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									Year   Date                      Forenames      Surname          Parish/Residence
2005   13-Aug Groom          Thomas William   Dobson      Beck Cottage, Menethorpe
              Bride          Julia Anne       Carr        12A Saville St. Malton
              Witnesses      Geoff            Gibson
                             Louise           Ducks
                Licence or

2006   30-Sep Groom          Peter Joseph     Talbot      Lilac Cottage, Main St. Westow
              Bride          Louise Ann       Knott       Lilac Cottage, Main St. Westow
              Witnesses      SM               Talbot
                             Katrina F        Reed
                Licence or
                Banns        Banns

2009   11-Jul   Groom        Darren           Hopwood     Kennels Close, Eddlethorpe
                Bride        Lucy Victoria    Hodsman     Kennels Close, Eddlethorpe
                Witnesses    M                Scott
                             C                Hodsman
                Licence or
Age Condition        Rank or Profession                  Father
  29 Batchelor Fork Lift Driver                John Michael Dobson
  25 Spinster  Asst. Administrations Manager   George Edward Carr

  39 Batchelor   Computer Engineer             Peter Talbot
  33 Spinster    Training Consultant           Frederick Knott

  38 Batchelor   Parts Manager, Motor Trade    David Hopwood
  29 Spinster    Agricultural Adviser          David Hodsman
     Rank or Profession
Birch Cutter


Year    Date           Forenames(s)          Surname
1993   25-Mar    Frederick              Coates
       20-May    Joyce Doreen           Coates
       25-Jun    Betty                  Graves
1994    5-Oct    Hector                 Watson
1995    1-Sep    Margaret               Midgley
       29-Dec    Kathleen               Peacock
1996   29-Aug    Robert                 Cooper
1997   17-Jan    Margaret Mary          Grayson
       14-Feb    Albert Victor          Midgley
       19-Sep    Olive                  Walker
        8-Oct    Audrey                 Hodgson
1998    6-Mar    Lily                   Crosby
        9-Apr    Eric Owen              Watts
        27-Jul   Olive                  Hepton
       21-Nov    Harry                  Hepton
1999    4-Mar    Fred                   Bielby
        27-Jul   Ann                    Lady Brooksbank
2000   14-Jan    Dorothy Amanda         Duck
       30-May    Vernon Guy             Hepton
2001   10-Apr    David Paul             Eaton
        5-Jun    Brian                  Green
       24-Aug    John                   Fisher
       15-Oct    Charlotte Rebecca      Swalwell
2003   9-May     John Dickon Francis    Crossley
        16-Jul   Christopher John       Beckett
        24-Jul   Dorothy                Newlove
       14-Aug    Jean                   Abram
       11-Sep    Rhona Ada Kathleen     Milner
       21-Nov    Frederick John         Hodsman
2004    5-Jan    Cecil George           Walker
       22-Jan    Maria Teresa           Cook
       19-Apr    Molly                  Chandler
       21-May    Monica                 Willis
        9-Jul    Irene (Rene)           Wisker
2005   25-Jan    Gladys Caroline        Marshall
        6-Apr    Ione Jean              Cassel
        8-Aug    Ronald (Ron) William   Wisker
2007   13-Jun    John Malcom            Hodgson
       23-Dec    Maurice William        West
2008   27-Jun    Heather                Matsoukas
        17-Jul   Anthony (Tony) David   Marshall
2009    30-Jul   Kathleen Elizabeth     Wilkinson
        4-Aug    Maurice                Coates
2010    2-Apr    Winifred Mary          Hepton
                                 Address                               Date of Death    Age
Westow Croft Nursing Home                                                   3/20/1993    79
The Mount, Westow                                                           5/18/1993    69
Westow Croft Nursing Home                                                   6/22/1993    78
Huttons Ambo                                                                10/2/1994    72
Westow                                                                      8/28/1995    73
Rivermead Nursing Home, Norton                                             12/24/1995    96
Grange Farm, Westow                                                         8/25/1996    76
The Orchards, Westow                                                        1/12/1997    91
The Orchards, Westow                                                         2/9/1997    76
Rivermead Nursing Home, Norton                                              9/14/1997    93
Warren House, 1 Kirkham View, Westow                                        10/2/1997    52
The Abbey Nursing Home, Town Street, Old Malton                              3/2/1998    96
6 The Orchards, Westow                                                       4/6/1998
Stoneridge, The Orchards, Westow                                            7/20/1998   90
Stoneridge, The Orchards, Westow                                           11/13/1998   93
The Abbey Nursing Home, Town Street, Old Malton                             2/25/1999   89
Menethorpe Hall, Menethorpe                                                 7/22/1999   83
8 The Orchards, Westow                                                       1/5/2000   90
Hazel Garth, Westow                                                         5/24/2000   84
1 Moorgate Avenue, Mount Vale, York                                          4/1/2001   53
7 Westfield, Westow                                                         5/28/2001   69
Gilderbeck House, Acklam                                                    8/18/2001   53
c/o Ashfield Residential Home, Malton, formerly The Orchards, Westow        10/5/2001   90
High Farm, Firby                                                            4/21/2003   36
Westow Hall                                                                  7/6/2003   87
9 Kirkham View, Westow                                                      7/19/2003   80
Busk Hill Farm, Leavening                                                    8/6/2003   74
2 Westfield, Westow                                                          9/4/2003   99
Carthagena Farm,Menethorpe                                                 11/17/2003   80
10 Westfield, Westow                                                       12/29/2003   88
12 Kirkham View, Westow                                                     1/14/2004   78
2 Wold View, Leavening                                                       4/9/2004   68
Westow Lodge                                                                5/12/2004   78
Mount Farm, Westow                                                           7/4/2004   86
6 Westgate Flate, Old Malton                                                1/13/2005   94
Paddock Cottage, 4 Sudnicton Croft, Westow                                  3/27/2005   86
Lansdowne Cottage, Westow                                                   7/26/2005   90
1 Kirkham View, Westow                                                       6/4/2007   63
Hill Crest Farm, Acklam                                                    12/15/2007   60
9 Westfield, Westow                                                          7/9/2008   75
6 Westgate Flate, Old Malton                                                 7/9/2008   72
Low Beams, Westow                                                           7/23/2009   82
2 Clock Row, Norton                                                         7/21/2009   86
Hazel Garth, Main Street, Westow                                            2/23/2010   93
   Plot                Comments

