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					Name                                   Committee Name                                 County (if provided)
Davis, Mattie Brown                    Curtis Davis for Mayor (spouse of candidate)
Albright                Jim            Jim Albright                                   Alamance
Auditori                Jill           Jill Auditori                                  Alamance
Barbour, Joe                           Taxpayers for Barbour                          Alamance
Barnes                  George         Steve Van Pelt                                 Alamance
Blahuta                 Marge          David Barber                                   Alamance
Boggs                   Buddy          Buddy E Boggs Comm                             Alamance
Boswell, Eddie D                       Committee to Elect Eddie Boswell               Alamance
Brady, Cindy                           Committee to Elect Cindy Brady                 Alamance
Cheek                   Jason          Mickey Cheek                                   Alamance
Cobb                    Dee Ann        Dee Ann Mahan Cobb                             Alamance
Cole                    Jackie         Jackie Cole                                    Alamance
Compton                 Ralph          Ralph Compton                                  Alamance
Day                     Randy          Ronnie Wall                                    Alamance
Durham                  Caroline       Lee Isley                                      Alamance
Euliss, Victor Eugene                  Victor E Euliss City Council Graham            Alamance
Faucette                Celo           Celo Faucette Comm                             Alamance
Fogleman                Mark           Mark Fogleman                                  Alamance
Foley-Wood              Kim            GOT Citizens for Res                           Alamance
Grant                   Jeanette       Alamance BOE                                   Alamance
Greene                  Mark           Mark Greene                                    Alamance
Greene, Everette M                     Greene for City Council                        Alamance
Hamlett, Sherri                        Committee to Re-Elect David R Huffman          Alamance
Holland, Kathy                         Alamance County BOE Director                   Alamance
Horn                    Michelle       Natalie R Jones                                Alamance
Huffman, David R                       Committee to Re-Elect David R Huffman    Alamance
Ingle, Dan Winslow                                                              Alamance
                                       Committee to Elect Dan Ingle County Commissioner
Jennings                Don            James B Butler Comm                            Alamance
Jones                   Earl           Earl Jones Comm                                Alamance
Jones, Mark A                                                                     Alamance
                                       Committee to Re-Elect Mark Jones for City Council
Joseph                  John           John James Joseph                              Alamance
Kaffenberger, Angel                    Alamance County BOE Deputy Director            Alamance
Klepcyk                 Ronald         Ronald Klepcyk Comm                            Alamance
Lashley, William H                     Bill Lashley for County Commissioner           Alamance
Lee                     Larry          Larry M Lee                                    Alamance
Lewis                   Ernestine      Ernestine Lewis                                Alamance
Manning                 Thomas         Thomas K Manning Com                           Alamance
Manuel, Jr              Virgil (V.L)   Johnson for Sheriff                            Alamance
Massey                  Linda          Linda Massey                                   Alamance
McCollum                Larry          Larry McCollum                                 Alamance
McDonald                Pam            Alamance BOE                                   Alamance
Miles, Robert                          Robert Franklin Miles                          Alamance
Mitchell, Charles                      Charles Mitchell City Council                  Alamance
Newton                  Darrell        R Darrell Newton                               Alamance
O'Neal                  Marc           Marc O'Neal Comm                               Alamance
Patterson               Tristan        Tristan Patterson                              Alamance
Payne                  Lyle          Lyle Payne                                Alamance
Philipps, Patricia D                 Patty Philipps                            Alamance
Phillips               Heather       Richard Phillips Com                      Alamance
Pickett, Diane A                     Diane A Pickett Clerk of Superior Court   Alamance
Roberts                David         Brad Allen                                Alamance
Ross, Stephen Miles                  Committee to Elect Stephen M Ross         Alamance
Slade, Lawrence E                    Lawrence Slade for Board of Alderman      Alamance
Stephenson, Glendel                  Glendel Stephenson Mayor-mebane           Alamance
Stewart                Arthur        Richard L Honeycutt                       Alamance
Stumpfig               Rebecca       Rebecca Stumpfig                          Alamance
Tarpley                William       William Tarpley                           Alamance
Teague                 Hayes         Hayes Moore Teague                        Alamance
Wall, Ronnie K                       Ronnie Wall                               Alamance
Ward                   Edith         Ernestine Lewis                           Alamance
Zachary                Angie         Cary Allred Comm                          Alamance
Stockard               Tory          Craig Deaton Comm                         Alamance County
Barriger               Guy           Guy E Barriger                            Alexander
Bradley                Lisa          Lisa R Bradley                            Alexander
Brown                  Kimberly      Kimberly S Brown                          Alexander
Brown                  Mary          Roger Brown                               Alexander
Brown                  Teresa        Caryn Brzykcy                             Alexander
Bryant                 Patrick       Progressive Citizens                      Alexander
Bumgarner              Eric Scott    Eric Bumgarner                            Alexander
Deal                   Glenn                                                   Alexander
Dyson, Dan                           Seth W Chapman Reelection                 Alexander
Foster                 Terry         Terry Foster                              Alexander
Holleman               George        George Holleman Comm                      Alexander
Johnson                Kevin         Kevin Johnson                             Alexander
Mayberry               Ryan          Ryan Mayberry                             Alexander
Mitchell               Daniel        Scott Mitchell                            Alexander
Mitchell               Darrell       Darrell Mitchell                          Alexander
Moats                  Albert        Albert Moats Comm                         Alexander
Poole                  Kenny         Kenny W. Poole                            Alexander
Rhyne                  Brigette      Brigette Rhyne                            Alexander
Schronce               Paul          Alexander Citizens                        Alexander
Stafford, Randy                      Bentley for Sheriff                       Alexander
Lerner                 Jack          Jack Lerner Comm.                         Alexander County
Andrews                Robert        Robert E Andrews Com                      Alleghany
Atwood                 Faron         Faron Atwood                              Alleghany
Billings               Chuck         Chuck Billings                            Alleghany
Brooks                 Bill          Bill Brooks for County Commissioner       Alleghany
Caudill                William       Bill Caudill for Commissioner             Alleghany
Cosner, Kate                         Allegany Co. BOE Director                 Alleghany
Jarrett                Bill          Alleghany Citizens f                      Alleghany
Jarrett                Patsy         Alleghany Citizens f                      Alleghany
Lane                   Christopher   Christopher Lane                          Alleghany
Richardson             Betty         Ken Richardson                            Alleghany
Richardson               Ken           Ken Richardson                            Alleghany
Roten                    Steve         Steve Roten                               Alleghany
Roupe                    Lizabeth      Lizabeth Roupe                            Alleghany
Sheets, Lois                           Lois Sheets Town Council                  Alleghany
Teague                   Hurshel       Hammer                                    Alleghany
Tolliver                 Doris         Doris Tolliver                            Alleghany
Tucker                   Susan (Sue)   Susan (Sue) Tucker                        Alleghany
Allen                    J             J Charles Allen                           Anson
Allen                    Tommy         Tommy Allen Comm                          Anson
Allen, Richard B                       Richard B Allen for Mayor                 Anson
Allen, Tommy W Jr                      Tommy Allen for Sheriff                   Anson
Britt                    Shauntae      Shauntae Britt Comm                       Anson
Cannon, Denise                         Tommy Allen for Sheriff (treasurer)        Anson
Carr, Theodore R Jr                    Committee to Elect Theodore Carr for Mayor Anson
Cole                     Majorie       Majorie Kersey Cole                       Anson
Davis                    Jeff          Jeff A Davis Comm                         Anson
Davis                    Lisa          Lisa G Davis Comm                         Anson
Downer                   Hampton       Hampton Downer Comm                       Anson
Edwards, Walter Samuel                 Walter Samuel Edwards                     Anson
Emory, Ed H                            Ed H Emory                                Anson
Estridge, Joe                          Joe Estridge for Re-Election as Mayor     Anson
Faulk, Johnny Raye Jr                                                            Anson
                                       Johnny Raye Faulk Jr Town of Polkton Council
Foster                   Michael       Michael W Foster Com                      Anson
Freeman, James Franklin                                                        Anson
                                       Committee to Re-Elect Jim Freeman Town Council
Furr, Jr                 Henry         Henry C Furr Jr Comm                      Anson
Gainey                   KIm           Kim Gainey Comm                           Anson
Grissom, David Lee                     Committee to Elect David Grisson Mayor    Anson
Hammonds, Marcus D                     Committee to elect Mark Hammonds          Anson
Hasty                    Laura         Laura Hasty                               Anson
Huntley                              Re-elect Joanne S Huntley Register of DeedsAnson
                         Joanne Saunders
Ingram                   Roslynn       Ross Streater Comm                        Anson
Johnson                  Rhonda        Rhonda Johnson                            Anson
Keith, Mary Etta                       Committee to Re-Elect Mary Etta Keith     Anson
Lambert                  Jeffrey       Jeff Lambert                              Anson
Martin, Kenneth Clarence               Kenneth Clarence Martin                   Anson
McRorie, Don                           Don McRorie for Mayor                     Anson
Scales, Belinda                        Anson BOE                                 Anson
Sheppard, Margaret                     Margaret Sheppard                         Anson
Smith-Little             Evadne        Harold C Smith                            Anson
Staton, Minnie P                       Committee to Elect Minnie P Staton for MayorAnson
Thacker, Billy E (Bill) (asst.)        Campaign to Elect Bill Thacker for Mayor    Anson
Thompson, William Howard Jr (Billy)    William Howard Thompson Jr                  Anson
Tice, Paula W                          Paula W Tice                                Anson
Timmons                  Frankie       Frankie Timmons Comm                      Anson
Townsend, Annie Rachel                                                           Anson
                                       Committee to Elect Annie R Townsend for Town Council
Trotti, David L                        David L Trotti                            Anson
Tucker                   Linda         Linda Hill Tucker                         Anson
Watkins               Henry "Bill"   Henry "Bill" Watkins                      Anson
Whittington, Gail J                  Gail J Whittington Town Council           Anson
Williams              John           John W Williams                           Anson
Williams, Rochelle                   Anson County Director BOE                 Anson
Woodburn              Jarvis         Jarvis Woodburn                           Anson
ASHLEY, Gwen                         Gwen N Ashley                             Ashe
Baldwin               Dale           Dale Baldwin Jerry M                      Ashe
Carter-Freeman        Jennifer       Jennifer C Freeman                        Ashe
Church, Trish                        Ashe Christian Action League              Ashe
Gambill               James          Marty Gambill                             Ashe
Hartman               Tom            Tom Hartman Comm                          Ashe
Johnson, Lloyd H                     ASHE CO. BOE                              Ashe
Lewis                 Phillip        Ashe Citizens for Fair Taxation           Ashe
Poe                   Judy           Judy Porter Poe                           Ashe
Prestwood             Bernice        Jason Ring Comm                           Ashe
Price                 Gerald         Gerald Price Comm                         Ashe
Rhodes                Larry          Larry D Rhodes Comm                       Ashe
Shatley               Dallas         Dallas Shatley                             Ashe
SHEPHERD, John                       ASHE CO. BOE                               Ashe
Winebarger, Carol                                                               Ashe
                                     Luther F Anderson and Charles D Caudill Alderman
Alexander             Jo Ann         Ashe County                               Ashe County
Aldridge              Kathey         Kathey Aldridge                           Avery
Baker                 Tamela         Tammy Baker                               Avery
Beuttell              Billie         Billie Beuttell                           Avery
Buchanan              Carla          Russell Carver                            Avery
Canupp                Johnny         BOE Chair                                 Avery
Carver                Russell        Russell Carver                            Avery
Clemmer               Robert         Robert F Clemmer                          Avery
Close                 William        William Close                             Avery
Daniels               Lisa           Lisa Daniels                              Avery
Daniels               Mary           Mary B Daniels                            Avery
Dellinger             Toney          Toney Dellinger                           Avery
Dudley                Darla          Toney Dellinger                           Avery
Frye                  Kevin          Kevin Frye                                Avery
Gardner               Sharon         Gary Dean Gardner                         Avery
Greene                John           John L Greene                             Avery
Heath                 Scott          Scott Heath                               Avery
Hicks                 Martha Jaynes Martha Jaynes Hicks                        Avery
Hollifield            Stanley        Stanley Hollifield                        Avery
Jaynes                Valerie        Valerie C Jaynes Com                      Avery
Johnson               Gerald         BOE Member                                Avery
Leaman                Lana           James P Johnson                           Avery
McKinney              Donetta        Donetta K McKinney                        Avery
Pittman               Susan          Susan Pitman                              Avery
Sheppard              Richard        Richard Sheppard                          Avery
Tate                  Deka           Deka Tate Comm                            Avery
Webb                  Linda          Linda K Webb                              Avery
Wimbush            Frank           Frank Wimbush Comm                      Avery
Forbes             Phyllis         Phyllis Forbes                          Avery Co
Yarber             Eddie                                                   Avery Co
Alligood           Heather         Beaufort Co DW                          Beaufort
Ballance           Rosemarie       Rosemarie Ballance                      Beaufort
Boyette            Charles         Charles O Boyette Co                    Beaufort
Branch             Anita           Beaufort BOE                            Beaufort
Brooks             Richard         Richard L Brooks                        Beaufort
Deans              Gray            Tom Atkins                              Beaufort
JONES, GEORGE                      George A Jones                          Beaufort
Klemm              Al              Al Klemm                                Beaufort
Langley            Jerry           Jerry E Langley                         Beaufort
Mercer             Douglas         Douglas Mercer for C                    Beaufort
Moate              Doris           Doris W Moate Comm                      Beaufort
Murphy             John            Beaufort DEC                            Beaufort
O'Neal             Adam            Adam W O'Neal                           Beaufort
Peacock            Jeff            Jeff Peacock Comm                       Beaufort
Richardson, Hood                   Hood Richardson                         Beaufort
Sartin             Sandra          Robert Cayton                           Beaufort
Sprenkle           Bill            Bill Sprenkle                           Beaufort
Stanley            Robert      Robert Stanley Comm                         Beaufort
Wahab              Karen       Karen Fisher                                Beaufort
Jennette           Judy        Judy Jennette Comm                          Beaufort Co
Wilkinson          Don         Don Wilkinson                               Beaufort Co.
Guy                J. Nelson   J.Nelson Guy Comm.                          Beaufort County
Bland              James       James H Bland                               Bertie
Bland              Wayne       Wayne Bland                                 Bertie
Bracy, Jr                      James Tommy Bracy Jr
                   James "Tommy"                                           Bertie
Bryan              Curtis      Curtis E Bryan                              Bertie
Cherry             Norman      Norman M Cherry                             Bertie
Cooper             Hoyt        Hoyt Cooper                                 Bertie
Drake              George      George Willie Drake                         Bertie
Fulk               Devon       Charles W Devon Fulk                        Bertie
Graham, Eddie Jr                   Eddie Graham Jr for town commissioner   Bertie
Hathaway           Linda           Linda C Hathaway                        Bertie
Hoggard            Lewis C         Lewis C Hoggard                         Bertie
Jernigan           June            June D Jernigan                         Bertie
Parker             Martha          Martha M Parker Comm                    Bertie
Peele, James Lee                   Committee to Elect James Peele          Bertie
Pierce             John                                                    Bertie
Ruffin             Tierce (Bull)   Tierce (Bull) Ruffin                    Bertie
Shook              James           Nick Shook                              Bertie
Smith              Charles L       Charles L Smith                         Bertie
Watford            Joseph          Joseph Watford Comm                     Bertie
Williams           Carroll         Ron Williams Comm                       Bertie
Allen              Ronald          Ronald Allen                            Bladen
Barnhart           Larry           Larry Barnhart                          Bladen
Benton, Tim                         Prospective Candidate                   Bladen
Blanks, Ezra Amorus                 Ezra Amorus Blanks                      Bladen
Campbell, Sylvia                    Commissioner                            Bladen
Clark, John P III                   Board of Ed                             Bladen
Corbett, Kaye                                                               Bladen
                                    Kaye Corbett Town Commissioner White Lake
Druzak                   Pansy      Pansy Druzak                              Bladen
Freeman, Milton R (Bud)                                                       Bladen
                                    Milton (Bud) Freeman town commissioner Bladenboro
Gooden                   David      David Gooden                              Bladen
Hackstall, Harold Cleveland                                                   Bladen
                                    Harold Cleveland Hackstall Town commissioner
Hales                    David      David W Hales                             Bladen
Hammond, Larry                      Bladen BOE                                Bladen
Hursey                   Theron     Theron David Hursey                       Bladen
Kinlaw, James Renis Jr              James Renis Kinlaw Jr                     Bladen
Lloyd, Rufus                        Commissioner                              Bladen
Munn-Goins, Ophelia                 Board of Ed                               Bladen
Pait                     Billy      Billy R Pait                              Bladen
Priest, Russell                     Commissioner                              Bladen
Register                 Kenneth    Kenneth M Register                        Bladen
Reil, Thomas Edward                 Tom Edward Reil Town Council              Bladen
Shaw                     Cynthia    Bladen BOE                                Bladen
Simmons, Larry                      Bladenboro Town Council                   Bladen
Smith                    Jimmy      Jimmy Smith for Commissioner              Bladen
Smith, E Donald                     candidate - White Lake Town Council       Bladen
Tanner                   Paulette   Paulette Tanner                           Bladen
Tatum                    Lewis      Lewis Tatum                               Bladen
Taylor                   John       Daniel Dowless                            Bladen
Trivette                 Tracey     Tracey Scot Trivette                      Bladen
Walker                   Patricia   Patricia B Walker                         Bladen
Whedbee                  Arthur     Arthur Whedbee Comm                       Bladen
White                    Marsha     Bladen BOE                                Bladen
Wyatt                    Horace     Horace R Wyatt Comm                       Bladen
Rivenbark                Maurice    Maurice Rivenbark                         Bladen Co
Smith                    Wilbur     Wilbur Smith                              Bladen County
Aderhold                 Courtney   John Ingram                               Brunswick
Ahlers                   Deborah    Deborah Ahlers                            Brunswick
Andrews, Andre'                     Committee to Elect Andre' Andrews         Brunswick
Ashcraft, Sara                      Brunswick BOE                             Brunswick
Babson                   Heath      Shirley Babson                            Brunswick
Ballard, Michael A                  Michael A Ballard Town council            Brunswick
Barnes                   Herbert    Herbert Barnes Comm                       Brunswick
Batson, W Jack Jr                   Elect Jack Batson Committee (2007)        Brunswick
BEASLEY, Grace                      Grace Beasley                             Brunswick
Beckley                  Richard    Don Beckley for Comm                      Brunswick
Bellamy                  Shaun      Keith Hardee                              Brunswick
Bittenbender             William    William Bittenbender                      Brunswick
Bodinsky                 Gretchen   Gretchen Bodinsky                         Brunswick
Boguskie, Richard Edward (Ed)       Committee to Elect Ed Boguskie for AldermanBrunswick
Bozeman                 Brenda      Brenda Bozeman Comm                       Brunswick
Burke                   Tracie      Harry Martin                              Brunswick
Burns                   Milton      Milton Burns                              Brunswick
Butler, Byron Poe                   Byron Poe Butler LELAND SANT. DIST.       Brunswick
Butler, Joseph W                    Brunswick County PAC                      Brunswick
Callender               Linda                                                 Brunswick
Childs, Mary Herring "Meezie"       Meezie Childs Re-Election Campaign        Brunswick
Cooke                   Catherine   Catherine Cooke                           Brunswick
Cooke, James A                      James A Cooke                             Brunswick
Craig                   John        Marion Davis                              Brunswick
Crowder III             John        John Crowder Comm                         Brunswick
Crowe                   William     William Hurley Crowe                      Brunswick
Davis                   Everlene    Everlene Davis Comm                       Brunswick
Dawson                  John        John D Dawson                             Brunswick
Dixon                   Ida         Ida W Dixon Comm                          Brunswick
Donovan                 Richard     Richard J Donovan Co                      Brunswick
Enis                    Sam         Sam J "Pete" Enis                         Brunswick
Fisher, Paul D                      Paul D Fisher Mayor Southport             Brunswick
Garner, Eddie                       Eddie Garner for town council             Brunswick
Glander                 Don         Don Glander                               Brunswick
Gurkin                  Earl        Earl Gurkin Comm                          Brunswick
Hall                    Janet       William M Sue                            Brunswick
Hall, Amanda                                                                  of Oak Island
                                    Committee to Elect Amanda Hall Mayor TownBrunswick
hancock                 john        John Hancock                              Brunswick
Heimlich                John        John Heimlich                             Brunswick
Herrick, Linda L                    Committee to Elect Walt Eccard            Brunswick
Hewett, Bernest L                   Precint chair                             Brunswick
Hewett, Ronald                      Comm. To Elect Ronald Hewett              Brunswick
Hill                    Marie       Betty Williamson                          Brunswick
Holden                  Alan        John Alan Holden                          Brunswick
Hunt                    Mellinee    Boyd Williamson for County Commissioner   Brunswick
Isenhour, Deborah                   Comm. To Elect Ronald Hewett              Brunswick
Johnston                Bobby       Bobby Johnston Comm                       Brunswick
Jones                   Keenan      Keenan Jones                              Brunswick
Judah                   Christy     Board of Education Candidate              Brunswick
Kaltsas                 Mary        "Think" Young                             Brunswick
Kesmodel                Martin      Marty for Mayor                           Brunswick
Lehr                    Ray         Ray S Lehr Comm                           Brunswick
Lettieri, Roy B Sr                  Roy Lettieri for Leland town council      Brunswick
Lewis                   Alan        Alan Lewis                                Brunswick
Lewis, Thomas L (Tommy)             Thomas L Lewis                            Brunswick
Lumzer                  Virginia    Kathryn Powell Comm                       Brunswick
Marshall                Sherri      Sherri P Marshall Co                      Brunswick
McCune                  Thomas      Jim Donnelly Comm                         Brunswick
Meares                  Norman      Norman Meares                             Brunswick
Melahn                  John        John F Melahn Comm                        Brunswick
Miller Jr               Haywood     Haywood Miller Jr Co                      Brunswick
Moore                   May         May Moore                                 Brunswick
Morris                  Arthur      Art For Council                           Brunswick
Moses                   Madeline    Committee to Elect Madeline Moses         Brunswick
Parsch                  James       James Parsch Comm                         Brunswick
Phillips                Scott       Scott Phillips Comm                       Brunswick
Powell, James                                                                   Brunswick
                                    Re-Election of James F Powell Board of Alderman South Port NC Ward 2
Prince                  Suzanne     Concerned Property                        Brunswick
Rabon                   Tom         Tom B Rabon                               Brunswick
Redmond                 John        Gockley for Commissi                      Brunswick
Reese, Eric W                       to Elect David Sanderford                 Brunswick
Rhodes, Mary Jean                   Committee to Elect Jean Rhodes            Brunswick
Robinson                Gordon      Gordon W Robinson                         Brunswick
Robinson, Gina P (other)            Robert J Robinson Campaign Fund (other)   Brunswick
Robinson, Rober J                   Robert J Robinson Campaign Fund           Brunswick
Robinson, Ronnie G                  Precint Supply chair                      Brunswick
Robinson, Sherri H (other)          Robert J Robinson Campaign Fund (other)   Brunswick
Rothenberg              Jerome      Jerome Rothenberg                         Brunswick
Russo                   John        John Russo Comm                           Brunswick
Ryan                    Taylor      J Taylor Ryan                             Brunswick
Seidel                  Robert      Bob Seidel                                Brunswick
Selby                   Stephen     Steve Selby                               Brunswick
Sherrill                Wilson      Wilson Sherrill                           Brunswick
Smith                   Debbie      Debbie Smith Comm                         Brunswick
Smith, Keith                        Comm. To Elect Ronald Hewett              Brunswick
Sosebee                 Thomas      Thomas Sosebee                            Brunswick
Staley                  Gary        Gary Staley Comm                          Brunswick
Stiller                 LuAnn       Stiller for Trustee                       Brunswick
Sullivan                Randy       Randy Sullivan                            Brunswick
Swartz                  Paul        Paul Swartz Comm                          Brunswick
Thomas                  Franky      Franky Thomas Comm                        Brunswick
Thomas, Charles Jr                  Committee to Elect Andre Andrews          Brunswick
Walker                  Melvin      Melvin Walker                             Brunswick
Warren, Charles                     Committee to Elect Charles Warren         Brunswick
Whitaker, Bobby                     Committee to Elect Charles Warren         Brunswick
White                   Greg        Greg White                                Brunswick
Williamson              Boyd        Committee to Elect Boyd Williamson        Brunswick
Woody                   James       James Woody Comm                          Brunswick
Wright                  Glenda      J Randall Rhodes                          Brunswick
Kinney                  Joan        Joan Kinney Comm                          Brunswick
Smith                   John        John T Smith                              Brunswick
Barefoot                Napoleon    Napoleon Barefoot                         Brunswick Co
Norris                  Steve       Phil Norris Comm                          Brunswick Co
Collins                 Sharon      Sharon Collins Comm                       Brunswick County
Futch                   Walter      Walter Futch Comm.                        Brunswick County
Puls                    Thomas      Thomas Puls                               Brunswick County
Snead                   Mary        Mary Snead Comm                           Brunswick County
Bailey                  Elizabeth   K Ray Bailey                              Buncombe
Bartlett                Carl         Carl Bartlett                             Buncombe
Bledsoe                 Steve         Steve Bledsoe for County Commissioner    Buncombe
Bradford                              Chris
                        Christopher James Bradford                             Buncombe
Brandon, Ruth                         Committee to Elect Ruth Brandon          Buncombe
Calhoun, Kevin                        Van Duncan Sheriff                       Buncombe
Carroll                 John         John Carroll                              Buncombe
Carver, Pat                          Bill Russell Committee                    Buncombe
Chambers                Edward       Vernon Dover for Board of Commissioners   Buncombe
Chandler                Henry        Henry Chandler Comm                       Buncombe
Craig                   Chip         Ben (Chip) Craig                          Buncombe
Davis, Jan                           Citizens to elect Jan Davis               Buncombe
Delano                  Ken          Holly Jones                               Buncombe
Ditmore                 Alan         Alan Ditmore                              Buncombe
Dodson                  Kevin        Kevin R Dodson                            Buncombe
English                 Robert       Robert English                            Buncombe
Fryar, Christy                       Bill Russell Committee (camapaign manager)Buncombe
FRYER, Brenda                        Friends of Selina Sullivan                Buncombe
Funderburk, Sadie                    Committee to Elect Terry M Bellamy        Buncombe
Gantt                   David        Buncombe co DM                            Buncombe
Gough, Max                           Buncombe BOE                              Buncombe
Hebb, Matthew                        Matthew Hebb Council Campaign             Buncombe
Holifield, Helen                     Buncombe Green Party                      Buncombe
Hollifield, Marvin Jr                Asstant Director Buncombe BOE             Buncombe
Howell                  Ann          Ron McKee                                 Buncombe
Johnson, Bobby Lee                   Committee to Elect Bobby Johnston         Buncombe
Kater                   Joseph       Knoefel for Town Cou                      Buncombe
King                    Carol        David Gantt                               Buncombe
Kleczka                 Kelly        Charles D Ganntt Com                      Buncombe
Kledis, John M                       Committee to Elect David Young            Buncombe
Lack, Wilfred E                      Buncombe County Republican Action Club    Buncombe
Latimore                James        James Latimore Comm                       Buncombe
Lentz                   Carole       Ann Franklin                              Buncombe
Morgan                  JoAnn        Otto DeBruhl                              Buncombe
Newman                  Brownie      Brownie Newman                            Buncombe
Parce                   Jonathan     Ervin W Bazzle                            Buncombe
Parker                  Rob          Robert Parker Comm                        Buncombe
Plemmons                Kim          K Ray Bailey                              Buncombe
Radford                 Tracy        Bruce Goforth Comm                        Buncombe
Rice                    Bryan        Bryan E (Cleve) Rice                      Buncombe
Russell, Bill                        Bill Russell Committee                    Buncombe
Seal                    Stephen      WNC ENT PAC                               Buncombe
Sobol                   Charles      C Michael Sobol                           Buncombe
Stone                   Ryan         Ryan Stone                                Buncombe
Waddell                 Gail                                                 Buncombe
                                     Com to Elect Carol W Peterson County Commissioner
Waddell, Gail                        Committee to elect Carol Peterson       Buncombe
Williams                DeRothea     DeRothea "Dee" Williams                 Buncombe
Yelton, Don                          Elect Don Yelton                        Buncombe
Grimes                   Charles     Charles W Grimes                          Buncombe
Gunn                     Robert      Bob Gunn                                  Buncombe Co
Langford                 Scott       Buncombe co CMEM PAC                      Buncombe Co
Loomis                   Doris       Doris Loomis Comm                         Buncome County
Berry, Kathy                         Re-Elect Sheriff McDevitt                 Burke
Buff                     Tim         Tim W Buff                                Burke
Caldwell, Robert L                   Committee to Elect Jim A Richardson       Burke
Carroll                  Jack        Jack Carroll                              Burke
Carroll                  Maxine      Jack Carroll                              Burke
Davis, William F                                                              Burke
                                     Committee to Re-Elect Mel Cohen or Committee to Re-Elect Larry Whisnant or Commi
Deal, Kaye S                         Mabel Lowman Clerk of Court              Burke
Martinat                 Ray         Ray Martinat                              Burke
Massey                   Gary        Johnnie Carswell Com                      Burke
McClure                  Gary        Gary B McClure                            Burke
McDevitt, John                       John McDevitt Sheriff                     Burke
Ogle                     Byron       Keith Ogle                                Burke
ORDERS, BENNY                        Benny Orders                              Burke
Pearson                  James       James Pearson                             Burke
Pendley, Terry                       Alderman G Alpine                         Burke
Propst                   Richard     Richard E Propst                          Burke
QUEEN, Gerald                        Gerald Queen                              Burke
Robinson, Karen C                    Karen Robinson Election Committee         Burke
Sain                     Karen       Karen Brittain Sain                       Burke
Stamey                   James       James Stamey                              Burke
Taylor                   Maynard     Maynard Taylor                            Burke
Taylor, Charles E (assistant)        Karen Robinson Election Committee         Burke
Caldwell                 Cassandra   Bruce Hawkins                             Burke Co
Mull                     James       James Mull                                Burke Co
Berry                    Johnny      Johnny Berry                              Burke County
Anderson                 Richard     Richard Anderson                          Cabarrus
Andrews                  Cordelia    Alex Porter Comm                          Cabarrus
Barnhardt                Troy        Troy Wayne Barnhardt                      Cabarrus
Biggers, Fred                        Freg Bigger for Clerk of Court            Cabarrus
Black, William A.                    Committee to Elect Ella P Small           Cabarrus
Blackwelder              Holly       Holly Blackwelder                         Cabarrus
Bost                     Jennifer    Larry Pittman                             Cabarrus
Bowen                    Lena        South Cabarrus RW                         Cabarrus
Buchanan                 Doris       Doris Buchanan                            Cabarrus
Burgner                  Michael     Jay for Cabarrus                          Cabarrus
Burleyson                Rick        Richard D Burleyson                       Cabarrus
Davidson                 Lewis       Lewis A Davidson                          Cabarrus
Feibelman-Coppola        Sandra      Archie Y Barnhardt                        Cabarrus
Foster                   Randy       Bob Carruth                               Cabarrus
Grist                    Linda       Cabarrus BOE                              Cabarrus
Harkins                  James       James Thomas Harkins                      Cabarrus
Harrison                 David       Cabarrus Co REC                           Cabarrus
Harwood, Shelly                      Brad Riley campaign                       Cabarrus
Hiers                 Howard Marcy Howard Marcy Hiers                       Cabarrus
Hood                  Anna                                                  Cabarrus
Hunt, Paul                         Brad Riley campaign                      Cabarrus
Icenhour              Donnie       Joy Lane                                 Cabarrus
Johnson, Alfred E                  Cabarrus Taxpayers Association (local)   Cabarrus
Kitts                 Dale          Mike Tallent Comm                       Cabarrus
Lane                  Joy           Joy Lane                                Cabarrus
Lewis                 Christi       Holly Blackwelder                       Cabarrus
McAbee, Kara                        Citizens for Linda McAbee               Cabarrus
Miles                 Tony          Marcy Hiers                             Cabarrus
Mitchell              Charles       Charles Mitchell                        Cabarrus
Morris                Gene          Gene Morris                             Cabarrus
Palo                  Andrea        Andrea Palo                             Cabarrus
Patterson             Tammy         Kirk J. Angel                           Cabarrus
Porter                Thomas        Thomas E Porter                         Cabarrus
Pyrant                Sherrian      Philip C Stephens                       Cabarrus
Ramseur               James         James D Ramseur                         Cabarrus
Reichart              Vivian        Andrea Palo                             Cabarrus
Seawright             Crystal       Wendell Fant Comm                       Cabarrus
Small                 Tom           Tom L Small                             Cabarrus
Small, Ella Mae                     Committee to Elect Ella Mae Small       Cabarrus
Stewart               Kimberlee     Larry M Burrage                         Cabarrus
Walter                Rob           Elect Rob Walter                        Cabarrus
Williams              Joy           Bill Williams                           Cabarrus
Wilson                Michael       David Phillips Comm                     Cabarrus
Winn                  Ruth          Elect Don Fleener                       Cabarrus
Yelton                Ken           Scott Padgett                           Cabarrus
Rankin                Frank         Cabarrus Reg Busines                    Cabarrus Co
Beane                 Bill          Bill Beane                              Caldwell
Benfield, Dennis A                  Committee to Elect Dennis A Benfield    Caldwell
Blevins               Gerelene      Gerelene Blevins                        Caldwell
Bowman                Eddie         Eddie Bowman                            Caldwell
Church                Randy         Randy Church                            Caldwell
Clarke                George        George A Clarke                         Caldwell
Colvard, Lisa G                     Comm to Elect Sandy Cannon              Caldwell
Coonse                Lester        Lester C Coonse                         Caldwell
Curtis                James         James Curtis Comm                       Caldwell
Dunn, Martha Diane Robbins          Wayne Rush for Register of Deeds        Caldwell
Farmer, Mark                        Committee to Elect Don Barrier          Caldwell
Fekete, Jr            Steven        Steven Fekete Jr Com                    Caldwell
Griffin, Joseph                     Ben Griffin to Elect                    Caldwell
Hendricks             Lilly         Lilly Hendricks                         Caldwell
Isenhour              Dean          Dean Isenhour                           Caldwell
Johnson               William       William R Johnson Co                    Caldwell
Kirby                 Joe           Joe Kirby Comm                          Caldwell
Kirby                 Steward       Steward Kirby Comm                      Caldwell
Loder                 Aaron         Caldwell Concerned C                    Caldwell
Macchia, Morris                    Sheriff Jones Campaign                     Caldwell
Mackie                 Michael     Michael Mackie Comm                        Caldwell
Martin                 Stephen     Chris Becker                               Caldwell
Moore                  Jean        Linda Coffey                               Caldwell
Moss                   Tony        Tony Moss Comm                             Caldwell
Pennell                Barbara     Barbara Pennell                            Caldwell
Perdue                 Todd        Todd H Perdue Comm                         Caldwell
Reece                  Lorene      Faye Higgins                               Caldwell
Reighard               Rose        Rose Reighard                              Caldwell
Roberts                Jack        Jack F Roberts                             Caldwell
Robertson              Sherry      James W Oxford (Bill                       Caldwell
Shore, Carol                       Comm. To elect Shore County CommissionerCaldwell
Shore, Timothy                     Comm. To elect Shore County CommissionerCaldwell
Stafford, Jeff                     Sheriff Jones Campaign                  Caldwell
Stewart, Allen                     Allen Stewart town Council              Caldwell
Teague                 Linda       Linda Teague                               Caldwell
Wesson                 Joe         Joe Wesson                                 Caldwell
WOODS, Jerry                       Jerry Woods                                Caldwell
Young, Doug                        Deputy Director Catawba BOE                Caldwell
Floyd Jr               Bob         Bob Floyd Jr.                              Caldwell
Stone                  William     Caldwell Citizens                          Caldwell Citizens for Pat McCrory
Morris                 Jennifer    Terry Harris                               Caldwell Co
Rohr                   Timothy     Timothy Rohr                               Caldwell Co
Townsend               Tracy       Tracy Townsend Comm                        Caldwell County
Kirby                  Barbara     Barbara Kirby Comm                         Caldwell/Burke
Rash                   Gary        Gary Dean Rash Comm                        Caldwell/Burke
Clark                  Larry                                                  Calwell
Albury                 Robert      Robert Albury                              Camden
Best                   Elaine      Camden BOE                                 Camden
Duckwall               Sanda       Sandra Duckwall Comm                       Camden
McLain                 Michael     Michael McLain                             Camden
Meiggs                 Garry       Garry W Meiggs                             Camden
Overton                Christian   Christian Overton                          Camden
Staples                Holly       Peggy Knight                               Camden
Adair, Glenn H                     Elect Glenn Adair                          Carteret
Aldridge               Allen       Doug Harris                                Carteret
Angle, Robert B                                                               Carteret
                                   Committee to Elect Bob Angle Pine Knoll Shores
Archer, Harry                      Committee to Elect Harry Archer            Carteret
Asdenti                Arnold      Arnold Asdenti Comm                        Carteret
Barnes, Ruth                       Atlantic Beach Town Council                Carteret
BLUNT, FRANKLIN                    Franklin M. Blunt                          Carteret
Brooks                 Emma        Deborah Van Dyken                          Carteret
Campbell, Robert                   Robert Campbell Town Commissioner          Carteret
Carr                   David       David Carr                                 Carteret
Carter                 Ann         Ann H Carter                               Carteret
Clemons, Fred Cooper               Fred C Clemons                             Carteret
CORDVA, Paul                       Paul W Cordova                             Carteret
DANEHY, Robert                   Robert Danehy                             Carteret
Davis                  Melinda   Councilman Kenneth D                      Carteret
Edwards, Clarkson                Clarkson S Edwards                        Carteret
Erickson, Ed                     Ed Erickson for town commissioner         Carteret
Flynt, Barbara M                 Bruce C Flynt                             Carteret
Flynt, Bruce                     Bruce C Flynt                             Carteret
Garlock, Karl                    Karl Garlock for board of commissioners   Carteret
Goldstein, Jack                  Jack Goldstein town commissioner          Carteret
Graham                 Dean      Dean Graham Comm                          Carteret
Guthrie, E A Jr                  E A Guthrie Jr town commissioner          Carteret
Guthrie, William                 William Guthrie town council              Carteret
Hagle, John                      Candidate Beaufort                        Carteret
Harkless, Ronald                 Ronald Harkless for mayor                 Carteret
Hasulak                Laureen   Nancy Veitch Comm                         Carteret
Hedreen                Nita      Nita Gardner Hedreen                      Carteret
Hill                   Alfonso   Al Hill                                   Carteret
Hollinshed, Marianna             Committee to Elect Hollinshed             Carteret
Hoover, Thomas                   Thomas Hoover town commissioner           Carteret
Horton, David                    David Horton Candidate                    Carteret
HUNT, Richard                    Richard Hunt/Ellen Linden                 Carteret
Ide, Kenneth                     Committee to Elect Ken Ide                Carteret
Jones, Ken                       Ken Jones                                 Carteret
Lewis, Lindy R                   Director Carteret County BOE              Carteret
Lewis, Sharon                    BOE Carteret County                       Carteret
Mazza, Jeff                      Jeff Mazza town commissioner              Carteret
Messer, Floyd                    Floyed Messer town commissioner           Carteret
Muns, Katie                      BOE Carteret County                       Carteret
Muns, Ray                        Raymond N Muns                            Carteret
MURRAY, Rufus                    Rufus Murray for Commissioner             Carteret
Nelson                 Faye      Faye M Nelson                             Carteret
Nelson, John                     John Nelson City Council                  Carteret
NORRIS, Bill                     William D Norris III                      Carteret
Page                   Herbert   Herbert F Page Comm                       Carteret
Phillips               George    George Phillips Comm                      Carteret
Radford                Phillip   Phillip A Radford                         Carteret
Redfearn, Harry                  Harry Redfearn for Mayor                  Carteret
RUSSELL, Glenn                   Commissioner Glenn Russell                Carteret
Safrit, Sarah W                  Committee To Elect Hollinshed             Carteret
Shramm, Fred                     Fred Shramm for Sanitary Board            Carteret
Smith                  Dorothy   Pat Joyce Comm                            Carteret
Stanley                Richard   Richard L Stanley Co                      Carteret
Sutton, Judy                     Judy Sutton for Mayor                     Carteret
Sylivant               Shelley   Shelley M Sylivant                        Carteret
Tarascio, Joseph                 Joseph Tarascio town council              Carteret
TAYLOR, Richard                  Richard Taylor Candidate                  Carteret
Verdon, Minna Sue                Carteret County BOE                       Carteret
VINSON, Joyce                    Cand. / Trea. Atlantic Beach              Carteret
VINSON, Walter                   Walter Vinson                               Carteret
Warren                 Michael   Michael Warren Comm                         Carteret
Wilton                 Charles   Charles Wilton                              Carteret
Woodard                Tiffany   Ocean's Six                                 Carteret
Briley                 Thomas    Eddie Briley Comm                           Carteret
Altman                 Forrest   Forrest Altman                              Caswell
Brandon, Harriet D               Harriet D Brandon                           Caswell
Bush                   Donald    Donald R Bush                               Caswell
Dailey                 June      June B Dailey                               Caswell
Davis, Curtis Edward             Curtis Edward Davis for Mayor               Caswell
Fowlkes                Cindy     Cindy B Fowlkes                             Caswell
Gwynn, Jr              Ross      Ross A Gwynn Jr Comm                        Caswell
Hall                   Nate      Nate Hall                                   Caswell
Henderson, Mary Jo               Caswell County BOE Director                 Caswell
Hyler                  Danny     Danny Hyler Comm                            Caswell
Owen                   Wayne     Wayne L Owen                                Caswell
Pennell, Hosanna J               Hosanna J Pennell for Commissioner          Caswell
Riggs                  Tammy     Tammy W Riggs Comm                          Caswell
Simmons                Dennis    Dennis Simmons                              Caswell
Upchurch, James B                James B Upchurch                            Caswell
Wallace, John G Jr               John Wallace                                Caswell
Williams, John S                 John S Williams for Town Commissioner       Caswell
Vernon                 Cyrus     Cyrus Vernon                                Caswell
Lucas                  Cathy     Cathy Lucas Comm                            Caswell Co.
Ahmed                  Haseeb    Haseeb Jamee Ahmed                          Catawba
Beach                  Jack      Beach for Commission                        Catawba
Beal                   Don       Don Beal Comm                               Catawba
Beatty                 Barbara   Barbara Beatty                              Catawba
Boldon                 David     David M Boldon                              Catawba
Brewer                 Larry     Catawba BOE                                 Catawba
Brown                  Tom       Tom Brown                                   Catawba
Bumgarner              Max       Max Bumgarner Comm                          Catawba
Considine              Beverly   Beverly M Considine                         Catawba
Deal, Robert (Bobby) W                                                        Reid for
                                 Citizens to Elect Donna Hicks Spencer ro CoyCatawba Sheriff
Duncan                 Amanda    Catawba BOE                                 Catawba
Hawn                   Phillip   Phillip W Hawn Comm                         Catawba
Henline                Avery     Lee Avery Wilson com                        Catawba
Herman                 Bill      Bill Herman Comm                            Catawba
Hicks                  Gary      Gary Hicks                                  Catawba
Huffman, Carolyn                 Catawba County BOE                          Catawba
Isenhour               Beth      K.C. Hartman Comm                           Catawba
Isenhour               Jeff      Jeffrey A Isenhour                          Catawba
Lackey, Jenny                    Mike Ledford for Sheriff                    Catawba
Laxton, Fred                                                                 Catawba
                                 David Huffman for Re-Election or Coy Reid for Sheriff
Lethcoe                Ed        Charles Lethcoe Comm                        Catawba
Loudermelt             Scott     Scott Loudermelt                            Catawba
McNally, Michael                 Catawba Business Coalition                  Catawba
McRee                   Marilyn       Marilyn McRee                           Catawba
Miller                  Gigi          Gigi Miller                             Catawba
mullinax                robert        Robert A Mullinax                       Catawba
Parlier                 Phillip       Phillip Parlier                         Catawba
Reece                   Brad          Bradley Joel Reece                      Catawba
Reid, Coy                             Coy Reid for Sheriff                    Catawba
Setzer                  Nicky         Nicky Setzer                            Catawba
Shook                   Judy          Judy Fulbright Shook                    Catawba
Sigmon                  Sarah         Mary Bess Lawing                        Catawba
Sipe, Danny                           Steve Hunt for Sheriff                  Catawba
Spencer                 Allen         Wm Allen Spencer                        Catawba
Spencer                 Joyce         Joyce C Spencer                         Catawba
Spencer, Donna Hicks                  Citizens to Elect Donna Hicks Spencer   Catawba
Stockner                Jim           Jim Stockner                            Catawba
Summers                 Shane         Shane Summers                           Catawba
Trimble, Blake                        Bogle for Clk of Court                  Catawba
Warren                  Ann           Ann Warren Comm                         Catawba
Watts, William                        William "Bud" Watts                     Catawba
Williams                Charlotte     Charlotte Williams                      Catawba
Yount                   Carroll       Carroll Yount                           Catawba
Dixon                   Thomas        Thomas A Dixon                          Catawba
Hoke                    Kelly         Kelly Hoke                              Catawba Co
McComb                  Harry         Brad Lail                               Catawba Co
McGinnis                Jeanne        Gary Dellinger                          Catawba Co
Ramsey                  Greg          Dan Hunsucker                           Catawba Co
Gaither                 Beth          Catawba Co REC                          Catawba County
Orgain                  John          Alex Lee Inc PAC                        Catawba County
Caswell                 Janie         Janie Caswell Comm                      Chadbourn
Boyce, Christopher                    Pittsboro Together                      Chatham
Bradshaw                Christopher   Christopher Bradshaw                    Chatham
Buckner                 Helen         Helen Buckner                           Chatham
Cheek                   James         James Larry Cheek                       Chatham
Cotten, Max G                         Max G Cotton for Mayor                  Chatham
Crawford                Bill          Mia Munn                                Chatham
Cunnup                  Steve         Steve Cunnup Comm                       Chatham
DeJong                  Eric          Sean O'Brien                            Chatham
Ernst                   Karl          Karl Ernst                              Chatham
Ford, Barbara                         Comm to Elect Patrick Barnes            Chatham
Fox                     Mike          Patrick Barnes                          Chatham
Fuller                  Kelly         Peter Rubinas                           Chatham
Geer                    Anne          Anne Geer Comm                          Chatham
Grimes                  John          John Grimes Comm                        Chatham
Harrington, Hugh Lacy                 Hugh Harrington for Town Commissioner   Chatham
Heuer, John                           Linda Barns Campaign                    Chatham
Horner, Charles L                     Charles L Horner                        Chatham
Jackson, Mary E                       Mary Jackson Campaign                   Chatham
Kost                    Sally         Sally Kost                              Chatham
Lambert               Sara        David Hamm                             Chatham
Lockwood              Mairead     Flint O'Brien Comm                     Chatham
Lybrand, Austin                   Comm to elect tom Vanderbeck for Co Com Chatham
Nichols, Janet                    Chatham Coalition County PAC            Chatham
Perry                 Patricia    Patricia Perry                         Chatham
Pons, Abigail                     The Comm to Elect G Lucier             Chatham
Russell, William R.               Pittsboro Together PAC                 Chatham
Tinervin              Emily       Jeffrey Starkweather                   Chatham
Tracy                 Darrel      Darrel Tracy                           Chatham
Turner                Charles     Charles L Turner Com                   Chatham
Turner, Delcenia                  Comm. To Elect Carl Thompson           Chatham
Hammond               Mary        Chatham Coalition                      Chatham Co
Nobles                Jonus       Jonus Nobles Comm.                     Chatham County
Brinke                Erik        Erik Brinke                            Cherokee
Jones, Leighsa                    Cherokee County BOE Director           Cherokee
Owen                  Amanda      Jeffery Postell Comm                   Cherokee
Cole-Williams         Tracy       Ralph V Cole                           Chowan
Goodwin               Edward      Eddy Goodwin                           Chowan
Miller                Craig       Terry Waff Comm                        Chowan
Mitchener             John        John Mitchener                         Chowan
Quinn                 Robert      David Keith Nixon                      Chowan
Spruill               Fred        Fred Spruill Comm                      Chowan
Stallings             Jimmy       Jimmy Stallings                        Chowan
Vaughan               Roland      Roland H Vaughan                       Chowan
Winslow               Harry       Harry Lee Winslow                      Chowan
Rountree              Susan       Susan Rountree/Chowan DEC              Chowan/State
England               William     William England                        Clay
Rhinehardt            Jason       Jason Rhinehardt Com                   Clay
Staton                Kerry       Kerry Staton                           Clay
Barnette              Bobby       Bobby Barnette Comm                    Cleveland
Beal                  Alton       Alton Beal Comm                        Cleveland
Blanton               Martha      Houston Corn                           Cleveland
Blanton, Debra                    Cleveland BOE                          Cleveland
Bradley               Jerry       Jerry Lee Bradley                      Cleveland
Brock                 Joseph      Kay Hambright Comm                     Cleveland
Browning              Lisa        Tommy Hawkins Comm                     Cleveland
Burnette, Nikki                   James Emmett Carol Committee           Cleveland
Carpenter             Joe         Joe D Carpenter                        Cleveland
Cook                  Dewey       Dewey C Cook Comm                      Cleveland
Cooper                Warren      Warren Cooper Comm                     Cleveland
Drennan               Karla       Richard K Moore                        Cleveland
Falls                 Alohma      Jason Falls                            Cleveland
Francis               Ric         Ric Francis                            Cleveland
Fuller                Sharon      Andrew Hopper City C                   Cleveland
Gilbert               Karen       William L Walker Com                   Cleveland
Gordon                Catherine   Rodney Gordon                          Cleveland
Grigg                 Patty       Patty Grigg                            Cleveland
Grigg, Kathy                         Cleveland BOE                              Cleveland
Hambright              Kay           Kay Hambright Comm                         Cleveland
Hamrick                Bill          Bill Hamrick Comm                          Cleveland
Hamrick                Clifford      Clifford E Hamrick                         Cleveland
Hamrick                John          John C Hamrick                             Cleveland
Hamrick                Larry         Shearra Miller Comm                        Cleveland
Homsley, Anganette H                                                            Cleveland
                                     To Elect Anganette H. Homsley Shelby City School Board
Ingle                  Lacey         Mitzi Johnson                              Cleveland
Johnson                Michael       Keith Miller for Wa                        Cleveland
Johnson               Mitzi          Mitzi Johnson                              Cleveland
Johnson, Mitzi McGraw                Mitzi McGraw Johnson for Clerk of Sup Ct   Cleveland
Kimble-Williams        Rhonda        Curtis O Pressley                          Cleveland
Kloosterman            Scott         Scott Kloosterman                          Cleveland
Lattimore, Sylvia                    Sylvia Lattimore Cleveland Sanitary        Cleveland
Laughlin               Farrell       Douglas Farrell Laug                       Cleveland
Miny, Pamela                                                                    Cleveland
Mortimer, Jr           John          John R Mortimer                            Cleveland
Mullinax               Jerry         Jerry Mullinax                             Cleveland
Oliver                 Mark          Dale Oliver                                Cleveland
Patterson              Betsy         Larry G Ware                               Cleveland
Reece, Bonnie E                                                                Cleveland
                                     Bonne E Reece Committee for Register of Deeds
Ruff                   Regina        Wayne Worcester Comm                       Cleveland
Scarborough            Zelma         Johnny Hutchins                            Cleveland
Schaeffer              Ron           Ron Schaeffer                              Cleveland
Shook                  Susan         Susan Grigg Shook                          Cleveland
Sides                  Robert        Robert Sides                               Cleveland
Spangler               Gina          Gina Spangler                              Cleveland
Spurling               Thomas        Thomas W Spurling                          Cleveland
Stone                  Cindy         Bob Scoggins                               Cleveland
Whitaker               Roy           Roy Whitaker Comm                          Cleveland
Wilson                 Charles       Charles S Wilson                           Cleveland
Wilson                 Joan          Mary S Accor                               Cleveland
Wray, Meloni McGran                  Mitzi McGraw Johnson for Clerk of Sup Ct   Cleveland
Hall                   Gary          Gary Hall                                  Cleveland Co
Hoyle                  Deborah       Debbie Hoyle                               Cleveland Co
McCoy                  Vallery       Vallery McCoy Comm                         Cleveland Co
Cook                   Brenda        Kenneth Ledford                            Cleveland Co.
Hammerstein            Jennipher     Freddie Harril Comm                        Cleveland County
Shytle                 Jack          Jack Shytle Comm                           Cleveland County
Austin                 Wayne         Wayne S Austin                             Columbus
Bass                   Donald        Donald Bass                                Columbus
Batten                 Christopher   Christopher L Batten                       Columbus
Baxter, Robert Lee                   Robert Lee Baxter Town Council-Taber City Columbus
Blackmon, Timothy Clyde              Timothy Clyde Blackmon                    Columbus
Blanks, Delilah                      Delilah Blanks Bladen Co Commissioner     Columbus
Brewer                 Paige         Edwin Russ Committee                       Columbus
Brown, Joseph                        Joseph Brown                               Columbus
Bryant                 Aubrey      Terry Bryant                              Columbus
Burroughs              Trent       Trent Burroughs Comm                      Columbus
Byrd                   Giles       Giles "Buddy" Byrd                        Columbus
Cain, Lynn W                       Lynn Cain                                 Columbus
Clarida, Jimmy                     city council member                       Columbus
Dew                    Junior      Junior Dew                                Columbus
Dixon, Perry                       Perry Dixon for Mayor                     Columbus
Ebron                  Norris      Norris Ebron                              Columbus
Edwards, Brian K Sr                Brian K Edwards                           Columbus
Fonvielle, Miona K                 Miona K Fonvielle                         Columbus
Frink                  Milton      Columbus Coalition                        Columbus
Graham, Azalie                     Azalie Graham Town Governing Board        Columbus
Gray, Albert Dial                  Dial Gray for Mayor                       Columbus
Hammond, Rodney Lee (Sonny)        Sonny Hammond Mayor Cerro Gordo           Columbus
Harper, Royce Dayton               Royce Harper for Mayor                    Columbus
Harris, Hubert Earl                Hubert Earl Harris for Commissioner       Columbus
Hewett                 Larry       Larry Hewett                              Columbus
High                   James       James W High                              Columbus
Hilburn                Daniel      Daniel Hilburn                            Columbus
Ingram, John W                     Comm to Elect Chris Butler                Columbus
Jenkins                Geraldine   Geraldine Jenkins Co                      Columbus
Jenkins, Jackie                    Daniel Jenkins                            Columbus
Jones, Howard A                    city council member                       Columbus
Justice                Thomas      Thomas Justice                            Columbus
Leder, Robert                      City Council                              Columbus
Leonard, Billy Henry               Billy H Leonard for Town Council          Columbus
Lewis                  Eugene      Eugene E Lewis                            Columbus
Mauldin                Jim         Jim Mauldin                               Columbus
Meares, James Hubert (Jack) Jr     James Hubert (Jack) Meares, Jr            Columbus
Memory                 William     William Memory                            Columbus
Mills                  Pearl       Pearl Mills Comm                          Columbus
Neal                   Mae         Mae Neal                                  Columbus
Phillips, John Wayne               John Wayne Phillips for town commission   Columbus
Powell, Wilbur                     Wilbur Powell                             Columbus
Prevatte               James       James Prevatte                            Columbus
Rector, Fax                        Re-Elect Fax Rector Town Council          Columbus
Russ                   P           P Edwin Russ Comm                         Columbus
Spaulding              Reginald    Reginald Spaulding                        Columbus
Stirckland, Carla                  Columbus BOE                              Columbus
Vareene, Nellie Mae                Nellie Mae Vareene                        Columbus
Waddell                Kenneth     Kenneth Waddell                           Columbus
Waddell, Ruth                      Ruth Waddell                              Columbus
Williams, Annette D                Annette Williams for Mayor                Columbus
Williamson             Randy       Randy G Williamson                        Columbus
Wilson                 Frank       Frank Wilson Comm                         Columbus
Wilson, Ivan D                                                              Columbus
                                   Ivan D Wilson Mayor of Town of Lake Waccamaw
Worley                 Barry       Barry Worley                              Columbus
Roberts         Edwin         Edwin Roberts                Columbus Co
Johnson         Linda         Linda Johnson                Committee to Elect RW
Mark            Thomas        Craven Co Rep Mens Club      County
Swank           Peter         Craven Co Rep Mens Club      County
Avery           Wiley         Wiley Avery Comm             Craven
Benton          Raymond       Raymond E Benton             Craven
Bowers          Richard       Richard Bowers Comm          Craven
Braxton         Chad          Chad Braxton                 Craven
Bryan           Shirley       Shirley Bryan                Craven
Buck, Leroy                   Board of Alderman            Craven
Buck, Lunette                 Board of Alderman            Craven
Cornish         Barbara       Renee Sisk                   Craven
Cowan           Douglas       Douglas Cowan Comm           Craven
Franklin        Joseph        Joseph D Franklin            Craven
Grady, John W                 Jim Dancy for Town Council   Craven
Helms           Herbert      Herbert Helms Comm            Craven
Hudson          Chris        Chris Hudson                  Craven
Ipock, II       Carroll      Caroll G Ipock II             Craven
Johnson         Malcolm      Malcolm S Johnson Co          Craven
Joiner          Billy        Billy Roy Joiner              Craven
Jones           Troy         Troy R Jones                  Craven
Kafer                        Rebecca"Becky"Kafer
                Rebecca "Becky"                            Craven
Manning         Arthur       Arthur E Manning              Craven
Nelson          Harry        Harry S. Nelson               Craven
Shields         Robert (Bob) Robert S Shields Com          Craven
Sisk            Renee         Renee Sisk                   Craven
Skipper         M             M. C. (Skip) Skipper         Craven
Spano           Mary          Mary A Spano                 Craven
Spencer         Cheryl        Cheryl Spencer               Craven
Stuart          James         James L Stuart               Craven
Thomas          Linda         Linda Thomas                 Craven
Toth            Michelle      Sherri B Richard             Craven
Turney          Shane         Shane Turney                 Craven
Tyson           Chuck         Chuck Tyson                  Craven
Walsh IV        Daniel (Danny)Daniel F Walsh IV Co         Craven
Walton          Joseph        Joseph L Walton              Craven
Wright          Earl          Earl Wright                  Craven
WRIGHT, Earl                  Earl Wright                  Craven
Davenport       Nikki         Craven BOE                   Craven Co
Lewis           Leone         Craven BOE                   Craven Co
Oliver          Ronald        Ron Oliver                   Craven Co
Potter          Tim           Ken Crow                     Craven Co
Brown           Evelyn        Evelyn Brown                 Cravin Co
Hill            Mike          Mike Hill                    Cravin Co
Jones           Barbara       Barbara Jones                Cravin Co
McCoy           Roy           Roy McCoy                    Cravin Co
Mitchell        Dred          Dred Mitchell                Cravin County
Aekins, Huell                         Aekins Huell for Mayor                  Cumberland
Amberger                  Caroline    Tony Rand Comm                          Cumberland
Barragan, Frank K                     Comm to Elect Frank Barragan            Cumberland
Bates, Keith                          candidate for city council              Cumberland
Blackwell, Breeden                    Blackwell for County Commissioner       Cumberland
Braxton, Myers                        Commissioner-Godwin                     Cumberland
Bryan, Herb                           Tony Chavonne for Mayor                 Cumberland
Buie, John G Jr                       Register of Deeds, Lee Warren           Cumberland
Chestnutt, A Johnson                  John T Henley Comm                      Cumberland
Chestnutt, A Johnson                  Linda Priest Comm                       Cumberland
Chisolm, Alicia S                     No To Referendum Comm                   Cumberland
Collier, Frances B                    Francis B Collier                       Cumberland
Collins, Tonzie Klugh I               Committee to Elect Tonzie Collins       Cumberland
Cooper, Jr                Willie      Mary E McAllister Co                    Cumberland
Cordero                   Melissa     John Nunnery Comm                       Cumberland
Crawley, John                         John Crawley for City Council            Cumberland
Curtis, Carolyn                       Comm to Elect Stephon Ferguson           Cumberland
Dawkins, Johnny                       Johnny Dawkins Campaign Fund             Cumberland
DeBose, Diane                         Campaign to Elect Juliann Stackhouse     Cumberland
Dees, Eddie                                                                    C
                                      Comm. To elect Eddie Dees Hope Mills Mayor umberland
Denning, Barbara C                    Barbara C Denning                        Cumberland
Dixon, Joseph                         Joe Dixon Wade Commissioner              Cumberland
Edge, Kenneth                         Kenneth Edge Campaign                    Cumberland
Edwards, Ray                          Ray Edwards for Commissioner             Cumberland
Evans, Charles                        Committee to Elect Charles Evans         Cumberland
Farrior, Helen                        Helen Farrior Campaign                   Cumberland
Farrior, Helen H                      candidate - Cumberland Co School Board   Cumberland
Floyd                     Elmer       Elmer Floyd                              Cumberland
Fort, Gale J (Johnson)                DJ Haire Election Campaign               Cumberland
Gorman, Bob                           Hope Mills Commissioner                  Cumberland
Hawthorne, Greta                      Greta Hawthorne                          Cumberland
Herring                   Jackie      Larry Shaw Comm                         Cumberland
Hill, Bobby                           Committee to Elect Larry Clubine        Cumberland
Hill, Juanita J (assistant)           Committee to Elect Larry Cubine         Cumberland
Hines                       Michael   Elmer Floyd                             Cumberland
Hodges, James Brandon                 Brandon Hodges for Town Commisssioner   Cumberland
Hodges, Nicole                        Brandon Hodges for Town Commisssioner   Cumberland
HOGANS, Napoleon                      napoleon Hogans for Alderman            Cumberland
Isler, Marshall                       FAYCE PAC                               Cumberland
Jackson                   Marie       Marie Jackson                           Cumberland
Jones                     Denise      Valencia Applewhite                     Cumberland
Lallier                   Mike        Citizens for Fair Ta                    Cumberland
Levy                      Isaac       Bob White for Commissioner              Cumberland
Lewis, Charles A I                    Charles A Lewis for City Council        Cumberland
Long, Ann C                           Ann Long Town Commissioner              Cumberland
Maynor                    Eddie       Eddie Maynor                            Cumberland
McCall, John Pat                      John Pat McCall                         Cumberland
McDonauld, Nikki                                                              Cumberland
                                   Friends of Larry Shaw Committee Assistant Treasurer
McIntyre, Donald                   Donald McIntyre                            Cumberland
Melvin, Ed                         Ed Melvin                                  Cumberland
Meredith, Wesley A                 Committee to Elect Wesley A Meredith       Cumberland
Miller               Christer      Bob White for Commissioner                 Cumberland
Mohn                 Theodore      Ted Mohn for Council                     Cumberland
Neidig, Ruth A                     Ruth A Neidig                            Cumberland
O'Garra, James P                   O'Garra Mayor                            Cumberland
Pikul, Walter                      Diane Weatley Campaign                   Cumberland
Piland               Sara          Sara Piland                              Cumberland
Richmond             Earl          Earl J Richmond                          Cumberland
Rodriguez            Kevin         Kevin Rodriguez                          Cumberland
Royal, Mack                        Royal Commissioner                       Cumberland
Sease                Deloris       Sheryl J Lewis                           Cumberland
Small                Betsy         Betsy Small Comm                         Cumberland
Smith                Terry         Terry Smith Comm                         Cumberland
Steding              Heidi         Cumberland RW                            Cumberland
Strong, Ronnie                     Ronnie Strong for Commissioner           Cumberland
Sutherland           Fredricka     Fredricka Sutherland                     Cumberland
Townsend, Judy G H                 Judy Townsend                            Cumberland
Tyndall, William N                 Wade Commissioner                        Cumberland
Vannoy               Jack          Jack Vannoy Comm                         Cumberland
White                Robert        Bob White for Commissioner               Cumberland
White, Belinda D                                                            Cumberland
Williams, Phyllis                  Earl Moose Buttler for Sheriff           Cumberland
Wrench, Greg                       Gregory Wrench                           Cumberland
Pechmann             Gregory       Bobby Hurst Comm                         Cumberland
Thomas               Cheryl        Jimmy Keefe                              Cumberland
Beyah                Adam          Adam Beyah                               Cumberland Co
Dennis               Sue           Cumberland RW                            Cumberland Co
Luther               Doris         Doris Luther                             Cumberland Co
Vinson               D. H.         D.H. Vinson                              Cumberland Co
DeVore               Linda                                                  Cumberland County
Ragan                Charles       Charles Ragan                            Cumberland County
Boyce                Rachel Lynne Currituck BOE                             Currituck
Burke                John          Keith Hill                               Currituck
Clark                Iris Ann ParkerCharlene V Dowdy                        Currituck
Connor               Amanda         Vance Aydlett Jr. Comm                  Currituck
Etheridge            Mary (Kitty)   Currituck BOE                           Currituck
Etheridge            Nicole        Owen Etheridge Comm                      Currituck
Etheridge            Roy Lee       Roy Lee Etheridge                        Currituck
Griggs               Stanley       Stanley D Griggs                         Currituck
Innes                Amy           Amy Innes                                Currituck
McCubbins            Kathleen      Cherry for Commissioner                  Currituck
Messina              Johnny        Johnny Messina                           Currituck
Millikan             Hobert        Hobert Millikan                          Currituck
Norris               Nora          Nora Gail Norris                         Currituck
O'Neal                Paul         Paul O'Neal                                 Currituck
Painter               Mike         Mike Painter                                Currituck
Robbins               Shirley      Ernie Bowden Comm                           Currituck
Wright                Jerry Worley Jerry Worley Wright                         Currituck
Barnes                John         John Barnes                                 Currituck Co
Caviness              Nancy        Nancy R Caviness Com                        Dare
Creef                 Elizabeth    Herbert A Creef                             Dare
Farrow                Joseph       Joseph Farrow                               Dare
Fletcher              Anthony                                                  Dare
                                   Anthony Fletcher for Dare County Board of Education District 4
Garrison              Melva B      Dare County BOE                             Dare
Merrell               Dan          Ray Sturza Comm                             Dare
Midgett               Gail         Bea Basnight Comm                           Dare
Mignogna, Jesse                    John Mignogna for Kitty Hawk Council        Dare
Myers                 Constance    Sherry Rollason                             Dare
Oaksmith              David        David E Oaksmith                            Dare
Pfizenmayer           James        James Pfizenmayer                           Dare
Robinson              Dennis                                                   Dare
                                   Anthony Fletcher for Dare County Board of Education District 4
Sanders               David        David Sanders Comm                          Dare
Stroud                Philip       Kevin Stroud Comm                           Dare
Wise                  Anges        Ervin Bateman Comm                          Dare
Klutz                 Emilie       Emilie Klutz                                Dare County
Alexander             Charles      Charlie Alexander                           Davidson
Allen                 Larry        Larry Allen for County Commissioner         Davidson
Brown                 Alton        Fred McClure Comm                           Davidson
Byrum                 George       George Byrum                                Davidson
Callahan              Marvin       Marvin P. Callahan                          Davidson
Caudle                Daniel       Daniel Caudle                               Davidson
Craver                Karen        Karen Craver                                Davidson
Elliott               Mary         Mary Elliott Comm                           Davidson
Fortune               Carl         Rayne Brown                                 Davidson
Hunt                  Norman       Norman Hunt Comm                            Davidson
Lanier, Debra                      Arnold Lanier Campaign                      Davidson
Morris                Andy         Andy Morris                                 Davidson
Nifong                Betty        Betty L Nifong                              Davidson
Nifong, Wiley Elson                Wiley Elson Nifong Town council Midway      Davidson
Riley, Jr             Milton       Joe Bennett Comm                            Davidson
Shelton               Patricia     Pat Harris Shelton                          Davidson
Smith                 Thomas       Cathy Dunn                                  Davidson
Temple                Barbara      Barbara H Temple Com                        Davidson
Terry                 Rosa         Rosa Terry Comm                             Davidson
Thomas                Richard      Richard Thomas Camp                         Davidson
Walser                John         John T Walser                               Davidson
Ward                  Edward       Edward Ward                                 Davidson
Weavil                Jerry        Jerry Weavil                                Davidson
Yemm                  David        David Yemm Comm                             Davidson
York                  Richard      Raleigh York Jr Comm                        Davidson
Allen                 Larry        Larry Allen                                 Davidson
DeLapp                  Michelle      Fred McClure                               Davidson Co
McAlpine                Mike          Mike McAlpine                              Davidson Co
Adamonis                Jeff          Jeff Adamonis                              Davie
Allen                   Michael       Michael D Allen Comm                       Davie
Bomar                   Jeremy        Jeremy Chad Bomar                          Davie
Chandler                John          John J Chandler Comm                       Davie
Coble                   Kathy         Shannon W Grimes                           Davie
Ferguson                John          John H Ferguson                            Davie
Fuller                  Chad          Chad E Fuller                              Davie
Futrell                 Howard        Howard Futrell                             Davie
Futrell, Wiilliam Howard              Howard Futrell                          Davie
Gentry                   Jesse        Jesse Gentry Jr                         Davie
Johnson, Rocky                                                                Davie
                                      Davie Cares (School Bond referendum Comm)
Jones                   Irvin         Irvin H Jones                              Davie
Kowalske                Connie        Davie Co Coalition A                       Davie
Mace                    Linda         Davie Citizens for a                       Davie
Mazie                   Hetti         Glenn Mace                                 Davie
Morrison                Joseph        Mark Jones Comm                            Davie
Owens                   Barbara       Barbara Owens                              Davie
Shoaf                   Brent         Medford Shoaf                              Davie
Slate                   Francis       Francis W Slate Comm                       Davie
Smith                   Carl          Carl Smith                                 Davie
Stanley                 Debra         Debra M. Stanley                           Davie
Terry                   B             Carlton Terry                              Davie
Ward                    Brent         Brent Stanley Ward                         Davie
White                   Kennon        Kennon A White                             Davie
Williams                Charles Odell Charles Odell Williams                     Davie
Williams                M             M A Qilliams Comm                          davie
Andrews Jr              James         James E Andrews Comm                       Duplin
Blackburn               Michael       Michael J Blackburn                        Duplin
Bostic                  Ronnie        Ronnie Bostic                              Duplin
Brinson, Davis H                      Davis Brinson Register of Deeds            Duplin
Brown                   Macon         Macon Douglas Brown                        Duplin
Bryant Jr               Clayton       Clayton Bryant Jr Co                       Duplin
Bryant, Priscilla                     Priscilla Bryant town commissioner          Duplin
Cashwell, Larry                       Larry Cashwell                              Duplin
Chestnutt, Elizabeth Patsy                                                        Duplin
                                      Elizabeth Pasty Chestnutt for town commissioner
Dixon                   James         James W Dixon                              Duplin
Dixon, Alfred                         Alfred Dixon for mayor                     Duplin
Dobson                  Helen         Committee to Elect Helen C Dobson          Duplin
Dube, Ira                             Ira Dube for Mayor                         Duplin
Dunn, Ronald                          Ronald Dunn Town Commission                Duplin
Evans                   Diana         Helen C Dobson                             Duplin
EVANS, Clarence                       Clarence Evans Candidate                   Duplin
EVANS, Ruth                           Ruth Evans Candidate                       Duplin
Fennell, Tyrone                       Tyrone Fennell for town commissioner       Duplin
Fennell, William                      William Fennell                            Duplin
Flake                    Elmer     Elmer Flake                                 Duplin
Fussell                  David     David Fussell                               Duplin
Gillespie                Willie    Candidate                                   Duplin
Goodman                  Genetta   Frances Parks                               Duplin
Greenhill                Susan     Susan A Greenhill                           Duplin
Guy, Cecil                         Cecil Guy for town Council                  Duplin
Harrell, Katie                     Katie Harrell for Clerk of Superior Court   Duplin
Hepler, David                      David Hepler for town council               Duplin
JACKSON, barbara                   Barbara Jackson                             Duplin
Kenyon                   Carolyn   Carolyn Kenyon                              Duplin
King                     Milta     Milta Grainger King                         Duplin
Ladson                   Jessie    Jessie Hand Ladson                          Duplin
Lambert, Rudylene                  Rudylene Lambert commissioner               Duplin
Lewis, Diana                       Diana Lewis for commissioner                Duplin
MARTIN, Bobby                      Bobby Ray Martin Candidate                  Duplin
Pickett                  Wiliam    William Pickett for Soil and Water          Duplin
Pope, Harold M                     Harold M Pope Candidate                     Duplin
Quinn, Ruth                        Ruth Quinn Candidate                        Duplin
Ramsey                   William   William Henry Ramsey                        Duplin
Reaves                   Lloyd     Lloyd Thomas Reaves                         Duplin
Southerland, Suzanne               Duplin Co BOE                               Duplin
Swinson, Jackial                   Jackial "Jackie" Swinson                    Duplin
Vann, Gwendolyn                    Gwendolyn Vann for Mayor                    Duplin
Wallace, Blake                     Blake Wallace for Sheriff                   Duplin
Westerbeek               Kraig     Kraig Westerbeek                            Duplin
whaley                   kenny     Kenneth Ray Whaley                          Duplin
Williams, Cliffton                 Cliffton Williams for mayor                 Duplin
Wilson                   Snodie    Snodie B Wilson                             Duplin
Baker, Don                         Comm to Elect Don Baker                     Durham
Beatty                   Pecolia   Pecolia Beatty                              Durham
Bishop, Keith A                                                                Durham
Bocckino                 Pat       Diane Catotti for Ci                        Durham
Bowser                   Joe       Candidate                                   Durham
Brice                    Wendy     Michael D Page                              Durham
Butler                   Marilyn   Don Moffitt                                 Durham
Clement, Howard III                Committee to Elect Howard Clemnet           Durham
Cole-McFadden, Cora                Cole-McFadden for City Council              Durham
Corbett                  Keith     Fredrick A Davis Com                        Durham
Fikes                    Tara      Michael D Page                              Durham
Forte, William M                   Minnie M Forte campaign                     Durham
HARRIS, David                                                                  Council
                                   Committee to Elect David Harris,Durham City Durham
Heron, Becky                       Heron for County Commissioner               Durham
Hester                   Larry                                                 Durham
Howard                   Lucy      Josh Parker                                 Durham
Howerton                 Brenda    Brenda Howerton                             Durham
Jernigan, Dean                     Durham BOE                                  Durham
Johnson, Tanya Hawkins             Comm to Elect Dolores Paylor                Durham
Karriker, Pam                     Comm to Elect Pam Karriker                  Durham
Kolasa, George                    Re-Elect Ellen Reckhow                      Durham
Lancaster, Charles H              Foye for Mayor Chapel Hill                  Durham
Marlette, Wade                    Brown for City Council                      Durham
Mayo                   Barry      Brenda Howerton Comm                        Durham
Moffitt                Don        Don Moffitt                                 Durham
Monks, Steve                                                               Durham
                                  Steve Monks for Durham City Council/Committee to Elect Steve Monks Durham DA
Morris                 Alan       Doug Wright                                 Durham
Muellenbach, Tom                  Committee to Re-call Nifong Vote Cheek      Durham
Omohundro              Julie      Durham The Next Generation                  Durham
Page                   Michael    Michael D Page                              Durham
Page, Arlicia                     Durham County BOE                           Durham
Parrish                Melodie    Melodie Parrish                             Durham
Perry, Michael                    Durham BOE                                  Durham
Peterson               Victoria   Victoria Peterson                           Durham
Rawling, Richard                  Durham BOE                                  Durham
Reckhow, Ellen                    Comm to Elect Ellen Reckhow                 Durham
Robinson, Dudley                  Comm to Re-Elect Archie Smith               Durham
Smith, Archie                     Comm to Re-Elect Archie Smith               Durham
Sparks, Stefanie                  Ethical Durham                              Durham
Speights, Salena                  Durham BOE                                  Durham
Teer                   Robert     Durham Prepared Meal Tax Committee          Durham
Tilley                 Lee Ann    Leigh Bordley                               Durham
Welch, James                      William U Bell Campaign                     Durham
White                  Thelma     Joe Bowser                                  Durham
Wilson, Mike                      Comm to Elect Mike Wilson                   Durham
Wright                 Doug       Doug Wright                                 Durham
Alford, James L                   James L Alford Councilman                   Edgecombe
Anderson               Calvin     Calvin Anderson Comm                        Edgecombe
Batchelor              AC         Edgecombe BOE                               Edgecombe
Braswell, Mamie D                 Committee to Elect Allen Mitchell           Edgecombe
Bryant                 Ethel L    Edgecombe BOE                               Edgecombe
Bulluck                Evelyn     Evelyn Bulluck                              Edgecombe
Clark, Roland H                   Roland Clark Campaign                       Edgecombe
COBB, John V. , Jr.               John Vines Cobb Jr.                         Edgecombe
Cozart                 Maurieta   Evelyn Powell                               Edgecombe
Deloatch, Nellene                 Nellene Deloatch Lewis Turner (other)       Edgecombe
Dew, Donna                        Donna Dew for City Council                  Edgecombe
Edwards, Lena H                   Andre Knight for City Council (assistant)   Edgecombe
Exum, Marian W                    Committee to Elect James Knight             Edgecombe
Grant                  Mary       Alvis Armstrong                             Edgecombe
Gray                   Karen      Roy A Gray                              Edgecombe
Gray                   Roy        Roy A Gray                              Edgecombe
Harrell, Davita J                                                         Edgecombe
                                  Committee to Elect Melvin Muhammad (Tarboro Town Council)
Harris                 Viola      Viola Harris Comm                           Edgecombe
Hudson, Gayle                     Director of Elections Edgecombe County      Edgecombe
Hull                   Alden      Alden Wayne Hull                            Edgecombe
Knight, Gwendolyn V                Committee to Elect Gwendolyn Knight           Edgecombe
Mitchell, Allen                    Committee to Elect Allen Mitchell (candidate) Edgecombe
Muhammad, Melvin R                                                               Edgecombe
                                   Committee to Elect Melvin Muhammad (Tarboro Town Council)
O'Neal                  Michael    Mike O'Neal Comm                          Edgecombe
Partee, Jesse                      Elect Jesse City Council                  Edgecombe
Pittman                 William    William K Pittman                         Edgecombe
Powell                  Belinda    Evelyn Powell                             Edgecombe
Powell                Evelyn       Evelyn Powell                                Edgecombe
Scott                 Cheryl       Evelyn Powell                                Edgecombe
Shelton               Gladys       Robin Williams Carpenter                     Edgecombe
Spruell               Jerry        Edgecombe BOE                                Edgecombe
Thigpen, Yolanda                                                                Edgecombe
                                   Committee to Elect Melvin Muhammad (Tarboro Town Council)
Tyson                 Corcoran     Corcoran D Tyson                             Edgecombe
Watson, Natalie C                                                               Council, Ward
                                   Committee to Elect William Solomon, Jr. City Edgecombe 1
Wiggins, Leonard                   Committee to Elect Lamont Wiggins            Edgecombe
Wiggins, Leonard Lamont            Committee to Elect Lamont Wiggins            Edgecombe
Williams, Gloria                   Andre Knight for City Council                Edgecombe
Jaber, Paul                        David Combes for Mayor                       Edgecombe & Nash
Raper, Don J Jr                    Richard Jenkins Sheriff Nash County          Edgecombe & Nash
Wambolt, Doreen                    David Combes for Mayor                       Edgecombe & Nash
Thorp, Hall                        Tom Looney for Council                       Edgecombe/Nash
Hutchinson              Lawrence   PARTNERS FOR PROGRESS                     English Woods
Edvardsson              Kim        PPG Better Gov                            Federal
Martins                 Margaret   Maximus Inc PAC                           Federal
Sprouse                 James      PHS Pol Action Comm                       Federal
Timmons                 David      Maximus Inc PAC                           Federal
Tussey                  Skip       Virginia Foxx                             Federal PAC
Alexander, Dawn                    Joines for Mayor                          Forsyth
Armentrout, James W                Ted Kaplan for Commissioner               Forsyth
Arrington                 Connie   John Gladman                              Forsyth
Bach, Marianne                     Tackabery for School Board Comm.          Forsyth
Bonham, Jimmie                     Winston East PAC                          Forsyth
Brewer, Edward Yates                                                         Forsyth
                                   Committee to Elect Ed Brewer Mayor of Clemmons
Britton, George Miller (Tim)       Fosyth Justice Foundation                 Forsyth
Brooks, Wes                        Schatzman for Sheriff                     Forsyth
Byrum                   John       John Byrum                                Forsyth
Conrad, Debra                      Comm to Elect Debra Conrad                Forsyth
Davis                   Kenneth    Kenneth Doc Davis Co                      Forsyth
Fearrington, Harold Clamon         Harold Fearrington Town Commissioner      Forsyth
Franklin                Fred       Fred W Franklin Comm                      Forsyth
Gladman               John         John Gladman                              Forsyth
Gordon, Karen Johnson              Comm to Elect Holbroook Clerk             Forsyth
Greene                  Robert     Robert Greene Comm                        Forsyth
Griggs                  C Thomas   James N Ziglar                            Forsyth
Hester                  Wayne      Wayne Hester                              Forsyth
Hobbs                   Linda      Molly Leight                              Forsyth
Holleman                Norman     Norman Holleman                           Forsyth
Jones                   Dana        Dana Caudill Jones                          Forsyth
Jones, Naomi                        Comm to Elect Vivian H Burke                Forsyth
Jordan                  Jerry       Jerry D. Jordan                             Forsyth
Koster, Henry J                     Pro-Active Citizens of Clemmons             Forsyth
Larrimore               Jeff        Jeff Larrimore                              Forsyth
Lash                    Willa       Willa Frazier Lash                          Forsyth
Linville                Richard     Richard Linville                             Forsyth
Logan, Vernon E                     Committee to Elect Logan 08                  Forsyth
Mabe, Brenda C                      Brenda C Maybe                               Forsyth
Maines, Lonnie Mack                 Committee to Elect Lonnie Maines for Sheriff Forsyth
Martin                  Marilyn     Marilyn Martin Comm                         Forsyth
McClellan               Larry       Larry McClellan Comm                        Forsyth
McDermon, John N                                                          Forsyth
                                    John N McDermonTown Councilman Rural Hall
McGrath, Gregory T                  Dan Besse Committee for City Council  Forsyth
Memory                  Jim         Jim Memory                                  Forsyth
Monk                    Gilbert     Gilbert Monk                                Forsyth
Morgan                  Dawn        Dawn Morgan Comm                            Forsyth
Norman                  Richard     Candidate                                   Forsyth
O'Neal                  Marian      Nancy Young Comm                            Forsyth
Parker, Robert S                    Bob Parker Campaign                         Forsyth
Patrick                 Regina      Karen Gordon                                Forsyth
Porter, Albert                      East Winston PAC                            Forsyth
Porter, Albert T Jr                 East Ward PAC                               Forsyth
Pugh                    Dan         Dan R Pugh                                  Forsyth
Pulliam, Harvey D Jr                Harvey D Pulliam Jr Committee               Forsyth
Raymond, Ken                        Ken Raymond Election Committee              Forsyth
Reed                    Orlanda     Orlanda G Reed                              Forsyth
Richmond                Robert      Robert Richmond                             Forsyth
Sadler, Kenneth M                   Kenneth M (Ken) Sadler for Council          Forsyth
Samuelson               Frank       Frank H Samuelson                           Forsyth
Schollander             Wendell     Wendell Schollander                         Forsyth
Snow, Keith P                                                                   Forsyth
                                    Keith P Snow Mayor of Tobaccoville (Treasurer)
Snow, Scott Patterson (assistant)                                               Forsyth
                                    Keith P Snow Mayor Tobacoville (Assistant Treasurer)
Sowers                  Larry       Larry Sowers Comm                           Forsyth
Speas, Judy                         Forsyth BOE                                 Forsyth
Speas, Judy J                       Forsyth BOE                                 Forsyth
Stebbins, Robert G                  Stebbins for Mayor                          Forsyth
Szawara, Mary                       Terry Holbrook for Clerk of Court           Forsyth
Thompson                Deborah     Deborah Thompson                            Forsyth
Tisdale Sr              Donald      William B Reingold                          Forsyth
Vallery                 Eric        Childress                                   Forsyth
Welch, Jane                         Welch for Town Council                    Forsyth
Welch, Sarah W                      Sarah W Welch town council                Forsyth
Whisenhunt, Curtis E                Whisenhunt for County Commissioner        Forsyth
Whisenhunt, Gloria D                Whisenhunt for County Commissioner        Forsyth
Whiteheart, Williams                Comm to Elect Whiteheart for Commissioner Forsyth
Williams, Larry T                   Larry T Williams for Mayor of Rural Hall  Forsyth
Wood, Steve                      Steve Wood for council                Forsyth
Wright, Jacob                    Forsyth BOE                           Forsyth
Young                Nancy       Nancy Young for County Commissioner   Forsyth
Crews                Timothy     Enough is Enough                      Forsyth Co
Davis                Chester                                           Forsyth Co
Rodgers              Andrew      Forsyth YD                            Forsyth Co
Bryan                Pat S       Pat S Bryan/NC Fed RW                 Forsyth/State
Bentley              Melissa     Vollmer for Educatio                  Franklin
Brown                Fannie      Willie F Bartholomew                  Franklin
Clayton              Tonya       Jeremy Neal                           Franklin
Dunston              Sidney      Sidney E Dunston                      Franklin
Fuller               Anita       Anita Fuller                          Franklin
Gupton               Dorothy     Edward S Mitchell                     Franklin
Johnson, Mary E                  Committte to Re-elect Mary Johnson    Franklin
Neal                 Jeremy      Jeremy Neal                           Franklin
Norman               Larry       Ken Gregorius                         Franklin
Pearce               Cindy       Robert Lee Swanson                    Franklin
Phillips             Stephen     Stephen Phillips Com                  Franklin
Stewart              Emma        Emma B Stewart                        Franklin
Stone                Raymond     Raymond A Stone                       Franklin
Youssef              Frankie     Beverly Joseph                        Franklin
Aldridge             Molly       Rebecca Burch Comm                    Gaston
Austell, Robert D                Committee to Elect Bob Austell        Gaston
Beam                 James       Allen R Fraley Comm                   Gaston
Black                Lynn        Lynn Wray Black                       Gaston
Boyce                Dennis      Dennis Boyce                          Gaston
BROOKSHIRE, Bennie               Bennie Brookshire for Council         Gaston
BUCHANAN, Farrell                Farrell A Buchanan                    Gaston
burkett              dale        Dale Burkett                          Gaston
Burris               Randall     Johnny Jones For Cou                  Gaston
Campbell             Jerry       Citizens for Econom                   Gaston
Clark, Scott                     Scott Clark for town commissioner     Gaston
COZART, William H                Bill Cozart                           Gaston
Craig                William     William N Craig                       Gaston
Davis                Jennifer    Gaston County BOE                     Gaston
Davison              James       James Davison                         Gaston
Dellinger            Patsy       Gert K Fisher Comm                    Gaston
DIXON, Irl                       Committee to Elect Irl Dixon          Gaston
Farris               Greg        Greg Farris                           Gaston
Ford, James R                    Jennie Stoltz for Mayor               Gaston
Foulk                Ronald      Ronald Foulk                          Gaston
Freeman              Bradford    Mark Mitchell                         Gaston
Friday               Ed          Ed Friday                             Gaston
Friday, Ed                       Ed Friday Alderman                    Gaston
Garver               Mary Jane   Gaston BOE                            Gaston
Gaston               Curtis      Curtis Gaston Comm                    Gaston
Harrington           Michael     Gaston RM                             Gaston
Hawkins                      Chad        Chad E Hawkins Comm                       Gaston
Hawley                       Daniel      Daniel K Hawley                           Gaston
HELTON, Jerry                            Jerry Helton Mayor of McAdenville         Gaston
Hooper, Cindy                            Lowes for Demo Preceint                   Gaston
Hope                         Jim         Jim Hope                                  Gaston
Howren, John B Jr                                                                   Gaston
                                         John Howren Jr. for Re-Election Councilman Gastonia
Hoyle                        Angela      Angela Hoyle                              Gaston
Hubbard, Pat                             Pat Hubbard for Council                   Gaston
Johnson, Judith D                        Campaign for Judith D Johnson             Gaston
Jones                        Tilda       Martha Burris for Co                      Gaston
Joye                         Billy       Charles Flowers Comm                      Gaston
Kirlin                       Dave        Dave Kirlin                               Gaston
Kiser                        James       James Kiser                               Gaston
Lawrence                     Tammy       Tammy Lawrence                            Gaston
Lewis                        Cathy       Cathy Lewis                               Gaston
Loftis                       Donnie      Committeee to Elect Donnie Loftis         Gaston
Long                         Jim         Jim Long Comm                             Gaston
Loudermilk                   Thomas R.   Tommy Loudermilk                          Gaston
Lutz                         David       David Lutz Committee                      Gaston
Mackie                       Spurgeon    Gaston School Bonds                       Gaston
Maddox                       John        John Maddox                               Gaston
Martin                       Terrell     Scott Martin                              Gaston
McAteer, Porter Lee                      Porter McAteer for Mayor                  Gaston
McAteer,Elizabeth Snuggs                 Porter McAteer for Mayor                  Gaston
McCathen                     Kay         Kay McCathen                              Gaston
McIntosh, Guy                            Lowes for Demo Preceint                   Gaston
Parker                       Malcolm     Malcolm Parker                            Gaston
Parnell                      Herman      Jane Ray Comm                             Gaston
Pinion                       Frances     Gaston BOE                                Gaston
Pomeroy                      Barry       Mickey Price                              Gaston
Ramsey                       Jeff        Jeff Ramsey                               Gaston
Ratchford, Hattie Patricia               Jennie Stoltz for Mayor                   Gaston
Rector                       Jerrie      Kenneth B Rector                          Gaston
REID, Walker                                                                       Gaston
                                         Committee to Re-Elect Walker Reid City Council
Sellars                      Myra        Gaston BOE                                Gaston
Smith                        Becky       Becky S Smith Comm                        Gaston
Smith                        Carol       Carol Smith                               Gaston
Stroupe, Judy M                          Campaign for Judy M Stroupe               Gaston
Taylor                       Angela      Michael Harrington                        Gaston
Tidwell                      Keith       Committee to Elect Keith Tidwell          Gaston
Toomey                       Perry       Perry R Toomey                            Gaston
Trudnak                      William     Bill Trudnak                              Gaston
Turner                       Richard     Richard Turner Comm                       Gaston
Watson, James L                          James L Watson Campaign                   Gaston
Webb                         Jeremy      Jeremy Webb                               Gaston
Williams                     Jason       Gaston YR                                 Gaston
Wright                       Glenn       Glenn Wright Comm                         Gaston
Clemmons                Gregory     Gregory Clemmons                          Gaston Co
Greenlee                John        Judge Greenlee Comm                       Gaston Co
Moore                   Nancy       Judge Abernethy                           Gaston Co
Stowe                   Martha      Martha Stowe                              Gaston Co
Upchurch                William     Mark Upchurch                             Gaston Co
Smith                   Michael     Brenda Ross                               Gaston/Cleveland
Watson                  James       James Watson Comm                         Gastonia County
Britt                   Paulette    Paulette Q Britt                          Gates
Brothers                Charles     Charles H Brothers                        Gates
Carter                  Charles     Charles H Carter                          Gates
Felton                  Ray         Ray Felton                                Gates
Harrell                 Sharon      Sharon G Harrell                          Gates
Hobbs                   Wade        Wade W Hobbs                              Gates
Hudgins                 Ernest      Ernest B Hudgins                          Gates
Jordan                  Henry       Henry Jordan                              Gates
Lee                     Millard C   Millard C (Mickey) Lee                    Gates
Nickens                 E           E Carlton Nickens                         Gates
Raysor                  Thelma      Paulette Q Britt                          Gates
Rountree                Earl        Earl Rountree                             Gates
Smith, Frederick P                  F Smith for town council                  Gates
Twine                   Graham      Graham Twine                              Gates
Winslow                 Elton       Elton Winslow                             Gates County
Fagala                  Lillie      Mark Fagala Comm                          Gatonia
Bishop                  Fran        Fran Bishop Comm                          Graham
Cabe                    Jeff        Jeff Cabe                                 Graham
Carringer               Phillip     Phillip Carringer                         Graham
Colvard                 Mitch       Mitch Colvard                             Graham
Hooper                  Charles     Charles G Hooper                          Graham
Moody                   Pamela      Pamela C Moody                            Graham
Nelson                  Rodney      Rodney Nelson                             Graham
Odom                    Todd        Todd Odom                                 Graham
Owen                    Guy         Guy E Owen                                Graham
Smith                   Sandra      Sandra Smith                              Graham
Snyder                  Bruce       Bruce E Snyder                            Graham
Trull                   Gene        Gene Trull                                Graham
Walsh                   Vicki       Vicki Walsh                               Graham
Ward                    Tom         Tom Ward                                  Graham
DeSantis                Bob         Bob DeSantis Comm                         Granite Falls
Adcock                   Kathy      Kathy M Adcock                              Granville
Alford, Nancy B                     Committee to Elect Nancy Alford             Granville
Alligood, Ronald R                  Ron Alligood Campaign                       Granville
Averette, W E                       W E 'Pete' Acerette County Commissioner Granville
Blackwell, Shields                  Granville Education Foundation              Granville
Blalock, Robert Marshall                                                        Granville
                                    Committee to Re-Elect Marshall Blalock for Commissioner
Bowden, Deuard                      Committee to Elect Deuard Bowden            Granville
Bowden, Sandra A.                   Committee to elect Quan Bridges             Granville
Brinkley, Al Bryant                                                             Granville
                                    Committee to Re-Elect Al E. Brinkley for Commissioner
Burnette               Ronnie          Ronnie D Burnette                          Granville
Cantley                Walter          Walter Cantley Comm                        Granville
Cates, Vicky Hicks (member)            Butner Advisory Council (member)          Granville
Currin                 Richard David   Richard David Currin                      Granville
Currin, Wayne                          Wayner Currin for Town Commissioner       Granville
Day, Jackie L                          Committee to Re-Elect Jack Day for Mayor Granville
Dickerson-Daniel       Brenda          Brenda Dickerson-Daniel                   Granville
Gooch                  Hubert          Hubert Gooch                              Granville
Goss, Mildred C                        County Commissioner for Creedmore         Granville
Herring, Howard G Sr                                                             Granville
                                       Committee to Re-Elect Howard G Herring Sr Oxford City Council
Hicks, Billy G                         Committee to Elect Billy G Hicks          Granville
Jordon                 Linda           Linda Jordon Comm                          Granville
Karan, Timothy J                       Committee to Elect Timothy Karan        Granville
Keeton, Francis A                                                              Granville
                                       Committee for Francis A Keeton Town Commissioner Stovall
Kicinski               Georgana        Georgana Kicinski Co                       Granville
Lane, Thomas W                       Tom Lane for Council                         Granville
Lumpkins, James W                    James W Lumpkin campaign                     Granville
Lyon                                 Catherine (Rose) Lyon
                       Catherine (Rose)                                           Granville
McCoon                 Jason         Terry J Thompson                             Granville
McKnight               Barbara         Tony W Cozart                              Granville
McLamb                 Kenneth         Kenneth McLamb                             Granville
Minor, James Hunt Jr                   Committee to Elect James Hunt Minor Jr     Granville
Moss                   Darryl          Darryl D Moss                              Granville
Munn, Paul Lynwood                     For Paul L Munn Town of Stovall             Granville
Myers, N Annette P                     Myers for Commission                        Granville
Piper, Otha Jr.                        Committee to Elect Otta Piper Jr Mayor      Granville
Ray, Kent                              S Kent Ray                                  Granville
Reddish, Mesina                        Committee to Elect Mesina Reddish           Granville
Smith                  Toney           Toney William Smith                         Granville
Smith, Guy R                           Elect Guy Smith Committee                   Granville
Sneed, Ricky                                                                       Granville
                                       Committee to Re-Elect Ricky Sneed Stovall Town commissioner
Stevenson              Thomas          Amanda Stevenson                            Granville
Strickland, Franklin E                 Frank Strickland for Mayor of Oxford        Granville
Thomas                 Patricia        Pat Thomas                                  Granville
Wilkerson, Herman B                    Herman B Wilkerson for Council              Granville
Williford, Michael S                                                               Granville
                                       Michael Williford Commissioner town of Stovall
WILLIFORD, Robert (Bob) Sr                                                         G
                                       Robert Bob Williford Sr for town commissioner ranville
Wimbush, John W                                                                    Granville
                                       Committee to Elect John Wimbush Butner Town Council
Woodlief, Al                           Al Woodlief for Mayor                       Granville
Edwards                Vivian          Vivian Edwards                             Granville Co
Hardy                  Mike            Mike Hardy                                 Green
Liles                  Elizabeth       Dennis Liles                               Green Co
Barfield               Jasper          Jasper Barfield                            Greene
BIZZELL, Sherelda                      James L Bizzell, Sr                        Greene
Carraway               Martha          Martha B Carraway                          Greene
Davis, Donald                          Don Davis                                  Greene
Haymond                Brenda          Brenda M Haymond                           Greene
JOHNSON, Sam                       Sam Johnson Candidate                        Greene
Lane                     Lyn       Lyn Lane                                     Greene
Monroe, Jane                       Green County BOE Director                    Greene
Murphy                   Nancy     Nancy T Murphy                               Greene
Shackleford              James     James T Shackleford                          Greene
Taylor                   Carolyn   Shaun Jackson                                Greene
Taylor                   Danny     Danny Taylor                                 Greene
TAYLOR, Robert                     Robert V "Bobby" Taylor                      Greene
Turner                   Ronald    Ronald Turner Comm                           Greene
Tyndall                  Jesse     Jesse Tyndall                                Greene
Beamon                   Willie    Maury Sanitary Land                          Greene Co
Carmichael               Angela    Angela Carmichael                            Greensboro
Anderson, Sandra Foy               High Point Democrats in Action               Guilford
Attaway                  James     Attaway for Stokesda                         Guilford
Barringer                Fred      Fred Barringer                               Guilford
Bellamy-Small, T Diane             T Diane Bellamy-Small Campaign               Guilford
Best                     Donald    Norman Cook                                  Guilford
Blackwell, Roger D                                                              Guilford
                                   Roger Blackwell candidate for City Council Archdale
Boyett, James G                    Greensboro Minimum Wage Committee            Guilford
Brannon                  Bill      Rick Wallace Comm                            Guilford
Breeze                   Willie    Willie B Breeze Jr.                          Guilford
Byrd                     William                                                Guilford
Cary, Linda                        Florence Gatten for Council                  Guilford
Coffee, Charles                    Charles Coffee Campaign                      Guilford
Coffin, John Daniel                Conservative Value PAC                       Guilford
Cone, Betty                        Citizens for Greater Greensboro              Guilford
Corey                    Jim       Jim Corey                                    Guilford
Crawford, David                    David Crawford for City Council              Guilford
Daniels                  Paul      Paul Daniels                                 Guilford
Davis                    Robert    Robert F. Davis                              Guilford
Dewar                    Susan     Susan Dewar Comm                             Guilford
Divitci, Nick                      Joel Landau for City Council                 Guilford
Drew, Patsye M                     Yvonne Johnson for Mayor                     Guilford
Elledge                  Paul      Paul Elledge                                 Guilford
Foster                   Betty     J Carlvena Foster                            Guilford
Gibson                   Paul      Paul Gibson Comm                             Guilford
Gray                     Frank     Frank Gray Comm                              Guilford
Gray                     Sidney    Sidney C Gray Comm                           Guilford
Grimm                    Pride     Pridge Grimm                                 Guilford
Hendrickson              Herb      Herb Hendrickson                             Guilford
Herman                   Scott     Scott Herman                                 Guilford
Howell                   Brian     Paul Daniels                                 Guilford
Hughey                   Robert    Christopher Whitley                          Guilford
Jackson                  Judy      Betty Brown                                  Guilford
Jeffries, Wanda                    Guilford County BOE                          Guilford
Johnson                  Chris     Chris Johnson                                Guilford
Kidwell, Robert D                  Zack Matheny Committee                       Guilford
Laizure               Clancy     Clancy Laizure                             Guilford
Linton, John                     John Linton Campaign                       Guilford
Lisenby               Martha     Martha Karen Lisenby                       Guilford
Lovett                Richard    Richard Lovett Comm                        Guilford
Marshall              Julee      Alan Marshall                              Guilford
McLean, Hope                     Joel Landau for City Council               Guilford
Mingo                 Jerry      Jerry Mingo                                Guilford
Morgan                Howard     Howard J Morgan                            Guilford
Norris                Amy        Cyndy Hayworth Comm                        Guilford
Perkins               Robbie     Robbie Perkins Comm                        Guilford
Perkins, Kirk                    Kirk Perkins for Commissioner              Guilford
Perkins, Nancy                   Kirk Perkins for Commissioner              Guilford
Rahenkamp             Joseph                                                Guilford
Rice                  Jerry      Jerry Rice                                 Guilford
Riechmann             Donna      Donna Riechmann Comm                       Guilford
Robinson              Freddy     Angelica Gomez                             Guilford
Rooney                Kathy      Doug Canavello Comm                        Guilford
Rosetta, Tom                     Committee to Elect Joe Wilson              Guilford
Rowe                  David      David Rowe                                 Guilford
Seel                  David      Bob Wyrick                                 Guilford
Shell                 Ryan       Ryan Shell                                 Guilford
Simpson, Robert                  Kenneth Simpson                            Guilford
Sims                  Bernita    Bernita Sims                               Guilford
Skenes, Mary                     Elect Mike Barber                          Guilford
Skenes, Robert B                 Comm to elect Bob Skenes                   Guilford
Smith, Jonah Sr                  Goldie Wells for City Counsil              Guilford
Souther               Eddie      Eddie Souther                              Guilford
Stokes                Leroy      GTTC Bond Referndum                        Guilford
Stone                 Mike       Mike Stone                                 Guilford
Stone, Bertha L                                                             Guilford
                                 Bertha L Stone - Campaign for Mayor of Archdale
Straughn              Lawrence   Lawrence Straughn                          Guilford
Stutts                Paul       Marikay Abuzuaiter                         Guilford
Thorne                Jerry      Sandra Alexander Com                       Guilford
Tilyard               Bob        Donna Riechmann Comm                       Guilford
Volz                  Keith      Keith L Volz Comm                          Guilford
Walker                Beth       Bill Knight Comm                           Guilford
Wallace               Rick       Rick Wallace                               Guilford
Wallace, Brenda M                Guilford County BOE                        Guilford
Washington            Vivian     Jerry Mingo                                Guilford
Watkins, Jamesena D              Citizens for Carolyn Coleman               Guilford
Wheeler               Cynthia    Cynthia Wheeler                            Guilford
Wheeler, Janie                   Kay Cashion for Co Comm                    Guilford
Whitley               Chris      Chris Whitley                              Guilford
Wright                Janet      Carmany for Council                        Guilford
Wurz                  Robert     Robert Wurz                                Guilford
Zimmerman, Mary Lou              Parks Co Commissioner                      Guilford
Carpenter             James      James Carpenter                            Guilford Co
Flowers                  Alicia       Alicia Flower                               Guilford co
Hammer                   John         John Hammer                                 Guilford Co
Lain                     Larry        Larry Lain                                  Guilford Co
Shepherd                 Mark         Mark Shepherd                               Guilford Co
Steed                    Cynthia      Bruce Davis Comm                            Guilford Co
Thigpen                  Jeff         Jeff Thigpen                                Guilford Co
Wallington               Chuck        Chuck Wallington Com                        Guilford Co
Jeffus                   Margaret     Maggie Jeffus Comm.                         Guilford County
Tyrey                    Marc         Judge Jarrell Comm                          Guilford County
Alford, Martha                        Martha Alford                           Halifax
Backus                   Eckie        Eckie Backus                            Halifax
Baird, Reggie                                                                 H
                                      Reggie Baird Mayor Pro Tem Roanoke Rapids alifax
Belcher, Linda Alston                 Larry McDaniel for City Commissioner    Halifax
Bell                     Dennis       Dennis E Bell                               Halifax
Bishop, Wilbert                                                                   Halifax
                                      Elect Wilbert Bishop for Commissioner at Large
Bobbitt, Ernest C                     Ernest C Bobbitt Roanoke Rapids city councilHalifax
Clark, Walter Jr                      Walter Clark Jr                             Halifax
Cochrane                 Alice        Alice Cochrane Comm                         Halifax
Cooke, Alfred L                       Alfred L Cooke                              Halifax
Credle                   Hugh         Hugh Credle                                 Halifax
Cruz                     Bonita       Bonita Clark Cruz                           Halifax
Daugherty, Stella M                   Stella Daugherty for Commissioner           Halifax
Doughtie                 Emery        Emery G Doughtie Com                        Halifax
Dudley                   Nicole       Nicole Mills Dudley                         Halifax
Evans                    Vertia       Vertia Evans                                Halifax
Ferebee, Carl                         Carl Ferebee for City Council               Halifax
Gilstrap                 ME           Judy Evans-Barbee                           Halifax
Greene                   Alberta      Alberta B Greene                            Halifax
Hawkins                  Carolyn      Carolyn W Hawkins                           Halifax
Hopkins                  Laura        Jean Reaves                                 Halifax
King                     Timothy      Timothy King                                Halifax
Lovett, John III                      John R Lovett III                           Halifax
Meacham, Julia M                      Julia M Meacham                             Halifax
Mills                    James        James E Mills Comm                          Halifax
Murphy                   Mark         Mark Murphy Comm                            Halifax
Newbern                  Elton        Ronnie Lock                                 Halifax
Partin, Robert B                      Robert B Partin Mayor Scotland Neck         Halifax
Peoples                  Jason "Chuck" Jason C Chuck People                       Halifax
Pittman                  Jack          Jack Pittman                               Halifax
Purvis, Tim                           Tim Purvis for Mayor Town of Hobgood        Halifax
Reynolds, Freeman III                 Freeman Reynolds III Town Commissioner      Halifax
Richardson               Barry        Barry Richardson                            Halifax
Rogers                   Regina       Regina Rogers                               Halifax
Stubblefield, Kathrine                Committee to Elect K Renee Stubblefield     Halifax
Walden                   Gladys       Gladys Lawson Walden                        Halifax
Walden                   Gladys       Gladys Walden                               Halifax
Ward                     Sheila       Sheila Ward                                 Halifax
Warren, Joeseph Timothy             Joseph Timothy Warren                      Halifax
Whitaker, Amanda                    Amanda Whitaker                            Halifax
Whitaker, Bud A                     Bud A Whitaker Town Commissioner           Halifax
Wright                Kathleen      Kathleen Ward Wright                       Halifax
Wright, Gerald                      Gerald Wright for Mayor                    Halifax
Winebrenner            Tommy        Halifax Co DEC                             Halifax County
Austin                 Thomas       Coats Citizens for a Drug Free Community   Harnett
Avery                  Frances      Frances Avery                              Harnett
Babb                   Ruby         Kimberly S Hargrove                        Harnett
Barefoot               William RobertJames A Burgin                            Harnett
Bass                   Jeremy       Billy N Tart Comm                          Harnett
Bell, Joyce                         Bell for City Council (helper)             Harnett
Bell, Lewis                         Bell for City Council                      Harnett
Blackmon               Ricky        Ricky Blackmon                             Harnett
Brunson                Lula         Carolyn P McDougal C                       Harnett
Bullard                Shirley      Thomas A Womble                            Harnett
Burgin                 James A      James A Burgin                             Harnett
Flowers, Conrey D                   Truth in Harnett PAC                       Harnett
Hatley, Diane                       Dianne Hatley Clerk of Court               Harnett
Honeycutt              Dixie        Buddy Manness                              Harnett
Langdon                Edna         Avery for Commissioner                  Harnett
Morris                 Elizabeth                                            Harnett
                                    Jessey McCory Poole Jr County Commissioner
OLDS, Donnie                        Donnie Olds                             Harnett
OLDS-BROWN, Virginia                Donnie Olds                             Harnett
Page, Marshall A                    Page for Commissioner                   Harnett
Penny                  Howard       Howard Penny                            Harnett
Rollins, William                    Comm to Elect Larry Rollins Sheriff     Harnett
Rose                   Jone         Jone Rose                               Harnett
Smith, Yvonne S                     Lewis Bell for County Commissioner      Harnett
Stephens               Linda        Linda H Stephens Com                       Harnett
Stevens                Greg         Avery for Commission                       Harnett
Turnage, Chuck                      Chuck Turnage City Council Dunn            Harnett
WALLACE                Richard      Harnett DEC                                Harnett
West, Steve M                       Steve West for Sheriff                     Harnett
Woerner, John Drew                  Tom Woerner for Angier Committee           Harnett
Ammons                 Larry        Larry Roger Ammons                         Haywood
Cunningham             William                                                 Haywood
Dills                  Eric         Eric Dills                                 Haywood
Enloe                  Mary Ann     Mary Ann Enloe                             Haywood
Ensley                 L            L Kevin Ensley                             Haywood
Hollifield             Kenneth      Kenneth Hollifield                         Haywood
Inman, Robert                       Haywood BOE                                Haywood
Jones                  Edwin        Ed Jones                                   Haywood
Kuykendall             Stephanie    Walter Leatherwood                         Haywood
McLean                 Russell      Russell McLean                             Haywood
Moody                  Jason        Jason Eugene Moody                         Haywood
Scott                  Michael      Michael Scott                              Haywood
Stines                 Ernest      Ernest Harrison Stin                     Haywood
Swanger                Mark        Mark Swanger                             Haywood
Teague                 Doyle       Haywood BOE                              Haywood
Upton                  Bill        Bill Upton                               Haywood
Walker                 Mark        Mark Alan Walker                         Haywood
White                  Paul        Paul White                               Haywood
Young                  Dick        Dick Young                               Haywood
Fowler                 Roy                                                  Haywood
Mehaffey               Carroll                                              Haywood Co
Arrowood, Kim                      John H Laughter for City Council         Henderson
Baldwin                C Shannon   C Shannon Baldwin                        Henderson
Benton, Robert Bruce               Bruce Benton Campaign                    Henderson
Bleick                 Joslyn      Joslyn Bleick                            Henderson
Buckner                Mark        Mark Buckner Comm                        Henderson
Carland, Wayne S                   Re-Elect Wayne Carland                   Henderson
Chandler               James (Jimmy)James H Chandler Com                    Henderson
Clayton                George       George M Clayton                        Henderson
Cooke, Richard                     Richard Cooke                            Henderson
Corn                   Mary        Mary Louise Corn                         Henderson
Cunningham, Beverly                Henderson Co BOE                         Henderson
Erwin, James S Jr                  Committee to Elect Sam Laughter          Henderson
Farr                   Donal       Don Farr                                 Henderson
Ford                               D
                       Debbie Reemes ebbie Reemes Ford                      Henderson
Henderson              Gene        Gene H Henderson                         Henderson
Jackson                Sandy       Chuck McGrady                            Henderson
Jackson, Sandy                     Comm to Elect Chuck McGrady              Henderson
Justice                Dennis      Dennis Justice for Board of Education    Henderson
King                   Corinthia   Diane Caldwell                           Henderson
King, George W Sr                  George W King Sr                         Henderson
Laughter, John                     John H Laughter for City Council         Henderson
Laughter, Samuel J                 Committee to Elect Sam Laughter          Henderson
Marr                   Cliff       Henderson County BOE                     Henderson
Marr, Clifford James               Clifford James Marr                      Henderson
Messer                 Shauna      Charles Messer Comm                      Henderson
Metzger                Samantha    Sam Selph                                Henderson
Moles, Nedra                                                                 Henderson
                                   Comm to Re-Elect Nedra Moles Register of Deeds
Snyder                 Roger       Roger Snyder                             Henderson
Vickery                Robert      Bob Vickery                              Henderson
Weedman                Nick        Nick Weedman Comm                        Henderson
Williams, Lynne                    Lynne Elizabeth Williams City Council    Henderson
Wood                   Rick        Rick Wood School Boa                     Henderson
Linse                  Frederick   Henderson Co HCC                         Henderson Co
Clark                  Hugh        Hugh Clark Comm                          Henderson County
Hall                   J           J Wendell Hall                           Herford
Archer                 Anthony     Anthony V Archer                         Hertford
Baker                  Deborah     Deborah Baker Comm                       Hertford
Blackburn              Linda       Linda Blackburn                          Hertford
Boone, Willie                        Black Caucus of Herford County               Hertford
Dantz                   Robert       Robert D Dantz                               Hertford
Davis                   DuPont       Dupont L Davis                               Hertford
Dennis, Craig Lee                    Craig Lee Dennis council in Murfreesboro     Hertford
Eason                   Lula         Lula Mae Billups Eason                       Hertford
Eubank, Molly                        Committee to Elect Molly Eubank              Hertford
Fleetwood-Privott       Sheila       Hertford BOE                                 Hertford
Green                   Ernest       Ernest Green                                 Hertford
Higbee                  Kevin        Kevin Higbee                                 Hertford
Hill                    Lloyd        Lloyd L Hill                                 Hertford
Johnson                 Lynn         Lynn W Johnson                               Hertford
Jones                   Charles      Charles B Jones                              Hertford
Jones                   Charles BowenCharles Bowen Jones                          Hertford
Liverman                James        James W Liverman                             Hertford
Liverman                Will         William Liverman                             Hertford
Mitchell                William      William Mitchell                             Hertford
Myers                   Elaine       Elaine E Myers                               Hertford
Odum                    Gloria       Gloria Odum                                  Hertford
Pearce                  Stephen      Stephen F Pearce                             Hertford
Pierce                  John         John E Pierce                                Hertford
Pierce                  Pate         Pate Pierce                                  Hertford
Pierce                  William McCoyWilliam McCoy Pierce                         Hertford
Porter                  Sheila       Hertford BOE                                 Hertford
Pugh                    Hermea       Hermea Pugh                                  Hertford
Sessoms                 Johnny       Hertford BOE                                 Hertford
Spruill                 Ann          Ann M Spruill                                Hertford
Stephens                Irvin        Irvin Lee Stephens                           Hertford
Stephens                William      William G Stephens                           Hertford
Taylor                  Coleman      Coleman Taylor                               Hertford
Theodorakis             Bill         Bill Theodorakis                             Hertford
Thompson, Mary Louis                                                           Hertford
                                     Committee to Elect Mary L Thompson for Council
Vincent, Robert Clement              Robert Vincent for Town council           Hertford
Wafford                 Lee          Lee Wafford                               Hertford
Whelan                  Kris         Hertford BOE                              Hertford
Williams                Terry        Terry L Williams                             Hertford
Campbell                JoAnne       Ray Rothrock Comm                            Hew Hanover
Conoly, Robert L                                                                  Hoke
                                     Committee to re-elect Robert L. ( Bob) Conoly to City Council
Fields, Charles E                                                                 Hoke
                                     Committee to Elect Charles Fields City Council
Fields, Hilda J                      Committee to Elect Hilda Fields              Hoke
Graham, Callie                       Ellen McNeill candidate                      Hoke
Hollingsworth           Vera         8th Dist Black Leade                         Hoke
Jackson, Courtney                    Comm to Elect Hubert A Peterkin              Hoke
Johnson                 Ronald       Ronald Johnson                               Hoke
King, Mary S                         Committee to elect Mary Neil King            Hoke
McNeill, Ellen                       Ellen McNeill County Commission              Hoke
Mott                    Theresa      Mary Bolin                                   Hoke
Thurman                 Anthony      Charles V Daniels Co                         Hoke
Whitaker                Thomas          Thomas Whitaker Comm                   Hyde
Spencer                 Sharon          Sharon Spencer                         Hyde Co
Barker                  Andy            Andy Barker Comm                       Iredell
Callanan                Victoria "Tori" Victoria Callanan Co                   Iredell
Campbell, John Ray                   John Ray Campbell                         Iredell
Clanton, Patricia T                  Patricia T Clanton                        Iredell
Coggins                 Fred         Fred Coggins                              Iredell
Conn                    Everett      Iredell Citizens for                      Iredell
Curan, Robert J                      USTeamPAC                                 Iredell
Eisele                  Bonita       Bonita Eisele                             Iredell
Ellenburg               Anne         Chuck Gallyon                             Iredell
Helderlein              Philip       Michael Van Buren                         Iredell
Hill                    W            Miles Atkins                              Iredell
Houpe                   Gene         Gene Houpe                                Iredell
Hyatt                   Roger        Roger Hyatt Comm                          Iredell
Jackson                 David        David Jose Jackson                        Iredell
Johnson                 Karen        Iredell County BOE                        Iredell
Karriker                Edward       Edward Karriker                           Iredell
Keadle                  John         John Scott Keadle                         Iredell
Lewis, Ray                           Ray Lewis                                 Iredell
McCulloh                Mark         Mark McCulloh                             Iredell
Moore                   Carolyn      Carolyn Moore                             Iredell
Morgan                  William      Joseph Crosswhite                         Iredell
Orr                     Barbara      Barbara Orr                               Iredell
Robertson               Ken          Ken Robertson                             Iredell
Rogers, Joyce                        Joyce Rogers                              Iredell
Roseman                 Morris       Morris Roseman                            Iredell
Santoni                 Jerome (Jerry) Ken Robertson Comm                      Iredell
Shuffler                R Eugene     R Eugene Shuffler                         Iredell
Underwood               Garnet       Christine Underwood                       Iredell
Vance                   Kenneth      Citizens for a Brigh                      Iredell
Vanek                   Mark         Mark Vanek                                Iredell
Williams                Godfrey      Godfrey Williams                          Iredell
Johnson                 Michael      Michael Johnson Comm                      Iredell County
Saltzman                Robert       Fed & State PACs                          Iredell County / State
Ashe, James                          James Ashe for Sheriff                    Jackson
Brooks                  Mark         Mark Brooks                               Jackson
Edwards, Robert                      James Ashe for Sheriff                    Jackson
Foster                  Amanda       Steve Foster                              Jackson
Fox                     Darrell      Darrell Fox Comm                          Jackson
Graham                  Sarah        Sarah Graham                              Jackson
Jones, Mark                          Mark R Jones                               Jackson
Lovedahl-Lehman, Lisa                Jackson County Board of Elections Director Jackson
McNair                  Thurza       Thurza McNair Comm                        Jackson
Moody                   Maurice      Maurice Moody                             Jackson
Roper, Fannie                        Jackson BOE Assistant                     Jackson
Stephens                Thomas       Thomas B Stephens                         Jackson
Lovan                  Ken         ResCare Advocacy Fun                     Jefferson
Atkinson               Maurice     Lloyd Barnes                             Johnston
Creech, Angie                      Johnston Co BOE                          Johnston
Creech, Gloria                     Craig Olive for Reg of Deeds             Johnston
Ford, Heather                      Steve Bizzell for Sheriff                Johnston
Jackson                D           Ted G Godwin                             Johnston
McLamb                 Catherine   Glenn McLamb                             Johnston
Price, Leigh Anne                  Johnston Co BOE                          Johnston
Smith                  Belva       Lloyd Barnes                             Johnston
Neiverth               Lynn        Lynn For Our Schools                     Johnston Co
Banks                  Ellis       Ellis Banks                              Jones
Meadows, Gladis                    Gladis Meadows for Mayor                 Jones
Thomas                 Gloria      Gloria H Thomas                          Jones
White                  Peggy       Peggy White                              Jones
Jones                  Charles     Charles Jones                            Jones Co
Andrews                Donald      Donald Andrews                           Lee
Barker                 Earl        Earl Barker Comm                         Lee
Bates                  George      George Bates                             Lee
Boaz                   Wanda       Kevin Bryant Comm                        Lee
Carter, Warren R                   Tracy Carter Campaign                    Lee
Childress              Wade        Wade Childress for County Commissioner   Lee
Cox                    S           Amy Dalrymple Comm                       Lee
Davis                  Darryl      Team Davis                               Lee
Fox                    Ervin       Ervin J Fox                              Lee
Gurtis                 Ruth        Ruth Gurtis                              Lee
Harrington             Daniel      Daniel Harrington                        Lee
Harvey                 George      Herb Hincks                              Lee
Jones                  Del         Charles Taylor                           Lee
Mann                   Linwood     Linwood S Mann                           Lee
Matthews               Bertha      Jerry Lemmond                            Lee
Paschal                Nathan      Nathan E Paschal                         Lee
Poe                    Paul        Mike Stone                               Lee
Schmidt                John        Undy for Commission                      Lee
Sharps                 Cameron     Cameron Sharps                           Lee
Stone                  Mike        Mike Stone                               Lee
Tatum                  Mary        W P "Bill" Tatum                         Lee
Von Canon, Charles Frederick       Jamie Kelly County Commissioner          Lee
Younger                Laura       Fair Tax for Lee Co                      Lee
Akinosho               Mark        Mark Akinosho                            Lee Co
Stumpf                 Bianka      Lee Co. DEC                              Lee County
Allison                Teresa      W E Billy Smith Comm                     Lenoir
Brigman, Treva Hedgepeth           Treva Hedgepeth Brigman                  Lenoir
Burwell                Lisa        Tommy Pharo                              Lenoir
Craig                  Carolyn     Rita Hodges Comm                         Lenoir
Davis                  Reuben      Reuben J Davis                           Lenoir
Ellis, Walter                      Walter Ellis Jr. for Council             Lenoir
Greene                 Ashleigh    Hilary Greene                            Lenoir
GREENE, Hilary                   Hilary Greene Candidate                  Lenoir
Gurley                Woodard    Woodard H Gurley Com                     Lenoir
Gurley, Woodard H.               Woodard H. Gurley                        Lenoir
Hammonds, Barbara M              Lenoir County Board of Elections         Lenoir
Harrison, Clifton D              Clifton Harrison for Town Board          Lenoir
Hill                  Bruce      Bruce Hill                               Lenoir
Howard, Houston                  Houston Howard for Commissioner          Lenoir
Jackson               Suzann     Billy D Davis                            Lenoir
King, Donald Ray                 Donald Ray King                          Lenoir
Mintz                Connie      Connie N Mintz                           Lenoir
Mitchell, Anthony                Anthony Mitchell for mayor               Lenoir
Moody, Charles Wayne             Charles W Moody for Mayor                Lenoir
Murphy                Leighton   Leighton Murphy                          Lenoir
Nobles, Jr            Garland    Garland Nobles Jr                        Lenoir
Pharo                 Tommy      Tommy Pharo                              Lenoir
Reavis                Stephen    Jeff Stephens                            Lenoir
Rouse                 Eric       Eric S Rouse                             Lenoir
Seymour               Margaret   Margaret Seymour                         Lenoir
Sutton                Linda      Linda Rouse Sutton                       Lenoir
Sykes, Carol                     Carol Sykes Candidate                    Lenoir
Tyson                 Joseph     Joseph M Tyson Comm                      Lenoir
VANCE, David                     Comm. To elect David Vance               Lenoir
Dellinger             George     George Dellinger                         Lincoln
Dellinger             Reba       Tommy Houser                             Lincoln
Harmon, Elaine                   Elaine N. Harmon Re-Election Committee   Lincoln
Hatley                Edward     Edward Hatley                            Lincoln
Houser                Tommy      Tommy Houser                             Lincoln
Morrow                Kim        Tim Daugherty                            Lincoln
Mullis                Clayton    Clayton Mullis                           Lincoln
Mullis                Clayton    Clayton C Mullis                         Lincoln
Pinto                 Melissa    John R Sitzenstock                       Lincoln
Pomeroy               Rebecca    Johnathan Rhyne                          Lincoln
Sain                  George     James Funderburk, Carol Mitchem          Lincoln
Zamzow                John       George Arena                             Lincoln
Allman                Alan       Alan Allman                              Macon
Bateman               Brian      Brian Bateman                            Macon
Bennett               Frieda     Frieda Bennett                           Macon
Bleckley              Tanya      Joseph M Collins                         Macon
Bryson                Daniel     John Shearl                              Macon
Davis                 Jim        Jim Davis Campaign                       Macon
Derrick, William H               William H Derrick town Alderman          Macon
Garner                Jim        Charlie Leatherman                       Macon
Goodman               Jimmy      Jimmy Goodman                            Macon
Green                 Michelle   Citizens for Better                      Macon
Handley               Joyce      Joyce Handley                            Macon
Holland               Robert     Robert L Holland                         Macon
Kuppers               Robert     Robert Kuppers                           Macon
Maddox                   Nancy         Gregg Jones                               Macon
Pulliam                  Buddy         Jimmy Goodman                             Macon
Rowland                  David         David Rowland Comm                        Macon
Scott                    Robert        Robert S Scott                            Macon
Williamson               Jim           Jim Williamson                            Macon
vinson                   monica                                                  Macon Co
Willis                   Jessica       Calvin Conley                             Macon Co
Brannan                  Larry         Larry Brannan                             Macon County
Dotson                   John          John Buz Dotson Comm                      Macon County
Vinson                   Dwight        Dwight Vinson                             Macon County School Board
Ponder                   Debbie        Debbie Ponder                             Madison
Rector                   Susan         Susan Rector Comm                         Madison
Roberts                  Billy         Billy Roberts                             Madison
Adams, Lylia                           Lylia Adams                               Martin
Andrews, Richard                       Richard Andrews                           Martin
ANTON, Dennis                          Towncouncil, Jamesville                   Martin
Armston, Rachel Ward                   Rachel Ward Armston                       Martin
Bowen                    Tommy         Candidate                                 Martin
Briley,Dennis C                        Dennis C Briley Mayor Hassell             Martin
Briley,Mildred                         Mildred Briley Commissioner               Martin
Bullock, Walter                        Walter Bullock Town Council               Martin
Carr, Adaline                          Adline Carr Council member in Parmalee    Martin
Copeland                 Sheri         Sheri Copeland                            Martin
Cotten                   Barbara       Barbara Cotten                            Martin
Council, Lula H                        Lula H Council Mayor                       Martin
Daniels, Herman Blount                                                            Martin
                                       Committee to Elect Herman B Daniels Town Commissioner
Daniels, Noah                          Noah Daniels Town Commissioner             Martin
Deans, Ray                             Ray Deans                                  Martin
Everett, Herbert L                     Herbert L Everett Commissioner in Hamilton Martin
Gradis                   Dinah         Dinah Gradis                              Martin
Hardison, Archie                       Archie Hardison for Commissioner          Martin
Harrell                  Steven        Steven M Harrell                          Martin
Horton, Junious J                      Junious Horton                            Martin
Johnson                  Brenda        Brenda B Johnson                          Martin
Knox                     Jerry         Jerry Knox Comm                           Martin
Lilley                                 Elmo
                         Mrs. Elmo "Butch" "Butch" Lilley                        Martin
Manning                  Tina P        Register of Deeds                         Martin
Matthews III             Donald        Donald Matthews III                       Martin
Perry                    Alphonzo      Alphonzo Perry                            Martin
Price                    Derek         Derek Price                               Martin
Roberson                 Tommy         Tommy Roberson                            Martin
Roberson, Katherine Elaine Hardison    Elaine Hardison Roberson for Commissioner Martin
Romero                   Lynette       Daniel Higgs                              Martin
Rosario                  Patrice       Patrice Rosario                           Martin
Scott, Jr                John          John Scott Jr. Comm                       Martin
Sommerer, Bladley C                    Bladley C. Sommerer Committee             Martin
Thomas, William Reid                   Reid Thomas Committee                     Martin
Wallace, James Russell                                                           Martin
                                        James Russell Wallace for Town Commissioner
Ward, Ivana T                           Ivana Ward for Town Council              Martin
White                    Gail           Al Perry                                  Martin
Willet, Walter                          Walter Willet                             Martin
Williams, Becky                         Becky Williams Commissioner               Martin
Wilson, Henry R                         Henry R Wilson for Mayor                  Martin
Wolfe, Jane                             Jane Wolfe Election Committee for Mayor   Martin
Brown                    Juanita        Martin Co DEC                             Martin Co
Harrell                  Kenneth        Martin Co BOE                             Martin County
Carpenter, Janice                       McDowell BOE                              McDowell
Coberly                  Charles        Otis E Keaton                             McDowell
English                  Terry          Terry English                             McDowell
Harris, Jimmy                          Jimmy Harris for Alderman                  McDowell
Justice                                Adolph A "Butch" Justice
                         Adolph A "Butch"                                         McDowell
Keaton                   Lewana        Otis E Keaton                              McDowell
Keaton                   Otis          Otis E Keaton                              McDowell
Martin, Billy                          Billy Martin for city council              McDowell
McGee                    Jane           Jane McGee                                McDowell
McLarty                  Cliff          John Clifford McLart                      McDowell
Moore                    Rick           Citizens for Progres                      McDowell
Owensby, Cecil                          Cecil Owensby for city council            McDowell
Piercy                   Brian          Brian Piercy Comm                         McDowell
Poteat                   Frankie        Frankie C Poteat Com                      McDowell
Walker                   Tom            Ctz for Faith & Fam                       McDowell
Wellborne, Kim                          McDowell BOE                              McDowell
Williams                 Randy          Randy Williams Comm                       McDowell
Williams                 Virginia       Virginia Williams                         McDowell
Wright                   Fay            Fay Wright                                McDowell
Cauthen                  Mark           Mark Cauthen                              McDowell Co
Arndt                    Alexander      Jennifer Roberts                          Mecklenburg
Austin                   Lloyd          Lloyd Austin Comm                         Mecklenburg
Basisa, Raphael Kutota                  Raphael K Basisa City Council             Mecklenburg
Beard                  Budd             Committee to Elect Jennifer Roberts       Mecklenburg
Bensman                  Jim            Jim Bensman                               Mecklenburg
Bernard                  Michael        Kaye McGarry                              Mecklenburg
Boatright, Libby                        Libby Boyd Boatright                      Mecklenburg
Bostic-Jones, Paris L                   Commissioner Woodard                      Mecklenburg
Brown                    Doresa         Constance Johnson                         Mecklenburg
Bruce                    Edward         Eddie Bruce Comm                          Mecklenburg
Cade                     Kenneth        Steve Iannarino                           Mecklenburg
Cannady, Scott                          David Ronero for City Council             Mecklenburg
Cole                     Chris          Chris Cole Committee                      Mecklenburg
Dagit                    William        Jeff Tarte Comm                           Mecklenburg
Dawson, Donna                           Comm for Donna Jenkins Dawson             Mecklenburg
Dunlap                   Angelene       Cogdell for County                        Mecklenburg
Dunlap                   George         George R Dunlap                           Mecklenburg
Easton                   Gretchen       Charlotte-Meck RW                         Mecklenburg
Elam                    William     Fritz Mercer for District Court Judge    Mecklenburg
Evans                   Michael     Beverly Earle                            Mecklenburg
FLYNN, John T                       Jack Flynn for City Council Committee    Mecklenburg
Foote, Sharon                       Parks Helms Campaign                     Mecklenburg
Fowler, George C                    George C Fowler for Mayor                Mecklenburg
Frederick, Diane                    Susan Burgess Campaign                   Mecklenburg
Gjertsen                Ken         Ken Gjertsen Comm                        Mecklenburg
Graham                  Rodney      Rodney Graham                            Mecklenburg
Granberry               James       David Granberry for Register of Deeds    Mecklenburg
Greene                  Sharon      Committee to Elect Vilma Leake           Mecklenburg
Gregory                 Geneal B                                             Mecklenburg
Guillermo, Anzola                   Dan Ramirez Campaign                     Mecklenburg
Gulley, Suzanne                     Suzanne Gulley Campaign                  Mecklenburg
Hall, Rosemary                      James Mitchell Campaign                  Mecklenburg
Harris, Leonard                     Leonard (preacherman) Harris             Mecklenburg
Herring                 James       2007 Meck Bonds Cam                      Mecklenburg
Hirst, Pendleton F                  Liz Downing Campaign for School Board    Mecklenburg
Hovis, John                         Re-Elect Myers for Mayor                 Mecklenburg
Iannarino               Steve       Steve Iannarino Comm                     Mecklenburg
James                   Bill        Bill James Comm                          Mecklenburg
Johnson                 Constance   Constance Johnson                        Mecklenburg
Johnson                 Reginald    Kelly Alexander                          Mecklenburg
Jonker, Henk                        Committee to Elect Jennifer Roberts      Mecklenburg
Kasper                  Mike        Eddie Shaner                             Mecklenburg
Kitchin, Leigh Anne                 Cooksey for City Council                 Mecklenburg
Kommareddi              Rao         Rao Kommareddi                           Mecklenburg
Leahy                   Brian       Brian Leahy Comm                         Mecklenburg
Leake, Velma                                                                 Mecklenburg
Massey, Gregory                     Warren Turner Campaign                   Mecklenburg
Mavromatis              Kristin     Mecklenburg County BOE                   Mecklenburg
McLeod                  Tim         Tim McLeod                               Mecklenburg
Melman                  Charles     John Lassiter Comm                       Mecklenburg
Miller                  Bruce       Dempsey P Miller                         Mecklenburg
Miller                  Will        Dan Murrey Comm                          Mecklenburg
Mitchell, Norman A Sr               Committee to Re-Elect Norman A Mitchell SrMecklenburg
Mudge                   Geraldine   Elect Jerry Campaign                     Mecklenburg
Orr                     Paula       Bentley for County                       Mecklenburg
Parks                   Carliss                                              Mecklenburg
Paschal                 Ron         Ron Paschal Comm                         Mecklenburg
Plotsender, Hans                    Dr. Plotseneder for School Board         Mecklenburg
Rampey                  Dasha       Stephen W Kearney                        Mecklenburg
Rinker                  Lynette     Lynette Rinker for T                     Mecklenburg
Ross, Thurman                       Thurman Ross Cornelius Town Comm         Mecklenburg
Smelter                 Dolly       Citizens for Jaye Rao                    Mecklenburg
Smith, Victoria                     Friends of Pat McCrory                   Mecklenburg
Stafford                Darin       Com to Defeat Repeal                     Mecklenburg
Tabor                   Lee         Ada Nicolay                              Mecklenburg
Taylor             James        James P Taylor                        Mecklenburg
Thrower            George       George Thrower                        Mecklenburg
Vadnais            Paul         Susan Walker                          Mecklenburg
Wachter, Francis                Committee to elect Nancy Carter       Mecklenburg
WALKER, Fountain                Fountain L Walker                     Mecklenburg
Webster            Evan         Evan Webster Comm                     Mecklenburg
Wilson             James "Jimmy"James "Jimmy" Wilson                  Mecklenburg
Wright             Richard      Elect Julian Wright                   Mecklenburg
Woodall            George       Clarke for County Co                  Mecklenburg
Hayes              Stephen      Neil Cooksey                          Mecklenburg Co
Johnson            Janine                                             Mecklenburg Co
Blevins            Sam          Sam Blevins                           Mitchell
Hise               Phillip      Phillip Wayne Hise                    Mitchell
Hise, Jr           Ralph        Ralph E Hise Jr Comm                  Mitchell
Hollifield         Coy          Coy Hollifield                        Mitchell
McKinney           Ronald       Ronald B McKinney                     Mitchell
Nash               Charles      Charles Nash Comm                     Mitchell
Pendley Jr         John         John M Pendley Jr Co                  Mitchell
Ramos              Allan        Jim Garofalo                          Mitchell
Sheets             J.C.         Jess Sheets                           Mitchell
Sparks, Jennifer                Mitchell BOE                          Mitchell
Street             Kevin        Kevin Street                          Mitchell
Terrell            David        David Terrell                         Mitchell
Vaughn             Wesley       Wesley Vaughn                         Mitchell
Westall            Tommy        Tommy K Westall Comm                  Mitchell
Young              Patty        Patty Young                           Mitchell
Beard              John         John Beard                            Montgomery
Blake              Benjamin     Benjamin Blake Comm                   Montgomery
DeBerry            Steve        Steve DeBerry                         Montgomery
Dorsett            Lewis        Lewis H Dorsett Comm                  Montgomery
Greer              D'ette       Edgar Morris                          Montgomery
Harris             Kathy        Kathy W Harris Comm                   Montgomery
Hill               Frank        Frank Hill Comm                       Montgomery
Houser             Roger        Roger Houser                          Montgomery
Jackson            Reginald     Reginald Jackson Board of Education   Montgomery
James              Matheny      James Matheny                         Montgomery
Kennedy            Bret         Bret Kennedy                          Montgomery
Knight             George H     George H Knight                       Montgomery
Maness             Roy          Roy Maness                            Montgomery
McCaskill          Jesse        Jesse B McCaskill                     Montgomery
McRae              Danny        Danny McRae                           Montgomery
Moore              Navonne      Anthony Copeland                      Montgomery
Morris             Joel         Sally Maness Morris                   Montgomery
Morris             Sally        Sally Maness Morris                   Montgomery
Norris             Kaye         Kaye Norris                           Montgomery
Pope               Suzie        Candidate                             Montgomery
Poplin, Earl                    Earl Poplin for Mayor                 Montgomery
Rowe                        Robb          James Matheny                             Montgomery
Smith                       Timothy       Timothy Smith Comm                        Montgomery
Stegall                     Rebecca       Rebecca B Stegall                         Montgomery
Walser                      Debbie        Debbie Walser                             Montgomery
Long                        Ann           Ann Long Committee                        Montgomery Co
Barrett, Ulysses                          Ulysses Barrett for town council          Moore
Berk                        Jennifer      Enola Lineberger                          Moore
Blackwell                   George        George A Blackwell                        Moore
Brown                       Dexter        Citizens For Change                       Moore
Brown                       Sandra        Nick Picerno                              Moore
Burleson                    Albert        Jamie Boles                               Moore
Carter, Lane                              Carter for Sheriff                        Moore
Clendenin                   Glenda        Moore BOE                                 Moore
Daniels                     Marquita      Marquita Daniels                          Moore
Dennison                    Edward        Edward Dennison                           Moore
DeRuntz                     Sean          Abigail Dowd                              Moore
Elliott, Paulette Sellars                 Paulette S Elliott                        Moore
Evans                       Clayton       Moore Cty Coalition                       Moore
Fuller, Jesse F Sr                        Committee to Re-Elect Jesse F Fuller Sr   Moore
Gebhardt                    Robert        Robert Gebhardt                           Moore
Geddes                      Kenneth       Lapins for Mayor Com                      Moore
Hall                        Angela        Moore BOE                                 Moore
Huberth                     Harry J       Harry J Huberth                           Moore
Hunt, Robert                              Jim Melton Campaign                       Moore
Irby                        Alice         Ginsey Fallon Comm                        Moore
Jones                       Lonnie        Lonnie Jones                              Moore
Keith                       Florence      Nancy Roy Fiorillo                        Moore
Kite                        Laura         Candidate                                 Moore
Koos                        Victor        Victor John Koos                          Moore
Kremer                      R. Martin     Betty Mangum                              Moore
Lassiter                    Christopher   Christopher Lassiter                      Moore
Lindsey                     Jermonica     Jermonica Lindsey                         Moore
Lineberger                  Enola         Enola Lineberger                          Moore
Loy                         Lynn          Lynn Loy                                  Moore
Maguire, Susan                            Cindy Morgan for Commissioner Camp        Moore
Marts                       Bill          Bill Marts                                Moore
McAllister                  Bud           Bud McAllister Comm                       Moore
McCrimmon                   Susan         Jamie Boles                               Moore
McLeod                      Katherine     Candidate                                 Moore
Merritt                     Randy         Future of Robbins                         Moore
Pike, Verner N                                                                      Moore
Pilson, Kathy                             Carter for Sheriff                        Moore
Shebs, Beverly J                          Joen Thurman Campaign for City Council    Moore
Smithson                    Chris         Chris Smithson Comm                       Moore
Stewart                     Myrton        Myrton Stewart Comm                       Moore
Thurman, Joan                             Joan Thurman for City Council             Moore
Westcott                    Richard       Tim Lea                                   Moore
Williams                David       Lane Toomey                                Moore
Williams                Kristy      Kristy Williams                            Moore
Williams, Linda                     Preserve and Protect Pinehurst             Moore
Woodruff                Frederic    Frederic Woodruff Co                       Moore
Worthy                  Charlotte   Charlotte A Worthy                         Moore
Bell                    Theron      Theron Bell Comm                           Moore Co
Crawford                Lynn        Lynn Crawford                              Moore Co.
Olsen                   Bernadine   Coker for Council                          Moore Co.
Carrington, Susan                   Nash County BOE (Elections Assistant)      Nash
Coats                   Robert      Robert A Coats                             Nash
Joyner                  Nancy       Fred Belfield                              Nash
Kincheloe               John        Building for Educati                       Nash
Reams, Tracy                        Nash County BOE (Director)                 Nash
Small, Lee Ester                    Watkins for City Council                   Nash
Strickland              Margaret    Barbara High Tyre                          Nash
Virgil, Linda Bullock               Linda B Virgil Commissioner                Nash
Waterman, Linda M                   Linda Virgil                               Nash
Watkins, Louis                      Watkins for City Council                   Nash
Worthy, William Craig               Tom Rogers for City Council                Nash
Boomsma                 Lisa        Bryant for Council                         Nash Co
Andrews                 Elaine      Committee to Elect Dale Smith              New Hanover
Barfield                Jonathan    Committee to Elect Barfield Commissioner   New Hanover
Brewington              Jan         Jan Brewington for School Board            New Hanover
Buchert, Kenneth                    Committee to Elect Tim Fuller              New Hanover
Carter, Debbie                      Sheriff's asst. treasurer                  New Hanover
Connett, George                     Dan Wilcox Campaign                        New Hanover
Cox                     George      George Cox Comm                            New Hanover
Crow, Randy                         Randy Crow for Co Commissioner             New Hanover
Davis, Jr               Ted         County Commissioner                        New Hanover
Davis, Ted Jr                       Ted Davis Jr for Co Commissioner           New Hanover
Dowdy                   David       Soil and Water Conservation                New Hanover
E Fird, Pat                         Committee to Re-Elect Pat E Fird           New Hanover
Edwards                 Michael     Greg Page                                  New Hanover
Gale                    Thomas      Thomas Gale                                New Hanover
Gilligan                Patrick     Pat Gilligan                               New Hanover
Greer, Robert G                     Bobby Greer for Co. Commissioner           New Hanover
Hill                    Diana       Jan Brewington for School Board            New Hanover
Johnston                Kathryn     Jason Thompson                             New Hanover
Johnston, Kathryn                   Bill Caster for Commissioners              New Hanover
Koeppel, Andrew                     Andy Koeppel Campaign                      New Hanover
Kopp, Bill                          Bill Kopp for Commissioner                 New Hanover
LaNasa                  Justin      Justin LaNasa Comm                         New Hanover
Lewis, Barbara S                    Comm to elect Dot DeShields                New Hanover
Macon, Joel A                       Joel Macon for Mayor                       New Hanover
Meeks, Richard A                    Ricky Meeks for City Council               New Hanover
Murphy, Diane                       Joel Macon for Mayor                       New Hanover
Navarrette              Gilberto    Tammy Beasley                              New Hanover
Nease                     Marion       New Hanover BOE                            New Hanover
Nease, Marion                          New Hanover BOE                            New Hanover
Nolan, Nicholas Sr                     Gildert for Mayor and Mike for Council     New Hanover
Page                      Gregory      Gregory Morris Page                        New Hanover
Quinn, Jim                             Jim Quinn for City Council                 New Hanover
Redenbaugh                Elizabeth    Committee to Elect Elizabeth Redenbaugh    New Hanover
Rothrock, Ray                          Dennis Barbour for Mayor                   New Hanover
Rumsey, Joe                            Pat Delpir candidate                       New Hanover
Shepherd                  Sally        New Hanover BOE                            New Hanover
Sherrill                  Lisa         Jennifer S Hardison                        New Hanover
Skipper, Charles                       Dan Wilcox Campaign                        New Hanover
Smith                     Dale         Dale Smith                                 New Hanover
Smith                     Rebecca      Rebecca P Smith                            New Hanover
Sparks, Ronald                         Comm to Elect Ronald Sparks City Council   New Hanover
Thomas                    David        Soil and Water Conservation                New Hanover
Traflet                   Michael      Committee to Elect Barfield Commissioner   New Hanover
Ward, Joan S                           Bill Saffo for City Council                New Hanover
Wilcox, Daniel                         Dan Wilcox for Town Council                New Hanover
Williams                  Bonnie       New Hanover BOE                            New Hanover
Nichols                   Jeannette    Jeannette S Nichols                        New Hanover
Ingram                    Regina       Michael DeHart                             New Hanover Co
Barton                    Andrew       wilmington Anesthesi                       New Hanover County
Ausby, Lola                            Lola Ausby                                 Northampton
Bell, Roy L                            Roy L Bell for Mayor                       Northampton
Branch                    Vivian       Northampton Black Ca                       Northampton
Branch, Nannie O                       Nannie Branch Commissioner                 Northampton
Eason, Charles McKinley                Charles Eason                              Northampton
Freguson, Franklin L                   Franklin Freguson town Council             Northampton
Gathers                   Ola          Ola H Gathers Comm                         Northampton
Greene                    Fannie       Fannie P Greene                            Northampton
Hester                    James        James E Hester                             Northampton
Holloman, Joseph Troy                  Joseph Troy Hollowman Town Council         Northampton
Joyner, Raymond                        Raymond Joyner                             Northampton
Manning                   Franklin     Franklin Manning                           Northampton
McGee                     George       George H McGee Comm                        Northampton
Newcombe                  Victoria     Victoria Newcombe                          Northampton
Pitts, Tonya                           Director of Elections Northampton BOE      Northampton
Risper, Doris                          Doris (Peggy) Risper for Mayor             Northampton
Smallwood, William                     William Smallwood                          Northampton
Spruill, Carolyn Earley                Carolyn Earley Spruill                     Northampton
Vick, J Dudley                         J Dudley Vick                              Northampton
Watson, Royal Parker Jr                Royal Parker Watson Jr for town Council    Northampton
White, Reginald                        Reginald White                             Northampton
Whitted                 Roland         Roland H Whitted                           Northampton
Conner                    Donald       Donald Conner Comm                         Northampton
Garris                    Harold       Harold L Garris Comm                       Northampton
DeLoatch                  Pauline E.   Pauline E DeLoatch                         Northhampton
Edwards                  Marjorie     Marjorie Edwards                          Northhampton
Spruill                  Virginia     Virginia Spruill County Commissioner      Northhampton
Aragona, Martin Sr                    Comm to elect Martin Aragona              Onslow
Baxley, David R. Jr                   Committee to Elect David R Baxley Jr      Onslow
Beaty, R Carroll                      R Carroll Beaty                           Onslow
Bellizzi                 Martha                                                 Onslow
                                      Barbara Melton Ikner for County Commissioner
Bittner                  Jerry        Jerry A Bittner Comm                      Onslow
Blount, Turner G                      City of Jacksonvilee                    Onslow
Bragg, Rena Jacobs                                                            Onslow
                                      Committee to Re-Elect Rena Bragg Town Council
Bright                   Jack         Jack Bright                             Onslow
BROWN                    Jeff         Jeff Brown                              Onslow
Brown                    Margaret     Margaret Brown                          Onslow
Buchanan                 Joseph       Joseph P Buchanan                         Onslow
Camp                     Glenn        Glenn Camp                                Onslow
Cline                    Michael      Michael Cline                             Onslow
Clinger                  Donald       Donald Clinger                            Onslow
Coleman, Fannie K                     City Council                              Onslow
Collins                  Delma        Delma Collins                             Onslow
Crowder                  Shirley      Onslow BOE                                Onslow
Edwards, Joseph L                     Joseph "Joe" Edwards                      Onslow
Everett                  Kern         Bill Keller for Commissioner              Onslow
Farley                   Richard      Richard Farley                            Onslow
Floyd, Boyce W Sr                     Comm. To elect H.C.Pugliese               Onslow
Freeman, Linda P                      Tina Siegel/John Scott Chadwick           Onslow
Gagnon                   Donald       Re-elect Midgett Onslow County Comm.      Onslow
Gaskins                  Robert       Robert Gaskins                            Onslow
Graham                   William      Alva Williams                             Onslow
Graham, William Lee                   Comm. Tto elect Alva William              Onslow
Gresham, Kay B                        Randy Thomas                              Onslow
Hines                    Gregory      Gregory Hines                             Onslow
Hodges                   Jay          Jay Hodges                                Onslow
Holt                     Fred         Fred Holt                                 Onslow
Ikner                                                                            Onslow
                         Barbara MeltonBarbara Melton Ikner for County Commissioner
Jones                    Jeff          Jeff Jones                                Onslow
Keagy, Philip R                        Re-Elect Phil Keagy                       Onslow
Keller                   Bill          Bill Keller for Commissioner              Onslow
Kervin                   Diane         Keneth Flanhean for Board of Commissioner Onslow
Knowles, W Rodney                      Committee to Elect W Rodney Knowles       Onslow
Lowdermilk               Michael      Michael Lowdermilk                        Onslow
Macartney, Richard K                  Dick Macartney Campaign                   Onslow
Maitilasso, Anthony 'Tony'            Joseph D Palmeri                          Onslow
Mann, Horace                          Horace Mann                               Onslow
Marshburn                Stephen      Stephen E Marshburn                       Onslow
McLean                   Robert       Margaret Brown Comm                       Onslow
Padgett, Elmer E                      Committee to Elect Elmer Padgett for Mayor Onslow
Palmeri, Joseph D                     Joseph D Palmeri                           Onslow
Parkhurst                Tommy        Thomas Parkhurst                           Onslow
Pierce, Fran                          Fran Pierce/Marvin Alton Trott             Onslow
Pittman                 Aubrey        Curtis Pittman Comm                        Onslow
Pridgen                 Patricia      Willie C Jarman                            Onslow
Ray                     Richard       Richard L Ray                              Onslow
Ridge                   Nancy         Nancy Ridge                                Onslow
Rouse                   William T.    Rouse for County Comm.                     Onslow
Russell, David L                      David Russell for Mayor                    Onslow
Sharpe                  Mary Ann      Mary Ann Sharpe                            Onslow
Shaw                    Jerome        Jerome Shaw                                Onslow
Shipley                 Donald        Donald R Shipley                           Onslow
Smith                   McKinley      McKinley Smith                             Onslow
Stubbs                  James         Michael Cline                              Onslow
Sullivan                Reva          Reva Sullivan Comm                         Onslow
Summerlin, Elvin                                                                Council
                                     Committee to Re-Elect Elvin Summerlin TownOnslow
Swantek, Robert G                    Robert G Swantek                          Onslow
Sweeting              Donald         Donald Sweeting for County Commissioner Onslow
Thomas                John           Margaret Brown                            Onslow
Thomas                Pam            Pam Thomas Committee                      Onslow
                                     Committee to Elect Randy Thomas for City Council
Thomas, William Randloph Jr "Randy Thomas"                                     Onslow
Thompson                Neil          Bettie Gurganus Camp                       Onslow
Tuman                   Susan         Sue Tuman                                  Onslow
Wallace                 Yvonne        Larry Woods                                Onslow
Watkins                 Jane          Jeff Jones                                 Onslow
Whitehurst              Rose          Onslow BOE                                 Onslow
Williams                John          John C Williams                            Onslow
Williams, Alva M                      Committee to Elect Alva Williams           Onslow
Woods                   Larry         Larry Woods                                Onslow
Yantorn, James                        Committee to Elect Jim Yantorn             Onslow
Clark                   Kever         Kever Clark                                Onslow County
Abernethy               Frank         Frank Abernethy                            Orange
Allison                 Leo           Leo Allison                                Orange
Baker, Jason                          Friends of Jason Baker                     Orange
Bedford, Jamezetta R                  Bedford for School Board                   Orange
Bryan, James T III                    Dan Colemand for Alderman                  Orange
Carlson                 John          Glenn Gerdin                               Orange
Carlson                 John          Joal Broun Comm                            Orange
Coleman                 Dan           Dan Coleman Comm                           Orange
Cooke                   Christopher   Steve Yuhasz                               Orange
Cousins                 Jane          Valerie Foushee                            Orange
Crouse, Erin                          Friends of Jason Butler                      Orange
Czajkowski, Matthew E                 Matt Czajkowski for Chapel Hill City Council Orange
Garner, Barry                         Orange BOE Director                          Orange
Gore, Glynis M                        Ryan for Alderman                            Orange
Harrison, Edward C                    Ed Harrison for Town Council                 Orange
Hauser, Bonnie                                                                     O
                                      Bernadette Pelissier for County Commissioner range
Hill, Cameron                         Cam Hill for Town Coucil                     Orange
Kelley                  Michael       Michael Kelley Comm                        Orange
Larus                   Deanna      Mia Burroughs Comm                         Orange
Larus, Deanna M                     Mia Burroughs for CHCCS School Board        Orange
Morton, Chuck                       Morton for Mayor Campaign                   Orange
Raymond, Will                       Will Raymond for Town Council               Orange
Rich, Jacqueline                                                                Orange
                                    Committee to Elect Penny Rich Chapel Hill Town Council
Rich, Penny                                                                     Orange
                                    Committee to Elect Penny Rich Chapel Hill Town Council
Richmond                Nannie      Tony McKnight                              Orange
Rohrbacher, Andrea                  Bill Strom for Council                     Orange
Skeen, Sherbie G                    Tommy McNeil                               Orange
Stevens                 Tom         Tom Stevens Comm                           Orange
STOKES, Patricia                    Annetta Streater                           Orange
Timberlake, Bettye Blackwell        Orange BOE                                 Orange
Wall                    Patrice     Luther K Brooks                            Orange
Warren                  Bryant      Bryant Kelly Warren                        Orange
Wolff                   Kevin       Kevin Wolff                                Orange
Wolff                   Mary        Mary M Wolff                               Orange
Baker                   Jason       Jason Baker                                Orange
Gordon                  Alice       Alice M. Gordon                            Orange
Hallman                 Eric        Eric Hallman                               Orange
Elkins                  Catherine   CCA-NC PAC                                 Orange Co
Bohmert                 Candy       Candy Bohmert                              Pamlico
Carawan                 Russell     Russell Dale Carawan                       Pamlico
Cooper                  James       James E Cooper                             Pamlico
Credle                  Bryan       Bryan Hugh Credle                          Pamlico
Creedal                 Lois        Lois Creedal                               Pamlico
Cross                   William     William Edward Cross                       Pamlico
Fisher                  Barbara     Barbara Fisher                             Pamlico
Hardison                Rob         Rob Hardison Comm                          Pamlico
Heath                   Kenneth     Ken Heath                                  Pamlico
Howlett                 David       David G Howlett                            Pamlico
Johnson                 Paul        Paul Johnson                               Pamlico
Jones                   Booker      Booker T Jones                             Pamlico
Jones                   Deborah     Debbie Jones                               Pamlico
Jones                   Dennis      Dennis Jones Comm                          Pamlico
Lee                     Ray         Ray Lee                                    Pamlico
Mason                   James       James A Mason                              Pamlico
McCotter                Louis       Louis McCotter Comm                        Pamlico
McDonald                James       James McDonald Comm                        Pamlico
Mele                    Christine   Christine Mele                             Pamlico
Murray                  Thomas      Thomas E Murray Comm                       Pamlico
Paul                    Robert      Robert Paul                                Pamlico
Peacock                 George      George T Peacock                           Pamlico
Pickell                 David       David Pickell                              Pamlico
Riggs                   Edward      Edward Riggs                               Pamlico
Rose                    Margaret    Margaret Rose Comm                         Pamlico
Sage                    William     William R Sage                             Pamlico
Salter                  Charles     Charles Ernie Salter                       Pamlico
Sawyer                 Rhoda        Rhoda Moore Sawyer                          Pamlico
Styron                 Eston        Eston S Styron                              Pamlico
Thannum                Judy         Judy Thannum Comm                           Pamlico
Venturi                Barbara      Barbara Venturi                             Pamlico
Walthall               Sue          Sue Walthall                                Pamlico
Whitford               Sue          Sue Whitford for Register of Deeds          Pamlico
Dixon                  Jeff         Jeff Dixon                                  Pasquatank
Baker                  Jean         Jean Baker                                  Pasquotank
Beasley                Harvey       Harvey L Beasley                            Pasquotank
Etheridge              Linda        Steve Atkinson for M                        Pasquotank
Franzese               Patricia     Patricia Franzese Co                        Pasquotank
Gilbert                Ramona       Ramona D Gilbert                            Pasquotank
Godfrey                Bonnie       Pasquotank BOE                              Pasquotank
Gray                   Gordon       Gordon Gray                                 Pasquotank
Jennings               Frank        Frank Jennings                              Pasquotank
Lehmann                William      William Lehmann                             Pasquotank
Luton                  Bill         Bill Luton                                  Pasquotank
Memolo                 Tom          Tom Memolo                                  Pasquotank
Munden                 Fulford EdwardFulford Edward Munden                      Pasquotank
Page                   Linda         Pasquotank BOE                             Pasquotank
Small                  F Mark        F Mark Small                               Pasquotank
Stimatz                Tony         Tony Stimatz                                Pasquotank
Thomas                 George       Robinson for Board                          Pasquotank
Tilley                 Candy        Dollie J Summerour                          Pasquotank
Trueblood              Bill         Bill Trueblood                              Pasquotank
Walton                 Johnnie      Johnnie B Walton                            Pasquotank
Watts                  Volanda      Volanda Watts                               Pasquotank
Weeks                  Clyde        Clyde Weeks                                 Pasquotank
Blackburn, Ray C Jr                 Carson Smith for Sheriff                    Pender
BRAXTON, Howard                     Howard Braxton                              Pender
Buffaloe, David                     Save our Community                          Pender
COMBS,Larry                         Braxton For Mayor                           Pender
Crumpler               Kathy        A Better Way to Pay                         Pender
Feige, William                                                                 Pender
                                    Nelva R Albury Re-election Committee (Surf City Town Council)
Foster                 Vickie       Tom Roper                                   Pender
Fowler, William Joseph (Buddy)      William J (Buddy) Fowler for Town Council   Pender
Gonzales               Karen        Karen S Gonzales                            Pender
Grafius                Tammy        Tim Weaver                                  Pender
Helms                  Donald       Donald R Helms Comm                         Pender
Hurry, Robert                       David Williams for Commissioner             Pender
Johnson, William                    William Johnson                             Pender
Jordan                 Valerie      Valerie Lee Jordan                          Pender
Kay, Boyce C                                                                   Mayor)
                                    Zander Guy Re-election Committee (Surf CityPender
Prevatte               Faye         Faye Prevatte                               Pender
Rawls                  Don          Candidate                                   Pender
Rivenbark              Franklin     Franklin Rivenbark                          Pender
Rouse                  Karen        Karen Rouse                                 Pender
Tate                    Jimmy           Jimmy Teriell Tate                              Pender
Casey                   Thurman         Thurman Casey                                   Pender
Swicegood               Joyce           Joyce M Swicegood for Register of Deeds         Pender
Cox                     Susan           Susan B Cox Comm                                Perquimans
Forbes, Eula                            Director for Perquimans County                  Perquimans
Layden                  Dianne          Dianne M Layden Comm                            Perquimans
Modlin-Hurdle           Pamela          Pamela Modlin-Hurdle                            Perquimans
Riddick                 Thomas          Thomas L Riddick                                Perquimans
Spaugh                  Amy             Amy Spaugh                                      Perquimans
Thompson                Bethany         Sue Weimar                                      Perquimans
Trueblood               Neil            Neil Trueblood                                  Perquimans
White                   Anne            Anne F White                                    Perquimans
Wiggins                 M Shirley       M Shirley Wiggins                               Perquimans
Yates                   Arlene          Arlene Yates                                    Perquimans
Nixon                   Martha          Mack Nixon Comm                                 Perquimans
Barker, Deborah L.                      Deborah L Barker for Clerk of Court             Person
Barrett                 Michael         Michael Barrett                                 Person
Blalock                 Frances         Frances P Blalock                               Person
Brown, Thomas J                         Committee to Elect Tom Brown for Mayor          Person
Burke, Wallace L Jr                                                                 Person
                                        Committee to Elect Wallace E Burke for City Council
Carver                  Sandra          Sandy Stigall Comm                              Person
Clayton                 Jimmy           Jimmy B Clayton Comm                            Person
Daniel, Henry S Jr                                                                  Person
                                        Committee to Elect Henry Daniel for City Council
Garrett                 Amanda          Amanda W Garrett Com                            Person
Gray                      John Robert   John Robert Gray                                Person
Harris, Glenna "Sherry' B               Assistant Director Person County BOE            Person
Harris, Sherry                          Person Co Board of Elections                    Person
Newell                  Merilyn         Merilyn Newell                                  Person
O'Neil                  Gerald          Gerry O'Neil Comm                               Person
Perkins                 Patricia        Patricia Perkins                                Person
Pulliam, Brian Keith                    Mitch Christiansen                              Person
Taylor                  Cathy           Cathy Taylor Comm                               Person
Torian                  Jason           Jason Torian Comm                               Person
Wagstaff, Robert M Jr                   Deborah L Barker for Clerk of Court             Person
Whitlow, Brenda                         Person Co Board of Elections                    Person
Yarborough              Larry           Larry Yarborough                                Person
Alberitton, Ernest                      Ernest Alberitton Town Commissioner             Pitt
Autry                   Charles         Charles L Autry Comm                            Pitt
Averette                Phillip         Bob Ramey Comm                                  Pitt
BARNES, Mike                            Mike Barnes                                     Pitt
Bellis, Ann H                           Neighbors and Friends for Larry Spell           Pitt
Bellis, Vince                           Neighbors and Friends for Larry Spell (other)   Pitt
Blount, Ferrel                          Committee to Elect Al Sharringhausen            Pitt
Briley, Anne                            Pat Dunn City Council                           Pitt
Brown, Gloristine                       Town Commissioner                               Pitt
Camnitz                 Jill            Jill Camnitz                                    Pitt
Council, Mildred Atkinson             Mildred Atkinson Council Campaign         Pitt
Cox, Ernest L                         Ernest L Cox self Alderman                Pitt
DAVENPORT, Mary Alice                 Mary B Davenport                          Pitt
Davis                   Janet         Janet E Davis                             Pitt
Dennis                  Ed            Ed Dennis                                 Pitt
DIXON, Gloria                         Gloria Jean Dixon                         Pitt
Dixon, William T                      William Dixon Campaign                    Pitt
Drouin, Steven G                      Steven G Drouin                           Pitt
Dunbar, Ronald                        Ronald Dunbar for Mayor                   Pitt
Dunn, Patricia                        Pat Dunn City Council                     Pitt
Evans, Robert                         Robert Evans for Mayor                    Pitt
Finney                  Frank         Frank Finney Comm                         Pitt
Forrest                 Benjie        Benjie Forrest                            Pitt
Garris, Jimmy                                                                     Pitt
                                      Committee to Elect Jimmy Garris Pitt County Commissioner
Gaskins                Walter         Walter Gaskins                              Pitt
Gibson, Leonard Howard                Leonard Gibson Commissioner                 Pitt
Glidewell               Kathy         Kathy Glidewell                           Pitt
Gray                    Edwin         J Bryant Kittrell                         Pitt
Harper, Velma                         Velma Harper for Alderman                 Pitt
Hayes, Dardene E (assistant)          William Dixon Campaign (assistant)        Pitt
Johnson                 Leon          Leon Johnson                              Pitt
JONES, Joyce                          Joyce Jones                               Pitt
Joyner Jr               Max           Max R Joyner Jr Comm                      Pitt
Leech                   Betsy         Betsy H Leech                             Pitt
Little                  Chip          Chip Little Comm                          Pitt
Little                  Ginger        Ginger Harris Little                      Pitt
Little                  Jennifer      Jennifer Little                           Pitt
Love                    Ralph         Ralph Love                                Pitt
Martin, Shirley                       Pat Dunn City Council                     Pitt
Mercer                  Calvin        Calvin Mercer                             Pitt
MEWBORN, Ivory                        Mary L Williams                           Pitt
Moore, Tony                           Tony Moore campaign                       Pitt
Morris                  Sharon        Sharon Morris Comm                        Pitt
Moye                    John          John L. Moye                              Pitt
ONeal                   Robert        Robert G ONeal                            Pitt
Perry                   George        Clifton Hickman                           Pitt
Pritchard, Louise                     Louise Prithard Town Commissioner         Pitt
Rao                     Kishen        Kishen C. Rao                             Pitt
Rhodes                  Cory          Corey L Rhodes                            Pitt
Rhodes                                Sara
                        Sara Beth Fulford Beth Fulford Rhodes                   Pitt
Roberson, Veronica                    Veronica Roberson town board              Pitt
Robertson, Joanne M                   Pitt County Board of Elections            Pitt
Scott                   Carl          Carl Sidney Scott                         Pitt
Shafau                  Tamika        Reginald Walton                           Pitt
Shaffer                 Jim           Jim Shaffer                               Pitt
Sharringhause, Al                     Committee to Elect Al Sharringhausen      Pitt
Skinner                 Donald        Donald E Skinner                          Pitt
Smith                     William       William C Smith Comm                         Pitt
SMITH, William C.                       Committee to Elect William C (Billy) Smith   Pitt
Spikes, Ardathy                         Ardathy Spikes for commissioner              Pitt
Starke                    Andrew        Rufus Huggins Comm                           Pitt
Sturz, Rachel                                                                      Commissioner
                                        Ron Toppin State Senate Coulson for CountyPitt
SUMMERLIN, Willie                       Willie Lincoln Sumerlin                   Pitt
TAYLOR, Erma                            Mildred Atkinson Council Campaign         Pitt
Thompson, Clara                         Clara Thompson for town council           Pitt
Tripp                     James         James Tripp Comm                             Pitt
Tripp                     Stephen       Stephen Tripp                                Pitt
Washington, Allie                       Allie Washington town alderman               Pitt
Weir                      Richard       Richard A Weir                               Pitt
WHITE, Sharon                           Committee to Re-Elect Rose Glover            Pitt
WILLIAMS, Eddie                         Jacek Teller                                 Pitt
Woods                     Christopher   Christopher Woods                            Pitt
Smart                     Tony          Tony Smart Comm                              Pitt Co
Wetherington              Katherine     Katherine Wetheringt                         Pitt Co
Smith                     Ephraigm      Ephraigm Smith                               Pitt County
Allen                     Lucinda       Lucinda T Allen                              Polk
Cudlip                    David         Tryon Forward Comm                           Polk
Denton                    Harry         Harry L Denton                               Polk
Gibson                    Rodney        Rodney Gibson for Ma                         Polk
Hall                      Richard       Richard Hall                                 Polk
Hardvall                  Gerald        Cindy Walker                                 Polk
McDermott                 Renee         Renee McDermott                              Polk
Moore                     David         David Moore Committe                         Polk
Owens                     Teddy         Teddy B Owens Comm                           Polk
Pack                      Thomas        Thoms E (Tom) Pack                           Polk
Smith                     Frank         Frank Smith                                  Polk
Talbot                    Melanie       Melanie B Talbot Com                         Polk
Whitmire                  Sheila        Sheila Whitmire                              Polk
Woody                     William       William B Woody Comm                         Polk
Coltrane                  Becky         Becky Coltrane                               Raldolph
Andrews, Frances W                      Frances W Andrews Mayor                      Randolph
Blalock, Melissa Allred                 Melissa Blalock campaign                     Randolph
Brady                     Connor        Matthew Lambeth                              Randolph
Bridges, Karen                          Karen Bridges Campaign                       Randolph
Brooks, Randy Layne                     Randy Brooks for Town Commissioner           Randolph
Burgess                   G. C.         G.C. Burgess                                 Randolph
Burks, Edward James                     Burks for City Council                       Randolph
Causey, Eddie                           Committee to Elect Eddie Causey              Randolph
Cheek, Phillip Ray                      Ashboro City Board of Education              Randolph
Coltrane                  Emily         Emily Thomas Coltrane                        Randolph
Connor, Perry                           Perry Connor-Town Commissioner               Randolph
Cox                       Faye          Faye Burgess Cox                             Randolph
Cranford, Linda Russell                 Linda R Cranford for Board of Education      Randolph
Crisco, Keith John                      Keith Crisco for City Council                Randolph
Gantt, Linda M                       Linda M Gantt                              Randolph
Grazier, Jerold L                    J. L. Grazier Mayor                        Randolph
Harris                    W Kelly    W Kelly Harris                             Randolph
Hough, Martha Tingen                 Martha Tingen Hough for Alderman           Randolph
Humble, James Lee                    James L Humble                             Randolph
Hunter                    Milo       Milo Hunter Comm                           Randolph
Hunter                    Ray        Nancy W Hunter Comm                        Randolph
Isley                     Ray        Ray Gene Isley                             Randolph
Johnson                   Janet      Janet Johnson                              Randolph
Jones, Marlene Brinkley                                                    Randolph
                                     Marlene Jones Committee Town Commissioner
Langley-Hankins, Lori L              Lori Langley-Hankins Committee        Randolph
Lowe, Krista M                       Krista M Lowe Register of Deeds       Randolph
McDonald                  John       John Thomas McDonald                       Randolph
McDowell                  Maxton     Talmadge Baker Commi                       Randolph
McManus                   Anthony    Stan Haywood Comm                          Randolph
Meredith, Dwight                     Jimmy Shore Election Committee             Randolph
Moffitt                   Joanne     Walker B Moffitt                           Randolph
Nixon, Charles Dougles                                                      Randolph
                                     Doug Nixon Committee Town Commissioner of Staley
Overman                   Paul       Paul David Overman                         Randolph
Overman, Paul David                                                            Randolph
                                     African American Caucus of Forsyth Democratic Party PAC (president)
Sampley, Robert                      Robert Sampley for Board of Alderman      Randolph
Schmidly                  J Brooke   Asheboro's Future                          Randolph
Scotton, Karen R                     Karen Scotton Committee/Lib Marley         Randolph
Shaw, Danny Roy                      Danny Roy Shaw                             Randolph
Smith, Elton L                       Elton Smith for Town Commissioner          Randolph
Staley, Katrina                      Katrina Staley                             Randolph
Strider, Margie H                    Arnold Lanier Campaign                     Randolph
Warlick, Larry E                     Larry E Warlick                            Randolph
Williams                  Tim        Tim Williams                               Randolph
Evans                     Mary       Randolph Co Senior D                       Randolph Co
Hunter                    Nancy      N Hunter                                   Randolph Co
Johnson                   Ansel      Ansel Pike Johnson                         Randolph County
Aleman, Hazel                        Hazel Aleman for Mayor                     Richmond
Bailey                    Dayle      Joe Richardson                             Richmond
Bayless                   Bill       Bill Bayless                               Richmond
Butler                    Lee        Lee P Butler                               Richmond
Clark                     Gail       Kenneth R Robinette                        Richmond
Collins                   Tonia      Tonia Collins                              Richmond
Covington                 Peggy      Candidate                                  Richmond
Deane                     Bennett    Bennett Deane                              Richmond
Douglas                   Linda      Linda Douglas                              Richmond
Gibson. Mary Ann                     Mary Ann Gibson for Town Council           Richmond
Hart                      Tommy      Tommy Hart Comm                            Richmond
Jackson, Gracie C                                                             Richmond
                                     Gracie C Jackson Town Council Dobbins Heights
Jones                     Rory       Rory Kevin Jones Com                       Richmond
Kelly                     Daniel     Daniel T Kelly                             Richmond
Leak                      Myra       Linda Douglas Comm                         Richmond
Marsh                Sandy         Sandy Marsh                                Richmond
Morris, Steve                      Steve Morris for City Council              Richmond
Moss                 Ben           Ben T Moss                                 Richmond
O'Neal               Edward        Edward J O'Neal                            Richmond
Paxton               Roger         Roger Paxton                               Richmond
Preslar              Patrick       Pat Preslar                                Richmond
Rogers               Larry         Candidate                                  Richmond
Smith, Teresa Webb                 Ricmond County Deputy Director BOE         Richmond
Strong               Svea          Strong                                     Richmond
Stutts               Jean          Jean H Stutts                              Richmond
Suggs                Ben           Larry Rogers                               Richmond
Thomas               JoAnn         JoAnn Thomas                               Richmond
Thomas               Terry         Terry Thomas                               Richmond
Unger                Bertram       Bert Unger Comm                            Richmond
Ward, William M                    William M Ward for Mayor                   Richmond
Williams             Kelly         Dale Furr Comm                             Richmond
Williams             Michael       Herman A Williams                          Richmond
Young, Joe A                       Antonio Blue Committee                     Richmond
Stanback             Bruce         Bruce Stanback                             Richmond Co
Wilson               Amanda        Amanda "Amy" Wilson                        Richmond County
Hunt                 Mary          Laura Sampson Comm                         Roberson
Bacot, Dannie M                    Dannie M Bascot for Town Council           Robeson
Bacot, Kathleen S                  Matt Adams                                 Robeson
Bass                 Gaston        Gaston Vance Bass                          Robeson
Bollinger            Phyllis       Phyllis J Bollinger                        Robeson
Branch               Tommy         Tommy Branch                               Robeson
Brisson              William       William Brisson                            Robeson
Bristol              Arnita       Elmer Floyd                                 Robeson
Britt, Bobby L                    Bobby Linwood Britt Councilman              Robeson
Britt, Irene R                    Irene R Britt for Mayor of Town of Donald   Robeson
Bryan                Susan Kinlaw Danny Cook for School Board                 Robeson
Cain                 Sandra        Sandra Graham Cain                         Robeson
Caulder              Carol         Steve Stone                                Robeson
Caulder              Wilton        Wilton Caulder                             Robeson
Connor, Deborah                    Deborah Connor Alderman for Procterville   Robeson
Cook                 Danny         Danny Cook for School Board                Robeson
Cummings             Lacy          Lacy Cummings Comm                         Robeson
Cummings             Raymond       Raymond Cummings                         Robeson
Cummings,Charles Gregory           Charles Gregory Cummings for Town CouncilRobeson
Davis                Trevor        Trevor Davis                               Robeson
Edwards, Earl R                    Earl R Edwards                             Robeson
Espey, Annie S                     Annie S Espey Town Clerk                   Robeson
Faircloth            Ray           Ray Faircloth                              Robeson
Faircloth, Sr        Ray           Ray Faircloth for County Commissioner      Robeson
Floyd, Elizabeth P                 George T Paris for Mayor                   Robeson
Graham               Charles       Charles Graham                             Robeson
Hagin                Larry         Larry Hagin                                Robeson
Henderson              Edward      Edward A Henderson                           Robeson
Herndon                Lance       Lance Herndon                                Robeson
Hunt                   Audrey      Audrey Hunt                                  Robeson
Hunt                   Gregory     Roger Oxendine                               Robeson
Hunt                   Mary        Larry D Jacobs                               Robeson
Hunt, Milton Ray                   Committee to re-elect Milton Hunt            Robeson
Ivey, Harry L                      Harry Ivey for City Council                  Robeson
Jackson                John        John R Jackson                               Robeson
Jackson,Jerry M                    Jerry Jackson for Town Council               Robeson
Johnson, H Biggs                   H Biggs Johnson Alderman for Procterville    Robeson
Jones, Robert Len                  RobertL Jones for City Council P-6           Robeson
Kohlhaas               Vickie      Glenna Hicks                                 Robeson
Lindsay                Kathleen    Kathleen Lindsay Com                         Robeson
Locklear, Dinah                    Robeson County BOE                           Robeson
Long                   Jerry       Jerry Long                                   Robeson
Love, Allen Jean                   Allen Jean Love for Commissioner             Robeson
Lowery                 JoAnn       JoAnn Chavis Lowery                          Robeson
Lowry                  Bernard     Bernard Lowry                                Robeson
Lowry, Mitchell                    Mitchell Lowry Town Council                  Robeson
Mabe                   Curtis      Lennis Watts                                 Robeson
Martin                 Steve                                                    Robeson
McCall, Harris V                   Harris McCall for Mayor                      Robeson
McCree                 Jeff        Jeffrey J McCree                             Robeson
McLamb, Vicky Jordan (assistant)                                                  Robeson
                                   Harry Ivey for City Council (assistant treasurer)
McLaurin, Geraldine                Geraldine McLaurin for Commissioner            Robeson
McMillan               Al          Al McMillan                                  Robeson
McNeill                John        John M McNeill                               Robeson
McNeill, Larry                     Re-Election Larry McNeill for Town Council   Robeson
Meinert                Fran        Fran Meinert                                 Robeson
Mitchell               Chris       Chris Mitchell Comm                          Robeson
Morrison, Vivian Brown                                                      Robeson
                                   Vivian Brown Morrison for Maxton Town Commission
Morton, Emmett H                   Elect Emmett Morton                      Robeson
Oliver, D Justin                   Justin Oliver for Mayor                  Robeson
Oxendine               Roger       Roger Oxendine                           Robeson
Paris                  George      George T Paris Comm                          Robeson
Parnell                Alf         Alf Parnell                                  Robeson
Perkins                Claude      Claude Perkins                               Robeson
Powell, Walter                     Walter Powell                                Robeson
Powell, Walter                     Walter Powell                                Robeson
Ramseur, Romesia                   Romesia Ramseur                              Robeson
Sealey                 Forrest     Forrest Wade Sealey                          Robeson
Seaman, James C                    James C Seaman Alderman for Procterville Robeson
Stevens, Raymond Lee Jr            Sheriff Keneth Sealey                    Robeson
Taylor                HT           H T Taylor                               Robeson
Taylor                 James       James R Taylor                               Robeson
Tolson                 Shirley     Shirley Tolson Comm                          Robeson
Townsend, Ray                      Ray Townsend City Council Lumbernton         Robeson
Watts                  Lennis     Lennis Watts                              Robeson
Westbrook, M Gordon               M Gordon Westbrook for Mayor              Robeson
Williams, Mae Thelma              Thelma Mae Williams                       Robeson
Williamson, Robert D              Robert D Williamson Town Council          Robeson
Womack, Victor R Sr               Victor R Womack Sr for Commissioner       Robeson
Arnette                Debra      Debra Arnette Comm                        Robeson
Mack                   Linda      Linda McQueen Mack                        Robeson
Britt                  Bonita     Bonita Britt                              Robeson Co
Connor                 Jennifer   Jennifer Connor                           Robeson Co
Hunt                   Paul                                                 Robeson Co
Locklear               Vicki      Vicki Locklear                            Robeson Co
McDougald              Carnetta   Eva Patterson-Heath                       Robesson
Belcher, Jr            James      James F Belcher Jr                        Rockingham
Bell                   Amanda     Amanda Bell                                Rockingham
Bray, Forrest W                   Forrest W Bray                             Rockingham
Burnette, James C                 Committee to Elect Jim Burnette (Candidate)Rockingham
Butler                 Lelia      Harold Bass Comm                          Rockingham
Cardwell, Tina                    Rockingham Co BOE                           Rockingham
Conner, Evelyn L                  Citizens to Elect Evelyn Conner             Rockingham
Curry, Steve                      Steve Curry for city council                Rockingham
Darnell, Brent                    Committee to Elect Jim Burnette (Treasurer) Rockingham
Demoss, Eugene                    Eugene Guy DeMoss                           Rockingham
DePriest               Jennifer   Celeste V DePriest                          Rockingham
Evans                  John       Harry Mullis                                Rockingham
Fretwell               Sam        Sam Fretwell                                Rockingham
Garner                 Bryant     Garner for Councilma                      Rockingham
Gover, C.H., Sr.                  C.H. Gover                                Rockingham
Griffin                Hal        Hal R Griffin                             Rockingham
Hagood                 Gene       Odell for co Commis                       Rockingham
Hall                   Neville    Tommy Flynt Comm                          Rockingham
Hawkins                Ben        Tom Rogers Comm                           Rockingham
Henderson, John H                 John H Henderson                          Rockingham
Hobbs, Caldwell                   Caldwell Hobbs City Council               Rockingham
Joyce                  David      David P Joyce                             Rockingham
Kallam, James E                                                         R
                                  James Kallam Rockingham Co Commissioner ockingham
Kirkman                K          K Wayne Kirkman                           Rockingham
Lester                 Jodi       Jodi Lester                               Rockingham
Mann                 Chuck        Chuck Mann                                Rockingham
McCollum             Elaine       Robert Sharpe, Elaine McCollum            Rockingham
McKinney, Norma Jean              Norma Jean McKinney                       Rockingham
Mendenhall, Randall               Randal Mendenhall town council            Rockingham
Moore                  Richard    Richard Moore Comm                        Rockingham
Mullis                 Harry      Harry Mullis                              Rockingham
Odell                  Jerry      Jerry Odell                               Rockingham
Pegram, J Mark                    J. Mark Pegram for Clerk of the Court     Rockingham
Pugh                   Karen      Penny Owens                               Rockingham
Purdy, Wayne                      C.H. Gover, Sr.                           Rockingham
Rhodes                 Larry        Larry G Rhodes                              Rockingham
Rose                   Nell         Nell Rose                                   Rockingham
Rucker                 George       George A Rucker                             Rockingham
Scales                 Tim          Tim Scales                                  Rockingham
Scales, James                       James Scales for town council               Rockingham
Scales. Johnette                    John H Henderson                            Rockingham
Sharpe                 Robert       Robert Sharpe                               Rockingham
Smith                  John         John Smith                                  Rockingham
Smith                  Vera         Vera K Smith                                Rockingham
Steele                 Joyce        Yes For Progress                            Rockingham
Tuggle                 Sammy        Sammy Rex Tuggle Com                        Rockingham
Turner, Roy                         Donna Turner                                Rockingham
Turner, W Clark                     W Clark Turner                              Rockingham
Vaden                  Harold Wayne Nell Rose                                   Rockingham
Wall                   Leon         Leon W Wall                                 Rockingham
Warren, Brittany                    Norma Jean McKinney                         Rockingham
Wilson                 Robert       Robert Wilson                               Rockingham
Williamson             Holly        John Smith                                  Rockingham
Adams                  Todd         Todd Adams                                  Rowan
Barger, Jeff                        Committee to Elect Jeff Barger Clerk of CourtRowan
BEAVER, William P.                  William P Beaver                             Rowan
Boone, Robert                       Robert Boone                                 Rowan
Bringle                Don          Don Bringle Comm                            Rowan
Burgin, Bill                        Bill Burgin                                 Rowan
Coltrain               Raymond      Raymond D Coltrain                          Rowan
Crews                  Timothy      Timothy Justin Crews                        Rowan
DANIEL, Jimmy                       Jimmy L Daniel                              Rowan
Davis                  Gary         Re-Elect George Wilh                        Rowan
Draper                 Timothy      Tim Draper Comm                             Rowan
Ellis, Carlton                      Carlton Ellis for Alderman                  Rowan
Evans, Nancy                        Rowan County BOE                            Rowan
Fisher                 Jacob        Jacob Fisher Comm                           Rowan
Ford, Carl                          Committee to Elect Carl Ford                Rowan
Gardner                Gary         Gary Gardner                                Rowan
GLADDEN, Theodore                   Theodore Gladden Candidate                  Rowan
Jordan                 William      William L Jordan                            Rowan
Kennedy, William R                  William R Kennedy                            Rowan
Kennedy, Willie Jean                Comm to Elect W Jean Kennedy                 Rowan
Kluttz, Susan Wear                                                               City Council
                                    Committee to Elect Susan Kluttz for SalisburyRowan
LaFevers               James        Jim LaFevers                                Rowan
Lyerly                 Laura        Laura Lyerly Comm                           Rowan
Miller, John G                      Elect John G Miller                         Rowan
Misenheimer            Jeannette    Jeannette Misenheime                        Rowan
Monroe, Patricia                    Bill Burgin                                 Rowan
Morris                 Teddy        Teddy J Morris Comm                         Rowan
Noble, John G.                      John G Noble III                            Rowan
Overcash               Ronald       Ronald Overcash Comm                        Rowan
Owens               Kendra      Ken Deal                                 Rowan
Peeler              Todd        W Todd Peeler                            Rowan
Perry               Mark        Raymond Coltrain                         Rowan
Pless, George Lee               George Lee Pless for board of alderman   Rowan
Ponds               Mary        Mary S Ponds Comm                        Rowan
Rustin, John L.                 John L Rustin Sr.                        Rowan
SAFRIT, Roger                   Roger Dale Safrit                        Rowan
Sanderson           James       James M Sanderson                        Rowan
Seaford             Charles     Charles Seaford Comm                     Rowan
Sides               Billy       Billy Sides                              Rowan
Sides               Todd        Todd Sides                               Rowan
Sides, Jim                      Jim Sides for Rowan County Commissioner Rowan
Welter              Allen       Allen Welter                             Rowan
West, Crystal M                 Rowan County BOE                         Rowan
WEST, Lynard                    Leonard M West Campaign Fund             Rowan
Wingerson           Charles     Charles Wingerson Co                     Rowan
Womble, Kenneth W               Kenneth W Womble                         Rowan
Woodson, Paul                   Woodson for City Council                 Rowan
Yon                 Anthony E                                            Rowan
Young, Mary                     Erma Smith Jefferies                     Rowan
Hilton              H. A.       Tony Hilton Comm                         Rowan Co
Hoffman             John        Lorene Coates Comm.                      Rowan County
Bare                Christy     Christy Bare                             Rutherford
Black               Allan       Allan Bunt Black                         Rutherford
Brackett            Dan         Dan Brackett                             Rutherford
Bradley             Chivous     Madeane Hodge                            Rutherford
Byers               Charles     Charles Hill                             Rutherford
Conner              Chad        Chad Dwayne Conner C                     Rutherford
Dale                Kelly       Michael Keith Dalton                     Rutherford
Dyer                Nancy       Carmalita Fortenberr                     Rutherford
Euten               Freddie     Freddie Euten for Bo                     Rutherford
Freeman, Sandra H               Brad Greenway DA                         Rutherford
Gibson              James       James W Gibson Comm                      Rutherford
Glawson             Chris       Chris Glawson Comm                       Rutherford
Goode-Hanaway       Amy         Don Baynard & others                     Rutherford
Greene              Richard     Randy Herring Comm                       Rutherford
Griffith-Bright     Deedee      Deedee Griffith-Brig                     Rutherford
Hogan               Jackie      Jackie Hogan                             Rutherford
Holland             Billy       Billy Paul Holland                       Rutherford
Hollifield          Michael     Michael H Hollifield                     Rutherford
Jones, Bobby E                  Bobby E Jones Town Council               Rutherford
Kennedy             Pam         Stanley Upton Comm                       Rutherford
Lattimore           Bill        Bill Lattimore Comm                      Rutherford
Lovelace            Dawn        Rutherford BOE                           Rutherford
MCBRAYER, Tom                   Tom MCBRAYER city council                Rutherford
McDonald            Kimberly    Robynn L Spence                          Rutherford
McIntyre            Kimberly    Littlejohn Committee                     Rutherford
Owens                   Don         Don Kevin Owens                          Rutherford
Proctor                 Jim         Jim Proctor                              Rutherford
Rhyne                   James       James C Rhyne                            Rutherford
Smith                   Thomas      Bill Greene                              Rutherford
Swink                   Jeff        Jeff Swink Comm                          Rutherford
Thompson                Linda       Linda Thompson Comm                      Rutherford
Tomblin                 Toby        Toby Tomblin Comm                        Rutherford
Turner                  Tim         Eddie Holland                            Rutherford
Walker                  Nancy       Nancy B Walker                           Rutherford
Whisnant                Elizabeth   Elizabeth Whisnant                       Rutherford
Wright                  David       David Wright Comm                        Rutherford
Burns                   Bob         Bob Burns Committee                      Rutherford
Dobbins                 Keith                                                Rutherford Co
Huber                   Robert      robert Hubber                            Rutherford Co
Weeks                   Sandra      Sandra Weeks Comm                        Rutherford County
Faunce                  David       Rutherford Co GOP                        Rutherford/State
Alexander               David       David Alexander Comm                     Sampson
Alexander, David                    Committee to Elect David Lee Alexander   Sampson
Besaw, John L                       John L Besaw town Council                Sampson
Blackburn               Brant       Brant Balckburn Comm                     Sampson
Blackburn               Rudy        Rudy Blackburn Comm                      Sampson
Blanton                 John        John Blanton                             Sampson
Clifton                 Tim         Tim Clifton                              Sampson
Cooper                  Jean        Jean Cooper                              Sampson
Cooper                  Shirley     Shirley Cooper                           Sampson
Darden                  Gerald      Gerald W. Darden Com                     Sampson
Denning                 Dale        Billy Lockamy Comm                       Sampson
Edgerton                Quincy      Quincy Edgerton Comm                     Sampson
Gardner, Morris P                   John Besaw town Council                  Sampson
Greer                   Katie       Katie Greer                              Sampson
Holden                  William     William R Holden Com                     Sampson
Johnson                 Haywood     Haywood C Johnson Co                     Sampson
Johnson                 Willie      Willie Johnson Comm                      Sampson
King                    Paulette    Paulette King                            Sampson
Lockamy                 Bill        Billy C Lockamy                          Sampson
McLamb, Jarvis H                    Re-Elect Jarvis McLamb Commissioner      Sampson
McLean                  James       James H McLean Comm                      Sampson
McLemore                William     William M McLemore                       Sampson
Moore                   James       James C Moore                            Sampson
Parker                  Gail        Robert B Cain                            Sampson
Rose                    Susan       Eleanor Bradshaw                         Sampson
Smith                   Ellen       Faye Gay Comm                            Sampson
Smith                   SJ          S J Smith                                Sampson
Squibb                  Kathleen    Kathleen Squibb Comm                     Sampson
Strickland              Bobby       Bobby Strickland                         Sampson
Strickland, Jefferson               Strickland for Commissioner Campaign     Sampson
Strickland, Neal                    Neal Strickland                          Sampson
Tart                  Glenn       James Glenn Tart                         Sampson
Tart                  Glenn       Glenn Tart Comm                          Sampson
Turlington            Tom         Jean C Turlington Co                     Sampson
Viser                 Diane                                                Sampson
Williams              Patricia    Patricia A Williams                      Sampson
Conerly               Jean        Jimmy Thornton                           Sampson
Gilmore               Louis       Louis Gilmore                            Sampson County
Burch, Barbara                                                              Sampson/State
                                  Barbara Burch for town commissioner, Newton Grove DP
Alexander             Kay         Scotland DW                               Scotland
Alford                John        John T Alford                             Scotland
Brown                 Charles E   Charles E Brown School Board              Scotland
Butler                Leon        Leon Butler                              Scotland
Carter                JD          J D "Buck" Carter                        Scotland
Covington             Charlotte   Terrance Williams for School Board       Scotland
Farmer                Milton      Milton W Farmer Comm                     Scotland
Faulk, Amanda B                   Amanda B Faulk for City Council          Scotland
Fields, Kay                       Matthew Block                            Scotland
