA,      HARVARD UNIV                                                 DC251.G POL. & GOVT.--1789-            CENTURY FRANCE. PUBLISHED
History          1799-1914.                    ROBERT       PRESS                             2008     944.06      DC    54 2008 1900.                   GEN-AC ALSO IN UK BY ALLEN LANE.          9780674032095 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                  1. CHILDREN'S                 AUTH: U OF EDINBURGH. SEEKS TO
                 CHILDREN'S CRUSADE:                                                                                              CRUSADE, 1212. 2.             SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION IN
                 MEDIEVAL HISTORY, MODERN      DICKSON,     PALGRAVE                                                              CRUSADES IN                   PRIMARY SOURCES & SUBSEQUENT
History          MYTHISTORY.                   GARY.        MACMILLAN                         2008 940.184         D     D169     LITERATURE.            ADV-AC ACCOUNTS.                          9781403999894 CLOTH        $35.00
                                               CHURCHILL,                                                                         CHURCHILL,
                 CHURCHILL BY HIMSELF: THE     WINSTON,                                                                           WINSTON, SIR, 1874-
                 DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF      SIR, 1874-   PUBLIC                                                       DA566.9. 1965--                        COLLECTION OF CHURCHILL
History          QUOTATIONS                    1965         AFFAIRS                           2008    941.084      DA    C5       QUOTATIONS.            GEN-AC QUOTATIONS.                        9781586486389 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                                                HISTORY OF CHURCHILL'S TRAVELS
                 CHURCHILL GOES TO WAR:                                                                                           CHURCHILL,                    FROM 1941-1945 & ASSOC.
                 WINSTON'S WARTIME             LAVERY,      NAVAL INST                             941.0840              DA566.9. WINSTON, SIR, 1874-           HAZARDS. PUB. ALSO IN UK. INCL.
History          JOURNEYS.                     BRIAN.       PRESS                             2007 92              DA    C5       1965--TRAVEL.          GEN-AC B/W PHOTOS.                        9781591141037 CLOTH        $34.95

                                                                                                                                 1. CLEOPATRA,                    AUTH: MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                         DT92.7. QUEEN OF EGYPT, D.               BIOGRAPHY OF EGYPTIAN QUEEN.
                 CLEOPATRA: LAST QUEEN OF      TYLDESLEY,                                                                T95     30 B.C. 2. QUEENS--              INCLUDES B&W PHOTOS.
History          EGYPT.                        JOYCE A      BASIC BOOKS                       2008   932.0211      DT    2008    EGYPT--BIOGRAPHY        GEN-AC   PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK.            9780465009404 CLOTH        $27.50
                                                                                                                                 1. COMANCHE                      AUTH: UCAL, SANTA BARBARA.
                                                              YALE          LAMAR SERIES IN                              E99.C85 INDIANS--HIST. 2.                IMPACT OF COMANCHES ON
                                               HAMALAINEN UNIVERSITY        WESTERN                978.0049              H27     UNITED STATES --                 SOUTHWESTERN U.S. COLONIAL
History          COMANCHE EMPIRE.              , PEKKA, 1967- PRESS         HISTORY.          2008 7457            E     2008    HIST.--19TH CENT.       ADV-AC   FRONTIERS & EXPANSION.           9780300126549 CLOTH        $35.00
                 COMPANION TO LATIN                                         BLACKWELL                                    F1410.C                                  AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
                 AMERICAN HISTORY; ED. BY                                   COMPANIONS TO                                727                                      AT DAVIS.     COLLECTION OF
History          THOMAS H. HOLLOWAY.                        BLACKWELL       WORLD HISTORY.    2008 980.            F     2008    LATIN AMERICA--HIST.    ADV-AC   NEW ESSAYS.                      9781405131612 CLOTH       $199.95
                                                                                                                                 1. ARMENIAN                      CONSIDERS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL
                                                                                                                                 MASSACRES, 1915-                 EFFECTS OF FAILURE TO
                 CONSEQUENCES OF DENIAL:       ALAYARIAN,                                                                        1923. 2. DENIAL                  ACKNOWLEDGE ARMENIAN
History          THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.        AIDA         KARNAC BOOKS                      2008 95662           DS    DS195.5 (PSYCHOLOGY).           ADV-AC   GENOCIDE. DIST. BY STYLUS PUB    9781855755659 PAPER        $38.95
                                               PAINE,                                                                    E211.P1 UNITED STATES--                  REPRINT OF 1918 ED. BY PETER
                                               THOMAS,                      GREAT MINDS                                  193     HIST.--REVOLUTION,               ECKLER PUB. COLLECTION OF
History          CRISIS.                       1737-1809    PROMETHEUS      SERIES.           2008        973.3    E     2008    1775-1783.              GEN-AC   POLITICAL ESSAYS.                9781591026310 PAPER        $14.98
                                                                                                                                                                  AUTH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE.
                 CRUSADES AND THE              MACEVITT,  UNIVERSITY OF                                                           1. CRUSADES. 2.                 STUDY OF FRANKISH
                 CHRISTIAN WORLD OF THE        CHRISTOPHE PENNSYLVANIA MIDDLE AGES                                                EASTERN CHURCHES--              GOVERNANCE OF MULTICULTURAL
History          EAST: ROUGH TOLERANCE.        R.         PRESS         SERIES.               2008 909.07          D     D157     HIST.              ADV-AC       MIDDLE EAST.                     9780812240504 CLOTH        $49.95

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                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author         Publisher        Series      Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 DEVIL WE KNOW: DEALING                                                                                DS318.9. 1. IRAN--POL. & GOVT.-        EXAMINES THE NEW IRAN, AND
                 WITH THE NEW IRANIAN           BAER,                                                                  B34      -1997- 2. IRAN--FOR.          OFFERS A BLUEPRINT FOR A NEW
History          SUPERPOWER.                    ROBERT         CROWN                           2008   955.054    DS    2008     REL.--21ST CENT.       GEN-AC US RESPONSE.                        9780307408648 CLOTH        $25.95

                 DINNER AT MR. JEFFERSON'S:                                                                                                                STORY OF DINNER THAT HELPED
                 THREE MEN, FIVE GREAT                                                                                                                     RESOLVE POLITICAL CONFLICTS
                 WINES, AND THE EVENING         CERAMI,                                                                E311.C4 UNITED STATES--POL.         B/W JEFFERSON, HAMILTON &
History          THAT CHANGED AMERICA.          CHARLES A.     JOHN WILEY                      2008 973.41       E     7 2008   & GOVT.--1789-1797. GEN-AC MADISON.                               9780470083062 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: TEMPLE UNIV. CONCEPT OF
                 DISUNION!: THE COMING OF       VARON,         UNIV OF NORTH LITTLEFIELD                                                                   'DISUNION' IN ANTE- BELLUM
                 THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR,        ELIZABETH      CAROLINA      HISTORY OF THE                            E302.1.V UNITED STATES--POL.        SLAVERY DEBATES. NEW SERIES. A
History          1789-1859.                     R., 1963-      PRESS         CIVIL WAR ERA.    2008   973.711    E     37 2008 & GOVT.--1783-1865.  GEN-AC CARAVAN BK.                            9780807832325 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                                                                                1. NATIONAL                     EXPLORES VALUES, CONFLICTS &
                                                BANKS,         SEVEN                                                   E169.1.B CHARACTERISTICS,                CONTRADICTIONS INHERENT IN
                                                RUSSELL,       STORIES                                                 2218     AMERICAN. 2. UNITED             AMERICA, FROM ITS FOUNDING TO
History          DREAMING UP AMERICA.           1940-          PRESS                           2008 973          E     2008     STATES--HIST.       GEN-AC      PRESENT.                          9781583228388 CLOTH        $21.95

                                            WRIGHT,                                                                                                         DISCUSSION OF POLITICAL
                 DREAMS AND SHADOWS: THE    ROBIN B.,          PENGUIN                                                 DS44.W MIDDLE EAST--POL. &           TRANSITION OF MIDDLE EAST IN
History          FUTURE OF THE MIDDLE EAST. 1948-              BOOKS                           2008 956.054      DS    87 2008 GOVT.--21ST CENT.     GEN-AC SPECIFIC COUNTRIES. NYTBR 3/2/08      9781594201110 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                                                                                1. PHAM, THONG VAN.
                                                PHAM,                                                                  E184.V5 2. VIETNAMESE                BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR'S
                 EAVES OF HEAVEN: A LIFE IN     ANDREW X.,     HARMONY/CRO                                             3P4554 AMERICANS --                  FATHER, A VIETNAMESE REFUGEE.
History          THREE WARS.                    1967-          WN                              2008 9730495      E     2008     BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC NYTBR 7/13/08.                        9780307381200 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: UNIV. OF MEMPHIS. SURVEYS
                 EMIL L. FACKENHEIM: A JEWISH                SYRACUSE         RELIGION,                                D804.3.P HOLOCAUST, JEWISH           POST-HOLOCAUST IDEAS OF
                 PHILOSOPHER'S RESPONSE TO      PATTERSON, UNIVERSITY         THEOLOGY, AND         940.5318           3775     (1939-1945)--MORAL &        LEADING GERMAN JEWISH                                                     97808156
History          THE HOLOCAUST.                 DAVID, 1948- PRESS            THE HOLOCAUST.   2008 092          D     2008     ETHICAL ASPECTS.     GEN-AC PHILOSOPHER.                          9780815631569 CLOTH        $39.95     31835     $19.95
                 EMPIRE, BARBARISM, AND                                                                                         1. HODGES, WILLIAM,         AUTH: UNIV. OF YORK. EXAMINES
                 CIVILISATION: JAMES COOK,                                                                                      1744-1797. 2. COOK,         HODGE'S DRAMATIC
                 WILLIAM HODGES, AND THE        GUEST,         CAMBRIDGE                            910.9164           DU20.G8 JAMES, 1728-1779--           LANDSCAPES/PORTRAITS
History          RETURN TO THE PACIFIC.         HARRIET.       UNIV PRESS                      2007 8            DU    4 2007   DIARIES.             ADV-AC ALONGSIDE WRITTEN ACCOUNTS.           9780521881944 CLOTH        $99.00

                                                                                                                               1. CIVILIZATION,               AUTH: OXFORD UNIV.
                 EUROPE BETWEEN THE                            YALE                                                            WESTERN--HIST.                 ARCHAEOLOGICAL &
                 OCEANS: THEMES AND             CUNLIFFE,      UNIVERSITY                                              CB245.C 2. EUROPE--                    GEOGRAPHICAL TREATMENT. INCL.
History          VARIATIONS: 9000 BC-AD 1000.   BARRY W        PRESS                           2008 940          CB    85 2008 CIVILIZATION.           GEN-AC PHOTOS, LINE DRAWINGS & MAPS.   9780300119237 CLOTH            $39.95
                                                                                                                                                              INTERVIEWS WITH CUBAN LEADER
                 FIDEL CASTRO: MY LIFE: A                                                                                                                     FROM 2003-2005, DISC. HIS LIFE.
                 SPOKEN AUTOBIOGRAPHY;          CASTRO,                                                                F1788.2 HEADS OF STATE--               TRANS. FROM SPANISH. PUB. ALSO
History          TRANS. BY ANDREW HURLEY.       FIDEL, 1926-   SCRIBNER                        2008 972.91       F     2.C3    CUBA--BIOGRAPHY         GEN-AC IN UK. TLS                      9781416553281 CLOTH            $40.00
                 FIGHTING FOR THE CROSS:                       YALE
                 CRUSADING TO THE HOLY          HOUSLEY,       UNIVERSITY                                              D157.H6
History          LAND.                          NORMAN         PRESS                           2008    909.07    D     9 2008  CRUSADES.               GEN-AC AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER.      9780300118889 CLOTH        $38.00

                                              DUGGAN,                                                                          1. ITALY--HIST.--1789-          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF READING.
                 FORCE OF DESTINY: A          CHRISTOPHE HOUGHTON                                                      DG551.D 1870. 2. ITALY--HIST. --        PUB. ALSO IN UK BY ALLEN LANE.
History          HISTORY OF ITALY SINCE 1796. R.         MIFFLIN                               2008 945.08      DG     84 2008 1870-1914.               GEN-AC HISTORICAL OVERVIEW. TLS 6/6/08.   9780618353675 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                                                                               1. AMERICANS--
                                                                                                                       DK34.A4 SOVIET UNION--HIST.            HISTORY OF THOUSANDS OF
                 FORSAKEN: AN AMERICAN          TZOULIADIS, PENGUIN                                                    5T96    2.    IMMIGRANTS--             AMERICANS THAT IMMIGRATED TO
History          TRAGEDY IN STALIN'S RUSSIA.    TIM.        BOOKS                              2008 94700413     DK    2008    SOVIET UNION.           GEN-AC THE SOVIET UNION DURING 1930'S.     9781594201684 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: U WISCONSIN, MADISON.
                 FRANCO AND HITLER: SPAIN,                     YALE                                                    D754.S6 WORLD WAR, 1939-               SHEDS NEW LIGHT ON QUESTIONS
                 GERMANY, AND WORLD WAR         PAYNE,         UNIVERSITY                                              P39     1945--DIPLOMATIC               ABOUT THE SPANISH/GERMAN
History          II.                            STANLEY G.     PRESS                           2008 940.5346     D     2008    HISTORY.                GEN-AC RELATIONSHIP.                9780300122824 CLOTH               $30.00
                                                                                                                               DOUGLASS,                      AUTH: U. OF WISCONSIN, EAU
                 FREDERICK DOUGLASS: RACE       MYERS,         UNIVERSITY     AMERICAN                                 E449.D7 FREDERICK, 1818-               CLAIRE. DOUGLASS'S
                 AND THE REBIRTH OF             PETER C.,      PRESS OF       POLITICAL                                5M94    1895--POLITICAL &              INTERPRETATION OF NATURAL
History          AMERICAN LIBERALISM.           1959-          KANSAS         THOUGHT.         2008 973.8092     E     2008    SOCIAL VIEWS.           ADV-AC RIGHTS DOCTRINE.             9780700615728 CLOTH               $34.95

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                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class        ass Number          Subject Headings       Level                 Notes               ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 JEFFERSON, TADEUSZ
                 KOSCIUSZKO, AND AGRIPPA
                 HULL: A TALE OF THREE                                                                                        UNITED STATES--
                 REVOLUTIONS, AND A TRAGIC                                                                                    HIST.--REVOLUTION,
                 BETRAYAL OF FREEDOM IN THE NASH, GARY                                                                E206.N3 1775-1783--
History          NEW NATION.                B.             BASIC BOOKS                      2008 973.3          E     6 2007  BIOGRAPHY                   GEN-AC AUTH: UCLA.                       9780465048144 CLOTH        $26.00
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: UNIV. OF KENTUCKY.
                 FROM COLONY TO               HERRING,     OXFORD          OXFORD HISTORY                                                                        COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY OF
                 SUPERPOWER: U.S. FOREIGN     GEORGE C.,   UNIVERSITY      OF THE UNITED                              E183.7.H UNITED STATES--                   AMERICAN FOREIGN RELATIONS,
History          RELATIONS SINCE 1776.        1936-        PRESS           STATES.          2008     327.73     E     44 2008 FOREIGN RELATIONS           GEN-AC 1776 TO PRESENT. NYTBR.           9780195078220 CLOTH        $35.00

                                                                                                                               1. GREAT BRITAIN--
                 GANDHI & CHURCHILL: THE                                                                                       FOREIGN RELATIONS--                 HISTORICAL STUDY OF
                 EPIC RIVALRY THAT            HERMAN,                                                                 DA47.9.I INDIA. 2. INDIA--                   RELATIONSHIP & POLITICS OF
                 DESTROYED AN EMPIRE AND      ARTHUR,                                            325.5409             4H47     FOREIGN RELATIONS--                 CHURCHILL & GANDHI. INCL. B/W
History          FORGED OUR AGE.              1956-        BANTAM                           2008 4109           DA    2008     GREAT BRITAIN       GEN-AC          PHOTOS.                         9780553804638 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                                                                              1. GANDHI, MAHATMA,         AUTH: U. ILLINOIS, URBANA-
                                                           UNIVERSITY OF                                              DS481.G 1869-1948. 2.               CHAMPAIGN. BIOGRAPHY PUB.
                 GANDHI: THE MAN, HIS PEOPLE, GANDHI,      CALIFORNIA                            954.0350             3G2165 NATIONALISTS--INDIA--        ALSO IN UK BY HAUS PUB. A PHILIP
History          AND THE EMPIRE.              RAJMOHAN.    PRESS                            2008 92             DS    2008    BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC E. LILIENTHAL BK.                9780520255708 CLOTH                $34.95
                                                                                                                              GEORGE II, KING OF
                 GEORGE II: PUPPET OF THE     BLACK,       UNIVERSITY OF                         941.0720             DA501.A GREAT BRITAIN, 1683-        AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF EXETER.
History          POLITICIANS?                 JEREMY.      EXETER PRESS                     2007 92             DA    3       1760.                GEN-AC POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY.             9780859898072 CLOTH                $69.95
                 GEORGE WASHINGTON'S                                                                                          UNITED STATES--             WASHINGTON ARMED SHIPS TO
                 SECRET NAVY: HOW THE                                                                                         HIST.--REVOLUTION,          FIGHT AGAINST BRITISH NAVY,
                 AMERICAN REVOLUTION WENT     NELSON,                                                                 E271.N4 1775-1783 --NAVAL           WITHOUT INFORMING CONTINENTAL
History          TO SEA.                      JAMES L.     MCGRAW-HILL                      2008 97335          E     5 2008  OPERATIONS.          GEN-AC CONGRESS.                        9780071493895 CLOTH                $26.95
                 GHOST TRAIN TO THE
                 EASTERN STAR: ON THE                                                                                            1. ASIA--DESCR. &               PERSONAL NARRATIVE RE-TRACING
                 TRACKS OF THE GREAT          THEROUX,     HOUGHTON                              91504425             DS10.T4    TRAV. 2. THEROUX,               PREVIOUS JOURNEY BY ACCLAIMED
History          RAILWAY BAZAAR.              PAUL         MIFFLIN                          2008 092            DS    2 2008     PAUL-- TRAVEL--ASIA.     GEN-AC TRAVEL WRITER. NYTBR.         9780618418879 CLOTH            $28.00
                 GHOST TRAIN TO THE                                                                                              1. ASIA--DESCR. &               PERSONAL NARRATIVE RETRACING
                 EASTERN STAR: ON THE                                                                                            TRAV. 2. THEROUX,               PREVIOUS JOURNEY BY ACCLAIMED
                 TRACKS OF THE GREAT          THEROUX,     MCCLELLAND &                                                          PAUL-- --TRAVEL--               TRAVEL WRITER. PUBLISHED ALSO
History          RAILWAY BAZAAR.              PAUL         STEWART                          2008   915.0443     DS    DS10       ASIA.                    GEN-AC IN U.S.                       9780771085338 CLOTH            $34.99
                                                                                                                                 1. DOUGLASS,
                                                                                                                                 FREDERICK, 1818-
                 GIANTS: THE PARALLEL LIVES                                                                           E49.D75    1895. 2.
                 OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS &      STAUFFER,    GRAND                                                      S73        ABOLITIONISTS--U.S.--           AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY. A 12
History          ABRAHAM LINCOLN.             JOHN         CENTRAL PUB                      2008    920.073     E     2008       BIOGRAPHY                GEN-AC BOOK. DUAL BIOGRAPHY.             9780446580090 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                                 1. EUROPE--HIST.--476-
                 GOD'S CRUCIBLE: ISLAM AND    LEWIS,                                                                             1492.          2.               AUTH: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.
                 THE MAKING OF EUROPE, 570    DAVID L.,                                                               D117.L4    CIVILIZATION,                   PLACES MUSLIM SPAIN AT HEART OF
History          TO 1215.                     1936-        W.W. NORTON                      2008 940.1          D     8 2008     MEDIEVAL.                GEN-AC MEDIEVAL EUROPE. NYTBR 1/6/08.  9780393064728 CLOTH          $29.95
                                                                                                                                 1. MEIR, GOLDA, 1898-
                                                                                                                      DS126.6.   1978. 2. PRIME
                                              BURKETT,     HARPERCOLLIN                                               M42B87     MINISTERS--ISRAEL--
History          GOLDA.                       ELINOR.      S                                2008 956.9405       DS    2008       BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC A HARPER BOOK. BIOGRAPHY.              9780060786656 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                            ED: PACE UNIV. 2 VOL. SET WITH
                                                           UNIV OF NORTH                                              E444.J1 JACOBS, HARRIET A.            SLIPCASE. CORRESPONDENCE OF
                 HARRIET JACOBS FAMILY                     CAROLINA                                                   7A4     (HARRIET ANN), 1813-          JACOBS IN SLAVERY & FREEDOM.
History          PAPERS                                    PRESS                            2008   306.3621     E     2008    1897 --CORRESP.        GEN-AC INCLUDES CD-ROM.                       9780807831311 CLOTH       $100.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.
                                              GORDON-                                                                 E332.74. 1. HEMINGS FAMILY. 2.        HISTORY OF FAMILY OF ONE OF
                 HEMINGSES OF MONTICELLO:     REED,                                                                   G67      HEMINGS, SALLY--             JEFFERSON'S SLAVES. NYTBR
History          AN AMERICAN FAMILY.          ANNETTE      W.W. NORTON                      2008   973.4609     E     2008     FAMILY.               GEN-AC 10/5/08.                               9780393064773 CLOTH        $35.00
                                              HOFFER,                                                                                                       AUTH: UNIV. OF GEORGIA. ARGUES
                 HISTORIANS' PARADOX: THE     PETER        NEW YORK                                                   D16.8.H                               THAT IMPOSSIBILITY OF KNOWING
                 STUDY OF HISTORY IN OUR      CHARLES,     UNIVERSITY                                                 6265     HISTORY--                    PAST SHOULD NOT STOP THE
History          TIME.                        1944-        PRESS                            2008         901    D     2008     PHILOSOPHY.           ADV-AC ATTEMPT. TLS.                          9780814737149 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                      DD256.5 1. GERMANY--HIST.--           STUDY OF NAZI EMPIRE. PUBLISHED
                 HITLER'S EMPIRE: HOW THE     MAZOWER,     PENGUIN                                                    .M3955 1933-1945. 2. EUROPE--         ALSO IN UK. TLS 8/15/08. NYTBR
History          NAZIS RULED EUROPE.          MARK         BOOKS                            2008    940.531     DD    2008     HIST.--1918-1945.     GEN-AC 9/21/08.                               9781594201882 CLOTH        $39.95

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                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title                Author        Publisher        Series       Year   Class       ass Number        Subject Headings    Level                Notes               ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                1. JAMES FAMILY. 2.           AUTH: WELLESLEY COLLEGE.
                 HOUSE OF WITS: AN INTIMATE                                                                             CT274.J MANHATTAN (NEW                BIOGRAPHY OF THE FIVE CHILDREN
                 PORTRAIT OF THE JAMES          FISHER,                                             97471043            35F57   YORK, N.Y.)--                 OF THE 19TH CENT. JAMES FAMILY.
History          FAMILY.                        PAUL, 1960-   HENRY HOLT                       2008 092           CT    2008    BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC NYTBR.                          9780805074901 CLOTH         $35.00
                                                                                                                                                              TLS. EPISODIC REASSESSMENT OF
                 HUMAN SMOKE: THE                                                                                                                             THE "MYTHS" OF AND
                 BEGINNINGS OF WORLD WAR        BAKER,        SIMON &                                                   D741.B5 WORLD WAR, 1939-              "ROMANTICIZED" HISTORY ABOUT
History          II, THE END OF CIVILIZATION.   NICHOLSON     SCHUSTER                         2008 940.5311      D     5 2007   1945--CAUSES.         GEN-AC ORIGINS OF WWII.NYTBR           9781416567844 CLOTH         $30.00
                                                                                                                                 1. HUSAYNI, AMIN,            AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                 ICON OF EVIL: HITLER'S MUFTI                                                                           DS125.3. 1893-1974. 2.                BIOGRAPHY OF 20TH CENT. ISLAMIC
                 AND THE RISE OF RADICAL        DALIN, DAVID RANDOM                                 95694040            H79D35 PALESTINE-- HIST.--            POLITICAL FIGURE WHO WORKED
History          ISLAM.                         G.           HOUSE                             2008 92            DS    2008     1917-1948.            GEN-AC WITH NAZIS                      9781400066537 CLOTH         $26.00
                                                                                                                                 1. WASHINGTON,
                 'IN THE HANDS OF A GOOD                                                                                         GEORGE, 1732-1799--          WASHINGTON WAS A DEVOUT
                 PROVIDENCE': RELIGION IN THE THOMPSON,       UNIV OF                                                   E312.17. RELIGION. 2.                 ANGLICAN, WHOSE CHURCH
                 LIFE OF GEORGE               MARY V.,        VIRGINIA                                                  T466     WASHINGTON                   PARTICIPATION DECLINED AFTER
History          WASHINGTON.                  1955-           PRESS                            2008   973.4309    E     2008     FAMILY.               GEN-AC THE REVOLUTION.                  9780813927633 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                        DS134.4                               AUTH: FREE UNIV. OF BERLIN.
                 INTO THE TUNNEL: THE BRIEF                                                                             2.S26A6                               BIOGRAPHY OF 12-YR-OLD
                 LIFE OF MARION SAMUEL, 1931- ALY, GOTZ,      METROPOLITAN                          940.5318            813      SAMUEL, MARION,              HOLOCAUST VICTIM. TRANS. FR
History          1943; TRANS. BY ANN MILLIN.  1947-           /HENRY HOLT                      2007 092           DS    2007     1931-1943.            GEN-AC GERMAN. NYTBR 1/20/08.           9780805079272 CLOTH        $20.00
                                              ROPER, H.R.                                                                                                     ARGUES THAT MYTH HAS PLAYED
                                              (HUGH           YALE                                                              1. SCOTLAND--                 CENTRAL ROLE IN THE HISTORICAL
                 INVENTION OF SCOTLAND:       REDWALD),       UNIVERSITY                                                DA759.T HISTORIOGRAPHY. 2.            DEVELOPMENT OF SCOTTISH
History          MYTH AND HISTORY.            1914-2003.      PRESS                            2008 94110072      DA    74 2008 SCOTLAND-- HIST.       ADV-AC IDENTITY. TLS.                   9780300136869 CLOTH        $30.00

                 JUDGING DEV: A                                                                                                  1. DE VALERA,                AN AP PLUS! BOOK. AUTH: DUBLIN
                 REASSESSMENT OF THE LIFE       FERRITER,                                                                        EAMONN, 1882-1975.           CITY UNIV. BIOGRAPHY WITH
                 AND LEGACY OF EAMON DE         DIARMAID,     ROYAL IRISH                                               DA965.D 2.      STATESMEN--           ARCHIVAL PHOTOS/DOCS. IRISH BK
History          VALERA.                        1972-         ACADEMY                          2007   941.7082    DA    4        IRELAND--BIOGRAPHY GEN-AC AWARDS. TLS 7/11/08                 9781904890287 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                 1. KING, MARTIN
                                                                                                                                 LUTHER, JR., 1929-
                                                                                                                        E185.97. 1968. 2. AFRICAN
                 KING: PILGRIMAGE TO THE    SITKOFF,                                                                    K5S535 AMERICANS--                    AUTH: UNIV. OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.
History          MOUNTAINTOP.               HARVARD.     HILL & WANG                           2008 323.092       E     2008     BIOGRAPHY             GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                       9780809095162 CLOTH        $25.00
                 LAST THOUSAND DAYS OF THE                                                                                                                    AUTH: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.
                 BRITISH EMPIRE: CHURCHILL,                                                                                      GREAT BRITAIN--HIST.-        EXPLORES THE TRANSITION FROM
                 ROOSEVELT, AND THE BIRTH                BLOOMSBURY                                 90909712            DA16.C5 -GEORGE VI, 1936-             "RULE BRITANNIA TO PAX
History          OF THE PAX                 CLARKE, P.F. USA                                   2008 410           DA    6 2008   1952.                 GEN-AC AMERICANA." NYTBR.               9781596915312 CLOTH        $35.00

                 LIBERATION OR                                                                                                                              AUTH: YALE UNIVERSITY.
                 CATASTROPHE?: REFLECTIONS HOWARD,                                                                              HISTORY, MODERN--           DISCUSSES 20TH C. WARS & PEACE
                 ON THE HISTORY OF THE     MICHAEL            HAMBLEDON                                                 D421.H6 20TH CENT.--                AND THE FOUNDATION THEY LAY
History          TWENTIETH CENTURY.        ELIOT, 1922-       CONTINUUM                        2007 909.82        D     9 2007  PHILOSOPHY.          GEN-AC FOR THE FUTURE.                9781847251596 CLOTH            $34.95
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: U. OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-
                                                                                                                        DD256.5 1. GERMANY--HIST.--         CHAMPAIGN. STUDIES IDEOLOGICAL
                 LIFE AND DEATH IN THE THIRD    FRITZSCHE,    BELKNAP/HARV                                              .F747   1933-1945. 2.               IMPACT OF NAZISM ON GERMAN
History          REICH.                         PETER.        ARD                              2008 943.086       DD    2008    NATIONAL SOCIALISM. ADV-AC PEOPLE.                         9780674027930 CLOTH            $27.95
                                                              UNIV OF                                                   DS318.A MOHAMMED REZA
                                                AFKHAMI,      CALIFORNIA                                                653     PAHLAVI, SHAH OF
History          LIFE AND TIMES OF THE SHAH.    GHOLAM R      PRESS                            2009   955.0531    DS    2009    IRAN,     1919-1980. GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY. INCLUDES B&W ILLUS. 9780520253285 CLOTH            $34.95
                                                                                                                                1. SLAVES--U.S.--           ED: U. NORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL
                 LIFE OF WILLIAM GRIMES, THE    GRIMES,       OXFORD                                                    E444.G8 BIOGRAPHY 2.                HILL. NEW EDITION OF 1855
                 RUNAWAY SLAVE; ED. BY          WILLIAM, B.   UNIVERSITY                            30636209            5A3     FUGITIVE SLAVES--           AUTOBIOGRAPHY. WITH INTRO,                                             97801953
History          WILLIAM L. ANDREWS.            1784.         PRESS                            2008 2             E     2008    U.S.--BIOGRAPHY      GEN-AC AFTERWARD, & PLATES.           9780195343311 CLOTH            $74.00     43328     $16.95
                 ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE                                                                                                                    LINCOLN IN THE MONTHS BEFORE
                 GREAT SECESSION WINTER,        HOLZER,       SIMON &                                                   E457.4.H   LINCOLN, ABRAHAM,        HIS PRESIDENCY, BY AWARD-
History          1860-1861.                     HAROLD        SCHUSTER                         2008   973.7092    E     69 2008    1809-1865.        GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR.                9780743289474 CLOTH            $30.00
                                                LINCOLN,                     KNOX COLLEGE                               E457.4.L                            ED: KNOX COLLEGE. CO-PUBLISHED
                                                ABRAHAM,      UNIV OF        LINCOLN STUDIES                            7754    LINCOLN-DOUGLAS             WITH KNOX COLLEGE LINCOLN
History          LINCOLN-DOUGLAS DEBATES        1809-1865     ILLINOIS PRESS CENTER SERIES.    2008     973.68    E     2008    DEBATES, ILL., 1858. GEN-AC STUDIES CENTER.                9780252033551 CLOTH            $35.00
                                                                                                                                                            NAVAL HISTORY OF THE
                                                                                                                        DC226.4 ANGLO-FRENCH WAR,           REVOLUTIONARY & NAPOLEONIC
                 LINE UPON A WIND: THE GREAT MOSTERT,                                                                   .M68    1793-1802--NAVAL            WARS BETWEEN 1793 & 1815. PUB.
History          WAR AT SEA, 1793-1815.      NOEL.            W.W. NORTON                      2008 9402745       DC    2008    OPERATIONS.          GEN-AC ALSO IN UK.                    9780393066531 CLOTH            $35.00

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                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author        Publisher          Series      Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                Notes               ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: UNIV. OF OXFORD.
                 LION OF JORDAN: THE LIFE OF                                                                            DS154.5                                BIOGRAPHY. PUBLISHED ALSO IN
                 KING HUSSEIN IN WAR AND                     ALFRED A.                                                  4.S54    HUSSEIN, KING OF              UK BY ALLEN LANE. WITH B&W
History          PEACE.                        SHLAIM, AVI   KNOPF                             2008   956.9504    DS    2008     JORDAN, 1935-1999.     GEN-AC ILLUS. NYTBR (10/5/08)           9781400043057 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                 WORLD WAR, 1939-
                 LONDON WAS OURS: DIARIES                                                                                        1945--PERSONAL             AUTH: HURON UNIVERSITY
                 AND MEMOIRS OF THE LONDON     BELL, AMY                                            940.5342                     NARRATIVES,                COLLEGE. SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE
History          BLITZ.                        HELEN.        I.B. TAURIS                       2008 1209          D     D811.5 BRITISH.              GEN-AC LONDON BLITZ.                       9781845115920 CLOTH        $85.00
                 MAN WHO MADE LISTS: LOVE,                                                                                       1. ROGET, PETER            BIOGRAPHY OF COMPLICATED
                 DEATH, MADNESS, AND THE                                                                                CT788.R MARK, 1779-1869. 2.         BRITISH SCHOLAR & THE LIST THAT
                 CREATION OF ROGET'S           KENDALL,                                                                 534K46 GREAT BRITAIN--              BECAME HIS 1852 THESAURUS.
History          THESAURUS.                    JOSHUA C.     PUTNAM                            2008 413.092       CT    2008     BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC NYTBR 3/16/08.                      9780399154621 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                        E185.97. KING, MARTIN               PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS
                 MARTIN LUTHER KING: THE       HARDING,                                                                 K5H275 LUTHER, JR., 1929-           WITH NEW, 3-PAGE PREFACE &
History          INCONVENIENT HERO.            VINCENT.      ORBIS                             2008 323.092       E     2008     1968--   INFLUENCE. GEN-AC 25-PAGE ADDITIONAL CHAPTER.         9781570757365 PAPER        $16.00
                                                                                                                                                            ESSAYS, ETC. BY FRENCH
                 MARTINIQUE: SNAKE             BRETON,                    SURREALIST                                    F2081.2. 1. MARTINIQUE--            SURREALIST; 1ST ENG TRANS.
                 CHARMER; TRANS. BY DAVID      ANDRE, 1896- UNIVERSITY OF REVOLUTION                                    B7413    DESCR. & TRAV. 2.          DRAWINGS BY ANDRE MASSON.
History          W. SEAMAN.                    1966         TEXAS PRESS   SERIES.              2008 972982        F     2007     SURREALISM.         GEN-AC INTRO (36 P.) BY TRANS.             9780292717657 CLOTH        $19.95
                 MARYLAND CAMPAIGN OF
                 SEPTEMBER 1862: EZRA A.
                 OF THE UNION AND              CARMAN,                                                                  E474.61.
                 CONFEDERATE ARMIES AT         EZRA AYERS,                                                              C37      ANTIETAM, BATTLE           RECORD OF BATTLE BY UNION
History          ANTIETAM.                     1834-1909.  ROUTLEDGE                           2008 9737336       E     2007     OF, MD., 1862.      ADV-AC OFFICER.                            9780415956284 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: WESTERN OREGON
                 MOBILIZING MINERVA:           JENSEN,                                                                  D639.W 1. WORLD WAR, 1914-          UNIVERSITY. COMPREHENSIVE
                 AMERICAN WOMEN IN THE         KIMBERLY,     UNIVERSITY OF                          940.3730            7J36    1918--WOMEN--U.S. 2.        ACCOUNT OF WOMEN'S                                                      97802520
History          FIRST WORLD WAR.              1958-         ILLINOIS PRESS                    2008 82            D     2008    WOMEN & WAR--U.S. GEN-AC PARTICIPATION, ACTIVISM, ETC.          9780252032370 CLOTH        $65.00     74967     $30.00
                 MOST HOLY WAR: THE                                                                                                                         AUTH: WASHINGTON UNIV. STUDY
                 ALBIGENSIAN CRUSADE AND       PEGG, MARK OXFORD              PIVOTAL MOMENTS                           DC83.3. 1. ALBIGENSES--HIST.        OF 13TH C. CRUSADE TO
                 THE BATTLE FOR                GREGORY,   UNIVERSITY          IN WORLD                                  P45     2. FRANCE--CHURCH           EXTERMINATE HERETICS IN
History          CHRISTENDOM.                  1963-      PRESS               HISTORY.        2008 944.023        DC    2008    HISTORY--987-1515.   GEN-AC FRANCE. NEW SERIES.                 9780195171310 CLOTH        $25.00

                 NORTHERN ARMAGEDDON:                                                                                             PLAINS OF ABRAHAM,
                 THE BATTLE OF THE PLAINS OF MACLEOD, D. DOUGLAS &                                                                BATTLE OF THE,            HISTORY OF PIVOTAL BATTLE IN
History          ABRAHAM.                    PETER       MCINTYRE                              2008   971.0188    E     E199      QUEBEC, 1759.      GEN-AC FRENCH & INDIAN WAR.                9781553654124 CLOTH        $28.81

                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE
                 OLD WORLD, NEW WORLD:                                                                                  E183.8.   UNITED STATES--            LONDON. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK.
                 GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA     BURK,         ATLANTIC                                                   G7B85     FOREIGN RELATIONS--        U.S.-ENGLAND POLITICAL
History          FROM THE BEGINNING.           KATHLEEN      MONTHLY                           2007   327.7304    E     2007      GREAT BRITAIN       GEN-AC RELATIONS SINCE 17TH CENTURY.      9780871139719 CLOTH        $35.00

                 ON CREATING A USABLE                                                                                                                       AUTH: UNIV. OF AUCKLAND.
                 CULTURE: MARGARET MEAD                                                                                 E184.A1 ANTHROPOLOGY--              ANALYZES U.S. CULTURAL
                 AND THE EMERGENCE OF          MOLLOY,       UNIV OF                                                    M63     U.S.--POPULAR               INFLUENCES ON MEAD'S
History          AMERICAN COSMOPOLITANISM.     MAUREEN.      HAWAI'I PRESS                     2008 973           E     2008    WORKS.               ADV-AC ETHNOGRAPHIES.                 9780824831165 CLOTH             $39.00
                 PARADISE LOST: SMYRNA 1922:                                                                                    1. IZMIR (TURKEY)--         HISTORY OF 1922 DESTRUCTION OF
                 THE DESTRUCTION OF A                                                                                           HIST.--20TH CENT. 2.        TURKISH CITY.   INCL. B/W
                 CHRISTIAN CITY IN THE         MILTON,                                                                          MASSACRES--TURKEY-          PHOTOS. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
History          ISLAMIC WORLD.                GILES         BASIC BOOKS                       2008 956201        DS    DS51.I9 -IZMIR.              GEN-AC SCEPTRE.                       9780465011193 CLOTH             $27.95

                 PART OF HISTORY: ASPECTS                                                                                                                      COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS ON
                 OF THE BRITISH EXPERIENCE                                                                              D546.P3 WORLD WAR, 1914-               THE WAR,        HISTORIOGRAPHY,
History          OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR                      CONTINUUM                         2008 940341        D     4 2008  1918--GREAT BRITAIN     ADV-AC MEMORIALS, ETC.                 9780826498137 CLOTH         $34.95

                                               LONG,                                                                    DA447.P PEPYS, SAMUEL, 1633-        HISTORY OF 1679 IMPRISONMENT
                                               JAMES, 1949                                          94106609            4L66    1703--TRIALS,               OF SAMUEL PEPYS FOR TREASON.
History          PLOT AGAINST PEPYS.           OCT. 1-       OVERLOOK                          2008 2             DA    2007    LITIGATION, ETC.     GEN-AC PUB. ALSO IN UK BY FABER & FABER. 9781590200698 CLOTH          $27.95
                                                                                                                                DU BOIS, W.E.B.             AUTH: PENN STATE UNIV.
                 PROFESSOR AND THE PUPIL:                                                                                       (WILLIAM EDWARD             CHRONICLES FORTY-YEAR
                 THE POLITICS OF W.E.B. DU     BALAJI,                                                                          BURGHARDT), 1868-           FRIENDSHIP & SHARED CRUSADE
History          BOIS AND PAUL ROBESON.        MURALI.       NATION BOOKS                      2007 920.0092      E     E185.96 1963.                ADV-AC FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.                 9781568583556 PAPER          $18.95

                 RACE AND WAR IN FRANCE:       FOGARTY,      JOHNS                                                      D548.9.T FRANCE. ARMEE.                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY,
                 COLONIAL SUBJECTS IN THE      RICHARD       HOPKINS UNIV     WAR/SOCIETY/CUL                           76F64    TROUPES                       SUNY. SOCIOLOGICAL STUDY OF
History          FRENCH ARMY, 1914-1918.       STANDISH      PRESS            TURE.           2008 94041244       D     2008     COLONIALES--HIST.      ADV-AC FRENCH AFRICAN TROOPS IN WW I.   9780801888243 CLOTH        $60.00

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                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                       Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey        Subcl  Call                                                                                                          Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author      Publisher        Series       Year   Class         ass Number         Subject Headings  Level                 Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                               FORD,                                                                             1. AFRICAN                    AUTH: STANFORD LAW SCHOOL.
                 RACE CARD: HOW BLUFFING       RICHARD T.   FARRAR,                                                     E185.86. AMERICANS--SOCIAL             LEGAL & SOCIAL      ANALYSIS OF
                 ABOUT BIAS MAKES RACE         (RICHARD     STRAUS &                              305.8960              F65      CONDIT.       2.              RACIAL CONTROVERSIES. NYTBR
History          RELATIONS WORSE.              THOMPSON)    GIROUX                           2008 73              E     2008     RACISM--U.S.         GEN-AC   2/10/08.                          9780374245757 CLOTH        $26.00
                 RALPH JOHNSON BUNCHE:                                                                                           1. STATESMEN--U.S.--          ED: PENNSYLVANIA STATE
                 PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL AND                                                                                E748.B8 BIOGRAPHY 2.                   UNIVERSITY. COLLECTION OF NEW
                 NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE; ED.                  UNIV OF                               97304960              85R355 INTELLECTUALS--U.S.--           ARTICLES ABOUT AMERICAN
History          BY BEVERLY LINDSAY.                        ILLINOIS PRESS                   2007 730             E     2007     BIOGRAPHY            ADV-AC   DIPLOMAT/TEACHER.                 9780252032257 CLOTH        $35.00

                                                                                                                                1. TEMPLE, WILLIAM,          DUEL BIOGRAPHY OF 17TH
                 READ MY HEART: A LOVE                                                                                  DA429.T SIR, 1628-1699. 2.           CENTURY BRITISH COUPLE. A
                 STORY IN ENGLAND'S AGE OF                  ALFRED A.                                                   2D86    STATESMEN--GREAT             BORZOI BOOK. PUBLISHED ALSO IN
History          REVOLUTION.                   DUNN, JANE   KNOPF                            2008   942.0609      DA    2008    BRITAIN--BIOG         GEN-AC UK & CANADA.                        9781400042838 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                           PUBLICATIONS ON                                                                   AUTH: HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY.
                                               VARISCO,      UNIVERSITY OF THE NEAR EAST,                               DS61.85. 1. ORIENTALISM. 2.          INTELLECTUAL HISTORY OF
                 READING ORIENTALISM: SAID     DANIEL        WASHINGTON    UNIVERSITY OF                                V37      SAID, EDWARD W.             DEBATES CREATED FROM EDWARD                                             97802959
History          AND THE UNSAID.               MARTIN.       PRESS         WASHINGTON.       2007 950.            DS    2006     ORIENTALISM.         ADV-AC SAID'S, ORIENTALISM.                9780295987583 CLOTH        $90.00     87521     $30.00
                                               WILLIAM F.                                                                       1. REAGAN, RONALD.
                                               (WILLIAM                                                                         2. REAGAN, RONALD--        AUTHOR'S REMINISCENCES ON
                                               FRANK), 1925-                                                            E877.B8 FRIENDS &                  REAGAN, & THEIR FRIENDSHIP.
History          REAGAN I KNEW.                2008          BASIC BOOKS                     2008   973.9271      E     3 2008  ASSOCIATES.         GEN-AC INCLUDES LETTERS, COLUMNS, ETC. 9780465009268 CLOTH              $25.00

                                                                                                                                1. HISTORY, MODERN--        AUTH: NEW YORK UNIV. SEEKS TO
                 REAPPRAISALS: REFLECTIONS                                                                                      20TH CENT. 2.               REMIND READERS OF VALUE OF
                 ON THE FORGOTTEN                          PENGUIN                                                      D422.J8 TWENTIETH                   HISTORY. PUB. ALSO IN UK. NYTBR
History          TWENTIETH CENTURY.            JUDT, TONY. BOOKS                             2008 909.82          D     4 2008  CENTURY.             GEN-AC 4/20/08.                             9781594201363 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                1. PRIME MINISTERS--        FORMER PRIME MINISTER &
                                                                                                                                PAKISTAN--                  ASSASSINATED OPPOSITION
                 RECONCILIATION: ISLAM,        BHUTTO,      HARPERCOLLIN                          954.9105              DS389.2 BIOGRAPHY 2. ISLAM--        LEADER'S INSIGHTFUL ANALYSIS.
History          DEMOCRACY, AND THE WEST.      BENAZIR.     S                                2008 092             DS    2       MIDDLE EAST.         GEN-AC NYTBR.                               9780061567582 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                            CHARTS THE ALLIED FINAL
                                                                                                                                WORLD WAR, 1939-            CAMPAIGNS AGAINST THE
                 RETRIBUTION: THE BATTLE       HASTINGS,    ALFRED A.                                                   D767.H3 1945--CAMPAIGNS--           JAPANESE. PUB. ALSO IN UK AS:
History          FOR JAPAN, 1944-45.           MAX.         KNOPF                            2007 940.5425        D     53 2008 PACIFIC AREA.        GEN-AC NEMESIS. NYTBR.                      9780307263513 CLOTH        $35.00

                 RETURN TO THE MIDDLE                                                                                                                          AN AP PLUS! BOOK. HISTORY OF 3
                 KINGDOM: ONE FAMILY, THREE                                                                             DS774.C CHINA--HIST.--20TH             GENERATIONS OF CHINESE
                 REVOLUTIONARIES, AND THE   CHEN, YUAN- UNION SQUARE                                                    3815    CENT.--PERSONAL                DURING BIRTH OF MODERN CHINA.
History          BIRTH OF MODERN CHINA.     TSUNG. 1932- PRESS                               2008 95105092        DS    2008    NARRATIVES.           GEN-AC   WITH ILLUS.                       9781402756979 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL
                 ROAD TO MONTICELLO: THE                    OXFORD                                                      E332.2.H JEFFERSON, THOMAS,            OKLAHOMA. EXPLORES
                 LIFE AND MIND OF THOMAS       HAYES,       UNIVERSITY                                                  395      1743-1826--BOOKS &            JEFFERSON'S LITERARY &
History          JEFFERSON.                    KEVIN J.     PRESS                            2008 97346092        E     2007     READING.             GEN-AC   INTELLECTUAL LIFE.                9780195307580 CLOTH        $34.95
                 SANS-CULOTTES: AN                                                                                               1. SANSCULOTTES. 2.           AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE.
                 EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY                                                                                     DC158.8 FRANCE--                       EXPLORES HISTORY & ROLE SANS-
                 EMBLEM IN THE FRENCH          SONENSCHE PRINCETON                                                      .S64     INTELLECTUAL LIFE--           CULOTTES PLAYED IN FRENCH
History          REVOLUTION.                   R, MICHAEL UNIV PRESS                         2008     944.04      DC    2008     18TH CENT.           ADV-AC   REVOLUTION.                       9780691124988 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                 1. KANSAS--POL. &             AUTH: WICHITA STATE UNIV. STUDY
                 SEEDING CIVIL WAR: KANSAS                  UNIVERSITY                                                           GOVT.--1854-1861. 2.          OF MEDIA COVERAGE OF PASSAGE
                 IN THE NATIONAL NEWS, 1854-   MINER, H.    PRESS OF                                                    F685.M6 KANSAS--PRESS                  & AFTERMATH OF KANSAS-
History          1858.                         CRAIG        KANSAS                           2008 973711          F     66 2008 COVERAGE.             ADV-AC   NEBRASKA ACT.                     9780700616121 CLOTH        $34.95
                                               CARR, J.
                 SEEDS OF DISCONTENT: THE      REVELL                                                                                                        EXAMINES EARLY CONFLICTS
                 DEEP ROOTS OF THE             (JAMES                                                                           UNITED STATES--              BETWEEN COLONISTS AND BRITISH
                 AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1650-    REVELL),     WALKER &                                                    E210.C3 HIST.--REVOLUTION,           CROWN, DATING 100 YEARS
History          1750.                         1939-        COMPANY                          2008        973.3    E     67 2008 1775-1783 --CAUSES.   GEN-AC BEFORE REVOLUTION.                  9780802715128 CLOTH        $28.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF ST.
                 SIXTIES UNPLUGGED: A       DEGROOT,                                                                                                         ANDREWS. INTERNATIONAL
                 KALEIDOSCOPIC HISTORY OF A GERARD J.,      HARVARD UNIV                                                D1053.D                              HISTORY OF THE DECADE & THE
History          DISORDERLY DECADE.         1955-           PRESS                            2008 909.826         D     4 2008  NINETEEN SIXTIES.     GEN-AC IMPACT OF ITS MYTHS.                9780674027862 CLOTH        $29.95

                 SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME:
                 THE RE-ENSLAVEMENT OF                                                                                  E185.2.B AFRICAN AMERICANS--          EXPLORES FALSE IMPRISONMENTS
                 BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA       BLACKMON,                                          305.8960              545      CIVIL RIGHTS--HIST.--        & ENSUING FORCED LABOR OF
History          FROM THE CIVIL WAR TO         DOUGLAS A.   DOUBLEDAY                        2008 73              E     2008     19TH CENT.            GEN-AC AFRICAN AMERICANS.                 9780385506250 CLOTH        $29.95

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                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level              Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                                                                              UNITED STATES--
                 SLAVES' WAR: THE CIVIL WAR                                                                                   HIST.--CIVIL WAR,
                 IN THE WORDS OF FORMER        WARD,        HOUGHTON                                                  E464.W2 1861-1865--PERSONAL        CIVIL WAR NARRATIVE BASED ON
History          SLAVES.                       ANDREW.      MIFFLIN                          2008 973.711       E     9 2008  NARRATIVES.         GEN-AC TESTIMONIES OF FREED SLAVES.            9780618634002 CLOTH        $28.00

                 SOUTHERN STORM:               TRUDEAU,                                                               E476.69.                               DETAILED HISTORY OF SHERMAN'S
                 SHERMAN'S MARCH TO THE        NOAH         HARPERCOLLIN                                              T78      SHERMAN'S MARCH               CAMPAIGN BY      AWARD-WINNING
History          SEA.                          ANDRE, 1949- S                                2008 9737378       E     2008     TO THE SEA.            GEN-AC HISTORIAN. A HARPER BOOK.      9780060598679 CLOTH             $35.00

                                                                           CAMBRIDGE                                                                         AUTH: UNIV. OF CAMBRIDGE.
                                                            CAMBRIDGE      STUDIES IN INDIAN                                                                 EXAMINES THE SOCIAL &
                 SPOILS OF PARTITION: BENGAL CHATTERJI,     UNIVERSITY     HISTORY AND            954.1404                     BENGAL (INDIA)--HIST.-        POLITICAL CONSEQUENCES OF
History          AND INDIA, 1947-1967.       JOYA.          PRESS          SOCIETY; 15.      2007 2             DS    DS395    -PARTITION, 1947.      ADV-AC PARTITION.                          9780521875363 CLOTH        $99.00

                                                                                                                               1. THATCHER,
                 'THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE':                                                                           DA589.7. MARGARET. 2. GREAT          BIOGRAPHY OF FORMER UK PRIME
                 WHY MARGARET THATCHER         BERLINSKI,                                                             B47      BRITAIN-- POL. &            MINISTER USING INTERVIEWS WITH
History          MATTERS.                      CLAIRE       BASIC BOOKS                      2008   941.0858    DA    2008     GOVT.--1979-1997.    GEN-AC 'FRIENDS & ENEMIES'.                  9780465002313 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                               UNITED STATES--
                 THIS REPUBLIC OF SUFFERING: FAUST,                                                                   E468.9.F HIST.--CIVIL WAR,           AUTH: HARVARD. SOCIAL/CULTURAL
                 DEATH AND THE AMERICAN      DREW           ALFRED A.                                                 385      1861-1865--SOCIAL           HISTORY OF LASTING IMPACT OF
History          CIVIL WAR.                  GILPIN.        KNOPF                            2008 973.71        E     2008     ASPECTS.             GEN-AC CIVIL WAR DEATH. NYTBR '08.           9780375404047 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                               1. KAGAME, PAUL,
                 THOUSAND HILLS: RWANDA'S                                                                             DT450.4 1957- 2. PRESIDENTS--        BIOGRAPHY OF PRESIDENT OF
                 REBIRTH AND THE MAN WHO       KINZER,                                            96757104            37.K37K RWANDA--                     RWANDA WHO HELPED END THE
History          DREAMED IT.                   STEPHEN.     JOHN WILEY                       2008 3             DT    56 2008 BIOGRAPHY             GEN-AC 1994 GENOCIDE.                        9780470120156 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: COLUMBIA U. NOBEL PRIZE
                 THREE TRILLION DOLLAR WAR:                                                                           DS79.76.                             WINNER & LINDA BILMES HIGHLIGHT
                 THE TRUE COST OF THE IRAQ STIGLITZ,                                              956.7044            S698     IRAQ WAR, 2003- --          WAR COSTS HIDDEN FROM U.S.
History          CONFLICT.                  JOSEPH E.       W.W. NORTON                      2008 31            DS    2008     FINANCE--U.S.        GEN-AC TAXPAYERS.                            9780393067019 CLOTH        $22.95
                                                                                                                               UNITED STATES.              HISTORY OF THE MARINES' WW I
                                              SIMMONS,                                                                D570.34 MARINE CORPS--HIST.-         COMBAT AND IMPACT OF THE WAR
                 THROUGH THE WHEAT: THE       EDWIN H.,     NAVAL INST                                                8.A1S56 -WORLD WAR, 1914-            ON THE ENTIRE BRANCH OF
History          U.S. MARINES IN WORLD WAR I. 1921-2007.    PRESS                            2008 94045973      D     2008     1918.                GEN-AC SERVICE.                              9781591147916 CLOTH        $34.95

                                                                                                                               1. AMERICA--DISC. &
                 TOWARD THE SETTING SUN:                                                                                       EXPLOR.--EUROPEAN.           STORY OF THREE COMPETING
                 COLUMBUS, CABOT, VESPUCCI, BOYLE,      WALKER &                                                      E101.B7 2. COLUMBUS,                  EXPLORERS SEEKING NEW
History          AND THE RACE FOR AMERICA. DAVID, 1958- COMPANY                              2008 970015        E     94 2008 CHRISTOPHER.           GEN-AC WESTERN TRADE ROUTES.                9780802716514 CLOTH        $27.99
                                                                                                                                                            HIST. OF RIVER'S SETTLEMENT,
                                                                                                                                                            EXPLORERS, PROFITEERS &
                 TREE OF RIVERS: THE STORY     HEMMING,     THAMES &                                                           AMAZON RIVER                 BOTANISTS. 70 ILLUS., 20 IN COLOR.
History          OF THE AMAZON.                JOHN.        HUDSON                           2008 9811          F     F2546    REGION--HIST.         GEN-AC NYTBR 6/1/08                         9780500514016 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                               1. MONTICELLO (VA.)--        EXPLORES JEFFERSON'S PERSONAL
                 TWILIGHT AT MONTICELLO:                                                                              E332.74. HIST--19TH CENT. 2.          LIFE AT MONTICELLO FOLLOWING
                 THE FINAL YEARS OF THOMAS     CRAWFORD, RANDOM                                   973.4609            C73      PRESIDENTS--U.S.--           HIS RETIREMENT FROM PUBLIC
History          JEFFERSON.                    ALAN PELL. HOUSE                              2008 2             E     2008     BIOGRAPHY             GEN-AC SERVICE.                             9781400060795 CLOTH        $27.00
                                                                                                                               1. MIDDLE EAST--             AUTH: BILKENT UNIVERSITY.
                 UNMAKING OF THE MIDDLE                     UNIV OF                                                            COLONIZATION. 2.             CHRONICLES 20TH CENT. HISTORY
                 EAST: A HISTORY OF WESTERN SALT,           CALIFORNIA                            30348256            DS44.S3 EAST & WEST. 3.               OF WESTERN INTERVENTION IN
History          DISORDER IN ARAB LANDS.    JEREMY.         PRESS                            2008 018           DS    15 2008 IRAQ WAR, 2003-        GEN-AC MIDDLE EAST.                         9780520255517 CLOTH        $29.95