B2 far left


              Buried at Gilderbeck House
   A54        4th Baron Grimthorpe
              Buried in Acklam Churchyard
Year   Date     Child's Name             Parents                             Surname
1930   13-Apr   William Eric             William Vincent & May               Holmes
       20-Apr   Joan Elizabeth           George & Rhoda                      Ward
       27-Apr   Donald                   Mark & Eliza                        Thistleton
       27-Apr   John                     John & Beatrice May                 Thistleton
       2-May    Peter Hopley             Frank Eric & Edna                   Massie
       4-May    Irene Mavis              George William & Kate               Brown
       21-Jun   Micheal Henry            Horace Henry & Rhona Ada Kathleen   Milner
       29-Jun   Bryan Athol              Tom & Margaret Annie                Walton
1931   1-Mar    Geoffrey                 Edward & Eva                        Cook
       9-Aug    Alan                     John & Beatrice May                 Thistleton
       25-Oct   Kenneth Granville        Frank & Clarice Ena                 Walker
1932   3-Apr    Nancy                    Mark & Eliza                        Thistleton
       3-Apr    Stanley Peter            William Vincent & May               Holmes
       1-May    Donald William           John Francis & Constance            Clarkson
       10-Jul   George Colin             Albert & Florence                   West
       28-Aug   Dorothy                  John & Beatrice May                 Thistleton
       16-Oct   Arthur William           George William & Nelly              Walker
       20-Dec   Sheila Constance         Alfred & Eva                        Ward
       26-Dec   Jean Helen               Adam & Constance helen              Bruce
1933   8-Jan    Barbara Annie            Thomas William & Harriet            Dring
       1-May    Frances Elizabeth Mary   Frank Eric & Edna                   Massie
       21-May   Roy                      Charles & Ethel May                 Lawton
       4-Jun    Micheal John             Harold & Bertha                     Gibson
       17-Sep   Aurea Mary               Francis Reginald & Alice Mary       Milner
       15-Oct   Eva Irene                Ernest & Margaret Annie             Lee
1934   28-Jan   Peter                    Cecil George & Annie                Hutchinson
       24-Jun   Donald                   Fred & Beryl                        Hodgson
       24-Jun   Dorothy                  Harold & Doris                      Milner
       8-Jul    Marie Dianne             Harry & Olive                       Hepton
       15-Jul   Clifford                 John & Beatrice May                 Thistleton
       14-Oct   Kathleen                 Rex & Elsie                         Horsley
1935   5-May    George                   Charles & Ethel May                 Lawton
       22-Sep   George Malcolm           Cecil George & Annie                Hutchinson
       2-Nov    David Anthony            William Vincent & May               Holmes
1936   19-Jan   Dorothy                  James Herbert & Doris               Husband
       16-Feb   John                     Adam & Constance Helen              Bruce
       19-Apr   Anthony David            David & Gladys Caroline             Marshall
       1-Nov    Zena                     Charles & Ethel May                 Lawton
1937   10-Apr   Patricia Mary            Cecil George & Annie                Hutchinson
       4-Jul    Rose Mary                George William & Nellie             Walker
       17-Oct   Barry                    Edward Percival & Edith May         Wardle
1938   8-May    Marian                   Adam & Constance Helen              Bruce
       26-Jun   Jean Mary                Dorothy                             Pybus
       8-Oct    John William             Edwin & Dorothy                     Simpson
1939   26-Mar   Colin Alfred             Ronald & Frances                    Hall
       16-Jul   Joan Mary                Rex & Elsie                         Horsley
       15-Oct   Elizabeth Ann            Fred & Beryl                        Hodgson
1940   1-Sep    Isabel Mary              Dorothy                             Dring
1941   16-Mar   Margaret Rose            Thomas William & Margaret Mary      Grayson
       2-May    Malcolm Barry            Malcolm Henry & Edna May            Orr
       16-May   Margaret Ann             George Howard Sydney & Catherine    Temporal
       24-May   Maureen Alison           Christopher James & Olive           Metcalfe
       28-May   Clifford Walton          James Dennis & Dorothy              Laybourne
       20-May   Keith                    Benjamin & Florence May             Morrow
       20-May   Gordon                   Charles & Doris                     Holland
       1-Jun    David James           Frank & Rose Ethel                     Ramsden
       15-Jun   Colin                 Albert & Rose Ellen                    Foster
       29-Jun   George Ernest         Ernest Walter John & Eileen Winifred   Privett
       3-Sep    Kenneth               James & Elizabeth                      Watts
       3-Sep    Patricia              John Andrew & Elizabeth Ella           Cassells
       3-Sep    Barbara               John Andrew & Elizabeth Ella           Cassells
       21-Sep   Peter                 William Arthur & Norah                 Newton
       19-Oct   Patricia Ann          Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen        Dobson
       12-Nov   Marion Josephine      Joseph William & Ivy Josephine         Foster
       18-Nov   Robert William        Christopher & Hilda May                Wilson
       14-Dec   Doreen Wendy          George Arthur & Gladys                 Garton
       21-Dec   Clive Arthur          George Robert & Adeline Mary           Caygill
1942   18-Jan   Carol Gladys          Robert & Gladys Hannah                 Cummings
       18-Jun   Shirley Ann           John Joseph & Ethel Lilian             Fahey
       7-Jul    Beryl Maureen         Donald & Jessie                        Harper
                                      John Robert William & Florence Clara
       26-Jul   Joan Maureen Lilian                                          Coker
       28-Jul   Norman John           Joseph Henry & Evelyn                  Wordsworth
       2-Aug    Sandra ? June         Robert Charles & Mary Evelyn           Earle
       2-Aug    Frederick Alfred      Frederick Alfred & Ivy Lilian          Butler
       16-Aug   Roger                 Harry & Elsie                          Bentley
       20-Sep   Ronald Frederick      George Edward & Violet                 Kemp
       8-Nov    Robin                 Ronald & Jane                          Smith
       8-Nov    Robert George         John George & Elsie                    Swan
1943   21-Feb   Doreen                Jessie                                 Horsely
       4-Apr    Eileen Ann            George Henry & Annie                   Everett
       8-Jul    Elizabeth             Ronald & Edna                          Barker
       26-Sep Patricia Caroline       Hayell Walter Stawnton & Maud Ellis    Baines
1944   30-Jan   Victor Lawrence       Ruth                                   Brent
       30-Jan   Joan                  Cuthbert Charles & Edna                Lambert
       9-Apr    Dale                  John & Eileen Jane                     Morland
       11-Jun   Stanley Terence       Thomas William & Margaret Mary         Grayson
       23-Jul   Michael Patrick       Donald Bruce & Lilian Margaret         Geddes
       19-Nov   Arthur                Arthur & Doris Irene                   Cross
1945   6-Jan    Pauline               May                                    Laing
       18-Feb Jean                    Fred & Beryl                           Hodgson
       22-Apr Richard Derek           Hayell Walter Stawnton & Maud Ellis    Baines
       8-Jun    Robert Stanley        Stanley & Dorothy                      Beal
       8-Jun    John Richard          Marion                                 Clarke
       10-Jun Christine Anne          Alice Doreen                           Charlton
       17th Jun Leslie                Charlotte Ann                          Ringrose
       8-Jul    Raymond               Gladys Mary                            Stannard
       19-Aug Paul Riley              George Isobel                          Farnell
       16-Sep Colin                   Rex & Elsie                            Horsley
       23-Sep Thomas WilliAM          John Edwin & Kathleen Hylda            Allison
       7-Oct    Francis Richard       Frank & Constance                      Milner
1946   20-Jan Janet Marjorie          Ronald & Francis                       Hall
       12-May Janet                   Joan                                   Redhead
       16-Sep Malcolm                 Maurice & Annie Elizabeth              Cooper
       25-Oct Patricia Anne           Jack & Margaret                        Kelly
1947   19th Jan Margaret              Leonard & Eva                          Newlove
       26-Mar Brian Ondin             Cyril & Constance Jane                 Barton
       17-Jun Richard Laurence        Frederick & Annie Mabel                Vaughan
1948   11-Jan Sandra                    Robert Charles & Mary Evelyn          Earle
       25th Jan Doreen                  Alan & Rachel                         Westerby
       1-Feb Julia Mary                 Vernon Guy & Winifred Mary            Hepton
       7-Jun    Margaret Jean           Arthur & Cynthia Lizzie               Walker
       13-Jun Patricia Mary             William Vincent & May                 Holmes
       18-Jul Gerald                    Arthur & Violet Anna                  Heeley
       22-Aug Raymond Antony            Thomas Willliam & Margaret Mary       Grayson
                                        Anthony Christian Harland & Annette
       3-Oct   Nigel William                                                  Raw
       11-Oct Jennifer Ann              Tom Robert & Betty Doreen             Blackstock