Gholston              Betty       Betty Blue Gholston                      Scotland
Gorham, Bernice McPhatter         Bernice McPhatter Gorham                 Scotland
Holcomb               Debra       Debra H Holcomb                          Scotland
Jackson               Betty       Buddy McCarter                           Scotland
Jackson               John        Buddy McCarter                           Scotland
Johnson, Jerry                    Scotland County BOE                      Scotland
Little, Tammy                     Loretta McNeil                           Scotland
Maynard, Cathy Dunn               Cathy Dean Maynard                       Scotland
Maynard, Steve                    Steve Maynard                            Scotland
McCook, Flora H                   Guy McCook Campaign                      Scotland
McDow                 Joyce       Robert McDow                             Scotland
McDow                 Robert      Robert McDow                             Scotland
McNeil, Loretta                   Loretta McNeil for City Council          Scotland
McVicker, Marilyn A               Rep Douglas Yongue                       Scotland
Miller                Douglas     Douglas R Miller                         Scotland
Nichols, Carol A                  Guy McCook Campaign                      Scotland
Parker, Blondell M                Scotland County BOE-Director             Scotland
Sanders, Margaret                 Committee to Elect Frances McDuffie      Scotland
Stuart                Joan        Jeanie Freshcorn                         Scotland
Tindall               Linda       Linda Tindall                            Scotland
Wallace               Robert      Robert Lee Wallace                       Scotland
Willard               Spencer     Spencer D Willard                        Scotland
Sanders               Margaret    Frances McDuffie                         Scotland Co
Fowler                James       James Fowler Comm                        Scotland County
McRae                 Philip      W Philip McRae                           Scotland/State (Scotland DEC)
Leak                  Curtis      Curtis Leak                              Scottland Co
Parker                Ted         Oakboro Town Counnci                     Stanley County
Abernathy             Don         8th District REC                         Stanly
Barbee                Christy     Tanya R Barbee                           Stanly
Bates                 Amy         Larry Baucom                             Stanly
Branch                    Jeff       Stanly DCC                                 Stanly
Carlisle                  Jason      Jason Carlisle                             Stanly
Cody                      Amanda     Suzanne Lowder                             Stanly
Cranford                  Martha     Lisa Burris                                Stanly
Crawley                   Ronald     Ronald Crawley                             Stanly
Fuchs                     Bill       Locust for Growth                          Stanly
Greene                    Darice     Darice W Greene                            Stanly
Greene, Harold E                     Harold E Greene                            Stanly
Griffin                   Stacey     Albermarle Firefight                       Stanly
Hall, Martha Sue                                                                 Stanly
                                     Committee to Elect Hall Albemarle City Council
Hartsell                  Sandy      Stanly BOE                                 Stanly
Harvey                    Robert     Robert Alan Harvey                         Stanly
Hinson                    Charlie    Charlie Hinson                             Stanly
Hudson                    J Kelly    Kelly Hudson Comm                          Stanly
Huneycutt                 Joel       Joel Huneycutt                             Stanly
Kimmer, Brigette B                   Committee to Elect Rick Burris Sheriff     Stanly
Lambert                   Betty      Tony Dennis                                Stanly
Lambert                   Sandee     Sandee T Lambert                           Stanly
Little                    Joyce      Joyce H Little                             Stanly
Lowder                    Brad       Brad Lowder Comm                           Stanly
Lowder                    Jann       Jann Lowder                                Stanly
Lowder                    Joe         Joe Lowder Comm                           Stanly
Lowder                    Steve       Steve Lowder                              Stanly
McDaniel                              Eddie McDaniel
                          George Edward (Eddie)                                 Stanly
Misenheimer               Jim        Jim Misenheimer                            Stanly
Morgan                    Steven     Vicky Watson                               Stanly
Phillip, Daniel Webster III          Daniel Webster Phillips III                Stanly
Quick                     Raeford    Raeford C Quick Comm                       Stanly
Rush, Alphonzo L                     Alphonzo L Rush for Town Council           Stanly
Swain                     Matthew    Matthew Swain                              Stanly
Thompson                  Harold     Harold W. Thompson                         Stanly
Washington                Lucinda    Anita Owens-Scott                          Stanly
White                     Timmie     Timmie Earl White                          Stanly
Whitley                   Chris      Chris Whitley                              Stanly
Whitley, Elbert L Jr                 Elbert L Whitley Jr for Mayor              Stanly
Williams                  Jerry      Jerry M Williams                           Stanly
Wyrick                    Tracey     Tracey Wyrick                              Stanly
Harrison                  James      Jim Harrison Comm                          Stanly County
Walker                    David      David Walker Comm                          Stanly County
Abernathy                Janice      Janice Abernathy                           State
Adams, Max                           Wake Democratic Men's Club                 State
Aikens                   Frederick   Aikens for State Auditor                   State
Albert, Judy (treasurer)             RJR PAC, treasurer                         State
Albritton                 Emmette    Stanly REC                                 State
Alcock                    Frank      Norman Sanderson                           State
Aldridge                  Nicholas   Aldridge for House                         State
Alexander                 Helen      Kelly Alexander                            State
Alexander                John           John Alexander                                State
Alexander                  Mae          Paul Goebel                                   State
Alexander, Martha                       Martha Alexander Campaign                     State
Allan                      Linda Lee    Committee to Elect Judge Laura Devan          State
Alleman, Cheryl A                       Committ to Elect Starling                     State
ALLEN, Anne                             NC Veterinary Medical Assn PAC                State
ALLEN, danny                            NC Veterinary Medical Assn PAC                State
Allen, Derek                            A. Robinson Hassell Judge                     State
Allen, Frances R                        Stokes RW                                     State
Allen, Lucy J                           Lucy J Allen Campaign                         State
Allen, Priscilla M (bookeeper)          NC Dental PAC (bookeeper)                     State
Allen, Renee'                           Economic Development Coalition 2000           State
Allran, Austin                          Allran for Senate                             State
Allred, Linda F (assistant)             Randolph DW (assistant)                       State
Almond, David                           Almond Campaign                               State
ALSTON, barbara                         Franklin DW                                   State
Amis                       Terry        Committee to Elect Malcolm Graham             State
Andracchio, Vince                       NC Independent Finance Corp PAC               State
Andrews, James                          Natl AFL-CIO                                  State
Ansley                     Ronnie       Ronnie Ansley                                 State
Apple                      Sherry A     Randolph RW                                   State
Appleton, Robert W                      New Hanover DEC                               State
Aragona, Jr                Martin       Citizens to Elect Martin Aragona, Jr          State
Arrowood, Kristen                       Union DW                                      State
Asbell                   Valerie        Valerie Asbell                                State
Atkinson, Kathryn                        NC Home Builders Assn PAC                    State
Atkinson, Kimberly                       Taylor for NC House                          State
Austin, Susan                            Paul Luebke for State House                  State
Aycock, Diana L                          John Kerr for Senate Committee               State
Ayers                     Amanda         Shirley Wiggins                              State
Ayers, Christopher                       Orr 2008                                     State
Badgett, Mark                            Mark Bagett for Judge                        State
Bailey, Betsy                            E-PAC (Engineers PAC)                        State
Bailey, Elizabeth K (assistant)                                                       State
                                         Stuart Albright Campaign for Superior Court (assistant)
Baines, G Brooks                         Richard T Brown for Judge                    State
Baker                     Don            Avery REC                                    State
Ball                      Hermie         Gaylor for Judge                             State
Barabasz, Janet                          Franklin REC                                 State
Barker                    John L.        John Barker                                  State
Barkley                                  Haywood RW
                          Elizabeth Claire                                            State
Barlow, Maggie                           Joe Hackney for House Committee              State
Barner                    Ernest         Teresa Raquel Robinson Freeman               State
Barner, Angela                           Ed Jones campaign                            State
Barnes, Edgar                            Judge Barnes                                 State
Barnes, Louis                            Bill Daughtridge Campaign                    State
Barnes, Matthew C                        Orr for Governor Campaign                    State
Barnhart, Jeff                           Comm to Elect Jeff Barnhart                  State
Barr, Liliana                         East Lincoln PAC                             State
BARR, Mike                            NC Society of Surveyors                      State
Barrett, Suzanne                      Transylvania County DW                       State
Barron                  Linda         Henry Vines                                  State
Barufkin, Eugene                      Lee County SD                                 State
Bass, Larry L Jr                      Jim Ammons                                    State
Beach                   Patrick       Senator Malcolm Graham                        State
Beaman                  Pam           Wilson DEC                                    State
Beard, Melissa                                                                      State
                                      Potical Action for NC Society of Surveyors (Executive Director)
Beaty, Rufus                          South Financial Group Inc. Good GovernmentStateFund
Beck                    Jenette       Brunswick REC                                 State
Beck, Jeanette L                      Brunswick REC                                 State
Belk                    William       William Belk                                 State
Bell                    James F      Greg Bell for Judge                           State
Bell                    James GregoryGreg Bell for Judge                           State
Bell Wright             Andrea       Bob Ethridge for Congress                     State
Benfield, Pam                        NC Poultry Federation PAC                     State
Bennetone               Sonya        Sandra Spaulding Hughes                       State
Bennett, Rick                        Time Warner Cable                             State
Bennett, Thomas F                    Alamance SD                                   State
Bention, Latoya                      You the People for Jim Bention Sr.            State
Berger                  Alan          Buncombe Green Party                         State
Berk                    Tony          Tony B Berk                                  State
Berry                   Connie Mack Rachel Lea Hunter                              State
Bethune                 AM          Nathaniel Cooper Comm of Insurance             State
Betty Branch                        Linda Coleman Committee for NC House           State
Bird, Bob                           NC Small Business of Indendent Agents          State
Bird, Robert                        NC Small Business PAC                          State
BISSETTE, Helen                     Wilson Area RW                                 State
Blake, Mathew                       Associtate Justice Bob Edmunds                 State
Blalock, Donna                      Committee to Elect Jim Hill                    State
Bland                   William       William W Bland                              State
Blanke                  Dianne        Meck Evening RW                              State
Blaschik, Dodi                        Jackson REC Chairman                         State
Blust, John                           John Blust for NC House                      State
Boesch, Lydia                         Sandhills Rep Women                          State
Boesch, Lydia                         Moore REC                                    State
Bone                    Laura         Bone Client PAC                              State
Bonner, Bonny                         Mark Basnight Campaign                       State
Bonsignore              Linda         Phyllis Gorham                               State
Boone                   Ray           Committee to Elect John Reavill              State
Boone, David W                        NC Orthopaedic PAC                           State
Boruta                  Richard       Sue Myrick                                   State
Boswell, Stella                                                                 State
                                      NC Assn of Women Attorneys Jucicial Endorsement Committee
Bower, Glenn N                        NC RM                                     State
Bowles, Elizabeth Frazier             Guilford DW                               State
Bowles, James B                       Guilford DW                               State
Boylan                    Joseph        Joseph P Boylan                           State
Brady, Janice M (other)                 Harold Brubaker Comm                      State
Brady, Phillip                          Harold Brubaker Comm                      State
Bragg                     Chris         Chris Bragg                               State
Branch                    Brenda        Brenda Branch                             State
Brandt, Liz                             Haywood RW                                State
Brantley, David B                       David B Brantley                          State
Brantley, James W                       Vote James W Brantley Committee           State
Brashear                  Harold        Ed Wilson Senate Com                      State
Bratzke, Edward C                       Critical Health Systems of NC PAC         State
Braxton, Van                            Van Braxton Campaign                      State
Brazelton, Ophelia                      Craven DW                                 State
Brese, Dave                             Mechanical Contractors of NC              State
Briggs                    Hollis        Briggs for House                          State
Brinson, Karen                          DET District 1 SBE                        State
Brisson, William                        William Brisson Campaign                  State
Britt                     Danny         NC Veterans Caucus                        State
Britt                       Georgetta   Wake RW Club                              State
Britt, Jeffrey M (assistant)            Smithfield Foods, Inc. PAC                State
Brittain                    Thomas      Thomas Brittain District Court Judge      State
Brittain                  Thomas        Thomas Mack Brittain                      State
Brody                     Mark          Mark Brody                                State
Brohawn, Michael                        Wake Emergency Physicians PAC             State
Brooks, Linda                           Democratic Women of Cabarras County       State
Brooks, Selina                          Selina Brooks District Court Judge        State
Brown                     Iris R.       Wake RW                                   State
Brown                     Norma         Judge Banks-Payne                         State
Brown, Earl T                           Derek K Brown for the House               State
Brown, Hazel                            Citizens to Elect Larry Womble Campaign   State
Brown, Jaqueline                        Lenoir County DEC                         State
Brown, Richard T                        Richard T Brown for Judge                 State
Browning                  Ansley        Forsyth DW                                State
Browning                  William       Forsyth DEC                               State
Bryant, Janice L                        The Dellinger Committee                   State
Bryson, Bill                            Wake RM                                   State
Buff                      Harriet       Brunswick RW                              State
Buff, Harriet H                         Brunswick RW                              State
Burgess, Ellen                          Victor for Senate                         State
Burgess, Victor                         Victor for Senate                         State
Burns, Jeraldine (Jeri)                 Onslow DEC                                State
BURNS, John                             Onslow DEC                                State
Burr                      Justin        Justin Burr                               State
Burrow, Scott D                         Comm to Elect Pat B. Hurley               State
Buthe, Sarah L                          Judge Jim Wynn Re-Election Committee      State
Butler, Tim                             Committee to Elect Larry Bell             State
Byam, Lee                               Sampson DW                                State
Bynum, Sheryl                           Green Industry Council PAC                State
Byrd                  Lora         Hyde DEC                                   State
BYRD, Shirley                      Johnston Co RW Treasurer                   State
Caldwell              Marian       Fayetteville RW                            State
Caldwell, Marian                   Rep. Womens Club                           State
Calendine             Joseph (Jay) Lee REC/Lee YR                             State
Camenzind             Robert       Tom Thomas                                 State
Cameron               W            W M Cameron                                State
Campbell              Dorothy      Mitchell Co. REC                           State
Campbell              Jason        Ansley for Agrigulture                     State
Campbell              Marisa       Ansley for Agrigulture                     State
Campbell              Robert       Robert Campbell                            State
Campbell              Robert       Robert Campbell                            State
Campbell, Charles Spencer          11th Congressional District Committee      State
Campbell, Frances                  Alexander RW                               State
Campbell, Jack                     Dan Besse 2008                             State
Campbell, Robert                   Henderson RM                               State
Canady, James Allen                Resident Lenders of NC PAC                 State
Canipe                Jeremy       Buncombe YD                                State
Cappelletti           Norma        sub for treasurer                            State
Carlson, Frank                     Craven County Democratic Party               State
Carmer                Robert       Womble PAC                                   State
Carmichael, Makayla                Womble Carlyle Sandridge Rice PAC            State
Carpenter, Dale                    11th Cong Dist REC/Haywood REC               State
Carpenter, Margaret                Marge for House                              State
Carraway, Lonnie Wayne             Lonnie W Carraway                            State
Carroll, Susan                                                                  State
                                   PAC Central Carolina Radiologist for the Improvement of Medicine
Carter                Johnny       Johnny Carter Congre                       State
Carter                Sandy        Scotland RW                                State
Carter, James                      Douglas McCullough Ct of Appeals           State
Cartwright            Dick         Rockingham DEC                             State
Carty, Karen                       Iredell County RW                          State
Cary, Linda                        Kay Hagan Campaign                         State
Casey                 Thomas       William W Bland                            State
Cash, Richard                      Franklin DEC                               State
Cates                 Stephanie    Jim Cates                                  State
Cave, Amy                                                                 State
                                   NC Pork Councel PAC/Comm to Elect Marshall Stewart
Chambers              Roy          Judge Kevin M Bridges Superior Court   State
Chambers              Tina         Judge Kevin M Bridges Superior Court   State
Champion              Scott        Wachovia NC Good Gov                       State
Chandler              Sandi        East Lincoln RW                            State
Chilton               Kathy        Sarah Stevens                              State
Chriscoe, Judy                     Stan Bingham for Senate                    State
Church, Walter Sr                  Walter Church Campaign                     State
Churchhill, David                  Churchill Campaign                         State
Churchill             Alex         Allied Waste PAC                           State
Ciocan, Mary                       Piedmont Green Party                       State
Ciocan, Robert                     Piedmont Green Party                       State
Cirulis-McSwain, Jane                State Board of Elections DET#3             State
Clark                     Leon       John A Forlines                            State
Clark                     Norwood    NC Health Care Fac P                       State
Clark, Ethel T                       Marvin Lucas for House Committee           State
CLARK, R. L.                         RL Clark for State Senate                  State
Clark, Robert B III                  R. Benjamin Clark III Campaign Committee   State
Clarke                    Brian      The Committee to Elect Ty Richardson       State
Clay                      Anita      Keith Whited                               State
Cleveland, George G                  Cleveland for NC House                     State
Coates, Lorene                       Lorene Coates Campaign                     State
Coble, Tom                           Concerned Christians                       State
Cohen                     Jennifer   Richard Moore                              State
Coker, Suzanne                       NC Hospital Assoc PAC                      State
Cole, Nelson                         Nelson Cole Campaign                       State
Cole, Phyllis P (assistant)          NC Construction Industry PAC (assistant)   State
Coleman                   Hannah     Faucette for House                         State
Coleman, Valerie                     D J Haire Election Campaign                State
Collins                   Tracy      Susan Pons                                 State
Collins, Michael                     Transylvania Green Party                   State
Colombo, Mary                        Wake DW                                    State
Combs                     Brandon    Dan Soucek                                 State
Combs, Sheila                        Carolina Drive chp 1 PAC                   State
COMBS, Shelia                        Carolina Drive Local #391                  State
Conroy, Susan                        Care-PAC                                   State
Constantino, Mike                    Ernst & Young NC Good Govt Fund            State
Cook, Andrew G                       North Carolina State Optometric Society PACState
Cook, Donald Eugene Jr.                                                         State
                                     Committee to Elect Chris Bragg Superior Court
Cook, Katie                          Blue Cross and Blue Shield PAC             State
Cook, Richard N                      Cowell for Senate                          State
Cooley                    Mary       Haywood DW                                 State
Cooper, Kathie Chastain              District Elections Technician District 2   State
Cooper, Nathaniel                                                               State
                                     Nathaniel Cooper for Commissioner of Insurance
Copeland, Jan                        Orr for Governor Campaign                  State
Cordle, Thomas L.                    Cart Jenkins for NC Senate                 State
Corn, James Hunter                   Equality NC PAC                            State
Coscia                    Vince      Vince Coscia                               State
Cotton, Kimberly A                   NC Young Republicans                       State
Coughlin                  Stacey     Gary Ragland                               State
Courtney                  Ron        Perl Berth Floyd State House               State
Cox, David                           Beauford REC                               State
Cozort, Jack                         various committees                         State
Crawford                  David      NC Chptr. AIA PAC                          State
Crawford, Kate                       NC Assoc of Mortgage Brokers PAC           State
Creech                    Billy      David Rouzer for NC Senate                 State
Creel                     William    Jackie Brewer                              State
Creviston                 Sarah      Baxter Healthcare PA                       State
Crew                      Doug       Caterpillar Empl PAC                       State
Crowder, Jesse                        Burke DEC                                  State
Crudup                  Elma Jean     Franklin DW                                State
Crutchfield, Perry                    NC Farm Bureau Federation Inc. PAC         State
Cruz                    Leonard       Ron Justice                                State
Current, William Sr.                  Committee to Elect William A Current SR.   State
Currin, Samuel B III                  Sam Currin for DA                          State
CUTRELLE, Pat                         Camden DEC                                 State
Dai-McGaughy            Claire        CEMEX PAC                                  State
Dalton, Mark                          Fred F Steen II for NC House               State
Daniel                  Jane          William Burnette                           State
Daniel                  John          John Daniel                                State
Daniel, Gayle S                       Chatham REC                                 State
Daniel, Warren T                      Burke REC                                   State
Davenport, Walter                                                                 State
                                      Citizens for James West/Citizens for Dan Blue/Judge wanda Bryant Comm
Davis                   Chester       Chester Davis for Dist Ct Judge             State
Davis                   Henry         Nathaniel Cooper Comm of Insurance          State
Davis, Howard Hampton                 NC Bail Agents PAC                          State
Davis, Peggy                          Taylorsville RW in Action                   State
Davis, Robert                                                                     State
                                      African American Caucus of the Democratic Party
Dawson                  Elizabeth F   Lower Cape Fear RW/ NC Fed RW               State
Dawson, Beth                          Lower Cape Fear Rep Women's club            State
Dawson, Jeremy                        Mecklenburg YR                              State
Deal, Kaye S                          Walter Church Campaign                      State
Dean, Matt                                                                        State
                                      2nd Dirstrict REC(Treasurer) Johsnson County YD (Chairman)
Deans, Neil                           E-PAC (Engineers PAC)                       State
Deans, Robert Turner                                                              S
                                      Vote James W Brantley Committee (treasurer) tate
Dearnley, Teresa                      Lincoln REC                                 State
Deaton                  Robyn         Bob Hunter Court of Appeals                 State
Dees                    Lynwood       Charles W Stone                             State
Deese, Franklin                       Union DEC                                   State
Dell, Laura G                         District Election Technician District 4     State
Denning, Michelle                     Robert Bryant Committee                     State
Denning, Robert W.                    Johnson DEC                                 State
Dennis, George W III                  NC Association of Defense Attorneys Fund State
Dent, Merideth                        Judge Gailen Braddy-assistant               State
DePriest, William                     NC Assoc of Realtors Pac                    State
Dick                    Roger         Kevin M Bridges Superior Court              State
Dickson, Ken                          Graham for Gov Explor Comm                  State
Dicktel, Luceile E                    Craven Co GOP                               State
Dixon                   Stanley       Valerie Asbell                             State
Dockham, Jerry C                      Jerry C Dockham Campaign Fund              State
Dockham, Rep. Jerry C                 Jerry C Dockham Campaign Fund              State
Dollar                  Kenneth       Nash REC                                   State
Donahoe, Christopher R.               Orr 2008 Committee                         State
Dorner                  John          Transylvania REC                           State
Doub, Jill                            Piedmont Green Party                       State
Douthit                 Annette       NC DEC                                     State
DOWELL, Dwight                        Iredell RM                                  State
Drake, Susan                          Union County Republican Forum               State
Draper                    Charlotte   Various State Wide C                        State
Drinkard, Steve J                     Rowan County DEC (Treasurer)             State
Dubose, Derwin L                      NC Democratic Committee                  State
Ducote, Jonathan                      Snow for Senate                          State
Dunning               Sherrie         Friends of Art                           State
Earle                 Catherine       NC Fed RW                                State
Earle, Beverly                        Beverly Earle Campaign                   State
Earle, Catherine                      Cumberland Co. Republican Party          State
Eatmon, Josie                         Triangle Apartment Assn PAC              State
Eaton, Armenta                        Franklin DW                              State
Edds, Greg                            State Farm Insurance Agents PAC          State
Eddy, Julie Anne                      Zeneca Inc                               State
Edmunds, Robert Jr.                   Edmunds for Supreme Court                State
Edwards, Gregory Marc                 McDowell County DEC                      State
Ehrhardt, Cherie                      Cone Mills Corp PAC                      State
El-Khouri, George                     Rowan County Senior Democrats (Treasurer)State
Elledge                   Millie      Julia Boseman                               State
Ellins, Catherine                     Friends of CCA                              State
ELUWA, Gail                           RWCA M-PAC                                  State
Engel, Dorothy                        NC Mountain Green Party                     State
Enochs, Herman G Jr                   Committee to Elect Wendy M Enochs           State
Entzminger                Daniel      Daniel Entzminger                           State
Eubanks, Jammie                                                                   State
                                      Committee to elect J R Rowell for Union County Superior Court
Everage                   Charles     Donnie Hoover                               State
Evey                      Richard     Richard Evey                                State
Fagg, Brent                           Triangle for Obama                          State
Faison, Barbara A (president)         NC Democratic Women (president)             State
Faison, Rachel                        Time Warner Cable PAC                       State
Fallenstein              Fred         Wade Boyles                                 State
Falmlen, Scott                        Nexus Strategies (various)                  State
Fanney, Mickey                        NC Credit Union League PAC                  State
Farmer                    Kevin       Durham DEC                                  State
Farrior, M Elaine                     Duplin Progressive Leasership Organization State
Farris, William Mitchell Jefferson    Wilson DEC                                 State
Fasola                    Marilyn     Perry for Judge                             State
Felten, Catherine                     Chapel Hill RW                              State
Fennell                   Bettie      Bettie Fennell                              State
Fennell                   Jan         Bettie Fennell                              State
Fenstemaker, Holly S (other)          RJR PAC (other assistant)                   State
Fields, William                       Kristy McMillian-Newton Campaign            State
Finan, Timothy I                      Timothy I Finan                             State
Finch                   Dan           Dan Finch                                   State
Fish                    Doris         Catawba RW                                  State
Fisher                  Ada           Ada Fisher                                  State
Fisher, Charles L                     Craven County Voters League (treasurer)     State
Fisher, Jean H                         Wilson County REC                            State
Fitzgerald, Kamina                     Cumberland YD                                State
Flagg-Weber, Maureen                   Bill Porter Committee                        State
Fleming, Julie                         University Development Col.PAC               State
Fleming, Kevin                         Mountain Neurlogical Center PAC              State
Fletcher, William J Jr(chairman)                                                    State
                                       NC Association of Private Investigators PAC (acting treasurer)
FLOOD, HILMA                           treasurer-                                   State
FLORES, Laura                          Judge John Martin / Asst Treasurer           State
Folwell, Rep Dale                      Rep Dale Folwell                             State
Ford                      Vivian       Eddie Davis                                  State
Ford, Robert L                         NC Poultry Federation PAC                    State
FormyDuval, James C Jr                 Columbus DEC                                 State
Forrester                 Cynthia      Marvin 'Eddie' Wyatt                         State
Forrester, James S                     James S Forrester for NC Senate              State
Fosson, Nancy                          Comm to Re-Elect Ray Rapp                    State
Foster                    G Hails      Womble PAC                                   State
Foster, Hails                          Womble Carlyle Sandridge Rice PAC            State
Foster, Margaret                       Forsyth RW                                   State
Fox, Betsy                             Guilford DEC                                 State
Foxworth                  Britt        NC DEC                                       State
Foy                      Louis         Louis F Foy                                  State
Franklin                 Patricia      Madison DEC                                  State
Franklin, Ronald D                     Ronald D Franklin NC Senate                  State
Franklin, Valerie V                    Alamance DEC                                 State
Franks, Gloria                         Ernst & Young NC Good Govt Fund              State
Freeland, Mike                         The Crumley Committee                        State
Freeman, Douglas L                     Hendersonville DEC (Chair)                   State
Freeman, Robert O                      Rowam County Senior Democrats (Chair)        State
Freeman, Sarah Mann                    Duplin DW                                    State
Frey, Ann                              Verla Insko for State House                  State
Frierson                 Jacqqueline   Perquimans DEC                               State
Froysell                 Robert        Dell PAC                                     State
Frye                     Dana          Hollo for House                              State
Frye                     Phillip       Wake YR                                      State
Frye, Phillip D                        Frye for NC House Committee                  State
Fryehan                  Marcia        NC Fed RW                                    State
Fuller                   Todd          Mecklenburg YR                               State
Fuller, Ethel                          Caswell County DEC                           State
Funderburk, Linda                      Blackwood for NC House                       State
Funderburk, Morris Laney Jr            Durham County REC (Vice-Chair)               State
Futrell, Stephan R                     Scott Brewer for Judge                       State
Gable, Ralph                           SBOE                                         State
Galan, Jane                            Moore Rep. Women                             State
Gallion                Jackie          Tyson for Court Committee                    State
Gallman                  Judy          Randle Jones                                 State
Gambill                  Ed            Ed Gambill                                   State
Gardner, C John                        NC DEC                                       State
Garrett, Lawrence                   Judge Gailen Braddy                      State
Gay, Patricia A                     Hunton & Williams PAC                    State
Gaylor                  Rhonda      Gaylor for Judge                         State
Gellenbeck, Thomas                  Committee to Elect Marilyn Avila         State
Gentry, Lloyd Michael               Comm to Re-Elect Mike Gentry             State
Gibbs, Phyllis P                    6th Congressional Dist Rep. Exec. Comm   State
Gibson, Pryor                       Pryor Gibson Campaign                    State
Gilgo                   E Murray    ECIM MEDPAC                              State
Gilkeson, Bill                      NCGA Staff                               State
Gillespie, Mitch                    Mitch Gillespie for NC House             State
Girardot, Donna                     Smart Growth for Wilmington PAC          State
Girolami, Martha W                  Chatham County DW                        State
Glesias, Terrence                   Union REC                                State
Goebel                  Paul        Paul Goebel                              State
Goff                    Katherine   NFIB NC Safe PAC                         State
Golden                  Troy        Joe Tart                                 State
Gonzalez, Juanita                   Committee to elect Juanita Gonzalez    State
Good                   James        Andy Dulin                             State
Goodwin, Melanie Wade               Melanie Wade Goodwin Campaign          State
Goodwin, Wayne                                                             State
                                    Goodwin Committee/Friends of Wayne Goodwin Committee
Gordon, Tina                        NC Nurses Ambassadors PAC              State
Gore                   Sue          Rex Gore                               State
GORHAM, Georgia                     Haywood RW                             State
Goss, Mary (assistant)              Capital Area Radiological Associates   State
Goudey, Art Jr                      Vernon Malone campaign                 State
Gould, Gail                         Harnett County Senior Democrats        State
Grady, Robert                       Robert Grady for State House           State
Grafstein, Lisa                     Comm to Keep Judge Linda Stephens      State
Graham                 Malcolm      Committee to Elect Malcolm Graham      State
Graham                 Timothy      Committee to Re-elect Judge Thalheimer State
Graham, John T                      Rowan REC                              State
Graham. Alfred                      Harnett DEC                            State
Grainger, H Frank                   Economic Development Coalition 2000    State
Gravitte, Betsey                    Greater Greensboro RW                  State
Gray                    John        First Citizens Bank                      State
Gray, Claude                        Carolina Drive chp 1 PAC                 State
GRAy, Claude                        Carolina Drive Local #391                State
Gray, David                         Committee to Elect Dennis Winner         State
Green                   Jennifer    Jennifer M Green                         State
Green, Charnell T                   D J Haire Election Campaign              State
Greenway, Bradley K                 Rutherford County DEC                    State
Greer, Charles                      Pittenger for State Senate               State
Griffin                 Mark        Mark W Griffin                           State
Griffith, Teresa J                  Carlina Asphalt Pavement Association PAC State
Grimmer-Kempf           Janet       Char Meck RW                             State
Grogan                  James       James Grogan                             State
Gudger                  Lamar       Lamar Gudger                             State
Guidry, Elvord                        Alma Adams Campaign                           State
Gullett                  Lynn Shuping Lynn S Gullett                                State
Gunn, Gayle                           Gunn for NC Senate                            State
Gunn, Rick                            Gunn for NC Senate                            State
Gunnells, Butch                       NC Soft Drink Association PAC                 State
Guthrie, Marvin                       Carteret County Democratic Party              State
Guthrie, Paul N                       Orange County DEC                             State
Hackney, Joe                          Joe Hackney Campaign                          State
Haddock, Jan A                                                                      NC House
                                      Elect Pete Bland Senate/Alice G Underhill for State
Hafele, Vicki                         Friends of Ruth Samuelson                     State
Haines                   Stacy         Joy K Alford-Brand                         State
Hairston, Harold Lee (president)                                                 State
                                       African American Caucus of Forsyth Democratic Party PAC (president)
Hale                     Shawn         Larry Hale                                State
Hall, Larry D                          Larry D Hall Campaign                     State
Hall, Lois                             Jim Long Election Committee               State
Hamilton                 Diane         Chris Rogerson for Dist Court Judge       State
Hamilton, Barbara                      Jackson DEC                               State
Hamilton, Bruce A                      Committee to Keep Judge Linda Stephens State
Hamlin                   Susan         Walter Henderson                          State
Hampton, Brenda                        Foriest for Senate                        State
Harbour, Juanita                       Moore DW                                  State
Hargus, Maxine C                       Iredell County Senior Democrats           State
Harper, M Ann                          Friends of Forestry PAC                   State
HARRELL, Shelby                        Greene Co. DEC                            State
Harrington               Kathy         Citizens to Elect Kathy Harrington        State
Harrington, Neal                       Pittenger for State Senate                State
Harris, Alice Jean                     Jim Crawford Campaign                     State
Harrison, Pricey                       Pricey Harrison Campaign                  State
Hartsell, Fletcher L Jr                Hartsell State Senator Committee          State
Hatfield, Bruce                        Henderson REC                             State
Hattler                  Pat           Kayley Taber                               State
Havelka                  Paulina       Stephen Kearney                            State
Hawk                     Richard       Johnston DM                                State
Hawley, Sherry                         Louis Pate Jr. Campaign                    State
Hayes                    Karen         John Alexander                             State
Hayes, Carl                            Manning for Judge                          State
Hayes, Rebecca                         Manning for Judge                          State
Haynes, John B                         Hayes for Congress (Robert C Hayes)        State
Haywood, Donna                         The Richard Morgan Campaign Committee      State
Hearn                    Sean          Duane Cutlip                               State
Hearn, George                         Colon Willoughby campaign and PILL PAC      State
Heath, Elizabeth A                    Beth Heath                                  State
Heckstall, James                      Bertie DEC                                  State
Helms                                 Mike Helms
                         Michael Edward                                           State
Helms                    Myra          Sidney Sandy                               State
Hemby, R J                             Youth in Action (assistant)                State
Henderson                Gary L        Gary Henderson                             State
Henderson, Amy                      Wallace Bradsher for DA                  State
Henderson, Julia                    Apodaca for NC Senate                    State
Henderson, Royce                    NC Small Business PAC                    State
Henderson, Royce (assistant)                                                 State
                                    NC Small Business PAC/Indpedendent Insurance Agent of NC (assistant)
Henderson, Willis                   Mortgage Bankers Assoc of Carol          State
Hendley                 Walter      Charles Weaver                             State
Hendrix, Maude                      Senator Martin Nesbith 49th distr          State
Hensley                 Beth        Macon DEC                                  State
Herndon, Trisha                     Meck PAC                                   State
Herrell, Doris Smith                Parmon for NC House                        State
Hester                  Denise                                                 State
Hickman, Paul G                                                                State
                                    NC Outdoor Advertising Association (Board Member)
High, John Alan                     Doug Sasser for Judge                      State
Hildreth                Kathryn     Gem Country RW                             State
Hill                    Jimmy       Jimmy Hill                                 State
Hill                    Mary        Washington DEC                             State
Hill, Terry B                       Durham County REC                          State
Hilliard                William     NC College of Emergency Physicians PAC State
Hilton, Mark Kelly                  Hilton for House                           State
Hindman, Susan                      Transylvania Green Party                   State
Hinton, Larry                                                                  State
                                    African American Caucus of the Democratic Party
Hoefling, Richard G                 Judge Constangy Campaign Committee         State
Holbert, E Glenn                    NC Fire PAC                                State
Holladay, Bryan                     UPAC (Univ City Pol Action Comm)           State
Holland, Patsy                      Cart Jenkins for NC Senate                 State
Hollar                  Lawrence    Lawrence Hollar                            State
Holliman, Hugh                      Hugh Holliman Campaign                     State
Holloway, Bryan                     Bryan Holloway for House                   State
Holmes, Rep. George M               George M Holmes Campaign                   State
Holt, Shirley J                     Citizens to Elect Jean Preston             State
Hooks, Debra Jean                   Citizens to Elect Nena Reeves              State
Hopkins                 Evonne      Christine M Walczyk                        State
Horne                   John        Philpott for Judge                         State
Horne                   John        John H Horne                               State
Hoskins, Sandra                     Friends of OT PAC                          State
Housand, Janet                      Senator RC Soles                           State
Houston, Jerri                      Russell E Tucker for NC House              State
Howell, Nelda                       Onslow DEC                                 State
HUFF, Delores                       Triad Good Government PAC                  State
Huffman                 Robin       NC Psychiatric PAC                         State
Hunt                    Jeff        Jeff Hunt                                  State
Hunter                  Stephanie   Edgecombe Co DEC                           State
Hykes                   Robert      Judge Lambeth                              State
Ingle, Eva P                        Steve Goss for Senate                     State
Ingram, David F.                    Kristin Ruth District Court               State
Ingram, Emma C                                                                State
                                    African American Caucus of Forsyth Democratic Party PAC (president)
Isenhour, Robert                    Committee to Elect Pat McElraft           State
Jackson                    Chris      Bryan Gossage                             State
Jackson, Bob                          Wayne REC                                 State
Janatian, Mohammad                    Tourism PAC                               State
Jansen                     Bonnie     Citizens to Elect Kathy Harrington        State
Jarvies, Judith A                     Comm to elect Juanita Gonzalez            State
Jenkins, Berry G Jr                   NC Construction Industry PAC              State
Jennings, Mark                        Citizens for a Better Judiciary           State
Johnson                    Charles    Charles E Johnson                         State
Johnson                    Charles    Chatham DEC                               State
Johnson                    Dawn       Carolyn Yancey                            State
Johnson                    Gene       Tim Moffitt                               State
Johnson                    James      Jim Johnson for State Senate              State
Johnson                    Sarah      Sarah Johnson                             State
Johnson, Connie                       Wake RW                                   State
Johnson, John                         Johnston YR                               State
Johnson, Pansy Wood                   Rockingham REC                            State
Johnston                   Cherri C   Gaston Evening RW                         State
Joines                     Rosamond   Alleghany DEC                             State
Jolly                      Jerry      Jerry Jolly                               State
Jones                      Mira       NC DEC                                    State
Jones                      Misti      Swain DEC                                 State
Jones                      Tina       Carol Jones                               State
Jones, Allison                        Susan Doyle for Dist Attorney             State
Jones, Cora E (Chair)                 Duplin DEC (Chair)                        State
JONES, Earl                           The Earl Jones Campaign                   State
Jones, James                          South Granville PAC                       State
Jones, Mary C                         The Historic Al-Pam Republican Club       State
Jones, Samenthia                      Pender DEC                                State
Jones, Susan                          Smith for Governor                        State
Jones, William W                      Burke County DM                           State
Jordan                     Larry      Petroleum & Convenie                      State
JORGENSON, Charles(Chuck)             CVS Caremark Corporation Employees PAC    State
Joyce, Robert A (assistant)           Forsyth County DM (Assistant Treasurer)   State
Joyner, Gordon                        Wayne DM, Griffin For NC House            State
Jud                      Don          Auston Jud Committee                      State
Kachergis, Karl G                     Chatham County Democratic Party           State
Keaton, Kim                           The Crumley Committee                     State
Keesler                    Diana      Macon DW                                  State
Keller                     Marlynne                                             State
Kelly, Jim                            Judge Edgar Barnes                        State
Key                        Gail       Gail Key                                  State
Key                        J          ECE PAC                                   State
Killian, Ric                          Killian for NC                          State
King, Pamela (assistant)                                                      State
                                      Progress Engergy Employees Carolinasa PAC (assistant)
Kinnaird, Maria                       Ellie Kinnaird for Senate               State
Kiser, Rep. Joe                       Joe Kiser Campaign                      State
Klein, Maeneen                        Lincoln REC                             State
Knight                 Peter         Peter Knight                                  State
Knight, Kathy                        Cherie Berry for Comm of Labor              State
Knott, Patricia                                                                  State
                                     NC Small Business PAC (Administrative Assistant)
Kohankie, Sara F                     Henderson County DW                         State
Kohlhausen, Susan (assistant)        Coastal Federal Credit Union PAC (assistant)State
Koopman, Rodger                      Wake County Democratic Party                State
Kornegay, Stephanie                  Wayne DEC                                   State
Kuhne                  Cindy         Thomas Goolsby                                State
Kuppers, Kathryn                     NC Green Party                                State
Kurdi                  Rami          Muslim American PAC                           State
Lambeth, Larry                       Randolph REC                                  State
Landrum                Kristin       Polly Sizemore                                State
Langdon, James H Jr                  J.H.Langdon for House                      State
Langham, Karen                       NC REC                                     State
Langley, James F                     J.H.Langdon for House                      State
Lapish, Betty                        8th district REC Treasurer                 State
Latta                 Paul Richard   John Brooks                                State
Laughinghouse, Durwood S.            Norfolk Southern Good Government Fund      State
Lawson, Michael                                                                 State
                                     African American Caucus of the Democratic Party
Laymon, Anita                        Watauga RW                                 State
Leamon, Dorthy B                     Larry Brown for NC House                   State
Leatherman, Mary Lu                  Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Assoc PAC State
LEATHERS, Larry                      Progress Energy PAC                        State
Lee                   Bob            Roemer for Judge                           State
Lee                    Jackie        Jackie Lee                                    State
Lee                    Robert        ReElect Judge Roemer                          State
Lee, Franky S                        North Carolinians for Legal Immigration PAC   State
Lee, John M Jr.                      W.A. (Winkie) Wilkins NC House                State
Lentz, William David                 Havlock West Republican Precinct              State
Leonard                Ernest        Aikens for State Auditor                      State
Leslie, Philip                       2nd Congressional District                    State
Letchworth             Betty         Charles E Johnson                             State
LETTS, Ray                           Bradley Letts Judge                           State
Lewis                  Janet         Garland Shepheard                             State
Lewis, Roberta                       Madison REC                                   State
Lindley, Kathryn                     13th Cong Dist REC                            State
Lindsey                Gary          AT&T Mobility PAC                             State
Livsie, Kathryn W                                                               State
                                     Cleveland County REP (assistant) Cleveland County RW (President)
Lizak, Christopher                   Progressive Demo of Wake Co                State
Lockhart, Anna                       NC Beer & Wine Wholesalers Assc. PAC       State
Lockridge              Susan         Susan Lockridge for Register of Deeds      State
Lockridge, Susan                     Gaston County RW                           State
Lockwood               Allen         Gary Henderson                             State
Loftin, John                                                                    State
                                     Judge Pat DeVine Campaign Committee for NC Court Appeals
Long, Graham                         Pittenger for State Senate                 State
Long, Steven B                       Williams Mullen Maupin Taylor PAC          State
Long, Steven B                       Fred Smith Governor 2008                   State
Lord, Frank K III                    Committee to Elect Linda Garrou            State
Loucks, Erin                         NC Home Builders Association (Build PAC)   State
Love, Jimmy L                        Jimmy L Love Campaign                      State
Lowe, Tom                            Stanly DEC                                 State
Lowman                    Davy       Davy Lowman                                State
Lugo-Dutcher, Denise                 Fayettevillle Republican Womens Club       State
Lunardoni, Louis                     Henderson County REC                       State
Lyons, Charles                       Iredell County Republican Party            State
Mabe, Darryl                         Union County Republican Mens               State
Mabe, Patricia P (custodian)         RJR PAC (record keeper)                    State
Mackey                    Nikita     Nick Mackey                                State
Maguire                   Susan      Cindy Morgan                               State
Main                      Nancy      Susan Pons                                 State
Malik                     Tania      NC Pro Choice PAC                          State
Mannar                    Anuradha   Judge Worley                               State
Marlin                   Beth        Beth Marlin                                State
Marsh, Sam                           AB Swindell for Senate                     State
Martes, Leslie                       NC House Democratic Comm                   State
Martin                   Robyn       Judge Graham                               State
Mason, Lydia                         Cary for Senate Campaign                   State
Massachi                 Jon         McCrory (Prospective)                      State
Massey                   Susan H     Stanly RW                                  State
Masten, James C                      Columbus County REC                        State
Masters, Joyce                       Carteret County Republicans Womens Club State
Mathis, Stephen C                    Brunstetter for NC Senate                  State
Matthews, Dean                       NC REC legistlative Comm                   State
Mattocks, Alison (assistant)         CCHC Med PAC                               State
May                      Bobbye      Nash Co DW                                 State
Mayes, Gary                          Catawba County RM                          State
McAllister, Tryphina                 FD&MA of NC PAC                            State
McAulay, Bill                        PSNC PAC                                   State
McCallie, Amye                       Manager of Headquarters-Transylvania CountyState
McCollum, Linda                      Sweet Union Republican Women               State
McCorkle, Wendy                      Re-elect Judge Ann McKown                  State
McCoy, David R                       Graham for Governor                        State
McDougald, Peggy                                                                Vice
                                     Democratic Executive Board Harnet Co. (2nd StateChair)
McDougle, Jauncey H                  Granville Co DEC                           State
McEntire                  Theodore   Ted McEntire Comm                          State
McGaughey, Ruth                      Bell South Employees NC PAC                State
McGee                     Doug       Cumberland REC                             State
McGee, William C (Bill)              McGee for NC House                        State
McGill, Angelia                      Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated NC PAC State
McIlwain, William C                  William C McIlwain Distict Court Judge    State
McKellar, Charles                    Cumberland County Senior Democrats        State
McKenzie, Joann                      Dean Porier NC Court of Appeals           State
McKissick                 Floyd      Floyd B McKissick                          State
McKissick                 Floyd      Floyd B McKissick                          State
McKnight, Crystal                   Crystal Coast Republican Womens Club       State
McLamb, Chris                       Cumberland DM                              State
McLawhorn, Marion N                 Marion N McLawhorn Campaign                State
McLemore, David                     Nurham Warrick for NC House                State
McLendon                 Chris      Chris McLendon                             State
McLester, Keith                     Richmond County REC                        State
McMillan, MaryBe                    North Carolina AFL-CIO                     State
McNair                   Barbara    Richmond DW                                State
McNeill, Patricia H                                                          State
                                    Stanley County Democratic Women (president)
McRee, Ruth                         RBC Centura Banks PAC                    State
Meador, David P                     Wayne REC                                State
Mears, Josh                         The Crumley Committee                    State
Meeker                   Fred       Clay REC                                   State
Melton, Ron                         UAW V PAC                                  State
Mercer                   Fritz      Fritz Mercer for District Court Judge      State
Meredith                 Beverly    Beverly O'Brien                            State
Meredith, James O. Jr.              Randolph DEC                                State
Merritt, Barbara                    Judge Pat DeVine Campaign Committee         State
Messick, Holly                                                                  State
                                    Piedmont Radiologists for Quality Medical Care PAC
Metzger, Donald E                   7th District GOP                            State
Milan, Mary                         Mecklenburg DW                              State
Miles, Nancy                        AB Swindell for Senate                      State
Milkey, Judy                        Jackson County REC (assistant)              State
Miller                   Fred       Ann Akland                                 State
Millette, Burt                      House District 16                          State
Millis, Jack W                      Carteret County Republican Party           State
Mills                    Walter     Walter Mills                               State
Mills, David                         Progressive Democrats of NC PAC           State
Minshew, Pamela B                    Pamela B Minshew                          State
Misenheimer Anne                     Senator Don W East                        State
Mitchell, Burley                     University Development Coalition          State
Mitchell, Frank                      Frank Mitchell for NC House               State
Mobley, Annie W                      Annie W Mobley Campaign                   State
MONCRIEF, Jack                       Ashe REC                                  State
Monk, Piper                          Richard Moore Committee                   State
Moody                 Shannon        Harnett REC                               State
Moody, Dennis A                      Iredell REC                               State
Moore                 William JeffreyMoore for Judge                           State
Moore, Joseph C                      Comm to Elect Manning to Supreme Ct       State
Moore, Kay                           Comm to Elect Manning to Supreme Ct       State
Moore, Owen                          Davidson REC                              State
Moore, Ronald L                      Davidson DEC                              State
Morgan, Ben C                        Scott Ethridge Committee                  State
Morgan, Kenneth Barry                Committee to Elect Margaret Dudley        State
Morgan, Timothy                      Shelter Providers PAC                     State
Morris                   Jeff       Tim Rodgers                                State
Morris                   Jeff       Montgomery DEC                             State
Morris                  Ruth        8th District DEC                          State
Morris                  Susan L     Salisbury Rowan RW                        State
Morrison                Bradley     Jack Sawyer                               State
MORRISON, David                     David H Morrison                          State
Morrison, Terrence                  Wake YD                                   State
Morton, Faye                        Burlington Industries NC Good Govt Comm   State
Mosley, Robert L Jr                 NC REC                                    State
Moss, Charles Kenneth               Charles K Moss Governor Campaign          State
Murphy, John M                      Beaufort County DEC                       State
Muse                    Greg        Greg Muse                                 State
Nadler                  Evelyn      Chuck White                               State
Nash                    Boyd        Stanly DEC                                State
NATH, Hari                          Western Wake REC                           State
Neathery-Askew         Hayes        Frank Jones                                State
Nelson, Andrew (other)                                                         State
                                    Friends of Art PAC (Art Museum) (Helms Mulliss Wicker)
Nelson, Twila                       Bev Purdue (assistant treasurer)           State
New                    Catherine    Craven RW/Craven REC                       State
New, Catherine                      Craven Co GOP                              State
NEW, Jennifer                                                                  State
                                    Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman PAC Custodian of Books
Newman                  Gray        Mecklenburg DEC                           State
Nixon                   Theofanis   Nixon for District Court Judge             State
Noble                   Lauren      Nixon for District Court Judge             State
Nordan, Richard P                                                               Committee
                                    University Development Coalition/The CooperState
Norton                  James       Lee YR                                     State
Norton                  Richard     Macon co DM Club                          State
Odom, William Carey                 Scher for NC House #100                   State
Offerman, Muriel K                  NC Democratic Party                       State
O'Neil, Susan                       NC Green Party                            State
Osada, Ed                           Buncombe REC                              State
Owens                   Alma        Charlotte Brown                           State
Owens, Billy R                      Scotland Co. REC                          State
Oxford, Charles                     Burke County DM (assistant)               State
Pace, Charles E                     Youth in Action                           State
Page                    Frankie     Tony Berk                                 State
Page, Charles Allen                 Alamance County REC                       State
Panza, William                      NC Anesthesiologists PAC                  State
Parker                  Paul        Mecklenburg REC                           State
Parnell, Rachel M                   Craven County Democratic Party         State
Parris, Chuck                       Burke REC                              State
Parrish                 Chris       Committee to Elect Robert Enochs 2008  State
Parrish, Gloria                     Colon Willoughby campaign and PILL PAC State
Parrish, Linda                                                             State
                                    Gaston County Republicans Womens Evening Club
Parson, Kathie L                    Harris D Blake for Senate              State
Paschall, Deva W                    Vance County DEC                       State
Patterson               Kelly       Kelly Patterson                        State
Peck, Ray F Jr                      Citizens for Higher Education          State
Peek                    Leigh       Alonzo B Coleman                          State
Peele, Gail                         PSNC PAC                                    State
Peeler                   Donna      NC Fed RW                                   State
Perry, David                        Asheville Anesthesia PAC (Assistant)        State
Perry, John Elliot                  Chatham Co. DEC                             State
Perry, Tracey                       Doris Sanders Committee                     State
Peters, Charles                     Trasylvania Co. DM                          State
Peters, Sharon                      Avery REC                                   State
Peterson                 Wayne      Stires for Senate                           State
Pfeiffer                  William   Jewel Ann Farlow                            State
Phillips                  Garnet    Hertford REC                                State
Philpott, H Julian Jr               NC Farm Bureau Federation Inc. PAC          State
Phipps, Susan                       Watagua DEC                                 State
Pierce, Garland                     Garland Pierce Campaign                     State
Pitt, Lynette (custodian)           NC Association of Defense Attorneys Fund    State
Player, Henry C Jr                  Citizens for Robert Stiehl                  State
Plott, Jeff                         NC UAW V PAC                                State
Plyler, Jeffrey B                   PAC for Mental Health, Developmental        State
PLYLER, William                     Judge Robert Rader / Treasurer              State
Poirier                  Dean       Dean Poirier                                State
Pollard, Brenda                     NC Democratic Women                         State
Pomykacz                 Diane      Sweet Union RW                              State
Pomykacz, Diane                     President Sweet Union RW                    State
Poovey                   Mark       Womble NC PAC                               State
Powell, Mary                        Bill Faison for House                       State
Powers                   Elbie      Powers for Governor                         State
Powers                   Lisa       Davidson DW                                 State
Prevatte, Gail                      Moore YR                                    State
Price, Melissa                      NC Young Democrats (Vice President)         State
Prince, Ann (assistant)             Capital Area Radiological Associates        State
Proctor, James                      1st Dist REC                                State
Pugh-Du Ewa             Heshima                                                 State
Queen, Phyllis                      Benjamin Clark III for Senate               State
Queen, Sam (assistant)              Benjamin Clark III for Senate               State
Queenan, Rosemarie B                Wake County RW                              State
Quist                    Marcie     Marcie Quist                                State
Ralston, Barbara                                 State
Ramsey, J Marie                     Conservatives Arise PAC                     State
Rand                     Walter     Walter B Rand                               State
Randall, Robert                     Orange REC                                  State
RANKIN, Brenda                      Duplin REC                                  State
Rauchbach                Ann        Orange DW                                   State
Ray, Barbara M                      Elect Regina Joe District Court Judge        State
RAYBUCK, Carolyn                    Judge Jimmy L Myers                          State
Raymond, Dawn                                                                    State
                                    Potical Action for NC Society of Surveyors (Admin)
Raynor                   Keith      Joe Tart for House                          State
Reardon, Arlene M                   Re-Elect Judge Burch                    State
Reaves, Jean                        Committee to Elect Jean Reaves NC House State
Reavill             John             Committee to Elect John Reavill            State
Redd, Deborah J                      Haywood County DEC                         State
Reeves, Nena                         Citizens ot Elect Nena Reeves              State
Reynolds, Loretta                    Buncombe RW                                State
RHINEHART, Scarlett                  Gaston DW                                  State
Rhodes, Susan                        Pittenger for State Senate                 State
Rhodes, Thomas Jr                    Elaine Marshall Campaign                   State
Rials, Barbara                       Parkdale PAC                               State
RICHARDSON, Tyrone                   Tyrone Richardson                          State
Rickard, Scott                       Gunn for NC Senate                         State
Ridpath                 Edward       Ed Ridpath                                 State
Riggs                   Kathy        Eastern NC RW                           State
Roberts, Eve                         Cabarras County Democratic Party        State
Robinette, Exie                      Alexander REC                           State
Robinson Freeman        Teresa RaquelTeresa Raquel Robinson Freeman          State
Robinson, Ann                        Burke DEC                               State
Robinson, David                                                              State
                                     NC REC (assistant), Wake REC, David S Robinson (inactive)
Rogers                  Kathy        NC Assisted Living PAC                  State
Rogers                  Otto         NCCEP - PAC                             State
Rogers, Elsie Shanks                 Alamance DW                             State
Rogers, Walter                       8th District Black Caucus               State
Rogerson                Chris        Chris Rogerson for Dist Court Judge     State
Roman                   Ruth         R Phillip Haire                            State
Rose                    Lessie       Campaign to Re-elect George Murphy         State
Rose                    Terry        Campaign to Re-elect George Murphy         State
Rose, Robert                         Munger4NCGov                               State
Ross                    J. H.        J.H. Ross                                  State
Rosser                  Bob          David Rouzer for NC Senate                 State
Rouse, Mary Catherine                NC Assoc Realtors                          State
Rouse, Rex                           Superior Court Judge Edwin Wilson          State
Rouzer                  David        David Rouzer for NC Senate                 State
Rowerdink               John         Moore RM                                   State
Rozier, Vince                        Vince Rozier for Judge                     State
Ruggles                 Clare        Moore DEC                                  State
Runkle, John                                                                     State
                                     Conservation Council of NC - Conservation PAC
Saccoccio, Kim-Marie                 Membership Coordinator Lillian's List of NC State
Salassi                 Pete         06 District DEC                            State
Sampson, Grace D                     NC Bankers Association PAC                 State
Sams, Harry J                        Polk DM                                    State
Sanderson               Norman       Norman Sanderson                           State
Sanderson, Dale H                    New Hanover REC                            State
Sandy                   Sidney       Sidney Sandy                               State
Sarathy, Priya T.                    Bev Perdue Committee / Compliance DirectorState
Sasser, Jonathan D                   Committee to Elect Martha Geer            State
Saunders, Drew                       Drew Saunders Campaign                    State
Sauve                   Janet        Polk RW                                    State
SCHAFER, Robert                      4th Dist REC                               State
Schenck                 Bonnie        Scotland RW                               State
Schenk                  Anne          Wil Neumann                               State
Schline, Daniel                       NC Credit Union League                    State
Schoenvolgel            Tom           NCCA-PAC                                  State
Schuler                 Christopher   John Stanley                              State
Scott                   Amy           Paul L Jones for Judge                    State
Scovil                  John          Kay Carroll                               State
Seaford                 Darrell       Shook for NC Senate                       State
Sechler, Phares C                     Rowan County Womens DW (Chairman)         State
Seitz                   Kristina      Forsyth YR                                State
Sellars, J D                          Friends of Beaurford PAC                  State
Setzer, Joseph E                      Joseph E Setzer                           State
Shannon                 Keith         McCrory (Prospective)                     State
Sheasley, George                      Triangle Orthopaedic Associates           State
Shields, Jack                         United Health Care PAC                    State
Shipwash, Brian Lee                                                             State
                                      Committee to Re-Elect Brian Shipwash Superior Court
Shircliffe              Kelly         Piedmont Triad Anest                      State
Shook                   Linda         Shook for NC House                        State
Shumway, John E                       Polk County DEC                           State
Simons, Harrison T                    Sam Currin for DA                         State
Simpson, Ed                           BB&T PAC                                  State
Simpson, Stacey                       The Crumley Committee                     State
Sinclair, Kathleen                    Buncombe County DEC Chair                 State
Singletary              Tamara        Kevin M Bridges Superior Court            State
Singleton, Cathy                      Walter Jones US Congess                   State
Sitton                  Hester        Swain DW                                  State
Slade, Tonya R                        Joel H Brewer Campaign Fund               State
Small                   JT            Chester Davis for Dist Ct Judge           State
Smith                   Idrissa       Keith Bishop                              State
Smith                   JoAnn R       Fayetteville RW                           State
Smith                   Lucy          Peter A Smith                             State
Smith                                 Gaston RW/Kathy Harrington
                       Patricia Cantrell                                        State
Smith                  Ronald         Nalin Mehta                               State
Smith                  Ronnie         Ronnie Smith                              State
Smith, Addison Neal Sr                Rowan County DEC Chair                    State
Smith, Kim                            Campaign for Larry W Potts                State
Smith, Terry D                        Dan Clodfelter for Senate                 State
Smithey, Peggy                        Roger Smithey (NC House)                  State
Snow, John J Jr                       Snow for Senate                           State
Snow, Shelia                          Snow for Senate                           State
Somervell, Robert                     The Committee to Elect Thom Tillis        State
Soucek                  Daniel        Daniel Soucek                             State
Soukup                  William       William Soukup                            State
Southern                Bill          Bill Southern                             State
Spear, Timothy                        Tim Spear for NC House                    State
SPEARMAN, Pat                         Treasurer / David Price for US Congress   State
Speciale, Michael                     Craven Co GOP                             State
Staniszewski, Dan                    Wake Emergency Pysicians PAC              State
Stanley                   John       John Stanley                              State
Stansbury, Joey                      NC Republican House Majority Fund         State
Stanton                   Stacie     Stephanie Villaver                        State
Starnes                   Edgar      Edgar Starnes                             State
Steele, Bayne G                      Granville County REC                      State
Stephan                   Katie      Ervin for Court                           State
Stephens, Kirk                       Jackson DEC                               State
Stephens, Willia "Dean"              Committee to Elect Dean Stephens          State
Stephenson                James      John Arrowood                             State
Stevens, Billie                      Leo Daughtry for NC House                 State
Stevens, Henry L                     Henry L Stevens Judge                     State
Stewart                   Karen L    Taylorsville RW                           State
Stewart                   William    William G Stewart                         State
Stinson, Robin J                     Committee to Keep Judge Lawerence Fine    State
Stone, Rose                          Hendersonville DEC                        State
Stopple, Phronsie                    Triangle for Obama                        State
Strazisar                 Kimberly   NC Nursery and Lands                      State
Street                    Henry      Henry Street                              State
STROUD, Randall                      Garrell for DA                            State
Stuart, Jean                         Jerry Tillman for Senate                  State
Styers                    Mitch      John W Davis                              State
Sudderth                  Delores    William K Hunter                          State
Sullivan, Michael                    Mecklenburgh DEC                           State
Supalla, Susana                      NC DEC                                     State
Sutton, Fonda                                                                   State
                                     Committee to Re-Elect Ronnie Sutton for NC House
Sutton, Ronnie                       Ronnie Sutton Campaign                     State
Swan, John K.                        Pender REC                                 State
Swift                     Crystal    Chapman for Judge                         State
Swift, Christy                       Carolyn Justice Committee                 State
Tarpenning, Bill                     Beaufort REC                              State
Taylor                    Greg       Greg Taylor for State House               State
Taylor                    Rebecca    11th Dist REC                             State
Taylor                    Thomas     Thomas Taylor                             State
Taylor, Bobbie J                     Caswell Co. Voters Legue                  State
Taylor, Carnell                      Carnell Taylor NC House                   State
TAYLOR, Martha Jo                    Greene Co. DEC                            State
Taylor, Zebedee                      Washington Co DEC (chairperson)           State
Teal                      Carol      Lillian's List of NC PAC                  State
Tennyson, Nick                       Build PAC Durham & Orange                 State
Terrell                   Donna      Jeanie R Houston                          State
TETTERTON, Barbara                   Franklin DW                               State
Thacker                   Lisa       Lisa Thacker                              State
Thomas                    Herbert    Thomas H Clifton                          State
Thomas                    Jonathan   Union RM                                  State
Thomas                    Steven     Lora Cubbage                              State
Thomas, Bill                         Wilkes SD                                 State
Thomas, Frank                           Build PAC Durham & Orange                 State
THOMAS, John Wayne                      Alexander DEC                             State
THOMPSON, Carol                         New Hanover DW treasurer                  State
Thompson, Gregg                         NFIB NC Save America                      State
Thompson, Kathy                                                                   State
                                        Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein PAC/Engineers PAC of NC
Throckmorton, Karen                     Brunswick County DEC                      State
Todd, Terri (assistant)                 NC Soft Drink Association PAC (assistant) State
Tolson, Joe P                           Joe P Tolson Campaign                     State
Tomlinson, Charles                      Turf Grass Council of NC                  State
Totten                    John          John W Totten                              State
Tropmann, Aaron                         NC Dental PAC                              State
Trosch, Eric                            Louis A Trosch, Jr                         State
Trotter, Robert C.                      Person County DEC                          State
Truax                     Jason Scott   Marty Miller                               State
Turner                    Brooke        Briggs for House                           State
Turner                    Denise        NC DW Conference                           State
Turner                    Minda         Joseph C Turner                            State
Turner, Cecil Thomas                    Wake County GOP                            State
Turner, Robert Leslie                   Les Turner                                 State
Tuton                     Ginger        Jim Moore                                  State
Tuttle                    Michele       Barrett for Judge                          State
Tuttle, Jason                           Stokes REC                                 State
Tyler                 Virginia          Treasurer Oudah for Senate                 State
Tyree                 Andrew            Paul Holcomb                               State
Tyson                 John              John Tyson                                 State
Tyson                 Kirby             Cumberland RW/John Tyson                   State
Underhill, Alice G                      Alice G Underhill Campaign                 State
Underwood, Mitzie                       Wake RW                                    State
Utley, Lee                              Lou Olivera Campaign                       State
Valand, Caroline C                      NC DEC (Executive Director)                State
Valentine             Kathy             Kevin M Bridges Superior Court             State
Van Buren, Michael                      Michael Van Buren for DA                   State
Vanover, DeAnna (bookeeper0             McGuire Woods Federal PAC (bookeeper)      State
Venable, Cindy                          Jim Snider for Lt. Governor                State
Vern, Childress                         Crystal Coast Republican Men's Club        State
Vernon                    Kelly         Larry C Oldham                             State
Vickory, Charles Branson                Charles Branson Vickory                    State
Vogel, David                            Students For Principled Government         State
Wade, Linwood                           Carteret REC                               State
Wade, Lynwood                           Carteret County REC                        State
Wade, Tyrone                            Judge David Care                           State
Wainwright, William L                   Wainwright for NC House,Dist. 12           State
Walker                    Tracey        Crystal Coast YR                           State
Wall, Lawrence E                        Scotland DEC                               State
Wall, Lawrence E                        Rep. Garland Pierce                        State
Wall, Suzanne                                                                      State
                                        Western Radioligists & Surgeons PAC (assistant)
Wallace, John                           Citizens for Higher Education              State
Waller, Lorreine E                 RBC Centura Banks PAC                         State
WALSH, Zane                        Citizens for Healthcare                       State
Ward, Celeste G                    Rowan County Executive Committee              State
Ward, Cheryl H                     Dewey Hill NC House                           State
Ward, Con                          Nash County Democratic Party                  State
Ward, Kristen                      Central Political Director NC Democratic PartyState
Ward, Louis V                      Brunswick Democratic Men's Club               State
Warner, Josesh E III               Stuart Albright Campaign for Superior Court State
Warren, Edith D                    Edith D Warren Campaign                       State
Warren, Pat                        Wayne DW                                      State
Warren, Ray                        Ray Warren Campaign                           State
Watkins, Jamesena D                Comm to Elect Patrice Hinnant                 State
Watts                   Sherry     Piedmont Healthcare                          State
Webb                James          Comm. To reelect Judge Webb             State
WEINSTEIN, David                   David F Weinstein NC Senate             State
Weiss, Jennifer                    Jennifer Weiss Campaign                 State
Weldon, Dan                        Michael Lee for Senate                  State
Weller, Jennifer                   Martin DW                               State
Wenzel, Rosemarie                  RW of Chapel Hill assistant treasurer   State
Wernaers, Thierry                  Cabarrus County DEC                     State
Wesner, Stan                       Beth Wood Campaign                      State
WESTBROOK, Margaret                                                        State
                                   Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman PAC Treasurer
Westmoreland, Will                 Davidson DEC (Chairman)                 State
White                   Brantley   George Ragsdale                              State
White                   Michael    Wake DEC                                     State
White                   Tom        Tom White                                    State
White, Bernard                     Craven County Voters League (president)      State
White, Michael                     Wake County DEC                              State
White, Nell                        Roger West Campaign Comm                     State
White, Valerie                     NC Federation of RW                          State
Whitehead               Kandance   Columbus DEC                                 State
Whitehead, Carol                   Alliance One International, Inc. PAC        State
Whittenton              Trey       Wake YD                                     State
Wiener, Jared                      Democrat Party                              State
Wiley, Laura I                     District 61 Committee to Elect Laura Wiley State
Wilkes, Shelia                                                                 State
                                   Attended class for a software Development company for info.
Wilkins                 Robert     Wilkins for Judge                            State
Wilkins, W A (Winkie)              W A (Winkie) Wilkins Campaign                State
Wilkinson, Casey                   NC DEC Senate                                State
Willey                  Molly      Ric Marshall                                 State
Williams                Greg       Security Fin. Corp P                         State
Williams, Arthur                   Arthur Williams Campaign                     State
Williams, Frank                    Les Merritt Committee                        State
Williams, Gary L                   Richard Moore Committee                      State
Williams, George                   Arnold O Jones for Judge                     State
Williams, Linda H                  Yadkin REC                                   State
WILLIAMS, Mary                     Mary Lawrence Williams                       State
Williams, Susan                                                             State
                                      Cumberland County Homeowners & Taxpayers Assoc. PAC
Williams, Virginia                    Transylvania County DEC               State
Williford                John         Meck PAC                                  State
Willingham               Shelly       Shelly Willingham                         State
Wilson, Charles                       Triangle Orthopaedic Associates           State
Womble                   Michael      O Henry Willis                            State
Womble, Larry                         Larry Womble Campaign                      State
Wood, Beth                            Beth Wood Campaign                         State
WOOD, Tara                                                                       State
                                      Committee to ReElect April C Wood Dist Ct Judge
Wood, Terry                           Southern Party of NC                       State
Woodard, Shirley S                                                               State
                                      The Committee to Re-Elect Rep Jean Farmer-Butterfield
WoodCox, Brent                        NC REC                                     State
Woodland, Sandra                      SBE                                        State
Woodruff, John                        Allegheny DEC                              State
Woods, Don M                          Hoke DEC                                   State
Wrenn                    Ernest       DRIVE Chapter 71                          State
Wright                   Olga         Olga Morgan Wright                        State
Wright                   Roderick     Roderick Wright                           State
Wright, Ken                           Blue Cross and Blue Shield PAC             State
Wright-Fairley, Karen JD                                                         State
                                      Republican Women of Cary and Southwestern Wake
Wu, Andrew (Dr)                       Capital Area Radiological Associates       State
Wuensch, Theresa                      Graham for Gov Explor Comm                 State
Wyatt                     Marvin E.   Marvin 'Eddie' Wyatt                       State
Wynia, Erin                           Bordsen for NC House                       State
Wyrick                    Tammy       Time Warner Cable PAC                      State
Yates, Jennifer                       NC Outdoor Advertising Association (other) State
Yon                       Sandra      Crescent RW                                State
Young                     Lillian     Tom Moore                                  State
YOUNG, Kathie                         Kinnaird for State House Treasurer         State
Zarins, Jennifer (assistatant)                                                   State
                                      Carolinas HealthCare System Empoyees NC PAC (assistant)
Zimmerman, Jack                       Guilford SD                                State
Zimmerman, Jack                       NC SD                                      State
Zohn                     Edward       9th District DEC                          State
Zohn, Edward                          9th Precinct DEC Treasurer                 State
Anthony, Ann B                        Lincoln County DW (treasurer)              State
Black, Patsy D                        Lincoln County (Chair) DEC                 State
Bond, Lisa (assistant)                                                           State
                                      Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein PAC (assistant)
Caveny, John                          Libertarian Party State                    State
Cox, Marsha                                                                      State
                                      Catawba County Democratic Party (Precinct Chair)
Day,Brenda C                          Democratic Women of Cleveland County       State
Hampson, Tobias S (Toby)              Judge Bob Hunter Re-Election Committee     State
Johnson, C. Jane                                                                 State
                                      Catawba County Democratic Party (1st Vice Chair)
Keever, Timothy H                     Ray Warren 88th House (Treasurer)          State
Land, Walt E                          Caldwell County REC Chairman               State
Lane, Melinda Kelly                   Catawba County Young Democrats             State
Long, Ruth                                                                       S
                                      Catawba County Democratic Party (Treasurer) tate
McKinney, Morgan                      Dalton for Lt. Governor                    State
Moore, Neil W                       Gasto Couny REC (Chairman)                     State
Morris, Barbara A                   Committee to Elect Lands                       State
Predue, Rebecca Crosswihte          Joseph Crosswhite for Judge                    State
Priest, Edward Clifton Jr           Gaston Count REC (Treasurer)                   State
Randall, Robert                     Orange County REC                              State
Randleman, Shirley R                                                               State
                                    Wilkes RW and Shirley Blackburn Randlemand for NC House
Rhodes, Jean                                                                       State
                                    Shirley Blackburn Randleman for NC House (Assistant Treasurer)
Richerdson, Lillian S               Lincoln County DEC (treasurer)                 State
Russell, Sherri (assistant)                                                        S
                                    Ray Warren 88th House (Assistant Treasurer) tate
Savell, Connie Phifer               Cleveland County DEC                           State
Yarborough, Brenda B                                                               State
                                    Rural Electric Action ProganNC Association of Electric Cooperatives Inc
Jones, Leonard                                                                     State/Carteret
                                    John Nobles for Judge/David Horton for City council
MILLIS, Jack                                                                       State/Carteret
                                    3rd Dist REC, Carteret REC, W Holt Faircloth, Asa Buck III
Ivester, Andrew Steven              Possible treasurer                             State/Catawba
Barnes                    Dena H    Greater Greensboro RW/Dena Barnes              State/County
Lowe, Teresa O                      Davidson DEC & Committee to Elect Teresa Lowe  State/Davidson
Gray, Karen                                                                        State/Durham
                                    Durham Co DW or Davis Harris for Durham City Council
Greene                    Jordan                                                   State/Federal
                                    North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections/Bryan Greene 2008 US Congress
Greene                    Kim                                                      State/Federal
                                    North Carolinians for Free and Proper Elections/Bryan Greene 2008 US Congress
Cloninger, Thomas R                                                                State/Gaston
                                    Allan Cloninger for Sherriff & David Hole for Senate
Bridges, Shy Quon                                                                  State/Granville
                                    Committee to Elect S Quan Bridges Judge/ Committee to Elect S Quon Bridges Comm
Cooksey, Warren                                                                    State/Mecklenburg
                                    Mecklenburg Republican Executive Committee or Cooksey for City Council
Herlands, Alan                                                                     State/Pamlico
                                    3rd Cpongressional District of NC Dems/Al Herlands for Mayor of Oriental
Phillips, Mark T                    Mark Phillips for City Council/Person REC      State/Person
Whitley, Gerald                     1st Congressional District DEC/ Mayor          State/Pitt
Hutchinson              John        Judge Tanya Wallace                        State/Richmond Co
Biggs, Murchison B                                                            State/Robeson
                                    Committee to Elect Donna Shroud NC Court of Appeals/Robeson REC/Committee to E
Furr, Kenneth R                     Stanly REC/Committee to Elect Kenny Furr State/Stanly
Cooke, Elizabeth                                                              State/Union
                                    Union County REC,Carolina Conservatives, Parker Mills, John Snyder for DA, Union Co
Hunter, Richard                                                               State/Warren
                                    Warren DEC, Committee to Elect Richard Hunter
Norman, Angela                                                                State/Washington
                                    Washington Co DEC (treasurer)/Committee to Elect Tracey Johnson
Boles                   Christine   Christine M Boles                          Stokes
Boles                   Rebecca     Candidate                                  Stokes
Carter                  Lora        Lora Carter                                Stokes
Charleville             Jane        Jane P Charleville                         Stokes
Cox                     Sonya       Sonya Cox                                  Stokes
Hartgrove               Dean        Stokes Co R Men Club                       Stokes
Holder                  Dale        Zollie Smith Comm                          Stokes
Jones                   Ronda       Ronda Jones                                Stokes
Joyce                   Tanya       Stokes BOE                                 Stokes
Marion, Myron                       Myron Marion for City Council              Stokes
Moore                   W. Colon    Candidate                                  Stokes
Perry, Jason                        Director Stokes County BOE                 Stokes
Starnes                 Kenneth     Kenneth S Starnes Co                       Stokes
Walker                  Jimmy       Jimmy Walker                               Stokes
Wood, Betty P                       Linda O Shaw for Commissioner              Stokes
Young                   Kathy       Kathy Young                                Stokes
Booth                 James         James Booth                               STokes Co
Burnette              Dillard       Dillard Burnette Com                      Stokes/Forsyth Counties
Baker                 Vanessa       Vanessa Baker Comm                        Surry
Brady, Shawn Graves                 Deborah Cochran                           Surry
Brannon               Douglas       Douglas B Brannon                         Surry
Brannon               Douglas       Douglas B Brannon                         Surry
Brendle               Rebecca       Rebecca T Brendle                         Surry
Brown                 Freddie       James L (J.L.) Lowe                       Surry
Carter                Dwayne        Comer Reg of Deeds                        Surry
Clark, William C                    William C Clark                            Surry
Everette, Gene                      Committee to elect Bill Hamlin Commissoner Surry
Faries, Jackie                      Jackie Faries for commissioner             Surry
Hose                  Micheal       Micheal Hose Comm                         Surry
LIVENGOOD             ROBERT        Robert Livengood                          Surry
Lowry                 Dianne        Scott F Lowry                             Surry
Martin                Gerri         Gerri Penley Martin                       Surry
McDuffie              Stephanie     Dean Brown                                Surry
Miller, Jr            Jim           Jimmy Miller Sr Comm                      Surry
Needham, Linda                      Linda Needham for commissioner            Surry
Ripley                Gill          Gill Ripley                               Surry
Sheppard, Earl                      Earl Thomas Sheppard                      Surry
Smith, Jason                        Atkinson for Sheriff                      Surry
Tiley, Libby                        Surry County BOE Elections Clerk          Surry
Wagoner               William Larry William Larry Wagoner                     Surry
Westbrook             Jim           Jim Westbrook                             Surry
Harrison              Angie         Surry Co BOE                              Surry Co
Gribble               James         James Gribble Comm                        Swain
Sutton                Shirley       Shirley T Sutton                          Swain
Welch                 Kate          Kate D Welch                              Swain
Robinson              Sarah         Sarah Robinson                            Swain County
Allen                 Dennis        Donald Ashworth                           Transylvania
Ashworth              Donald        Donald Ashworth                           Transylvania
Atkinson              Karla         Karla Atkinson                            Transylvania
Canady                Larry         Larry Canady Comm                         Transylvania
Chappell              Jason         Jason Chappell                            Transylvania
Duvall                Clyde         Clyde J Duvall                            Transylvania
Harris                Jimmy         Jimmy T Harris                            Transylvania
Hawkins               Mike          Mike Hawkins                              Transylvania
Jones                 Joyce         Dave Robbins                              Transylvania
Keller                Keith         Keith Keller                              Transylvania
Mckown                Robert        W. David Guice Comm                       Transylvania
Morrow                Veronica      Charles W McKeller                        Transylvania
Morton                Allen         David Morton                              Transylvania
Owen                  Paulette      Tawny McCoy                               Transylvania
Ownbey                Cindy         Cindy McCall Ownbey                       Transylvania
Parker                Edwin         Lake Toxaway Propert                      Transylvania
Perkins, DeeDee                     DeeDee Perkins for City Council           Transylvania
Rogers                     Michael      Michael Rogers                               Transylvania
Whitmire                   Jackie       Parker W Pace                                Transylvania
Schwandes                  Kai          Robert Cubbler                               Transylvania Co
Pogue                      Jenni        Jenni Pogue                                  Tyansylvania Co
Brickhouse                 Zack         Zack Brickhouse                              Tyrell
Willis                     Carl         Carl L Willis                                Tyrell
Armstrong                  Melanie       Melanie L Armstrong                         Tyrrell
Crowder                    Michael (Mike)Mike Crowder Comm                           Tyrrell
Crowder                    Viola         Viola J Crowder Comm                        Tyrrell
Deaver, Jr                 Gordon        Gordon A Deaver                             Tyrrell
Edge                       Cecelia       Cecelia T Edge                              Tyrrell
Foard                      Harry         Harry Foard                                 Tyrrell
Roughton                   Heath         Heath Roughton                              Tyrrell
Spencer                    Janie         Janie E Spencer                             Tyrrell
Spruill                    Dorinda       Bertram Davenport                           Tyrrell
Woolard                    Allyson       James Fred Swain                            Tyrrell
Hill                       Larry         Larry Hill                                  Tyrrell Co
Jeske                      Laverne       Laverne Jeske                               Tyrrell Co
House                      Philip        Tyrrell Co Citizens                         Tyrrell Co Citizens Supporting Land Trans
Baker                      Chris         Hemby Bridge Comm                           Union
Barbour, Sarah R                        Village of Lake Park Council                 Union
Beachum, Ned Von                        Ned Beachum                                  Union
Becker, Frederick III                   Committee to Elect Rick Becker               Union
Bivens, Margaret C                      Marget Bivens for Town Council               Union
Bradford                   Sondra       Sondra Bradford Comm                         Union
Broome, Linda T                         Eddie Cathey for Sheriff                     Union
Carpenter, Norma Griffin                Norma Carpenter for City Council             Union
Cass, Mercedes                          Town Councilman of Indian Trail              Union
Ciaramella Jr              John         John Ciaramella Jr                           Union
Coffey                     Valerie      Valerie Coffey                               Union
Coffey, Valerie M                       Valerie Coffey for Town Council              Union
Crosby                     Greg         Greg Crosby Comm                             Union
Crow, Van T                             Democratic Women Union County                Union
Crowder                    John         Committee to Elect John Crowder              Union
DeForrest                  Matthew      Matthew DeForrest Co                         Union
DiBiasio, Mark                          Wesley Chapel Villagers Group                Union
Doan, Eric S                            UC Register of Deeds Crystal Crump           Union
Gardner, Daune                          Daune Gardner for Mayor                      Union
Gerber, Jeff                            Committee to Elect Jeff Gerber               Union
Glover, Milley "Bucky"                  John Ashcraft for City Council               Union
Godwin, William Lee                     Godwin                                       Union
Goodall, Jeffrey Lee                                                                 Union
                                        Indian Trail Citizens for Progress PAC or Goodall for Progress
Goodwin                    Wanda        Jonathan Thomas Comm                         Union
Gregory, Roy R "Ron"                    Ron Gregory Committee                        Union
Harrington                 Chris        Renee Walters Hartis                         Union
Hendry, George                                                                 Union
                                        Comm. To elect Lanny Openshaw for Commissioner
Horne                      Jenny        Jonathan Thomas                              Union
Horne, Debbie                       Alan Baucom for County Commissioner         Union
Howe, Shirley                       Candidates (Indian Trial)                   Union
Jacobsen, Nancy                     Indian Trail Citizens for Progress PAC      Union
Jacumin                  Johnny     Johnny M Jacumin                            Union
Johnson                  Hesta      United Citizens of U                        Union
Johnson, James Jr.                  Soil and Water Conservation                 Union
Jordan, Billy A                     Jordan for Council                          Union
Keziah,Lynn A                       Lynn Keziah for City Council                Union
Kilgore, Bobbie G                   Kilgore for Mayor                           Union
LaMonica                 Michael    Melody LaMonica                             Union
Lane                     Martin     Martin Lane Comm                            Union
Lane, Roger                         Committee to Elect Roger Lane               Union
Little, Edd M                       Town Councilman                             Union
Long, Elizabeth B                   Elizabeth Long for Council Committee        Union
Lowder                   Carolyn    Campaign for Carolyn Lowder                 Union
Mangum                   John       John Baxter Mangum                          Union
McKee                    Jerry      Jerry McKee                                 Union
Mixson                   John       Sarah Lowe Comm                             Union
Moore, Sandy                        Sandy Moore for Mayor                       Union
Mullis                   Jim        Jim Mullis                                  Union
Nash, Patsy                         Committee to Elect Dottie Nash              Union
Neill                    Peggy      Peggy Neill Comm                            Union
Oropesa                  Kathy      Preserve Unionville                         Union
Patton, Terri                       The Committee ot Elect Terri L Patton        Union
Paxton, Lynda M                     Paxton for Mayor                             Union
Philippi, Louis                     Rick Alexander                               Union
Privette, Thelma                                                                 Union
                                    Thelma Privette Town Council Dist. 5 Stallings NC
Quinn, John                         John Quinn for Mayor                         Union
Richard, Williams                   Richard Williams for Mayor                   Union
Rowe, Alan                          Committee to Elect Kendell Spence for MayorUnion
Sheprow                  Brendan    Parks In Our Future                         Union
Sproule                  Joe        Joe Sproule                                 Union
Stegall, Jan                        Board of Elections Employee (part-time)     Union
Talford                  Sharon     Sharon Talford                              Union
Thomas                   Jonathan   Jonathan Thomas                             Union
Thomas, Bill                        Committee to Elect Bill Thomas              Union
Waybright, Jo                       Lake Park Council                           Union
Currence                 Virginia   Virginia H Currence                         Union
Hailey                   Nathel     Nathel Hailey                               Union Co
Hullinger                John       John Hullinger                              Union Co
Minsk                    Laura      Laura Minsk                                 Union Co
Layburn                  Hugh       Hugh Layburn                                Union County
Loflin, Harold Clayton              Loflin for Commissioner and Loflin for Senate Union/State
WOODHOUSE, Dallas                                                                 Union/State
                                    AFP Monroe Citizens Against the Food Tax, Citizens Against Land Tax
Abbott                   William    William C Abbott                            Vance
Abbott, Cynthia                     Abbott for Reg. of Deeds                    Vance
Averette, M Curtis Jr               Elect George Daye                           Vance
Baskeville-Martin, Janie               Committee to Elect Peter White            Vance
Brown, Deborah F                       Committee to Elect Deborah Jefferson BrownVance
Bullock                  Arnold        Arnold Bullock                            Vance
Cash                     Emoron        Emoron Cash                               Vance
Daye                      Timothy      Timothy M Daye                               Vance
Duke, Robert L                         Robert L. Duke                               Vance
Ellis, Margaret                        Margaret Ellis Campaign                      Vance
Finch                     Tex          Tex Ronald Finch Com                         Vance
Fudge                     Annie        Annie R Fudge Comm                           Vance
Garrison                  Terry        Terry E Garrison                             Vance
Gill, Faye M                           Vance County BOE Director                    Vance
Grissom                   Millard      Millard Grissom Comm                         Vance
Gupton                    Robert       Robert B Gupton                              Vance
Hester                    Frank        Frank M Hester                               Vance
Kinsley                   Ronald       Ronald B Kinsley                             Vance
Nance                     Ruth         Ruth Nance                                   Vance
Pegram                    John Timothy John Timothy Pegram                          Vance
Riddle, Tommy                          Vance Co. School Board                       Vance
Stark, William L Jr                    Elect Brenda Peace for Council               Vance
Terry                     Eugenia      Frank Terry Comm                             Vance
Terry                     Tamara       Frank Terry Comm                             Vance
Terry                     Torrance     Frank Terry Comm                             Vance
White, Gloria Jefferson                                                           Vance
                                       Committee to Elect Gloria White School Board
Wilkerson                 Ranger       Ranger Wilkerson Com                         Vance
Wright, Eddie L                                                                 Vance
                                       Re-Elect Eddie L Wright County Commissioner
Wynne                     James        James H Wynne Comm                           Vance
Yount                     John         John Wayne Yount                        Vance
Abernethy, Jim                         Jim Abernethy                           Wake
Adcock, Charlie                        Citizens to Elect Charlie Adcock        Wake
Anderson, Paul L                       Anderson for City Council               Wake
Andrews, Ricky Harold                                                          Wake
                                       Ricky Harold Andrews Wendell Town commissioner
Armogida, Edmund F                     Ed Armogida                             Wake
Averre                    Chuck        David Camacho                                Wake
Barham, James Mac                      Tilley for County Commissioner               Wake
Beck, R Dale                           R Dale Beck                                  Wake
Bell, Veronica A                       Lindy Brown for County Commissioner          Wake
Bellay, Kristi M                       Paul L Anderson for City Council (Raleigh)   Wake
Bennett Dalenko        Carol           Comm to elect Bennett                        Wake
Black, James B                         Philip Isley for City Council                Wake
Blankensip, Jessie                     Hill for the Board of Education              Wake
Boyd, Velma                            Committee to Elect Velma Boyd                Wake
Boykin                 Larry           Tart for Wake Board of Education             Wake
Boykin, Larry                          Horace Tart committee                        Wake
Broadwell, James Harold II             James Harold Broadwell II                    Wake
Brown                  Lindy           Lindy Brown Committee                        Wake
Bruffey, Christopher R                 Kennedy for Alderman Campaign                Wake
Bryan, Joe                             Citizens for Joe Bryan                       Wake
Bryson, Phyllis                     ron Margiotta for School Board              Wake
Bumgarner, Don R                    Don R Bumgarner                             Wake
Burch, Lois                         Louis Burch for Town Council                Wake
Caison                    Anthony   James Roberson                              Wake
Campbell, James A                   James A Campbell Commissioner               Wake
Carrol, Joseph T                    The Nels Roseland Committee                 Wake
Carter                    William   William I Carter Com                        Wake
Chavis                    Tamiko    Lindy Brown Committee                       Wake
Clawson                   Mary      Rob Bridges Comm                            Wake
Clinebelle, Ray                     Citizens for Joe Bryan                      Wake
Clowers                   Laurie    Laurie Clowers                              Wake
Cross, Mike                         For Commissioner                           Wake
DeBenedetto, Vincent A.             DeBenedetto for Town Council               Wake
Dismuke, Paul E Jr                  Comm to Elect Jack Alphin                  Wake
Dressen, Edward J.                  People 2 People of Holly Springs           Wake
Durham, Kenneth                     Jessie Taliaserro Campaign                 Wake
Edwards, Dan                                                                   PAC
                                    Citizens for Fair, Honest & Open GovernmentWake
Everett                   Rebecca   Beverly Clark Comm                          Wake
Folger                    Lee       Russ Stephenson                             Wake
Folger, Lee III                     Comm to Elect Russ Stephenson               Wake
Forvendel                 David     Frantz For Council                          Wake
Gallagher, Martin                   Citizens for Martin Gallagher               Wake
Gentry, Carson Michael              Committee to Elect Michael L Roberts        Wake
Gill, Rosa U                        Rosa Gail Board of Education                Wake
Griffin                   David     Lee Griffin                                 Wake
Grimes, Thomas R                    Campaign Committee to Elect Sid Baynes       Wake
Gurley, Tony                        Tony Gurley Election Committee               Wake
Hackney                  Frank      Betty Lou Ward                               Wake
Hall                     Valerie    Wake BOE                                     Wake
Harris, Glenn P (assistant)                                                      Wake
                                    Assistant Treasurer for Sid Baynes for town board Wendell
Henchy, Ginny                       Comm to Elect Russell Killen                 Wake
Hermann, Catherine                  Committee to Elect Pueschel                  Wake
Hertzberg                 Kathy     Stan Norwalk                                Wake
Higgins, Betsy                      Joyce Kekas campaign                        Wake
Hill                      Roger     Roger Hill                                  Wake
Hill, Kevin                         Hill for the Board of Education         Wake
Hines, Anne                                                                 Wake
                                    Anne Hines for Wake Forest Town Commissioner
Hinnant, Carol R                    Elect Carol R Hinnant                   Wake
Hinnant, Jesse Ray Jr               Committee to Re-Elect Carol Hinnant     Wake
Hudson                    Heather   Heather Hudson Comm                         Wake
Jeffreys, Phil                      Jeffreys for Commissioner                   Wake
Jennings                  Chris     Ken Marchburn                               Wake
Johns, Jackie                       Jackie Johns                                Wake
Johnson, Elizabeth                  Liz Johnson campaign                        Wake
Johnson, Jimmy N                    Jimmy N Johnson for Commissioner            Wake
Johnson, Linda T                    Nooe for Council                            Wake
Johnson, Liz                                                                    Wake
Judy, Chris                       Tommy Craven for City Council               Wake
Kennedy, Lisa                     Charles Bullock for Town Council Knightdale Wake
Lawson, Susan                     Lawson at Large                             Wake
Leach, Ernestine                                                              Wake
                                  Committee to Elect Rosa Gill for School Board
Lundy, Clyde                      Anderson for City Council                   Wake
Lyons                   Linda     Linda Lyons Comm                          Wake
Martin, Pete M                    Committee to Re-Elect Pete M Martin        Wake
McFarlane, Nancy                  Nancy McFarlane for City Council           Wake
Meilleur, Guy                                                                Wake
                                  Guy Meilleur, Soil & Water candidate Wake County
Meilleur, Philip                                                             Wake
                                  Guy Meilleur, Soil & Water candidate Wake County
Miller, Laurie                                                               Wake
                                  Committee for a Balanced Cary/Harold Weinbrecht for Mayor
Mitchell                Leslie    Cindy Sheldon                             Wake
Murray, Tom                       Comm to Elect Tom Murray                  Wake
Musselman, Lorraine               Comm to Elect Thomas Crowder              Wake
Narron                  Richy     Richy Narron                              Wake
Norwalk               Stan        Stan Norwalk                              Wake
Pace, Angela                      Wake BOE                                  Wake
Pace, Angela                      Wake County BOE                           Wake
Pace, Angela                      Wake County Board of Elections Staff      Wake
Parham, James Wallace             James Wallace Parham for Commissioner     Wake
Parker, Murray M                  Laura Riddick Register of Deeds           Wake
Paylor, Wanda Ray                 Phil Matthews Election Committee          Wake
Peterson                David     Paul Anderson Comm                        Wake
Poirier                 Kristin   Tim Poirier                               Wake
Primus, Kenatha M                 Angel Menendez for city council           Wake
Purvis, Sherry (assistant)        Marian Baldwin Committee                  Wake
Rigsbee, John L                   Comm to Elect Ernie McAlister             Wake
Roberts, Michael Lawrence         Committee to Elect Michael L Roberts      Wake
Roseland, Nels                                                              Wake
                                  The Nels Roseland Committee for City Council
Sack, Timothy C                   Timothy C Sack                            Wake
Sams                    Robert    Robert W Sams Comm                        Wake
Scaruzzo, Joe                     Joe Scaruzzo Campaign                     Wake
Scaruzzo, Patricia                Joe Scaruzzo Campaign (assistant)         Wake
Schafer, David L                  Citizens for Rick Edmonds                 Wake
Schmidt                 Aimee     Aimee Schmidt                             Wake
Sears, Dick                       Comm to Elect Dick Sears                  Wake
Sears, Mollie                     Citizens for Holly Springs                Wake
Sheldon                 John      Fuquay Varina Citize                      Wake
Sheldon, John M                   FV Citizens for a Better Future           Wake
Shoemaker               John      John Shoemaker                            Wake
Skinner, Jim                      Comm to Elect Terry Gleason                 Wake
Sopp, Edward C Jr                 Comm to Elect Tom Murray                    Wake
Strickland, Curtis                Curtis Strickland Zebulon town commissioner Wake
Styers, Gray                                                                  Wake
                                  Mary-Ann Baldwin Campaign Raleigh City Council
Swanstrom               Alan      Alan Swanstrom                              Wake
Swanstrom               Pamela    Erv Portman                               Wake
Taliaferro, Jessie                Jessie Taliaferro for City Council        Wake
Tart                   Helen        Helen Tart Com                            Wake
Tart, Helen                         Helen Tart for City Council               Wake
Thibodeau, Peter                                                              Wake
                                    Committee to Elect Peter Thibeau Wake Forest Town Commissioner
Till, Gail                          Jessie Taliaferro for City Council        Wake
WALTERS, Gene                       Citizens to Elect Charlie Adcock          Wake
Ward                   John         Forward Wake County                       Wake
Weaver, Eric M                      Eric M Weaver                             Wake
Weaver, Mary Ann                    Tommy Craven for City Council             Wake
Weaver, Michelle                    Eric M Weaver                             Wake
Webb, Harold H                      Committee to Elect Harold Webb            Wake
Wells, Jeff                                                                   Wake
Williams               Laura        Kenn Gardner                              Wake
Williams, David H                   David H Williams Raleigh City Council     Wake
Williams, Laura                     Citizens for Kenn Gardner                 Wake
Williams, Ronnie                    Citizens for Ronnie Williams              Wake
Wilson, Afreda                      Alfreda Wilson for School Board           Wake
Wood, Larry                         Citizens for Donnie Harrison              Wake
Wright, Crystal                     Committee to ReElect Jim Wynn             Wake
York                   Jeff         Jeff York                                 Wake
Zahn                   Bill         Byrd for Cary Counci                      Wake
Blake                  Jerry        BAIL PAC                                  WAKE
Holcombe               Jackie       Richard V Elliott                         Wake
Sterrick               Robert       Bail PAC                                  WAKE
Maccioli               Gerald       NC Anesthesiologists                      Wake Co
Alston                 Clinton      Clinton G Alston                          Warren
Banzet                 Julius       Julius Banzet                             Warren
Boyd                   Graham       Graham V Boyd                             Warren
Burrows, Herbert Ray                Herbert Ray Town Commissioner             Warren
Evans                  Robert       Robert Evans Comm                         Warren
Fleming, Ernest                     Ernest Fleming for county commissioner    Warren
Formyduval, Debbie S                Warren County BOE (Director)              Warren
Gardner                Walter       Walter M Gardner                          Warren
Harris                 David        David Gardner Harris                      Warren
Harris, Bill                        Bill Harris Town Commissioner             Warren
Jones                  Calvin       Calvin Curtis Jones                       Warren
Moss, Danny Willis                  Danny Willis Moss for City Commissioner   Warren
Overby                 James        James A. Overby                           Warren
Perry                  Dorothy      Dorothy H Perry Comm                      Warren
Skinner                Lawrence     Lawrence L. Skinner                       Warren
Thompson               Wanda        Wanda Thompson                            Warren
Tibbet                 Audrey       Audrey H Tippett                          Warren
Weldon, Elsie R                     Elsie R Weldon for register of deeds      Warren
Wilson                 Ann Duncan   Ann Duncan Wilson Election Committee      Warren
Beddingfield           J. W.        J. W. Beddingfield                        Warren Co.
Hunter                 Richard      Richard Hunter                            Warren/State
Barnes, Shirley                     Town Council                              Washington
Byers                  Mary Ann     Mary Ann Byers                            Washington
Collins                 Wallace     Wallace L Collins                         Washington
Nixon, Mary                         Mary Nixon town council                   Washington
Roberts                              William Roberts Comm
                        William (Gene0                                        Washington
Roberts, William E (Gene)           Committee to Elect William E (Gene) RobertsWashington
Roth                    Brian       Brian Roth                                Washington
Styons                  Wade        Wade M Styons Comm                        Washington
Vann                    Elaine      Elaine G Vann                             Washington
Walker, James E                     James E Walker Sr.                        Washington
White                   William     William J White                           Washington
Woodley                 Gerald      Gerald Woodley                            Washington
Alexander               Jean        Jean D Alexander                           Washinton
Everett, Mary                                                                  Watagua/State
                                    Blust for NC Senate or Committee to Keep Shook Sheriff
Combs                   Steve       Steve Combs                                Watauga
Copley                  Kathy       Kathy Copley Comm                         Watauga
Costner                 Brenda      Deborah H Miller                          Watauga
Fox                     Eula        Liz Aycock Comm                           Watauga
Glidewell IV            Powell      Jeremy Blocker Comm                       Watauga
Hobbs                   Jeff        Tim Futrelle Comm                         Watauga
HODGES, Jane                        Director Watauga Co. BOE                  Watauga
Holcombe                Alan        Jon Alan Holcombe Co                      Watauga
Kaudelka                Jeanne      Joan Horine                               Watauga
McGuinn                 Doug        Doug McGuinn                              Watauga
McLean                  Clyde       Clyde A McLean                            Watauga
Milner                  James       ABC Task Force 2                          Watauga
Muirhead, Carole                    Watauga County BOE                        Watauga
PIQUET, Paul                        Paul Piquet                               Watauga
Purvis                  Bart        Jerry Butler                              Watauga
Taylor                  Thad        Thad A Taylor                             Watauga
Templeton               Jeff        Citizens for Change                       Watauga
Townsend                JoAnn       JoAnn Townsend                            Watauga
Wallin                  Shelley     Lynn Mason Comm                           Watauga
Ward                    David       Pray for our Childre                      Watauga
Wilcox                  Dempsey     Dempsey Wilcox comm                       Watauga
Wiseman                 Rita        Rita M Wiseman                            Watauga
Yount                   Albert      Albert M Yount                            Watauga
Starnes                 Eugenia     Patsy Fountain                            Watauga
Owen                    Rick        Richard Owen                              Watauga Co
Pickett                 Phillip     Phillip Pickett                           Watauga County
Wilson                  Danny       Tim Wilson Comm                           Watauga County
Allen, Lawrence Cobin               Lawrence Cobin Allen                      Wayne
Archibald               Sherry      Michael Headen                            Wayne
Aycock, Jr              George      George Aycock Jr Com                      Wayne
Barnes                  Blair       Steve Keen                                Wayne
Bell                    John        John Bell Wayne County Commissioner       Wayne
Bolding                 Barbara     Charles Bruton                            Wayne
Brown                   Paul        Ven Faulk Committee                       Wayne
Bruton                  D Charles   D Charles Bruton                          Wayne
Burridge               Erin        Wayne BOE                             Wayne
Chatman, Donnie R Sr               Donnie R Chatman Sr                   Wayne
Colburn                David       David E Colburn Comm                  Wayne
Cox                    Kathy       Darrell Horne Comm                    Wayne
Creekmore, Johnathan Bruce                                               Wayne
Cuddington, Harold                 Harold Cuddington                     Wayne
Daughtery              Joe         Joe Daughtery                         Wayne
Doss                   Jimmy       Jack Best                             Wayne
Evans                  Jasper D    J D Evans Wayne County Commissioner   Wayne
Faison, Jesse Jack                 Jesse Jack Faison Mayor               Wayne
Gray, Elvin Russell                Elvin Russell Gray                    Wayne
Howell                 Lindsey     Sandra R McCullen                     Wayne
Ingram                 Scott       Scott Ingram                          Wayne
Jeanes                 James       George Fulghum Comm                   Wayne
Jennings               Jeff        Jeff Jennings Comm                    Wayne
Jones                  Hugh        Constance Coran                       Wayne
Jones, Devone                      Devone Jones                          Wayne
Kannan                 Elizabeth   Edward Lee Radford                    Wayne
Keen                   Steve       Steve Keen                            Wayne
King, Alfonzo                      Alfonzo King                          Wayne
Kornegay, Jimmy                    Jimmy Kornegay                        Wayne
Lewis                  Frankie     Frankie Lewis                         Wayne
Lewis, Bettye                      Wayne Co. DW                          Wayne
MANLEY, Hosea                      Hosea M Manley Candidate              Wayne
Mooring                Lois        Lois J Mooring                        Wayne
Mooring, Leon V                    Leon V Mooring                        Wayne
Mozingo                Bobby       Bobby Mozingo                         Wayne
Mozingo                Karen       Karen Mozingo                         Wayne
Mozingo                Lori        Lois J Mooring Comm                   Wayne
Pate                   Martha      Hal Keck Committee                    Wayne
Pate, Martha Wood                  Comm to elect Hal Keck                Wayne
Pearsall               Frank       Frank Pearsall III                    Wayne
Powers                 Cheri       Ven Faulk                             Wayne
Quick,Malcolm D                    L J Stanley for City Council          Wayne
Rhodes                 Debbie      Joe Daughtery                         Wayne
Ruffink, Frances                   Leroy Ruffin                          Wayne
Shadding               Katherine   Jerry Braswell                        Wayne
Shaw, Thomas Hill                  Thomas H Shaw                         Wayne
Sims                   Shirley     Shirley Faison Sims                   Wayne
SMALLEY, Paul                      Paul Smalley Campaign                 Wayne
Smith                  Thelma      Thelma Smith for Baord of Education   Wayne
Smith, W T                         W T Smith                             Wayne
Stuart, D A                        mayor candidate                       Wayne
Summerlin              JoAnn       Roland M Gray                         Wayne
Taylor                 Mary        Frankie Lewis                         Wayne
THOMPSON, Ray                      Ray Thompson Candidate                Wayne
TRUZY, Ora                         Ora H Truzy Candidate                 Wayne
Waller, Charles E (Bob)                 Bob Waller                            Wayne
Warren, Ralph Lloyd                     Ralph Lloyd Warren                    Wayne
Warrick, Jackie                         Jackie Warrick                        Wayne
Watts                     Ervin         Joe C Daugherty                       Wayne
Westbrook                 Wayne         Wayne A Westbrook                     Wayne
Wharton                   Jeffrey       Jeffrey Wharton                       Wayne
Whitman, C.R. (Chet)                    C.R. "Chet" Whitman                   Wayne
Williams, Charles James Sr              Charles J Williams                    Wayne
Wise                      Christopher   Chris Gurley                          Wayne
Jackson                   Daniel        Danny Jackson                         Wayne County
Barber                    Brenda        Brenda D Barber                       Wilkes
Baugham                   lla           Leo Baugham Comm                      Wilkes
Beckwith, Jim                           Elect Beckwith Councilman             Wilkes
Bowman                    Tom           Tom Bowman                            Wilkes
Bumgarner                 Bob           Joe Anthony                           Wilkes
Byrd                      Fay           Fay Bird                              Wilkes
Caudill, Joan                           Wilkes County BOE                     Wilkes
Cheek                     Linda         Sales Tax Referendum                  Wilkes
CHEEK, Robert                           Committee to Elect Robert L Cheek     Wilkes
Childers                  Kent          Bert Greene Dst Crt                   Wilkes
Dobbins, Brenda                         Wilkes County BOE Board Memb          Wilkes
Elmore                   Giddeon        Keith Elmore                          Wilkes
Greene, Robert "Bert" G.                Robert "Bert" G. Greene Jr.           Wilkes
HALL, Bert                              Committee to Elect Bert Hall          Wilkes
Handy, Janet                            Janet D Handy for Clerk of Court      Wilkes
Holleman                 Virginia       Michael W Holleman                    Wilkes
Inscore                   Shirley       Hayes Committee                       Wilkes
Johnston                  Isaac         Doug Rollins                          Wilkes
KEENER, PHILIP                          Philip M Keener                       Wilkes
Lankford                  Rickey        Rickey Lankford                       Wilkes
Ledford                   Matt          Matt Ledford                          Wilkes
Mann                      Pete          Pete Mann                             Wilkes
Martin                    Peggy         Peggy Martin for Board of Education   Wilkes
Miller, Teresa                          Teresa L Miller                       Wilkes
Minton                    Teresa        Elmore for Commissio                  Wilkes
Roope                     Jenni         Steve Foster Comm                     Wilkes
Settle                    Eddie         Eddie Settle                          Wilkes
Shoemake                  Angie         James Foster                          Wilkes
Shoemake, Angie                         James Foster Committee                Wilkes
Sink                      Charles       Charles Sink                          Wilkes
Soots                     Maria         Maria Soots                           Wilkes
Stroud, William                         William Stroud for Town Council       Wilkes
Varela                    Victor        Victor Varela                         Wilkes
Walker, R Tracy                                                               Wilkes
Walsh                     David         F David Walsh                         Wilkes
Walsh                     Judith        Judith M Walsh                        Wilkes
Williams, Eric                          Eric Williams                         Wilkes
Woodruff                Richard     Richard Woodruff                             Wilkes
Blackburn               Tim                                                      Wilkes
Snuggs                  Shannon     Wilkes Co REC                                Wilkes County
Allen                   Brian       Randy Stewart                                Wilson
Atkinson                Dolan       Dolan Atkinson Comm                          Wilson
Avery, Brenda W                     Committee to Elect A.P. Coleman              Wilson
Bass                    Leo         Leo Bass                                     Wilson
Bass                    Michael     Michael Lee Bass Com                         Wilson
Boykin, Christopher C                                                         Wilson
                                    Committee to Re-Elect Sheriff Wayne V Gay(assistant) Wilson DEC (Chairman)
Childress               Dale        Dale Childress                               Wilson
Cone, Ann                           Wilson County Director of Elections          Wilson
Cooke, Melvin                       Melvin Cooke Committee                       Wilson
Davis, Glen S                       Committee to Re-Elect Bruce Rose             Wilson
Dew                     Ricardo     Ricardo Dew Comm                             Wilson
Dew, Harold Powell                  Harold Powell Dew                            Wilson
Evans, Susan C                      Susan C. Evans                               Wilson
Harrell                 Charles     Wilson Soil & Water                          Wilson
Hawking, Charles Thomas             Charles Thomas "Tommy" Hawking               Wilson
Hickman, JoAnn                      Wilson Coutny Deputy Director of Elections   Wilson
Hinton                Marceline     Audrey R Neal                                Wilson
Horne, Ken D.                       Ken D Horne                                  Wilson
Johnson, James M Jr                 Committee to Elect James Johnson III         Wilson
Lamm                    Peggy       Peggy Lamm Comm                              Wilson
Morris, Rena                        Wilson County Deputy Director of Elections Wilson
Neal                    Audrey      Audrey R Neal                              Wilson
Reason, Luther Jr                   Luther Reason Jr                           Wilson
Robbins, Grady M                                                               County
                                    Committee to Elect Grady M (Bucky) RobbinsWilson Commissioner
Rouse                   Charlotte   Charlotte Rouse                              Wilson
Salter                  Jordan      Jordan Salter                                Wilson
Saunders                Cynthia     Cynthia E Saunders                           Wilson
Strickland             Debra        Wayne V Gay                               Wilson
Tyson, Bettye                       Bettye Tyson                              Wilson
Tyson, Hubert                       Hubert Tyson                              Wilson
Wheeler, Gilbert Karl               Gil Wheeler Committee                     Wilson
Williams, Ronald Lerdy              Citizens to Elect Ronald Leroy Williams   Wilson
Womble, Penny J                                                               County
                                    Committee to Elect Grady M (Bucky) RobbinsWilson Commissioner
Brown                   Sara        Ethan Dodson                                 Wtauga
Anderson                David       David Anderson                               Yadkin
BRANON, Gene                        Gene Brannon                                Yadkin
Brown, Gerald                       Gerald Brown Town Commissioner              Yadkin
Cain, Michael C                                                                 Yadkin
                                    Committee to Re-Elect Michael Cain for Sheriff
Casstevens              Tommy       Tommy Joe Casstevens                         Yadkin
CHOPLIN, Janet                      Yadkin BOE                                   Yadkin
Clifton                 John        John Clifton Comm                            Yadkin
Coe                     Jasper      Jasper Dean Coe                              Yadkin
Cornelius               Joel        Joel Cornelius                               Yadkin
Cornelius               Joel        Joel Craig Cornelius                         Yadkin
Crater, Lynn D                                                               Yadkin
                                 Committee to Re-Elect Michael Cain for Sheriff
Dezern             Joseph        Joseph Dezern                               Yadkin
Driver, Betty                    Betty Driver Town Commissioner              Yadkin
Frederick, David                 David Frederick Town Commissioner           Yadkin
Hall, Tony                       Tony Hall Town Commissioner                 Yadkin
Hutchens, Dottie                 Dottie Hutchens for Commissioner            Yadkin
Johnson            Don           Don Paul Johnson                            Yadkin
Johnson            Wanda         Wanda Spillman Johns                       Yadkin
Maples, Stuart                   Stuart Maples Mayor East Bend              Yadkin
Matthews           Brock         Brock Matthews                             Yadkin
Moxley             David         David Vernon Moxley                        Yadkin
NORTH, Sue                       Yadkin BOE                                 Yadkin
Phillips           Kim           Kim Clark Phillips                         Yadkin
Reece, Tony                      Tony Reece for town board                  Yadkin
Russel, Jim                      Jim Russel for town board                  Yadkin
Sneed              James         James Sneed                                Yadkin
Todd               Laurence      Laurence H Todd Comm                       Yadkin
Vestal             Larry Worth   Larry Worth Vestal                         Yadkin
Walker             Jason         Yadkin Soil & Water                        Yadkin
Webb               Charlie       Charlie Webb Comm                          Yadkin
Wooten             Brady         Brady Wooten                               Yadkin
Boone              Elaine        Elaine Boone                               Yancey
Brittain           Ariel         Jerry Prosser Comm                         Yancey
Fox                Betty         Yancey REC                                 Yancey
Hughes             Phillip       Phillip M Hughes Com                       Yancey
Jobe               Willoree      Willoree Jobe Comm                         Yancey
Robinson           Loretta       Yancey BOE                                 Yancey
Savage             Walter        Walter E Savage                            Yancey
Styles             Richard       Richard Styles Comm                        Yancey
Whiteside          William       William Whiteside                          Yancey
Abernathy          G             Wayne Abernathy Comm
Abernathy          Jake          Jake Abernathy Comm
Abernathy          Ronald        Ronn Abernathy
Abernathy          Ronn          Ron Abernathy for School Board
Abernethy          Reba          Sen Jim Jacumin
Adams              Judith        Onslow RW Club
Adams              Michael       RGA
Adcock             Gale          NP PAC
Adesegha           Nelson        Black Pol Cau Char M
Adkins             Don           Ben David Comm
Adkins             Mary          NRA Victory Fund
Adkins             Willis        Adkins for Congress Committee
Ager               John          Grassroots for Green
Ahler              Jim           NC CPA Pac
Albertson          Randy         Charles Albertson
Albrecht           Julie         Goodrich Corp PAC
Albright           Lonnie        Lonnie Glenn Albright committee
Alderfer             Dorothea      Blue Ridge Republican Women's Club
Aldridge             Philip        Alderman Haywwod
Alexander            E             E H Alexander Comm
Alexander            Richard       Haywood SD
Alexander            Steven        Steven Alexander Com
Allen                Angela        Allen for Mayor
Allen                Bethany       Lake Norman Republican Women
Allen                Chuck         US Airways PAC
Allen                Danny         Danny Allen Comm
Allen                Janet         NC NOW PAC
Allen                Teresa        Teresa Allen Comm
Allison              Andrew        Andrew Allison
Allison              Stewart       Clodfelter for Senate
Alloway              Sherry        Judge Alloway 2008
Almond               Terry         Terry Almond Comm
Alston               Melvin        Simkins Memorial PAC
Alvis                Russ          prospective candidate
Alvis                Russell       Russ Alvis
Amos                 Jerry         WSFIREPAC
Anders               David         IAFF FIREPAC North Carolina
Anderson             Bruce         Mike Morgan Comm
Anderson             Charles       Charles Anderson
Anderson             Nancy         Nancy Anderson Comm
Anderson             Pamela        Pamela Anderson Comm
Anderson             Robert        Robert B Anderson Co
Anderson             Robert        Robert Anderson
Anderson             Steven        The Steven W. Anderson Committee
Anderson             Todd          Todd Anderson
Anderson, Calvin C                 Calvin C Anderson
Andrews              Michael        Mike Andrews
Andrews              Sharon         Partners for Educational Freedom PAC
Angelita Dulin       Angelita Dulin James D Taylor
Anthony              Judy           Iredell County BOE
Anthony              Patricia       Johnston DW
Applewhite           Hunter         Dominion PAC
Applewhite           Valencia       Valencia Applewhite
Armstrong            Charlene       Committee to Re-Elect Teresa Vincent
Arrinfton II         Julian         Julian Arrinfton II
Arrowood             Kim            Jon Laughter Comm
Arwood-Caldwell                     Maurice
                     Nancy Arwood-CaldwellMoore for School Board
Ashe                 Michael        Durham BOE
Ashley               Gwen           Gewn Ashley Comm
Ashworth             Gary           Ernie McAlister Comm
Atwell               Peter          Re-Elect Atwell
Austin               Kevin          Kevin Austin
Austin               Kyle           Kyle D Austin
Austin               William        Durham Precinct 36 D
Austin                William         Scott Thomas
Autry                 Grover          Grover Autry Comm
Averitt               Donna           Forsyth County Republican Women
Ayers                 Cavell          Cavell Ayers Comm
Ayers                 Elizabeth       Madison DW
Badders               Fred            Stephen Phillips Com
Baddour               Allen           Allen Baddour
Bailey                Carrie          Carolyn Breyare Comm
Bailey                Rhonda          MACPAC of the Carolinas
Baker                 John            John Baker Comm
Baker                 Michael         My Community Bonds 2008
Baker                 Stephen         Mark Baker Comm
Baldwin               Dale            Dale Baldwin Comm
Baldwin               George          Piedmont Gas PAC
Ballantine            Amy             Ballantine for Gov
Ballard               Becky           11th Cong Dist DEC
Ballard                               Daniel R. Ballard
                      Daniel R. Ballard
balmer                                B
                      Barbara Balmer arbara Balmer
Banner                David           David L. Banner
Barbee                Kevin           Kevin N Barbee Comm
Barclift              LoraAnn         Eula Reid Comm
Bare                  Ernest          Ernest Bare Comm
Barham                Scott           Phil Berger Committe
Barker                Cheryl          ReElect Judge Poovey
Barker                G. Rex        G. Rex Barker - Soil & Water Supervisor
Barker                William       William Barker Comm
barker                william       bill barker for lake junaluska board member
Barnes                BJ            B J Barnes Comm
Barnes                Greg          James Brake
Barnes                Katherine     Kitty Barnes
Barnett               A             A L Barnett Comm
Barton                Deborah       Sweet Union RW
Baskerville           Randolph      Dist Court Judge Candidate
Basnight              Debbie        Currituck DEC
Bass                  Alex          Alex Bass Dist Ct
Bass                  Bridgit       Bridgit Bass Comm
bass                                jon
                      jon gregory bass gregory bass for senate
Batt                  Ann           Ann Batt Comm
Battle                Erik Battle   Caswell County
Baucom                David         David Baucom Comm
baucom                randy
Bazemore              Carl          Carl Bazemore Comm
Beale                 Woody         Garland W Beale Comm
Beall                 Joan          Walter Jones
Beam, James Russell                 Committee to Elect Allen R Fraley
Bear                  Virginia      Federal PAc
Bearden               Robert        LabCorp
beasley     grace          beasley for town cou
Beason      Janet          Sandra Ray Criner
Beaty       Greer
beaver      daniel
BECK        ALAN           bOARD OF eDUCATION
Beck        Daphne         Daphne Beck Comm
Beck        Frances A. BeckDemocratic Women of Davie County
Beck        Kathryn        NC Auto Dealers PAC
Beck        Mike
Beckwith    James          James N Beckwith Com
beckworth   lee            lee beckworth
Begley      Wendell        Ben A. Craig, Jr.
Bell        Clarence       5th Cong Dist REC
Bell        James          NC Manufacturers PAC
Bell                       Young Democrats of Nash County (Jessica Pitchford)
            Jessica Pitchford
Bell        Rainie         Rainie Locke Bell
Bell        Robert         Robert Bell Comm
Bell        Roy
Bell        Vera          Judge Cheri Beasley
bennett     bernice
Bennett     Bert          Wachovia Bank
Bennett     Dan           Dan E Bennett Comm
Bennett     Eric          Enterprise Rent A Ca
Bennett     John Mark     John Mark Bennett
Benson      Terry         terry benson Comm
Benthall    Viola         W. Rob Lewis
Bentley     Melissa       Steve Troxler NC Agr
Berger      Brian         Berger for County Commission
Berger      Doug          Sen. Doug Berger
Berman      Gary          Hall for HouseDis 29
Berry       Joan          GC Senior Dems
Best        Kimberly      Kimberly Y Best Comm
Best        Marilyn       Marilyn Best Comm
Best        William       Citizens for Best
Bickett     Marshall
Biggs       Murchison     Robeson Co REC
Biggs       Stanley       HNTB Holdings PAC
Biggs       Steve         Steve Biggs
Billups     Cindy         Wilmington Anes PAC
Binder      George        Southeastern Radiolo
Binder      Vicky         Eli Lilly PAC
Bishop      Gayle         McDowell Democrat
Bishop      Jo            Jo Bishop Comm
Bissette    Helen         Wilson RW
Black       Dean          K Dean Black
Black       Freda         Freda Black
Blackburn   Betty         Betty C. Blackburn Re-election Comm.
Blackley               Heather     Forward Wake Co
Blackmore              Rebecca     Rebecca W Blackmore
Blain Johnson          Gwendolin   G Blain Johnson Comm
Blake                  James       James Blake Comm
Blanks                 William     William Perry Blanks
Blevins                Gary        Gary Blevins Comm
Blevins                Jonathan    Tariq Bokhari Comm
Blinson                Bryan       Auctioneers Assn PAC
Boatner                Jim         Jim Boatner Comm
Bock                   Richard     Western Radiologists
Boggis                 Molly       Molly Boggis Comm
Bohn                   Mary Beth   NC Growers Assn PAC
bolick                 jeff
Bollinger              Lee         Marion R Warren Judg
Boneva                 Milena      Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP PAC
Bonner                 Jean        Jean Bonner Comm
Booker                 OanJelete   Re-Elect Foster DA
Booker, Jacqueline G               Board of Elections Chariman
Bordeaux               Ann         Ann S Bordeaux
Borden                 Judith      Borden for Council
Boschen                Henry       Henry Boschen Comm
Bost                   John        Mayor of Clemmons
Boston                 Glenna      NC PACE
bowden                 charles
Bowles                 Don         Brock for Senate Com
Bowman                 Charles     Chuck Bowman Comm
Bowman                 Jackie      Jackie L Bowman Comm
Bowman                 Joyce Glenda Joyce Glenda Bowman
Bowman                 Zubecca     Preserve the Future
boysworth              ronnie
Bradshaw               Eleanor     Eleanor Bradshaw
Bradsher               Margaret    Margaret D. Bradsher
brady                  shawn
Branch                 Corey       Comm to Keep Craig C
Brandon                Thomas      Andy Brandon Comm
Brantley               Kay         Kay Brantley Comm
Brantley               Sherwood    SBOE
Braswell               Bill        Bill Braswell Comm
Bratcher               Robin
Bray                   Claudia     Claudia Bray Comm
Breen                  Robert
Bresett                Sean        Wal-Mart PAC
Brewer                 Dempsey     Dempsey Brewer Comm
Brewer                 Shelia      Sherbia Jones ?
Bridges                Barbara     Pearl B Floyd Comm
Bridges                Forrest     Don Bridges for Superior Court Judge
Briggs Jr              James       James Briggs Jr Comm
Brinson            Martha      First Citizens PAC
Brisson            Alan        William Brisson Hse
Britt              John        John Milton Britt
Britt III          Luther      Luther Johnson Britt
brittain           dolores
brittain           fonda
Broaddus           Irene       Ninth District REC
Broadway           Ernest      Ernest Broadway Comm
Brooks             Athena      Athena Brooks
Brooks             Crystal     David Brooks
Brooks             Gene        Gene Brooks for Pitt
Brooks             Jennifer    CSX Good Government
Brooks             John        John C Brooks
Brooks             Thomas      athena brooks
Brown              Andy        Andy Brown Comm
brown              bobby
Brown              Eddie       Eddie Brown Comm
Brown              Jill        Wyrick, Robbins, Yat
Brown              Leigh       Leigh Brown Comm
Brown              Marilyn     Cabarrus County Democratic Women
Brown              Rachel      June Atkinson Comm
Brown              Ruth
brown              shawn       comm. to elect shawn
Brown              Thompson    Thompson Brown Comm
Brown, Shirley W               Columbus County Agricultural
Bryan              Clint       Clint Bryan
Bryant             Bobby       David Lewis for Hous
Bryant             James       Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP Political Action Committee
buchanan           mark
Buchert            Kenneth     Tim Fuller Comm
Bugg               Kevin       FORSYTH
bukantas           ken         comm. to elect ken b
bullock            horace
bullock            ray
Bullock            WB          WB Bullock
Bunn               Elizabeth   UAW V-CAP
Bunting            Bill        Bill Bunting Comm
Burcham            Lynn        Clinton Dockery Comm
Burge              Richard     Richard Burge Comm
Burger             Anna        SEIU COPE PAC
Burnett            David       NextDoor PAC
Burnham            Sarah       Nancy Willingham Com
Burress            Robert      Robert Burress Comm
Burroughs          Gil         Gil Burroughs
Burroughs          Ralph       NC Political Candida
Burt               Fred        Fred Burt
Burton             Sue         Sue Burton Comm
Busby            Ellene       Boylan NC House Comm
Bush             Rickie       Rickie Bush Comm
Bush, Donald R                Donald R Bush
Butler           Byron        Byron Butler Comm
Butler           David        David Butler
Butler           Karen        Morrisville Action
Butler           Luci         Luci Butler Comm
Butler           Michael      Mike Butler Comm.
Byers            Dane         The Crumpler Committ
Bynum            Sheryl       NC Green Ind PAC
Byrant           Dwight       Gary E Drake Comm
Byrd             Anson        Anson Byrd
Byrd             Stephen      Newby For Court Comm
Byrum            Fahey        Kenny Goodwin
Caddick          Kim          committee to elect Karol Carter
Caldwell         Pamela       Bayer Co PAC
Calhoun          John         Piedmont Conservatio
Call             David        Allied Waste Emp PAC
Callari          Stuart       Stuart Callari Comm
Calvelli         Keith        Keith Calvelli
Calvin           John         Tarleton for House
Camacho          David        David Camacho Comm
cameron          Bob
Campbell         Keith        Keith Campbell
Campbell         Vicki        Tony Davis
Canada, Jean                  Bertie United Concerned Citizens
Canady           Jerry         Jerry Canady Comm
Cannon           Catherine     Pitt DEC
Cannon           Jeff          Elect Jeff Cannon
Cansler          Lou           Neal Hunt for Senate
Canupp                         Catawba County Republician Women's Club
                 Kathryn E. Canupp
Carden                         Alamance County Young Democrats
                 Mindy Lea Buchanan
Cargill          John          Monica Bousman Comm
Carlson          Doug          ABC PAC
Carmical         J             J Stanley Carmical
Carothers        Randy         various
Carpenter        Crystal       Lincoln County Republican Women's Club
Carriker         Melanie Jane Wendy Carriker
Carrison         Mary Leigh Bratton for Congress
Carstarphen      Shields       Jennifer Knox Dist C
Carter           Amanda        Lee County Young Democrats
Carter           Carol         Wayne BOE
Carter Jr        John          John B Carter Jr Com
Carver           Chris         Pat Smathers Camp
Carver           Jeffrey       Jeff Carver
Cary             Linda         Kay Hagan NC Sen
Cash             Alan          Alan Cash Comm
Cashion            Brooke       Brooke Cashion
Casserly           Dan          Novartis Good Gov
Castillo-Winkler   Connie       C Castillo-Winkler
Caudill            Judy         Lincoln BOE
Caudle             Kelly        Taylor Sup Ct Comm
Caulder            Debra        Rick Catlin Comm
Chamblee           Pamela       Committee to Elect Pamela Chamblee
Chaney                          Johnny Addison Chaney III
                   Johnny Addison
Chanow             Murray       Sprint Nextel PAC
Chapman            Austin       Austin Chapman Comm
Chapman            Michael      Macon REC
Chase              Rebecca      Dan Anthony Comm
Chavious           Barbara      Brian J Lowen Comm
Chavis             Doneva       Doneva Z Chavis
Cheng              Peter        Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chepenik           Kenneth      Norman Bossert
Childers           Alma         Alma Childers Comm
Choi               Anna         Barbara Jackson Comm
Church             Wanda
cipriani           Jack         Guilford
Cipriani           Rebecca      Rebecca Cipriani
Circosta           Damon        NC Center for Voter
Clark              Bobbie
clark              carrie
Clark              Glenn        Soots for Council
Clark              Phil         Phil Clark Comm
Clark              Robert       Clark for Alderman
Clark              Scott        Scott Clark Comm
Cleland            Eileen       Democracy for Americ
Clemmer            Don          various Gaston cands
Clemmons           Brenda       Brenda Clemmons
Clendenin          Glenda
Clinkscale         Tonya        Tonya Clinkscale Com
Cloninger          Lou          Karen Ray Comm
Cloud              Monica       Hagan Senate Committee, Inc.
Coats              David        John Martin Comm
Cocanour           Britt        Emilys List
Cochran            Greg         Transylvania REC
Cohen              Matt         NC YD
Cole               Toby         Western Radiologist
Cole               William      William Cole
Coleman            John         Affiliated Computer
Coleman            Rick         Rick Coleman Comm
Coleman            Tasha        Anson BOE
Collier            Gary         gary collier
Collier            Gary Lee     Cape Fear RM
collins            andrew
Collins            John           collins for school board
Collins            Tom            Electricities PAC
Colm               Janet          Planned Parenthood
colombo            MARY
Combs              Ray            Ray Combs Comm
Comparetto         Judy           Polk Citizens for a Better Way
Compton            Helen          Durham 3 PD
Conard                            Harriet F Conard
                   Harriet F Brasslett
Constangy          Bill           Sue Myrick
Conti              Eugene         PBSJ Corp PAC
Cook               Gary           Gary Cook
Cook               Lisa           Mitchell Setzer Comm
Cook               Polly          Iredell County BOE
Cook               Timothy        Timothy Milton Cook
Cook               Virginia       Virginia Cook Comm
Cooke              Brian          Brian Cooke Comm
Cooke              Kris           Kris B. Cooke
Coons              Irene          Verizon Good Gov
coons              kelly d.
Cooper             AB             A B Trace Cooper Com
Cooper             Janele         SBOE
Cooper Jr          Thomas         Thomas C Cooper Jr
Corbett            Mark           Wayne REC
Corbett            William        William Corbett Comm
Corn               Randall        Randy Corn Comm
Corpening          Tammy          Tammy Corpening
Corpening II       Julius         Julius H CorpeningII
Costello           Jean           Ed McMahan Comm
Councilman         Lee            NC Troopers Assoc
Cowan              Mack           Cherokee co DEC
Cowell             Horace         Horace Cowell Comm
Cox                Annie          John Deere PAC
Cox                Faye           Kristi Tomey Comm
Cox                Jason          Jason Cox for City Council
Craig              Linda          Rob Gage Campaign
Craig, William N                 William N Craig for Soil and Water Supervisor
cranford           stephen
Crawford           Dwayne        Williamson Comm
Crawford           Mark          Mark Crawford
Crawford           Nancy         Nancy Crawford Comm
Crawley            Faye
Creed              Don           Judge Skipper Creed
Creeden            William       Legislative Educatio
crenshaw           wanda
Crews              Lisa          Harnett DW
Crisafulli         Kimberle      Harrell for Dist Ct
Crisp              William       William Crisp Comm
Crossman           Colin          None yet
Crouse             Millard        Barry Crouse Comm
Crowell            Charles        Partners for a Strong Economy
Crump              Avery          Avery M Crump Comm
Cruse              Robert         Robert B Cruse Comm
Cthhrell           Frank          Frank M Cthhrell Com
Cunningham         Erin           Union Young Republic
Cunningham         James          James Cunningham Com
Cunningham         Sheila         LOPAC
Cureton            Lundeen        Lundeen Cureton Comm
Current            Alfred         Alfred C Current III
Curtis             Verlin         Verlin Curtis Comm
Cushing            Thomas         Peter B Knight Comm
Cutler             Heather Anne   CVS Caremark Corporation Employees PAC
Dale               Denise         Denise Dale Comm
Dale               Jennifer       Bennett for NC House
Dameron            Ronald         Ron Dameron
Daniels            Judith         Judith Daniels Comm
Daugherty          Don            NC Right to Life PAC
Davenport          Carlton        Carlton Davenport
Davidson           Shirley        Henderson DW
Davis              Bobby          Larry Sorie
Davis              Brandie        Altria Group Inc PAC
Davis              Caroline       Alamance BOE
Davis              Cindy          Brunswick DW
Davis              Cory           Cory Davis Comm
Davis              Eric           Eric Davis For School Board
Davis              Helen          Helen Davis
Davis              Inez           Inez Davis Comm
Davis              James          James Davis Comm
Davis              Jill           Tony Dilello
Davis              Jim            Jim Davis Comm
Davis              John           FreePAC
Davis              Keith          TENN PAC
davis              kenneth
Davis              Melissa        Melissa Davis Comm
davis              mike
Davis              Queen          Political Action Committee
Davis              Reuben         democrat
Davis              Russell        Richard Russell Davis
Davis              Samuel         Cabarrus Reg Bus Coa
Davis              Helen G        Committee to Elect Helen G. Davis
Davy               Robert         Robert D Davy Comm
Dawkins            Michael        Michael Dawkins Comm
Day                Kim            NC Peds PAC
Daywalt            Tommy          A Tommy Daywalt Comm
Deberry, Sarah R                  attended class with friend
Debnam        Clara         Clara Debnam Comm
DeCellis      Tyra          NC Nursery and Lands
Dedmond       Richard       Bruce T. Cunningham
Deen          Sonya         JM Family Enterprise
Deese         Mary Walker   Committee to Elect Johnathon Johnson
Deese         Robert        Board of Education
DeLapp        Sim           Garry W. Frank for D
DeMott        Richard       Richard DeMott Comm
Denale        Carol         CVS Corp Federal PAC
Dennis        Anthony       Anthony Dennis Comm
Dent          Anthony       Robeson YR
Denton        Elaine        Mac Manning Sheriff
Derr          Debra         AT&T PAC
DeSanto       Joseph        Toll Bros Inc PAC
Detwiler      Mark          Syngenta PAC
DeWolf        Dennis        Dennis DeWolf Comm
Dickerson     Jerry         Jerry Dickerson Comm
Dickerson     Lauren        Beverly A Scarlett
Diehl         Charles       NC Trucking Assn
dilauro       pete
dispenziere   Nicholas      UNION
Dixon         Edna          Don Davis Comm
Doherty       Edmund        CCNTB
Doherty       Neal          Wachovia Co NC Emplo
Dollar        Joseph        Dollar for House Com
Donaldson     Edward        Edward Donaldson
Donaldson     Patricia      Southern Crop PAC
Donnan        Mary          Mary Fant Donnan Com
D'Onofrio     Gary          Gary D'Onofrio Comm
Donoghue      Sharee        Chatham YD
Dorothy       John          Gaston YR
Dorsett       Lewis         Lewis Dorsett Comm
Doucette      Dean          PRIME
Douglas       Arthur        Douglas for Council
Douglas       Donna         Sharon Barrett
Dove          Carol         Nationwide Ins PAC
Downs         Judee         Jack Wyatt
Drisco        Gayle         Altriapac
Drouin        Steven        Steven G Drouin Comm
Duckworth     Rufus         Rufus Duckworth Comm
Dudley        Benjamin      Wake County Voter Education Coalition
Duggan        Vance         Seven Devils Town Co
Duncan        James         James Duncan Comm
Duncan        Sara          IBEW PAC
Dunlow        John          A Chance Wilkinson
Durham        Richard       Committee to Elect Richard M. Durham District Court Judge
Eagles             Frank          Frank Eagles Comm
Eargle             John           John Eargle Comm
Earnhardt          Barbara        Crescent Republican Women
Eberhardt          Maura          Maura Eberhardt Comm
Ebert              John           Presbyterian Anesthe
Eddinger           Kevin
Edmondson          Larry          Larry Edmondson Comm
edmundson          linda          alan lumpkin comm
Edmundson          William        Bill Edmundson Comm
edwards            albert
Edwards            Charlene       Guilford
Edwards            Colin          Colin Edwards Comm
edwards            deborah
Edwards            John           Harry Brown Comm
Edwards            Randy          Randy Edwards
Edwards            Seth           Seth Edwards
Edwards            Sherry         Alleghany REC
Edwards, Jo Anna                  Came to observe class on association with a committee
efird              whit
Efird, Mildred W
Ehmig              David          David Ehmig
Ehrnsberger        Mark           Mark Ehrnsberger Com
Eichman            Greg           Blake Kiger
Eisenbud           Bob            Waste Management PAC
eldridge           john
Eley               Sidney
Elliott            Nancy          Horace Thompson Rowe
Ellis              Robert         Davie County Republican Party
Ellison            LaVera         Carteret DW
Ellsworth          Kevin          Raleigh Fire Dept PA
Elrod              Phillip        soil water
Emerson            Bonnie Rufty   James W. Emerson
Enloe, Mary Ann                   Mary Ann Enloe
Ensley             Bob            Bobby James Comm
Erwin              David          Jennifer Weiss Campg
Erwin              Mary           Mary Erwin
Ester              Karen          Karen Ester Comm
Etter              Jack           Jack Etter Comm
Eudy               Del            Del Eudy Comm
Evans              Bobby          Candidate
Evans              Cheri          Jeanette Patterson
evans              Chris          WAKE
Evans              Ken            Evans for Council
Evans              Linn           Beth Dixon for District Court Judge
Evans              Mary           Mary Emma Evans Comm
Evans, Carol                      treasurer
Everett       Clifton    Everett for Superior Court
Everett       Clifton    Everett for Superior Court
Everett       Marenda    Paul H Taylor
Everhart      Joseph     Jody Everhart Comm
Everhart      Michael    Scott Styers Comm
Ewart         Tom        Tom Charles Ewart Co
Fairley       Fairley    Rosa Niecy McAllister McRae
Fairley       Ramona     to Re-elect Rosa McAllister-Mcrae
Falls         Ralph      Eric Davis for School Board
Farnandez     Donna      Johnson & Johnson PA
Farr          Donald     James Gaither
Farr          Scott A    Scott A. Farr
Farrell       Kimberly   AFL-CIO
Farren        Kathy      Kathy Farren
Farri         M          farri4schoolboard
Farrington    Robert     Robert Farrington Co
Farris        William    William C Farris
Farrow        Don        Don Farrow Comm
Fasano        Marc       Marc Fasano
fassbender    Carla
Fassnacht     Willam     Al Lytton
Faulk         Nancy      Alexander Co BOE
feather       William
Fedrick       Hollis     Hollis Fedrick Comm
Fedrowitz     Joseph     Durham BOE
Felts         Michael    Henderson REC
Fennell       Richard    Richard Fennell Comm
Fertenbaugh   Cynthia    Cindy S. Fertenbaugh
fialka        Jane       UNION
Fie           Lillie     Committee To Elect Russ Gilliland For Sheriff
Fields        Janice     Wayne GOTV PAC
Figueroa      Danny      Danny Figueroa
Finkelstein   Mark       Debra Sasser Comm
Finkelstein   Maureen    Stanly BOE
Fiorillo      Nancy      Nancy Fiorillo Comm
Fisher        John       Elect Susan Fisher
fleming       sonya
Flinchum      Timothy    Bryan Gossage
Flood         Hilma      Mobley's Campaign
Flowers       Annie      Annie Flowers Comm
Flowers       W          W Darron Flowers Com
Flynt         Graham     Stokes DEC
fogg          joseph
Foltz         Jennifer   Bonner Stiller
forbes        blanche
Ford          Harold     Bladen County Improv
Fore          Edward     Jerry Fore for Surry County Commissioner
Forster       John          John Forster Comm
Foster        Alvin         Alvin Foster Comm
Foster        Anna          Anna F. Foster (Dina)
Foster        Anna F (Dina) Anna F. Foster
Foster        Clifidean     Bethea for Board of education
Foster        Diana         Diana Foster Comm
Foster        Donald        Northern Wake Republican Club
Foster        Fred          Durham DEC
Foster        Kenneth       Kenneth E Foster
Fowler        Terri         Terri Fowler Comm
Fox           David         David K Fox
Fox           Michael       Triad Good Govt PAC
Franklin      Kathy         E Cooper Campaign
franks        elton
Free          George        Cannon for Cty Cncl
freeman       ralph         steve caraker for ci
Friedman      Avram         Avram Friedman
Friedman      Kerry         Susan Fisher Comm
Frink         Jwantana
Fry           Beverly       Beverly Fry Comm
Fryar         Sherelene     Sampson Cty Voters C
furr          Cathy
Fyock         Ted           Piedmont Triad Anes
Gabr          Fatehia       Muslim American PAC
Gadd          Nancy         Vote Yes Parks Bond
Gadsden       Jill          jill gadsden for board of education
gaines        David
Galliher      Douglas       Douglas Galliher Com
Gallimore     Freddi        Northampton DEC
Gallop        Marshall      Quentin T Sumner
Galloway      Judy          Judy Galloway Comm
Gammon        Donald        Haywood REC
Garber        Edward        Eastside PAC
Garber        Jan           Jan Dale Garber Comm
Gardner       Daune         Daune Gardner Comm
Gardner       Grant         Grass Roots NC Forum
Gardner, Jr   T             Bill Williamson Comm
Garland       Richard       Ritchie Garland
Garner        Eddie         Eddie Garner Comm
Garner        John          committee to reelect John Boyd Garner County Comm.
Garner        Rachel        Daniel Garner Comm
Garrett       Darlene       Committee to Elect Darlene Garrett
Garrett       David         Henry Davis Comm
Garrett       Joyce         Warren BOE
Gatewood      Thomas        Judson DeRamus Comm
Geathers      Kenneth       Kenneth Geathers Com
Gehring       Patricia      Weatherly for Mayor
Gelvin       Ronald       NC Nursey & Landscap
Gentile      Marc         Domon for Judge
Giarelli     Patrick      Patrick C Giarelli
Gibson       George       Doug Jones Comm
Gibson       George       Guilford REC
Gibson       Judith       Judy Gibson
Gilbert      Gary         Folwell for NC Treas
Gilchrist    Jimmy        Robeson Co Black Cau
Giles        Christopher Jeff Horne
Gilfus       Phillip      Cumberland Co YD
Gilgallon    Roxanne      Roxanne Gilgallon
gilliam      j. d.
Gilliland                 Russ
             Russell Newman Gilliland for Sheriff Committee
Gilliland    Susan        Mary Covington
Gilmartin    Robert       Robert Gilmartin Com
Glenn        John
glenn        richard      committee to elect r
Glover       Eula         Wilkes County Democratic Party
Gockley      David        David Gockley Comm
Godwin       HR           Resson Faircloth
Goebel       Michael      Blue Ridge Bone PAC
Goede        Staci        Rep St Lead Comm
Goewey       Peter        Peter Goewey Comm
Goheen       Allan        Metrolina Area Radio
Goodenough   Walter       Walter Goodenough
Goodman      Kenneth      committee to elect ken goodman
Goodman      Yvonne       East End Community Action Group
Goosmann     George       George Goosmann Comm
Gordon       Sharon       McDowell Democratic Club
Gorny        Eric         Eric Gorny Comm
Gottert      Erin         HSBC North America
Graf         Joseph       Joseph Graf Comm
Gragg        Jason        Ted Alexander Comm
Gragg        Walter       Walter Gragg Comm
Graham       Dale         Dale Graham
Graham       John         Rowan REC
Graham       Susan        J B Lawrence Comm
Gramling     Elizabeth    DLCC
Grant        Cy A.        Cy A. Grant for Judge
Grant        Jacqueline   Judge J Calvin Hill
Grant        Jeanette     Alamance County BOE
gravett      darlene
Gray         Elizabeth    David Barlow Comm
Gray         Elvin        Elvin Gray Comm
Gray         Robert       Robert Edward Gray III
Gray         Sue          Gus for Justice
Grear        Peter        New Hanover Progressive Action Committee
Green         Barry         Barry Green Comm
Green         Guynell       various
Green         Kevin         Kevin Green Comm
Green         Lynne         Lynne Green Comm
Greene        Brian         Rick Shaffer Comm
Greene        Judy          Riegelwood Advocates for the Col Co Water System
Greene        Tommy         Tommy Greene Comm
Gregory       Larry         Larry Gregory Comm
Griffin       Frank         F Michael Griffin
Griffin       Jim           Jim Griffin Comm
Grigg         Kathy         Cleveland BOE
Griggs        Gregory       FAMPAC
griggs        loretta
Grimes        Forrest       Neal Grimes Comm
Grimes        Randy         Randy Grimes Comm
Grooms        kelly         Grooms for TrinityW1
Gross         Robert        Bill Bencini Comm
Gross, Bud                  John Odom Election Committee
Grove         Nettie         John C Brooks
Guard         John           John E Guard
guida         frank
Guidoni       Lenore         4th Cong Dist DEC
Gunn          W              Sam S Page Camp
gunter        ray
Gwyn          Hunt           Hunt Gwyn Comm
Hackett       Trina          Trina Stowe Hackett
Hafner        Derald         Derald Hafner
Hagler        Brian          Brian Hagler
Haigler       Patrick S.     Shawn Haigler
Hairfield     Rob            Rob Hairfield Comm
Hale          Jeff           Van Braxton for Hse
Halkiotis     Susan          Steve Halkiotis for Orange County Board of Educati
Hall          Karen          Karen Hall Comm
Hall          Marie          Ron Moore DA Comm
Hall          Rhonda         Rhonda B Hall Comm
Hall          Roland         Roland Hall
hall          tony
Hallatschek   Josef          Josef Hallatschek Co
Ham           Robert T       Robert T Ham
hamel         marion
Hamilton      Gene           Gene Hamilton Comm
Hamlin        Travis         Travis Hamlin Comm
Hammond       Peggye         Randolph County Senior Democrats of NC
Hampton                      Jacqueline S. Hampton
              Jacqueline Strong
Hamrick       Raymond        Raymond Hamrick Comm
Hancock       Craig          Craig Hancock Comm
Harbury       Albert         Harbury for Clemmons
hardee            Mark      WAKE
Hardell           Joseph    AT&T PAC of Georgia
Hardin            Ed        Edward Hardin Comm
Hardinger         Mike      Sensible Sourthern P
Hardison          Garvin    Pamlico REC
Hardison          James     James Hardison
Harlan            Barbara   Randloph RW
Harpe             Slayton   Davie REC
Harper            Earl      Earl Harper
Harrell           Calvin
Harrill           Mitch     Mitch Harrill Comm
Harrington        James
Harris            Bennie    Surry REC
Harris            David     WC Bill Owens NC Hou
harris            frank
Harris            John      Hawkins for Commiss
Harris            Kristin   Tripp Helms Comm
Harris            Mike      Zachrich Campaign Co
Harris            Oscar     Bev Perdue Comm
harris            phyllis
Harrison          Joe       Fire Spriknler C PAC
Harrison          Michael   R Brian Cloninger
Harry             John      John F. Harry
Hartis            Gilbert   Hartis Campaign Comm
hartley           jane
Hartness          Ruth      Ruth McCune Hartness
Harvey            Frances   Frances Harvey Comm
harvey            georgia
Hasty             David     David Hasty
haug              brian
Haugh             Sean      Minger4NCGov
Hauser            Charles   Piedmont Stone Cente
HAUSLE, Kenneth             treasurer to be
Hawkins           Connie    MBAC PAC (MACPAC)
Hay               Edward    Buncombe DEC
Hayden            Tom       Tom Hayden Comm
Hayes             Gregory   Juge Hayes Comm
Hayes             James     Hayes for Councilman
hayes             marena
Hayes             Neil      Neil Hayes
Hayes             Nikki     Mike Inscore Comm
Hayman            Kyle      Kyle Hayman Comm
Haynes            Gloria
Hazel             Parker    Retired
Head              Allan     NC BAR PAC
Heath             Cynthia   Cynthis M Heath
Heath             David     David Heath Comm
Heathcote       Julie        Jamie Cummings
Hebert          Michael      Michael Hebert Comm
Heckner         Larry        NCFSA PAC
Hedgepeth       Marcus       Mac Williams Comm
Hedrick, IV     Edward       Edward L Hedrick IV
Helms           Roy          Roy Helms Comm
Helms           William      Kelly Hastings
Helton          Jerry        Jerry Helton Comm
Hemphill        Jimmy        Jimmy Hemphill Comm
henderson       wanda
Hendley         Geraldine    Randy Pool
Hendrix         Kim          Pitt RW
Hennessey       Nancy        Centex Corp PAC
Hensley         Lyn          Yancey DW
Hensley         Nicholas     Modern Whig Party
Henson          Ruth Maynard Friends of Henson
Herman          Robert Kent Robert Kent Herman
Hess            Deanna       Jodi Hess Comm
Hewett          Dana         Dana Hewett Comm
Hicks           Charles      Charles Edward Hicks
Higdon          Denton       Denton Higdon Comm
High            Deloris      Deloris High
Higham          David        David Higham for Board of Education
Hight           Jeanne       Jeanne A Hight Comm
Hildebrand      Wendell      Wendell Hildebrand
Hill            Joyce        Robbie Sikes Comm
Hill            Stephen      Western NC OBGYN PAc
Hill-Jones      Barbara      Cumberland SD
Hilton          Stephen      Hilton for School Board
Himbry          Joseph       Joseph Himbry Comm
Hinson          Donald       Donald Hinson Comm
Hodgkin         John         John Hodgkin Mayor
Hoeberling      James        Professionals PAC
Hoffman         Lee          Madison DM
Hogan           Barbara      Barbara Hogan Comm
Hogan           Robert       David K. Fox
Hogston         Chad         John J Carroll III
Holcomb         Carolyn      Lestine Hutchens Com
Holland         Anthony      Frank L Milton Comm
Holleman        Shawna       Henderson for DA
Holliday        Tabatha      Tabatha P Holliday
Hollifield      Larry        Larry Hollifield Com
hollingsworth   Jane         DUPLIN
holloman        ray          ray holloman committ
Holloway        Mark         Mark Holloway
Holsclaw        Lissa        Caldwell RW
Holt            Richlyn      Richlyn D Holt Comm
Holton          Lynne          Judge Menefee
honeycutt       craig
Honeycutt       Loretta Byrd   Carolina Auto Recyclers Political Action Committee
Hooks           David          David Hooks Comm
Hooks Jr        Thearon        Thearon G Hooks Jr
Hopper-Tuttle   Jacqueline
Horn            Mike           Mike Horn Candidate
Horne           Greg           R Greg Horne Distric
Horne           Phillip        First Citizens PAC
Horvath         Brad           Brad Horvath Comm
Horvath         Robert         Robert Horvath Comm
hotard          milton
Houston         Jeanie         Jeanie Houston Comm
houston         thurman
Howard          Paula          Blue Ridge Bone PAC
Howe            Barbara        Howe for House
Howe            Kira           Howe for Senate
Howey           Doug           Petroleum Markt Ass
Hoyle           Tammy          Church
Hudler          Dale           Dale Hudler Comm
hudson          stephen
Huff-Jerome     Julia          Marcia Morey Comm
Huffman         Greg           Citizens Against Alcohol in Spruce Pine
Huggins         Brenda         Amy R. Sigmon
Huggins         Britt          Jimmy Smith
Hughes          A              A Scott Hughes Comm
Hughs           Linda          CCRW
Hullender       David          Friends of Tim Moore
Hummer          Anita          Anita Hummer Comm
Humphrey        Anne           Gaston Anesthesia PA
Hunt            Elizabeth      Elizabeth Hunt
Hunt            John           John Hunt Comm
Hunt            Susan          Rebae O Hunt Comm
Hunter          Emily Slack    Shirley Threadgill
Hunter          Luther         Luther E Hunter
Hurdle          Dawn           Alamance BOE
Hurlbert        Michael        David baucom Comm
Hussey          Dennis         Edgecombe Nash Black
Hutchens        Lestine        Lestine Hutchens Com
Iacona          Rhonda         Montgomery BOE
Ingle           Ed             Microsoft Political Action Committee
Ingram          Cynthia        Cynthia Ingram Comm
Inscoe          Mike           Mike Inscoe Comm
Ipock           Brad
Irby            Carolyn        Surry REC
Irwin           Barbara        PCS PAC
Isaacson        Marc           Robby Hassell
Israel Jr         Frank         Conservative REC Moo
Jackson           Eugene        Crocker Clerk of Ct
Jackson           James         James A Jackson
Jackson           Judy          Polk REC
Jackson           Mark E.       committee to elect mark jackson to henderson count
Jackson           Mary          Cash America PAC
Jackson           Susan         Bev Perdue
Jacobs            Barry         Jacobs for Orange
Jacobs            Johnny        NUCOR PAC
Jacobs            Sammie        Sammie Jacobs
Jacobsen          Hans          Hans Jacobsen Comm
James             Clelethiona   Gregory Boston Comm
James             Randy         Gregory Boston
James             Robert        Beneficial forBethel
James             Susan         Susie James
Jamison           Wendy         Bank of America PAC
Jarrett           Joyce         NC Fund for Children
Jaynes            Sandra
Jefferies         Jeremiah      Caswell County
Jeffers           Thomas        General Motors PAC
Jefferson         Retha         R. Alan Jordan for Sheriff
Jeffress          Larry         Larry Jeffress Comm
Jeffreys          Janice        HOW voter Coalition
Jenkins           Bryan         Various
Jenkins           Jerry         Jerry Lee Jenkins
jenkins           john david
Jennings          Lori          Michael Duncan Camp
Jennings          Mark          Mark Jennings Comm
Jensen            Linda         Johnson RW
Jepsen            Marsha        Orange DW
Jernigan          Joseph        Joseph Jernigan Comm
Jernigan, Jesse                 Jesse Jernigan
Jobe              Teresa        Guilford YR
Jochl             Gunther       Jochl for Council
Johnson           Allen         Lawson for Congress
Johnson           Beverly       Beverly Johnson Comm
Johnson           Bill          MECKLENBURG
Johnson           Bruce         BP America PAC
Johnson           Carl          Carl Johnson
Johnson           Emma          Emma Johnson
Johnson           Gary          Johnson for Council
Johnson           Gary          Gary Thomas Johnson
Johnson           Henry         Katie Dorsett 4 Sena
Johnson           Henry         Johnson for Mayor
Johnson           Joe           The Committee to Elect Joe Johnson
Johnson           Juanita       Katie Dorsett Comm
johnson           mack
Johnson          Marquis      Marquis Johnson Comm
Johnson          Paige        Planned Parenthood
Johnson          Patricia     Paul Goebel
Johnson          Patsy        Edgar B. Gregory
Johnson          Ralph        Gariety-Blake Comm
Johnson          Sharkema     Nova Digital Systems
Johnson          Terri        Deborah Brown Comm
Joines           Agnes        Agnes Joines for May
Jolley           Maxie        Bob England to NC Ho
Jones            Alfred       Cheri Beasley Comm
Jones            Charles      Charles B. Jones, Jr.
Jones            Cristen      J Bryant Kittreell
Jones            David J      The Committee to elect David J Jones
Jones            Frank        Gaines for Judge
Jones            Howard       Howard Jones Comm
jones            jerry
Jones            Jerry R      Jerry R Jones
Jones            John          candidate
Jones            Lance         Lance Jones Comm
Jones            Neloa Barbee Neloa Jones
Jones            Perry         PAC Carolina Anesthe
Jones            Samenthia     Pender DEC
Jones            Tom           Tom Jones Comm
jones            wallace
jones            william jones william jones
Jordan           Jennifer      Jennifer Jordan
Jordan           John          John O Jordan Comm
joyner           steve
Jud              Austen        Bob Brady
Justice          Jack          various
justice          rick
Justice, Jr      Ronald        Ronald Justice Jr
KACSUTA                        Buterball
                 Edward William Kacsuta PAC
Kaeberlein       Chris         Chris Kawberlein Com
Kaplan           Harrison      Harrison Kaplan Comm
kasper           karen
Kauffmann        Matthew       Buncombe County Young Republicans
Kaune, Jason D                Nielsen Merksamer Law Firm consulting
Kearney          John         N/A
Keene            Stephen      MEDPAC
Keener           Lisa         Mike Moore Comm
Keith            Darlene      Stam for House
Keith            Jason        James Carpender Comm
Kell             Margaret     Wim Woody Comm
Kellam           David        Island Pres PAC
kelly            cindy
Kelly            Connie       Richmond BOE
kelly              donald
Kelly              Norma          new concept republican womens club
Kempf              Margaret       Chuck Burdick Comm
Kenan              Sebastian R. Reginald Kenan
Kennedy            Judith         Lower Cape Fear RW
Kennington         Susan
Key                Shirley        Committee to Keep Judge Key
Kilgore            Lawrence       Singh PAC NC
Kilpatrick         John           Frontline for Good G
Kincaid            Timothy        Elect Kincaid Judge
Kindley            Marcus         Informed Voters of N
King               Amelia "Millie"Sampson
King               Billy          Billy R. King Campaign
King               Charles        Charles King
King               R              Lenoir REC
King               Rick           Martha Lavance Comm
Kinnavy            Rebecca        Abbott Employee PAC
Kinneman           James          James Kinneman Comm
Kirby              David          David Kirby Comm
Kirby              Judy           Tracey Guffey
Kirby              William        William Kirby Comm
Kirchen            Helen
Kirk               John           John Kirk Comm
Kirkland           John           John Kirkland Comm
Kirkpatrick        Donald         Donald Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick        Joy            George Franks
Kitch              Marjorie Nance Blue Ridge Republican Women's Club
Klass              Becky          Becky Klass Comm
Klass              Mark           Mark Klass Sup Ct
Klein              Ronald         Ronald Klein for May
Kleinschmidt       Mark           Mark Kleinschmidt
Knedlik            Ronald         Alex Lee Inc PAC
knieriem           tim            Genworth Financial
Knight             Bill           Howard Coble Comm
Knight             Chris          Smith for NC Kids
Knight             Dorothy        Citizens for a Healt
Knight             Jason          Kimberly Michelle Fletcher Committee
Knight-Odolinski   April          NC Amusement Machine
Knox               Debra          NC Bike PAC
Koch               Kevin          McLane Company Fed
Kochanek           Colleen        NC College of Emerge
Koontz             Alan
Korman             Tom           Korman for Council Committee
Koslen             Yuri          Bryan Freeborn Comm
Kosofsky           Kosofsky      NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina PAC
Krider             Jack Krider   Jack Krider
Krier              Katie         Ctz for better NC
Krishna          VJ            NEA Fund for Childre
Kue              Joe           Joe Kue Comm
Kueffner         Lindsey       Retail Merchants Asc
Kyser            Ken           Ken Kyser Comm
LaBrose                        Michael LaBrose
                 Michael William
Lacey            Dennis        Dennis Lacey Comm
Lack             Wilfred       Buncombe REC Action
LaHuffman        Donald        Donald LaHumman
Lail             Gail          Amy Price Comm
Lail             Joshua        Joshua David Lail
Lail             Judy          Alexander Co BOE
Lakey            Kevin         Scott Keadle for Iredell County Commission
Lam              Anne          Becky Tin Comm
Lambert          Brannon       Wake Co YR
Lamm             Teresa Davis Melinda Eure
Lamson           Joan          Lamson for Mayor
Land             Shirley       MACON
Landreth         Paula         William Henry Vines
Langley          Gray          East Carolina Univer
Langston         Matt          NC Landsape Architec
Lanier           Steve         Steve Lanier Comm
Lanier           Tonya         Tonya Lanier Comm
Lapp, Robert J                  The Timken Company Good Government Fund
LaRoque          Stephen        Stephen LaRoque Comm
Lasky            Bonnie         Bonnie Lasky Comm
Latham           John           Phil Clark
Laughter         Jon            John Laughter
Lawlor           James          Morse
Lawrence         Deborah        WILLCO PAC
Laws             Ronnie         Ronnie Laws Comm
Lawson           Tom            Tom Lawson Comm
Laymon           Anita          Watauga RW
Lazzara          Michael        Lazzara City Council
Leak/McKenzie    Carol          Carol Leak/McKenzie
Leandro          John           NC Asso Long Term Ca
Leary            William        MeadWestvaco PAC
Leber            Richard        Devot Democrats PAC
Leder            Samuel Leder   Lew Davidson
Ledford          Frank          lattimore democrat precinct
Ledford          Kenneth        Kenneth Ledford Comm
Lee              Chris          Chris Lee Comm
Lee              Gloria C.      Candidate
Leech            David          David A Leech
lefever          johnny
Legge            Jerry          Jerry Legge Comm
Leggett          Mike           Mike Leggett Comm
Lenz             Kenneth        We Love PG!
Leslie      Monica        Monica Leslie
Levine      David         David Levine Comm
Lewis       Alvester      Alvester Lewis Comm
Lewis       Greg          Greg Lewis
Lewis       Jean          NC Medical PAC St&Fd
Lewis       Mark          Mark Lewis Comm
Lewis       Ray           Ray Lewis Comm
Libera      Regina        Michael Parker DA
Liem        Grace         North Carolina Democratic Women
Liles       Henry         HNTB Holdings LTD
liles       jo m
Lilley      Lilley        Tyrrell County Citizens Against the Transfer Tax
Lindsey     Otis Tyrone
Liner       George        George Liner Comm
Linse       Dee           HCCC FEC PAC
Lipscomb    Marshall      Emma Hamilton Comm
Littel      John          AMERIGROUP PAC
Little      Randy         Randy Little Comm
Little      Tasse         Martha Alexander
Lloyd       Evelyn        Evelyn Lloyd Comm
Lloyd       Maycie        Neil Hayes
Lockamy     Faye          Bill Crisp City Coun
Locklear    Brenda        Brenda Locklear Comm
Loewy       Joseph        Macon RM
Loflin      Gordon        G Keith Loflin
Loflin      Julie
Long        Ronald        Ronald Long Comm
Louther     Darlene       Gwendolyn Brown
lovett      richard
Lovette     Lee           Lee Lovette Comm
Lovin       F             Manufactured Housing
Lowe        Gregg         Troxler for Ag Comm
Lowery      Julie         NCANA
Lowman      Larry         Larry Lowman Comm
Lowman Jr   Donald        Donald E Lowman Comm
Lucas       Ken           Lucas for Huntersvil
Lucy        William       AFSCME PAC
Lunsford    Hazel         N Or Black Vote Alli
Lunsford    John          Lori Christian
Lyerly      Alexander     Alexander Lyerly Com
Lyerly      Robert        Owens Corning PAC
Lynch       John          Alan Martin for DA
Lyons       Patty         Everett Lyons Comm
Mabe        Wiley         Wiley Mabe
Mabry       Donna         Debbie Clary Comm
Mack        Bruce         Terry McClain Comm
Mack        Peter         Peter Mack
MacKay                Jan           Jan MacKay
MacLaren              Gary          Gary MacLaren Comm
Maddox                Janet         Jennifer P Davis
Mahan                 Philip        CPAC of NC
Mahoney               Dorene        David Mahoney Comm
Makey                 Sue           FAMPAC
Malay                 Steve         NC 3rd Dst REC Party
Malcolm L. Williams                 Wake
                      Malcolm L. Williams County Senior Democrats
Mallison              Daniel        Daniel Mallison Comm
Malloy                Sharon        John Gladman
Mann                  Christy       Christy T. Mann
Mann                  Jesse         Jesse Lynn Mann
Mann                  Jesse         Jesse Lynn Mann
mann                  troy
manning               david
Manning               John          John Manning Comm
Manning               Ruth          Ruth Manning Comm
Mannon                Phyllis       Swain Campaign Comm
Marsh                 Alan          Alan E Marsh Comm
Marsh                 Sam          A B Swindell for Senate
Marsh                 William      Committe to Re-elect Judge Marsh
Marshall              Karen        Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP Political Action Committee
Marshall-Burger       Eric         Eric Burger Comm
Martin                Alan         Alan Martin Comm
Martin                Bobby        Anthony Foxx Comm
Martin                Carla        NCPGA PAC
martin                Delayne      Hugh Backwell NC House
martin                eloise
Martin                John David   Com. Elect John Martin to Clay County School Board
Martin                Nora         Dr. Lorna C. Clack for Moore County School Board
Martin                Tony         Tony Martin
mason                 andrew
Mason                 Edward
Mason                 Michael      Trinity Ind Emp PAC
mason                 renada
Massagee              B            B Wayne Massagee Com
Massey                A            Moses Massey Comm
Mathes                Gary         Committee to Elect Rebecca Knight
Mathiot               Larry        Embarq Corp PAC
Matre                 Gail         Mecklenburg Even RW
Matznick              Carol        NC AHU PAC
Maxwell               Bruce        Bruce Maxwell Comm
Maxwell               Vickie
May                   Whitney      Durham BOE
Mayberry              Leslie       Eastern Rad PAC
Maynor                Leon         Leon Maynor Comm
Mayo                  Francis      Cumberland County Republican Party
mcallister             frank
McAwley                Jonathon    PPG Better Governmen
McBriarty              Charles     Charles McBriarty Cm
McCall                 Gibson      Jeff Byrd
mccall                 Vander      Brunswick County
mccartney              lois
McCaskill              Linda       6th Cong DEC
McClellan              George      George McClellan
mcclure                FRED
McClusky               Karyl       Goodrich Corp PAC
McCormick              Darrell
McCotter               Robert
McCoury                Johnnie     Avery DEC, Avery DW
McCoy                  Linda       Linda McCoy Comm
McCrady                Valerie     Iredell DEC
McCrimmon              Susan       Moore Citizens For B
McCullough             Kathy       Demo Women of Dare
McCuneHartness, Ruth               Committee to Elect Ruth McCuneHartness
McDaniel               Randy       Bethlehem Piping & Welding Co., Inc
McDede                 David       Roche Inc Good Gover
McDermond              Sarah       APAC NC PAC
mcdonald               ray
McFadden               Gwendolyn   Angela Foster Comm
McFerren               Robert      Mitchell DEC
McGarry                James       Little Assoc Archite
McGhee                 Angela      Fay B Wright Comm
McGuire                Mark        Marie Culbreth Camp
McGuirk                Bruce       Tim Sessons Comm
McInnis                Mollie      Lee DW
mcintyre               gregg
McKenzie               Elana       Buncombe DW
mckinnon               gail
McKnight               John        Lorrin Freeman Clerk
McKoy                  Lillie      Lillie McKoy Comm
mclamb                 earlene
McLamb                 Meredith    Josh McLamb
McLanahan              Alex        Alex McLanahan
McLauchlin             James       James A McLauchlin
McLaurin               Gene        McLaurin for Mayor
mclean                 sylvia
McMahan                Jamie       Yancey County Democratic Party Executive Committee
McMichael              Collin      Elizabeth Dole Committee
McMichael, Collin                  Consulting came training
McMullan               philip      Perquimans GOP
McNeely                Denise      Food Lion PAC
McNeill                Sherri      Keep Robbins Safe
McNeill                Tim
McNeil-Stone      Emma         Scotland Co Unity Co
McPeters Sr       Barry        Barry McPeters for County Commissioner
McRae             Brenda       Brenda McRae Comm
McRary            Tina         Wayne Wilson Comm
McShea            Sandy        Marcie Quist Comm
mcswain           jane
Measamer          Frank
Meeker            Robert       TWC-NC PAC
Meighan           Justin       Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political League
Meliski           Barbara      Barbara Meliski Comm
Melton            Nancy        Nancy Melton Comm
Melvin            James        James Melvin Comm
Mercer            Henry        Henry Eillis Mercer
Merchant          Frank        Frank Merchant Comm
Merritt           Gregory      gregory f. merritt
Metcalf           Ben          Democratic Gov Assn
michael           kemp allen
Michaelson        Chris        Chris Michaelson Com
Michaux           HM           Michaux Camp Comm
Miksa-Blackwell   Jo Ann       Polk Co RW
Milam             Edmund       Nancy Gordon Judge
Miles             Nancy        A B Swindell for Senate
Millen            Don          Peacock for Council
Miller            Bascom       Bascom E Miller
Miller            Charles      Charles Miller
Miller            David        GlaxoSmithKline PAC
Miller            David        millerscreekprecinct democrats
Miller            Deirdre      The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education
Miller            Donnie       Donnie Miller Comm
Miller            Jeff         Jeff Miller Comm
Miller            John         US Airways Group, Inc. State PAC
Miller            Keith        Committee for SAFE Progress
Miller            Nathaniel    Nathaniel Miller Com
Miller            Sandy        Sandy Miller Comm
Millsaps          Sam          Mindy Millsaps-Brown
Milton            Virginia     Martha Alexander
Minton            Carroll      Carroll Minton Comm
Mitchell          Shirley      Shirley A Mitchell
Mitchem           Sam          Sam Mitchem Comm
Mitchum           Shannon      Mike Putnam
Mizelle           Cathy        Bertie Co REC
Modlin, William                William Modlin
Moffitt           Kristen      MOFFITT fOR SCHOOL BOARD
Moffitt           Scott        Moffitt for School Board
Moir              Jason        Lincoln RM
Mojzis            Phyllis      Barry Nelder Comm
Molinet           Robert       FedEx PAC
Monday      Terry       Pitt REC
Monteith    John        Transylvania REC
moon        robin
Moore       Angela N.   Nathan Ramsey Campaign Committee
Moore       Brett       High Point Republica
Moore       Carol       Carol Moore Comm
Moore       Donna       Prison Health Servic
Moore       James       James Moore Comm
Moore       Jim         Haas for Council
Moore       Kevin       Schering-Plough Bett
Moore       Rodney      Mecklenburg African American Caucus
Moore       Terry       Terry Moore Comm
Moore       Thomas      Hickory Anesthesiolo
moore       Wayne       YADKIN
Mooring     John        Mooring Campaign
Morey       Elizabeth   Friends of Durham
Morgan      Dora        Western Wake Dem Org
Morgan      Kenneth     NC Assn of Ins and F
Morris      Cary        Cary Morris
Morris      Scott       Scott Morris Comm
Morrison    Neil        Morrison for Council
Morrison    William     Rowan County Republican Club
Morrow      David       David Morrow
Morton      Larry       Larry Morton Comm
Motsinger   Robert      Robert Motsinger Com
Moyer       Barbara     Charlie Dannelly
Moyer       Vernon      Vernon Moyer Comm
mulder      robert
Mulheren    Mred        na
Mundy       Linda       Alexander Co BOE
Murphrey    Tracy       Tracy Murhphrey Comm
Murphy      Mark        Mark T Murphy Comm
Murphy      Ricky       Ricky Murphy Comm
Murray      Jerry       Albert Huffman Comm
murray      truett
Murrey      Daniel      Daniel Murrey Comm
Murry       Ben         Bob Peele Comm
Myers       Carol       PPG Better Gov
Nance       Donald      Donald Nance Comm
Nath        Hari        Western Wake Repulic
Nathe       Pamela      Pepsico Concerned Ci
Neely       Bob         Bob Neely
Neier       Bruce       Bryce D Neier Comm
neill       dennis
Neill       Stephanie   Public Affairs Suppo
Nelson      D. Rodney   D. Rodney Nelson
Nelson      Kenneth       Hardee for House
Nelson      Vickie        Vickie Nelson Election Committee
Nelson      Walter        Mary N Richardson
Neren       Howard        Dare DEC
Neura       Theodore      Allied Waste Employe
neville     william t.
Newbern     Thomas        Thomas RJ Newbern Co
Newman      Mari          CIGNA PAC
Newsom      Terry         Terry Newsom Comm
Ng          Khuan         LabCorp PAC
Nichols     Curtis        North Carolinians fo
Nichols     Susan         AG Office
Nicklas     Patti         Mary Fant Donnan
Nielsen     Dennis        Dennis Nielsen Comm
nifong      Todd          Davidson County
Nimo        Nadine        John Williams
Nisbeth     Marcy         Marcy D Nisbeth Comm
nixon       georgia
Nixon       Lee Ann       Richard Saunders
Noble       Oliver        C Thomas Edwards
Noblitt     Sue           Sue Noblitt 07 Comm
Noecker     Jeff          Jeffrey E Noecker
Norman      John          Patsy Kinsey Comm
Norris      David         Norris for Dist Ct
norris      frank
Norwood     Geoffrey      East Carolina Anesthesia PAC
Oakes       Martin        Elect Martin Oakes
Oaks        Brad          Deborah Ross for Rep
Ober        Jeffrey       Jeffrey Ober for NC House
O'Brien     Beverly       Randolph DW
Oettinger   David         Pell Cooper
Ogburn      James         Judge Ann Marie Calabria
Ogburn      Joe             Dicky Amaya Comm
Oldham      Jack            Blackwood for NC Hou
Olive       Mary            Margaret Dickson Com
Oliver      Patricia        Patricia A Oliver
O'Mahoney   Margaret        Island Pres PAC
O'Neal      Ellis A.        Elaine M. Bushfan
O'Neill     Carolyn         Pamilco Co RW
Ormsby Sr   Travis          Travis A Ormsby Sr
Orris       Tara            Young Democrats of Forsyth County
Overby      Ross            9 congress DEC
Ovittore    Jay             Guilford YD
Owen        Joan A. Ziegler Cynthia H. Petit
Owens       Carl            Carl Owens Comm
Owens       Linda           NC Vending Assoc
Owens       Patty
Owens       Sandra        Sandra S Owens Comm
Owensby     Melvin        Melvin Owensby
Oxendine                  East
            Georgia Johnston Lincoln RW
Oxentine    Jamie         Vickie Oxentine Comm
pace        angela
pace        hobart
Pace        Stan          Good Gov Club of NC
Padgett     Rickey        NC Sheriff Pol PAC
Padrick     Mona          Committee For the 1/4 Cent Sales Tax
Padrick     Ron           Tal Baggett Judge
Page        Arlicia       Durham BOE
Page        Brice         Darrell Page Comm
Page        Kathy         Sam Scott Page Comm
Paksoy      Ali           Ali Paksoy Jr Comm
Palma       Vada          Vada Palma Comm
Palmer      Gary          Replacements Ltd PAC
Paradis     Carolyn       Carolyn Paradis Comm
Pardue      Lavorn        Lavorn Pardue
Parker      Bailey        Bailey Neil Parker
Parker      Barbara       Bobbie Parker Comm
Parker      Frances       Polk DW
Parker      James         James Parker
Parker      Katharine     Joy Alford-Brand
Parker      Kendall       Carolinas Electrical
Parks       Charles       Linda Shook Comm
Parks       Janice        Reddies River
Parnell     Rory          Judge Fullwood
Parris      Wayne         various
Parrott     Laura         Velma Boyd-Lawson
Parry       Susan         Susan K Parry Comm
Parsons     Daniel        Daniel Parsons for NC Senate
Paschal     Dennis
Passov      Richard       Pfizer Inc PAC
Pate        Bud
Patient     Alison        Coca Cola Bottling C
Patterson   Maechel       Maechel Patterson Co
Patton      Alex          Alex Patton
Patton      Joe           SBOE Staff
Patton      Joseph        Joe Patton
Paul        Joy           Johnston REC
Paul        Michael       Michael A Paul Comm
Pearce      Dwight        Dwight Pearce Comm
Pedersen    Clio          C J Pete Pendersen
pender      florence      pender for town comm
Pendry      Barbara       Wilkes DEC
Penn        Judy          CAREPAC
Pennell     Jenna         Sharon Pennell
Penry        J            Roy Cooper for AG
Perkins      Jerry        Vulcan Materials PAC
Perrone      Anthony      United Food & Comm
Perry        Jonathan     Dan Roberts Comm
Perry        Margaret     Macon DEC
Perry        Merlin       Merlin Perry Comm
peterman     jerry
Peyton       Venita       Committee to Elect Venita Peyton
Phillips     Edgar        Edgar Phillips Comm
Phillips     Frank        Godfrey Williams
Phillips     Hugh         Hugh Phillips Comm
Phillips     John         Sammy Phillips Comm
Phillips     Nancy        Nancy Phillips Comm
Phipps       Stacey       Richard Moore
Phipps       Susan        Watauga DEC
Pickard      Stephen
Pierce       Dallas       Dallas Pierce Comm
Pierce       S. Pate      Soil and Water Conservation
Pilkington   Lynwood      Committe to elect Tom Pilkington
Piner        Andy         Max Ray Joyner Jr Co
Pitt         Sale         Joe Tolson for House
Pittman      Donna BeasleyMCIC PAC
Pittman      Judy
Pittman      Larry        Larry Pittman
Pitts        Tonya        State Board of Elections
Plemmons     Micheal      Susan James
Plott        Todd         Tenet Healthcare PAC
Plunkett     Dean         NC B&W PAC
poindexter   linda
Poindexter   Richard      Richard Poindexter
Pollock      Harold       James H Faison Comm
Pope         David        David Pope Comm
Poppell      Ronald       Ronald G Poppell Com
Poppen       Rhonda       Rhonda Poppen Comm
Portman      Erv          Erv Portman Comm
Potter       Denise       Jerry Waddell Comm
Potter       Joshua       Donnie Potter Comm
Potter       Stephen      Stephen Potter Comm
Powell       Gordon       Committee to re-elect Gordon Powell PCSB
Powell       Joseph       Harnett RM
Powell       Lisa         Staff - NCSBOE
prescott     trey
Presnell     Keith        Keith Presnell House
Pressley     Jim          SEANC/EMPL POL ACTIO
Preston      Fran         Merchants PAC
Price        Danny
price        Gordon
price           grant
Priesing        Bob          Bob Priesing Comm
Primlani        Saroj        Western Wake Democratic Organization
Prince          James        Danny McComas
Printz          Daniel       Dan Printz for Mayor
Pritchard       Margaret     Committee to Re-elect C. Christopher Bean
Proctor         Lamar        Lamar Proctor
Pruden          Sammy        Sammy Pruden Comm
Pruitt          Glenn        Glenn Stuart Pruitt
Przywara        Joseph       Joseph Przywara Comm
Pugh            Michael      Michael D. Pugh
Pulley          Gene         Gene Pulley
Purcell         William      Purcell for NC Senat
Queen           Frank        Friends of Joe Sam Q
Queen           Jeremy       Jeremy Queen
Queen           Sarah        Sarah Queen Comm
Quigley         George       Cumberland RM
Quinn           Jake         Elaine Lite Comm
Rachel Vanhoy   Rachel VanhoyChipp Bailey for Sheriff
Raddatz         Bonnie       Robin Anderson
Radebaugh       John         Credit Union PAC NC
Ragan           James        Pamlico DEC
Ragsdale        Will         Will Ragsdale Comm
Rains           Catherine    McHenry for Congress
Rains           Melanie      Athletic Trainers PA
Rakestraw       Frank
Ramey           Joni         Jimmy Love Comm
Ramquist        Susan        Friends of Judge Campbell
Ramsey          Kimberly     Hollo for House
Ramsey          Robin        Charles Thomas Comm
Rao             Thomas       North Carolina India Political Action Committee
Rauh            Richard      Southeast Anesthesia
Rawlings        Richard      Durham BOE
Ray             Kathy        Women's Campaign
Rayeburn        Randy        Randy Rayeburn
Readling        Vance        Vance Readling Comm
Reardon         Ralph        Coastal Fed CU PAC
Redfern         Jeffrey      Jeffrey Redfern Comm
Redmon          Harold       Forsyth SD
Reece           Clyde        Clyde Reece Comm
Reed            Allison      Grier Martin
Reed            Nancy        NCENTREPAC
Reese           Eric         David Sandifer Comm
Reeves          Gerrie       Grtr Hickory Anesthe
Regan           Timothy      Corning Inc PAC
Reilly          Joseph       Bristol-Myers Squibb Employee PAC
Reinke          Anne         CSX Good Government
Rembert               Wilhelmenia   W Rembert Comm
Reuter                Margaret      George Lane Comm
Revels                Vickie        Martin County
Reynolds              Lisa          NC Cable Telecommuni
Reynolds              Wilma         Blue Ridge Bone & Jo
Rhoades               Cheryl        Bob Stauss Comm
Rhodes                Sidney        Committee To Elect Phillip Rhodes Lt. Governor
rice                  Jerry         GUILFORD
Richard               William       William Richard Comm
Richards              Frank         Hank Richards
Richardson            Bobby         Bobby Richardson Com
Richardson            Herbert
Richardson            Stuart        Lake Lure Republican Party
RICHARDSON, Beverly                 Franklin County Black Caucus
Riddick               Laura         Laura Riddick Comm
Ridenhour             Bill          Bill Ridenhour Comm
Rinehart              Vickie        CCHC Med PAC
Ringley               CATHY
Rink                  Kevin         Kevin Rink
Ritchie               John          Cit for Bal Govt
Roach                 Wayne         07th Cong Dist DEC
Robbins               Neal          Club for NC
Roberson              Carlton       Carlton Roberson Com
Roberson              James         James K Roberson Com
roberts               Joyce         MACON
Robertson             Freddie       Carlton Williams
Robertson             Freddie       Freddie Robertson for District 1
robertson             hugh
Robinette             Ronnie        Ronnie Robinette Com
Robinson              Archie        Archie Robinson Comm
Robinson              Chanon        The Committee to elect James A. McLauchlin
Robinson              Hank          Kindred Healtcare Pa
Robinson                         Pender Co
                      James Thomas "Jimbo" DM
Robinson              Kevin         Joe Johnson
Robinson              Teresa        Hugh Blackwell
Roddy                 Camille
Rogers                Stephanie     North Central Citize
Roise                 Logan         Watauga County Young Democrats
Rollins               David         David Rollins
roman                 joseph
Roper                 Charles
Rorer                 Deborah       Currituck co REC
Rorer                 John          Currituck County REC
Rosamofsky            Eva           Michael Barnes Comm.
Rosbrugh              Lori          Lori Rosbrugh Comm
Rose                  Danny         EMPAC
Rose                  LaTonya       Elmer Floyd
Rose          Thomas          Harnett REC
Rountree      Walter          Walter Rountree
Rouse         Mary            Carolinas HealthCare
Rouse         Thomas          The Committee to Elect Walter B. Rand for Judge
Rowe          Robert          Sara Champion
Rowland       Gary            Gary Rowland Comm
Rowland       Gary            Gary Rowland Comm
Rowland       Mandy           Stanley L Allen Comm
Royster       Theodore        Royster for Judge
Rozzi         Paola           Shaw PAC
Rucho         Paul            Robert Rucho Comm
Rudisill      Joyce           Joyce Rudisill Comm
Rule          Sam             Sam Rule Comm
Runyan        John            Intl Paper PAC
Rusher        John            WAKE
Russ          Marie           various county cands
Russell       Theresa         Citigroup PAC
Saladino      Dianne          Triangle Republican Women
Saladino      Michael
Sampson       Laura           Laura B Sampson Comm
Sanders       Craigie         Foster Cares Campaig
Sanders       Estelle         Estelle Sanders Comm
Sanders       Joel            Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP PAC
sandlin       Sherman         DUPLIN
sargent       Vicky
Sartori       Daniel          3M PAC
Satterwhite   William         Satterwhite Camp Com
Sawyer        David           Swain RM
Sawyer        Lotti (Vicki)   lottie L Sawyer Comm
Sawyer        Wendell
Sawyers       Gregory         Edward T. Brown for Surry County Commissioner
scaggs        bob
Scales        Johnson         DEOCRATIC WOMEN OF CUMBERLAND CO
Scarboro      Charlie         Charlie Scarboro Com
Schechet      Joel            Asheville Democracy
Schenck       Scott           Scott Schenck
Schenk        Anne            Wil Neumann
Schiavone     Peggy           Peggy Schiavone Comm
Schickton     Doreen          AFSCME PAC
Schilling     Elisha          Moore YR
Schneider     Bryan           Walgreens PAC
Scholl        David           committee to elect david scholl
Schwandes     Kai             The Mountain Greens
Scott         Janet           Bobby Bishop
Scott         Roberta         roberta scott
Scott         Sarah           Sarah Scott
Scott, Christopher M
Seaford                Elizabeth    davie county demoratic party
Seaton                 Sarah        Sarah Seaton
Seaver                 Danny        Danny Seaver Comm
Seawright, Crystal                  The Committee to Elect Wendell Fant
Seay                   Dorothy       Terri Williams Comm
Sechrist               Edwin         Paxton Butler Com
Seegars                Juwaun        Mecklenburg YD
Seegars                Randy         Randy Seegars Comm
Seegers                Clinton       Clinton Seegers Comm
Sekerak                Darlene       NC Physical Therapy
Senter                 Elic          Elic Senter Comm
Setzer                 Ronnie        Caldwell REC
Sewell                 Louis         Concerned for Onslow
Sewell                 Louise        Johnston Citizens As
Sexton                 Robin         FMC Corporation
Seymour                Elizabeth     Forsyth RW
Shafer                 Joanna        Joanna Shafer
Shaffer                Dave          Halifax REC
Shanahan               Richard       Deer & Company JDPAC
Shanklin               Dorothy       Eddie M Eubanks
Shapiro                Lanya         TracPAC
Sharp                  John          Onslow Co Rep Party
Sharp                  Norman        Cigar PAC
Sharpe                 Charles       Charles Sharpe Comm
Shaw                   Ellie         American Express PAC
Shawn Haigler                        Shawn
                       Patrick Shawn Haigler Haigler
Shedlick               Nancy         NCANA PAC
Shelton                Chris         Chris Shelton Comm
Shepherd               John          Mt. Pleasant
Sherman                Fred          Gay and Lesbian Vict
Sherman                Patricia      Vickie Maxwell Comm
Shields                Dan           Comm for Dan Shields
Shipp                  Howard        Comm to Elect Shipp
Shipp                  Jeffrey       CaroLink Telephone C
Shirkey                Butch         Butch Shirkey Comm
shook                  Cecilia
Shores                 Job           Mark Shores Comm
Shore-Smith            Lori          Shore-Smith Campaign
Shuford                Meredith      Meredith A. Shuford
Shuh                   Monson        CUMBERLAND
shuler                 a
Shuping                Robert        Cabarrus County Senior Democrats
Sibley                 Elizabeth     Cognac for NC House
Sigmon                 Alex          Guilford YR
sikes                  bobby         sikes for commission
Simmons                Reece         Reece Simmons Comm
Simmons        W           W Steve Simmons Comm
Simon          Jose        Piedmont Gas PAc
Sims           Ann         Pol Awareness PAC
Sinclair       Kay         Kay Sinclair
Singletary     Adele       Committee to Elect Barbara Gore Washington Distric
Sink           Jared       Sink for Mayor
Sizemore       Steven      Committee to Elect Steven W. Sizemore
Skarzynski     Linda       Triad Radiologists
Skipper        Alan        various
Slater         David       Garmland Preservatio
Sly            Carolyn     Gaston DEC
Small          Howard      Guilford YR
Smart          Jeffrey     Jeff Smart for Mayor
Smart          Steve       Steve Smart
Smith          Bart        Bart Smith Comm
Smith          Brian       Western Eye MD PAC
Smith          C           C Jerry Smith Comm
Smith          Cynthia     Robin Anderson Comm
Smith          Dennis      Dennis Smith Comm
Smith          Durward     Durward Smith Comm
Smith                      Randy Smith
               Edward Randolph
Smith          Elizabeth   Caswell Co REC
Smith          Fred        Fred Smith
smith          grover
Smith          Kenneth     Kenneth Smith
Smith          Kirby       Alice G Unerhill Com
Smith          Larry       Larry Smith
Smith          Laura       Madison SBOE
Smith          Lavra       Madison County BOE
Smith          Linda       OnsPAC
Smith          Marcelle    Marcelle Smith Comm
Smith          Nancy Jo    Nancy Jo Smith Comm
Smith          Randelle    Lorillard Tobacco PA
smith          robert
Smith          Sandra      Sandra C Smith
Smith          Steven      Committee to elect Steven M Smith
Smith          Teresa      Surry DW
Smith          Timothy     Stegenga for House
Smith          Wayne       Larry Drew/Tony Todd
Smith, Carol               Carol Smith
Sneed          John        John Sneed
Snow           Peggy       Yadkin Co DEC
Sobel          Herbert     Herb 2008
sofarelli      victoria
Soja           Heather     Heather Soja
Solomon        Alvin       Alvin D Solomon Comm
solomon        carolyn
Song         Philip         MedCath Inc Committ
Southard     Connie         Swain County Democratic Women
Soutter      Marie          MCIC PAC
Spagnol      Tracy          Bayer Co PAC
Spalding     Martha         Aida Doss Havel Comm
Spangler     Kelly          NC NASW PACE
Sparks       Bessie         Nelson Cole Comm
sparrow      marvin
Sparrow      William        Bedsworth for Judge
Spearman     Patricia       Price for Congress
Speights     Salena         Durham BOE
Spence       Anne Laukaitis Anne Laukaitis
Spencer      Carol          Sandy Spencer Comm
Spencer      Madeline       Sandy Spencer Comm
Spicer       Robin          Dean Spears Comm
Spruill      Ann            Ann E Spruill Comm
Spruill      Syble          Syble Spruill Comm
spuller      Daniel
St Amand     Janet          HPAC (HSBC)
St Clair     Eugene         Eugene St Clair Comm
Stallings    Alex           Alex Stallings Comm
Stallings    Judy           Amber Davis(Malarney
Stallings    Judy           Amber Davis(Malarney
Stalls       William        William Stalls Comm
Stanley      Kenneth        Committee to Re-Elect Judge Jay D. Hockenbury
Stansbury    Joey           Shearon for NC House
Staples      Lori           Lori Staples Comm
Staton       Robert         Bob Staton Comm
Steele       Cheryl         Cheryl Steele Comm
steele       paula
Stegall      Blair          Blair Stegall Comm
Stegall      Larry          NC Funeral Service
Stein        Gerda          Josh Stein Comm
Stein        Josh           Josh Stein Comm
Steinburg    Marie          East for NC House Co
Stephens     Mary           Mary Stephens Comm
Stephenson   Dennis
Stephenson   Turner         w. turner stephenson III
Stevens      Marshall       Marshall Stevens Com
Stevens      Richard        Richard Stevens Comm
stevenson    SAM
Stewart      Carolyn       Graham County REC
Stewart      David         David Stewart Comm
Stires       Chuck         Chuck Stires
Stohlman     Mark          Mark L Stohlman Comm
Stone        John          Planned Urban Dev
Stone        Linda         Linda Stone
Stone        Paul          NC Restaurant and Lo
Storch       Steven        Storch for Judge
Stout        J             J Robert Stout Comm
Stowe        Clifton       Clifton Stowe Comm
Straley      David         People's Alliance PA
Strickland   Margaret      Conservation Council of NC
Strickland   Marie         David Lewis for Hous
Stroupe      Michael
Stuart       Douglas       D A Stuart Comm
Stubbs       Robert Dale   Citizens for R. Dale Stubbs
Stultz       Lou           Lou Stultz Comm
Styers       Scott         Scott Styers Comm
suggs        aubrey
Suggs        Kyle          Guilford YR
Suggs        Mary Thomas   Committee to Elect Sheriff John Ingram V
Sullivan     David         David Yemm Comm
Sullivan     Michael       Sarah Kirkman Comm
Sumner       Gregory       Greg Sumner Write-In Candidate for NC Senate
Sumner       Jacque        Jacque Sumner Comm
Sumpter      Roberta       Richmond DEC
Surgeon      Ron           Ron Surgeon Comm
Suter        Thomas        Wyeth Good Govt PAC
Sutton       Carrie        committee to elect carrie sutton
Sutton       Danny         Danny Sutton Comm
Sutton       Michael       Brackett for Sheriff
Swaim        Kimberly      Piedmont Stone Ctr
Swain        Debbie        Tyrrell BOE
Swain        Lawrence      Lawrence S Swain
Swank        Roberta       board of education, district 4
Swanson      Melvin        MELVIN SWANSON
Sweeney      Bill
sweeney      kristen
sweeten      frank
Swift        Christy       Christy Swift Comm
Swindell     Kathleen      Kathleen Swindell
Swink        Don           Don Swink Comm
Swisher      Curtis
Talton       Gabe          Swanstrom Campaign
Talton       Kenneth       Kenneth Talton Comm
Talwar       Marie         General Electric PAC
Tannu-Khan   Zaina         Unite Here Tip
Tanous       James         Erie Ins PAC
Tart         Stephen       Denny Tart
Tate         Allen         allen tate
Taylor       Beauford      Beauford Taylor Comm
Taylor       Carolyn       Carolyn Taylor Comm
Taylor       Catherine     Timken Co PAC
Taylor            Clayton      Centex Connection Fu
Taylor            Eleanor      Pamlico DW
Taylor            Rise         Jefferson-Pilot Fed.
Taylor            Samuel       NCENTRE PAC
Taylor            Sherry       Sherry Taylor Comm
Taylor            Terry        NC Collectors PAC
Temple            Lisa         SBOE Staff
Tennant           Douglas      KEVIN FRYE
Tennille          Lacye        Koch Ind PAC
Terrell           Paul         Paul Terrell
Tew               Bobby        Bobby G Tew Comm
Thacker           Brenda       Jeffrey Finch Comm
Thacker           Phillip      Phillip W. Thacker
Thagard           Leonard      Leonard Thagard Comm
Thibault          Justin       Cabarrus RM
Thibodeau         Monica       Monica Thibodeau Com
Thigpen           Ira          Ira Thigpen Comm
Thomas            Allen        Howard Boney Comm
Thomas            Andy         Andy Thoms/Preserve
Thomas            Barbara      Kevin Thomas Comm
Thomas            Brian        Brian Thomas Comm
thomas            brock
Thomas            Leslie       Leslie Thomas Comm
Thomas            Lynette      John Covolo Dist Ct
Thomas            Scott        NC Utility Contracto
Thomas IV         Walter       Walter Lea Thomas IV
Thompson          Carol        New Hanover DW
Thompson          David        David Thompson Comm
Thompson          Rhonda       Maureen Krueger
Thompson          Steven       Steven Thompson Comm
Thompson          Teresa       Darrell Collins Comm
Thompson-Connor   Melanie      Felicia C Setzer
Thomson           Robert       American Express PAC
Thorsen           Olaf         olaf bud thorsen boe
Thorwarth         William      PRIME
thunberg          bill
Thurlow           Chuck        Chuck Thurlow Comm
Timmons           Diane        Diane Timmons Comm
Tindall           Anthony      Mecklenburg YD
Tinkham           Jeanette     Jeanette Tinkham Com
Tobalski          Jim          Comm Health Piedmont
Todd              Coralie      Hugh Lewis Election
Todd              James        Walter McNeil Comm
Tony                           T
                  Jimmy Braswell ony Braswell
Topodas           Jonathan     Aetna PAC
Townley           Alaina       Tim Furr for Cabarrus County School Board
Trail             Eric         Eric J. Trail
Travis          Franklin    Franklin Lee Travis
traylor         cm
Troscianiec     Hank        Hank Troscianiec Com
Troutman        Betty       Betty Troutman Comm
Troutman        Wayne       Wayne Troutman
Troutt          Shirley     HSMM PAC
Tubb            Wayne       Southern State Polic
tufts           robert
Tunis           Tim         Electricities PAC
Tunstall        Lynetta     Warren County Political Action Council
Turner          Joseph E.   Judge Turner Reelection Committee
Turner          Linda       Linda Turner Comm
Turner          Roy         Donna Lawson Turner
Tweedy          Gene        Gene Tweedy Comm
tysinger        douglas
tyson           hub
tyson           hub
Underwood       William     Gary Underwood Comm
Upshur          Annis       Weyerhaeuser PAC
Upthegrove      James       Deborah Van Dyken
ussery          Scoti       Bladen
valenti         lawrence
van Ravesteyn   Jan         Jan A. van Ravesteyn
Vaneekhoven     Roxann      Roxann Vaneekhoven
Varney          Sherrie     Joe Testino
Vaughan         Nancy       Donald Vaughan Comm
Venable         David       Eric Craig Chasse
Verney          Steven      Allstate Insurance C
Vernon          Jim         Bob Atwater Comm
Vest            Gary        Caterpillar PAC
Vick            Sharon      Pittman & Elks
Vickory III     C           C Branson VickoryIII
vines           leah        leah vines for town
Viser           Charles     N Todd Owens Comm
Vittitoe        Karen       Bill Porter
Volk            Barbara     Barbara Volk Comm
Vossen          Erik        NC SBOE
Waddell         Charles     Charles Waddell Comm
Walburn         Myles       Devout Democrats
Walczyk         Christine   Christine Walczyk
Walend          Trudi       Trudi Walend for NC
Walker          Richard     Richard K. Walker
Walker          Scott       Scott A Walker
Walker          William     Ryan Walker Comm
wall            brent
Wallace         Chevonne    Tanya Wallace
Wallace         Earl
Wallace         Harry        Harry Wallace Comm
Wallace         Janet        Janet Wallace Comm
Waller          Fitzgerald   Fitzgerald Waller
Walpole         Marsha       Loretta Clawson Comm
Walton          Jo           Samuel Dixon Comm
Wance           Dennis       Vandeventer Black PA
Warburton       Gordon       Gordon Warburton Com
Ward            Edwin        Joe White Comm
Ward            Francis      Francis Ward Comm
Ward            J Randolph   J Randolph Ward
Ward            Linda        Denton Citizens Agai
Ward            Patricia     Monsanto Citizenship
Ward            Thomas       Judge Alford Re-Elec
Ward, Brent                  Brent Ward (Davie School Board)
Warner          Jackie       Jackie Warner Comm
warren          bill
Warren          Eber         Eber F Warren Comm
Warren          Jack         Jack Warren Comm
Washington      Shuanise     Altria Group Inc PAC
Watford         Karen        Davidson RW
Watkins         Christopher Christopher Watkins
Watkins         Robert       Robert Watkins Comm
Waugh           Darren       McDowell REC
Weatherington   LaVeta       Pitt Co DEC
Weathers        Cynthia      William Wilkinson
Weaver          Wallace      NC CWA PAC
Webb            Andrew Keith Ctme to re-elect Andy Webb County County Commissio
Webb                         MITCHELL COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY
                Dorothy Campbell
Webb            Doug         Nelson Mullins Riley
weiser          Amanda
Welch           Clemellyn    Clem Welch Comm
Wells           Danny F.     Susan G. Crowe-County Comm.
Wells           Donna        Anson REC
Wells           Michelle     Yes to Parks Bond
Wescott         Rebecca      Judge Jerry Tillett
Wessel          David        David Wessel Comm
West            Kristie      Larry Lancaster
West            Manly        Manly West
West            Tom          Prison Health Servic
Westbrook       Richard      Transportation PAC
Wharton         William      ACA PAC
Wheat           Travis       Committee to Elect C. Travis Wheat
Whelan          Karen        Universal Leaf Tobac
Whelan          Mike         NC Assn of Electric
Whiffin         Jackie       Cash America
Whitaker        Elizabeth    Elizabeth Whitaker
whitaker        june
Whitaker      Thomas Lewis
white         lola
White         Marvin         Eli Lilly PAC
White         Peregrine      Dare REC
whitley       denise
Whitley       Jane           Jane Whitley Comm
Whitley       Jane           Dan Clodfelter for State Senate
whitley       shannon
Whitlock      Jane           Julia Howard Comm
Whitlock      Steven         Steven D Whitlock Co
Whitman       Chuck          Chuck Whitman Comm
Whitt         Robert         Robert Whitt Comm
whittington   Doris          ANSON County
Whorton       Larry          Larry Whorton Comm
Wiggs         Blake          Barbara Forrest Comm
wilburn       shelley
Wilburt       George         Warren County Republican Party
Wiliams       Philip         Elect Andrew Jackson
Wilkins       Dick           Michael Tanner
Wilkins       Frederick      Fred Wilkins For Judge
Wilkins       Gwen           Nash DEC
Wilkins       Jimmy          Committee to Re-Elect JImmy Wilkins
willard       gene
Williams      Carlton        Freddie Robertson for District 1
Williams      Frances        Montgomery REC
Williams      Jan            Jan Williams Comm
Williams      Jim            Jim Williams Comm
williams      Joseph
Williams      Josephine      HIgh Point Republican Women
Williams      Juanita        Juanita Williams Com
Williams      Keith          Charles M. Vincent
Williams      Kevin          William Z Wood Comm
Williams      Kimberly       NCATL
Williams      Larry          United Health Servic
Williams      Leonard        Leonard Williams Com
Williams      Linda          John J Miller
Williams      Margo          Margo Williams Comm
Williams      Olivia         Jimmy R. Williams
Williams      Wayne          Wayne C. Williams
Williford     Carl           Broadhurst for Mayor
Willis        Matthew        Harnett DM
Wilson        Cynthia        Cynthia Wilson
Wilson        Deborah        Burney Drake
Wilson        Donald         Mark Galloway Comm
wilson        janet          treasurer
Wilson        John           NEA fund 4 children
Wilson       Judy         Jordan for Comm
Wilson       Junior       Junior Wilson Comm
Wilson       Kathy        Sampson DEC
Wilson       Kimberly     Stanly BOE
Wilson       Larry        Larry Wilson Comm
Wilson       Larry J.     Larry J. Wilson
Wilson       Sheryl      Pennington for Mayor
wilson       sue
Wilson       Timothy     Committee to Elect Gregory S. Camp
Winborne     Sarah       Emmett Winborne
wince        carolyn
windley      Allen       Carteret
Winebarger               Democratic Women of Watauga Co
             Candy Winebarger
Winkler      Janet       Janet H Winkler Comm
Winters      Michael     Michael Winters Comm
Withers      Hoyle       Hoyle Withers Comm
Withers      Roger       Lee Withers Alderman
Wolfe        Max         Max Wolfe Jr.
Wolfenden    Betsy       Betsy J Wolfenden
Woltz, Jr    William     Perry Manufacturing
Womble Jr    Harry       Harry G Womble Jr
Wood         Ann         Tom Lock Comm
Woodall      Jim         Jim Woodall for DA
Woodall      William Ray w.raywoodall
woodard      greg
woodburn     susan
Woodruff     Beth        Burford Cherry Comm
Woods        Jan         Watauga REC
Woody        Carrie      Harriet Conard
Wooten       Suzie       Suzie Wooten Comm
Worley       Ronald      Ronald Worley Comm
Worrells     Roy         Roy Worrells Comm
Wright       Art
wright       lora
Wright       Sherry      Suntrust Good Govt
Wright       William     Committee to Elect Robert A. Wright Commissioner
Yahia        Laurance    Liberty Mutual PAC
Yahn         Patricia    Coastal Forest Res
Yarbrough    Chris       Chris Yarbrough Comm
Yates        Kathy G.     Garland N. Yates Candidate for District Attorney
Yoder        Richard      Richard Yoder Comm
York         Charles      SBOE Staff
York         Charles      none
Young        Brent        Brent W. Young for T.C.B.O.E.
Young        Jane         WNC ENT PAC
Young        Joe          Sensible Char Area
Yount        Terry        Terry Yount Comm
Younts      Roger     Eddie Gallimore
Zach        Susan     Elizabeth T Trosch
Zagoren     Steve     Liberty Mutual NC PA
Ziegler     Joan      Cindy Petit for BOE
Zmijewski   Matthew   Matt Zmijewski for School Board
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                               PO Box 473                   Supply             147 Fairview Rd              Leland                  2173 Lake Keziah Drive BSL   Southport              2690 Ocean Station SW        Supply             122 Salisbury Street         Holden Beach            45 Graham Circle             Boiling Spring Lakes                150 Yacht Watch Dr           Holden Beach         1102 Magenta Ct              Leland                                            Shallotte
                               17 Fairway Drive             Caswell Beach             1069 Captains Ct SW          Carolina Shores   20 Quail Hollow Drive        Oak Island         2566 Medinah Ave E           Southport               124 Shrimp Street            Holden Beach          1192 Carlyle St              Sunset Beach      4407 Northwest Road NE       Leland              27 Yaupon Way                       Oak Island                                          Bald Head Island
madelinemoses842@hotmail.com1880 Empire Road                        Supply                 1107 Captains Court                 Calabash        5229 Maultsby Road                  Leland
                                6010 Spikerush Tr                   Southport                  PO Box 1                            Winnabow             750 Boros Road                      Southport                3004 Holden Beach Rd SW             Supply             10107 Winding Br Dr                 Belville                                           Carolina Shores        PO Box 940                          Supply             PO Box 940                          Supply             1386 Cedar Grove Old SW             Supply                 1125 Pea-Landing Rd NW              Ash   43 Goldsboro Street                 Ocean Isle Beach                   4 Mashie Court                      Carolina Shores             2608 Mariners Way SE                Southport              126 NE 21st Street                  Oak Island       114 Freeboard La                    Carolina Shores             1112 Park Road SW                   Sunset Beach         16 Causeway Drive                   Ocean Isle Beach
                                PO Box 473
                                129 Sandy Creek Drive               Leland                                                    Holden Beach            4205 Zachary Court                  Southport
                                335 Blue Dogwood Trail              Shallotte         2920 Bay Village Street                Shallotte PO Box 40                              Leland           2128 Maco Rd                        Leland                                                       Leland          229 NE 40th St                      Oak Island          1104 Stanfield Court
                           845 Turnpike Road                          Supply       418 Hamilton Drive                  Bolivia                                                   Oak Island           503 Olde Waterford Way, Suite 201   Leland               793 S Shore Dr                      Boiling Spring Lakes               492 South Shore Drive               Boiling Spring Lakes              811 Frederick Trail                 Supply            9750 Francis Marion Lane            Ash
                                1018 Marshside Way                    Belville           9322 Sue Circle                     Leland             850 Watson Ave, SW                  Carolina Shores P.O. Box333           1567 Wilburn Park Lane              Charlotte                                               Black Mountain
                              155 Arco Road                    Asheville         222A Varden Place              Swannanoa
                              PO Box 788                     Black Mountain
                              10 Raspberry Ridge Rd          Leicester                 2 Acorn Road                   Asheville       108 Patton Avenue              Asheville        11 Sunset Drive                Asheville        138 Elkwood Avenue             Asheville      113 John Knox Road             Montreat
jandts@bellsouth,net          31 Graystone Rd                Asheville      328 Sulphur Springs Road       Asheville             2340 Old NC 20 Hwy             Leicester
                               12 Jabez Drive                 Weaverville     40 Hamburg Drive               Weaverville             11 Saluda Street               Asheville                2 Lakeview Drive               Fairview          47 Lancelot Ln                 Asheville           82 Church St.                  Asheville

