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									Meeting day and date: October 2nd, 2009
Place: Room: 11F, NYUCD.
Time: 4:30- 6:30 p.m.
Members present: Amarjeet, Sindhura, Harsha, Nisreen, Hanuman, Mona, Dharam,
Anchal, Jimit, Gagandeep.
       1. Clarification of each committee members‟ responsibilities and duties
       (continued from last time‟s meeting).
       2. Club budget: The Club has a budget of 600.00 till date and has received
       500.00 from NYUCD. These funds received can only be spent on activities
       pertaining to the Club‟s mission. Such activities include tutorials, social events etc
       3. Meeting of the President and Treasurer with the Student Council and its
       outcome: An application was submitted to the NYUCD Council stating the Club‟s
       mission and activities, and the budget requirements for the year of 2009-2010.
       The Student Council has allocated 500.00 to APSDA. The budget proposed was
       for approximately 1300.00. The funds are allocated according to the events that
       the club is definitely planning to hold, and for probable future events, these events
       being a part of the Club‟s mission. APSDA was allocated about one-third the
       funds it requested for.
       4. Bank account for APSDA: An account will be opened in Chase bank. Details
       are with Harsha.
       5. Harsha has spoken to several dentists, clubs and organizations outside of
       NYUCD, and requested for funds. It was also suggested by him as well as the
       other members that these organizations or dentists, if unable to provide funds
       directly, may be able to provide APSDA members with opportunities to work,
       observe at a dental office etc.
       6. Mona has suggested that she will compile a comprehensive list of various
       clinical and competency requirements and email this to all the D3 APSDA
       members. Details are with Mona.
       7. Tutorials: For any tutorial that D2 APSDA members require, Dharam shall
       inform Mona at least a week in advance, so that she has enough time to email the
       D3 members, asking for volunteers, provide details to them and convey all this
       information back to Dharam.
       8. Tutorial on 10/03/09: APSDA has organized its first tutorial for D2 members,
       which is on „crown prep for tooth# 19, CRI‟ in the Sim lab from 1:00- 3:00 p.m.
       D3 volunteers are- Amarjeet, Gagandeep, Sai, Suman. They will be re-imbursed
       for lunch. (For the future tutorials, arrangements for lunch shall be made for the
       9. APSDA Website: This shall be designed by Gagandeep and Dharam. APSDA
       has permission from NYUCD to put up a website link for the Club on the
       NYUCD dental intranet page. This has to be shown to the Director on
       Informatics- Dr Elise Eisenberg for her approval first before it can be put on the
       intranet page. Details with Gagandeep and Dharam.
       10. Photographs of APSDA events: APSDA committee members agree that it
       would be a good idea to post photographs of all APSDA events on its website or
       other communication pages such as Facebook, Orkut, Google group. This will
help to get more people interested in the Club. Prior to posting these photographs,
an email shall be sent to all the members informing them about it.
11. Social event: Date to hold APSDA‟s first social event is 10/23/09. Details of
the venue, time etc shall be worked out by Anchal and Jimit. Amarjeet and Jimit
have taken the responsibility of finding out suitable venues. Gagandeep and
Sindhura will organize a survey via Survey Monkey and email this survey to all
members in order to find out what kind of a social event are the members
interested in, if they are willing to pay and how much etc. Approximately 150.00
are available as funds for this event from the Student Council. Sindhura shall also
check with the Faculty Mentors about this and whether they may be willing to
12. Incentive for club members: Hanuman, with help from his family, has
proposed that he may be able to provide some sort of “Gade Scholarship” for
APSDA members, which will be an attractive incentive. This is however still in
its infancy stage.
13. Other Fund-raising events: Sindhura and Nisreen have taken responsibility of
getting details about scrubs, which has been on the APSDA agenda for a long
time. These scrubs will have the APSDA logo on them. They shall also be looking
into other items which can be customized and used for fund–raising.

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