       15-Oct Jacqueline                John William & Beatrice               Buxton
       21-Nov Michael John Edwin        John Edwin & Kathleen Hylda           Allison
1949          Stuart Barry              Peggy                                 Lofthouse
1950   19-Mar David John                Frederick John & Joyce Elizabeth      Hodsman
       2-Apr  Susan Christabel          Basil George & Ruby                   Hepton
       6-Jul  Jennifer Georgina         Ronald William & Catherine Lucy       Wisker
       16-Jul Ian Angus                 Harold & Bella                        Adam
       8-Oct  Stephen John              Dennis & Edna Isabel                  Chapman
       30-Oct Frank Lightfoot           Andrew Douglas & Evelyn               Thorburn
       24-Dec Janet                     Bertram Henry & Marjorie              Bielby
1951   20-May Trevor Adrian             Frederick Dennis & Adeline Mary       Wright
       10-Jun Derek                     Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen       Dobson
       10-Jun Elaine Anne               Thomas Henry & Christina Isabel       Botham
       26-Aug Garry                     Frederick William & Evelyn Elsie      Chambers
       31-Aug Gordon                    Walter & Margaret                     Scott
       14-Oct Nigel St. Clair           Richard Ewart & Mary Hannah           Blakeborough
       14-Oct Christopher George        Robert Charles & Mary Evelyn          Earle
       14-Oct Janet Anne                Harold & Kathleen                     Simpson
       11-Nov Rita Hylda                Ronald William & Catherine Lucy       Wisker
       6-Dec John Barry                 George Cliffird & Mavis               Thompson
1952   14-Mar Della                     John Frank & Joyce                    Scott
       16-Apr Alice Vasie               Francis Alan & Priscilla              Jackson
       6-Jul  Gwendolen May             John Clifford & Jessie                Bentley
       27-Jul Richard                   Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen       Dobson
       24-Aug Brian Reginald            Reginald & Margaret Jane              Thorpe
       7-Sep Phillipa Lynette           David & Olive Irene                   Kirk
       7-Sep Sarah Ann                  Kenneth Parker & Irene Olive          Wisker
       19-Oct Margaret Elizabeth        Jack & Kathleen                       Turner
       12-Dec Anthony John              Frederick William & Evelyn Elsie      Chambers
1953          Ann                       James McGrearey & Edith Mary          Proud
       12-Apr Marian Jane               Frederick John & Joyce Elizabeth      Hodsman
       10-May Michael                   Norman & Nancy                        Bland
       12-Jul Trevor Charles            Wilfred Dennis & Maria Theresa        Cook
       4-Oct  Kathleen Margaret         Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen       Dobson
       28-Oct Christine Agnes           Arthur Hamer & Agnes                  Bailey
1954   17-Feb William                   Arthur & Doris Annie                  Backley
       20-Apr Phillip Robert            Robert & Selina Joan                  Monkman
       21-Apr William Tyndale Proctor   Francis Alan & Priscilla              Jackson
       21-May Glen Mary                 John & Rhona                          Cook
       14-Nov Angela Margaret           Andrew & Ada Mary                     Lee
       21-Dec Jeanne Elizabeth          James & Nellie                        Hamilton
1955   27-Mar Patricia Ann              Richard & Muriel                      Lee
       17-Apr Robert                    Kenneth Sydney & Gladys May           Crow
       17-Apr Linda Mary                Reginald & Margaret Jane              Thorpe
       22-May Janet                     Thomas & Henry & Dorothy Kathleen     Dobson
       12-Jun Peter John                Jack & Kathleen                       Turner
       27-Sep   John William      William Nathan & May                   Lightfoot
       30-Oct   Malcolm John      Harold Edward & Audrey                 Haigh
1956   25-Mar   Christine         Leslie & Joan                          Fenwick
       29-Jul   Maureen            - & Margaret                          Thorpe
       29-Jul   Sheila             - & Margaret                          Thorpe
       26-Aug   Lynne Margaret    Geoffrey & Shirley Anne                Cook
1957   14-Jul   Elizabeth Mary     - & Mary                              Wardle
       18-Aug   Ronald Stephen    Robin & Susan Mary                     Welford
       18-Oct   Michael           William Arthur & Jean                  Carr
1958   13-Apr   Susan Jayne       Donald & Katurah                       Hodgson
       12-Dec   William Leslie    George William & Clarissa May          Shepherd
       21-Dec   Gary              Thomas Alan & Audrey                   Veysey
1959   10-May   Christine Anne    Ronald Robert Wilfred & Freda          Wood
1960   14-Feb   Terence           Frederick & Evelyn Elsie               Chambers
       5-Jun    Barbara Marian    Ronald & Vera                          Hepton
       5-Jun    Jayne Ann         Peter & Eileen Mary                    Huchinson
       5-Jun    Stephen Robert    Robert Wilfred & Freda                 Wood
       23-Oct   Daniel            Mary                                   Barrett
1961   3-Feb    Christopher       Patricia                               Render
                                  Brigadier the Honourable Christopher
       4-Apr    Harriet Lucy                                             Beckett
                                  John & Lady Elizabeth
       21-May   Timothy Barry     Arthur Francis & Lorna                 Dales
       21-May   Wendy Elizabeth   Donald & Katurah Lily                  Hodgson
       9-Jul    Lesley Anne       Robin Jennings & Susan Mary            Welford
       9-Jul    Philip Arthur     Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen        Dobson
       14-Aug   Jeannie           Robert Smith & Gladys Vera             Finlay
1962   4-Jan    Suzzanne Mary     Stanley & Betty                        Wilson
       18-Feb   Barry             Kenneth Brian & Winnie                 Thistleton
       22-Apr   Melanie Jayne     John & Ethel                           Dobbs
       27-Apr   Gary Leslie        -                                     Osmathorpe
       11-Jun   Peter Richard     Jennifer Ann                           Dodds
       15-Jul   Jane Elizabeth    Rodney & Helen Sarah                   Drury
       15-Jul   Penny May         Leslie & Joan                          Fenwick
       15-Jul   Richard           Dennis Michael & Elizabeth Ann         Brown
       21-Jul   Kim (F)           Ann                                    Castle
       14-Oct   Christine         Thomas Henry & Dorothy Kathleen        Dobson
       25-Nov   Stewart James     Frank & Alice May                      Illingworth
1963   16-Jun   David George      Peter & Eileen Mary                    Hutchinson
       3-Aug    James John                                               Halder
       8-Sep    Hilary Marian     Edwin Marshall & Margaret Hazel        Carr
1964   1-Feb    Andrew Robin      Robin Jennings & Susan Mary            Welford
       3-May    Richard Charles   John Brian & Jacqueline Anne           Morris
       11-Oct   Karen Louise      Donald & Keturah                       Hodgson
       11-Oct   Elizabeth Mary    Robert & Maureen                       Farrow
1965   9-May    Michael Robert    Leonard & Margaret Helen Patricia      Wilson
       22-Jul   Stephen           Martin Henry & Irene Mary              Birkett
       29-Oct   Julie Margaret    Dennis & Patricia Ann                  Gill
       21-Nov   John              Robert & Maureen                       Farrow
       5-Dec    Richard John      Frank & Alice Mary                     Illingworth
1966   23-Jan   Sandra Jane       Allan & Judith Anne                    Busby
       4-Mar    Brunehilde May    Keith & Barbara                        Crick
       24-Apr   Guy Charles       David Foulk & Anne                     Myddelton
       20-Nov   Andrew Robert     John Robert & Pauline                  Hunt
       20-Nov   Richard Noel          John Robert & Pauline               Hunt
1967   1-Jan    Susan Veronica        John Hulbert & Marian Doreen        Foster
       22-Jan   Robert                Robert & Clarissa Maureen           Farrow
       19-Mar   Steven                Kenneth Brian & Wynnie              Thistleton
       18-Jun Edward Thomas           Brian & Margaret Rose               Green
       18-Jun   Julie Elizabeth       John Charles & Sandrea Eastern      Brindle
       18-Jun   Andrew Frederick      Frederick John & Joyce Elizabeth    Hodsman
       18-Jun   Andrew Richard        Peter & Valerie Joyce               Simpson
       24-Sep   Simon                 Jacqueline Marie                    Hepton
       29-Oct   Michaela Evelyn       Robin Jennings & Susan Mary         Welford
1968   27-Jan   Stephen Anthony       Harold Malcolm & Ruth               Kitchen
       5-Apr    Sheila Jean Lomas     Norman & Jesse Cohuan               Tillotson
       9-Jun    Rebecca Jane          Ronald Robert Wilfred & Freda       Wood
       20-Oct   Dawn Emma             John Eric & Kathleen                Cooper
       15-Dec   Carl Brian            Patricia                            Hall
1969   23-Mar   Caroline              Peter & Valerie Joyce               Simpson
       25-May   Andrew David          David John & Pauline                Mann
       10-Jul   Clarissa Maureen      Robert & Clarissa Maureen           Farrow
       17-Jul   Alastair Grey         John Bainbridge & Annie Peters      Ridley
       26-Oct   Ian Charles           John Charles & Sandrea              Brindle
1970   1-Feb    Stewart John          Alec & Kathleen                     Cuthbertson
       8-Jul    Suzannah Jane         Adrian Charles & Judith Mary        Estcourt