                 USES AND ABUSES OF                                                                                                                          AUTH: ST. ANTHONY'S COLLEGE,
                 HISTORY: BASED ON THE         MACMILLAN,                                                                     1. HISTORIOGRAPHY.             OXFORD. DISCUSSES POPULARITY
                 JOANNE GOODMAN LECTURE        MARGARET,                  JOANNE GOODMAN                                      2. HISTORY--                   OF HISTORY & THE DANGER THAT
History          SERIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF   1943-        VIKING CANADA LECTURES.      2008 907.2             D     D13     PHILOSOPHY.             GEN-AC CAUSES.                             9780670066803 CLOTH        $29.69
                 VOLTAIRE'S JEWS AND                                                                                          1. ANTI-SEMITISM--             UNIV. OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. RE-
                 MODERN JEWISH IDENTITY:                                   ROUTLEDGE                                  DS146.F FRANCE--HIST.                  EXAMINES VOLTAIRE'S HOSTILITY
                 RETHINKING THE                MITCHELL,                   JEWISH STUDIES         30589240            8M58    2. ANTI-SEMITISM--             TO JUDAISM & ENLIGHTENMENT
History          ENLIGHTENMENT.                HARVEY       ROUTLEDGE      SERIES.           2008 44            DS    2008    HIST.                   ADV-AC ANTI-SEMITISM                       9780415776172 CLOTH       $140.00

                                                                                                                              1. BUSH, GEORGE W.             PULITZER JOURNALIST COMPLETES
                                                                                                                              (GEORGE WALKER),               ACCOUNT OF BUSH PRESIDENCY AS
                 WAR WITHIN: A SECRET WHITE WOODWARD, SIMON &                                                                 1946- 2. IRAQ WAR,             IT COMES TO TERMS WITH IRAQ
History          HOUSE HISTORY, 2006-2008.  BOB       SCHUSTER                               2008    973.931    E     E902    2003-                   GEN-AC FAILURES. NYTBR               9781416558972 CLOTH              $32.00
                                                                                                                              1. TERRORISM--U.S.--           TERRORISM, PREVENTION &
                 WAY OF THE WORLD: A STORY                                                                                    PREVENTION. 2. WAR             FOREIGN RELATIONS UNDER THE
                 OF TRUTH AND HOPE IN AN   SUSKIND,         HARPERCOLLIN                                              E902.S8 ON TERRORISM,                  BUSH ADMINISTRATION. NYTBR. A
History          AGE OF EXTREMISM.         RON              S                                2008 973931        E     7 2008  2001-                   GEN-AC HARPER BOOK.                  9780061430626 CLOTH              $27.95

                                                                                                                         Page 18
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title             Author      Publisher               Series      Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings     Level               Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 WHAT THE WORLD SHOULD BE:                                                                                                                     AUTH: MICHIGAN STATE
                 WOODROW WILSON AND THE MAGEE,         BAYLOR                                                          E767.1.   WILSON, WOODROW,              UNIVERSITY. PRESBYTERIAN
                 CRAFTING OF A FAITH-BASED MALCOLM D., UNIVERSITY                                  97391309            M29       1856-1924--POLITICAL          BACKGROUND SHAPED WILSON'S
History          FOREIGN POLICY.           1957-       PRESS                                  2008 2             E     2008      & SOCIAL VIEWS.        ADV-AC LEADERSHIP STYLE.                 9781602580701 CLOTH        $39.95

                                                                                                                                KING, MARTIN                   AUTH: STANFORD U. KING'S LAWYER
                                                                                                                       E185.97. LUTHER, JR., 1929-             DRAWS ON HISTORY TO INTERPRET
                                               JONES,      HARPERCOLLIN                                                K5J577 1968-- POLITICAL &               LEADER'S RESPONSES TO CURRENT
History          WHAT WOULD MARTIN SAY?        CLARENCE B. S                                  2008 323.092       E     2008     SOCIAL VIEWS.           GEN-AC ISSUES.                          9780061253201 CLOTH         $23.95
                 WHERE HAVE ALL THE                                                                                             1. EUROPE--HIST.--             AUTH: STANFORD. HISTORY OF
                 SOLDIERS GONE?: THE                                                                                            20TH CENT. 2.                  EUROPE'S 20TH C. TURN FROM
                 TRANSFORMATION OF             SHEEHAN,      HOUGHTON                                                  D425.S5 EUROPE-- ECON.                  MILITARISM TO SOCIAL WELL-BEING.
History          MODERN EUROPE.                JAMES J.      MIFFLIN                          2008 940.55        D     4 2008   CONDIT.--1945-          GEN-AC NYTBR 02/08.                     9780618353965 CLOTH         $26.00
                                                                                                                                1. HOLOCAUST,                  AUTH: U. OF WISCONSIN-MADISON.
                 WHY WE WATCHED: EUROPE,                                                                               D804.3. JEWISH (1939-1945)--            EXAMINES EUROPEAN ANTI-
                 AMERICA, AND THE              HAMEROW,                                                                H355     CAUSES. 2. PUBLIC              SEMITISM & IMPACT ON ALLIES
History          HOLOCAUST.                    THEODORE S W.W. NORTON                         2008   940.5318    D     2008     OPINION--U.S.           GEN-AC DURING WWII.                     9780393064629 CLOTH         $35.00

                                               W.                                                                                1. WILSON,                    AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
                 WOODROW WILSON:               BARKSDALE YALE                                                          E767.1.   WOODROW, 1856-                BIOGRAPHY OF THE 28TH
                 PRINCETON TO THE              (WILLIAM   UNIVERSITY                                                   M39       1924. 2. PRESIDENTS--         PRESIDENT OF THE U.S., FOCUSING
History          PRESIDENCY.                   BARKSDALE) PRESS                               2008   973.9131    E     2008      U.S.--BIOGRAPHY       GEN-AC  ON PRINCETON YEARS.               9780300136043 CLOTH        $30.00
                 WORD OF THE LORD IS UPON                                                                                                                      AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIV. ANALYZES
                 ME: THE RIGHTEOUS                                                                                     E185.97. KING, MARTIN                   KING'S ORATORY & HIS APPEAL TO
                 PERFORMANCE OF MARTIN         RIEDER,       BELKNAP/HARV                                              K5R54    LUTHER, JR., 1929-             DIVERSE AUDIENCES. NYTBR
History          LUTHER KING JR.               JONATHAN.     ARD                              2008 323.092       E     2008     1968-- ORATORY.         ADV-AC 4/27/08.                          9780674028227 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                1. EUROPE--HIST.--
                                                                                                                                1918-1945. 1. UNITED
                 WORLD ON FIRE: 1919 AND THE READ,                                                                     D723.R4 STATES--HIST.--1913-            HISTORY OF THE WORLD-WIDE
History          BATTLE WITH BOLSHEVISM.     ANTHONY.        W.W. NORTON                      2008 909.821       D     3 2008   1921.                   GEN-AC IMPACT OF BOLSHEVISM. TLS 5/08.   9780393061246 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                WORLD WAR, 1914-
                 WORLD WAR I: THE AFRICAN                                                                                       1918--CAMPAIGNS--           PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
                 FRONT: AN IMPERIAL WAR ON     PAICE,        PEGASUS                                                            GERMAN EAST                 WEIDENFELD & NICOLSON AS: TIP
History          THE AFRICAN CONTINENT.        EDWARD        BOOKS                            2008    940.416    D     D576.G3 AFRICA.               GEN-AC AND RUN.                             9781933648903 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: UCLA. CHARTS THE LONG-
                 WORLDS AT WAR: THE 2,500-                                                                                      1. WORLD HISTORY. 2.        LASTING CONFLICT BETWEEN
                 YEAR STRUGGLE BETWEEN         PAGDEN,       RANDOM                                                    D21.3.P3 EAST & WEST. 3.             HEMISPHERES. NYTBR 3/23/08. TLS
History          EAST AND WEST.                ANTHONY.      HOUSE                            2008 909           D     3 2008   MUSLIMS. 4. ISLAM.   GEN-AC 5/08.                                9781400060672 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                            "PARADISE LOST: A
                                                                            POEM WRITTEN IN
                 "PARADISE LOST: A POEM                                     TEN BOOKS" SER:
                 WRITTEN IN TEN BOOKS": AN                                  MEDIEVAL &
                 AUTHORITATIVE TEXT OF THE     MILTON,       DUQUESNE       RENAISSANCE                                PR3560. BIBLE. O.T. GENESIS--        ED: U KENTUCKY. 17TH CENT.
Language &       1667 FIRST EDITION; ED. BY    JOHN, 1608-   UNIVERSITY     LITERARY                                   A2S53   HISTORY OF BIBLICAL          POEM WITH NEW PREFACE, ETC. V.
Literature       JOHN T. SHAWCROSS.            1674.         PRESS          STUDIES.          2007 821.4         PR    2007    EVENTS--POETRY.       GEN-AC 1 OF 2-V. SUBSET.                    9780820703923 CLOTH        $60.00
                 "UN-AMERICAN" HOLLYWOOD:
                 POLITICS AND FILM IN THE                    RUTGERS                                                   PN1995. MOTION PICTURES--               ED: SUSSEX UNIVERSITY.
Language &       BLACKLIST ERA; ED. BY FRANK                 UNIVERSITY                            384.8097            9.P6U5 POLITICAL ASPECTS--              COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS                                              97808135
Literature       KRUTNIK.                                    PRESS                            2007 3090          PN    2007    U.S.                     ADV-AC WITH HISTORICAL THEMES.           9780813541976 CLOTH        $75.00     41983     $27.95
                                                                                                                               1. ENGLISH POETRY--
                 100 ESSENTIAL MODERN                                                                                  PR1177. WOMEN AUTHORS. 2.               PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ENGLISH
Language &       POEMS BY WOMEN; ED. BY                      IVAN R. DEE,                                              A14     ENGLISH POETRY--                AND AMERICAN POETRY WITH NEW
Literature       JOSEPH PARISI.                              INC.                             2008 821.9108      PR    2008    20TH CENT.               GEN-AC INTROS. FOR EACH AUTHOR.          9781566637411 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                       PQ8098.                                 NOVEL BY AWARD-WINNING
                                               BOLANO,       FARRAR,                                                   12.O38A                                 CHILEAN AUTHOR. TRANS. FROM
Language &       2666; TRANS. BY NATASHA       ROBERTO,      STRAUS &                                                  12213                                   SPANISH. NYTBR 11/9/08. VLS
Literature       WIMMER.                       1953-2003     GIROUX                           2008     863.64    PQ    2008                             GEN-AC 11/18/08.                         9780374100148 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                               NOVELISTS,                      AUTOBIOGRAPHY BY AWARD-
Language &       ABOUT MY LIFE AND THE KEPT    RECHY,                                                                  PS3568. AMERICAN--20TH                  WINNING NOVELIST.       NYTBR
Literature       WOMAN: A MEMOIR.              JOHN.         GROVE                            2008 813.54        PS    E28     CENT.--BIOGRAPHY         GEN-AC 3/2/08.                           9780802118615 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                               1. COLLEGE
                                               JONES,        UNIV OF                                                   PS3560. FICTION. 2.
Language &       ADVENTURES OF DOUGLAS         MADISON,      TENNESSEE                                                 O517A6 TENNESSEE --                     AUTH: AUBURN UNIVERSITY. NOVEL
Literature       BRAGG: A NOVEL.               1925-         PRESS                            2008     813.54    PS    3 2008  FICTION.                 GEN-AC WITH SOUTHERN THEMES.             9781572336360 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                          Page 19
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                                                                                                              LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author        Publisher        Series      Year   Class      ass Number        Subject Headings    Level               Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 AFRICAN CULTURE AND                                                                                                                      AUTH: UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA,
                 MELVILLE'S ART: THE                        OXFORD                                                 PS2387. MELVILLE, HERMAN,              RIVERSIDE. EXAMINES INFLUENCE
Language &       CREATIVE PROCESS IN BENITO STUCKEY,        UNIVERSITY                                             S78     1819-1891--CRIT. &             OF CELEBRATIONS OF BLACK
Literature       CERENO AND MOBY-DICK.      STERLING        PRESS                           2009     813.3    PS   2008    INTERPR.                ADV-AC AMERICANS.                        9780195372700 CLOTH        $27.95

                                              FIELD,        UNIVERSITY OF
Language &       AFTER THE FALL: POEMS OLD    EDWARD,       PITTSBURGH    PITT POETRY                              PS3556.I                               PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
Literature       AND NEW.                     1924-         PRESS         SERIES.           2007 811.54       PS   37                              GEN-AC BY AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR.          9780822959809 PAPER        $14.00

                 ALEKSANDR PUSHKIN'S THE
                 TALES OF BELKIN: FORMALIST                                                                                PUSHKIN, ALEKSANDR
                 AND STRUCTURALIST                          UNIVERSITY                                                     SERGEEVICH, 1799-
Language &       READINGS AND BEYOND THE      KIM, SANG     PRESS OF                                               PG3343. 1837. POVESTI
Literature       LITERARY THEORIES.           HYUN          AMERICA                         2008   891.733    PG   P653    POLOINOGO IVANA... ADV-AC AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS.            9780761841296 PAPER        $31.00
                                                                                                                                                       NOVEL RECREATING PARENTS'
                                              LESSING,                                                             PR6023. LESSING, DORIS MAY,         SEPARATE LIVES HAD THEY NOT
Language &                                    DORIS MAY,    HARPERCOLLIN                                           E833A78 1919- --FAMILY--            BEEN AFFECTED BY WW I. PUB.
Literature       ALFRED AND EMILY.            1919-         S                               2008 823914       PR   2008    FICTION.             GEN-AC ALSO IN UK. NYTBR.                   9780060834883 CLOTH        $25.95
                                              ORWELL,                                                              PR6029.
Language &       ALL ART IS PROPAGANDA:       GEORGE,       HARCOURT                                               R8A626                              PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS
Literature       CRITICAL ESSAYS              1903-1950     TRADE                           2008   824.912    PR   2008                         GEN-AC WITH NEW FOREWORD & INTRO.           9780151013555 CLOTH        $25.00
Language &       ALL THAT ROAD GOING: A       MOJTABAI,     TRIQUARTERLY                                           O374A5 BUS TRAVEL--U.S.--           ANTI ROAD-TRIP NOVEL BY LILLIAN
Literature       NOVEL.                       A.G., 1937-   BOOKS                           2008 81354        PS   8 2008  FICTION.             GEN-AC SMITH BOOK AWARD WINNER.             9780810152007 CLOTH        $21.95
                                                                                                                           1. NEW YORK (STATE)-
                                                                                                                           -POL. & GOVT.--
                                                                                                                   PS3553. FICTION. 2.
Language &                                    CANIN,        RANDOM                                                 A495A83 CHARACTER--                 AUTH: IOWA WRITERS' WORKSHOP.
Literature       AMERICA AMERICA: A NOVEL.    ETHAN.        HOUSE                           2008 81354        PS   2008    FICTION.             GEN-AC NOVEL. NYTBR. TLS.                   9780679456803 CLOTH        $27.00

                                                                      WILLIAM AND
                                              WETHERBEE,              KATHERINE                                    PQ4427. DANTE ALIGHIERI,               AUTH: CORNELL UNIVERSITY. STUDY
Language &       ANCIENT FLAME: DANTE AND     WINTHROP, UNIV OF NOTRE DEVERS SERIES IN                             C53W48 1265-1321--CRIT. &              OF DANTE'S RELATIONSHIP TO
Literature       THE POETS.                   1938-      DAME PRESS   DANTE STUDIES.   2008 851.1             PQ   4 2008  INTERPR.                ADV-AC LATIN POETICS.                  9780268044121 PAPER          $35.00
                 ANGELS KNOCKING ON THE
                 TAVERN DOOR: THIRTY POEMS                                                                         PK6465.                                NEW TRANSLATIONS OF 14TH CENT.
Language &       OF HAFEZ; TRANS. BY ROBERT   HAFIZ, 14TH   HARPERCOLLIN                                           Z31B65                                 IRANIAN (PERSIAN) POETRY. A
Literature       BLY.                         CENT.         S                               2008 891.5511     PK   2008                            GEN-AC HARPER BOOK.                   9780061138836 CLOTH           $22.95
                 THE PRESCHOOL
                 ENTERTAINMENT BOOM, OR,                                                                           PN1992. TELEVISION                     AMERICAN TV FOR PRESCHOOLERS
Language &       HOW TELEVISION BECAME MY     HAYES,                                             30223450          8.C46H3 PROGRAMS FOR                   FROM MARKETING & CHILD
Literature       FRIEND.                      DADE.         FREE PRESS                      2008 83           PN   9 2008  CHILDREN--U.S.          GEN-AC DEVELOPMENT VIEWPOINTS.      9781416546832 CLOTH             $25.00

                 APPROACHING EMILY                                         STUDIES IN                                                                     AUTH: SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY.
                 DICKINSON: CRITICAL                                       AMERICAN                                PS1541. DICKINSON, EMILY,              HISTORY OF THE PAST HALF-
Language &       CURRENTS AND              WHITE, FRED CAMDEN              LITERATURE AND                          Z5W53 1830-1886--CRIT. &               CENTURY OF DICKINSON CRITICISM
Literature       CROSSCURRENTS SINCE 1960. D., 1943-   HOUSE               CULTURE.         2008 8114         PS   2008    INTERPR.--HIST.         ADV-AC & SCHOLARSHIP.                    9781571133168 CLOTH        $75.00

                 AND OTHER NEW AND
Language &       UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS ON  VONNEGUT,                                                                PS3572.
Literature       WAR AND PEACE.           KURT.             PUTNAM                          2008 818.54       PS   O5                              GEN-AC ESSAYS ON WAR & PEACE. NYTBR.     9780399155086 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                              1. PLINY, THE
                                                                                                                              YOUNGER--CRIT. &            AUTH: HOFSTRA UNIV. ON
                 ART OF PLINY'S LETTERS: A                                                                                    INTERPR. 2.                 AUTHORIAL STRATEGY BEHIND
Language &       POETICS OF ALLUSION IN THE MARCHESI,       CAMBRIDGE                                                         ALLUSIONS IN                PLINY'S LETTERS AND THEIR
Literature       PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE.    ILARIA.         UNIV PRESS                      2008 876.01       PA   PA6640     LITERATURE.          ADV-AC STATUS AS LITERATURE.             9780521882279 CLOTH        $99.00
                 ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE: A LIFE ARTHUR                                                                 PR4623. DOYLE, ARTHUR                  CORRESPONDENCE WITH INTRO.,
Language &       IN LETTERS; ED. BY JON     CONAN, SIR,     PENGUIN                                                A44     CONAN, SIR, 1859-              ETC. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY HARPER.
Literature       LELLENBERG.                1859-1930.      BOOKS                           2007 823.8        PR   2008    1930--  CORRESP.        GEN-AC TLS 11/9/07. NYTBR 12/30/07.      9781594201356 CLOTH        $37.95

                                                                           PALGRAVE                                PS3525.I MILLER, ARTHUR,               AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH.
Language &                                    CARSON,       PALGRAVE       MODERN                                  5156Z56 1915-2005--CRIT. &             STUDY OF THE WORKS FROM THE                                           97802305
Literature       ARTHUR MILLER.               NEIL.         MACMILLAN      DRAMATISTS.      2008 81252        PS   2008     INTERPR.               GEN-AC PLAYWRIGHT'S 60-YEAR CAREER.      9780230507173 CLOTH        $90.00     07180     $30.95

                                                                                                                     Page 20
                                                                                                                Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                           LC   Full LC                                                                                                             Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                                Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title             Author        Publisher         Series   Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 ARTISTS IN EXILE: HOW
                 REFUGEES FROM                                                                                            1. PERFORMING ARTS-
                 TWENTIETH-CENTURY WAR                                                                            PN2266. -U.S.--HIST.--20TH
Language &       AND REVOLUTION             HOROWITZ,      HARPERCOLLIN                       791.0869            3H67    CENT. 2. EUROPEANS--        TITLE CONT: PERFORMING ARTS. A
Literature       TRANSFORMED                JOSEPH.        S                             2008 1409         PN     2007    U.S.                 GEN-AC HARPER BOOK.     NYTBR 2/3/08.            9780060748463 CLOTH        $27.50

                 AUTOBIOGRAPHIES OF ORHAN MCGAHA,                                                                 PL248.P                            AUTH: POMONA COLLEGE.
Language &       PAMUK: THE WRITER IN HIS MICHAEL D.,      UNIVERSITY OF                                          34Z8    PAMUK, ORHAN--CRIT.        PROVIDES HISTORICAL CONTEXTS
Literature       NOVELS.                  1941-            UTAH PRESS                    2008 8943533      PL     2008    & INTERPR.          GEN-AC FOR NOBEL-WINNER'S WORKS.                  9780874809305 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                     NOVEL ABOUT THE QUEEN
Language &       AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE       TENNANT,       ARCADIA                                                PR6070.                            ESCAPING HER DUTIES ON A
Literature       QUEEN: A NOVEL.            EMMA.          BOOKS                         2007 823914       PR     E52                         GEN-AC SECRET TRIP TO ST. LUCIA.                  9781905147885 CLOTH        $14.95
                                                                                                                  O47478                             AUTH: LEHMAN COLLEGE, CUNY.
Language &                                  COLLINS,       RANDOM                                                 B35                                POETRY BY FORMER POET
Literature       BALLISTICS: POEMS.         BILLY          HOUSE                         2008    811.54    PS     2008                        GEN-AC LAUREATE.                                  9781400064915 CLOTH        $24.00

                                                                                                                                                         PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED NON-
                                            BOYD,                                                                 PR6052.                                FICTION BY AWARD WINNING
Language &       BAMBOO: ESSAYS AND         WILLIAM,       BLOOMSBURY                         828.9140            O9192Z                                 NOVELIST. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       CRITICISM.                 1952-          USA                           2007 8            PR     46 2007                         GEN-AC HAMISH HAMILTON. NYTBR 12/9/07.        9781596914414 PAPER        $22.95
                                                                                                                           MATSUO, BASHO,                EDITOR'S NEW PARALLEL TEXT
                                            MATSUO,                                                                        1644-1694--                   TRANSLATION OF 17TH CENT.
Language &       BASHO: THE COMPLETE HAIKU; BASHO, 1644-                                      89510410            PL794.4. TRANSLATIONS INTO             JAPANESE POETRY WITH INTRO. &
Literature       ED. BY JANE REICHHOLD.     1694.          KODANSHA                      2008 8            PL     A2 2008 ENGLISH.                GEN-AC NOTES.                                 9784770030634 CLOTH        $24.95
                                            E.M.                                                                           1. BOOKS--GREAT            ED: LATE OF UNIVERSITY OF
                 BBC TALKS OF E.M. FORSTER, (EDWARD        UNIV OF                                                PR6011. BRITAIN--REVIEWS. 2.        MISSOURI, COLUMBIA. NEW
Language &       1929-1960: A SELECTED      MORGAN),       MISSOURI                                               O58A6    CRITICISM--GREAT           COLLECTION OF ESSAYS WITH
Literature       EDITION; ED. BY MARY LAGO. 1879-1970.     PRESS                         2008 828912       PR     2008     BRITAIN             GEN-AC INTRO. & NOTES.                 9780826218001 CLOTH                  $59.95
                                                                                                                  PQ2498.                             NEW TRANSLATION OF 1890
Language &       BEAST WITHIN; TRANS. BY    ZOLA, EMILE, PENGUIN           PENGUIN                                A38                                 FRENCH NOVEL, WITH 33-PAGE
Literature       ROGER WHITEHOUSE.          1840-1902.   BOOKS             CLASSICS.     2007 843.8        PQ     2007                         GEN-AC INTRO., NOTES, ETC.             9780140449631 PAPER                  $14.00
                                                                                                                  PJ5055.                             TRANS. OF ISRAELI 1ST NOVEL.
                                                                                                                  29.E852I                            WINNER OF '06 SAPIR AWARD. PUB.
Language &       BEAUFORT; TRANS. BY EVAN   LESHEM,                                                               4213                                ALSO IN UK BY HARVILL & SECKER.
Literature       FALLENBERG.                RON.           DELACORTE                     2008 892.436      PJ     2008                         GEN-AC NYTBR.                          9780553806823 CLOTH                  $24.00

                                                           THEATRE                                                PS3603. TRIANGLES                      PLAYSCRIPT BY 2003 PULITZER
Language &                                                 COMMUNICATIO                                           R895B43 (INTERPERSONAL                 WINNER. REPRINT OF 2007 ED. BY
Literature       BEAUTY OF THE FATHER.      CRUZ, NILO     NS                            2008 8126         PS     2008    RELATIONS)--DRAMA.      GEN-AC DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE.               9781559363105 PAPER        $13.95

                 BEETHOVEN WAS ONE-                        FARRAR,                                                PR9369.                                SHORT STORIES BY NOBEL WINNER.
Language &       SIXTEENTH BLACK AND OTHER GORDIMER,       STRAUS &                                               3.G6B44                                PUB. ALSO IN UK BY BLOOMSBURY.
Literature       STORIES.                  NADINE.         GIROUX                        2007 823.914      PR     2007                            GEN-AC NYTBR 12/07. TLS 12/07.        9780374109820 CLOTH                $21.00

                                                           FARRAR,                                                                                         TRANSLATION OF CHINESE NOVEL.
Language &       BEIJING COMA; TRANS. BY    MA, JIAN,      STRAUS &                                               PL2948.                                  PUB. ALSO IN UK BY CHATTO &
Literature       FLORA DREW.                1953-          GIROUX                        2008 8951352      PL     3.J53                           GEN-AC   WINDUS. TLS 5/9/08. NYTBR 7/13/08.   9780374110178 CLOTH        $27.50
                                                                                                                          1. AUTOMOBILE                    AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH
                                                                                                                  PS3555. THIEVES--FICTION. 2.             CAROLINA, WILMINGTON. NOVEL
Language &                                  EDGERTON,                                                             D47B53 TEENAGE BOYS--                    ABOUT A CON MAN AND A BIBLE
Literature       BIBLE SALESMAN: A NOVEL.   CLYDE          LITTLE, BROWN                 2008 81354        PS     2008    FICTION.                GEN-AC   SALESMAN. NYTBR.                     9780316117517 CLOTH        $23.99
                                                                                                                                                           AUTOBIOGRAPHY CENTERING
                                                                                                                  PS3563.                                  MCMURTRY'S LIFE AS A READER,
Language &                                  MCMURTRY,      SIMON &                                                A319Z46 MCMURTRY, LARRY--                WRITER, BOOK COLLECTOR. NYTBR
Literature       BOOKS: A MEMOIR.           LARRY.         SCHUSTER                      2008 81354        PS     2008    BOOKS & READING.        GEN-AC   7/27/08.                             9781416583349 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: BOSTON UNIV. CLASS
                                            BROWN,         UNIV OF                                                PR830.M                                  SYMBOLISM AS EXPRESSED IN
Language &                                  JULIA          VIRGINIA                                               53B76   ENGLISH FICTION--                INTERIOR DESIGN, DESCRIBED IN
Literature       BOURGEOIS INTERIOR.        PREWITT.       PRESS                         2008 8209355      PR     2008    HIST. & CRIT.        ADV-AC      LITERATURE & FILM                    9780813927107 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                          1. MOTION PICTURES--             AUTH: U NOTTINGHAM. EXAMINES
                 BRAND HOLLYWOOD: SELLING                                                                         PN1995. U.S.--MARKETING.                 RELATION OF BRANDING TO
Language &       ENTERTAINMENT IN A         GRAINGE,                                          384.8309            9.M29G7 2. CORPORATE                     EMERGENT PRINCIPLE OF 'TOTAL                                             97804153
Literature       GLOBAL MEDIA AGE.          PAUL, 1972-    ROUTLEDGE                     2008 73           PN     3 2008  IMAGE.               ADV-AC      ENTERTAINMENT'.                      9780415354042 CLOTH       $120.00     54059     $34.95
                                                                                                                          BYRON, GEORGE
                 BYRON AND THE WEBSTERS:                                                                                  GORDON BYRON,               USES RARE LETTERS TO EXAMINE
                 THE LETTERS AND ENTANGLED                                                                        PR4382. BARON, 1788-1824--          RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LADY
Language &       LIVES OF THE POET, SIR JAMES STEWART,                                                            S67     RELATIONS WITH              FRANCES WEBSTER AND ENGLISH
Literature       WEBSTER AND LADY             JOHN.        MCFARLAND                     2008 821.7        PR     2008    WOMEN.               ADV-AC POET LORD BYRON.                          9780786432400 PAPER        $39.95

                                                                                                                     Page 21
                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author         Publisher        Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                  Notes               ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                               MAHFUZ,                                                                                                           FIRST TRANSLATION OF EGYPTIAN
Language &       CAIRO MODERN; TRANS. BY       NAJIB, 1911-   AMER UNIV IN   MODERN ARABIC                              PJ7846.                                  NOVEL ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN
Literature       WILLIAM M. HUTCHINS.          2006.          CAIRO PRESS    LITERATURE.      2008 892736        PJ     S46                             GEN-AC   1945.                            9789774161568 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: NORTHERN ILLINOIS
                 CALLS AND RESPONSES: THE               LOUISIANA            SOUTHERN                                   PS374.S   AMERICAN FICTION--             UNIVERSITY. WINNER OF THE 2008
Language &       AMERICAN NOVEL OF SLAVERY              STATE UNIV           LITERARY                                   58R93     20TH CENT.--HIST. &            JULES AND FRANCES LANDRY
Literature       SINCE GONE WITH THE WIND. RYAN, TIM A. PRESS                STUDIES.         2008 8136          PS     2008      CRIT.                 ADV-AC   AWARD.                           9780807133224 CLOTH        $37.50
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                 CAMBRIDGE            CAMBRIDGE                                  PR3634.   POPE, ALEXANDER,               ED: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH
Language &       ALEXANDER POPE; ED. BY PAT             UNIVERSITY           COMPANIONS TO                              C36       1688-1744--CRIT. &             FLORIDA. COLLECTION OF NEW                                           97805215
Literature       ROGERS.                                PRESS                LITERATURE.      2007 821.5         PR     2007      INTERPR.              ADV-AC   ESSAYS.                          9780521840132 CLOTH        $85.00     49448     $29.99
                                                                                                                                                                 ED: UNIV. OF EAST ANGLIA. NEW
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                       CAMBRIDGE      CAMBRIDGE                                  PS3573.I                                 ESSAYS ON PULITZER PRIZE-
Language &       AUGUST WILSON; ED. BY                        UNIVERSITY     COMPANIONS TO                              45677Z6 WILSON, AUGUST--                 WINNING AFRICAN AMERICAN                                             97805216
Literature       CHRISTOPHER BIGSBY.                          PRESS          LITERATURE.      2007 812.54        PS     2007     CRIT. & INTERPR.       ADV-AC   DRAMATIST.                       9780521866064 CLOTH        $90.00     85061     $29.99
                                                                                                                                                                 ED: UNIVERSITY OF HULL.
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                                      CAMBRIDGE                                                                           COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS ON
Language &       DAVID HARE; ED. BY RICHARD                   CAMBRIDGE      COMPANIONS TO                              PR6058. HARE, DAVID, 1947- --            THE PRIZE-WINNING ENGLISH                                            97805216
Literature       BOON.                                        UNIV PRESS     LITERATURE.      2007 822.914       PR     A678    CRIT. & INTERPR.        ADV-AC   DRAMATIST.                       9780521850544 CLOTH        $90.00     15570     $29.99
                                                                                                                                                                 ED: PURDUE UNIVERSITY.
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                                      CAMBRIDGE                                  PS3554.                                  COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS WITH
Language &       DON DELILLO; ED. BY JOHN N.                  CAMBRIDGE      COMPANIONS TO                              E4425Z5 DELILLO, DON.--CRIT.             ASSESSMENTS OF THE NOVELS,                                           97805216
Literature       DUVALL.                                      UNIV PRESS     LITERATURE.      2008 81354         PS     7 2008  & INTERPR.              ADV-AC   THEMES & CAREER.                 9780521870658 CLOTH        $75.00     90898     $24.99
                                                                             CAMBRIDGE                                  PR4688. ELIOT, GEORGE, 1819-
Language &       CAMBRIDGE INTRODUCTION TO HENRY,       CAMBRIDGE            INTRODUCTIONS                              H46     1880--CRIT. &                  AUTH: SUNY, BINGHAMTON.                                                97805216
Literature       GEORGE ELIOT.             NANCY, 1965- UNIV PRESS           TO LITERATURE.   2008 823.8         PR     2008    INTERPR.                GEN-AC CRITICAL OVERVIEW.                 9780521854627 CLOTH        $80.00     70975     $19.99
                                                                             CAMBRIDGE                                  PS3511. FAULKNER, WILIAM,
Language &       CAMBRIDGE INTRODUCTION TO TOWNER,            CAMBRIDGE      INTRODUCTIONS                              A86Z977 1897-1962--CRIT. &             AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS,                                             97805216
Literature       WILLIAM FAULKNER.         THERESA M.         UNIV PRESS     TO LITERATURE.   2008 813.52        PS     8 2008  INTERPR.                GEN-AC DALLAS. CRITICAL OVERVIEW.         9780521855464 CLOTH        $70.00     71552     $19.99
                 CANON: THE ORIGINAL ONE                                                                                        CONSTANTINE, 1863-             NEW PARALLEL TEXT TRANS BY
                 HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR        CAVAFY,       CTR FOR                                                    PA5610. 1933--                         STRATIS HAVIARAS OF 20TH C.
Language &       POEMS; ED. BY DANA            CONSTANTIN HELLENIC                                                      K2A6    TRANSLATIONS INTO              GREEK POETRY WITH INTRO. ETC.
Literature       BONSTROM.                     E, 1863-1933. STUDIES                          2007 889.132       PA     2007    ENGLISH.                GEN-AC DIST. BY HARVARD UP                9780674025868 PAPER        $24.95
                 CATCHING LIFE BY THE
                 THROAT: HOW TO READ                                                                                            1. ENGLISH POETRY--         PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED BRITISH &
                 POETRY AND WHY: POEMS                                                                                  PR1221. 19TH CENT. 2.               AMERICAN POEMS WITH
Language &       FROM EIGHT GREAT POETS;                                                                                C34     ENGLISH POETRY--            COMMENTARY. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       ED. BY                                       W.W. NORTON                     2008 821.808       PR     2008    20TH CENT.           GEN-AC VIRAGO. INCL. AUDIO CD.               9780393066074 CLOTH        $26.95
                 CHASING LOLITA: HOW                                                                                                                        AN AP PLUS! BOOK. EXAMINES THE
                 POPULAR CULTURE                                                                                        PS3527. NABOKOV, VLADIMIR           ORIG. CHARACTER & ALL THE
Language &       CORRUPTED NABOKOV'S           VICKERS,       CHICAGO                                                   A15L637 VLADIMIROVICH, 1899-        MANIFESTATIONS SHE'S HAD
Literature       LITTLE GIRL ALL OVER AGAIN.   GRAHAM.        REVIEW PRESS                    2008 81354         PS     5 2008  1977. LOLITA.        GEN-AC SUBSEQUENTLY.                         9781556526824 CLOTH        $24.95
                 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: A                     UNIV OF                                                   PN1009. CHILDREN'S
Language &       READER'S HISTORY FROM         LERER,         CHICAGO                                                   A1L44   LITERATURE--HIST. &
Literature       AESOP TO HARRY POTTER.        SETH, 1955-    PRESS                           2008 80989282      PN     2008    CRIT.                GEN-AC AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.            9780226473000 CLOTH        $30.00
                 CITY AND THE MOUNTAINS;       QUEIROS,                                                                 PQ9261.
Language &       TRANS. BY MARGARET JULL       ECA DE, 1845- NEW                                                        E3C413                              NEW TRANSLATION OF 19TH
Literature       COSTA.                        1900          DIRECTIONS                       2008     869.33    PQ     2008                         GEN-AC CENTURY PORTUGUESE NOVEL.             9780811217019 PAPER        $15.95

                                                                                                                                                            ED: INDIANA U. PREVIOUSLY-
                 CITY OF REFUGE: THE           FISHER,        UNIV OF                                                   PS3511.I AUTHORS, AMERICAN--        PUBLISHED SHORT FICTION BY
Language &       COLLECTED STORIES OF          RUDOLPH,       MISSOURI                                                  7436Z78 20TH CENT.--                HARLEM RENAISSANCE WRITER/M.D.
Literature       RUDOLPH FISHER                1897-1934      PRESS                           2008     813.52    PS     2008     BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC INCLUDES 7 UNPUBLISHED WORKS. 9780826218124 PAPER                $24.95
                 CITY'S END: TWO CENTURIES                                                                                                                  AUTH: UMASS, AMHERST. HISTORY
                 OF FANTASIES, FEARS, AND                     YALE                                                      PS374.N AMERICAN FICTION--          OF REPRESENTATIONS IN
Language &       PREMONITIONS OF NEW                          UNIVERSITY                                                43P34    20TH CENT.--HIST. &        LITERATURE, ART, MEDIA. COLOR,
Literature       YORK'S DESTRUCTION.           PAGE, MAX      PRESS                           2008   813.5093    PS     2008     CRIT.               GEN-AC B&W ILLUSTRATIONS.             9780300110265 CLOTH               $37.50

                                               SHAPIRO,                                                                 PS3537.                                POETRY BY PULITZER, BOLLINGEN,
Language &                                     KARL JAY,      TEXAS REVIEW                                              H27C63                                 ETC. WINNER.   DIST. BY TEXAS
Literature       CODA: LAST POEMS              1913-2000      PRESS                           2008 81152         PS     2008                            GEN-AC A&M UNIVERSITY PRESS.              9781933896212 PAPER        $14.95
                 COLLECTED POEMS OF PHILIP                    WESLEYAN                                                  PS3545.
Language &       WHALEN; ED. BY MICHAEL                       UNIVERSITY   WESLEYAN                                     H117A6
Literature       ROTHENBERG.                                  PRESS        POETRY.            2007 811.54        PS     2007                            GEN-AC POETRY.                        9780819568595 CLOTH            $49.95
                                                                                                                                                               ED: DOSHISHA UNIVERSITY.
                 COLLECTED PROSE OF            FROST,                                                                   PS3511.                                PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ARTICLES,
Language &       ROBERT FROST; ED. BY MARK     ROBERT,        BELKNAP/HARV                                              R94A6                                  SPEECHES, ESSAYS, LECTURES,
Literature       RICHARDSON.                   1874-1963.     ARD                             2007 811.52        PS     2007                            GEN-AC JUVENILIA, ETC.                9780674024632 CLOTH            $39.95

                                                                                                                           Page 22
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                            Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                       Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                               Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author       Publisher         Series        Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 COLUMBIA LITERARY HISTORY      SEGEL,       COLUMBIA       COLUMBIA GUIDES                            PN849.E EAST EUROPEAN                   AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. INCL.
Language &       OF EASTERN EUROPE SINCE        HAROLD B.,   UNIVERSITY     TO LITERATURE        809.9335              9S44    LITERATURE--20TH                SUBSTANTIAL COVERAGE OF THE
Literature       1945.                          1930-        PRESS          SINCE 1945.     2008 847              PN   2008    CENT.--HIST. & CRIT.     GEN-AC IMPACT OF POLITICS.              9780231133067 CLOTH              $75.00
                                           CLOSE, A.J.                      COLECCION                                          SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL                EXPLORES THEMES, STRUCTURE &
Language &                                 (ANTHONY                         TAMESIS; SERIE A:                                  DE, 1547-1616. DON              INTERCONNECTIONS IN THE
Literature       COMPANION TO DON QUIXOTE. J.), 1937-        TAMESIS        MONOGRAFIAS.        2008     863.3    PQ   PQ6352 QUIXOTE.                  GEN-AC SPANISH MASTERPIECE.                   9781855661707 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                            COMPANIONS TO                              PR6019. JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-
Language &       COMPANION TO JAMES JOYCE;                                  LITERATURE AND                             O9Z527 1941--CRIT. &                ED: UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS.
Literature       ED. BY RICHARD BROWN.                       BLACKWELL      CULTURE; 52.        2008 823.912      PR   15 2008 INTERPR.             ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.                  9781405110440 CLOTH       $199.95
                                                                            COLECCION                                                                      AUTH: UNIV. COLLEGE LONDON.
                 COMPANION TO PABLO                                         TAMESIS; SERIE A:                          PQ8097. NERUDA, PABLO, 1904-        ASSESSES THEMES AND STYLES IN
Language &       NERUDA: EVALUATING             WILSON,                     MONOGRAFIAS;                               N4Z945 1973--CRIT. &                WORK OF 20TH CENT. CHILEAN
Literature       NERUDA'S POETRY.               JASON, 1944- TAMESIS        259.                2008 86162        PQ   2008    INTERPR.             ADV-AC POET.                                      9781855661677 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                                                                               RUSSIAN POETRY--
                 CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN                                       RUSSIAN                                    PG3237. 20TH CENT.--                NEW COLLECTION OF NEW
Language &       POETRY: AN ANTHOLOGY; ED.                   DALKEY         LITERATURE               891.7105          E5C554 TRANSLATIONS                 TRANSLATIONS OF POST-1945                                                      97815647
Literature       BY EVGENY BUNIMOVICH.                       ARCHIVE        SERIES.             2008 08           PG   2007    INTO ENGLISH.        GEN-AC RUSSIAN POETRY.                            9781564784872 CLOTH        $34.95     84865     $14.95

                                                                                                                               1. ENGLISH                  ED: UNIV. OF EAST LONDON. COLL.
                                                                                                                       PE1421. LANGUAGE--STYLE. 2.         OF NEW ESSAYS ON STYLISTICS OF
Language &       CONTEMPORARY STYLISTICS;                                                                              C63     ENGLISH LITERATURE-         PROSE, POETRY, DIALOGUE &
Literature       ED. BY MARINA LAMBROU.                      CONTINUUM                          2007 808.042      PE   2007    -HIST. & CRIT.       ADV-AC DRAMA.                          9780826493859 CLOTH                  $170.00
                                                                                                                               1. CAESAR, JULIUS--
                                           NELSON,                                                                     PS3564. DRAMA. 2. ROME--
Language &       CONVERSATIONS IN          RICHARD,          FABER AND                                                 E4747C6 HIST.-- 53-44 B.C.--
Literature       TUSCULUM.                 1950-             FABER                              2008 81254        PS   6 2008  DRAMA.               GEN-AC PLAYSCRIPT.                     9780865479920 PAPER                   $14.00
                                           DUMAS,                                                                                                          NEW TRANS. OF 19TH-CENTURY
Language &       CORSICAN BROTHERS; TRANS. ALEXANDRE,        HESPERUS     HESPERUS                                                                         FRENCH NOVEL WITH INTRO. TLS
Literature       BY ANDREW BROWN.          1802-1870.        PRESS        CLASSICS.             2007 8437         PQ   PQ2223                       GEN-AC 7/18/08.                        9781843911654 PAPER                   $13.95
                 COUNTESS VON RUDOLSTADT; SAND,              UNIV OF
Language &       TRANS. BY GRETCHEN VAN    GEORGE,           PENNSYLVANIA                                              PQ2399.                                 NEW TRANS. OF 19TH CENT.
Literature       SLYKE.                    1804-1876.        PR                                 2008 8438         PQ   C613                             GEN-AC FRENCH NOVEL.                          9780812240733 CLOTH        $49.95
                                                                          LIVERPOOL                                                                            PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED REVIEWS,
                                                RUSS,        LIVERPOOL    SCIENCE FICTION                              PS3568.    SCIENCE FICTION,             ARTICLES, ETC. FROM 1966-1995 BY
Language &       COUNTRY YOU HAVE NEVER         JOANNA,      UNIVERSITY   TEXTS AND                  813.0876          U763C6     AMERICAN--HIST. &            FEMINIST SCIENCE FICTION                                                   97808532
Literature       SEEN: ESSAYS AND REVIEWS.      1937-        PRESS        STUDIES; 31.          2007 209          PS   8 2007     CRIT.                 GEN-AC AUTHOR.                                9780853238591 CLOTH        $85.00     38690     $35.00
                                                ROSTAND,                                                               PQ2635.    CYRANO DE
Language &       CYRANO DE BERGERAC;            EDMOND,      OBERON         OBERON                                     O7C913     BERGERAC, 1619-1655-        NEW TRANS. OF 19TH CENT.
Literature       TRANS. BY RANJIT BOLT.         1868-1918.   BOOKS LTD.     CLASSICS.           2007 8428         PQ   2007       -DRAMA.              GEN-AC FRENCH PLAYSCRIPT.                      9781840027518 PAPER        $18.95
Language &                                      GILCHRIST,   ALGONQUIN OF                                              34258D3    IRAQ WAR, 2003- --           NOVEL ABOUT THREE RELATED
Literature       DANGEROUS AGE: A NOVEL.        ELLEN.       CHAPEL HILL                        2008 813.54       PS   6 2008     FICTION.              GEN-AC WOMEN AFFECTED BY THE WAR.             9781565125421 CLOTH        $23.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: SKIDMORE COLLEGE. SHORT
                                                                                                                       PS3563.I                                STORIES BY PULITZER PRIZE
Language &       DANGEROUS LAUGHTER:            MILLHAUSER, ALFRED A.                                                  422D36                                  WINNER. A BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR
Literature       THIRTEEN STORIES.              STEVEN.     KNOPF                               2008 813.54       PS   2008                             GEN-AC 2/24/08.                               9780307267566 CLOTH        $24.00

                 DANGEROUS MASCULINITIES:                  UNIVERSITY                                                  PR6005. CONRAD, JOSEPH,                 AUTH: MILLS COLLEGE. STUDY OF
Language &       CONRAD, HEMINGWAY, AND         STRYCHACZ, PRESS OF                                  820.9325          O4Z834 1857-1924--CRIT. &               "MODERNIST MANHOOD
Literature       LAWRENCE.                      THOMAS.    FLORIDA                              2008 2109         PR   2008    INTERPR.                 ADV-AC FASHIONING".                           9780813031613 CLOTH        $59.95

                                                                            PUBLICATIONS OF
                 DANTE AND THE HUMAN BODY:                                  THE UCD                                           DANTE ALIGHIERI,                   ED: UCD. COLLECTION OF NEW
Language &       EIGHT ESSAYS; ED. BY JOHN C.                FOUR COURTS    FOUNDATION FOR                                    1265-1321--CRIT. &                 ESSAYS. PUB. FOR UCD
Literature       BARNES.                                     PRESS          ITALIAN STUDIES.    2007 851.1        PQ   PQ4390 INTERPR.                  ADV-AC   FOUNDATION FOR ITALIAN STUDIES.      9781846820908 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. NEW
                 DANTE'S TWO BELOVEDS:                       YALE                                                      PQ4414. DANTE ALIGHIERI,                  THEMATIC FRAMEWORK FOR
Language &       ETHICS AND EROTICS IN THE      HOLMES,      UNIVERSITY                                                H656    1265-1321. DIVINA                 INTERPRETING THE DIVINE COMEDY
Literature       DIVINE COMEDY.                 OLIVIA       PRESS                              2008     851.1    PQ   2008    COMMEDIA.                ADV-AC   WITH WOMEN.                          9780300125429 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                                 HISTORICAL NOVEL OF MODERN
                                                                                                                       PR6116.I DU MAURIER,                      PROTAGONIST STUDYING DU
Language &                                      PICARDIE,    BLOOMSBURY                                                33D37    DAPHNE, DAME, 1907-              MAURIER'S LIFE IN LATE 1950S. PUB.
Literature       DAPHNE: A NOVEL.               JUSTINE      USA                                2008 82392        PR   2008     1989--  FICTION.    GEN-AC       ALSO IN UK.                          9781596913417 CLOTH        $25.99
                                                                                                                                                                 NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR.
                                                                                                                       PR6052.                                   CO-PUBLISHED WITH ECCO. PUB.
Language &                                      BARKER,       HARPERPEREN                                              A64876D                                   ALSO IN UK BY FOURTH ESTATE.
Literature       DARKMANS.                      NICOLA, 1966- NIAL                              2007 823.914      PR   37 2007                          GEN-AC   NYTBR 1/13/08.                       9780061575211 PAPER        $16.95

                                                                                                                         Page 23
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                       Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author        Publisher          Series      Year   Class      ass Number       Subject Headings    Level                Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                               1. MAMET, DAVID. 2.
                                                                                                                       PS3563. DRAMATISTS,                   AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH
Language &       DAVID MAMET: A LIFE IN THE    NADEL, IRA     PALGRAVE                                                 A4345Z8 AMERICAN-- 20TH               COLUMBIA. BIOGRAPHY. NYTBR
Literature       THEATRE.                      BRUCE.         MACMILLAN                         2008 812.54       PS   2 2008  CENT.--BIOGRAPHY       GEN-AC 2/24/08.                             9780312293444 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                                                                                                             NOVEL ABOUT AN OLDER MAN
                                                                                                                       PR6062. 1. OLDER DEAF                 DEVELOPING HEARING LOSS.
Language &                                     LODGE,                                                                  O36D43 PEOPLE--FICTION. 2.            PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY HARVILL
Literature       DEAF SENTENCE.                DAVID, 1935- VIKING                              2008   823.914    PR   2008    AGING-- FICTION.       GEN-AC & SECKER. NYTBR 10/5/08              9780670019922 CLOTH        $25.95
                 DEATH WITH INTERRUPTIONS;                                                                             PQ9281.                               TRANSLATION OF NOVEL BY
Language &       TRANS. BY MARGARET JULL       SARAMAGO,      HARCOURT                                                 A66I681                               PORTUGUESE NOBEL PRIZE
Literature       COSTA.                        JOSE           TRADE                             2008   869.342    PQ   3 2008                         GEN-AC WINNER.                              9780151012749 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                               1. MARINES--U.S.--
                                               SHANLEY,       THEATRE                                                  PS3569. DRAMA. 2. NORTH
Language &                                     JOHN           COMMUNICATIO                                             H3337D CAROLINA--RACE                 PLAYSCRIPT WITH RACIAL THEMES
Literature       DEFIANCE.                     PATRICK.       NS                                2007 812.54       PS   44 2007 RELATIONS--DRAMA.      GEN-AC BY PULITZER WINNER.                  9781559363099 PAPER        $13.95
                 DEGREES OF FREEDOM:                                                                                                                         AUTH: WESTMINSTER COLLEGE.
                 AMERICAN WOMEN POETS AND HICOK,                                                                               AMERICAN POETRY--             STUDIES UNDERGRADUATE
Language &       THE WOMEN'S COLLEGE, 1905- BETHANY,          BUCKNELL UNIV                                            PS151.H WOMEN AUTHORS--               EXPERIENCE OF MOORE, BISHOP &
Literature       1955.                      1958-             PRESS                             2008   811.521    PS   53 2008 HIST. & CRIT.          ADV-AC PLATH.                               9780838756935 CLOTH        $51.50

                                                                                                                       PR6054.                            SHORT STORIES BY BOOKER, ETC.
Language &       DEPORTEES AND OTHER           DOYLE,                                                                  O95D44 IRELAND--SOC. LIFE &        WINNER. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       STORIES.                      RODDY, 1958- VIKING                              2008 822.914      PR   2008    CUST.--FICTION.     GEN-AC JONATHAN CAPE. NYTBR 1/20/08.   9780670018451 CLOTH                $24.95
                                                                                                                       PH3281.                            TRANS. OF HUNGARIAN NOVEL BY
                                                                                                                       K3815D4                            2002 NOBEL WINNER. PUB. ALSO IN
Language &       DETECTIVE STORY; TRANS. BY    KERTESZ,       ALFRED A.                              894.5113          813                                UK BY HARVILL SECKER. TLS.
Literature       TIM WILKINSON.                IMRE, 1929-    KNOPF                             2008 34           PH   2008                        GEN-AC NYTBR.                          9780307266446 CLOTH                $21.00
                                                                                                                       PS3552.                            SHORT STORIES BY NATIONAL BOOK
Language &                                              HOUGHTON                                                       A75D48                             AWARD, ETC. WINNER. NYTBR
Literature       DEVELOPMENT: NINE STORIES. BARTH, JOHN MIFFLIN                                 2008    813.54    PS   2008                        GEN-AC 10/5/08. TLS 10/17/08.          9780547072487 CLOTH                $23.00

                                                                                                                       PR9369.                               NOVEL BY 2003 NOBEL-WINNER.
Language &                                     COETZEE,                                                                3.C58D4                               PUB. ALSO IN UK BY HARVILL &
Literature       DIARY OF A BAD YEAR.          J.M., 1940-    VIKING                            2007 823.912      PR   8 2007                         GEN-AC SECKER. NYTBR 12/30/07. VLS 1/8/08. 9780670018758 CLOTH         $24.95
Language &                                     OZICK,         HOUGHTON                                                 Z5D53                                 SHORT STORIES BY PRIZE-WINNING
Literature       DICTATION: A QUARTET.         CYNTHIA.       MIFFLIN                           2008 813.54       PS   2008                           GEN-AC AUTHOR. NYTBR 4/20/08.         9780547054001 CLOTH              $24.00
Language &       DINOSAURS ON THE ROOF: A                   SIMON &                                                    A23D56 OLDER WOMEN--                  NOVEL BY OBIE/TONY AWARD-
Literature       NOVEL.                        RABE, DAVID. SCHUSTER                            2008 81354        PS   2008    FICTION.               GEN-AC WINNING PLAYWRIGHT.                  9781416564058 CLOTH        $26.00
                 DIVINE COMEDY: JOURNEYS
                 THROUGH A REGIONAL                                                                                    PR9619.
Language &       GEOGRAPHY: THREE NEW          KINSELLA,                                                               3.K55D5 WESTERN AUSTRALIA-        THREE LONG POEMS BY PRIZE-
Literature       WORKS.                        JOHN, 1963-    W.W. NORTON                       2008   821.914    PR   8 2008  -POETRY.           GEN-AC WINNING AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR.               9780393066555 CLOTH        $34.95
                                                                                                                                                         ED: U. OF CAMBRIDGE. ED'S NEW
                 DIVINE COMEDY; 2:             DANTE                          PENGUIN                                  PQ4315.                           PARALLEL TEXT TRANS.
Language &       PURGATORIO; ED. BY ROBIN      ALIGHIERI,     PENGUIN         CLASSICS. SER:                           3.K57   PURGATORY--               ITALIAN/ENG WITH INTRO, NOTES,
Literature       KIRKPATRICK.                  1265-1321.     BOOKS           DIVINE COMEDY; 2. 2007 851.1        PQ   2007    POETRY.            GEN-AC COMMENTARY. V 2 OF 3.                    9780140448962 PAPER        $17.00

                                                                                                                                                               ED: CAMBRIDGE UNIV. ED'S NEW
                                               DANTE                          PENGUIN                                                                          PARALLEL TEXT TRANS.
Language &       DIVINE COMEDY; 3: PARADISO;   ALIGHIERI,     PENGUIN         CLASSICS. SER:                           PQ4315.                                 ITALIAN/ENG WITH INTRODUCTION.,
Literature       ED. BY ROBIN KIRKPATRICK.     1265-1321.     BOOKS           DIVINE COMEDY; 3. 2007 851.1        PQ   4       HEAVEN--POETRY.        GEN-AC   NOTES, COMMENTARY. V. 3 OF 3       9780140448979 PAPER        $13.00
                                               ATWOOD,                                                                 PR9199.                                 POETRY BY TRILLIUM, ETC. WINNER.
Language &                                     MARGARET       HOUGHTON                                                 3.A8D66                                 INCL. AUDIO CD. PUB. ALSO IN UK
Literature       DOOR: POEMS.                  ELEANOR.       MIFFLIN                           2007 811.54       PR   2007                           GEN-AC   BY VIRAGO.                         9780618942725 CLOTH        $25.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: PENN. STATE UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                       PG3328. DOSTOYEVSKY,                    LOOKS AT RUSSIAN POPULAR
Language &       DOSTOEVSKY AND THE            IVANITS,       CAMBRIDGE                                                Z6179   FYODOR, 1821-1881--             CULTURE & FOLKLORE IN
Literature       RUSSIAN PEOPLE.               LINDA, 1969-   UNIV PRESS                        2008   891.733    PG   2008    CRIT. & INTERPR.       ADV-AC   DOSTOEVSKY'S WORK.                 9780521889933 CLOTH        $99.00
                                                                                                                       PS3515.                                 AUTH: YALE UNIVERSITY. POETRY
Language &                                  HOLLANDER, ALFRED A.                                                       O3485D                                  BY BOLLINGEN PRIZE, ETC. WINNER.
Literature       DRAFT OF LIGHT: POEMS.     JOHN.       KNOPF                                   2008 811.54       PS   73 2008                        GEN-AC   A BORZOI BOOK.                     9780307269119 CLOTH        $26.00
Language &       DRUNK ENOUGH TO SAY I LOVE CHURCHILL, COMMUNICATIO                                                    PR6053.                               PLAYSCRIPT. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       YOU?                       CARYL.      NS                                      2008 822.914      PR   H786                           GEN-AC NICK HERN.                           9781559363112 PAPER        $12.95
                                                        YALE        YALE SERIES OF                                     PS3610.                               PRIZE-WINNING POETRY BY
Language &                                  JOUDAH,     UNIVERSITY  YOUNGER POETS;                                     O679E2                                PALESTINIAN AMERICAN AUTHOR                                              97803001
Literature       EARTH IN THE ATTIC.        FADY, 1971- PRESS       V. 102.                     2008 811.6        PS   5 2008                         GEN-AC AND TRANSLATOR.                      9780300134308 CLOTH        $30.00     34315     $16.00