                               25 White Pine Dr #A4          Asheville          17 Brickyard Pl
                               26 Red Tail Hawk Ln         316 Webb Cove Road            Asheville         1 West Oak St                 Asheville          55 Mountain Meadow Circle      Weaverville              40 N French Broad Avenue       Asheville              40 N French Broad Ave          Asheville              355 Merrimon Ave               Asheville         319 Sulphur Springs Road     8 Revonda Drive                Asheville     13 Griffing Blvd               Asheville
                              335 Morgan Branch Road         Weaverville       285 Montford Ave               Asheville   PO Box 608                     Hendersonville         56 Old Cove Road               Black Mountain         347 Clayton Ave                Asheville              115 Stonecrest Drive           Asheville                PO Box 111                     Weaverville       51 Brookwood Road              Asheville 1065 Hendersonville Road       Asheville       48 Blue Ridge Assembly Drive   Black Mountain            46 Bethel Dr                   Black Mountain      1 Locust Ave                   Asheville
                              1 Locust Ave                   Asheville         136 Wyoming Road               Asheville
                              221 Jupiter Rd                 Weaverville           303 Vanderbilt Road              Biltmore Forest         109 Pleasant Drive               Black Mountain           45 New Cross North               Asheville          15 Cedar Chine                   Asheville
                               112 Crosscreek Dr                Morganton         209A Old NC 18                   Morganton
                               1522 NC 126                      Morganton      222 Sequoyah Circle              Morganton         222 Sequoyah Circle              Morganton         202 Clearwater Drive             Morganton
                               PO Box 301                       Valdese                                            Rutherford College     1231 Mtn Breeze Drive               Morganton PO Box 1029                         Rutherford College
                               980 Watermill Glen Alpine Rd     Morganton          780 Bienvenue Avenue NW          Valdese
                               PO Box 7                         Drexel                                            Morganton
                               PO Box 574                       Glen Alpine                                            Morganton
                               102 Westwood Drive                                                Hildebran
                               3222 Rondel Childres St PO Box 1787                 7796 Wellman Rd                  Hickory                                              Connelly Springs          3095 Taylor Avenue               Connelly Springs        171 OakDale Drive                Morganton      POBX 415                         Valdese         PO Bx 179                        Glen Alpine     POBox 715                        Connelly Springs      211 N Rose Avenue                Kannapolis           342 Beckwick Lane                Concord               8501 East Franklin Street        Mount Pleasant
                               6276 Harbor Dr                   Concord      200 Gene Court, SE               Concord            4650 Ponderosa Lane              Concord                                               Harrisburg                307 Lakeview Drive               Harrisburg           900 Nance Street                 Kannapolis                                            Concord            8440 E Franklin Street           Mount Pleasant            116 Partridge Bluff Drive NE     Concord      276 Beverly Dr NE                Concord               1542 Wheaton Way                 Concord      PO Box 1315                      Concord                 1805 S Cannon Blvd               Kannapolis                                    Harrisburg
                               PO Box 681                       Mt Pleasant             1902 Stonewyck Avenue            Kannapolis
                            33 Patton Ct SE                  Concord
                            911 Patricia Ave                 Harrisburg 4075 Hwy 49 South                Harrisburg           235-D Branchview Dr NE           Concord          13113 Brandywine Lane          Midland                710 Primrose Lane            Concord   1100 Templeton Avenue        Concord
                                PO Box 1781 or          Concord           1412 Whitman Drive             Concord
                              114 Suburban Avenue            Kannapolis              2279 Hwy 73 E                  Concord              1621 Bennington Drive          Concord
                               6036 Ironwood Court            Harrisburg             4455 Mt Pleasant Road South   Concord 2201 Brantley Creek Drive       Kannapolis
                               771 Arbor Street                  Concord           1041 Arrowhead Drive           Concord           4511 New Garden Ct             Charlotte             PO Box 191                     Concord       160 Boger Court SW             Concord            3370 Shuping Mill Road         Rockwell            2322 Lomax Court               Concord                                            Harrisburg             PO Box 428                     Concord        4334 Whitetail Lane            Midland             822 Waverly Court NE           Concord      POBx 268                       Concord   3385 233 Main Street           Hudson
                               3455 Civil War Dr or`       Hudson               4515 Loye Lane                 Granite Falls   4458 Sawmills School Road      Granite Falls        PO Box 655                     Lenoir       PO Box 262                     Rhodhiss     514 Sanford Gragg Rd           Hudson               71 Pinewood Road               Granite Falls                                          Lenoir        1001 Norwood St SW             Lenoir        108 Cypress Lane               Granite Falls         1318 Idlewood Street           Lenoir       606 College Ave SW             Lenoir 3021 Cedar Crest Drive           Lenoir         PO Box 104                   Granite Falls 1496 Mountain Circle Dr         Lenoir 107 Mimosa Ave                   Rhodhiss 100 Solar Dr                     Hudson
                                2623 Henderson Street          Hudson
                              2351 Morganton Blvd             Lenoir     20 Leisure Lane                 Granite Falls         910 Barrington Drive NE         Lenoir                                      Lenoir   1 Providence St                 Granite Falls                                   Lenoir           1010 Wellington Court           Lenoir       8000 Old Sampson Road           Lenoir   3385 Green Tee Drive            Lenoir         3192 Morningside Lane           Lenoir              3577 Seadoo Lane                Lenoir       3765 Rail Valley Dr             Hudson       3765 Rail Valley Dr             Hudson
                              2351 Morganton Blvd             Lenoir      305 Red Oak Drive               Lenoir                                        Granite Falls          3865 Holden Place               Hudson             580 Pleasant Hill Road   905 West Ave                    Lenoir     222B Harper Ave NW PO Box 309   Lenoir                                     Hickory                                      Lenoir      9 Ridge Drive                   Granite Falls         340 Burke Street                Hickory                                         Rhodiss                                   Hudson             105 Upton Road                  Camden          PO Box 206                      Camden           102 Smith Drive                 Camden       PO Box 2427                     Elizabeth City       PO Box 6                        Moyock        1293 NC Hwy 343 South          Shiloh
                               192 Alder Branch Road           Shiloh
                              112 Orange Street               Beaufort               PO Box 246                      Salter Path      651 Salter Path Rd #40          Pine Knoll Shores          PO Box 2233                     Atlantic Beach              146 Mullens Drive PO Box 411    Harkers Island       304 Fairview                    Atlantic Beach             2517 E Forest Drive             Newport            157 Beaufort Court              Morehead City        97 Circle Drive                 Beaufort           1611 Sanderling Drive           Morehead City              1113 Front Street               Beaufort            105 Dolphin Bay Estates         Cedar Point
                              110 Noyes Ave                   Morehead City         106 Loblolly Drive                 Pine Knoll Shores           951 Church Street                  Newport   106 Carob Court                                              Pine Knoll Shores
                               Unit F-5 Ocean Grove 545 Salter Path Road       177 Oakleaf Drive                  Pine Knoll Shores       177 Oakleaf Drive                  Pine Knoll Shores             855 Salter Path Rd #208        PO Box 660                         Salter Path           228 Copeland Rd                    Beaufort   225 Bluff Road                     Cedar Point        195 Guthrie Farm Road                1111 Hammock Ln                    Beaufort        562 Neptune Drive                  Cape Carteret      PO Box 1575                        Atlantic Beach      8709 Plantation Drive B206         Emerald Isle          PO Box 269             5314 Bogue Sound Drive             Emerald Isle                  604 Blair Pointe Road        315 Yaupon Drive                   Cape Carteret           415-B Club Colony Drive            Atlantic Beach             215 Oakleaf Drive                  Pine Knoll Shores
                               1510 Live Oak Str                  Beaufort
                               PO Box 2701                        Atlantic Beach              135 Ash Street                     Cedar Point              PO Box 4656                        Emerald Isle
                               1814 Champion Drive                Morehead City   3000 Market Street                 Newport    116 Ash Street                     Swansboro       180 Hwy 101                        Beaufort
                               5124 Holly Lane                    Morehead City
                               423 Norris Landing Road            Swansboro                                                   Newport         PO Box 187                         Salter Path             100 Lighthouse Lane                Swansboro
                               161 Sunset Drive                   Cedar Point
                               131 Russell Road                   Newport         PO Box 388                         Beaufort         141 Willis Drive                   Harkers Island            207 Turner Street                  Beaufort        142 Jones Street                   Cedar Point               113 Hoop Pole Creek Drive          Atlantic Beach
                               325 Barrington Ridge               Newport
                               204 Pear Tree Lane                 Peletier         113 Bowen Street                   Atlantic Beach        338 Whitehouse Fork Road        Peletier                104 Ocean Ridge Ct PO Box 387   Atlantic Beach                114 Goguen Road                 Newport            308 Club Colony                 Atlantic Beach        PO Box 3218 225 Moonlight Dr    Atlantic Beach         1200 Jack Pointer Road          Semora
                                 171 Holder St PO Box 123        Milton            PO Box 37                       Yanceyville                   3122 Blanch Road                Blanch               411 Wall St PO Box 393          Yanceyville               4073 Slade Road                 Blanch                5096 Allison Road               Pelham        PO Box 1262                     Yanceyville
                             PO Box 698                          Yanceyville              11832 Academy Street PO Box 181 Milton            3279 Blanch Road                Blanch
                                 154 Palmers St                  Milton             3759 Walter's Mill Rd           Providence
                                 2820 Milesville Road            Elon        PO Box 38                       Milton      PO Box 36                       Milton
                                 136 Holders St PO Box 8         Milton             2937 Marshall Graves Road       Yanceyville                 6775 Park Sp;rings Rd           Pelham               4447 Steeple Chase Drive        Hickory              1478 Farmington Hills Drive     Conover                                              Conover             2990 Balls Creek Road           Newton      205 Nottingham Dr               Maiden PO Box 132                           Newton         1007 Greenbriar Court           Maiden                322 Union Street                Maiden       711 1st Ave Pl NE               Conover         PO Box 1202                          Newton PO Box 132                           Newton                414 6th Street SW               Conover         8710 Twin Trail Drive           Huntersville              3875 Deer Run Drive             Conover 3641 Herman Side Rd                 Conover      PO Box 506                      Newton            101 3rd Street SE               Catawba
                                 PO Box 322                      Hickory   1107 Rolling Green Drive        Newton             1104 3rd Avenue Dr NW           Conover         714 Painted Feather Lane        Conover 1055 Southgate Corporate Park SW Hickory       134 Shawnee Trail           Maiden              5975 Dwayne Starnes Drive   Hickory                                             Newton          4691 Pittstown Road         Hickory             2038 Willow Ridge Street    Conover
                               6617 Curlee Rd              Conover           PO Box 145                  Claremont         PO Box 176                  Claremont         630 West 6th Street         Newton
                               2509 29yj St NE             Hickory                                      Hickory          524 Eastmont Drive          Newton          2925 14th Avenue NE         Conover        81 Country Center Drive         Newton
shanesummers@embarqmail.com3905 Pinecrest Drive            Hickory
                               4235 3rd St NW              Hickory          1921 4th St S.W.            Hickory
                               PO Box 354                  Claremont              4320 3rd St NW              Hickory
                               PO Box 251                  Catawba                                 Newton           317 E K Street                Newton         127 1st Ave., NE              Hickory        3838 Mattingly Dr.            Hickory        301 Deal Ave                  Conover                                     Hickory
                             4284 Old Pinelog Road            Columbus            PO Box 75                   Pittsboro                                    Pittsboro     523 W Elk Street            Siler City     PO Box 336                  Siler City        133 Pittsboro School Road   Pittsboro   44 Hawks Spiral Way         Pittsboro     415 Hillcrest Ave           Goldston           103 Autumn Chase            Pittsboro         711 Red Oak Drive           Siler City
                               103 Persimmon Hill          Pittsboro         350 Red Hill Lane           New Hill              102 Creeks Edge             Chapel Hill                                       Pittsboro      513 West Glendale St        Siler City          191 Bellemont Road          Pittsboro              13 Mitchwood                Pittsboro            3425 South Main Street      Goldston     625 E 3rd Street        1101 New Hope Church Road   Apex            50 Poplar Trail                       Siler City 40 Farrells Creek                     Apex               148 Fairview Rd                    Moncure                474 Buteo Ridge                    Pittsboro
                                467 Thompson St                    Pittsboro     14005 Reynold Court                    Chapel Hill 411 East Raleigh Street                Siler City    210 S Dogwood Avenue                   Siler City           848 Fearrington Post               Pittsboro           320 W. 11th Street, Apt. A-1006    Siler City              PO Box 1203                        Murphy         17 Peachtree Street Suite B        Murphy
                              284 Goldie Garrett Rd                  Murphy      PO Box 31027                         Greenville     1015 Macedonia Road                  Edenton       109 W Chruch St                      Edenton       PO Box 6                             Edenton
                              200 West Church Street                  Edenton       230 Emperor Landing Road             Edenton   PO Box 269                           Edenton      209 East Water Street                Edenton       613 Gliden Road                      Belvidere       301 E King Street                  Edenton               443 Pinelog Church Road            Brasstown                   292 Tusquitte View                 Hayesville         1027 Low Gap Road                  Hayesville        123 Oakgrove-Clover Hill Ch. Rd.   Lawndale                 202 Stockton Street                Lattimore                                      Kings Mountain                                             Shelby                                             Kings Mountain          1023 Margrace Road                 Kings Mountain        113 Butternut Drive                Kings Mountain
                                414 Pinnacle                       Kings Mountain              307 Wes Cook Road                  Casar        3226 Belaire Rd                    Mooresboro          700 Crescent Circle                Kings Mountain         161 Mike Ledford Road              Kings Mountain         1400 Merrimont Avenue              Kings Mountain
                                310 Borders Road                     Shelby 237 Walker Road                      Lawndale         212 Fulton Drive                   Kings Mountain
                                PO Box 523                          Lawndale
                               3214 Yates Rd                Shelby
hambright159357@bellsouth.net307 Maner Road                 Kings Mountain     PO Box 485                     Fallston     PO Box 403                     Boiling Springs                                      Shelby          1305 Merrimont Avenue          Kings Mountain             1104 Hemlock Dr              Shelby            324-1 Patton Drive           Shelby                                      Kings Mountain           137 Gordon Avenue             Shelby
                              137 Gordon Ave                  Shelby                                           Kings Mountain                                     Polkville
                               1502 Williamson Road         Kingstown           PO Box 217                   Lawndale
                               600 E Warren Street          Shelby            PO Box 400                     Mooresboro 210 Cleveland Avenue Apt 23B   Kings Mountain                                     Shelby       1814 Elizabeth Ave             Shelby
                               PO Box 1210                   Shelby       118 Cheyenne Drive           Kings Mountain   343 Crocker Road             Kings Mountain            509 Franklin Ave             Shelby                                      Shelby              305 Linden Street            Grover     123 Jim Cline Road           Lawndale                                         Lawndale        131 Phifer Court             Kings Mountain       322 Whitaker Rd              Mooresboro             110 Castlewood Road          Kings Mountain        509 Durham Street            Shelby
                              1540 Buck Ford Dr                             Shelby     301 West Lee Street             Shelby
debbiehoyle53@wmconnect.com127 St. Peters Church Rd         Lawndale                                        Cherryville 1030 St. Paul Church Road          Casar 1151 Wyke Rd                    Shelby    123 Shytle Drive PO Box 211     Polkville     630 Lakeside Drive              Riegelwood    106 Pinecrest Drive             Chadbourn                                      Whiteville
                               204 Stake Rd                 Tabor City          103 North Madison Street     Whiteville
                               1369 Bowen-Blanks Dr         Riegelwood 102 Lake Shore Drive            Lake Waccamaw
                               290 Bowen & Blanks Dr        Riegelwood
                                116 Lakeside Drive             Riegelwood       105 Lakeside Drive             Tabor City             1941 Giles Byrd Road           Hallsboro
                                4129 Waccamaw Shores Rd        Lake Waccamaw
                                613 Pinewood Dr                Whiteville
                             PO 729                       Whiteville   2058 Woodyard Rd               Riegelwood              13277 Old Lake Rd              Riegelwood             207 E 5th Ave                  Chadbourn
                                703 Anderson St                Taybor City         441 Grist Road                 Chadbourn
                                52 Hoover Road                 Riegelwood
                                402 N Franklin St              Whiteville
                                 Rail Road St 61 PO Box 160    Cerro Gordo
                                107 Princess St                Tabor City               896 Bella Coola Rd             Lake Waccamaw            184 Cypress Cove Lane             Whiteville         7468 Red Hill Road                Whiteville PO Box 384                        Lake Waccamaw
                                275 Sikes Rd                   Whiteville                 417 Green Swamp Rd             Bolton
                                PO Box 81                      Cerro Gordo
                                1402 N Jones St                Whiteville     PO Box 566                     Riegelwood                  PO Box 937                     Whiteville
                                307 Wesley St                  Chadbourn           205 Waccamaw Road              Riegelwood          PO Box 1977                    Whiteville                305 Conway Road                Fair Bluff
thememoryco@embarqmail.com114 Memory Plaza                     Whiteville              139 S 10th Street                 Bolton
                             PO Box 484                         Bolton
                                70 Sunset Drive PO Box 84      Fair Bluff
                                376 West Rail Road Street      Cerro Gordo      PO Box 905                     Whiteville                415 Oak St                     Chadbourn 2012 Bella Coola Road              Lake Waccamaw    5595 Hallsboro Rd N                Clarkton     50 Legion Dr Suite A
                                107 King Street PO Box 502     Tabor City                                           Chadbourn        PO Box 510                       Bolton
                              2132 Woodyard Road or                     Riegelwood             4874 New Britton Hwy East      Whiteville                 63 McDuffie Ave                Bolton               182 Bella Cook Rd              Lake Waccamaw      1007 Mill Branch Church Road         501 E 1st Avenue              Chadbourn                1205 Berkshire Drive          Kannapolis      1416 Caracara Drive           New Bern      1416 Caracara Drive           New Bern                                           Cove City  PO Box 248                       Bridgeton     211 Stewart Ave PO Box 265 PO Box 754                       Vanceboro
vanceboro247@embarqmail.com8518 Main Street                  Vanceboro
                               595 Buck Lane                 Vanceboro
                               595 Buck Lane                 Vanceboro                   601 Deerfield Drive           New Bern      170 Aurora Road               Ernul     2910 Autora Road              Ernul         5 Quarterdeck                 New Bern            111 Pinecone Lane             Havelock      715 Farm Life Ave             Vanceboro         414 Surrey Lane               New Bern           PO Box 758                    Dover         731 Circle Drive              Trent Woods      550 Truitt Road               New Bern          3412 Camelot Drive            New Bern           PO Box 121                    Vanceboro                                        New Bern          912 Buckingham Road           Trent Woods      286 Gatewood Drive            New Bern                                           Havelock      42 Eastern Shore Townhouses   Bridgeton     2405 Garys Lane               New Bern    100 Quail Ridge Road          Havelock            PO Box 337                    Vanceboro
MTOTH@CRAVENCOUNTY.COM Pollock Street                        New Bern          5314 Hatcher Road             Trent Woods      4507 West Fairway Drive       New Bern                                          Havelock          142 Secretarial Drive         Havelock                                 Vanceboro   PO Box 145                    Vanceboro     406 Craven St                 New Bern      406 Craven St                 New Bern        105 Matthews Lane             Trent Woods               POBX 790                      New Bern             518 Brown Ave                 Cove City                100 Stroud Ave                Pink Hill             POBx 221                      Cove City                                           Cove City             PO Box 12                     Cove City
                                   PO BOX 232                        Wade                    2014 Litho Place                  Fayetteville               213 Thorncliff Dr                 5404 Chesapeake Rd                Fayetteville
                                   1201 Haymount Ct                  Fayetteville
                                   PO Box 238                        Godwin
                                   2510 Raeford Rd                   Fayetteville                PO BOX 87047                      Fayetteville             PO BOX 87167                      Fayetteville             PO BOX 87167                      Fayetteville                  1855 Cascade St                   Fayetteville            9536 Raleigh St PO Box 47         Linden
                                   5816 Wallace Drive                Hope Mills                                                 Fayetteville           4030 Lofton St                    Wade
                                   1803 Kenlly St                    Fayetteville             427 Murray Ford Dr                Fayetteville         122 Thorncliff Dr                 Fayetteville            1637 Seabrook Rd                  Fayetteville                     3578 Barbory Bluff                Hope Mills
                                   4802 Main St PO Box 25            Linden                     7036 Main St                      Wade
                                   6874 Towbridge Rd                 Fayetteville
                                   7001 Main St                      Wade
                                   926 Fleetwood Dr                  Fayetteville
                                   1707 Eldridge St                  Fayetteville
                                   1107 Eldridge St                  Fayetteville                  207 Courtney Court                  1440 Jim Johnson Road             Fayetteville
                                   3721 Floyd Dr             406 Windfield Court               Fayetteville                     132 Villa Drive                   Fayetteville                   5311 Brookfield Rd                Fayetteville                    5311 Brookfield Rd                Fayetteville             PO Box 9205                       Fayetteville               PO Box 821                        Hope Mills               PO Box 821                        Hope Mills or Drive
                                   309 E Lochhaven                   Fayetteville                    10755 Colliers Chapel Church Road Linden               7029 Cordoba Ct                   Fayetteville           4500 Raeford Road                 Fayetteville                PO Box 71523                      Fort Brag                  3300 Morganton Road
                                   PO BOX 159                        Wade                                                    Hope Mills          6111 Grove Lake Court Apt 1033               7861 Royal St                    Godwin
                                3017 Rowenhill Dr                Fayetteville              113 Great Oaks                   Fayetteville             PO Box 71523                     Fort Brag                   6961 Bone Creek Drive            Fayetteville            5348 Pringle Way                 Hope Mills
                                614 Duncan Rd                    Spring Lake         PO BOX 41035                     Fayetteville               1770 Dobbin Holmes Road          Fayetteville              4917 Cypress Road                Fayetteville            7714 Lakeview Street             Fayetteville
                                PO BOX 26                        Godwin                 3013 Bankhead Drive              Fayetteville                                           Linden                                               Hope Mills             5825 Arbutus Trail               Fayetteville
                                5510 Apt. A Country Place        Hope Mills
                                1009 Lisa Circle                 Spring Lake         PO Box 58341                     Fayetteville
                                6805 Main St                     Wade                  218 Kristin Avenue               Spring Lake             PO Box 71523                     Fort Brag
                                PO BOX 112                       Falcon
                                4052 Ardenwoods Dr               Fayetteville           4003 Woodsville Pl               Stedman              211 B Fairway Drive                 Fayetteville
                             3006 Bragg Blvd                                   Fayetteville     5441 Archer Road                    Hope Mills              3315 Nato Road                      Fayetteville               3426 N. Main St                     Hope Mills                10229 NC Hwy 210 South              Autryville       2586 Adkins Hill Drive              Fayetteville       705 Baxter Street, Apt B         Elizabeth City          628 Tern Court                   Corolla           249 N Spot Road                  Powells Point            115 Ronmar Lane                  Knotts Island   PO Box 177                       Currituck         140 Sam Wilkins Lane             Barco            PO Box 296                       Powells Point 428 Poplar Branch Road             Poplar Branch    PO Box 37                          Moyock             530 Ocean Trail                  Corolla           124 Redhead Drive        P. O. Box 250                    Grandy        P. O. Box 250                    Grandy           893 Waterlilly Road             Coinjock      209 Eagle Creek Road            Moyock     2155 Sandfiddler Rd             Corolla
                              PO Box 252                      Jarvisburg 104 Barnes Lane                Knotts Island          PO Box 8278                    Duck                                      Manteo PO Box 342                        Buxton     PO Box 1475                     Buxton             Box 1000                        Manteo                                                Kill Devil Hills         109 Stratton Lane               Manteo       3835 Keepers Way                Kitty Hawk
                             1405 W First Street                                Kill Devil Hills            9115 Oregon Inlet Road          Nags Head                4 Loblolly Drive                Southern Shores     PO Box 62                       Hatteras    158 Beechtree Trail             Southern Shores    231 Wax Myrtle Trail            Kitty Hawk       4000 Midgett Road               Kitty Hawk        4805 Lindbergh Ave.             Kitty Hawk                                     Lexington           283 Copland Drive               Lexington       416 Lee Ave                      Lexington           1170 Country Lane                Winston-Salem     201 East Hemstead Street         Lexington       1199 Shoreline Drive             New London     477 Wm Craver Lane               Lexington         425 Lexington Ave                Thomasville        312 Hamilton Road                Lexington                                             1946
                              1391 Piedmont School Road PO Box Denton    6271 Bombay School Rd           Denton
                              371 Bryon Street                Denton        183 Dublin Drive                Winston Salem
                              310 Kinder Rd                   Winston-Salem       317 Julian Ave                  Thomasville             314 Crestview Drive             Thoomasville            PO Box 2170                     Lexington        260 Jones Drive                 Winston-Salem          506 Lou Lane                    Lexington            201 Woodhaven Drive             Lexington        110 Linden Lane                 Lexington           108 Trafalgar Drive             Lexington       1026 Georgetown Road            Kernersville          92 Ford Street                  Thomasville          105 New York Dr                 Thomasville           283 Copeland Drive              Lexington            1299 Embler Road                 Lexington                                           Winston-Salem              2100 Liberty Church Road         Mocksville             1350 Cornatzer Road              Mocksville       187 Broadmoor Drive              Advance       915 Riverbend Drive              Bermuda Run            341 Bailey Road                  Advance                                           Bermuda Run          128 Golfview Drive              Advance
                              3198 NC Hwy 801                 Mocksville                                      Mocksville
                              c/o Davie Chamber of Commerce 135 Salisbury St        989 NC Highway 801 South         Advance     330 S Salisbury Street           Mocksville                                      Mocksville       430 Deadmon Road                 Mocksville   187 Kennen Krest Rd              Mocksville               174 Rose Arbor Lane              Mocksville             4610 US Hwy 158                  Advance          1100 North Main St               Mocksville        PO Box 489            450 Ridgeview Drive              Mocksville             107 N Hemingway Court            Advance                244 Holly Lane                   Mocksville         179 Taylor Road                  Advance
                              280 MacAllister                  Mocksville
conflictmediation4u@yahoo.com921 milling rd                    Mocksville       717 West Cherry Street            Faison 202 S Cumberland Street           Wallace       255 Stokes-Gooding Road           Kenansville   PO Box 411                       Kenansville 597 Hallsville Rd                    Beulaville      PO Box 414                           Rose Hill    PO Box 974                       Beulaville
                              PO Box 217                       Calypso
                              PO Box 22                        Magnolia      PO Box 222                       Warsaw            966 Pasture Branch Road          Rose Hill           2135 S Hwy 11                    Rose Hill           170 Bernice Blanton Drive        Teachey
                              109 N Carlton Street             Magnolia      PO Box 614                       Kenansville
                              PO Box 121                       Magnolia
                              208 S Railroad Street          PO Box 293                       Rose Hill
                              PO Box 126                       Kenansville             308 W Main Street                Faison               109 Candlewood Drive             Wallace      278 Perry Miller Road            Kenansville             681 Emmett Jackson Road          Faison                                        Waxsaw
                               210 E Chelly Street              Warsaw   202 N Grant Street               Beulaville
                               310 W Main
                               412 E Hill Street                Warsaw        PO Box 479                       Faison PO Box 275                       Kenansville          209 Bartlett Road                Warsaw           PO Box 104                       Calypso
                               PO Box 144                       Calypso
                               506 E Hill Street                Warsaw
                               1522 Old Chinquapin Rd           Beulaville
                               PO Box 429                       Magnolia
                               PO Box 549                       Magnolia                                          Beulaville           PO Box 274                       Calypso
duplin.boe@ncmailnet         110 Carr Lane                    Rose Hill               PO Box 66                        Magnolia
duplin.boe@ncmailnet           139 Woodridge Ln                 Rose Hill
                            1635 W Wards Bridge Road            Warsaw                                         Beulaville
                               415 Clinic Circle                Rose Hill
                               PO Box 246                       Kenansville
                               4540 Holloman Rd                 Durham
                               610 South Main Street            Roxboro
                               1802 MLK, Jr Parkway Suite 105   Durham         7340 Abron Drive                 Durham
                               9 Druid Place                    Durham            2310 Cherry Creek Drive        2110 Englewood Avenue            Durham
                               2505 E Weaver St                 Durham
                               5613 Old Well St                 Durham
                               PO Box 1405                       Durham            5113 Bridgewood Drive            Durham         609 Saddle Ridge Ave             Durham             3526 Abercromby Drive            Durham 3003 Harriman Rd                    Durham 3325 Tarleton West                    Durham
                               2308 Stroller Ave                Durham          5011 Southpark Drive Suite 100   Durham               105 W Knox St                    Durham            1015 Anderson St                 Durham          2114 Wilson Street               Durham
                              6 Thackeray Place or                       Durham            8 Addison Court                  Durham               107 Blackford Ct                 Durham   1227 Seaton Road, #34            Durham            702 Basil Drive                  Durham
                               2 Lullwater Ct                   Durham              503 Vivaldi Drive                Durham           PO Box 101                       Durham