       19-Jul   Robert Gavin          Revell Anthony & Marie Dianne       Vider
       20-Sep Michelle Louise         Hilary                              Simpson
1971   3-Jan  Srewart Edward          Hugh Edward & Susan Elizabeth       Morgan

       28-May Tracey Jane             John Eric & Kathleen                Cooper

       27-Jun Angela Fiona            Peter & Sarah Wilson                Wardle
1972   17-May Jonathan Paul           David John & Audrey Mavis           Windress
       22-Oct   Charlotte Victoria    Christopher John & Jacqueline       Holt

       22-Oct   Joanne Elizabert      Paul & Sandra                       Savage

1973   29-Apr   Kathryn Jane          John Charles & Sandrea Eastern      Brindle

1974   1-Mar    Andrew Philip         Paul & Sandra                       Savage

       17-Mar Simon Trevor            John William & Angelina Everlina    Smith
1975   23-Feb Susan Caroline          Robin Jennings & Susan Mary         Welford

1979   24-Jun Claire Suzanne          David John & Susan Marilyn          Hodsman

       30-Sep Carl Richard            Richard James & Kathleen Margaret   Dobson
1980   6-Apr    Jason                 Keith & Brenda nee Watson           Skelton
       12-Oct   Lucy Victoria         David John & Susan                  Hodsman
       21-Dec   Annabelle Lucy        James & Christine nee Foster        White
1981   20-Sep   David Stuart          Valerie & Peter                     Simpson
1983   4-Sep    Simon                 Richard & Jill nee Brown            Taylor
       11-Sep   Edward Rupert Henry   Nicholas & Jane                     Marsden
       18-Sep   James Andrew          Timothy & Susan Jayne nee Hodgson   Bramhall
       11-Dec   Joseph                                                          Atkinson
1984   22-Jul   Victoria Louise            Howard & Wendy nee Hodgson           Fletcher
       26-Aug   Paul Michael               Graham & Jennifer nee Potter         Flint
       28-Oct   Emma Joy                   Michael & Pauline nee Wood           Cooper
1985   5-May    Benjamin                   Richard & Jill                       Taylor
       16-Jun   Thomas William             Ralph & Christine                    Defty
       23-Jun   Jacqueline Louise          William & Yvonne                     Brannon
1986   26-Jan   Hannah Jayne               Timothy John & Susan Jayne           Branhall
       29-Jun   Rebecca Jane               Howard Ashley & Wendy Elizabeth      Fletcher
       20-Jul   Sarah Elizabeth            David & Barbara                      Leaf
       23-Aug   Graham                     David & Janet                        Richardson
1987   22-Mar   Sarah Anne                 Michael William & Wendy May          McKenzie
       29-Mar   Lucy Catherine             Robert & Nicola                      Ordidge
       1-Nov    Elaine Rachel              Stephen Robert & Christine           Wood
1988   5-Jun    Jonathan Charles           John & Linda                         Flint
       5-Jun    Amy Elizabeth              Graham & Jennifer                    Flint
       2-Oct    Emma Charlotte             John Robert & Christine Ann          Smith
1989   30-Apr   Elliot                     Richard Anthony & Jill               Taylor
1990   1-Jul    Adam David                 David John & Susan Marilyn           Hodsman
       1-Jul    Richard James              Francis Albert & Jayne Vivien        Jones
       23-Sep Anna Louise                  Edward Thomas & Alison               Green
1993   1-Aug    Giffard James Armstrong Simon Patrick& Susan Armstrong          Hogge

1995   4-Mar    Chloe Elizabeth            Edward Thomas & Allison              Green
       18-Jun Esmé Iris                    Jamie & Kathryn                      Charteris
                                           Matthew Guy Irwin & Calrw Alison
       27-Aug Jack Peter Alexander                                              Brash
                                           Timothy Owen Johnson & Karen Ann
       22-Oct   Daniella Elizabeth Diana                                        Dudley
              Charles Christopher          Matthew Guy Irwin & Calrw Alison
1996   25-Aug                                                                   Brash
              Robert                       Elizabeth
1997   16-Feb William Miles                Martin & Jennie                      Brown
       1-Jun  Ruby Rose                    Jamie & Kathryn                      Charteris
       5-Oct    Connor Sasha               Alexander James & Delta Marie        Lonsdale
       5-Oct    John Duncan                George Ducan & Judith Mary           Pearson
       7-Dec    Georgina Anna              Robert & Gillian Helen               Hall
                Esme Nicole Burgess-
1998   31-May                              Peter Gordon Lamb & Annette Louise Burgess
       7-Jun    Jake                       Vincent & Christina Mary             Winfield

       26-Jul   Nathem Bradley             Adam Mark & Gillian Ann              Cross
       2-Aug    Dianne                     Bryan & Mary                         Watson
1999   7-Mar    Matthew Edward             Russel & Louise                      Summers
       21-Mar   James Matthew              Richard & Helen                      Sawdon
       21-Mar   Jack David                 Richard & Helen                      Sawdon
       25-Apr   Hannah Mary                David & Anne                         Marshall
       22-Aug   Angela                     Bryan & Mary                         Watson
2000   30-Jan   Mary Heloise               Duncan & Judith                      Pearson
       21-May   Edward Peter               Martin & Jenny                       Brown
       26-Nov   Noah                       Neale Jackson & Tracey Fletcher
              Laurie Edward Fletcher
2002   24-Feb                           Neale Jackson & Tracey Fletcher
       23-Jun Emma                      Bryan & Mary                         Watson
       20-Oct James Richard             Adam Christian & Katie Elizabeth     Campbell
2003   23-Feb Oliver Andrew             Andrew & Fiona                       McBeath

2004   25-Jan Lucy Charlotte            Robert & Gillian                     Hall

       25-Apr   William Anderson        Peter Hartley & Phillipa Taylor
       23-May Emily Rose Serenity       Juia                                 Rawson
       4-Jul    Lara Monica             Howard Bilton & Susan Rippinghall

2005   24-Jul   Jack Thomas             Richard Thomas Midgley & Elizabeth Anne Hudson

       18-Dec Clementine Mary           Michael Joseph & Lucinda Fleur       Hewitt

2006   14-May Frederic Leornard Richard Karl & Angela                        Anders

       23-Jul   Robert David            Richard & Kalika                     James

2007   25-Mar Arthur George             Peter & Philippa                     Hartley