                                                                                                                         Page 24
                                                                                                                  Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title                 Author         Publisher         Series     Year   Class      ass Number       Subject Headings    Level                Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 ECHO CHAMBER: RUSH
                 LIMBAUGH AND THE              JAMIESON,      OXFORD                                                 PN1991. 1. LIMBAUGH, RUSH H.           AUTH: UNIV. OF PENN. ANALYZES
Language &       CONSERVATIVE MEDIA            KATHLEEN       UNIVERSITY                           30223097          4.L48J36 2. JOURNALISM--               HOW INTEGRATED CONSERVATIVE
Literature       ESTABLISHMENT.                HALL.          PRESS                           2008 3            PN   2008     OBJECTIVITY--U.S.      GEN-AC MEDIA AROSE, FUNCTIONS, ETC.  9780195366822 CLOTH           $24.95
                                                                                                                              1. WIESEL, ELIE, 1928-        AUTH: VALDOSTA STATE
                                               DOWNING,       MERCER                                                 PQ2683. --RELIGION. 2. JEWISH          UNIVERSITY. BIOGRAPHY WITH
Language &       ELIE WIESEL: A RELIGIOUS      FREDERICK      UNIVERSITY                                             I32Z656 AUTHORS--                      FOCUS ON RELIGIOUS FAITH OF
Literature       BIOGRAPHY.                    L.             PRESS                           2008 296.092      PQ   2008     BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC ROMANIAN-BORN AUTHOR.         9780881460995 CLOTH           $29.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: UNIV. OF NEW ENGLAND.
                                                              OXFORD                                                 PM7802. 1. PIDGIN LANGUAGES-           EXAMINES CURRENT THEORIES FOR
Language &       EMERGENCE OF PIDGIN AND       SIEGEL,        UNIVERSITY     OXFORD                                  S56      -HIST. 2. CREOLE              THE EMERGENCE OF CONTACT                                             97801992
Literature       CREOLE LANGUAGES.             JEFF.          PRESS          LINGUISTICS.     2008 417.2209    PM    2008     DIALECTS--HIST.        ADV-AC LANGUAGES.                    9780199216666 CLOTH          $130.00     16673     $50.00

                                                                             CAMBRIDGE TEXTS                                 EMERSON, RALPH             ED: BROWN UNIVERSITY.
                 EMERSON: POLITICAL                                          IN THE HISTORY                                  WALDO, 1803-1882--         PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED 19TH
Language &       WRITINGS; ED. BY KENNETH S.                  CAMBRIDGE      OF POLITICAL                                    POLITICAL & SOCIAL         CENT. ESSAYS WITH INTRO. &                                               97805217
Literature       SACKS.                                       UNIV PRESS     THOUGHT.        2008 9737          PS   PS1600 VIEWS.               GEN-AC NOTES.                               9780521883696 CLOTH        $70.00     10022     $23.99
                                                                                                                             1. WOMEN--MOGUL
                                                                                                                     PR6068. EMPIRE--FICTION. 2.        NOVEL BY BOOKER, ETC. WINNER.
Language &       ENCHANTRESS OF FLORENCE: RUSHDIE,            RANDOM                                                 U757E53 WOMEN-- ITLAY--            PUB. ALSO IN UK BY JONATHAN
Literature       A NOVEL.                 SALMAN.             HOUSE                           2008 823914       PR   2008    FLORENCE--FICTION. GEN-AC CAPE. NYTBR 6/8/08.                   9780375504334 CLOTH        $26.00
                                                                                                                             1. LIFE CHANGE             NOVEL. SIXTY-SOMETHING MAN
                                                                                                                     PS3558. EVENTS--FICTION. 2.        TAKES A ROAD TRIP. PUBLISHED
Language &                                     HARRISON,                                                             A67E54 MIDDLE- AGED MEN--          ALSO IN CANADA BY HOUSE OF
Literature       ENGLISH MAJOR.                JIM, 1937-     GROVE                           2008    813.54    PS   2008    FICTION.            GEN-AC ANANSI. NYTBR 10/08.                 9780802118639 CLOTH        $24.00
                                               SAGE, P.K.
Language &                                     KATHLEEN),     PORCUPINE'S                                            PR9199.
Literature       ESSENTIAL P.K. PAGE           1916-          QUILL          ESSENTIAL POETS. 2008    811.54    PR   3.P3                           GEN-AC POETRY.                           9780889843080 PAPER        $12.95

                 ETHAN                         WHARTON,                                                                                                    PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED 20TH
Language &       FROME/SUMMER/BUNNER           EDITH, 1862-   ALFRED A.      EVERYMAN'S                              PS3545.                               CENT. NOVELS WITH NEW INTRO. BY
Literature       SISTERS.                      1937.          KNOPF          LIBRARY.         2008 813.52       PS   H16                            GEN-AC HERMIONE LEE. A BORZOI BOOK.    9780307268259 CLOTH          $22.00

                                                                                                                              1. MOTION PICTURES--
                 EXILE CINEMA: FILMMAKERS AT                  STATE UNIV OF SUNY SERIES,                             PN1993. COUNTRIES. 2.                ED: LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY. NEW
Language &       WORK BEYOND HOLLYWOOD;                       NEW YORK      HORIZONS OF                              5.D44E9 MOTION PICTURES--            ESSAYS ON WORK OF LITTLE-                                              97807914
Literature       ED. BY MICHAEL ATKINSON.                     PRESS         CINEMA.           2008 791.437      PN   7 2008   EUROPE               ADV-AC KNOWN FILMMAKERS WORLDWIDE.        9780791473771 CLOTH        $74.50     73788     $24.95
                                                                                                                                                          ED: INDIANA U. BLOOMINGTON. NEW
                 EYE RHYMES: SYLVIA PLATH'S                   OXFORD                                                 PS3566. 1. PLATH, SYLVIA--           ESSAYS ON PLATH'S ENGAGEMENT
Language &       ART OF THE VISUAL; ED. BY                    UNIVERSITY                                             L27Z525 CRIT. & INTERPR. 2.          WITH VISUAL ARTS. 74 ILLUS., 40
Literature       KATHLEEN CONNORS.                            PRESS                           2007 811.54       PS   2007     ART & LITERATURE. GEN-AC COLOUR.                               9780199233878 CLOTH        $45.00
Language &                                     BRANDI,        WHITE PINE                                             PS3552.
Literature       FACING HIGH WATER.            JOHN           PRESS                           2008    811.54    PS   R297                          GEN-AC POETRY.                            9781893996229 PAPER        $16.00
                                               ORWELL,                                                               PR6029.                              PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED LITERARY
Language &       FACING UNPLEASANT FACTS:      GEORGE,        HARCOURT                                               R8F33                                ESSAYS WITH NEW INTRODUCTION
Literature       NARRATIVE ESSAYS              1903-1950      TRADE                           2008   821.912    PR   2008                          GEN-AC & FOREWORD.                        9780151013616 CLOTH        $25.00
Language &                                     HALL, BRIAN,                                                          A363F36 FROST, ROBERT, 1874-
Literature       FALL OF FROST.                1959-          VIKING                          2008 813.54       PS   2008     1963--FICTION.       GEN-AC HISTORICAL NOVEL. NYTBR 5/11/08.   9780670018666 CLOTH        $25.95
                                               WIDEMAN,                                                              PS3573.I                             AUTH: BROWN UNIVERSITY. NOVEL
Language &                                     JOHN           HOUGHTON                                               26F36    FANON, FRANTZ, 1925-        ABOUT AN AUTHOR WRITING A
Literature       FANON.                        EDGAR.         MIFFLIN                         2008 813.54       PS   2007     1961--FICTION.       GEN-AC LIFE OF FANON.                     9780618942633 CLOTH        $24.00
                                               VIZENOR,                                                                       1. OJIBWA INDIANS--
                                               GERALD                                                                PS3572.I FICTION. 2. CHILD           AUTH: UNIV. OF NEW MEXICO.
Language &                                     ROBERT,        UNIV OF NEW                                            9F38     SEXUAL ABUSE BY             NOVEL WITH NATIVE AMERICAN
Literature       FATHER MEME.                  1934-          MEXICO PRESS                    2008    813.54    PS   2008     CLERGY--FICTION.     GEN-AC THEMES.                            9780826345158 CLOTH        $21.95

                                                                                                                             1. AFRICAN AMERICAN             FIRST PUBLICATION OF WRIGHT'S
                                               WRIGHT,                                                               PS3545. POLICE CHIEFS--                 LAST, UNFINISHED NOVEL WITH
Language &                                     RICHARD,       HARPERPEREN                                            R815F38 FICTION. 2. FATHERS             INTRO. BY DAUGHTER. NYTBR
Literature       FATHER'S LAW.                 1908-1960.     NIAL                            2008 813.52       PS   2008    & SONS FICTION.     GEN-AC      2/24/08.                        9780061349164 PAPER        $14.95
Language &       FICTION OF ALICE MUNRO: AN    HOOPER,                                                               3.M8Z69 MUNRO, ALICE--CRIT.
Literature       APPRECIATION.                 BRAD.          PRAEGER                         2008 81354        PR   5 2008  & INTERPR.          GEN-AC      CRITICAL OVERVIEW.              9780275991210 CLOTH        $44.95
                                                                                                                     PR4717. GISSING, GEORGE,
Language &       FICTION OF GEORGE GISSING:    MOORE,                                                                M66     1857-1903--CRIT. &
Literature       A CRITICAL ANALYSIS.          LEWIS D        MCFARLAND                       2008     823.8    PR   2008    INTERPR.            GEN-AC      CRITICAL OVERVIEW.              9780786435098 PAPER        $39.95

                                                                                                                       Page 25
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title               Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level               Notes              ISBN-13    Binding    List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                              POETRY BY PULITZER & NATIONAL
                                                            FARRAR,                                                    PS3566.                                BOOK AWARD NOMINEE.
Language &                                     PALEY,       STRAUS &                                                   A46F53                                 POSTHUMOUS PUBLICATION. NYTBR
Literature       FIDELITY.                     GRACE.       GIROUX                           2008 811.54        PS     2008                            GEN-AC 4/6/08.                       9780374299064 CLOTH          $20.00
                                               EMERSON,     LOUISIANA       SOUTHERN                                   PS3551.                                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF MARY
Language &                                     CLAUDIA,     STATE UNIV      MESSENGER                                  N4155F5                                WASHINGTON. POETRY BY                                               97808071
Literature       FIGURE STUDIES: POEMS.        1957-        PRESS           POETS.           2008 81154         PS     4 2009                          GEN-AC PULITZER-WINNER.              9780807133606 CLOTH          $39.95     33613     $16.95
                                                                                                                                                              LINKS PRE-WAR DOCUMENTARY
                 FILMS OF FACT: A HISTORY OF                                                                           PN1995.                                FILM INTEREST IN SCIENCE &
Language &       SCIENCE IN DOCUMENTARY        BOON,                                                                   9.D6B66   ROTHA, PAUL, 1907-           TECHNOLOGY WITH POST-WAR                                            97819056
Literature       FILMS AND TELEVISION.         TIMOTHY.     WALLFLOWER      NONFICTIONS.     2008 791436        PN     2008      1984--INFLUENCE.      ADV-AC SCIENCE TV IN UK.             9781905674381 CLOTH          $85.00     74374     $28.00
                 FINDING A WAY HOME: A                                                                                 O88456
Language &       CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF                     UNIV PRESS OF                                              Z66       MOSLEY, WALTER--             AUTH: CLARKSON UNIVERSITY.
Literature       WALTER MOSLEY'S FICTION                    MISSISSIPPI                      2008     813.54    PS     2008      CRIT. & INTERPR.      ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.        9781604730883 CLOTH       $50.00
                                                                                                                                                              SHORT STORIES BY PULITZER, ETC.
                                                                                                                       PS3566.                                WINNER. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
Language &                                     PROULX,                      WYOMING                                    R697F56                                FOURTH ESTATE. NYTBR 9/7/08. TLS
Literature       FINE JUST THE WAY IT IS.      ANNIE        SCRIBNER        STORIES.         2008     813.54    PS     2008                            GEN-AC 9/12/08.                         9781416571667 CLOTH       $25.00

                 FOUR LOST MEN: THE
                 PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED        WOLFE,                                                                  PS3545.
Language &       LONG VERSION: INCLUDING       THOMAS,      UNIV OF SOUTH                                              O337F6                                 20TH CENT. SHORT STORY WITH
Literature       THE ORIGINAL SHORT STORY.     1900-1938    CAROLINA PR                      2008 81352         PS     8 2008                          GEN-AC INTRO., NOTES, ETC.              9781570037337 CLOTH       $21.95
                 FREDERICK DOUGLASS &                       UNIVERSITY OF                                                      DOUGLASS,
                 HERMAN MELVILLE: ESSAYS IN                 NORTH                                                              FREDERICK, 1818-               ED: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND,
Language &       RELATION; ED. BY ROBERT S.                 CAROLINA                                                   PS201.F 1895--POLITICAL &              COLLEGE PARK.      COLLECTION                                       97808078
Literature       LEVINE.                                    PRESS                            2008 973.8092      PS     74 2008 SOCIAL VIEWS.           ADV-AC OF NEW ESSAYS.                   9780807831847 CLOTH       $65.00     58721     $24.95

                                                                                                                               FRENCH POETRY--                ED: WESLEYAN UNIV. EDITOR'S
                 FRENCH WOMEN POETS OF                      JOHNS                                                      PQ1167. WOMEN AUTHORS--                PARALLEL TEXT TRANSLATION OF
Language &       NINE CENTURIES: THE DISTAFF                HOPKINS UNIV                                               F74     TRANSLATIONS INTO              POETRY BY FRENCH-SPEAKING
Literature       AND THE PEN                                PRESS                            2008   841.0081    PQ     2008    ENGLISH.                GEN-AC WOMEN. WITH INTRODUCTION, ETC. 9780801888045 CLOTH         $85.00
                 FRIENDLY FIRE: A DUET;                                                                                PJ5054.                                NEW TRANSLATION OF ISRAELI
Language &       TRANS. BY STUART            YEHOSHUA,      HARCOURT                                                   Y42E841                                NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR.
Literature       SCHOFFMAN.                  A.B            TRADE                            2008    892.436    PJ     3 2008                          GEN-AC NYTBR 11/08. TLS 12/08.        9780151014194 CLOTH         $26.00
                                                                                                                               1. LOVE-LETTERS--
                                                                                                                               FICTION. 2. MAN-
                                                                                                                       PR6052. WOMAN
Language &       FROM A TO X: A STORY IN       BERGER,                                                                 E564F76 RELATIONSHIPS--                NOVEL BY BOOKER, ETC. WINNER.
Literature       LETTERS.                      JOHN         VERSO                            2008 823914        PR     2008    FICTION.                GEN-AC TLS 9/5/08.                      9781844672882 CLOTH       $22.95

                 HOW THE WPA AND A CAST OF                                                                             PN2270.                                HISTORY OF DEPRESSION-ERA
Language &       THOUSANDS MADE HIGH ART   QUINN,       WALKER &                                                       F43Q56 FEDERAL THEATRE                 THEATER PROJECT THAT BECAME
Literature       OUT OF DESPERATE TIMES.   SUSAN, 1940- COMPANY                              2008 7920973       PN     2008    PROJECT (U.S.)          GEN-AC EARLY VICTIM OF THE RED SCARE.   9780802716989 CLOTH       $25.99

                                                                                                                               1. STRIPTEASERS--
                                                                                                                       PS3554. FICTION. 2. MOTHERS        NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNER ABOUT
Language &       GARDEN OF LAST DAYS: A        DUBUS,                                                                  U2652G &     DAUGHTERS--           CHARACTERS CONNECTED TO A
Literature       NOVEL.                        ANDRE, 1959- W.W. NORTON                      2008 81354         PS     37 2008 FICTION.            GEN-AC STRIP CLUB. NYTBR 6/22/08.           9780393041651 CLOTH       $24.95

                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: CAMBRIDGE. RECONSTRUCTS
                 GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS                      OXFORD                                                     PR4803. 1. POETS, ENGLISH--            THE VISUAL WORLD WHICH
Language &       AND THE VICTORIAN VISUAL      PHILLIPS,    UNIVERSITY                                                 H44Z74 19TH CENT. 2. ART,              INFLUENCED ORIGINALITY OF
Literature       WORLD.                        CATHERINE.   PRESS                            2007 821.8         PR     2007    VICTORIAN.              ADV-AC HOPKINS'S WRITING.            9780199230808 CLOTH          $59.95

                                                                                                                       PS3570.                                AUTH: UNIV. OF MASSACHUSETTS,
Language &                                     TATE, JAMES,                                                            A8G48                                  AMHERST. POETRY BY AWARD
Literature       GHOST SOLDIERS: POEMS.        1943-        ECCO                             2008 811.54        PS     2008                            GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR.                  9780061436949 CLOTH       $22.95
                 GOLDEN VOLCANO = LE
                 VOLCAN D'OR: THE FIRST
                 ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF        VERNE,       UNIV OF                                                    PQ2469.                                NEW TRANS. OF VERNE'S NOVEL
Language &       VERNE'S ORIGINAL              JULES, 1828- NEBRASKA        BISON FRONTIERS                            V7E5                                   FROM ORIGINAL FRENCH                                                97808032
Literature       MANUSCRIPT; ED.               1905.        PRESS           OF IMAGINATION. 2008 843.8          PQ     2008                            GEN-AC MANUSCRIPT. BISON BOOK.         9780803296336 CLOTH        $29.95     96350     $15.95
                                                                                                                                                              ED: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                                                            YALE                                                       PR1363.                                PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED 18TH &
Language &       GREAT AGE OF THE ENGLISH                   UNIVERSITY                                                 G73                                    19TH CENT. ESSAYS WITH INTRO. &                                     97803001
Literature       ESSAY: AN ANTHOLOGY                        PRESS                            2008 824           PR     2008    ENGLISH ESSAYS.         GEN-AC NOTES.                          9780300117226 CLOTH        $50.00     41962     $26.00

                                                                                                                          Page 26
                                                                                                                Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                             LC    Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey   Subcl   Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author       Publisher         Series      Year    Class    ass Number       Subject Headings       Level                 Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 GREAT WEAVER FROM            LAXNESS,                                                            PT7511.
Language &       KASHMIR; TRANS. BY PHILIP    HALLDOR,     ARCHIPELAGO                                            L3V3713                                 NEW TRANSLATION OF ICELANDIC
Literature       ROUGHTON.                    1902-1998    BOOKS                            2008    839.6934 PT 2007                               GEN-AC NOVEL BY NOBEL WINNER.           9780979333088      CLOTH         $26.00
                                                                                                                  PT9876.                                 TRANSLATION OF AUGUST PRIZE-
                                                                                                                  25.H562                                 WINNING SWEDISH NOVEL. PUB.
Language &       GREGORIUS: A NOVEL; TRANS. OHLSSON,                                                              G7413                                   ALSO IN UK BY PORTOBELLO. NYTBR
Literature       BY SILVESTER MAZZARELLA.   BENGT, 1963- W.W. NORTON                        2008   8397374   PT 2008                               GEN-AC 7/08.                            9780393066524      CLOTH         $26.95
                                                         UNIV OF                                                  PS1733.                                 AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH
Language &                                  NEWLIN,      NEBRASKA                                                 N48      GARLAND, HAMLIN,               CAROLINA, WILMINGTON.
Literature       HAMLIN GARLAND: A LIFE.    KEITH.       PRESS                              2008   813.52    PS 2008       1860-1940.              GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                       9780803233478      CLOTH         $40.00
                                            NERUDA,                                                               PQ8097.                                 PARALLEL TEXT TRANS. FROM
Language &       HANDS OF DAY; TRANS. BY    PABLO, 1904- COPPER                                                   N4M313                                  SPANISH OF POETRY BY CHILEAN
Literature       WILLIAM O'DALY.            1973.        CANYON                             2008   86162     PQ 2008                               GEN-AC NOBEL PRIZE WINNER.              9781556592720      PAPER         $17.00
                                                                                                                                                          SHORT STORIES BY ACCLAIMED
                                                                                                                    PQ7297.                               MEXICAN AUTHOR. TRANS. FROM
Language &       HAPPY FAMILIES: STORIES;     FUENTES,     RANDOM                                                   F793T59 1. FAMILY--FICTION. 2.        SPANISH. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK.
Literature       TRANS. BY EDITH GROSSMAN.    CARLOS       HOUSE                            2008      863.64   PQ   13 2008 SHORT STORIES.         GEN-AC NYTBR 9/28/08.                   9781400066889      CLOTH         $26.00
Language &                                    HECHT,       SIMON &                                                  E29H37                                SHORT STORIES BY O. HENRY PRIZE-
Literature       HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU.         JULIE.       SCHUSTER                         2008 813.54        PS   2008                           GEN-AC WINNER.                          9781416564256      CLOTH         $24.00

                                                                                                                             1. PINTER, HAROLD,
                                              BAKER,                                                                PR6066.I 1930- 2. DRAMATISTS,
Language &                                    WILLIAM,                                                              53Z5955 ENGLISH--20TH CENT.-         AUTH: NORTHERN ILLINOIS                                                     97808264
Literature       HAROLD PINTER.               1944-        CONTINUUM      WRITERS' LIVES.   2008     822.914   PR   2008     -BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC UNIVERSITY. BIOGRAPHY.                  9780826499707 CLOTH        $90.00     99714     $19.95

                                              STYRON,                                                               PS3569.                                LITERARY ESSAYS LARGELY
Language &       HAVANAS IN CAMELOT:          WILLIAM,     RANDOM                                                   T9Z468 STYRON, WILLIAM,                SELECTED BY THE AUTHOR PRIOR
Literature       PERSONAL ESSAYS.             1925-2006.   HOUSE                            2008 813.54        PS   2008    1925-2006.              GEN-AC TO HIS DEATH. NYTBR 5/11/08.          9781400067190 CLOTH        $23.00
                 HE FLIES THROUGH THE AIR
                 WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE:   SAROYAN,                                                              PS3537.                                PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED SHORT
Language &       A WILLIAM SAROYAN READER;    WILLIAM,                                                              A826A6                                 STORIES, ETC. A GREAT VALLEY
Literature       ED. BY WILLIAM E.            1908-1981.   HEYDAY BOOKS                     2008 8185209       PS   2008                            GEN-AC BOOK.                                 9781597140898 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                            1. HECUBA
                                                                          CAMBRIDGE                                         (LEGENDARY
                                                                          TRANSLATIONS                                      CHARACTER)--                     NEW TRANSLATION OF ANCIENT
Language &       HECUBA; TRANS. BY JOHN                    CAMBRIDGE      FROM GREEK                                PA3975. DRAMA. 2. TROJAN                 GREEK PLAYSCRIPT WITH
Literature       HARRISON.                    EURIPIDES    UNIV PRESS     DRAMA.            2008      882.01   PA   H3      WAR--DRAMA.               GEN-AC INTRODUCTION, NOTES, ETC.           9780521678254 PAPER        $11.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: VERMONT LAW SCHOOL.
                                                                                                                                                             BIOGRAPHY OF JAMES'S LATER
Language &       HENRY JAMES: THE MATURE      NOVICK,    RANDOM                                                                JAMES, HENRY, 1843-           YEARS, 1881-1916. NYTBR 12/23/07.
Literature       MASTER.                      SHELDON M. HOUSE                              2007 813.4         PS   PS2123     1916.                  GEN-AC TLS 2/08.                           9780679450238 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                          BLACKWELL                                                                          AUTH: MIT. EXPLORES MELVILLE'S
                                                                          INTRODUCTIONS                             PS2387.    MELVILLE, HERMAN,             NARRATIVE STYLE & CONSCIOUS
Language &       HERMAN MELVILLE: AN          KELLEY,                     TO LITERATURE;                            K45        1819-1891--CRIT. &            EXPERIMENTATION WITH FORM AND                                           97814051
Literature       INTRODUCTION.                WYN.         BLACKWELL      19.               2008 813.3         PS   2008       INTERPR.               GEN-AC GENRE.                              9781405131575 CLOTH        $79.95     31582     $29.95
                                                                                                                                                             NOVEL BY TWO-TIME BOOKER
                                                                                                                    PR9619.    1. MOTHERS & SONS--           WINNER. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Language &                                    CAREY,     ALFRED A.                                                  3.C36H5    FICTION. 2. RADICALS--        FABER & FABER. NYTBR 2/08. TLS. A
Literature       HIS ILLEGAL SELF.            PETER.     KNOPF                              2008 823.914       PR   7 2008     FICTION.               GEN-AC BORZOI BOOK.                        9780307263728 CLOTH        $24.95
                 HOLLYWOOD SCIENCE:                      COLUMBIA                                                   PN1995.    SCIENCE FICTION               AUTH: EMORY UNIVERSITY. COVERS
Language &       MOVIES, SCIENCE, AND THE     PERKOWITZ, UNIVERSITY                              791.4361           9.S26O4    FILMS--U.S.--HIST. &          THE PORTRAYAL OF SCIENCE IN
Literature       END OF THE WORLD.            S.         PRESS                              2007 5             PN   7 2007     CRIT.                  GEN-AC OVER 100 FILMS.                     9780231142809 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                               1. FATHERS &
                                                                                                                               DAUGHTERS--                   AUTH: UNIV. OF IOWA. TLS. NOVEL
                                                           FARRAR,                                                  PS3568.    FICTION. 2. CONFLICT          BY 2005 PULITZER WINNER.
Language &                                 ROBINSON,       STRAUS &                                                 O3125H     OF GENERATIONS--              PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY LITTLE,
Literature       HOME: A NOVEL.            MARILYNNE       GIROUX                           2008      813.54   PS   58 2008    FICTION.               GEN-AC BROWN. NYTBR.                       9780374299101 CLOTH        $25.00
                 HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND: WILLIAMS,                                                                PS3545.I
Language &       A GOTHIC COMEDY; ED. BY   TENNESSEE,      NEW            NEW DIRECTIONS                            5365H68                                PLAYSCRIPT. FIRST PUBLICATION
Literature       THOMAS KEITH.             1911-1983.      DIRECTIONS     PAPERBOOK; 1105. 2008 813.54         PS   2008                            GEN-AC OF WILLIAMS'S LAST PLAY.         9780811217095 PAPER             $14.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: HARVARD. CRITIC DISCUSSES
                                                           FARRAR,                                                  PN3331.                                MAIN ELEMENTS OF FICTION. PUB.
Language &                                    WOOD,        STRAUS &                                                 W67                                    ALSO IN UK BY J. CAPE. TLS. VLS.
Literature       HOW FICTION WORKS.           JAMES, 1965- GIROUX                           2008 8083          PN   2008    FICTION.                GEN-AC NYTBR                            9780374173401 CLOTH             $24.00
Language &                                                                                                          L37I17                                 NOVEL BY NATIONAL BOOK AWARD
Literature       I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE.        GLASS, JULIA PANTHEON                         2008       813.6   PS   2008    SISTERS--FICTION.       GEN-AC WINNER. NYTBR 10/12/08.               9780375422751 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                      Page 27
                                                                                                                 Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description                  Title           Author      Publisher          Series       Year   Class       ass Number       Subject Headings    Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                         MANCHESTER      CONTEMPORARY
Language &                                   HEAD,       UNIVERSITY      BRITISH                                    PR6063. MCEWAN, IAN--CRIT. &        AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM.                                          97807190
Literature       IAN MCEWAN.                 DOMINIC.    PRESS           NOVELISTS.         2007 823.914       PR   C4      INTERPR.             GEN-AC CRITICAL OVERVIEW.              9780719066566 CLOTH             $74.95     66573     $24.95

                                                         UNIVERSITY OF                                              PA4025. EPIC POETRY, GREEK-        NEW TRANSLATION OF GREEK EPIC
Language &       ILIAD; TRANS. BY RODNEY                 MICHIGAN                                                   A2M46   -TRANSLATIONS INTO         POEM WITH CHAPTER ON "SINGING
Literature       MERRILL.                    HOMER.      PRESS                              2007 883.01        PA   2007    ENGLISH.            GEN-AC THE ILIAD"                    9780472116171 CLOTH                $35.00

                 IN PRAISE OF THE UNFINISHED:                                                                       PG7167. HARTWIG, JULIA--              NEW TRANSLATIONS OF POLISH
Language &       SELECTED POEMS; TRANS. BY HARTWIG,      ALFRED A.                                                  A75A2   TRANSLATIONS INTO             POETRY BY INTERNATIONAL PRIZE
Literature       JOHN CARPENTER.              JULIA.     KNOPF                              2008 891.8517      PG   2008    ENGLISH.               GEN-AC WINNER. A BORZOI BOOK.             9780307267207 CLOTH        $25.00
                                                                                                                    PS3568.                               NOVEL BY PULITZER, ETC. WINNER.
Language &                                                HOUGHTON                                                  O855I53                               PUBLISHED ALSO IN CANADA.
Literature       INDIGNATION.                ROTH, PHILIP MIFFLIN                           2008     813.54    PS   2008                           GEN-AC NYTBR. TLS 9/26/08.                9780547054841 CLOTH        $26.00
                                             BUTLER,                                                                PS3552.                               AUTH: FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY.
Language &                                   ROBERT                                                                 U8278I5                               SHORT STORIES BY PULITZER
Literature       INTERCOURSE: STORIES.       OLEN.        CHRONICLE                         2008 81354         PS   8 2008                         GEN-AC WINNER.                            9780811863575 CLOTH        $22.95
                                             MAGGIE B.                   ROUTLEDGE
                                             (MAGGIE                     MODERN AND                                 PR6031. PRIESTLEY, J.B.
Language &                                   BARBARA),                   CONTEMPORARY            828.9120           R6 Z568 (JOHN BOYNTON),               AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF                                                    97804154
Literature       J.B. PRIESTLEY.             1963-        ROUTLEDGE      DRAMATISTS.        2008 9             PR   2008    1894-1984.             GEN-AC MANCHESTER. CRITICAL OVERVIEW. 9780415402422 CLOTH           $110.00     02439     $29.95
                                                                                                                            1. AUTHORS,
                 JACK KEROUAC'S AMERICAN                                                                                    CENT.--BIOGRAPHY 2.
Language &       JOURNEY: THE REAL-LIFE      MAHER,      THUNDER'S                                                  PS3521. BEAT GENERATION--             ACCOUNT OF THE TRIP THAT
Literature       ODYSSEY OF ON THE ROAD.     PAUL.       MOUTH                              2007 813.54        PS   E735    HIST.                  GEN-AC INSPIRED ON THE ROAD.              9781560259916 PAPER        $16.00
                                                                                                                            1. ORMES, JACKIE,
                 JACKIE ORMES: THE FIRST                  UNIV OF                                                   PN6727. 1911-1985. 2.
Language &       AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN      GOLDSTEIN, MICHIGAN                                                    O74G65 CARTOONISTS --U.S.--           BIOGRAPHY. COLOR & B/W
Literature       CARTOONIST.                 NANCY, 1942- PRESS                             2008 741.5092      PN   2008    BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC ILLUSTRATIONS. NYTBR 3/30/08.      9780472116249 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                         CONTEMPORARY                               PR6061.
Language &                                   KOVESI,     MANCHESTER      BRITISH                                    E518Z76 KELMAN, JAMES, 1946-          AUTH: OXFORD BROOKES                                                   97807190
Literature       JAMES KELMAN.               SIMON.      UNIV PRESS      NOVELISTS.         2007 823.914       PR   2007    --CRIT. & INTERPR.     GEN-AC UNIVERSITY. CRITICAL OVERVIEW.     9780719070969 CLOTH        $74.95     70976     $24.95

                 JANE AUSTEN & CHARLES       GRAHAM,                                                                PR4036. 1. AUSTEN, JANE,              AUTH: VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INST.
Language &       DARWIN: NATURALISTS AND     PETER W.,                   NINETEENTH                                 G73      1775-1817. 2. DARWIN,        & STATE UNIV. STUDY OF THE PAIR
Literature       NOVELISTS.                  1951-       ASHGATE         CENTURY SERIES.    2008 823.7         PR   2008     CHARLES, 1809-1882. ADV-AC AS EMPIRICAL NATURALISTS. TLS.       9780754658511 CLOTH        $99.95
                                                                                                                             1. HURRICANE
                                                                                                                             KATRINA, 2005--              POETRY WITH THEMES OF NEW
                                                                                                                    PS3553. POETRY. 2. NEW                ORLEANS & HURRICANE KATRINA.
Language &                                   CODRESCU,                                                              O3J43    ORLEANS (LA.)--              INCLUDES CD OF NEW ORLEANS
Literature       JEALOUS WITNESS: POEMS.     ANDREI      COFFEE HOUSE                       2008     811.54    PS   2008     POETRY.               GEN-AC KLEZMER ALLSTARS.                  9781566892179 PAPER        $19.95
                                                                                                                    17.R96J                               TRANSLATION OF DUTCH NOVEL
Language &       JEWISH MESSIAH: A NOVEL;    GRUNBERG,   PENGUIN                                 839.3136           6613                                  WITH JEWISH THEMES BY PRIZE-
Literature       TRANS. BY SAM GARRETT.      ARNON.      BOOKS                              2008 4             PT   2008     JEWS--FICTION.        GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR.                    9781594201493 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                          ED: BROWN UNIVERSITY. RELATES
                 JEWS AND AMERICAN COMICS:                                                                                   COMIC BOOKS,                 IMPORTANCE OF JEWISH
Language &       AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF                                                                          PN6725. STRIPS, ETC.--U.S.--          INFLUENCE ON AMERICAN COMIC
Literature       AN AMERICAN ART FORM                    NEW PRESS                          2008   741.5973    PN   J49 2008 HIST. & CRIT.         GEN-AC ART FROM.                          9781595583314 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                             1. SPY STORIES. 2.
                                                                                                                    PS3553. PROSTITUTES--
Language &       JOHNNY ONE-EYE: A TALE OF   CHARYN,                                                                H33J64 FICTION. 3.                    HISTORICAL NOVEL.
Literature       THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.    JEROME.     W.W. NORTON                        2008 813.54        PS   2008     BROTHELS--FICTION. GEN-AC NYTBR 2/24/08.                        9780393064971 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                         NEW DIRECTIONS                             PR6019.
                                                                         IN IRISH AND IRISH                         O9Z526 JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-            AUTH: TEMPLE UNIV. EXAMINES
Language &       JOYCE THROUGH LACAN AND     BRIVIC,       PALGRAVE      AMERICAN                                   3175     1941--CRIT. &                JOYCE'S WRITING THROUGH
Literature       ZIZEK: EXPLORATIONS.        SHELLY, 1943- MACMILLAN     LITERATURE.        2008   823.912     PR   2008     INTERPR.              ADV-AC PSYCHOANALYTIC WORK.               9780230603301 CLOTH        $84.95
                                                                                                                                                          ED: WASHINGTON STATE UNIV.
                                                         SYRACUSE                                                   PR6019. JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-           COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS
Language &       JOYCE, IMPERIALISM, &                   UNIVERSITY                                                 O9Z664 1941--CRIT. &                  EXPLORING POLITICAL THEMES IN
Literature       POSTCOLONIALISM                         PRESS           IRISH STUDIES.     2008    823.912    PR   6 2008   INTERPR.              ADV-AC JOYCE.                             9780815631880 CLOTH        $22.95

                                                                                                                    PR6061.   CHILDREN--                  NOVEL BY BOOKER WINNER.
Language &                                   KELMAN,      HARCOURT                                                  E518K54   SCOTLAND--                  PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY HAMISH
Literature       KIERON SMITH, BOY.          JAMES, 1946- TRADE                             2008    823.914    PR   2009      GLASGOW--FICTION. GEN-AC HAMILTON. NYTBR 11/16/08.             9780151013487 CLOTH        $26.00
                                                                                                                    PS3501.   1. LAWYERS--FICTION.
Language &                                   AUCHINCLOS HOUGHTON                                                    U25L37    2. LAW FIRMS--
Literature       LAST OF THE OLD GUARD.      S, LOUIS   MIFFLIN                             2008     813.54    PS   2008      FICTION.             GEN-AC NOVEL.                             9780547152752 CLOTH        $25.00

                                                                                                                      Page 28
                                                                                                                 Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title              Author        Publisher        Series       Year   Class       ass Number       Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                             ARTHUR C.                                                                      1. MATHEMATICIANS--             SCIENCE FICTION. PUB. ALSO IN UK
                                             (ARTHUR                                                                PR6005. FICTION. 2.                     BY GOLLANCZ. CO-PUBLISHED
Language &                                   CHARLES),                                                              L36L37 PHYSICISTS--                     WITH BALLANTINE. CO-AUTH. WITH
Literature       LAST THEOREM.               1917-2008     DEL REY                          2008 823914        PR   2008    FICTION.            GEN-AC      FREDERIK POHL.                     9780345470218 CLOTH        $27.00

                                                                                                                            ENGLISH LITERATURE-             AUTH: OXFORD UNIVERSITY.
                                             GRAY,         OXFORD                                                           -MIDDLE ENGLISH,                COMPREHENSIVE STUDY FROM
Language &       LATER MEDIEVAL ENGLISH      DOUGLAS,      UNIVERSITY                                               PR291.G 1100- 1500--HIST. &             DEATH OF CHAUCER TO EARLY 16TH
Literature       LITERATURE.                 1930-         PRESS                            2008 8209002       PR   73 2008 CRIT.               GEN-AC      CENT.                          9780198122180 CLOTH           $130.00

                                             LE GUIN,                                                               PS3562. AENEAS (LEGENDARY          NOVEL RETELLING THE LAST SIX
Language &                                   URSULA K.,    HARCOURT                                                 E42L38 CHARACTER)--                BOOKS OF THE AENEID FROM
Literature       LAVINIA.                    1929-         TRADE                            2008 813.54        PS   2008    MARRIAGE-- FICTION. GEN-AC LAVINIA'S POINT OF VIEW.                9780151014248 CLOTH        $24.00

                                                                                                                            AUTHORS, AMERICAN--
                                                                                                                    PS3551. HOMES & HAUNTS--
Language &                                   ANGELOU,      RANDOM                                                   N464Z46 NEW YORK (STATE)--         LITERARY ESSAYS, ETC. NYTBR
Literature       LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER.      MAYA          HOUSE                            2008   818.5409    PS   8 2008  NEW YORK.           GEN-AC 10/19/08.                               9781400066124 CLOTH        $25.00

                                                                                                                    PR6052. WORLD WAR, 1914-              NOVEL BY BOOKER PRIZEWINNER.
Language &                                  BARKER,                                                                 A6488L5 1918--HOSPITALS--             PUB. ALSO IN UK BY HAMISH
Literature       LIFE CLASS.                PAT, 1943-     DOUBLEDAY                        2008 823.914       PR   4 2008  FICTION.               GEN-AC HAMILTON. NYTBR 1/27/08.             9780385524353 CLOTH        $23.95
                                            CONNELL,                                                                PS3553.
Language &       LOST IN UTTAR PRADESH: NEW EVAN S.,    COUNTERPOIN                                                 O5L67                                 SHORT STORIES BY PRIZE-WINNING
Literature       AND SELECTED STORIES.      1924-       T                                   2008 81354         PS   2008                           GEN-AC AUTHOR.                        9781593761752 CLOTH              $27.00
                                                        UNIVERSITY OF                                                       1. AUCHINCLOSS,
                                                        SOUTH                                                       PS3501. LOUIS. 2. AUTHORS,
Language &       LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS: A        GELDERMAN, CAROLINA                                                    U25Z68 AMERICAN --20TH                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NEW
Literature       WRITER'S LIFE.              CAROL W.   PRESS                               2007 813.54        PS   2007    CENT.--BIOGRAPHY       GEN-AC ORLEANS. BIOGRAPHY.                  9781570037115 PAPER        $24.95

                 MAGICAL CHORUS: A HISTORY                                                                                                            HISTORY OF TROUBLED
                 OF RUSSIAN CULTURE FROM                                                                            PG3026. RUSSIAN LITERATURE-       RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RUSSIAN
Language &       TOLSTOY TO SOLZHENITSYN;    VOLKOV,       ALFRED A.                             891.7093           P64V65 -20TH CENT.--              POLITICS & THE ARTS.
Literature       TRANS. BY ANTONINA W.       SOLOMON.      KNOPF                            2008 58            PG   2008    POLITICAL ASPECTS. GEN-AC TRANSLATION. NYTBR 5/4/08.               9781400042722 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                                                                            1. SONNETS,                 PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
                 MAKING OF A SONNET: A                                                                              PN6110. ENGLISH. 2. SONNETS-        WITH INTRO., NOTES, ETC. 300-PLUS
Language &       NORTON ANTHOLOGY; ED. BY                                                                           S6M35   - TRANSLATIONS INTO         SONNETS OVER FIVE AND HALF
Literature       EDWARD HIRSCH.                            W.W. NORTON                      2008 808.8142      PN   2008    ENGLISH.             GEN-AC CENTURIES.                        9780393058710 CLOTH             $35.00
                                                                                                                            1. DRAMATISTS,
                                                                                                                            BIOGRAPHY 2.
Language &       MAKING THEATRE: A LIFE OF   GRACE,                                                                 PR9199. ACTORS-- CANADA--
Literature       SHARON POLLOCK.             SHERRILL.     TALONBOOKS                       2008 81254         PR   3.P57   BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                        9780889225862 PAPER             $39.95
                                                                                                                                                        NOVEL BY AWARD-WINNING
                                                                                                                    PS3551.                             AUTHOR. A FRANCES COADY
Language &                                   AUSTER,                                                                U77M36 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL             BOOK. TLS 8/08. VLS 9/08. NYTBR
Literature       MAN IN THE DARK.            PAUL, 1947-   HENRY HOLT                       2008 81354         PS   2008    FICTION, AMERICAN.   GEN-AC 9/21/08.                          9780805088397 CLOTH             $23.00
                 MAN WHO INVENTED
                 CHRISTMAS: HOW CHARLES
                 DICKENS'S A CHRISTMAS                                                                                      DICKENS, CHARLES,
                 CAROL RESCUED HIS CAREER                                                                           PR4572. 1812-1870.
Language &       AND REVIVED OUR HOLIDAY     STANDIFORD                                                             C69S73 CHRISTMAS                      AUTH: FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL
Literature       SPIRITS.                    , LES      CROWN                               2008      823.8    PR   2008    CAROL.                 GEN-AC UNIVERSITY. NYTBR 12/7/08.           9780307405784 CLOTH        $19.95
Language &                                   WAGONER,      UNIV OF        ILLINOIS POETRY                           A345M3                                POETRY BY PRIZE WINNING                                                  97802520
Literature       MAP OF THE NIGHT: POEMS.    DAVID.        ILLINOIS PRESS SERIES.           2008 81154         PS   7 2008                         GEN-AC AUTHOR.                              9780252033148 CLOTH        $55.00     75674     $19.95
                                                                                                                            1. READER-
                 MAPS AND LEGENDS: READING                                                                                  RESPONSE
Language &       AND WRITING ALONG THE     CHABON,                                                                  PN98.R3 CRITICISM. 2.                 LITERARY ESSAYS. TLS 6/6/08.
Literature       BORDERLANDS.              MICHAEL.        MCSWEENEY'S                      2008 801.45        PN   8       AUTHORSHIP.            GEN-AC NYTBR 6/29/08.                       9781932416893 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                            1. AUTHORS,
                                             MURRAY,       UNIVERSITY OF                                            PS2506. CENT.--BIOGRAPHY
Language &       MARGARET FULLER:            MEG           GEORGIA                                                  M87     2. FEMINISTS--U.S.--
Literature       WANDERING PILGRIM.          MCGAVRAN.     PRESS                            2008 818.309       PS   2008    BIOGRAPHY              GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                           9780820328942 CLOTH        $44.95

                                                                                                                      Page 29
                                                                                                                       Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                       Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title               Author         Publisher           Series       Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level              Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                             CARON,                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I.
                                             JAMES          UNIV OF          MARK TWAIN AND                              PS1338. TWAIN, MARK, 1835-             TWAIN'S EVOLUTION AS WRITER IN
Language &       MARK TWAIN, UNSANCTIFIED    EDWARD,        MISSOURI         HIS CIRCLE                                  C37     1910--CRIT. &                  HIS EARLY JOURNALISM, TRAVEL
Literature       NEWSPAPER REPORTER.         1952-          PRESS            SERIES.            2008 818409       PS     2008    INTERPR.                ADV-AC WRITING ETC                       9780826218025 CLOTH        $49.95

                 MARK TWAIN'S TRAVEL                                                                                     PS1342. TWAIN, MARK, 1835-             AUTH: IDAHO STATE UNIV. SEEKS TO
Language &       LITERATURE: THE ODYSSEY OF HELLWIG,                                                                     T73H46 1910--CRIT. &                   CONNECT TWAIN'S TRAVEL WRITING
Literature       A MIND.                    HAROLD H.       MCFARLAND                           2008 818.409      PS     2008    INTERPR.                ADV-AC TO HIS "GREAT" WORKS OF FICTION. 9780786436514 PAPER         $35.00
                                                                                                                                 SHELLEY, MARY
                                             ALLEN,                                                                      PR5398. WOLLSTONECRAFT,
Language &                                   GRAHAM,        PALGRAVE         CRITICAL ISSUES                             A53     1797-1851-- CRIT. &            AUTH: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK.                                        97802300
Literature       MARY SHELLEY.               1963-          MACMILLAN        SERIES.            2008     823.7    PR     2008    INTERPR.                GEN-AC CRITICAL OVERVIEW.                9780230019089 CLOTH        $95.00     19096     $30.95
                 MEDIATING AMERICAN
                 AUTOBIOGRAPHY:                                                                                                                             AUTH: MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE.
                 PHOTOGRAPHY IN EMERSON,     MEEHAN,        UNIV OF                                                      PS374.P AMERICAN PROSE             STUDY OF ADVENT OF
Language &       THOREAU, DOUGLASS, AND      SEAN ROSS,     MISSOURI                                                     43M44   LITERATURE--19TH           PHOTOGRAPHY & 19TH CENT.
Literature       WHITMAN.                    1969-          PRESS                               2008 810.9492     PS     2008                        ADV-AC AMERICAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.
                                                                                                                                 CENT.-- HIST. & CRIT.                                            9780826217929 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                         PS3563. 1. AFRICAN AMERICAN        NOVEL BY NOBEL WINNER. A
Language &                                   MORRISON,      ALFRED A.                                                    O8749M GIRLS--FICTION.             BORZOI BOOK. PUBLISHED ALSO IN
Literature       MERCY.                      TONI           KNOPF                               2008    813.54    PS     47 2008 2. RACISM--FICTION. GEN-AC CANADA. NYTBR.                        9780307264237 CLOTH        $23.95

                 MESSIAHS OF 1933: HOW                                                                                                                        AUTH: SAN FRANCISCO STATE
                 AMERICAN YIDDISH THEATRE                TEMPLE                                                          PN3035. 1. THEATER, YIDDISH--        UNIVERSITY. HISTORY OF U.S.
Language &       SURVIVED ADVERSITY          SCHECHTER, UNIVERSITY                                   79208992            S32     U.S.--HIST. 2. JEWISH        YIDDISH SATIRICAL THEATER OF
Literature       THROUGH SATIRE.             JOEL, 1947- PRESS                                  2008 407          PN     2008    ACTORS--U.S.          GEN-AC THE THIRTIES.                       9781592138722 CLOTH        $39.50

                                                                             CULTURAL                                              ENGLISH LITERATURE-          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE.
                                            CANNON,                          HISTORY OF                                            -MIDDLE ENGLISH,             POST-CONQUEST TO 16TH CENT. AS
Language &       MIDDLE ENGLISH LITERATURE: CHRISTOPHE                       LITERATURE                                            1100- 1500--HIST. &          KEY PERIOD IN DEVELOPMENT. OF                                         97807456
Literature       A CULTURAL HISTORY.        R.         POLITY PRESS          SERIES.            2008 8209001      PR     PR255     CRIT.               GEN-AC   ENGLISH LIT.                   9780745624419 CLOTH           $69.95     24426     $26.95
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: PENN STATE.
                                                            OXFORD                                                               AMERICAS--                     HISTORICAL/ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY
Language &       MILLENNIAL LITERATURES OF   BEEBEE,        UNIVERSITY       IMAGINING THE                               PN843.B LITERATURES--HIST.             OF IMPERIALIST USES OF END
Literature       THE AMERICAS, 1492-2002.    THOMAS O       PRESS            AMERICAS.          2009   809.897    PN     44 2008 & CRIT.                 ADV-AC TIMES IDEAS. NEW SERIES        9780195339383 CLOTH           $65.00

                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: OXFORD. BIOGRAPHY
                                                                                                                         PR3581.                                CENTERING ON MILTON'S ROLE IN
Language &       MILTON: POET, PAMPHLETEER, BEER, ANNA      BLOOMSBURY                                                   B35     MILTON, JOHN, 1608-            POLITICAL. & RELIGIOUS
Literature       AND PATRIOT.               R., 1964-       USA                                 2008 8214         PR     2008    1674.                   GEN-AC CONTROVERSIES. PUB. ALSO IN UK.   9781596914711 CLOTH        $34.99
                 MISHIMA ON STAGE: THE                                       MONOGRAPH                                                                         NON-RET. ED: PORTLAND STATE
                 BLACK LIZARD AND OTHER      MISHIMA,     CTR FOR            SERIES IN                                            MISHIMA, YUKIO, 1925-        UNIVERSITY. NEW COLL. OF NEW
Language &       PLAYS; ED. BY LAURENCE      YUKIO, 1925- JAPANESE           JAPANESE                                    PL833.I7 1970--TRANSLATIONS           TRANSLATIONS OF JAPANESE                                               97819292
Literature       KOMINZ.                     1970.        STUDIES            STUDIES; NO. 59.   2007 895.625      PL     A6 2007 INTO ENGLISH.          GEN-AC PLAYSCRIPTS.                   9781929280421 CLOTH            $70.00     80438     $26.00
                                                                                                                                                               ED: UWISC, MADISON. NEW ESSAYS
                                                            NEW YORK                                                     PN1995. RACIALLY MIXED                ON WAYS FILMS    HIGHLIGHT &
Language &                                                  UNIVERSITY                               79143089            9.R23M5 PEOPLE IN MOTION              CHALLENGE ETHNIC & RACIAL                                              97808147
Literature       MIXED RACE HOLLYWOOD                       PRESS                               2008 05           PN     9 2008   PICTURES.             ADV-AC HERITAGE.                      9780814799888 CLOTH            $75.00     99895     $24.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: BRANDON UNIV. HISTORICAL
                                                            MCGILL-                                                                                            STUDY OF IMPACT OF RICHLER'S
Language &       MORDECAI RICHLER: LEAVING   KRAMER,        QUEENS UNIV                                                  PR9199. RICHLER, MORDECAI,            JEWISH/SECULAR BACKGROUND ON
Literature       ST. URBAIN.                 REINHOLD.      PRESS            ARTS INSIGHTS.     2008 813.54       PR     3.R5     1931-2001.            GEN-AC HIS WORK.                      9780773533554 CLOTH            $39.95
                 MORNING AND EVENING TALK;   MAHFUZ,        AMER
Language &       TRANS. BY CHRISTINA         NAJIB, 1911-   UNIVERSITY IN    MODERN ARABIC                               PJ7846.                                NEW TRANSLATION OF EGYPTIAN
Literature       PHILLIPS.                   2006.          CAIRO PRESS      LITERATURE.        2008 892.736      PJ     A46                             GEN-AC NOVEL BY NOBEL-WINNER.            9789774160998 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                                   MOSKOVSKII                   AUTH: YALE. LARGELY ORIG.
                 MOSCOW YIDDISH THEATER:     HARSHAV,       YALE                                                         PN3035.   GOSUDARSTVENNYI              DOCUMENTS IN TRANS. WITH
Language &       ART ON STAGE IN THE TIME OF BENJAMIN,      UNIVERSITY                               792.0899            H38       EVREISKII TEATR--            IMAGES OF SETS, COSTUMES, BY
Literature       REVOLUTION.                 1928-          PRESS                               2008 2404         PN     2007      HIST.                 GEN-AC NOTED ARTISTS.                    9780300115130 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                   1. INTELLIGENCE
                                                                                                                         PR6062.   OFFICERS--FICTION.           THRILLER. PUBLISHED ALSO IN
Language &                                 LE CARRE,                                                                     E33M67    2. GERMANY--                 CANADA BY VIKING. TLS 9/26/08.
Literature       MOST WANTED MAN: A NOVEL. JOHN, 1931-      SCRIBNER                            2008   823.914    PR     2008      FICTION.              GEN-AC NYTBR.                            9781416594888 CLOTH        $28.00
                                                                                                                                   1. WALT DISNEY
                                                                                                                                   COMPANY. 2.                  AUTH: GEORGIA INST. OF
                                                                                                                         PN1999.   TELEVISION--                 TECHNOLOGY. HISTORICAL STUDY
Language &       MOUSE MACHINE: DISNEY AND   TELOTTE,       UNIV OF                                  38480979            W27T45    TECHNOLOGICAL                OF DISNEY'S USE & DEVELOPMENT.                                        97802520
Literature       TECHNOLOGY.                 J.P.           ILLINOIS PRESS                      2008 494          PN     2008      INNOVATIONS.          GEN-AC OF MEDIA TECHNOLOGY               9780252033278 CLOTH        $60.00     75407     $20.00

                                                                                                                            Page 30
                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC    Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey      Subcl   Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author        Publisher        Series       Year   Class       ass Number       Subject Headings      Level               Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 MR. CHARLOTTE BRONTE: THE                   MCGILL-                                                  PR4168.
Language &       LIFE OF ARTHUR BELL           ADAMSON,      QUEENS UNIV                                              A62      NICHOLLS, ARTHUR               AUTH: CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY.
Literature       NICHOLLS.                     ALAN H.       PRESS                            2008 823.8         PR 2008       BELL, 1819-1906.        GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                      9780773533653 CLOTH          $24.95
                 MRS. WOOLF AND THE                                                                                                                           AUTH: U EAST LONDON. HISTORY OF
                 SERVANTS: AN INTIMATE                                                                                  PR6045. WOOLF, VIRGINIA,              WOOLF'S DOMESTICS, THEIR
Language &       HISTORY OF DOMESTIC LIFE IN   LIGHT,        BLOOMSBURY                                                 O72Z78 1882-1941--                    INTERDEPENDENCE, ETC.
Literature       BLOOMSBURY.                   ALISON, 1955- USA                              2008    823.912    PR     7 2008  EMPLOYEES.             GEN-AC PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK. NYTBR.    9781596915602 CLOTH          $30.00