                               11 Pine Top Pl                   Durham              PO Box 13508                     Research Triangle Park
leeanntilley@acmeplumbing.com1010 W Markham Avenue              Durham             1015 Jerome Road                 Durham
                               92 Forest Oaks Dr                Durham             3 Osage Place                    Durham     2005 Elizabeth St      2191 Speight's Chapel Road       Whitakers         PO Box 91                        Tarboro         PO Box 2792                      Rocky Mount
                               874 Bryant Farm Road             Tarboro        630 Clark St                     Rocky Mount
                               904 E Church St PO Box 1155      Tarboro
                               PO Box 5                         Pinetops              PO Box 614                       Battleboro     1208 Bermuda Road                Rocky Mount           2000 W Howard Avenue             Tarboro              1576 Charter Drive               Rocky Mount        166 Ridgewood Rd                 Tarboro
rmecdcfinance@embarqmail.com424 Jenkins Street                  Tarboro         2503 Hope Farm Drive             Tarboro              611 E Johnston Street            Tarboro    205 Morrison Ave                 Tarboro       609 St David Street              Tarboro      PO Box 10                        Tarboro          1509 Colony Drive                Tarboro
              318 South Main Street
         PO Box 2792                     Rocky Mount
              PO Box 1475                     Tarboro
        1511 Circle St                  Tarboro
             1473 Maccripine Road            Pinetops
          1304 Sportsmans Trail
        2349 Morning St Road            Battleboro
                                         PO Box 189                      Battleboro
                                         3279 Colonial Road              Tarboro
                                         710 Salem Lane
       404 Neville Street
            4397 Roberson School Road       Bethel
 or201 Browning Lane                 Rocky Mount
                                         823 Leggett Road PO Box 345     Rocky Mount
       PO Box 2152 1824 Duncan Drive   Rocky Mount
             1852 Springfield Road
ecombe & Nash                            3051 Sunset Ave                 Rocky Mount
ecombe & Nash                            3617 Mansfield Dr               Rocky Mount
ecombe & Nash                            3051 Sunset Ave                 Rocky Mount
             PO Box 4007                     Rocky Mount
                 208 Hillcrest Circle            Spruce Pine
            One PPG Place                   Pittsburgh
     204 Bulfinch Road               Mooresville
              105 Westpark Drive, Suite 200   Brentwood
       11419 Sunset Hills Road         Reston
          PO Box 1796                     Clemmons