       6-May    Douglas Alexander       Stephen Peill & Nancy Newman

       29-Jul   Eve Jessica             Graeme & Danielle                    Hargreaves

       28-Oct   Toby Elwood             Scott & Rebecca                      Davis-Glazebrook
Place                     Father's Occupation
Eddlethorpe Mill          Farm Labourer
Eddlethorpe               Farm Labourer
Firby                     Gardener
Firby                     Farm Labourer
Firby                     Farmer
Church Farm, Westow       Farm Labourer
Pickering                 Groom
Firby                     Beastman
Westow                    Retired Joiner
Westow                    Fruiterer & Greengrocer
Menethorpe                Joiner
Firby                     Gardener
Eddlethorpe Mill          Farm Labourer
Thornthorpe, Burythorpe   Farmer
Westow                    Groom
Westow                    Fruiterer & Greengrocer
Menethorpe                Farm Labourer
Welham Wold, Nr. Malton   Farm Labourer
Menethorpe                Shepherd
Carthagena, Menethorpe    Farm Foreman
Firby                     Farmer
Firby                     Farm Foreman
Westow                    Builder
Manor Farm, Westow        Farmer
Westow                    Gardener
Westow                    Tailor
Westow                    Farm Labourer
Manor Farm, Eddlethorpe   Farmer
Westow                    Bricklayer
Westow                    Labourer
Westow                    Motor Mechanic
Firby                     Farm Foreman
Westow                    Tailor
Westow                    Farm Labourer
Firby                     Farm Labourer
Menethorpe                Shepherd
Westow                    Bricklayer
Firby                     Farm Foreman
Westow                    Tailor
Eddlethorpe               Labourer
Westow                    Farm Labourer
Menethorpe                Shepherd
Westow                    Single Woman
Eddlethorpe               Farm Labourer
Westow                    Farmer
Westow                    Bricklayer
Firby                     Farm Labourer
Menethorpe                 -
Westow                    Labourer
Hull                      Ambulance Driver
Hull                      Labourer
Hull                      Soldier
Hull                      Docker
Hull                      Docker
Hull                      Soldier
Westow               Labourer
Hull                 Fitter's Asst.
Westow               Soldier
Hull                 Soldier
Hull                 Soldier
Hull                 Soldier
Hull                 Machininst
Menethorpe           Farm Labourer
Sancton              RAF
Hull                 Royal Navy
Hull                 Labourer
Firby                Platelayer
North Shields        Royal Navy
London               Soldier
Chelsea              Aeroplane Mechanic
Plumstead            Soldier
Hull                 Labourer
Westow               Soldier
London               Ammunition Worker
Beverley             RAF
Hull                 Soldier
Westow               Farmer
Hull                 Ship's Electrician
Westow               -
Westow               Forester
Norton               Accountant
                     Member of Air Ministry
Thixendale           -
Pickering            Lt. RNVR
Westow               Farm Labourer
Westow               Soldier
Menethorpe           RAF
Westow               -
Firby                Labourer
Westow               Air Ministry Inspector
Settrington          Farmer
St Leonards-on-Sea   -
Salt End, Hull       -
Kirby Grindalythe    -
Fulford              -
Westow               RAF
Westow               Westow
Westow               Farmer
Westow               Farmer
Westow               Farmer
Westow               -
Norton               Joiner
Malton               Steeplechase Jockey
Norton               Sheet Metal Worker
Gate Helmsley        Farmer
Helmsley             Publican
Westow                         Flx
Westow                         Road Man
Westow                         Builder
Marton Bridge, Stillington     Land Drainage Board
Gate Helmsley                  Farm Labourer
Kirkham                        Signalman
Westow                         Labourer
Westow                         Production Manager
Norton                         Bricklayer
Srensall Camp                  Soldier
Westow                         Farmer
Westow (Croft)                 -
Eddlethorpe                    Farm
Westow                         Mason
Westow                         Farmer
Duggleby (Westow Croft)        -
Firby                          Farm Worker
Sherif Hutton (Westow Croft)   Police Constable
Westow                         Lorry Driver
Littleton, Drew, Wiltshire     Coach Driver
Menethorpe                     Farm Labourer
Menethorpe                     Farm Labourer
Westow                         Lorry Driver
Wilberfoss                     Farm Labourer
Westow                         Army Officer
Westow                         Forestry Worker
Westow                         Farm labourer
Westow                         Farmer
Stamford Bridge                Van Driver
Malton                         Petroleum Driver
York                           Organist of York Minster
Westow                         Farmer
Menethorpe                     Farm Labourer
Westow                         Lorry Driver
Westow                         Asst. Secretary
Westow                         Farmer
Luton                          Service Centre Asst.
Westow                         Lorry Driver
Bishop Wilyon (Westow Croft)   Farm (?) Worker
Eddlethorpe                    Farmer
Ripon                          Labourer
Westow                         Joiner
Menethorpe                     Farm Labourer
Westow                         Caterer
Leavening                      Farm Labourer
Westow (Croft)                 Farmer
York                           Organist of York Minster
Wilberfoss                     Air Ministry Checker
Westow                         Soldier
Terrington                     Police Constable
Bourne End                     Gardener
Menethorpe                     Groom
Westow                         Lorry Driver
Menethorpe                     Farm Worker
70 Walcot Ave, Luton           Commercial Assistant
Westow Croft               Bricklayer
Westow                     Reseach Engineer
Westow                     Labourer
Westow                     Driver
Westow                     Driver
Westow                     Joiner
Westow                     Farmer
Westow                     Farmer
Firby                      Farmer
Firby                      Farm Worker
Westow Croft (York)        Farm Worker
Westow Croft               Clerk
Westow                     Farmer
Westow                     Long Distance Driver
Westow                     Grocer
Westow                     Taylor
Wesstow Croft              Farmer
Westow Croft (York)         -
Westow Croft (York)         -
Westow                     Brigadier Army Officer
Firby                      Farmer
Firby                      Famer
Westow                     Farmer
Menethope                  Fam Worker
Eddlethorpe                Groom
Manethorpe                 Farm Worker
Westow                     Farm Worker
Humberstone                Driving Instructor
Westow Croft               -
Westow Croft               Clerk
Scarborough                Solicitor
Westow                     Bricklayer
Firby                      Farmer
Croft                      -
Menethorpe                 Farm Worker
Eddlethorpe                Farmer
Westow                     Tailor
Westow Croft
Westow                     Bricklayer
Westow                     Farmer
Firby                      Medical Representative
Firby                      Farmer
Westow                     General Dealer
Westow                     Schoolmaster
2 Church Row?, Bugthorpe
Westow                     General Dealer
Eddlethorpe                Farmer
Westow                     Fitter
Eddlethorpe                Soldier
Westow                     Farmer
Westow                     Royal Navy
Westow                         Royal Navy
Westow                         Army Officer
Westow                         General Dealer
Westow                         Farm Worker
Westow                         Shop Manager
Westow                         Butcher
Westow                         Farmer
Westow                         Factory Worker
Westow                         -
Westow                         Farmer
Burythorpe                     Clerk in Holy Orders
West Barmby, Whitby
Westow                         Farmer
Westow                         Farmer
Eddlethorpe                    -
5 Westfield, Westow            Factory Worker
Westow                         Clerk
Westow                         General Dealer
Westow Croft (from Norton)
Westow                         Butcher
Wentworth St., Malton          Maintenance Fitter
Whiteground House, Thornthorpe Security Adviser
14 Sunnyside Cres., North
                               Computer Technician
Richmond, New South Wales
25 Town St., Old Malton
Westow                         RAF

Grange Garm                    Farmer

Blackburn, West Lothian        Council Driver
Westow Croft
Firby Hall                     Antiquarian Book Dealer

1 South View, Firby            Council Worker

9 Westfield, Westow

1 South View, Firby            Agricultural Contractor

26 Hunters Way, Norton         Accountant
Westow Grange                  Farmer

High Kennels, Eddlethorpe

21 Mander Grive, Norton
Eppington Farm, Nr. Acklam     Farmer
High Kennels, Eddlethorpe      Farmer
c/o Foster Westow Lodge        Farmer
Westfield, Westow              Driver
47 Park Rd., Norton            Builder
The Old School, Westow         Accountant
Old Maltongate, Malton
Firby                            Publican
Church Farm, Westow              Farmer
47 Park Rd., Norton              Builder
Tennis Court Cottage, Westow     Mechanic
The Orchards, Westow             Driver
32 Old Maltongate, Malton        Aircraft Engineer
25 Mill St., Malton              Driver
59 Oakland Ave., York            Life Assurance Inspector
68 Paliament St., Norton         Factory Worker
Post Office, Leavening           Postman
Rainbow Farm, Old Malton         Veterinary Surgeon
4 The Orchards, Westow           Farmer
Appletree Village, York          Plumber
Heworth, York                    Bricklayer
Mery Hill, Westow                Teacher
14 Castle Howard Dr., Malton     Inspector
Kennels Farm, Eddlethorpe        Farmer
                                 Estate Woodman &
School House, Menethorpe
Stony Garth, Westow              Welder
48 Strensall Park, Strensall, York
                                   HM Forces
(to move to Westow)
Stoney Garth, Main St., Westow   Welder
The Corner House, Westow         Cartoonist
Galley Gap Farm, Westow          Veterinary Surgeon

The Orchards, Westow             Design Engineer

Galley Gap Farm, Westow          Veterinary Surgeon
Park Terrace, Westow             Policeman
The Corner House, Westow         Cartoonist
The Bungalow, Acklam Wold,
                                 Pig Unit Asst. Manager
Keeper's Lodge, Firby            Computer Programmer
Barthorpe Grange, Barthorpe,
6 Kirkham View, Westow           Teacher
93 Manor Farm Dr., Middleton,
Leeds 10
1 Park Cottage, Menethorpe       Supermarket Line Manager
West Lodge, Leppington           Farmer
3 South View, Firby              Factory Operative
8A Kirkham View, Westow          Farm Contractor
8A Kirkham View, Westow          Farm Contractor
3 Kirkham View, Westow           Farm Worker
West Lodge, Leppington           Farmer
Hall Farm House, Firby           Computer Programmer
1 Park Terrace, Westow           Policeman
The Garden Cottage, Kirkham      Finance Officer
The Garden Cottage, Kirkham     Finance Officer
West Lodge, Leppington          Farmer
The Birches, Main St., Westow   Motor Trade Retail Sales
Towrnig', Oak Farm Court,
                                Chartered Surveyor
Broughton, Malton
Barthorpe Grange, Barthorpe,
Hollybrook, 1C The Orchards,    Mill Manager & College
Westow                          Lecturer
North Wing, Firby Hall, Firby   Company Director
Flat 3A, 4 Mount Davis Road,    Father - Lawyer, Mother -
Pokfulam, Hong Kong             Investment Manager
                                Father - Van Driver, Mother
Sandfield Farm, Westow
                                - Secretary
                                Father - Publisher, Mother -
Low Grange, Westow
Westow House, Main St.,         Father - Solicitor, Mother -
Westow                          Housewife
c/o Parkhan? Farm, Ryton,       Father - Doctor, Mother -
Malton                          Occupational Therapist
                                Father - Animal Feed
Hollybrrok, The Orchards,
                                Manager, Mother - College
                                Father - Account Manager,
Manor Farm, Kirkham Abbey       Mother - Nursery School
Coldrand House, Dam Lane,       Business Development
Leavening                       Manager
Courtyard House, Main St.,
                                Both Company Directors
12th Mar 1930
12th Mar 1930
2nd Apr 1930
23rd Feb 1930
6th Apr 1930
9th Apr 1930
30th May 1930
11th Jun 1930
29th Dec 1930
15th Jul 1931
24th Sep 1931
6th Mar 1932
7th Mar 1932
11th Apr 1932
1st Jun 1932
25th July 1932
19th Sep 9132
19th Dec 1932 - PB in sickness
27th Nov 1932
20th Nov 1932
2nd Apr 1933
8th Apr 1933
8th May 1933
30th Jul 1933
19th Sep 1933
27th Dec 1933
27th May 1934
12th May 1934
30th May 1934
9th Jun 1934
9th Sep 1934
2nd Feb 1935
24th Aug 1935
4th Oct 1935
7th Dec 1935
3rd Dec 1935
28th Mar 1936
23rd Aug 1936
6th Mar 1937