                                                                                                                                1. GIRLS--CRIMES              NOVEL ABOUT IMPACT ON A FAMILY
                 MY SISTER, MY LOVE: THE       OATES,                                                                   PS3565. AGAINST--FICTION. 2.          OF THE MURDER OF CELEBRITY
Language &       INTIMATE STORY OF SKYLER      JOYCE                                                                    A8M895 SISTERS--DEATH--               CHILD & SUBSEQUENT MEDIA
Literature       RAMPIKE.                      CAROL.        ECCO                             2008 81354         PS     2008    FICTION.               GEN-AC FRENZY. NYTBR.                 9780061547485 CLOTH           $25.95
                                                             LOUISIANA                                                  PS3563.
Language &                                     MAJOR,        STATE UNIV                                                 A39M97                                AUTH: UCAL, DAVIS. POETRY BY                                          97808071
Literature       MYSELF PAINTING: POEMS.       CLARENCE      PRESS                            2008     811.54    PS     2009                           GEN-AC AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR.             9780807133668 CLOTH        $50.00     33675     $17.95
                 NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF                    UNIV OF                                                                                          AUTH: MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE.
Language &       THE BROWN BOY AND THE         WILSON,       PITTSBURGH     PITT POETRY                                                                       POETRY. WINNER OF 2007 CAVE
Literature       WHITE MAN.                    RONALDO V     PRESS          SERIES.           2008      811.6    PS     PS3623                         GEN-AC CANEM POETRY PRIZE.               9780822960133 PAPER        $14.00
Language &       NEW COLLECTED POEMS; ED.      TOWNSEND,                                                                PR6045.
Literature       BY CLAIRE HARMAN.             1893-1978. CARCANET          FYFIELD BOOKS.    2008 821912        PR     A812                           GEN-AC PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY.      9781857549478 PAPER        $37.95
                 NEW LIVES: THE YOUTH OF                                                                                PT2680.                               TRANSLATION OF GERMAN NOVEL
                 ENRICO TURMER IN LETTERS                                                                               U453N4                                BY WINNER OF DOBLIN & WILLNER
Language &       AND PROSE; TRANS. BY JOHN  SCHULZE,         ALFRED A.                                                  813                                   PRIZES. A BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR
Literature       E. WOODS.                  INGO             KNOPF                            2008     833.92    PT     2008                           GEN-AC 12/21/08.                         9780307265593 CLOTH        $28.95
                 NIGHT WRAPS THE SKY:                                                                                                                         NEW COLL. OF NEW TRANS. OF
                 WRITINGS BY AND ABOUT                       FARRAR,                                                    PG3476.                               RUSSIAN POETRY WITH
Language &       MAYAKOVSKY; ED. BY MICHAEL                  STRAUS &                                                   M312N5 MAYAKOVSKY,                    REMINISCENCES, 40 B/W ILLUS.,
Literature       ALMEREYDA.                                  GIROUX                           2008 891.7142      PG     4 2008  VLADIMIR, 1893-1930.   GEN-AC ETC. VLS 3/08.                    9780374281359 CLOTH        $27.00
                                                                                                                        PR6068. (FICTITIOUS
Language &       NOT IN THE FLESH: A           RENDELL,                                                                 E63N68 CHARACTER)-                    MYSTERY. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       WEXFORD NOVEL.                RUTH.        CROWN                             2008 823914        PR     2008    FICTION.               GEN-AC HUTCHINSON. NYTBR 6/22/08.        9780307406811 CLOTH        $25.95
                 NOTEBOOKS OF MALTE            RAINER                                                                   PT2635.I
Language &       LAURIDS BRIGGE; TRANS. BY     MARIA, 1875- DALKEY         DALKEY ARCHIVE                               65A813                                NEW TRANSLATION OF 20TH
Literature       BURTON PIKE.                  1926         ARCHIVE        PAPERBACKS.        2008    833.912    PT     2009                           GEN-AC CENTURY GERMAN NOVEL.             9781564784971 PAPER        $13.95
                                                                           SOUTHWESTERN                                                                       KEY THEMES, ISSUES, HISTORICAL
                                                                           WRITERS                                      PS3563.    MCCARTHY, CORMAC,          CONTEXTS FOR 1985 NOVEL.
Language &                                     SEPICH,       UNIVERSITY OF COLLECTION                                   C337B43    1933- BLOOD                INCLUDES 2 NEW CHAPTERS, NEW                                          97802927
Literature       NOTES ON BLOOD MERIDIAN.      JOHN, 1951-   TEXAS PRESS   SERIES.            2008     813.54    PS     7 2008     MERIDIAN.           ADV-AC PREFACE.                          9780292718203 CLOTH        $45.00     18210     $21.95
                                                                                                                                   1. BARNES, JULIAN--
                                                                                                                                   PSYCHOLOGY. 2.             AUTOBIOGRAPHY CENTERING ON
                                                                                                                        PR6052.    AUTHORS, ENGLISH--         AUTHOR'S CONTEMPLATIONS OF
Language &       NOTHING TO BE FRIGHTENED      BARNES,       ALFRED A.                                                  A6657Z4    20TH CENT.--               DEATH. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       OF.                           JULIAN        KNOPF                            2008   823.9148    PR     6 2008     BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC JONATHAN CAPE. NYTBR.             9780307269638 CLOTH        $24.95
                 OBSCENE IN THE EXTREME:                                                                                PS3537.                               AUTH: CLAREMONT GRADUATE
                 THE BURNING AND BANNING                                                                                T3234G     STEINBECK, JOHN,           UNIVERSITY. REACTION TO THE
Language &       OF JOHN STEINBECK'S THE       WARTZMAN,     PUBLIC                                                     895        1902-1968. GRAPES          BOOK AS WINDOW ON AMERICA IN
Literature       GRAPES OF WRATH.              RICK          AFFAIRS                          2008     813.52    PS     2008       OF WRATH.           GEN-AC VOLATILE 1939.                    9781586483319 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                            JOHNS HOPKINS                                                                     ED: TRINITY COLL. EDITOR'S NEW,
                                                             JOHNS          NEW                                         PA6395.    HORACE--                   METRICAL VERSE TRANSLATION OF
Language &                                                   HOPKINS UNIV   TRANSLATIONS                                K35        TRANSLATIONS INTO          ANCIENT LATIN POETRY WITH                                             97808018
Literature       ODES OF HORACE                HORACE        PRESS          FROM ANTIQUITY.   2008     874.01    PA     2008       ENGLISH.            GEN-AC INTRODUCTION, ETC                 9780801889950 CLOTH        $50.00     89967     $25.00
                 OF MOUNTAINS AND SEAS: A
                 TRAGICOMEDY OF THE GODS                     CHINESE
Language &       IN THREE ACTS; TRANS. BY      GAO,          UNIVERSITY                                                 PL2869.                            NEW TRANSLATION OF CHINESE
Literature       GILBERT C.F. FONG.            XINGJIAN      PRESS                            2008   895.1252    PL     O128                        GEN-AC PLAYSCRIPT BY NOBEL LAUREATE.        9789629963750 CLOTH        $32.00
                                                                                                                                                           BIOGRAPHY OF 11TH CENTURY
                                                                                                                                                           PERSIAN POET. INCLUDES
                                                        SUTTON                                                                  1. OMAR KHAYYAM. 2.        AUTHOR'S NEW TRANS. &
Language &       OMAR KHAYYAM: POET, REBEL, TEIMOURIAN, PUBLISHING                                                              POETS, PERSIAN,            FITZGERALD'S 1859 TRANS OF THE
Literature       ASTRONOMER.                HAZHIR      LTD                                   2007   891.5511    PK     PK6524 747-1500--BIOGRAPHY GEN-AC RUBAIYAT.                             9780750947152 CLOTH        $34.95
                                                                                                                                1. CATHER, WILLA,
                                                                                                                                1873-1947. 2.              AUTH: SKIDMORE COLLEGE.
                                               PORTER,       UNIV OF                                                    PS3505. NOVELISTS,                 CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY. SHOWS THE
Language &       ON THE DIVIDE: THE MANY       DAVID H.,     NEBRASKA                                                   A87Z77 AMERICAN--20TH              WAYS CATHER'S PERSONAE
Literature       LIVES OF WILLA CATHER.        1935-         PRESS                            2008     813.52    PS     2008    CENT.--BIOG         ADV-AC APPEARED IN HER WORK.                9780803237551 CLOTH        $50.00

                                                                                                                           Page 31
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                       Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                          Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title               Author        Publisher        Series      Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level             Notes                ISBN-13    Binding     List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 ONE HUNDRED POETS, ONE                                                                                                                    ED: KYORIN UNIV. NEW PARALLEL
                 POEM EACH: A TRANSLATION                    COLUMBIA       TRANSLATIONS                              PL758.5. WAKA--                      TEXT TRANS. OF 13TH C. JAPANESE
Language &       OF THE OGURA HYAKUNIN                       UNIVERSITY     FROM THE ASIAN        895.6100            O4A3     TRANSLATIONS INTO           POETRY COLLECTION WITH INTRO.,
Literature       ISSHU; ED. BY PETER                         PRESS          CLASSICS.        2008 8            PL     2008     ENGLISH.             GEN-AC ETC.                            9780231143981 CLOTH           $39.50
                                                                                                                      PS3565.                              AUTH: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.
Language &                                     OLDS,         ALFRED A.                                                L34O54                               POETRY BY AWARD WINNING                                                97803757
Literature       ONE SECRET THING.             SHARON        KNOPF                           2008    811.54    PS     2008                          GEN-AC AUTHOR. A BORZOI BOOK.          9780307269928 CLOTH           $26.95     11770     $16.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: MUSASHI UNIVERSITY. WELL-
                                               KOYAMA-                                                                         COMIC BOOKS,                ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF
Language &       ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF         RICHARD,                                                               PN6790. STRIPS, ETC.--JAPAN--        JAPANESE GRAPHIC ART.
Literature       MANGA.                        BRIGITTE.     FLAMMARION                      2008 741.5952     PN     J3       HIST. & CRIT.        GEN-AC TRANSLATION.                    9782080300294 CLOTH           $49.95
                                               BRINK,                                                                 PR9369.
Language &       OTHER LIVES: A NOVEL IN       ANDRE                                                                  3.B7O78                              AN AP PLUS! BOOK. SOUTH AFRICAN
Literature       THREE PARTS.                  PHILIPPUS     SOURCEBOOKS                     2008   823.914    PR     2008                          GEN-AC NOVEL. NYTBR 9/7/08.            9781402213915 CLOTH           $29.99
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                      PS3573.                              PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED SHORT
Language &       OUR STORY BEGINS: NEW AND WOLFF,            ALFRED A.                                                O558097                              STORIES BY PRIZE-WINNER. A
Literature       SELECTED STORIES.         TOBIAS.           KNOPF                           2008 813.54       PS     2008                          GEN-AC BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR '08.         9781400044597 CLOTH           $26.95
                                                                                                                               1. THOMPSON,
                 OUTLAW JOURNALIST: THE        MCKEEN,                                                                PN4874. HUNTER S. 2.
Language &       LIFE AND TIMES OF HUNTER S.   WILLIAM,                                                               T444M3 JOURNALISTS--U.S. --          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA,
Literature       THOMPSON.                     1954-         W.W. NORTON                     2008 07092        PN     6 2008   BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC GAINESVILLE. BIOGRAPHY.         9780393061925 CLOTH           $27.95
                 OXFORD HANDBOOK OF EARLY                    OXFORD                                                            COLONIAL PERIOD,            ED: UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL
Language &       AMERICAN LITERATURE; ED. BY                 UNIVERSITY     OXFORD                                    PS185.O CA. 1600-1775--HIST.         OKLAHOMA. COLLECTION OF NEW
Literature       KEVIN J. HAYES.                             PRESS          HANDBOOKS.       2008 810.9001     PS     94 2008 & CRIT.               GEN-AC ESSAYS.                         9780195187274 CLOTH          $150.00

                                                                                                                              1. MOTION PICTURES.
                                                             OXFORD                                                   PN1994. 2. MASS MEDIA. 3.
Language &       OXFORD HANDBOOK OF FILM                     UNIVERSITY                                               P93     INTERACTIVE                ED: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND.
Literature       AND MEDIA STUDIES                           PRESS                           2008    791.43    PN     2008    MULTIMEDIA.         GEN-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.     9780195175967 CLOTH              $150.00
                                                                                                                              PROUST, MARCEL,
                 PAINTINGS IN PROUST: A                                                                                       1871-1922 A LA             CITED ART IN PROUST'S NOVEL
Language &       VISUAL COMPANION TO IN        KARPELES,     THAMES &                                                 PQ2631. RECHERCHE DU               WITH COLOR REPRODUCTIONS. TLS
Literature       SEARCH OF LOST TIME.          ERIC          HUDSON                          2008   843.912    PQ     R63     TEMPS PERDU.        GEN-AC 8/22-29/08.                   9780500238547 CLOTH               $45.00

                                                                            CONTEMPORARY                              PH3281.                               NEW TRANSLATION OF HUNGARIAN
Language &       PATHSEEKER; TRANS. BY TIM     KERTESZ,      MELVILLE       ART OF THE            894.5113            K3815N9                               NOVEL BY NOBEL WINNER. NEW
Literature       WILKINSON.                    IMRE, 1929-   HOUSE          NOVELLA.         2008 34           PH     13 2008                        GEN-AC SERIES.                            9781933633534 PAPER       $13.00
                                                                            CONTEMPORARY                                                                    AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                            AMERICAN AND                                                                    NORTHAMPTON. CRITICAL SURVEY
Language &                                     BROWN,        MANCHESTER     CANADIAN                                  PS3551. AUSTER, PAUL, 1947- --        HIGHLIGHTING THEME OF                                                 97807190
Literature       PAUL AUSTER.                  MARK.         UNIV PRESS     NOVELISTS.       2007 813.54       PS     U77     CRIT. & INTERPR.       GEN-AC METROPOLITAN LIVING.               9780719073960 CLOTH       $79.95     73977     $24.95

                 PAULINE ELIZABETH HOPKINS:                  UNIV OF NORTH GENDER &                                   PS1999. AUTHORS, AMERICAN--        AUTH: MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE.
Language &       BLACK DAUGHTER OF THE         BROWN,        CAROLINA      AMERICAN                                   H4226Z4 19TH CENT.--               BIOGRAPHY OF AFRICAN
Literature       REVOLUTION.                   LOIS, 1966-   PRESS         CULTURE.          2008 818409       PS     7 2008  BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC AUTHOR/FEMINIST.                      9780807831663 CLOTH       $45.00

                                                                                                                      PS3558.   1. INDIANS OF NORTH
                                                                                                                      O34726    AMERICA--FICTION. 2.
Language &       PEOPLE OF THE WHALE: A        HOGAN,                                                                 P46       CULTURE CONFLICT--          NOVEL WITH NATIVE AMERICAN
Literature       NOVEL.                        LINDA         W.W. NORTON                     2008 81354        PS     2008      FICTION.             GEN-AC THEMES.                            9780393064575 CLOTH       $24.95

                                               U, CHARLES                                                                                                    NEW TRANSLATION FROM ORIGINAL
                                               DE         OXFORD                                                      PQ2011.                                TEXT OF 18TH CENT. FRENCH
Language &       PERSIAN LETTERS; TRANS. BY    SECONDAT, UNIVERSITY         OXFORD WORLD'S                            L5E57                                  EPISTOLARY NOVEL WITH INTRO. &
Literature       MARGARET MAULDON.             BARON DE,  PRESS             CLASSICS.      2008 843.5          PQ     2008                            GEN-AC NOTES.                         9780192806352 PAPER          $13.95

                 PICTURES AT A REVOLUTION:                                                                            PN1993.                                CHRONICLES THE MAKING OF THE
Language &       FIVE MOVIES AND THE BIRTH     HARRIS,       PENGUIN                              791.4309            5.U6H37 MOTION PICTURES--              FIVE FILMS NOMINATED FOR BEST
Literature       OF THE NEW HOLLYWOOD.         MARK.         BOOKS                           2008 7309         PN     2008    U.S.--HIST.             GEN-AC PICTURE IN 1967. NYTBR 2/17/08.   9781594201523 CLOTH       $27.95

                                                                                                                                                             ED: HARVARD. 14TH CENTURY POEM
                 PIERS PLOWMAN: A NEW        LANGLAND,                    EXETER MEDIEVAL                                       LANGLAND, WILLIAM,           WITH INTRODUCTION & NOTES WITH
Language &       ANNOTATED EDITION OF THE C- WILLIAM,        UNIV OF      TEXTS AND                                             1330?-1400?. PIERS           UPDATED TEXT, SIDE GLOSSES,                                          97808598
Literature       TEXT                        1330?-1400?     EXETER PRESS STUDIES.        2008        821.1    PR     PR2010    PLOWMAN.              GEN-AC ANNOTATIONS, ETC.              9780859897839 CLOTH          $95.00     97846     $20.00

                                                                                                                         Page 32
                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author        Publisher            Series   Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings     Level           Notes               ISBN-13    Binding     List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: HARVARD. INTRODUCTION TO
                                                                          EXETER MEDIEVAL                                       LANGLAND, WILLIAM,          WORK EMPHASIZING ITS
Language &       PIERS PLOWMAN: AN             SIMPSON,     UNIVERSITY OF TEXTS AND                                     PR2017. 1330?-1400? PIERS           IMPORTANCE TO MEDIEVAL                                                97808598
Literature       INTRODUCTION.                 JAMES, 1954- EXETER PRESS STUDIES.         2007 821.1             PR     L38S56 PLOWMAN.              ADV-AC HISTORY & RELIGION             9780859898027 CLOTH          $110.00     98034     $32.50
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: WESLEYAN UNIV. EXAMINES
                 PINNACLE OF FEELING:                                                                                   PS228.P AMERICAN                    AMERICAN NOVELS & HOW THEY
Language &       AMERICAN LITERATURE AND       MCCANN,       PRINCETON                                                  6M39    LITERATURE--20TH            ECHO OR SATIRIZE POLITICAL
Literature       PRESIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT.      SEAN, 1962-   UNIV PRESS     20/21.            2008   810.9359    PS     2008    CENT.--HIST. & CRIT. ADV-AC THINKING.                      9780691136950 CLOTH           $35.00

                 PLACE TO BE SOMEONE:          JACKSON,                                                                 PS3557.                             SISTER'S BIOGRAPHY OF PULITZER-
Language &       GROWING UP WITH CHARLES       SHIRLEY       TEXAS TECH                                                 O72Z74 GORDONE, CHARLES--           WINNING AFRICAN AMERICAN
Literature       GORDONE.                      GORDON        UNIV PRESS                       2008     813.54    PS     2008    CHILDHOOD & YOUTH. GEN-AC DRAMATIST.                           9780896726352 CLOTH       $29.95
                                                                                                                                1. INDIANS OF NORTH
                                                                                                                        PS3555. AMERICA--FICTION. 2.        NOVEL WITH NATIVE AMERICAN
Language &                                     ERDRICH,      HARPERCOLLIN                                               R42P55 OJIBWA INDIANS--             THEMES BY AWARD-WINNER. NYTBR
Literature       PLAGUE OF DOVES.              LOUISE.       S                                2008 813.54        PS     2008    FICTION.             GEN-AC 5/08.                              9780060515126 CLOTH       $25.95
                                                                                                                                1. ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS,         AUTH: FLORIDA ATLANTIC
                                                                                                                        PS3549. 1904-1978. 2. POETS,        UNIVERSITY. BIOGRAPHY. TLS
Language &       POEM OF A LIFE: A BIOGRAPHY SCROGGINS, COUNTERPOIN                                                     U47Z835 AMERICAN--20TH              9/7/07. NYTBR 1/20/08.(FMR.
Literature       OF LOUIS ZUKOFSKY.          MARK, 1964- T                                    2007 811.52        PS     2007    CENT.--BIOG          GEN-AC SHOEMAKER & HOARD)                 9781593761585 CLOTH       $30.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: BOSTON UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                                1. WAR POETRY--             INTRODUCTION TO WAR POETRY
Language &                                     WINN, JAMES CAMBRIDGE                               809.1935             PN1083. HIST. & CRIT. 2. WAR        FROM HOMER TO BRUCE                                                   97805217
Literature       POETRY OF WAR.                ANDERSON. UNIV PRESS                           2008 81            PN     W37     IN LITERATURE.       GEN-AC SPRINGSTEEN.                       9780521884037 CLOTH       $80.00     10220     $24.99
                                                                            CENTURY                                                                             BIOGRAPHY EMPHASIZING WAR AND
                                                                            POLITICAL                                             SWIFT, JONATHAN,              IRISH UPBRINGING, SWIFT'S
Language &       POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY OF        OAKLEAF,      PICKERING &    BIOGRAPHIES;                                          1667-1745--POLITICAL          LOYALTY TO BOTH HIGH CHURCH &
Literature       JONATHAN SWIFT.               DAVID.        CHATTO         NO. 2.            2008 8285          PR     PR3726    & SOCIAL VIEWS.        ADV-AC REVOLUTION.                    9781851968480 CLOTH       $99.00
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: UNIV. OF MARYLAND.
                                                                                                                        PR4836.                                 BIOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTING KEATS'S
Language &       POSTHUMOUS KEATS: A           PLUMLY,                                                                  P68       KEATS, JOHN, 1795-            INFLUENCE & IMMORTALITY. VLS
Literature       PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY.           STANLEY.      W.W. NORTON                      2008 8217          PR     2008      1821.                  GEN-AC 3/08.                          9780393065732 CLOTH       $27.95
Language &                                     GARBER,                                                                  G33       SHAKESPEARE,                  AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.                                         97804159
Literature       PROFILING SHAKESPEARE.        MARJORIE B. ROUTLEDGE                          2008 822.33        PR     2008      WILLIAM, 1564-1616.    GEN-AC PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS.   9780415964456 CLOTH       $95.00     64463     $27.95
                 QUEST FOR IDENTITIES: THE
                 DEVELOPMENT OF THE                                                                                     PJ7577.                              AUTH: SOAS, UNIV. OF LONDON.
Language &       MODERN ARABIC SHORT           HAFIZ,                                              89273010             H26     SHORT STORIES,               GENRE'S DEVELOPMENT AND ITS
Literature       STORY.                        SABRI.        SAQI BOOKS                       2007 9             PJ     2007    ARABIC--HIST. & CRIT. ADV-AC PLACE IN ARAB LITERARY CULTURE. 9780863563638 CLOTH         $50.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIV. OF EAST ANGLIA. WIDE-
                                                                                                                                NARAYAN, R.K., 1906-         RANGING STUDY OF NARAYAN'S
Language &                                     THIEME,       MANCHESTER     CONTEMPORARY                                PR9499. 2001--CRIT. &                NOVELS & HIS DEVELOPMENT AS A                                        97807190
Literature       R.K. NARAYAN.                 JOHN.         UNIV PRESS     WORLD WRITERS.    2007 823.912       PR     3.N3    INTERPR.              GEN-AC WRITER.                           9780719059261 CLOTH       $74.95     59278     $24.95
                                                                            LITERATURE                                          HEMINGWAY,                  STUDY OF HEMINGWAY'S IDEAS ON
Language &       RACE AND IDENTITY IN          STRONG,       PALGRAVE       READINGS IN THE                             PS3515. ERNEST, 1899-1961--         AND INTEREST IN RACE AND RACIAL
Literature       HEMINGWAY'S FICTION.          AMY L.        MACMILLAN      21ST CENTURY.     2008 813.52        PS     E37     CRIT. & INTERPR.     ADV-AC IDENTITY.                       9781403972057 CLOTH          $74.95
                 RADICAL JACK LONDON:                                                                                                                       ED: SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.
                 WRITINGS ON WAR AND           LONDON,       UNIV OF                                                    PS3523.                             PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED SOCIALIST
Language &       REVOLUTION; ED. BY JONAH      JACK, 1876-   CALIFORNIA                                                 O46A6                               WRITINGS BY JACK LONDON, WITH                                         97805202
Literature       RASKIN.                       1916.         PRESS                            2008 813.52        PS     2007                         GEN-AC INTRO.                          9780520255456 CLOTH          $60.00     55463     $24.95
                                                                                                                                                            NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR.
                                                                                                                        PR6053. 1. FAMILY SECRETS--         PUB. ALSO IN UK BY VIKING. A
Language &                                     COE,          ALFRED A.                                                  O26F35 FICTION. 2. ENGLAND--        BORZOI BOOK. VLS 3/08. NYTBR
Literature       RAIN BEFORE IT FALLS.         JONATHAN.     KNOPF                            2008 813.914       PR     2008    FICTION.             GEN-AC 4/13/08.                        9780307268037 CLOTH          $23.95

                                                                                                                                                              ED: TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN.
Language &       READING COLM TOIBIN; ED. BY                                                                            PR6070. TOIBIN, COLM, 1955- --        PAPERS FROM A 2007 SYMPOSIUM.
Literature       PAUL DELANEY.                               LIFFEY PRESS                     2008 823914        PR     O455    CRIT. & INTERPR.       ADV-AC DIST. BY DUFOUR EDITIONS.      9781905785414 PAPER         $32.95
                                                                                                                                                              ACCESSIBLE INTRODUCTION TO
                                                                                                                        PR6019. JOYCE, JAMES, 1882-           READING ALL JOYCE'S FICTION &
Language &                                 PIERCE,                                                                      O9Z781 1941--CRIT. &                  UNDERSTANDING ITS CONTEXT. 150
Literature       READING JOYCE.            DAVID, 1947- LONGMAN                               2008 823.912       PR     9 2007  INTERPR.               GEN-AC B&W ILLUS                      9781405840613 PAPER         $29.95
                 RED AND THE BLACK:
                 AUTHORITATIVE TEXT,                                                                                            1. YOUNG MEN--                  ED: GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY.
                 CONTEXT AND BACKGROUNDS,                                                                               PQ2435. FRANCE--FICTION. 2.             CRITICAL ED. OF 19TH CENT.
Language &       CRITICISM; ED. BY SUSANNA STENDHAL,                        NORTON CRITICAL                             R7E5    YOUNG MEN IN                    FRENCH NOVEL. TRANSLATION
Literature       LEE.                      1783-1842.   W.W. NORTON         EDITIONS.       2008 843.7           PQ     2007    LITERATURE.              GEN-AC FROM FRENCH.                   9780393928839 PAPER       $17.05

                                                                                                                           Page 33
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC    Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey      Subcl   Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title             Author        Publisher          Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level               Notes                 ISBN-13   Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
Language &                                   OLIVER,                                                                 L5R43                                    POETRY BY NATIONAL BOOK AWARD
Literature       RED BIRD: POEMS.            MARY.         BEACON                            2008 811.54        PS 2008                                GEN-AC & PULITZER WINNER.            9780807068922 CLOTH           $23.00
Language &       RED NOIR & OTHER PIECES     WALDMAN,      MCMILLAN &                                                  PS3573.
Literature       FOR PERFORMANCE.            ANNE          PARRI                             2008     811.54    PS     A4215                           GEN-AC SPD BOOK. POETRY.                9780976634140 PAPER        $15.00
                                             SUSAN         UNIV OF                                                     PS3569.                                AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
Language &                                   (SUSAN A.),   CHICAGO                                                     T474R43                                POETRY BY NATIONAL BOOK
Literature       RED ROVER.                  1952-         PRESS            PHOENIX POETS.   2008 81154         PS     2008                            GEN-AC CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD WINNER.     9780226774541 CLOTH        $22.00
                                                           UNIV OF                                                     PN1995.                                AUTH: BOWLING GREEN STATE
Language &       REFRAMING SCREEN            BARON,        MICHIGAN                                                    9.A26B3 MOTION PICTURE                 UNIVERSITY. ARGUES FILM ACTING                                       97804720
Literature       PERFORMANCE.                CYNTHIA.      PRESS                             2008 79143028      PN     5 2008  ACTING.                 ADV-AC IS CENTRAL TO CINEMA.            9780472070251 CLOTH        $65.00     50253     $24.95
                                                                                                                               1. RICH PEOPLE--
                                                                                                                               FICTION. 2.
                                                                                                                       PS3552. ADIRONACK                      NOVEL BY AWARD-WINNING
Language &                                   BANKS,        HARPERCOLLIN                                                A49R47 MOUNTAINS (N.Y.)--              AUTHOR. A HARPER TITLE. NYTBR
Literature       RESERVE: A NOVEL.           RUSSELL.      S                                 2008 813.54        PS     2008    FICTION.                GEN-AC 2/17/08.                         9780061430251 CLOTH        $24.95
                 RICH MAN OF                 (CYRIL                                                                                                           NEW TRANSLATION OF ZULU NOVEL
Language &       PIETERMARITZBURG; TRANS.    LINCOLN                                                                   PL8844.                                ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 1961. DIST.
Literature       BY SANDILE NGIDI.           SIBUSISO),    AFLAME BOOKS                      2008 8963986       PL     N99                             GEN-AC BY IPG-ACADEMIC.                  9780955233999 PAPER       $15.95

                 RIDICULOUS JEW: THE
                 EXPLOITATION AND
                 TRANSFORMATION OF A                  STANFORD                                                         PG3098. RUSSIAN FICTION--
Language &       STEREOTYPE IN GOGOL,      ROSENSHEIL UNIVERSITY                                                       3.R67   19TH CENT.--HIST. &            AUTH: UNIV. OF WISCONSIN,
Literature       TURGENEV, AND DOSTOEVSKY. D, GARY    PRESS                                  2008   891.7331    PG     2008    CRIT.                   ADV-AC MADISON.                         9780804759526 CLOTH        $60.00

                                                                                                                               1. RIMBAUD, ARTHUR,
                                                                                                                               1854-1891. 2. POETS,        AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
Language &       RIMBAUD: THE DOUBLE LIFE OF WHITE,                                                                    PQ2387. FRENCH--19TH CENT.--        BIOGRAPHY OF 19TH CENTURY
Literature       A REBEL.                    EDMUND        ATLAS & CO                        2008      841.8    PQ     R5      BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC FRENCH POET. NYTBR 10/12/08.     9781934633151 CLOTH           $24.00
                                                                                                                                                           NOVEL. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY CHATTO
                                                                                                                                                           & WINDUS. 2008 WINNER OF
Language &                                   TREMAIN,                                                                  PR6070.                             ORANGE BROADBAND PRIZE. NYTBR
Literature       ROAD HOME: A NOVEL.         ROSE          LITTLE, BROWN                     2008 823914        PR     R364                         GEN-AC 8/31/08.                         9780316002615 CLOTH           $24.99

                 ROBERT E. SHERWOOD: THE     ALONSO,       UNIVERSITY OF                                               PS3537.   SHERWOOD, ROBERT
Language &       PLAYWRIGHT IN PEACE AND     HARRIET       MASSACHUSET                                                 H825Z55   E. (ROBERT EMMET),          AUTH: CITY COLLEGE & GRADUATE                                         97815584
Literature       WAR.                        HYMAN.        TS PRESS                          2007 812.52        PS     2007      1896- 1955.          GEN-AC CENTER, CUNY.     BIOGRAPHY.      9781558496187 CLOTH        $98.00     96194     $28.95
                                             MORTIMER,                                                                 PR6025.   RUMPOLE, HORACE
                                             JOHN                                                                      O7552R    (FICTITIOUS                 COMIC NOVEL WITH LEGAL THEMES.
Language &                                   CLIFFORD,                                                                 795       CHARACTER)--                PUB. ALSO IN UK AS: ANTI-SOCIAL
Literature       RUMPOLE MISBEHAVES.         1923-         VIKING                            2007 823.914       PR     2007      FICTION.             GEN-AC BEHAVIOUR OF HORACE RUMPOLE.      9780670018307 CLOTH        $23.95
                                                                                                                                                             TRANSLATION OF RUSSIAN NOVEL
                 SACRED BOOK OF THE                                                                                    PG3485.                               BY PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR.
Language &       WEREWOLF: A NOVEL; TRANS.   PELEVIN,                                                                  E38S871                               PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY FABER &
Literature       BY ANDREW BROMFIELD.        VICTOR        VIKING                            2008   891.7344    PG     3 2008                         GEN-AC FABER. NYTBR.                     9780670019885 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                                                             TRANSLATION OF JAPANESE SHORT
                 SALMONELLA MEN ON PLANET                                                                              PL862.S   TSUTSUI, YASUTAKA--         STORIES BY TANAZAKI, ETC.
Language &       PORNO: STORIES; TRANS. BY   TSUTSUI,                                                                  77A2      TRANSLATIONS INTO           WINNER. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       ANDREW DRIVER.              YASUTAKA      PANTHEON                          2008    895.635    PL     2008      ENGLISH.             GEN-AC ALMA.                             9780307377265 CLOTH        $21.95
                                                                                                                                                             DUAL BIOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTING
                 SAME MAN: GEORGE ORWELL                                                                               PR6029.   1. ORWELL, GEORGE,          SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE TWO
Language &       AND EVELYN WAUGH IN LOVE    LEBEDOFF,     RANDOM                                                      R8Z7198   1903-1950. 2. WAUGH,        WRITERS' CORE BELIEFS. NYTBR
Literature       AND WAR.                    DAVID         HOUSE                             2008 82891209      PR     2008      EVELYN, 1906-1966.   GEN-AC 8/31/08.                          9781400066346 CLOTH        $26.00

                                                           BLOOM'S          BLOOM'S MODERN                                     BECKETT, SAMUEL,
                 SAMUEL BECKETT'S WAITING                  LITERARY         CRITICAL                                   PQ2603. 1906-1989. EN
Language &       FOR GODOT; ED. BY HAROLD                  CRITICISM/INFO   INTERPRETATIONS                            E378E67 ATTENDANT                  ED: YALE UNIVERSITY. PREVIOUSLY-
Literature       BLOOM.                                    BASE             .               2008 842914         PQ     7 2008  GODOT.              GEN-AC PUBLISHED ESSAYS.                9780791097939 CLOTH            $45.00
                                                                                                                               1. JOHNSON, SAMUEL,
                                                                                                                               1709-1784. 2.
                                                                                                                       PR3533. AUTHORS, ENGLISH--
Language &       SAMUEL JOHNSON: A           MARTIN,      BELKNAP                                                      M385    18TH CENT.--               BIOGRAPHY. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK
Literature       BIOGRAPHY.                  PETER, 1940- HARVARD                            2008    828.609    PR     2008    BIOGRAPHY           GEN-AC BY WEIDENFELD & NICOLSON.        9780674031609 CLOTH            $35.00

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                                                                                                                  LC    Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                       Dewey     Subcl   Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author         Publisher          Series       Year   Class      ass Number        Subject Headings    Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
Language &       SAVE THE LAST DANCE:         STERN,                                                                   T3888S2                                POETRY BY MULTI-PRIZE WINNING
Literature       POEMS.                       GERALD.        W.W. NORTON                        2008 81154        PS 8 2008                            GEN-AC AUTHOR.                            9780393066128 CLOTH        $23.95
                                                                             STUDIES IN
                                                                             GERMAN                                                                           ED: CAL STATE U/LONG BEACH.
                 SCHILLER'S LITERARY PROSE    SCHILLER,                      LITERATURE,                                                                      SHORT PROSE FICTION WORKS.
Language &       WORKS: NEW TRANSLATIONS      FRIEDRICH,     CAMDEN          LINGUISTICS, AND                          PT2473.                                NEW TRANSLATION FROM GERMAN.
Literature       AND CRITICAL ESSAYS          1759-1805      HOUSE           CULTURE.           2008   838.608    PT   A5H54                           GEN-AC WITH CRITICAL ESSAYS.        9781571133847 CLOTH              $65.00
Language &       SCHOOL ON HEART'S CONTENT CHUTE,            ATLANTIC                                                  H87S36 COOPERATIVE                    NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR.
Literature       ROAD.                     CAROLYN           MONTHLY                            2008    813.54    PS   2008    SOCIETIES--FICTION.    GEN-AC NYTBR 11/23/08.                     9780871139870 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UCAL, BERKELEY. AN
                                                             PRINCETON                                                 PR8601.    ENGLISH FICTION--          ACCOUNT OF SCOTTISH      FICTION,
Language &       SCOTT'S SHADOW: THE NOVEL DUNCAN,           UNIVERSITY      LITERATURE IN           823.0099          D86        SCOTTISH AUTHORS--         1082-1832, WITH THE NOVEL AS
Literature       IN ROMANTIC EDINBURGH.    IAN.              PRESS           HISTORY.           2007 411          PR   2007       HIST. & CRIT.       GEN-AC NATIONAL GENRE                      9780691043838 CLOTH        $39.50
                                                                                                                       PS3557.                               AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
Language &                                    GRAHAM,                                                                  R214S43                               POETRY BY PULITZER WINNER. VLS
Literature       SEA CHANGE: POEMS.           JORIE.         ECCO                               2008 811.54       PS   2008                           GEN-AC 3/08. NYTBR 4/6/08.                 9780061537172 CLOTH        $23.95
                 SEA OF CHANGE: ERNEST                                                                                                                       CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY RELATING
                 HEMINGWAY AND THE GULF                                                                                PS3515.    HEMINGWAY,                 HEMINGWAY'S LIFE AND WORK TO
Language &       STREAM: A CONTEXTUAL         OTT, MARK      KENT STATE                                                E37Z751    ERNEST, 1899-1961--        NATURAL HISTORY OF THE GULF
Literature       BIOGRAPHY.                   P., 1966-      UNIV PRESS                         2008 81352        PS   5 2008     CRIT. &    INTERPR. ADV-AC STREAM.                             9780873389235 CLOTH        $29.00
                                                                                                                                                             NOVEL BY PRIZE-WINNING INDIAN
                                                             FARRAR,                                                   PR9499.    1. SCHOONERS--             AUTHOR. FIRST OF THE IBIS
Language &                                    GHOSH,         STRAUS &                                                  3.G536S    FICTION. 2. VOYAGES        TRILOGY. PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       SEA OF POPPIES: A NOVEL.     AMITAV         GIROUX                             2008   823.914    PR   43 2008    & TRAVELS--FICTION. GEN-AC JOHN MURRAY.                        9780374174224 CLOTH        $26.00
                                                                                                                                                             EXAMINES HEANEY'S
                                                                                                                                  HEANEY, SEAMUS,            TRANSLATIONS & ADAPTATIONS OF
Language &       SEAMUS HEANEY AND            MCCARTHY,                                                                PR6058.    1939- --CRIT. &            MEDIEVAL POETRY & THEIR
Literature       MEDIEVAL POETRY.             CONOR.         D.S. BREWER                        2008 821.914      PR   E2         INTERPR.            ADV-AC INFLUENCE. ON HIS ORIG. WORKS.      9781843841418 CLOTH        $90.00
Language &                                    TENNANT,                                                                 PR6070.
Literature       SEIZED: A NOVEL.             EMMA           MAIA PRESS                         2008 823914       PR   E52                             GEN-AC NOVEL. DIST. BY DUFOUR EDITIONS. 9781904559313 PAPER          $18.95
                                                                                                                                                              ED: UNIVERSITY OF MAINE.
                 SELECTED POEMS, 1945-2005;   CREELEY,       UNIVERSITY OF                                             PS3505.                                PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
Language &       ED. BY BENJAMIN              ROBERT,        CALIFORNIA                                                R43A6                                  BY BOLLINGEN, ETC. WINNER.                                             97805202
Literature       FRIEDLANDER.                 1926-2005.     PRESS                              2008 811.54       PS   2008                            GEN-AC NYTBR 2/24/08.                   9780520251953 CLOTH          $55.00     51960     $21.95

                                              O'HARA,                                                                  PS3529.                                ED: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON.
Language &       SELECTED POEMS; ED. BY       FRANK, 1926-   ALFRED A.                                                 H28A6                                  PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY. A
Literature       MARK FORD.                   1966.          KNOPF                              2008 811.54       PS   2008                            GEN-AC BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR 6/29/08.    9780307268150 CLOTH            $30.00
                                              GARCIA                                                                           GARCIA LORCA,
                                              LORCA,         OXFORD                                                    PQ6613. FEDERICO, 1898-1936--        NEW PARALLEL TEXT TRANS. OF
Language &       SELECTED POEMS; TRANS. BY    FEDERICO,      UNIVERSITY      OXFORD WORLD'S                            A763A2 TRANSLATIONS INTO             20TH CENTURY SPANISH POETRY
Literature       MARTIN SORRELL.              1898-1936.     PRESS           CLASSICS.      2007 861.62           PQ   2007    ENGLISH.              GEN-AC WITH INTRO. & NOTES.                 9780192805652 PAPER        $11.95

                                                                                                                       PS3563.I   1. MARRIED PEOPLE--          NOVEL ABOUT A PAIR OF MARRIED
Language &                                                   ALFRED A.                                                 42I444S    FICTION. 2. MARRIAGE-        COUPLES. A BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR
Literature       SENATOR'S WIFE.              MILLER, SUE.   KNOPF                              2008 813.54       PS   46 2008    - FICTION.            GEN-AC 1/08.                         9780307264206 CLOTH            $24.95
                                              STAPE, J.H.                                                              PR6005.                                 AUTH: ST. MARY'S UNIV. COLL.
Language &       SEVERAL LIVES OF JOSEPH      (JOHN                                                                    O4Z798     CONRAD, JOSEPH,              BIOGRAPHY. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       CONRAD.                      HENRY)         PANTHEON                           2007 823.912      PR   2008       1857-1924.            GEN-AC HEINEMANN. TLS 2/29/08.       9781400044498 CLOTH            $30.00
                                              (WILLIAM                                                                 PS3563.
Language &                                    STANLEY),      COPPER                                                    E75S48                              POETRY BY NATIONAL BOOK
Literature       SHADOW OF SIRIUS.            1927-          CANYON                             2008    811.54    PS   2008                         GEN-AC AWARD, ETC. WINNER.                   9781556592843 CLOTH        $22.00
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: OXFORD. EXAMINES
                                                             OXFORD                                                                                        IMPLICATIONS OF EARLY
Language &                                    PALFREY,       UNIVERSITY                                                        THEATER--ENGLAND--          MODERN ACTORS ONLY BEING
Literature       SHAKESPEARE IN PARTS.        SIMON.         PRESS                              2007 822.33       PR   PR3095 HIST.--17TH CENT.     ADV-AC GIVEN FRAGMENTS OF PLAYS.             9780199272051 CLOTH        $36.00
                                                                                                                               SHAKESPEARE,                ED: ROYAL HOLLOWAY, UNIV. OF
                                                                                                                       PR3106. WILLIAM, 1564-1616--        LONDON. NEW ESSAYS REFLECTING
Language &       SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE: A                      CAMBRIDGE                                                 S53     DRAMATIC                    ON 10 YEARS OF THEATRE IN THE                                             97805217
Literature       THEATRICAL EXPERIMENT                       UNIV PRESS                         2008    792.95    PR   2008    PRODUCTION.          GEN-AC NEW GLOBE                             9780521877787 CLOTH        $80.00     01662     $24.99
                                                                                                                                                           NEW VIEWS & REASSESSMENTS.
                                              GREER,                                                                   PR2906. HATHAWAY, ANNE,             PUB. ALSO IN UK BY BLOOMSBURY.
Language &                                    GERMAINE,      HARPERCOLLIN                                              G74     1556?-1616--                A HARPER BOOK. TLS. NYTBR
Literature       SHAKESPEARE'S WIFE.          1939-          S                                  2007 822.33       PR   2007    MARRIAGE.            GEN-AC 4/27/08.                              9780061537158 CLOTH        $26.95

                                                                                                                         Page 35
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                   LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                        Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author         Publisher          Series      Year   Class      ass Number        Subject Headings     Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                  SHAKESPEARE,                  EXAMINES INFLUENCE OF
                 SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN:                                                                                             WILLIAM, 1564-1616--          ELIZABETHAN CROSS-DRESSING
Language &       PERFORMANCE AND                MANN,          CAMBRIDGE                                                          CHARACTERS --                 TRADITION ON THE BARD'S FEMALE
Literature       CONCEPTION.                    DAVID.         UNIV PRESS                        2008 822.33       PR   PR2991    WOMEN.                 ADV-AC CHARACTERIZATIONS.                 9780521882132 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                               S. MARK TAPER
                                                               UNIV OF         FOUNDATION                               PG3549. DRAITSER, EMIL, 1937-        AUTH: HUNTER COLLEGE, CUNY.
Language &       SHUSH!: GROWING UP JEWISH      DRAITSER,      CALIFORNIA      IMPRINT IN JEWISH      30589240          D7Z46    --CHILDHOOD &               AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF      FAMILY &
Literature       UNDER STALIN: A MEMOIR.        EMIL, 1937-    PRESS           STUDIES.          2008 477          PG   2008     YOUTH.               GEN-AC CHILDHOOD IN ODESSA.                  9780520254466 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                             CRIME NOVEL. PUB. ALSO UK. BLACK
                                                BLACK,                                                                  PR6052. 1. PATHOLOGISTS--            IS PEN NAME OF JOHN BANVILLE,
Language &                                      BENJAMIN,                                                               A57S59 FICTION. 2. DUBLIN            2005 MAN-BOOKER WINNER. VLS.
Literature       SILVER SWAN: A NOVEL.          1945-          HENRY HOLT                        2008 823.914      PR   2008     (IRELAND)--FICTION.  GEN-AC NYTBR.                                9780805081534 CLOTH        $25.00
                 SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR: THE                       OXFORD                                                   PQ2603.                              AUTH: DUKE UNIVERSITY.
Language &       MAKING OF AN INTELLECTUAL                     UNIVERSITY                             848.9140          E362Z85 BEAUVOIR, SIMONE             INTELLECTUAL BIOGRAPHY WITH
Literature       WOMAN.                         MOI, TORIL.    PRESS                             2008 9            PQ   5        DE, 1908-1986.       ADV-AC NEW INTRO.                            9780199238712 CLOTH        $59.95
                                                SIMIC,                                                                  PS3569.I
Language &                                      CHARLES,       HARCOURT        HARVEST                                  4725A6                               PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
Literature       SIXTY POEMS.                   1938-          TRADE           ORIGINAL.         2007 811.54       PS   2008                          GEN-AC BY PULITZER, ETC. WINNER.             9780156035644 PAPER        $12.00

                                                                                                                        PR6061. 1. PSYCHOANALYSTS--        NOVEL BY WHITBREAD, ETC.
Language &       SOMETHING TO TELL YOU: A       KUREISHI,                                                               U68S66 FICTION. 2. MIDLIFE         WINNER. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       NOVEL.                         HANIF          SCRIBNER                          2008 823914       PR   2008    CRISIS--FICTION.    GEN-AC FABER & FABER. NYTBR 8/24/08.           9781416572107 CLOTH        $26.00
                 SONNETS TO ORPHEUS: A NEW
                 ENGLISH VERSION, WITH A        RILKE,                                                                                                            NEW TRANS. OF 20TH CENT.
                 PHILOSOPHICAL                  RAINER         UNIVERSITY OF                                            PT2635.I ORPHEUS (GREEK                   GERMAN POETRY WITH 30-PAGE
Language &       INTRODUCTION; TRANS. BY        MARIA, 1875-   SCRANTON                                                 65S613 MYTHOLOGY)--                       INTRO. HIGHLIGHTING THE
Literature       RICK                           1926.          PRESS                             2007 831.912      PT   2008     POETRY.                 GEN-AC   PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORK.          9781589661608 CLOTH        $15.00
Language &                                      WELDON,                                                                 PR6073.                                   NOVEL. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       SPA.                           FAY.           GROVE                             2007 823.914      PR   R374                             GEN-AC   QUERCUS AS: SPY DECAMERON.       9780802118646 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                        PS3558.I                                  POETRY BY NATIONAL BOOK
Language &                                      HIRSCH,        ALFRED A.                                                64S64                                     CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD WINNER. A
Literature       SPECIAL ORDERS: POEMS.         EDWARD.        KNOPF                             2008 811.54       PS   2008                             GEN-AC   BORZOI BOOK.                     9780307266811 CLOTH        $25.00
                                                                                                                                                                  ED: GRADUATE SCHOOL, CUNY.
                                                                                                                                                                  PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS BY
                 SPIRIT OF THE AGE: VICTORIAN                  YALE                                                                                               A RANGE OF AUTHORS
Language &       ESSAYS; ED. BY GERTRUDE                       UNIVERSITY                                                       ENGLISH ESSAYS--                  ILLUSTRATING THE VITALITY OF
Literature       HIMMELFARB.                                   PRESS                             2008 824.808      PR   PR1366 19TH CENT.                GEN-AC   ERA.                             9780300123302 CLOTH        $35.00
Language &                                  MARSHALL,                                                                   A722S74
Literature       STEEL VEIL: POEMS.         JACK, 1936-        COFFEE HOUSE                      2008    811.54    PS   2008                             GEN-AC POETRY BY PRIZE-WINNER.            9781566892209 PAPER        $16.00
                                            PACK,              UNIV OF                                                  PS3566.
Language &                                  ROBERT,            CHICAGO                                                  A28S75                                  AUTH: MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE &
Literature       STILL HERE, STILL NOW.     1929-              PRESS                             2008 81154        PS   2008                             GEN-AC UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA. POETRY. 9780226644158 CLOTH            $22.00
                                            JEFFREY D.
                                            (JEFFREY           UNIV OF                                                  PS3525.I MILLER, ARTHUR,
Language &       STONE TOWER: THE POLITICAL DANIEL),           MICHIGAN                                                 5156Z76 1915-2005--CRIT. &              AUTH: CALIFORNIA STATE
Literature       THEATER OF ARTHUR MILLER. 1952-               PRESS                             2008    812.52    PS   5 2008   INTERPR.                ADV-AC UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO.        9780472116508 CLOTH            $49.50
                                                                                                                                                                SPD BOOK. PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED
                                                                                                                                                                POETRY. WINNER OF 2007 WALTER
Language &       STONEWORK: SELECTED            DEN BOER,    SWAN SCYTHE                                                PS3554.                                 PAVLICH MEMORIAL POETRY
Literature       POEMS.                         JAMES, 1937- PRESS                               2007 811.54       PS   E5                               GEN-AC AWARD.                         9781930454255 PAPER            $14.00
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF IOWA.
                 STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: HOW        PETERSON,      RUTGERS                                                  PN1992. TELEVISION                      ARGUES COMEDY SHOWS HAVE
Language &       LATE-NIGHT COMEDY TURNS        RUSSELL        UNIVERSITY                             791.4561          8.C66P4 COMEDIES--U.S.--                UNIQUE ROLE IN SHAPING
Literature       DEMOCRACY INTO A JOKE.         LESLIE.        PRESS                             2008 7097         PN   8 2008  HIST. & CRIT.            GEN-AC POLITICAL AWARENESS.           9780813542843 CLOTH            $24.95

                 SUMMER OF HUMMINGBIRDS:
                 LOVE, ART, AND SCANDAL IN
                 OF EMILY DICKINSON, HARRIET BENFEY,                                                                    PS1541. DICKINSON, EMILY,
Language &       BEECHER STOWE, AND MARTIN CHRISTOPHE PENGUIN                                                           Z5B46   1830-1886--CRIT. &         AUTH: MT. HOLYOKE COLLEGE.
Literature       JOHNSON HEADE.              R E.G., 1954- BOOKS                                 2008 811.4        PS   2008    INTERPR.            GEN-AC NYTBR.                                  9781594201608 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: QUEEN'S UNIV. BELFAST.
                 TAIN: A NEW TRANSLATION OF                                                                             PB1423. EPIC LITERATURE,           NEW PROSE TRANS. OF ANCIENT
Language &       THE TAIN BO CUAILNGE;                                                                398.2209          T3C37   IRISH--TRANSLATIONS        IRISH EPIC. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       TRANS. BY CIARAN CARSON.                      VIKING                            2008 415          PB   2008    INTO ENGLISH.       GEN-AC PENGUIN.                                9780670018680 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                          Page 36
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                       Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                          Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author        Publisher          Series      Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings     Level              Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI.
                 TAKING ON THE TRUST: THE                                                                              PN4874.                                 DUAL BIOGRAPHY OF JOURNALIST &
Language &       EPIC BATTLE OF IDA TARBELL   WEINBERG,                                                                T23W45 TARBELL, IDA M. (IDA             TYCOON & THEIR FAMOUS
Literature       AND JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER.     STEVE.        W.W. NORTON                       2008 70.92        PN     2008    MINERVA), 1857-1944.     GEN-AC CONFRONTATION.                 9780393049350 CLOTH         $25.95
                                                                                                                               1. VETERANS--
                                                                          JAMES A.                                     PS3565. FICTION. 2.
Language &                                    OLSON,        UNIVERSITY OF MICHENER FICTION                             L84T36 FRIENDSHIP--                     NOVEL OF FOUR MEN SHARING
Literature       TAMPICO: A NOVEL.            TOBY.         TEXAS PRESS   SERIES.          2008 813.54          PS     2008    FICTION.                 GEN-AC STORIES OF THEIR PASTS.          9780292718272 CLOTH       $24.95
                                                                                                                               TARKOVSKII, ANDREI              NEW COLL. OF CRITICISM ON
                                                                                                                               ARSENEVICH, 1932-               RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE FILM-
Language &       TARKOVSKY; ED. BY NATHAN                                                          791.4302            PN1998. 1986-- CRIT. &                  MAKER. EXTENSIVE COLOR & B/W
Literature       DUNNE.                                     BLACK DOG                         2008 3309         PN     3.T36   INTERPR.                 ADV-AC ILLUSTRATIONS.                   9781906155049 CLOTH       $49.95
                                                                                                                                                               NEW COLLECTION OF POETRY
                                             LAMANTIA,                                                                 PS3562.                                 ORIGINALLY WRITTEN 1946-1955.
Language &       TAU AND JOURNEY TO THE      PHILIP, 1927-                  POCKET POETS                               A42T38                                  (JOURNEY TO THE END BY JOHN
Literature       END; ED. BY GARRETT CAPLES. 2005.         CITY LIGHTS      SERIES; NO. 59.   2008 811.54       PS     2008                             GEN-AC HOFFMAN.)                        9780872864856 PAPER       $12.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 TEN-CENT PLAGUE: THE GREAT                 FARRAR,                                                    PN6725. COMIC BOOKS,                    HISTORY & IMPACT OF OVER-
Language &       COMIC-BOOK SCARE AND HOW HAJDU,            STRAUS &                                                   H33      STRIPS, ETC.--U.S.--           REACTION TO COMICS, 1945-1955.
Literature       IT CHANGED AMERICA.        DAVID.          GIROUX                            2008 302.232      PN     2008     HIST.-- 20TH CENT.      GEN-AC VLS.NYTBR.TLS.                   9780374187675 CLOTH       $26.00
                                            SIMIC,                                                                     PS3569.I
Language &       THAT LITTLE SOMETHING:     CHARLES,        HARCOURT                                                   4725T47                                 POETRY FROM PULITZER PRIZE
Literature       POEMS.                     1938-           TRADE                             2008 811.54       PS     2008                             GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR. NYTBR 5/18/08.   9780151013593 CLOTH       $23.00
                                                                                                                                1. EXPERIMENTAL
                 THING OF BEAUTY: NEW AND                   UNIVERSITY OF                                              PS3563. POETRY. 2.                      PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY,
Language &       SELECTED WORKS; ED. BY       MAC LOW,      CALIFORNIA                                                 A31875T PERFORMANCE                     ETC. A SIMPSON BOOK IN THE
Literature       ANNE TARDOS.                 JACKSON.      PRESS                             2008 811.54       PS     45 2008 ARTS--TEXTS.             GEN-AC HUMANITIES.                      9780520249363 CLOTH       $34.95
Language &       THINGS I MUST HAVE KNOWN:    SPELLMAN,                                                                P444T47                                 POETRY BY FOUNDING MEMBER OF
Literature       POETRY.                      A.B., 1935-   COFFEE HOUSE                      2008 811.54       PS     2008                             GEN-AC THE BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT.         9781566892117 PAPER       $16.00

                                                                                                                                                               RENOWNED WRITER ON LANGUAGE
                 THINK ON MY WORDS':                                                                                             SHAKESPEARE,                  CONSIDERS DRAMATIST'S
Language &       EXPLORING SHAKESPEARE'S      CRYSTAL,     CAMBRIDGE                                                             WILLIAM, 1564-1616--          GRAPHOLOGY, PUNCTUATION,                                            97805217
Literature       LANGUAGE.                    DAVID, 1941- UNIV PRESS                         2008 822.33       PR     PR3072    LANGUAGE.              GEN-AC VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR.     9780521876940 CLOTH            $80.00     00351     $19.99
                                                                                                                                                               ED: FLORIDA STATE UNIV.
                 THOMAS MIDDLETON:            MIDDLETON,                                                                                                       COLLECTED WORKS EDITION OF
Language &       COLLECTED WORKS; ED. BY      THOMAS, D. CLARENDON/O                                                                                           17TH CENT. PLAYSCRIPTS WITH
Literature       GARY TAYLOR.                 1627.        XFORD                              2007 822.3        PR     PR2710                           GEN-AC INTRO., NOTES, ETC.         9780198185697 CLOTH           $170.00
Language &       TO THIS DAY; TRANS. BY       YOSEF, 1888-                                                             PJ5053.                                 TRANSLATION OF ISRAELI NOVEL BY
Literature       HILLEL HALKIN.               1970.        TOBY PRESS                         2008 892.435      PJ     A4                               GEN-AC NOBEL WINNER.                   9781592642144 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                               TOLSTOY, LEO, GRAF.
Language &       TOLSTOY: A GUIDE FOR THE                                   GUIDES FOR THE                                     1828-1910--CRIT. &         AUTH: CLEMSON UNIVERSITY.                                                97808264
Literature       PERPLEXED.                   LOVE, JEFF    CONTINUUM       PERPLEXED.        2008   891.733    PG     PG3410 INTERPR.             GEN-AC PHILOSOPHICAL OVERVIEW.               9780826493781 CLOTH       $95.00     93798     $19.95
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: HOLLINS UNIVERSITY.
                                              ABATE,        TEMPLE                                                     PS374.S AMERICAN FICTION--         HISTORY OF TOMBOYS IN
Language &       TOMBOYS: A LITERARY AND      MICHELLE      UNIVERSITY                             81330935            46A23   19TH CENT.--HIST. &        LITERATURE AND FILM. REVISED
Literature       CULTURAL HISTORY.            ANN, 1975-    PRESS                             2008 22           PS     2008    CRIT.               ADV-AC DISSERTATION.                         9781592137220 CLOTH       $65.00
                                                                            STUDIES IN
                                                                            EIGHTEENTH-                                        1. RACINE, JEAN, 1639-          AUTH: UNIV. OF IOWA. DISCUSSION
                 TRAGIC PASSAGES: JEAN        RACEVSKIS,    BUCKNELL        CENTURY                                    PQ1905. 1699--CRIT. &                   OF LITERARY & THEATRICAL
Language &       RACINE'S ART OF THE          ROLAND,       UNIVERSITY      LITERATURE AND                             R25     INTERPR. 2.                     CONSTRUCTIONS OF SPACE, TIME &
Literature       THRESHOLD.                   1971-         PRESS           CULTURE.          2008 842.4        PQ     2007    TRAGEDY.               ADV-AC   IDENTITY.                       9780838756843 CLOTH        $47.50
                                                            YALE                                                                                               POETRY. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Language &                                    HILL,         UNIVERSITY                                                 PR6015.I                                PENGUIN.         TLS 10/12/07.                                      97803001
Literature       TREATISE OF CIVIL POWER.     GEOFFREY.     PRESS                             2008 821.914      PR     4735                             GEN-AC NYTBR 1/20/08.                  9780300126174 CLOTH        $30.00     31499     $16.00
                                              LONG,                                                                    PS3505.
Language &       TRUMAN CAPOTE: ENFANT        ROBERT                                                                   A59Z685 CAPOTE, TRUMAN,
Literature       TERRIBLE.                    EMMET.        CONTINUUM                         2008 81354        PS     2008     1924-1984.              GEN-AC CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY.              9780826427632 CLOTH       $24.95
                 TRURO BEAR AND OTHER                                                                                  PS3565.
Language &       ADVENTURES: POEMS AND        OLIVER,                                                                  L5T78                                   POETRY BY NATIONAL BOOK AWARD
Literature       ESSAYS.                      MARY          BEACON                            2008    811.54    PS     2008     ANIMALS--POETRY.        GEN-AC AND PULITZER WINNER.          9780807068847 CLOTH          $23.00
                                                            THEATRE                                                    PS3603.
Language &       TWO SISTERS AND A PIANO                    COMMUNICATIO                                               R895T96                                 PLAYSCRIPTS BY PULITZER
Literature       AND OTHER PLAYS.             CRUZ, NILO.   NS                                2007 812.6        PS     2 2006                           GEN-AC WINNER.                          9781559362580 PAPER       $17.95