                                        382 Ryan Way                     Winston Salem
        PO Box 1203                      Winston-Salem
         332 Beechcliff Ct                Winston Salem
                                        1617 E 14th St                   Winston Salem
                                        4545 Bridgewater
 or Drive              Clemmons
          5645 Murray Rd                   Winston-Salem
         1313 AsheBrock Ln                Winston-Salem
         288 Garden Valley               Winston Salem
          4004 Pemberton Ct               Winston Salem
       2950 Main St PO Box 278         Walkertown
                                         2325 Meredith Rd PO Box 23      Bethania
         1420 Conrad Sawmill Road        Lewisville
         PO Box 1203                     Winston-Salem

              140 Ridge Gate Ct               Lewisville
       PO Box 636                      Rural Hall
            PO Box 14                       Walkertown
                516 South Main Street           Winston Salem
   1520 Daune Street               Winston Salem
                               600 Susanna Court                 Kernersville                 8 West Third Street, Suite 610    Winston Salem               7006 Bridgewood Rd                Clemmons          4825 Ina Lane                     Walkertown                2050 Bethania Rural Hall Road     Bethania
                               6321 Vance Road                   Kernersville          4010 Foxpark Dr                   Clemmons      5155 Sullivantown Rd PO Box 394   Walkertown           404 Carpenter Avenue              Winston-Salem          PO Box 117                        Walkertown          2718 Park Oak Dr                  Clemmons              244 Brittany Rd PO Box 250        Rural Hall                5050 Dalton Manor Ct              Winston Salem            413 Wesley Park Drive             Kernersville              PO Box 15309                      Winston Salem          112 Rockford Ct                   Kernersville         2071 Mallard Lakes Drive          Winston Salem           608 Braewyck Lane                 Winston-Salem
                               313 Beechcliff Ct                 Winston Salem     6601 Village Brook Trail          Clemmons           1238 Dublin Dr                    Winston Salem           1228 Dublin Drive                 Winston-Salem            214 Lakeway Drive                 Lewisville                   415 Holt St                       Kernersville
                               2810 Pelham Pl Apt C              Winston Salem     PO Box 43                         Winston Salem                   2091 Salisbury Square             Winston-Salem               8519 Brook Meadow Lane            Lewisville        6641 Belfield Court               Clemmons   2000 West First Street            Winston Salem          2520 Mizpah Ch Rd                 Rural Hall              102 Elm St                        King           125 Oak Grove Avenue              Lewisville             201 N Chestnut St                 Winston-Salem         106 Hilary Ct                     Lewisville PO Box 222                          Bethania               5960 Germanton Road                 Winston Salem         250 Arrow Leaf Dr                 Lewisville
                               4740 New Walkertown Rd            Walkertown            456 N Hawthorne Rd                Winston-Salem            456 N Hawthorne Rd                Winston-Salem
                               PO Box 40                         Lewisville
                               7340 Foster Street or                    Rural Hall      8098 Reynolda Road          Pfafftown             800 Kensford Ct             Lewisville       2061 Polo Road              Winston-Salem            8017 Riverview Drive        Clemmons          1447 Country Meadow Lane    Kernersville          1326 W. First St., Apt. C   Winston-Salem         137 Westmont Drive          Winston Salem
                          617-677 NC Hwy 98E                Bunn 220 Hawkins Street                 Franklinton         2859 White Level Road             Castalia     129 George Leonard Road           Louisburg                                      Franklinton        669 John Sandling Road            Franklinton         102 Hayes St                Louisburg             2859 White Level Road       Castalia                  PO Box 566                  Louisburg            1591 White Level Road       Louisburg              205 Tanglewood Dr           Louisburg
buddyandemma@mindspring.com105 Carol Circle                 Louisburg
                           325 Stone Lane                   Kittrell 4200 Hwy 581 N                   Spring Hope         3400 Lincoln Lane                Gastonia   3040 Masters Court          Cherryville                                          Ranlo           2025 Arc Drive              Belmont
                                1128 S Main Street          Mount Holly
                                PO Box 203                  McAdenville                                   Gastonia                 1018 Marguerite Drive       Lowell          1928 Wexford Court          Gastonia             2654 Hill Lane              Gastonia      218 Main Street Box 115     McAdenville 315 Union/New Hope Road      Gastonia            503 Mountain Oak Lane       Gastonia          300 South Mulberry St       Cherryville             1008 Damon Point Drive      Belmont              905 Toncin Ave              Bessemer City
                                1110 Fairfield Dr           Gastonia       101 James Drive             Belmont       515 3rd Ave                 Gastonia                                          Dallas             408 W Main Street            Dallas Yellowstone Court       Gastonia                                      Belmont                                          Gastonia                                          Lowell        115 Ethel Drive                 Stanley
                                127 Sanford Road                Gastonia
                                6626 Oregon Tr                  Stanley           104 Stoneridge Drive            Mount Holly
                           311 W Sixth Ave or                  Gastonia           9239 Egret Ridge                Belmont       1121 S Main Street
                                PO Box 160                      Stanley      1043 Marquerite Drive           Lowell           112 Cliveden Ct                 Belmont               2600 Thomas Trail               Gastonia          711 McAdenville Ave             Lowell    1040 Dan Maples Drive           Cramerton                                             Gastonia      1849 Gaston Day School          Gastonia       206 E Maine Ave                 Bessemer City    113 Quincy Drive                Belmont                                     Bessemer City              1005 Fairfield Dr               Gastonia             1532 Neal Hawkins               Gastonia        3328 Dallas High Schoals Road   Dallas
pmcateerBELLSOUTH.NET           405 West 6th Ave                Gastonia
pmcateerBELLSOUTH.NET           405 West 6th Ave                Gastonia       26 S Mickley Avenue             Bessemer City
                                1526 S Hwy 16                   Stanley       100 Terrace Dr                  Cherryville                102 Fairway Drive               Belmont 1451 Alexis High Shoals Road     Dallas           2229 Lake Ridge Drive            Belmont          1006 Middleton Court            Cramerton
                                3405 Country Club Dr            Gastonia              265 8th Avenue                  Cramerton          1019 Woodhill Drive             Gastonia    223 Webb Street                 Dallas       605 East Florida Avenue         Bessemer City
carolprissysmith@carolina.rr.com4401 Hickory Grove Road         Mt Holly
                                PO Box 174                      Stanley       4540 Binwhe Lane                Gastonia 4300 Old Forge Drive        203 Dogwood Drive               Mount Holly                                             Dallas   315 Dogwood Lane                Belmont               2033 Taylor Dr                  Gastonia
                           2009 Lee Ellen Court                                    Stanley        1051 Sapphire Dr.               Gastonia 2635 Hill Lane                   Gastonia                                     Dallas      3020 Colony Ridge Drive     Gastonia           3017 Courtland Drive        Gastonia                                  Belmont       207 Roy Eaker Rd            Cherryville    1017 Brookwood Drive        Kings Mountain     2033 Taylor Drive           Gastonia              P. O. Box 66                Hobbsville         485 Drum Hill Road          Gates
                                                         Gatesville           441 Taylor Mill Road        Eure
GATESROD@YAHOO.COM           259 Gates Bank Road         Gates            204 Edmond Street           Gatesville     056 Harrell Lane            Eure     021 Cooper Road             Sunbury            201 Perkins Road            Gatesville     PO Box 526                  Gatesville
none                         P. O. Box 66                Hobbsville    226 Folly Road              Sunbury
                             908 Court St PO Box 94      Gatesville          1428 Carters Rd.            Hobbsville        POBX 1                      Gatesville                                        Lake Santeetlah        PO Box 916                  Robbinsville     718 Farley Branch Road      Robbinsville            PO Box 1072                 Robbinsville          PO Box 744                  Robbinsville             98 Ridgecrest Road          Robbinsville     2143 Atoah Road             Robbinsville        296 Sweeten Creek Road      Robbinsville                                     Robbinsville        1094 Moutain Creek Rd.      Robbinsville         PO Box 2155                 Robbinsville             426 Floyd Carpenter Road    Robbinsville                385 Lower Mill Creek Road   Robbinsville         PO Box 457                  Robbinsville          216 Victorian Ln            NC
                             P. O. Box 181               Oxford
                             100 Allison Ct              Stem
                             501 Central Ave             Butner
                             3108 Hwy 56                 Creedmoor   PO Box 2056                 Oxford
                             200 North 75 Highway        Stem       2641 Bowden Dr PO Box 987   Creedmoor        106 Daniel Street
                             104 School St               Stem         2948 Hallie Burnette Road        Oxford            229 Saddletree Rd                Oxford            605 22nd Street                  Butner      2578 Joe Pruitt Road             Oxford
                              PO Box 1                         Stovall            PO Box 182                       Stem          3531 Winding Oak Road            Oxford                 2667 Hester Road                 Oxford          322 Aiken Ave                    Creedmoor      307 Lanier Street                Oxford
                              101 Creedmoor PO Box 237         Creedmoor      304 12th Street                  Butner          2763 Garland Ct                  Creedmoor     PO Box 225                       Stovall                                           Creedmoor