11th Sep 1937
8th Mar 1938
30th May 1938
13th Sep 1938
23rd Dec 1938
27th May 1939

9th Aug 1940
23rd Jan 1941
15th Apr 1941
2nd May 1941
10th May 1941
13th Apr 1941
19th Apr 1941
18th May 1941
9th Apr 1941
6th Apr 1941
26th May 1941
21st Aug 1941
1st Sep 1941
1st Sep 1941
9th Sep 1941
21st Sep 1941
21st Oct 1941
18th Nov 1941 - PB - RIP
3rd Dec 1941
22nd Nov 1941
28th Dec 1941
18th Jun 1942 - RIP
25th Jun 1942
14th Jul 1942
17th Jul 1942
7th Jun 1942 - '?' in original entry, Sandra seems
to have been added afterwards
21st Jul 1942
3rd Aug 1942
9th Sept 1942
7th Oct 1942
20th Oct 1942
10th Dec 1942
13th Feb 1943
PB at Westow Croft
30th Jul 1943
22nd Apr 1943
8th Sep 1943
18th Oct 1944
5th Jan 1945 - PR (May be meant to be PB or
26th Jan 1945
23rd Feb 1945
4th Jun 1945 - PB
30th May 1945. PB - RIP
15th Apr 1945
2nd Jun 1945
16th Jun 1945

17th Nov 1945
2nd May 1946 PB
14th Sep 1946 PB
16th Oct 1946 PB
19th Jan 1947 PB
25th Mar 1947 PB
14th Oct 1947
30th Nov 1947
10th Dec 1947
12th April 1948
11th Jun 1948
17th Jul 1948
25th Aug 1948
10th Oct 1948 PB
13th Oct 1948 PB - RIP
30th Sep 1948
PB - RIP (no dates in entry)
23rd Feb 1950
8th Aug 1950
15th Oct 1950
6th Feb 1951
27th Sept 1950
16th Mar 1951
27th Jul 1951
31st Aug 1951 - PB ?RIP ('?' in original)
7th Jul 1951
14th Sep 1951
20th Aug 1951
15th Sep 1951
2nd Dec 1951 - PB - RIP
18th Feb 1952 - PB - RIP

14th Apr 1952
29th March 1952
19th Jun 1952
22nd Jul 1952
10th Jul 1952
14th May 1952
19th Oct 1952
PB (Question mark in original)

15th Apr 1953
17th May 1953
28th Jul 1953
2nd Dec 1952
17th Feb 1954 - PB - RIP
19th Apr 1954
18th Feb 1954
20th May 1954 - PB - RIP
23rd Sept 1954
29th Nov 1954 - PB
17th Jan 1955
8th Jan 1956
12th April 1956
13th April 1956
2nd Jul 1956
22nd May 1957
10th Jul 1957
17th Jul 1957
13th Jan 1958
8th Dec 1958
21st Dec 1958
22nd Nov 1958
15th Nov 1959

19th Mar 1960
10th Apr 1960

22nd Nov 1961

Easter Day

Penelope crossed out in original and replaced
with Penny

Died 21st Jul 1962 (2 days)

Baptised by duty sister without naming, died same

Received into the congregation Easter Day

26th Jun 1964
28th Aug 1964
31st Oct 1964
20th Jul 1965 - baptised at Westow Croft, died
23rd July
28th Oct 1965, baptised at Westow Croft, died
11th Oct 1965
6th Oct 1965
9th Aug 1965
4th Mar 1966, baptised at Westow Croft
17th Jan 1966
1st Nov 1964
24th Dec 1965
11th Jun 1966
15th Dec 1966
22nd Jan 1967
3rd Feb 1967, batised at Fulford Hospital (not
baptised but received into Church)
24th Apr 1967
26th Apr 1967
16th Apr 1067
16th Apr 1967
7th Sep 1967
11th May 1967
28th Sep 1941
23rd Mar 1968
5th Jun 1968
22nd Oct 1968
22nd Nov 1968
27th May 1969
16th Apr 1969
15th Jul 1969
22nd Jun 1969
3rd Nov 1969
30th May 1970

30th Jan 1970
20th Sep 1970 at Westow Croft
14th Jul 1970
28th Nov 1971 - Carol Abbey, Bernard Abbey,
Cynthia Ford. Details entered as recorded but
dates don't match.
10th Jan 1971
17th May 1972 - At the Home
12th May 1972 - Heather Pealer, Jeffrey Stern,
Katurah Hodgson
Peter Coverdale, Mrs. June Coverdale, Mrs. Jean
Susan Elizabeth Morgan, Hugh Edward Morgan,
Pailine Nicholson
19th May 1974 - Chris G Earl, Sheila Bielby, Nigel
J Savage. Dates as recorded but don't match.
8th Jan 1974
18th Dec 1974 - Ronald Stephen Welford,
Elizabeth Mary Welford, Ann Brown
11th Apr 1979 - Marian Jane Hodsman, Elizabeth
Midgley, Anthony William Wilson
27th Jul 1979 - Derrick Dobson, Mark Suddaby,
Hazel Reed

Elizabeth Wilson, Karen Wilson, Alan Towse
Norman Lamont MP
3rd Jul 1981 - Linda Foster, Colin Foster
Richard Brown, Dianne Taylor, Frank Taylor
Philip Marsden, Victor Pulleyn, Louise Scott
13th May 1997
30th May 1997
21st Sep 1997

11th Mar 1997

16th Jan 1998

19th Mar 1998
12th Jun 1998
30th Oct 1998
16th Jul 1998
16th Jul 1998
22nd Dec 1998
10th Jun 1999
16th May 1999
15th Dec 1999
12th May 2000
29th May 2001

7th Jun 2002
10th Oct 2002

2nd Sep 2003

26th Nov 2003
19th Oct 2003
31st Mar 2004

1st Mar 2005

15th Jun 2005

6th Jul 2005

12th Ocy 2006

23rd Apr 2006

11th Apr 2006

3rd Dec 2006

4th Jan 2007
Year   First Sunday
                            Forenames            Surname                 Parish
1930    05-January    Wilfred Edgar         Foxton            Pateley Bridge
        05-January    William Vincent       Holmes            Thixendale
          11-May      Arthur Thomas         Bell              Westow
          13-July     Calvert Walter        Vasey             St. Chad, York
       21-December    John                  Croser            Settrington
1931    22-February   Thomas Arthur Dring   Bough             Yardley nr. Birmingham
          10-May      Alec                  Leek              Westow
        04-October    Frederick Herbert     Huck              All Saints, Shilden
       22-November    Frederick Reginald    Hepton            Kirkham
1932     13-March     John Ward             Wright            Westow
          17-April    Cecil George          Hutchinson        Westow
         05-June      William George        Holdstock         St. John, Southend-on-Sea
         31-July      Francis Nesswell      Coulson           Eddlethorpe, Westow
1933     02-April     John William          Simpson           Edlethorpe

