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									Something to share, take a moment to read .... Should it make you smile as deep in your
heart you know that is How We Should Live our life.

I do not always get what I liked, so I always like whatever I get.

Words - words on top of an act of gratitude. Gratitude is the most important qualities of
heart. With grateful we will always overcome with peace, tranquility and happiness.
Conversely, feelings of burden kita.Kita bersyukurakan always will always feel less and
unhappy .....

There are two things that often make us grateful. First: We often focus on what we want,
not on what we have. You have to have a house, car, job, and the best mate. But you still
feel lacking.

Your mind is filled with goals and desires. You are so obsessed by a large and beautiful
houses, luxury cars, as well as work to bring more money. We want this and that. If you
do not get it we continue to think about it. ....

But strangely, when that desire has been established, we just enjoy the novelty. We're still
not satisfied, we want a more lagi.Jadi matter how much wealth we have, we'll never be
"RICH" in the real sense. People who are "rich" is not a person who has a lot of things,
but the rich man is one who can enjoy whatever they have. Surely one should not we
have the desire, but we need to realize that the various desires that is the root of feelings
of peace. We can change this feeling less well off by focusing on what we already have.

Try to see things around you, think you have, and Syukurilah. You will feel the pleasure
of life. Concentrate your attention on the nature - the nature of both the boss, spouse, or
people - the people around you. They will be more enjoyable. An author once said,
"Marry someone you love, then love the person you marry." This is the embodiment of

There is an interesting story about a grandfather who complain because they can not buy
shoes, but shoes have long broken. This is actually a reasonable desire. One afternoon he
saw someone who had no feet, but remained cheerful. It was also the grandfather to stop
complaining and be grateful. The second thing that often makes us ungrateful is the
tendency to compare - compare ourselves with others. We feel others are more fortunate.
Wherever we go, there are always people who are smarter, more handsome, more
beautiful, more confident, and richer than us.

I remember the first time I worked constantly compare my income with a colleague -
fellow college days. This feeling makes me restless and uneasy. As a former student of
exemplary campus, I feel anxious every knows there is one armed friend

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