                              3516 Winfield Dr                 Oxford       1549 Northside Road              Creedmoor            3501 Campbell Road               Raleigh            4056 Peace's Chapel Road         Oxford              207 Sunset Street                Stem          803 Lake Road                    Creedmoor                                               Creedmoor
                               PO Box 195                      Stovall              PO Box 1305                     Oxford
                               705 Stem Road PO Box 1117       Creedmoor       407 Lake Rd
                               413 Robertson Ct                Creedmoor        623 Blue Wing Road              Roxboro             2570 Jasmine Court              Creedmoor
                               406 Oak St                      Stovall                 4510 James Royster Road         Oxford              112 Planters Place              Oxford       417 Sycamore Street             Oxford
                               211S Main St PO Box 231         Creedmoor
                               306 Main St PO Box 382          Stovall         163 Pine Court Drive            Oxford
                               1011 East E Street PO Box 211   Butner
                               211 Grace Street or                  Oxford         707 Raleigh Street               Oxford      2364 Glenfield Rd.               Snowhill                                           Winterville
                              5453 Beaman Old Creek Rd         Walstonburg     107 Cedar Court Apt A            Greenville
none                          2423 Beaman Old Creek Road       Snow Hill      413 W Greene Street              Snow Hill       PO Box 218                       Walstonburg
                               PO Box 241                   Hookerton
                               PO Box 584                   Snow Hill        110 SE First St PO Box 583   Snow Hill
                               450 Pridgen Road             Snow Hill      230 Pine Street              Snow Hill               PO Box 192                   Hookerton        PO Box 267                   Hookerton        504 Greenridge Road          Snow Hill                                     Walstonburg                 3076 Arba Jason Road         LaGrange            PO BX 91                     Maury                                             Greensboro    2100 Foggy Lane              High Point        PO Box 712                   Stokesdale                424 Smith Street             Gibsonville            4907 Carlson Dairy Road      Greensboro
                               5125 Village Ln              Archdale           PO Box 5484                  Greensboro           7-C Terrace Way              Greensboro              PO Box 75                    Sedalia   603 S Lindell Road           Greensboro
                               329 Ann Arbor Rd             Greensboro

                               2804 S Elm Eugene St         Greensboro
                               35-B Fountain Manor Dr       Greensboro            2715 Red Run Court           High Point             5737 Bramble Gate Rd #4      Greensboro         3903 Hickory Meadow Road     Greensboro                 2 Anson Circle               Greensboro       100 Shoals Court             Jamestown
                               3708 Watauga Dr              Greensboro               401 Hannah McKenzie Drive    Greensboro          308 Ashland Drive Apt C      Greensboro            1015 Meadowbrook Blvd        High Point               3402 Cloverdale Drive        Greensboro             110 Mamie Lane               Jamestown             4224 Starmount Drive         Greensboro           3368 Wiliton Way             High Point      4806 Sweetbriar Road         Greensboro       POBX 5832                    Greensboro        6 Oakcliffe Court            Greensboro          3577 Bent Trace Drive        High Point             3006-E Sherrill Avenue       Jamestown      301 West Market Street       Greensboro                1700 Sparrow Drive           Pleasant Garden              7839 Spencer Brook Drive          Summerfield
336-431-3834                  500 Abbie                         High Point            14 Cedar Creek                    Jamestown                                              Summerfield              2318 Carlford Road                Pleasant Garden
                              600 Park Ave                      Greensboro          905 Thissell Street               High Point             6208 Blue Lantern Road            Sedalia           300 Ellisboro Road                Madison         1612 St Andrews Road              Greensboro
                              PO Box 580                        McLeansville         PO Box 580                        McLeansville          3501 Tanglewood Drive             Greensboro                                                 Gibsonville                                           Greensboro          1501 Highwoods Blvd, Suite 300    Greensboro          7130 Rabbit Hollow Rd             Summerfield
                              3516 Waldron Dr                   Greensboro                                                Oak Ridge               1438 Talbot Road                  Pleasant Garden    316 Gorrell Street                Greensboro             8302 Strard Drive                 Stokesdale         1720 Candlewood Court             High Point
                              404 Beverly Pl                    Greensboro
                              404 Beverly Pl                    Greensboro          5017 Crossmill Road               McLeansville              PO Box 309                        Jamestown            8112 Hunting Cog Road             Oak Ridge
                              203 Belgian Dr                    Archdale            305 Wiltshire Drive               Jamestown                                             Greensboro         1401 Worthington Pl               Greensboro         5314 Graycliff Drive              Greensboro                                             Jamestown   800 Green Valley Road Suite 200   Greensboro                6404 Manorhaven Place             Pleasant Garden     301 West Market Street            Greensboro    1314 E Commerce Ave               High Point             1009 Broad Ave                    Greensboro           7202 Whitsett Park Road           Whitsett
                              300 N Holden Rd                   Greensboro               3603 Greenhill Drive              High Point        5805 Watercrest Drive             Greensboro                                   Stokesdale         2304 Wilcox Dr                    Greensboro           1507 Brown Blvd.                  Greensboro        7401 Whitaker Court          Summerfield            2312 Princess Ann Street     Greensboro             102 Woodland Drive           Jamestown              219 Circle Drive             Gibsonville        1419 Wendell Avenue          High Point            615 Howard Street            Greensboro    7701 Airport Center Drive    Greensboro      1801 Rolling Road            Greensboro                                High Point        308 Sycamore Street          Weldon
                               900 Country Club Road        Weldon     59 Winterberry Lane          Roanoke Rapids
                               898 S Dennis St Ext          Enfield       104 W Second Street          Hobgood       115 Glenview Rd              Enfield            623 Wilson St                Roanoke Rapids           701 Country Club Rd       708 Washington Avenue        Weldon
                            PO Box 402                      Littleton
urbabygranddaman@embarqmail.comClearfield Drive Apt 109     Roanoke Rapids           3042 Hwy 158                 Roanoke Rapids
                               PO Box 35                    Hobgood
                             108 Julian Allsbrook Hwy         Roanoke Rapids           408 E 18th Street              Scotland Neck        403 East 18th Street           Scotland Neck        304 Webb Hill Street         Roanoke Rapids          214 Dunshill Road            Roanoke Rapids
                               1215 Daniel Street           Weldon 804 Melvin Road                 Littleton     1137 Washington Avenue          Weldon          306 Robinson Drive              Roanoke Rapids
                               PO Box 855                   Weldon         2 Lee Lane                   Weldon                                           Scotland Neck          117 Roanoke Ave PO Box 383   Littleton 4894 Thirteen Bridges Road    Enfield
                              1808 Church Street            Scotland Neck       PO Box 309                   Halifax                                 Halifax       PO Box 308                   Hobgood       PO Box 867                   Enfield    168 Haliwa-Saponi Trail      Hollister                                          Hobgood           981 Williams Scott Road      Enfield           740 Conoconnara Road         Halifax       5470 Hwy 301                 Halifax            107 East Fourth Street       Weldon        712 Park Ave PO Box 1274            Roanoke Rapids
                                105 Riddick Ave PO Box 52           Hobgood
                                610 South Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave      324 Jernigan Airport Road           Ahoskie
                                PO Box 315                          Halifax           138 Gail Drive                    Littleton            PO Box 297                        Coats           PO Box 418                        Coats            600 East McNeill Street           Lillington           92 Wild Winds Drive               Coats               101 Lilly Street                  Dunn               107 DuBois                        Dunn               107 DuBois                        Dunn
                               7 02 Lucas Street                  Erwin             410 E Cleveland Street             Dunn            2370 Adcock Road                   Lillington           6099 NC Hwy 55 West               Angier       PO Box 291                        Buies Creek
                                138 Barnes Ave                    Lillington          910 Westhaven Street              Dunn
                                2271 Langdon Road                 Angier            Po Box 1508                       Lillington
                                PO Box 646                        Dunn              PO Box 2202                       Dunn
                                503 East Ivey Street              Lillington       PO Box 736                        Coats           15 Tranquil Lane                  Broadway               615 E Edgerton St.                Dunn           609 W James St                        Lillington 549 N McKinley Street                 Coats   610 West Divine Street            Dunn
none                            85 Oak Street                     Lillington          PO BOX 2697                       Lillington         PO Box 357                        Erwin          133 Waynewood Drive               Waynesville       POBOX 91                          Lake Junaluska           13 Forest Hill Drive              Canton      146 Hazelwood Avenue              Waynesville          170 Yates Cove Road               Waynesville    1228 Plott Creek Road             Waynesville
                                PO Box 187                        Maggie Valley           PO Box 548                        Maggie Valley    624 Dogwood Knoll Drive           Canton                                              Waynesville           76 Line Drive                     Maggie Valley    1762 Queen Town Road              Canton                72 Wesley Street             Canton        1257 Poplar Cove Road        Clyde             1233 N Main Street           Waynesville          8 Pasadena Street            Canton         99 Banbury Court             Waynesville         POBX 807                     Maggie Valley        191 Meadow Street            Waynesville    3018 Rabbit Skin Road        Waynesville          534 Brennan Rd               Maggie Valley              586 South Allen Road         Flat Rock              137 Onuska View Drive        Hendersonville    114 Larchmont Dr             Hendersonville             15 Amber Drive               Horse Shoe             1819 N Bearwallow Rd         Fletcher   516 North Mills River Road   Mills River              60 Clayton Drive             Fletcher              PO Box 6069                  Hendersonville        735 Butler Bridge Road       Fletcher
                             75 E Central St                   Hendersonville
                             5540 Howard Gap Road             Flat Rock                  122 Continental Drive        Flat Rock 3152 Wesley Way                 Hendersonville                1232 Highway 258 North       Kinston           PO Box 400                   Tuxedo
                                 101 Cypress Point            Hendersonville                 31 Tamis Lane                Fletcher            197 Brickyard Road           Etowah
                                 21 Gorman                    Henderson              131 4th Ave East              2213 Turnpike Rd             Horseshoe 108 Brookdale Avenue              Hendersonville           108 Brookdale Avenue         Hendersonville              16-E Glasson Court           Hendersonville          21 Rocky Mountain Drive      Hendersonville
                                 1024 Carousel Ln             Hendersonville                  56 Greenwood Acres           Mills River           124 Camellia Way             Hendersonville                 130 Berry Creek Drive        Flat Rock             309 Chadwick Avenue          Hendersonville                                      Hendersonville              POBX 6332                    Hendersonville       4 Westfield Road             Fletcher         751 Mount Moriah Road        Ahoskie                                  Cofield               PO Box 146                   Harrellsville       906 W. Memorial Drive        Ahoskie           208 Washington Road         Murfreesboro             PO Box 364                  Harrellsville
                               600 Snipes Street     308 West Main Street        Murfreesboro
                               307 Dobbs Street            Hertford            633 Woodland Drive          Murfreesboro    532 E Saluda Hall           Ahoskie        PO Box 264                  Winton                148 Spiers Road             Como      PO Box 66                   Murfreesboro                                    Murfreesboro    PO Box 111                  Winton       PO Box 111                  Winton        PO Box 174                  Winton    PO Box 22                   Winton    723 Mt Moriah Road          Ahoskie       512 Curtis Street           Ahoskie                                       Murfreesboro
                               PO Box 65                   Como           138 NC Highway 461          Winton          553 NC 561 East             Ahoskie
                               PO Box 151                  Winton             1202 Highway 158 West       Murfreesboro          PO Box 35                   Cofield          330 Jernigan Airport Road   Ahoskie
                               PO Box 73                   Como
                               PO Box 206                  Como 701 E High Street            Murfreesboro            PO Box 73                    Harrellsville   208 E High Street            Murfreesboro
                               PO Box 133                  Harrellsville
                               205 Liberty ST              Murfreesboro
                               PO Box 151                  Cofield        134 Beaver Dam Road         Murfreesboro               PO Box 1985                 Carolina Beach                 319 W Edenborough Ave       Raeford
                               308 Patterson Street        Raeford
                               308 Patterson Street        Raeford           1316 Clan Campbell Dr       Raeford
                               1310 Doc Brown Rd             Raeford       125 E Edinborough Ace       Raeford          409 Dunrobin Drive          Raeford
                               213 E Central Ave           Raeford           6188 Arabia Rd                 409 N Magnolia Street       Raeford              204 N Magnolia St           Raeford    791 Canal Street             Fairfield      9790 North Lake Raod         Fairfield      169 Henry Martin Trail       Love Valley      160 Henry Martin Trail       Love Valley
                              3271 Harmony Hwy             Harmony
                              178 Little Wilkesboro Rd     Harmony
none                          P.O.Box 4556                 Mooresville       153 Trotter Ridge Drive      Mooresville            124 Bandit Ln                Mooresville        PO Box 427                   Statesville     1323 Radio Road              Statesville   708 Old Farm Road            Statesville        PO Box 547                   Statesville            834 Ferncliff Drive          Mooresville                                       Statesville      568 N Broad Street           Mooresville              113 Sea Hide Court           Mooresville
                              109 First Church St          Harmony                                Mooresville           3402 Harmony Hwy             Harmony       PO Box 5039                  Statesville                165 Sweetmartha Drive        Mooresville     PO Box 4382                  Mooresville    190 Dogwood Forest Loop      Harmony
                              726 Lippard Farm Road        Statesville                                      Mooresville
                              444 Union Grove Road         Union Grove             2785 Huckleberry Ridge Road   Hiddenite
                             113 West Broad Street          Statesville       3578 Amity Hill Road          Statesville              5112 Wilkesboro Hwy           Statesville                               Statesville             915 Sherwood Lane             Satesville
                              PO Box 943                   Sylva            191 Penny Lane               Whittier
                              PO Box 273                   Webster   66 Hideaway Ridge            Sylva          2 Jackson Street             Sylva    PO Box 2164                  Cashiers    401 Grindstaff Cove Road     Sylva          136 McNair Lane              Sylva              114 Moody Childress Drive    Sylva        2051 Webster Rd              Sylva                51 Camelot Crest             Sylva                                            Louisville              PO Box 402                        Princeton
                               PO Box 1172                       Smithfield        249 Batten Pond Rd                Selma                  2021 Wynston Way                  Clayton                 PO Box 1249                       Smithfield        2667 NC Hwy 50 South              Benson
                               PO Box 1172                       Smithfield              302 Martin Luther King Jr Drive   Smithfield                  146 Bennett Place                 Clayton        PO Box 9                          Pollocksville        PO Box 102                        Trenton         296 Hughes Plantation             Pollocksville        PO Box 222                        Pollocksville
                                                                 Trenton        126 W Lake Drive                  Broadway       2906 Academy St.                  Sanford                                                Broadway          PO Box 328                        Sanford
                               1521 Chris Cole Rd                Sanford
                               143 Willitt Rd                    Sanford   PO Box 362                        Sanford                                              Sanford        114 Hawkins Avenue                Sanford       631 Spring Lane                   Sanford     915 Wicker Street                 Sanford           601 Tidewater Drive               Sanford                                               Sanford         5479 Lemon Springs Road           Sanford             5594 Carbonton Road                                           Sanford           1903 Wedgewood Drive              Sanford       5169 Sheriff Watson Road          Sanford         PO Box 3725                       Sanford             900 Gilmore Drive                 Sanford                 PO Box 1527                       Sanford          407 N Gulf Street                 Sanford       820 Hayden Ave.                   Sanford                                           Sanford                                             Kinston         307 Park Circle                   Pink Hill       1411 Rhem Street                  Kinston            1999 Country Squire Road          Kinston
                               2141 Oakridge Place               Kinston
                               PO Box 622                        LaGrange      109 N Rochelle Blvd              Kinston            405 Lake Pines Dr                LaGrange
                               405 Lake Pines Drive             LaGrange       4791 Chapman Drive               Grifton      102 S Charles St                 La Grange         2541 Birch Circle                Kinston
                               203 South Turner ST              Pink Hill 3652 Hwy 55 West                      Kinston          100 Park Circle                 Pink Hill       1205 Sweetbriar Circle          Kinston     PO Box 5                        Pink Hill
                                                               Pink Hill
                               201 Old Beworhhe Hwy Apt. 31 PO Box 721    5354 Murphy Road                 Pink Hill       709 Fitzgerald Dr                Kinston          1303 Ridge Road                  Kinston            3831 Harold Sutton Road          LaGrange         2856 Alton Phillips Road         Kinston       1865 British Road                Kinston            2669 Hwy 58 North                Kinston
                               105 W Lynwood Avenue             Pink Hill            1608 St. Andrews Place           Kinston
                               202 Elizabeth Drive              Pink Hill      2338 Hwy 73                      Iron Station   2485 Ridge Run Lane              Vale      701 E Park Dr                    Lincolnton     402 Victor Street                Lincolnton
                               6922 Houser Farm Road            Vale   939 Ram Lane                     Lincolnton             PO Box 460                       Crouse           PO Box 460                         Crouse 7701 West Berkeley Rd              Denver        PO Box 38                          Lincolnton               PO Box 70                        Vale           3958 Channel Point Lane          Denver            301 Allman Farm Road             Franklin          70 Corey's Mountain              Topton        211 Holt Knob Road               Highlands            217 Iotla Street                 Franklin             2330 Cashiers Road               Highlands               37 Georgia Road                  Franklin
                               351 Wayah Street                 Franklin               160 Spring Blossom Drive         Franklin       986 Wilds Cove Road              Franklin        494 Riverview Heights Street     Franklin             39 Northside Drive               Franklin        595 Battle Branch Road       1652 Rose Creek Road             Franklin        459 Mountain Breeze Road           Franklin          511 East Main Street               Franklin            73 Grandview Court                 Franklin           86 Summitt Drive                   Franklin            119 Lakeside Drive                 Franklin          PO Box 130                         Highlands         257 Belmont Drive                  Franklin                                             Highlands                 POBX 2033                          Highlands           1280 Clarks Chapel Rd              Franklin         PO Box 361                         Hot Springs
                             PO Box 983                         Marshall         PO Box 636                      Mars Hill
                              2767 W Timberlake Blvd PO Box 156 armele
                              PO Box 118                      Parmele         PO Box 503                      Jamesville              107 E Circle Drive              Hamilton
                              PO Box 53                         Hassell
                              PO Box 53
                              106 E Purvis St PO Box 1226       Robersonville
                              1550 Parmele Rd                   Robersonville        2750 NC Hwy 171                   Jamesville   PO Box 276                        Oak City           3262 E Timberlake Blvd            Robersonville       311 Halifax Street                Williamston
                              409 East Railroad St PO Box 714   Robersonville
                              103 Ayers St PO Box 174           Everetts         108 S Front St PO Box 129         Hamilton        108 N West Avenue                 Oak City
                              PO Box 55              110 Academy Street                Oak City
                              801 W Church St                   Williamston
                            PO Box 113                          Oak City        106 Woodlawn Drive                  Williamston
                             1035 Grand Canyon Road             Williamston
                             305 E. main St.                      Williamston      PO Box 69                         Hamilton
none                          1314 Maurice Brown Road           Jamesville 2302 Ed's Grocery Road                 Williamston
tommyroberson50@hotmail.com903 Hyland Avenue                    Williamston
                              1267 Sunset Ave PO Box 100        Jamesville                                         Oak City    207 St Marks Place                Oak City      PO Box 70                         Hamilton                 201 S Broad St                    Robersonville     PO Box 7                          Hassell           PO Box 1182                      Robersonville
                                PO Box 1141                      Robersonville 1015 Trudy's Trail                  Williamston              PO Box 123                       Parmele
                                PO Box 261                       Everetts
                                1250 N Main St PO Box 37         Parmele          PO Box 220                       Jamesville            1010 Ross Road                   Robinson         1021 Harrell St                  Bear Grass         PO Box 1509                      Marion          464 Governors View Road          Asheville        19618 US 221 North               Marion          427 E Main Street           3127 Hwy 226 South               Marion              PO Box 1065                      Old Ford              PO Box 1065                      Old Ford           350 Holly Hill Drive             Marion             188 Pinewood Drive               Marion           190 N Madison Street             Marion         70 South Garden Street           Marion           62 Vine Street                   Marion                                             Old
                                1058 Ebenezer Church Rd PO Box 1334 Fort       PO Box 92                        Old Fort          118 Upper Haw Branch Rd.         Maryan         PO Box 1509                      Marion        140 North Garden Street          Marion     140 North Garden Street          Marion     PO Box 304                       Marion              281 Pinecrest Drive              Marion     1217 Harding Place               Charlotte     10306 Edwards Pl                 Mint Hill             PO Box 561085                    Charlotte           PO Box 1528                      Davidson          17825 Spinnakers Reach Drive     Cornelius                                                  Charlotte
                                 180 Water Oak Drive                          Pineville
                                 3144 Heathstead Pl              Charlotte
                            3216 Wesley Avenue                      Charlotte    15817 Woodcote Drive                 Huntersville     8812 Glenside Street                 Huntersville 128 S Tryon St Suite 300         Charlotte           17600-B2 Caldwell Station Rd     Huntersville       18127 W Catawba Avenue           Cornelius
                                8130 Lamplighter Pl              Charlotte              4619 East W.T. Harris Blvd       Charlotte           4728 Garvis Drive                Charlotte                                               Charlotte           128-A N. McDowell St.             Charlotte      841 Riverwood Road                   Charlotte
                             3101 Alywn Ct
Sharon.Foote@mecklenburgcountync,gov                              Charlotte     214 Lynnwood Lane                    Pineville
                             9228 Raintree Ln                     Charlotte                                         Charlotte                                                Davidson        310-A Hillcrest Drive             Huntersville            7301 Fallow Lane                  Charlotte          6633 North Lakeside Drive         Charlotte
                                11124 Coachman Cir                Charlotte
                                2009 Kimway Dr                    Matthews
                                2012 St Paul St                   Charlotte
                                1025 Echo Glen Rd                 Charlotte            100 North Tryon Street, Suite 3800 Charlotte          8316 Olde Troon Dr                Charlotte           801 Reverdy Lane                  Matthews           15719 Glencastle Street          2010 Draymore Lane                Matthews
                              PO Box 242161                         Charlotte 9027 Babbit Way                     Charlotte
                              2030 S Tryon Street, Suite 3A       Charlotte
                                3307 Twelve Oaks Pl or          Charlotte            3212 Devon Croft Lane             Charlotte                                          Huntersville
                               PO Box 34244                       Charlotte
                               4101 Silvermere Way                Charlotte
                               741 Kenilworth Ave, Suite 202         Charlotte            5500 Chedwort Drive               Charlotte       214 North Tryon St Suite 3600     Charlotte     2011 Waters Trail Drive           Charlotte        2315 Red Fox Trail                Charlotte                5300 Reedham Ct                   Charlotte           6605 Mallard Park Drive           Charlotte             106 Pineridge Drive               Huntersville
                                2105 St. John Street              Charlotte                                             Matthews               6810 Alanbrook Rd                 Charlotte         1401 East 7th Street Suite 200    Charlotte       19700 Swiss Stone Lane            Cornelius            10400 Providence Arbours Drive    Charlotte    11201 Colonial Country Ln         Charlotte                                         Charlotte       2425 Sharon Road                  Charlotte         2709 Kirkholm Drive               Matthews                                           Pineville                  3507 Evermoore Court              Charlotte
                               2114 Princeton Ave                Charlotte       221 N Thompson Street             Davidson         PO Box 1853                         Davidson       10308 Stineway Ct                   Pineville             600 South College Street, Suite 3000Charlotte         143 Moss Bank Court                 New London                3816 Tablerock Road                 Charlotte    7216 Delta Lake Drive               Charlotte          177 Hemlock Avenue                  Spruce Pine       176 Rogers St                       Spruce Pine        44 Hemlock Avenue                   Spruce Pine        181 Greenberry Road                 Bakersville             PO Box 176                          Bakersville      381 White Oak Road PO Box 616 Bakersville             PO Box 414                        Spruce Pine
                               724 Greasy Creek Road             Bakersville        PO Box 381                        Bakersville             1680 Hughes Gap Road              Bakersville
                               PO Box 33                         Bakersville          PO Box 1174                        Spruce Pine     78 Hilltop Lane                    Spruce Pine
                              PO Box 601                          Bakersville                                           Biscoe                                                Mount Gilead           222 Green Street                   Biscoe     305 Stanback Street PO Box 1101    Mount Gilead          135 Buckthorn Court               Mt Gilead     PO Box 693                        Star                                             Troy
                               1555 Hogan Farm Road              Star                   745 Mabe Rd                       Star              105 Cheeks Mill Park              New London       736 Made Road                     Star        2773 NC Hwy 109 S                 Mt Gilead                                                 Troy             917 McCaskill Road                Biscoe
                                395 Fairway Shores Road          Mt Gilead            398 Etta Drive                   Candor            4410 Fox Run Road                Sanford           1150 Okeewemee Road
knorris@montgomrycountync.com102 East Spring Street              Troy
                                241 Oscar Road                     Troy     PO Box 1043                      Mount Gilead                 141 Flint Ridge Trail          315 Warehouse Streeet            Candor              306 Nance Farm Road              Troy        599 Warner Road                  Troy         728 South Main Street            Troy
                               PO Box 1503                      Pinehurst            175 Woodland Drive               Pinehurst             PO Box 337                       Eagle Springs 5544 Seven Lakes West               West End
704-358-8722                   6724 Alexander Hall Drive        Chalotte
                               336 McLawhorn Rd                 Cameron    PO Box 787                       Carthage             PO Box 1375                      Southern Pines        150 Ridgewood Road               Pinehurst           10 Fur Court West                Pinehurst              120 Lincoln Ave PO Box 604       Vass PO Box 941                        Southern Pines
                               1288 Juniper Lake Rd PO Box 1373 Pinehurst 25 Lakeview Drive                   Whispering Pines                                           Pinehurst           PO Box 787                       Carthage      PO Box 1251                      Southern Pines
                               PO Box 823                       Carthage              680 Lake Forest Dr SE            Pinehurst                                         West End             40 Shadow Lane                   Whispering Pines                 4 Dogwood Place                  Whispering Pines                 35 Richmond Road                 Foxfire Village                 45 Campbell Road                 Pinehurst                                               Carthage 104 Pinesage Drive               West End              26 Royal County Down             Pinehurst          PO Box 755                       Robbins
                               4 Lake Vista Ln                  Pinehurst          802 Robinwood Road               Aberdeen         420 West Philadelphia Avenue     Pinebluff
                               690 McCaskill Road               Carthage
                               PO Box 2212                      Southern Pines    13028 Hwy 24-27                  Robbins
                               23 Abbottsford Dr                Pinehurst
                               108 CVP Ln                       Cameron          PO Box 3795                      Pinehurst        920 North Saylor St              Southern Pines         706 Sunset Drive PO Box 1342     Carthage         10 Firestone Dr                  Pinehurst            840 Lake Forest Drive SE         Pinehurst      20 Salem Drive               Pinehurst        15 Eagle Drive               Jackson Springs    15 McQueen Rd                Pinehurst       255 S Valley Rd              Southern Pines                                       Taylortown           111 W. Cornelius Drive       Robbins              100 S. Lakeshore Dr.         Whispering Pines             25 South Shamrock Drive      Foxfire Village
                               PO Box 305                   Nashville           11181 East NC 97               Rocky Mount 210 N Pine Street              Rocky Mount       105 Milby Court                Rocky Mount PO Box 305                     Nashville              1039 Weatherrane Hill Drive    Rocky Mount         3304 Brookview Drive         Rocky Mount           305 W Main St PO Box 1145   Sharpsburg
                                801 Jasmine Dr              Rocky Mount 700 Burton Street              Rocky Mount
                                300 S TonyBrook Rd or         Rocky Mount        854 Tiffany Blvd, Ste. 101   Rocky Mount 3201 Graylyn Terrace          Wilmington           4720 Archer Drive             Wilmington    706 South 7th Street          Wilmington          142 Settlers Lane             Kure Beach
                              4113 Masonboro Loop Rd        Wilmington
                              PO Box 948                    Carolina Beach           235 Hollins Road             Wilmington
                               PO Box 7835                  Wilmington           PO Box 2535                  Wilmington
                               PO Box 2535                  Wilmington
                               812 Wooster Street           Wilmington
                               513 Canal Dr                 Carolina Beach          6919 Haberdeen Drive         Wilmington                8715 New Forest drive        Wilmington               221 Navaho Trail             Wilmington
                               8735 Ramsbury Way            Wilmington             2210 Klein Road              Wilmington
                               405 Butler Court                         Wilmington
                               3530 Aster Ct
kathryn@americanpropertyexperts.come                        Wilmington PO Box 4443                     Wilmington           6231 Stonebridge Rd          Wilmington       13 Market St                 Wilmington
                               919 Ann St                   Wilmington
                               PO Box 413                   Carolina Beach             3610 Caswell St Apt 308      Wilmington
                               1112 Merchant Ln             Carolina Beach             141 Longleaf Drive           Wilmington               230 Government Center Drive       Wilmington                  301 S Eighth St                   Carolina Beach                 3927 Appleton Way                 Wilmington
                                PO Box 215                        Wilmington          5009 Monck Court                  Wilmington
                                506 Augusta Dr
                                318 Rill Road                     Wilmington                                               180
                                230 Government Center Drive, Suite Wilmington               212 N 23rd Street                 Wilmington
                                1511 S Lake Park Blvd             Carolina Beach                 PO Box 937                        Wilmington         4405/104 Jay Bird Circle          Wilmington
                                206 N 13th St                     Wilmington        PO Box 521                        Wrightsville Beach           1213 Culbreth Drive
                                3721 Sand Trap Ct                 Wilmington            230 Government Center Drive       Wilmington        2500 Carrington Court             Wilmington          3400 Aster Court                  Wilmington                                                Wilmington              PO Box 502                       Garysburg
                                 PO Box 90 or                Garysburg    309 Deberry's Mill Rd             Pendleton            313 Pine St PO Box 123            Rich Square
                                405 Drew Ave PO Box 215           Rich Square                 210 Watson St PO Box 151          Servern Box 65                             Severn    PO Box 394                            Garysburg    PO Box 298                            Conway
                                202 Main St PO Box 67
                                209 Stanford St                   Rich Square           301 South Russell Street         Gaston             110 Stephenson Street PO Box 602 Severn        PO Box 374                       Rich Square      9495 NC HWY 305                   Jackson          PO Box 866                        Rich Square
                                120 Pine ST                       Rich Square       PO Box 746                        Woodland
                                                                  Rich Square
                                206 Watson St PO Box 202          Servern            PO Box 325                        Rich Square
                                PO Box 305                        Henrico             PO Box 119                        Gaston            PO Box 21                         Severn      9176 Us Hwy 158                   Conway          PO Box 276                     Rich Square       PO Box 576                     Rich Square
                              PO Box 5052                    Jacksonville
                              130 Trout St PO Box 154        Holly Ridge      202 E Harnett St PO Box 1296   Richlands      126 Davis Lane                 Sneads Ferry       1030 Commons Drive North       Jacksonville       102 Cole Dr                    Jacksonville
                              422 Sound Rd PO Box 317        Holly Ridge      149 Riggs Road                 Hubert        162 Apartment Drive            Jacksonville            305 Cole Drive                 Jacksonville
                              108 Hudson Lane                Jacksonville              161 Maready Road               Jacksonville              244 Rutherford Way             Jacksonville             PO Box 677                    Richlands
                               103 Washington Dr             Jacksonville        3895 Burgaw Hwy.              Jacksonville
                               521 Mill Ave                  Jacksonville           104 Lloyd St PO Box 395                119 Everett Lane              Sneads Ferry           2300 New River Inlet Road #1   North Topsail Beach
                              170 Leslie Dr                  Hubert      PO Box 1649                    Swansoboro             215 Verona Road                Jacksonville
                              164 Aldersgate Road            Jacksonville                                      Jacksonville       707 Dennis Rd                  Jacksonville
                              208 Brentwood Ave              Jacksonville      PO Box 427                     Holly Ridge           212 Sunset Road                Jacksonville             365 Fire Tower Road            Richlands   613 Peru Road                  Sneads Ferry           1038 Decatur Road              Jacksonville             105 Water St PO Box 186        Swansboro       459 Chadwick Shores Drive      Sneads Ferry
                              256 South Marine Blvd          Jacksonville         3592 Island Dr                 North TopSail Beach       400 Riggs Road                 Hubert         1214 New River Inlet Road      North TopSail Beach                 404 Sterling Road              Jacksonville               120 Riverwalk Landing          Jacksonville         PO Box 394                     Richlands       2 Carver Road                  Jacksonville      159 Lee St PO Box 294            Holly Ridge    127 Highland Ct                  Jacksonville 2836 Burgaw Hwy                  Jacksonville
                               301 E Foy St                         Richlands    313 Turtleshell Rd                      Richlands 896 Pole Pocosin Road                   Pollocksville               125 Mill Pond Road                    Jacksonville       502 Huffmantown Road                  Richlands
                              138 Powell Road                       Jacksonville 107 Water St PO Box 652               Swansoboro            1571 Freedom Way                      Hubert                643 Huffmantown Road                 Richlands
none                           117 Thames Drive                     Jacksonville          PO Box 544                           Richlands        622 Walden Place                     Jacksonville
                               PO Box 743                           Holly Ridge            3772 Island Dr                       North TopSail Beach            351 Bear Creek Rd                    Hewbert      125 Carver Road                      Jacksonville             2015 Colony Plaza                    Jacksonville            201 Deborah Place                    Jacksonville            PO Box 1186                          Jacksonville           3944 River Road                      North Topsail Beach             407 Iverleigh Lane                   Jacksonville            620 Decatur Road                     Jacksonville
                               521 Mill Ave                         Jacksonville         3420 Catherine Lake Road             Chinquapin                4 Park Place               111 Crown Point Rd.                  Hewbert             PO Box 1111                          Jacksonville           132 Armstrong Drive                  Jacksonville                                              Road
                               S 6 The Villages Apt 1000 Smithlevel Carrboro               4125 Marvin Lane                     Efland
                               PO Box 14                            Chapel Hill             401 Knob Ct                          Chapel Hill              8033 Old NC 86                       Chapel Hill             314 Winter Drive                     Chapel Hill            314 Winter Drive                     Chapel Hill                                               Carrboro
                              2719 Shadetree Road                                     Hillsborough          357 Wesley Drive                     Chapel Hill
                               301 S Road Room 326                  Chapel Hill       1083 Burning Tree Drive              Chapel Hill        110 East King Street                 Hillsborough            1603 Pathway Drive                   Carrboro     58 Newton Drive                      Durham                 4301 Sugar Ridge Rd                  Hillsborough              412 E Rosemary St                    Chapel Hill             205 Ukiah Lane                       Chapel Hill              106 Cedar Hills Drive       Chapel Hill
                              106 Cedar Hills or Drive            Chapel Hill       102-D Laurel Avenue          Carrboro      209 Mt Bolus Rd              Chapel Hill       109 Oldham Place             Chapel Hill              109 Oldham Place             Chapel Hill              202 W Union Street          Hillsborough       4828 Eno Woods Trail        Durham
tstevens@esquareleadership.com213 W Tryon St               Hillsborough         PO Box 784                  Goldsboro     110 East King Street        Hillsborough      8300 Rogers Road            Chapel Hill        109 Holt Street             Hillsborough   133 Forsyth Drive           Chapel Hill           133 Forsyth Drive           Chapel Hill             PO Box 14                   Chapel Hill         282 Edgewood Drive          Chapel Hill             116 West Queen Street       Hillsborough       2216 Ridgewood Rd           Chapel Hill                                  Oriental             39 Fifth Street             Vandemere           256 Park Ave                Mesic              8954 Hwy 304 North          Mesic               8213 NC 28515               Mesic                                       Vandemere        PO Box 70                   Stonewall                                      Arapahoe             9621 Hwy 306 South          Arapahoe            155 Windmill Point          Vandemere         415 Phillips Drive          Arapahoe           97 Water Lane               Mesic                                  Arapahoe              8355 Hwy 304 North          Mesic         106 Wayne Drive             Arapahoe           PO Box 147                  Bayboro          310 Dixon Road PO Box 185   Vandemere       76 Beach Dr PO Box 338      Minnesott Beach Arapahoe        9332 Doris Drive            Oriental          10466 NC Hwy 306 S          Arapahoe     1903 NC Hwy 306N            Grantsboro    330 NC 306 Hwy S            Grantsboro                                Grantsboro      PO Box 178                  Alliance            131 Windmill Point Rd       Vandemere               403 Neuse Street            Oriental        PO Box 404                    Alliance
                               109 Pittman Circle            Oriental            97 Holton Point Rd            Vandemere         1212 Lupton Drive             Oriental                      Arapahoe        PO Box 433                    Bayboro 1200 Park Dr.                  Elizabeth City 733 Riverside Ave               Elizabeth City               P. O. Box 1179                Elizabeth City         1824 Rivershore Road         Elizabeth City 400 West Church Street       Elizabeth City             1623 Penny Drive             Elizabeth City   PO Box 1797                   Elizabeth City                                              Elizabeth City      104 Small Drive               Elizabeth City
                               3137 W Main Street            Elizabeth City          1094 Florida Road             Elizabeth City             104 Bradley Drive             Elizabeth City             506 Hemlock Street            Elizabeth City      PO Box 1797                   Elizabeth City       283 Dryridge Road             Elizabeth City                                    Elizabeth City          806 Lister Chase              Elizabeth City       P.O.Box 664                   Hertford             1105 Lula Meads Road          Elizabeth City                                       Elizabeth City         PO Box 1553                   Elizabeth City
                               306 Dry Ridge Road            Elizabeth City           PO Box 895                    Hampstead              PO Box 3032                   Topsail Beach
                               311 Center Drive              Hampstead           PO Box 3674                   Topsail Beach                  181 Kings Landing Road        Hampstead
                               115 Long Leaf Dr              Hampstead
                               PO Box 5                        Atkinson           421 Atkinson Point Road       Surf City         309 Doral Drive               Hampstead          126 Dogwood Lane              Hampstead           1135 South Topsail Dr         Surf City
                               100 Dolphin Cir               Hampstead          PO Box 3284                   TopSail Beach                 PO Box 1612                   Burgaw             2512 S Shore Dr PO Box 2835   Surf City 9221 Penderlea Hwy               Willard
                              1811 Lake Road                 Watha PO Box 151                     Burgaw        290 Harts Lane                Rocky Point              9438 US 117 South                    Rocky Point PO Box 252                           Burgaw
                             177 Stevenson Drive                    Hertford       601A S Edenton Road               Hertford         177 Perrys Bridge Road            Belvidere         PO Box 32                         Hertford              PO Box 531             484 Bagley Swamp Road             Hertford             110 Huron Trail                   Hertford           243 Doll Harrell Road             Hertford
                                PO Box 51                         Winfall
                                PO Box 42                         Winfall
MNixon@PCS.K12.NC.US            127 Cove Rd                       Hertford   206 N Morgan St                   Roxboro                 411 Reams Avenue                  Roxboro               1504 Surl Mt Tirzah Road          Timberlake
                                240 Crestwood Drive               Roxboro
                                320 Barnette Ave                  Roxboro                237 Academy Street PO Box 53      Roxboro         717 Berman Clayton Rd             Timberlake
                                627 Hillhava Terrace PO Box 278   Roxboro        50 Jessica Lane                   Roxboro
                                366 Gray Rock Farm Road           Timberlake        331 S Morgan St                   Roxboro          308 South Main Street             Roxboro           675 Fisherman's Point Road        Roxboro             1641 Surl Mountain Tirzah Road    Timberlake
                                1100 Shelton Road                 Roxboro 1162 Ralph Winstead Rd                Leasburg   48 Judith Lee Lane                    Roxboro 1289 Brooks Dairy Raod               Roxboro           87 Duck Pointe Drive              Roxboro           6310 Niblick Road                 Grifton         91 Barnes Street                     Greenville 69 Barnes Street                     Greenville
rileyearl@enbarqmail.Com        5813 East Blount Street           Fountain            1205 E Wright Rd                  Greenville            1205 E Wright Rd                  Greenville
                                PO Box 850                        Bethel
                                1112 Ragsdale Rd                  Greenville         121 Pippen Lane            124 Longmeadow Road               Greenville
                              410 W 5th Street                       Greenville
                              2448 Grimes St PO Box 905            Winterville
                              PO Box 534                           Ayden           PO Box 84                        Bethel           PO Box 369                       Bethel
                                  4448 Reaves Road                 Ayden
                                  3524 Zeno St                     Farmville     205 Hardee Circle                Greenville               1130 SW Greenville Blvd #F
                                  1103 Ragsdale Rd                 Greenville           4058 Pinecrest Drive             Farmville        PO Box 556                       Fountain             2293 Sis Mills Road              Grimesland             4922 NC 43 S                     Greenville
                                  6230 NC Hwy 33 E                 Grimesland            255 2nd Street                   Ayden
                                                                   Greenville                 820 South Evans Street           Greenville   PO Box 258                       Winterville
                                  3363 N Jefferson St PO Box 474   Fountain            PO Box 1923                      Winterville           PO Box 1155                      Grifton          605 B Lynndale Court             Greenville                218 Pineview Drive               Greenville                                               Greenville        PO Box 164                       Falkland               700 Daventry Drive               Greenville        200 Burrington Road                 Greenville
                               311 Prince Rd                       Greenville            210 Quail Hollow Road               Greenville           4349 New Street                     Ayden 214 W Main St                       Winterville                                             Grifton            582 Alma Drive                       Winterville 1110 A Holden Drive                  Greenville          1660 Anderson Drive              Greenville                4440 East Avenue                 Ayden               116 Berkshire Drive              Winterville
                              3911 Sterling Point Drive                                    Winterville           PO Box 253                           Farmville     PO Box 1084                          Winterville  309 Pinewood Road                    Greenville             5539 NC 33 West                     Tarboro 930 B Evans Street, Suite B      PO Box 116                          Winterville
                                  PO Box 824         PO Box 54                        Ayden           PO Box 686                     Grifton           PO Box 686                     Grifton                  6748 Pitt Street               Grifton          980 Lake Wackena Rd            Goldsboro        116 Oxford Rd                  Greenville
                                 PO Box 314                     Simpson                200 Haw Road                   Greenville            PO Box 146                     Simpson            2704 Tryon Drive               Greenville           4239 Pinewood Drive            Ayden
                                 PO Box 238                     Winterville                                              Winterville               3120 Cleeve Court              Greenville           261 Rivercrest Drive           Greenville             PO Box 7212                    Greenville              631 Chauscer Dr.               Winterville                       212 Chowan Road                Greenville          6970 East NC Highway 108       Mill Spring               250 Sourwood Ridge PO Box 27   Tryon   201 Denton Street              Columbus            PO Box 486                     Saluda             PO Box 302                     Columbus            1250 Carolina Drive            Tryon            845 Fox Run Lane               Tryon              632 Polk County Line Road      Rutherfordton              PO Box 723                     Columbus                 1021 Hugh Champion Road        Tryon       1809 Smith Dairy Road          Columbus             PO Box 895                     Saluda             1621 Owl Hollow Road           Mill Spring                                                Tryon       1010 Sagewood Lane             Archdale       7268 Hwy 62 PO Box 315         Trinity
                                 216 Back St                    Randleman           1901 Danny Bell Road           Asheboro              PO Box 388                     Trinity            1120 Richardson St             Ramseur            7603 Burgess Kivett Rd         Ranseur              616 Old Liberty Rd             Asheboro             1006 Byron Ln                  Archdale            750 Booker T Washington Ave    Asheboro          150 Hill Street                Seagrove
                                 216 W Main St                  Franklinville            1211 Grantville Lane           Asheboro             413 Lexington Road             Asheboro       1263 Thayer Dr
                              5916 NC Hwy 62                    Trinity       518 E Main St                     Franklinville                                          Asheboro            111 Magnolia Drive                Randleman
                              PO Box 801                        Liberty          4 Bradsher Court                  Randleman         657 Avondale Ave                  Asheboro            PO Box 32                         Ramseur           2682 Millboro Road                Franklinville              507 N Main St                     Staley               158 Shaw St PO Box 210            Staley        205 Weaver Street                 Randleman
                         4569 Oakwood Trail                   Randleman                                             Asheboro
                              PO Box 416                        Trinity        One Richland Place                Asheboro      668 S Main St                     Staley   1207 Lineberry Street             Ramseur   1207 Lineberry St                 Ramseur       209 Holder Street                 Randleman
brookeschmidly@msmrlaw1.com115 S Fayetteville Street, Suite 400 Asheboro         548 W Railroad Street PO Box 22   Staley
                              4590 Huntingwood Rd PO Box 9      Ramseur
                              356 Bush St PO Box 136            Ramseur           947 Viewmont Dr                   Asheboro    PO Box 1186                       Asheboro      415 Trindale Road                 Archdale          323 Daniel Paul Drive             Archdale        2068 Cool Shade Dr                Sophia           657 Avondale Ave                  Asheboro     249 S. Valley St                  Liberty
                              106 E Moore St PO Box #1          Norman            207 Lakeshore Drive               Rockingham        1211 Oak Ave                      Hamlet      186 Butler Drive                  Hoffman        514 Deweese Ave                   Rockingham         PO Box 44                         Norman          813 Leak Street                   Rockingham
                             618 Fayetteville Road              Rockingham      219 Graham Bridge Road             Rockingham
                              348 Earl Franklin Rd              Hamlet         197 John Hart St PO Box 92        Hoffman
                              PO Box 1346                       Hamlet                                              Hoffman           3928 North US Highway 1           Hoffman         PO Box 961                        Rockingham                                        Hoffman    813 Williamsburg Drive        Rockingham             121 Graham Street             Hamlet      PO Box 2082                   Rockingham          PO Box 246                    Norman       209 Raintree Road             Hamlet               109 N Ledbetter Street        Rockingham        168 Rosalyn Road              Rockingham      172 Sweet Haven Road          Rockingham         PO Box 205                    Norman
                               416 Juanita Ave            PO Box 15                     Hoffman            PO Box 15                     Hoffman          512 McDonald Ave              Hamlet   121 Dale Peterkin St          Hamlet           208 E Franklin Street         Rockingham        1815 McDonald Ave             Hamlet           154 Rose St                   Hamlet          109 North Brookwood Ave       Rockingham       346 Nicholson Rd              Rockingham                                         Lumberton           4220 E McDonald Rd            McDonald           4720 E McDonald Rd        PO Box 72                     Orrum                                           Rowland                                           Rowland         PO Box 415                    Parkton             905 Fredonia Drive
                               145 S 2nd St                  McDonald
                               145 S 2nd St                  McDonald             9930 NC Hwy 41N               Lumberton             19217 US HWY 301 N            St Pauls        4673 Collins Drive            Lumberton               PO Box 64                     Orrum          108 South Cedar St PO Box 3              5303 White Oak Drive          Lumberton             75 Gene                       Pembroke
                              2460 Whistling Rufus Road        Pembroke
                              622 Union Chapel Rd            Pembroke             PO Box 299                    Lumber Bridge
                               62 1/2 National Ave           Lumberton         PO Box 364                    St. Pauls                 327 S Johnson Street          St Pauls                 PO Box 797                    St. Pauls      4409 Spragne Rd               Raleigh             479 Bee Gee Road              Lumberton                                         Parkton                                        Red Springs             1686 East Parkton Tobermory Road        1027 Price Road                  Fairmont
                              55 Gaddy Road                    Fairmont            91 Annease Drive                 Fairmont
                              409 Breece St PO Box 537         Pembroke            74 Jerome St                     Lumberton              505 Leesville Street             Fairmont        668 N Wilkinson Drive            St Pauls            104 S Cedar St PO Box 100        Proctorville
                              975 Spruce St                    Lumberton       303 Woodhue Street               Fairmont                                             Rowland       846 Tolarsville Rd.              Lumberton
                              502 E Jackson St                 Rowland        PO Box 682                       Pembroke       401 E Main Street                Rowland
                              PO Box 331                       Pembroke
                              Parkton-Tobemory Road            Parkton          PO Box 187                       Rowland       301 E Pine Street                Fairmont              103 South Street                 Lumberton          305 McLaughlin St                Maxton      PO Box 234                       Parkton               PO Box 49, 225 E 3rd Ave         Red Springs         Box 808 West Lane                Pembroke                                           Parkton                                          Fairmont       249 N First St PO Box 792        Maxton        408 Loambard St                  Maxton      PO Box 99                        Marietta   5671 Hwy 130 E                   Rowland             214 N Edinborough St             Red Springs                                           Parkton        PO Box 316                       Lumber Bridge          PO Box 176                       Marietta
                              PO Box 176              210 James Street                 Red Springs          1511 Lake View Road              Fairmont            313 S Spruce St PO Box 213       Proctorville
                              PO Box 1323                      Lumberton
                              214 Snake Road                   Lumberton      132 North 2nd Street             Fairmont          13 Jasper Drive                  Shannon                106 Stirling Dr                  Lumberton
none                              1143 Teds Road                Parkton
                                  512 South 3rd St              St Pauls
                                  2398 Marietta Rd PO Box 62                705 8th Street                Pembroke
                                  713 McCaskill Ave             Maxton                                              Rowland                                            Red Springs              1212 S. Creek Rd              Orrum                                             Proctorville             POBX 521                      Rowland   500 N. Elm Street             Liberton               117 Warren Street             Red Springs             209 Hancock Rd                Reidsville              8763 Friendship Church Road   Reidsville            647 Bray Lane                 Reidsville           531 Glovenia Street           Eden          628 Cedar Lane                Reidsville