                                                                                                                          Page 37
                                                                                                                Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                              LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description                 Title              Author       Publisher         Series     Year   Class      ass Number       Subject Headings    Level              Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                                                                   PS3562.                            SHORT STORIES BY PULITZER, ETC.
Language &                                     LAHIRI,      ALFRED A.                                              A316U53 BENGALI AMERICANS--        WINNER. PUB. ALSO IN CANADA. A
Literature       UNACCUSTOMED EARTH.           JHUMPA.      KNOPF                           2008 813.54       PS   2008    FICTION.            GEN-AC BORZOI BOOK. NYTBR. TLS.        9780307265739 CLOTH             $25.00
                                                                                                                           1. WAR IN
                                                                                                                           LITERATURE. 2.             ED: U MICHIGAN. PAPERS FROM A
                 UNDER FIRE: CHILDHOOD IN                                                                          PN1009. CHILDREN'S                 2003 CONFERENCE ON CHILDREN IN
Language &       THE SHADOW OF WAR; ED. BY                  WAYNE STATE     LANDSCAPES OF                          5.W35U LITERATURE--HIST. &         WAR, CHILDREN'S LIT. ABOUT WAR,
Literature       ELIZABETH GOODENOUGH.                      UNIV PRESS      CHILDHOOD.      2008 80993358     PN   53 2008 CRIT.               ADV-AC ETC.                            9780814334041 PAPER             $27.95

                                               GRUBISIC,                  CONTEMPORARY                             PR6052. BAINBRIDGE, BERYL,
Language &       UNDERSTANDING BERYL           BRETT        UNIV OF SOUTH BRITISH                                  A3195Z6 1933- --CRIT. &             AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH
Literature       BAINBRIDGE.                   JOSEF        CAROLINA PR   LITERATURE.       2008   823.914    PR   8 2008  INTERPR.             GEN-AC COLUMBIA. CRITICAL SURVEY.          9781570037566 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                   PQ7797. BORGES, JORGE LUIS,         AUTH: WHEATON COLLEGE.
                 UNIMAGINABLE MATHEMATICS      BLOCH,    OXFORD                                                    B635Z63 1899-1986--                 EXPLORES HIDDEN
Language &       OF BORGES' LIBRARY OF         WILLIAM   UNIVERSITY                                                438     KNOWLEDGE--                 MATHEMATICAL IDEAS IN BORGES'
Literature       BABEL.                        GOLDBLOOM PRESS                              2008 868          PQ   2008    MATHEMATICS.         ADV-AC CLASSIC WORK.                       9780195334579 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                           1. POETS, AMERICAN--
                                                                                                                           20TH CENT.--
                                                                                                                   PS3515. BIOGRAPHY 2.                AUTOBIOGRAPHY BY POET
Language &       UNPACKING THE BOXES: A        HALL,        HOUGHTON                                               A3152Z4 POETS LAUREATE--            LAUREATE, NATIONAL BOOK
Literature       MEMOIR OF A LIFE IN POETRY.   DONALD       MIFFLIN                         2008 81154        PS   78 2008 U.S.                 GEN-AC AWARD-WINNER, ETC.                  9780618990658 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                                                       AUTH: U NEBRASKA, LINCOLN.
                                                            UNIVERSITY OF                                          PS3561.                             PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
Language &                                     KOOSER,      NEBRASKA                                               O6V35   VALENTINE'S DAY--           BY PULITZER. WINNER/FORMER
Literature       VALENTINES.                   TED.         PRESS                           2008 811.54       PS   2008    POETRY.              GEN-AC POET LAUREATE. NYTBR 3/9/08.        9780803217706 CLOTH        $14.95
                                               STANLEY,                                                                                                SPD BOOK. POETRY BY 2006
Language &                                     GEORGE,      NEW STAR                                               PR9199.                             WINNER OF THE SHELLEY
Literature       VANCOUVER: A POEM.            1934-        BOOKS                           2008 821914       PR   3.S7                         GEN-AC MEMORIAL AWARD.                     9781554200382 PAPER        $18.00

                 VOYAGE OF THE SHORT         DU                                                                                                          TRANSLATION OF PRIZE-WINNING
Language &       SERPENT: A NOVEL; TRANS. BY BOUCHERON                                                             PQ2704.                               FRENCH NOVEL.    CO-PUBLISHED
Literature       HESTER VELMANS.             , BERNARD. OVERLOOK                            2008 843.92       PQ   U2                             GEN-AC WITH DUCKWORTH. NYTBR 2/3/08. 9781585679201 CLOTH            $24.95

                                                                                                                           1. AUTHORS, ENGLISH-
                                                                                                                           -20TH CENT.--
                                               GROVE,                                                              PR6025. BIOGRAPHY 2.
Language &       VOYAGE ROUND JOHN             VALERIE,                                                            O7552Z LAWYERS--ENGLAND--           BIOGRAPHY. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Literature       MORTIMER.                     1946-        VIKING                          2007 82891409     PR   68 2008 BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC VIKING. NYTBR 6/8/08.               9780670018802 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                           1. AUTHORS,
                                                                                                                           AMERICAN--20TH              BIOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTING
                                                                                                                   PS3537. CENT.--BIOGRAPHY 2.         STEGNER'S TEACHING &
Language &       WALLACE STEGNER AND THE       FRADKIN,     ALFRED A.                                              T316Z64 WEST (U.S.)--IN             ENVIRONMENTALISM. A BORZOI
Literature       AMERICAN WEST.                PHILIP L.    KNOPF                           2008 813.52       PS   2008    LITERATURE           GEN-AC BOOK,                               9781400043910 CLOTH        $27.50

                                               STEGNER,                                                                                                  PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED SHORT
                                               WALLACE                                                             PS3537.                               STORIES, ETC. WITH WESTERN
Language &                                     EARLE, 1909-              CALIFORNIA                                T316A6                                THEMES. CO-PUBLISHED WITH
Literature       WALLACE STEGNER'S WEST        1993         HEYDAY BOOKS LEGACY.            2008    813.52    PS   2008    WESTERN STORIES.       GEN-AC SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY PRESS.     9781597141116 PAPER        $18.95

                 WALT WHITMAN'S
                 AND PERSONA IN WHITMAN'S                                                                                   WHITMAN, WALT, 1819-        AUTH: SO. ILLINOIS UNIV. HISTORY
Language &       JOURNALISM AND THE FIRST      STACY,                                                              PS3242. 1892--POLITICAL &            OF ECONOMIC CRIT. IN WHITMAN'S                                         97814331
Literature       LEAVES OF GRASS, 1840-1855    JASON.       PETER LANG                      2008 811.3        PS   P64S73 SOCIAL VIEWS.          ADV-AC WORKS                              9781433101533 CLOTH        $64.95     03834     $44.95
                                                                                                                                                        AUTH: NORTHWESTERN UNIV.
                 WAR OF NO PITY: THE INDIAN    HERBERT,   PRINCETON                                                PR468.I5 ENGLISH LITERATURE-         STUDIES REACTION TO THE
Language &       MUTINY AND VICTORIAN          CHRISTOPHE UNIVERSITY                             823.8093          17H47    -19TH CENT.--HIST. &        FEROCITY OF THE REBELLION &
Literature       TRAUMA.                       R, 1941-   PRESS                             2008 58           PR   2008     CRIT.                ADV-AC BRITISH RETRIBUTION.               9780691133324 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                          FARRAR,                                                  PS3561.
Language &                                     KOMUNYAKA STRAUS &                                                  O455W3
Literature       WARHORSES: POEMS.             A, YUSEF   GIROUX                            2008    811.54    PS   7 2008                        GEN-AC POETRY BY PULITZER-WINNER.         9780374286439 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                   PQ2607.                              TRANS. OF NEWLY DISCOVERED
                                              DURAS,                                                               U8245Z4                              NOTEBOOKS OF 20TH C. FRENCH
Language &       WARTIME WRITINGS: 1943-      MARGUERITE                                                           613      DURAS, MARGUERITE--         AUTHOR. INCL. EARLY VERSIONS OF
Literature       1949; ED. BY SOPHIE BOGAERT. .          NEW PRESS                          2008 843.912      PQ   2008     DIARIES.             GEN-AC HER WORKS.                         9781595582003 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                                                                            AUTHORS, AMERICAN--
Language &       WASHINGTON IRVING: AN         JONES,                                                              PS2081. 19TH CENT.--
Literature       AMERICAN ORIGINAL.            BRIAN JAY.   ARCADE                          2008 818.209      PS   J66 2007 BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                         9781559708364 CLOTH        $29.99

                                                                                                                     Page 38
                                                                                                                        Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                   LC    Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                        Dewey     Subcl   Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author       Publisher             Series      Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level              Notes                    ISBN-13   Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                            FARRAR,                                                     PS3552.I                                 AUTH: WELLESLEY COLLEGE.
Language &       WATCHING THE SPRING           BIDART,      STRAUS &                                                    33W38                                    POETRY BY AWARD WINNING
Literature       FESTIVAL.                     FRANK, 1939- GIROUX                               2008 811.54       PS 2008                                GEN-AC AUTHOR.                            9780374286033 CLOTH        $25.00
Language &                                     SPIRES,                                                                  P554W3                                   AUTH: GOUCHER COLLEGE. POETRY
Literature       WAVE-MAKER: POEMS.            ELIZABETH      W.W. NORTON                        2008 81154        PS 8 2008                              GEN-AC BY WHITING AWARD, ETC. WINNER. 9780393066593 CLOTH            $23.95
                                                                                                                        PS3537.                                  PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED POETRY
Language &       WHAT LOVE COMES TO: NEW & STONE,             COPPER                                                    T6817W                                   BY NATIONAL BOOK AWARD
Literature       SELECTED POEMS.           RUTH.              CANYON                             2008 81154        PS 47 2008                             GEN-AC WINNER.                        9781556592713 CLOTH            $32.00
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
                 WHAT MOVES AT THE MARGIN:                                                                                PS3563.                                PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ESSAYS,
Language &       SELECTED NONFICTION; ED. BY MORRISON,        UNIV PRESS OF                                               O8749A                                 ETC. BY NOBEL, PULITZER, ETC.
Literature       CAROLYN C. DENARD.          TONI.            MISSISSIPPI                        2008 818.54       PS     6 2008                          GEN-AC WINNER.                        9781604730173 CLOTH            $30.00

                                                                                                                          PR6061. 1. PROBLEM FAMILIES-         NOVEL BY WHITBREAD WINNER.
Language &       WHEN WE WERE ROMANS: A        KNEALE,                                                                    N37W47 -FICTION. 2. ENGLISH--        PUB. ALSO IN UK BY PICADOR. A
Literature       NOVEL.                        MATTHEW        DOUBLEDAY                          2008 823914       PR     2008    ITALY--FICTION.       GEN-AC NAN A. TALESE BOOK.                  9780385526258 CLOTH        $23.95
Language &       WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN      SEDARIS,                                                                   E314W4                               LITERARY/PERSONAL ESSAYS.
Literature       FLAMES.                       DAVID.         LITTLE, BROWN                      2008 81454        PS     8 2008                        GEN-AC NYTBR 6/08.                          9780316143479 CLOTH        $25.99
                                                              LOUISIANA                                                   PS3557.
Language &       WHIRL IS KING: POEMS FROM A   GALVIN,        STATE UNIV                                                  A44W47                               POETRY BY AIKEN TAYLOR AWARD,                                            97808071
Literature       LIFE LIST.                    BRENDAN        PRESS                              2008 81154        PS     2008                          GEN-AC ETC. WINNER.                         9780807133491 CLOTH        $50.00     33507     $17.95
                 OF EMILY DICKINSON AND                                                                                   PS1541. DICKINSON, EMILY,          AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY &
Language &       THOMAS WENTWORTH              WINEAPPLE,     ALFRED A.                                                   Z5W545 1830-1886--FRIENDS &        NEW SCHOOL.       BIOGRAPHY.
Literature       HIGGINSON.                    BRENDA         KNOPF                              2008 8114         PS     2008    ASSOCIATES.         GEN-AC NYTBR.                                 9781400044016 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE.
                                                              YALE                                                        PN1031.                            ARGUES POETRY 'LIES AT THE
Language &                                                    UNIVERSITY                                                  P34                                CENTER OF WESTERN CULTURE'. A
Literature       WHY POETRY MATTERS.           PARINI, JAY.   PRESS            WHY X MATTERS.    2008 808.1        PN     2008    POETRY.             GEN-AC CARAVAN BOOK.                          9780300124231 CLOTH        $24.00

                                                                                                                          PT2621.                                  REVEALS THE TRUE KAFKA RATHER
                 WHY YOU SHOULD READ                                                                                      A26Z746                                  THAN THE ONE CREATED BY
Language &       KAFKA BEFORE YOU WASTE        HAWES, J.M.    ST MARTIN'S                                                 214     KAFKA, FRANZ, 1883-              SCHOLARS, BIOGRAPHERS,
Literature       YOUR LIFE.                    (JAMES M.)     PRESS                              2008 833912       PT     2008    1924--APPRECIATION. GEN-AC       TOURIST BOARDS.               9780312376512 CLOTH           $23.95
                 WILD NIGHTS!: STORIES ABOUT
                 THE LAST DAYS OF POE,         OATES,                                                                     PS3565. 1. AUTHORS,                      AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
Language &       DICKINSON, TWAIN, JAMES,      JOYCE                                                                      A8W515 AMERICAN--FICTION.                SHORT STORIES BY NATIONAL BOOK
Literature       AND HEMINGWAY.                CAROL, 1938- ECCO                                 2008 813.6        PS     2008    2. SHORT STORIES.    GEN-AC      WARD, ETC. WINNER. NYTBR 4/20/08. 9780061434792 CLOTH       $24.95
                                                                                                                                  1. COLLINS, WILKIE,
                                                                                                                                  1824-1889. 2.
                                                                                                                          PR4496. AUTHORS, ENGLISH--
Language &       WILKIE COLLINS: A LITERARY    LAW,           PALGRAVE                                                    L39     19TH CENT.--                     AUTH: WASEDA UNIVERSITY.
Literature       LIFE.                         GRAHAM         MACMILLAN        LITERARY LIVES.   2008     823.8    PR     2008    BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC      CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY.              9781403948960 CLOTH        $75.00
                                               RUSH,                                                                              SHAKESPEARE,
Language &                                     CHRISTOPHE                                                                 PR6068. WILLIAM, 1564-1616--             HISTORICAL NOVEL. PUBLISHED
Literature       WILL.                         R, 1944-       OVERLOOK                           2008   823.914    PR     U755    FICTION.             GEN-AC      ALSO IN UK.                      9781590200971 CLOTH        $25.95
                                               MULLER,        STATE UNIV OF                                               PS1181.
Language &       WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT:        GILBERT H.,    NEW YORK                                                    M85     BRYANT, WILLIAM                  AUTH: CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW
Literature       AUTHOR OF AMERICA.            1941-          PRESS                              2008 8113         PS     2008    CULLEN, 1794-1878.   GEN-AC      YORK. BIOGRAPHY.                 9780791474679 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                          A86     AUTHORS, AMERICAN--
Language &       WILLIAM FAULKNER: A           RAMPTON,       PALGRAVE                                                    Z946935 20TH CENT.--                     AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA.
Literature       LITERARY LIFE.                DAVID.         MACMILLAN        LITERARY LIVES.   2008 81352        PS     2008    BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC      CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY.              9781403946805 CLOTH        $69.95
Language &       WITHOUT SAYING: NEW           RICHARD,       TURTLE POINT                                                PS3558.
Literature       POEMS.                        1929-          PRESS                              2008    811.54    PS     O8826                           GEN-AC POETRY.                        9781933527147 PAPER            $16.95
                                                                                                                                                                 BIOGRAPHY OF 20TH CENT. HALF-
                                                                                                                          PQ4829.                                JEWISH ITALIAN WOMAN AUTHOR. A
Language &       WOMAN OF ROME: A LIFE OF                     HARPERCOLLIN                                                O615Z8 MORANTE, ELSA, CA.              HARPER BOOK. INCL. B/W PHOTOS.
Literature       ELSA MORANTE.                 TUCK, LILY     S                                  2008 853912       PQ     96 2008 1912-1985.              GEN-AC NYTBR.                         9780061472565 CLOTH            $25.95
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: DONGGUK & KOREA
                 WOMAN ON THE TERRACE:         MOON,                                                                                                             UNIVERSITIES. TRANSLATION OF
Language &       POEMS; TRANS. BY SEONG-       CHONG-HUI,     WHITE PINE       KOREAN VOICES                              PL992.5                                KOREAN POETRY BY PRIZE-
Literature       KON KIM.                      1947-          PRESS            SERIES; V. 12.    2007 895.714      PL     4.C5                            GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR.                9781893996861 PAPER            $15.00
                                                                                                                          PN4872. WOMEN
Language &       WOMEN IN AMERICAN                            UNIV OF                                                     W47     JOURNALISTS--U.S.--            AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO,                                          97802520
Literature       JOURNALISM: A NEW HISTORY. WHITT, JAN        ILLINOIS PRESS                     2008 0713082      PN     2008    BIOGRAPHY               GEN-AC BOULDER.                           9780252033544 CLOTH        $65.00     75568     $25.00

                                                                                                                             Page 39
                                                                                                                       Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                       Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                          Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author        Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level              Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                            JOHNS            JOHNS HOPKINS:                              PS3537.
Language &                                      SMITH,      HOPKINS UNIV     POETRY AND                                  M8693W                                                                                                      97808018
Literature       WORDS BY THE WATER.            WILLIAM JAY PRESS            FICTION.          2008     811.54    PS     66 2008                         GEN-AC POETRY.                          9780801890642 CLOTH        $35.00     90659     $16.95
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: YALE UNIV. ARGUES
                                                             YALE                                                        PR5892.    WORDSWORTH,                 WORDSWORTH'S ORIGINALITY WAS
Language &       WORDSWORTH AND THE                          UNIVERSITY      YALE STUDIES IN                             P5F79      WILLIAM, 1770-1850--        FOUNDED ON HIS ASTONISHMENT
Literature       POETRY OF WHAT WE ARE.         FRY, PAUL H. PRESS           ENGLISH           2008 8217          PR     2008       CRIT. & INTERPR.     ADV-AC AT BEING.                        9780300126488 CLOTH        $55.00
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY.
                                                                                                                         PS3231.                                ACCOUNT OF 19TH C. MEN &
Language &       WORSHIPPING WALT: THE          ROBERTSON, PRINCETON                                                     R58        WHITMAN, WALT, 1819-        WOMEN WHO VIEWED WHITMAN AS
Literature       WHITMAN DISCIPLES.             MICHAEL.   UNIV PRESS                          2008 811.3         PS     2008       1892--APPRECIATION. GEN-AC THEIR IDEAL.                      9780691128085 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                    1. BROTHERS--
                                                                                                                         PS3562.    FICTION. 2.                 AUTH: MACALESTER COLLEGE.
Language &                                      LEE, DON,                                                                E339W7     SCULPTORS--                 SATIRICAL NOVEL BY PRIZE-
Literature       WRACK AND RUIN: A NOVEL.       1959-         W.W. NORTON                      2008 813.54        PS     3 2008     FICTION.             GEN-AC WINNING AUTHOR. NYTBR 6/22/08.   9780393062328 CLOTH        $23.95
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: BOSTON UNIVERSITY.
                                                               UNIV OF       RICE UNIVERSITY                             PS3560.I   1. AUTHORSHIP--             ESSAYS ON MIGRATION &
Language &                                                     CHICAGO       CAMPBELL                                    6Z46       PHILOSOPHY. 2.              LITERATURE IN THE GLOBALIZED
Literature       WRITER AS MIGRANT.             JIN, HA, 1956- PRESS         LECTURES.         2008     818.54    PS     2008       AUTHORS,     EXILED. GEN-AC WORLD. NEW SERIES.               9780226399881 CLOTH        $14.00

                                                                            TAUBER INSTITUTE                                                                 AUTH: UPENN. CRITICAL
                                                                            FOR THE STUDY                                PJ5054. 1. AMICHAI, YEHUDA.         BIOGRAPHY. REINTERPRETS
Language &       YEHUDA AMICHAI: THE MAKING GOLD, NILI        BRANDEIS UNIV OF EUROPEAN                                  A65Z686 2. POETS, ISRAELI--         AMICHAI'S WORK BASED ON NEW
Literature       OF ISRAEL'S NATIONAL POET. SCHARF            PRESS         JEWRY SERIES.    2008      892.416    PJ     2008    BIOGRAPHY            ADV-AC LETTERS & NOTEBOOKS.                9781584657330 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                                             PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED SHORT
Language &                                      ENRIGHT,                                                                 PR6055.                             STORIES BY MAN BOOKER WINNER.
Literature       YESTERDAY'S WEATHER.           ANNE, 1962-   GROVE                            2008    823.914    PR     N73                          GEN-AC NYTBR 9/7/08.                       9780802118745 CLOTH        $24.00
                                                                                                                                                             VULNERABILITY OF
                 CONSTITUTION AND 9/11:                       UNIVERSITY                                                 KF7225. WAR ON TERRORISM,           CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES DURING
                 RECURRING THREATS TO           FISHER,       PRESS OF                                                   F57     2001--LAW & LEGIS.--        TIMES OF NATIONAL STRESS;                                               97807006
Law              AMERICA'S FREEDOMS.            LOUIS         KANSAS                           2008 34273085      KF     2008    U.S.                 GEN-AC HISTORICAL & POST-9/11.             9780700616008 CLOTH        $45.00     16015     $19.95

                                                                                                                                                            ED: OXFORD UNIV. ESSAYS
                                                           OXFORD                                                        KF4515.    CONSTITUTIONAL          PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED OCT 1787 -
                                                HAMILTON,  UNIVERSITY        OXFORD WORLD'S                              F4295      HISTORY--U.S.--         APR 1788. WITH INTRODUCTION,
Law              FEDERALIST PAPERS              ALEXANDER PRESS              CLASSICS.      2008      342.7303    KF     2008       SOURCES.         GEN-AC NOTES, SYNOPSIS, ETC.           9780192805928 PAPER             $15.95
                                                           OXFORD                                                        KF4550.                            AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. INCLUDES
                                                TRIBE,     UNIVERSITY        INALIENABLE                                 T7865    CONSTITUTIONAL            COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS. NYTBR
Law              INVISIBLE CONSTITUTION.        LAURENCE H PRESS             RIGHTS.           2008   342.7302    KF     2008     LAW-U.S.           GEN-AC 9/28/08.                        9780195304251 CLOTH             $19.95
                                                                                                                                                            AP PLUS! BOOK. ED: LONDON
                 IRAQ WAR AND                                 HART                                                       KZ6385.I WAR (INTERNATIONAL        METROPOLITAN UNIV. COLLECTION
Law              INTERNATIONAL LAW                            PUBLISHING                       2008      341.6    KZ     73 2008 LAW)                ADV-AC OF NEW ESSAYS.                  9781841136691 CLOTH             $63.00

                 IS THERE A RIGHT TO REMAIN                                                                                      1. SELF-                       AUTH: HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.
                 SILENT?: COERCIVE                            OXFORD                                                     KF9668. INCRIMINATION--U.S.            ANALYSIS OF CHANGES IN INTERPR.
                 INTERROGATION AND THE          DERSHOWIT     UNIVERSITY     INALIENABLE            345.7305             D47     2. UNITED STATES.              OF 5TH AMENDMENT FOR
Law              FIFTH AMENDMENT AFTER 9/11.    Z, ALAN M.    PRESS          RIGHTS.           2008 6             KF     2008    SUPREME COURT.          GEN-AC PREVENTIVE PURPOSES.            9780195307795 CLOTH         $19.95
                 JEFFERSON VS. THE PATENT                                                                                                                       EXAMINES THOMAS JEFFERSON'S
                 TROLLS: A POPULIST VISION OF   MATSUURA,     UNIV OF                                                    KF2979.                                PERSPECTIVE ON TRADITIONAL
                 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY          JEFFREY H.,   VIRGINIA                                                   M34     INTELLECTUAL                   FORMS OF INTELLECTUAL
Law              RIGHTS.                        1957-         PRESS                            2008   346.7305    KF     2008    PROPERTY--U.S.          ADV-AC PROPERTY.                       9780813927718 CLOTH         $27.95
                 LIBERTY'S BLUEPRINT: HOW
                 MADISON AND HAMILTON
                 WROTE THE FEDERALIST
                 PAPERS, DEFINED THE                                                                                             1. CONSTITUTIONAL
                 CONSTITUTION, AND MADE                                                                                  KF4520. HISTORY--U.S. 2.
                 DEMOCRACY SAFE FOR THE         MEYERSON,                                           342.7302             M49     CONSTITUTIONAL
Law              WORLD.                         MICHAEL.      BASIC BOOKS                      2008 9             KF     2008    LAW--U.S.               ADV-AC AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE.   9780465002641 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                WILHELM       OXFORD                                                     K230.H4 1. LAW--PHILOSOPHY.        REV. OF 1952 TRANS. BY T.M. KNOX.
                 OUTLINES OF THE                FRIEDRICH,    UNIVERSITY                                                 3G7813 2. NATURAL LAW.             WITH EDITOR'S NEW INTRODUCTION
Law              PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT            1770-1831     PRESS                            2008     340.11    K      2008    3. STATE, THE.      ADV-AC (33 P.), NOTES, ETC.              9780192806109 PAPER           $19.95
                 PATENT FAILURE: HOW
                 JUDGES, BUREAUCRATS, AND                                                                                KF3114.                                AUTH: BOSTON UNIV. SCHOOL OF
                 LAWYERS PUT INNOVATORS AT BESSEN,            PRINCETON                             346.7304             B47     PATENT LAWS &                  LAW. EMPIRICAL EVALUATION OF
Law              RISK.                     JAMES, 1958-       UNIV PRESS                       2008 86            KF     2008    LEGISLATION--U.S.       ADV-AC PATENT SYSTEM'S PERFORMANCE.     9780691134918 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                            Page 40
                                                                                                                   Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description                 Title            Author       Publisher         Series       Year   Class       ass Number        Subject Headings   Level                Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                             1. SOCIOLOGICAL              AUTH: U. OF SOUTH CAROLINA.
                                                                                                                             JURISPRUDENCE. 2.            EXAMINES DEVELOPMENT &
                 SOCIOLOGY OF LAW: VISIONS   DEFLEM,      CAMBRIDGE                                                  K370.D4 LAW & THE SOCIAL             THEORY OF THE DISCIPLINE SINCE                                         97805216
Law              OF A SCHOLARLY TRADITION.   MATHIEU.     UNIV PRESS                        2008 340.115       K     4 2008  SCIENCES.             ADV-AC THE 19TH CENTURY.                  9780521857253 CLOTH        $99.00     73921     $39.99
                 SUPREME NEGLECT: HOW TO                                                                                     1. RIGHT OF                  AUTH: UNIV. OF CHICAGO.
                 REVIVE CONSTITUTIONAL       EPSTEIN,     OXFORD                                                             PROPERTY--U.S. 2.            EXPLORES BILL OF RIGHTS TAKINGS
                 PROTECTION FOR PRIVATE      RICHARD      UNIVERSITY      INALIENABLE                                KF562.E CONSTITUTIONAL               CLAUSE; DEFENSE OF PRIVATE
Law              PROPERTY.                   ALLEN, 1943- PRESS           RIGHTS.           2008 346.7304      KF    67 2008 LAW--U.S.             GEN-AC PROPERTY RIGHTS                    9780195304602 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                             1. EXECUTIVE POWER-          AUTH: NORTHWESTERN
                 UNITARY EXECUTIVE:                       YALE                                                       KF5050. -U.S.--HIST.       2.        UNIVERSITY. HIST. & LEGAL
                 PRESIDENTIAL POWER FROM     CALABRESI,   UNIVERSITY                                                 C35     PRESIDENTS--U.S.--           EXAMINATION OF PRESIDENTIAL
Law              WASHINGTON TO BUSH.         STEVEN G.    PRESS                             2008 973099        KF    2008    HIST.                 ADV-AC POWER.                             9780300121261 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN
                 WHAT BLOOD WON'T TELL: A                                                                            KF4755. RACE                         CALIFORNIA. HISTORY OF U.S.
                 HISTORY OF RACE ON TRIAL IN GROSS,       HARVARD UNIV                                               G76     DISCRIMINATION--             TRIALS CONTESTING RACIAL
Law              AMERICA.                    ARIELA JULIE PRESS                             2008    305.801    KF    2008    LAW & LEGIS.--U.S.    ADV-AC IDENTITY.                          9780674031302 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                             1. BOOKS--HIST. 2.           AUTH: U OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.
                                                          UNIV OF                                                            PRINTING--HIST.              DISCUSSES HISTORY OF
                                             ECHARD,      PENNSYLVANIA                                               Z4.E25 3. TRANSMISSION OF            RECEPTION & TRANSMISSION OF
Library Science PRINTING THE MIDDLE AGES.    SIAN         PR           MATERIAL TEXTS.      2008 686209        Z     2008    TEXTS.                ADV-AC MEDIEVAL TEXTS.                    9780812240917 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: CUNY, BARUCH COLLEGE.
                 AMERICAN THERAPY: THE RISE                                                                                                               DISCUSSES SCOPE OF 20TH
                 OF PSYCHOTHERAPY IN THE    ENGLE,        GOTHAM                                                     RC443.E PSYCHOTHERAPY--              CENTURY PSYCHOTHERAPY. NYTBR
Medicine         UNITED STATES.             JONATHAN      BOOKS                             2008   616.8914    RC    54 2008 U.S.--HIST.           GEN-AC 12/21/08.                          9781592403806 CLOTH        $27.50
                 BREAKING THE SILENCE:
                 MENTAL HEALTH
                 EXPERIENCES OF MENTAL                    OXFORD                                                     RC451.4 MENTAL HEALTH
                 ILLNESS; ED. BY STEPHEN P.               UNIVERSITY                             616.8900            .P79B74 PERSONNEL--MENTAL             ED: U. CAL., BERKELEY. PERSONAL
Medicine         HINSHAW.                                 PRESS                             2008 92            RC    2008    HEALTH.                GEN-AC NARRATIVE ESSAYS.                 9780195320268 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                             1. MEDICINE,                  AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. DISCUSSES
                                             HARRINGTO                                                                       PSYCHOSOMATIC--               THE DEEP CULTURAL ROOTS OF
                 CURE WITHIN: A HISTORY OF   N, ANNE,                                            616.0019            RC49.H3 HIST. 2. MIND & BODY--        BELIEFS IN MIND/BODY MED. NYTBR
Medicine         MIND-BODY MEDICINE.         1960-        W.W. NORTON                       2008 9             RC    33 2008 HIST.                  GEN-AC 1/27/08.                          9780393065633 CLOTH        $25.95

                 DEADLY COMPANIONS: HOW                 OXFORD                                                               1. EPIDEMICS--HIST. 2.        AUTH: U. EDINBURGH. HISTORY OF
                 MICROBES SHAPED OUR         CRAWFORD, UNIVERSITY                                                    RA649.C INFECTION--HIST. 3.           THE INFLUENCE OF MICROBES ON
Medicine         HISTORY.                    DOROTHY H. PRESS                               2007 614.4         RA    73 2007 DISEASES & HISTORY. GEN-AC HUMAN CULTURE & VICE VERSA.          9780192807199 CLOTH        $35.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. SCHOOL OF
                                                                                                                     RC537.A                               MEDICINE. OVERVIEW WITH
                                             AGUIRRE,                     BIOGRAPHIES OF                             384     DEPRESSION,                   MEDICAL, CULTURAL VIEWS, ETC.
Medicine         DEPRESSION.                 BLAISE A.    GREENWOOD       DISEASE.          2008 616.8527      RC    2008    MENTAL.                GEN-AC NEW SERIES.                       9780313342196 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                             1. OBESITY. 2.
                                                                                                                             OBESITY--                     AUTH: UTRECHT U. EXPLORES
                 DIETING, OVERWEIGHT, AND              AMER                                                          RC628.S PSYCHOLOGICAL                 GENETIC, ENVIRONMENTAL, &
                 OBESITY: SELF-REGULATION IN STROEBE,  PSYCHOLOGIC                               362.1963            829     ASPECTS. 3. WEIGHT            PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES ON
Medicine         A FOOD-RICH ENVIRONMENT.    WOLFGANG. AL ASSN                              2008 98            RC    2008    LOSS.                  ADV-AC WEIGHT GAIN.                      9781433803352 CLOTH        $59.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: UCLA. EXPLORES ETHICAL &
                                                          UNIVERSITY OF                                              RB155.M MEDICAL GENETICS--            SOCIAL ISSUES THAT HAVE ARISEN
                                             MCCABE,      CALIFORNIA                                                 314     MORAL & ETHICAL               WITH NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN
Medicine         DNA: PROMISE AND PERIL.     LINDA L.     PRESS                             2008 616.042       RB    2008    ASPECTS.               GEN-AC GENETICS.                         9780520251878 CLOTH        $39.95
                 ECHOES OF THE TRAUMA:                                                                                       CHILDREN OF
                 RELATIONAL THEMES AND                                                                               RC451.4 HOLOCAUST                     AUTH: UNIV. OF HAIFA. STUDY OF
                 EMOTIONS IN CHILDREN OF     WISEMAN,     CAMBRIDGE                              61892852            H62W57 SURVIVORS--MENTAL              RELATIONAL &     EMOTIONAL
Medicine         HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS.        HADAS, 1956- UNIV PRESS                        2008 1             RC    2008    HEALTH.                ADV-AC THEMES IN 3 GENERATIONS.          9780521879477 CLOTH        $90.00

                                                                                                                             1. AUTISM--                  AUTH: KENT STATE UNIV.
                                                                                                                     RC553.A PHILOSOPHY. 2.               CONSIDERS PHILOSOPHICAL ISSUES
                 ETHICS OF AUTISM: AMONG     BARNBAUM,    INDIANA UNIV    BIOETHICS AND                              88B3657 AUTISM--MORAL &              INCLUDING CONSCIOUSNESS,                                               97802532
Medicine         THEM, BUT NOT OF THEM.      DEBORAH R    PRESS           THE HUMANITIES.   2008   616.8588    RC    2008    ETHICAL ASPECTS.      ADV-AC THEORY OF MIND, ETC.           9780253352132 CLOTH            $55.00     20134     $21.95
                                                                                                                             1. ROCK, JOHN
                                                                                                                             CHARLES, 1890-1984.         AUTH: RUTGERS UNIV. BIOGRAPHY
                 FERTILITY DOCTOR: JOHN      MARSH,       JOHNS                                                      RG76.R6 2. ORAL                     OF RESEARCHER OF IN VITRO
                 ROCK AND THE                MARGARET     HOPKINS UNIV                                               3M37    CONTRACEPTIVES--            FERTILIZATION & ORAL
Medicine         REPRODUCTIVE REVOLUTION.    S., 1945-    PRESS                            2008 618.1009      RG     2008    U.S.--HIST           GEN-AC CONTRACEPTIVES.                 9780801890017 CLOTH            $29.95
                                                                          CALIFORNIA/MILBA                                                               AUTH: VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH
                 HEALTH CARE REVOLUTION:             UNIV OF              NK SERIES ON                               RA395.A HEALTH CARE                 UNIV. DISCUSSES KEY EVENTS THAT
                 FROM MEDICAL MONOPOLY TO AMERINGER, CALIFORNIA           HEALTH AND THE        362.1042             3A5974 REFORM--U.S.--HIST.--        LED TO ANTI-TRUST LEGISLATION
Medicine         MARKET COMPETITION.      CARL F.    PRESS                PUBLIC; V. 19.   2008 5              RA    2008    20TH CENT.           ADV-AC OF 1970S                        9780520254800 CLOTH            $49.95

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                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author       Publisher        Series       Year   Class        ass Number         Subject Headings     Level                Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 HEALTH DISPARITIES IN THE                                                                                      1. HEALTH SERVICES               AUTH: STANFORD UNIV.
                 UNITED STATES: SOCIAL                      JOHNS                                                      RA418.3. ACCESSIBILITY--U.S.              EXAMINATION OF SOCIOECONOMIC
                 CLASS, RACE, ETHNICITY, AND   BARR,        HOPKINS UNIV                                               U6B37    2. SOCIAL MEDICINE--             & ETHNIC ASPECTS OF HEALTH &                                         97808018
Medicine         HEALTH.                       DONALD A.    PRESS                            2008 3621           RA    2008     U.S.                    ADV-AC   MEDICAL TREATMENT.               9780801888205 CLOTH        $75.00     88212     $40.00
                                                                                                                                1. WOMEN--MENTAL                 ON SOCIETAL FACTORS IN
                                                                                                                       RC451.4 HEALTH--HIST. 2.                  CONSTRUCTION OF MENTAL
                 MAD, BAD AND SAD: WOMEN       APPIGNANES                                         616.8900             .W6A66 MENTAL ILLNESS--                   ILLNESS. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Medicine         AND THE MIND DOCTORS.         I, LISA.     W.W. NORTON                      2008 82             RC    2008     TREATMENT--HIST.        GEN-AC   VIRAGO. NYTBR 4/27/08.           9780393066630 CLOTH        $29.95
                                               FOX, RENEE                                                                       1. MEDICAL ETHICS--              AUTH: UNIV. OF PENNSYLVANIA.
                                               C. (RENEE  OXFORD                                                                U.S.--HIST. 2.                   EXAMINES THE RISE OF BIOETHICS
                                               CLAIRE),   UNIVERSITY                                                   R724.F6 BIOETHICS --U.S.--                FROM A 2OTH C. SOCIOCULTURAL
Medicine         OBSERVING BIOETHICS.          1928-      PRESS                              2008 1742           R     2 2008   HIST.                   ADV-AC   PERSPECTIVE                      9780195365559 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                          JOHNS                                                                                                  AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. DISCUSSES
                 OUR PRESENT COMPLAINT:                   HOPKINS                                                              1. MEDICINE--U.S.--               PRESENT HEATH CARE IN
                 AMERICAN MEDICINE, THEN       ROSENBERG, UNIVERSITY                                                   R151.R6 HIST. 2. MEDICAL                  SOCIAL/CULTURAL CONTEXT OF                                           97808018
Medicine         AND NOW.                      CHARLES E. PRESS                              2007 610.           R     7 2007  CARE-- U.S.--HIST.       ADV-AC   PAST 2 CENTURIES.                9780801887154 CLOTH        $50.00     87161     $19.95
                                                                                                                                                                 AUTH: KENNEDY INSTITUTE OF
                 PATIENT, HEAL THYSELF: HOW                 OXFORD                                                              1. MEDICINE--                    ETHICS. DISCUSSES CHANGES IN
                 THE NEW MEDICINE PUTS THE     VEATCH,      UNIVERSITY                                                 R723.5.V DECISION MAKING. 2.              HOW WE THINK ABOUT MEDICAL
Medicine         PATIENT IN CHARGE.            ROBERT M     PRESS                            2009         610    R     43 2008 MEDICAL ETHICS.          GEN-AC   DECISIONS.                       9780195313727 CLOTH        $29.95
                 HIV/AIDS IN LOW AND MIDDLE
                 INCOME COUNTRIES:                                                                                             HIV INFECTIONS--                ED: JOHN HOPKINS UNIV.
                 EPIDEMIOLOGY, PREVENTION                                                                              RA643.8 DEVELOPING                      COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION OF
Medicine         AND CARE.                                  SPRINGER                         2008    614.599     RA    6.D44   COUNTRIES.               ADV-AC NEW ESSAYS.                     9780387727103 CLOTH          $149.00
                                                                                                                               1. PAIN--                       ED: U. OF CALIFORNIA, SAN
                                                            ELSEVIER                                                           PATHOPHYSIOLOGY.                FRANCISCO. NEW ESSAYS ON
                                                            ACADEMIC                                                           2. PAIN--                       BIOLOGICAL, ANATOMICAL, ETC.
Medicine         SCIENCE OF PAIN                            PRESS                            2009   616.0472     RB    RB127   TREATMENT.               ADV-AC BASIS OF PAIN.                  9780123746252 CLOTH          $199.95
                                                                           OXFORD                                                                              AUTH: CARDIFF UNIV. TRACES
                                                            OXFORD         MONOGRAPHS ON                               RB155.H                                 DEVELOPMENT OF GENETICS IN
                 SHORT HISTORY OF MEDICAL      HARPER,      UNIVERSITY     MEDICAL                                     357     MEDICAL GENETICS--              MEDICINE, WITH FOCUS ON PAST 50
Medicine         GENETICS.                     PETER S      PRESS          GENETICS.         2008    616.042     RB    2008    HIST.                    ADV-AC YEARS.                          9780195187502 CLOTH           $55.00

                 TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY
                 CONTEMPORARY APPROACHES                                                                                                                   ED: NORTHWESTERN UNIV.
                 TO THEORY AND PRACTICE;                                                                               RC480.T                             COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS WITH
Medicine         ED. BY JAY L. LEBOW.                       JOHN WILEY                       2008 616.8914       RC    94 2008 PSYCHOTHERAPY.       ADV-AC LEADING THEORIES.                9780471752233 CLOTH              $96.60
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: UNIV. OF COLOGNE. IDEAS OF
                 WELLBEING: A CULTURAL                                                                                         1. HEALTH BEHAVIOR--        HEALTH & HEALTHY LIVING,
                 HISTORY OF HEALTHY LIVING;    BERGDOLT,                                                                       HIST. 2. HEALTH             ANTIQUITY TO 19TH C. TRANS. FROM                                           97807456
Medicine         TRANS. BY JANE DEWHURST.      KLAUS.       POLITY PRESS                     2008 61309          RA    RA776.9 PROMOTION--HIST.     ADV-AC GERMAN.                          9780745629131 CLOTH              $69.95     29148     $26.95

                                                                           CAMBRIDGE                                            1. DISEASES--CAUSES              AUTH: DURHAM UNIVERSITY.
                                                                           STUDIES IN                                           & THEORIES OF                    CONSIDERS THE MISMATCH
                                           POLLARD,                        BIOLOGICAL AND                                       CAUSATION. 2.                    BETWEEN HUMAN BIOLOGY &
                 WESTERN DISEASES: AN      TESSA M.,        CAMBRIDGE      EVOLUTIONARY                                         MEDICAL                          AFFLUENT WESTERN                                                     97805216
Medicine         EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE. 1966-            UNIV PRESS     ANTHROPOLGY; 54. 2008 616071          RB    RB152    GEOGRAPHY.          ADV-AC       ENVIRONMENT.                     9780521851800 CLOTH       $150.00     17376     $65.00

                 WHAT IS MENTAL DISORDER?:                  OXFORD         PERSPECTIVES IN                             RC437.5                                 AUTH: KING'S COLLEGE LONDON.
                 AN ESSAY IN PHILOSOPHY,       BOLTON,      UNIVERSITY     PHILOSOPHY AND         616.9944             .B653   MENTAL ILLNESS--                PHILOSOPHICAL CONSIDERATION
Medicine         SCIENCE, AND VALUES.          DEREK.       PRESS          PSYCHIATRY.       2008 9              RC    2008    PHILOSOPHY.              ADV-AC OF SOCIAL & MEDICAL BOUNDARIES. 9780198565925 PAPER           $57.50
                                                                                                                                                               JOURNALIST CHRONICLES HOW THE
                                                                                                                       UD395.A                                 AK-47 HAS SHAPED THE MODERN
                                               HODGES,      MACADAM/CAG                                                16H63   1. AK-47 RIFLE. 2. AK-          WORLD. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Military Science AK47: THE STORY OF A GUN.     MICHAEL.     E                                2007 6234425        UD    2008    47 RIFLE--HIST.          GEN-AC SCEPTRE.                        9781596922860 CLOTH           $24.00
                 ANCIENT WORLD AT WAR: A                                                                                                                       ED: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN.
                 GLOBAL HISTORY; ED. BY                     THAMES &                                                           MILITARY HISTORY,               COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.
Military Science PHILIP DE SOUZA.                           HUDSON                           2008 355.0093       U     U29     ANCIENT.                 GEN-AC WELL-ILLUSTRATED.               9780500251386 CLOTH           $50.00
                                                                                                                               1. BIOLOGICAL
                 BIOSECURITY IN THE GLOBAL                                                                                     WARFARE--                       AUTH: INDIANA UNIV. SCH. OF LAW.
                 AGE: BIOLOGICAL                            STANFORD                                                   UG447.8 PREVENTION. 2.                  A STANFORD LAW & POLITICS BK.
                 WEAPONS, PUBLIC HEALTH,       FIDLER,      UNIVERSITY                                                 .F54    BIOTERRORISM--                  LINKS BETWEEN. SECURITY &
Military Science AND THE RULE OF LAW.          DAVID P.     PRESS                            2008 363.3253      UG     2008    PREVENTION.              ADV-AC PUBLIC HEALTH.                     9780804750295 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                          Page 42
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

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LC Description             Title                  Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level                Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                 CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF                       CAMBRIDGE                                                         MILITARY ART &                 ED: KING'S COLLEGE LONDON.
                 GREEK AND ROMAN WARFARE;                   UNIVERSITY                            355.0209            U35.C34 SCIENCE--ROME--                COLLECTION OF NEW     ESSAYS. 2-
Military Science ED. BY PHILIP SABIN.                       PRESS                            2007 38            U     2007    HIST.                   ADV-AC VOL. SET.                        9780521857796 CLOTH        $440.00
                                                                                                                              1. SOCIOLOGY,                  AUTH: HEBREW UNIVERSITY.
                                               VAN                                                                            MILITARY. 2. WAR. 3.           HISTORICAL STUDY OF THE
                                               CREVELD,     PRESIDIO                                                  U21.5.C MILITARY ART &                 SOCIOLOGY OF WAR. CO-
Military Science CULTURE OF WAR.               MARTIN       PRESS                            2008     306.27    U     74 2008 SCIENCE--HIST.          GEN-AC PUBLISHED WITH BALLANTINE.       9780345505408 CLOTH         $30.00

                                                                                                                              PREEMPTIVE ATTACK            AUTH: U.S. NAVAL WAR COLLEGE.
                 EVE OF DESTRUCTION: THE                    UNIVERSITY OF                                                     (MILITARY SCIENCE)--         ARGUES INCREASING USE OF PRE-
                 COMING AGE OF PREVENTIVE      NICHOLS,     PENNSYLVANIA                                                      GOVERNMENT                   EMPTIVE ATTACKS WILL LEAD TO
Military Science WAR.                          THOMAS M.    PR                               2008 355.033       U     U163    POLICY.               ADV-AC CHAOS.                              9780812240665 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                              1. DEATH                     PULITZER-WINNING JOURNALIST
                                                                                                                              NOTIFICATION--U.S. 2.        COVERS MARINE CASUALTY
                 FINAL SALUTE: A STORY OF      SHEELER,     PENGUIN                               956.7044            U353.S5 IRAQ WAR, 2003--             NOTIFICATION OFFICER/FAMILIES
Military Science UNFINISHED LIVES.             JIM.         PRESS                            2008 37            U     3 2008  CASUALITIES.          GEN-AC OF WAR DEAD. NYTBR.                 9781594201653 CLOTH        $25.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: ARIZONA STATE. STUDY OF
                                                                                                                              PREEMPTIVE ATTACK            PRE-EMPTIVE WAR AS POLITICAL &
                 FIRST STRIKE: PREEMPTIVE      FLYNN,                                                                 U163.F5 (MILITARY SCIENCE)--         MILITARY TACTIC, NAPOLEON TO                                            97804159
Military Science WAR IN MODERN HISTORY.        MATTHEW J. ROUTLEDGE                          2008 355422        U     9 2008  CASE STUDIES.         GEN-AC PRESENT.                            9780415958448 CLOTH        $95.00     58455     $27.95
                                                                                                                              1. RUMSFELD,                 AUTH: KANSAS STATE UNIV.
                                               HERSPRING,                                                             UA23.6. DONALD, 1932- 2.             ASSESSES RUMSFELD & HIS
                 RUMSFELD'S WARS: THE          DALE R.    UNIVERSITY PR MODERN WAR                956.7044            H47     CABINET OFFICERS--           RELATIONS WITH THE MILITARY
Military Science ARROGANCE OF POWER.           (DALE ROY) OF KANSAS     STUDIES.             2008 3373          UA    2008    U.S.--BIOGRAPHY       GEN-AC DURING THE IRAQ WAR.                9780700615872 CLOTH        $34.95

                                                                                                                               1. NUCLEAR                      AUTH: YALE UNIV. WARNS OF THE
                                               SCHELL,                                                                         NONPROLIFERATION--              REVIVAL OF USE OF NUCLEAR
                 SEVENTH DECADE: THE NEW       JONATHAN,    METROPOLITAN                          355.0217            U264.3.S U.S. 2.  NUCLEAR                WEAPONS AS VIABLE OPTION.
Military Science SHAPE OF NUCLEAR DANGER.      1943-        /HENRY HOLT                      2007 0973          U     43 2007 WEAPONS--U.S.       GEN-AC       NYTBR 11/25/07.                 9780805081299 CLOTH        $24.00

                 SHADOW FACTORY: THE
                 ULTRA-SECRET NSA FROM 9/11                                                                           UB256.U UNITED STATES.                 EXPLORATION OF THE NSA & THE
                 TO THE EAVESDROPPING ON    BAMFORD,                                                                  6B38    NATIONAL SECURITY              EXTENT OF ITS WIRETAPPING
Military Science AMERICA.                   JAMES           DOUBLEDAY                        2008   327.1273    UB    2008    AGENCY-- HIST.          GEN-AC PROGRAM. NYTBR 11/2/08.           9780385521321 CLOTH        $27.95

                                                                                                                              1. BIOLOGICAL                AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING.
                 SIX-LEGGED SOLDIERS: USING    LOCKWOOD, OXFORD                                                       UG447.8 WARFARE. 2. INSECTS          EXPLORES HISTORY OF USE OF
                 INSECTS AS WEAPONS OF         JEFFREY     UNIVERSITY                                                 .L63    AS     CARRIERS OF           INSECT-BORNE DISEASE IN
Military Science WAR.                          ALAN, 1960- PRESS                             2009   358.3882   UG     2009    DISEASE.            GEN-AC   MILITARY BATTLES.                   9780195333053 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: DUKE UNIV. HIST. STUDY OF
                                               DOWNES,      CORNELL         CORNELL STUDIES                           U21.2.D CIVILIAN WAR                 REASONS GOVERNMENTS. DECIDE
                                               ALEXANDER    UNIVERSITY      IN SECURITY                               587      CASUALITIES--HIST.--        TO DELIBERATELY ATTACK
Military Science TARGETING CIVILIANS IN WAR.   B., 1969-    PRESS           AFFAIRS.        2008 172.42         U     2008     20TH CENT.           ADV-AC CIVILIANS.                          9780801446344 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                               MILITARY ART &              HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT,
                                               MAHNKEN,     COLUMBIA                                                  U43.U4 SCIENCE--                     INTEGRATION, & IMPACT OF NEW
                 TECHNOLOGY AND THE            THOMAS G.,   UNIVERSITY                            35507097            M34      TECHNOLOGICAL               TECHNOLOGIES ON POST-1945 U.S.
Military Science AMERICAN WAY OF WAR.          1965-        PRESS                            2008 3             U     2008     INNOVATIONS--U.S.    ADV-AC MILITARY.                           9780231123365 CLOTH        $29.50
                 THINKING BEYOND THE                                                                                                                       AUTH: U.S. NAVAL WAR COLLEGE.
                 UNTHINKABLE: HARNESSING       STEVENSON,                                                                      NUCLEAR WEAPONS--           ANALYZES WAYS COLD WAR
                 DOOM FROM THE COLD WAR        JONATHAN,                                          35502170            UA23.S6 GOVERNMENT                   DETERRENCE STRATEGY FAILED IN
Military Science TO THE AGE OF TERROR.         1956-      VIKING                             2008 973           UA    95 2007 POLICY--U.S.-- HIST.  GEN-AC AGE OF TERROR.                      9780670019014 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                                                                               1. WOMEN & WAR--
                                               LYNN, JOHN                                                                      EUROPE--HIST. 2.
                 WOMEN, ARMIES, AND            A. (JOHN                                                                        CAMP                        OUTLINES IMPORTANT AND
                 WARFARE IN EARLY MODERN       ALBERT),     CAMBRIDGE                                                 U21.75.L FOLLOWERS--                 ESSENTIAL ROLES OF WOMEN IN                                             97805217
Military Science EUROPE.                       1943-        UNIV PRESS                       2008   355.0082    U     96 2008 EUROPE--HIST.         ADV-AC ARMIES, 1500-1815.                  9780521897655 CLOTH        $80.00     22377     $24.99

                                                                                                                               1. BEETHOVEN,
                                                                                                                               LUDWIG VAN, 1770-           INCL. FULL TEXTS WITH ENGLISH
                 BEETHOVEN SONG                            MANCHESTER                                                 ML410.B 1827. SONGS. 2.              TRANSLATION, HISTORY, NOTES,
Music            COMPANION.                    REID, PAUL. UNIV PRESS                        2007 782.4941      ML    4        SONGS--HIST. & CRIT. ADV-AC ETC.                             9780719075704 CLOTH           $90.00
                                               MAGEE,                                                                                                      AUTH: UNIV. OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-
                                               GAYLE                                                                  ML410.I9 IVES, CHARLES, 1874-        CHAMPAIGN. EXAMINES NEW
                 CHARLES IVES                  SHERWOOD, UNIV OF          MUSIC IN                                    4M34     1954--CRIT. &               SOURCES TO CHALLENGE CRITICAL
Music            RECONSIDERED.                 1965-       ILLINOIS PRESS AMERICAN LIFE      2008 78092         ML    2008     INTERPR.             ADV-AC ASSUMPTIONS.                     9780252033261 CLOTH           $35.00

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LC Description                Title               Author       Publisher           Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                                                                                                                 1. MUSIC--
                                                                             COLUMBIA THEMES                                     PHILOSOPHY &                   AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 ELECTIVE AFFINITIES: MUSICAL               COLUMBIA         IN PHILOSOPHY,                              ML3800. AESTHETICS. 2.                 FOCUSES ON THE HISTORY FROM
                 ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY OF     GOEHR,        UNIVERSITY       SOCIAL CRITICISM,                           G5756   MUSIC &                        CLASSICISM TO THE THEORIES OF
Music            AESTHETIC THEORY.            LYDIA         PRESS            AND THE ARTS.     2008     781.17    ML     2008    PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC ADORNO & DANTO.                    9780231144803 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                 1. LOESSER, FRANK,             AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO,
                                               RIIS,        YALE                                                         ML410.L 1910-1969. 2.                  BOULDER. CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY
                                               THOMAS       UNIVERSITY       YALE BROADWAY          782.1409             7984R55 COMPOSERS--U.S.--              OF NOTED 20TH CENTURY
Music            FRANK LOESSER.                LAURENCE.    PRESS            MASTERS.          2008 2             ML     2008    BIOGRAPHY               GEN-AC LYRICIST/COMPOSER.                 9780300110517 CLOTH        $40.00