         14-May       Harry                 Hepton            Westow

        29-October    Thomas Henry          Simpson           Westow
        29-October    Wifred                Simpson           Westow
       19-November    Fred                  Hodgson           Westow
1934    07-January    Bernard               Scott             Norton
        20-January    Rex                   Horsley           Westow
                                                              St. Mark, N. Auldey, SW1,
       25-February    George Percival       Richardson
          06-May      William Henry         Lotherington      Westow
        07-October    George                Lotherington      Westow
1935     30-June      William               Harrison          Firby
        11-August     Thomas                Inman             Westow
                                                              St. Michael the Archangel,
1936     17-May       Frederic Montgomery Woolmer
                                                              Wasfield, Berks
       27-September   Maurice               Dale              Westow
1937      09-May      George Mitchell       Morrell           Westow
         15-August    Arthur Robert         Nesfield          Norton
1938    06-February   Edwin                 Simpson           Kenneythorpe, Langton
         27-March     Hector                Ireland           Westow
          10-April    Richard               Minton            Westow
          29-May      John Roger            Bielby            Westow
1940     03-March     George Robert         Caygill           Thornton-le-Clay
          14-July     Robert Charles        Earle             Westow
1941     23-March     Wiliam Henry          Train             Easthorpe
        12-October    Ronald                Smith             Westow
1942    18-January    Leslie                Wray              Scrayingham
         30-August    Charles Horsley       Topham            Westow
       27-September   Ernest William        Pigg              Westow
       13-December    Leonard               Hall              St. Olave's, York
1943    31-October    Kenneth Parker        Wisker            Westow
1945    28-October    Eric                  Robinson          Norton, Malton
1946      21-July     Albert Edward         Piercy            Sutton-on-Forest
1948      29-Feb      Charles William       Cook              Westow
          04-July     Reginald              Johnson           Westow
        10-October    Frederick Dennis      Wright            Nettleton, Wiltshire
1949     13-March     Ronald William        Wisker            Westow
         20-March     Absalom Pinkney       Metcalf           Westow
          05-June     Frederick John        Hodsman           Westow
          12-June     Denis               Chapman       Whitwell
       11-September   Roger Mark          Hutchinson    Westow
1950    22-January    Frederick William   Chambers      Westow
1951      08-April    Jack                Turner        All Saints, Luton
         05-August    Lawrence            Thackray      Old Malton
1952     24-August    Norman              Bland         Ripon
1953    18-January    Edwin               Inman         Westow
         07-March     Edward              Wardle        Westow
1954   21-November    William             Milner        Eddlethorpe
1955    09-January    Gordon              Watson        Menethorpe
          10-July     Geoffrey            Cook          Westow
         07-August    Leslie              Fenwick       Westow
         14-August    Leonard             Simpson       Westow
1956      20-May      Harold              Fowler        Sandhurst
          27-May      Norman              Ruston        Westow
1956      01-July     Bernard             Willie        Westow
1957      07-April    John Stuart         Benson        York
1960    31-January    John Richard        Topham        Westow
        31-January    Malcolm Hays        Holden        Everthorpe
         27-March     Thomas Robert       King          Habton
         17-April     John                Dobbs         Fulford
                                                        HM Forces Bahrain -
1961     30-July      Douglas             Watson
                                                        Parish of Reighton Gap
                                                        St. Paul's, Knightsbridge,
1964   29-November David Foulk            Myddelton
       27-December    Francis Keith       Crick         Westow
1965     01-August    Peter               Simpson       Westow
1966    06-February   John Charles        Brindle       Westow
        06-February   John Eric           Cooper        Westow
          10-April    Michael William     Frankish      St. Andrew, Langton
          31-July     Alec                Cuthbertson   Amotherby
         28-August    Frederick Harold    Savage        Westow
       13-November    David John          Mann          Kirk Hammerton
1967    19-February   Anthony Frederick   Grice         Burythorpe
          30-April    Hugh Edward         Morgan        Birdsall
         05-August    Adrian Charles      Escourt       Bulford, Salisbury
        01-October    Trevor              Savage        Westow
       27-November    John Charles        Knight        Fulford
1968      12-May      Peter Desmond       Fothergill    St. Mary's, Old Malton
        06-October    Alan                Ward          Salton
1969      06-July     John William        Smith         St. Peter's, Norton
1970     26-April     Stanley Terence     Grayson       Westow
       18-October     Michael Ashton      James         HMS Eastbourne
1971    07-March      Paul                Savage        Westow
         18-July      John Adrian         Ward          St. Mary, Strensall
        01-August     John Damien         Lancaster     St. Lawrence, Chorley
        01-August     Noel Jeffrey        Savage        Westow
1973   11-February    David John          Hodsman       Westow
         27-May       Simeon              Barker        St. Saviour, Harome
       14-October     David               Spencely      St. Mary, Westow
1974     07-July      Neil Douglas        Landers       St. Michael's, Leeds
         14-July      Stanley             Scott         Westow
1975   02-February    Stephen Thomas      Stonehouse    St. Michael's, Malton
                                                          Royal Military Chapel,
                      Charles Richard                     Wellington Barracks, in the
         13-April                            Bradford
                      Wyatt                               Parish of St. Peter, Pimlico
                                                          with Christ Church, London
         27-April     Christopher George     Earle        Westow
         25-May       Thomas James           White        Hessay
       28-September Richard                  Dobson       Westow
1976      23-May      Philip Brian           Thistleton   Westow
        22-August     Richard James          Render       St. Peter, Norton
        22-August     Keith                  Steel        Bransby
1977    30-January    John Edward            Cayley       North Dalton
         03-April     John Thomas            Midgely      All Saints, Kirby Underdale
1978    29-January    David Alan             Webster      Birdsall
         23-April     David                  Peaty        Westow
          02-July     Andrew                 Dowthwaite   Westow
          23-July     Philip John Reginald   Mason        Westow
       24-September Richard Ian              Livsey       Westow
1979     29-April     Ian                    Dunning      St. Michael's, Malton
         27-May       Charles William        Clarkson     Westow
         27-May       Christopher            Barker       Barton-le-Willows
         27-May       Richard Anthony        Tayler       St. Peter's, Norton
                                                          St. Mary's, Horncastle,
1980      04-May      John William           Rawdon
1985    10-February   Gabrielle Modesto      Senserini    York
        10-February   David Richard          Leaf         York
1986      06-April    Andrew Robert          Taylor       Horsforth, Leeds
          18-May      Francis William        Croft        Lodington, Driffield
1987    04-October    Andrew                 Owens        Old Colwyn, N. Wales
1988    07-February   Christopher Michael    Nicholson    Acomb, York
1989      02-July     Richard Charles        Oliver       Sherrif Hutton
         27-August    Steven                 Thistleton   Westow
        22-October    Edward Thomas          Green        Westow
1990      13-May      Paul Kerr              Harkness     West Byflee
       23-September   Francis Peter          Willis       St. Nicholas, Stillington
       15-December William Francis           Macauley     Westow
1992     29-March     Nicholas Mark          Stephenson   Birdsall
1993      02-May      Bryan                  Watson       Westow
          06-June     Paul Robert            Hutchinson   Rillington
                                                          St. Stephen & St. Thomas,
1994     10-April     Thomas Neale Wilkes Rippinghall
                                                          Shepherds Bush, London

          29-May      Andrew John            Ilsley       St. James, Gerrards Cross
1995     26-March     Stephen Mark           Taylor       Marlow, Bucks
          21-May      Steven                 Pinkney      All Saints, Pocklington
                                                          Holy Cross, Fenham,
          02-July     Nigel William          Hogg
1997      20-July   Mark Anthony             Scothern     Sand Hutton
2000      06-July   Richard                  Brown        Westow
       10-September Neil James               Trotter      All Saints, Carlshalton
                                                          St. John the Apostle,
2002     03-June      Stephen                Benwell
                                                          Marchwood, Winchester
2004     11-April     Kevin                  Atkinson     Westow
2005   13-February    Peter Andrew           Hartley      Westow
2007   10-June   Michael Anthony   Ashdown    St. Mary, Rivenhall
2008   20-July   James Alexander   Johnston   St. James, Carlisle
2009   17-May    Darren            Hopwood    Westow
 Comment        Forenames               Surname                 Parish          Comment
Batchelor   Elizabeth            Hodgson             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   May                  Bielby              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Gladys Mary          Coates              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Ethel Jane           Tindall             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Doris Thomasina      Hudson              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Marian               Leek                Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Gladys               Welburn             Norton                    Spinster
Batchelor   Gladys Marian        Hudson              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Elsie                Hodgson             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Bethie Annie         Dring               Rillington                Spinster
Batchelor   Annie                West                Thornthorpe, Burythorpe   Spinster
Batchelor   Flora                Leek                Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Florence             Marshall            Norton                    Spinster
Batchelor   Rose Evelyne         Osborne             Barton-le-Street          Spinster
                                                     Church Brampton with
Batchelor   Olive                York                Chapel Brampton,          Spinster
Batchelor   Ann Alexandra        Laing               Wharram                   Spinster
Batchelor   Lucy                 Wetherill           Malton                    Spinster
Batchelor   Beryl                Horsley             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Christabel           Hepton              Kirkham                   Spinster
Batchelor   Elsie                Topham              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Marjorie Blundell    Gleadow             Firby, Westow             Spinster
Batchelor   Sarah Jane           Gilbertson          St. Edmund, Roundhay      Spinster
Batchelor   Florence may         Robinson            Kirkham                   Spinster
Batchelor   Jessica              Milner              North Grimston            Spinster
Batchelor   Mary                 Watson              Terrington                Spinster