                             321 Roberson Lane or                   Reidsville
                             971 Butter Road                    Reidsville              5014 Casting Way                   Greensboro
                             200 Forrest Street                 Stoneville      704 Shedd Street                   Eden        939 Butter Road                    Reidsville       303 A Oleander                                     Mayodan
                                  1811 Woodnow Ave
                                  1212 Morgan Drive             Reidsville              114 N Oakland Ave             Eden            509 Briarwood Drive           Eden           711 Edmund St                 Madison            1201 Lyle Street              Reidsville           504 Lawndale Drive            Reidsville              123 Evans Road                Stoneville          920 Klyce Street              Eden             104 Bryan Street              Stoneville
                                  308 W Main Street             Mayodan           434 Truman Road               Reidsville
                                  244 Weaver Street                 4505 Camellia Lane            Walkertown         779 Almond Rd                 Reidsville             205 Styer Dairy Road          Reidsville                                   Stoneville
                                  191 Brisby Rd                 Reidsville            1431 McCoy Road               Reidsville              331 Shannon Drive             Eden          131 Taft Street                 Eden         382 Wise Lane                   Reidsville          112 Roanoke Street              Reidsville          2842 Settle Bridge Road         Stoneville               113 East Matthew Street         Stoneville          PO Box 657                      Reidsville
                                1623 Witty Road                 Summerfield         194 Springwood Drive            Stoneville   PO Box 197                      Stoneville          200 North 13th Avenue           Mayodan   104 Gerry St                    Stoneville           1126 Trogden Drive              Eden           705 S Main Street               Reidsville         8030 NC                         Reidsville           PO Box 421                      Madison
                                239 Weaver Street               Eden             905 Snead Road                  Stoneville         1500 Linsay Bridge Road         Madison                1018 Westlake Drive             Kannapolis
                            PO Box 150                           Faith
                            500 S Main Street
                            1605 S Main Street              310 Park Street                 China Grove                 317 Mahaley Avenue              Salisbury      518 Confederate Avenue          Salisbury                                          Rockwell
                                407 Pinetree Drive              East Spencer          640 Statesville Blvd, Suite 1   Salisbury              111 Deer Chase Lane             Rockwell
                                PO Box 24                       East Spencer           130 W Innes Street              Salisbury         977 North Salisbury GQ Ave      Salisbury
                                320 Ketchie Estate Rd           China Grove       PO Box 253                      Faith
                                PO Box 186                      East Spencer      830 Mitchell Avenue             China Grove    PO Box 355                      Salisbury                  1228 Grady St                   Salisbury           329 W Bank St                   Salisbury       424 DeLara Circle               Salisbury              331 Woodson Street #32          Salisbury       601 E John St                   China Grove                                               Rockwell                 908 S Rowan Avenue              Spencer                                     Salisbury
                                PO Box 615                      East Spencer 421 Park Street                     China Grove        250 Lentz Road                   China Grove      PO Box 288                       Faith      131 W Bank Street                Salisbury
                              321 West 6th Street              Landis                                        Granite Quarry
                              PO Box 425                       East Spencer         619 N Main Street                Landis
                             PO Box 1013                       Faith    209 East Church Street            China Grove       220 Pine Hill Road                Salisbury    803 Brokmont Ave                  Salisbury        150 Henkie Craig Farm Road       Salisbury                                             China Grove         130 W Innes Street               Salisbury
                              11110 Statesville Blvd                                    Rockwell              315 Sowers Ferry Road        6 Dogwood Rd                     Salisbury            150 Ribelin Road                 Gold Hill             PO Box 304                       East Spencer             1930 South Main Street           China Grove    385 Hoffman Lane                 Salisbury           231 Bent Creek Drive             Rutherfordton
                              PO Box 658                       Ellenboro
                              205 Smith Road                           Columbus
                              264 Dark Corner Road               Rutherfordton          243 McCall Drive                 Forest City        PO Box 1253                      Ellenboro
                              175 Bluebell Court                           Rutherfordton               415 WB Philbeck Rd               Bostic                                         Bostic 3851 Pea Ridge Road              Bostic    156 McCall Drive                 Forest City       233 Church St PO Box 518         Ellenboro        108 Northview Dorsey Street      Rutherfordton                                           Forest City         135 J Morgan Street              Forest City     274 Georgia Avenue               Forest City           138 Frienship Drive PO Box 692   Ellenboro                                          Bostic
                              168 Honeysuckle Drive            Rutherfordton
                              PO Box 68                        Bostic      PO Box 202                       Bostic
                              298 Fairground Road                           Spindale
                              311 Old Caroleen Road            Forest City 136 South Magnolia Street         Forest City                                        Spindale     310 Ellington Heights        Spindale                                          Lake Lure           149 New House Road           Ellenboro
                              PO Box 1739                    Forest City                                             Bostic    472 Main St PO Box 44        Chimney Rock        101 Country Place            Spindale           PO Box 163                   Harris
                              215 Pleasant Street                       Spindale         PO Box 477                   Ellenboro
                              PO Box 22                    Bostic
                              PO Box 222                   Chimney Rock         POBx 5                       Bostic                                  Ellenboro                                   Ellenboro         152 Hope Drive               Rutherfordton           PO Box 872                   Roseboro          PO box 872                   Roseboro            607 North Pine Street        Roseboro    13180 Sprivey's Corner Hwy   Roseboro                                       Turkey              PO Box 327                   Roseboro        PO Box 107                   Turkey      PO Box 36                    Autryville       211 Jackson Street           Salemburg                                   Newton Grove    1905 Sunset Avenue           Clinton     PO Box 602                   Clinton       319 Maple St                 Roseboro     329 Bland School Road        Harrells                                         Autryville                                     Garland         PO Box 146                   Harrells           605 Peterson Street          Clinton           P.O.Box 1992                 Clinton
                              1401 Green Path Rd           Dunn           413 Broad Street             Roseboro                                          Roseboro                                      Harrells
                              706 N Broad Street           Roseboro           493 Concord School Road      Clinton            999 Moseley Ave              Clinton         PO Box 373                   Garland            105 Doe Run                  Clinton       PO Box 365                   Salemburg     750 Country Club Rd          Salemburg   600 Thornton Street          Clinton          13565 Hobbton Hwy                  Newton Grove             13565 Hobbton Hwy                  Newton Grove        PO Box 288                         Clinton             216 West Arrowhead Drive           Clinton                                         Autryville       717 Bells Branch Road              Newton Grove        84 Honrine Rd.                     Clinton
                              522 Raleigh Street                 Newton Grove          1105 Shepherd                      Laurinburg
                              16300 Hillcrest Ave.               Laurinburg
                              PO Box 163                         Wagram   7261 Old Wire Road                 Laurel Hill         PO Box 2426                        Laurinburg    524 R Graham Street                Laurinburg     PO Box 451                         Wagram    14980 Blue Woods Rd                Lauringburg      1601 Medical Dr                    Lauringburg        PO Box 135                         Wagram
                              PO Box 206                         Wagram   8060 Scotch Meadows Drive            Laurinburg 8060 Scotch Meadows Drive            Laurinburg   231 East Cronly Street Suite 305   Lauringburg          PO Box 823                         Lauringburg
                              #2 1st Street                      East Laurinburg
                              #2 1st Street                      East Laurinburg       600 Atkinson St                    Laurinburg     PO Box 1452                        Laurinburg
                              PO Box 7452                        Laurinburg          PO Box 823                         Lauringburg        704 Frederick Ave                  Laurinburg               28 4th Street                      East Laurinburg       13420 Wesleyan Dr                  Laurinburg    231 East Cronly Street Suite 305   Lauringburg       420 Morris St                      Lauringburg             12040 X-Way Road                   Laurinburg                                       Wagram      33 8th Street                      East Laurinburg        8160 Glasgow Drive                 Laurinburg                                          Laurinburg      38 Eighth Street                   East Laurinburg        17601 Aberdeen Road                Laurinburg                                         Laurinburg                                         Oakboro           525 East Street                    Albemarle          11614 NC 138 Hwy                   Norwood              PO Box 482                         Locust                                          Oakboro         1004 Pee Dee Avenue       Albemarle PO Box 76                     Albemarle           44169 Moss Lane              New London              PO Box 774                   Locust           233 Peachtree Road           Oakboro        PO Box 292                Locust                                     New London            332 Park Rd PO Box 912    Albemarle       102 Walnut Creek Road       Locust 1211 Moss Springs Rd        Albemarle     PO Box 92                   Locust
                               PO Box 1732                Aldemarle         531 Lake Shore Drive       Norwood         44146 Old Salisbury Road   Richfield
                              1027 Cross Creek Drive       Oakboro                                   Oakboro
                               20130 NC-138 Hwy          Albemarle           PO Box 561                Oakboro                               Badin                                     Albemarle          PO Box 398                Richfield           141 Danritch Drive        Richfield                315 Spring Street         New London          231 East Red Cross Road   Oakboro           139 Price St PO Box 148   Norwood         PO Box 1654               Albemarle
haroldthompson@stanlyfixtures.comBox 61                  Norwood               8707 Cornwall St          Locust               323 East Park Avenue      Albemarle      1200 Heritage Drive       Albemarle                  505 North 9th St          Albemarle              PO Box 217                Stanfield     28077 Valley Drive        Albermarle           P.O. Box 805              Badin                                      Locust            525 East Street           Albemarle              12216 Kaysmount Court     Raleigh               PO Box 718                Winston-Salem    405 Two Lakes Trail       New Bern        478 Maple Drive           Old Fort               6710 Gold Wagon Lane      Charlotte              2809 Manning Place                  Raleigh          PO Box 627                          Hendersonville      2919 Breezewood Ave Suite 300       Fayetteville     PO Box 11387                        Goldsboro            9300 South Fork Bethel Road         Snow Camp            9300 South Fork Bethel Road         Snow Camp        PO Box 26000                        Greensboro     PO Box 611                          King            NC Dental Society PO Box 4099       Cary      PO Box 2091                         Raleigh

                               4279 Little Beane Store Rd          Ramseur                68 Albert Gupton Road               Louisburg       10024 Ashley Farm Drive             Matthews            PO Box 10805                        Raleigh
ANSLEYR@MINDSPRING.COM         4509 Burlinton Mills Raod           Wake Forest             1401 Plantation Circle              Asheboro         209 Tanbridge Rd                    Wilmington           263 Creedmoor Rd                    Jacksonville            146 Blackbeards Lane                Ahoskie
                               6716 Six Forks Rd                   Raleigh    145 S Kirkwood Avenue         925 Demerius St                     Durham           PO BOX 1616                         Goldsboro     280 Vinton Drive                    Dallas
                                PO Box 738                         Pinnacle 920 Main Campus Drive, Suite101     Raleigh
                                PO Box 10345 or                  Greensboro           PO Box 444                         Lauringburg         PO Box 4                           Banner Elk          PO Box 787                         Goldsboro          1002 Lake Royale                   Louisburg
                                3310 Marshville Olive Branch Rd.   Marshville                671 Country Club Drive             Maggie Valley          4517 Woodbury Dr.                  Raleigh           PO Box 501                         Halifax

                               159 Fearing Place                   Manteo            2706 Gordon St                      Raleigh
                               7837 Live Oaks Dr                Denver             2424 Chichamacoa Dr              Apex              120 Grove Circle           PO Box 879                       Burlington           376 Kittery Point            PO BOX 87047                     Fayetteville 2315 W Arbors Drive, Suite 210   Charlotte            5210 Carr Road                   Wilson             PO Box 10128                     Raleigh PO Box 1029                       Greenville              1941 Reidsville Rd               Southport
                               PO Box 107                       Bolivia           4550 Fox Brook Lane              Charlotte              PO Box 346                       Pembroke              4309 N Walnut Street             Lumberton    PO Box 28001                     Raleigh        4020 Barrett Dr Ste 102          Raleigh                 1611 Gander Drive                Wilmington
                               2216 Canterbury Dr               Burlington
                               302 Tucker St                    Monroe               68 Reed Road                     Asheville           407 Edinboro Drive               Southern Pines 901 Madison Ave                   Cary       10541 Moores Chapel Road
                              2608 Goshawk Ln                   Raleigh               1254 Selkirk Court                Cary                 5603 W NC 97                      Spring Hope
                              3021 Sylvania Drive               Raleigh              206 E Mulberry Street            Goldsboro        2932 Houston Branch Road         Charlotte
                               482 W Main Street                Sylva               PO Box 8146              35 McMichael Dr                  Pinehurst              35 McMichael Dr                  Pinehurst    PO Box 28586                     Raleigh      6624 Shire Lane                  Wilmington           744 Forest Drive                 Wilkesboro        5900 Providence Co Club Drive    Charlotte       111 Lake Ridge Place             Chapel Hill

                               438 E Radiance Dr                Greensboro
                               438 E Radiance Dr                Greensboro                  2 Pitt Court                       Pinehurst             312 W Salisbury St                 Asheboro                312 W Salisbury St                 Asheboro                 PO Box 2623                        Monroe          109 Booth Street                   Roanoke Rapids         150 Sorghum Dr                     Waynesville   111 S George Street                Goldsboro            532 Southmead Dr                   Clayton              PO Box 10127                       Goldsboro                4761 Sharpstone Lane               Raleigh

                                1000 Sunset Dr                     Havelock                PO Box 1215                        Wilmington        177 D Ewbank Gardens Dr            Hendersonville      1401 E. Tenth St.                  Lumberton                 425 East Mill Brook Rd             Raleigh               901 E Cary St                      Richmond            33 Old Turpike Road                Mills River        33 Old Turnpike Road               Mills River            14230 High Echelon Drive           Matthews               570 New Waverly Place, Suite 210   Cary
                                487 Haven Brook Way NW             Concord         10612-D Providence Road #260       Charlotte
                                3304 LaCosta Way                   Raleigh           121 Elm Drive                      Winston Salem          PO Box 2216                        Greenville            1000 Shea Court                    Winston-Salem               PO Box 595                         Kinston             315 W Church Street                Lauringburg         800 West End Boulevard             Winston Salem        1128 Burke Street                  Winston Salem
                                730 Washington St #108             Raleigh
                                4312 Samantha Dr                   Raleigh           33 Augusta Drive                   Oak Island
                                33 Augusta Dr                      Oak Island        56 Mills Place       56 Mills Place                187 Belgrade Swansboro Road        Swansboro                187 Belgrade Swansboro Road        Swansboro           125 South Third Street             Albemarle
                                334 Shamrock Rd                    Asheboro           1719 Tisdale Street                Durham
                                PO BOX 523                         Roseboro
                                95 Evans Bryant Lane               Clinton
                                PO Box 1383                         Apex         PO Box 294                     Swan Quarter         400 Morning View Court         Willow Spring               3609 Souchak Drive             Hope Mills               3609 Souchak Drive             Hope Mills          2812 Mallard Cove Road         Sanford
                               1965 Lambs Creek Road                       Brevard       PO Box 395                     Richlands
                               124 Hughes Rd.                 Bakersville               4525 Old Village Rd            Raleigh        4525 Old Village Rd            Raleigh       475 River Road                 Richfield       2275 River Road                Richfield          PO Box 370                     Hendersonville
                               563 Northwood Park             Taylorsville    1208 Brookstown Ave            Winston-Salem              90 Timber Cove Ct              Hendersonville   4370 A Arendell Street         Morehead City         39 Summy Cove Road             Candler
                               PO Box 4749                    Pinehurst                   2150 Royal Pines Drive         New Bern               One West Fourth Street         Winston Salem           One West Fourth St             Winston Salem
                               PO Box 893                     Waynesville
                               PO Box 893                     Waynesville 150 Castoria Road              Walstonburg 4020 West Chase Blvd Suite 390     Raleigh             3609 Birdsong Court            Summerfield            10041 Academy Road             Laurinburg          107 S Market Street            Madison       176 Painted Bunting Drive      Troutman
                               329 Ann Arbor Rd               Greensboro              206 E Mulberry Street          Goldsboro         152 Saint Mary's Church Road   Morganton         49587Blackberry Road           Norwood         49587Blackberry Road           Norwood 301 S College Street              Charlotte         7832 Windy Pine Circle         Denver           2326 Westfield Road            Mt Airy                292 North Main Street          Denton        PO Box 219                     Pineville 7025 Providence Lane W        Charlotte
                                2792 Lakeview Drive           Lenoir             236 Waterville Street         Raleigh                                    Spring Lake            2 Quail Cove Road             Asheville             603 E Lake Ridge Road         Raeford            1320 Rushing Creek Pkwy          306 E Dogwood Drive           Mebane
                              224 Campbell Pl or                     Jacksonville               5816 Cavanaugh Drive          Raleigh          2008 Howson Rd                Raleigh         712 Ivey Road Apt H           Graham            1858 Cola Dr                  Fayetteville    PO Box 353                    Franklin                37 E Main St                  Brevard              1651 Laurel Branch Road       Vilas PO BOX 35405                     Greensboro PO Box 35405                     Greensboro        201 Pine Forest Trail            Knightdale

                                PO Box 304                    Garner                2028 Meadow Run Drive         Matthews
                                120 Hillcrest Rd              Raleigh          PO Box 125                    Lake Junaluska        4181 Barbrick St              Sherrills Ford
                                PO Box 620595 or                 Charlotte             225 Hillsborough St Ste 100   Raleigh
                                PO BOX 310                    Tarboro            213 Taylor Street Apt. G      Raleigh                3926 Somerdale Lane           Charlotte
                                1134 Sanford Rd               Pittsboro       4813 Willow Tree Lane         Clayton        127 Dills Drive               Dallas
                                28365 US Hwy 264 E            Belhaven               PO Box 831                    Raleigh             115 W. Morgan Street          Raleigh           2740 Armfield Ave             Burlington      549-H Norris Road             Clayton                102 Esk Court                 Cary        1501 K Street NW, Suite 375   Washington          100 NE Adams Street           Peoria
                              5179 Cedar Bark Ln               Hickory       PO Box 520                       Bunn      5301 Glenwood Ave                Raleigh         116 Berry Hill Lane              Hendersonville             224 New Hope Rd                  Gastonia
                              607 E Spring St                  Oxford
                              104 Craven River Court           Camden
clairec.daimcgaughy@cemex.com840 Gessner, Suite                Houston            1422 S Main St                   Kannapolis      600 Chester Road                 Winston Salem PO Box 308                       Rockingham             908 Driftwood Dr                 Siler City             309 W Union        Po Box 20099                     Winston-Salem
                              516 Abbottswood Drive            Fayetteville         130 Park Circle                  Winston-Salem
                              856 Davis Cove Road              Taylorsville       422 Forest Hills Drive          Wilmington       422 Forest Hills Dr             Wilmington
                               2704 Nash Valley Ct             Charlotte
                               PO Box 301                      Valdese     11095 Covered Bridge Rd         Zebulon 7808 Umstead Forest Drive       Raleigh
                               508 Sunset Court                   Clayton
                               8879 Hagers Ferry Rd            Denver             PO Box 38713                    Greensboro           200 Smith Drive                 Goldsboro         5104 Cobblestone Rd                Winston-Salem            714 Chestnut Drive                 Smithfield               714 Chestnut Drive                 Smithfield                                                 Raleigh
                              4800 Six Forks Road Suite 300 or PO Box 19207           273 Primrose Lane                  Winterville            PO Box 1216                      Albemarle
                              3900 Merton Dr Ste 120           Raleigh            121 Mellen Rd                    New Bern           219 Waterview Drive              Winton           PO Box 265                       Denton
                              PO Box 265                       Denton             PO Box 894                       Rocky Mount          2517 Rosegate Lane               Charlotte     99 Meadowbrook Circle            Brevard        2277 Pleasant Street             Winston Salem
                                4323 Wilkesboro Hwy               Statesville            PO Box 7501                       Marshville                  701 Georgetown Road               Raleigh             PO Box 5245   220 Hillsborough St               Raleigh       PO BOX 13004                      Raleigh          PO Box 1951                       Raleigh                 313 Palomar Street                Fayetteville    3739 National Drive               1844 Mays Cross Roads              Louisburg
gregory.edds.gyxa@statefarm.com638 Statesville Blvd               Salisbury         2132 Drayton Dr                    Tallahassee
                               504 Country Club Drive             Greensboro          499 Cross Creek Drive
                               804 Green Valley Rd Ste 300        Greensboro
                               100 Willow Rd                      Salisbury               18 Lee Drive                      Wilmington              732 Linda Court                   Cary
                                1091 Windswept Ridge              Marshall                   1207 Hammel Rd PO Box 160         Greensboro
                             201 Greenwood Drive                    Greenville
                                118 E Jefferson St                Monroe              1800 Camden Road, Suite 104       Charlotte           4150 Trim Tree Dr                 Morganton             1123 Villa Green                  Raleigh            524 Fayetteville Street           Clinton
                                510 Glenwood Ave Ste 313          Raleigh       4341-97 Johnsborough Court        Winston Salem    434 Fayetteville St. Suite 2020   Raleigh            4160 Piedmont Prkwy               Greensboro                   PO Box 468                        Durham
                                569 Brices Store Rd               Rose Hill             PO Box 2727                       Wilson                 709 W Johnson Street, Suite 101   Raleigh                615 Cedar Run Lane                Chapel Hill          800 Little Kelly Road             Rocky Point          800 Little Kelly Road             Rocky Point                PO Box 718                        Winston-Salem    2305 Pine Needles Road            Goldsboro            PO Box 597                        Oxford
                                1004 E 23rd Street                Newton                P.O.Box 777                       Salisbury       4709 Carolina Avenue              New Bern        204 Rowe Ave PO Box 2226          Wilson    1932 Daphne Circle                Fayetteville       100 Colton Drive
                               PO Box 6588                       Raleigh     7 Vanderbilt Park Drive           Asheville           824 New Hope Road                 Purlear           PO Box 234                        Wenton             PO Box 1351                       Raleigh                299 S Westview Dr.                Winston-Salem          121 Spring Valley Lane            Durham        4020 Barrett Dr                   Raleigh
                               2579 New Brittontty E             Whiteville      33 Stowe Street                   Lowell               105 Country Woods PO Box 459      Stanley                43 Backhollow Rd                  Mars Hill               One West Fourth Street            Winston Salem               One West Fourth St                Winston Salem
                               2129 Walker Rd                    Winston Salem           904 Chatfield Dr                  Greensboro
bfoxworth@ncdemocraticparty.org220 Hillsborough Street           Raleigh             PO Box 460                         Pollocksville       PO Box 421                         Marshall              PO Box 246                         Candor
                              806 Warwick Ct                     Burlington    125 Kindy Forest Drive             Hendersonville                104 Tall Pine Circle               Salisbury            4814 Ramsey St                     Teachey
                              236 Stable Rd                      Carrboro            331 Bay Branch Road                Hertford      5308 Highstream Court              Greensboro        5908 Church Road                   Taylorsville      10969 Pendragon Place              Raleigh            PO Box 589                         Spruce Pine          109 Robin Lane                     Statesville          1515 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 213   Charlotte           196 Marshall Graves Rd             Yanceyville    4002 Green Leaf St                 Indian Trail 33 Glenmore Dr                     Durham
                              PO Box 1657                        Rockingham       245 Lake Forst Dr                  Pinehurst           706 Powell Drive                   Garner            7648 Anthony Road                  Kernersville         1654 Mountain View Road            King             220 Hillsborough Street            Raleigh             127 Oakmont Drive                   Greenville                                                     Raleigh
                                Hunton & Williams 421 Fayetteville St Mall          109 N William Street                Goldsboro       11804 Black Horse Run               Raleigh
                                PO Box 240/737 Red Marshall Rd Pelham             4311 Burning Tree Dr                Greensboro                 PO Box 68                           Pollocksville                 2714 Wayland Drive                  Raleigh                185 Cross Creek North Ridge Drive   Marion               PO Box 3101                         Wilmington               473 Mount Pisgah Church Rd          Apex             4819 Sandtyn Dr                     Waxhaw           227 Sky Lake Drive                  Hendersonville             150 Fayetteville St, Ste 1110       Raleigh           PO Box 243                          Dunn
                                222 Widsford Ct                    Fayetteville         214 North Tryon Street, Suite 3600 Charlotte         528 Anson Ave or PO Box 1654        Rockingham/Hamlet       4928 Manley Smith Road              Nakina        137 Echo Ridge                      Maggie Valley         3949 Browning Place                 Raleigh
                                PO Box 18088                        Raleigh                 5 Brookview Court                   Angier

                                41 N Boylan Ave                     Raleigh            3404 Cresta Court                   Charlotte                301 S McDowell Street               Charlotte
                                2806 Byron Drive                    Salisbury
                                PO Box 144                          Olivia       PO Box 2091                         Raleigh          3603 Cherry Hill Dr                 Greensboro     4300 Six Forks Road                 Raleigh    PO BOX 35405                         Greensboro    PO Box 35405                         Greensboro           81 Central Avenue                    Asheville
                               10001 Goodview Court                 Raleigh
                               124 Early Street                     Fayetteville
bradley.k.greenway@nccourts.org597 N Washington St                  Rutherfordton              201 S Tryon St Ste 1500              Charlotte            465 Daugherty Road                  Dover   323 W Jones St Suite 501            Raleigh          5515 Meadow Haven Lane              Charlotte
                                1405 Brookwood Drive                Reidsville
gudgerandgudgerlaw@yahoo.com408 N Overlook Terrace                  Hendersonville                  2901 Hackney Way            Jamestown        126 Equestrian Drive        Mooresville              3030 N Fairway Drive        Burlington              3030 N Fairway Drive        Burlington                  21 Glenwood Ave Suite 201          431 Meeting St              Beaufort           113 Rhododenlian Dr         Chapel Hill           416 Pollock Street          New Bern        6239 Seton House Lane             104 Mariah Cove             Hampstead          3140 Shaftesbury Lane       Winston-Salem    8510 Castle Cliff Drive     Matthews            PO Box 10343                Raleigh
                                 123 E Caswell St            Kinston       10 Hamilton Drive           Sylva               303 Tibbetts Rock Dr        Cary                118 Hidden Oaks Drive 1-B   Cary               125 Georgetowne Dr          Elon              156 Saddlewood Laneq        Statesville            1099 Hwy 91N                Snow Hill          3324 Lincoln Lane               PO Box 5144                 Henderson            PO Box 1709                 Concord                    144 Black Jack Rd           Hendersonville            1634 Stonegate North        Sanford           1401 East 7th Street        Charlotte               PO Box 38                   Pine Level
                                384 Crows Foot Rd            Mt Olive
                                PO Box 26837                  Raleigh          8604 Morgans Way             Raleigh          8604 Morgans Way             Raleigh 400 South South Street PO Box 1707
                                                             Mount Airy 5128 Beulah Hill Church Road     West End      PO Box 644                  Fuquay Varina   901 Laroque Avenue          Kinston
                                 523 Old Merry Hill Road     Merry Hill                  7900 Malibu Road            Mt Pleasant          PO Box 739                  Indian Trail            PO Box 1842            10918 Wyndam Pointe Drive   Charlotte   1995 Blalock Dairy Rd            Roxboro         214 N King Street                Hendersonville         101 Weston Oaks Ct               Cary         PO Box 358                       Wadesboro
                             PO Box 211                       Fletcher          1045 Deal Road                   Franklin           1112 Harding Place #200         Charlotte          1735 Ardmore Road               Winston-Salem               3526 Abercromby Drive           Durham
paul.hickman@fairwayoutdoor.com508 Capital Blvd                Raleigh         109 Courthouse Square PO Box 268Whiteville           PO Box 750                      Franklin         1426 Thayer Drive                Asheboro         490 Arnolds Beach Road           Roper          1833 Forest Road            PO Box 6524                     Raleigh        1351 Northern Drive             Conover              Rt 1 Box 23 Hogsed Rd           Brevard
                              40 Kensington St                Lumberton
                              3836 Foyridge Rd PO Box or 471108    Charlotte          20 Maplewood Drive              Swannanoa
                              PO Box 481478                   Charlotte    PO BOX 310                      Tarboro         412 2nd Ave NW                   Conover

                               1165 Sterling Pointe Dr or                     King
                               3927 W Old Hwy 421             Hamptonville            PO BOX 4711                    Emerald Isle
                               55 Oakmoor Lane or        Willow Springs           PO Box 1825                      Raleigh        315 Balsam Drive                 Lexington    PO Box 769                       Laurinburg
                             1613 Kirkby Ln                   Raleigh
                             204 Cartrette St                 Tabor City      621 Hallsville Road              Beaulaville            109 Howell Road                  Hubert   PO Box 2888                      Greensboro    4917 Waters Edge Drive Suite 250 Raleigh            507 Paisley Circle               Pisgah Forest               1108 Legget Road                 Rocky Mount             2312 Tanner Court                Burlington         9550 Sheetsgap Rd                Laurel Springs    PO BOX 41168                     Raleigh        2701 Wallingford Road            Winston-Salem   5420 Levering Mill Road       Apex
                            1200 Muriel St                    Goldsboro  800 Briarcreek Rd Suite CC505     Charlotte           4341 Old Forge Drive              Gastonia
                            3524 Java Dr                      Fayetteville   PO Box 30998                      Raleigh 525 North Main Street             Salisbury
                            111A W Victoria Court             Greenville        161 Loves Creek Church Road   Siler City         537 Highland Ave              Henderson            PO Box 1288                   Arden           440 Chruch Street N           Concord         107 Antler Road               Greenville               2814 Rothgeb Dr               Raleigh

                                4673 NC 65                    Reidsville            110 Johnston Drive            Belmont           1748 Hwy 221 S                Sparta         1500 East 5th Street             Tabor City PO Box 8512                      Greenville    PO Box 416                       Bryson City           113 Sarah Jones Lane          Kenansville          1056 Paul Ed Dail Rd          Kenansville                 21 Loney Circle               Greensboro
                                401 West F St                 Butner
                                842 Gourd Neck Rd             Roper           19151 US Hwy 421              Willard
                                400 Riverwood Dr              Clayton                PO Box 2838                   Morganton           PO Box 220                    Apex
                             9501 East
CHUCK.JORGENSON@CAREMARK>COM Shea Boulevard                   Scottsdale        330 Fishel Rd                    Winston-Salem           683 S Bentonville Road           Four Oaks 722 Rollingwood Dr               Greensboro           1417 Morris Rd                   Pittsboro           2400 Freeman Hill Rd Ste 101-D   Greensboro            751 Dalton Creek Road         Franklin
                                1108 Lucille Avenue           Monroe                 403 E R Daniels Road          Wanchese                  2862 Rogers Road              Graham            3710 Shipyard Blvd            Wilmington                  16703 Ansley Walk Lane        Charlotte         PO Box 1510                   Raleigh        3612 Courtland Drive
                                PO Box 47                     Vale
                                7628 Sedgebrook Dr            Stanley      783 Crooked Creek Road             Hendersonville                101 Weston Oaks Ct                Cary              175 Long John Dr                  Hendersonville
                                PO Box 58429 or        Raleigh
rodger@rodgerkoopman,com        2214 The Circle                   Raleigh           111 E College Street              Mount Olive   729 Honeysuckle Lane               Midland             5509 Lares Lane                    Fuquay-Varina
                               602 Hoover Hill Rd                 Asheboro
                               704 Plummer Drive                  Greensboro
                               10176 NC 50 N                      Angier
                               91 Green Leaf Rd                   Angier                 PO Box 763                         Concord
                               1705 Honeysuckle Road              Raleigh            1500 Carson Street                 Raleigh
                               PO Box 562691                      Charlotte
                               127 Forest Lane                    Boone            PO Box 326           1900 Randolph Rd Suite 900         Charlotte     PO Box 1551                        Raleigh            PO Box 5371                        Winston-Salem         1496 Wood-Lee Road                 Four Oaks            846 Brookleigh Court               Winston Salem

                               1935 Longs Store Rd                Roxboro
                               104 Pulley Road             PO 90334                           Raleigh        2209 Cushendun Ln                  Garner
                               2726 Lester Mills Road             Greenville          PO Box 1047                        Cherokee        4774 McKendree Church Road         Tarboro          472 Mountain View                  Mars Hill      PO Box 3272                        Greensboro
                               5565 Glenridge Connector, Suite 520Atlanta               232 Putnam Lake Rd                 Kings Mountain          5323-B Wayne St                    Raleigh           210 North Person St                Raleigh     403 Old Post Rd                    Cherryville     403 Old Post Road                  Cherryville        300 Westwood Avenue                Charlotte      117 N Churton Street               Hillsborough
                               311 Athletic Club Blvd             Clayton
                               311 Athletic Club Blvd             Clayton      835 Roslyn Rd                     Winston-Salem              7211 Hidden Ridge Drive Apt 204   Raleigh        PO Box 67                         Richfield           PO Box 459                        Cherryville            242 Laurel Park Place             Hendersonville          4705 Crestwood Dr                 Monroe                 PO Box 718                        Winston-Salem            11142 Hunters Trace               Charlotte       4 Lake Vista Lane                 Pinehurst   PO Box 873                        Highlands          1318 Dale Street, Ste 100         Raleigh       102 Hab Tower Place               Cary         508 Beatties Ford Road            Charlotte
                               PO Box 788                        Nashville    2942 B Saint Marks Road            Winston-Salem        1235-E East Blvd                   Charlotte
                              902 Mascot Drive                   Albemarle
                              404 N Thompston St                 Whiteville         421 Meeting ST                     Beaufort
                              2521 Bitting Rd or                    Winston-Salem      800 Umstead Lane                   Garner    PO Box 12248                       New Bern
                              3499 N. Old Carriage Rd            Rocky Mount        4474 Dublin Drive                  Newton            1312 Annapolis Dr Ste 200          Raleigh        117 River Ridge Rd                 Brevard               1431 Helms Shortcut Rd             Monroe            4811 Montvale Dr                   Durham         117 W Colonial Drive               Salisbury PO Box 59                              Bunn Level
                              100 Warren Ave                     Oxford          96 Pine Tree Drive                Spruce Pine
ruthie.mcgaughey@bellsouth.com1155 Peachtree St Room 14C03       Atlanta              5825 Pettigrew Drive              Fayetteville
                               PO Box 5                          Clemmons       4100 Coca-Cola Plaza          15860 Hummingbird Ln              Wagram
                               313 Waveham Ct                    Fayetteville      220 W Murray Street               Wallace             PO Box 51608                      Durham             PO Box 51608                      Durham        PO Box 1492                       Morehead City
                                5005 South River School Road      Wade          101 Stewart Avenue                Clinton          PO Box 1362                       Washington      613 Stanley Ave                   Rockingham             PO Box 10805                      Raleigh           1148 N US Hwy 1                   Rockingham             Po Box 656 326 East St            Norwood
                                2720 Big Daddys Rd                Pikeville             1064 Quail Cove Circle            Warne           4033 Angus Dr                     Gastonia               4522 Sharon View Road             Charlotte               5326 Ramseur-Julian Road          Liberty             5326 Ramseur Julian Road          Liberty       117 N Churton Street              Hillsborough              603 Yorkshire Pl                  Lumberton          6707 Bradstock Lane               Charlotte
                                PO Box 788                        Nashville            5422 US 441 S                     Sylva              911 Queensferry Road              Cary           904 Cordgrass                     Hampstead               128 Arborite Dr                   Pine Knoll Shores              302 Broad Street, Suite 204       New Bern      300 Princeton Road                Princeton                  3001 Anderson Drive               Raleigh
                                4301 City of Oaks Wynd            Raleigh   734 Olin Loop Road                Olin        364 Stonebridge Lane              Todd               649 Raiford Road                  Erwin              PO Box 4813                       Mooresville               388 WL Moore Road                 Maxton

                                1640 W Lexington Ave              High Point           141 Worth Street                  Asheboro        PO Box                  1201 Greenwood Cliff, Suite 310   Charlotte          407 Brenda Drive                  Albemarle     716 Carson Street                 Troy 512 Wood Street                       Troy            118 Polo Drive                     Salisbury            2584 Farrell Road                  Mebane             198 Holly Hill Drive               Elkin
                              7201 Creek Glen Way                Apex    804 Green Valley Rd Ste 300        Greensboro      102 Brittany Lane                  Randleman     PO Box 610                         Washington          300 North Ridge Road               New Bern              115 S Tremont Drive                Greensboro             10302 Sycamore Road                Norwood             102 Loch Stone Lane                   Cary        600 Becker Colony Drive               Roanoke Rapids
                              PO Box 27507                          Raleigh         369 Diamond City Drive                Harkers Island           1511 Fairfax Lane                     New Bern         1511 Fairfax Ln                       New Bern                                           Raleigh
                              4350 Lassiter at North Hills Ave, Ste300      5038 Carden Drive                  Charlotte         125 Sloane Square Way              Charlotte        4240 Wesley Drive                  Midland
                              3605 Glenwood Ave Suite 240 or                          Raleigh 1045 South Franklin Drive          Sanford      POBOX 581                          Franklin                 4036 Addeydale Drive               Charlotte          105 Schaffer Chase                 Cary
                              244 A Cedar Lake Rd                Chapel Hill
                              160 Round Top Rd                   Asheville              9906 Bailey Road                   Cornelius              1203 Dunbar Dr                     Laurinburg
                              207 NC 126                         Morganton            PO Box 1372                        Greenville        PO Box 4210                        Pinehurst         700 Driftwood Dr                   Gibsonville       1515 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 704   Charlotte     5912 Santo Domingo Ct              New Bern             200 Constitution Dr                Morganton       6711 Sandylea Road                 Oak Ridge
                              8000 Bryan Rd                      Garner        185 Everette Road                  Pinehurst
                              2340 Flemingtown Rd                Henderson      105 W. 4th St.,Suite 200           Winston-Salem     10709 Brass Kettle Rd              Raleigh            129 E Tryon Street                 Hillsborough                1312 Annapolis Dr Ste 200         Raleigh          1520 Crescent Road                Rockwell
                                1075 Hendersonville Rd Suite 250   Asheville                127 Carolina Meadows Villa        Chapel Hill           2053 Ballston Pl                  Knightdale           63 Four Seasons Plaza, Suite 4    Brevard
                                PO Box 233                        Linville           7812 Fairlake Drive              Wake Forest                5001 Lenoraway Drive             Raleigh         425 Holly Hill Road              Murfreesboro         5301 Glenwood Ave                Raleigh              191 Winding Way                  Boone

LPitt@NCBAR.ORG                  PO Box 4830                      Cary          PO Drawer 27                     Fayetteville
                                 112 Polaris Dr                   Mocksville                445 Spring St                    Albemarle            PO Box 150                       Raleigh        115 East James Street            Mount Olive
                                 1902 Cedar Street                Durham                9113 Yellow Pine Court           Waxhaw                9113 Yellow Pine Ct              Waxhaw                 One West Fourth Street           Winston Salem                 1680 Horse Pasture Road          Roseboro               123 West Davidson Avenue         Lexington               2127 Wilson Rd                   Robbins          8120 Coleraine Ct                Raleigh          3949 Browning Place              Raleigh            821 Wells Road                   Whitakers               2609 Fayetteville Street         Durham                1910 Berry St                    Lumberton
                                 1910 Berry St                    Lumberton           509 Deer Path Road               Vass         104 Blythewood Court             Cary          2617 Crockett Dr                 Greenville          212 Cox Avenue                   Raleigh
randallb@earthlink.net4/2/2007   519 Stagg Rd                     Hillsborough               361 Lester Houston Road          Pink Hill                900 Lystra Lane                  Chapel Hill
                                 PO Box 610                       Raeford
                                 556 Redland Road               PO Box 10128                     Raleigh                 PO Box 243                       Dunn             1912 Eastchester Drive           High Point            PO Box 942                       Weldon          1952 Winkler Mill Road             Wilkesboro
                              239 Robyn Rd                       Canton              901 Towne Centre Blvd, Suite 305   Clayton         28 Wilmington Road                 Asheville
                              603 Highland Street                Cramerton             201 S Tryon St Ste 1500            Charlotte      531 Cotton Blossom Circle          Gastonia
                              8079 Antioch Church Road           Middlesex           PO Box 1440                        Burlington            800 Oldwyck Drive                  Fuquay Varina              209 Summit Ave                     Kinston
828-244-9292                  PO Box 1284                        Taylorsville         PO Box 501                         Halifax
                              105 Newland St                     Morganton          6801 Foxfire Place                 Raleigh               1306 Annapolis Drive, Suite 120    Raleigh        318 Horse n Carriage Lane          Cameron             PO Box 1815                        Burlington        116 Main St                        Laurinburg
                              123 E Caswell St                   Kinston       PO Box 2586                        Cullowhee
                              PO Box 2847                        Smithfield
                              PO Box 2847                        Smithfield        2208 Kelly Road          6001 N Hills Drive    3901 Barrett Drive, Suite 201      Raleigh         421 Fayetteville St, Ste 1109      Raleigh      PO Box 2152    108 Peach Orchard Drive            Benson            15 McMichael Drive                 Pinehurst           5521 Scenic Brook Lane             Raleigh            PO Box 601                         Pinehurst
                              PO Box 12671                       Raleigh          PO Box 1367                        Raleigh            3115 Saint Regis Road              Greensboro           PO Box 19999                       Raleigh
                              Apt 101-70 Oak Street              Tryon             269 Bennett Road #4                Arapahoe
                              PO Box 276                         Wilmington            PO Box 739                         Indian Trail        1300 St Mary's Street              Raleigh   Ellis & Winters PO Box 33550       Raleigh        1128 Horseshoe Curve Road          Tryon                1101-101 New World Circle          Raleigh            30161 Arrowhead Lane              Wagram        1381 E Garrison Blvd              Gastonia            323 Dist. Jones St. Suite 601     Raleigh   583 Woodend Drive                 Concord        PO Box 68                         Kinston               PO Box 2348                       Smithfield             5563 NC Hwy 90E                   Hiddenite       2910 Lentz Road                   China Grove            106 Island View Drive             Beaufort    700 Park Avenue                   Goldsboro          1235-E East Blvd                  Charlotte]     3603 Elm St                       Greensboro             528 William Lane                  Lexington           145 Kimel Park Drive, Suite 300   Winston-Salem          7524 Villanow Drive               Sanford             70 Chocolate Drop Mtn             Columbus           512 Harris St                     Oxford             PO Box 1290                       Winston Salem             44 Hillcreek Drive                Asheville           PO Box 99667                      Raleigh             515 Sitton Creek Road             Bryson City
tslade_70@yahoo,com             202 Magnolia Dr                   Roxboro          Po Box 20099                      Winston-Salem      1802 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway Durham
                                6408 Fulham Road                  Fayetteville          436 Ridgeway Ave                  Statesville         512 Stuart Ridge                  Cramerton      PO Box 9                          New London           9242 US Hwy 64                    Robersonville    PO Box 98                         Woodleaf
                                1775 Tyro Rd                      Lexington        PO Box 35068                      Charlotte           356 Smitheys Country Lane         Millers Creek
snowman@brmemc@net              105 Vanhorn St                    Murphy
snowman@brmemc@net              105 Vanhorn St                    Murphy         14624 Devin Allen Drive           Huntersville           251 Williams Ridge Road           Boone         5417 Eastwych Court               Charlotte            PO Box 809                        Walnut Cove                  402 Legislative Office Building   Raleigh           3508 Andrews Lane                 Raleigh              803 Stately Pines Road            New Bern          1401 Tygress Drive               Kannapolis           2522 Blackwolf Run Lane          Raleigh     PO Box 396                       Jacksonville               6715 Lakeview Terrace            Hickory          9505 Frog Hollow Rd 106 Brookside Lane                Morganton     1396 Webster Road                Sylva    118 Small Circle Box 325         Colerain         101 North Tamilynn Circle        Cary
                               407 N 3rd St                     Smithfield    306 Fox Ridge Road               Warsaw
                               1900 Sipe Road                   Conover           2406 Bayberry Lane               Wilson
                                  2448 Greenbrier Road or         Winston-Salem               300 Glendale Ave              Hendersonville
                                  5714 Poolside Dr or             Raleigh            968 Trinity Road                 Raleigh        2023 Eastridge Circle            Kinston          4600 Marriott Drive, Suite 350   Raleigh
                               6246 Weant Rd                    Archdale      101 N Front Street               Warrenton              1619 Bolingbroke Road            High Point           1821 Cochron Pl                  Charlotte          208 Union Chapel Rd PO Box 878   Pembroke

                                                                Hampstead        2001 Club Road                   Charlotte         236 Dundeve Circle               Hendersonville     PO BOX 59                        Bath          1806 Suggs-Taylor Road           Elizabethtown         723 Enka Lake Road               Candler      2544 Sheffield Drive             Gastonia
336-436-5530                   6229 NC Hwy 86 S                 Yanceyville    PO Box 295                       Nashville
                               PO Box 334                       Snow Hill           111 West Third St                Plymouth         3109 Cartwright Drive            Raleigh        2333 Shore Road                  Yadkinville                 169 Arnold Road                  Louisburg             1549 Bill Curlee Road            Polkton      211 Bonnie Harris Lane           Louisburg        220 Chaucer Lane                 Matthews         5224 Bethany Park Drive          Pleasant Garden
                               605 Winston Street               Wilkesboro
                               20 W Colony Pl Ste 180            Durham          66 Friendship Church Road         Taylorsville    1426 Bexley Drive                 Wilmington    PO Box 389                        Raleigh                1820 Smoketree Ct SE              Bolivia                21 Glenwood Ave Suite 201     PO BOX 2163                       Cary          1801 East 5th Street, Suite 202   Charlotte           4901 Leigh Drive                  Raleigh         6733 Ciscayne Place               Charlotte
                               117 Hill St                       Roxboro       3421 Willington Ridge Loop        Cary              116 Elder Drive                    Wilmington      5511 Cobble Glen Court             Greensboro
minda.turner@providenceday.org4932 White Oak Road                Charlotte
                               2300 Rexwoods Dr Suite 240        Raleigh        PO Box 680                        Pink Hill     338 Royal Bluff Road              Jacksonville        3540 Clemmons Road, Suite 104     Clemmons
                               1205 Denny Rd                     King          801-A Tilghman                    Dunn     7839 NC 222 W                     Kenly           101 Hay Street, Suite II          Fayetteville      101 Hay Street, Suite II          Fayetteville           305 WakeHurst Dr
                                2715 Breezewood Ave              Fayetteville                3112 Hines Dr                    Raleigh              PO Box 1216 614 Randa Drive                  Statesville             901 East Cary St                 Richmond           153 Bramton Court                Winston-Salem
                                202 Mulligan Dr                  Peletier 442 Tobacco Road                     Sanford 208 Deen Street                   Mt Olive               235 Rudolph Drive                 Beaufort
                               720 E 4th Street, Suite 526        Charlotte
                               104 Seattle Slew or Drive               Havelock         208 Raleigh Ave                   Morehead City          13381 Maplewood Dr               Laurinburg          13381 Maplewood Dr               Laurinburg
                                84 Coxe Ave Suite 2A                              Asheville               2810 Hunting Road                Fayetteville         123 Charlie Williamson Rd        Whiteville
                                1518 Lafayette Ave or             Rocky Mount     220 Hillsborough St              Raleigh
                                1803 Starcross                   Shallotte PO Box 10345                      Greensboro                160 Crest Dr                    Mt Olive                1009 Broad Ave                  Greensboro
                              PO Box 1845                         Statesville PO Drawer 1916                       Southern Pines            204 Walnut Cove Drive                Lumberton          6803 Hardscrabble Ct              Wilmington   2070 Dan Peele Road               Williamston     108 St Andrews Pl                 Chapel Hill
                               728 Lech Lomond Circle            Concord or or          1805 Lake Park Drive              Raleigh
                               PO Box 17047                        Raleigh     10548 Linwood Southmont Rd        Lexington          PO Box 9519                     Greensboro             106 Crestview Court             Cary             8024 Ritter Drive               Charlotte        1811 Durham Street              New Bern             106 Crestview Court             Cary
                                 PO Box 1049                     Murphy           1078 Greenmoat Dr               Asheboro              PO Box 2274                     Whiteville            PO Box 2009                     Morrisville          8609 Hobhouse Circle            Raleigh
                                 220 Hillsborough St             Raleigh                 4018 Quartergate Dr             HighPoint              100 E Meeting Street            Morganton           1003 Avondale Avenue            Asheboro              220 Hillsborough Street         Raleigh                 169 Silas Ridge Lane            Ararat
                                 181 Security Place                Spartanburg      PO Box 37548                    Raleigh             PO Box 1366                     Oxford
                                 203 Rand Road                   Goldsboro            1224 Union Cross Church Road    Yadkinville             PO Box 1972                     Greenville          PO BOX 35910                      Fayetteville            Po Box 775                        Cedas Mt            1112 Harding Place #200           Charolotte         916 Hill Street                   RMT]              2501 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 400   Raleigh           6421 Meadow View Drive            Raleigh              1440 Warf Road
                                PO Box 1842                       Clemmons             2417 BelAir Avenue                Wilson              1506 Hillsborough Street          Raleigh

                                153 N Main St                     Sparta           2452 John Rd                      Shannon          PO Box 560248                        Charlotte
olga.wright@smithmoorelaw.com2216 E Lee Street                    Greensboro     PO Box 33034                         Charlotte                PO Box 2078                      Cary          8729 Valentine Ct                Raleigh
                                 7101 Wilderness Rd               Raleigh               P. O. Box 692                    Stanly                   PO Box 181                       Mebane
                                 721-A N Regional Road            Greensboro
                                 508 Capital Blvd                    Raleigh              150 Ribelin Road                 Gold Hill               10100 Park Cedar Drive           Charlotte                 4019 Stoneycreek Road
                                 PO Box 32861                     Charlotte            2304 Wilcox Dr                   Greensboro            2304 Wilcox Dr                   Greensboro                    401 Overlook Drive                Monroe                    401 Overlook Drive                Monroe            951 Hwy 274 N                     Cherryville       PO Box 876 2590 Lakeshore Rd S    Denver          PO Box 389                        Raleigh          PO Box 1157                       Kings Mountain            4184 High View Ct PO Box 682      Claremont             2610 Fallston-Waco Rd             Shelby
                                1305 Bridgeport or Drive                   Raleigh           PO Box 893                        Catawba 341 Vic Ct                        Hiddenite              1007 Garden St SE                 Lenoir        6146 Hwy 150 East                 Denver            4207 Hemingway Dr                 Hickory          406 Arlington Street              Forest City               1505 South Point Road          Belmont      1263 Queensgate St             Gastonia          138 Monticello Dr              Statesville
                                 2515 Firethorn or Ct               Gastonia          519 Stagg Rd                   Hillsborough
                                 487 Triple Cove Drive                Wilkesboro
                                 1338 or Haymeadow Rd                  Hays             854 Hulls Grove Rd             Vale 3055 Vashti Rd                 Taylorsville
                                 206 North or jscps@bellsouth.netRoxford Rd            Kings Mountain     NCAEC 3400 Sumner Blvd         Raleigh               300 N 35th Street              Morehead City                128 Arborvitae Drive              910 14th Ave NW                Hickory          2709 Pleasant Ridge Road       Summerfield
                                 PO Box 2254 or tlowe@davidsonccc.eud                       Thomasville                 108 Barenwood Cir              Durham                  2206 Planters Way              Lenoir                 2206 Planters Way              Lenoir              PO Box 550961                  Gastonia
                                 223 Saddletree or                      Oxford      14025 Dunbritton Lane #607     Charlotte          2115 White Farm Rd             Oriental                    233 N Main St                  Roxboro
                                 PO Box 537                           Grimesland 902 Ann Street                       Rockingham                PO Box 967                      Lumberton          26370 Mountain Ridge Road       Albemarle
                                PO Box or 2436                     Indian Trail     210 Plummer Street              Warrenton           203 Gavin Road                  Plymouth            PO Box 357                       Walnut Cove
                               1095 Phoenix Risin Lane          Germanton           109 Maple Terrace, Apt 2         Walnut Cove          105 King Circle                  Danbury                 5645 Hwy 66                      King             340 Hartgrove Road               King            PO Box 934                       King             1930 Snow Hill Church Road       Danbury         1010 Main Street                 Danbury           PO Box 2361                      King    1140 Sterling Pointe Drive       King        1610 Sauratown Rd                Germanton        324 Regency Drive                Walnut Cove           126 Jefferson Church Road        King
                               1443 Old Fulp Rd                 Danbury         1114 Nina Woods Road             Danbury    1045 Moores Knob View Rd         Westfield        224 Whispering Creek Rd          King        108 Cedar Street                 Elkin       1063 Eldora Road                 Ararat                                            Pilot Mountain                                            Pilot Mountain                                             Dobson           195 Johnson Ridge Road PO Box 426Elkin            213 Apollo Drive                 Mt Airy
                               1226 A Newsome Street            Mount Airy               PO Box 473                       Dobson
                               522 West                         Pilot Mtn      101 West Main Street             Pilot Mountain                                          Mt Airy         PO Box 791                       Mount Airy       607 Blessing Drive               Dobson        735 Greenhill Road               Mount Airy           127 Miller St                    Mt Airy
                               508 West Main Street             520 West Main Street             Elkin        817 Sunset Drive                 Pilot Mtn             486 Key Rd                       Ararat               176 Old Decator Lane             Elkin
none                           260 Gentry Road                  Elkin               641 West main Street             Elkin          POX 372                          Dobson           55 Bennett Street PO Box 974     Bryson City       PO Box 532                       Bryson City                                             Bryson City           449 Old Powell Road              Brevard             200 Old Powell Road              Brevard             266 Stone Drive                  Brevard                                              Brevard          PO Box 521                       Rosman                524 East French Broad Street     Brevard              56 Hazel Court                   Brevard           130 New Hendersonville Highway   Pisgah Forest           73 Forest Hill Road              Brevard          3000 East Fork Road              Brevard            PO Box 729                        Penrose           630 East Main Street              Brevard       199 Rainbow Lake Drive            Brevard              346 Kitchen Road                  Lake Toxaway
                              1523 Tanasee Gap Road            Balsam Grove              1631 Cold Mountain Road           Lake Toxaway
bcunning@hendersoncountync.org101 E Probart Street              Brevard
             172 Double Ridge Road       Pisgah Forest
           806 Whitmire Road           Brevard
               820 New Hedersonville Hwy   Pisgah Forest
             625 Green Road              Brevard
                                          PO Box 51                   Columbia
          PO Box 146                  Columbia
     Moore Road           Columbia
     706 Howard Street           Columbia
            706 Howard St            Columbia
     1890 Soundside Road           Columbia
           828 Bulls Bay Road       Columbia
                PO Box 40                Columbia
                94 Cooper Road           Columbia
          PO Box 226               Columbia
          265 Mount Tabor Road     Creswell
             108 N Wedgewood Drive    Washington
           160 Travis School        Columbia
ell Co Citizens Supporting Land Transfer Tax PO Box 447               Columbia
               6900 Dandelion Ct        Indian Trail
           6602 Conifer Circle         Indian Trail
                                          404 Ross St                 Marshville
       6603 Sadler Rd              Waxhaw
                                          6903 Cluster Box 69         Marshville
  Crestgate Drive         Waxhaw
                                          3609 Maple Knoll Dr
         PO Box 6                    Marshville
           428 Raintree Dr             Matthews
        9208 Rock Water Court       Waxhaw
           PO Box 538                  Waxhaw
      5613 Ginger Ln              Indian Trail
            1208 Rosa Drive             Monroe
                                          PO Box 673                  Monroe
                  4708 Toms Creek             Waxhaw
           6721 Second Avenue          Indian Trail
       PO Box 430                  Waxhaw
     5816 Concord Hwy            Monroe
           114 N Church St             Monroe
        240 Raintree Dr             Matthews
        2002 Ledare Lane            Indian Trail
        3008 Manchester Avenue      Monroe
                                          5823 Woody Grove Rd         Indian Trail
  159 Eaglecrest Drive        Matthews
              201 Belvedere Ln            Waxhaw
           jonathanthomas@carolina.rr.com1722 Tom Williams Road       Monroe       189 Sunset Dr                        Peachland             6205 Clearwater Dr                   Indian Trail              3905 Waters Reach Ln                 Indian Trail       PO Box 791                           Wingate              509 McMillan Drive                   Indian Trail             312 Wilson St                        Monroe            2016 Confederate St                  Monroe
                               2807 Vidalia Ln                      Monroe          1202 Dove St                         Monroe                5801 Valley Stream Trail             Waxhaw             4910 Pageland Hwy                  Monroe
                                 802 Baucom Rd                      Monroe             117 Hwy 218 West                   Monroe PO Box 306                         Wingate         PO Box 662                              Wingate             311 Leahy Mill Court                    Matthews 8622 Highgrove St                       Charlotte                  4900 Pioneer Ln                      Indian Trail          1619 Cuthbertson Road                Waxhaw
                            4506 Varner Dr or                        Monroe     1417 Carlson Drive                   Monroe      1018 Berwick Ct                    Marvin
                                 112 Eaglecrest Dr or               Matthews               1311 Morningside Meadow Lane       Mathews (Stallings)
                                 2419 Community Park Dr             Matthews              3315 Creek Trail Road              Indian Trail              1519 Hwy 218 E                     Monroe
                                 1004 WhiteMarsh Court or              Monroe                 2402 Lawyers Road East               Monroe         PO Box 794                           Wingate        107 Charleston Street                Monroe
                               PO Box 3265                          Monroe
jonathanthomas@carolina.rr.com3204 Lawyers Road E                   Monroe            9404 Mill Grove Rd                   Indian Trail    7401 Conifer Circle                  Lake Park                 6905 Conifer Circle                  Indian Trail        3606 Edgeview Drive                  Indian Trail       3616 Banyan Way                      Marvin            754 Lochaven Road                    Waxhaw     225 Hillsborough Street, Suite 190   Raleigh              PO Box 102                           Middleburg
                               205 Crest Rd                       Henderson                                                Garnett St
                               William L. Stark and Company 704 S Henderson PO Box 911         171 Baptist Church Road          Henderson
                               2640 Rice Road                   Henderson             591 Dabney Road                  Henderson
none                           1220 Alpha Road                  Henderson           797 Kittrell College Road        Kittrell                55 Timber Lunby Rd               Henderson
252-767-9519                   520 Radio Ln                     Henderson              70 E Main St                     Kittrell              PO Box 344                       Middleburg              P.O. Box 551                     Henderson           300 S Garnett Street
                            140 Main Street         1002 Carroll Road                   Henderson         1656 St Andrews Church Road         Henderson             2700 poplar Creek Road           Henderson              PO Box 194                       Middleburg
                               246 Greystone Road               Henderson                PO Box 1015                      Henderson             PO Box 911                       Henderson                 925 Lehman Street                Henderson                 5 Cedar Cove Road                Henderson                 5 Cedar Cove Road                Henderson         60 Frank Bullock Rd              Manson       835 Eastside Drive               Henderson
                               1809 Wadhill Way                 Henderson
                            63 S St                     Kittrell
                               5101 Stagecoach Road             Oxford            629 Aiken Parkway                Fuquay-Varina       114 E Spring Street              Fuquay-Varina                 6212 Bramblewood Drive           Raleigh                 246 Dogwood Trail                Wendell             1336 Garden Crest Circle             220 W Willbrook Road             Raleigh
jamesmbarhamcpa@bellsouth.net4948 B Windy Hill Dr               Raleigh       605 Stratford Dr PO Box 518        Zebulon
                             316 Bainbridge Cir                 Garner    7205 Lake Vista Drive Apt. 103     Raleigh         1709 Horton Road                   Knightdale

                                 3641 Blue Blossom or Dr             Raleigh         1601 Forest Road               Wake Forest 7009 Starchase Lane             Fuquay Varina
larry.boykin@hollyspringsnc.us4/4/2007 Starchase Lane           Fuquay-Varina           220 Forrest Lane PO Box 1389   Wendell                 1207 Silverhill Court          Garner      3537 Wiltree Drive             Fuquay-Varina           607 Stratford Dr           Zebulon
                               1112 Matthews Glen Drive or                  Knightdale           5525 Wedgegate Drive       Raleigh        200 Dungarven Loop         Cary      PO Box 557                 Rolesville               1207 Silverhill Court      Garner                                      Youngsville        5317 Gable Ridge Lane      Holly Springs           388 Cross Point Rd         New Hill         4445 Lake Flower Drive     Holly Springs               1320 Linden Ridge          Holly Springs               155 Lutom Lane             Wendell        2012 Nokoma Pl             Raleigh            203 Hillcrest Road         Raleigh             109 Canyon Run             Cary
                               508 Grant Forest Ln        Cary              110 Old Rockhampton Ln     Cary         1100 Kinsdale Drive        Raleigh     PO Box 293                 Wendell       1329 Springlawn Court      Raleigh        PO Box 695                 Raleigh        PO Box 1689        2837 Monticello Drive      Winston Salem       102 Magnolia Tree Court    Cary                                       Cary           300 Paprika Ct               Raleigh
                             830 Lochmaben Street           Wake Forest          PO Box 426                   Wendell          PO Box 426                   Wendell
heatherformorrisville@gmail.com405 Caraleigh Court        Morrisville             1325 Lawndale Street       Garner
                               408 Montague st            Garner          104 Delafield Ct           Morrisville
                               107 S Woodrow Street       Fuquay-Varina               6405 E Lake Anne Dr        Raleigh          104 Delafield Court        Morrisville           4505 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 450 Raleigh                5616 Quail Covey Ln                 Wendell          105 Barons Gunn Way                 Cary              1509 Bennet St.                     Raleigh              1005 Church St.                    Morrisville             112 Dallavia Court                 Morrisville     2020 New Hill Olive Chapel Rd      New Hill            305 Rushingwater Dr                Cary     904 Mossy Oak Drive                Fuquay Varina                315 Sallinger Street               Knightdale                104 Crickentree                    Cary            104 Settler's Circle               Cary             17 Deer Lake Trail          311 Challenge Road                 Raleigh              6117 Bramblewood Dr                Raleigh             1106 Edenburgh Keep Drive          Knightdale          4013 Cold Harbour Dr               Raleigh
                               104-B Fountain Brook Circle        Cary
                               111 Leacroft Way or                Morrisville
                               310 Evans or nels@nels4cary.comEstates Dr                Cary          232 Elam St                        Holly Springs           617 Commander Dr
                               403 W Franklin St                  Zebulon