                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: UNIV. OF NORTH CAROLINA,
                                                                                                                         ML3917. 1. MUSIC--SOCIAL               CHAPEL HILL. EXAMINES CULTURAL
                 IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK:   CANTWELL,    UNIV OF                                                      U6C36   ASPECTS--U.S. 2.               PRACTICE AS PERFORMANCE AND                                            97802520
Music            MUSIC, COMMUNITY, CULTURE.    ROBERT       ILLINOIS PRESS                     2008        780    ML     2008    FOLKLORE --U.S.         ADV-AC AS ARTIFACT.                       9780252033629 CLOTH        $75.00     75667     $25.00
                 ROMANCE ON THREE LEGS:                                                                                          1. GOULD, GLENN--              EXAMINES OBSESSION WITH
                 GLENN GOULD'S OBSESSIVE                                                                                 ML417.G CRIT. & INTERPR.               STEINWAY CD 318, ETC. PUB. ALSO
                 QUEST FOR THE PERFECT         HAFNER,      BLOOMSBURY                                                   68H28   2. STEINWAY PIANO--            IN CANADA BY MCLELLAND &
Music            PIANO.                        KATIE.       USA                                2008 7862092       ML     2008    HIST.                   GEN-AC STEWART. NYTBR 6/08.               9781596915244 CLOTH        $24.99
                 ROSSINI IN RESTORATION        WALTON,      CAMBRIDGE        CAMBRIDGE                                   ML410.R GIOACCHINO, 1792-              AUTH: UNIV. OF CAMBRIDGE.
                 PARIS: THE SOUND OF           BENJAMIN,    UNIVERSITY       STUDIES IN                                  8W25    1868--CRIT. &                  EXAMINES ROSSINI'S     INFLUENCE
Music            MODERN LIFE.                  1972-        PRESS            OPERA.            2007 782.1092      ML     2007    INTERPR.                ADV-AC IN PARIS DURING 1820S.             9780521870603 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                                                                                 1. SCHOENBERG,
                                               MACDONALD, OXFORD             MASTER                                      ML410.S ARNOLD, 1874-1951.
                                               MALCOLM,   UNIVERSITY         MUSICIANS                                   283M15 2. COMPOSERS--                  ANALYTICAL BIOGRAPHY. INCLUDES
Music            SCHOENBERG.                   1948-      PRESS              SERIES.           2008     780.92    ML     2007    BIOGRAPHY               ADV-AC SECTION OF B&W PHOTOGRAPHS.    9780195172010 CLOTH            $35.00
                                                                                                                                 1. MUSIC--SOCIAL               AUTH: UNIV. OF CAMBRIDGE.
                 TRIUMPH OF MUSIC: THE RISE                                                                              ML3916. ASPECTS--HIST. 2.              PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY
                 OF COMPOSERS, MUSICIANS       BLANNING,    BELKNAP                                                      B53     MUSICIANS--SOCIAL              WEIDENFELD & NICHOLSON.
Music            AND THEIR ART.                T.C.W        HARVARD                            2008   306.4842    ML     2008    CONDIT.                 GEN-AC HISTORICAL OVERVIEW.           9780674031043 CLOTH            $29.95
                                                                                                                                 1. MUSIC--
                                                                                                                                 PSYCHOLOGICAL                  AUTH: CUNY. STUDIES CREATIVE
                                               KRAMER,      OXFORD                                                       ML3830. ASPECTS. 2. MUSIC--            PROCESS & AESTHETICS OF
                                               RICHARD,     UNIVERSITY                                                   K7295   PHILOSOPHY &                   SKETCHES & WORKS BY CLASSICAL
Music            UNFINISHED MUSIC.             1938-        PRESS                              2008 781.17        ML     2007    AESTHETICS.             ADV-AC COMPOSERS.                    9780195326826 CLOTH             $39.95
                 AFTER THE OPEN SOCIETY:       KARL                                                                                                             ED: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIV.
                 SELECTED SOCIAL AND           RAIMUND,                                                                  B1649.P                                COLLECTION OF PREVIOUSLY
                 POLITICAL WRITINGS; ED. BY    SIR, 1902-                                                                61 S54                                 UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS BY 20TH C.
Philosophy       JEREMY SHEARMUR.              1994.        ROUTLEDGE                          2008 192           B      2007    PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC PHILOSOPHER.                    9780415309080 CLOTH           $90.00
                 AFTERMATH OF WAR              SARTRE,                                                                           GERMAN                         NEW TRANSLATIONS OF FRENCH
                 (SITUATIONS III); TRANS. BY   JEAN-PAUL,   SEAGULL                                                      B2430.S OCCUPATION, 1940-              ESSAYS WRITTEN FROM 1945-1949.
Philosophy       CHRIS TURNER.                 1905-1980    BOOKS                              2008        844    B      32      1945.                   ADV-AC DIST. BY PALGRAVE MACMILLAN.       9781905422883 CLOTH        $18.95
                 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY: AN
                 ENCYCLOPEDIA; ED. BY                                                                                    B850.A4   PHILOSOPHY,
Philosophy       JOHN LACHS.                                ROUTLEDGE                          2008 191.03        B      3 2007    AMERICAN--ENCYCL.     GEN-AC ENCYCLOPEDIA.                      9780415939263 CLOTH       $220.00
                                                            FORDHAM          PERSPECTIVES IN                             B2430.D                                ED: COLLEGE INTL. DE
                 ANIMAL THAT THEREFORE I AM;   DERRIDA,     UNIVERSITY       CONTINENTAL                                 483A551   ANIMALS                      PHILOSOPHIE. TRANSLATED FROM                                           97808232
Philosophy       ED. BY MARIE-LOUISE MALLET.   JACQUES.     PRESS            PHILOSOPHY.       2008 194           B      3 2008    (PHILOSOPHY)          ADV-AC FRENCH.                            9780823227907 CLOTH        $60.00     27914     $20.00
                 BEFORE THE VOICE OF
                 REASON: ECHOES OF             KLEINBERG-                 SUNY SERIES IN                                         1. MERLEAU-PONTY,
                 RESPONSIBILITY IN MERLEAU-    LEVIN, DAVID STATE UNIV OF CONTEMPORARY                                   B2430.M MAURICE, 1908-1961.
                 PONTY'S ECOLOGY AND           MICHAEL,     NEW YORK      FRENCH                                         3764K54 2. ECOLOGY--                   AUTH: NORTHWESTERN UNIV.
Philosophy       LEVINAS'S ETHICS.             1939-        PRESS         THOUGHT.             2008        194    B      2008    PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC PHENOMENOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY. 9780791475492 CLOTH              $80.00
                 BENDING THE RULES:
                 MORALITY IN THE MODERN                                                                                                                         PSYCHOSOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL
                 WORLD: FROM                                OXFORD                                                       BJ1012.                                LOOK AT THE NATURE OF
                 RELATIONSHIPS TO POLITICS     HINDE,       UNIVERSITY                                                   H56     ETHICS--HIST.--21ST            MORALITY & AT ETHICAL ISSUES IN
Philosophy       AND WAR.                      ROBERT A.    PRESS                              2007 170.          BJ     2007    CENT.                   GEN-AC CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY.              9780199218974 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                                 1. BENJAMIN,
                                               WEBER,                                                                    B3209.B WALTER, 1892-1940. 2.        AUTH: NORTHWESTERN UNIV.
                                               SAMUEL,      HARVARD UNIV                                                 584W43 BENJAMIN, WALTER,             DISCUSSES SUFFIX '-ABILITY' IN
Philosophy       BENJAMIN'S -ABILITIES.        1940-        PRESS                              2008 193           B      2008    1892-1940. MOWEN.     ADV-AC BENJAMIN'S WRITINGS.                 9780674028371 CLOTH        $29.95

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LC Description                Title               Author       Publisher         Series     Year   Class        ass Number          Subject Headings    Level              Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 ENCOUNTERS:                   MOULARD-                   SUNY SERIES IN                                       1. BERGSON, HENRI,
                 TRANSCENDENTAL                LEONARD,     STATE UNIV OF CONTEMPORARY                                 B2430.B 1859-1941. 2.
                 EXPERIENCE AT THE THOUGHT     VALENTINE,   NEW YORK      FRENCH                                       43M67   DELEUZE, GILLES,
Philosophy       OF THE VIRTUAL.               1972-        PRESS         THOUGHT.          2008 194            B      2008    1925-1995.              ADV-AC                                  9780791475317 CLOTH        $65.00
                 RELIGION: PHILOSOPHICAL       HABERMAS,                                                                                                      DISCUSSES THE SURVIVAL OF
                 ESSAYS; TRANS. BY CIARAN      JURGEN,                                                                 B3258.H NATURALISM--                   RELIGION & LIMITS OF THE                                             97807456
Philosophy       CRONIN.                       1929-        POLITY PRESS                    2008 146            B      323     RELIGIOUS ASPECTS.      ADV-AC SECULAR. TRANS. FROM GERMAN.    9780745638249 CLOTH         $69.95     38256     $26.95
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: UNIV. OF WARWICK.
                                                         CAMBRIDGE         CAMBRIDGE                                                                          OVERVIEW COVERING
                 CAMBRIDGE INTRODUCTION TO HILL, LESLIE, UNIVERSITY        INTRODUCTIONS                               B2430.D DERRIDA, JACQUES--             DERRIDA'S LIFE, WORK, CONTEXT &                                      97805216
Philosophy       JACQUES DERRIDA.          1949-         PRESS             TO LITERATURE.   2007 194.           B      484     CRIT. & INTERPR.        GEN-AC RECEPTION.                      9780521864169 CLOTH         $80.00     82817     $19.99
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: NYU. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
                                               SENNETT,     YALE                                                       BJ1498. 1. WORK. 2. WORK--             ALLEN LANE. ON CONNECTION OF
                                               RICHARD,     UNIVERSITY                                                 S46     MORAL & ETHICAL                PHYSICAL LABOR TO ETHICAL
Philosophy       CRAFTSMAN.                    1943-        PRESS                           2008 601.           BJ     2008    ASPECTS.                ADV-AC VALUES. NYTBR 4/6/08.           9780300119091 CLOTH         $27.50
                 DEATH AND CHARACTER:                                                                                          HUME, DAVID, 1711-
                 FURTHER REFLECTIONS ON     BAIER,          HARVARD UNIV                                               B1489.B 1776. TREATISE OF
Philosophy       HUME.                      ANNETTE         PRESS                           2008         192    B      34 2008 HUMAN NATURE.           ADV-AC AUTH: UNIV. OF PITTSBURGH.       9780674030909 CLOTH        $39.95
                                            EAGLESTON                                                                  B2430.D                                ED: LONDON SCHOOL OF
                 DERRIDA'S LEGACIES:        E, ROBERT,                                                                 484E24                                 ECONOMICS. COLLECTION OF NEW                                         97804154
Philosophy       LITERATURE AND PHILOSOPHY. 1968-           ROUTLEDGE                       2008 194            B      2008    DERRIDA, JACQUES.       ADV-AC ESSAYS.                          9780415454278 CLOTH       $120.00     54285     $39.95

                 DESCARTES' BONES: A                                                                                                                       DESCARTES' INFLUENCE IN
                 SKELETAL HISTORY OF THE                                                                               B1875.S 1. DESCARTES, RENE,         DEVELOPMENT OF THE MODERN
                 CONFLICT BETWEEN FAITH        SHORTO,                                                                 495     1596-1650. 2. FAITH.        MIND; AN INTELLECTUAL
Philosophy       AND REASON.                   RUSSELL      DOUBLEDAY                       2008         194    B      2008    3. REASON.           GEN-AC DETECTIVE STORY. NYTBR 11/2/08.     9780385517539 CLOTH        $26.00

                                                                                                                               1. PHILOSOPHY. 2.            AUTH: U. OF STRASBOURG. NEW
                 DISCOURSE OF THE SYNCOPE:              STANFORD           MERIDIAN:                                           STYLE (PHILOSOPHY)           TRANS. OF 1976 FRENCH WORK ON
                 LOGODAEDALUS; TRANS. BY   NANCY, JEAN- UNIVERSITY         CROSSING                                    B53.N25 3. KANT, IMMANUEL,           KANT'S PHILOSOPHY REGARDING                                            97808047
Philosophy       SAUL ANTON.               LUC.         PRESS              AESTHETICS.      2008 193.           B      13 2008 1724-1804.            ADV-AC LITERATURE.                        9780804753531 CLOTH        $55.00     53548     $21.95
                                                                                                                               1.                           AUTH: U. OREGON. EXPLORES THE
                                                                                                                               TRANSCENDENTALIS             PURSUIT OF LIVING A GOOD LIFE,
                                           LYSAKER,         INDIANA UNIV   AMERICAN                                    B905.L9 M (NEW ENGLAND) 2.           ESPECIALLY IN RELATIONS TO                                             97802532
Philosophy       EMERSON AND SELF-CULTURE. JOHN T.          PRESS          PHILOSOPHY.      2008 814.3          B      7 2007  SELF-CULTURE.         ADV-AC OTHERS.                            9780253351074 CLOTH        $65.00     19718     $24.95
                                                                                                                               1. POST, EMILY, 1873-
                 EMILY POST: DAUGHTER OF                                                                                       1960. 2. AUTHORS,
                 THE GILDED AGE, MISTRESS OF   CLARIDGE,    RANDOM                                                             AMERICAN--20TH
Philosophy       AMERICAN MANNERS.             LAURA        HOUSE                           2008   395.092      BJ     BJ1854 CENT--BIOGRAPHY        GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY. NYTBR 10/26/2008.       9780375509216 CLOTH        $30.00
                 EXEMPLARITY AND
                 CHOSENNESS: ROSENZWEIG                   STANFORD        CULTURAL                                     B3327.R 1. ROSENZWEIG,                 AUTH: MCMASTER UNIV. SET IN
                 AND DERRIDA ON THE NATION     HOLLANDER, UNIVERSITY      MEMORY IN THE                                64H65   FRANZ, 1886-1929. 2.           CONTEXT OF THEORIES OF
Philosophy       OF PHILOSOPHY.                DANA.      PRESS           PRESENT.          2008 194            B      2008    DERRIDA, JACQUES.       ADV-AC JUDAISM.                         9780804755214 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                          SUNY SERIES IN                                       1. HEIDEGGER,
                 FRENCH INTERPRETATIONS OF                  STATE UNIV OF CONTEMPORARY                                 B3279.H MARTIN, 1889-1976.             ED: SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT
                 HEIDEGGER: AN EXCEPTIONAL                  NEW YORK      FRENCH                                       49F745 2. PHILOSOPHY,                  STATE UNIV. COLLECTION OF NEW
Philosophy       RECEPTION                                  PRESS         THOUGHT.          2008         193    B      2008    FRENCH.                 ADV-AC ESSAYS.                          9780791475591 CLOTH        $80.00
                 FRENCH THEORY: HOW
                 FOUCAULT, DERRIDA,
                 DELEUZE, & CO.                             UNIV OF                                                    B2421.C                                AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIV., PARIS.
                 TRANSFORMED THE           CUSSET,          MINNESOTA                                                  7913    PHILOSOPHY,                    TRANS. FROM FRENCH. DISCUSSES                                        97808166
Philosophy       INTELLECTUAL LIFE OF THE  FRANCOIS.        PRESS                           2008 194            B      2008    FRENCH--20TH CENT.      ADV-AC FRENCH THEORY SINCE 1960.        9780816647323 CLOTH        $75.00     47330     $24.95
                 HEIDEGGER BEYOND              LEWIS,                      STUDIES IN                                  B3279.H 1. HEIDEGGER,                  AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX.
                 DECONSTRUCTION: ON            MICHAEL,                    CONTINENTAL                                 49L4435 MARTIN, 1889-1976.             RELATES HEIDEGGER'S ONTOLOGY
Philosophy       NATURE.                       1977-        CONTINUUM      PHILOSOPHY.      2007 193.           B      2007    2. DECONSTRUCTION. ADV-AC TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS.            9780826497796 CLOTH       $120.00
                                                                                                                               1. HEIDEGGER,
                                                                                                                       B3279.H MARTIN, 1889-1976. 2.          AUTH: CARDIFF UNIV. DISCUSSES
                                            SHARR,                         THINKERS FOR                                49S423 ARCHITECTURE--                  PHILOSOPHER'S     CONTRIBUTION                                       97804154
Philosophy       HEIDEGGER FOR ARCHITECTS. ADAM.           ROUTLEDGE       ARCHITECTS; 2.   2007 193.           B      2007    PHILOSOPHY.             GEN-AC TO ARCHITECTURE.                 9780415415156 CLOTH       $124.95     15170     $27.95
                 HEIDEGGER ON EAST-WEST                                                                                B3279.H
                 DIALOGUE: ANTICIPATING THE                                STUDIES IN            303.4821              49M23   HEIDEGGER, MARTIN,
Philosophy       EVENT.                     MA, LIN, 1970- ROUTLEDGE       PHILOSOPHY.      2008 8210           B      2008    1889-1976.              ADV-AC ED: UNIV. OF MEMPHIS.            9780415957199 CLOTH        $95.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: U. OF CAMBRIDGE.
                                                                                                                       B1248.R 1. HOBBES, THOMAS,             COMPARES HOBBES THEORY OF
                 HOBBES AND REPUBLICAN         SKINNER,     CAMBRIDGE                                                  47S55   1588-1679. 2. LIBERTY--        HUMAN LIBERTY WITH THE THEORY                                        97805217
Philosophy       LIBERTY.                      QUENTIN.     UNIV PRESS                      2008 320.011        B      2008    PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC OF REPUBLICANISM.                9780521886765 CLOTH        $70.00     14167     $22.99

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                                                                                                     Dewey    Subcl   Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author     Publisher           Series       Year   Class     ass Number       Subject Headings       Level               Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                               LEFEBVRE,  STANFORD          CULTURAL                                B2430.D DELEUZE, GILLES,
                 IMAGE OF LAW: DELEUZE,        ALEXANDRE, UNIVERSITY        MEMORY IN THE                           454L44 1925-1995. 2. LAW--             AUTH: MCGILL UNIV. EXAMINES LAW                                        97808047
Philosophy       BERGSON, SPINOZA.             1979-      PRESS             PRESENT.          2008       340.1 B 2009        PHILOSOPHY.            ADV-AC THROUGH 3 PHILOSOPHERS.            9780804759847 CLOTH        $70.00     59854     $27.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY.
                                               PAPPAS,                                                                  B945.D4                            SYSTEMATIC & COMPREHENSIVE
                 JOHN DEWEY'S ETHICS:          GREGORY       INDIANA UNIV   AMERICAN                                    4P37    DEWEY, JOHN, 1859-         LOOK AT ETHICS IN DEWEY'S                                              97802532
Philosophy       DEMOCRACY AS EXPERIENCE.      FERNANDO.     PRESS          PHILOSOPHY.       2008 1712          B      2008    1952--ETHICS.       ADV-AC PHILOSOPHY                         9780253351401 CLOTH        $65.00     19794     $24.95
                                                                                                                                                           BIOGRAPHY OF PHILOSOPHER
                                                                                                                                                           DEDICATED TO SOCIAL &
                 JOHN STUART MILL: VICTORIAN REEVES,         ATLANTIC                                                   B1606.R MILL, JOHN STUART,         POLITICAL ISSUES. DIST. BY
Philosophy       FIREBRAND.                  RICHARD         BOOKS                            2007 192           B      44 2007 1806-1873.          GEN-AC OVERLOOK.                          9781590200766 CLOTH        $40.00
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: U. MANCHESTER.
                                                                                                                                1. PHILOSOPHY OF           ANTHROPOLOGICAL PHILOS. OF
                                                             YALE                                                       BD418.3 MIND. 2. MIND &            BIOLOGICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL
                 KINGDOM OF INFINITE SPACE:    TALLIS,       UNIVERSITY                                                 T354    BODY. 3. COGNITION.        ASPECTS. PUB ALSO IN UK
Philosophy       A PORTRAIT OF YOUR HEAD.      RAYMOND       PRESS                            2008       128.2   BD     2008    4. INTELLECT.       GEN-AC (ATLANTIC)                         9780300142228 CLOTH        $28.00
                 LEIBNIZ: AN INTELLECTUAL      A, MARIA      CAMBRIDGE                                                  B2597.A LEIBNIZ, GOTTFRIED           AUTH: KING'S COLLEGE LONDON.
Philosophy       BIOGRAPHY.                    ROSA, 1964-   UNIV PRESS                       2009         193   B      68 2008 WILHELM, 1646-1716.   GEN-AC BIOGRAPHY.                       9780521806190 CLOTH        $39.95

                                                                            CONTINUUM                                           1. LEVINAS,                    AUTH: JEWISH THEOLOGICAL
                 LEVINAS AND CAMUS:                                         STUDIES IN                                          EMMANUEL. 2.                   SEMINARY, NEW YORK.
                 HUMANISM FOR THE TWENTY-      SESSLER,                     CONTINENTAL                                 B2430.L CAMUS, ALBERT, 1913-           COMPARATIVE TREATMENT OF
Philosophy       FIRST CENTURY.                TAL.          CONTINUUM      PHILOSOPHY.       2008 194           B      484     1960. 3. HUMANISM.   ADV-AC    POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES.        9780826498328 CLOTH        $90.00

                                                                                                                                1. LEVINAS,
                                                                            STUDIES IN                                  B2430.L EMMANUEL. 2.               ED: ROCHESTER INST. OF
                                                             INDIANA UNIV   CONTINENTAL                                 484L475 PHILOSOPHY,                TECHNOLOGY. COLLECTION OF                                              97802532
Philosophy       LEVINAS AND THE ANCIENTS                    PRESS          THOUGHT.          2008 194           B      2008    ANCIENT--INFLUENCE. ADV-AC NEW ESSAYS.                        9780253351807 CLOTH        $65.00     19985     $24.95
                 LIFE AND ACTION:                                                                                               1. ETHICS. 2.              AUTH: U. OF PITTSBURGH.
                 ELEMENTARY STRUCTURES OF THOMPSON,                                                                             CONDUCT OF LIFE. 3.        DISCUSSES THE PRACTICAL
                 PRACTICE AND PRACTICAL   MICHAEL,           HARVARD UNIV                                               BJ37.T4 LIFE. 4. AGENT             CONCEPTS OF LIFE, ACTION, AND
Philosophy       THOUGHT.                 1959-              PRESS                            2008 191           BJ     9 2008  (PHILOSOPHY)        ADV-AC PRACTICE.                          9780674016705 CLOTH        $39.95

                 MADE WITH WORDS: HOBBES                                                                                                                     AUTH: PRINCETON UNIV. DISCUSSES
                 ON LANGUAGE, MIND, AND        PETTIT,       PRINCETON                                                  B1247.P HOBBES, THOMAS,              WAYS THAT LANGUAGE MAKES
Philosophy       POLITICS.                     PHILIP, 1945- UNIV PRESS                       2008 192           B      48 2008 1588-1679.            ADV-AC POLITICS POSSIBLE.              9780691129297 CLOTH         $29.95
                 MEDITATIONS ON FIRST
                 PHILOSOPHY: WITH
                 SELECTIONS FROM THE                                                                                            1. FIRST
                 OBJECTIONS AND REPLIES;       DESCARTES, OXFORD                                                        B1853.E PHILOSOPHY. 2. GOD--        17TH C. TEXT TRANSLATED FROM
                 TRANS. BY MICHAEL             RENE, 1596- UNIVERSITY       OXFORD WORLD'S                              5M67    PROOF,                      LATIN & FRENCH WITH NEW INTRO.
Philosophy       MORIARTY.                     1650.       PRESS            CLASSICS.      2008 194              B      2008    ONTOLOGICAL.         ADV-AC & NOTES.                          9780192806963 PAPER        $11.95
                                                                                                                                BAKHTIN, M.M.               AUTH: UNIV. COLLEGE LONDON.
                 MIKHAIL BAKHTIN AND WALTER BEASLEY-                                                                            (MIKHAIL                    COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE TWO
                 BENJAMIN: EXPERIENCE AND   MURRAY,          PALGRAVE                                                           MIKHAILOVICH), 1895-        PHILOSOPHERS & LITERARY
Philosophy       FORM.                      TIM.             MACMILLAN                        2007 128.4         B      B105.E9 1975.                ADV-AC THEORISTS.                        9780230535350 CLOTH        $74.95
                                                                                                                                1. LIFE & DEATH,
                                                                                                                                POWER OVER. 2.              AUTH: HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.
                                               GUENIN,                                                                  BJ1469. HUMAN EMBRYO--              PHILOSOPHICAL STUDY ON
                                               LOUIS M.,     CAMBRIDGE                                                  G84     MORAL & ETHICAL             MORALITY OF EMBRYO USE FOR                                            97805216
Philosophy       MORALITY OF EMBRYO USE.       1950-         UNIV PRESS                       2008    174.28     BJ     2008    ASPECTS.             ADV-AC RESEARCH & THERAPY.               9780521872690 CLOTH        $90.00     94278     $29.99
                                                                                                                                                            DISCUSSES THE NATURE OF
                 ON BEING CERTAIN: BELIEVING   BURTON,                                                                                                      CERTAINTY, FOCUSING ON ITS
                 YOU ARE RIGHT EVEN WHEN       ROBERT        ST MARTIN'S                                                BD171.B                             INVOLUNTARY NEUROLOGICAL
Philosophy       YOU'RE NOT.                   ALAN, 1941-   PRESS                            2008 153.4         BD     87 2008 CERTAINTY.           GEN-AC BASIS.                            9780312359201 CLOTH        $24.95
                 ONTO-ETHOLOGIES: THE                                                                                           1. PHILOSOPHY OF
                 ANIMAL ENVIRONMENTS OF                                     SUNY SERIES IN                                      NATURE. 2.
                 UEXKULL, HEIDEGGER,                   STATE UNIV OF        ENVIRONMENTAL                                       NATURALNESS                 AUTH: LAURENTIAN UNIV. EXAMINES
                 MERLEAU-PONTY, AND       BUCHANAN, NEW YORK                PHILOSOPHY AND                              BD581.B (ENVIRONMENTAL              INFLUENCE OF BIOLOGIST'S IDEAS
Philosophy       DELEUZE.                 BRETT, 1975- PRESS                ETHICS.           2008       113.8   BD     77 2008 SCIENCES)            ADV-AC ON 3 PHILOSOPHERS.                9780791476116 CLOTH        $75.00
                                                       UNIVERSITY           OXFORD                                      B395.O9                              ED: CORNELL UNIVERSITY.
Philosophy       OXFORD HANDBOOK OF PLATO              PRESS                HANDBOOKS.        2008 184           B      4 2008  PLATO.                ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.        9780195182903 CLOTH       $150.00
                                                                                                                                                             DISCUSSES HUSSERL'S CENTRAL
                 PHILOSOPHY OF EDMUND          MOHANTY,   YALE                                                          B3279.H                              CONCERNS & TRACES
                 HUSSERL: A HISTORICAL         JITENDRANA UNIVERSITY        YALE STUDIES IN                             94M565 HUSSERL, EDMUND,              DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIRST
Philosophy       DEVELOPMENT.                  TH, 1928-  PRESS             HERMENEUTICS.     2008 193           B      2008    1859-1938.            ADV-AC PHASES OF HIS CAREER.            9780300124583 CLOTH        $55.00

                                                                                                                           Page 46
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                                                                                                                      LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                         Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                  Author        Publisher          Series       Year   Class        ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                                    ED: UNIV. OF NORTH TEXAS.
                                                               STATE UNIV OF                                                 B2430.R                                COLLECTION OF NEW      ESSAYS
                                                               NEW YORK                                                      554R25                                 DISCUSSING RANGE OF RICOEUR'S                                         97807914
Philosophy       READING RICOEUR                               PRESS                              2008 194            B      2008    RICOEUR, PAUL.          ADV-AC CAREER.                           9780791475256 CLOTH        $89.50     75263     $29.95
                 KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORK OF                                      STUDIES IN                                            1. REPETITION
                 SAMUEL BECKETT, JACQUES                                       LITERARY                                              (PHILOSOPHY). 2.
                 DERRIDA, AND GILLES         GENDRON,                          CRITICISM AND                                 B105.R3 DIFFERENCE
Philosophy       DELEUZE.                    SARAH             PETER LANG      THEORY.            2008         194    B      7G46    (PHILOSOPHY)        ADV-AC AUTH: MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY.           9781433103759 CLOTH        $68.95
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
                 RICHARD RORTY: THE MAKING                    UNIV OF                                                        B945.R5                            BIOGRAPHY EMPHASIZES SOCIAL
                 OF AN AMERICAN                  GROSS, NEIL, CHICAGO                                                        24G76                              INFLUENCES ON INTELLECTUAL
Philosophy       PHILOSOPHER.                    1971-        PRESS                               2008 191            B      2008    RORTY, RICHARD.     ADV-AC CAREERS.                              9780226309903 CLOTH        $32.50
                 ROUSSEAU'S THEODICY OF                                                                                                                         AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 SELF-LOVE: EVIL, RATIONALITY,              OXFORD                                                                    1. ROUSSEAU, JEAN-        PHILOSOPHICAL       ANALYSIS OF
                 AND THE DRIVE FOR               NEUHOUSER, UNIVERSITY                                                       B2137.N JACQUES, 1712-1778.        PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF
Philosophy       RECOGNITION.                    FREDERICK PRESS                                  2008 12846          B      48 2008 2. SELF-ACCEPTANCE. ADV-AC HUMANITY.                             9780199542673 CLOTH        $70.00
                                                                                                                             B2430.S                            AUTH: PURDUE UNIV. DISCUSSION
                 SARTRE EXPLAINED: FROM          DETMER,                       IDEAS EXPLAINED;                              34D46    SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL,        OF SARTRE'S MAJOR ISSUES &
Philosophy       BAD FAITH TO AUTHENTICITY.      DAVID, 1958- OPEN COURT       V. 6.              2008 194            B      2008     1905-1980.         ADV-AC TEXTS.                                9780812696318 PAPER        $19.95
                                                 MORRIS,                                                                     B2430.S
                                                 KATHERINE                     BLACKWELL                                     34M645 SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL,          AUTH: OXFORD UNIV. OVERVIEW OF                                            97806312
Philosophy       SARTRE.                         J.           BLACKWELL        GREAT MINDS; 5.    2008 194.           B      2008     1905-1980.         GEN-AC SARTRE'S       PHILOSOPHY & LIFE.     9780631232803 CLOTH        $74.95     32797     $24.95
                                                                                                                                      1. PERCEPTION             AUTH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. USES
                                                               OXFORD                                                        B828.45. (PHILOSOPHY) 2.           VISUAL RIDDLES TO EXPLORE
                 SEEING DARK THINGS: THE         SORENSEN,     UNIVERSITY                                                    S66      SHADES &                  PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS OF
Philosophy       PHILOSOPHY OF SHADOWS.          ROY A.        PRESS                              2008 121.34         B      2007     SHADOWS.           GEN-AC PERCEPTION.                           9780195326574 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                      1. SARTRE, JEAN-          AUTH: UNIV. OF THE WEST OF
                 SEX AND PHILOSOPHY:                                                                                         B2430.S PAUL, 1905-1980. 2.        ENGLAND. BIOGRAPHY EXPLORES
                 RETHINKING DE BEAUVOIR AND FULLBROOK,                                                                       34F85    PHILOSOPHERS--            PERSONAL & PHILOSOPHICAL                                                  97818470
Philosophy       SARTRE.                    EDWARD.    CONTINUUM                                  2008 194            B      2008     FRANCE--BIOG       GEN-AC RELATIONSHIP.                         9781847060655 CLOTH       $120.00     60662     $21.95
                                                                                                                                      1. OTHER
                                                                                                                             B2430.I7 (PHILOSOPHY) 2.           CONSIDERS OUR RELATION TO
                                                 IRIGARAY,                                                                   4S53     TRANSCENDENCE             OTHERNESS & THE OTHER.
Philosophy       SHARING THE WORLD.              LUCE.         CONTINUUM                          2008 194            B      2008     (PHILOSOPHY)       ADV-AC TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH.               9781847060341 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                                      1. PHILOSOPHY OF
                                                                                                                                      MIND. 2. MIND &
                 SUPERSIZING THE MIND:                         OXFORD                                                        BD418.3. BODY.     3.              AUTH: EDINBURGH UNIV. EXPLORES
                 EMBODIMENT, ACTION, AND         CLARK,        UNIVERSITY      PHILOSOPHY OF                                 C532     DISTRIBUTED               CONNECTIONS BETWEEN MIND,
Philosophy       COGNITIVE EXTENSION.            ANDY, 1957-   PRESS           MIND SERIES.    2008     128.2         BD     2008     COGNITION.         ADV-AC BODY & WORLD.                         9780195333213 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                               CAMBRIDGE TEXTS                                                                  ED: UNIV. OF OXFORD. EDITOR'S
                                                                               IN THE HISTORY                                B385.A5                            NEW TRANSLATION FROM ANCIENT
                 SYMPOSIUM; ED. BY M.C.                        CAMBRIDGE       OF                                            H69                                GREEK WITH INTRODUCTION,                                                  97805216
Philosophy       HOWATSON.                       PLATO.        UNIV PRESS      PHILOSOPHY.     2008 184               B      2008     LOVE.              ADV-AC NOTES, ETC.                           9780521864404 CLOTH        $49.00     82985     $13.99
                 THEMES FROM G.E. MOORE:
                 NEW ESSAYS IN                                 OXFORD                                                        B1647.M   1. MOORE, G.E.
                 EPISTEMOLOGY AND ETHICS;                      UNIVERSITY                                                    74T44     (GEORGE EDWARD),             ED: ST. CLOUD STATE UNIV.
Philosophy       ED. BY SUSANA NUCCETELLI.                     PRESS                              2007 192.           B      2007      1873-1958. 2. ETHICS. ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW      ESSAYS.    9780199281725 CLOTH        $90.00
                                                                               ROUTLEDGE                                     B3199.A
                                                 WILSON,                       CRITICAL                                      34W55   ADORNO, THEODOR                                                                                      97804154
Philosophy       THEODOR ADORNO.                 ROSS.         ROUTLEDGE       THINKERS.          2007 193.           B      2007    W., 1903-1969.          GEN-AC AUTH: CAMBRIDGE UNIV. OVERVIEW. 9780415418188 CLOTH         $100.00     18195     $19.95
                                                                                                                                     1. PHILOSOPHY,
                                                 GILLESPIE,    UNIV OF                                                               MODERN. 2.                     AUTH: DUKE UNIV. DISCUSSES
                 THEOLOGICAL ORIGINS OF          MICHAEL       CHICAGO                                                       B791.G5 PHILOSOPHY &                   MEDIEVAL RELIGIOUS ROOTS OF
Philosophy       MODERNITY.                      ALLEN.        PRESS                              2008 190            B      5 2008  RELIGION.               GEN-AC MODERNITY.                        9780226293455 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                                                    AUTH: UNIV. OF LJUBLJANA.
                                                                                                                                                                    CONSIDERS DIFFERENT FORMS
                 VIOLENCE: SIX SIDEWAYS          ZIZEK,        PICADOR USA     BIG IDEAS/SMALL                                       VIOLENCE--                     OF VIOLENCE. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Philosophy       REFLECTIONS.                    SLAVOJ        ST. MARTIN'S    BOOKS.             2008 1797           B      B105.V5 PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC PROFILE.                          9780312427184 PAPER        $14.00

                 WAR: ESSAYS IN POLITICAL                                                                                    B105.W3 1. WAR (PHILOSOPHY)          ED: WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, ST.
                 PHILOSOPHY; ED. BY LARRY                      CAMBRIDGE                                                     W36     2. POLITICAL SCIENCE-        LOUIS. COLLECTION OF NEW                                                97805217
Philosophy       MAY.                                          UNIV PRESS                         2008 3550201        B      2008    - PHILOSOPHY.         ADV-AC ESSAYS.                        9780521876377 CLOTH             $85.00     00047     $28.99
                 AGAINST THRONE AND ALTAR:                                                                                                                        AUTH: HILLSDALE COLLEGE.
                 MACHIAVELLI AND POLITICAL                                                                                   JC143.M MACHIAVELLI,                 FOCUSES ON THOUGHT OF MILTON,
Political        THEORY UNDER THE ENGLISH        RAHE, PAUL    CAMBRIDGE                               320.0922              4 R35   NICCOLO, 1469-1527--         HOBBES, HARRINGTON AND
Science          REPUBLIC.                       ANTHONY.      UNIV PRESS                         2008 41             JC     2008    INFLUENCE.            ADV-AC MARCHAMONT NEDHAM.             9780521883900 CLOTH             $90.00

                                                                                                                                Page 47
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                                                                                                              LC   Full LC                                                                                                             Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                  Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                                Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title              Author        Publisher        Series      Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                 Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 ORIGINS, OBSTACLES, AND                                                                             JK468.I6 INTELLIGENCE
Political        INNOVATIONS; ED. BY ROGER                 GEORGETOWN                                                .A843    SERVICE--U.S.--               ED: GEORGETOWN UNIV.
Science          Z. GEORGE.                                UNIV PRESS                      2008 3271273       JK     2008     METHODOLOGY.           ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.              9781589012011 PAPER        $29.95
                                                                                                                              1. ARMS CONTROL. 2.
                 BANNING LANDMINES:                                                                                           LAND MINES. 3. LAND             ED: UNIV. OF HOUSTON. NEW
                 DISARMAMENT, CITIZEN                                                                                JZ5645. MINES                            ESSAYS ED. BY NOBEL PEACE
Political        DIPLOMACY, AND HUMAN                      ROWMAN &                                                  B36      (INTERNATIONAL                  LAUREATE. FOREWORD BY                                                    97807425
Science          SECURITY; ED. BY                          LITTLEFIELD                     2008 327.1743      JZ     2008     LAW)                   ADV-AC   DESMOND TUTU.                        9780742562400 CLOTH        $85.00     62417     $34.95
                                                                                                                                                              ED: COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL.
                 BRINGING HUMAN RIGHTS                                                                               JC599.U 1. HUMAN RIGHTS--                COLLECTION OF NEW      ESSAYS. 3
Political        HOME; ED. BY CYNTHIA                                     PRAEGER                                    5.B694 U.S. 2. HUMAN RIGHTS-             V. SET. DISCUSSES HUMAN RIGHTS
Science          SOOHOO.                                   PRAEGER        PERSPECTIVES.    2008 323.0973      JC     2008    -U.S. --HIST.        GEN-AC      IN U.S.                              9780275988210 CLOTH       $275.00
                                                                                                                             1. UNITED STATES--               ARGUES FOR MORE
                                                                                                                     JK421.M POL. & GOVT. 2.                  GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL IN
Political                                    MADRICK,      PRINCETON                                                 328     UNITED STATES--                  ECONOMIC POLICY BASED ON
Science          CASE FOR BIG GOVERNMENT.    JEFF          UNIV PRESS     PUBLIC SQUARE.   2009    320.973    JK     2009    ECON. POL.--2001-    GEN-AC      HISTORICAL ANALYSIS.                 9780691123318 CLOTH        $22.95
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: JOHNS HOPKINS U. EXAMINES
                 CATASTROPHIC                              JOHNS                                                     JZ1480. UNITED STATES--                  THREAT OF CONFLICT & INSTABILITY
Political        CONSEQUENCES: CIVIL WARS    DAVID,        HOPKINS UNIV                                              A5D38   FOREIGN RELATIONS--              IN OTHER COUNTRIES TO U.S.                                               97808018
Science          AND AMERICAN INTERESTS.     STEVEN R      PRESS                           2008 30364         JZ     2008    21ST CENT.          ADV-AC       ECONOMY.                             9780801889882 CLOTH        $50.00     89899     $25.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: JOHANN WOLFGANG GOETHE
                                                           YALE                                                                                               UNIV. TRACES ORIGIN OF
Political        CITIZENSHIP: THE RISE AND   FAHRMEIR,     UNIVERSITY                                                JF801F3 1. CITIZENSHIP. 2.               CITIZENSHIP IN EUROPE & U.S., 1700
Science          FALL OF A MODERN CONCEPT.   ANDREAS.      PRESS                           2007 323.6         JF     4 2007  CITIZENSHIP--HIST.      ADV-AC   TO PRESENT.                          9780300118483 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: EMORY UNIVERSITY.
                 CLASSICAL FOUNDATIONS OF                                                                                                                     EXPLORES INFLUENCE OF ANCIENT
Political        THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION: BEDERMAN,      CAMBRIDGE                            342.7302             JK116.B UNITED STATES--POL.              HISTORY & CLASSICAL POLITICAL
Science          PREVAILING WISDOM.         DAVID J.       UNIV PRESS                      2008 4             JK     43 2008 & GOVT.--1783-1789. ADV-AC       THEORY.                              9780521885362 CLOTH        $85.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: LA TROBE UNIV. PUB. ALSO IN
                                                           OXFORD                                                            1. GEOPOLITICS. 2.               UK BY OXFORD. ON UNIVERSAL
Political        CONQUEST: HOW SOCIETIES     DAY, DAVID,   UNIVERSITY                                                JC323.D IMPERIALISM. 3.                  TRAITS OF CONQUESTS
Science          OVERWHELM OTHERS.           1949-         PRESS                           2008 303.66        JC     39 2008 WORLD POLITICS.         GEN-AC   THROUGHOUT TIME.                     9780195340112 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                             1. FREEDOM OF                  AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                 CRIME OF REASON: AND THE                                                                                    INFORMATION. 2.                ARGUES VALUABLE INFORMATION IS
Political        CLOSING OF THE SCIENTIFIC   LAUGHLIN,                                                               JC598.L INFORMATION                    INCREASINGLY CLASSIFIED OR
Science          MIND.                       ROBERT B      BASIC BOOKS                     2008    323.445    JC     38 2008 POLICY.                 GEN-AC MADE PRIVATE PROPERTY.          9780465005079 CLOTH               $25.95
                                                                                                                             1. POLITICAL                   AUTH: HARVARD UNIV. ON HOW
                 CULTURE OF VENGEANCE AND ALADJEM,                                                                   JK1726. CULTURE--U.S. 2.               VENGEANCE BEDEVILS U.S. LIBERAL
Political        THE FATE OF AMERICAN       TERRY          CAMBRIDGE                                                 A423    JUSTICE. 3. RULE OF            TRADITION & PREVENTS                                                       97805217
Science          JUSTICE.                   KENNETH.       UNIV PRESS                      2008 364.601       JK     2008    LAW--U.S.               ADV-AC DEMOCRATIC JUSTICE.             9780521886246 CLOTH               $85.00     13863     $26.99
                 DEBATING ARAB
                 NONDEMOCRATIC REGIMES;                    STANFORD                                                  JQ1850. ARAB COUNTRIES--               2004 CONF. PAPERS WITH VARIED
Political        ED. BY OLIVER                             UNIVERSITY                           321.9091             A58D436 POL. & GOVT.--21ST             THEORETICAL & EMPIRICAL
Science          SCHLUMBERGER.                             PRESS                           2007 7492          JQ     2007     CENT.                  ADV-AC PERSPECTIVES.                          9780804757768 CLOTH        $55.00
                                                                                                                              1. POLITICAL
                                                                                                                              PSYCHOLOGY. 2.                AUTH: NYU. ON PSYCHOSOCIAL &
                 DEEPENING DARKNESS:                                                                                          PATRIARCHY. 3.                POLITICAL ASPECTS OF
Political        PATRIARCHY, RESISTANCE,     GILLIGAN,    CAMBRIDGE                                                  JA74.5.G DEMOCRACY. 4.                 OPPRESSION & RESISTANCE
Science          AND DEMOCRACY'S FUTURE.     CAROL, 1936- UNIV PRESS                       2009   320.8019    JA     55 2009 LIBERALISM.             ADV-AC STARTING WITH ROMAN REPUB.             9780521898980 CLOTH        $29.99
                                                                                                                              1. WAR. 2. WAR--
                                                                                                                              CAUSES. 3.                      AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIV. DISCUSSES
                                                           OXFORD                                                    JZ6385. INTERVENTION                     THEORY ON THE LEGALITY OF WAR
Political        DEFENDING HUMANITY: WHEN FLETCHER,        UNIVERSITY                                                F54      (INTERNATIONAL                  & HOW TO EVALUATE
Science          FORCE IS JUSTIFIED AND WHY. GEORGE P.     PRESS                           2008 355.0201      JZ     2008     LAW)                   ADV-AC   INTERVENTIONS.                       9780195183085 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: UNC CHAPEL HILL.
                 DEMOCRACY DENIED, 1905-                                                                                                                      COMPARATIVE STUDY OF EARLY
Political        1915: INTELLECTUALS AND THE KURZMAN,      HARVARD UNIV                                              JC421.K DEMOCRACY--HIST.--               20TH CENTURY DEMOCRATIC
Science          FATE OF DEMOCRACY.          CHARLES       PRESS                           2008    321.809    JC     83 2008 20TH CENT.              ADV-AC   REVOLUTIONS.                         9780674030923 CLOTH        $49.95
                                                                                                                             1. ELECTRONIC                    AUTH: CALIFORNIA INST. OF
                 ELECTRONIC ELECTIONS: THE   ALVAREZ, R.                                                             JK1985. VOTING--U.S. 2.                  TECHNOLOGY. EVALUATES RISK OF
Political        PERILS AND PROMISES OF      MICHAEL,      PRINCETON                                                 A484    VOTING-MACHINES--                ELECTION FRAUD & ARGUES
Science          DIGITAL DEMOCRACY.          1964-         UNIV PRESS                      2008 324.65        JK     2007    U.S.--RELIABILITY.      ADV-AC   DIGITAL ACCURACY.                    9780691125176 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                           PRAEGER                                                                                            ANALYSIS & EXAMPLES OF
                 FIXING FRAGILE STATES: A                  SECURITY                                                          DEVELOPING                       DEVELOPING SOCIALLY,
Political        NEW PARADIGM FOR            KAPLAN,       INTERNATIONA                                              JF60.K3 COUNTRIES--POL. &                ECONOMICALLY, & POLITICALLY
Science          DEVELOPMENT.                SETH D.       L                               2008 32091724      JF     6 2008  GOVT.                   ADV-AC   STABLE COUNTRIES.                    9780275998288 CLOTH        $65.00

                                                                                                                        Page 48
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                 Author       Publisher        Series       Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level            Notes                       ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                          AUTH: PRINCETON UNIV. A BORZOI
                 FREEDOM'S BATTLE: THE          BASS, GARY                                                             JZ6369.                            BOOK. EXAMINES 200 YEARS OF
Political        ORIGINS OF HUMANITARIAN        JONATHAN,    ALFRED A.                                                 B37     HUMANITARIAN               HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION.
Science          INTERVENTION.                  1969-        KNOPF                            2008 341584       JZ     2008    INTERVENTION--HIST. ADV-AC NYTBR 8/31/08.                           9780307266484 CLOTH        $35.00

                 FROM ARRIVAL TO                                                                                                                              ED: CAL. STATE U., SAN
                 INCORPORATION: MIGRANTS                     NEW YORK                                                  JV6450.                                BERNARDINO. COLLECTION OF NEW
Political        TO THE U.S. IN A GLOBAL ERA;                UNIVERSITY     NATION OF                                  F76     UNITED STATES--                ESSAYS ON CHALLENGES FACED BY                                            97808147
Science          ED. BY ELLIOT R. BARKAN.                    PRESS          NEWCOMERS         2008 304.873      JV     2007    EMIG. & IMMIG.--HIST.   ADV-AC 20TH-CENTURY IMMIGRANTS.        9780814799604 CLOTH             $70.00     99611     $23.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: GEORGE MASON UNIV.
                                                MANDAVILLE,                                                                    1. ISLAM & POLITICS.           DISCUSSES EMERGENCE &
Political                                       PETER P.,                                                              JC49.M2 2. ISLAM & STATE.              EVOLUTION OF POLITICAL ISLAM IN
Science          GLOBAL POLITICAL ISLAM.        1971-       ROUTLEDGE                         2007 320.557      JC     55 2007 3. UMMAH (ISLAM).       GEN-AC 20TH CENTURY.                   9780415326070 PAPER             $43.95

                 GLOBALIZATION AND AMERICA:                                                                                    1. HUMAN RIGHTS--                ED: WAKE FOREST UNIV.
                 RACE, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND                                    PERSPECTIVES ON                            JC599.U U.S. 2. EQUALITY--U.S.           COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS ON
Political        INEQUALITY; ED. BY ANGELA J.                ROWMAN &       A MULTIRACIAL                              5H295   3. UNITED STATES--               U.S. HUM RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, IN &                                       97807425
Science          HATTERY.                                    LITTLEFIELD    AMERICA.        2008 30348273       JC     2008    FOREIGN RELATIONS ADV-AC         OUTSIDE BORDERS.                   9780742560758 CLOTH        $75.00     60765     $29.95
                                                                            ISSUES IN
                                                                            CONTEMPORARY                                       1. CHINA--POL. &                 AUTH: PEKING UNIV. TRANS. FROM
                                                                            CHINESE                                            GOVT.--1976-2002. 2.             CHINESE. FOCUSES ON ECONOMIC
Political        GLOBALIZATION AND CHANGES                                  THOUGHT AND                                JQ1510. CHINA --POL. & GOVT.--           AND POLITICAL CHANGE SINCE
Science          IN CHINA'S GOVERNANCE.    KEPING, YU        BRILL          CULTURE.        2008   320.951      JQ     Y9 2008 2002-                  ADV-AC    1970S. NEW SERIES.                 9789004156821 CLOTH       $103.00

                 GLOBALIZATION: UNIVERSAL                                 SERIES ON                                                                           ED: U. OF GEORGIA. COLL. OF NEW
                 TRENDS, REGIONAL                            NORTHEASTER DEMOCRATIZATIO                                JZ1318. 1. GLOBALIZATION. 2.           COMPARATIVE ESSAYS ON WAYS
Political        IMPLICATIONS; ED. BY                        N UNIVERSITY N AND POLITICAL                              G679217 CULTURE &                      COUNTRIES HAVE ADAPTED TO                                                97815555
Science          HOWARD J. WIARDA.                           PRESS        DEVELOPMENT.        2007 327.1        JZ     2007    GLOBALIZATION.          ADV-AC GLOBALIZATION.                       9781555536879 CLOTH        $65.00     36886     $35.00
                 GOVERNING AFTER CRISIS:                                                                                       1. CRISIS
                 THE POLITICS OF                                                                                               MANAGEMENT IN                  ED: LOUISIANA STATE UNIV. NEW
                 INVESTIGATION,                                                                                        JF1525. GOVERNMENT. 2.                 ESSAYS ON POLITICAL
Political        ACCOUNTABILITY AND                          CAMBRIDGE                                                 C74 G68 POLITICAL                      RAMIFICATIONS OF DISASTERS,                                              97805217
Science          LEARNING; ED.                               UNIV PRESS                       2008 353.95       JF     2008    LEADERSHIP.             ADV-AC CRISES AND ATROCITIES.               9780521885294 CLOTH        $90.00     12446     $32.99

                 GREAT EXPERIMENT: THE                                                                                                                       HISTORICAL & CONTEMPORARY
                 STORY OF ANCIENT EMPIRES,                                                                             JZ1318. 1. INTERNATIONAL              LOOK AT ORIGINS OF INDIVIDUAL
Political        MODERN STATES, AND THE         TALBOTT,     SIMON &                                                   T35      ORGANIZATION--HIST.          NATIONS & FORMATION OF INTL
Science          QUEST FOR A GLOBAL NATION.     STROBE.      SCHUSTER                         2008 320.1        JZ     2008     2. STATE, THE--HIST. GEN-AC SYSTEM OF GLOBAL GOV.                  9780743294089 CLOTH        $30.00
                 GREEKS AND ROMANS                                                                                                                           AUTH: UNIV. OF LOUISIANA.
                 BEARING GIFTS: HOW THE                                                                                JA84.U5 POLITICAL SCIENCE--           DISCUSSES HOW CLASSICAL
Political        ANCIENTS INSPIRED THE          RICHARD,     ROWMAN &                              320.0973            R484     U.S.--HIST.--18TH            EDUCATION OF FOUNDERS
Science          FOUNDING FATHERS.              CARL J.      LITTLEFIELD                      2008 0903         JA     2008     CENT.                 GEN-AC INFLUENCED FORMATION OF U.S.          9780742556232 CLOTH        $22.95
                 HANDBOOK OF ELECTION                                                                                           1. COMMUNICATION IN          ED: MID-SWEDEN UNIV. COLLECTION
                 NEWS COVERAGE AROUND                                                                                           POLITICS. 2.                 OF NEW ANALYTICAL &
Political        THE WORLD; ED. BY JESPER                                   ICA HANDBOOK           07044324            JA85.H3 ELECTIONS --PRESS             COMPARATIVE ESSAYS. NEW                                                   97808058
Science          STROMBACK.                                  ROUTLEDGE      SERIES.           2008 9            JA     5 2008   COVERAGE.             ADV-AC SERIES.                               9780805860368 CLOTH       $200.00     60375     $70.00
                                                                                                                                1. CHILDREN OF               AUTH: HUNTER COLLEGE. CO-
                 INHERITING THE CITY: THE       KASINITZ,                                                                       IMMIGRANTS--U.S.--           PUBLISHED WITH RUSSELL SAGE
Political        CHILDREN OF IMMIGRANTS         PHILIP, ET   HARVARD UNIV                                              JV6600.I SOCIAL CONDIT.--             FOUNDATION. COMPREHENSIVE
Science          COME OF AGE.                   AL.          PRESS                            2008 305.23       JV     64 2008 20TH CENT.             ADV-AC STUDY OF 5 IMMIGRANT GROUPS           9780674028036 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                                1. PRESIDENTS--U.S.--        AUTH: NORTHWESTERN UNIV.
                 INSIDE THE PRESIDENTIAL    MINOW,           UNIV OF                                                   JK524.M ELECTION. 2.                  BIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT OF
Political        DEBATES: THEIR IMPROBABLE NEWTON N.,        CHICAGO                                                   563      CAMPAIGN DEBATES--           DEVELOPING TELEVISED DEBATES
Science          PAST AND PROMISING FUTURE. 1926-            PRESS                            2008 324.7        JK     2008     U.S.                  GEN-AC SINCE 1960.                           9780226530413 CLOTH        $22.50
                                                                            UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                            TEXAS AT AUSTIN
                 INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION                                  STUDIES IN                                          DIPLOMATIC
                 IN THE TWENTY-FIRST                                        FOREIGN AND                                         NEGOTIATIONS IN
Political        CENTURY; TRANS. BY FRANCES PLANTEY,                        TRANSNATIONAL                                       INTERNATIONAL                 TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH. A                                                97804154
Science          MEADOWS.                   ALAIN.           ROUTLEDGE      LAW.              2007 327.172      JZ     JZ6045   DISPUTES.              ADV-AC ROUTLEDGE CAVENDISH BOOK.            9781844720491 CLOTH       $190.00     43470     $49.95

                 KEEPING OUT THE OTHER: A                                                                                      UNITED STATES--                ED: JOHN JAY COLLEGE. NEW
                 CRITICAL INTRODUCTION TO                    COLUMBIA                                                  JV6483. EMIG. & IMMIG.--               INTERDISCIPLINARY ESSAYS ON
Political        IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT                     UNIVERSITY                                                K44     GOVERNMENT                     CONFLICTS OVER U.S. IMMIGRATION                                          97802311
Science          TODAY; ED. BY DAVID C.                      PRESS                            2008 325.73       JV     2008    POLICY.                 ADV-AC POLICY.                         9780231141284 CLOTH             $74.50     41291     $24.50
                 LEFT IN DARK TIMES: A STAND                                                                                                                  POLITICAL-ETHICAL PHILOSOPHY
                 AGAINST THE NEW                LEVY,                                                                          1. RIGHT & LEFT                CRITIQUES & REDIRECTS
Political        BARBARISM; TRANS. BY           BERNARD-     RANDOM                                                    JC480.L (POLITICAL SCIENCE)            PROGRESSIVISM. TRANS. FROM
Science          BENJAMIN MOSER.                HENRI        HOUSE                            2008     320.5    JC     48 2008 2. TOTALITARIANISM.     GEN-AC FRENCH. NYTBR 9/21/08.          9781400064359 CLOTH             $25.00

                                                                                                                          Page 49
                                                                                                                    Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                        Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                  Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                           Edition   Edition
LC Description                Title             Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class        ass Number          Subject Headings    Level             Notes                   ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 LEGACY OF INNOVATION:                                                                                                                     COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS
                 GOVERNORS AND PUBLIC                     UNIV OF                                                     JK2447.                              DISCUSSING THE WAYS 20TH C.
Political        POLICY; ED. BY ETHAN G.                  PENNSYLVANIA                                                L44     GOVERNORS--U.S.--            GOVERNORS SHAPED AMERICAN
Science          SRIBNICK.                                PR                               2008 32060973       JK     2008    HIST.--20TH CENT.     ADV-AC POLITICAL LANDSCAPE.                9780812240955 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: AMHERST COLLEGE.
                                                                                                                              1. POLITICAL SCIENCE-        DISCUSSES LONELINESS THRU
Political        LONELINESS AS A WAY OF      DUMM,        HARVARD UNIV                                                JA66.D8 -PHILOSOPHY.       2.        REFLECTIONS ON PHILOSOPHY,
Science          LIFE.                       THOMAS L     PRESS                            2008    320.01      JA     4 2008  LONELINESS.           ADV-AC POLITICAL SCIENCE, ETC.             9780674031135 CLOTH        $23.95