Batchelor   Beryl                Roberts             Westow                    Spinster

Batchelor   Irene                Hesp                Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Joan Dalziel         Russell             Malton                    Spinster
Batchelor   Mary                 Johnson             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Dorothy              Simpson             Eddlethorpe, Westow       Spinster
Batchelor   Joy                  Mitchell            Settrington               Spinster
Batchelor   Elizabeth Hannah     Braithwaite         Westow                    Widow
Batchelor   Jennie Foxen         Parkin              Rosedale                  Spinster
Batchelor   Adeline Mary         Hodgson             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Mary Evelyn          Johnson             Bearton, Harrogate        Spinster
Batchelor   Phyllis Elizabeth    Walker              Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Jane Elizabeth       Warley              Brandsby                  Spinster
Batchelor   Marjorie Elizabeth   Elliott             Westow                    Spinster
Batchelor   Debro Leone Joan     Ingle               St. Matthew, Leeds        Spinster
Batchelor   Margery              Clarke              Sherburn                  Spinster
Batchelor   Kathleen Mary        Sanderson           Westow                    Spinster
Bachelor    Irene Olive          Carr                Howsham                   Spinster
            Edith Emily          Simpson             Eddlethorpe
Bachelor    Beatrice Dorothy     Sanderson           Westow                    Spinster
Bachelor    Annie Laing          Carr                Warcup, Westmoreland      Spinster
Bachelor    Ivy                  Scaife              Westow                    Spinster
Bachelor    Adeline Mary         Hodgson             Westow                    Spinster
Bachelor    Catherine Lucy       Walford             St. Albans, Hull          Spinster
Bachelor    Evelyn               Richardson          Stanwick                  Spinster
Bachelor    Joyce Elizabeth      Abdy                Lupset, Wakefield         Spinster
Bachelor    Edna               Mohan        Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Jane Wilson        Garrett      Holy Trinity, Brompton         Spinster
Bachelor    Evelyn Elsie       Westwood     Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Kathleen           Wardle       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Marjorie Esther    Hodsman      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Nancy              Thistleton   Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Edith Ethel        Fletcher     Hovingham                      Spinster
Bachelor    Doreen Annie       Fields       Middleton with Cropton         Spinster
Bachelor    Joan               Wardman      Christ Church, Harrogate       Spinster
Bachelor    Brenda             Lyon         Menethorpe                     Spinster
Bachelor    Shirley Ann        Smith        Old Malton                     Spinster
Bachelor    Joan               Collier      Farndale                       Spinster
Bachelor    Bessie             Suttill      Carlton in Coverdale           Spinster
Bachelor    Doris Eileen       Grayson      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Jean Wendy         Parker       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Gwendoline         Wilson       Norton                         Spinster
Bachelor    Sylvia Ann         Turner       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Edith Margaret     Huff         Colne, Lancs                   Spinster
Bachelor    Roberta            Coddington   Westow                         Spinster
                                            Westow (on electoral roll of
Bachelor    Dorothy Margaret   Thistleton                                  Spinster
                                            Langton Parish)
Bachelor    Ethel              Grayson      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Joan Mary          Horsley      Westow                         Spinster

Bachelor    Anne               Brotherton   Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Barbara Gladys     Finlay       Westow
Spinster    Valerie Joyce      Foster       St. Mary's, Old Malton         Spinster
Bachelor    Sandrea Easton     Allan        St. Peter, Norton              Spinster
Bachelor    Kathleen           Abbey        St. Peter, Norton              Spinster
Bachelor    Julia Mary         Hepton       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Kathleen           Atkin        Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Jean Mary          Nendick      St. Peter, Norton              Spinster
Bachelor    Pauline            Burns        Westow                         Spinster
            Joan Elizabeth     Dobson       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Susan Elizabeth    Brindle      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Judith Mary        Preston      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Margaret Ann       Powell       St. Peter, Norton              Spinster
Bachelor    Jean               Hodgson      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    June Victoria      Crick        Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Patricia Ann       Robson       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Angelins Evelina   Cook         Westow                         Spinster
                                            Bishop Wilton (on electoral
Bachelor    Lillian Agnes      Jackson                                     Spinster
                                            roll of Kirby Underdale)
Bachelor    Wendy Patricia     Foster       Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Sadra              Earle        Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Carol Ann          Midgley      Acklam with Leavening          Spinster
Bachelor    Rosamond Elaine    Bateman      Westow                         Spinster
Bachelor    Dianne Joan        England      St. Margaret, Huttons Ambo     Spinster
Bachelor    Susan Marilyn      Wilson       All Saints, Foston             Spinster
Bachelor    Jaceline Mary      Bentley      Westow                         Spinster
Batchelor   Jacquelyn          Wardby       Westow                         Spinster
Batchelor   Sara Ann           Wisker       Westow                         Spinster
Batchelor   Helen Mary         Teasdale     St. Peter, Norton              Spinster
Batchelor   Barbara Jean       Wood         Westow                         Spinster
Batchelor   Margaret Anne        Swannell       Westow                      Spinster

Batchelor   Sheila Elizabeth     Beilby
Batchelor   Christine Jane       Foster         Westow                      Spinster
                                                St. Lawrence, Kirby
Batchelor   Rosemary             Carter                                     Spinster
Batchelor   Leslie Ann           Chilvers       St. Mary, Old Malton        Spinster
Batchelor   Kathleen Margaret    Dobson         Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Debra Ann            Reed           Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Elizabeth Anne       Wilkinson      Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Elizabeth Ann        Spencer        Acklam & Leavening          Spinster
Batchelor   Christine Anne       Wood           Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Sandra Mary          Calvert        All Saints, Lund            Spinster
Batchelor   Jane                 Dobson         Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Ruth                 Varty          St. Augustine, Sheffield    Spinster
                                                St. Mary Magdalen,
Batchelor   Lindsay Suzanne      Bennett                                    Spinster
Batchelor   Carol Ann            Thistleton     Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Andrea Jane          Teasdale       St. Mary's, Old Malton      Spinster
Batchelor   Marian Jane          Hodsman        Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Jill                 Brown          Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Melanie              Dobbs          Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Deborah Mary         Hepton         Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Barbara Marion       Hepton         Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Jayne Ann            Hutchinson     Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Julie Alison         Richardson     Westow                      Spinster
            Phillippa Jayne      Evans          Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Hazel Joan           Dickinson      Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Dawn Heather         Easterby       Westow                      Spinster
Spinster    Elizabeth            Rex            Settrington
Batchelor   Alison               Fisher         St. Mary's, Haxby, York     Spinster
Batchelor   Jacqueline Mary      Foster         Westow                      Spinster
Widower     Monica               Foster         Westow                      Widow
                                                St. Pauls, Knightsbridge,
Batchelor   Nicola Jane          Thompson                                   Spinster
Batchelor   Karen Louise         Hodgson        Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Mary                 Featherstone   Crayke, York
Batchelor   Tracy                Hodgson        Westow                      Spinster

Batchelor   Susan Veronica       Foster         Westow                      Spinster

Batchelor   Karen Louise         Day            Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Rebecca Jane         Wood           Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Elaine               Seager         Westow                      Spinster
            Charlotte (shown
Batchelor                        Jenkinson      Westow
            as Sharlot) Louise
Batchelor   Lesley Ann           Nicholson      Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Julia Hannah         Robinson       Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Suzannah Jane        Estcourt       Westow
Batchelor   Hannah               Kellett        Westow                      Spinster
Batchelor   Sally Ann            Seager         Westow                      Spinster
            Phillipa Claire      Taylor         Westow
Rosemary Elena    Fitzgerald   Westow
Elspeth May
                  Adamson      Westow
Constance Faith
Lucy Victoria     Hodsman      Westow





Certificate given 21/4/33

Certificate given 12/12/33

Certificate given 11/3/34
Certificate given 14/7/35
Certificate given
Banns read on this date then
entry crossed out


Married 13th September 2008 at
St. Michael-le-Belfry, York

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