                               3620 Six Forks Rd                  Raleigh      1103 Banbury Woods Place           Raleigh        1213 Secotan Place                 Fuquay Varina        1213 Secotan Place                 Fuquay-Varina         7805 Fairlake Drive                Wake Forest               205 E Sycamore                     Zebulon              207 Lochview Dr                    Cary             207 Lochview Drive                 Cary
                               4709 Pamberton Dr                  Raleigh                                         Raleigh     611 Monroe Drive                    Raleigh     1337 Heritage Club Ave              Wake Forest            715 E Broad Street                  Fuquay Varina      150 Fayetteville Street Suite 600   Raleigh          1818 Medfield Road                  Raleigh      1818 Medfield Road                  Raleigh          1509 Tierney Circle                 Raleigh              105 Park Avenue                     Fuquay-Varina               5416 Hunter Hollow Drive            Raleigh               PO Box 494                          Cary     PO Box 2142                         Garner             7325 Bassett Hall Ct                Raleigh      5409 Rolling Field Dr               Garner       4700 Valley Stream Drive            Raleigh               100 Buffwood Court                  Cary        109 Raphael Drive                   Cary      PO Box 1405                         Raleigh           124 Kalvesta Drive                  Morrisville      PO Box 1405                         Raleigh          POBX 1676                           Raleigh
                              1266 Dr MLK Jr Blvd                 Warrenton
                              PO Box 535                          Warrenton
                              PO Box 703                          Warrenton            402 Walker Ave PO Box 761        149 Church St                       Macon        PO Box 9                            Ridgeway   PO Box 803                          Warrenton            318 S Main Street                   Warrenton                                                Warrenton
                              PO Box 78                           Norlina        216 Preacher Wilson Road            Norlina
                              401 Darden St PO Box 717            Norlina                                                Norlina          PO Box 112                          Macon          132 Macon Embro Road                Macon
                              206 Halifax Street                  Warrenton          1648 Hwy 401 South                  Warrenton
                              PO Box 8                            Macon        143 Macon                           Macon   210 Plummer Street                  Warrenton
                              501 E 3rd Street                    Plymouth              444 Jefferson Street                Plymouth            615 Reno Road                 Plymouth          103 Spencer Street       218 Robin Dr                  Plymouth       218 Robin Rd                  Plymouth              444 Jefferson Street          Plymouth             PO Box 548                    Roper            5535 Railroad Bed Road        Pantego        PO Box 490                    Roper        PO Box 116                    Creswell      PO Box 71                     Creswell     PO Box 295                     Crestwell
                             PO Box or 3534                     Boone       138 Isaacs Branch Road         Sugar Grove                                      Banner Elk          4504 Castle Ford Road         Boone                                     Boone                                       Boone       167 Juniper Drive             Boone    842 W King Street             Boone        137 Raven Road                Beech Mountain          143 Southview Drive           Boone         147 Little Laurel Road        Boone          146 Deepwood Court            Seven Devils        PO Box 1392                   Boone
                              842 W King Street             Boone
                              121 Hollow Tree Road          Beech Mountain                                          Boone           762 George Eggers Road        Banner Elk                                 Boone             279 Old Clayton Greene Road   Boone    295 High Meadows Drive        Boone     834 Council Ward Road         Sugar Grove     299 Oak Street                Boone    388 Sourwood Lane             Blowing Rock         PO Box 2426                   Blowing Rock      PO Box 1118                   Blowing Rock            105 Spicewood Lane            Beech Mountain                                  Blowing Rock                                       Boone        810 Park Ave    156 S Marion Drive            Goldsboro       2236 NC 581 North             Pikeville     101 Hutson Lane               Claylton        2335 Old Mt Olive Hwy         Dudley
                              PO Box 755                    Fremont             399 Buckhorn Road             Goldsboro              PO Box 98                     Fremont    209 South William Street           Goldsboro          215 Shaw Court                     Goldsboro 421 Dogwood Trail                  Goldsboro          3976 Stevens Mill Road             Goldsboro
                              410 S William St                   Goldsboro             506 South Hillandale Dr PO Box 3   Fremont                108 Breezewood Drive               Goldsboro             PO Box 11360                       Goldsboro        2335 Old Mt Olive Hwy              Dudley        314 E Main Street                  Mount Olive
                              519 S Breazeale Ave                Mount Olive   402 Providence Church Road         Goldsboro         102 Twin Creeks Drive            125 Cricket Ridge Road             Mount Olive      124 Windyfield Dr                  Goldsboro
                              106 Amherst Place                  Goldsboro
                              109 Balance Rd PO Box 512          Fremont             206 S Pineview Avenue              Goldsboro             PO Box 1516                        Goldsboro
                              1201 Porter St                     Goldsboro
                              310 Henderson St                   Mount Olive                                           Goldsboro             201 Waters Circle                  Goldsboro
                              116 Patten Street                  Mount Olive     224-226 E Walnut Street            Goldsboro       304 W Wayne St PO Box 248          Fremont      PO Box 114                         Deep Run            PO Box 177                         Seven Springs     302 N Goldsboro St                 Fremont           141 Stoney Creek Ch Rd             Goldsboro           141 Stoney Creek Church Rd         Goldsboro                513 Cardinal Drive                 Goldsboro     511 Shelley Drive                  Goldsboro       211S Hillcrest Dr                  Goldsboro              108 Breezewood Drive               Goldsboro
                              PO Box 824 408 S Goldsboro St      Fremont           102 Deluca Rd                      Goldsboro          204 Walnut Creek Drive             Goldsboro
                              108 Yorkshire Court                Dudley              603 Hillsboro Street               Mount Olive         403 Hamilton Drive                 Goldsboro       PO Box 382 Charles Dr              Fremont
                              PO Box 554                         Goldsboro            220 Race Tract Road                La Grange        124 Highwoods Drive                Goldsboro
                              504 Wells                          Mount Olive
                              805 S Center Street                Mount Olive        101 N Randolph St                 Goldsboro               116 Crest Drive                   Mount Olive          2800 Warrick Circle               Goldsboro               108 Breezewood Drive              Goldsboro             748 Rosewood Road                 Goldsboro          205 Walnut Creek Drive            Goldsboro
                                2454 Old Grantham Rd              Goldsboro    1406 South Slocumb Street         Goldsboro    502 Tramway Drive                 Goldsboro                  PO Box 34                         North Wilkesboro               1102 E Street                     North Wilkesboro           809 Stonebridge Drive             Wilkesboro                1000 Coffey Avenue                North Wilkesboro             210 Crestoak Drive                Wilkesboro               Arbor Grove Baptist Church Road   Roaring River       110 North Street                  Wilkesboro          717 Main Street                   North Wilkesboro
none                            PO Box 1662                       North Wilkesboro              634 Green Hill Rd                 Wilksboro           3229 Wilkes Yadkin Road           Roaring River                 124 Old Cotton Mill Place         Roaring River            PO Box 424                        Wilkesboro              310 Finley Ave                    North Wilkesboro           191 Three Oaks Drive              Hays       1522 Somers Road                  Ronda          1626 Skyland Drive                Wilkesboro           PO Box 2723                       North Wilkesboro               1102 J Street                     North Wilkesboro          628 Vannoy Maxwell Rd             Purlear         214 Wildwood Shady Lane           North Wilkesboro                                                 Wilkesboro
Pjhalsch@aol.coom               294 Holly Tree Drive              Wilkesboro           PO Box 154                        Millers Creek               394 Windy Ridge Road              North Wilkesboro
                                135 Sweetbriar Street             North Wilkesboro
                                745 Carter Mill Road              Elkin 314 Worthington Drive                North Wilkesboro 314 Worthington Drive                  North Wilkesboro      701 6th Street                         North Wilkesboro     603 North Hoots Road              Ronda         304 Woodland Blvd                 Wilkesboro              171 Maple Street                  Ronda
                                1111 Brookwood Dr                 Wilkesboro      5042 Elkin Hwy 268-E              North Wilkesboro               5440 W NC Hwy 268                 Wilkesboro   107 Boone Trail                   North Wilkesboro
none                              371 Old Farms Road               Wilkesboro         725 Factory Street               Ronda        818 Main Street, Apt 4           North Wilkesboro                                        Wilson              PO Box 297                       Lucama                PO Box 4185                      Wilson              PO Box 262                       Lucama        7203 Gay Street PO Box 312       Saratoga             PO Box 9114                      Wilson                  206 E Nash Street                Elm City               PO Box 2121                      Wilson
                                  PO Box 516                       Elm City                  8629 Buckhorn Plantation Road    Sims                 3423 Eaglechase Dr               Wilson               513 S Main Street                Stantonsburg            PO Box 92 6401 Wall St           Sims
                                  PO Box 321 7105 Taylor St        Saratoga            PO Box 2121                      Wilson
none                              639 New St.                      Wilson              PO Box 28                        Stantonsburg                                    Wilson
                                  5039 Country Club Drive PO Box 7117              PO Box 244                       Lucama             PO Box 2121                      Wilson               4240 Kent Road                   Wilson
                                  PO Box 56                        Saratoga               4544 London Church Rd            Elm City                              Lucama
jordansalterformayor@gmail.comPO Box 5482                          Wilson         802 Rogers St PO Box 213           Saratoga            PO Box 305                       Pine Level
                                  PO Box 334                       Stantonsburg                  PO Box 334                       Stantonsburg                206 N Parker St                  Elm City
                                  617 Cobb Rd                      Elm City           5318 NC Hwy 58 North             Wilson                                                Boone                                                    Booneville                609 Eisenhower Street            Yadkinville
                                  PO Box 68                        Boonville        1041 Poncho Ln                   Yadkinville                                                 Jonesville       2052 Choplin Road                Yadkinville
                                  416 E Main St                    Yadkinville               PO Box 61                        Hamptonville                P. O. Box 21                     Yadkinville                 PO Box 21                        Yadkinville     PO Box 443                         Yadkinville
                              1616 Swan Creek road               hamptonville         PO Box 651                         Yadkinville
                              309 Lake View Drive                East Bend
                              PO Box 142                         Yadkinville   536 S Main Street                  Jonesville            3749 Shacktown Road                Yadkinville                PO Box 12                          East Bend
                              112 Union Hill Road                East Bend       1700 Old Stage Road                Yadkinville               2708 Farris Road                   Booneville     1800 Taylor Road                   East Bend             1139 Pine Knoll Drive              Yadkinville            PO Box 213                         Boonville            489 West Main Street               Boonville
                              2511 Rockford Road                 Yadkinville            309 Fairground Road                East Bend
                              2724 Hinshaw Road                  Yadkinville    PO Box 94                           Jonesville                                            East Bend             3540 Arnold Road                    Hamptonville         8659 Hwy 197 South                  Burnsville    2454 Double Island Rd               Green Mountain                                          Burnsville     232 River Bend Dr                   Burnsville                                            Burnsville           270 Dana Road                       Green Mountain        PO Box 534                          Burnsville
                             212 W Elm Street Suite A              Graham   PO Box 234                          Catawba    PO Box 705                          Maiden
                              POBX 705                           Maiden                                                Hickory              215 Western Blvd                   Jacksonville                1747 Penn Ave NW Suite 250         Washington           300 Legault Drive                  Cary         4037 E Independence Blvd, Suite 104Charlotte                4010 Oleander Dr Ste 10            Wilmington                                                 Fairfax    103 Shotts Court                   Cary                                                  Chapel Hill            3100 Gateway Centre Blvd           Morrisville          PO Box 1200                        Beulaville   2730 West Tyvolva Road             Charlotte     322 South Eugene Street            Greensboro      124 Ridgeview Road                Alexander                79 Ricerside Villa Dr.            Maggie Valley         118 W 4th Ave                     Red Springs          522 Rocky Branch Road             Canton   2509 E Spencer Ave                Gastonia               PO Box 382                        Tar Heel       244 Mott Road                     Mooresville
                               525 N Tryon Street, Suite 1600    Charlotte     PO Box 2135                       Sylva                                          Chapel Hill    5347 Courtfield Dr                Indian Trail       495 Rideway Ave                   Statesville
                               48 Manor Ave SE                   Concord          4607 Charolttesville Road         Greensboro            352 Culp Rd                       Richfield          c/o R Steve Bowden & Associates   Greensboro              3417 Lonesome Road                Cedar Grove         3417 Lonesome Rd,                    Cedar Grove   425 E. Monmouth St                   Winston Salem        780 Olivette Road                    Asheville       701 Calloway Dr                      Raleigh 921 Boothe Hill Road                 Chapel Hill 1624 Providence Rd                     Matthews           1486 Treadway Road                   Moravian Falls            2599 Sweetbriar Circle               Lenoir
                            PO Box 1371                           Robbinsville       4725 Mischief Court                  Winston-Salem       301 NW Railroad Street               Pikesville
                               2191 Speight's Chapel Road        Whitakers 110 Culpepper Rd.                    South Mills        3832 Vesta Drive                     Raleigh     6445 Bannockburn Road                Rural Hall        108 Keith Ct                         Willow Spring                                        Richmond                                        Fayetteville     PO Box 5754                          Greensboro        901 Front Street                     Beaufort           586 S Allen St                       Flat Rock           5858 Cedarbrook Ct.                  Stanley                                             Jefferson                                           Cary       105 Sycamore Creek Dr                Holly Springs  1841 Hoots Road                      Yadkinville      PO Box 219                           Pineola      2732 Old Sugar Rd                    Durham               PO Bx 1547                         New Bern         4665 Greendale Way                 Winston-Salem
via BOE 702 Howard St                      Columbia       358 Upper Bailey Branch Road       Mars Hill          154 Fairview Dr                    Boone                                            Pittsboro      122 Glenn Oaks Ln                  My Holly
                               804 Green Valley Rd                    Greensboro            3302 N Pitt St                     Farmville           Grant Thornton, Suite 25           Charlotte         2965 Rhonswood Dr                  Tobaccoville  POBX 33068                         Charlotte          3171 Wrightsville Ave              Wilmington        67 Lundy Ln                        Waynesville             3721 Little Mtn. Rd.               Newton          408 West 3rd St                    Weldon 284                         Newland       791 A West Stanly Street PO Box 308Stanfield                                               Elizabeth City             2513 Ossipee Front St              Elon          1809 Indian Trail                  Eden             PO Box 88                          Newton
                               3905 Austin Little Mtn Road       Roaring River       PO Box 1399                       Kinston     Po Box 1108                       Lake Junaluska
DenaBarnes@TRIAD.RR.COM        PO Box 19707                      Greensboro             6335 St Marys Ch Rd               Lucama        POBX 598                          Terrell             964 Riverbend Dr                  Bermuda Run        8313 Poplar Grove Circle          Waxhaw
                               4880 Satterwhite Point Road       Henderson            128 Chatham-Etheridge Rd          Moyock            365 Chisholm Tr                   Rutherfordton           5382 Old Stage Rd                 Fairmont            279 knolls of mayo rd             roxboro                128 Bowen St PO Box 2383          Atlantic Beach         P.O. Box 605                      Yanceyville       119 Greenview Dr                  Kannapolis             407 Shoreline Dr                  Sunset Beach            PO Box 491                        Broadway             109 Quork Court                   Kill Devil Hills
                               802 Hawthorne Street              Cherryville    1900 5th Ave., North              Birmingham            231 Maple Ave                     Burlington           967 village road                       LeLand    3522 Violet Court                      Wilmington            112 E. Hargett St                      Raleigh
SUBURBANONE@NORHSTATE.NET 01 castleton dr                           Thomasville                                                    Cooleemee            1131 Wagner Rd.                        Mocksville              PO Box 12167                           Raleigh             451 Hinnant Rd                         Pikeville p o box 131                            jefferson       PO Box 729                             Black Mountain         158 Canopy Oak Ln                      Statesville               PO BOX 18349                           Raleigh     601 Cascade Av.                        Rocky Mount
                                                                    Crouse           4607 W Fairway Dr                   New Bern
                                8763 Friendship Church Road         Reidsville               6937 LeLand Drive                   Fayetteville           2625 F Greenbrier Road              Winston-Salem           129 Vineyard Park Road              Winston-Salem               8335 IBM Drive Suite 100            Charlotte        141 Blackberry Cove                 Forest City      4004 River Falls Dr                 Lowell       138 Johnny Mitchell Road            Ahoskie        PO Box 450                          Browns Summit   527 Commons Way                     Wilmington         315 East Chapel Hill Street Suite 400Durham         121 Viola Berry Road                 Kings Mtn.             435 S Tryon St #609                  Charlotte          110 W Ormand Ave                     Bessemer City           6622-1111 Narrow Valley Way          Raleigh        PO Box 4038                          Salisbury                                                     Lumberton                 715 Kirk Drive                       Kansas City          404 North Broad Street               Edenton           1602 Physicians Drive, Suite 104     Wilmington              401 Lakeshore Dr                     Fayetteville    Lilly Corporate Center               Indianapolis         PO Box 362                           Old Fort                                                  Hookerton                                                        Spring Hope           8890 Graham Point Lane               Denver          121 E Parrish Street                 Durham            2669 Wesley Chapel Road              Newton 800 S Salisbury St                Raleigh              3533 Aster Court                Wilmington               300 W Armfield St               St Pauls        229 Lambert Rd                  Biscoe        516 Mooretown Rd PO Box 611     Riegelwood               POBX 504                        Wilkesboro 107 S Laurel Ave Unit 102-B        Charlotte             3408 Sandalwood Lane            Waxhaw             81 Coxe Avenue                  Asheville            209 Pine Ridge Dr               Whispering Pines                                            Vass        414 Lightwood Lane              Shallotte                 1101 New York Avenue NW         Washington             8421 Bartlett Rd                Charlotte                               Reidsville
jacquelinedelta@embarqmail.com501 Cody Street
                              413 Dixon Road                     Graham                                               Pinehurst        PO Box 69                        Roxobel    6600 Village Brook Trail         Clemmons            5510 Lake Elton Road             Durham        854 Valley Road, Suite 300       Mocksville 290 Ashley Dr                    Rockwell                                     Hickory
                                2117 Carolina Road             Burlington             106 N Permuda Wynd             N Topsail Beach             2071 Bradshaw Rd               Clinton              204 S. Morgan St.              Roxboro             2112 Lake Trout Lane           Raleigh                                          Morganton                                           Windsor    7913 Castlelake Court          Raleigh                                         Wingate                                        Riegelwood         30131 Porter                   Chapel Hill       701 8th Street, NW Suite 200   Washington           2853 Davis Road                East Bend        1282 Willow Creek Drive        Newton   7138 Furlow Ln                 Harrisburg           131 Appian Way                 shelby                                          Graham
martha.brinson@firstcitizens.comPO Box 27131                  Raleigh                                       Bladenboro                                               Tarboro                                            Lumberton          PO Box 393                    Waxhaw             PO Box 403                    Oakboro                 4059 Virgilina Road           Roxboro             1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW   Washington         516 North Blount Street       Raleigh              10 sweetwater oaks            fletcher           7115 Gusenbury Rd             Whitsett               PO Box 311                    Oak City                                             Raleigh
                                7926 Woodmere Drive              Harrisburg             P.O. Box 1023                 Kannapolis             127 Barclay Valley Dr         Cary         PO Box 33                     Minneapolis            p. o. box 64                  claremont          Box 641                       Richlands
                                612 Arthur Collier Road       Bladenboro             216 Ashford Drive             Pittsboro                 600 West Broad ST             Dunn                  214 North Tryon Street        Charlotte                                        lowell                                             Kure Beach          305 Asbury Drive              Kernersville          288 wax myrtle trail          southern shores       PO Box 7812                   Rocky Mount                  8000 East Jefferson Avenue    Detroit        900 Golf View Dr              Greenville          PO Box 441                    Dobson           797 Price Farm Ct             Shallotte              1800 Massachusetts Ave NW     Washington                                 Charlotte           418 5th St NW                 Hickory               34 Northridge Dr              Canton         303 Queen Anne Drive          Edenton                PO Box 5964                   Winston Salem               6600 Burt Rd.                 Varina      PO Box 3414                   Cullowhee          170 E Connecticut Avenue            Southern Pines                                                Lowell
                               PO Box 37                           Yanceyville              PO Box 1500                         Leland            4731 Spanish Oak Hill Road          Snow Camp      1181 Crabtree Crossing Pkwy         Morrisville         806 Rhodes Avenue                   Kings Mountain
                               2501 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 410         Raleigh
                               PO Box 1383                         Apex                                                  Highlands            218 North Lake Road                 Fairfield         PO Box 20389                        Raleigh           409 Evans Bass Road                 Edenton       108 Meek Road                       Gastonia       100 Bayer Road                      Pittsburgh         1416 Brookstown Avenue              Winston-Salem             18500 N Allied Way                  Phoenix                                           Southport              508 Academy Street                  McAdenville         1437 Sorrento Dr                    Blowing Rock                                         Wake Forest 355 Old State Road                     Marble              P O Box 1123                        High Point
                               PO Box 21                           Powellsville       7345 Foster St                       Rural Hall                                      Greenville        303 Bare Ave                         West Jefferson          702 Oberlin Rd Suite 410             Raleigh Ninth Tee drive                 Newton           1205 Castle Pines Drive              Mebane      333 Fayetteville Street Suite 1508   Raleigh     2101 Sardis Road North, Suite 220    Charlotte     PO Box 992                           Lumberton    2014 Cleveland Ave                   Grover 2656 Covey Court                     Lincolnton        483 Farmbrook Road                   Mount Airy           1110 Sunset Drive                    Greensboro                                           Raleigh          5041 Bluebird Drive                  Sanford     209 S William Street                 Goldsboro                                         Lumberton 450 North Canton Road                  Canton        200 Fireweed Place                   Clayton           329 Air Harbor Rd                    Greensboro        PO Box 89                            Seven Springs     701 Pennsylvania Ave NW             Washington              3469 S Contentnea St                Farmville          PO Box 65                           Albemarle   PO Box 10279                        Wilmington          117 Cooper Hill Road                Windsor
                               PO Box 121                          Midland 401 9th St NW Suite 400                 Washington        70 Thousand Pines Ln               Tryon               PO Box 1770                        Franklin             2760 Wellsprings Drive             Pfafftown        401 N Nash St                      Hillsborough
doneva@mytarriverprogress.com7818 McGregor Road                    Nashville                                                New York             12 Paisley Lane                    Pisgah Forest            913 Regency Apts Ln                Walnut Cove                PO Box 1351                        Raleigh                                    Greensboro          145 Mashie Drive                   Summerfield            402 Corporation St                 Wilkesboro                146 Phil's Circle                  Rutherfordton                                               Winston Salem                                       Gastonia
                                PO Box 1717                            Burlington               2495 Ridge Ave                     Gastonia                1935 Galloway Road NE              Bolivia                                                Greensboro
                                PO Box 1112                          Denver        1413 Lions Way                     Raleigh               PO Box 1351                        Raleigh           1120 Connecticut Ace NW Ste 1100   Washington             6404 Old Hendersonville Hwy        Pisgah Forest            1074 Hawthorne Road                Winston Salem            325 Midland Dr                     Asheville            104 McCloud Ct                     Cary      2828 North Haskell Avenue          Dallas              606 Brookgreen Dr                  Dallas            PO Box 768                          Wadesboro      25344                       Hope Mills N.C. 28348
                               6335 Hackberry Drive                Hope Mills          4616 Stoneybrook Ct               Matthews      1427 Meadow Wood Blvd             Raleigh                                        Chapel Hill           4550 Peeples Rd                    Oak Ridge      1140 Warrior Drive                 Tryon                                            Durham          25 Fern St                         Canton
                                PO Box 37091                       Charlotte                 5300 West Cypress Street, Suite 200Tampa                 4785 Oakview Drive                 Trinity           1842 Adam St                       Conover                                                    Brown Summitt
                              PO Box 382                           Hildebran                PO Box 392                          Grimesland         1223 Buckingham Rd                  Greensboro       5003 S. Miami Blvd                  Durham             614 E Fort Macon Rd                 Atlantic Beach    214 S King St                     Windsor                                    Goldsboro         107 East C St                     Erwin              360 Locust Ridge Road             Beech Mountain                                             East Spencer 316 Princess Street Suite 328     Wilmington      5815 Westpark Dr                  Charlotte                                               Raleigh         26 Tennessee St.                  Murphy                309 Isabella Ave                  Washington         One John Deere Pl                 Moline               6028 Chester St                   Wilmington         P.O. Box 6034                     High Point               PO Box 1767                       Morganton
                                315 Union New Hope Road           Gastonia      1106 NC Hwy 150 W                     Summerfield
crawfordm@coldwellbanker.comPO Box 1345                           Montreat        500 Little Sugar Ln                   Sugar Mountain             44169 Moss Lane                   New London                                       Southern Pines        753 State Avenue, Suite 565       Kansas City       210 E. James st                   Lillington              PO Box 1415                       Burgaw                3804 Sunchase Dr                  Fayetteville                762 Ninth St.                       Durham      4550 NC 62 S                        Burlington            3120 Marathon Ave                   Castle Hayner           8182 McClanahan Drive               Browns Summit              139 Sandy Creek Dr                  Leland                                             Alliance           823 Bradberry Lane                  Indian Trail
ccunning@kilpatrickstockton.com1001 West Fourth Street             Winston Salem       714 Green Valley Road               Greensboro                                                   Mineral Springs 815 S. New Hope Road                  Gastonia              46 Clover Ln                        Franklin 159 Sunset Ridge Dr                  Etowah 1300 I Street, NW                      Washington      300 College Ave                     Washington          2191 Foxhunter Ct                   Winston-Salem        11080 Hy. 64 W.                     Siler City,                                                Lumberton      3720 Cranbrook Point                High Point         PO Box 187                          Hertford            716 Towhee Drive                    Hendersonville           218 Hunter St                       Enfield                                           Washington
                               101 Constitution Avenue NW Suite 400W
caroline.davis@alamance-nc.com115 S Maple Street                   Graham               2275 Whiteville Road                Ashe       115 N Berry St                      Pinebluff        3300 Foxcroft Road                  Charlotte 3270 Smithwick Creek Church Rd Williamston              735 Lake Dr                         Kernersville           470 Davis Rd                        Forest City       1556 East Main Street               Graham                                             Cullowhee           421 Fayetteville Street, Suite 1100 Raleigh              228 S Washington Street Suite 115 Alexandria          1017 Cone Ave                       Pineville                5109 Hollyridge Drive               Raleigh       1601 w new bern rd                  Kinston          316 Princess Street, Suite 328      Wilmington             PO Box 368                          Concord
                                3270 Smithwick Creek Church Road Williamston             6 Oak Leaf Dr                     Fletcher           102 S Coble St                    Randleman                                                    Raleigh                                               Cooleemee                                               Littleton            968 Trinity Road                   Raleigh        340 E. Connecticut Ave.            Southern Pines             19901 Henderson Road               Cornelius            95 Kever Rd.                       Maxton             1299 Embler Road                   Lexington              784 Alpine Drive                   Seven Nevelles              One CVS Drive                      Woonsocket      174 Hunting Bay Dr                 Swansboro         1200 Oakridge Blvd                 Lumberton
                              3020 Tripp Ln                         Greenville                128 W Hargett Street               Raleigh 250 Gibraltar Road                  Horsham 2200 Concord Pike                     Wilmington            PO Box 1296 6 Bruner Lane          Highlands          220 Gate St                        Gaston    106 North Churton Street           Hillsborough         219 W Martin St                    Raleigh                                             Marvin      110 Pine Shoal Drive PO Box 246 Snow Hill                                     Riegelwood                                               North Topsail Beach     301 S College Street               Charlotte               PO Box 1352                        Cary          6315 Honegger Drive                Charlotte       POBox 7000                         Dawson            PO Box 20302                       Winston-Salem
                              3005 Dataw Lane                       Indian Trail          261 Pokeberry Ln                   Pittsboro               831 Costner School Road            Bessemer City     222 Alison Ln                      Archdale                                        Hickory           7 Fort Holmes Trail                Bald Head Island                                                  Fairview         1 Nationwide Plaza 1-32-06         Columbus         7609 Middle Drive                  Greensboro                                          400 W 4th Floor
                              101 Constitution Avenue N.W. Suite Washington
stevendrouinlaw@suddenlink.net205 Hardee Circle                  Greenville       200 Parson St                      Bladenboro
                               5216 Cardinal Grove Blvd          Raleigh         2058 Skyland Drive                Seven Devils       PO Box 181                        Parkton                                             Washington            204 Williamsboro PO Box 100       Oxford        750 Yorkshire Road                Winston Salem            205 S Main St                      Rolesville      1055 Coley Rd.                     Salisbury     PO Box 53                          Mount Pleasant              5910 Providence Country Club Drive Charlotte
THOMASJ.EDGELLER@CEMEX.COM GESSNER ROAD                          HOUSTON       PO Box 264                         Oak City po box 1583                        goldsboro      PO Box 238        3625 N. Elm Street                 Greensboro        1555 Soco Rd                       Maggie Valley                                            Jacksonville      512 Rector Rd                      Ennice 4087 US Hyw 221                    Sparta               1444 S 17th St                    Wilmington            3441 Farmers Union Rd             Clarkton                1622 Skyland Drive                Seven Devils          1524 Belleview Dr                 Conover            5309 Silchester Lane              Charlotte               701 Pennsylvania Ave NW           Washington        LEE County                        Broadway
                              PO Box253                         Hertford          2045 Picnic Dr                    Newton          2108 Cana Rd                      Mocksville           1106 Lennoxville Road             Beaufort          7401 Mine Shaft Rd                Raleigh   3996 countryside lane             claremont     1540 Panther Point Rd.            Richfield
                              146 Hazelwood Avenue              Waynesville
                              1808 Spindale Street                            Spindale                103 Crosswind Drive               Cary 549 Meadowood Dr.                      Burlington                                            Dallas      1380 Ridge Avenue PO Box 1017     Mt Pleasant     3423 Peasant Home Rd.             Sparta                                            Shelby   606 W. Aycock Street              Raleigh           PO Box 242                        Matthews           626 Club House Drive              Salisbury          2307 Wedgewood Drive              Winterville
                              108 Kenilworth Road           Greenville       108 Kenilworth Rd             Greenville, NC            2865 Fox Run Circle           Kinston    525 Steeplechase Trail        Salisbury            538 Trenton Ln                Thomasville                                      Stanley         POB 1214                      Raeford          POB 1214                      Raeford      3415 Foxcroft Road            Charlotte          One Johnson & Johnson Plaza   New Brunswick        PO BX 10253                   Hickory          8 Leisure Lane                Granite Falls                                         Washington         60 Quail Run                  Pinehurst             1735 Martindale Dr.           Fayetteville         1162 North NC 49              Burlington        200 Berkley Rd PO Box 999     Wilson         4 Hemlock Ln                  Black Mountain 210 Grayland Rd.                 Mooresville                                   Mooresville      1742 Fountain Branch Road     Rocky Mount      ROWAN                         Salisbury          POBX 38                       Tuxedo        PO Box 132                    Whitsett              1307 Dennbriar Drive NW       Concord          1225 Periwinkle Drive         Waxhaw       367 glades rd                 clyde                                      Goldsboro    6713 3rd Ave                  Indian Trail
                              608 Yarmouth Road                          Raleigh       120 Midland Drive             Pinehurst 7 Maple Ridge Lane            Asheville 2291 Slate Road                King          PO Box 234                    Winton
via    6892 Hwy 306 S                Grantsboro        303 Cross St                  Fremont                                  Germanton             168 South Shore Drive         Southport         PITT                          Greenville                                         Clarkton              1863 W Pine Street            Mount Airy               477 Country Club Dr           Minnesott                                     Yanceyville            904 Meadowbrook Lane          Shelby
                                904 Meadowbrook Lane          Shelby        474 Hill Rd                   Lincolnton                2315 White Oak Ct Ext         Claremont              1128 Clatter Avenue           Wake Forest               5718 Whippoorwill Street      Durham                2825 Wesleyan Lane            Winston Salem     209 Bessemer Ct               King                                               Hendersonville      PO Box 2888                   Greensboro       5435 Fernhill Dr              Charlotte          1015 highland avenue          hendersonville       PO Box 653                    Dillsboro                 PO Box 7625                   Asheville                                         Hudson          100 Oakmont Drive             Clinton                145 Kimel Park Dr Suite 300   Winston Salem                                         Morrisville                100 Cliveden Court            Belmont               po box 426                    winton     WAKE                          Raleigh            127 Highland Point Ave        Harmony         413 Washington Street         Seaboard                PO Box 7100                   Rocky Mount                   3240 Gal-Var Rd               Supply         326 Everview Lane             Waynesville      1401 Tarrington Ave           Charlotte              100 Treasure Cove             Newport                                     Waxhaw       9001 Vicksburg Road           Charlotte                                         Louisburg   306 Stateline Road            Mooresboro             33 North Shore Dr             Southport            202 Hawthorne Avenue          Hamlet         5345 Mill Dam Rd              Wake Forest              8003 Willow Glen Trail        Greensboro           921 Farm Creek Rd             Waxhaw
                                PO Box 236                    Warrenton                                             Kannapolis                                            Apex                 968 Trinity Rd            Raleigh 4521 Sharon Rd, Suite 150     Charlotte           34 Crestmont Ave          Asheville                                           Greensboro 11542 Five Cedars Road       Charlotte            800 Pine Valley Road      Winston-Salem         PO Box 7614               Lumberton                 508 S. Lee St.            Gastonia        2602 Colgate Drive        Fayetteville                                    Summerfield 37 Medford Cove Rd         Clyde                                    High Point 1101 Hadley Park Ln         weddington            CLEVELAND                 Boiling Springs                2508 Deerwalk lane        Elizabethtown           2301 Buck Mountain Road   Purlear               1 Casper Rd               Southport            113 East H Street         Irwin                 129 McDowell Street       Asheville                   1400 K St NW Suite 450    Washington               3856 Harmony Cir          Southport 3030 Latrobe Drive        Charlotte                905 Palmer Dr             Carolina Shores            832 williamsburg dr       rockingham                   418 Beale Street          Goldsboro                 10 Hemlock rd             Biltmore Forest              904 MudCut Rd             Marion                                         Swannanoa                                 Washington               6 Fifth Ave               Thomasville            9 East Marion Street      Shelby                           Connelly Springs                                    Taylorsville             2806 Byron Drive          Salisbury                                      Blowing Rock                1401 K St NW Suite 201    Washington
                               PO Box 577                  Ahoskie     8 Sweet Gum Drive           Asheville 1361 Pebble Drive           Graham   336 Tremont Cir             Lenoir            519 S Breazeale Avenue      Mount Olive           118 Apollo Circle           Archdale                                     Durham            PO Box 2279                 Wilmington                                     Wingate
                               475 W Church
via St            Bostic       608 Myers Ln             Greensboro                            Shelby          P O Box 221              Riegelwood               PO Box 1037              Boiling Springs 642 Millswood Dr          Mooresville          118 S Broad St           Columbia        100 Oceangreens Lane     Caswell Beach              1303 Annapolis Dr        Raleigh            119 Circle Dr            Thomasville      3332 Garrett Dr          Concord                                    Archdale       PO Box 5212              High Point      516 North Blount Street    Raleigh             211 Wake Ave               Edenton  410 Chatham Glen Dr        Durham                                    Eden             4902 Asbury Drive          Monroe         7801 Rua Circle            Charlotte         3645 Sandy Creek Rd        Franklinton     17581 Old Maxton Rd        Laurenburge    3050 McMillan Place        LENOIR                             Morganton        PO Box 1298                Kinston     2930 Franklin Road         Hillsborough         PO Box 538                 Bostic
Marie.Hall@buncombecounty.orgPO Box 1133                Asheville      1213 Bowen-Blanks Road     Riegelwood    PO Box 1023                Roseboro 5785 Crimson Oak Ct            Harrisburg         905 Honeywood Lane         Gastonia              201 7th St NE              Conover      6 Eastside MHP Dr          Taylorsville       951 MLK JR DR              Asheboro        746 Washington Street      Forest City                               Shelby                               Randleman       6606 Village Brook Trail   Clemmons          4737 Delta lake Drive             Raleigh                                                    Atlanta
                                675 West Peach Tree Street #36-M-30375         2922 Sugartop Dr                  Sugar Mountain                     PO Box 1095                       Southern Pines                                          Arapahoe       p.o. Box 206                      Arapahoe            1809 Tar Heel Trail               Asheboro              288 Armsworthy Rd                 Advance
                                1200 Worthington Place            Kinston               464 Jerry Post Office Road        Columbia         PO Box 121                        Bostic            PO Box 266, 401 W R Gillespie Road Dobson         1443 Northside Road                Elizabeth City             921 Sharon Drive                   Kings Mountain         2016 Wilson Avenue                 Monroe              PO Box 578                         Dunn              POBOX 2478                         High Point           1129 Colonial Club Road            Wake Forest 3116 McPhaul Road                      Shannon                102 Wall Creek Dr                  Rolesville 2020 Oakland Ave                       Henderson         Po Box 28                          Coats               P.O. Box 53725                     Fayetteville         1821 Hillandale Rd #1B-322         Durham
                                 PO Box 25866                        Winston-Salem          6208 Carriagehouse Lane
                            106 Power Road                                   Waterloo           137 Biltmore Ave                       Asheville        6 Wood Duck Court BHI       P.O. Box 4                             Hickory       7712 Low Oak Rd                        Clemmons         2735 Delaney Dr                        Burlington         1523 Laurel Rd                         Wilkesboro        PO Box 432                             Conover    2506 William Allen Rd.                 Burlington          PO Box 3688                            Cary     464 Union Street PO Box 121            Belhaven     PO Box 292                             Newport            116 Park Vista Dr.          Troutman               PO Box 777                  Elizabethtown 717 Autumn Crest Place         Wilmington                1007 Hay St                 Fayetteville         22 West Main Avenue         Taylorsville             211 E 6th St                Oakboro            POBx 488                    Cherryville                                        Gastonia 303 Birch Circle Dr               Hudson
                                1683 Roby Conley Rd         Marion                 1830 Blue Banks Farm Rd     Greenville 1064 Greenwood Blvd              Lake Mary         PO Box 93                   Bursville         12421 Hardee Road           Raleigh          203 Browns Woods Road       Annapolis       311 Ned Herman Road         Taylorsville                                     Southern Shores          PO Box 151                  Sims         200 Elk River Rd            Elk Park       30 Fox Hound Trail          Franklin                                 East Spencer               2474-F Moran St             Burlington             223 Harrell Street          Henderson
                                111 Tenth St SE                         Hildebran            4277 Hopewell Church Road   Trinity              143 Asheland Avenue         Asheville            633 Bessemer Circle         Fayetteville                4179 Rainbow Hills Drive    Hickory 340 Neals Creek Rd              Bayboro               101 Herman St Apt 5         Spencer
John.Hodgkin@edwardjones.com303 Summit St                   Walnut Cove
                                3551 Hamlin Road            Auburn Hills                                  Denton      p. o. box 1688              Hendersonville                213 Princess Street         Wilmington                       Elkin          501 Bearbrook Ln            Gastonia      4200 N Church St            Greensboro            1405 Woodsman Court         High Point                                           Franklin          P. O. Box 202               Faison                                       walstonburg                                McFarlan                                       Lenoir         601 Locust Grove Drive      Waynesville                                           Winston Salem
                                427 Greenleaf Road               Angier       322 Branch St                  Winterville 8135 Shoeline Rd                   Stokesdale           8836 Belhaven Ct               Clemmons                                             Boone PO Box 27131 Mail Code FCC17   Raleigh             1317 Linden Glen Dr            Matthews        PO Box 305                     Trenton          1445 Longtown Road             Yadkinville                129 McDowell St                Asheville        5046 Tar Hill Drive              Oxford     5046 Tar Hill Drive              Oxford              7300 Glenwood Ave                Raleigh                3445 Deerbrook Road              Lenoir           102 College Ave                  West Jefferson                10508 S Lowell Rd                Bahama        181 Roan Road                    Spruce Pine           1564 Little Hill Road            Newton        3262 Coley Rd.                   Clarkton                                     Henderson               5303 Emerald Drive               Emerald Isle      235 S Battleground Avenue        Kings Mountain        705 Cedar Street                 Elizabeth City                                      Gastonia            PO Box 127                       Rowland 544 Gaddyville Rd                   Fairmont        160 Homestead Drive              Star            502 Dunham Rd                    Gastonia 115 S Maple Street                 Graham 119 Greenview Dr                      Kannapolis                                                 Pinetops                          Elkin
                            108 E Main Street                  Troy
                            1401 Eye Street, NW Suite 500      Washington               PO Box 509                       Ellerbe         PO Box 601                       Henderson                                             Mount Airy        1101 Skokie Blvd Suite 400       Northbrook          POBX 1888                        Greensboro                460 West New Jersey Ave         South Pines                  PO Box 1249                     Smithfield       527 Cameron Pointe Lane         Belmont   109 Sunny Hill Ln               Mill Spring        1071 Indian Hill Road           Hendersonville              1600 W 7th Street               Fort Worth           PO Box 12086                    Raleigh             2105 Moorefields Road           Hillsborough         PO Box 279                      Winton
                                 PO Box 188                      Bolton    213 W Hargett St                    Richlands        79 Reno Rd                          Plymouth           79 Reno Road                        Plymouth                                          Bethel         72 Welcome Lane                     Waynesville
                             1100 North King Street                Wilmington             PO Box 27347                        Raleigh      2914 Mac Drive                  Hudson                                       3343 Milton                                           Washington           131 McGowan Rd                   Bath            52 Broad Street                  Milton         101 Briarwood Street             Henderson          4511 Weybridge Lane              Greensboro         619 East Sycamore Street         Lincolnton            359 Mtn Shadows Drive           Purlear      525 North Main Street           Salisbury               1104 South Lakeside Drive       Four Oak           515 Morgan Creek Road           Chapel Hill              915 Jersey Street               Ahoskie
                                 115 Nancy Drive                 Dudley            3003 Bannock Lane               Greensboro              334 Highland Cir                Banner Elk        2411 Castleburg Dr              Apex          PO Box 41                       Norwood                                              Davidson            PO Box 6596                     Williamsburg              525 Brown Road                  Lillington     PO Box 263                      Aulander           1724 Spring Valley Rd           Wilkesboro     PO Box 181                      Roxobel      3703 Holts Chapel Road          Greensboro             111 Lake Drive                  Hendersonville          Post Office Box 17231           Asheville                                             Greensboro               PO Box 603                          Rowland 105 Newsome St                      Durham        63D Ardis Lane                      Hendersonville              178 Fallview Lane                   Wilkesboro      1407 Bridges St                     Morehead City            5950 Fairview Road                  Charlotte            119 N Tradd Street Suite A          Statesville                                            Sparta             112 Spring Lake Dr                  Forest City        3422 Thorndike Drive                Fayetteville           167 Oak Grove Circle                Jefferson           820 South Evans Street              Greenville 164 Durwood Evans Road               Beulaville
burneyburneyjone@bellsouth.net110 N Fifth Ave                     Wilmington
                              318 McCall Dr                         Bessemer City
                                424 Sheppard Ferry Road           Snow Hill               1773 shallotte inlet dr           shallotte         1621-F Glenside Dr                Greensboro   1708 Purefoy Drive                Chapel Hill                                             High Point                                             Willard         PO Box 160                        Catawba                p o box 1001                      nags head           474 Snow Hill Road                Warrenton               1019 E Donaldson Ave              Raeford                PO Box 1050                       Lenoir       3517 Birkdale Ct                  Fayetteville      PO Box 446                       Hendersonville         One Butterball Lane              Garner                 995 W Durness Ct                 Wake Forest                                            Raleigh
                                Two Hannover Square 434 Fayetteville St Suite 2140               South Ridge 205B                  Asheville
                                591 Redwood Hwy 4000              Mill Valley      PO Box 305                        Nashville                                               Raleigh              311 E Boyd St                     Maiden      PO Box 1600                       Apex                                              Greensboro        PO Box 267                        Lynn                                              Wilmington          PO Box 1843                       Rockingham
                             242 strutton lane                    eden            PO Box 8315                        Duck      115 West Hill Street               Warsaw            2095 Country Club Dr               Hampstead         HERTFORD                           como   4640 NC Hwy 268                    Dobson        7125 Orchard Lake Road             West Bloomfield     5002 West NC #10                   Newton 3300 Battleground Ave              Greensboro      P.O.Box 207                        Turkey  739 Ashfield Dr                    Fayetteville           2172 Hardy Bridge Road             La Grange 100 Abbott Park Road Dept 312 AP6D-2 Abbott Park       8502 Hollow River Ct               Oak Ridge                                          Dublin            POBX 99, 99 Creek Drive            Pisgah Forest         531 Smith Rd                       Riegelwood    118 Bowline Rd                     New Bern    1 Clearview St                     Granite Falls       11 Westover Court                  Sanford            144 Marlborough Rd.                Asheville            115 Linden Ln                      Lexington    PO Box 1343                        Lexington             952 Oyster Pointe Dr 875 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. #19 Chapel Hill      120 4th Street SW                  Hickory                                       Richmond     1516 Sherwood Drive Apt B          Reidsville 3714 Guardian Avenue               Morehead City    232 West Market Street             Greensboro                                                M
                             2501 Aerial Center Parkway Suite 103 orrisville              469 Red Fox St NW                  Shallotte      P.O. Box 6115                      Temple                              Raleigh         Forsyth                            Winston-Salem      PO Box 12964                     Wilmington        67 Trotter Place                 Asheville          514 Daniels St                   Raleigh             266 West Laurel Knob Rd.         Todd           11109 Monica Court               Keller              1201 16th Street NW                  Washington           3216 Circle Dr                       Farmville            601 Saint Mary's Street              Raleigh               119 Frigate Dr                       Holden Beach        115 Woodlane St                      Granite Falls         3432 Sugartop Dr                     Sugar Mountain         319 Sulphur Springs Road             Asheville          616 McAlphin Drive                   Fayetteville               PO Box 1203                          Fremont       440 Starnes Lane                     Taylorsville     P.O. Box 326                         Taylorsville         158 Surfside Lane                    Mooresville                 3621 Selwyn Farms Lane               Charlotte        1101 Hillsborough Street, H5         Raleigh        128 Gov Eden House Road              Merry Hill         110 Arborvitae Dr                    Pine Knoll Shores
saland@mindspring             post office box 76                   Franklin            5940 Country Lane                    Snow Camp         118 South Colonial Drive Suite 200   Charlotte                                          Charlotte        PO Box 125                           Riegelwood                                           Lexington
                              1835 Dueber Avenue SW                Canton           PO Box 1034                           Kinston          PO Box 185                            Boonville             309 Ferguson Ridge Road               Union Mills            131 Fourth Ave East                   Hendersonville        3109 Merrianne Drive                  Raleigh
Deborah.Lawrence@williams.com1627 Eye Street, NW                   Washington 7 Gray St                             Gastonia       356 Lewisville Trails Rd              Lewisville      127 Forest Lane                       Boone           105 Dover Ln                          Jacksonville             505 Leesville St                      Fairmont            4010 Barrett Drive Suite 102          Raleigh         PO Box 408                            Mebane        434 Copperfield Blvd NE Suite A       Concord    p.o. box 278                          shelby    PO Box 262                            Polkville                                               Forest City           1249 Republican Road                  Windsor           218 Pineview Drive                    Greenville            6432 Bretton Woods Dr                 Hope Mills             108 Loop Rd                           Leland             5000 Deerbrook Drive                  Pleasant Garden            95 Howard Hts                      Waynesville            7531 Main St                       West End                                           Fremont             2702 One Iron Street               Morehead City             222 N Person St                    Raleigh             415 Jake Alexander Blvd West       Salisbury      170 Yellow Bird Rd                 Sylva           119 Pinewood Cir                   Rockingham             4955 Bentridge Drive               Concord                 343 E. Six Fors Rd, Suite 200      Raleigh                P.O. Box 551                       Columbia           3649 Watkins Ridge Court           Raleigh              203 Cambridge Ct                   Havelock             POBX 6332                          Henderson Co       100 Shepherd St                    Tryon      AMERIGROUP PAC                     Virginia Beach 604 Lakeside Dr                        Riegelwood           2714 Tanglewood Lane               Charlotte
via         535 moores chapel cem rd.          Graham           2820 Strickland Bridge Rd          Fayetteville                                                     Franklin           310 Jim Elliott Road               Denton              PO Box 26                          Autryville              146 Haughton Road                  Edenton           PO Box 582                         Haw River                  4911 Departure Dr                  Raleigh        PO Box 430                         Browns Summit           198 Norwood Road                   Chapel Hill             8973 Oak Ridge Dr                  Hildebran                                            Rhodhiss 15620 Glen Miro Drive           1625 L St NW                       Washington              2115 Hwy 86 S                      Hillsborough                4325 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 100   Raleigh PO Box 127                           Banner Elk
                                100 Kettering Ln                     Cary          137 Stone Mason Court              Mooresville                 5156 Bovine Lane                   Harrisburg             191 McDonald Church Road           Rockingham              2202 Peninsula Ave                 Shelby             109 Oakmount Dr                    Kings Mountain         101 Strange Lane                   New Bern         6212 Hwy 221 South       Marion       1532 Neal Hawkins Road   Gastonia
                               813 South Main Street      Lexington                                     Brevard               1303 Annapolis Dr        Raleigh               115 Apollo Drive         Cape Carteret            807 Green Ridge Dr.      Raleigh                                        Washington 2630 Newland Drive           Winston Salem             730 East 10th Street     Charlotte         1486 Manco Dairy Rd.     Pittsboro         1486 Manco Dairy Rd.     Pittsboro               55 Carolina Shores Dr    Carolina Shores PO Box 121                   Vanceboro                PO Box 1555              Highlands        PO Box 7728               Rocky Mount        120 East Parrish Street     Durham            1101 New York Ave NW        Washington     401 Macon Ct                Morehead City      648 E Center Street         Mooresville 1300 Baxter St              Charlotte             5109 Hollyridge Drive       Raleigh   2563 Branch Dr              Valdese                                    severn    PO Box 357                  Hayesville           po box 864                  carthage    2206 Fayetteville Road      Rockingham         219 Pearl Street            Clinton         2525 Stemmons Fwy           Dallas      107 Windward Drive          Bessemer City 330 Cherry Street            Mount Airy        245 Maney Branch Rd.        Weaverville 150 Fayetteville Street      Raleigh            3126 Savannah Hills Drive   Matthews                                     Greensboro          3140 Wild Azalea Way        Southport             111 Bathgate Lane           Cary       2406 Highland Ave         Durham                                   Greenville            195 Cavalier Dr           Lumberton             3413 Village Dr.          Fayetteville              One PPG Place                      Pittsburgh         105 Egret Lake Dr                  Pine Knoll Shoresq     501-B Westwood Way                 Laurinburg             3110 McCall Street SW              Supply                                      Carthage                                            Maiden 2730 West Tyvola Road               Charlotte
                             505 Baity Street                    Winston Salem      PAMLICO                            Vandemere PO Box 517                         Elk Park                                          Cove City
                             2604 Hickory Hwy                                  Statesville            690 McCaskill Rd                   Carthage        53 Spindrift Trail                 Southern Shores
                                2020 Oakland Avenue             Henderson      830 Dixon School Road            Kings Mountain          340 Kingsland Street             Nutley                                             Washington
                                101 Constitution Avenue NW Suite 600 West            4708 Tenby Dr                   Greensboro               PO Box 1274                     Bakersville                                       Charlotte        2 W Main St                     Thomasville                                             Summerfield             4500 Hopemore Street            Sanford
ossipeet@bellsouth                                         Asheville              327 E Wilmington St             Maxton             8272 Harrells Hwy.              Garland           8208 Ella Mae drive             Fayetteville       905 Fayetteville Rd             Rockingham         PO Box 397                      Burnsville                  PO Box 97275                    Raleigh                                            Herford          2110 Executive Drive            Salisbury
                                675 Flint Hill Church Rd.         Robbins 17321 Harvell Lane                Laurinburg              441 East Court St             Marion          9634 Heartwood Ln             Mint Hill                                Rhodhiss                 1205 Lake Bay Road            Vass       721A N Regional Road          Greensboro         123 Sunrise Valley Drive      Reston            PO Box 55                     Chimney Rock          PO Box 26                     Creswell               1994 White Lake Dr            White Lake         4537 US HWY 117               Wilson         PO Box 668883                 Charlotte         144 antioch church rd.        whiteville                 1401 K Street, NW Suite 200   Washington           PO Box 842                    Waxhaw                PO Box 248                    Durham          1090 Blanton St               Columbus            PO Box 1452                   Durham          PO Box 9113                   Rocky Mount        1310 S Tryon St Suite 109     Charlotte         PO Box 4                      Pollocksville          727 Allens Creek Rd           Waynesville              Five Moore Drive              Research Triangle Park      362n.oakgroveext;             millersceek                 1201 16th St., NW             Washington               PO Box 1631                   West Jefferson                                    Matthews       4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.      Phoenix       102 Jason Drive               Kings Mountain         PO Noc 10                     Vass                                               holden Beach         116 Pine Court Dr             Siler City            2901 Idlewood Circle          Charlotte              PO Box 23                     Roxobel           PO Box 3                      Fountain              901 Lineberger Street         Lowell               106 Laren Road                Shelby                                          Windsor
                                1841 Poplar Chapel Road       Jamesville              1552 York Place               Burlington   1552 York Place               Burlington             247 Colonial Village Drive    Lincolnton         811 Largo Way                 Kure Beach             942 South Shady Grove Road    Memphis                                           Greenville              100 N Country Club Rd            Brevard
                                PO Box 8751                      Asheville         311 Skeet Club Road              High Point
cmoore@PCMH.COM                 PO Box 181                       Fountain                 913 Sedge Garden Road            Kernersville                                          Teachey                    300 Knollwood Dr                 Kannapolis          2000 Galloping Hill Road         Kenilworth              1914 Kaupon Road                 Charlotte          18 Womack Way                    White Lake          415 N Center Street Suite 201    Hickory         127 Park Circle Drive            Jonesville, NC               411 N Main St                    Warrenton                   6817 Huntingridge Road           Chapel Hill                                              Winston-Salem               875 Washington Street, Suite 1   Raleigh        200 Old Wood Lane                Kernersville              PO Box 1458                      Denton                                                 Duck      391 Stafford Estates Drive       Salisbury                                             Claremont    85 Walnut Ave                    Gastonia             540 Rolling Green Dr             Winston Salem          5500 Warewhip Lane               Charlotte             2624 3rd Ave NW                  Hickory        2709 harris houston rd           charlotte

                              315 Landry Drive                       Kings Mountain                                            Catawba              804 W Holly Hill Rd                Thomasville      604 Carolina St                    Valdese                                  Charlotte        1515 Ketch Ln                      Kill Devil Hills                One PPG Place                      Pittsburgh       PO Box 24                          Salemburg                                                Cary
pamela.nathe@pepsi           232 Laurel Dr                      Tryon            PO Box 87454                       Fayetteville              1020 N Fairfax Street, 5th Floor   Alexandria
                                2143 Atoah Road                  Robbinsville             620 Regency Drive                 Charlotte
                                4715 Woodsdale Road               Roxboro     4837 Lakeview Road                 Charlotte             110 Ships Wheel Ct                 Duck                                           Waxhaw                                             Aulander            PO Box 208                         Littleton                430 Spring Street                  Burlington                                  Greensboro            721 Lichfield Rd                  Winston-Salem           PO Box 524                        Red Oak
                                1244 Hickory Tree Road            Winston-Salem          409 Hilo Drive                    Charlotte            10 Spruce Street                  Weaverville       730 N Granville Street, Suite B     Edenton            PO Box 218                          Hickory
snoblitt2007election@yahoo.com411 19th Ave SW                     Hickory     316 Princess Street Suite 328       Wilmington                                                 Charlotte      220 Bayvale Rd                      Forest City DUPLIN                              Beulaville
geoffrey.norwood@medoasis.com2430 Emerald Place, Suite 201        Greenville         8057 Lucky Creek Ln               Denver                   161 Swift Creek Ln                Mooresville         2426 Millboro Rd                  Franklinville                                              Rocky Mount          8506-201 Six Forks Road           Raleigh       PO Box 520                           Shelby    310 Lester Davis Road                Waxhaw          3282 Lizzie Mill Road                Selma       15 Bridge Rd                         Wilmington            11 Old Harness Place                 Durham      1113 Link Lane                       Oriental
travisandirene@embarqmail.com510 Connell Street                   Warrenton         3905 Chadwyck Ct.                    Winston-Salem       117 Orchard Hill Cr                  Marvin      610 Park Ave Apt C                   Greensboro      125 Duncan Knob Road                 Rosman                                              Saint Pauls              2501 Aerial Center PRKY, suite 103   Morrisville       308 N Road Street                Columbia                                             Lake Lure        6725 Hawks Nest Ln               Stanley           160 Laurel Fork Rd Apt 2         Vilas            None              18 Shackleford Drive             Bahama 1099 Gum Branch Rd               Jacksonville             2510 Raeford Rd                  Fayetteville          12341 Jim Sossoman Rd            Midland                                            Eden          1219 Timberland Dr               Shelby                116 Island Quay Ct               Atlantic Beach PO Box 26049                        Greensboro                                             Arapahoe              313 Haywood Street               Jonesville             PO Box 98                        Kelford         405 Broad St                     Aulander             1629 River Rd                    Tryon            320 Vern St                      Star             126 Captains Court               Wrightsville Beach        3705 Latrobe Drive, Suite 330    Charlotte             250 arbor Grove Ch Rd            Millers Creek                5017 Stoneridge Drive            Raleigh          100 Stafford Ct                  Fletcher         516 S. Allen Rd.                 Wake Forest               711 McCulloch St                 Raleigh          4111 NC Hwy 109 N                Troy       235 East 42nd Street             New York City                 400 Sunset Drive                 Stanley        4100 Coca Cola Plaza             Charlotte              541 South 6th Street PO Box 32   Aurora               2740 Goldrush Drive              Lincolnton          10633 Summerton Drive          10633 Summerton Dr                Raleigh         625 Meander Way                   Benson     PO Box 278                           Washington          212 Old Warrenton Rd                 Norlina   2757 Carla Drive PO Box 156          Polkville                                                pinetops        756 Welcome Home Church Road         North Wilkesboro
                            3101 Industrial Drive Suite 204       Raleigh      2027 12th Street Dr NW               Hickory           510 Glenwood Ave Ste 319     Raleigh             1775 K Street, NW            Washington        904 Larkhaven Lane           Albemarle            288 Harrison Avenue          Franklin         811 Powell Rd NE             Lenoir        609 Chatham Lane             Raleigh              2100 Neelley Rd              Pleasant Garden 200 Ringneck Trail           Mooresville                                     Waynesville                                       Jacksonville         PO Box 2212                  Elizabethtown          919 Elm Street               Raleigh           191 Winding Way              Boone            7844 Hwy 150E                Terrell      PO Box 556                   Fallston
                              553 NC 561 E.                Ahoskie               P.O. Box 308                 Raeford       511 Daventry Drive           Greenville                121 W Hamlet St              Pinetops      620 N West Street, Ste 101   Raleigh                131 Glenwood Drive SW        Concord        4350-201 Furman Hall         Raleigh       2566 Asheville Road          Waynesville
                                                           Dallas         210 N Person St               Raleigh  PO Box 168     Post Office Drawer 999        Burgaw         321 Summit St                 Norwood PO Box 862                    Aulander      7562 Long Valley Dr           Harrisburg       101 Ferb Bluff Wat            Cary            4490 Old Cherry Point Road    New Bern           601 Longleaf Dr               Southport 401 Main St                    Seven Springs          299 North Ridge Circle        Roxboro      304 Coleridge Drive           Dunn     7009 Rouse Road               Holly Springs
                             316 Woodstock Dr                         Burnsville                                          Cullowhee                                            Raleigh              3822 Church Road              Taylorsville        GUILFORD                      Greensboro         PO Box 1045                     Havelock           1415 Laughridge Dr              Cary       519 Sandcastle Court            Wilmington           PO Box 33                       Yanceyville
                               1307 Possum Quarter Road          Elizabeth City       4601 Timberwood Trail           Efland             210 AC Smith Rd                 Roxobel               181 Pruitt Farm Ln              Pinnacle             883 Corn Planters Cir           Carolina Shores          112 Kenilworth Dr.              High Point         PO Box 142                      Kittrell 210 West Cronly Street              Laurinburg          370 N Main Street, Suite 300    Waynesville            P.O. Box 475                    Rosman      PO Box 338                      Lawndale             616 Blawell Circle              Stedman                                            Asheville               9523 Cedar River Road           Huntersville PO Box 18237                     Raleigh        4160 Piedmont Parkway           Greensboro            PO Box 450                      Oriental          411 E Main St                   Jamestown          1319 Park LN                    Gastonia        7929 US Hwy 64 East             Ramseur          2324 Hawkins Ave                Sanford            1405 Dellwood Dr.               Raleigh        128 Tadpole Ln                  Taylorsville             26 Ramsey Farm Rd               Fairview              10400 Rosegate Ct.,             Raleigh           734 15th Street NW Suite 500     Washington      848 Countyline Road              Reidsville           200 2nd St NE                    Catawba                                        Raleigh        6924 Timberwood Dr               Harrisburg          220 McTavish Lane                Winston Salem           8013 N NC Hwy 109                Winston Salem         2311 Fairview Road               Raleigh     8804 Ross Court                  Raleigh             3004 Holden Beach Rd SW          Supply 415 North Center Street, #201    Hickory           325 7th St NW Suite 600          Washington         Route 206 & Province Line Road   Princton       1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW      Washington       7338 Santorini Ln           Charlotte               160 Lindenhurst Farms Rd    Aberdeen                 3690 Thurman Griffin Road   Williamston       PO Box 627                  Raleigh                                          Asheville         511 S Chester St            Gastonia       200 Westminster Drive       Chapel Hill                 70060 Kivette Hse Road      Gibsonville     948 Belwood Lawndale Road   Lawndale PO Box 1567                     Raeford
bobbyhrichardson@bellsouth.net9016 US Hwy 158               Stokesdale             171 Watergate Road          Lake Lure                942 Reed Road               Castalia          1920 Stannard Tr            Raleigh                                      Rockwell      POBOX 12248                 New Bern                                        McAdenville              111 Quail Run               Cape Carteret            4313 Wheatland Lane         Winston Salem                                       Greensboro                               Burlington          109 Riverwood Drive         Franklin
                                105 Ryan Circle             Spring Lake
FAR357@AOL.COM               2335 Rosehill Road             Fayetteville       568 1st Ave Dr SE              Taylorsville          PO Box 165 207 Second Street   Ellerbe    7140 Kearny Avenue             Fayetteville
                             680 S.
hank_robinson@kindredhealthcare.comFourth St                Louisville
                                185 Raccoon Road            Willard            PO Box 486                  Hendersonville          PO Box 1570                 Morganton         1603 N Gray Ave          PO Box 527                  Kittrell            139A Glendamere Court       Boone             911 West Club Boulevard     Durham              161 Mariner's Way           Moyock                161 Mariner's Way           Moyock            10336 Flat STone Rd         Charlotte               605 N Channel Dr            Wrightsville Beach           109 Breckenridge Drive      Raeford                15 Tranquil Ln                 Broadway               729 N. Wilkinson Dr.           St. Pauls
                                  PO Box 32861                   Charlotte             817 Hillsborough Street        Raleigh                 304 Glen Cannon Drive          Pisgah Forest               127 S Permuda Wynd             N Topsail Beach               127 S Permuda Wynd             N Topsail Beach            8 Vance St                     Lexington                                          Alexandria               4500 Providence Road, Apt 1C   Charlotte                                               Newton                 122 Northview Drive            Pilot Mountain                                           Washington     1921 Falls Valley Drive        Raleigh                                          Pantego   125 Broad St                   New York                   3 Westridge Drive              Durham                                  Lumberton   PO Box 52588                    Durham                                            Roper              1301 Avenue of the Americas     New York     304 Old Chinquapin Road         Beaulaville            3M Center, 224-6N-20            St. Paul                                           Rutherford College           22 Bear Cove Road PO Box 1927   Bryson City  204 Pettigrew Drive             Plymouth               PO Box 4203                     Greensboro          P.O. Box 131                    Pinnacle
LSCALES@CO.CUMBERLAND.NC.US  1328 STEEPLE RUN DRIVE          FAYETTEVILLE                                    Wendell                                         Asheville                                          Flat Rock        2633 Pinewood Road              Gastonia          105 Schooner Dr                 Holden Beach        1625 L Street NW                Washington      215 Rooty Branch                Vass
Bryan.Schneider@walgreens.com1411 Lake Cook Rd MS # L414     Deerfield       4238 shannamara drive           matthews           624 12th Ave NW                 Hickory                                            Pisgah
                             849 New Hendersonville Hyw PO Box 717 Forest          728 Union School Road           Franklin            760 Oine Road                   Norlina              1754 Old Sound Creek Circle SW  Ocean Isle Beach                 1377 Main St                      Fair Bluff           116 hank lesser rd                mocksville         105 Drayton Hall                  Jacksonville               617 5th St SE                     Hickory
                               4511 New Garden Court             Charlotte           501 Eleanor St                    Greensville         245 Beechwood Drive               Mocksville          215 Doughton Lane                 Charlotte          2800 Loxdale Farms Dr             Monroe          154 8th Ave                       Cramerton           2524 Ashley Court                 Raleigh                                              Franklinton       1111 Floral Drive                 Lenoir 521 New Bridge St                 Jacksonville        301 Birch St                      Smithfield        2330 Putnam Lane                  Crofton                                    Clemmons        601 East Church Street            Elm City            801 Roanoke Ave                   Roanoke Rapids                                   Washington PO Box 302                            Hillsborough          1217 Clarendon St.                Durham                                           Jacksonville                                      Washington
                               818 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 200         228 Pinewood                      New Bern          801 Pennsylvania Ave NW           Washington          3050 McMillan Pl                  Lenoir         204 Fulham Place                  Raleigh                                        Oak City          11605 W US Highway 421            Purlear 1133 15th St. N.W. , Ste. 350       Washington           107 Bathgate Ln                   Cary           41 Eagles Nest Lane               Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk          507 Mitchell St                   Kings Mountain                3900 US Highway 421 North         Clinton               130 Caswell Beach Rd              Oak Island             CLAY                              Hayesville       503 E 2nd St                      Faith       8355 Butner Rd                    Tobaccoville
                               2 05 Mockingbird Lane              Lincolnton                                                Fayetteville            3201 Irish Potato Road            Concord           1604 Onslow Drive                 Charlotte
alex.sigmon@morgankeegan.com2201 N Elm Street, 2nd Fl            Greensboro      1615 grassy island road           wadesboro         142 N E 37th St                   Oak Island               PO Box 182                        Granite Falls POBX 33068                           Charlotte          205 Dillard St                    Goldsboro              23 Westwood Terrace               Marion                                     106 greensboro                                            Winston Salem      7 North Oak Forest Drive          Asheville                                   Winston Salem         PO Box 27617                      Raleigh            5780 Hunting Country Rd           Tryon                 315 North Main St                 Belmont        3590 Farmington Drive, Apartment CGreensboro                                          Hamlet                                    Connelly Springs                                               Duck
bsmith@ashevilleeye.newsouth.netMedical Park Drive              Asheville         218 Church St PO Box 1112         Biscoe        925 Ravendale Place               Cary      262 Williams Ln                   Vanceboro                                        Rural Hall          496 PA Noble Store Road          Deep Run                                              Blanch        PO BX 185                        Yanceyville          Box 93                           Beulaville          PO Box 12800                     New Bern               642 Hilltop Road                 Oakboro     PO Box 142                       Marshall           109 Kitt Dr                      Jacksonville            1204 Roanoke Street PO Box 522   Scotland Neck           PO Box 295                       Pleasant Garden            714 Green Valley Rd              Greensboro         1094 Mountain Creek Road         Robbinsville         101 Garden Place                 Morganton             390 Casper Stewart Road          Lowgap       2604 Sarah Lane                  Thomasville
                               4401 Hickory Grove Road          Mt Holly          3128 Rockingham Road             High Point         5905 Friendship Circle           East Bend          3311 Tack House Rd               New Bern     1737 Burney Rd.                  Asheboro                                              Morven          10720 Sikes Place, Suite 300   Charlotte         P. O. Box 638                  Bryson City 4325 Lake Boone Trail          Raleigh      100 Bayer Road                 Pittsburgh         817 Tyrrell Road               Raleigh                                     Horse Shoe         1522 Hampton Road              Eden         Box 20711                      Winston Salem PO Box 1986                     Raleigh 214 Blackberry Trail           Concord             109 Frink Dr                   Southport         413 W West Street              Southport
                               804 Kingswood Ct              Kings Mountain                                   Como     PO Box 277                     Creswell                                  Washington                528 Vance St                   Roanoke Rapids                                     Elizabeth City                                     Elizabeth City            PO Box 202                     Oak City             3842 Halifax Road              Wilmington           2522 Blackwolf Run Lane        Raleigh             104 Birch Pl                   West End         101 Tall Oak Ln                Flat Rock          514 Bivens St PO Box 88        Wingate                 5860 Faringdon Place Suite 2   Raleigh      1226 Banbury Road              Raleigh            310 E Forest Drive             Raleigh            103 South Granville Street     Edenton         3082 Heritage Ln               Burlington                 PO Box 181                     Murfreesboro       106 appleton dr.               roanoke rapids House 5 2nd St                   East Laurinburg        P.O. Box 1311                  Cary                                     grover, nc 28073
                               146 Santeetlah Road            Robbinsville                                        Arapahoe        151 Rocking Horse Lane         Youngsville                                    Morrisville                 PO Box 83                      Pinehurst       567 Stone Southerland Road     Louisburg                  6036 Six Forks Road               Raleigh                  8530 South Lowell Rd              Bahama 5500 Wayne Rd                      Greensboro                                         Grantsboro                                                  Durham                 812 Rosemont Ave                  Raleigh                                                Dunn                408 S William St                  Goldsboro               916 Parkridge Drive               Clayton                                                  Norlina                                         Thomasville          2711 Taybrook Way                 Greensboro               603 S. SeaScape Blvd. SW          Supply           1028 W Holly Hill Rd              Thomasville                                                   Mooresville          3164 Sumner Rd.                   Trinity           223 West Main Ave Suite F         Gastonia           542 W Main St                     Hamlet          6806 Rustic Wood Ct               Pleasant Garden                 6600 Swallowtail Ln               Raleigh      2905 Breezewood Ave.Ste.202       Fayetteville                                                    Elon            po box 751                        hudson
                                 PO Box 25866                       Winston Salem            PO Box 449                        Columbia 561 Jerry Post Office Road             Columbia                po box 466                        franklin
LIDSEEN@GROVE.NET                3905 TUSQUITTEE RD                HAYESVILLE             1331 Pennsylvania Ave, NW #1300   Washington           236 Dundeve Circle                Hendersonville                                             Fountain            709 Dillon St                     Thomasville            FORSYTH                           kernersville             642 Greenwood Circle              Cary          210 W James Street                Mount Olive              1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW #900     Washington             275 7th Ave 11th Floor            New York
james.tanous@erieinsurance.com100 Erie Insurance Plaza             Erie             4373 US 13 South                  Goldsboro                213 e. drake lane                 mebane                                              Rockwell PO Box 192                              Hookerton                                        Canton       2728 N Harwood                    Dallas          PO Box 851                        Oriental            1300 South Clinton St.,           Fort Wayne    8804 Ross Court                   Raleigh              99 Kinsland Park Rd               Franklin                                         Winston-Salem
                               711 Coliseum Plaza Court PO Box 3136             7009 Rouse Road                  Holly Springs          PO BOX 924                       LINVILLE     655 15th St NW Suite 445         Washington          4549 Tollington Drive            Raleigh        201 James Street                 Salemburg      521 Chowan Street                Kill Devil Hills     514 East Devon Drive             Mount Airy
                               PO Box 1479                      Clinton 5484 Coleman Cir                  Concord
                               126 Sea Hawk West                  Duck                   102 Baker Dr                     Pikeville        PO Box 2848                      Wilson             Moore/State            3632 Cool Pine Rd                Jonesville   102 E Salisbury St PO Box 340    Hamilton                                            Candor        PO Box 5                         Wilson          POBOX 469                        Raleigh 1426 Bexley Drive                   Wilmington               4013 Casa St                     Durham         PO Box 1300                      Carthage                                        Lewisville                                          Manteo                                       Washington               3792 Marsh Hen Dr.               Shallotte         PO Box 308                       Hickory            1031 Marshside Way               Leland         PO Box 47                        McFarlan                                          Charlotte        PO Box 392                       Aulander              5822 Summerston Pl               Charlotte             10505 Orchid Hill Ln             Charlotte              PO Box 1192                      Sanford 1170 Gor An Farm Road             Selma 151 Farmington Ave      3412 Muddy Creek Rd              Midland         1814 Chantilly Lane              Salisbury                                      Conover               413 N Shore Drive                  Boiling Spring Drive      430 Georgie St                     Troutman             PO Box 965                         Concord               109 Norfolk Ave                    Roanoke                2155 Highway 42 South              McDonough       POBx 29513                         Raleigh 138 No Bottom Road                 Warrenton PO Box 3008                           Greensboro         141 Kens Rock Rd                    Lake Lure          1126 Trodgon Drive                  Eden     719 N Country Club Dr               Cullowhee PO Box 141                             Waxhaw
                               PO Box 9777                             Federal Way              157 Beaufort Ct.                    Morehead City                                       Elizabethtown           1942 Stonewyck Ave                  Kannapolis      5962 Brookstone Drive               Concord         7528 Frances Road                   Sims         205 W Martin Street                 Raleigh                                               Northbrook      531 Marvin Edwards Lane             Chapel Hill            100 NE Adams Street                 Peoria    None 208 Dean Street                     Mount Olive       p.o. box 1003                       pinetops               600 South College Street, Suite 3000Charlotte       97 S Bear Creek Road                Asheville                    1654 Druid Hills Ave                Hendersonville         178 Gail Ln                        Winston Salem          247 Carolina Meadows Villa         Chapel Hill        PO Box 1767                        Raleigh             112 Ridgewood Place                Brevard          P.O. Box 894                       Hayesville         602 libra Place                    Randleman         303 China Grove Hwy                Rockwell
bjshoes2ALLTEL.NET      188 Mae Byrd Rd Apt F2             Lillington
                             1667 South Center St                                  Hickory           4501 Foxcroft Rd                   Greensboro          806 Lake Ave                       High Point     PO Box 294                         Sugar Grove                                              Edenton
dwance@VANBLK.COM                                               Norfolk            783 Deepwoods Drive                Marion        3208 Sunnymede Ln                  Charlotte              416 Bridge St                      Columbia         311 Fairfield Lane                 Cary         60 Forrest Park Drive              Denton 1300 I Street NW                     Washington                 325 Pollock Street                 New Bern
                              244 Holly Lane                    Mocksville         4333 Legion Rd                    Hope Mills        1042 Bennett Rd                   Arapahoe             110 Elinor Court                  King                                        Washington
                              101 Constitution Avenue NW Suite 400W                                              Thomasville                213 Byrd Street                   Troy        27 West Henderson Street         Marion         203 Dupon Circle                 Greenville                                             Banner Elk            2275 Vanstory Street Suite 106   Greensboro       Post Office Box 1230             Marion
DOTCAMP@EARTHLINK.NET         124 HUGHES RD                    BAKERSVILLE                                    Columbia                                           Troutman          PO Box 1309                      Broadway           PO Box 10                        Bostic         PO Box 467                       Peachland            883 Washington St                Raleigh       POBX 2323                        Manteo            PO Box 8063                      Duck              506 Charleston Place             Fayetteville              2658 Caratoke Hwy                Moyock                                                Brentwood
                              America Service Group 105 Westpark Drive Suite 200             204 Forest Manor Dr              Garner            5 Vanderbilt Park Drive          Asheville      5514 Santeelah Court             Charlotte    1501 North Hamilton Street       Richmond        4301 Wilson Blvd.                Arlington           1600 W 7th Street                Fort Worth   109 Spring Ave                   Murfreesboro
                                791 Canal Street                   Fairfield Lilly Corporate Center                Indianapolis   423 W Villa Dunes Dr                  Nags Head                                   Vanceboro           3144 East Ford Road                   Charlotte
shannon        330 S Salisbury St                    Mocksville PO Box 462                            Lilesville              622 Riverbend Dr                      Advance           116 Forest Hills Drive                Mt Holly            1118 Bennett Rd                       Arapahoe              1400 B Ashley Way                     Greenville             248 N. Macon Dr.                      Littleton          PO Box 1338                           Roseboro      POBOX 1995                            Rutherfordton       1010 Courtland Ave.                   Reidsville       PO Box 6721                           Rocky Mount           457 White Oak Dr.                     Roxboro
                                105 Ryans Circle                   Spring Lake        PO Box 67                          Star                 207 General Stonewall Jackson Dr   Stanley       PO Box 251                         Jamesville                  4017 Resthaven Road                High Point                                      Lilesville                                        Greenville     PO Box 21029                       Winston Salem                   PO Box 10918                       Raleigh        409 E. Doyle St.                   Taccoa               507 Cooke Road                     Elon           280 Elmcrest Drive                 Holly Springs           318 Stewart Circle                 Whiteville                   109 McArthur Av. SE                Concord                                             Wilmington          128 Rollingwood Drive              Dunn            147 Jack Crumpton Road             Roxboro                                            Shelby               333 S Lamar St                     Roxboro                                       conover                 1201 16th St. NW                   Washington            1800 Cross Point Road         Matthews                268 Pine St                   Shannon                                          Dunn        1000 N First St Suite 16      Albemarle       581 Patterson Farm Rd         Mooresville
                               1111 Sanders Road             Shelby                                       Lumberton             P.O. Box 353                 Rocky Mount         3443 Rocky Hock Road         Edenton 107 Leonda Drive                Beaufort        P.O. Box 119                 Todd            159 Whispering Pines Dr      Hudson          1976 Landon Ave              Hickory                                       Dallas or             China Grove        608 Archie Whitesides Road   Gastonia             99 S Elliot Rd Suite 11      Chapel Hill            100 Woltz Street             Mount Airy               416 Lake Shore Drive         White Lake              201 Lisa Dr                  Princeton          1303 Bartlett Cir            Hillsborough 2516little divine rd          selma         3636 8th St Pl NW            Hickory            193 Valley Stran Drive       Boone
carriewoody@bellsouth.ney       POBox 166                    Canton                                             Ocean Isle Beach       3013 Greenmont Cir           Belmont              PO Box 343                   Harrellsville      919 E Main St    103 Oakwood Ave              Raeford
                                175 Berkeley Street             Boston
                                PO Box 1128                    Havana      PO Box 940                   Old Fort
                               1811 Taylors Creek Drive      Asheboro        9142 Four Mile Creek Rd       Charlotte
                               1902 E Walnut Street          Goldsboro              1902 E.Walnut St.              Goldsboro            177 Knob Creek Road            Pisgah Forest 1065 Hendersonville Rd         Asheville          1515 Mockingbird Lane          Charlotte           PO Box 25                      Drexel         335 Cunningham Brick Yard Road   Lexington               2325 Hayloft Circle              Charlotte 175 Berkeley Street              Boston
                              26 Front Haven Lane              Balsam Grove        2643 Les Lane                    Denver

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