                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: U OF TOLEDO. AN AHMANSON
                 MAGNA CARTA MANIFESTO:                   UNIVERSITY OF                                                                                      FOUNDATION BOOK IN THE
Political        LIBERTIES AND COMMONS FOR   LINEBAUGH,   CALIFORNIA                                                  JN147.L 1. MAGNA CARTA. 2.             HUMANITIES. ON PROTECTION OF
Science          ALL.                        PETER.       PRESS                            2008 323.44         JN     56 2008 CIVIL RIGHTS.           GEN-AC RIGHTS SINCE 1215               9780520247260 CLOTH          $24.95
                 MATHEMATICS AND                                                                                              1. VOTING--MATH.               AUTH: NYU. PROPOSES
                 DEMOCRACY: DESIGNING                     PRINCETON                                                   JF1001. MODELS. 2.                     MATHEMATICALLY-SUPPORTED ALT.
Political        BETTER VOTING AND FAIR-     BRAMS,       UNIVERSITY                            324.6015              B73     ELECTIONS--MATH.               SYSTEMS FOR VOTING & DIVISION &                                       97806911
Science          DIVISION PROCEDURES.        STEVEN J.    PRESS                            2008 13             JF     2008    MODELS.                 ADV-AC DIST. OF GOODS.                 9780691133201 CLOTH          $65.00     33218     $27.95
                                                                                                                              1. UNITED STATES--
                 MEMO TO THE PRESIDENT                                                                                        FOREIGN RELATIONS--            A HARPER BOOK. PRESENTS
                 ELECT: HOW WE CAN RESTORE   ALBRIGHT,                                                                JZ1480. 2001-     2.                   AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MEMORIES
Political        AMERICA'S REPUTATION AND    MADELEINE    HARPERCOLLIN                                                A955    POLITICAL                      WITH ADVICE FOR THE NEXT
Science          LEADERSHIP.                 KORBEL.      S                                2008 327.73         JZ     2008    LEADERSHIP.             GEN-AC PRESIDENT. NYTBR 1/27/08.         9780061351808 CLOTH        $26.95
                 MILLENNIAL MAKEOVER:                                                                                         POLITICAL                      AUTH: UNIV. OF SOUTHERN
                 MYSPACE, YOUTUBE, AND THE                RUTGERS                                                     JK1764. PARTICIPATION--                CALIFORNIA. DISCUSSES
Political        FUTURE OF AMERICAN          WINOGRAD,    UNIVERSITY                            320.9730              W635    TECHNOLOGICAL                  GENERATIONAL/TECHNOLOGICAL
Science          POLITICS.                   MORLEY.      PRESS                            2008 14             JK     2008    INNOVATIONS--U.S.       GEN-AC TRENDS SHAPING POLITICS           9780813543017 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                          AMERICAN                                            1. POLITICAL                     AUTH: U. OF NOTRE DAME.
                 MINORITY REPORT:            GRIFFIN,    UNIV OF          POLITICS AND                                JK1764. PARTICIPATION--U.S.              COMPARES REPRESENTATION &
Political        EVALUATING POLITICAL        JOHN DAVID, CHICAGO          POLITICAL            323.0420               G743    2. UNITED STATES--               GOVERNMENT ACTION RELATIVE TO                                       97802263
Science          EQUALITY IN AMERICA.        1968-       PRESS            ECONOMY SERIES. 2008 8097            JK     2008    POL. & GOVT.            ADV-AC   ETHNICITY IN U.S.               9780226308678 CLOTH        $47.50     08685     $19.00
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: U. OF CALIFORNIA, SAN
                 NATION OF EMIGRANTS: HOW                 UNIV OF                                                             1. RETURN                        DIEGO. HOW MEXICAN
Political        MEXICO MANAGES ITS          FITZGERALD, CALIFORNIA                                                   JV402.F MIGRATION--MEXICO.               GOVERNMENT TRIES TO REGULATE                                        97805202
Science          MIGRATION.                  DAVID, 1972- PRESS                            2009    325.72      JV     57 2009 2. MEXICANS-- U.S.   ADV-AC      EXIT & RETURN, ETC.             9780520257047 CLOTH        $55.00     57054     $21.95
                                                                                                                              1. HEGEMONY--U.S. 2.             CRITIQUES U.S. ACTIONS WHILE
                                                                                                                      JZ1312. WORLD POLITICS--                 CONSIDERING WAR & PEACE IN
Political        ON EMPIRE: AMERICA, WAR,    HOBSBAWM,                                                                H63     21ST CENT. 3.                    21ST C., HEGEMONY, & EMPIRES.
Science          AND GLOBAL SUPREMACY.       E.J. (ERIC J.) PANTHEON                       2008 327.73         JZ     2008    IMPERALISM.          GEN-AC      VLS 3/08.                       9780375425370 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: OXFORD & RUTGERS.
                                                          OXFORD                                                      JC571.G 1. HUMAN RIGHTS. 2.              ETHICAL PHILOSOPHY SEEKS TO
Political                                    GRIFFIN,     UNIVERSITY                                                  7822    HUMAN RIGHTS--                   DETERMINE WHAT HUMAN RIGHTS
Science          ON HUMAN RIGHTS.            JAMES, 1933- PRESS                            2008 323            JC     2008    PHILOSOPHY.             ADV-AC   REALLY ENTAILS.                 9780199238781 CLOTH        $50.00

                                             MILL, JOHN                   BEDFORD SERIES                                                                     REPRINT OF 19TH CENTURY TEXT
Political        ON LIBERTY: WITH RELATED    STUART,      BEDFORD BKS     IN HISTORY AND                                      1. LIBERTY. 2.                 WITH NEW 15 PAGE INTRODUCTION
Science          DOCUMENTS                   1806-1873    ST. MARTIN'S    CULTURE.         2008    323.44      JC     JC585   UTILITARIANISM.         GEN-AC & VARIOUS DOCUMENTS.              9780312450496 PAPER        $16.35
                                                                                                                              1. POLITICAL
                                                                                                                              PARTIES. 2.                      AUTH: HARVARD U. USES POLITICAL
                 ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS: ROSENBLUM,                                                                JF2051. POLITICAL SCIENCE.               THEORY & SCIENCE TO OUTLINE
Political        AN APPRECIATION OF PARTIES NANCY L.,  PRINCETON                                                      R7576   3. POLITICAL PARTIES-            MORAL DISTINCTIVENESS OF
Science          AND PARTISANSHIP.          1947-      UNIV PRESS                          2008       324.2    JF     2008    -U.S.                 ADV-AC     PARTISANSHIP.                   9780691135342 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: JAMES MADISON U.
                 PARTY DECIDES:              COHEN,       UNIV OF         CHICAGO STUDIES                                      1. PRESIDENTS--U.S.--        DISCUSSES PARTY INSIDERS' FIGHT
Political        PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS    MARTY, ET    CHICAGO         IN AMERICAN                                 JK521.P NOMINATION.         2.        TO CONTROL NOMINATIONS, SINCE                                          97802261
Science          BEFORE AND AFTER REFORM.    AL.          PRESS           POLITICS.       2008    324.273      JK     37 2008 PRIMARIES--U.S.        ADV-AC 1970. NEW SERIES.                  9780226112367 CLOTH        $65.00     12374     $20.00
                                                                                                                                                            AUTH: CAMBRIDGE. ARGUES
                                                                                                                                                            POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY     SHOULD
Political        PHILOSOPHY AND REAL         GEUSS,       PRINCETON                                                   JA71.G4 POLITICAL SCIENCE--           LOOK AT UNDERLYING MOTIVES,
Science          POLITICS.                   RAYMOND      UNIV PRESS                       2008 320            JA     6 2008   PHILOSOPHY.           ADV-AC CONTEXTS, ETC.                     9780691137889 CLOTH        $19.95
                                                                                                                               1. CIVIL RIGHTS--
                                                          CAMBRIDGE                                                   JC599.N NORTH AMERICA--               AUTH: MIT. DISCUSSES HOW & WHY
Political        POLITICS OF OFFICIAL        NOBLES,      UNIVERSITY                                                  66N63    HIST.     2.                 OFFICIAL       APOLOGIES ARE                                           97805216
Science          APOLOGIES.                  MELISSA.     PRESS                            2008 323.1          JC     2008     APOLOGIZING.          ADV-AC GIVEN TO INDIGENOUS MINORITIES.    9780521872317 CLOTH        $70.00     93851     $24.99
                                                                                                                               1. POLITICAL                 AUTH: HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
                                                         OXFORD                                                       JC330.3. LEADERSHIP. 2.               DISCUSSES COMBINING HARD &
Political                                    NYE, JOSEPH UNIVERSITY                                                   N94      LEADERSHIP. 3.               SOFT POWER SKILLS FOR
Science          POWERS TO LEAD.             S.          PRESS                             2008 352.236        JC     2008     EXECUTIVE ABILITY.    GEN-AC EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP.              9780195335620 CLOTH        $21.95

                                                                                                                         Page 50
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title            Author        Publisher       Series    Year          Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                           LAWRENCE                                                                            1. PUBLIC                    AUTH: COLUMBIA U. STUDIES HOW
                 PRIVATE ABUSE OF THE      D.            UNIV OF      CHICAGO STUDIES                                          ADMINISTRATION--             MARKET ALTERNATIVES TO
Political        PUBLIC INTEREST: MARKET   (LAWRENCE CHICAGO          IN AMERICAN                                      JK421.B U.S. 2. UNITED               GOVERNMENT SHAPE HOW POLICY                                              97802260
Science          MYTHS AND POLICY MUDDLES. DAVID), 1947- PRESS        POLITICS.       2008   352.538            JK     75 2008 STATES--ECON. POL.    ADV-AC IS MADE & PRACTICED.          9780226076423 CLOTH               $40.00     76430     $15.00
                 QUEST FOR DEMOCRACY IN                                                                                                                     AUTH: UNIV. OF CONNECTICUT.
                 IRAN: A CENTURY OF        AZIMI,                                                                      JQ1789. 1. DEMOCRACY--IRAN.          TRACES CHANGING SOCIOPOLITICS
Political        STRUGGLE AGAINST          FAKHREDDIN HARVARD UNIV                                                     A15A95 2. IRAN--POL. & GOVT.-        IN IRAN THROUGHOUT 20TH
Science          AUTHORITARIAN RULE.       .             PRESS                        2008 955.05               JQ     2008    - 20TH CENT.          ADV-AC CENTURY.                      9780674027787 CLOTH               $35.00

                 RACIAL PARANOIA: THE                                                                                                                         AUTH: UNIV. OF PENNSYLVANIA.
                 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES                                                                                                                      ARGUES NEW RACISM IS
Political        OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS:    JACKSON,                                            305.8009             JK1726.J POLITICAL                     INTERNALIZED & EXAMINES THE
Science          THE NEW REALITY OF RACE      JOHN L., JR.   BASIC BOOKS                     2008 73            JK     33 2008 CORRECTNESS--U.S.       ADV-AC EFFECT ON SOCIETY.                 9780465002160 CLOTH        $26.00
                 REALIST STRATEGIES OF                                     PALGRAVE
                 REPUBLICAN PEACE: NIEBUHR,                                MACMILLAN                                                                      AUTH: DANISH INST. FOR MILITARY
                 MORGENTHAU, AND THE          TJALVE,                      HISTORY OF                                  JZ1480. UNITED STATES--            STUDIES. PLACES TWO 20-CENTURY
Political        POLITICS OF PATRIOTIC        VIBEKE         PALGRAVE      INTERNATIONAL                               T53     FOREIGN RELATIONS--        THINKERS IN U.S. REPUBLICAN
Science          DISSENT.                     SCHOU.         MACMILLAN     THOUGHT.          2008 321.86        JZ     2007    PHILOSOPHY.         ADV-AC TRADITION. NEW SERIES.          9780230602175 CLOTH               $74.95

                 RED, BLUE, AND PURPLE                       BROOKINGS                                                 JK2271. 1. PARTY AFFILIATION-
Political        AMERICA: THE FUTURE OF                      INSTITUTION                                               R43     -U.S. 2. POLITICAL           ED: BROOKINGS INSTITUTION.                                               97808157
Science          ELECTION DEMOGRAPHICS                       PRESS                           2008   324.6097    JK     2008    PARTIES--U.S.         GEN-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.   9780815783169 CLOTH                 $49.95     83152     $22.95
                                                                                                                               1. SOUTH AMERICA--           DISCUSSES TRENDS IN
                 REVOLUTION!: SOUTH AMERICA                                                                            JL1860. POL. & GOVT.--21ST           CONTEMPORARY SOUTH AMERICAN
Political        AND THE RISE OF THE NEW      KOZLOFF,       PALGRAVE                                                  K69     CENT. 2. NEW LEFT--          POLITICS & IMPACT IN
Science          LEFT.                        NIKOLAS.       MACMILLAN                       2008 980.04        JL     2008    SOUTH AMERICA         ADV-AC GEOPOLITICAL ARENA.         9780230600577 CLOTH                 $26.95
                 SPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY: THE
                 STRUGGLE TO BUILD FREE                                                                                                                      AUTH: STANFORD UNIV. EXAMINES
Political        SOCIETIES THROUGHOUT THE     DIAMOND,                                                                 JC423.D 1. DEMOCRACY. 2.              HOW & WHY DEMOCRACY
Science          WORLD.                       LARRY JAY.     TIMES BOOKS                     2008 321.8         JC     56 2008 DEMOCRATIZATION.       GEN-AC PROGRESSES. NYTBR 1/20/08.          9780805078695 CLOTH        $28.00
                                                                           CAMBRIDGE                                           1. SECURITY,                  AUTH: UNIV. OF WALES,
                                                       CAMBRIDGE           STUDIES IN                                          INTERNATIONAL. 2.             ABERYSTWYTH. PHILOSOPHICAL
Political                                  BOOTH, KEN, UNIVERSITY          INTERNATIONAL                                       WORLD       POLITICS--        ANALYSIS BASED ON                                                       97805215
Science          THEORY OF WORLD SECURITY. 1943-       PRESS               RELATIONS; 105.   2007 327.17        JZ     JZ5588 1989-                   ADV-AC 'EMANCIPATORY REALISM'.             9780521835527 CLOTH        $99.00     43170     $36.99
                 THREE FACES OF CHINESE                UNIV OF                                                         JZ1734. 1. CHINA--FOREIGN
Political        POWER: MIGHT, MONEY, AND  LAMPTON,    CALIFORNIA                                                      L35     RELATIONS 2. CHINA--          AUTH: JOHNS HOPKINS. A PHILIP E.                                        97805202
Science          MINDS.                    DAVID M.    PRESS                                 2008 327.51        JZ     2008    MILITARY POLICY.       ADV-AC LILIENTHAL BOOK.                    9780520249516 CLOTH        $55.00     54428     $21.95

                 COUNCIL AND WAR: THE                        OXFORD                                                    JZ5006.
Political        EVOLUTION OF THOUGHT AND                    UNIVERSITY                                                7.U54   UNITED NATIONS.                  ED: OXFORD UNIVERSITY.
Science          PRACTICE SINCE 1945; ED.                    PRESS                           2008 3416          JZ     2008    SECURITY COUNCIL.         ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.        9780199533435 CLOTH       $200.00
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: LOYOLA UNIV. VIEWS HIST.
                 WE SHALL OVERCOME: A                   YALE                                                           JC599.U                                  OF CIVIL RIGHTS, FROM
Political        HISTORY OF CIVIL RIGHTS AND TSESIS,    UNIVERSITY                                                     5T74       CIVIL RIGHTS--U.S.--          REVOLUTION-PRESENT, THROUGH
Science          THE LAW.                    ALEXANDER. PRESS                                2008 323.0973      JC     2008       HIST.                  GEN-AC LEGAL LENS.                      9780300118377 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                           CAMBRIDGE                                                                            AUTH: HARVARD. STUDIES STATE
                 WHEN THINGS FELL APART:                     CAMBRIDGE     STUDIES IN                                  JC328.7.   FAILED STATES--               FAILURES IN AFRICA WITH
Political        STATE FAILURE IN LATE-       BATES,         UNIVERSITY    COMPARATIVE                                 B38        AFRICA--HIST.--20TH           BROADER DISCUSSION OF LOGIC OF                                       97805217
Science          CENTURY AFRICA.              ROBERT H.      PRESS         POLITICS.         2008 321.09        JC     2008       CENT.                  ADV-AC POLITICAL ORDER.                 9780521887359 CLOTH        $60.00     15256     $19.99
                 WHERE HAVE ALL THE                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIV. OF OTAGO. CRITIQUE
                 LIBERALS GONE?: RACE,                                                                                            1. LIBERALISM--U.S. 2.        OF AMERICAN POLITICAL SOCIETY
Political        CLASS, AND IDEALS IN         FLYNN,         CAMBRIDGE                                                 JC574.2.   AFFIRMATIVE ACTION            ARGUES FOR SOCIAL DEMOCRACY
Science          AMERICA.                     JAMES R        UNIV PRESS                      2008    320.511    JC     U6         PROGRAMS--U.S.         GEN-AC IDEALISM.                        9780521494311 CLOTH        $28.00
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: AMERICAN UNIV.,
                 WHITE PROTESTANT NATION:                                                                                                                       WASHINGTON D.C. HISTORY OF
Political        THE RISE OF THE AMERICAN     LICHTMAN,      ATLANTIC                             320.5209             JC573.2.   CONSERVATISM--U.S.--          ORIGINS & EVOLUTION OF
Science          CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT.       ALLAN J.       MONTHLY                         2008 73            JC     U6         HIST.--20TH CENT.      GEN-AC MOVEMENT SINCE 1920. NYTBR.      9780871139849 CLOTH        $27.50
                                                                                                                                                                AUTH: PACIFICA GRAD. INST.
                 WRESTLING WITH THE ANGEL                                                                              JK1726.                                  AUTOBIOGRAPHY REFLECTION ON
Political        OF DEMOCRACY: ON BEING AN GRIFFIN,     TRUMPETER                                 323.6097             G743       1. DEMOCRACY--U.S.            POLITICAL AWAKENINGS &
Science          AMERICAN CITIZEN.         SUSAN, 1943- BOOKS                                2008 3             JK     2008       2. CIVIL RIGHTS--U.S. GEN-AC REACTIONS TO U.S. HIST.           9781590302972 CLOTH        $24.95

                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO                                                                                BF109.J 1. JUNG, C.G. (CARL
                 JUNG; ED. BY POLLY YOUNG-                   CAMBRIDGE                            15019409             8C36    GUSTAV), 1875-1961.            ED: UNIV. OF VERMONT.                                                  97805216
Psychology       EISENDRATH.                                 UNIV PRESS                      2008 2             BF     2008    2. PSYCHOANALYSIS.      ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.          9780521865999 CLOTH        $90.00     85009     $29.99

                                                                                                                          Page 51
                                                                                                                  Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                   Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title                Author       Publisher         Series      Year   Class        ass Number       Subject Headings    Level                Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 CAMBRIDGE HANDBOOK OF                                                                                       1. COGNITION. 2.
                 COMPUTATIONAL                                                                                               COGNITIVE SCIENCE.            ED: RENNSSELAER POLYTECHNIC
                 PSYCHOLOGY; ED. BY RON                    CAMBRIDGE                                                 BF311.C 3. PHILOSOPHY OF              INSTITUTE. COLLECTION OF NEW                                           97805216
Psychology       SUN.                                      UNIV PRESS                       2008 153.0113       BF   36 2008 MIND.                  ADV-AC ESSAYS. PRESENTS ALGORITHMS.       9780521857413 CLOTH       $135.00     74102     $65.00

                                                                                                                             1. CHILDREN'S
                 CHILDREN'S DREAMS: NOTES     JUNG, C.G.                                                                     DREAMS. 2.
                 FROM THE SEMINAR GIVEN IN    (CARL        PRINCETON                                                 BF1099. CHILDREN'S DREAMS--
                 1936-1940; ED. BY LORENZ     GUSTAV),     UNIVERSITY                            154.6308            C55J861 CASE STUDIES. 3.           NEWLY TRANSLATED FROM
Psychology       JUNG; TRANS. BY ERNST        1875-1961.   PRESS           PHILEMON SERIES. 2008 3              BF   3 2008  DREAMS.             ADV-AC GERMAN.                               9780691133232 CLOTH        $39.50

                 CRESCENT AND THE COUCH:                                                                                                                  ED: JEFFERSON MEDICAL COLLEGE.
                 CROSS-CURRENTS BETWEEN                                                                              BF175.4. 1. PSYCHOANALYSIS           DISCUSSES      PSYCHOANALYTIC
                 ISLAM AND PSYCHOANALYSIS;                 JASON                                                     R44C74 & RELIGION. 2. ISLAM--        THEORY & ISLAMIC CONCEPTS OF
Psychology       ED. BY SALMAN AKHTAR.                     ARONSON                          2008 297.261        BF   2008     PSYCHOLOGY.          ADV-AC LIFE.                          9780765705747 CLOTH             $69.95
                                                                                                                                                          OVERVIEW OF THE TRADITION OF
                                              SINCLAIR,    SUTTON                                                             1. GRAIL. 2. GRAIL--        SACRED VESSELS FROM ANCIENT
                 GRAIL: THE QUEST FOR A       ANDREW,      PUBLISHING                                                BF1442. LEGENDS--HIST. &             BABYLON TO THE MIDDLE AGES.
Psychology       LEGEND.                      1935-        LTD.                             2007 00194          BF   G73      CRIT.                GEN-AC COL/B&W ILLUS.                 9780750944724 CLOTH             $34.95

                 RESEARCH AND PRACTICE:                                                                                      1. BEREAVEMENT--
                 ADVANCES IN THEORY AND                    AMER                                                      BF575.G PSYCHOLOGICAL
                 INTERVENTION; ED. BY                      PSYCHOLOGIC                                               7H353   ASPECTS.   2.                 ED: UTRECHT UNIVERSITY.
Psychology       MARGARET S. STROEBE.                      AL ASSN                          2008 155937         BF   2008    GRIEF.                 ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ARTICLES.        9781433803512 CLOTH        $69.95

                                                                                                                             1. HAPPINESS--
                                                                                                                             ECONOMIC ASPECTS.        AUTH: UNIV. OF ZURICH. DISCUSSES
                                                                                                                     BF575.H 2. ECONOMICS--           POTENTIAL OF HAPPINESS
                 HAPPINESS: A REVOLUTION IN   FREY,                        MUNICH LECTURES                           27F74   PSYCHOLOGICAL            RESEARCH TO GREATLY CHANGE
Psychology       ECONOMICS.                   BRUNO S.     MIT PRESS       IN ECONOMICS.   2008 330.01          BF   2007    ASPECTS.          ADV-AC ECONOMICS.                       9780262062770 CLOTH               $35.00
                                                                                                                             1. COGNITIVE             A BRADFORD BOOK. AUTH: U
                                                                                                                     BF311.S SCIENCE. 2.              EDINBURGH. ON RELEVANCE OF
                 HUMAN REASONING AND          STENNING,                                                              67773   REASONING.     3.        MODERN MATH LOGIC TO STUDY OF
Psychology       COGNITIVE SCIENCE.           KEITH        MIT PRESS                     2008 1534              BF   2008    LOGIC.            ADV-AC HUMAN REASONING.                 9780262195836 CLOTH               $42.00
                                                                         SUNY SERIES,
                                                                         INSINUATIONS:                                                                       AUTH: DEAKIN UNIV. ON WAYS IN
                                                           STATE UNIV OF PHILOSOPHY,                                 BF109.L 1. LACAN, JACQUES,              WHICH LACAN DREW FROM
                 LACAN, LANGUAGE, AND         GRIGG,       NEW YORK      PSYCHOANALYSIS,      150.1950               23G75   1901-1981.      2.              LANGUAGE & LOGIC TO BENEFIT
Psychology       PHILOSOPHY.                  RUSSELL.     PRESS         LITERATURE.     2008 92                BF   2007    PSYCHOANALYSIS.        ADV-AC   PSYCHOANALYSIS.                  9780791473450 CLOTH        $65.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.
                 LOT 2: THE LANGUAGE OF       FODOR,       CLARENDON                                                 BF311.F 1. COGNITION. 2.                PHILOSOPHER DEFENDS &
Psychology       THOUGHT REVISITED.           JERRY A      OXFORD                           2008     153.4      BF   56 2008 PSYCHOLINGUISTICS. ADV-AC       EXTENDS HIS THEORY OF MIND.      9780199548774 CLOTH        $37.95
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIV. OF TRIESTE, ITALY.
                 MARVELOUS MINDS: THE                      OXFORD                                                    BF723.C                                 EXAMINES COGNITIVE
                 DISCOVERY OF WHAT            SIEGAL,      UNIVERSITY                                                5S52    COGNITION IN                    DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDREN FROM
Psychology       CHILDREN KNOW.               MICHAEL.     PRESS                            2008 155413         BF   2007    CHILDREN.              ADV-AC   A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE.            9780199207053 CLOTH        $47.50
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: TUFTS UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                     BF575.H                                 DISCUSSES THEORIES OF THE
                                              STERNBERG, CAMBRIDGE                                                   3S75                                    ORIGINS OF HATE & WHAT CAN BE                                        97805217
Psychology       NATURE OF HATE.              ROBERT J.  UNIV PRESS                         2008 152.4          BF   2008    HATE.                  GEN-AC   DONE ABOUT IT.                   9780521896986 CLOTH        $80.00     21790     $24.99
                 OVERFLOWING BRAIN:
                 INFORMATION OVERLOAD AND                                                                                    HUMAN INFORMATION               AUTH: KAROLINSKA INST. TRANS.
                 THE LIMITS OF WORKING        KLINGBERG,   OXFORD                                                    BF444.K PROCESSING--                    FROM SWEDISH. COGNITIVE
                 MEMORY; TRANS. BY NEIL       TORKEL,      UNIVERSITY                                                5513    PHYSIOLOGICAL                   NEUROSCIENTIST EXAMINES HUMAN
Psychology       BETTERIDGE.                  1967-        PRESS                            2009         153    BF   2009    ASPECTS.          GEN-AC        CAPABILITY                    9780195372885 CLOTH           $21.95
                 RELATEDNESS AND SELF-        BLATT,                                                                         1. PERSONALITY. 2.
                 DEFINITION IN PERSONALITY    SIDNEY J.     AMER                                                             MENTAL
                 DEVELOPMENT, AND THE         (SIDNEY       PSYCHOLOGIC                                              BF698.B REPRESENTATION. 3.            AUTH: YALE UNIV. THEORY WITH
Psychology       THERAPEUTIC PROCESS.         JULES), 1928- AL ASSN                         2008 155.25         BF   53 2008 PSYCHOTHERAPY.         ADV-AC CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS.             9781433803147 CLOTH        $69.95

                 REVOLUTION IN MIND: THE                                                                                                                   AUTH: WEILL MED. COLL., COLUMBIA
                 CREATION OF                  MAKARI,      HARPERCOLLIN                          150.1950                      PSYCHOANALYSIS--            U., ROCKEFELLER U., CORNELL U. A
Psychology       PSYCHOANALYSIS.              GEORGE.      S                                2008 9              BF   BF173     HIST.                GEN-AC HARPER BOOK. NYTBR 1/20/08.      9780061346613 CLOTH          $32.50
                                              FLOWER,                                                                                                      A JOAN PALEVSKY BOOK IN
                                              MICHAEL      UNIVERSITY OF                                             BF1765. 1. ORACLES, GREEK.            CLASSICAL LITERATURE. AUTH:
                                              ATTYAH,      CALIFORNIA                            133.3093            F56     2. PROPHETS--                 PRINCETON UNIV. DISCUSSES
Psychology       SEER IN ANCIENT GREECE.      1956-        PRESS                            2008 8              BF   2008    GREECE.                ADV-AC ROLES OF THE SEER.               9780520252295 CLOTH          $39.95

                                                                                                                       Page 52
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                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                         Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                            Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title              Author        Publisher         Series       Year   Class       ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 SEXUALIZED BRAINS:
                 SCIENTIFIC MODELING OF                                                                                         1. SEX DIFFERENCES
                 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE                                                                                BF692.2. (PSYCHOLOGY)                  A BRADFORD BOOK. ED: W. GOETHE
                 FROM A CULTURAL                                                                                       S497     2. EMOTIONAL                  UNIV. NEW INTERDISCIPLINARY
Psychology       PERSPECTIVE.                              MIT PRESS                         2008     155.33    BF     2008     INTELLIGENCE.          ADV-AC ESSAYS.                        9780262113175 CLOTH            $50.00
                                                                                                                                1. SOUND--
                                                                                                                                PHILOSOPHY. 2.                AUTH: BATES COLLEGE.
                                                        OXFORD                                                                  AUDITORY                      PHILOSOPHICAL EXPLORATION OF
                 SOUNDS: A PHILOSOPHICAL     O'CALLAGHA UNIVERSITY                                                              PERCEPTION--                  THE NATURE & PERCEPTION ON
Psychology       THEORY.                     N, CASEY.  PRESS                                2007 121.34        BF     BF251    PHILOSOPHY.            ADV-AC ENVIRONMENTAL SOUNDS.              9780199215928 CLOTH        $60.00
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: GEORGE WASHINGTON
                                             SOLOVE,                                                                   BF637.P                                UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL.
                                             DANIEL J.,    HARVARD UNIV                                                74S65                                  DISCUSSES CONTEMPORARY
Psychology       UNDERSTANDING PRIVACY.      1972-         PRESS                             2008 155.92        BF     2008    PRIVACY.                GEN-AC MATTERS CONCERNING PRIVACY.        9780674027725 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                               1. ISAAC (BIBLICAL
                 ABRAHAM'S CURSE: CHILD                                                                                BS1238. PATRIARCH)--                 AUTH: BARD COLLEGE. THE AQEDAH
                 SACRIFICE IN THE LEGACIES   CHILTON,                                             222.1106             S24C45 SACRIFICE. 2. CHILD           & THE ROOTS OF VIOLENCE IN
Religion         OF THE WEST.                BRUCE.        DOUBLEDAY                         2008 4             BS     2008    SACRIFICE.            GEN-AC JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, & ISLAM.      9780385520270 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                               1. END OF THE
                                                                                                                               WORLD. 2.                    AUTH: CAL STATE SACRAMENTO.
                 APOCALYPSE THEN:                                          PRAEGER SERIES                                      PROPHECIES. 3.               EXAMINES IMPACT OF APOCALYPTIC
                 PROPHECY AND THE MAKING     WILLIAMSON,                   ON THE EARLY                                BL503.W HISTORY--                    EXPECTATIONS 1500-1800. NEW
Religion         OF THE MODERN WORLD.        ARTHUR H.   PRAEGER           MODERN WORLD.     2008 202.3         BL     55 2008 PROPHECIES.           ADV-AC SERIES.                              9780275985080 CLOTH        $49.95
                 BENEDICT OF BAVARIA: AN     PURSELL,                                                                  BX1378. 1. BENEDICT XVI,             AUTH: DESALES UNIV. DIST. BY
                 INTIMATE PORTRAIT OF THE    BRENNAN C.,                                                               6.P87   POPE, 1927- 2. POPES-        IGNATIUS PRESS.   INCL. COLOR &
Religion         POPE AND HIS HOMELAND.      1967-       CIRCLE PRESS                        2008 282092        BX     2008    -BIOGRAPHY            GEN-AC B&W PHOTOGRAPHS.                     9781933271170 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                                                              EMORY UNIV. NEW VERSE
                                                                                                                                                              TRANSLATION OF HINDU EPIC POEM
                 BHAGAVAD GITA; TRANS. BY                  PENGUIN         PENGUIN                                     BL1138.                                FROM SANSKRIT. WITH
Religion         LAURIE L. PATTON.                         BOOKS           CLASSICS.         2008   294.5924    BL     62                              GEN-AC INTRODUCTION (35 P.), NOTES, ETC. 9780140447903 PAPER         $12.00
                                                                                                                                1. MOORE, PAUL, 1919-
                                                                                                                       BX5995. 2. EPISCOPAL                  PERSONAL NARRATIVE FOCUSING
                 BISHOP'S DAUGHTER: A       MOORE,                                                                     M69M66 CHURCH-- BISHOPS--             ON AUTHOR'S RELATIONSHIP WITH
Religion         MEMOIR.                    HONOR, 1945- W.W. NORTON                         2008 283.092       BX     2008     BIOGRAPHY             GEN-AC HER FATHER. NYTBR 5/11/08.          9780393059847 CLOTH        $25.95
                                            JONES,                                                                                                           AUTH: RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.
                 BLOOD THAT CRIES OUT FROM JAMES         OXFORD                                                        BL65.T4                               PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY OF
                 THE EARTH: THE PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM,      UNIVERSITY                               201.7633             7J66     TERRORISM--                  MOTIVATIONS OF RELIGIOUS
Religion         OF RELIGIOUS TERRORISM.    1943-        PRESS                               2008 25            BL     2008     RELIGIOUS ASPECTS. ADV-AC TERRORISM.                             9780195335972 CLOTH        $24.95
                 C.S. LEWIS AS PHILOSOPHER:                                                                                                                  ED: LIBERTY UNIV. PAPERS FROM A
                 TRUTH, GOODNESS AND                                                                                   BX4827. 1. LEWIS, C.S. (CLIVE         2005 SYMPOSIUM ON THE
                 BEAUTY; ED. BY DAVID                    INTERVARSITY                                                  L44C23 STAPLES), 1898-1963.           PHILOSOPHIES OF LEWIS. AN IVP
Religion         BAGGETT.                                PRESS                               2008 230092        BX     2008     2. THEOLOGY.          ADV-AC ACADEMIC BOOK.                      9780830828081 PAPER        $23.00
                                                                                                                                1. BIBLE--
                                                                                                                                INTRODUCTIONS. 2.            AUTH: BARD COLLEGE. ANALYSIS OF
                                             CHILTON,      CAMBRIDGE                                                            BIBLE--HISTORY OF            O.T., N.T. & APOCRYPHAL
                 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO      BRUCE, ET     UNIVERSITY                                                           CONTEMPORARY                 WRITINGS WITH HISTORICAL                                                97805216
Religion         THE BIBLE.                  AL.           PRESS                             2008 220.9         BS     BS475.3 EVENTS.                GEN-AC CONTEXT.                            9780521869973 CLOTH       $100.00     91406     $34.99
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIV. OF CHICAGO.
                                                                                                                       BR145.3.                              OVERVIEW OF CHRISTIAN HIST.
                 CHRISTIAN WORLD: A GLOBAL   MARTY,        MODERN          MODERN LIBRARY                              M38                                   BY AWARD-WINNING RELIGIOUS
Religion         HISTORY.                    MARTIN.       LIBRARY         CHRONICLES; 29.   2007 270.          BR     2007     CHURCH HISTORY.       GEN-AC HISTORIAN.                          9780679643494 CLOTH        $25.00
                 CONCEIVING PARENTHOOD:                                                                                                                      AUTH: DUKE UNIV. PROVOCATIVE
                 AMERICAN PROTESTANTISM                    W.B.                                                        BV4526. FAMILY--RELIGIOUS             ANALYSIS OF MAINLINE
                 AND THE SPIRIT OF           HALL, AMY     EERDMANS PUB                           261.8358             3.H35    ASPECTS--                    PROTESTANT VIEWS OF
Religion         REPRODUCTION.               LAURA.        CO                                2007 7409          BV     2008     CHRISTIANITY.         GEN-AC RESPONSIBLE REPRODUCTION.           9780802839367 CLOTH        $32.00
                 FATHERS OF THE CHURCH: A                                                                                                                    AUTH: UNIV. OF PADERBORN.
                 COMPREHENSIVE               DROBNER,                                                                  BR67.D7 FATHERS OF THE                CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIANS 1ST-8TH
                 INTRODUCTION; TRANS. BY     HUBERTUS      HENDRICKSON                                                 613      CHURCH--HIST. &              C. TRANS FROM GERMAN WITH
Religion         SIEGFRIED S. SCHATZMANN.    R.            PUBLISHERS                        2007 270.1         BR     2006     CRIT.                 GEN-AC UPDATING.                           9781565633315 CLOTH        $44.95
                 FRIENDS OF GOD: ISLAMIC                                                                                                                     AUTH: ST. LOUIS UNIV. THEMATIC
                 IMAGES OF PIETY,                          UNIVERSITY OF                                               BP189.4 ISLAMIC                       COVERAGE OF MUSLIM PROPHETS,
                 COMMITMENT, AND             RENARD,       CALIFORNIA                                                  3.R46    HAGIOGRAPHY--HIST.           SAINTS, MARTYRS, SAGES. 29 B&W                                          97805202
Religion         SERVANTHOOD.                JOHN, 1944-   PRESS                             2008 297.61        BP     2008     & CRIT.               GEN-AC ILLUS.                              9780520242913 CLOTH        $60.00     51984     $24.95

                                                                                                                               BIBLE. N.T. GOSPELS--            AUTH: BOSTON COLLEGE.
                                                           W.B.                                                        BS2555. CRITCISM,                        ADDRESSES SOURCES,
                 INTRODUCTION TO THE         PERKINS,      EERDMANS PUB                                                52.P47 INTERPRETATION,                   NARRATIVE & LITERARY FEATURES,
Religion         SYNOPTIC GOSPELS.           PHEME.        CO                                2007 226.061       BS     2007    ETC.                  GEN-AC     GOSPEL GENRE ISSUES              9780802817709 CLOTH        $28.00

                                                                                                                          Page 53
                                                                                                                        Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                   LC   Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author        Publisher        Series        Year   Class        ass Number           Subject Headings     Level               Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price

                                             LEWIS,                                                                       BP161.3.   1. ISLAM--21ST CENT.          AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
                 ISLAM: THE RELIGION AND THE BERNARD,        WHARTON                                                      L482       2. ISLAM--ESSENCE,            INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM: BELIEF,
Religion         PEOPLE.                     1916-           SCHOOL                            2009         297    BP     2008       GENIUS, NATURE.        GEN-AC PRACTICE, CULTURE, CHALLENGES. 9780132230858 CLOTH            $21.99
                                                             W.B.                                                         BS1335.
                 KINGS AND THEIR GODS: THE     BERRIGAN,     EERDMANS PUB                                                 53.B47     BIBLE. O.T. KINGS--           BIBLE COMMENTARY &
Religion         PATHOLOGY OF POWER.           DANIEL.       CO                                2008 222507         BS     2008       COMMENTARIES.          GEN-AC POETIC/PROPHETIC REFLECTIONS.      9780802860439 PAPER        $20.00
                 LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE: IN     NUSSBAUM,                                                                                                           AUTH: UNIV. OF CHICAGO. HIST. OF
                 DEFENSE OF AMERICA'S          MARTHA                                                                                                              U.S. RESPECT FOR RELIGIOUS
                 TRADITION OF RELIGIOUS        CRAVEN,                                              323.4420              BL640.N FREEDOM OF                       FREEDOM & THREATS TO IT. NYTBR
Religion         EQUALITY.                     1947-         BASIC BOOKS                       2008 973            BL     87 2008 RELIGION--U.S.            GEN-AC 3/23/08.                           9780465051649 CLOTH        $28.95
                 MANY FACES OF POLITICAL                                                                                                                           AUTH: JAMES MADISON COLL. &
                 ISLAM: RELIGION AND           AYOOB,    UNIVERSITY OF                                                    BP173.7. 1. ISLAM & POLITICS.            MICHIGAN STATE UNIV. ADDRESSES
                 POLITICS IN THE MUSLIM        MOHAMMED, MICHIGAN                                                         A875     2. ISLAM & POLITICS--           ISSUES OF ISLAM AS A POLITICAL                                         97804720
Religion         WORLD.                        1942-     PRESS                                 2008 320.557        BP     2008     ISLAMIC COUNTRIES.       GEN-AC IDEOLOGY.                          9780472099719 CLOTH        $65.00     69712     $22.95
                 MUHAMMAD'S GRAVE: DEATH                 COLUMBIA                                                                  1. ISLAM--HIST. 2.              AUTH: TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY.
                 RITES AND THE MAKING OF       HALEVI,   UNIVERSITY                                                       BP50.H3 ISLAM--SOCIAL                    REVISED DISSERTATION ON EARLY
Religion         ISLAMIC SOCIETY.              LEOR.     PRESS                                 2007    297.385     BP     4 2007   ASPECTS.                 ADV-AC ISLAMIC DEATH RITES.               9780231137423 CLOTH        $38.00
                                                                                                                                   1. MYSTICISM. 2.                AUTH: GEORGETOWN UNIV.
                 MYSTICISM IN JUDAISM,                                                                                             MYSTICISM--ISLAM.               COMPARISON OF MYSTICAL
                 CHRISTIANITY, AND ISLAM:      SOLTES, ORI ROWMAN &                                                       BL625.S 3. MYSTICISM--                   EXPRESSION IN THE THREE
Religion         SEARCHING FOR ONENESS.        Z           LITTLEFIELD                         2008     204.22     BL     63 2008 JUDAISM.                  GEN-AC ABRAHAMIC TRADITIONS.              9780742562769 CLOTH        $65.00

                                                                                                                                                                   EXAMINES WORK,
                 OPEN ROAD: THE GLOBAL                                                                                    BQ7935. BSTAN-'DZIN-RGYA-                CHARACTERISTICS, & PARADOXES
                 JOURNEY OF THE                              ALFRED A.                              294.3923              B777I94 MTSHO, DALAI LAMA                OF DALAI LAMA IN VAR. ROLES.
Religion         FOURTEENTH DALAI LAMA.        IYER, PICO.   KNOPF                             2008 092            BQ     2008    XIV, 1935-                GEN-AC BORZOI BK. NYTBR 4/6/08.           9780307267603 CLOTH        $24.00
                 PUBLIC PULPITS: METHODISTS                                                                                       1. CHRISTIANITY &
                 AND MAINLINE CHURCHES IN                    UNIV OF                                                              POLITICS--U.S. 2.                AUTH: EMORY UNIVERSITY.
                 THE MORAL ARGUMENT OF         TIPTON,       CHICAGO                                261.7097              BR516.T METHODIST CHURCH                 EXAMINES THE ROLE OF MAINLINE
Religion         PUBLIC LIFE.                  STEVEN M.     PRESS                             2007 3              BR     58 2007 (U.S.)                    GEN-AC RELIGION IN PUBLIC LIFE.           9780226804743 CLOTH        $35.00

                                                                                                                                                                   TRANS: AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                                                                                  KORAN--                          BEIRUT. NEW TRANSLATION FROM
                 QUR'AN: A NEW TRANSLATION;                                                                               BP109   TRANSLATIONS INTO                ARABIC WITH INTRODUCTION
Religion         TRANS. BY TARIF KHALIDI.                VIKING                                2008  297.1226      BP     2008    ENGLISH.                  GEN-AC PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK BY PENGUIN. 9780670020232 CLOTH          $32.95
                 RELIGION IN AMERICAN       LAMBERT,     PRINCETON                                  322.1097              BR516.L CHRISTIANITY &                   AUTH: PURDUE UNIVERSITY. FROM
Religion         POLITICS: A SHORT HISTORY. FRANK, 1943- UNIV PRESS                            2008 3              BR     36 2008 POLITICS--U.S.            GEN-AC 1776 TO THE PRESENT.             9780691128337 CLOTH          $24.95
                                                                                                                                  1. SECULARISM--
                 RELIGIOUS AMERICA, SECULAR BERGER,                                                                       BL2747. EUROPE. 2.                       AUTH: BOSTON UNIVERSITY.
                 EUROPE?: A THEME AND       PETER L.,                                                                     8.B47   SECULARISM--U.S. 3.              EXAMINES CONTRASTS IN EUROPE'S                                         97807546
Religion         VARIATIONS.                1929-            ASHGATE                           2008   306.6094     BL     2008    EUROPE--RELIGION.         GEN-AC & AMERICA'S VIEWS OF RELIGION. 9780754658337 CLOTH            $99.95     60118     $29.95
                                                                                                                                  1. JUDAISM--
                                                             UNIV OF                                                              DOCTRINES. 2.                    AUTH: UNIV. OF CHICAGO.
                 SACRED ATTUNEMENT: A          FISHBANE,     CHICAGO                                                      BM602.F SPIRITUAL LIFE--                 CONTEMPORARY JEWISH
Religion         JEWISH THEOLOGY.              MICHAEL       PRESS                             2008       296.3   BM      57 2008 JUDAISM.                  GEN-AC THEOLOGY.                          9780226251714 CLOTH        $30.00

                                                                                                                                                                   AUTH: GENERAL THEOLOGICAL
                                               MULLIN,                                                                    BR145.3.                                 SEMINARY OF THE EPISCOPAL
                 SHORT WORLD HISTORY OF        ROBERT        WESTMINSTER/                                                 M85                                      CHURCH. OVERVIEW FOR
Religion         CHRISTIANITY.                 BRUCE.        JOHN KNOX                         2008 270            BR     2008     CHURCH HISTORY.          GEN-AC STUDENTS & GENERAL READERS.        9780664226862 PAPER        $29.95

                                                                                                                          BL240.3. 1. RELIGION &
                 SUPERSTITION: BELIEF IN THE   PARK,         PRINCETON                                                    P37      SCIENCE. 2. RELIGION
Religion         AGE OF SCIENCE.               ROBERT L      UNIV PRESS                        2008         215    BL     2008     &     SOCIOLOGY.     GEN-AC AUTH: UNIV. OF MARYLAND.               9780691133553 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY.
                                                                                                                                                               NARRATIVE OF HISTORICAL &
                                                                                                                          BX830                                THEOLOGICAL CONTEXTS,
                 WHAT HAPPENED AT VATICAN      O'MALLEY,     BELKNAP                                                      1962.O4 VATICAN COUNCIL              CONFLICTS, DRAMA, ISSUES &
Religion         II.                           JOHN W        HARVARD                           2008     262.52     BX     6 2008   (2ND: 1962-1965)     GEN-AC IMPACTS                                9780674031692 CLOTH        $29.95

                 ACCESS DENIED: THE                                                                                               1. COMPUTERS--             ED: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO. NEW
                 PRACTICE AND POLICY OF                                     INFORMATION                                   QA76.9. ACCESS CONTROL. 2.         COLLECTION.     INCLUDES
                 GLOBAL INTERNET FILTERING;                                 REVOLUTION AND                                A25A275 INTERNET--                 REGIONAL OVERVIEWS & COUNTRY                                                 97802625
Science          ED. BY RONALD DEIBERT.                      MIT PRESS      GLOBAL POLITICS.   2008 005.8          QA     2008    CENSORSHIP.         GEN-AC SUMMARIES.                     9780262042451 CLOTH                  $45.00     41961     $20.00
                                               JOHNSTON,                                                                          1. CYBERNETICS. 2.
                 ALLURE OF MACHINIC LIFE:      JOHN                                                                               ARTIFICIAL LIFE. 3.
                 CYBERNETICS, ARTIFICIAL       HARVEY,                                                                    Q310.J6 ARTIFICIAL                 AUTH: EMORY UNIVERSITY. A
Science          LIFE, AND THE NEW AI.         1947-         MIT PRESS                         2008           3    Q      5 2008  INTELLIGENCE.       ADV-AC BRADFORD BOOK.                 9780262101264 CLOTH                  $40.00

                                                                                                                             Page 54
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                 LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                    Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author       Publisher         Series       Year   Class        ass Number       Subject Headings   Level                 Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                              1. GRAY, HENRY, 1825-          AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT OF
                                                                                                                       QM16.G 1861. 2. GRAY,                 STUDYING ANATOMY WITH
                 ANATOMIST: A TRUE STORY OF                                                                            73H39  HENRY, 1825-1861.              BIOGRAPHICAL STUDY OF HENRY
Science          GRAY'S ANATOMY.              HAYES, BILL. BALLANTINE                        2008 611.0092      QM     2008   ANATOMY.              GEN-AC   GRAY. NYTBR 1/13/08.              9780345456892 CLOTH        $24.95
                 TOUR THROUGH ALAN
                 TURING'S HISTORIC PAPER ON   PETZOLD,                                                                          1. TURING MACHINES.
                 COMPUTABILITY AND THE        CHARLES,                                                                 QA267.P 2. COMPUTATIONAL
Science          TURNING MACHINE.             1953-        JOHN WILEY                        2008 511352         QA    48 2008 COMPLEXITY.          GEN-AC                                     9780470229057 PAPER        $29.99
                                                                                                                                1. PHYSICAL LAWS--
                 ARCHIMEDES TO HAWKING:                    OXFORD                                                      Q175.32. HIST. 2. SCIENCE--
                 LAWS OF SCIENCE AND THE      PICKOVER,    UNIVERSITY                                                  R45P53 METHODOLOGY--
Science          GREAT MINDS BEHIND THEM.     CLIFFORD A. PRESS                              2008 509.22         Q     2008     HIST.               GEN-AC                                     9780195336115 CLOTH        $27.95
                 ARTIFICIAL DREAMS: THE       EKBIA, H.R.
                 QUEST FOR NON-BIOLOGICAL     (HAMID       CAMBRIDGE                                                   Q335.E3 ARTIFICIAL                    AUTH: INDIANA UNIVERSITY.                                             97805217
Science          INTELLIGENCE.                REZA), 1955- UNIV PRESS                        2008 6.3            Q     56 2008 INTELLIGENCE.          ADV-AC DISCUSSES CURRENT RESEARCH.       9780521878678 CLOTH        $80.00     03390     $24.99
                                                           ELSEVIER                                                            1. HEARING. 2. SLEEP--
                                              VELLUTI,     ACADEMIC                                                            PHYSIOLOGICAL                 AUTH: UNIV. OF THE REPUBLIC,
Science          AUDITORY SYSTEM IN SLEEP.    RICARDO A. PRESS                               2008 612.85         QP    QP461   ASPECTS.               ADV-AC URUGUAY.                          9780123738905 CLOTH        $79.95

                                                                           BEST AMERICAN                                                                     PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLES.
                 BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE AND                 HOUGHTON        SCIENCE AND                                          1. SCIENCE--PERIOD.          ANNUAL. ED: HARVARD MEDICAL                                           97806188
Science          NATURE WRITING; 2008                      MIFFLIN         NATURE WRITING.   2008         508    Q     Q1.B47   2. NATURE--PERIOD.    GEN-AC SCHOOL.                        9780618834464 CLOTH           $28.00     34471     $14.00
                                                                                                                                                             ED: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE                                     BEST AMERICAN                               Q162.B4 SCIENCE--POPULAR              PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED
Science          WRITING; 2008                             ECCO            SCIENCE WRITING. 2008 808             Q     2       WORKS--PERIOD.         GEN-AC ARTICLES. ANNUAL.              9780061340413 PAPER           $14.95
                                                                                                                                                             ED: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE                                     BEST AMERICAN                               Q162.B4 SCIENCE--POPULAR              PREVIOUSLY-PUBLISHED ARTICLES.
Science          WRITING; 2008                             ECCO            SCIENCE WRITING. 2008          808    Q     2       WORKS--PERIOD.         GEN-AC ANNUAL.                        9780061340413 PAPER           $14.95

                                                                                                                               1. QUANTUM THEORY.
                 BLACK HOLE WAR: MY BATTLE                                                                                     2. GENERAL
                 WITH STEPHEN HAWKING TO                                                                               QC174.1 RELATIVITY                 AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                 MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR      SUSSKIND,                                                                2.S896 (PHYSICS) 3. SPACE &        DISCUSSES AUTHOR'S RESEARCH
Science          QUANTUM MECHANICS.           LEONARD.     LITTLE, BROWN                     2008 53012         QC     2008    TIME.               GEN-AC INTO STRING THEORY. NYTBR.           9780316016407 CLOTH        $27.99
                 BLOWN TO BITS: YOUR LIFE,
                 LIBERTY, AND HAPPINESS                                                                                QA76.9. 1. COMPUTERS &                AUTH: MIT. LEGAL IMPLICATIONS &
                 AFTER THE DIGITAL            ABELSON,     ADDISON-                                                    C66A245 CIVILIZATION. 2.              PRIVACY RIGHTS IN MODERN
Science          EXPLOSION.                   HAROLD.      WESLEY                            2008 3034833        QA    2008    DIGITAL MEDIA.         GEN-AC INFORMATION SOCIETY.              9780137135592 CLOTH        $25.95

                                              HANSELL,                                                                                                       AUTH: U. OF GLASGOW.
                 BUILT BY ANIMALS: THE        MICHAEL H. OXFORD                                                                                              STRUCTURES CREATED BY ANIMALS
                 NATURAL HISTORY OF ANIMAL    (MICHAEL      UNIVERSITY                                                          ANIMALS--                    & IMPLICATIONS FOR EVOLUTION &
Science          ARCHITECTURE.                HENRY), 1940- PRESS                            2007 591.564        QL    QL756    HABITATIONS.          ADV-AC INTELLIGENCE.                  9780199205561 CLOTH           $29.95
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: BIOZENTRUM UNIVERSITAT
                 BUZZ ABOUT BEES: BIOLOGY                                                                                                                    WURZBURG. TRANSLATED FROM
                 OF A SUPERORGANISM; TRANS.   TAUTZ,                                                                   QL568.A                               GERMAN. INCL. COLOR
Science          BY DAVID C. SANDEMAN.        JURGEN.      SPRINGER                          2008 595799         QL    6       HONEYBEE.              GEN-AC PHOTOGRAPHS.                   9783540787273 CLOTH           $39.95
                 CARBON AGE: HOW LIFE'S                                                                                                                      TRACES NATURAL ORIGINS &
                 CORE ELEMENT HAS BECOME                                                                                                                     CYCLES, THEN ADVANCES IN PAST
                 CIVILIZATION'S GREATEST      ROSTON,      WALKER &                                                    QH344.R CARBON CYCLE                  150 YEARS OF HUMAN
Science          THREAT.                      ERIC.        COMPANY                           2008 577144        QH     67 2008 (BIOGEOCHEMISTRY)      GEN-AC TECHNOLOGICAL HISTORY.         9780802715579 CLOTH           $25.99
                 CATHEDRALS OF SCIENCE: THE                                                                                     1. DISCOVERIES IN
                 PERSONALITIES AND                         OXFORD                                                      Q180.55. SCIENCE. 2.                  AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA,
                 RIVALRIES THAT MADE          COFFEY,      UNIVERSITY                                                  D57C64 CHEMICAL                       BERKELEY. FOCUSES ON THE
Science          MODERN CHEMISTRY.            PATRICK      PRESS                             2008         540    Q     2008     WEAPONS.              GEN-AC PERIOD 1883-1953.                 9780195321340 CLOTH        $29.95

                                                                           SERIES IN
                 CELLULAR AUTOMATA: A                                      DISCRETE                                    QA267.5
                 DISCRETE VIEW OF THE         SCHIFF, JOEL                 MATHEMATICS AND                             .C45S34 CELLULAR                      AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND.
Science          WORLD.                       L.           JOHN WILEY      OPTIMIZATION.   2008 511.35           QA    2008    AUTOMATA.              ADV-AC INCL. COMPANION WEB SITE.         9780470168790 CLOTH       $111.50
                                                                           DEVELOPMENTS IN
                 CLIMATE, ENVIRONMENT AND    NUNN,                         EARTH &
                 SOCIETY IN THE PACIFIC      PATRICK D.,                   ENVIRONMENTAL        551.6918                       CLIMATIC CHANGES--            AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH
Science          DURING THE LAST MILLENNIUM. 1955-         ELSEVIER        SCIENCES; 6.    2007 23              QC     QC993.5 PACIFIC AREA--HIST.    ADV-AC PACIFIC.                          9780444528162 CLOTH       $145.00

                                                                                                                          Page 55
                                                                                                                   Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                               LC   Full LC                                                                                                      Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                  Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                         Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title            Author      Publisher             Series     Year   Class        ass Number        Subject Headings    Level               Notes                 ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 CLONALITY: THE GENETICS,                                                                                    1. VERTEBRATES--
                 ECOLOGY, AND EVOLUTION OF             OXFORD                                                                REPRODUCTION. 2.              AUTH: U. OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE.
                 SEXUAL ABSTINENCE IN      AVISE, JOHN UNIVERSITY                                                    QP251.A REPRODUCTION,                 EXAMINES METHODS OF ASEXUAL
Science          VERTEBRATE ANIMALS.       C           PRESS                               2008   571.316      QP    95 2008 ASEXUAL.               ADV-AC REPRODUCTION IN NATURE.           9780195369670 CLOTH        $49.95

                 COPERNICUS, DARWIN, &                                                                                       1. SCIENCE--               AUTH: BRADFORD UNIV. AUTHOR
                 FREUD: REVOLUTIONS IN THE WEINERT,          WILEY                                                           PHILOSOPHY. 2.             USES THREE HISTORICAL FIGURES
                 HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF FRIEDEL,          BLACKWELL                                               Q175.W COPERNICUS,                 TO SHOW CONNECTIONS BETWEEN                                              97814051
Science          SCIENCE.                  1950-             PUB                           2009         501    Q     49 2009 NICOLAUS, 1473-1543. ADV-ACSCIENCE & PHILOSOPHY.         9781405181846 CLOTH               $89.95     81839     $34.95
                                                                                                                                                        AUTH: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.
                                            BARROW,                                                                  QB981.B 1. COSMOLOGY--HIST.-       EXPLORES HISTORY OF IMAGERY
                 COSMIC IMAGERY: KEY IMAGES JOHN D.,                                                                 2797    -PICTORIAL WORKS.          FOR EXPLAINING SCIENCE.
Science          IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE. 1952-            W.W. NORTON                   2008   520.222      QB    2008    2. COSMOLOGY--HIST. GEN-AC PUBLISHED ALSO IN UK.         9780393061772 CLOTH               $39.95

                 COSMOS: AN ILLUSTRATED               UNIV OF                                                                                           AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF GRONINGEN.
                 HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY AND NORTH,      CHICAGO                                                        QB15.N6 1. ASTRONOMY--HIST.        REV. ED. OF: NORTON HISTORY OF                                           97802265
Science          COSMOLOGY.               JOHN DAVID. PRESS                                2008 5209           QB    7 2008  2. COSMOLOGY--HIST. GEN-AC ASTRONOMY AND COSMOLOGY.         9780226594408 CLOTH            $95.00     94415     $39.00
                                                                                                                             1. RANDOM
                 DRUNKARD'S WALK: HOW                                                                                QA273. VARIABLES. 2.
                 RANDOMNESS RULES OUR          MLODINOW,                                                             M63     PROBABILITIES. 3.
Science          LIVES.                        LEONARD.      PANTHEON                      2008 519.2          QA    2008    CHANCE.             GEN-AC AUTH: CALTECH. NYTBR 6/08.       9780375424045 CLOTH            $24.95
                                                                                                                             EMBRYONIC STEM             AUTH: PRINCETON UNIV. SCIENTIFIC
                                                                                                                     QH588.S CELLS--MORAL &             & PHILOSOPHICAL ARGUMENTS
                 EMBRYO: A DEFENSE OF          GEORGE,                                                               83G46   ETHICAL                    AGAINST STEM CELL RESEARCH.
Science          HUMAN LIFE.                   ROBERT P.     DOUBLEDAY                     2008 174.2         QH     2008    ASPECTS.            GEN-AC NYTBR 2/08.                      9780385522823 CLOTH            $23.95
                                                                           IN VIVO: THE
                 EMERGENCE OF GENETIC                                      CULTURAL                                          1. GENETICS--U.S.--
                 RATIONALITY: SPACE, TIME, &                 UNIVERSITY OF MEDIATIONS OF                             QH428.2 HIST. 2. GENETICS--         AUTH: UNIV. OF WASHINGTON. A
                 INFORMATION IN AMERICAN       THURTLE,      WASHINGTON    BIOMEDICAL           576.5097             .U6T48 U.S. SOCIAL                  SAMUEL & ALTHEA    STROUM                                               97802959
Science          BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE,           PHILLIP.      PRESS         SCIENCE.        2007 3090          QH     2007    ASPECTS.             ADV-AC BOOK.                               9780295987569 CLOTH        $80.00     87507     $30.00
                 ENERGY IN NATURE AND                                                                                                                    AUTH: U. OF MANITOBA.
                 SOCIETY: GENERAL                                                                                            1. BIOENERGETICS. 2.        SYSTEMATIC & COMPREHENSIVE
                 ENERGETICS OF COMPLEX         SMIL,                                                                 QH510.S ENERGY BUDGET               ANALYSIS OF ALL MAJOR ENERGY                                            97802626
Science          SYSTEMS.                      VACLAV.       MIT PRESS                     2008 577.13        QH     63 2008 (GEOPHYSICS)         ADV-AC SOURCES, FLOWS, ETC.                9780262195652 CLOTH        $75.00     93561     $32.00

                 EULER'S GEM: THE                                                                                    QA611.A
                 POLYHEDRON FORMULA AND        RICHESON,     PRINCETON                                               3R53    1. TOPOLOGY--HIST.
Science          THE BIRTH OF TOPOLOGY.        DAVID S       UNIV PRESS                    2008    514.09      QA    2008    2. POLYHEDRA.          GEN-AC AUTH: DICKINSON COLLEGE.          9780691126777 CLOTH        $27.95

                                                                                                                             1. INTERSEXUALITY. 2.        AUTH: STANFORD UNIV. EXAMINES
                 FIXING SEX: INTERSEX,         KARKAZIS,     DUKE                                                            GENDER IDENTITY.             CONTEMPORARY CONTROVERSIES
                 MEDICAL AUTHORITY, AND        KATRINA A.,   UNIVERSITY                                              QP267.K 3. INTERSEX                  OVER MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF                                             97808223
Science          LIVED EXPERIENCE.             1970-         PRESS                         2008   616.694      QP    37 2008 CHILDREN.             ADV-AC INTERSEX.                        9780822343028 CLOTH          $84.95     43189     $23.95
                                                                                                                                                          FLAT EARTH SOCIETIES IN THE 19TH
                                                                                                                     QB280.5 1. GEODESY--HIST. 2.         & 20TH CENTS. A THOMAS DUNNE
                 FLAT EARTH: THE HISTORY OF    GARWOOD,      ST MARTIN'S                                             .G37    ERRORS, SCIENTIFIC.          BOOK. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY
Science          AN INFAMOUS IDEA.             CHRISTINE     PRESS                         2008 5251           QB    2008    3. EARTH--FIGURE.     GEN-AC MACMILLAN.                       9780312382087 CLOTH          $27.95
                 FRAGILE BALANCE: THE                        UNIVERSITY OF                                           QL737.M
                 EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF        DICKMAN, C. CHICAGO                              599.2099             3D53    MARSUPIALS--                 AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY.
Science          AUSTRALIAN MARSUPIALS.        R. (CHRIS R.) PRESS                         2007 4              QL    2007    AUSTRALIA.            GEN-AC INCLUDES COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS. 9780226146300 CLOTH             $65.00
                 HOW LIFE BEGAN:                                                                                                                          AUTH: U. OF NICE. TRANS. FROM
                 EVOLUTION'S THREE GENESES;                  UNIV OF                                                 QH325.                               FRENCH. DISCUSSES BIODIVERSITY
                 TRANS. BY DANIEL              MEINESZ,      CHICAGO                                                 M36                                  THRU MUTATIONS,
Science          SIMBERLOFF.                   ALEXANDRE     PRESS                         2008    576.83     QH     2008    LIFE--ORIGIN.         ADV-AC RECOMBINATIONS, ETC.             9780226519319 CLOTH          $27.50
                                                                                                                                                          PRESENTS THE HISTORY OF
                 IN PURSUIT OF THE GENE:       SCHWARTZ,     HARVARD UNIV                                            QH428.S 1. GENETICS--HIST. 2.        GENETICS AS SEEN THROUGH THE
Science          FROM DARWIN TO DNA.           JAMES.        PRESS                         2008 576.509       QH     24 2008 GENES--HIST.          GEN-AC EYES OF CENTRAL PLAYERS.         9780674026704 CLOTH          $29.95
                                                                                                                             1. PHYSICISTS--
                                                                                                                             GREAT BRITAIN 2.             ED: OXFORD UNIV. NEW
                 KELVIN: LIFE, LABOURS AND                   OXFORD                                                          KELVIN, WILLIAM              COLLECTION RE-EVALUATES LORD
                 LEGACY; ED. BY RAYMOND                      UNIVERSITY                                                      THOMSON, BARON,              KELVIN IN HISTORICAL AND
Science          FLOOD.                                      PRESS                         2008 530092        QC     QC16.K3 1824-1907.            ADV-AC SCIENTIFIC CONTEXT.              9780199231256 CLOTH         $110.00

                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: ECOLE NORMALE
                                                             YALE                                                    QH331.                                SUPERIEURE, PARIS. CO-PUBLISHED
                 LIFE EXPLAINED; TRANS. BY     MORANGE,      UNIVERSITY                                              M6313    BIOLOGY--                    WITH ODILE JACOB. TRANS. FROM
Science          MATTHEW COBB.                 MICHEL        PRESS                         2008         570   QH     2008     PHILOSOPHY.           ADV-AC FRENCH. A CARAVAN BOOK.         9780300137323 CLOTH          $25.00

                                                                                                                        Page 56
                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                      Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title                Author        Publisher         Series       Year   Class       ass Number         Subject Headings    Level              Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                               AUTH: CAMBRIDGE. ON SOCIAL &
                 LIVING END: THE FUTURE OF                                                                                        1. DEATH (BIOLOGY)           MEDICAL SHIFTS IN CAUSES &
                 DEATH, AGING AND              BROWN, GUY                                                                         2. DEATH--SOCIAL             CHARACTER OF DEATH. DIST. BY
Science          IMMORTALITY.                  C.         MACMILLAN UK                         2008 571.939      QH     QH530     ASPECTS.              GEN-AC PALGRAVE.                       9780230517578 CLOTH        $24.95
                 MAN WHO LOVED CHINA: THE
                 FANTASTIC STORY OF THE                                                                                           1. NEEDHAM, JOSEPH,
                 ECCENTRIC SCIENTIST WHO                                                                                Q143.N4   1900-1995. 2.
                 UNLOCKED THE MYSTERIES OF     WINCHESTE     HARPERCOLLIN                                               4W56      SCIENTISTS--GREAT         BIOGRAPHY OF BIOCHEMIST &
Science          THE MIDDLE KINGDOM.           R, SIMON.     S                                 2008 509.2         Q     2008      BRITAIN--BIOGRAPHY GEN-AC SINOLOGIST. NYTBR 6/8/08.          9780060884598 CLOTH        $27.95
                                               SHIMURA,                                                                 5A3       MATHEMATICIANS--             AUTH: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.
Science          MAP OF MY LIFE.               GORO, 1930- SPRINGER                            2008     510.92    QA    2008      JAPAN--BIOGRAPHY      GEN-AC AUTOBIOGRAPHY.                  9780387797144 CLOTH        $34.95
                 MIGRATION ECOLOGY OF          NEWTON,     ACADEMIC                                                             1. BIRDS--MIGRATION.
Science          BIRDS.                        IAN.        PRESS                               2008 598.1568      QL    QL698.9 2. BIRDS--ECOLOGY.   ADV-AC                                  9780125173674 CLOTH          $74.95
                 MIRRORS IN THE BRAIN: HOW                                                                                                                  AUTH: U. OF PARMA. DISCUSSION OF
                 OUR MINDS SHARE ACTIONS                     OXFORD                                                               1. MIRROR NEURONS.        MIRROR NEURONS BY FOUNDING
                 AND EMOTIONS; TRANS. BY       RIZZOLATTI,   UNIVERSITY                                                           2. COGNITIVE              RESEARCHER. TRANSLATED FROM
Science          FRANCES ANDERSON.             GIACOMO.      PRESS                             2008 612.82        QP    QP376     NEUROSCIENCE.      ADV-AC ITALIAN.                         9780199217984 CLOTH          $49.95
                                                             PRINCETON                                                  QC173.
                 MYSTERY OF THE MISSING        QUINN,        UNIVERSITY     SCIENCE                                     Q56       ANTIMATTER--
Science          ANTIMATTER.                   HELEN R.      PRESS          ESSENTIALS.        2008 539.7        QC     2008      POPULAR WORKS.        GEN-AC AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.      9780691133096 CLOTH        $29.95

                 NATURAL LAWS OF THE                                        SPRINGER-PRAXIS                                     1. PHYSICAL LAWS. 2.           AUTH: CNRS, PARIS. TRANSLATED
                 UNIVERSE: UNDERSTANDING                                    BOOKS IN                                            PHYSICAL                       FROM FRENCH. HISTORICAL
                 FUNDAMENTAL CONSTANTS;        UZAN, JEAN-                  POPULAR                                     QB981.U CONSTANTS. 3.                  DISCUSSION OF PHYSICAL
Science          TRANS. BY BOB MIZON.          PHILIPPE      SPRINGER       ASTRONOMY.      2008        530.81    QB    93 2008 PHYSICS--HIST.          GEN-AC CONSTANTS.                      9780387734545 PAPER        $29.95

                 NEITHER GODS NOR BEASTS:                                                                               Q175.5.   1. SCIENCE--SOCIAL         AUTH: STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY.
                 HOW SCIENCE IS CHANGING    CARLSON,         COLD SPRING                                                C37       ASPECTS. 2. SCIENCE        DISCUSSES BIOLOGICAL
Science          WHO WE THINK WE ARE.       ELOF AXEL.       HARBOR LAB                        2008 303.483       Q     2008      & CIVILIZATION.     GEN-AC UNDERSTANDING & HUMAN NATURE. 9780879697860 CLOTH            $29.00
                 CREATORS OF MODERN                                         LECTURE NOTES                                                                      COLLECTED TRANSCRIPTS OF
Science          PHYSICS.                                    SPRINGER       IN PHYSICS; 746.   2008 530.         QC     QC71      PHYSICS.              GEN-AC LECTURES, 1967-2005.            9784431770558 CLOTH        $69.95

                                                                                                                                1. NUMBER CONCEPT.        AUTH: EUROPEAN GRADUATE
                 NUMBER AND NUMBERS;           BADIOU,                                                                          2. MATHEMATICS--          SCHOOL, SWITZERLAND.                                                     97807456
Science          TRANS. BY ROBIN MACKAY.       ALAIN.        POLITY PRESS                      2008 513           QA    QA141   PHILOSOPHY.        ADV-AC TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH.              9780745638782 CLOTH        $69.95     38799     $24.95
                                                                                                                                1. CLIMATIC
                                                                                                                                CHANGES. 2.
                                               GAUTIER,                                                                 QC981.8 RESOURCES--
                 OIL, WATER, AND CLIMATE: AN   CATHERINE,    CAMBRIDGE                                                  .C5G38 ENVIRONMENTAL              AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA,                                          97805217
Science          INTRODUCTION.                 1947-         UNIV PRESS                        2008 363.7        QC     2008    ASPECTS.           GEN-AC SANTA BARBARA.                       9780521882613 CLOTH       $120.00     09194     $49.00
                 OXFORD HANDBOOK OF                          OXFORD                                                     QH331. PHILOSOPHY--
                 PHILOSOPHY OF BIOLOGY; ED.                  UNIVERSITY     OXFORD                                      O914    HANDBOOKS,                ED: FLORIDA STATE UNIV.
Science          BY MICHAEL RUSE.                            PRESS          HANDBOOKS.         2008 5701         QH     2008    MANUALS, ETC.      ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.            9780195182057 CLOTH       $150.00

                                               HEIDE-                                                                                                          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF
                 PARASITIC FLOWERING           JORGENSEN,                                                                                                      COPENHAGEN. INCLUDES COLOR
Science          PLANTS.                       HENNING S. BRILL                                2008 58165         QK    QK918     PARASITIC PLANTS.     ADV-AC PHOTOGRAPHS.                    9789004167506 CLOTH       $148.00
                 PARTICLE OR WAVE: THE
                 EVOLUTION OF THE CONCEPT      ANASTOPOU                                                                QC171.2 1. MATTER. 2.
                 OF MATTER IN MODERN           LOS, CHARIS, PRINCETON                                                   .A53    PHYSICS--HIST.--20TH
Science          PHYSICS.                      1971-        UNIV PRESS                         2008 530          QC     2008    CENT.                 GEN-AC AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS.       9780691135120 CLOTH        $35.00
                                                                                                                                                             AUTH: UNIV. OF KANSAS.
                                               WORSTER,      OXFORD                                                     QH31.M 1. MUIR, JOHN, 1838-          COMPREHENSIVE BIOGRAPHY OF A
                 PASSION FOR NATURE: THE       DONALD,       UNIVERSITY                                                 9W68    1914. 2. NATURALISTS-        FOUNDER OF AMERICAN
Science          LIFE OF JOHN MUIR.            1941-         PRESS                             2008   333.7209   QH     2008    - U.S.--BIOGRAPHY     GEN-AC ENVIRONMENTALISM.                 9780195166828 CLOTH        $34.95

                 THE SPECTRUM FROM          BEESON,                                                                                                            CO-AUTH: ARIZONA STATE
Science          ARISTOTLE TO LEDS.         STEVEN.          SPRINGER                          2008 535.         QC     QC355.3 1. OPTICS. 2. LIGHT.    ADV-AC UNIVERSITY, TEMPE.              9780387751061 CLOTH        $69.95
                                                                                                                                1. PALEOBOTANY--
                                                                                                                                CRETACEOUS. 2.
                                                                                                                                CRETACE- OUS-                  EXAMINES IMPACT ON LAND PLANTS
                 PLANTS AND THE K-T            NICHOLS,      CAMBRIDGE                                                          TERTIARY                       OF THE CATASTROPHIC EXTINCTION
Science          BOUNDARY.                     DOUGLAS J.    UNIV PRESS                        2008 56113         QE    QE924   BOUNDARY.               ADV-AC EVENT 65 MILLION YEARS AGO.    9780521835756 CLOTH        $130.00

                                                                                                                           Page 57
                                                                                                                      Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author         Publisher         Series      Year   Class        ass Number        Subject Headings    Level               Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                1. MATHEMATICS--
                 PLATO'S GHOST: THE       GRAY,                                                                                 HIST.--19TH CENT. 2.
                 MODERNIST TRANSFORMATION JEREMY,            PRINCETON                                                  QA26.G7 MATHEMATICS--                 AUTH: OPEN UNIVERSITY. FOCUSES
Science          OF MATHEMATICS.          1947-              UNIV PRESS                       2008   510.9034     QA    3 2008  PHILOSOPHY.            ADV-AC ON MATHEMATICS FROM 1880-1920. 9780691136103 CLOTH          $45.00

                 PROMISING GENOMICS:                                                                                            1. DECODE GENETICS,
                 ICELAND AND DECODE                          UNIV OF                                                    QH438.7 INC. 2. GENOMICS--
                 GENETICS IN A WORLD OF       FORTUN,        CALIFORNIA                            57280720             .F67    SOCIAL ASPECTS--           AUTH: RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC                                            97805202
Science          SPECULATION.                 MIKE           PRESS                            2008 491           QH     2008    ICELAND.            ADV-AC INSTITUTE.                          9780520247505 CLOTH        $60.00     47512     $24.95

                 SECRETS: HOW QUANTUM                                                                                           1. QUANTUM
                 PHYSICS IS REVOLUTIONIZING MORSCH,                                                                     QA76.88 COMPUTERS. 2.
Science          CODES AND COMPUTERS.       OLIVER.          WILEY-VCH                        2008 4.1            QA    9       QUANTUM THEORY.    ADV-AC AUTH: UNIVERSITA DI PISA.       9783527407101 PAPER             $75.00
                                                                                                                                                          ACCOUNT OF RESEARCH OF
                 QUANTUM TEN: A STORY OF                     OXFORD                                                     QC174.1                           SCIENTISTS WHO ATTENDED 1927
                 PASSION, TRAGEDY, AMBITION   JONES,         UNIVERSITY                                                 2.J66   1. QUANTUM THEORY.        SOLVAY CONFERENCE. PUB. ALSO
Science          AND SCIENCE.                 SHEILLA.       PRESS                            2008 530.1209      QC     2008    2. PHYSICS.        GEN-AC IN CANADA.                      9780195369090 CLOTH             $24.95
                                                                           SUNY SERIES IN                                       1. CARSON, RACHEL,        ED: INDIANA UNIV. COLLECTION OF
                 RACHEL CARSON: LEGACY AND                   STATE UNIV OF ENVIRONMENTAL                                QH31.C3 1907-1964. 2.             NEW ESSAYS ON CARSON'S WORK &
                 CHALLENGE; ED. BY LISA H.                   NEW YORK      PHILOSOPHY AND                               3R33    ENVIRONMENTAL             INFLUENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL                                               97807914
Science          SIDERIS.                                    PRESS         ETHICS.            2008 179.1         QH     2008    ETHICS.            GEN-AC THOUGHT                         9780791474716 CLOTH             $74.50     74723     $24.95
                                              VERON, J. E.
                 REEF IN TIME: THE GREAT      N. (JOHN                                                                  QE566.G                               GEOLOGICAL HISTORY, BIOLOGY OF
                 BARRIER REEF FROM            EDWARD         BELKNAP/HARV                          578.7789             7V47    GREAT BARRIER                 ECOSYSTEM, &    EFFECTS OF
Science          BEGINNING TO END.            NORWOOD)       ARD                              2008 0994           QE    2008    REEF (QLD.)            GEN-AC CLIMATE CHANGE.                9780674026797 CLOTH          $35.00

                                                                                                                                 1. COMPLEXITY
                 REINVENTING THE SACRED: A                                                                              Q175.32. (PHILOSOPHY) 2.          AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY.
                 NEW VIEW OF SCIENCE,         KAUFFMAN,                                                                 C65K38 RELIGION & SCIENCE.        ARGUES THAT THE DIVINE CAN BE
Science          REASON AND RELIGION.         STUART A.      BASIC BOOKS                      2008 215            Q     2008     3. REDUCTIONISM.  GEN-AC INVESTIGATED SCIENTIFICALLY.         9780465003006 CLOTH        $27.00
                                                                                                                                 1. PRIMATES--
                 SIMIAN TONGUE: THE LONG                     UNIVERSITY OF                                              QL737.P PSYCHOLOGY. 2.            AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS.
                 DEBATE ABOUT ANIMAL        RADICK,          CHICAGO                                                    9R25     ANIMAL                   HISTORY OF STUDY OF
Science          LANGUAGE.                  GREGORY.         PRESS                            2007 156.36         QL    2007     COMMUNICATION.    ADV-AC COMMUNICATIONS AMONG APES.           9780226702247 CLOTH        $45.00
                 HEALTH DEPENDS ON                           OXFORD                                                     QH541.1 1. BIODIVERSITY. 2.
                 BIODIVERSITY; ED. BY ERIC                   UNIVERSITY                                                 5.B56S9 ENVIRONMENTAL                 ED: HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.
Science          CHIVIAN                                     PRESS                            2008 333.9516      QH     6 2008  HEALTH.                GEN-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.        9780195175097 CLOTH        $34.95
                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: PENN STATE UNIV.
                                              LATASH,        OXFORD                                                             1. HUMAN                      DESCRIBES RECENT PROGRESS IN
                                              MARK L.,       UNIVERSITY                                                 QP303.L MECHANICS. 2.                 CONTROL & COORDINATION OF
Science          SYNERGY.                     1953-          PRESS                            2008 612.76         QP    33 2008 BIOMECHANICS.          ADV-AC HUMAN MOVEMENT.               9780195333169 CLOTH           $65.00
                 TACTICAL BIOPOLITICS: ART,                                                                                     1. BIOLOGY--SOCIAL
                 ACTIVISM, AND                                                                                                  ASPECTS. 2.
                 TECHNOSCIENCE; ED. BY                                                                                  QH333.T BIOTECHNOLOGY--            ED: UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE.
Science          BEATRIZ DA COSTA.                           MIT PRESS       LEONARDO BOOK.   2008 30645         QH     33 2008 SOCIAL ASPECTS.     ADV-AC 2005 CONFERENCE PAPERS.          9780262042499 CLOTH           $40.00
                 TRANSPARENCY AND                                                                                               1. SCIENCE--SOCIAL         PROPOSES GREATER PUBLIC
                 ACCOUNTABILITY IN SCIENCE                                                                              Q175.5. ASPECTS. 2. SCIENCE        AWARENESS OF & INVOLVEMENT IN
                 AND POLITICS: THE            ANDERSSON, PALGRAVE                                                       A534    & STATE. 3.                SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DECISION-
Science          AWARENESS PRINCIPLE.         KJELL, 1947- MACMILLAN                          2008    338.926     Q     2008    AWARENESS.          ADV-AC MAKING PROCESS.                  9780230542174 CLOTH           $80.00
                 UNFINISHED GAME: PASCAL,
                 FERMAT, AND THE                                                                                                                              AUTH: STANFORD UNIVERSITY.
                 SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY                                                                                    QA273.D   1. PROBABILITIES. 2.        DESCRIBES IMPACT OF LETTER
                 LETTER THAT MADE THE         DEVLIN,                                                                   455       PASCAL, BLAISE,             FROM PASCAL TO FERMAT ON
Science          WORLD MODERN.                KEITH J        BASIC BOOKS                      2008       519.2    QA    2008      1623-1662--CORRESP. GEN-AC PROBABILITY.                      9780465009107 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                  1. CENTERS OF
                 WHERE OUR FOOD COMES                                                                                             PLANT DIVERSITY. 2.
                 FROM: RETRACING NIKOLAY                                                                                QK46.5.   FOOD CROPS--
                 VAVILOV'S QUEST TO END       NABHAM,                                                                   D58N33    GERMPLASM                   AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA. A
Science          FAMINE.                      GARY PAUL      ISLAND PRESS                     2008    581.632     QK    2009      RESOURCES.           GEN-AC SHEARWATER BOOK.                 9781597263993 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                  1. PREDATION
                                                                                                                                  (BIOLOGY) 2.
                 WHERE THE WILD THINGS                                                                                            PREDATORY
                 WERE: LIFE, DEATH, AND                                                                                 QL758.S   ANIMALS. 3.
                 ECOLOGICAL WRECKAGE IN A     STOLZENBU BLOOMSBURY                                                      746       CONSERVATION                FOCUSES ON EFFECTS OF
Science          LAND OF VANISHING            RG, WILLIAM. USA                                2008 57716          QL    2008      BIOLOGY.             GEN-AC DECLINES OF VARIOUS SPECIES.     9781596912991 CLOTH        $24.99

                                                                                                                           Page 58
                                                                                                               Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                             LC   Full LC                                                                                                           Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                 Dewey      Subcl  Call                                                                                                              Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title                 Author       Publisher         Series   Year   Class       ass Number       Subject Headings     Level                 Notes                    ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 WORLDS BEFORE ADAM: THE
                 RECONSTRUCTION OF                         UNIV OF                                                QE13.E8
                 GEOHISTORY IN THE AGE OF      RUDWICK, M. CHICAGO                             55170940           5R83    GEOLOGY--EUROPE--              AUTH: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY & UC
Science          REFORM.                       J. S.       PRESS                          2008 903           QE   2008    HIST.--19TH CENT.       GEN-AC SAN DIEGO.                      9780226731285 CLOTH               $49.00
                                               LUMINET,                                                           QB981.L
                 WRAPAROUND UNIVERSE;          JEAN-                                                              913
Science          TRANS. BY ERIC NOVAK.         PIERRE.     AK PETERS                      2008 523.1         QB   2007    COSMOLOGY.              GEN-AC TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH.         9781568813097 CLOTH               $39.00
                                                                                                                          1. INFORMATION                 ON HOW THE INTERNET IS
                 AGAINST THE MACHINE: BEING                                                                       HM851.S TECHNOLOGY--                   CHANGING PEOPLE AS WELL AS
Social           HUMAN IN THE AGE OF THE       SIEGEL, LEE, RANDOM                                                5484    SOCIAL ASPECTS. 2.             CULTURE. A SPIEGEL & GRAU BOOK.
Sciences         ELECTRONIC MOB.               1957-        HOUSE                         2008 303.4833     HM    2008    SUBCULTURE.             GEN-AC NYTBR 2/3/08.                   9780385522656 CLOTH               $22.95
                                                                                                                                                         AUTH: UNIV. OF LEEDS.
                                               BAUMAN,                                                                                                   SOCIOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY ON
Social                                         ZYGMUNT,                                                                  1. INDIVIDUALISM. 2.            THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS BY                                                97807456
Sciences         ART OF LIFE.                  1925-        POLITY PRESS                  2008     302.54   HM    HM1276 LIFE.                    ADV-AC INDIVIDUALS, ETC.               9780745643250 CLOTH               $64.95     43267     $22.95

                                                            YALE                                                  HQ792.S CHILDREN--SOVIET               AUTH: UNIV. OF OXFORD. CULTURAL
Social           CHILDREN'S WORLD: GROWING KELLY,           UNIVERSITY                         305.2309           65K45   UNION--SOCIAL                  HISTORY BASED ON ORAL HISTORY,
Sciences         UP IN RUSSIA, 1890-1991.  CATRIONA.        PRESS                         2007 4709         HQ    2007    CONDIT.                 GEN-AC ARCHIVES, ETC. 114 B&W ILLUS.   9780300112269 CLOTH               $45.00
                 CLASS MATTERS: EARLY                                                                                                                    ED: UNIV. OF SHEFFIELD.
                 NORTH AMERICA AND THE                      UNIV OF                                               HM821.  SOCIAL                         COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS ON
Social           ATLANTIC WORLD; ED. BY                     PENNSYLVANIA EARLY AMERICAN        305.5120           C583    STRATIFICATION--               DYNAMICS OF CLASS RELATIONS,
Sciences         SIMON MIDDLETON.                           PR           STUDIES.         2008 97           HM    2008    NORTH AMERICA.          ADV-AC 17TH & 18TH C.                  9780812240634 CLOTH               $49.95
                                                                                                                          1. ATTRIBUTION
                                                                                                                          (SOCIAL                          AUTH; COLUMBIA UNIV. ON THE
                                                                                                                  HM1076. PSYCHOLOGY) 2.                   SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF THE
Social                                         TILLY,       PRINCETON                                             T54     RESPONSIBILITY. 3.               CONCEPTS OF CREDIT, BLAME, &
Sciences         CREDIT AND BLAME.             CHARLES.     UNIV PRESS                    2008 302.12       HM    2008    BLAME.                  GEN-AC   JUSTICE.                             9780691135786 CLOTH        $24.95
                                                                                                                                                           AUTH: YALE UNIVERSITY. RADICAL
                 DEFYING DIXIE: THE RADICAL   GILMORE,                                                            HN79.A1 SOCIAL JUSTICE--                 BEGINNINGS OF THE MOVEMENT IN
Social           ROOTS OF CIVIL RIGHTS, 1919- GLENDA                                           303.4840           3G54    SOUTHERN STATES--                THE SOUTH AFTER WWI. B&W
Sciences         1950.                        ELIZABETH.    W.W. NORTON                   2008 9750          HN   2008    HIST.-- 20TH CENT.      GEN-AC   PHOTOS. NYTBR.                       9780393062441 CLOTH        $39.95
                                                                                                                          1. EQUALITY--OECD                ED: DUKE U. 2005 CONFERENCE
                 DEMOCRACY, INEQUALITY, AND                                                                               COUNTRIES. 2.                    PAPERS ON HOW DEMOCRATIC
Social           REPRESENTATION: A                                                                                HM821.B DEMOCRACY-- OECD                 POLITICS HELPS TO SHAPE LEVELS
Sciences         COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE                    RUSSELL SAGE                  2008   305.0918   HM    46 2008 COUNTRIES.              ADV-AC   OF INCOME INEQUALITY.                9780871540881 CLOTH        $49.95
                 DEVIL OF THE DOMESTIC                                                                                                                     AUTH: BOWLING GREEN STATE
                 SPHERE: TEMPERANCE,        MARTIN,         NORTHERN                                              HV5229.                                  UNIVERSITY. EXPLORES GENDER
Social           GENDER, AND MIDDLE-CLASS   SCOTT C.,       ILLINOIS UNIV   DRUGS AND          178.1097           M36     TEMPERANCE--U.S.--               IDEOLOGY & RELATIONSHIP TO
Sciences         IDEOLOGY, 1800-1860.       1959-           PR              ALCOHOL.      2008 309           HV   2008    HIST.--19TH CENT.       ADV-AC   DRINKING.                            9780875803852 CLOTH        $38.00

                 DIVIDENDS OF DISSENT: HOW                                                                                  GAY LIBERATION            AUTH: PRINCETON U. REVISED
                 CONFLICT AND CULTURE                       UNIV OF                                               HQ76.8.   MOVEMENT--                DISSERTATION WITH SOCIOLOGICAL
Social           WORK IN LESBIAN AND GAY       GHAZIANI,    CHICAGO                                               U5G53     WASHINGTON (D.C.)--       ACCOUNT OF 4 NATIONAL MARCHES                                                 97802262
Sciences         MARCHES ON WASHINGTON.        AMIN         PRESS                         2008   306.7661   HQ    2008      HIST.              ADV-AC SINCE 1979.                      9780226289953 CLOTH                 $80.00     89960     $25.00
                 DROWNING GIRLS IN CHINA:      MUNGELLO,                                                          HV6541.                             AUTH: BAYLOR UNIVERSITY.
Social           FEMALE INFANTICIDE SINCE      DAVID E.,    ROWMAN &                           30466809           C45M86  INFANTICIDE--CHINA--        HISTORY OF FEMALE INFANTICIDE IN                                              97807425
Sciences         1650.                         1943-        LITTLEFIELD                   2008 51            HV   2008    HIST.                ADV-AC CHINA.                           9780742555303 CLOTH                 $69.00     55310     $22.95
                                                                                                                          1. WOMEN--SEXUAL
                                                                                                                          BEHAVIOR. 2.                AUTH: UNIV. OF NEW MEXICO.
                                                            OXFORD                                                        EVOLUTION                   FOCUSES ON BIOLOGICAL
Social           EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY OF       THORNHILL,   UNIVERSITY                                            HQ29.T4 (BIOLOGY) 3. SEX            ASPECTS, WITH CONSIDERATION OF                                                97801953
Sciences         HUMAN FEMALE SEXUALITY.       RANDY        PRESS                         2008   306.7082   HQ    6 2008  (BIOLOGY)            ADV-AC ANTHROPOLOGIC FACTORS            9780195340983 CLOTH                $125.00     40990     $49.95

                 EXCHANGE ARTIST: A TALE OF                                                                               1. BOSTON (MASS.)--              AUTH: BRANDEIS UNIV. ACCOUNT OF
                 HIGH-FLYING SPECULATION                                                                                  SOCIAL CONDIT. 2.                EARLY 19TH C. BOSTON
Social           AND AMERICA'S FIRST BANKING   KAMENSKY,                                       307.7640           HN54.K3 DEXTER, ANDREW,                  FINANCIER/CON-MAN & HIS
Sciences         COLLAPSE.                     JANE.        VIKING                        2008 9744          HN   6 2008  1779-1837.              GEN-AC   MONUMENTAL FRAUD.                    9780670018413 CLOTH        $29.95
                 FOR THE THRILL OF IT:                                                                                                                     AUTH: JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF
                 LEOPOLD, LOEB, AND THE                                                                           HV6245. LEOPOLD, NATHAN                  CRIMINAL JUSTICE.    HIST. OF 1924
Social           MURDER THAT SHOCKED           BAATZ,       HARPERCOLLIN                       36415230           B27     FREUDENTHAL, 1904-               CHICAGO MURDER & TRIAL. A
Sciences         CHICAGO.                      SIMON        S                             2008 92            HV   2008    1971.                   GEN-AC   HARPER BK.                           9780060781002 CLOTH        $27.95
                                                            WILEY        HANDBOOKS IN                             HQ784.  1. MASS MEDIA &                  ED: GEORGETOWN UNIV.
Social           HANDBOOK OF CHILDREN,                      BLACKWELL    COMMUNICATION                            M3H26   CHILDREN. 2. CHILD               COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.
Sciences         MEDIA, AND DEVELOPMENT                     PUB          AND MEDIA.       2008 30223083     HQ    2008    DEVELOPMENT.            ADV-AC   NEW SERIES.                          9781405144179 CLOTH       $199.95
                                                                                                                          1. CONFLICT                      AUTH: GEORGE MASON UNIV.
                                                                                                                  HM1126. MANAGEMENT. 2.                   COLLECTION OF NEW PAPERS ON
Social           HANDBOOK OF CONFLICT                                                                             H34     INTERNATIONAL                    CORE CONCEPTS & THEORIES IN
Sciences         ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTION                    ROUTLEDGE                     2009     303.69   HM    2008    RELATIONS.              ADV-AC   THE FIELD.                           9780415433952 CLOTH       $200.00

                                                                                                                    Page 59
                                                                                                              Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                            LC   Full LC                                                                                                    Alternate Alternate
                                                                                               Dewey       Subcl  Call                                                                                                       Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title               Author        Publisher       Series   Year   Class        ass Number       Subject Headings    Level               Notes               ISBN-13    Binding    List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                                                       AUTH: U. TEXAS, AUSTIN. ARGUES
                 LIFE AFTER WELFARE:                                                                             HV98.T5 1. PUBLIC WELFARE--           REFORMS HAVE FAILED TO REDUCE
Social           REFORM AND THE                           UNIVERSITY OF                      362.5568            L44     TEXAS. 2. POOR                POVERTY & INCREASE FAMILY                                            97802927
Sciences         PERSISTENCE OF POVERTY.     LEIN, LAURA. TEXAS PRESS                   2007 0976           HV   2007    FAMILIES--TEXAS.       ADV-AC STABILITY.                     9780292716667 CLOTH          $60.00     16674     $24.95
                 LIVING IN A MATERIAL WORLD:
                 ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY MEETS                                                                                ECONOMICS--
Social           SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY                                 INSIDE                                   HM548.L SOCIOLOGICAL                  ED: CORNELL UNIVERSITY.                                              97802626
Sciences         STUDIES                                  MIT PRESS     TECHNOLOGY.     2008   306.301     HM    59 2008 ASPECTS.               ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.         9780262162524 CLOTH       $75.00     62079     $30.00
                                                                                                                                                       AUTH: U. OF KANSAS. DISCUSSES
                 MASCULINITY IN THE MODERN    FORTH,                                                                       1. BODY, HUMAN--            TRADITIONAL IDEALS SINCE 1500
Social           WEST: GENDER, CIVILIZATION   CHRISTOPHE PALGRAVE                                                HM636.F   SOCIAL ASPECTS.             TO EXAMINE 'CRISIS' OF                                               97814039
Sciences         AND THE BODY.                RE         MACMILLAN                      2008       306.4   HM    67 2008   2. MASCULINITY.      ADV-AC MASCULINITY.                      9781403912404 CLOTH       $85.00     12411     $28.95
                                                         INDIANA                                                 HQ1190.
Social           MATERIAL FEMINISMS; ED. BY              UNIVERSITY                                              M3775   1. FEMINIST THEORY.           ED: UNIV. OF TEXAS, ARLINGTON.                                       97802532
Sciences         STACY ALAIMO.                           PRESS                          2008 305.4201      HQ    2008    2. BODY, HUMAN.        ADV-AC COLLECTION OF NEW ESSAYS.      9780253349781 CLOTH          $65.00     19466     $24.95
                                              PAVLIK,                                                                    1. DIGITAL MEDIA--            AUTH: RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.
                                              JOHN V.    COLUMBIA                                                        SOCIAL ASPECTS. 2.            EXAMINES POSITIVE & NEGATIVE
Social                                        (JOHN      UNIVERSITY                                              HM851.P INFORMATION                   IMPLICATIONS OF CURRENT                                              97802311
Sciences         MEDIA IN THE DIGITAL AGE.    VERNON)    PRESS                          2008 302.231       HM    38 2008 SOCIETY.               ADV-AC INNOVATIONS.                   9780231142083 CLOTH          $74.50     42090     $24.50
                                                                                                                         1. MEN--U.S. 2. MEN IN        AUTH: PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV.
                                                            COLUMBIA                                             HQ1090. POPULAR CULTURE--             EXAMINES ATTITUDES & PRACTICES
Social           MEN TO BOYS: THE MAKING OF CROSS,          UNIVERSITY                                           3.C76   U.S. 3. MASCULINITY--         OF THREE GENERATIONS OF MEN IN
Sciences         MODERN IMMATURITY.         GARY S          PRESS                       2008   305.311     HQ    2008    U.S.                   GEN-AC US. TLS                        9780231144308 CLOTH          $29.50

                                                                                                                         1. WORKING                      AUTH: U. CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY.
                 MOTHER'S WORK: HOW                         YALE                                                 HQ759.4 MOTHERS--U.S. 2.                ANALYZES SOCIAL, POLICY, &
Social           FEMINISM, THE MARKET, AND    GILBERT,      UNIVERSITY                                           8.G55   WORK & FAMILY-- U.S.            ECONOMIC INFLUENCES ON
Sciences         POLICY SHAPE FAMILY LIFE.    NEIL.         PRESS                       2008 306.8743      HQ    2008    3. FAMILY POLICY--U.S GEN-AC    WOMEN'S CHOICES.                9780300119671 CLOTH       $26.00

                                                                                                                         1. VIOLENCE IN             AUTH: VIRGINIA TECH. EXAMINES
                 MOTHERS, MONSTERS,                                                                              HQ1233. WOMEN. 2. VIOLENCE         WOMEN'S POLITICAL VIOLENCE IN
Social           WHORES: WOMEN'S VIOLENCE SJOBERG,                                           305.4896            S56     IN WOMEN--CASE             SOCIAL CONTEXTS RE FEMALE                                               97818427
Sciences         IN GLOBAL POLITICS.      LAURA, 1979- ZED BOOKS                        2007 92            HQ    2007    STUDIES.            ADV-AC BEHAVIOR.                            9781842778654 CLOTH       $89.95     78661     $27.95
                                                                                                                         1. YOUNG ADULTS. 2.        CHARTS RISE OF VARIOUS 20TH C.
                 PIRATE'S DILEMMA: HOW        MASON,                                                             HQ799.5 YOUTH. 3. PIRACY           YOUTH MOVEMENTS & TRACKS
Social           YOUTH CULTURE IS             MATT (MATT                                     305.2420            .M393   (COPYRIGHT) 4.             THEIR RIPPLE EFFECT THROUGH
Sciences         REINVENTING CAPITALISM.      JAMES)        FREE PRESS                  2008 9045          HQ    2008    SUBCULTURE.         GEN-AC SOCIETY.                             9781416532187 CLOTH       $25.00

                                                                                                                         1. POLICE                       AUTH: UNIV. OF SAN FRANCISCO.
                                              LEO,          HARVARD                                              HV8073. QUESTIONING--U.S. 2.            STUDY OF INTERROGATION
Social           POLICE INTERROGATION AND     RICHARD A.,   UNIVERSITY                       363.2540            3.L46   CRIMINAL                        METHODS INCLUDING PERSUASION,
Sciences         AMERICAN JUSTICE.            1963-         PRESS                       2008 973            HV   2008    INVESTIGATION--U.S. GEN-AC      MANIPULATION, DECEPTION.        9780674026483 CLOTH       $45.00
                                                                                                                 HQ1123                                  ED: UNIV. OF NOTRE DAME. 2006
                 POLITICAL WOMEN AND                                                                             6.5.U6W                                 CONF. PAPERS ON WOMEN AS
Social           AMERICAN DEMOCRACY; ED.                    CAMBRIDGE                        320.0820            628     WOMEN IN POLITICS--             VOTERS, ACTIVISTS, LEGISLATORS,                                    97805217
Sciences         BY CHRISTINA WOLBRECHT.                    UNIV PRESS                  2008 973           HQ    2008    U.S.                 ADV-AC     ETC.                            9780521886239 CLOTH       $75.00     13849     $24.99
                 BARTHES, J.M. BARRIE,                                                                                   1. MOTHERS & SONS.
                 JACQUES HENRI LARTIGUE,                    DUKE                                                 HQ755.8 2. BOYS--                  AUTH: UNIV. OF MANCHESTER. ON
Social           MARCEL PROUST, AND D.W.      MAVOR,        UNIVERSITY                                           5.M35   PSYCHOLOGY. 3.             READING, WRITING, MOTHERS &                                             97808223
Sciences         WINNICOTT..                  CAROL.        PRESS                       2007 306.8743      HQ    2007    BOYS IN LITERATURE. ADV-AC SONS, & BOYISHNESS. WITH ILLUS.      9780822338864 CLOTH       $99.95     39625     $27.95
                 REBUILDING WAR-TORN                                                                                                                AUTH: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.
                 STATES: THE CHALLENGE OF     CASTILLO,     OXFORD                                                       POSTWAR                    IDENTIFIES ESSENTIAL PREMISES &
Social           POST-CONFLICT ECONOMIC       GRACIANA      UNIVERSITY                                           HV639.C RECONSTRUCTION--           POLICIES FOR POST-WAR
Sciences         RECONSTRUCTION.              DEL           PRESS                       2008       338.9    HV   37 2008 CASE STUDIES.       ADV-AC RECONSTRUCTION.                      9780199237739 CLOTH       $49.95
                                                                                                                                                    AUTH: OXFORD UNIV.
                                              COHEN, G.A.                                                        HM821. 1. EQUALITY. 2.             SOCIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY
Social           RESCUING JUSTICE AND         (GERALD       HARVARD UNIV                                         C65     SOCIAL JUSTICE.            ARGUES AGAINST RAWLSIAN
Sciences         EQUALITY.                    ALLAN), 1941- PRESS                       2008    305.01     HM    2008    3. COMMUNISM.       ADV-AC LIBERAL THOUGHT.                     9780674030763 CLOTH       $45.00
                 REVOLUTION OR
                 RENAISSANCE: MAKING THE                                                                                                             ANALYZES RISE OF &
                 TRANSITION FROM AN                       UNIV OF                                                        1. ECONOMICS--HIST.         SHORTCOMINGS OF ECON. AGE, &
Social           ECONOMIC AGE TO A            SCHAFER, D. OTTAWA           GOVERNANCE                                    2. CULTURE--                HOW FOCUS ON CULTURE CAN
Sciences         CULTURAL AGE.                PAUL.       PRESS            SERIES.      2008 306           HM    HM626 FORECASTING.           ADV-AC SOLVE WORLD PROBLEMS.               9780776606729 PAPER       $45.00
                                                                                                                         1. ALTRUISM. 2.             AUTH: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE.
                 SAMARITAN'S DILEMMA:                                                                            HM1146. COMPASSION. 2. SELF-        ARGUES THAT DEMOCRACY
Social           SHOULD GOVERNMENT HELP       STONE,                                                             S76     INTEREST. 4. SOCIAL         DEPENDS ON ALTRUISM, NOT SELF-
Sciences         YOUR NEIGHBOR?               DEBORAH A.    NATION BOOKS                2008 1777          HM    2008    ETHICS               GEN-AC INTEREST.                           9781568583549 CLOTH       $25.95

                                                                                                                   Page 60
                                                                                                                     Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                                LC   Full LC                                                                                                          Alternate Alternate
                                                                                                     Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                             Edition   Edition
LC Description              Title                Author        Publisher         Series       Year   Class      ass Number          Subject Headings    Level                Notes                  ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                 SEX DIFFERENCES:
                 SUMMARIZING MORE THAN A                                                                               HQ1075. 1. SEX DIFFERENCES             BIBLIOGRAPHY WITH 18,000
Social           CENTURY OF SCIENTIFIC        ELLIS, LEE,   PSYCHOLOGY                                                 S473    (PSYCHOLOGY). 2.               REFERENCES IN VARIOUS
Sciences         RESEARCH.                    ET AL.        PRESS                             2008    155.33   HQ      2008    SEX ROLE.               GEN-AC CATEGORIES. INCLUDES CD-ROM.        9780805859591 CLOTH       $210.00
                                                                                                                               1. SLAVE
                                                                                                                               INSURRECTIONS--                AUTH: U. COLLEGE DUBLIN. STUDY
                                             URBAINCZYK, UNIV OF                                                               GREECE. 2. SLAVE               OF SLAVE REVOLTS IN ANCIENT
Social                                       THERESA,    CALIFORNIA                                                    HT863.U INSURRECTIONS--                GREECE/ROME. PUB. ALSO IN UK BY                                         97805202
Sciences         SLAVE REVOLTS IN ANTIQUITY. 1960-       PRESS                                2008 306362       HT     73 2008 ROME.                   ADV-AC ACUMEN.                         9780520257016 CLOTH            $50.00     57023     $19.95

                 TRANSFORMATIONS: IDENTITY    MCCRACKEN,                                                               HM1051. 1. SELF-PERCEPTION--        AUTH: MIT. DISCUSSES SELF-
Social           CONSTRUCTION IN              GRANT      INDIANA UNIV                                                  M33     SOCIAL ASPECTS. 2.          REINVENTION AS DEFINING                                                    97802532
Sciences         CONTEMPORARY CULTURE.        DAVID.     PRESS                                2008 306         HM      2008    POPULAR CULTURE.     GEN-AC CHARACTERISTIC OF U.S. CULTURE. 9780253350725 CLOTH               $50.00     19572     $19.95

                                                                                                                               1. FAMILY--ECONOMIC         AUTH: UMASS-AMHERST. EXAMINES
                 VALUING CHILDREN:                          HARVARD                                                            ASPECTS--U.S. 2.            DIRECT & INDIRECT COSTS OF
Sciences         OF THE FAMILY.               NANCY.        PRESS          PUBLIC POLICY.     2008 73          HQ      65 2008 -U.S.                ADV-AC SOCIETY.                               9780674026322 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                               1. VIOLENCE--U.S. 2.        AUTH: U. PENNSYLVANIA.
                                              COLLINS,      PRINCETON                                                  HM1121. VIOLENCE--U.S.--            PSYCHOSOCIAL STUDY ARGUES
Social           VIOLENCE: A MICRO-           RANDALL,      UNIVERSITY                             303.6097            C64     PSYCHOLOGICAL               FOR THEORY OF VIOLENCE AS
Sciences         SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY.         1941-         PRESS                             2008 3           HM      2008    ASPECTS.             ADV-AC SITUATIONAL PROCESS.                   9780691133133 CLOTH        $45.00
                                                                                                                               1. WAR ON
                                                                                                                               TERRORISM, 2001- 2.         AUTH: GEORGETOWN U. A HARPER
                 WAR AND DECISION: INSIDE                                                                              HV6432. TERRORISM--                 BOOK. BOOK ON BUSH ADMIN.'S
Social           THE PENTAGON AT THE DAWN     FEITH,        HARPERCOLLIN                                               F44     GOVERNMENT                  WAR ON TERROR BY SENIOR
Sciences         OF THE WAR ON TERRORISM.     DOUGLAS J.    S                                 2008 973.931      HV     2008    POLICY--U.S.         GEN-AC PENTAGON OFFICIAL                      9780060899738 CLOTH        $27.95

                 WHITE MASCULINITY IN THE                   LOUISIANA                                                  HQ1090.                                ED: MISSOURI UNIV. OF SCI & TECH.
Social           RECENT SOUTH; ED. BY TRENT                 STATE UNIV     MAKING THE              30538809            5.S68W4 MEN, WHITE--                   NEW ESSAYS ON CENTRALITY OF
Sciences         WATTS.                                     PRESS          MODERN SOUTH.      2008 075         HQ      5 2008  SOUTHERN STATES.        ADV-AC MANHOOD IN SOUTHERN CULTURE.        9780807133149 CLOTH        $37.50

                                                                                                                                                              AUTH: SMITH COLLEGE. DISCUSSES
                                                            CAMBRIDGE                                                  HQ1237. SEXUAL HARASSENT               GRASSROOTS SOCIAL MOVEMENT
Social           WOMEN'S MOVEMENT AGAINST BAKER,            UNIVERSITY                             305.4209            5.U6B35 OF WOMEN--U.S.--               OF 1970S-80S THAT BROUGHT ISSUE                                         97805217
Sciences         SEXUAL HARASSMENT.       CARRIE N.         PRESS                             2008 7309        HQ      2008     HIST.-- 20TH CENT.     ADV-AC FORWARD.                        9780521879354 CLOTH            $80.00     04946     $24.99
                                                                                                                                1. AIRCRAFT
                                                           JOHNS                                                                ACCIDENTS--
                 BEYOND THE BLACK BOX: THE                 HOPKINS                                                     TL553.5. INVESTIGATION.    2.
                 FORENSICS OF AIRPLANE        BIBEL, G. D. UNIVERSITY                              363.1241            B52      AIRFRAMES. 3.                 AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH
Technology       CRASHES.                     (GEORGE D.) PRESS                               2008 0153         TL     2007     PHYSICS.               GEN-AC DAKOTA.                             9780801886317 CLOTH        $30.00
                                                                                                                                1. HUMAN-MACHINE
                                                                                                                                SYSTEMS. 2.                   AUTH: MIT. DESCRIBES GUIDANCE
                 DIGITAL APOLLO: HUMAN AND    MINDELL,                     INSIDE                                      TA167.M PROJECT APOLLO                 SYSTEMS USED BY TEST PILOTS &
Technology       MACHINE IN SPACE FLIGHT.     DAVID A.      MIT PRESS      TECHNOLOGY.        2008 629.474      TA     59 2008 (U.S.)--HIST.           GEN-AC ASTRONAUTS.                         9780262134972 CLOTH        $29.95
                                              MENCH,                                               621.3124            M46                                    AUTH: PENN STATE UNIVERSITY.
Technology       FUEL CELL ENGINES.           MATTHEW.      JOHN WILEY                        2008 29           TK     2008     FUEL CELLS.            ADV-AC TEXTBOOK--GRAD.               9780471689584 CLOTH             $120.00
                                                                                                                                1. TECHNOLOGICAL              AUTH: SANTA CLARA UNIV/LAW.
                 FUTURE IMPERFECT:                                                                                              FORECASTING. 2.               CONSIDERS       TECHNOLOGICAL
                 TECHNOLOGY AND FREEDOM       FRIEDMAN,     CAMBRIDGE                                                  T174.F7 TECHNOLOGY --                  CHANGE & RADICALLY UNCERTAIN
Technology       IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD.       DAVID D       UNIV PRESS                        2008 303483       T      5 2008   SOCIAL ASPECTS.        GEN-AC FUTURES                       9780521877329 CLOTH              $30.00

                 GUSHER OF LIES: THE                                                                                   TJ163.2 1. POWER
                 DANGEROUS DELUSIONS OF       BRYCE,        PUBLIC                                 333.7909            5.U6B79 RESOURCES--U.S. 2.
Technology       "ENERGY INDEPENDENCE".       ROBERT.       AFFAIRS                           2008 73           TJ     2008     ENERGY POLICY-- U.S. GEN-AC DISCUSSES U.S. ENERGY POLICIES.       9781586483210 CLOTH        $26.95
                                                                                                                                                            HOW PHYSICAL MODELS ARE
                 HOW ROUND IS YOUR CIRCLE?:                                                                                     1. ENGINEERING              CREATED FROM ABSTRACT
                 WHERE ENGINEERING AND      BRYANT,         PRINCETON                                                  TA330.B MATHEMATICS. 2.              MATHEMATICAL ONES. 33 COLOR
Technology       MATHEMATICS MEET.          JOHN, 1934-     UNIV PRESS                        2008 516.15       TA     79 2008 GEOMETRY, PLANE.      GEN-AC PLATES.                               9780691131184 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                                            ED: MIT. COLLECTION OF NEW
                                                                                                                       T14.5.I5 TECHNOLOGY--                ESSAYS ON HOW PEOPLE
                                                                                                                       643      PSYCHOLOGICAL               INTERACT WITH TECHNOLOGY.
Technology       INNER HISTORY OF DEVICES                   MIT PRESS                         2008   303.483    T      2008     ASPECTS.             GEN-AC 'INTIMATE ETHNOGRAPHY.'               9780262201766 CLOTH        $24.95

                 M.F.K. FISHER AMONG THE                    UNIV OF        CALIFORNIA                                  TX649.F 1. FOOD WRITERS--
                 POTS AND PANS: CELEBRATING REARDON,        CALIFORNIA     STUDIES IN FOOD                             5R428   U.S.--BIOGRAPHY 2.             BIOGRAPHY OF FAMED CULINARY
Technology       HER KITCHENS.              JOAN, 1930-     PRESS          AND CULTURE; 22.   2008 6415092      TX     2008    COOKERY.                GEN-AC WRITER, INCL. RECIPES & ILLUS.      9780520255555 CLOTH        $24.95

                                                                                                                          Page 61
                                                                                                       Core 1000 for 2008

                                                                                                  LC   Full LC                                                                                                     Alternate Alternate
                                                                                       Dewey     Subcl  Call                                                                                                        Edition   Edition
LC Description               Title             Author      Publisher   Series   Year   Class      ass Number         Subject Headings    Level              Notes                ISBN-13    Binding   List Price   ISBN-13 List Price
                                                                                                                 1. BIOMASS ENERGY.
                                                                                                                 2. FUEL CELLS. 3.
                                            LOGAN,                                   621.3124            TP339.L MICROBIAL                     AUTH: PENNSYLVANIA STATE
Technology       MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS.      BRUCE E.    JOHN WILEY              2008 29           TP     64 2007 BIOTECHNOLOGY.         ADV-AC UNIVERSITY.                     9780470239483 CLOTH        $90.50
                                                                                                                                               AUTH: YALE UNIVERSITY. ARGUE
                                          WALLACH,      OXFORD                                                   1. ROBOTICS. 2.               THAT ROBOTS NEED TO BE
                 MORAL MACHINES: TEACHING WENDELL,      UNIVERSITY                                       TJ211.W COMPUTERS--SOCIAL             PROGRAMMED WITH MORAL
Technology       ROBOTS RIGHT FROM WRONG. 1946-         PRESS                   2009   629.892    TJ     36 2009 ASPECTS.               ADV-AC DECISION-MAKING ABILITIES       9780195374049 CLOTH        $29.95
                                                                                                                                               AUTH: YALE UNIVERSITY. EXPLORES
                 OUT OF THE EAST: SPICES AND                YALE                                                 1. SPICES--HIST.--TO          MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN DEMAND FOR
                 THE MEDIEVAL                FREEDMAN, UNIVERSITY                                        TX406F7 1500. 2. FOOD HABITS--        SPICES, ITS SOCIAL & ECONOMIC
Technology       IMAGINATION.                PAUL H., 1949- PRESS               2008 641.3383     TX     5 2008  HIST.--TO 1500.        GEN-AC IMPACT.                         9780300111996 CLOTH        $30.00

                 POWER STRUGGLES:
                 SCIENTIFIC AUTHORITY AND                                                                        ELECTRIC                      AUTH: UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA.
                 THE CREATION OF PRACTICAL SCHIFFER,                                                     TK23.S3 ENGINEERING--U.S.--           DISCUSSES 19TH CENT. ELECTRICAL
Technology       ELECTRICITY BEFORE EDISON. MICHAEL B   MIT PRESS               2008 62130973     TK     5 2008  HIST.                  ADV-AC INSTALLATIONS.                  9780262195829 CLOTH        $38.00

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